Elohim Decree for the City of Saceleaus ~ by Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden @ Walking Terra Christa

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ART : Krzis Lorent


Elohim Decree for the City of Saceleaus

Posted on March 1, 2014 by Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden


Each time we journey to a Golden Earth City we work with a decree that embodies the energies of the Beings we are working within the meditation. This decree is being provided to help an individual to feel the essence of Elohim Master Heros and Amoro of the Pink Ray of Creative Active Intelligence along with the energies within this beautiful Golden City that resides over Central Ontario.

When reading a decree, always use your power of visualization to feel what the words are telling you. Breathe through the whole process with your Higher Self intact and allow your physical body to feel the essence of the vibrations of the words within the Decree. You should feel the essence of the decree fully intertwined within you.


As I journey to each of the Golden Cities,

Time and time again,

I learn more about my True Self.

I have arrived in the City of Saceleaus,

Over Central Ontario,

That Represents the gratitude of my journey.

In order for me,

To fully comprehend,

All levels I am incorporating,

I am learning that I must have gratitude of the Self,

In order to fully understand,

The depth of my true essence.

As I walk within the beautiful atmosphere of this city,

I feel the essence of Divine Love,

To flow within me.

I stop in front of a flowing stream,

Crystals in beautiful hues of pink are shining up at me,

I fall to my knees,

As I am over-joyed with the essence of Love I feel.

I feel a presence stooping next to me,

It is the Elohim Masters of Heros and Amoro,

They emanate such joy and exquisite love,

I feel the tears starting to flow.

They share with me their energy and words,

We know, Dearest One,

How you are being challenged presently,

And that is why you are here,

So we can help you understand,

The journey you have stepped upon,

So that you can continue.

You must understand,

That at times,

You will feel like this,

Very low in your energies,

And having a struggle just to create one task in your life.

You are being hit by many forces of Light,

And then also the ones that want to stop you,

Unfortunately, it is part of the pathway of Mastery,

Some days are good, some are wonderful,

And some are a challenge just to be.

But remember,

This essence of the Flame of Love,

As we embody it within you,


Breathe, My Dearest One,

So that you can see,

What you are experiencing,

Is truly not the truest YOU..

Let the Pink Flame engulf your Being,

From your head to your toes,

And then expand it,

Outwards around you.

I do as they suggest,

I feel my breath,

As it becomes lighter,

It expands within me,

And grows beyond me.

I now feel the Flame of Love,

I have deep gratitude for all I have endured,

As without this moment in time,

I would not understand,

What it has all been for.

It is about me,

The True Self That I AM,

And now I embody it deeply,

Through all parts of my Being.

I feel free,

I feel joy,

I feel love;

And I am in deep gratitude,

Of All that I AM.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery http://walkingterrachrista.com/ by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden. Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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MARY MAGDALENE: The Marriage You Are Moving Towards ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart


Given to Mercedes Kirkel
On July 22, 2014

[Note: This message was given on Mary Magdalene’s feast day.]

Hello my dear one,

Thank you for reaching out to me today and requesting that I communicate with you. I realize this is a day in which I am honored by many, and I appreciate the connection I feel with so many on this day, including yourself. And so I am most happy to communicate with you, as always.

I wish to begin with a personal message for you. You have pushed yourself very hard to bring forth your new book, which includes instruction from me on sacred sexuality. [Note: Mary is referring to Sublime Union: A Woman’s Sexual Odyssey Guided by Mary Magdalene.] I realize you wanted to have this available for everyone by today, to celebrate me. I thank you for this and affirm that this is going to be a book of great value to many. Your work and dedication is highly commendable and of great service. I also want to emphasize, as I have on previous occasions, that you must take care of yourself in the process. You have exhausted yourself through your hard work and it is important that you rest and remain balanced, even as you perceive there is so much to do. It is true that you are growing in your ability to draw upon higher energies to accomplish what you want to have done, and this is helping you tremendously. Nonetheless, you are still operating in the third dimension with physical requirements, and it is important that you continue to attend to these.

I perceive changes in your world that I see as positive. There are more and more who are awakening to the Feminine, and this is what is called for in your world at this time more than anything else. It would be more accurate to say “re-awakening,” because the connection to the Feminine was alive and strong in the distant past on Earth. But it has been suppressed and even forgotten to a large extent for a very long time. This is beginning to change.

The connection that many are feeling to me is one sign of this. The reason that my popularity is increasing at this time is because more and more people are finding their connection to the Feminine and they recognize that essence in me, even if they can’t name it as such. I seem to symbolize or embody it for many. And indeed, that is my role. I am the carrier of the Divine Feminine—not exclusively, of course, for that would be impossible and antithetical to what the Divine Feminine is. But I carry that pure quality in a form that is recognizable and identifiable for many.

This, of course, was why I was excluded and defamed for so long. You are coming out of a long period of time of conflict and competition, in which the Masculine, in its lower form—cut off from the Feminine, felt threatened by the Feminine and perceived it as necessary to suppress the Feminine in order to establish its authority and power. The results of this have been quite devastating to your world and many are now recognizing this.

This was a necessary, though painful, period of growth and exploration that humankind needed to experience, to see what the experience and results of this kind of dynamic would be. That epoch is coming to a completion. The experiment has been run and the results are clear. Now humans are increasingly ready for a new phase.

This is the phase of union between the Masculine and Feminine, of loving and cherishing both, each embracing the other to create wholeness. This is what will bring about the world so many of you envision and long for. As I have said many times before, the power is within each of you to create this, because it fundamentally will occur by each individual changing their relationship to their own Masculine and Feminine within.

This is why it was so important for the two books to be brought forward that you, Mercedes, have been the author for. In Mary Magdalene Beckons, I clarified the three arenas that everyone must strengthen to bring forth their own Divine Feminine: their relationship to their body, sexuality, and emotions. And I gave great instruction about how people can relate to their emotions, especially painful emotions, in a different way that will move them into union with God. This is the most important change for people, in general, to make at this time. It is what will do the very most to move people forward in their spiritual growth and into the next phase of spiritual evolution. It is what is least understood by most people relative to incarnating the Divine Feminine.

The second arena for people to develop to become strong in their own Divine Feminine is the area of sacred sexuality. This is what the new book, Sublime Union, is focused upon. This can be developed whether one is single or with a partner, because it is primarily an energy practice.

It is also important that people change their relationship to their body if there is any degree of shame, dislike, or dissociation from one’s physical body. I have not chosen to give instruction about this because there is already a great deal of information available to people about how to change this.

All three of these are the arenas within oneself that are the centers of your inner Feminine. If you are cut off or underdeveloped in any of these areas it is a reflection of your own suppression of the Feminine within yourself. When all of these areas are full and strong, you will have established the support for your inner Feminine so that you can reside stably in your heart, which is truly the inner throne of the Feminine. And you will also be prepared to open to your Divine Masculine within, to begin your courtship and eventual marriage with the Masculine, with both of these parts in their higher or mature form.

It is this marriage that you are all moving toward and which is also the gateway to the next dimension and your next level of spiritual growth. It is this marriage that Yeshua and I embodied and communicated to all with eyes to see and ears to hear. It is fundamentally a marriage of your own divine aspects and ultimately of yourself with God. It is the true marriage. All else is a celebration of this.

As more and more of you realize this and manifest this, your world will change to reflect this. Your world is already changing, which is a sign that this is underway. I celebrate this with you and support you all to continue in this great process. It is the calling of your heart and soul, and all are coming to recognize this in their perfect time.

I shower you with love and blessings and support as your sister in the heart.

I AM Mary Magdalene

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St. Germaine asks us to recommit to the Divine Mother’s Plan ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 24.7.

St. Germaine asks us to recommit to the Divine Mother’s Plan

July 22, 2014

On our Saturday conference call St. Germaine asks: …as fellow journeyer, as mentor, as steward, as guardian, on behalf of all of us who are ascended masters, we ask you, with us, to recommit, to hold this alignment because when it is held everything falls into place, the openings are apparent and Nova Earth is born.

Greetings, I am St. Germaine. Yes I know, there were many of us lined up, for Archangel Gabrielle wishes to send her greetings and her invitation to you to join with the highest realms. And of course, the Mother continues her discourses with you as well. But everyone has bowed, well at least leaned back, and allowed me the privilege of stepping forward this day.

So, I greet you as brother, as friend, yes as Keeper of the Violet Flame and the I AM Presence, as teacher, as mentor, and as steward and caretaker, not merely of the Violet Flame and not merely of the I AM Presence, but teacher and mentor and steward for each of you as well. Why do you think I am not on Earth? I always make light and say I never intend to return to Earth but part of that dear hearts, is that I am tending to you. Yes, there are many of us who have joyously assumed this role of steward and mentor, a form of guardianship, no never to replace your guardian angels and your beloved guides, but still a form of guardianship to watch over you particularly in your role as stewards…yes you are, as wayshowers, as teachers, as channels, as healers, as pillars, as gatekeepers of this miraculous unfoldment of the Mother’s plan.

And it is, can I say, more efficient in so many ways for me to be on this side to do my work with you; as is Sanat Kumara, whom we would like you to call ‘Sanat Kumara’, and Lord Maitreya, and Jesus Sananda, all of us, the Magdalena, St. Teresa, St. Catherine, St. Bernadette, St. Francis, also known as Frank. There are so many of us in attendance to you and with you at this time.

There are points of confluence, not only in what you think of as your time and space spectrum, but upon your grid, your etheric grid, your physical grid, the grid of Gaia, the grid of the universe, and then there are parts…if you think of the Mother’s plan…that have benchmarks where there is a coming together of energies, divine energies, my beloved ones, and human energies as well.

And in many forms upon the planet right now, this planet the I love more deeply than I can express and that I will defend and protect forever, there are intersections and think of it as layered intersections in your grid, in the Gaia grid, in the universal grid, benchmarks in the Mother’s plan that are all in alignment at this time.

Now, as you well know, this channel refuses and abhors time-lines. So, I do not speak of time-lines, but I have been known to simply speak of such benchmarks and intersections. The energies of the plan are in alignment at this time, above, below, in-between, and in each dimension.

Now, why am I bothering to speak of this? Why am I telling you this? Because dear heart, your actions, your energy, your creative energy and the absence of what, yes the non-creative dead energy has no place, but we need your creative energy in full force, in this time, in this moment. And let me say that this moment is a period of months, not hours, not days, not weeks, but this intersection, this opening, not for an event but for a multiple blossoming of many events…what you think of…you are always looking for the show. That is not what the Mother’s plan is about, if anything, it is eliminating the peaks and valleys of the show, of the drama. It is creating a garden of Gaia in which every flower blooms beautifully and equally, including you.

I have spoken to you recently of trust, of this being a time of trust, of stepping forward in the magnificence of your truth and your truth engenders trust. And it is not merely trust in us and unseen forces, it is trust in your very self, your very soul, your mission and purpose, your expression of your mission and purpose. I have spoken to you, I have begged you, to torch that which is not of love, to torch the chaos, the mayhem, the cruelty and let me suggest to you, yes I’m very glad you’re going to dedicate this Sunday Night Peace Meditation to the Middle East, but that is not the extent of your job. I want you to torch within yourself anything that is of that non-creative energy, I want you to torch it in your family, in your friendships, in your business relationships, in your collegial relationships, in your community, the institutions, your country.

And what do I mean by this? I mean those cruel, non-loving belief systems, opinions and actions that so many take every day out of shear habit because they do not stop long enough to truly think and consider what it is they are doing or saying. So what the torch does, it not only removes that energy, it acts as a stop sign for them to stop and think, “Why did I say that? Why did I think that? Why do I feel that way?” We want the questions to truly begin to be asked, not you posing the question to the person, merely torching it and letting them reach the conclusion and asking the question of themselves because in that way, in that moment they can say, “That is really not me. That is not how I want to be. That is really not how I feel.”

So, secondly I am asking you to use the torch morning, noon, and night. It is the torch of transformation and it can destroy what is not of love and it can create and bring to blossoming that which is. So, you can also torch someone who is just beginning to blossom; it is like fertilizing them, organically of course, it is like watering them with the spring rain. Torch them gently as if it is a fairy-wand and then leave them to their process.

Now I ask you as one who has walked the Earth as man, not as a pure incarnation, for I have known the pitfalls of being in form and the journey of seeking and the joy of finding, I ask each of you to recommit with me this day, this moment, and for the coming months, your heart, your mind, your will, your being to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Yes, the Mother has been asking you, but I ask you as brother and friend, as one who knows at moments how hard it is to be in human form, particularly when you are anchoring such transformative Ascension energies.

Your commitment, not merely your help, but your deep soul commitment, your consistency, your constancy, which is part of the Mother’s grace that she is already infusing you with, is needed right now. She is washing you clean with her Tsunami of Love; she is integrating you, she is lifting you up as never before. But as fellow journeyer, as mentor, as steward, as guardian, on behalf of all of us who are ascended masters, we ask you, with us, to recommit, to hold this alignment because when it is held everything falls into place, the openings are apparent and Nova Earth is born.

So, I do not ask this of you casually, I ask on behalf of my brothers and sisters, from the bottom of my being and I trust you and I know you, that you will say, “Yes.”

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 07-19-14
© 2014 Council of Love


linda dillon 24.7.

Karmic Relationships @ Jennifer Hoffman

sam carlo fb

Dear Jennifer: I am now divorced, after going through a three year process in which my ex-husband fought me every step of the way. Not because he wanted to stay married, I believe it was just to be as difficult as possible. He can no longer see our children, ages 5 and 7 years, because he drinks and passes out when they are with him. He sends me very mean emails telling me that I am a bad mother and a terrible person and my children are afraid of him and do not want to speak to or see him. How can I neutralize myself from him and his energy, and protect my children from him?

Jennifer’s Answer: I think that getting out of this marriage and away from him is a cause for celebration. As far as how to protect your children, they have let you know that they don’t want to see him and he isn’t making that possible, so don’t worry about it. You don’t have to read his emails and can block them although I think you read them in the hope that one day he will change and start being nice to you. There’s a lot of karma here, I think you know that, and you are not going to heal it by being nice to him.

In very intense karmic relationships, like this one, there is always revenge involved, which is why he is being so impossible to deal with. You know that the karma is there and you are trying to heal it by being kind and loving, but that is now what the karmic lesson is about, it is about you becoming empowered and not allowing his negativity, anger, and fear destroy you. While you do not understand how he can respond to your kindness with so much hatred, he does not understand why he is sending so much negativity your way and you haven’t fallen apart, died, or given up.

He will continue to act this way, because he is holding the energy for your lesson in empowerment, until you quit fighting him and trying to prove to him that he can be nice. He could make that choice but it is not what he is choosing to do in this lifetime. In the face of such powerful and destructive karmic lessons, we believe that we can love someone into healing, transformation, and wholeness. But that is usually not the lesson that we have to learn. Rather, it is an opportunity for us to become empowered by honoring others’ choices, whatever they are. You were an opportunity to live in a different energy but he doesn’t want to do that. So stop trying to force him to ‘see the light’ and let him live in his darkness, which is where he is comfortable.

Your children chose both parents, you and him, because they had lessons to learn from both of you. He isn’t an accident of nature, he is their father because they need to understand his energy, which is something you could not teach them. They don’t want to see him, so don’t make them. When they are much older, they can have a relationship with him, if they choose that. For now, stop sending him energy through your fear and regret, let your marriage be over, take care of your children, and be grateful that you were strong enough, this time, to not be destroyed by him, which has happened many times in the past.

And to make this easier on your children, watch your energy, as they are very sensitive to your energy. Be happy, laugh with them, create joy in your lives, and stop being sad. You will move on and you will find another relationship, one that is loving, empowering, supportive, and gentle, and free of karmic lessons.


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