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Eight years ago I moved to Kansas City, a town I have never felt comfortable in. Why have I lived here so long when I never wanted to live here in the first place? Part of that answer has to do with where it lies, in the geographic center of the U.S., and by being here, I have been holding a great deal of energy and light as we have gone through the changes of the past eight years. But now Iโ€™m ready to leave and in fact, I have been ready to leave for quite a while. My house is for sale but thereโ€™s no movement and I got the message last week that unless I removed some of my energy, there was no room for anyone elseโ€™s.

One thing I did while I lived here was totally remodel my house. Every ceiling, wall, and floor has been altered in some way. If I was going to live here, I was going to make the house my home and a reflection of me, and it is. But it is so much a mirror of who I am that it cannot belong to anyone else unless I remove some of my energy. And while I was pondering the house sale last week Archangel Urielโ€™s voice came through loud and clear, โ€˜Pack away your things and create energetic space for someone else.โ€™ That made sense โ€” this house is so grounded in my energy that no one can even come in through the front door.

Now I have never liked the idea of staging a house and I wonโ€™t put everything away so I have to live out of boxes. But I understood the message about clearing the energy because the energetic message anyone who walks in the front door receives is โ€˜This is Jenniferโ€™s house.โ€™ We all do this in our lives, ground ourselves so completely in a specific energetic frequency or pattern, that there is no room for anything else. To create space for energy we have to let some things go and if that strikes fear and terror in your heart, or you have no idea how to begin, here are suggestions that may help you:

1. Expectations and wishes carry a lot of energy and they often create a much larger energetic space than a situation or person can fill. If we can hold the wish but be open to a greater range of fulfillment (than that particular person or situation), we make room for something else to fulfill it for us.

2. Self- judgment and self-criticism also create a reverse energetic space. We think we could have done better than we did, so we tie ourselves to that experience, person, or situation, until we can โ€˜get it rightโ€™. Releasing ourselves from the burden of our judgments creates space for new energy.

3. Our judgment and criticism of others binds us to them because we think they could have done better, so we move onto their path, hang around and wait until they change. We think weโ€™re making them suffer and that may be true, but weโ€™re suffering more. And because our energetic space is filled with our expectations, judgments, and criticisms, there is no room for new energy.

4. Anger and resentment (which is the opposite of forgiveness) also create an enormous energetic space. Anger is a powerful emotion that can inspire us to move but it also holds the space that can be occupied by something more fulfilling, like joy and peace. The energetic space that anger occupies blocks the flow of new energy.

5. When we are not in the present moment and living in the past or the future, we have filled our energy space with what we believe is possible or will happen, and have no room for miracles or other potentials. If we can surrender, which means to stop fighting or resisting, we can create space for new energy. The outcome may be different than what we expect but the result will be what we wanted, and possibly more.

Energy needs to move and it requires space to move into. Imagine filling a glass full of water until itโ€™s completely full. In order to put more water in the glass, some of it has to come out or adding more water will create a mess. This is what happens when we try to bring in new energy without making room for it, it has nowhere to go. And because weโ€™re holding a frequency that is not in the range of the love, joy, peace, and abundance we may want, the connections that allow those experiences into our lives cannot be made.

We donโ€™t let go of things we think we have failed at or not done properly. We let go of things when we decide that we are ready for, want, and deserve something else. What do you think you deserve right now? What energy has to move out of your life to make room for something else? Donโ€™t judge or criticize yourself or anyone else, everyone does what they can in each moment. When we accept that everything is always in divine order and we allow ourselves to seek our own path of fulfillment, the ebb and flow of energy happens effortlessly and we are fully aware of the release required for the energy to flow in an effortless stream to us and away from us so our transformation is empowered as much by what we want to bring into our lives as what we are willing to release from our reality.


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Ginette Beaulieu - Tutt'Art@ - (25)

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Published on 4 Jul 2014

The Diamond Light Ray holds the crystal frequency in the highest geometric presentation. For your planet Earth, one aspect of the “mission” if you will, for those holding love-light frequency, was to reach crystal incarnational critical mass point which would then serve as a gateway for the Diamond Light.


Diamond Consciousness (Light Body Immortality)
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fb Venus from Cosmic Heart