Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 4/10 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 4/10

Posted by Steve Beckow on July 17, 2014

We continue with our composite interview, this time with Archangel Michael about Ascension.


Steve Beckow: As of Dec. 21, 2012, how many terrestrials would have ascended had ascension occurred then?

Archangel Michael: As you know, in our private channelings, we have indicated to you thirty percent. Think of it as a family decision, saying, slow down, because we all want to come. The plan has still need to go forward with great rapidity, by the way. But we will slow down because we want to accommodate everybody [who wants to ascend]. (1)

S: For the sake of listeners, let me say that that number had risen by May 2013 to around 50 percent. Sanat Kumara said:

Steve Beckow: How many people are now ready to ascend, if full restoration occurred today?

Raj [Sanat Kumara]: You have not made great progress, I am sorry to say. So you are still at about 50 percent. And you say, “Well, how can that be?” There has been a lot, a great deal, of back-and-forthing.

Now we do not see this — I can hear the collective sigh that is going out around the universe! — we do not see this in a negative light. And again, we are asking you, let go of that pass/fail, negative/positive way of looking at things. …

Think about it this way. There are people who, when they are going on a trip, they pack, they have everything ready and sitting at the door, or even in the trunk of the car, days beforehand. Now, that is basically your 50 percent.

Then there are those who pack the night before. And they dither. And they go back and forth and wonder what to wear, and wonder if they have forgotten something and go back into the house 12 times to double check. And that is where many, many of the human collective are “at” right now. (2)

S: Then the game changed, it seems. What was the game changer in the Ascension Plan?

AAM: Humanity made the collective decision [to ascend together], which strengthened our partnership. That is what the game changer was. (3)

S: What happened at that moment?

AAM: Humanity, in a very mature, expansive position has said, “We wish to have the opportunity, we wish to ascend as one community in the unity of heart, in the unity of purpose. Because that is why each and every one of us came.”

And that plea was heard and received by the Mother, and the plan given flexibility, altered somewhat to accommodate the full request, this prayer. (4)

S: What did that collective decision do to the timeline?

AAM: It created some delay, it opened the door for more — and to make a higher quantum leap, by the way, which is something that we’ve never discussed — and it truly marked a shift, a very significant shift in what we perceive and how we act in partnership with you. (5)

S: Could you expand a bit on how the collective decision was communicated to you or communicated to the Mother?

AAM: Yes, in very practical terms and in terms of your society you can almost think of it as a vote or a consensus. These are not conscious decisions. But we call it, not an unconscious or subconscious or conscious decision, but a soul decision.

So within the populace of Earth, of this magnificent Gaia whether they were aware or unaware – every soul has been aware of the Ascension process and the plan to go forward interdimensionally, multidimensionally and to bring the attended adjusted physical form along, and the impact that that would have on not only upon Gaia and amongst yourself, but throughout the omniverse.

As the time grew nearer, much, much progress was made —– and that was something perhaps we’ve not spoken enough about. We’ve talked during our many discussions, prior to December 2012 of the enormous progress the human collective, not just Light workers and Light holders, but the many very positive strides that were being made by humans.

Now that also entailed help shall we say, from this side of things – like containment, some moderate adjustment, the, beaming of love with increasing frequency from moment to moment from the heart of Mother/Father One, as well as your star brothers and sisters, different frequency, different rate of receiving. So much was done.

Now as you know, during our latter conversations, it was still felt that about 30 percent of the population was, shall we say, good to go. Then there was the gray area, and then there were those who were well behind the fence.

Very married to, very connected to, very reliant upon, very much in love with the illusions of the old Third Dimension.

Now there comes a window and you tended to think of that window – and I do not just mean you personally, I mean you collectively, you who were actively working on such things – as actually being open for well over a year. It then shrunk in November 11, 2012, December 12, 2012, December 21, 2012. But the window was actually quite broad and momentum was gained and being gained every day.

Now on our side, yes, we understand time, but we ask you to bear with us as I try to explain this in ways that will be comprehensible to the readers.

There is an instantaneous moment, and you can think of that moment as a moment within a very elongated process, but there is a moment of soul decision, when either the collective shift takes place – even though some were already through the portal and anchored, but many were not; most were not.

The collective of humanity, the soul-decision consensus, plea vote – however you wish to think of this – the plea went up to ask the Mother, not for a halt, nor even for a pause, that was not the plea.

The plea was, we came together as one family, to do this, to make this monumental change that not only changes each of us and our family and Gaia, but has effect so far beyond. We are aware and we choose to make this shift, but not all are completely ready, but we are asking, and it was a request, in that instantaneous moment: May we do it together? And the answer was yes.

The heart plea was the most earnest perhaps that we have ever witnessed from the collective. Now it wasn’t instantaneously put on hold or halted. The process is still very much underway – giving you, but we did not put a timer on it, but you – humanity, your soul collective, said that we want to do this – and we don’t want it (listen to what you are saying to us,) to take hundreds of years or decades.

Just (what is your expression) just give us a chance to get our ducks in a row. And that is exactly what you are doing, and might I say, that you are doing it with surprising rapidity.

So when we say or indicate to you that it was a collective decision – that is what we are saying. It has nothing to do with whether the collective had earned it, whether they were ready. You were ready the moment you incarnated and made the decision to return. So the readiness has always been there on the soul level.

So you say to me – well Michael, Lord, what happens if some of those beings are slower than others don’t hurry along. And what I am telling you is that not only we, because we have not stopped doing what we do, but you, each of you, in your own way, as builders and determiners of Nova Earth have stepped up your activity. You have moved it from a point in time to a completion. So you have moved it from a simple event to something you are creating and doing with us.

So you have entered into a much stronger form of partnership and you may see this – you see it in your energy fields, you see it in how you feel, you see it in what you are experiencing, you see it in your level of exhaustion, your ascension symptoms and in what is happening. And yes, I know, you will say to me – Lord: it is still not fast enough. And my brother, I could not agree more with you, but it is still happening.

Does this help?

S: Yes it does Lord. (6)

(Continued in Part 5.)


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MARY MAGDALENE: My Sacred Relationship with Yeshua ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart


MARY MAGDALENE: My Sacred Relationship with Yeshua

July 16, 2014 | Author Mercedes Kirkel

By Mercedes Kirkel

Dear one of my heart ~

Today, I would like to tell you about me. I am Mary Magdalene. There is much confusion about me amongst many people, debate about who I was, what I was, what my relationship to Yeshua was. Much of the debate is a reflection of those who are debating. They see me through the filter of their beliefs and perceptions. They see me the way they see themselves and project onto me what they believe about themselves.

In truth, I was Yeshua’s sacred partner. We were equals, as holy man and woman, holy husband and wife. Just as there is no separation within our Mother-Father God—both aspects are equal and yet truly beyond equality, simply two faces of the Divine Being—so were Yeshua and I. We loved each other completely and still do. We saw each other as the divine self. We both were prepared for our meeting and relationship with each other, through the many schools and traditions of our times. My training was primarily through the Egyptian temple of Isis, where I was trained as a high priestess. There were many forms of being a priestess in this lineage. Many involved healing and blessing work. I was trained in the highest arts of serving the Divine through what was called Sacred Relationship. This was a school, or stream, within the temple, a very high one.

I was trained to relate to all of life as the play of God, the manifestation of God. And I was raised and trained to see all the parts of myself as holy and sacred—my physical body, emotional body, mental body, etheric body, and my higher self, or spiritual bodies. Upon this foundation, I was also trained to relate to a partner as the Divine Being and through that relationship to engage with that partner in practices and an entire sacred life that allowed each of us, each partner, to fulfill his or her divine blueprint of serving light and love in this world.

As a practitioner of Sacred Relationship, my design or chosen form (chosen by my soul before my incarnation at the time you know me from) was to engage Sacred Relationship with Yeshua and, through him, with all beings. He likewise chose—through his soul’s design and in concert with all the beings of light and our Mother- Father God—to engage Sacred Relationship with me and all beings. It was appropriate for that time and place that I should engage Sacred Relationship directly with Yeshua and indirectly with the world, and that he should engage Sacred Relationship directly with both me and the world.

Now the time has changed as we are entering into a new age, the age of Aquarius. It has been said by many that this is the age of equality between the Masculine and the Feminine, and this is true. And for this shift into equality to occur, there is a particular kind of passage required at this time. It is as though you are giving birth to the new age. As has always been the case with birth, this is uniquely the domain of the Feminine. It is the Feminine that must come to the fore and take the lead for this birth into the new age of equality to occur. And so I have been called to become very active at this time, to come forth to many to support this birth process, to support the Sacred Feminine coming forth, assuming her true power and place beside the Sacred Masculine. This is a call to all women and men, for all have the Sacred Feminine within them, as all have the Sacred Masculine, too. And it is a call to women and men in different ways.

For women, it is a call to assume your power, the Feminine power. The Feminine is the power of love and strength. We all know the strength it takes to birth a child. And it takes great strength to raise a child, as well. The Feminine is the complement to the Masculine. Both have their strengths, and both are required for wholeness. The Feminine brings life energy, love, aliveness, wisdom, faith, receptivity to the Divine, feeling, and inclusiveness. The Masculine brings insight, understanding, awareness, direction, tracking or maintaining awareness, attaining goals, and carrying out the divine plan. Each person contains all these qualities within them, as we all contain the Masculine and the Feminine within. And most people also resonate more fully with one or the other of these qualities, the Masculine or the Feminine. And so one option is to manifest this in life through Sacred Relationship with a partner.

Sacred Relationship is natural to humans, because of the way that we came to be here. We all came from the undifferentiated Source, or Oneness, which many call God. I use the term Supreme Creator. From the Supreme Creator came the first manifestation, a kind of step-down from Supreme Creator at the first level, which was Mother-Father God. All other beings and forms on Earth came through this first division into form. You could say that in some ways all beings on Earth are “children” of Mother-Father God. This isn’t literal because it is at a level of high physics that most people do not understand. I am giving you this as an analogy, simply to say that the pattern of Sacred Relationship is imprinted into your souls from this original manifestation that you are all the “offspring” of.

This does not mean that everyone needs to find a partner. Everyone can find Sacred Relationship within themselves. Indeed, each individual must find this whether they are with a partner or not. This wholeness within oneself is essential as the foundation for Sacred Relationship with a partner. One of the reasons there is so much difficulty and struggle in relationships today is that many have not found that wholeness within themselves and are looking to their partner—or a desired partner if they’re not yet in relationship—to make them whole. This is backward and will never work. People are not ready to enter into Sacred Relationship with a partner until they have found wholeness within themselves through the union and balancing of their own Masculine and Feminine and their union with God. On this basis, one comes to relationship whole, already full. Then one has love and light to offer a partner. Then there is excess to create the new union of their sacred partnership.

A sacred partnership is a kind of alchemy. You are mixing your destinies of service to God, of bringing love and light into the world. A true sacred partnership increases the love and light that the couple is bringing into the world, such that it is greater than the two could bring as individuals. That is sacred alchemy: it increases the love and light that both have to bring to the world through their relationship.

And so, to return to my relationship with Yeshua, we were in Sacred Relationship with each other, and this included sacred sexual relationship. We were both prepared for this through the training we received individually through sacred traditions, especially the Egyptian and Indian sacred paths. We engaged in lovemaking as a process of transforming our bodies into light and love, in service to our destinies. And we were deeply in love with each other. We lived this love through all aspects of our lives, and both of us were dedicated to the work that Yeshua was the leader for.

Today, as two thousand years ago, we are dedicated to supporting all humans in this process of upliftment and growth in God’s love and light. The form has evolved, but the calling and core is the same. I am devoted to being a kind of midwife at this time of the next phase of this Grand Plan, and thus I come to you with my messages in support of that.

I love you most fully and openheartedly.

I AM Mary Magdalene

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Mercedes Kirkel is a multi-award-winning author and spiritual channel, bringing forth messages and instruction from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light. Her book, Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love is available at Mercedes’s forthcoming book, Sublime Union: A Woman’s Sexual Odyssey Guided by Mary Magdalene, will be available in July, 2014. You can learn about Sublime Union at All messages and practices are universal and are not affiliated with any religion.

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Create Peace in the World with One Action, by Archangel Metatron ~ Channeled through Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

art Ajit Choudhary b

ART : Ajit Choudhary


Create Peace in the World with One Action, by Archangel Metatron ~ channeled through Natalie Glasson

It is often said to create peace in the world you simply need to love yourself unconditionally in a humble and grateful way, and love everyone else in an open compassionate way.

While mastering the act of sharing the natural love existing within your being is important, there is one habit and energy needing to be dissolved before love can truly reign, be empowered, and experienced in your reality. Without true realization of this habit, love cannot completely be recognized for its healing and uplifting power.

When many people meditate and achieve spiritual practices seeking the experience of enlightenment, they actually end up experiencing the power of the essence of love within their being. As when fully embraced your love is transformational, fuels wellbeing and health, acceptance and manifestation of abundance, the experience of freedom through bliss, and a heightened awareness of life through divine wisdom.

Love is a major force that is needed to be expressed by all beings upon the Earth, but it is the presence of judgment which requires focus, in order to fuel and give space from the growth of love.

Judgement is a thought process which encourages you to focus upon negativity, and even create the energy of negativity within your aura and being. When you create a judgment of any kind you are sending a message out to yourself, those around you, the universe, and the Creator that you are not happy or satisfied with your reality.

It is a powerful message to be unconsciously sharing, you are creating a message within your being and mind that nothing and no one is good enough, others and you do not deserve love or compassion, the world you exist in is not perfect and everything isn’t to your liking. Trying to find fault with yourself, others, reality, and the world every single day is a tiring job. And yet, many quite happily accept this task, as it has been engrained since childhood, and there are always wonderful examples of judgment, which reinforce that judgment is a natural aspect of humanity, when truthfully it is something humanity can live without very easily.

Judgment is an unloving thought, opinion, and perspective which is kept within your mind, shared out loud, or put into action. Judgment encourages you to believe in a world that is broken and needs fixing by you, this puts you in a position of power, and fuels the ego with energies and thoughts that create your happiness and security. True feelings of happiness and security can be created through the practice of inhaling and exhaling waves of love, they don’t need to be created from the suffering, pain, or fall of others or yourself.

With the act of judging another person you are sending that person energetically negative vibrations, but you are also stating that judgment is more of what you wish to receive. Every thought and feeling created in your mind and heart manifests a projection into your reality and the universe, whatever you project you attract and manifest for you to experience.

You are, and [you] experience your thoughts and feelings, not only within your being, but also as physical manifestations in your reality. If you were to record all of your thoughts and feelings, you would recognize the correlation between that which you think and experience. So the practice of judgment creates unhappy experiences, and judgment is directed to you from others. On a larger scale, a single judgment accepted by many, energized within their minds and projected from within can start a war, create cruelty, and even create dangerous weather conditions.

Now is the time for each being to accept responsibility, to realize that judgment only creates a world of fear, pain, separation, and conflict, which hinders and hides the natural presence of love within each person wishing to be expressed. Every person on the Earth, regardless of their actions, holds a natural essence and existence of love within their being. A world of peace and love can be created with a single act by eradicating judgment.

Although judgment can take both negative and positive form, positive judgment can be helpful supportive and empowering at this stage of ascension. When you say that someone looks well or they did a great job, it creates a feeling of sharing and giving love, thus empowering love. But love is only the creation when the positive judgment comes from a place of truth within your being.

Often beings that enjoy sharing judgments believe themselves to be speaking the truth, and so do not mind whether the judgment is negative or positive, but is the truth within your being negative?

Every being upon the Earth holds within their being and is born from the essence of all that is the Creator. If you hold the Creator within you, and the Creator exists free from judgment, only recognizing love, then a negative judgment is not born from your truth but from your opinion; your mind.

The mind can trick you into feeling as if you are a figure of authority, the best, a fountain of knowledge, and the only opinion that counts, but when you speak from the loving truth of your being this perspective alters.

In truth you do know everything, because you are connected to the universe of the Creator, and can receive and embody all you wish, sharing and expressing everything you need, require and recognize as the Creator.

The truth is that you are connected to all the answers, but every person in the world is also. You are no different from another, yet you are special because you are the Creator on this Earth the same as everyone else.

Positive judgments are actually positive statements that reinforce the love of the Creator with honesty, allowing love to flow with greater ease and presence within your reality. Eventually even positive judgments will fall away, but by switching all negative judgments about yourself to positive judgments, by seeking truth that creates the love of the Creator, is a positive step forth in achieving a mind, reality, and world free from the chaos and experience of negativity.

With a deeper awareness and observation of the judgments you create, you discover that you are unravelling a tangle of thoughts, as it may feel as if every thought has a judgment connected to it. You may even begin to feel that it is impossible for you to think or speak, because you realize the ingrained energy of judgment within your mind.

At this moment, you may feel unable to express yourself in the way you would wish to, but it will be a tremendous turning process. Because you will then actively seek and begin to reprogram your mind to focus upon positivity, love, and loving truth, thus discovering a new uplifting and empowering way to express yourself and observe your reality.

With the observation of how you may judge others, concerning whether they are deserving of your money, time, presence, and focus, also shares with you how deserving you feel of the presence of others, their time, and money, and even how deserving you feel of holding the vibrations and qualities of the Creator within your being.

The way you treat others often mirrors to you the way you treat and preserve yourself. Every soul upon the Earth deserves and is worthy, because each is a reflection and expression of the Creator, there is no being who is not deserving of your smile or compassion.

As you focus with dedication on clearing your mind and perspective of the habit of judgment, you will notice your reality blossom positively, as a reflection of the shifts occurring within your being. As judgment dissolves, space is given for your intuition to flow, impacting upon your being. Your intuition is the active consciousness of the Creator, and your soul divinely inspiring you.

Your intuition is a greater all-seeing, all-knowing aspect of yourself, which can offer you guidance, and which will always be aligned to your needs, creating beauty in your reality. Your intuition, like a voice of inspired wisdom within you, will always support you, but it requires a peaceful mind in order for you to recognize its subtle guidance.

This is why it is important to dissolve your focus upon judgment, as your focus can then move to your intuition and its creations within your reality. Embracing your intuition can mean that judgment arises once more, as there is a period of building trust in the guidance of your intuition.

Rather than accepting this period of trust building, the mind feels as if it needs to analyze and judge this new voice. But again, your natural essence asks you to accept your intuition even if you feel uncertain, as judgment holds no place with your sacred intuition.

It is as if the mind wishes to judge the guidance of the Creator within you, because, again, the energies of needing to feel in control or authority arise. The more you trust your intuition and act upon its guidance, you will notice how easily and beautifully everything flows within your reality, thus building your trust and belief in the divine force of the Creator working and co-creating with you.

If every being upon the Earth erased their thoughts of guidance-created positive judgment, or statements born from truth, and focused upon their divine inner intuition, then everyone would simply be loving towards each other and themselves. All that creates hardship, pain, and suffering upon the Earth would be a long lost memory, replaced by respect, gratitude, truth, harmony, and love.

Dissolve judgment and allow yourself to acknowledge the change you wish to see in the world, but first recognizng it within yourself.

From my loving truth,

Archangel Metatron

art Ajit Choudhary b

~ The Golden Key ~ The Balance of Power : Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

 georges armand

ART : Georges Armand

~ The Golden Key ~
The Balance of Power



Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

A Higher Vision

I have moved forward into what you call the group because today I will speak of where you are at this junction of time and space, which is so beautiful. You have been here before to experience very similar energies. Now is a unique time, because many of these challenges on Earth have come from the junctions where realities cross and leave permanent imprints. Let us explain.

Your Multidimensional Nature

You are multidimensional in nature. You look at yourself and see only one being, though of course you are not just one being. You are multiples; you are 11, let’s say for the sake of argument. With all of these beings going on at one time it is actually a grand torus. almost as if you had 11 different rays of light all moving together. Although you see time as linear on your planet, it is actually in the form of a torus. We will just call it ‘linear,’ because with your limited perceptions that is how you view time. You see it as past, present and future only because you see a line. Well, we will use your illustration for this. Of course, with the past, present and future, only one of those is real; the present You can remember when you were three years old. You can also imagine what it is going to be like when you get much older than you are right now, so you prepare yourself and move accordingly. Do you know why you age in your physical body? Because you expect to, dear ones. Not too long ago the Keeper heard someone on TV say, “I am 70 years old but, of course, 70 is the new 50—is it not?” You are re-defining everything in your world and this is perfect, as it should be. Understand that where you are right now is very unique. Let us explain why.

Crossing of Dimensional Lines

Go back to the concept of a line for just a moment, and imagine a linear line. Your other 10 dimensions of time and space are next to yours and on similar lines. Dear ones, where those lines have crossed and when they cross, they leave permanent imprints on each other. These are very unique moments and greatest stories in your history you share.. These stories, such as the one about your Garden of Eden, never change and continue throughout all of humanity Although many of you have greatly misinterpreted that one, it is true and how it evolved was beautiful indeed. It was the story of your first exercise in density, and you have had many of these throughout your history. Your greatest teachers on Earth, those whom you call masters, are simply lines that have crossed each other at different moments. These multidimensional lines, which have always been separate until now, are starting to cross. So you are currently seeing a tremendous amount of this in your lifetimes; this was the greatest hope of all that you could be here at this time.

Many of you on the other side of the veil stood in a long line so you could come here to experience the possibility of multiple lines crossing at the same time. We have described the multidimensional nature of humanity before; we have also told you that the veil between them, the walls between your dimensions, are thinning. You are starting to have this bleed through where you’re feeling things that are not quite yours. As this has happened you have lost a bit of your security or sureness of yourselves, because those walls provided you structure that is no longer there in the same way. However, it does mean that you can start perfecting yourselves in new ways. Although none of these individual lines carry all of the truth, together you are a perfect being. It could very easily be said that you had to divide your perfection in order to be here on planet Earth, to play this game of pretending to be a human. You are doing rather well. In fact, you have some very unique opportunities.

Three Steps Forward

There have been waves on planet Earth before where you have gone through similar exercises; sometimes they turned into what you have called very negative experiences. Know, dear ones, that you are in charge. That is the message we want you to have today. No matter what you see coming, no matter any difficulties we share with you in upcoming messages, know that you are in charge. How does one take charge of their lives? You have been trying since you were born with somewhat limited success, or so you might think. No, that is not true. The reality is that you are exactly where you wanted to be. Now you measure yourselves in different ways so you might say, “Oh, I wanted more money. I wanted more excitement in my job. I wanted a relationship that could actually be on the same level as me.” You have all these ideas of your success but we tell you, dear ones, you are in the perfect place. You are in the space that you wanted to be when you came down to Earth in this incarnation. So, how do you take charge of that? How does one bring joy back into their lives? Well, dear ones, at many times it is seeing things from a different perspective and re-evaluating. There is a trick in this which we have spoken of many times: you are creator beings. You are walking, conscious creators on planet Earth, and the beauty of it is you have the ability to create everything in front of you. Most of you have tried very hard to prove us wrong when we say that. “Oh, I have done everything that you said. I have done every part of it, read the books and followed the ABCs of creation. I have taken the courses and have the credentials.” You have done all the things that you thought you needed to step forward with the exception of one: responsibility. How do you take responsibility for where you are?

When you are in a situation that you do not cherish or are not happy with, the first thing to understand is that you purposely put yourself there. The second thing to understand is that you can change it. Now if you say, “Okay, I am going to sit down and change this whole thing. I do not like where I am. I am going to shift the energy this day, then, I will turn around and teach it to other people.” Most of you are wired that way, for you have come to Earth many lifetimes. Most of you are teachers at heart, yet you do not completely learn the lessons until you turn around and teach them to someone else. That is the way you think, which is very beautiful. You are part of each other. The challenge comes when you put yourself on a higher or lower level than the people that you teach. You are all part of one another, so how does one assume a level? The first thing to do, dear ones, is to ask yourself: “What was I trying to accomplish to get here?” You may know the actions and mistakes it took to get here and have vowed not to make those mistakes again. However, the reality is that your spirit led you there intentionally. The fact that many of you are in challenging situations right now would seem that there is a difficult energy on Earth, but you asked for this. You not only asked for the energies, changes, and shifts to place you here, but you asked to be one of the very few here in a physical form to experience this moment.

The Golden Key

There are many ways that you can change your reality. The first is to take responsibility for it, and to know that your spirit placed you there for a reason; the second is to change your perspective on it. Do you understand how many beings on Earth have a job that they dislike? They say, “Oh, if only I were wealthy I did not have to work at all. , then I could really make a difference on Earth. I could really teach what I came to teach.” Perhaps you have a contract at work? Perhaps there are people you agreed to meet and they are just waiting for you to speak the words you promised to. But you think you have to get another job before you can speak your truth. The key is to first find the joy in wherever you are now. Yes, if you take an inventory, joy may be a small portion and discontent may be the larger piece. You may say you still want to change but you cannot change, dear ones, until you find that spark of light. That is the piece we want to share with you today. First take responsibility for where you are, knowing that you are in the perfect place. Oh, some of you do not like that and would much rather be in a gentler place, an easier spot where the energy used to flow like in the olden days. We will tell you that the olden days were not quite as joyous as you think. You had to carry a very low vibration, for sometimes ignorance is truly bliss, and. Although you may have been in a blissful state, you were also very ignorant and it was difficult to understand what the energy was. All of humanity has risen in recent years and months. As a result, many of you are disjointed; you feel as if you lost your magic, wondering where to go from here. You do not quite know what is next, but you are closer than you think. There is a golden key and until you find it, you will not move your circumstances or change. Take responsibility and know that you can only find the golden key by experiencing all that you have just gone through. You may not be happy with the circumstances and you still may wish to change, but that is perfect. Look for the key.

How do you find the golden key? These are the crystals you have placed on your path. Sometimes they jump out at you and other times you have to become good at acceptance in order to receive them. You tend to look at something and say, “Oh, this is not going to do me any good. I need something over here, not over there.” Until you find the light in the moment and live in the now moment, you will repeat the same situation over and over again because that is the cycle. When we tell you about the grand torus and the way it moves together in all 11 dimensions of your time and space, you must understand that each part is made up of a circle. Time is truly circular, dear ones, not linear. Therefore, when you experience something difficult, we guarantee you it will repeat until you find that golden key. When you are able to change your perception of it and find that one glimmer of hope then use it. These are the ways of the new world; these are the ways of the empowered humans, for you are making space on your planet, dear ones.

A New Balance

There is a balance arriving of masculine and feminine in an entirely new way. It has come in before because all the energies have, in waves. Previously you had such a low vibration that you were not able to use it, for it completely overwhelmed you. You ended up in a grand war, which was very difficult. That does not have to happen or work in the same way this time. You are the creator beings; you are the ones creating every moment of your lives through your perception and an individual part of this grand torus, which is yours. Together you are complete and perfect, living on the planet of imperfection. It is not possible for you to carry that, so you hid it in different parts of yourself. Now is a beautiful time, because many of these energies can finally cross each other. So what happens when one of your energies cross and you meet another you or another part of yourself? You become aware of some of your perfection in the most beautiful ways. This is what is ahead and what many of you will be teaching. If you believe you are lacking something in your life then you feel, “Oh, I am not good at this aspect of being a human. I am very good at this part but this part over here is very difficult, because it has always been an enigma for me. I have never been able to figure this one out.” You can know that there is another part of you that has already mastered that part, when you come to these beautiful junctions where these lines cross as they are just starting to do.

You will see the signs in many ways including astrological. And you will see many of the imprints of this opening, for it is starting a new energy on planet Earth. It will be a time when you can fully awaken from the dream. Even if you were awake today, what would you do with it? That is the question. Why wait? Play in your mastery now. Claim it by taking responsibility for exactly where you are and knowing that you are here for a reason. Even in this junction of time and space, though this density seems to have taken over your cares and your worries on planet Earth, know that you are here on purpose. Look around you, dear ones. There may only be one person that you are here to meet in this particular moment. Make that connection. Pass on that ray of light, or receive that gift from them and it will change everything. How do you direct it? You will learn that through every aspect of yourselves, because you are becoming perfect. You are starting to cross dimensions within yourself in every moment, dear ones, especially during those things that you call challenges. Now is the time to look for that golden key; search for that one aspect that you can only reach by placing yourself in that position. Even if it does not seem all that beautiful to you, find another way of looking upon it. Are you aware that you create something every time you open your eyes and focus? The universe does not exist in the way you think it does. Look around you. I am looking at some of the things on the Keeper’s desk right now; I see pens, letter openers, and what he calls mice. The truth is, that those atoms are scattered in a random pattern. They are moving around all the time, but it is only when he looks at them and expects to see something that they jump together to make those items that he perceives. So, what would it take for you to expect something different? Expect a miracle. It means changing your thought patterns, changing the way you think about time.

Creator Beings that Age

The only reason you age in your physical bodies, dear ones, is because you expect to. You think that is what is necessary. You will find this very soon, for these are the gifts that many of your own parental races have had in the 8-12 foot range on planet Earth. Many of them are re-turning, dear ones. Does that mean you will have a space ship landing on CNN? Well, we really do not think so. But what it means is that you will start to re-member some of the magic in you. You will start to understand your true nature. Look at yourselves in the mirror and you see a limited aging being moving down a linear timeframe. Start to understand that time is circular, which is the reason you repeat things in your lives. So, if you missed it and you made a mistake, do not judge yourself. God does not judge himself/herself, for that is insanity. Leave it go and know that it will repeat through the natural, circular time and you will have many opportunities to do it if you take the pressure off. You will start seeing things from a different perspective. You will dare to go out and make lots of good mistakes. Now you will start to see your truth then you will start to understand who you truly are and in those moments, we will turn around and offer it to each other.

This is the Age of Empowerment, dear ones. It is here in a very clear way. It is here for all humans, most of which are confused by it at this moment. It came in during an incredible wave that we spoke of it 11 years before it came in. You knew it was coming in this lifetime, which is why you placed yourself here. Welcome Home. Welcome to the New Earth. We will help you understand not by teaching you or by giving you new pieces, but by simply helping you re-member what you wanted to do when you first came here. Those are the golden keys that each of you carry. Some of you brought them into the clan that you were a part of, while others brought specific rays of light to planet Earth. Many of you are from the Family of E, the Family of truth and empowerment, here to help all of humanity take this next step into empowerment and create the new world. It has already begun, which is why you are here. Celebrate it! Celebrate the situations which you believe are difficult, and doing so will help you change your perspective. It may confuse some people in the beginning, but once you are able to see it from the viewpoint of a conscious creator then it changes right before your eyes. This is the magic that all of you hold.

You are the greatest angels that have ever lived anywhere. We applaud you, dear ones. You have no idea how very special you are. You have made a veil of forgetfulness. Many of you wear it proudly, and we tell you it is starting to fade. We applaud you and are here with big smiles on our faces as you start to awaken from the dream, wiping the sleep from your eyes. You are taking charge, for a new world is here. Welcome Home. Look for those beautiful keys, those golden keys to help you create a life of your choosing. Celebrate Home, dear ones, and celebrate who you are in this now moment.

Espavo. I am the Keeper of Time.

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The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”
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