African Diary of Love – Part 3 by Kathleen @ Golden Age of Gaia

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African Diary of Love – Part 3

Posted by Kathleen W on June 23, 2014

(CLICK ON LINK BELOW for Parts 1 & 2)

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CA, enrolee in Linda Dillon’s webinar series, The New You, continues to riding the Tsunami of Love in Africa.

Linda Dillon’s June 8th Tsunami of Love Livestream was broadcast on Sunday night in Africa where I live. What a beautiful, literally-breathtaking experience!

I was tucked up in my office, fire on, my little dog at my feet whilst experiencing something I can’t really find words for………. but I will. I always seem to find words, so my husband keeps telling me!

During the Tsunami meditation, I felt the strength and power of the Mother like never before. The more I let her in, the more I began to let go, and the deeper I went.

There was this sudden rush of trust that washed over me just like when I was 5 years old and my mother took the training wheels off my bike. I remember looking at my bike thinking, “Hell, no! There’s no chance that I’m going to place my little self on that bike, with no training wheels! Are you mad?” Then my mother looked me in my eyes and tenderly said, “Go on. You can do it.”

Why is it when these words are spoken from this very special person in your life, you instantly trust, you know it’s going to be ok? Yes, you’re a little uncertain but if this mother of mine thinks I can, well, you know what? She knows EVERYTHING. Clearly I’m going to be fine!

So I hop on, my little legs going ten-to-the-dozen. I wobble. She catches me. I wobble a bit more. Again she catches me. Hmmm, I think to myself, this chick’s pretty good at saving me from a fall………. when I allow her to.

And isn’t it just that, “allowing”? Allowing your mother’s love to flow in and support you, catch you, guide you. All of a sudden this allowing “thing” is helping me ride my bike……… pretty well, too, if I don’t mind saying. Maybe, just maybe, this person, so loving and caring, might just know what she’s talking about???!

Riding a bike, riding a wave, it’s no different. The way the human mind operates always gives me a laugh. We hold on so tightly to our “stuff.”

We refuse to hand it over, so who are we not handing it over to? Obviously your Divine Mother and Heavenly Father, right?

We cling so tightly through fear. So what is the fear? The fear is, that if we hand it over to our Divine Parents, they might just get it wrong. They could mess it all up and then where we would be?

What?!!!!!! Get it wrong!? Our “Parents” have been responsible AND successful in creating Gaia and all who walk upon it. How could They get it wrong? I think it goes to show that They are more than capable of taking care of our heartache and traumas, don’t you think?

So this takes me back to the Livestream meditation, we all came together, we were still, we opened, we trusted and ALLOWED Mother Mary to enter our hearts. This was not a struggle. It was not difficult. It was not hard. It was so easy. I felt so safe and held in the most beautiful, loving space.

Monday I awoke, after dreaming all night of the Wave. People in my dreams were talking to me and I kept saying, “Don’t worry, the Wave will sort you out!”The people in the dream could have been asking me what time it was and I would have responded, “Don’t worry, the wave will make you feel better!” Talk about being saturated by the wave all night!

Monday was fabulous. I felt peaceful, happy, joyous and very, very different. That afternoon my last class was a fitness class comprised of businessman who are also friends. They all had faces like smacked bottoms! They walked in my door and their energy hit me like a sloppy, cold, custard pie!! Horrible. All they did was complain. They were tired and grumpy and as the class continued I felt a Tsunami hangover kick in.

Hmmmmm, I’m not feeling very well. I feel heavy and even sad. What are these feelings? I am now starting to lose the will to live. I said to one of the guys, “Hey don’t worry, this is all to do with the new energy of the Tsunami.” His response, “Whatever – I don’t believe in all that rubbish!!”

Taking matters into my own hands, I finished the class twenty minutes early and retreated to my lounge to do some damage control. Oh dear, I’m starting to come apart. I can feel that I’m sliding down into an abyss of darkness.

Oh no! Not again, where have my waves gone?? Feeling a little bit like a broken spring, I took myself off to my bed with the thoughts of ending this day as it was not improving. No amount of cheesecake or doughnuts was going to fix this one!!!

Tuesday I awoke, gingerly opening one eye. I do that often. I have like a “happy” sensor in my eye. I think that, through my one eyeball, I can feel if the day is a good one or a bad one. I can tell if I should get up or stay in bed!!

My eye “sensor” says NOPE! Today’s going to be a shocker. With no option of staying in bed, a full schedule of back-to-back clients, I begrudgingly drag myself out of bed. Gees, my mixed bag of emotions is back again. The best way to describe my feelings is in list form, due to the fact that there were so many: anxiety, wanting to burst into tears, despair, fear, impending doom, nausea, hopelessness, extreme tiredness, depression, irritation.

Oh and as if that wasn’t enough, they just chucked in the weight gain of five large elephants!!! As I waddled around my house like a pregnant hippo, my husband called me to sit down and explain myself. I couldn’t. Every time I spoke, it didn’t really have any purpose. I just kept saying, “I dunno,” as the hot tears rolled down my cheeks, “I just dunno.” I couldn’t put into words what I was feeling. All I kept saying is that it must be the Tsunami. T, that’s all I knew.

After babbling like a drunken fool, my darling and most very patient husband, gave me a hug and dried my tears. I go quickly into meditation ask the Council of Love, “Is this a false grid, must I clear myself?” Feeling a little frantic at holding all this negativity I thought that I should be doing something.

A bellowing message comes through, “You are to clear nothing, and ALLOW these emotions and feelings to flow through you. Don’t attach, just let them be, they will be gone by the morning. Be like the water, just let it wash through you.”

So that word was there again ALLOW and the forever familiar loving Mother. She’s here again telling me to trust, allow, and as before, looking deep into the depths of my eyes, lovingly saying, “Go on, you can do it.” Like the experience on the bike, yes, I can do it, relax, be still and just open. So, I did.

I awoke this morning, opening that one eye again, the information feedback was of a positive one. Yay! I jump out of bed, feeling as my daughter would say “AMAZEBALLS!”

Wow, what a feeling! I felt like I had endured the largest detox for humanity yesterday. Now I have a clear mind, I look back to yesterday at what I was integrating and clearing. This was the energy of the Collective. I have NEVER felt something so powerful in my life even if it was negative.

We have done something so massive and powerful that I don’t think we realize it yet. As the famous quote of Neil Armstrong goes: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

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If you missed Linda Dillon’s June 8th Livestream with Mother Mary & Gaia you can Register here! to watch and receive the atunements and downloads as often as you wish.

Maybe you have you had an experience that you would like to share? Add to this gathering of feedback from our community by going here:

For more experiences, see the Council of Love website, the Tsunami experiences page:

The Tsunami of Love meditation link is here.

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