Emergence @ Many Shades of Blue

art  Giotto di Bondone

ART : Giotto di Bondone



(…) And weeks later – I emerge . Not triumphant – but alive – and that in itself is the gift.

I’ve been β€˜resting’ if you will. For days and days – I have been merely existing , it seems – with no insight worth sharing – seemingly too tired to physically remember events which occurred while in Dreamland . Headaches have plagued me. Physical fatigue has taken over. Confusion has set in. And a total disconnect from the Source and its vibratory Presence has been noted. And for someone such as myself – it’s difficult – and extremely humbling. I’ve existed in 3D – after being lifted to heights that only a few have been blessed enough to experience and comprehend. And now I remember ….. I remember WHY I am here – and I understand HOW I must help …..

Things are shifting. We’re rebuilding ourselves. Our thought patterns. Our ideologies. We’re strengthening our core values – and we’re sharing them with those around us. I’m part of that process – always have been and hope to always be active. So when things β€˜mysteriously’ shut down – it was difficult and painful. To feel that disconnect. To be told that for now – I needed to rest. To think. And to find myself and be grounded before I was to proceed.

It’s only two nights ago that it happened. It’s come back – and I am once again surrounded and filled with the energies of the Universe. I travelled to Council twice in two nights – and have received messages for myself – on how to better things around me – how to guide – how to help – how to help bring peaceful resolutions to local issues ( mainly in our immediate families ). Upon my return from the astral realm this morning, I was greeted by none other than Nathaniel – my beloved twin flame – whom I had not seen in quite some time. This morning – he was ever more present and visible – and I was thrilled and excited to reconnect with him. I feel complete again – ready to take on the World – and re-energized to help those around me.

The physical symptoms are still ever present. More so – it seems – as I adjust once again to the pressures of this Earth. I have a migraine headache which is omnipresent – and my ears are buzzing and swooshing. I know that this too shall pass. It always does. So perhaps I shall wait it out – take it a little easier today – on myself and on others around me. Absorbing the fact that I am so grateful to be Alive. Well. And back on the path of helping those around me.

Envelop me in your arms Nathaniel – and help this painful moment run its course so that tomorrow, I may once again be strong and ready to take on the Universe with you . But just for today – hold me. Love me. And fill me with your Love and Warmth . Dry my tears and fill my consciousness with loving energy. Help me help others ….



art  Giotto di Bondone

Worry No Longer Trumps Love ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art francesca di chiara

ART : Francesca di Chiara


Worry No Longer Trumps Love

Posted by Steve Beckow on July 9, 2014

On Heavenly Blessings yesterday, St. Germaine said that we’ve been given many tools that we may not be using. He cited his violet flame and Archangel Michael’s blue flame of truth as examples.

Archangel Gabriel a while back said that she had created a blue-topaz box in which to place and contain those who were abusing women on the planet. She invited us to name for her anyone we could think of, no matter how many that might be, and ask for them to be contained.

Containment is no way a harmful thing. It might be thought of as Industrial-Strength Tsunami of Love. People in containment are bombarded with love and helped to make the transition from unworkable ways to workable.

Other tools include the many meditations around opening to the Tsunami of Love, ridding ourselves of false grids, and travelling to the Thirteenth Octave that Linda Dillon has made available on her Council of Love website (counciloflove.com).

Let me add another. I discussed Werner Erhard’s distinction of context perhaps a week ago. Considering that as a tool would involve switching our thinking from concepts to contexts as organizing principles and let me explain why that’s a good thing.

A concept as an organizing principle is partial, dualistic and separative. A concept cannot stand alone but depends on other concepts for its existence.

Concepts are positional. A position makes some people right by making others wrong, some people more than by making others less than, etc. A position requires opposition to make sense. When used as a guide, it leads to a world that works for some and not others, a zero-sum or win-lose situation.

Concepts are not a firm foundation on which to build anything workable or permanent. They certainly cannot serve as a basis for building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone.

Examples of concepts are Christian, Muslim and Jew; American, Russian and Chinese; developed world, third world; laborer, white-collar worker, and elite.

A context as an organizing principle is holistic, unitive and connective. A context can stand alone and depends on no concepts for its existence.

Contexts are not positional. They make no one right and others wrong, no one less than anyone else, and generate no opposition. When used as guides, they lead to a world that works for everyone, a win-win situation.

Contexts are a firm foundation on which to erect something workable or permanent. They can and do serve as a basis for building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone.

All the divine qualities and universal laws are contexts. Matters like health, prosperity, and workability are contexts as well. There is not Christian health, Muslim health, and Jewish health. There is only health.

God is the ultimate context because God includes everything. God is One without a second. And … we are all God. If God is all there is, how could it be otherwise?

I’ll be posting a two-part series from the Divine Mother on sacred union in a few days. Sacred union is contextual. So this tool of context, that comes from a terrestrial master, is another we can use to help us transition from the dualistic consciousness of the old Third to the unitive consciousness of the new Fifth.

But also why I write and what I wanted to point to is a change I’ve been noticing as a result of the Tsunami and it’s allowing me to think, hold and act in contexts on an ongoing basis.

It used to be, years ago, that if we felt love and then had a worry or concern arise in the mind, the latter would trump love. But a big change I’m noticing is that worries and concerns no longer trump the love I feel, and this is again a tangible proof of the power of the Tsunami of Love.

We’re all of us struggling with finances, witnessing chaos around us as systems and structures collapse, and seeing us and our loved ones experiencing the last-gasp rise of vasanas and false grids to be cleared. So there’s much that could be worried about.

But this vibration of love that I feel now is constant and reliable. It no longer flees in the face of something else in the space. But rather that something cannot persist in the face of this love.

So we have tools to groom ourselves, so to speak, and we have a reliable flow of love to enjoy. That’s a significant improvement in the quality of life for me and another reliable indicator of the progress we’re making.


art francesca di chiara