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June 18, 2014 | Author Mercedes Kirkel

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On June 15, 2014


Cosmic Heart by Willow Arlenea

Question: I would like more insight into the area of illness. As a holistic practitioner, I have been exploring “soul illness” to see if I could find an explanation and/or cause for previously unexplained health issues. Can you help me to understand this?

Mary Magdalene: Hello to the dear one who asked this question and also to all who will be receiving my response. I am here and I offer you my blessings and love, as always.

The area of illness is a challenging one for many people on Earth. It is also a broad topic, as there are many reasons as to why someone may be ill. Once again, I will do my best to bring clarity to this topic.

To begin, I want to acknowledge that illness is a difficult condition that many experience. It is part of what makes Earth such a challenging place. There are many ways that people can suffer on the Earth, and illness is one of them. For most people, suffering is an intrinsic part of life on Earth. Feeling physical pain, unwellness, lack of full vitality, or diminished ability to function in one or more areas are some of the components of illness that make it challenging. I do not in any way wish to diminish that people experience hardship as part of illness, sometimes extreme hardship.

People also experience emotional pain with illness. There can be fear of death; frustration and sadness about not being able to participate in life in the way you are wanting or were hoping to do; fear of how you will manage and provide for your life needs and responsibilities; etc. So this is another component of pain that often accompanies illness.

Many people in your world today try to maintain a “positive” attitude in the midst of challenges such as illness. This can be because they are in denial and afraid of facing what’s going on with them. It might be because they don’t want to burden others with their hardship. Or it might be that they believe this is a more emotionally mature or spiritually advanced disposition toward suffering. I do not support any of these dispositions or beliefs. I believe that the most supportive orientation, for all involved, is to honestly and openly acknowledge your experience, especially your emotional experience.

Some people are so used to denying their emotional experience, that they may find it quite difficult to even be aware that they are having a painful experience. In such circumstances, coming to awareness of one’s own pain may be an accomplishment unto itself. This can be one reason why a person may be experiencing great pain or suffering in their life. They may need a very exaggerated or extreme circumstance to get them to finally become aware that they are in pain or suffering. This awareness is essential. It is not a form of being a “baby,” a “wimp,” a “complainer,” or anything like that. It is the first essential step to engaging the spiritual process with any challenge—in this case illness.

The second step, after becoming aware that you are experiencing difficulty or suffering, is to open yourself to it fully. I call this embracing the difficulty. This often will include communicating honestly to others what your experience is and the feelings you are having about it. This kind of communication can be difficult. Perhaps you will feel that you are failing in some way if you communicate your challenges to others. Perhaps others will react in ways you may not want or enjoy. They may be in denial and may try to talk you out of your pain and suffering. Or they may immediately try to fix your situation to make it go away—partly to contribute to you and partly to ease their own discomfort in hearing that you are in pain. This kind of “fixing” can include trying to analyze the source or cause; trying to reassure you; trying to distract you; or trying to find a solution. All of these things are not really helpful as a response. This may come as a surprise to those who are offering solutions that they believe might “fix” the problem. But this orientation is generally coming from a wrong orientation to the problem.

Difficulties in your life are always forms of spiritual gifts. If they are major difficulties, they are generally things you have chosen in the pre-life process as part of the experiences you will have in this lifetime to support your growth. Sometimes people refer to this as karma, but it is important to understand that it is not a form of punishment for your past-life deeds. It is always for your growth. If in a past life you caused others pain, you may need to experience pain in this lifetime, not as punishment, but to deeply understand the nature of pain and to choose in the future not to create pain for others. This would grow you in compassion and care for others. This is just one example of how a present-life circumstance can relate to past-life experiences.

A present-life difficulty does not always indicate that you caused difficulties for others in a previous life. It might be supporting you in other ways in your soul growth. Perhaps it is supporting you in opening to others and receiving their help. Perhaps it is supporting you in learning to value your relationships more than possessions or accomplishments in the physical world. There could be many diverse reasons why a difficult circumstance is helping you in some particular way in your soul growth.

The important thing is that you do not require knowledge of your past-life circumstances to accomplish the growth you are being called to. Everything you need is being given to you. The key to unlocking all of your resources is in your emotions, not in your mind. Once you become aware of your emotions, you can allow them to guide you to the lessons and growth you are needing. I have described this process many times and will describe it here again as a reminder.

I would like to use your recent illness, Mercedes, as an example. When people heard that you were ill, several who are healers and tuned into your energy body reported that they felt your illness was connected to fear. At first you did not think this was the case, as you were not aware of any fear you were experiencing. Then you connected with me and I gave you the message about the roots of your disturbance with your father’s medical care and choices that were being made about that. I talked about how you were experiencing anger, which was covering over deeper feelings of fear and sadness. You were feeling sad and powerless about providing the care you wanted for your father. At a deeper level, you were feeling afraid about losing your connection to father and inclusion in his life.

Several days after receiving the message from me, you connected your feelings about your father’s situation to your illness. You realized that the illness was really about your fear of losing your closeness and sense of family with your father. You weren’t aware of this fear and allowing yourself to do the work you needed to do relative to this, so you required an illness to bring it to your awareness. As soon as you became of aware of your fear and it’s roots within yourself of needing family and inclusion, you started to get well. You no longer required the illness to connect you with your next step of soul healing and growth. You were now doing this healing and growth within yourself, which is where all healing and growth truly happens.

In this circumstance, you reconnected within yourself to your inner divine qualities of family and inclusion. Really, the reconnection is always to God, but it happens in the form of the particular qualities in which you previously felt disconnected. When you connected to God, you felt full in the areas of family and inclusion. You actually felt full in all areas, but these were the two specific areas that had become disconnected in this scenario. It is as though two of your circuit breakers in your connection to God got disconnected. Through your awareness and opening to the feelings, and then following them to their source within yourself of the inner divine qualities that had become unfulfilled, you found where the circuit breakers were disconnected. The wonderful thing is that as soon as you find the disconnection, it is very easy to reconnect.

Once you’ve located the problem – the inner divine qualities that feel deficient or lacking in this situation—you can shift your awareness into your knowingness of these qualities in their fullness. You have the ability to know them that way because all of us “know” these qualities in their fullness. It is part of what constitutes the inner divinity that we all have. As you remember the qualities in their wholeness , you are doing what is necessary to reconnect those circuits and reestablish your wholeness of connection with God. It is that simple, yet it is completely profound and radically changes your relationship to the whole circumstance you’re involved in.

In your case, once you reconnected to your inner divine qualities of family and inclusion, in their already-fulfilled state, you came to great peace. You stopped being angry at the person who was making decisions you didn’t like and you came into acceptance and trust. When you had a conversation with that individual a few days later, you were in a state of peace and openness. You didn’t feel in conflict anymore and were able to see that everything was working out fine. Because of this, you had closeness and connection with that person, which fulfilled your needs for family and inclusion—but in a different form than the one you were clinging to previously.

Your symptoms also started to dramatically improve at that point and you started to feel much better very quickly, returning to the state of energy and well-being that you are used to. The illness was no longer necessary because the work had been accomplished.

Not all illness will clear as quickly and easily as yours did, though it might. Every circumstance is different, depending on the very unique and personal lessons that individual is seeking through their illness. Again, this is not a form of punishment. It is a form of growth, albeit a challenging one.

The souls who have chosen to incarnate in your realm are very brave ones, for your realm is a very difficult one, which supports great growth through challenging experiences. But it requires your active participation to do so.

The last thing I wish to say is that the process I am recommending requires awareness, which is quite different from analysis and rational thought. Awareness is more of a feeling-based disposition that allows one to remain open and focused, so that you can receive input about whatever experience is currently taking place. The knowledge, insight, or understanding you require will be given to you. It often feels like an “ah-ha” moment, a breakthrough, and is generally not accomplished through the rational/thinking mind. It is given at a higher level, through your higher mind. Relaxing the rational/thinking mind, as is done in meditation, can support the process of awareness and open your being to receive the wisdom and understanding you require from your higher mind.

There is a chart of the inner divine qualities in the book, Mary Magdalene Beckons, which can be helpful to use in connecting with the inner divine qualities that are the key to any particular circumstance you are working with. Reviewing this chart can help you to identify which inner divine qualities are specifically involved in any circumstance. Again, do not use your thinking–mind to try to analyze or figure out which qualities are the ones involved. Instead, use your awareness in a spacious way to see which one you respond to with an emphatic “Yes, that’s it!” response. You will often feel this response in your body, emotions, or intuition. Eventually, as you become familiar with this process of identifying the inner divine qualities involved and come to know your own inner divine qualities, you will not require the chart. You will have internalized your own awareness of your inner divine qualities and will be able to identify them and connect with them directly through your inner healing and growth process. Giving labels to the various inner divine qualities is simply a support for guiding you in reconnecting with them, thereby allowing you to return to a state of greater wholeness and connection with God.

I love you most fully and bless you in your growth, healing, and understanding.

I AM Mary Magdalene

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r christopher vest   art painted raven