Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 2/10 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 2/10

Posted by Steve Beckow on July 15, 2014

We continue with our composite interview, this time with Archangel Michael about Ascension.


What is Ascension?

Steve Beckow: Archangel Michael, what is Ascension?


Archangel Michael: Ascension is the elevation of your being into an entirely different, higher, expanded realm of heart consciousness. And with that, the attendant abilities to create, co-create and bring forth Nova Earth. (1)

It is about not being stuck in your body, but having the integration of all parts of your being, and having it anchored in your body in such outrageous, miraculous joy that you want to be in body; that it isn’t a struggle or an obligation, or even a responsibility, it is simply joy. (2)

It is not just about dimensional shift. It is about the unfoldment of our glorious Mother, of the Divine Plan upon the planet, of this magnificent Gaia and the impact it has, which we have not spoken much about, but the impact it has throughout the multiverse. (3)

It is not like a big bang. It is more like a whisper of the heart, the coming of the dawn. It is a shift in where you live, in where you have placed yourself within the domain that is available to the humans and to this reality that is occupied at this moment by Gaia. (4)

S: So on one side of Ascension we’re in 3D or 4D, and on the other side we’re in 5D?

AAM: Or higher. (5)

But yes, the shift is into the fifth, and will continue – no, probably not in your lifetime – through to the seventh. There are some of you who will want to stay within the realms of the seventh in terms of the realm of pure love, of Christ consciousness, of oneness. There are some of you who love to be in the realm of magic [i.e., the Fourth Dimension].

It matters not. You will have access, but your new home, your new dimension, your new reality will be in the fifth. That is where Gaia is anchored. And we would suggest to you that, by and large, she is already there. (6)

S: What does Ascension feel like?

AAM: It is a feeling of complete and utter surrender and bliss. It is a sensation — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — of union. So there is a moment where you feel, oh, I have died. Because that is the sense of such release and reconnection.

But of course you are not dying. Quite the contrary. Now, in much of your history or literature — and I do include sacred books in that — ascension is also related to a keeping of some kind of physicality and form. Now, some will choose not to do that, and that is fine. But that is a choice.

But let us talk about you. Let us use you as an example. Because you have done your very deep work, and your heart is committed to this path for many, many years. There will be that sense of blissful connection that you have experienced a couple of times, but it will be even more so.

The sense will be that you are flying upward. It is a physical sensation of movement. And a remembering, or a sensation of remembering, that you have wings, or the ability to fly.

So that is the feeling of ascending up the sacred spiral. 

There will be a — also in that period, which can be moments or a few hours of feeling disassociated, that even if you were to open your eyes, that you were to look at a floor and you would see that it is simply made of particles, subatomic particles, quantum particles, that it is not solid. So you have begun immediately to have the real sensation or vision of how things can be seen, and how they are seen, maybe, from this side.

So there is a sense of unreality. Now, if you wish to make things solid, you will just simply say that you want that, and it will appear. But the knowing that that is simply a construct that you are creating already is there in full consciousness. When you decide to open your eyes, how you see the colors, the textures, the richness, the air, you will see very differently. What you think of as your senses will be heightened, oh, at least a thousand-fold. So, there is a little adjustment. And we are with you, and we obviously take care of that, because this is completely a joyous situation to be in. Think of it as being spiritually orgasmic. It is the union of all.

Then, you will settle into this knowing, and of course that choice of physicality. But also know that if you choose to keep physicality, immediately what you have noted as, what we would call human aches and pains are gone. But the biggest shift is you no longer live or exist — you can visit, you can exhibit, but you do not live — within the third dimension, where you are in that movement of what you think of as going up the sacred spiral.

That is the best analogy I can give you. It is the elevator to the fifth. And further, for some who choose. And there will be some who simply choose to keep going. But as the collective, that is the plan. And it will be the place of love. It will be all of a sudden that the decisions, the actions, the existence, the form is from love; is love, and is from love, and is of love.

So that sense of either/or, of what you traditionally have thought of as yes or no, of duality, of polarity, it is gone. It is the alignment. The entire journey in this third dimensional existence is reaching this place of alignment, of placing yourself beyond the either/or. And when you are doing that in this ascension process, it is like a Roman candle: off you go. …

This is what you will see when you open your eyes. You will see that you are part of that infinite mosaic. The connectedness will be there and the loneliness will be gone. The yearning? It will not be there. Not in the same desperation that we witness in so many. And that is not a criticism. It is that they yearn to be part of One again. They know that that is who they are. (7)

S: Who is it that awakens, Lord?

AAM: It is the awakened human that acknowledges that they are inter-galactic or galactic; that they are part angelic or archangelic; that they are sheer energy and a spark of life; that they have been the most grievous sinner and the most beatific saint.

It is that integration into the aware human being, and from that place of being able to create Nova Earth, because what we can only refer to as the old human, the human had very dim memory and was not the human that decided to take this leap of faith into Ascension. (8)

S: Who is experiencing through me?

AAM: You, in your consciousness, right now, are realizing that Source, that Mother/Father/God/One, however you are thinking about it, is having the experience of you in all those forms integrated into your body and more specifically your expanded field, because that is truly who you are.

And at the same time you are having an experience of God ― no, not full reunion, but you are experiencing the love and the connection, the joy, the sweetness, the elevation. So you are returning to the original design. (9)

S: I don’t think there is anyone, Lord, that I am aware of who has told us what actually occurs when we ascend. What actually takes place that the word ascension refers to and applies to? What are the events that we would be aware of, or even not aware of, that constitute ascension?

AAM: Well, I could tease you and tell you the key point of ascension is you get a new bank account. [laughter] And it has unlimited funds! But that is not the case. But in a way it is.

S: As in my being a co-creator?

AAM: That is correct. So, it is the elimination of what you think of in many ways of effort. But let us now — I am going to say it will be the process, or the elongation, the period of time that this process takes can be slightly different for different people. As I have said to you there will be many at the last minute rushing through the door, and that will not be as smooth a journey as someone who has done their preparation adequately. And soulfully.

S: That’s interesting, Lord. And the work we do in completing our old business and upsets, that makes for a smooth transition? Is that right?

AAM: Yes, it does. Think of it in terms of when a baby, a human baby is birthed, sometimes it is a very easy delivery, sometimes it is 30 hours of labor. Sometimes the mother decides to birth in the fields, sometimes she births in the ocean. Sometimes she goes to a beautiful room, other times she goes to an operating room and has a C-section. But the birthing still occurs. So this is what happens. (10)

S: What do we realize and remember as a result of Ascension?

AAM: A very significant part of the renewal and the Ascension process is about … remembering and re-embracing the fact that you are nothing more than love, and that you have always been connected to the Mother/Father/One, however you conceive of it, whatever your culture or your background or your religious patterning has been. (11)

S: What is the purpose of our work together – lightworkers and the Company of Heaven?

AAM: The purpose of all of our work together — and let me preface what I am saying by saying I am not trying to eliminate faith or hope or belief; but let us proceed from there — the purpose of your Ascension, of your coming into the fullness of your heart consciousness, the purpose of aligning with universal law, with Mother/Father One, is to move you, to awaken you, to shift you, however you conceive of this, from a place of belief to a place of wisdom, of knowing and of simply being, to be in the same assurance that you have when you walk out the door with your eyes wide open, that, although you are not seeing your cheekbones or your nose, that they are there.

So, the entire purpose of what you are all going through — whether you acknowledge it or believe it, doesn’t matter; it is still underway. And you are shifting from a position of, “I believe this; I don’t believe that,” to a simpler place — a place of simple knowing and being. And that is the beauty. That is the gift of letting go of the old Third realm. (12)

(Continued in Part 3.)


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Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 1/10 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 1/10

Posted by Steve Beckow on July 14, 2014


I’d like to continue with our composite interviews, this time looking to Archangel Michael for as full an explanation as possible of what awaits us in Ascension.

Let me say by way of introduction that the Ascension that’s happening on Planet Earth is a first in the multiverse in many ways.

(1) It’s the first mass Ascension anywhere. Previously individual initiates studied at mystery schools and passed initiations before they ascended.

(2) It’s the first physical Ascension. Always, in past times, it’s been necessary to leave the physical body at death to ascend. In the past Ascension would have meant entry into the second sub plane of the Mental Plane in the afterlife world. (1) This time all who ascend will do so in and with their physical bodies.

Now we’re entering the Fifth Dimension, which is the equivalent of the Mental Plane, and I’m not even sure if this space has ever existed before or whether it too is new.

(3) It’s the first time that Ascension has involved the creation of a whole new society, which Werner Erhard called a world that works for everyone, with no one left out. Usually initiates go off and live in caves. But never has an Ascension been simultaneously accompanied with the building of a new world.

(4) Never has an Ascension been accompanied by such a public presence of the Divine Mother. the celestials, the ascended masters, and galactic masters from many other areas of space and other dimensions of existence.

Thus, in so many ways, what’s happening on Earth right now is without precedent. While the main contours of the Plan are assured because what God commands is irresistible, the details may not be.

The biggest change that’s happened in midstream is that the voice of humanity through the collective consciousness asked that as many souls coming as possible be permitted to ascend and that has brought a year and a half’s postponement of the Ascension date. That delay is soon coming to a close.

Ascension, as we’ve discussed on An Hour with an Angel, is both gradual and sudden. The entire planet is bathing in the Tsunami of Love at present and rising in vibration gradually because the human body could not take the shock of too rapid an increase in energy.

But, when we reach the right vibrational frequency, then what the Divine Mother has called “ignition” and what Sanat Kumara has called “the snap” will occur and the mass of the population will ascend.

Everything up till then will have been gradual but the moment of mass Ascension will be sudden. With that introduction, let me now turn to Archangel Michael for the full discussion.

(Continued in Part 2.)


(1) As much as we might like there to be consistency in naming the various planes and dimensions of life, there never has been; hence my desire to construct New Maps of Heaven. (

Biblical prophets and apostles called the Fifth Dimension “heaven” and more contemporary afterlife reporters called it the “Mental Plane.” The enlightenment that betokens Ascension is Sahaja Samadhi. We don’t attain that in the afterlife until we reach the second subplane of the Mental Plane. The Divine Mother recently told us that we won’t attain it in the Fifth Dimension until we’ve made some progress into the Fifth Dimension. What the gatekeepers experience prior to our mass Ascension has been called “Ascension Lite.”

Here is the extract from the interview with the Divine Mother:

Steve Beckow: When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

Divine Mother: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes?

DM: You can think of it as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” July 12, 2014, at

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Uriel Message: The obligations of Being & Doing ~ Jennifer Hoffman @ Enlightening Life

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Why is it that the joy you can feel in your life is diminished when you meet someone who is sad? How can you be happy one moment and then feel guilty for being happy when you are aware of someone else’s pain? Is it wrong for you to enjoy abundance and prosperity when others are experiencing limitation? Are you ashamed of your success when you know that others are struggling? What are your obligations to others and how can you be supportive and a beacon of light if you do not share their current state of being? It is a matter of understanding your obligations of doing and being.

The confusion arises when you believe that your being is centered around what you do and that in order for you to be the light for others, you must also support them in mirroring your own blessings. This creates the belief that you have an obligation to do for others, so that they can enjoy the same kind of life that you have created for yourself. While you can be a source of enlightenment for others, you cannot be their Source of enlightenment. There is no promise of success or abundance in life, only that there is a potential to enjoy unlimited abundance and blessings in all things, when that is one’s chosen path.

Your obligations of doing, what you do in your life and with your life, extend only to your life path. Everything you do on your life path serves you and your learning, healing, growth, and transformation. Your journey is your own creation, it is your own healing path and everything in it is part of what you are doing for yourself. What you do for others or on their behalf does not serve you, unless it is done in fulfillment of your lesson. The most powerful lesson you can learn is that you are not responsible for others’ joy or pain, their learning or their healing, and they are not responsible for yours. It is this obligation that has created lifetimes of karma and you release it when you accept that everyone is sovereign on their path, as you are on yours.

The shared journey of humanity is a complete experience of ascension and each individual path within it leads to the light, in its own way. No single path is more important and each person has their own path to create and to follow. Your obligation of being for humanity is to be in your truth, expand into the highest expression of your energy, and experience the full potential of your light. Your healing and learning becomes a potential for others when they can resonate with it for themselves.

There are no leaders, only points of alignment and resonance. There can be no followers when each person acknowledges that they lead themselves into the vibration and frequency of light that they can experience. There are teachers and students, but each person is both teacher and student, who both teaches and learns, who is both the one who experiences and the experience, for everyone who is aligned with, needs, and can have that experience.

There is a profound difference between pity and compassion and your obligation extends to compassion, which requires detachment and acceptance, but not the energy of pity, which happens when you feel responsibility for others’ path, you believe that you have an obligation to ensure their happiness, or you feel responsible for creating outcomes you believe they cannot create for themselves.

Your light shines brightest when you are in your highest energy, experiencing your greatest joy, living the most fulfilling life that you can create for yourself. This is when you are the most empowered, and it is also when you are the most powerful source of light for the world. You have an obligation to Source that is part of your path, but not to be the source for those whom you judge as being weak or powerless. Everyone is a spark of divine Source light and everyone is equally powerful. To be a light for the world, be the brightest light you can be and through the force of your being, you will light a path so others may choose it and you can experience joy and fulfillment that is aligned with your own path of enlightenment, expansion, and ascension.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website.

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