What is Enlightenment and How is It Achieved? ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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What is Enlightenment and How is It Achieved?

Posted by Steve Beckow on June 30, 2014

Adyashanti: The face of enlightenment

Archangel Michael’s recent message through Ronna Herman discusses the rise of world servers. (1) Undoubtedly this is a continuous process and will happen before and after Ascension.

He specifies that they’ll be enlightened beings and, of course, all of us will as a result of Ascension. And we needn’t go through the rigors that ancient sages needed to to reach that happy culmination because of the assistance that the rising vibrations on the planet are giving us.

The raising of the vibrations is what all paths to enlightenment achieve. At the end of each 26,000-year epoch, it becomes very much easier to ascend than it did for the spiritual initiates centuries and millennia ago.

Still it can be useful to hear the way the ancients accomplished it. I take my research from terrestrial sages, as found in From Darkness Unto Light at http://goldengaiadb.com/From_Darkness_to_Light.

What is enlightenment? There’ll be many different definitions. The one I prefer is that enlightenment is a radical discontinuity in experiencing which sees a person move from everyday consciousness to a greatly expanded awareness and knowledge, the certainty of being immortal, the experience of joy and bliss, etc.

There are stages of enlightenment with names like spiritual awakening (fourth-chakra enlightenment), cosmic consciousness (sixth-chakra), God-Realization (seventh chakra) and Sahaja Samadhi (a permanent heart opening, Ascension, Fifth-Dimensionality, Moksha). There are many stages beyond these, until one finally merges again with God.

Very few sages identify the level of enlightenment they’re discussing. Most are referring to God-Realization. Very few people on the planet today have yet experienced Sahaja Samadhi. An example of a sage who did is Ramana Maharshi.

Those who have ascended earlier have experienced what Archangel Michael called “Ascension lite.” They’ve entered the vestibule of the Fifth Dimension but have not yet experienced the full enlightenment available in the higher subplanes of the Fifth. Some gatekeepers (early risers) I know have ascended as many as three times. And how radiant they look!

The paths to enlightenment are many, one for each sense door and proclivity. But three factors are essential to cause us to rise. The first is the ability to discriminate between what is permanent and what impermanent, what is Real and what unreal, as Sri Ramakrishna tells us: “Discrimination means to know the distinction between the Real and the unreal.” (2)

So important is the development of discrimination that Sri Krishna cautions us: “Lose discrimination, and you miss life’s only purpose.” (3)

When a person lacks discrimination and his mind is uncontrolled, the Upanishads explain, “his senses are unmanageable, like the restive horses of a charioteer. But when a man has discrimination and his mind is controlled, his senses, like the well-broken horses of a charioteer, lightly obey the rein.” (4)

Sri Ramakrishna adds: “With the awakening of the spirit of discrimination a man wants to know God.” (5) The awakening of the desire to know God did not come easily in former years.

The second pre-requisite is to let go of the many desires for things and pleasures of the world, which constitute the unreal. As Sri Krishna tells us: “Devotees enter into Him when the bonds of their desires are broken. To reach this goal, they practice control of the passions.” (6)

The Upanishads point to the central difficulty with desires for sensual pleasures:

“The Self-Existent made the senses turn outward. Accordingly, man looks toward what is without, and sees not what is within. Rare is he who, longing for immortality, shuts his eyes to what is without and beholds the Self.” (7)

Lao Tzu advises us: “Let the senses go. Let desires go. Let conflicts go. Let ideas go. Let the fiction of life and death go. Just remain in the center, watching. And then forget that you are there.” (8)

The third prerequisite is devotion or attachment to the Real, God, the divine qualities, etc. As Sri Ramakrishna says: “[The way is] attachment to God, or, in other words, love for Him.” (9)

This devotion to God causes longing or yearning for God to arise, without which there is no match to start the fire. Sri Ramakrishna tells us:

“Nothing whatever is achieved in spiritual life without yearning.” (10)

“Longing is like the rosy dawn. After the dawn out comes the sun. Longing is followed by the vision of God.” (11)

The anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing gives us a deeper look at the longing required:

“Your whole life now must be one of longing, if you are to achieve perfection. And this longing must be in the depths of your will, put there by God, with your consent. …

“Hate to think of anything but God himself, so that nothing occupies your mind or ever will but only God. Try to forget all created things that he ever made, and the purpose behind them, so that your thought and longing do not turn or reach out to them in general or in particular.” (12)

One outcome of this process is transcendence of the ego and the weakening or end of separative consciousness, as Adyashanti explains here:

“Enlightenment is not only the experience of transcending the me; it’s also a condition where the me, as a separate somebody, doesn’t hold importance anymore. It doesn’t always start out this absolute, but this is the direction non-personal love pushes you toward.” (13)

Put together these three pre-requisites tell us to discriminate between the Real and the unreal, detach ourselves from the unreal, and devote ourselves to the Real. This is the basic spiritual movement.

A paradox of enlightenment is that only God can realize God. Zarathustra tells us: “The final victory is the Lord God’s own.” (14) Many other sages say the same thing. To really cement this point, let’s look at a few sages’ words.

Ibn Arabi: “Only God sees God.” (15)

Byazid of Bistun: “I went from God to God, until they cried from me in me, ‘O thou I!’” (16)

Sri Ramakrishna: “Only grandeur appreciates grandeur: and God realizes God.” (17)

Franklin Merrell-Woolf: “This space I produce that My Glory shall be revealed; yet I alone Realize that Revelation.” (18)

Enlightenment is in fact God meeting God. I maintain that this is the reason God created this illusory world: to have the pleasure of meeting himself (herself/itself) when God is the only thing that exists: One without a second.

This is a gloss on the generic path to enlightenment. Everyone will choose their own specific path, whether it be service, worship, meditation, or something else. And all who wish in this lifetime will achieve a high state of enlightenment (Sahaja Samadhi) when full, mass Ascension is complete.


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Accepting Changes Within ~ Help to Create the New Earth : Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

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Accepting Changes Within ~ Help to Create the New Earth

Posted by melandmike on June 26, 2014

We are now within the summer months with the Solstice fully behind us, it is time to take what we have learned and fully ground it into our present pathway. This can be quite challenging when we have so many festivals and planetary activations happening to us.

It has been way too long since I have written about my own experiences of my ascension process. I feel that when I share honestly about who I am and how I am changing, that it helps others to understand more about themselves.

The energies presently are going to become very commonplace in our world even if it is a challenge for each of us to understand what we are experiencing as the changes within us affect our lives directly. Isn’t this what we all desire ~ to move towards the New Earth?

But how, do we keep the stability within ourselves as we connect to our Higher Essence in a deeper level than we did in a previous moment. It is no mistake that what we are experiencing as Lightworkers, Initiates, and walking into ascended mastery on this plane of existence is beyond what we could ever imagine. But each of us has chosen it. We came to this earth with a contract to fully experience life through our multi-dimensional self. What we did not want to admit on the Innerplane level is that it would be much more challenging than our angelic self wanted to accept.

This is exactly what we are experiencing within these present moments. We meditate, we work with the higher energies, we ask for activation upon activation to assist us to become our Higher Self and more, but yet the physical body can react very adversely as the changes occur within us. How do we handle this process within the reality of our mind and emotions?

These are all important considerations as the reality that we once knew is changing quickly. The planetary activations of each New Moon and Full Moon can affect us in many different ways. We just passed through three amazing festivals, the Christ, Wesak, and Humanity or Goodwill. Then we come upon the Summer Solstice when the light frequencies are coming in more intensely through the Great Central Suns to GAIA. We are the conduits of this light, but yet how do we sustain ourselves so that we can accept the totality of our essence within our physical vehicle so the lands of GAIA can arise to the occasion?

The answer to all of these questions is understanding who we are in each moment. As we change with each new level of vibration that comes within us, we must accept the fact that we are not ‘who we were before.’ We have to learn how to retrain ourselves from our thoughts and emotions into a higher existence ~ our Higher Mind and Heart through the Higher Self. Our lives will never be the same and isn’t this what we have all asked to happen? We desire to be in a world of complete Divine Love and Oneness but first we must accept it within ourselves.

The effects of the Festivals of Light with Wesak are not truly understood for three months thereafter. That takes us through the months of June, July, and August. This is the time of our true grounding of our higher essence that was brought into our reality during Wesak. So we have to take advantage of this time and fully understand the process that we have been experiencing.

So how do we go about knowing who we are? Being in silence; stepping into ourselves with our breath and feeling our entire Beingness. What does this feel like? Do you feel the bliss, the joy, serenity, and just happy to be with yourself? Or does it feel very uncomfortable, starting to express frustration or agitation? These are the different realities of the Light and the Dark within us.

It is important for each of us to understand ourselves completely in each moment. It is how we are working through our soul contract of helping Mother Earth find her divine self, of Terra Christ. Each of us has this responsibility within ourselves to achieve this essence. When we don’t, then we are only hurting the planet and everyone around us.

At the present time, we are being challenged to continually understand who we are in each moment. It is our responsibility as a soul to fully allow our higher essence to be our guide, but it takes great practice and diligence to do so. Each individual must learn to ground it and this means taking the higher energy You Are and bringing it down through all your chakras, into your feet, connecting with your Earth Star. This process will help you to heal yourself, command the energies that are your Divine Right and fully be in Oneness with your Higher Self, and I Am Presence.

Each of us has changed in the last couple of months. It is part of the process with the Wesak energies so that we can be more to our physical self and to others. It is how we give service but first and foremost, it must be acquired within. This is a big challenge to continually look within our inner heart and see what needs to be changed in order to receive what we truly deserve upon this Earth.

My life as being a mentor and teacher has been challenged greatly in the past couple of months, especially the last few weeks. I have learned through this process of the Festivals that my role to others is to show to myself who I have become. This is a huge moment to accept the fact that you are the Voice of the Spiritual Hierarchy and to share with others about this. It has always been my role to share the messages of Spirit but not talk about how I arrived in this space or the challenges I had to go through to own who I am. All of that has changed.

This past week in our Clarion Temple of Oneness class we decided to bring forth the Cosmic Great Central Sun energies in celebration of the Summer Solstice. This consciousness comes from combined essence Divine Mother and Father God. They also called upon all of the Great Central Suns from the Multi-Universal Level through the Universal, Galactic, and Solar Levels combined essences to help humanity to receive the attunements of their light for the balance of the light infractions that we received for the Solstice. There was also a lot that they did not share, but the true fact was that I am their Voice. I was attuned since 2005 physically to accept their energies within me so I could do this work. I now have a wonderful partner that helps me to ground it within me and through others so that each individual that listens to these attunements can become closer with their essence as I have been able to do.

It does not matter that I have accelerated myself through many initiations to be able to handle this energy. It is a physical experience for me in these present moments. When any of the Spiritual Hierarchy comes to me, we are intertwined. They have full control of my voice, but I am part of the experience. They utilize my gifts of shamanism, intuitiveness, utilizing my sight, hearing, and the acquisition of all that I have acquired through the years. The chanting that I do comes from the highest level of frequencies within the 144 dimensions of light. Sometimes it can be very challenging for me physically before a call and definitely afterwards. We now call my work “Fully Integrated Transmitter” as I am no longer just a channel. I am One with all of these Beings within the Unified Whole Command. I know that each person is affected with each of these classes; and I know all individuals will not accept it within themselves. This is why this is a planet of Free Will.

This is quite a statement for me to convey to the world, but it is time to do so. This is my acceleration of Wesak 2014 and the Solstice has helped me to acknowledge it deeply within my Being. It is also a challenge because any other energies that come to me from others, thought forms, or dark energies effect me tremendously. During the transmission I am in a power space, but returning from these transmissions can truly debilitate my energies if there are lower forms of projected towards me. This is part of the 4th dimension that we are living within presently. I accept that process; I was a Shaman first so I am able to ascertain what does not feel right. I then cleanse, purify and allow my consciousness to come back to where I have achieved it ~ a sense of pure love and joy.

This also means that I cannot read other channelings anymore. I have to be careful where I search for things on the internet as the lower forces effect me immediately. This also means that after every session I do, I have to do a cleansing shower and remove any debris that has occurred in my outside field. Going into the 3rd dimensional world is a big challenge. I have learned to accept these rituals until this earth becomes the New Earth and every living being upon the planet will be within a 5th dimensional body.

My role today in sharing this information is that we are in a world of great duality still. Many lightworkers share amazing messages and thoughts of love for this planet. This is so very important to do so. Every individual needs to assess themselves each moment. It is how we are going to heal this Earth into the New Earth. The vibrational frequency is more important presently than the words that we can share.

This means that we at Walking Terra Christa are being guided by the Unified Whole and Spiritual Hierarchy to bring the highest teachings to individuals to help them through this process. We talk about the challenges of being on the mastery pathway. We live it everyday. That is why we are in Mt. Shasta. We could not exist anywhere else presently as our dimensional frequency could not handle a lower density.

During the next three months each of us will change through the process. In order for us to affect Gaia’s progression it is important for each individual to understand what they are going through emotionally, mentally, and physically. In order to blend the three minds (Super Conscious, to Subconscious into the Consciousness) and accept the four body system as one fully body of light, we continually need to work at it in each moment.

My suggestion is to take each day within your breath, feel what is happening for you, and allow your Higher Self to help you change the negative thoughts and programming that is still trying to stay within your physical body. Utilize the Rays of God in the spectrums of light to fully be infused within your being, break up the dis-ease that may still be lurking, and change it into the pure essence of light that you are. Also take some moments to see how much you have changed from May of this year until now. I guarantee you that there are some elements that have changed greatly within you. Allow your achievements to be known. You deserve to share it within our higher mind and heart. We can move to the 5th dimensional earth but everyone that wants to be on this pathway must be diligent in their studies and application to the Self.

The one element that I have learned through this process is that the more that I accept my achievements, the deeper the healing within my physical body. Sharing my role through my writing is a huge event for me and even bigger for my Higher Ego. She is finally able to settle within me as I have been trying to allow this transition to occur for many years. I did not know that just by sharing who I am presently would change the composition that I hold within my physical vehicle. I have been trying to change it in a third dimensional way, and it was not fully being accepted within me. I now know that positive change is inevitable in all ways.

In expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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Archangel Zadkiel : “Keeping Your Energetic Channels Clear” ~ Transmitted through Linda Robinson

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“Keeping Your Energetic Channels Clear”

July 2014

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. We are being joined by Sananda (Yeshua) to discuss keeping your energetic channels clear.

The incoming energy is providing you with many opportunities to move to higher levels of being and to experience new insights and awakening. This process is much easier when your energetic channels are clear and free from old or outdated ways of thinking and being.

Clearing your energetic channels can be compared to clearing debris from a highway. Your journey is much easier when you do not have to navigate around items in your path. When your energetic channels are clear, you can rise to higher levels in a natural process of ascension.

The clearing and purification process begins with a desire to move to higher levels. You have studied many concepts, and you are aware that there are levels and worlds beyond your current state of being. This awareness has enabled you to move to your current level, and it has prepared you to rise even higher. Keeping an open mind will allow your present concepts to expand and change, and new ones can emerge as you ascend. You are presented with new information as you remain open. The information is there, and your openness and receptivity will allow it to come into your awareness.

Keeping your receptivity open can begin by remaining in a state of acceptance and non-judgment of others. Each person is at a certain point on the path. You can send them Love by connecting with their Divine Spark within their heart center. It does not mean that you have to agree with their views or actions, but remaining free from judgment will keep your energetic channels clear. Judgment is like a boulder on your path. When you release judgment, you are clearing an obstacle in your channel.

Keeping an open mind also applies to new concepts. What you now accept as part of your beliefs and philosophy may have, at one time, seemed foreign to you. Now, it is a natural part of who you are and what you believe. By keeping an open mind and remaining non-judgmental to concepts, you have removed another rock on your path and purified your channels even more. When your channels are clear, new concepts and understanding can enter more easily.

Many levels of understanding exist simultaneously. An open mind and a desire to see a bigger picture allow this new understanding to come into your awareness.

As you encounter new concepts, you can examine them to see whether they resonate with you. If they do, you have added another level of awareness. If they do not resonate with you, you can set them aside for future consideration or discard them entirely. It is your willingness to look at new concepts that keeps your energetic channels open.

Another aspect of keeping your energetic channels clear is forgiveness. When you hold on to negative feelings about someone else or a situation, this forms a block in your energetic channels. Many times the person with whom you have angry, hurt, or otherwise negative feelings may not even be aware of your feelings. Even if they are aware, your negative feelings toward them are causing you much more harm than you can imagine. The negative feelings form an energetic block that slows or impedes the flow of higher level energy. Again, it is as if you have placed a large boulder in your path on your energetic highway. Not only does this form a block, it also attracts more energy of a similar type due to the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. Negative feelings vibrate at a lower frequency than positive feelings, and what you focus on expands. Therefore, you are actually harming yourself when you harbor negative feelings about someone or a situation. When you forgive someone or a situation, you are removing an energetic block, and this allows higher level energy to flow through you. When you take this process to the next level by sending Love to them, you are opening the way for even greater understanding and harmony.

Another aspect of forgiveness is forgiving yourself when you feel you have not measured up to your desired ideal. Each situation is a learning experience. When you feel that you have not measured up to your ideal, take a moment to review the situation and your actions. Look for the lesson in the situation, and replay it in your mind as you wish you had handled it. This prepares you to choose another option should a similar situation arise in the future. Then forgive yourself for not living up to your desired ideal. Forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving someone else. If you find that you need extra help in the forgiveness process, you can call on the Violet Flame to assist in the process of transmuting and transforming the energy.

When you consider that all of humanity is an interconnected energetic network, the concept of forgiveness can be viewed from a higher level. It is truly a case of the Golden Rule and treating others as you would like to be treated. Because you are part of this network, forgiving yourself is important because, at a higher level, energy is even more connected, and you want to have what flows from you to others to be as loving and positive as possible.

Beloveds, you are making rapid progress in your ascension to higher levels. We encourage you to continue your rise to higher dimensions by keeping your energetic channels clear through practicing non-judgment and forgiveness.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, along with Sananda

…and We surround you with love
And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

Website: http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

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Archangel Michael: You are God Having an Experience of You ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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ART : ‘Summer Wolves’ ~ Valiant


Archangel Michael: You are God Having an Experience of You

Posted by Steve Beckow on June 27, 2014 /

Thanks to Ellen for our transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, for June 26, 2014, with Archangel Michael

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And today we’ll be continuing a discussion that Archangel Michael and I were having on May 30th. Hour with an Angel is usually a current affairs program, but this particular show is going to be aired while Linda is away, and so we can’t really gear it towards current events. So we’re going to continue our conversation about the Angelic Kingdom. And with that I welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love…. Historian? No. [laughs] But let me join you in this conversation, and as we begin, my beloved brother, my beloved friends, let us begin this day not only by illuminating the flame, my blue flame of truth, within you.

Let me also step forward and remind each of you of your angelic heritage, of that seed of the angelic that rests within, around, each of you.

For you have many faces. You have many aspects. You have had many realms and experiences of existence. And for most of you ― no, not all, but for most of you ― you have had existence as angelic of one kind or another. And you carry within thee this essence to this day.

Now, why do I bring this forward as we begin yet again this conversation on the principalities, thrones, dominions and so on? Because it is important that you also realize that we do not merely speak about the bureaucracy of heaven, or the Company of Heaven. We speak about you, about who you are, and about this energy, this essence, this spark of light that took this form of angelic being once upon a time. And I would urge each of you to acknowledge, to embrace, and to dig and to bring forth your angelic self.

Now, when we last have spoken, I also emphasized the beauty and the nature of the gift of the guardian angel, the guide, and how it is to your benefit to become intimately aware of it, and in a partnership, a co-creation, a sacred union with your guardian angels. Well, my beloved friends, I also say to you this night that it is equally important to become aware and in sacred union with your angelic self. So that is where I wish us to begin this conversation.

No, it is not difficult. Simply go into your heart and ask to see your angelic self and to come to know this part of who you are. It is equally important, if not even more so, than knowing your past lives, your galactic self, your inter-galactic self, various parts of you that are fairy or mineral or ocean. Know yourself. (1)

Now, having said that, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Well, of course you have anticipated one of the questions on my paper, Lord, So why don’t we continue with that? When you say that we all have an angelic background, what are you saying? Are you saying that we have devolved into humans, that we have come down Jacob’s ladder of consciousness to the human domain, and then we go back up? Is that part of the plan? What are you actually saying when you say most of us were once angels?

AAM: Now, you are using the term devolved.

SB: Yes.

AAM: You cannot pin that on me! [laughs]

SB: No, no! And I know you’ve said, on another program, that we didn’t devolve. But I’m trying to suss it out for the readers ― pardon me ― the listeners who may be thinking that, say.

AAM: And the readers as well.

SB: Yes.

AAM: So let us explain. The idea of being an angelic…. Now we are not talking… if we can just depart from this particular incarnation, which all of you very consciously accepted and chose to have as a process and a life of ascension in form… so if we can separate this particular life out….

SB: Okay.

AAM: When you have emerged as a spark of light, as an essence, sheer energy (2) ― because that is how you have begun ― and the expression of that energy, in concert with the Mother, and in concert with, yes, many of the realms of heaven, the Company of Heaven, some of the expressions you chose, and some of the earliest expressions in terms of what you would think of as form ― and we have spoken of this in previous conversation of the Kadmon form… (3)

SB: Yes.

AAM: … that is so popular ― one of the first expressions in form of that spark of light that most chose was angelic. And there are more legions of angels than you can fathom ― yes, throughout the omniverse, as we have also spoken of. But most of you, some of you have gone directly into various forms; some of you have truly preferred to simply be what we refer to as sheer energy. But most of you tried on the angelic form. And I do not say this in a way that you would consider incorrect. Most of you loved that form, absolutely loved that form.

And when you are angelic, there is this ability ― yes, you have a form, energetic and otherwise. And this is what is so confusing to human beings. Yes, and we will get to that density question which is really behind the term devolution, because it is a form of devolution.

SB: Uh-hunh.

AAM: It is a becoming more dense. Because when you are in angelic form, you can not only bi-locate, but morph into various forms ― if you wish to experience something or to assist or fulfill your mission. And you, my friend, have seen me in physical reality several times. (4)

And there are many of you who listen this night who have seen the Mother or Gabriel or Yeshua or Baba or Yogananda in a physical form. It does not mean that we are imprisoned, as you have become, in that form. It simply means that for the moment we choose to put on that suit of clothes, as it were.

Now, let us be specific to the experience of Gaia and the density of Gaia and what you have thought of as and what we have termed the “old Third Dimension.” And this was a long process, but it had a very rapid start.

Gaia, when she assumed this form, was a planetary being. The Mother wished for her angels to be able to come to to play here and have a different experience of physicality and expression of love. This was intended to be one of the planets (because there have been several) of physicality ― of play, of joy and of love in form. So there were many angels who were very eager to try it on.

Now, the plan, the mechanics, if you wish, of how this was organized was that you could come and assume form, be it human or other reality. So there are some of you who have had the experience, while you were angelic, of being a mountain range, or part of a mountain range, or part of an ocean, or an animal, or a bird, or a mineral, or human.

Now, in the hierarchy that human beings have developed, that your egos and your illusions have developed over time, you have come to believe that you are superior to many of these situations, these various forms of physicality, so that you assume that you are better than, or more than, an animal or a mineral or an ocean, etc.

Now, it is that very experience of ego, or the belief system that you were such a mighty creator in angelic form, that basically you got you stuck. And you got stuck because you forgot. While in form, the ego began to assume ascendancy. This is what many of you think of as a fall from grace, which is a misnomer, really.

But many of you came to think that you were as powerful a creator and forgot the piece that you were of creation. Because the angelics are of creation. There is no veil or illusion of that separation.

And that is what you are all now going through remembering. That is truly what a very significant part of the renewal and the Ascension process is about. It is remembering and re-embracing the fact that you are nothing more than love, and that you have always been connected to the Mother/Father/One, however you conceive of it, whatever your culture or your background or your religious patterning has been.

And what I suggest to you is in your various lifetimes what you have done is most of you have tried on all these various cultures or patternings.

When you are completely out of form is what you think of as when you die ― which is an entirely different conversation ― you soar with the angels. Sometimes you try on that form again. There are various levels and ways in which you experiment and learn and grow and expand and return home in the in-between time, shall we say.

Now, did you get caught in what you would think of as a downward spiral into having [karma]― and I use that word because of your belief system, not because of truth. And this is a far more serious conversation than you have anticipated, but it is important that people do understand their history.

SB: Okay.

AAM: There was a downward spiral into that cycle of incarnation and reincarnation and reincarnation, and what many have thought of or termed as karmic. But let us go back to the in-between time, in-between lifetimes. One of the reasons that you have returned, again and again and again, or intermittently ― you are never forced to return, never; it is always a discussion and a choice ― is that you have heard us, and you have heard the Mother, be so emphatic about not interfering with free will and choice.

Now, on our side, it is not that we do not have free will, but it is that we have evolved to a point where our will is always in alignment with the One, with love. So it is as if we are beyond free choice. But it is not that we have been stripped of free choice.

When you are here, when you are out of your various forms, the reason that you choose to return and very often fall into similar circumstance or similar patterns, is you go back, you say, “I think I want to go back and do it right.” Or, “I want to go back with my beloved and support” … him or her or them. Or, “I want to go back. I did not experience love in form.” This is the most driving force of all humanity.

If you were to think of one causal factor about why you keep returning, it is because you want to experience that original intent of love in this form, not because of sin or debt, debt that is owed to you, debt that you owe, or to do reparation. It is because you finally want to know that, and from that place of having the experience of the purity, the clarity of love, that you can jump in and out yet again.

And that is what Ascension is about. It is about not being stuck in your body, but having the integration of all parts of your being, and having it anchored in your body in such outrageous, miraculous joy that you want to be in body; that it isn’t a struggle or an obligation, or even a responsibility, it is simply joy.

And that when you choose to depart, whether it is after two minutes or two thousand years, you are free to do so. And that in that body that you can relate and anchor your angelic self in, just as you can anchor your human ― if you want to call it that ― self in your angelic self, you can travel inter-dimensionally, and do as you please, and visit with us, or not.

This is a different perspective than what you have thought of as the human experience. The Mother never banished you and said, “Work your way back. Earn your way back.” That is not of love. It has been the belief system that the collective fell into that, then solidified and hardened in a very cruel way so that enslavement, tethering, was believed to be permanent. And it is not.

SB: Can I interject at this point, Lord…

AAM: Yes.

SB: … for a moment?

AAM: Yes. Yes. Of course.

SB: One of the interesting things I find about what you’re saying is that the description of human beings having come from the Creator down into density and then working their way back to the Creator, so to speak, comes from not some of the dark forces that were here millennia ago, but in fact comes from enlightened beings.

Much of our knowledge of angels comes from Pseudo-Dionysius, for instance. And Al Ghazali and Ibn ‘Arabi have described this descent into matter. And they’ve also given us the view that this whole plan was set up so that God could have the experience of himself/herself/itself, whatever word you want to use.

So when I’m listening to you I’m not listening with the ear of having heard it from, say, the churches or some other authority like that, but actually from enlightened beings. And it sounds like you’re saying that their view is not correct.

AAM: It is correct, but it is incomplete.

SB: Okay.

AAM: And no, we are not referring to any of the religious mythologies that have grown up, because they have also been [incomplete]. Of course it is one of your dichotomies, your polarity, your dualities that [religion] has the best and the worst. The religion, various religions will include both the spirituality and the acknowledgment.

So yes, the descension into form you are thinking of is a separation, and then to work your way back home. That is correct. But it is also correct that you migrate through various forms if you choose.

SB: Hmm. You’re overturning a lot of our spirituality, [laughs] a lot of our favorite views of things.

AAM: No. I am complementing them.

SB: Okay.

AAM: You have limited the understanding of what you can be in form.

SB: Um-hmm.

AAM: So, for example, we have suggested to you in other conversations that there are many angels on Earth, in conscious form, at this moment. There are some archangels. There are some thrones. There are various beings, masters, who are assuming human form.

Now, do you really think that they are working their way back home? No. They have chosen this form to be of assistance during this phase of the Mother’s plan. But they have chosen ― and you have mentioned some of them just now – to be in form as guides at every phase of history, even when the human history looked most dismal and most dense. There have always been these beings who have kept the light alive.

SB: Right.

AAM: Now, those, for example, who are archangels, whether they are in or out of form ― well, our form ― do you not think that that is still an expression of Source, experiencing that?

Yes, there is uniqueness and definition, but it is still the connection. And it is the same for humans. And it is just that they have forgotten that and that is the reawakening. It is the acknowledgment of that spark, of that source of who they are ― yes, working their way back home, but also, at the same time, God having an experience of you.

SB: Right. I know an archangel incarnated, for instance, who has had 2,000-plus lives here on Earth. Now, is that all just to prepare the Earth for this Ascension? Is that all work aimed at this Ascension – so many lifetimes?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Wow! That’s a tremendous sacrifice, is it not?

AAM: Yes, it is. Do not forget that there have been critical points. You tend to think of times, and we understand this, in terms of months or years or even decades, or lifetimes, but there have been points, for example your dear friend who has come in, we know, about 2000 times, because there have been juncture points at which if the pendulum went a different way, that the delay, or the detour, would have been even more significant.

So has there been service and sacrifice? Of course there has been. And one of the difficulties which is now being lifted ― and that is why I have begun this day by encouraging you to remember that angelic part of yourself, or archangelic part of yourself ― is that when you have been in human form, or when you are right now in human form, what often happens is that you forget who you really are and what you are capable of. It is the awakened human that realizes.

And again, do not think in terms of hierarchy. It is the awakened human that acknowledges that they are inter-galactic or galactic; that they are part angelic or archangelic; that they are sheer energy and a spark of life; that they have been the most grievous sinner and the most beatific saint. It is that integration into the aware human being, and from that place of being able to create Nova Earth, because what we can only refer to as the old human, the human had very dim memory and was not the human that decided to take this leap of faith into Ascension.

SB: Hmm. Wow.

AAM: So you, in your consciousness, right now, are realizing that Source, that Mother/Father God/One, however you are thinking about it, is having the experience of you in all those forms integrated into your body and more specifically your expanded field, because that is truly who you are. And at the same time you are having an experience of God ― no, not full reunion, but you are experiencing the love and the connection, the joy, the sweetness, the elevation. So you are returning to the original design.

SB: Boy, I’m going to drift off into space, following what you’re saying here. I’d better bring myself down to Earth.

We only talk or we only know about angels in regard to their service to us. I mean, whenever the conversation about angels comes up, it’s usually about some aspect of their serving humanity or the other kingdoms. But surely angels have a life of their own. And what does the round of life look like for an angel?

AAM: It is infinite. So, for example, and I will speak to you [about it] ― yes, I am archangelic [not angelic], but it is very similar. Do we have a life? Is this not a very human question? [laughs]

SB: I suppose it is. [laughs]

AAM: And yes, yes, it is, and that is all right, my friend! But I am teasing you. But yes, we have a life. In fact, as we have spoken of in our last conversation of this realm, as you know, we can have many simultaneous lives all at once.

SB: Many simultaneous lives! [laughing]

AAM: But let us say ― and we do not mean to fuel the fire, but ― we have, in the angelic kingdom, a very rich life completely outside or above or separate from merely serving humanity, or in this case other planetary sectors. Because there are things ― activities, experiences ― that the angelic realm has that do not always, or necessarily, involve humans.

Now, do they sometimes share those experiences with humans? Yes. Do humans sometimes key in to what the angelics are up to? Yes. A good example is when a human will all of a sudden hear the angelic chorus.

Well, is the chorus dependent upon the human’s hearing it? Is it done for the benefit of the human race? No. It is done for the sheer joy of the sound of praise, of adoration, of coming together in a unified grid of heart and being. It is to send and to communicate in a different way to the Mother/Father One, and it is what you can think of as fun. It is great fun.

Do they paint the sky, like I do? (5) Sometimes. Do they … your expression would be “hang out”? That is the favorite thing. You tend to think of your life as work or play or family time or social time or downtime. And we always are encouraging you to balance these various realms to aspects of your life and to make sure that there is time just for you.

In the angelic realm, there is no separation of these, because everything is joy; everything is love. There is no experience of what you would term fear or despair or any of the lower vibrations. It ― I know this is difficult for you to understand, but ― it does not exist.

Now, when we see a human being in despair or danger or in a very dark place, do we acknowledge it. Do we spot it? Particularly the guardian angels, but all of us, actually, even the principalities, but in a different way. Do we see it and do we act upon it? Do we infuse grace or love, or even, at times, intervention? Yes. But is it our existence? Does it influence how we experience our beingness? No.

Now, so often we have heard the cry and the critique that the Company of Heaven is not acting, or that we are not acting in a rapid enough manner, or that we do not know or feel your distraught or despair or disappointment or concern, struggle. That is not true. But do we take it on? No. We cannot do that. Can we send you the energy to remedy the situation? Yes. And we do. And particularly at this time of very significant, magnificent change, you are being given energy as you have not been given since the very beginning.

But part of that is also because you collectively are saying, yes, I will accept this intervention, I am begging for this intervention, I want this intervention. So you are also in our partnership giving us the green light, and at the same time you are stepping forward more as your integrated self to participate with us. So it is not simply us doing unto you, ministering.

This is a favorite word of the human race, that we will minister to you. (6)

SB: Right.

AAM: No. We will participate. We will minister to you if you are lying on the ground, close to spiritual death or exhaustion. Of course we will. But more and more, we are participating with you, because you are acknowledging all the pieces and integrating the pieces of who you are. (7)

So when the Mother addresses you, and calls you angels in form, what is she doing? She is reminding you of what originally took place ― not for all of you, because many of you have wandered off to Arcturus or CCC, but for many of you.

SB: Uh-hunh. Can I ask you, you have talked about the seraphim, the cherubim, the angels, archangels, but we haven’t really mentioned the dominions, thrones ― you just mentioned the principalities ― virtues, and the powers. Could you just discuss those very briefly for us so that we can at least have those topics introduced? And maybe we can follow up on another show with a more in-depth coverage.

AAM: I would be very happy to do this.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Now, if I was to speak of dominions, you can think of my sister Gabrielle, for she is madly in love with the dominions, for they are administrators!
And they are what you can think of, if you were to think in human terms of our angelic realm ― yes, I guess it is not all play – the dominions are what you can think of as organizers.

They help, they assist, they tend to. Think of them in many ways as angelic managers. They carry out the Divine Plan in many ways. They attend to the detail of the unfoldment of the plan. They are very involved in balance and maintaining, again, in a very universal sense, not in a particularly individual sense (they do not particularly involve themselves with individual humans; it is not their nature), but they balance cause and effect throughout the multiverse.

So they are adjustors. They are administrators. They are dealing with and making sure that the balance and the divine wisdom within the Plan is the central point of the unfoldment of the detail of the Plan.

So, for example, yes, Gabrielle does have a great deal of interface with the dominions, as does someone like Sanat Kumara, because there is the very big picture in terms of the Plan, and then of course there is the specific unfoldment.

But all of that is very harmoniously coordinated. And this is what the dominions specialize in ― can we say that? And let us go back to our conversation. It is what they have chosen, in terms of their service and reflection to the Mother, of what they want to do.

SB: Um-hmm.

AAM: Whereas the principalities are what you can think of as closer to the human realm. And they are very involved with collectives. And you can think of the principalities as part of the angelic realm that is dealing with collective issues, the collective issues even of the human race. And they tend to work, yes, as guardians.

So there is a more hands-on, if you can think of it that way, connection to the human realm. But again it is not as direct as the archangelic realm or the angelic realm. There is a tendency to work more with nations or large groups, say, of religions or belief systems, or cultures.

One of the areas that they do work with increasingly ― and they certainly have their work cut out for them ― is with what you would think of as mega- or multinational organizations.

They are purifying. And this is something that perhaps you have not been aware of. But this is one of the areas in which the Company of Heaven is quite busy, because they are purifying many of the, what you would think of as the, structures, which is nothing but collections of individuals, but the structures of nations, of religions, of organizations, of multinationals, of sectors.

They assist in infusing divine will and wisdom into very large groups. They do not tend, except in exceptional circumstances, to concern themselves with particular leaders, although there are exceptions to that rule when the person or the group that is in the leadership position is in one of those pivotal turning points that can affect the whole direction of humanity.

So, for example, in this situation the principalities have been very involved with the leadership of several, what you can think of as, major nations and the leadership in what you could think of as global financial institutions. They do not tend to make themselves known. But they are balancers in a different way, but still helping the Divine Plan to be anchored more into physicality.

Does that make sense to you?

SB: Yes, it does. I’m not quite sure how, but I imagine the leaders would not be aware of their influence.

AAM: What they would be aware of and they would say is that they are divinely inspired or that they are divinely guided, or that they have a higher power and they do not know exactly just what that higher power is. They tend to attribute this directly to Source.

And we never take that as an affront. We are always rather pleased when our work is attributed to Source. But yes, they are not consciously aware. For example, there have been occasions throughout all of history when I have appeared, when Gabrielle has appeared, when Jophiel has appeared, and so on.

The principalities, much like the thrones, do not tend to make physical appearances. Neither do the dominions. If you were in a higher dimension, you would recognize that energy. So as you are moving up this ladder that we keep talking about, you will come to be able to differentiate.

Now, does it really matter? No. But we want you to know more about who we are, what we are doing, and how we are working with you. We are not always off singing and dancing and praising.

SB: Or creating the Aurora Borealis.

AAM: That is one of my favorite pastimes. And I cannot wait, my dear friends, to return to my music. And you will be there with me, and I will play for you.

Now, the thrones, you have asked about.

SB: Please.

AAM: This is a very different group. Again, by assignment and choice, by the Mother, the thrones have been represented in many different ways. Many of you often see or have had experience not only of seeing the eye of God but of seeing the eyes, plural, many eyes, of the thrones. There is a reference to all seeing, and that is often what the thrones are doing. They have their, what you would think of as, eyes and what we would call awareness on everything.

Now, you, think of it yourself. You have your various [eyes], your third, your fourth, even your fifth eye, which is coming into place and play these days. So you know what we are speaking of when we are speaking of the eyes? So it is not merely what you think of as physical eyes.

The thrones have a tendency… their purview: they tend to work with planets, with planetary systems, either with a galaxy or with an individual planet. So, for example, right now, there are many ― oh, my goodness! ― there are legions of thrones assisting Gaia in this planetary transition. Because, as you know, it is not merely the humans and the kingdoms, but Gaia herself.

Now, this legion is not just assisting Gaia, because you know, and we have spoken in other situations, of the domino effect, the ripple effect, throughout your galaxy and really throughout the universe and far beyond. So they are also assisting in the preparation work, if you can put it that way, for many of the other planetary systems that will go through this process following your completion.

Now, I use the word completion, but I do not wish to give the impression that in fact once you have ascended, once you have flown completely and anchored completely through this portal, that your process, your continuity, has stopped. Because it has not. And it will not. You continue on.

But for the purposes of this conversation, and in a way to demonstrate what the thrones are doing, is they are assisting Gaia, deeply, and the sister planets, as you get ready. Now, they also in many ways complement the principalities. We do not think of this as a hierarchy, merely spheres ― of expertise or choice. But they work with the dominions, particularly on correcting injustice.

SB: I’m going to have to interrupt you here, Archangel Michael. Apparently we have run out of time. So we still have the virtues and powers to discuss, and a lot more, I’m sure. Why don’t we continue this conversation?

AAM: Yes, we will.

SB: Very good.

AAM: I would love that. Go with my love.

SB: Thank you very much.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

(1) The purpose of life is that we know ourselves so that we can know that we are God and so that God can meet God in that moment of our awareness.

(2) The Self, soul, Atman, or Christ in all of us.

(3) The Adam/Eve Kadmon form is the human template. But not “human” as just us terrestrials, but “human” as in all the galactics who sport the Kadmon form and, even and especially, those who reached the Kadmon form by alternate lines of evolution such as an insect, bird, or reptile.

(4) Archangel Michael once stood outside my apartment door as a twenty-some-odd man. He stood looking at my door, which was an anomalous thing to do. How many people stand outside your apartment door just looking at the door? When I turned perhaps ten yards later to see what he was up to, he had disappeared.

I also saw AAM on the spaceship I awoke to find myself on one night. He appeared again in the same twenty-some-odd form with the same pony tail of hair. This time I knew him by his voice. The minute he spoke I knew it was him.

(5) Archangel Michael has confessed to being the source and architect of the Aurora Borealis.

(6) Angels are often referred to as ministering angels. For instance:

“Christianity recognizes the existence of the higher classes of Intelligences under the general name of Angels, and teaches that they are ‘ministering spirits, sent forth to minister’; but what is their ministry, what the nature of their work, what their relationship to human beings? All that was part of the instruction given in the Lesser Mysteries, as the actual communication with them was enjoyed in the Greater; but in modern days these truths have sunk into the background, except the little that is taught in the Greek and Roman communions. For the Protestant, ‘the ministry of angels’ is little more than a phrase.” (Annie Besant, Esoteric Christianity. Wheaton, IL: Theosophical Publishing House, 1953; c1901, 191-2.)

(7) So more and more the angels are not ministering to us as they might in times past because we are becoming partners rather than “patients,” so to speak. They are allowing us to test our wings, again so to speak.


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6.26.14 What Are You Made of? Do You KNOW? ~ Judith Dagley


6.26.14 What Are You Made of? Do You KNOW? ~ Judith Dagley

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

This is THE MAJOR awareness to integrate right NOW.

Are you onboard with that awareness? If so, FABULOUS.
It is critical, if you want to move on from where you’ve been (which is probably repeating some old pattern or three that have become literally UNBEARABLE, I’d wager..)

You know that energy is not something you “have” or do not “have.”
You do not “have” an energy field.
Nor an etheric field. Nor an auric field. Nor any other field that is not you.

If you have seen photographs of such so-called fields, reading these words may trigger quite an energy pattern of protest within you.
If you an are energy sensitive and so perceive such patterns experientially, you may even feel activated into downright outrage.

If either of those are happening,  just hold on a minute. Note those reactions.

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Message from Archangel Michael ~ “Taking Control of Your Destiny” ~ Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

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Message from Archangel Michael – LM-07-2014


Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-07-2014

Beloved masters, shall we continue the review of some of our most important teachings of the past? It is vital that you have the major objectives of the ascension process firmly entrenched within your memory bank. You are currently in the process of integrating the next appropriate level of Creator Light, with the assistance of your OverSoul intelligence. Connecting with and integrating the many facets of your fifth-dimensional Self will ultimately result in a new biological blueprint of creation.

Your Divine Birthright includes all the gifts, talents, attributes and virtues of Creation. They are free–yours for the taking. However, you must earn them through your own efforts, and then share your integrated wisdom with those on the Path behind you. The wise ones / the masters of the Earth and the initiates on the Path have spent countless time and effort to bring forth their talents, and to gain the wisdom they share with everyone who is a seeker of wisdom. Their mission is to make the journey or the task of gaining Self-mastery easier, and they deserve remuneration for their efforts. There must be an abundance exchange. You must put forth the time and effort yourself–or you must compensate those who pave the way for you by supplying you with the advanced wisdom teachings of the higher realms. You must lift your ideas and goals to the highest frequencies possible, thereby making them refined ideals which will benefit all humanity.

The awakening process entails moving through the many levels of the astral (emotional) plane. Your goal is to center yourself within the mental plane of consciousness. At the appropriate time, a disciple on the Path slowly moves beyond physical family duties and responsibilities as his/her consciousness, wisdom and Light increase. Gradually, the aspirant’s influence increases, as does his/her potential to become a World Server. It takes constant and deliberate effort to tame the ego and to gain the knowledge and expertise required to become a World Server. You must be an outstanding example, and also have the ability to excite and stimulate desire for spiritual wisdom, in order to serve humanity as a guiding Light. An en-Lighten-ed teacher offers the truth as it has been revealed to him/her, and also the opportunity for their students to accept or reject the teachings.

So many of you are having difficulty in discovering your mission or your passion, and so you drift through your days in inertia. You continue to do nothing, making no attempt whatsoever to initiate positive changes in your life. Not everyone is meant to teach the masses or become a world figure. It is those of you who are quietly going about your daily duties, as you make small steady improvements within yourselves while radiating the Love/Light of Creation down into the Earth and out into the world, who are making the most dramatic impact on the earthly negative environment. We are seeking World Servers at a grass-roots level. Each and every one of you is needed to help lift and refine the collective consciousness of the masses.

As you go through the trials, tests and challenges of transformation, we wish to offer encouragement to those of you who are feeling helpless and fear there is no way out of the dilemma in which you find yourselves. Won’t you open your minds to the possibility that there is help available from the realms of Godly existence, and that there is a new way of thinking and a more refined way of living available to you?

You pray and often beg in desperation for assistance; however, if it does not come in a form you are comfortable with, you deny and reject it. Prayers are always answered. Prayers asking for the greatest good manifest as miracles large and small, and open the path for a life of ease and grace. Prayers of the ego desire-body are answered by allowing you to seek your own solutions, which are manifested from your misconceptions and inappropriate actions. The lessons of life are learned by experiencing what you have created. The ego attracts disharmony and dissatisfaction, and it causes the seeker to look outside of self for solutions and gratification. You must learn to pray with the purity of your heart and with intentions of the highest order. As you raise your Light quotient, you will increase the magnetic attraction of the heart. You must learn to receive the abundance bestowed upon you with thanksgiving and a grateful heart.

Why not start your mission statement by listing the negative things in your life you would like to change? Begin with several small changes in your life, and remember, you must begin with yourself. We assure you that if you make a concerted effort, and use the tools we have given you, you will begin to see dramatic changes in your life. We ask you to put us to the test. With an open mind, study some of the basic concepts we have given, and slowly but faithfully, implement into your daily life those that you resonate to most strongly. Give us permission to guide and inspire you, and by doing so, you will have the forces of Heaven behind you. You can only fail if you give up, beloveds.

Time is of the essence, for it is very apparent that the fear and anger of the masses, the power of the forces of nature, and the Earth changes/cleansing are accelerating and increasing in intensity every day. There is an intense polarization building between the various factions, not just in isolated places around the world, but in every country, involving every race, culture, religion and political affiliation. We have told you that the chasm between the Light and the shadowlands is widening, and it is very apparent from both a lofty and earthly viewpoint. We see clearly the areas that are being bathed in the Living Light, thanks to you, the faithful Sentinels of Light. We also see the swirling whirlwinds of negativity and chaos building in a multitude of countries, provinces, cities, towns, neighborhoods and even among families around the world.

If you are caught up in the rhetoric of the worldwide news media, you cannot help but be aware that there is a feeding frenzy of negativity being spewed out into the airways and consciousness of those who are receptive to the distorted messages of sensationalism and separation. Fear of deprivation, anger at rulers, leaders and the government, and an indignant sense of entitlement to goods and services, without personal responsibility, are symptomatic of the intense fear of change that is taking place within every area of the world and within the human consciousness.

It is time for the next step in the ascension process to begin, and many of the advanced aspirants on the Path are already becoming proficient and engrossed in the procedures. At this time, there is no question that those who are in any way advanced in spiritual consciousness are having their awakening/evolution process hastened as never before in the history of the world, in order that they may act as transmitters and interpreters of Universal Law and Cosmic Truth.

You, the aspirants on the Path, are becoming proficient at building and using multiple Pyramids of Light / Power in the fifth dimension as you slowly but surely become acclimated to a lower fifth-dimensional environment. You have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you can gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light. You are also preparing yourselves to interact on a regular basis with the many facets of your Higher Self and the great Beings of Light.

The call of reunification is beginning for many of you, whereby your higher frequency Soul Song is reaching various members of your God Self. As you refine your vibrational patterns and your Energetic Signature reaches a certain level of harmony, your Soul Song will begin to reverberate out into and through the fourth, into the fifth and for some of you, possibly even into the sixth dimensions, and very gradually into the auric fields of some of the Soul Fragments of your Higher Self. Slowly, as these blessed facets of your Self become aware of you, they will begin the process of moving into alignment with you. Those whose resonance is lower than yours will fall into line below you, and those who are on the Path ahead of you will slowly move into the column of Light above you. You will also be moving laterally, as well as higher, into the refined realms as all of the fragments of your I AM Presence gradually begin the process of moving closer and closer to your central column of Divine Light.

For some of you this information will be confusing; however, many of you are experiencing this process in varying degrees during your nightly sojourns or in meditation. Therefore, we wish to give you a basic understanding of what is taking place at the various levels of the ascension process.

As you study and delve into the mysteries of Cosmic Truth, you will build a reservoir of knowledge which you can draw upon when needed. Also, as you gain access to your Sacred Mind, it will seem as if you have tapped into a Cosmic source of information; however, in the beginning, it will be your own ancient, extensive past that has been made available to you. You will become increasingly sensitive to ideas, concepts and complex information, and you will gain the ability to tap into this rich storehouse of information at will.

We encourage you to study each of the important points below, until you have a comprehensive understanding of its meaning, so that you may decide if the concept is valid for you. You may then make an intelligent decision as to whether or not you wish to integrate the knowledge, and then claim it as part of your core truth. Discernment is vitally important as you replace your old out-dated, restrictive beliefs with new, higher frequency, and expanded conscious awareness. It is the way of a Self-master.

• The focused gaze of humanity is being lifted out of the stifling quagmire of earthly existence onto the far-distant horizon of the future. Desire for material riches is being replaced with a yearning for Soul consciousness.

• Focused intelligence is necessary to successfully enter the many sub-planes of the fifth dimension so that you may tap into the vast storehouse of wisdom and advanced abilities available therein.

• World Servers will be held together by a strong Soul connection–a remembrance of a solemn oath to serve humanity, with a common goal of ascending in consciousness.

• Heart-felt prayers of gratitude and supplication for the greatest good of all, along with Soul-focused meditation must become the accepted form of communing with our Father/Mother God and the great Beings of Light.

• Vast numbers of Souls, who are still functioning within the illusion of the third- / fourth-dimensional environment, are gradually awakening to the nudgings of their Soul-self as they move beyond the influence of the mass consciousness belief structure.

• It is vitally important that you gain control of the ego-personality and the sub-conscious mind, so that the Over-Soul/ Higher Self may begin to radiate forth its wisdom to your Soul-self.

• It was preordained that facets/Sparks of the angelic kingdom and of other great Beings of Light would incarnate on Earth, and follow the path of humans.

• Portals of initiation were opened and have remained open down through the Ages. However, in the past, only a few brave Souls made it past the Open Door and gained Self-mastery.

As you evolve and become skillful at sharing your wisdom with others, you will become increasingly sensitive to the subtle messages, concepts and ideas from your guides, teachers, angelic helpers, and the en-Lighten-ed masters from the higher realms. When you have turned the information you have garnered into wisdom, and have become a living example of each new, advanced level of consciousness, you will then be qualified to teach the concepts to others. You must experience that which you teach and become a shining example, which is the most effective way to get the attention of others.

Remember, my brave ones, in every era and major cycle, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. Submission to the Will of our Father/Mother God means adherence to the Universal Laws as they are revealed to you. A Self-master always strives to make the highest choices, has a burning desire to serve others, and is always responsible for their own actions. Call on us and allow us to Light the way as you journey forth into the future. You are loved most profoundly.


Transmitted through Ronna http://www.ronnastar.com/ * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. WE OFFER ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MESSAGES ON OUR WEBSITE AS A GIFT; HOWEVER, WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP DEFRAY OPERATING EXPENSES AND POSTAGE FEES FOR THE FREE LOVE PACKETS WE SEND AROUND THE WORLD.

Dearest friends and Soul family: The final divorce decree was filed on June 2, 2014. I am so grateful and relieved that this painful saga is finally over. I am gradually regaining my joy and sense of “well-being,” as I bless and release all the drama of the past, and I know without a doubt that what has transpired has been the “best for all concerned.” Many of us are experiencing challenges and tests that are beyond our wildest imagining, and they are very difficult to understand when we are in the midst of the process. However, when we can look back in retrospect and see the justice in the lesson, we know that we have gained the wisdom from the event, and we then are ready to move forward into the next, higher level of awareness. That is what ascension is about—gradually integrating higher and higher frequencies of Light, which disrupts and challenges our beliefs and behavior until we are prepared to integrate and radiate the more refined level of Creator Light. It is a never- ending process of “releasing the old, integrating the new, and refining our mental, emotional and physical vessels, so that we may become the Light Bearers or SUNS of God radiating the Love/Light out into the world of form.”

As I am sure most of you are aware, over the past year, Archangel Michael has been reviewing many of the important lessons of the past in his monthly messages. He has told us that he has given us all the major lessons and information for this phase of the ascension process. Also, because this past year has been so stressful for me, and it was all I could do to keep centered, and to stay positive as I experienced all the negative energy that was created during this “Rite of Passage,” beloved Michael has helped me prepare the monthly messages in a way that did not require so much time and focused energy on my part. He tells me that I am now to remain “in sanctuary” (or somewhat withdrawn from any major, outside spiritual activity), in order to allow myself to gradually integrate the new frequencies of Light that are now available to me. I am so enjoying the peace and serenity of my home, and I am spending much time in contemplation and meditation. Letitia, her husband, Dan, and my son, Rick, are preparing for a trip to Elko for our yearly Vezane family reunion. I just spent three wonderful days with my dear friend, Mokshapriya, who is creating the City of Light Sanctuary in upstate New York. Also, our amazing Quest for Mastery teacher, Fabienne, from the Netherlands, is planning a short visit with Letitia and me after the fund-raising event in July, for the City of Light building fund. Randy and I are planning a free Ask Archangel Michael webinar in August, and we will have another series of webinars beginning in October. We will review Archangel Michael’s third book of messages: YOUR SACRED QUEST.

We have been told that the old Divine Blueprint for the Earth has now been withdrawn, and the advanced Divine Plan for the Aquarian Age is now pouring forth, by way of the powerful, new Ray energies from our Mother/Father God, via the great Archangels. The times of turmoil and uncertainty that we have been experiencing these past few years were necessary in order to prepare us for this amazing, new influx of Creator Light. Archangel Michael tells me that this fall we will begin to see some of the results of these powerful, transformative vibrational frequencies. Each of us will magnetize to ourselves the appropriate level of higher frequency Light that we are capable of integrating, so that we may then activate and radiate it out into the world of form. Dear friends, this is what we have been preparing for over these many past years. So, I ask you to focus on what is right in your world, and to express gratitude for your blessings, as you go through your personal “Rite of Passage,” and clear the decks for the bright future that is just over the horizon. As Archangel Michael tells us, “Hold steady, beloveds. The best is yet to come.” Forever love and angel blessings, Ronna

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Sourcing a Vasana with Awareness ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia



Sourcing a Vasana with Awareness

Posted by Steve Beckow on June 25, 2014 /

I’m feeling driven, lashed by a vasana. And it may be the biggest vasana I’ve come upon yet.

There’s social value in sourcing it publicly. And so I’d like to do that, if you’ll permit me. The exploration is worth it and it’s OK to discuss matters like this!

I’m feeling driven to be at work. And while I don’t dispute the usefulness of that, the fact that I’m “driven” is vexing me. And causing extra work for those around me. I’m creating friction by showing frustration.

And so I ponder what I just said as the first step toward sourcing the vasana. I listen to myself, make an object of awareness of myself.

And I see that my desire to be at work is indeed driven by a vasana I’d call “total frustration.” I feel totally frustrated. I feel thwarted intention, failed expectation, undelivered communications everywhere, in the very large, external world. Not on a personal basis. It isn’t associated with any individual person. If it were, it’d be easier to handle. No, it’s the entire scene.

Nowhere do I see unmistakeable proof that anything of totally-major significance has happened. Not enough credible evidence exists that I would close the book on any major issue or event. Everything still seems open to me. Maybe I’m missing something.

The frustration I feel at the lack of closure in the scene we all watch is affecting every area of my life. I can’t ignore it. And others can’t ignore it … or ignore me. (Nor should they need to.)

It has command value over me. I’m completely captured by this vasana. Of course it doesn’t. But this is the emotional truth for me.

It must have some deeply-buried significance.

As the second step in sourcing the vasana, I ask my mind to throw up to my awareness any earlier, similar incidents associated with frustration.

Well, I come up against a wall of them. I’m completely overwhelmed by the merest contact with the wall of emotion that arises.

I seem to have felt frustrated in one area of my life after another so often that I may as well have a Ph.D. in the area.

Family that squabbled endlessly. People around me who squabbled endlessly. I squabbled endlessly.

No Ph.D., no satisfaction with any job, never completely satisfied, incomplete, frustrated. You don’t want to hear the story. Gawd, I became a twisted mister over frustration.

I know only too well that resolution of the vasana cannot rest with circumstances outside of me. They have to rest with circumstances inside of me. A vasana is personal. You don’t pass it on in your genes. I created the vasana. And only I can undo it, complete it, or source it, depending on what it requires.

So I look at the degree and amount of frustration in my life and I see it as a constant theme. Always frustrated, always frustrated. And so I ask myself: what is it that I seek?

And what I seek is resolution. Completion. Case closure. I want to be done with unresolved issues, circular arguments, and any other breach of the peace, basically. And I’m the worst offender. Judge Dredd in the area.

I have now gone round the loop once. Told the complete story. I now take a second and deeper cut at it.

And I see again, but at a deeper, more experienced level, that resolution was so lacking in my family of origin that I’m certifiably crazy in the area. It isn’t like a behaviour pattern. It’s like a full-scale tidal wave. I go crazy with too much irresolution. I can’t stand squabbling. I go nuts with things that are incomplete. This is my Achilles heel. So I now get the matter deeper.

And, hitting that level of understanding, a tremendous wall of feeling now erupts. I take time to experience it. Full surrender.

After experiencing as much of it as I could, I use degree of release to measure my progress. If I’ve stumbled onto the truth, the truth will set me free. I should feel some measure of relief from all this understanding and experiencing. If I don’t, then whatever I was thinking or experiencing, my interpretation was not the truth. I need to try again.

I do feel a small measure of release from seeing this much, not enough to satisfy me. So I press on. I ask myself again: Where is there intolerable irresolution in my life?

It’s all in the global arena. I haven’t seen such stark evidence before me that I would say case closed on anything of truly-major significance: Disclosure, the Reval, Ascension, anything.

For a person with my background, staring that realization in the face is enough to drive me crazy. Based on my family history, I go crazy around irresolution faster than most people and swing further out with it. The wall of emotion that hits me when I feel frustrated sweeps me off my feet.

I hate irresolution and, in the face of it, I want closure. If the unresolution increases, I go crazy after a while. That’s my modus operandi. That’s how the twig was bent and the tree inclined. That’s the self-chosen impact of the vasana on me.

This is not the kind of vasana that hinges on a single event or a single issue. It results from the repeated experience of frustration and irresolution. I don’t handle frustration well.

The exploration so far rings true and brings about fifty percent release. So I got a good chunk of the vasana to this point.

I need to monitor myself completely, such is the power of this vasana to sweep me away.

This is it’s profile. And my understanding combined with experiencing a minute part of the wall of emotion, does cause the vasana to lift a significant amount, still more to go.

Lessons Learned

I don’t think there’s gonna be a quick resolution to many of the events facing the world. Not as quick as we’d like. That’s what my intuition tells me. These are global events. Their significance goes well past the galaxy. And much more free will than I imagined is being allowed. I must live with uncertainty and unresolution.

Considering this, I conclude that my vasana no longer serves me. It no longer works for me to be a mere effect of my frustration. It doesn’t work for those around me either.

I no longer embrace this vasana. I want my life back.

This vasana was “worked” using the intelligence of the mind. Most vasanas are sourced by experiencing the resisted feelings to completion. But mine felt too large for that.

And this is what it took to source it. There was not a straight line through it. I had to ask myself questions repeatedly to prompt the mind, or other source, to throw up the answers. And then what was seen had to be experienced, if even incompletely. Then the cycle had to be repeated and repeated until I got to the bottom of it.

And now comes the feeling of completion and a felt need to rest.




Ariah Velasquez – The Light Always Prevails – 24 June 2014

Ariah Velasquez – The Light Always Prevails – 24 June 2014

Lucas 2012 Infos

ariah_goldThose who walk for the light, in the light, need not fear…for all comes from the light even if it has morphed and changed into something else as we as humans experiment with duality.  However, when you bring the light into your consciousness and body, it will always shine on what needs to be released to be brought back into the light.  You need only to listen, look, and ask.  You have free will, and yes there is divine will too.  However, if energies are sent to manipulate out of fear, jealousy, pain, whatever the root, free will will allow you to cleanse and clear your field no matter what.

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The Tsolians on truth of your existence ~ digging into the core of it. Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

buddha face

The Tsolians on truth of your existence ~ digging into the core of it.

June 24, 2014

Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont

Note from Méline: This is a message that may have to been read a few times to truly absorb this in our being. If you find it too hard to take in or understand, I advice to let it be for a while until you are ready to grasp this better on another now moment. Who are the Tsolians? see their first two messages here:

It is time that we speak and elaborate more, further and deeper on the truth of your existence. We do not speak about the human existence but of that of your Spirit, which you call Essence, Self or Higher Self. Existence is a word on its own, unique in its way and so broad in its meaning. It consists of all that IS and simultaneously it can be a unique and single word on its own.

It is from that existence that all and everything came through into boundaries, into depths, into heights and into weight. Existence has started to take on forms of consciousness, forms of separation, forms of individuals, as well as Rays, Light, Dark, vibrations and frequencies. It is that where we all are formed from and are birthed through and from. Even Love has been birthed from existence as existence is life force and, just as everything else, Love was born from the life force of existence to experience that Love and seed everything else from the vibration, known as the All That Is.

Dark matter contains in truth the creation of all, or better said that Source which allows existence to even BE. It is that existence, which we all are made from, that became all out of the nothingness which is allness at once : Omnil (All – nothingness).

So as you venture forth in the different realities and planes of existence, you receive certain degrees of individual prospects on whether creation in its form and reality is a part of your existence or that of another that forms existence along with you. Dubious issue isn’t it? It is that which we call the mystery of all, which we maintain in the Self as we are all made of this. Still it is incomprehensible at your level of being to truly evoke this.

It is through the merging again with Spirit that you are being infused with the Sacred blueprint where your Self is birthed from existence and as allowance is in its full Grace on its now momentum, we access the key of this existence step by step. Invoke this through your being and you become its consciousness back into its natural state.

It is while reaching out with the fingertips that you can now start to feel its warmth of illumination of what existence truly is. Your demands are being answered graciously through your own Self. If you would find your Self again in dark matter, where would you be and go? All, everywhere and nowhere. Is it something that would feel familiar to you right now in this instant if you would be Dark matter again? That is why we say to appreciate the time and the processes you go through, to experience existence in all its myriads forms and flavors, vibrations and frequencies, for you are existence and the force of life.

Existence on your planes and Earthly realities are now drastically shifting into other ways of experience through existence, as the old energies that have been used to form this duality existence are merging again with the Sol energies of the Cosmic Source which allows another frequency and Ray of particles to emanate through your consciousness and to even “embody” this.

It is with the force of all existence that Dark matter, the origin and source of All That Is, emanates the experiences through various life forces, through levels of consciousness and through vibrations. Therefore the life force is actually a reason to exist in the first place, which seeds the existence to BE. Life force is the first energy atomic vibration that is birthed out of the Dark matter as a breath of creation, for life force is the basis of existence as nothing can exist without it.

Dark matter is not associated with the dark aspects of creation and of life; it is called Dark matter because it holds everything together and there is no particle of light to be seen there as light too is a creation and existence that was birthed out of the source of Dark matter as a vibration and form of denser light. We call this denser light as everything that comes from the Source and has separated itself from the Source to experience and to exist as a separate consciousness from the Source is denser on its own than the original Source of it.

The atomic structures of Light are particles that are accelerating their speed of creation and life force, which makes it visible as a blueprint. Although Light is the highest frequency you can abide in at this time, you will see that there is a much higher frequency that does not contain light because its structure and blueprint are of pure life force which is a consciousness on its own and which creates all consciousness.

In fact there is no higher rate for it is the human brain constructs of seeing everything in levels and rates as in Source there is no level and all IS one and the same. It is that consciousness that some of you are already able and start to “grasp” as you embody that particle of your being, for yes you have this all within you somewhere along the line.

It is with the truest pleasure and blessings that we come forth with this sharing for you all. Until next time when we will speak of the Rays of consciousness.

The Tsolians

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline :http://melinelafont.com and blog Méline: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

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Understanding the Merkabah and Inter-Dimensional Travel

Understanding the Merkabah and Inter-Dimensional Travel

Openhearted Rebellion

MerkabahWritten by Free Spirit, Guest for Waking Times, June 24, 2014 – http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/06/24/understanding-merkabah-inter-dimensional-travel/

The Merkabah Vehicle is the means for travelling to higher dimensional planes and for ascending the physical body out of the 3rd dimension. Our Merkabah Vehicle is in essence our own inter-dimensional star-craft – similar to the structure in the Contact movie, albeit far more complex. The degree to which we have assembled our Merkabah Vehicle, will determine how far we can progress through the Astral Planes and whether we are able to use the interstellar and intergalactic wormholes.

As we awaken to our higher dimensional selves and engage in conscious astral travel, we begin to ‘build’ our Merkabah. This process is also greatly assisted by vibratory cleansing, emotional healing, karmic transmutation and the detoxification of harmful substances from our bodies. This then activates dormant DNA strands within our Being and our Light Body is…

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The Importance of Auric Maintenance & Requiste Energetic ‘Psychic Defense’ @ Earth-Keeper


James Tyberonn @ Earth-Keeper Videos

Mechanics & Requisite Maintenance of the Human Aura


Brilliant presentation live at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. on the mechanics & essential importance of the human aura. Includes detailed information on the purpose of the Human Crystalline Electromagnetic Field, the Mer-Ka-Na Lite Body, with information on how to maintain an optimal functioning Auric Field, with inclusions of what causes can create Auric Ruptures (Auric Fissuring & Auric Energy Bleeding) and methods of Auric repair and Auric fortification. The presentation covers the topic of ‘Psychic Self Defense, deflecting negative attachments and thought forms and the increasing importance of understanding the full workings of Auric mechanics in the increasing energy of the New Earth. This is a must see presentation.


African Diary of Love – Part 3 by Kathleen @ Golden Age of Gaia

africa pb


African Diary of Love – Part 3

Posted by Kathleen W on June 23, 2014

(CLICK ON LINK BELOW for Parts 1 & 2)

african diary 1

CA, enrolee in Linda Dillon’s webinar series, The New You, continues to riding the Tsunami of Love in Africa.

Linda Dillon’s June 8th Tsunami of Love Livestream was broadcast on Sunday night in Africa where I live. What a beautiful, literally-breathtaking experience!

I was tucked up in my office, fire on, my little dog at my feet whilst experiencing something I can’t really find words for………. but I will. I always seem to find words, so my husband keeps telling me!

During the Tsunami meditation, I felt the strength and power of the Mother like never before. The more I let her in, the more I began to let go, and the deeper I went.

There was this sudden rush of trust that washed over me just like when I was 5 years old and my mother took the training wheels off my bike. I remember looking at my bike thinking, “Hell, no! There’s no chance that I’m going to place my little self on that bike, with no training wheels! Are you mad?” Then my mother looked me in my eyes and tenderly said, “Go on. You can do it.”

Why is it when these words are spoken from this very special person in your life, you instantly trust, you know it’s going to be ok? Yes, you’re a little uncertain but if this mother of mine thinks I can, well, you know what? She knows EVERYTHING. Clearly I’m going to be fine!

So I hop on, my little legs going ten-to-the-dozen. I wobble. She catches me. I wobble a bit more. Again she catches me. Hmmm, I think to myself, this chick’s pretty good at saving me from a fall………. when I allow her to.

And isn’t it just that, “allowing”? Allowing your mother’s love to flow in and support you, catch you, guide you. All of a sudden this allowing “thing” is helping me ride my bike……… pretty well, too, if I don’t mind saying. Maybe, just maybe, this person, so loving and caring, might just know what she’s talking about???!

Riding a bike, riding a wave, it’s no different. The way the human mind operates always gives me a laugh. We hold on so tightly to our “stuff.”

We refuse to hand it over, so who are we not handing it over to? Obviously your Divine Mother and Heavenly Father, right?

We cling so tightly through fear. So what is the fear? The fear is, that if we hand it over to our Divine Parents, they might just get it wrong. They could mess it all up and then where we would be?

What?!!!!!! Get it wrong!? Our “Parents” have been responsible AND successful in creating Gaia and all who walk upon it. How could They get it wrong? I think it goes to show that They are more than capable of taking care of our heartache and traumas, don’t you think?

So this takes me back to the Livestream meditation, we all came together, we were still, we opened, we trusted and ALLOWED Mother Mary to enter our hearts. This was not a struggle. It was not difficult. It was not hard. It was so easy. I felt so safe and held in the most beautiful, loving space.

Monday I awoke, after dreaming all night of the Wave. People in my dreams were talking to me and I kept saying, “Don’t worry, the Wave will sort you out!”The people in the dream could have been asking me what time it was and I would have responded, “Don’t worry, the wave will make you feel better!” Talk about being saturated by the wave all night!

Monday was fabulous. I felt peaceful, happy, joyous and very, very different. That afternoon my last class was a fitness class comprised of businessman who are also friends. They all had faces like smacked bottoms! They walked in my door and their energy hit me like a sloppy, cold, custard pie!! Horrible. All they did was complain. They were tired and grumpy and as the class continued I felt a Tsunami hangover kick in.

Hmmmmm, I’m not feeling very well. I feel heavy and even sad. What are these feelings? I am now starting to lose the will to live. I said to one of the guys, “Hey don’t worry, this is all to do with the new energy of the Tsunami.” His response, “Whatever – I don’t believe in all that rubbish!!”

Taking matters into my own hands, I finished the class twenty minutes early and retreated to my lounge to do some damage control. Oh dear, I’m starting to come apart. I can feel that I’m sliding down into an abyss of darkness.

Oh no! Not again, where have my waves gone?? Feeling a little bit like a broken spring, I took myself off to my bed with the thoughts of ending this day as it was not improving. No amount of cheesecake or doughnuts was going to fix this one!!!

Tuesday I awoke, gingerly opening one eye. I do that often. I have like a “happy” sensor in my eye. I think that, through my one eyeball, I can feel if the day is a good one or a bad one. I can tell if I should get up or stay in bed!!

My eye “sensor” says NOPE! Today’s going to be a shocker. With no option of staying in bed, a full schedule of back-to-back clients, I begrudgingly drag myself out of bed. Gees, my mixed bag of emotions is back again. The best way to describe my feelings is in list form, due to the fact that there were so many: anxiety, wanting to burst into tears, despair, fear, impending doom, nausea, hopelessness, extreme tiredness, depression, irritation.

Oh and as if that wasn’t enough, they just chucked in the weight gain of five large elephants!!! As I waddled around my house like a pregnant hippo, my husband called me to sit down and explain myself. I couldn’t. Every time I spoke, it didn’t really have any purpose. I just kept saying, “I dunno,” as the hot tears rolled down my cheeks, “I just dunno.” I couldn’t put into words what I was feeling. All I kept saying is that it must be the Tsunami. T, that’s all I knew.

After babbling like a drunken fool, my darling and most very patient husband, gave me a hug and dried my tears. I go quickly into meditation ask the Council of Love, “Is this a false grid, must I clear myself?” Feeling a little frantic at holding all this negativity I thought that I should be doing something.

A bellowing message comes through, “You are to clear nothing, and ALLOW these emotions and feelings to flow through you. Don’t attach, just let them be, they will be gone by the morning. Be like the water, just let it wash through you.”

So that word was there again ALLOW and the forever familiar loving Mother. She’s here again telling me to trust, allow, and as before, looking deep into the depths of my eyes, lovingly saying, “Go on, you can do it.” Like the experience on the bike, yes, I can do it, relax, be still and just open. So, I did.

I awoke this morning, opening that one eye again, the information feedback was of a positive one. Yay! I jump out of bed, feeling as my daughter would say “AMAZEBALLS!”

Wow, what a feeling! I felt like I had endured the largest detox for humanity yesterday. Now I have a clear mind, I look back to yesterday at what I was integrating and clearing. This was the energy of the Collective. I have NEVER felt something so powerful in my life even if it was negative.

We have done something so massive and powerful that I don’t think we realize it yet. As the famous quote of Neil Armstrong goes: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

Part 1 http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/06/15/african-diary-of-love-part-1/
Part 2 http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/06/18/african-diary-of-love-part-2/


If you missed Linda Dillon’s June 8th Livestream with Mother Mary & Gaia you can Register here! to watch and receive the atunements and downloads as often as you wish.

Maybe you have you had an experience that you would like to share? Add to this gathering of feedback from our community by going here: http://counciloflove.com/tsunami-of-love-contact-form/

For more experiences, see the Council of Love website, the Tsunami experiences page: http://counciloflove.com/category/tsunami-of-love/tsunami-experiences/.

The Tsunami of Love meditation link is here.


africa pb

Shifting from 3D to 5D ~ Lori Spagna @ The Master Shift

Artodyssey by Helen Nelson Reed

ART : ‘Ardoyssey’ ~ Helen Nelson-Reed


Shifting from 3D to 5D

June 19, 2014 | By Lori Spagna



Do you realize that your reality completely changes and dramatically improves when you allow your conscious participation with creation to shift from a Third Dimensional Reality to a Fifth Dimensional Reality?

It’s really true.

And while this kind of dynamic, inter-dimensional shift of consciousness is not a simple, immediate or easy task…

Which is why so many of us are still locked up in challenge and struggle…

…and also why so many individuals on the path of awakening are often so misunderstood….

Honestly speaking, most humans these days have no concept that there is anything beyond their current understanding of reality. For them, 3D living is status quo.

Moreover, for most humans still living in the 3D reality, their consciousness and perspective is still largely based in fear and powerlessness…

Fears and worries about things like money, the future, health, longevity, relationships, family matters, and questions concerning their lives are given away to chance, hope, challenge and outside forces, like the government, doctors, lawyers, bosses, corporations, healthcare systems, school systems, etc.

However, in the Fifth Dimensional reality, where consciousness prevails and The Universal Law of One is the only real law, we do have power over our reality and over our entire lives.

We have been, and continue to learn how to take back our power, by healing and resolving the underlying fears, clearing up the dross and unconsciousness, owning our sovereignty and stepping into more complete consciousness.

Co-creation and Collaboration really helps too!

As we realize our creative potential, and begin to align with the highest vibrational energies of reality, we no longer live in fear and instead, come to absolutely know that we have total and complete power over our reality and that we hold the keys to effectively co-creating a healthier, happier planet.

This requires some reprogramming on each of our parts.

But I can say this with absolute certainty:

We are here to Positively Influence, Transform, Direct

and Lead the Future of Humanity into a New Era based on Unity Consciousness!

It is why we have come here to planet earth at this time…

…together as a Collective Earth Family in a Unified Field of Dimensional Reality.

We are a powerful group of Masters of LOVE and Light in human form.

And it is time for us to take the lead in this worldwide shift, rather than sitting and passively waiting for it to come about…

We must be willing to do the work…to give up our attachments to our lower density consciousness, the ‘take a pill and fix it fast’ illusion, and all of our current belief systems which have been holding us back and keeping us stuck.

We must be willing to move beyond the limitations of our egoic identities and instead, charge ahead toward our still not fully recognized greatness.

We are each working on our own unique parts of this hodge-podge of rejoining the collective by resolving our own inner issues, healing ourselves and coming back into balance with our knowingness.

For the highly conscious, awakening beings out there, for those of us who are already operating within a unified field of one-ness and non duality, living in alignment with our true divine nature, authentically on purpose….we know that there is something much better, much greater, much more magnificent, than the current, widely accepted ‘norm’ of three dimensional living.

And we will never again accept anything less.

And we truly desire and know that all others can experience this kind of magnificence as well…

And we desire it for them…

For those of us in the ‘know’, we are already experiencing life in an entirely new way…and while we recognize that many others are still experiencing their reality in the old, outmoded, 3D way of lack, limitation, poverty, illness, struggle, etc., we also KNOW that each and every person will be joining us, here NOW, relatively soon.

It’s time to re-member and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE EVER by applying the sacred mechanics of universal, Wisdom and LOVE into all of your earthly reality, which will in turn create the foundation required for you to thrive as a 5th dimensional BEing in a 3d dimensional world.

Photo via: http://vagabondzen.blogspot.com/2013/08/100-ways-to-become-more-conscious-how.html (No copyright infringement intended.)

About the Author:

Lori w Skyler 2Lori Spagna, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Visionary, http://www.LoriSpagna.com,

is perhaps most well known for her recognition of the Animal~Human connection in terms of how animals mirror their human’s behavioral, physical and emotional tendencies and for her programs that focus on the interconnectedness of all beings.

With over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world offering seminars and workshops on how we can improve our lives by learning from animals, Lori has become an internationally recognized expert, speaker, author, Visionary, Light-worker, Intuitive and Healer for both 4 and 2-legged creatures.

Lori also leads powerful manifestation and healing circles where she connects people and animals to their true power via The Universal Source and activates Dormant DNA, thus allowing them to shift their consciousness and live their best lives ever.

– See more at: http://www.themastershift.com/shifting-from-3d-to-5d/#sthash.2H8jFxN9.dpuf

Artodyssey by Helen Nelson Reed

Patricia Cota-Robles: I AM Ascending into My I Am Presence – A Special Solstice Ascension Activation

art horse by  s manon

ART : S Mason


Patricia Cota-Robles: I AM Ascending into My I Am Presence – A Special Solstice Ascension Activation

Posted by Stephen Cook on June 20, 2014

Patricia Cota-Robles

Stephen: This is a very powerful activation that Patricia Cota-Robles posted as part of her most recent update – which Andrew originally posted here. But Patricia re-sent this part of it this week and I felt it may very likely something you may wish to do during the powerful June Solstice – which occurs at the following times around the world on Saturday, June 21 (which is already today for many): 8.51pm (Saturday, June 21) Sydney, 6.51pm Beijing, 4.21pm Mumbai, 1.51pm Baghdad, 12.51pm Johannesburg, 11.51am London, 6.51am New York, 3.51am Vancouver and 12.51am Honolulu.
By Patricia Cota-Robles – June 14, 2014 – http://www.eraofpeace.org

The following is a very powerful Activity of Light that the Company of Heaven has given to us at this time.

It is specifically designed to help Humanity take full advantage of this awesome opportunity. It is stated in the first person, so we will each experience this powerful Ascension process individually, but KNOW that simultaneously we are invoking this Light on behalf of ALL of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth.

This is a Gift from On High that will build in momentum as we invoke this Activity of Light NOW and THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THIS MIRACULOUS YEAR.

I AM Ascending Into My I AM Presence

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As this wondrous Ascension in the Light occurs within me it occurs through every person on Earth, in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

I AM sitting comfortably in my chair with my arms and legs uncrossed and my spine is as straight as possible. I breathe in deeply and instantly I AM relaxed and peaceful. I empty my mind of all of the thoughts of the day and I KNOW, “I AM That I AM.”

I gently go within to the Divinity of my Heart and focus my attention on my Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame. Within the full embrace of my Threefold Flame, I realize that I have transcended the old Earth and crossed the threshold into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the New Earth. I have truly entered a New Day filled with the full-gathered momentum of Heaven on Earth.

Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory is mine!

With this inner knowing, I realize that I have the awesome responsibility of BECOMING the full manifestation of my I AM Presence while I AM embodied on the New Earth. This literally means Transfiguring my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of my I AM Presence.

This Divine Alchemy is occurring within me now at an atomic, cellular level. Every electron, every atom, every subatomic particle and wave of my bodies and all the spaces in between the atoms and molecules of my bodies are being filled with multifaceted 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.

My I AM Presence is now able to take full dominion of my Earthly Bodies. As this occurs, my thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories, and beliefs reflect the Transfiguring Divine Love, Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace, Bliss, Harmony, and Oneness of my Father-Mother God. My physical reality is transformed, and I now experience at every level the infinite physical perfection of the New Earth.

My I AM Presence claims full authority within my Earthly Bodies. I stand forth now as a complete God Being pulsating within the glorious multicolored, multidimensional radiance of my I AM Presence.

My feet are planted firmly on the New Earth, and simultaneously I AM One with all of the Ascended Realms of Infinite Perfection. I AM a God Being of resplendent Light, now realizing the fullness of that Light on every level of my Being. As I AM lifted up, all Life is lifted up with me. Therefore, I know that within my I AM Presence, I AM now ALL of Humanity standing forth and realizing that we are God Beings­—Sons and Daughters of God—on every realm associated with the New Earth.

Within my I AM Presence, I AM the Ascension Flame and I AM the full Divine Momentum of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity blazing in, through, and around every particle and wave of Life. I AM liberating every physical and chemical interaction within the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth. The Ascension Flame is raising all of the energy bonds between atoms and within atoms into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of God’s Infinite Perfection.

I KNOW and ACCEPT that contained within this flowing electronic pattern of Light is everything necessary to Transfigure the entire physical realm into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. This unfathomable Light contains everything necessary to set straight the orbit, spin, and electronic charge of every cell, atom, and electron of Life on the old Earth. I feel all energy bonds within the atomic realm now Ascending in vibration toward the frequency of infinite physical perfection. Every cell of Life is now blazing with the full perfection of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.

Within my I AM Presence, I AM the Ascension Flame and the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity blazing through every interaction within Humanity and all of the energy bonds therein—this includes the relationships of all people, organizations, races, religions, and nations—liberating these interactions into the harmony of a Higher Order of Being, expanding the Sphere of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth.

Within the Peace of the Great Solar Quiet, I AM aware of this Higher Reality. I AM now clearly receiving the Divine Promptings, Ideas, and Concepts of my I AM Presence. Daily and hourly, through the Gift of the Ascension Flame, I AM experiencing the Higher Reality of the New Earth within my heart and mind.

I AM now a living, Light-filled Temple of Vibrant Health, Eternal Youth, God’s Infinite Abundance, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Happiness, and Abounding Joy. I AM my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of I AM Consciousness now made manifest on the New Earth. And so it is.

I return my consciousness to the room. I become aware of my body, and I allow these Divine Energies to be assimilated into my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. I breathe deeply and gently as I absorb the bliss of this moment. (pause)

I AM Grateful, I AM Grateful, I AM Eternally Grateful.

Beloved Father-Mother God—All That Is—I AM.

Patricia Cota-Robles, New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization http://www.eraofpeace,org

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia for this Extract


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MARY MAGDALENE: Why People Get ill ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

r christopher vest   art painted raven

ART : Christopher Vest


June 18, 2014 | Author Mercedes Kirkel

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On June 15, 2014


Cosmic Heart by Willow Arlenea

Question: I would like more insight into the area of illness. As a holistic practitioner, I have been exploring “soul illness” to see if I could find an explanation and/or cause for previously unexplained health issues. Can you help me to understand this?

Mary Magdalene: Hello to the dear one who asked this question and also to all who will be receiving my response. I am here and I offer you my blessings and love, as always.

The area of illness is a challenging one for many people on Earth. It is also a broad topic, as there are many reasons as to why someone may be ill. Once again, I will do my best to bring clarity to this topic.

To begin, I want to acknowledge that illness is a difficult condition that many experience. It is part of what makes Earth such a challenging place. There are many ways that people can suffer on the Earth, and illness is one of them. For most people, suffering is an intrinsic part of life on Earth. Feeling physical pain, unwellness, lack of full vitality, or diminished ability to function in one or more areas are some of the components of illness that make it challenging. I do not in any way wish to diminish that people experience hardship as part of illness, sometimes extreme hardship.

People also experience emotional pain with illness. There can be fear of death; frustration and sadness about not being able to participate in life in the way you are wanting or were hoping to do; fear of how you will manage and provide for your life needs and responsibilities; etc. So this is another component of pain that often accompanies illness.

Many people in your world today try to maintain a “positive” attitude in the midst of challenges such as illness. This can be because they are in denial and afraid of facing what’s going on with them. It might be because they don’t want to burden others with their hardship. Or it might be that they believe this is a more emotionally mature or spiritually advanced disposition toward suffering. I do not support any of these dispositions or beliefs. I believe that the most supportive orientation, for all involved, is to honestly and openly acknowledge your experience, especially your emotional experience.

Some people are so used to denying their emotional experience, that they may find it quite difficult to even be aware that they are having a painful experience. In such circumstances, coming to awareness of one’s own pain may be an accomplishment unto itself. This can be one reason why a person may be experiencing great pain or suffering in their life. They may need a very exaggerated or extreme circumstance to get them to finally become aware that they are in pain or suffering. This awareness is essential. It is not a form of being a “baby,” a “wimp,” a “complainer,” or anything like that. It is the first essential step to engaging the spiritual process with any challenge—in this case illness.

The second step, after becoming aware that you are experiencing difficulty or suffering, is to open yourself to it fully. I call this embracing the difficulty. This often will include communicating honestly to others what your experience is and the feelings you are having about it. This kind of communication can be difficult. Perhaps you will feel that you are failing in some way if you communicate your challenges to others. Perhaps others will react in ways you may not want or enjoy. They may be in denial and may try to talk you out of your pain and suffering. Or they may immediately try to fix your situation to make it go away—partly to contribute to you and partly to ease their own discomfort in hearing that you are in pain. This kind of “fixing” can include trying to analyze the source or cause; trying to reassure you; trying to distract you; or trying to find a solution. All of these things are not really helpful as a response. This may come as a surprise to those who are offering solutions that they believe might “fix” the problem. But this orientation is generally coming from a wrong orientation to the problem.

Difficulties in your life are always forms of spiritual gifts. If they are major difficulties, they are generally things you have chosen in the pre-life process as part of the experiences you will have in this lifetime to support your growth. Sometimes people refer to this as karma, but it is important to understand that it is not a form of punishment for your past-life deeds. It is always for your growth. If in a past life you caused others pain, you may need to experience pain in this lifetime, not as punishment, but to deeply understand the nature of pain and to choose in the future not to create pain for others. This would grow you in compassion and care for others. This is just one example of how a present-life circumstance can relate to past-life experiences.

A present-life difficulty does not always indicate that you caused difficulties for others in a previous life. It might be supporting you in other ways in your soul growth. Perhaps it is supporting you in opening to others and receiving their help. Perhaps it is supporting you in learning to value your relationships more than possessions or accomplishments in the physical world. There could be many diverse reasons why a difficult circumstance is helping you in some particular way in your soul growth.

The important thing is that you do not require knowledge of your past-life circumstances to accomplish the growth you are being called to. Everything you need is being given to you. The key to unlocking all of your resources is in your emotions, not in your mind. Once you become aware of your emotions, you can allow them to guide you to the lessons and growth you are needing. I have described this process many times and will describe it here again as a reminder.

I would like to use your recent illness, Mercedes, as an example. When people heard that you were ill, several who are healers and tuned into your energy body reported that they felt your illness was connected to fear. At first you did not think this was the case, as you were not aware of any fear you were experiencing. Then you connected with me and I gave you the message about the roots of your disturbance with your father’s medical care and choices that were being made about that. I talked about how you were experiencing anger, which was covering over deeper feelings of fear and sadness. You were feeling sad and powerless about providing the care you wanted for your father. At a deeper level, you were feeling afraid about losing your connection to father and inclusion in his life.

Several days after receiving the message from me, you connected your feelings about your father’s situation to your illness. You realized that the illness was really about your fear of losing your closeness and sense of family with your father. You weren’t aware of this fear and allowing yourself to do the work you needed to do relative to this, so you required an illness to bring it to your awareness. As soon as you became of aware of your fear and it’s roots within yourself of needing family and inclusion, you started to get well. You no longer required the illness to connect you with your next step of soul healing and growth. You were now doing this healing and growth within yourself, which is where all healing and growth truly happens.

In this circumstance, you reconnected within yourself to your inner divine qualities of family and inclusion. Really, the reconnection is always to God, but it happens in the form of the particular qualities in which you previously felt disconnected. When you connected to God, you felt full in the areas of family and inclusion. You actually felt full in all areas, but these were the two specific areas that had become disconnected in this scenario. It is as though two of your circuit breakers in your connection to God got disconnected. Through your awareness and opening to the feelings, and then following them to their source within yourself of the inner divine qualities that had become unfulfilled, you found where the circuit breakers were disconnected. The wonderful thing is that as soon as you find the disconnection, it is very easy to reconnect.

Once you’ve located the problem – the inner divine qualities that feel deficient or lacking in this situation—you can shift your awareness into your knowingness of these qualities in their fullness. You have the ability to know them that way because all of us “know” these qualities in their fullness. It is part of what constitutes the inner divinity that we all have. As you remember the qualities in their wholeness , you are doing what is necessary to reconnect those circuits and reestablish your wholeness of connection with God. It is that simple, yet it is completely profound and radically changes your relationship to the whole circumstance you’re involved in.

In your case, once you reconnected to your inner divine qualities of family and inclusion, in their already-fulfilled state, you came to great peace. You stopped being angry at the person who was making decisions you didn’t like and you came into acceptance and trust. When you had a conversation with that individual a few days later, you were in a state of peace and openness. You didn’t feel in conflict anymore and were able to see that everything was working out fine. Because of this, you had closeness and connection with that person, which fulfilled your needs for family and inclusion—but in a different form than the one you were clinging to previously.

Your symptoms also started to dramatically improve at that point and you started to feel much better very quickly, returning to the state of energy and well-being that you are used to. The illness was no longer necessary because the work had been accomplished.

Not all illness will clear as quickly and easily as yours did, though it might. Every circumstance is different, depending on the very unique and personal lessons that individual is seeking through their illness. Again, this is not a form of punishment. It is a form of growth, albeit a challenging one.

The souls who have chosen to incarnate in your realm are very brave ones, for your realm is a very difficult one, which supports great growth through challenging experiences. But it requires your active participation to do so.

The last thing I wish to say is that the process I am recommending requires awareness, which is quite different from analysis and rational thought. Awareness is more of a feeling-based disposition that allows one to remain open and focused, so that you can receive input about whatever experience is currently taking place. The knowledge, insight, or understanding you require will be given to you. It often feels like an “ah-ha” moment, a breakthrough, and is generally not accomplished through the rational/thinking mind. It is given at a higher level, through your higher mind. Relaxing the rational/thinking mind, as is done in meditation, can support the process of awareness and open your being to receive the wisdom and understanding you require from your higher mind.

There is a chart of the inner divine qualities in the book, Mary Magdalene Beckons, which can be helpful to use in connecting with the inner divine qualities that are the key to any particular circumstance you are working with. Reviewing this chart can help you to identify which inner divine qualities are specifically involved in any circumstance. Again, do not use your thinking–mind to try to analyze or figure out which qualities are the ones involved. Instead, use your awareness in a spacious way to see which one you respond to with an emphatic “Yes, that’s it!” response. You will often feel this response in your body, emotions, or intuition. Eventually, as you become familiar with this process of identifying the inner divine qualities involved and come to know your own inner divine qualities, you will not require the chart. You will have internalized your own awareness of your inner divine qualities and will be able to identify them and connect with them directly through your inner healing and growth process. Giving labels to the various inner divine qualities is simply a support for guiding you in reconnecting with them, thereby allowing you to return to a state of greater wholeness and connection with God.

I love you most fully and bless you in your growth, healing, and understanding.

I AM Mary Magdalene

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Do Angels Live on Planets and in Dimensions? Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

 psychic mediumship 4 -Art-by-A_-Andrew-Gonzalez

ART : Andrew Gonzalez


Angels 33Anyone who’s asked in a reading what dimension they’re from will have heard the source reply Fifth, or Seventh, or Ninth, or Eleventh.  And to this point in time, I’ve always assumed this meant that the person had evolved to and lived on that dimension.

But now with the knowledge coming out that most lightworkers are angels, the significance of dimensionality is in need of revision.

Archangel Michael told us back in 2012 on An Hour with an Angel that:

“The angelic realm, all of us, are not part of that twelve dimensions, twelve planes of human existence. We are a realm beyond that.” (1)

And here he discusses the subject at greater length:

Steve Beckow: All angels are beyond dimension, is that correct?

Archangel Michael: Yes, now do we inhabit and exhibit and experience dimensionally in order to be with you and with many throughout the universe?  Yes, we do.

SB:  So, often we’ve been told “You’re from the 7th dimension,” “You’re from the 9th” or “from the 11th.” We’re talking about angels but that is where they prefer to hang out at the moment.

AAM: That is where they are alighting.  (2)

Alright, well, where are angels from then, I asked AAM.

Archangel Michael: Think of it in this way. Think of your planet or even think of your galaxy.  Then outside of your galaxy you have what you believe to be deep space.

Now we also know that deep space contains many other galaxies so keep going and keep going and keep going.  Now, when you have gone through all of that, think of it as being contained in a bubble, go outside the bubble. That’s where we are.

SB:  Aah. So transcendental space.

AAM: Yes.   But also at times the space – now we are going to really confuse you – the space in-between the spaces.

We occupy often the space between the spaces.  We come from Source.

SB:  Right. Wow!

AAM: Yes, it is bigger than you think.

SB:  Yes. So you are transcendental?

AAM: Yes.

SB:  All angels?

AAM: Yes. (3)

In another discussion I was moved to ask him if angels are from dimensions altogether different from human, to which he replied:

AAM: Angels are altogether different from humans.

SB: Okay.

AAM: Now, more and more what you are seeing is the angelic self shining through and finding that place of balance within and in conjunction with the human self. (4)

He explained that the common way of speaking about dimensions obscured the true situation.  He emphasized the need to increase the clarity with which these matters were discussed.

“We tend to say, and we have certainly often said, ‘They are from…’ Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they anchor, they visit, they are of.

“Now, the same is true, because this is part of my favorite topic because it pertains to how do you — and we — interpret the information that we share with you? And as you are learning to speak in a different way, and vibration, with your star brothers and sisters, it is increasingly important that we be clear and you be clear.

“And, additionally, because of this and because of the expansion that you are experiencing, your being, not merely your mind or your heart consciousness, or your emotional body, but the totality of your being is more prepared to receive and integrate the information that I speak of now.

“So when you are asking about a being that is in form… so let us, for the purposes of discussion, call this person a human being whether they are a hybrid or not. When they are in human form, that does not eradicate, can we say, their angelic self.

“And very often — in fact, most often — when you think of the universal self, which is a term we use rather than simply higher self, which feels like a connection to a part of you, but think of it as higher, your angelic self is a very large part of who you are in a universal sense.” (5)

Angels come into form to share the human experience and they will have a favorite dimension.

“When you come into human form, you do so to experience the realm of the human experience — 12 dimensions, 12 planes within those dimensions, 12 rays, and so on. Now, what you are saying, and what we are saying, is where has this person primarily positioned themselves, not only in this lifetimes, but in many lifetimes? When they assume form, what is the spot that they are most joyous in and like to call home?

“And for some it is the 7th, which is the Christ consciousness and love. For some, it is beauty [the 9th Dimension of Surrender, Truth and Joy]. For some it is mastery [the 11th Dimension of Mastery].

“So then we will say, ‘That person is from, or of…’ the 9th, the 10th, the 7th, the 5th, and so on, and they carry the qualities of that dimension, of that reality. That is what they bring, particularly during the time when the old 3rd has been breaking down.”   (6)

When we as angels leave form, we may choose to go back to our favorite human dimension or we may choose to return to the angelic domain, as we wish.

“Now, when you leave human form, when you say to me, or to the Mother or your guides, or your beloved, ‘I am leaving now. I am shedding this physical form. I will see you later,’ there is a universe of expansion and choice. Now, does that mean that that person, that being, now this sheer energy of angel-self, leaves completely the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th dimension? Not necessarily.

“Are they restricted to that reality? No.”  (7)

And what about planets? Often in readings it’s said that a person, who later turns out to be an angel, is from Arcturus or Andromeda or the Pleiades. Do angels live on planets?

Steve Beckow: I’ve heard of so many angels living on different planets, I’m a little bit confused on whether angels live in a different realm or simply live on planets or what.

Archangel Michael: No, they do not live on different planets. Let us be very clear. The angelic realm has the ability to have a physical experience, what you in your realm of human experience tend to think of as primarily third- and fourth-dimensional physical experiences.

But they can do that on any planet they choose.

S: And they don’t stop being their angelic self elsewhere.

AAM: Well, there is never any need to.

S: Need to what, Lord?

AAM: Assume a different physicality or form. That is simply a choice.

S: But do they send down an aspect of themselves?

AAM: No. Think of it as simply ways in which they can alight for a while and for our definition of a while it can be ten minutes or ten thousand years. But to say that there would be angelic planets would be … incomplete, let us put it that way. An incomplete understanding.  (8)

I took the case of “X” who has lived on Venus and elsewhere and yet is an angel.

S: X is an angel, but she’s been on Venus, the Pleiades, Andromeda.

AAM: Yes, and she has assumed various forms when she has been on those planets just as she is an angel in form when she is existing on Gaia.

S: But somewhere out there is her angelic form?

AAM: Well, her angelic form is simply folded in to who she is. She has done and mostly completed that integration. What she is not realizing and we use her as simply a prototype, and she is doing this more and more and more, so when she wishes to exhibit her angelic form, she will do so.

She has felt she has done it mostly in the privacy of her own home because she is not quite comfortable…. Ask Y because she has done this as well. Ask her how she can simply morph. It is like shapeshifting. It is actually quite easy. So play with it.

Do not go to the depths of hell and say I must do this, I must exert myself. Simply open and stretch your wings. (9)

So now, if this information is correct, we know that angels are beyond human dimensionality, that they’re transcendental. But they have the power to incarnate in form, to live on dimensional planets, and then to return to their own domain when they choose and have finished their service to the Mother.

When a dimension is cited, as in a reading, really what’s being said is where that angel chooses to alight or spend time. But it isn’t an indicator of evolution.  Angels live beyond the bubble of dimensional life, the known universe, in a transcendental space.


(1) Archangel Michael, An Hour with an Angel, March 26, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/03/archangels-michael-and-gabriel-on-the-angelic-realm-hour-with-an-angel-transcript-march-26-2012/ .

(2) Personal Reading with Steve Beckow and Archangel Michael, Feb. 12, 2014.

(3) “Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom,” June 13, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/06/13/archangel-michael-on-the-angelic-kingdom/.

(4) Personal Reading, Feb. 12, 2014.

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Most of Us Are or Have Been Angels ~ part 2/2 : Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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ART : Hugo Urlacher @ Artodyssey

Most of Us Are or Have Been Angels – Part 2/2

Posted by Steve Beckow on June 17, 2014 /

angels(Concluded from Part 1.)

Those who Descended from the Angelic Kingdom to Assist with This Ascension

Before we turn to our identity as angels, I’d like to spend a moment looking at why the celestials have not told us about this before. And I’d like to look as well as how they are more and more required to cease intervening in our affairs and let us test our wings, so to speak.

The celestials have appeared to work their way up to revealing that a large number of light workers here to assist with Ascension are angels. Archangel Michael told us that he had not revealed this fact before we because we were not ready to hear it:

“This is the circle of 6 billion-plus that I chose to do this with. So, yes. You have gathered from far and wide, seraphs, archangels, those from the Outer Forces, the Inner Forces. It is a gathering the magnitude of which you are just glimpsing. …

“So then you say to me, ‘Well, Lord, why have you not spoken of this before?’ Because you weren’t ready. Period. Within that sense of lack of self-worth and the ego out of control, you weren’t ready to have this conversation. You weren’t ready to be in that place of the balance, which is the place that you create from.” (1)

Lest we think that only the celestials say this, here is the Arcturian Group saying it as well:

“You are Divine beings in your real identity and therefore have infinite sources of ideas and ways of doing and being. The problem has been that you have not known this and most were not ready to know this until now. In your ignorance you have believed yourselves to be less that the lowest.

“Churches taught that you were worms in the dust until you performed certain rituals or believed certain doctrines. In your ignorance, you accepted this, freely giving your power to those who would then claim it for themselves, convincing you that only they knew what was best for you.“ (2)

The fact that we are ready also has an impact on the way events are played out. While humanity was still in its infancy, the celestials could intervene in our affairs.Angels11

But now that we’re entering into partnership with them, they’re required to stand back and allow us to work things out. (That seems to be one reason for the stall of the Reval, that the celestials have to leave it up to us now to get rid of our greed and work for the Reval. They won’t simply hand it to us on a platter now that we have “grown up.”)

Archangel Michael discusses that here:

“We give you a little hint. We give you a little nudge. Sometimes we give you a very big nudge. But when it comes down to your decisions, the collective and the individual, we do not interfere.

“There were times, particularly in the density of the very dark times, when the illusions of humanity were so dark and so enmeshed that we were permitted more what you would think of as interference and what we would think of as protection and intervention.

“But those paradigms, those false grids, those false belief systems are disintegrating even as we speak, as you begin — and you are already underway in your Ascension process.

“So are we in greater partnership? Yes. Are we in less what you would think of as interference or intervention? Yes.” (3)

During 2013, the celestials, galactics and ascended masters began more and more revealing that the largest number of lightworkers were in fact from the angelic kingdom.

In April 2013, the angels, speaking through Tazjima, called us “our human angels, who have bravely embodied on mother earth in this time of glorious transition.” (4)

In June 2014, Jesus called us “the angels of the new age” and revealed that:

“You have come to the Earth to usher in the new time, and you come in peace. You no longer come here with the sword of the ego unsheathed, you come here in peace. Now is the time to again take up your strength and to dare to believe in yourself.

“Yes, you are that angel of peace, because in you the cycle of lives has come to completion: from dark to light, from ego to heart, and you now want to embrace the heart based consciousness that is the result of all that experience.” (5)

Angels 7821The Pleiaidians through Bella Capozzi informed us that “you are each precious angels in human form. You are here with a purpose, each and every one – a purpose most unique and unlike that of any other. You are on earth as representatives of the many cultures and races who watch you with avid fascination.” Gradually the veil is falling away revealing the truth to us.

“You are a diverse community at the the very least. With the dismantling of the veil, this diversity and it’s accompanying intricacies are being gradually revealed to you along with your memories, your contractual obligations, your origins and the true facts about your history. For those who chose to take on a more cumbersome veil of forgetfulness, you have known yourselves only as your current, perceptually limited human self. …

“It has been difficult, no question about it. Yet the truth is that you are so very much more than you ever might imagine!” (6)

And Archangel Michael has also revealed the truth: “Most of you are certainly of the angelic realm. That is where you have come from, not as a step down, but as a sacred service to break the old illusions of Earth, so that the new third reality can emerge.” (7)

I asked him to if he was saying many humans were formerly angels and he replied in the affirmative:

“And they will be angels when they relinquish their physical forms and complete their missions upon the planet.” (8)

“Know that you are the agents, and the angels, of change,” he requested of us. “You are anchoring Nova Earth.” (9)

He suggested that “there are many of you who have retained the quality of your angelic self. And you know them. You look around. You even say to them, ‘You are such an angel!’ There is a sweet, kind light about these beings.”

“And they tend to know who they are. And they tend to know that they are an Earth angel for a while in human form, and then they will simply return. And as they shed the human form mantle, they will resume their angelic form and simply continue on.” (“Archangel Michael: The First Form You Assumed was Angelic,” July 7, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/ascension-as-of-2012/what-role-are-the-angels-playing/archangel-michael-the-first-form-you-assumed-was-angelic/.)

Dare to be Fully Angelic

Now the Divine Mother calls on us to awaken to the knowledge of who we are and embrace the fulness of our being.

“Sweet angels, it is time for you to know, to embrace, to engender the fullness of your being, the delight, the magnificence, the innocence and the wonder and the power, the will, the truth of who you are.” (10)Angels 214

“Mary” through Pamela Kribbe challenges us: “Dare to be fully here as the angel that you are, and to fully receive what you need to shine your light.” (11)

Archangel Michael tells us how to do that: to invite our angelic self back in:

“Do not forget to invite your own angelic self to be with you. This is not your higher self. If you want to think in the way you do, in terms of layers, think of your angelic self as above your higher self and pull them all in—to your core, to your heart, to your feet, to your toes. Because our purpose in speaking of this is for you to acknowledge and to know your own being as well.” (12)

Everything about our process of Ascension seems to be gradually unfolding – until it reaches a flash point, after which we’re told things will move quickly. Our unfolding knowledge of ourselves is no exception.

Whether we cam from the angelic kingdom long ago to experience life in form and have lived as humans ever since or whether we cam from that kingdom recently to help with the first ever physical and mass Ascension, the fact remains that we already carry an angelic inheritance.

And the time approaches when that inheritance will be actualized, by energetic washes, by the trigger of codes in our DNA, and by the acquisition of our light bodies.


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Initiation to Light body ~ Crystalline structures ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

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ART : Flora Aube

Initiation to Light body ~ Crystalline structures


June 16, 2014

Message from Lady Portia/ Méline Portia Lafont

Precious hearts,

We are being initiated into the Higher Levels of our being and Light, where the intrinsic parts of our being are socializing and co-creating with the pristine and crystalline structures of our new Self. This is called our renewed Self as we are bathed in the incoming Light and with codes that restructure our whole Self and our embodiment into a deeper awareness, a more evolved consciousness and an entirely different level of existing with regards to our vehicle/embodiment.

Waves of integration along with waves of immersion into Light are bringing our focus on the merging again with our Higher Levels, our I AM Presence, our Solar Christ and our Christed Self. These initiations are assisting us in the reembodying of our Christed and I AM consciousness so as to execute the restructuring of our Light templates to be able and emanate the Pristine Crystalline Light body into which our vehicles and consciousness are changing.

As everything takes time, processes and levels, this is not different and because we are truly dealing with a physical presence here, our vehicle, it is important to focus on this process by allowing, integrating and going through the initiations that the energies and beings from on High are assisting us with during this process.

It requires patience, diligence, balance, focus and awareness of a firm undertaking where you are being asked to surrender in Love and with Love to the ongoing flow of the time and space continuum. Some might begin to experience their true Divine nature as a Source, although it will be as a fractal of that Source, to give you a taste of what is to come and to allow you to already adapt to that frequency of your own Being in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Focus and attention are needed in order to stay grounded and balanced through this all as the body is going to experience many shifts in order to cope with the incoming energies that allow one to continue their journey in a renewed structure of their essence. The Crystalline structures of our vehicle are under tremendous pressure in the sense that they are growing and willing to come out and play, in order to be experienced by the Human consciousness.

We are speaking of a whole new level here where you will find large scales of incoming Light being focused on your Presence and vehicle here and where you must sustain a presence in your heart at all times to be able and grow further in that experience of your own crystalline structures. The initiations into the Light vehicle and into the crystalline body go in waves of vibrational consciousness where you shall become more aware of your more pristine structure and in that moment a need arises for less food and more Light,for taking deep breaths and drinking lots of pure water.

We are given the time to assist our ‘body restructuring’ and to grow in this process. The initiations are being given by our own Higher Selves as well as by the Masters and Angels of Light who are familiar with these structures, to be able and assist us all in this grand metamorphic process. Some might already realize and experience their own crystalline blueprint and will find themselves on top of the waves, riding those waves to truly embody some particles and levels of that process and experience how it is to be that Crystalline Light body, although it might also be in waves and short periods of times, of seconds, to be able and get used to this.

The Higher Templates of our bodies are truly descending in a way of merging again with our auric fields and our heart field as it becomes your resonance, your vibration. As they say vibration matches vibration, so you adapt to that vibration and that consciousness you emanate and so you come to embody this and become this as we speak.

This can be a time of turbulences and major shifts where there is very little room in between to recover as it were. This is so to initiate you into this reality and energy, where everything is a constant flow of vibration, to which you adapt and vibrate along with. This may be experienced as becoming more sensitive and truly high experiences of refined vibrations cross your path where you gain the understanding that vibration is what you represent, and so you attract that which you are.

As the leveling up occurs, the old and lower templates are becoming more and more disfunctional and they are destined to dissolve as no one gives attention to them anymore as we transcend those layers of illusion and become aware of our truth = our essence.

Now more than ever you will find yourself in degrees of initiations for the Light Body Merkaba, in degrees of adaptation as you come to embody this more as well as in degrees of full transcendence as, once you become that Light body, it will be inevitable and even desirable for your energy field to let go of the old layers and energies.

Be proud of who you are, where you come from and what you represent in this lifetime as it is so immensely important to love yourself by heart. It is your heart that is yearning for peace, understanding and allowance to move beyond the concepts of time and illusion. You all are great bearers of Light and I AM so proud of you all and immensely grateful for your hearts

Lady Portia Méline Lafont

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline: http://melinelafont.com and blog Méline: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

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6.16.14 An Important Video-Right NOW! @ Judith Dagley & The Celestial Team

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6.16.14 An Important Video– Right NOW!

The Human Wound-The Truth That Will Set You FREE

The video I am presenting to you in this post is potent and life changing. Not only because of the words I say in it, but because of the information that is energetically encoded within the words. It has been several days since I brought them through me as I sat in front of the camera, and I am still feeling altered– still altering, actually.

You should also know that they came through me with an enormous sense of urgency, in response to a great call from many. If you are reading this, you are one of them. So watch it LARGE. Watch it more than once. Take in ALL of it. Take the answer to your own call into your heart center in order to receive it. (Don’t even bother trying to conceptualize it through the brain– you’ll only miss it entirely.) Just let your attention drop like an orb into your heart, then open and receive.

Your heart (as you’ve heard me say before, I know) is your multidimensional operating system, and will easily decode what is energetically transmitted to you through the video. It will then translate it into insights and awarenesses that you will understand, and deliver them to you over the coming days. In the process, you will also be releasing old, toxic, beliefs that no longer serve you, btw– so be sure to drink a lot of water in order to flush them away as quickly and smoothly as possible.

And by all means, do NOT MISS a nanosecond of the last four minutes!

Just one last but very important thing– I am getting to ask that you please SHARE this video with everyone you know. Because it is about a crucially important human family matter. Because it is meant to be shared– needs to be shared, in fact–by family, with family. An added and very powerful benefit of sharing it in the spirit of family is that as you do, you will also be doing much to heal your OWN wounds of isolation.

And finally–the video:


The Human Wound-The Truth That Will Set You FREE

Halelujah and in-JOY, my human family! Namaste for NOW.


Copyright(c)2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.judithdagley.wordpress.com

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Most of Us Are or Have Been Angels – Part 1/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art I Remember by Rosalia Toth

ART : ‘I Remember’ ~ Rosalia Toth


Most of Us Are or Have Been Angels – Part 1/2

Posted by Steve Beckow on June 16, 2014

I’d like to turn our attention now to the rich vein of knowledge we’ve been given in the last three years about the angelic kingdom. Why? Because apparently most of us reading these articles are angels.

Either we descended from the angelic kingdom long ago to participate in the experiment of form or else we’ve incarnated specifically to assist with this Ascension.

The angels through Tazjima tell us that “many of you are angelic beings, sweet, gentle and kind.” (1) The source who calls herself “Mary,” through Pamela Kribbe, tells us that “you have been angels yourself at one time and, deep down, you still are. From the core of your being runs a channel to the angelic realm.” (2)

Let’s look at these two cases.

Those who Descended from the Angelic Kingdom Long Ago

Archangel Michael explains that the greatest number of us descended from the angelic kingdom long ago.

“When you emanated as love or light from the heart of One into that light form, for the greatest percentage of you – there would be such a small fraction that it is really not worth speaking of in this discussion — the first form you assumed was angelic.

“Now, some of you emerged, can we say, as the first wave. Some of you emerged as seraphim. Some of you emerged as archangels. Some of you emerged as angels.” (3)

On another occasion he says:

“Each of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, have begun your journey, not only as a spark of light, not only as an emanation from the heart of One, but as an angel—some of you, a few of you, even as archangels, or one of the keepers of the dominions or the principalities or the virtues.” (4)

We’ve already travelled through all the angelic kingdoms, he explains.

“As you have left the heart of One, you have traveled through, think of it, all the angelic kingdoms or spheres. Now, most of you, of course, did not become or stop or remain as a seraphim or an archangel or a dominion. But many of you, most of you, have certainly spent time, if I can put it that way, in the angelic realm.” (5)

Following that, we formless beings agreed to participate in the experiment of form, he tells us:

“And then, yes, you have incarnated. You have been the adventurous ones, you have been the explorers, and you believed in yourself strongly enough to say to the Mother/Father/One, ‘I am going to go. I will assume form. I will know the joy of being in form and physicality, and then I will come home and resume my form.’

“Well, some of you have not resumed in eons. But that matters not. Whether you are starseed or hybrid or Earth-keeper, you still are angelic. And this is something we want you to remember, to spend time during this process of Ascension incorporating, inviting in, all of your glorious aspects.” (6)

Why we did that, Archangel Michael reminds us, was out of love.

“You have, again, in service to the One, gone and assumed human forms, or other forms in other planetary systems, always because of love. This is the primary motivator. It isn’t about punishment. … It isn’t about doing service as you think of, in terms of military terms. It is about love.” (7)

“Mary” tells us, “you have come to the adventure of life on Earth of your own free will.” (8) Why we came here was, she says, was “to learn, to have adventure, and to experience all manner of things. It is meant to be a joyful adventure.” (9)

These then are the angels that have been on Earth for a very long time – in fact, since Earth’s earliest days. They’ve been called the Creator Race. (10) Jesus explained to us how and why Gaia was created:

“Often we have talked to you, and particularly my beloved Mother has talked to you, about the creation of this wonderful planet of Gaia and how it was created as a planet of Love and a planet of peace, my friends. …

“In the very creation and the essence of this mighty being called Gaia was the formation of a place, a physical experience of such diversity and incredible beauty that the angels would come and play here and know what it was to have a physical experience of Love.” (11)

Commander Ashira describes this original group that came to furnish the setting that Gaia was.

“There was an original group called the Creator Race on Earth – and it wasn’t as small as many of you are thinking. Was it billions? No. But it was significant. … This was not simply one generation – it was many generations.

“So there were many generations of the Creator Race coming into form – either as Starseed or Angelics – into form to create what would be the experience of Love, of joy, of community, of temperance, on Earth. Now if you think of it as the various stages that you are aware of – industrial, agro, even your information age, your electronic age – well, you are much much older than you think.” (12)

This then is the first group of angelic beings who came to Earth or Gaia in the far distant past and are here again today.

Tomorrow we’ll look at those who came from the angelic kingdom directly and specifically in this lifetime to assist with this ground-breaking Ascension.

(Concluded in Part 2.)


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art I Remember by Rosalia Toth

ASCENDING INTO YOUR I AM PRESENCE ~ Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace

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ART : ‘Tara’



by Patricia Cota-Robles

June 14, 2014


This week we have been blessed with incredibly power Solar Flares that have amplified beyond measure the Ascension Flame that is bathing the Earth throughout the month of June. This weekend, we are also being held in the embrace of the full momentum of a rare Friday the 13th Full Moon. All of these influxes of Light will greatly empower the patterns of perfection for the Divine Masculine that will flow through the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day will be celebrated tomorrow, Sunday June 15th, in many countries around the World. In May, we reached a critical mass of the Violet Flame that allowed the etheric records that have prevented the masses of Humanity from remembering our Mother God, or connecting with her Divine Love, to be removed from the Etheric Bodies of every person on Earth. This Victory was accomplished by each person’s I AM Presence in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

This monumental feat cleared the way for an influx of our Father God’s Divine Will, Power, Illumined Faith, Protection, and God’s First CAUSE of Perfection. These aspects of the Divine Masculine will bless every man, woman, and child on Earth on Father’s Day as millions of people around the World focus on the Love they have for their Fathers.

These aspects of the Divine Masculine have been mostly unavailable to the masses of Humanity since our fall from Grace aeons ago. That is when we lost awareness of our Mother God and began using our Masculine Power without the balance of our Feminine Love. NOW EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!

The life-transforming Activities of Light that have been accomplished through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth so far this year, have paved the way not only for our Mother God and her Divine Love, but for the aspects of the Divine Masculine associated with our Father God. These are Divine Qualities that the masses of Humanity have been oblivious to since our fear-based human egos took control of our Earthly Bodies.

The following is a very powerful Activity of Light that the Company of Heaven has given to us at this time. It is specifically designed to help Humanity take full advantage of this awesome opportunity. It is stated in the first person, so we will each experience this powerful Ascension process individually, but KNOW that simultaneously we are invoking this Light on behalf of ALL of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth.

This is a Gift from On High that will build in momentum as we invoke this Activity of Light NOW and THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THIS MIRACULOUS YEAR.

I AM Ascending Into My I AM Presence

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As this wondrous Ascension in the Light occurs within me it occurs through every person on Earth, in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

I AM sitting comfortably in my chair with my arms and legs uncrossed and my spine is as straight as possible. I breathe in deeply and instantly I AM relaxed and peaceful. I empty my mind of all of the thoughts of the day and I KNOW, “I AM That I AM.”

I gently go within to the Divinity of my Heart and focus my attention on my Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame. Within the full embrace of my Threefold Flame, I realize that I have transcended the old Earth and crossed the threshold into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the New Earth. I have truly entered a New Day filled with the full-gathered momentum of Heaven on Earth.

Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory is mine!

With this inner knowing, I realize that I have the awesome responsibility of BECOMING the full manifestation of my I AM Presence while I AM embodied on the New Earth. This literally means Transfiguring my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of my I AM Presence.

This Divine Alchemy is occurring within me now at an atomic, cellular level. Every electron, every atom, every subatomic particle and wave of my bodies and all the spaces in between the atoms and molecules of my bodies are being filled with multifaceted 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.

My I AM Presence is now able to take full dominion of my Earthly Bodies. As this occurs, my thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories, and beliefs reflect the Transfiguring Divine Love, Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace, Bliss, Harmony, and Oneness of my Father-Mother God. My physical reality is transformed, and I now experience at every level the infinite physical perfection of the New Earth.

My I AM Presence claims full authority within my Earthly Bodies. I stand forth now as a complete God Being pulsating within the glorious multicolored, multidimensional radiance of my I AM Presence.

My feet are planted firmly on the New Earth, and simultaneously I AM One with all of the Ascended Realms of Infinite Perfection. I AM a God Being of resplendent Light, now realizing the fullness of that Light on every level of my Being. As I AM lifted up, all Life is lifted up with me. Therefore, I know that within my I AM Presence, I AM now ALL of Humanity standing forth and realizing that we are God Beings­—Sons and Daughters of God—on every realm associated with the New Earth.

Within my I AM Presence, I AM the Ascension Flame and I AM the full Divine Momentum of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity blazing in, through, and around every particle and wave of Life. I AM liberating every physical and chemical interaction within the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth. The Ascension Flame is raising all of the energy bonds between atoms and within atoms into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of God’s Infinite Perfection.

I KNOW and ACCEPT that contained within this flowing electronic pattern of Light is everything necessary to Transfigure the entire physical realm into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. This unfathomable Light contains everything necessary to set straight the orbit, spin, and electronic charge of every cell, atom, and electron of Life on the old Earth. I feel all energy bonds within the atomic realm now Ascending in vibration toward the frequency of infinite physical perfection. Every cell of Life is now blazing with the full perfection of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.

Within my I AM Presence, I AM the Ascension Flame and the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity blazing through every interaction within Humanity and all of the energy bonds therein—this includes the relationships of all people, organizations, races, religions, and nations—liberating these interactions into the harmony of a Higher Order of Being, expanding the Sphere of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth.

Within the Peace of the Great Solar Quiet, I AM aware of this Higher Reality. I AM now clearly receiving the Divine Promptings, Ideas, and Concepts of my I AM Presence. Daily and hourly, through the Gift of the Ascension Flame, I AM experiencing the Higher Reality of the New Earth within my heart and mind.

I AM now a living, Light-filled Temple of Vibrant Health, Eternal Youth, God’s Infinite Abundance, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Happiness, and Abounding Joy. I AM my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of I AM Consciousness now made manifest on the New Earth. And so it is.

I return my consciousness to the room. I become aware of my body, and I allow these Divine Energies to be assimilated into my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. I breathe deeply and gently as I absorb the bliss of this moment. (pause)

I AM Grateful, I AM Grateful, I AM Eternally Grateful.

Beloved Father-Mother God—All That Is—I AM.

Patricia Cota-Robles

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©2014 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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An angelic perspective on the effect of the Tsunami of Love livestream…

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An angelic perspective on the effect of the Tsunami of Love livestream…

June 13, 2014

Steve Beckow asked Archangel Michael his perspective on the tsunami livestream.

Lord can you tell us what the results of it were and to answer the question “have all people shared in those results, not only those who listened to the livestream?”

AAM: This tsunami has gained momentum and strength and yes, you cannot have a tsunami wave that is not felt, particularly when it is of the Mother, yes, the Divine Mother whom we all bow to. You cannot have this magnitude of an event whether it is spiritual leaking or waving into the physical and not have it effect the entire population of the planet. That is the entire idea; that is the very plan of the Mother. Those who have participated, not merely in the livestream but previously and since that time whether they have done it consciously or whether they have simply subconsciously or unconsciously volunteered are creating and anchoring of this energy and that energy is rippling out to the entire population. But at the same time the tsunami, think of it, the term has been used very specifically by our Mother; this wave is engulfing, covering, drenching the entire planet. That is her intent.

Now, the more that the human beings consciously choose to step forward and engage in the energy, the more firmly and consciously it is anchored. But it would be an error to think or to believe that it is not effecting and influencing and penetrating and cleansing and lifting up the entire population. It has begun my dear hearts, it is underway.

So what do you feel? Now, as this channel has conveyed from the Mother, there are various aspects to this energy penetration from the Mother and they are not necessarily sequential…stop…start…stop…because they ebb and flow like the tides and there is the aspect, the element, of cleansing. Now, not only the individual cleansing for all lifetimes, all aspects, what you think of as timelines and dimensionality, there is also upliftment and penetration into your very core, in what you are referring to as your physical body and we would call your entire field of this energy of love.

Now, what does this really mean? What it means sweet angels is that the cellular memory, the DNA imprint, your soul design is being reactivated to that memory of love, to the truth of who you are. Now you know I love to speak about truth…and so this is a joyous part, this penetration, and you are like a sponge. And when a sponge, no not a sponge in the depths of the ocean, think of a sponge that has been placed in the driest part of the desert, in the most arid climate and it is hard and it is brittle and when there is a drop of rain or a drop of tsunami it is absorbed, but still there is a quality of brittleness, but eventually you become completely moisturized but you continue to absorb and absorb. And that is what you are doing, that is what humanity is doing in this very moment that we speak.

In many ways this is my favorite part of the tsunami, for many of us, because it is what you can think of as very deep restoration. If you recall, Yeshua has said that this is a year for recovery and then rediscovery; this is recovery at the deepest levels of your body, your mind, your spirit, your being. Then, of course, there is the elevation, the upliftment, the buoyancy. The Mother is the wave and when she lifts you there is nothing like it.

Now this wave that she has termed the Tsunami of Love is the strongest and yet the gentlest; there may be moments where you are feeling as if you are swept away, but it is swept away in ecstasy and bliss and to come into this place of rediscovery.

But let me share something that has not been talked about: When the Mother has fully activated this tsunami, do you truly think that you, of humanity, of Gaia, which it is intended for you, we do not claim ownership but we are most certainly sharing in the joy. We are riding these waves with you, no we do not need to go to the clearing or to the absorption, but we are most certainly riding these waves, as are your star brothers and sisters and those from many galaxies, the kingdoms. It is quite interesting to watch some of the mountains and trees riding these waves and might I say, laughing and playing with us and that is where we are inviting you.

Yes, we know there is a process and that the collective has need to go through this but truly we are quite excited…Come and join us. And if you are fearful in any moment know that you can call on any of us because we are very close at hand.

Many months ago when you and I, yes your brother, have discussed the event, we have suggested to thee that this was a series of events and there have been many different elements and aspects and stand-alone events, significant in your terms and in ours. And this is one of those events; it is part of the collective events that culminate in the Ascension. We know your hearts and perhaps we know the purity of your heart. Each of you, each of you who listen this night and each of you who listen thereafter, we know the purity of your heart perhaps even more than you do. We know your longing for love, your longing for change, for the Shift, for the Ascension, for a world that works, dear Steve. What we see with this tsunami, with humanity, is that they also begin to see the purity of their hearts and that purity is love, it is joy, it is grace.

Do the lightworkers lead the way, the pillars, the gatekeepers, the wayshowers? Of course you do, that is why you have come. But there is not a single being upon the planet who has not originally intended to come to Gaia at this time to have this experience of transformation and Ascension. And therefore, our gracious Mother gives this equally to all. Now, do all accept and embrace it equally at the same time? No. But it doesn’t matter. You cannot stop the penetration of the Mother; it is not possible. Her essence that is within you beckons to her essence that is outside of you and the two, my beloved friends, are colliding! And it is time.

So, what do you think? Is the collective ready?

SB: Well, I’m ready. I think the collective is ready.

AAM: And so do we!


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MARY MAGDALENE : Resolving Issues With Family ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

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Resolving Issues With Family

June 11, 2014 | Author Mercedes Kirkel

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On June 11, 2014

[Note from Mercedes: This is a personal message Mary gave to me. My father has been recovering from surgery and I was feeling upset about not being included in some decisions relative to his circumstances and care.]

mercedes blog 13.5.

ART : ‘Twelve Sunflowers’ ~ Van Gogh

Blessings dear one. This is Mary Magdalene. You are disturbed about what is happening with your father and you are questioning what you have done to create this disturbance, wondering what it is that you are not seeing, and considering how this current situation is what you require for your growth.

These are all very valuable questions. I will do my best to support you with understanding your part in what is happening.

You are about to make a major life change by moving to a distant location. This kind of change affects everyone who has a relationship with you. And it affects your relating to those with whom you are connected, also. That is a great deal of what is happening.

Oftentimes when someone is leaving, there is grief that comes up for those who are connected to that person. This usually begins soon after learning that the person is leaving and can intensify as the departure approaches, especially if the grief is not brought out into the open and discussed by all those involved.

There are two ways that many people have learned to cope with grief, which are really both ways of avoiding the feeling of grief. One is to start to disconnect and remove oneself from the person who is leaving, even before they’re gone. This is a way of protecting oneself. The one who is remaining puts up a psychic wall of separation, which is a way of trying to not feel the pain. The problem with this is that the pain is still there; it’s just covered over by a new layer of defensiveness. The person may be acting as though they don’t need you or don’t want to be involved with you. In truth, the very fact that they’re doing that shows how deeply they are affected by the upcoming loss of their closeness with you.

The second way that people often cope with grief, which again is a form of not feeling the grief, is to get angry with the other person. Often this will manifest as “building a case” against them. Suddenly your feelings toward the other person change and you feel upset about one or more things with this person. Often these are things that weren’t disturbing you in the past, but suddenly become unbearable. This is another way of distancing yourself and creating psychic separation.

If you find yourself or others doing either of these things—suddenly becoming much more angry with the other person or suddenly distancing yourself—you will often find that it’s covering up feelings of hurt. And usually the hurt is not directly related to the issues involved in the anger or the separation, though it may be indirectly related.

In the circumstance that you’re in, both parties are feeling hurt. Your hurt is that you’re worried about your dad not having the care you would like him to have, both in terms of his physical care and handling his physical needs, but also at the emotional and social level. You are very competent at the emotional level, and because of this you’re also able to relate socially very well to your father and the other people he lives with who are older and sick. You are worried that your father’s emotional and social needs won’t get met the way that you would like if you are no longer with him as often as you have been for the last few years.

You are also worried about your dad’s physical care. Your anger is a cover-up for your pain of anticipating that your father’s quality of life will be diminished when you leave.

This is a control issue. You are trying to make things go the way you want them to, the way that you believe they “should” go. But this choice is not really yours to make. It was your father’s choice to be in this situation. You are trying to save him from his choices and it’s not working. In the process you are disturbing yourself and others.

You must come to accept and respect your father’s choices. Your father chose to put his current wife in charge of all aspects of his life. This was more than a choice in this lifetime. This was a choice that was made before he came into this life, in his pre-life state. It was a soul-level choice. In fact, he is still making this choice. Even though he has some level of decline in his mental functioning, he is still choosing to be most closely related to his wife and to trust her to make decisions for him. Even though he complains about some of her choices to you, this doesn’t change the fact that he is continuing to choose to put her in charge of his life.

This is something you must come to accept. He did not choose you. There is pain for you in this, which relates to pain from your childhood about wanting your father to choose you in certain ways and him making other choices. So there is healing for you to do relative to this.

The first step is to come into acceptance of reality. Your father is not choosing you in the way that you would like. You are not in charge of this situation. His wife is in charge and she is making decisions that are different from the ones you would like. All of that must be accepted. It must be accepted in a very deep way, so that your acceptance leads you to the underlying feelings that your resistance and anger are covering over.

Underneath your resistance and anger are great pain—pain that you can’t have the kind of life you would like with your father. Pain from when you were a child that your father didn’t choose you and your family in the way you wanted—and even needed. Instead he chose other things, such as work and keeping busy when he was at home. You have pain that your father left your mother and went on to two other wives, both of whom you didn’t have the same feeling of closeness and family with that you had with your mother. And now you have pain in this present circumstance that’s really a continuation of the old pain, wanting the closeness and family that you never had.

So you are bringing your baggage into this circumstance and you are not aware that you are doing so. You are being given this circumstance so that you can become aware of this baggage and heal it. The path to healing and to growth, as I have described before, is to open to the feeling, which in this case is your pain. Once you’ve opened to the pain, you must let the pain take you to its source within yourself. The source will be found in one or more of your inner divine qualities that are not being fulfilled.

In this circumstance, you are in pain because you want family and inclusion for yourself, and you want family and care for your dad. Do you see how this is related to your moving? By choosing to move away, you are worried that your dad won’t have family and care. You’re also sad that you won’t have family in the way you’ve known with your dad over the last few years, and worried you won’t be included in decisions about his life.

You must grieve. You must grieve that you don’t have the kind of family and inclusion you would like with your father. You must grieve that your father doesn’t have the kind of family and care you would like. How do you grieve? You grieve by feeling how important these things are to you: family, inclusion, and care. Let yourself feel the pain of not having them fulfilled in this circumstance. Do not try to run away from that pain or escape it through anger or separation. Let yourself feel the pain as much and as long as you need to, without deflecting it outward away from yourself, and without blaming yourself or others. Just feel. As soon as you feel ready, take the next step, which is to focus on the inner divine qualities themselves.

Focus on the pure qualities of family, inclusion, and care as these qualities live within yourself, in their wholeness. This is where the real healing will happen, because this is the true source of your pain. You have an internal weakness within yourself relative to your connection to family, inclusion, and care. This is in doubt or in question within yourself. The external situation is merely reflecting your own internal weakness back to yourself. This is where the real healing and growth will occur.

Let yourself feel how much you value the qualities of family, inclusion, and care. Let yourself grieve any feelings of sadness that may arise about these not being fulfilled for you, either in the present or the past. As soon as that grief subsides, let yourself return to the inner divine qualities themselves, as you know them in their wholeness. If you didn’t know the pure qualities of family, inclusion, and care, you wouldn’t feel sad at their loss or deficit. The fact that you’re upset about these qualities not being fulfilled is evidence that you know what it is for them to be fulfilled. So let yourself go into your own inner connection with the qualities of family, inclusion, and care as they live within you, in their already fulfilled state.

When you do this, you will notice that a shift takes place. You come to peace. You are being returned to your own wholeness, which is truly your wholeness in God. This is the work you must do within yourself for your own healing and growth. The “problem” is not outside of you. It is within you. You sensed this when you asked your initial questions about what you have done to create the circumstance you’re experiencing. You have called in this circumstance for your own healing, so that you could do this work and strengthen your own inner connections to family, inclusion, and care. When you have done the work, you then know yourself once again as whole and connected in these arenas. What has actually happened is that you have reconnected to your ultimate family of guides and soul family and God; you have reconnected to being included in the oneness of life; and you have reconnected to the care that God always has for you.

You are feeling this now, aren’t you? The shift in you is obvious. Now you can face the outer situation, because you will be coming from your wholeness and not your woundedness. Now you will have compassion for others, including understanding and awareness of what’s underneath their protective strategies, which is their woundedness and pain. And you will have clarity about what is best for you and for all. You will no longer try to control the situation. You will allow all to have their choices and you will respect those choices. You will trust that they are receiving the opportunities for their healing and growth, just as you are.

I love you, dear one, and I appreciate all the work and intention you put into your growth. You are a shining example of a being who is dedicated to their soul purpose and spiritual unfoldment, and I honor you for that.

In greatest love,

I AM Mary Magdalene

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Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom

Posted by Steve Beckow on June 13, 2014

An Hour with an Angel Special on the Angelic Kingdom, June 7, 2014

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to a special edition of An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon to discuss the Angelic Kingdoms, Steve Beckow is interviewing. So with that, here’s Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings I am Michael, welcome, I will try and get everything right. (1)

Steve Beckow: Yes, indeed. You’ve got your monitors there.

AAM: And then some. You know very often what you would think of as the organization, of the angelic and archangelic kingdoms, of the various roles, responsibilities, what you would think of as powers is not truly of great concern to the human race. This often is the case simply because they have forgotten from whence they came.

And they have also forgotten, in their busy-ness to deal with the human reality, the scope of what lies above and below, not only in terms of the angelics and the archangelic kingdoms but also in terms of the greater universe, multiverse. Now we do not say this in a critical way, for you do have a lot on your plate. And it is more important, first of all that you understand the realm in which you live but it is also important to understand the broader picture.

So first you have gone to grade school, then middle school, then high school and now you understand you are in graduate school. That is what Ascension is about. It is ascending from any school into the truth and fullness of who you are.

SB: It’s sort of like not even knowing the kids down the block though.

AAM: Yes. It is disconcerting and it is disconcerting to you now because it has reached a point where you have progressed or advanced enough that you have raised your frequency that you want to know who your neighbors are.

SB: Right. Yes.

AAM: Now before you were simply concerned about who was in your house and who was in your classroom. But the broadening of your being, the expansion of your being, the rising of your frequency creates a situation of curiosity.

SB: Yes, I’ll turn this over to you and please tell us about the angelic and archangelic kingdoms. We know so little about them. We don’t know how they’re organized, we don’t know what form you appear in, what form is native to you. We don’t know if you live on a dimension or not or how it is that you are able to communicate with us at such a low dimensional level. And there is just so much we don’t know.

AAM: There is so much you don’t know. (Laughter between Steve & Michael)

Where to begin? First of all there have been esoteric studies and channelings of the various levels. Let us group, first of all, angels and archangelics together. Now, let us go back. We know that we have covered this territory before but if we are going to have this conversation let us cover the waterfront, shall we?

SB: Please.

AAM: Birthed from the heart of one, birthed from the heart and form, the light, of the Mother as what you can think of as sparks, pinpricks, filaments of light.

SB: Is this the Atman? (2)

AAM: Yes, some of us would think of this as the fire element as well. Now, at each step, just like how you have taken many steps to become human, at each step there has been, can we say, differentiation. And so – this is one thing we want to make very clear as we begin – this is not a hierarchy.

Human beings have a tendency to think in terms of hierarchical structures, institutions, layers of power. While we have differentiations of power it is not that one is considered higher or lower, stronger or weaker than another. Because in each form there has been a choice of what to transmute or become.

So the angelics and the archangelics want to be very particular, the seraphim were the first form of the angelics. Now does that mean that every being started as a seraphim? No. What it means is that some of those sparks of light in the expression of what they wish to become, which were beings, formed basically of pure light, of love, stayed as close as possible to home, as it were. That was their choice.

Now you still have billions upon billions of sparks of light and this is something that we have never really talked about before, in the Mother’s infinite creation there are still billions of those sparks of light being birthed to this day.

SB: And these were the seraphims or all of the angels?

AAM: No, all the angelics, if you take it as a very large group.

SB: Okay.

AAM: Then as you know, the second form was the cherubim and these were beings who have a great deal more connection to human beings and to the guarding of the light, of the love, of the Mother/Father/One than is assumed. Cherubim don’t tend to act in an interpersonal way very often, but they do with the human beings, because we are going to make our reference point with the human beings.

But they are known to guard the light within you, and that, sweet angels, is very important. They also guard places that are requiring, shall we say, special protection. Now protection simply means an extra shield of light and love. They are guardians often of the temples, of the churches, of the sacred places. The cherubim have been very involved in the protection, the anchoring, and the bringing to Earth of the Cities of Light. And that has never been discussed before.

They have a tendency to be on call for the Mother, and when she needs, be very clear with this word divine intercession, the cherubim flock to her side to do this work. So there are many of you, my beloved friends, who often pray for divine intercession, not intervention. It is slightly different.

And when there is interceding taking place, the cherubim’s energy and light is literally being propelled into either you, your field, the situation, in front of a temple, a sacred vortex, a holy place, and there are many on your planet, so they act as a prevention team. So they intercede before, shall we say, intervention is needed. You tend to think of them as these sweet little Valentine angels that look like chubby children and that is not the case at all. (Laughter)

SB: And what do they look like?

AAM: They are massive, often confused with the archangelic realm. So if you were to, in a human way, see a cherubim, you would think of them as 20-25-30 feet high, wings that would expand outward. Now, can they shrink into those cute little babies? Yes. We have – and you know this, my beloved friend, because you have seen me on the street – you know we have the ability to assume any form we want.

But as you have put it, what is our native form? Well, the native form of the cherubim is exceptionally big. Think of it. They do not simply watch over Gaia, the sacred places, they are also charged with the omniverse, the galaxies, the intergalactic realm.

So they bring energy when it is needed. And inside that energy, of course, is wisdom. Loving wisdom. That is why the cherubim have been so romanticized because what they instill into any situation, place, person, galaxy, is knowledge and wisdom and inside of that is the most massive infusion of gentle love. It is beautiful.

And so they are often thought of as very soft and cuddly, and from our perspective they are. They’re very social, both in terms of their desire for unity, they tend to travel together and that is also why you never have a vision of a cherubim, just one. They do their work as a unified force.

SB: They’re typically, and all angels for that matter, are typically represented in Adam Kadmon form. (3) Are they really in Adam Kadmon form?

AAM: More or less.

SB: Really? So is that is the form that is preferred throughout the universe?

AAM: Yes. Now take this understanding. The expression of form is the Kadmon. Do we have other expressions? You see, your definition, what is your native form? We appear to you in this form. Do we appear to everyone in this form? Do we appear to one another in this form? Might I say, usually.

But I can as easily, as can any of us, appear as an orb, as streamer of color, a flash of light, a sound, a scent, as anything that can be perceived. Your eyes are not the only sense you have. So very often, what you have thought of as the Adam Kadmon form is used as a template on many planets but it is not exclusive or necessarily preferred.

When we go to a planet, for example, that does not use that form, we do not appear in that way. So we adjust for whatever universe or dimension we exhibit in. When we are simply, can I say home, which is beyond dimension, our true form is simply light.

SB: Now you say beyond dimension. So all angels are beyond dimension, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, now do we inhabit and exhibit and experience dimensionally in order to be with you and with many throughout the universe? Yes, we do.

SB: So, often we’ve been told “You’re from the 7th dimension,” “You’re from the 9th” or “from the 11th.” We’re talking about angels but that is where they prefer to hang out at the moment.

AAM: That is where they are alighting.

SB: Right. So, where are they from? (Laughter) I don’t even know how to talk about it.

AAM: Okay, think of it in this way. Think of your planet or even think of your galaxy. Then outside of your galaxy you have what you believe to be deep space.

Now we also know that deep space contains many other galaxies so keep going and keep going and keep going. Now, when you have gone through all of that think of it as being contained in a bubble, go outside the bubble, that’s where we are.

SB: Aah. So, transcendental space.

AAM: Yes. But, also at times the space – now we are going to really confuse you – the space in-between the spaces.

We occupy often the space between the spaces. We come from Source.

SB: Right. Wow!

AAM: Yes, it is bigger than you think.

SB: Yes. Wow. So you are transcendental?

AAM: Yes.

SB: All angels?

AAM: Yes. Now, do not forget all of us are fueled. We fuel each other. We are fueled by Source. We are fueled by the universe that feeds us. We fuel you and you also fuel us. When you say and express that you love me and when I express and tell you, my sacred brother, that I love you, we are sharing our being and our hearts but we are also fueling each other.

This love exchange acts as nuclear rocket fuel. (Laughter) And it propels each of us forward. So, you can have an angelic who is working, say within the earthly atmosphere, for example, guardian angels and we will go back to the glossary in a moment, but, think of guardian angel who basically stays by you throughout the duration of your lifetime, well forever, but during the physical incarnation.

They most certainly accompany you and guide, guard, help, love, act as memory joggers. So that love that you share and that they share and that they are sharing simultaneously with other guardian angels who are in the earth’s atmosphere, as it were, they are fueling each other.

But they are also able to directly draw on that Source fuel and on the archangelic fuel, on the seraphim fuel. The love is so abundant that they can be fully competent at full power, as it were, even being within the earth’s atmosphere for a hundred years. It is nothing.

SB: Is it not boring to walk around the company of human beings as they think all their mundane thoughts, etc. day after day?

AAM: Yes! (Much laughter) But think about it. You know, and we will speak of this a little, guardian angels are truly the troops of heaven. They are amongst the most loving, most committed, most angelic because they are pure love and their power of the number of variables that they are working with to help you with your plan in any given moment would boggle a quantum physicist’s mind.

So in fact they are not simply sitting there observing your most mundane actions and thoughts. They are in constant action. Not only nudging you, not only protecting you, not only keeping you out of harm’s way but very gently, like the gentlest spring air pushing, guiding, nudging you towards where you need to be.

You have had this very lengthy and detailed plan before you have arrived, in keeping with your bigger divine plan of yourself. So they are exceptionally busy. So do not under-estimate, my beloved friends, the role of the guardian angel. They are the ones, out of all of us, who have the deepest love and soul commitment to your divinity, to your divine spark, that they will stick with you to bring that knowing and love forward, no matter what.

SB: So in my case it would be Windthrow. (4)

AAM: Yes, it would be Windthrow. It would be Phoenix and White Cloud as well. (5)

SB: Are they angels too?

AAM: Yes they are. Do not let their names deceive you.

SB: Uh hum, humm, wow. Now, you can be in many, many, many places at once right?

AAM: Well, I’m a very busy archangel, we all are.

SB: How many places at once can you be in?

AAM: How many places can you imagine?

SB: Wow! Does it get confusing? How do you keep it all straight?

AAM: That is not an issue. Now I do not, let me put it in human terms, because we truly want you to understand, do I put myself in a million places at once? Well, I’ve been known to. But, do I spread myself thin in human terms? No. Because do not forget we are being fueled by the infinite Source, the eternal Source. And so are you. This is part of the reason we are having this conversation. In explaining how we are and how we work and how we operate, I am also explaining to you how you work, how you are fueled, how you operate. Now, I do not generally position myself in a million places at once. That is extraordinary circumstance. But can I be in many places, hundreds of places? Yes. Consistently.

SB: No dimination of concentration or forgetting who you’re talking to… (Laugher) I can’t chew gum and think at the same time.

AAM: There are many times when I bring, for example, when we are talking to the collective, where we bring the fullness of my energy through. And that is what we are doing in this conversation. So yes, you do do many things at once. I do not mean to correct you dear brother, but you can walking on the street downtown and writing an article in your head.

SB: Well, yes that’s true.

AAM: You can be watching a movie and completely be enthralled with Kathleen.

SB: That’s true too! (Both laughing) That’s usual.

AAM: You can be visiting your brother and be fully absorbed in the reval or the landings. So think of it, you position yourself in many places. You just don’t tend to think that your full energy can be, but part of your Ascension and part of your interdimensionality, which is delightful, is understanding more and more how you are and how you can be in many places at once with no distraction. So it is not that you are distracted, “Oh, I am talking to somebody but I’m really thinking about my phone bill is overdue”. That is not what we are talking about. We are talking about being fully present in many places at once.

SB: Well, that experience awaits us.

AAM: You have had a taste of it.

SB: When was that, lord?

AAM: Every single day! When you are walking and you are thinking of the coffee you are going to have; or you are thinking about whether this stranger on the street is me or not; or whether you are going to get the article posted in time; whether you are going to make your meeting or not. These are not just random thoughts. So pay attention. Have fun with it. About where you are sending your energy. For example, I can be speaking fully and completely to you. I do not give you the fullness of my energy because it would blow all of your channels but I step it down enough so that you know it is me, you feel the energy and you are feeling it increasingly higher, higher, bigger, bigger. But if the Mother beckons to me, I am there. But it does not mean that I leave you.

SB: Hard to imagine.

AAM: We are stretching your imagination of what is possible these days. You have asked about the power. Wait! I wish to say something about the seraphim. Because often we have also spoken about the angels of pink and how they are the defenders of the throne of God. So understand the defenders of the throne of God, the pinks and the seraphim are one and the same.

SB: Those who stand in the face of God?

AAM: Yes. Well they always face the throne, dear heart.

SB: But that’s how they’re known to earthlings, those who stand in the face of God?
AAM: They are known in different ways in different realities, but yes on earth you are correct. So, let us go back. How much can we do? Well, we have told you about the work of your guardian angels and we are continually shocked, puzzled, dumbfounded (now I use human terms), about why human beings do not fully embrace, work with, their guardian angels. It is a gift specific to each of you. It is not enslavement on the part of the guardian angel. It is their choice because they are part of you. No, they are not your higher self. They are not your universal self. They are not your stranger but they are definitely part of your matrix. And when you leave your form, who do you think accompanies you? Who do you hang out with and explore the universe and reacquaint yourself with, old friends and new? Your guardian angels, they have committed to the Mother to watch over you and to help you with the fulfillment of your mission and purpose. And so often they are overlooked. People have this hierarchical point of view that they have the connection to the ascended masters, to us, to the archangels, to the seraphim, to the throne. No, that is like saying that you prefer your connection to us. Do we work directly with you? Yes, we do, as archangels, and we work on, can we say, tissues of a very large magnitude. We, in many ways, work with the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan with, well for your terms, with the humans. But as you well know we also work with the star beings, with the galactics, with the intergalactics, with different life-kinds of forms, with the kingdoms, with the elementals. Why, there is no one that we won’t interact and talk to.

Why? Because we are committed. Where we assumed form was in the archangelic form to be the emissaries of the Mother. So each of us, although you tend to think, and you are correctly thinking by the way, that each of us has particular areas of responsibility. We are the emissaries of the Mother.

SB: You also, I think you seem to suggest in one discussion I had with you, that you have jurisdictions in the sense that one archangel might be know on Halion, Andromeda and CeeCeeCee and then another one might be known on Earth and the Halion archangel might not be known on Earth.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So, can you talk a little bit about, I don’t know if I can call this jurisdiction, but can you talk a little bit about that?
AAM: Now, you can talk about jurisdiction in so far as a mission. So, for example, I am not restricted to my work with Gaia and humans. My mission is related to the anchoring of peace and of truth because these are interchangeable, so closely connected you cannot have one without the other. For a very long time my primary focus, which you will be glad to hear, is humans; now that does not mean that I have not been seen on Arcturus or Venus or Halion, that I am not a regular visitor to Sirius. But the primary focus of what we are working on right now is the human Ascension. And you say, “But that is so recent” and what I say to you, my beloved friend is that we have been working, and this give you an idea of our patience, we have been working on human Ascension and recovery for millions of years.

SB: Wow! And you’re using humans to refer only to Earth, right? I thought Sirians were humans?

AAM: I am talking right now about the human collective on Gaia.

SB: Okay.

AAM: Oh, we have been working with humans for billions of years.

SB: Yes.

AAM: And there are many humanoids, well you will see as you encounter your star brothers and sisters, your family, that the humanoid form is the largest percentage of forms throughout the multiverse.

SB: Again, Adam Cadmon template?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Why is that preferred, lord?

AAM: It was a design that could incorporate a magnitude of light that would resemble and allow beings, who were in that form, to shift back to their angelic form very easily.

SB: And who designed it?

AAM: The Mother. She is the ultimate architect, you know.

SB: Yes, and just for our listeners the Mother and the Father are not different.

AAM: They are one.

SB: Yes, they are one.

AAM: You differentiate for purposes of clarity and understanding. But you do not differentiate in terms of when you think of as Source, and that is why I have used this term today, to say that we are fueled by Source.

Now, in our jurisdiction – and does this mean that I cannot help Raphael with healing or that Gabrielle cannot help me with communication? She is very fussy on communication you know. It is part of her organization skills. So, do we help each other? Yes.

What power do we have in your terms to override, manipulate, manifest, change what is taking place? Because this has really been a question of all lightworkers, “Why don’t you do something?”

SB: Yes! Why don’t you teach the dark a lesson and get the reval here? (Steve laughs)

AAM: Because we know in working with you that you can do it with us. Now, are there things that you will never know of that we do override, places where we do intercede and intervene? Every single moment, of every single hour, of every single day, as you measure it and as we measure it.

But because you are not cognizant of the overrides, nor do you need to be, because you don’t see them as yet, you will soon, you think that we are doing nothing. We have prevented nuclear devastation. We have prevented global disintegration. We have prevented wars and mayhem. We have prevented tidal waves. We have prevented or softened earthquakes.

We have prevented or shifted human interest and beliefs, not overriding free choice but exposing billions, all at once, to accept a new idea. And you are seeing that. You are seeing it in the acceptance of humanity of your star brothers and sisters, of the angelic realm, of star technology that is in the homes of every person pretty much. And so, you think that we are not doing things, you think that your star brothers and sisters are not doing things, but in fact we are.

Gabrielle has been the chief administrator in the governments of every super power for the last couple of years.

SB: Do they know that? Are they aware of her presence?

AAM: Oh, no. But she is shifting. Why do you think, let us use, for example, not only the United States government, not only the rift between the Senate and the Congress, the split in Congress, but the increasing split, shall we say between the areas of government, the Administration, the Judiciary, what we would call the Military, the actual functioning of government.

Why has it ground to a stop and why in fact has government, the business of government, been so rocky? Well, I will tell you why…because Gabrielle and I are very involved. She is involved in the reorganization and restructuring of how that spread of money works. That is why so many light workers are turning their attention to government, one way or another.

The old, which does not serve, cannot proceed. So it is limping along while this greater, shall we say undercover, but manifesting in different ways, reorganization is taking place. It is true in China. It is true in the Middle East. It is true in Russia. It is true in the EEC.

So there is much taking place. It looks like stalemate because it is. Now everyone is saying it’s because this party or that party will not give in. And that is true. Because what you are seeing is none of the old ways of what people think of as politics and the operation of government, the expression of politics, works. So it has literally ground to a halt. So that it can emerge like the phoenix, dear heart.

Why do you think that you have named your guardian angel “Phoenix”? It is to remind you that you also emerge, as does your mission, like the phoenix from the ashes of what feels like destruction.

So there are things that we are doing that you are not fully aware of. And then there are things that you are aware of, that we are allowing you to see, such as the magnificent gifts of the Mother, such as containment, such as inviting you, begging you, to be in this partnership with us. And we are yearning to be in this partnership.

SB: Right. It’s easy to see how I can be in this partnership, Lord, given that I and the others on InLight Radio do a radio show but it may not be as easy for other people who don’t do radio shows and things like that to know how they can be in partnership.

AAM: I will make it very simple. Choose your favorite archangel. I hope you choose me. (Both laughing) It is a good thing that we are allowed to tease and play with each other.

I would not be chastised for such a statement because we see it as a joke and that is one of the things we want you to do with us and more as well. Play with us. Joke with us. Treat us as your allies, as your best friends. Every day, simply say to me, Michael, from your heart, always from your heart, “Michael, what would you wish me to do today?”

SB: Oh, I love that direction!

AAM: It is that simple.


AAM: And it will be one word or a vision or a picture or an inclination, “I have never been to the zoo and I have to go to the zoo today; the people need me.” “The animals need me.” ” I need to be in nature today.” ” I need to go swimming today.” “I need to pray today.” “I need to be quiet today. That is what Michael is asking me.” And do it!

SB: I think Kathleen gets that a lot [hears instructions].

AAM: Yes, she does.

Kathleen: Thank you…thank you for talking to us.

AAM: And when you do it, it is reinforced so that the messages become clearer and clearer and clearer. It is the same with your guardian angels. “What do you want me to do today? What should I do next? Yes, or no?” And proceed bravely. We will not let you misstep! That is a guarantee.

SB: Wow! Well I want to be considerate to Linda in so far as we’ve gone over our hour but again I leave that up to you.

AAM: Well, I will release you but we will continue this conversation because many want to know. And many on this side want you to know.

SB: Oh yes. I have no doubt about that, Lord.

AAM: Go with my love.

SB & Kathleen: Thank you!

AAM: Now what do I want you to do today? (Laughter of Steve & Kathleen). It is a fifty-fifty, write and play.

SB: Ok, but I’m the writer. Kathleen is not necessarily the writer….

AAM: Oh, she is. (Laughter of Steve and Kathleen)

Kathleen: I have some writing to do.

AAM: And the writing is play. Go with my love, dear hearts.

SB: Thank you very much.

AAM: Farewell.

SB & Kathleen: Farewell.


(1) Linda had said in the opening prayer that the room suddenly filled up with angels. I had quipped that they were there to see that AAM gets it right.

(2) The Atman is the Hindu name for the soul, the Self, the Christ, the pearl of great price and treasure buried in the field of the body (i.e., in the heart).

(3) The Adam Kadmon template is the bilaterally-symmetrical form associated with the human being. Some civilizations reached that form by mammalian descent as we did, others by insects, birds, reptiles, and so on.

(4) I had always thought that only my guide Windthrow was an angel but apparently all my guides are. I imagine that my twin flame, Annastara, must also be. “Anna” means angel.

(5) Phoenix and White Cloud are two of my guides as well.


The Indigo Evolution @ Angelic View

the indigo evolution

AngelicView: I think there have always been a certain amount or percentage of “special” (or “enlightened” in some way) people that have been born on this planet – in every time in history. But there are some people who think that there are more now than ever. While I have read online about them and have seen videos about them, I’m not sure that I’ve noticed that the children I have run across in real life have been particularly enlightened. Although on occasion they do surprise me.

This video takes a look at what they call the “Indigo Children”, both for and against (but mostly for…) the case of there being more here now than in history.

“The Indigo Evolution” is a documentary that attempts to answer the question – Are these ‘Indigos’ only the fanciful notions of a few individuals embracing new-age, metaphysical beliefs, or is there real evidence that they truly do exist? Most importantly, why are they here and how can we help them achieve their goal of creating a world based upon the laws of compassion and peace? Interviews with some of the most profound children on the planet today combined with discussions with authorities in the fields of medicine, psychology, education, philosophy, and religion will provide information for the viewer to draw their own conclusions to these questions.

‘The Indigo Evolution’ is a documentary about the shifting human, evolving beyond the five sensory perceptions into a multi-sensory being of light ! The term Indigo refers to the Indigo color Aura seen around certain individuals who exhibit certain enhanced abilities well beyond their age and learning. Commonly labeled as suffering from some kind of deficit (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia …) these children clearly have more of something most of us fail to recognize. Their non conformance to authority and the social conditioning sometimes earns them the label of being problem children.

Indigo Evolution, a feature-length documentary by James Twyman, was released Jan. 28, 2006 in more than 350 churches and wellness and spiritual centers around the world. The attendance far exceeded expectations, demonstrating how interest in understanding the “Indigo phenomenon” has grown. Indigo Evolution illuminates the lives of children who are referred to as “Indigos.” The movie describes them as creative, eccentric and independent. Impatient with the status quo, these children possess a high degree of integrity and intuition. Many are both intelligent and gifted, often in the areas of art and technology, and some are said to bring healing gifts.

According to Indigo Evolution, Indigos often sound very wise for their age; however, they are very sensitive physically, emotionally and spiritually, and not always comfortable in their own bodies. They easily experience sensory overload to lights, smells, sounds, touching and toxins, and need help in becoming grounded. Many Indigos have attention and social problems in school and may frequently correct the teacher. While their behaviors vary, their philosophy of life is consistent; they have a high level of social consciousness and desire to make the world a better place. They are here to bring the Dawn of the Golden Age!

Hopi Elders reveal ancient prophecies:
After the premiere test screening of “The Indigo Evolution”, the Hopi nation contacted James Twyman, and told him that they were willing to reveal their ancient and guarded secrets about the children of the planet in this movie. The new section containing interviews with Hopi elders about their ancient prophesies and how they relate to the Indigos was added to the documentary. Their message was astounding, and has now become the central theme for the entire film. The Hopi elders shared that it is not too late to reverse the tide of earth cleansing, but only if we come together, and the children have a critical role to play.


About the Filmmakers:
James Twyman (Producer / Director) is a singer/songwriter and the author of “Emissary of Love-The Psychic Children Speak” and “Messages from Thomas: Raising Psychic Children.” James wrote and was the Executive Producer for the movie INDIGO which premiered in January 2005.

Stephen Simon (Executive Producer) has produced such films as “Somewhere in Time” and “What Dreams May Come” and is the author of “The Force is With You: Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives.”

Kent Romney – (Co-Producer / Co-Director) This is Kent’s first feature documentary as a Director and Producer. In recent years, traveling to distant lands and cultures of our world, he worked on production teams that created film and television projects shown on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABC Primetime and other broadcast networks. As a filmmaker, he creates video and film projects reflecting his interests in adventure travel, social topics, cultural issues and spiritual growth.

Doreen Virtue – (Associate Producer) holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues. She is recognized as an expert in the area of Indigo Children and her books on the subject include “The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children” and “The Crystal Children.”


the indigo evolution

The After-Life ~ Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn @ Earth-Keeper

new website lady-with-cap-by-ira-tsantekidou

ART : ‘Lady with Cap’ ~ by Ira Tsantekidou

The After-Life ~ Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn @ Earth-Keeper


Published on 10 Jun 2014

“The Death Experience & After-Life Realm”

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn
http://www.Earth-Keeper.com Copyright Protected

new website lady-with-cap-by-ira-tsantekidou

We are Not Complete Without You ~ Pamela Kribbe @ Aurelia

new website The Reunion of Mary by Annelie Solis

ART : ‘The Reunion of Mary’ ~ by Annelie Solis

We are Not Complete Without You
Pamela Kribbe @ Aurelia

Pamela channels Mary
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

I am Mary speaking. I greet you all with love from the heart consciousness that presently surrounds and ever more strongly permeates the Earth. You are among the first persons to receive this heart consciousness and to transmit it to the Earth and the people around you, and we thank you for that. Accept our gratitude for your being a channel for a new energy on Earth.

You are courageous, you have made the choice to be here and now on Earth at a time when much is changing for the good, but there are also many things coming up that are painful in the form of old grief and hurts. They are coming to the surface in an extreme way at this time, and, yes, also within you.

You all carry your own personal history that goes far back through many lives. You have been on Earth many times, and each time you have tried to realize some of your deepest inspiration, which is your primary desire for being here on Earth. Because you are so connected to this planet, you have come here as a “child” who wants to grow and learn and, at the same time, you are also somewhat of a “parent” to the Earth, the guardians that nourish life with your presence. So you are both “child” and “parent” in your relationship with the Earth. At this moment in time, the Earth wants to carry you across the bridge to a new consciousness, a new reality, a living from the heart.

At the same time, there are angels and guides in the cosmic sphere around the Earth who want to support you. We are very moved as we stand beside you and spiritually embrace you. You are so dear to us, because you are those who are doing the work, here and now, on Earth. However, you still often have so many doubts, because you have to contend with old fears.

You have come to the end of a specific path of lifetimes; you are completing a cycle. In the many lives you have led on Earth, you have gradually made the transition from ego consciousness to heart consciousness. Ego consciousness is actually a wandering consciousness, a consciousness that no longer realizes where it belongs and from where it comes. It is a consciousness cut loose, separated, and lonely in the universe. Because of this, it is overcome by fear, and from that fear, the small ego is trying to hold on to a certain control of life and its surroundings. You also tried to do that on your long journey to self-realization. Ego consciousness is part of that cycle, a phase in your evolution.

However, what happened during the ego phase has left deep traces in your consciousness, because there were periods of time when you abused your power and your control. On your journey through the universe, there was a time when you exercised your manipulative powers too heavily and with a destructive effect. The reason I now mention this is to make you aware that you suppressed shame and guilt because of doing this, and the result is that you now have difficulty in fully implementing your strength. With the transition from ego to heart consciousness comes the regret for what you did in your past, and you never intend to do that again. The result is that many of you go too far in the opposite direction by completely giving up your strength and confidence. You are even afraid of the very idea of being powerful and confident in the world. You all have become “little mice” hiding in the wings of life, because you have this resistance against fully using your self-awareness for fear of abusing your power.

In the long series of lives you have lived on the Earth, there have also been many times that the consciousness and light that you wanted to give forth from your heart was met with misunderstanding and resistance, and this has increased your fear. The rejection you experienced has discouraged you. You have experienced both these scenarios: on the one hand, a powerful ego that was too big and later caused you shame and guilt, and on the other hand, having expressed power from the heart that was very loving, but was not accepted by the society of which you were a part.

Yes, you have come a long way. You have experienced both extremes and because of that, you now live with the remnants of that past, with a resultant lack of certainty: “May I be here; am I good enough; what do I actually bring here; who am I to want to stick my head above ground level?”

Who you are is what I want to tell you about today. You are the angels of the new age. You have come to the Earth to usher in the new time, and you come in peace. You no longer come here with the sword of the ego unsheathed, you come here in peace. Now is the time to again take up your strength and to dare to believe in yourself. Yes, you are that angel of peace, because in you the cycle of lives has come to completion: from dark to light, from ego to heart, and you now want to embrace the heart based consciousness that is the result of all that experience. You want to share it with others, because you feel: “We are one. We all are here together on Earth, and we all are part of that same consciousness. Yes, even the Earth itself is one with us.” And in all your beauty, and in all you have acquired of inner wealth, you now stand on Earth and are ready to step over the threshold. It is now your time!

But we often have to gently shake you awake, as it were. We have to always keep you focused on the next step before you, as you often drown in self-doubt. You sometimes get so caught up and overcome by the three-dimensional world around you, the things you hear on the TV news and read in the newspapers. The fears, the things people discuss, everything you hear about, what is deemed impossible, what is going wrong – all these negative messages depress you. You then experience too little room for the light that you actually are, the light that you so long for, and which you unconsciously carry so powerfully within you. You underestimate your own reality, who you are, the greatness and power that you embody, and not in the sense of manipulative power, but the power of the divine presence within you.

What is necessary for you at this time is the right balance of power. Not the power of the ego, but the power of your spiritual self, of that part of you that knows itself to be carried by a unity that permeates all life. If you can again attune to that power, and align with it, you will feel at home here on Earth, one with Spirit, with the core of who you are.

That is what you are looking for, and that can be your guiding thread to finding your way and your destiny on Earth. There is room for you all on Earth; there is an abundance that is waiting for you, wealth that wants to come to you in the form of relationships, pleasant working conditions, a fine dwelling, money. On all those levels, the Earth and the earthly reality wants to receive you. It is your own self doubt that has kept you tied in knots and has not allowed those things for you.

We ask you, we almost implore you, to believe in yourself – you are it! You are the trailblazers on Earth, the ones for whom the Earth has been waiting, for whom humanity is waiting. You are who we are waiting for, because we cannot do it for you. We can encourage you, over and over, and we never tire of doing that, but it is you who have to take the decisive step, to really trust your heart, the whispers of your intuition.

To help you a little on the road, and above all to encourage you, we want to take you to the future. We ask you to travel along with us in your heart and your imagination. Imagine that you are there, on that new Earth, and that heart-based consciousness has become a reality. Envision that the keynote of earthly reality is peace and joy.

Imagine that you are in a house situated in a beautiful, natural setting. It is your house, your dwelling, and all matter feels as if it is alive. Just look around you: the walls, the windows, the roof of the house, feel how they are more alive than what you are used to in earthly matter. Everything is luminous and radiates light, and the light does not come from the sun, the light comes from within matter itself. See yourself in that house.

Your body also has that luminous quality. The cells of your body feel radiant, vital, pure, and clean. And you wear clothes that are comfortable and flow delightfully around you. You are sitting on the floor in that house, and you feel from your root chakra the deep connection with Earth. Feel the mystery of the Earth and the life that comes from Earth, as you are part of that life. You are born from the Cosmos, but you are now part of the earthly reality, and you connect those two elements.

Then you arise to go outside. Maybe there is a door, or maybe just an opening, and you stand with your bare feet on the Earth. The sun is shining, and the sky is blue, and you feel for a moment the energy from the sun. It seems as if the sun also has a different feel to it: a brightness, a shimmer, a freedom that was not there before – and your heart is pulsing with joy.

The new birth has taken place, and you feel so happy that you have a desire to celebrate it with others. You are aware that your feet are carrying you to a place where other people are gathered. There, nearby, is an open place, a square perhaps, and you go to where you hear the sound of voices. You see there the faces of people who smile at you and welcome you: “We have been waiting for you”, they say. “We are not complete without you.”

You stand among them and you feel included in a quiet, gentle, peaceful way. You are simply and completely yourself; you need not be different than you are; you are yourself and you feel connected.

When all sit down in that place, everything becomes still, everyone is listening. There comes a message: your help is needed. There is a call from the old Earth that comes to you. It is the Earth that is still trapped in the old consciousness, the Earth that you as you sit here are still a part of; it is the Earth that wants to be born anew.

You send your energy from the future to this old Earth, to its old reality of fear-based consciousness that is in the middle of a birth process with painful contractions. You send forth your confidence, your knowingness, your courage, to that old reality and to yourself as you now sit here.

Return to the present and receive that energy from the future and allow it to wash over you like a shower. That freedom where you can truly be who you are is no longer that far off. Feel supported by your own greater Self, and ask it for advice. Ask your future Self, who already exists, who is actually alive inside you now! Time does not exist; it is all illusory. You can now connect with that Self who has finished the birth process.

As you hold the vibration of your future Self in your heart, the old fears, the old pain of your descent, all that struggle will be behind you. You can now celebrate life. You can hold hands with others and pass along the beautiful gifts you have to share – and you can actually share them now! Imagine that your light, your unique qualities, your beauty – all of it – is circling around this room. You radiate it outwardly and the people here are affected by it, and their path is made easier because of it. Let it be; allow the wisdom that is yours to flow throughout your body: through your heart, through your abdomen, through your root chakra. Receive from Heaven; receive from Earth; receive from the future the help that is there for you.

And when you feel the lightness that goes with it, then it is truly beneficial. Then you have connected with who you are, with your deepest core. And that is all you need to do in order to find you way in life: connect with that light, that simplicity, that ease. What flows freely is what is beneficial.

In essence, life is not difficult. You are a channel; there is wisdom and light flowing through you, and whenever you allow the connection with Earth, and share your gifts with others, you bring change to this world, while at the same time you free yourself from it. You let go, yet you leave behind a trail for others, because there will come a day when they, too, will want to let go of fear-based consciousness. You are making tracks with your energy.

Therefore, congratulate yourself and be proud of yourself. Do not look to those things that you still want to achieve. Look at all that you have already done, and what you have overcome in yourself of emotions, of fear, of limitation.

Be proud that you incarnated in a human body while sensing the promise of a new reality dawning, both inside and outside. You took the leap on faith. That is testimony to your courage and your strength! Therefore, dare to be guided by your heart in your everyday life, and make decisions corresponding with the energy you now feel, with the lightness of the new Earth. Do not go against what your gut feeling tells you, dare to trust. We love you, feel our presence.

© Pamela Kribbe

new website The Reunion of Mary by Annelie Solis