Paul Brunton Notebooks: The Sensitives: Chapter 3 ~ Philosophy, Mysticism & The Occult

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The lure of occultism

We were not born to perform magical stunts, nor were we born to be able to remember past lives or to foretell the future. We were born for one thing only and that is to discover what we really are in our deepest, innermost being, not just the crest of it.

Philosophy rejects such psychic, occult, mediumistic, or trance experiences when imagination runs unbraked into them, or emotion heaves hysterically in them. It is then time to stop the dangerous tendency by applying a firm will and cold reason. Philosophy welcomes only a single mystic experience–that of the Void (Nirvikalpa Samadhi), where every separate form and individual consciousness vanishes, whereas all other mystic experiences retain them. This is the difference.

The spiritualists, the occultists, and the psychic groups are far from the purest thought, for they are still preoccupied with the ego and with a subtle materialism which substitutes a subtler body for the material one but is just as illusory. However, they are steps on the way for spiritual children–stages to be passed through and outgrown.

Philosophy has no use for empty fancies, no time for mere self-deceptions. Therefore it refuses to dally in this illusory region which the inward-moving mind must cross through until it reaches solid ground. It will not give itself to psychism, occultism, or spiritism.

How simple is the path itself, how complex is the pseudo-path offered by occultism and exaggerated asceticism. “All that God asks of them,” writes Thomas Merton, “is to be quiet and keep themselves at peace, attentive to the secret work that He is beginning in their souls.”

You must learn to discriminate between what is psychic and what is spiritual. You will tend to lose power if you yield to that popular hankering after psychic and occult experiences. It is fascinating to have psychic claims, sensational experiences. Keep them in their place, however, which is second and subordinate. They have nothing to do with the Quest, which is to lead you above the realm of mind into spirit. Mind goes down deep into the subconscious and the Overmind; there psychic and occult experiences take place–not in the normal mind, certainly, but in the region of the planetary mind, the Overmind. Occult experiences will not give you any more peace, or reality. Do you want these? Then do not over-emphasize your occult experiences. Just observe them, but attach little importance to them. The important thing is to arrive at that state of being which never changes, which is eternal, which is God.

The mystic is on a loftier plane than the occultist and psychic. The various systems of occultism, theosophy, and psychism are all objective to the true Self of man, and hence distract him from the straight and narrow path. Yet they are useful and necessary for those egoistic and over-intellectualized natures who cannot aspire to the rarefied reaches of the real Truth. Everything–including the fascinating systems of knowledge and practice that comprise ancient and modern occult teachings–which distracts man from becoming the truly spiritual, distracts him from the real path. Only when all objective things and thoughts have disappeared into the subject, the self or the seer, can man achieve his highest purpose. All other activities simply cause him to stray from the highest truth. So I have abandoned the study and practice of occultism. I have given it up unwillingly, for the power it promises is not to be despised. Yet I recognize that my past is strewn with errors and mistakes. I imagined that a great personal experience of the psychic and mysterious side of Nature would bring me nearer Truth. As a fact, it has taken me farther from it. Once I enjoyed frequent glimpses of a great bliss and intense state of samadhi; then I was unfortunate enough to come into contact with theosophists and others of that ilk who subtly supplanted my real inward happiness with intellectual systems and theories upon which I was thenceforward to ponder. Alas! I was too young and too green to know what was happening. The bliss went before long; the samadhis stopped, and I was cast upon the shore of the Finite, an unhappy and problem-puzzled bit of human wreckage! No promise of wonderful initiations at some future time will lure me to trust my life into the care of a so-called guru who is either unable to or unwilling to give me a glimpse of the God-consciousness he claims to possess. I am not inclined to follow a trail which may land me somewhere out in the middle of the desert, bereft of reason, hope, and fortune.

At its best, psychism leads us into human fancies about the holy; at its worst, to the very lair of the devilish. The spiritual alone, in its true sense, can lead us into the veritably holy.

The essence of the matter is that the higher ultramystic experiences are not concerned with personal clairvoyant visions or clairaudient voices but with the raising of consciousness to an impersonal transcendent state wherein none of the relative phenomena of a space-time world can enter.

The quest is not jugglery. The most breath-taking feat of the conjurer will not prove the least insignificant of spiritual truths.

People spend half their lives in darkened rooms trying to establish communication with the “spirits,” with dubious and debatable results, when one-tenth of the time devoted to trying to establish communication with their OWN divine spirit would bring indubitable and delightful results.

There are countless thousands who, weak in faith and lacking in intuition, must perforce seek amid external things for proof of the soul. Spiritualism claims to give this proof. There are, of course, those who believe that the spiritualists have misinterpreted their experiences.

The seventh chapter of The Wisdom of the Overself contains some material which generally answers the questions of life after death. It is quite true that spiritualism has served the useful purpose of proving the existence of an afterlife. Nevertheless it is a dangerous matter to experiment with practically. It is far safer to limit investigation to a study of its literature. More specifically: (1) The quest of psychic experiences is definitely a stumbling block on the true path during the earlier stages. They are almost sure to lead the novice astray, may cause him to waste valuable years, and will sometimes harm him in various ways. Most attempts to establish contact with the astral world will either end in failure and deception or psychic injury. (2) Astral projection is neither wrong nor right but it should not be sought for its own sake. It develops naturally of itself to one who is highly advanced on the truly spiritual quest. But if novices prematurely seek it they are likely to harm themselves. In the end it will be found that spiritualism is only a stepping-stone to the higher mystical philosophy. It is of use as a halfway house for many Westerners, but one should not tarry here too long. The higher and lower teachings are like oil and water. They cannot be mixed together and one day you will have to make your choice between them if you wish to progress and not to remain stagnating.

These occult authors catalogue such a formidable list of necessary qualifications that it is likely to deter most people rather than attract them. One wonders whether the writers have succeeded in fulfilling their own standards. It is good however to remember that there are ways not so steep as theirs, that there are easier paths in existence in other lands than that of occultism. Genuine mysticism, true religion, or right philosophy: any of these can conduct one to the goal with less trouble and less danger than occultism.

There is a problem of mental unbalance and partial insanity in the modern world. Philosophy offers help, as it aims at securing complete sanity whereas most other guides cater to unbalance.

There is something which might be called the higher spiritualism which is on a higher level altogether than ordinary spiritualism. This has been found by an exhaustive study, both practical and theoretical. The higher spiritualism stands midway between the lower kind and mysticism proper. By mysticism is meant the endeavour to become possessed, not by any disembodied human entity, but by the divine Spirit, be it named God, Soul, Christ, Allah, Atman, or some other name which has been given to that which man knows to be the Divine. In the group of those who belong to this higher spiritualism can be included such men as Stainton Moses, who edited Light, the leading spiritualist journal in London, and Andrew Jackson Davis, the famous American clairvoyant. Their writings were admirable and much in Life and Its Manifestations is reminiscent of them in tone, idea, and atmosphere.

Occult or spiritistic practices which have served their purpose in convincing their student that materialism is false, should be abandoned if he wishes to make the best use of his limited period on earth. When such a point has been reached, he should turn his thoughts in the direction of seeking the Overself alone, or his life-period will be wasted.

If philosophy denies the authenticity of many occult, psychical, and religio-mystical experiences, it does not have to deny that they did occur. That need not be in dispute. But the danger of taking fancy for reality and a way-station for the terminus is very easy to fall into and must be pointed out. “Beware them who perceive the deep reality,” warned the Buddha in a statement which recalls for us the warning of Jesus about the straightness of the way to truth and that “Few there be that find it.” The prudent seeker will be on his guard not to succumb to the temptation of dallying in ego-flattering thrills.

Why should we surrender the simple clarity of true self-knowledge for the involved obscurity of occultism?

Philosophic spiritualism does not go far enough. Inspiration derived from any individual, disembodied and angelic though he might be, is not as fine as inspiration derived from the unindividuated Soul, which the best mystics seek. It is a step in the right direction, though.

It is as necessary to avoid pitfalls of superstition on one side as those of psychism on the other.

Everything that stimulates us to follow the quest is worth encouraging if its demerits be not too large; but everything which paralyses this aspiration is rendering a disservice to humanity.

The occult, and indeed all extraordinary happenings, attracts a far larger amount of interest than the mystical. For here the physical senses come into play and find satisfaction whereas in the mystical only the intuitive and the emotional faculties are engaged.

The majority are seekers after occultism. They thirst for powers that will give them an advantage over others. They seek to inflate their egos whereas the true disciples seek to flatten it.

Excessive addiction to supernormal mystic experiences or bizarre occult titillations leads to wrong views and draws the seeker to a wrong goal. The dignity of quiet philosophical study often appears to prove too frigid for those who revel in superstition and who seek the gaudy caricatures of truth rather than the austere truth itself.

Many people yearn to escape from the world of the flesh; many seek for psychic worlds full of magical half-shadows; many minds are turning into the narrow lanes of thought and wide roads of study indicated by the signposts of occultism and its kindred.

Many are called on the spiritual telephone exchange of life, but few get a clear connection!

Psychical derangements are common enough to keep the specialists busy. Mentally upset persons crop up everywhere, even on airplanes. We have seen insanity appear in high places and collect many followers. If anything can give sanity, it is the calm and balance of philosophy. But unless it is hidden behind magic and occultism, those who need it most are least attracted to it and least fit for it.

It is not a path suited to neurotic, weak, mentally odd, and emotionally sick persons. Such people are often attracted to mystical movements and ideas but they shrink from philosophic truth and discipline.

History shows that where people have had the opportunity to imbibe the highest truth, they still preferred occult sensationalism to it.

All this interest in and pursuit of occultism is merely an enlargement of the ego’s ordinary sphere. Why should a teacher of philosophy cater to that?

How many persons have imprisoned themselves in their own mental creations or auto-hypnotic fabrications at the very moment when they had the chance to experience the Spirit in all its purity! This could not have happened had they been prepared in character and purified in intellect by philosophy. Without this safeguard, the ego intervenes and corrupts the truth and keeps as much of its illusions as it can hold onto under that dazzling light.

Philosophy is not for the thrill-seekers–there are cults and groups, “isms” and practices which will better excite and satisfy them. Even on a higher level, the mystic’s, there is still a search, a longing, for “experiences.” In most cases such experiences are desired as escapes from the ego’s tensions and burdens, its insignificance or environment.

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The Divine Mother: Beloveds, You are at a Critical Juncture – Part 2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Divine Mother: Beloveds, You are at a Critical Juncture – Part 2

Posted by Steve Beckow on July 25, 2014

I understand that the last five minutes of the show tonight were cut ofF. They are contained here.

Steve Beckow: Well, we’ll welcome in the Divine Mother after you’ve made your transition.


Divine Mother: Greetings. Greetings.

SB: Greetings, Mother.

DM: I am, yes, Mother/Father One. I am honored, I am joyous to speak to you as Mother.

SB: Thank you.

DM: But you know, and all of you know, I speak to you as One, and I speak to you as love.

Sweet angels, hybrids, Earth-keepers, starseed, and everything in between, archangels, seraph, cherubs, faeries, gnomes, familiars, wing-makers, you have so many entities, so many aspects, so many faces to express of yourselves and to your friends of Earth and far beyond, and yet how do I know you?

I know you by your soul design of love. I know every portion of your being, every fiber, every particle. Oh, do not think, dear hearts, that I do not know the familiar face, because I do.

Yes! So often, you have thought of me as distant mother, with limited capacity, might I say! Which is quite humorous. How could I possibly know billions and billions and billions of faces? Let alone the secrets of your hearts!

SB: I hope you’re going to answer that question, Mother. How can you know billions and billions of people and the secrets of their heart?

DM: Well, I have an excellent cataloging system, dear heart.

SB: [laughs]

DM: The way that you look if you sit down, say, at a dinner table with friends, and you look around, and maybe it’s four of you, maybe it’s eight, maybe it’s twenty, but you know the people around the table. You know who they are, you know somewhat of their backgrounds, you read their energy, you feel their joy or their disdain or their discomfort.

So it is with me. And I look down upon you, yes, certainly as a collective. But do not think I do not know you! How could I not know myself?

For you carry my love, my divinity within you. You are the direct expression of All. If you were not — and this is true, by the way, not only of those of you humans that we call of Gaia, but of many universes — you have difficulty expanding your head, your mind, not your heart, but your mind, to comprehend such vastness. And yet, such vastness also rests within you. In a previous conversation, conversations with many of my beloved ones, you have talked and you have had the experience of being the galaxies…

SB: Yes, I’ve had that experience, Mother. (1)

DM: … of being the multiverse. So you have had a glimpse of this.

SB: Um-hmm.

DM: Many of you find it very easy to love collectively your star brothers and sisters, or collectively all who inhabit Venus or Andromeda or Arcturus or Electra. One of the things that I wish to discuss this day is how you can love humanity, how you can love, period, no condition at all. And we will even set discussion of containment aside. How can you love everyone upon your planet?

Beloveds, you are at a critical intersection, and the chaos and the mayhem upon my beloved Gaia is extreme. Now, is this part of the plan? Does all this hatred, envy, control, greed, pain, have need to come to the surface? Yes. Do you need to love it? No. You need to love the essence, the divinity, of all beings. Yes, including the humans.

When you have been having your conversation about core issues, and it is so, my lightworkers, my ground crew, you are being faced with the relief of issues that have threatened you or made you feel inadequate, in past times. And we will get to the heart of this today, but first I wish to speak to the collective.

Think of the core issues of your old Third Dimension and of humanity that have clung to that reality. It is all at the surface. Let me elaborate somewhat on what Germain has said to thee. You have not ever been appointed as judge or jury for each other or for humanity, for the human race. To commit yourself to ascension, to love, to the gift of grace I have given you nearly two weeks ago, the divine qualities! It cannot — it does not — include judgment.

Of course you are discerning. You have been given magnificent emotional, mental, and even ego acuity. I am not asking you to deny your intelligence, dear hearts. But what I am asking is to step back and send the love! Because it is not the judgment. It is only the love that can heal, transmute and transform these energies of chaos that are rampant.

You say to me, “Mother,” — and I hear your cries, morning, noon and night — “Mother, why are you permitting this? Michael, why are you permitting this? Why are women and children being brutalized, killed, raped, sacrificed? Why are men — and women! — being permitted to wage atrocity? It’s not a matter of who did what first! Why is this permitted?”

Humanity, humans, humans that carry my spark, the Father’s knowing, wisdom, everything that was ever required, are committing these actions. And I do not merely mean the actions of war. I mean the actions that are of cruelty, of bigotry, of segregation! Of financial cruelty! Political cruelty. Injustice.

Now, why am I allowing this to take place? Please remember, this cruelty is not my creation. This is a human creation, and you beg me, you say, “Mother, make it stop!” Dear hearts, I could not agree with you more! How? How, when all is in alignment, right now, how do you ascend, how does collective ignition take place if there is not love?

How does this happen? You — and I do not mean you who are listening; so again I tell you, I am speaking and calling to the people of Earth — you have asked to ascend as one. You have asked to be the embodiment of the highest realm of consciousness, in form, collectively, creating, inhabiting Nova Earth, Terra Gaia. This cannot occur without collective love.

Now, who is turning that ignition key? It is not merely me, us. It is not merely the archangels or what you refer to as my Company of Heaven. It is not merely your star brothers and sisters, it is not even merely Gaia herself. Your hand is on the ignition as clearly as mine is. And the energy to turn that key is love. It always has been, it always will be. This is never going to change.

So you are not loving the atrocities. You are loving the divinity in the collective. You are recommitting who you are and who they are, you are loving them into wholeness. Are you doing it alone? Most certainly not. That is why I have been flooding you with my energies and my gifts! Embrace the grace.

Allow the waves. If you are tired, come to the shallows. Let me hold you and bathe you and wrap you in my cloak of blue.

But, dear hearts, my beloveds of Earth, of Gaia, this is a collective action. It is as a collective ascension. The action, the movement, is every realm, all of us, yourself included. You are the bravest of the brave, the most determined, the most committed, the most stalwart, and you have faced challenges that are legendary. But we do this together. I do not do it for you. I do it with you.

The archangels, the masters, as a group, have come forth to assist me, to mentor you in this shift. Your guides, the kingdoms, your star brothers and sisters, there is not one element or one group that you can even dream of, let alone know of, that is not standing right here with you.

And if you wish to think of it this way, all of our hands are on the ignition key. You who are the most committed and faithful — and this is not judgment, it is a reflection of how you have been committed and driven and focused in your lives — you are ready to go, not merely flying through and back the portal.

So I beckon to you to call forth the love, not for the heinous acts, but for that spark of divinity that I have birthed in each and every one of you.

Now, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, Mother, it’s almost as if we’re in an obstacle race and we come upon an obstacle, and we climb up and over it. And one of the obstacles is just what you said, to see other people as that spark of divinity rather than as their history or their record or their rap sheet, however you want to point to it.

And it seems to be very difficult for us here, in the body, to make that leap, to leave behind the rap sheet and the record. And especially with people who are exceedingly violent, like, say, ISIS in Iraq or some of the Syrian fighters, or the people fighting in Gaza.

What is the best way to make the leap over focusing on people’s record or rap sheet, so to speak, or whatever you want to call it to seeing that divine spark in them?

DM: Now, let me be very clear. When I have said that your role is not as judge or jury, of course you use discernment. You do not accept or sanction these violent, atrocious actions! One of the most proficient ways to go to that place of loving the spark, of loving the human — because it is intended not to be impersonal but personal, but not subjective — do you understand what I say?

SB: Yes, I do.

DM: Put them in groups. Because time is of the essence. Your time, my time, divine timing. Your planet is playing brinkmanship. Now, will this be permitted? No. Your star brothers and sisters will not allow it.

But it is a very dangerous game, and it is dangerous because it is soul destroying. So never has it been more important in this process than now to love, to love the group.

So, you look at a group such as ISIS — it is a very good example — but rather than trying to separate — because it is that separation that we do not want to occur — not to say well, today I will love ISIS; tomorrow I will love Israel; tomorrow I will love Hamas… no! Because then what you are doing is you are creating segmentation, fragmentation, isolation, abandonment. And that is of the old paradigm.

Take the entire area and say, today, I love everybody who is carrying war and violence in their hearts. Now, this covers not only the atrocities in the Ukraine, and in the Middle East, in Detroit, in Chicago, in Washington, in Sudan, in Somalia, it covers the person who is cutting their wrist, wanting to die, because they are doing violence to themselves, out of hatred of themselves and their life.

So, group it that way. And if you know of a person — and all of you do; all of you — it would take about 10 seconds of your time, and none of mine, to visualize in front of you a violent person, extend your two fingers, extend for your heart to theirs, embrace them, love them. It is not like you do not know how to love. You are experts!

Why do you think we sanctioned, chose, fostered this platform? All of you, all of you who listen, and people of Earth, if you came with one specialty, one level of expertise, it was love. See the embodiment in front of you for all that grouping and love it.

Then the next day, so I don’t overwhelm you, take all those who are disillusioned, living in despair and terror — and again I do not simply mean the mothers, the fathers, the children of war, I mean the mothers and the children who wonder if they will have food this day, whether the baby will make it through the night, whether they will have a roof over their heads, whether the banks will foreclose, whether their checks will bounce, whether they will have money for milk. Those who are so tired and in despair because they physically, emotionally hurt.

Now it takes you two seconds to think of such a person, and love them. Love those who are in pain. And especially, even create a special day for those who have given up hope, because although I am watching you and infusing all of Earth with grace, what I am seeing… there are far too many. More are hopeless than violent and waging war and disillusioned and even despaired. They have gone beyond despair to simply, we would say, pre-death. They have given up hope.

Love them. Remind them that they are loved and lovable, and cherished and valued and honored and important to this ascension, to the fulfillment of my plan and theirs.

What you are doing, my sweet angels, is no different than what I am doing, than we are doing, than the archangels are doing, the masters… Your star brothers and sisters have never been so vigorous with their pink energy!

And the order of the day for all who are what you think of as the troops on the ground, your star brothers. It is the same for them as what I am saying to you: Yes, they are acclimatizing, they are adjusting, but their urgent order is: spread the love.

I have always asked you, I have always encouraged you to be the love, to remember that you are the love and only the love. But I ask you, very specifically right now — not just for today or tomorrow or for next week; but for the months ahead in this divine alignment — please, love. Love yourself, but love humanity. Lift them up and remind them who they really are, because that is what we are doing.

SB: Another question for you, Mother.

DM: Yes?

SB: You brought up the subject of hopelessness, and that raises the question of the second barrier that humanity seems to encounter in these times. And that’s that we’ve fallen into a pattern of thinking that there are no solutions, we can’t do it, we’re not the ones, nothing can work in this world.

Can you explain to us what the mechanism of that is? How has that come about in us? Because if we can understand that, if we can see what the mechanism is, then we can allow it to just leave us, to experience it through and let it go. How have we come to be in this situation of thinking so little of our own capacities, our own ability to generate solutions and carry them through?

DM: It was a false grid which was then anchored as a belief system, then anchored as an emotion and a mental belief system of lack of self worth that was part of the instruction — I would like to use the word obstruction — of the old third dimension. Those who wished from the place of believing in their own supremacy, wished in that distorted, egoic belief system to have beings, lesser beings, to control. It was a human — yes, dark human; but we do not judge this – it was a human creation, one of the most powerful human creations ever.

You are many things, and I have only listed a few at the beginning of our discussion — you are many things – but you are not helpless. Think of it: each of you has come back not only in service to me, but to be part of the ascension, individual and collective, and in physicality, to be the creator race, to create and close that circle, complete that cycle of limitation and claim the fullness of your birthright.

How do you do it? You do it with the help of Archangel Michael, by throwing your arms wide open and accepting my infusion of love and grace and the clarity of who you are. If I look throughout the multiverse, you are amongst the most determined of any realm.

And that determination is also the eradication, the elimination, the erasure of this feeling of helplessness. You are sick of it! And, dear heart, we are sick of it.

So you declare it, and you take action. Now, sometimes it is the tiniest action. Think of it, use your mental body, and your emotional, because they are one and the same; now, back and forth, and back and forth.

Use your faculties and even think of something small that you feel helpless about. “I feel helpless, not to lose weight, but to lose half a pound today.” And declare it not so, and align your determination, your surrender to your determination, and the alignment with every action of your day to that determination and to that surrender.

Surrender is action. Align with the truth of who you are and what you really wish to create. It matters not what you weigh! In reality, you are all massive! And tiny!

Perhaps it is “Today I do not wish to feel helpless in my relationship… with my child, my boss, my spouse, my partner.” Then decide, “Today I am going to have that one conversation, that one, two-minute interlude… And what am I going to do in that interlude? I am going to love. I am going to love them and I am going to love me. And I am going to prove…” not to me, sweet angels; not to your guides, but to yourself. You are not helpless. Make it your new mantra: I am a powerful creator, and I claim it now.

SB: Well, here’s another question, Mother, if I may.

DM: Yes?

SB: A third obstacle has been that — and I’m talking here about things that are happening at a very deep level within us. I’m not talking about our ideas about them, but these very deep orientations and conclusions that we reach – a third obstacle is that we’ve been convinced that only what we can see, touch, hear and feel is real.

So when St. Germaine says to me, Take my violet torch and torch that feeling, I say to myself, at a very deep level, That violet flame is not true. None of that exists. Or, when other people say, I see — we’ll take what Linda said earlier, I see the alignment of all the grids, and I’m saying to myself, Well, I don’t see the alignment of all the grids. That can’t be real.

How do you speak to that as a very deep mechanism within us that most of us are not even aware of, that we consider only what we can physically see and hear as real.

And therefore, of course, you’re not real, Mother! You know, I can’t see you. I can hear you through Linda, but… Do you know what I’m saying? We are convinced at some very deep level that anything beyond our range of seeing or hearing is not real.

DM: And that is a very important question, child. Because you are so much more than simply what you think of as your senses. And each of you is becoming more and more aware of, can we say, your expanded senses.

But let me share with you: recently, I took this channel on vacation. And I began with her once again to remind her of the basics. And so I share this with you as well.

Do you see the wind that creates the ripples on the water?

SB: No.

DM: Do you see the children at the other end of the lake, miles away, who are delighted to see the ripples? And do you see them jump in and create more ripples that you then receive? Do you see how I calm the air at the end of the day?

SB: No.

DM: Do you see how the mist is created, the grass and the trees? Now, scientifically, you say, “But, Mother, I understand that.” But you do not see all these things.

SB: Yes.

DM: It is the creation force. And when you put your finger or your foot in the water and splash, you are adding your creation energy to mine. It is not just what you see or think you see or feel or hear. You are more than that.

Your dilemma — and yes, it has been a very human dilemma — of how can I trust that there is more than what I immediately perceive with my senses? I suggest to you, my beloveds, that is not just the wind, but this is a good way to think of it. It is your knowing.

Your discomfort comes, your yearning comes from this restlessness, this push deep inside of you, your heart, and your soul (2) that declares, I’m more than just what you see.

How many times have you looked at somebody — a friend, a stranger, a sacred partner — and felt from the very core of your being, and yearned, wished, for that person to know that you are more than what they just see. That is your proof!

Don’t look any further! The fact that you know, when you are honest with yourself, not the false humility or the false pride, but when you look at yourself, and you know, I am more, whether you believe in past lives, future lives, above or below, in your core you think, I am more than just this shell of seeing and tasting and smelling. I am more ! — that is your proof.

SB: And part of what you refer to -I think I’m correct, and I’ll make this clear on the blog later on, Mother – is what sages call the longing for liberation, is it not? The insatiable thirst for union with you?

DM: Yes. But it is also your insatiable thirst for union with you, for my spark within you.

SB: Yes.

DM: And when you are united with your divinity, then it is like a catalytic reaction: you are united with me, and all the illusion of what is seen and unseen disappears.

SB: Hmm

DM: Because you feel and you know the love, my love and your love, and the beautiful joining. That is the sacred union.

And it is what you yearn for. But dear heart, it already is. So let us together turn that ignition switch. It is time.

SB: Well, thank you very much, Mother. I’m … so deeply in reflection here that I’m going to drift away. Thank you.

DM: Go with my love.

SB: Thank you.

DM: … and go in peace, dear hearts.

SB: Thank you, Mother.

DM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

(1) Many years ago I had the experience of seeing the inner universe. In a moment of meditation, I went up and up until I stood on a promontory looking out over the universe within. It was awe-inspiring.

(2) This deep push and yearning is built into us by God to keep us moving homeward to Him/Her/It. See “The Longing for Liberation” at

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The Divine Mother: Beloveds, You are at a Critical Juncture – Part 1 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Divine Mother: Beloveds, You are at a Critical Juncture – Part 1

Posted by Steve Beckow on July 25, 2014

Today the Divine Mother discusses the critical need for us to shower our universal and conditional love upon everyone on the planet so that we can ascend as one.

She says that we are at a critical juncture. Why? Because the dark ones, the Illuminati, are fighting to survive as an elite in the face of the rising vibrations of the Tsunami of Love and (and the Mother does not discuss this second factor) in the face of their knowledge of the coming of the Reval, both of which which will cause them to lose power.

The first part is a discussion of core issues between Linda, Suzi and me; the second part is the Divine Mother’s talk. Thanks to Ellen for such a quick turnaround.


An Hour with an Angel, July 22, 2014

Suzanne Maresca: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her today is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. I’m Suzanne Maresca, sitting in for Graham Dewyea.

We’ll be graced once again today with the presence of the Divine Mother. So, with that, I will turn it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Suzanne. You know the listeners will remember that the Divine Mother said that she wanted to return and had more to say. And I’m looking forward to that.

And, Linda, I know it’s hard for you to speak before channeling such a powerful energy as the Divine Mother, but we’ll be discussing core issues today, and I wondered if you wanted to, or could, put in a word about your experience of people’s core issues that, through the readings that you give or the teamwork you do?

Linda Dillon: Yes. I think every now and then it’s important for us — and I do mean all three of us — to talk from our human perspective, from our Ascension-in-process perspective, about what’s going on upon the planet and how we’re feeling, and not only in the mega-sense, but also in the up-close-and-personal sense.

And one of the things that I certainly have been noting, yes, in the teamwork that I do, in the people I talk to, in the notes I receive, is that people are really having their core issues — what the Council often refers to as key motivators — come up for grabs. And in fact I was working on my newsletter for the Council of Love this morning and addressing this very issue. But I think it’s important that we talk about it, and Steve and Suzy, please, feel free to chime in.

Now, what I’m seeing — and it’s particularly true for lightworkers, wayshowers — you know, if you think of us as being the first wave, the people who our Divine Mother talked about last week, last show — I’m in and out of time! – but that she talked about as that group that perhaps is exhausted and battle weary.

And what I’m seeing is that our core issue, the thing that for many of us has meant life-or-death survival, is up in our faces. And it’s not just up in our faces confronting us mildly or subtly, it is in our faces, bam, bam, bam.

And each of us, I’m sure, has an idea of what our core issue or our key motivator is. It’s that issue that we confront that in the past we felt like, if we go too far, then I’m going to want to die, and I’m probably going to check out.

And so it can be betrayal, it can be despair, it can be abandonment, fear of failure, fear of success. It’s these basic, basic issues. And so what’s going on — and I’m sure each of you has something to contribute, and I know this is going to resonate with our listeners tonight — is that we’re being confronted with the very thing that we think is the worst.

SB: Some of the core issues that are coming up for me right now, I’ve never confronted them before. They’re complete strangers to me. And it’s like, do you remember the scene in Alien where the little hand is over the fellow’s face? Do you remember that if you saw the movie?

LD: Yep.

SB: It’s like that. It’s like the core issue’s all over my face! And also I’ve noticed that I’ve had breakthroughs on core issues without completing them. I mean, for my life I needed to get through the core issue, and I did, and it wasn’t by completing it this time. It was simply by taking a stand and getting through it. So even the means of getting through it is different right now.

LD: Everything has changed. I’m not surprised to hear you say that you may or may not have known your core issue, because it’s the very thing we avoided looking at. Because it was that red, flashing light: danger, danger, danger! Don’t go here! Because I may have to off myself! You know, and we off ourselves in all kinds of ways.

But it’s certainly enough to trigger our departure and our desire to go home. But the point is that, in terms of our evolution and where we are right now is that we are – evolved is the wrong word. We’ve taken enough of a quantum leap that we’ve begun the penetration of the Mother’s clarity, of her purity, of the love, and the last time we spoke, of her very grace — we’ve got enough foundation that we’re now equipped to look at that.

Now, having said that, what I’m seeing is that there are two groups that I’m observing: there are those who are confronting their key issues, their core issues, and they are remaining in the ecstasy and the processing, and keeping going; and then there are many of us who are absolutely down for the count. And we’re not talking about people who haven’t done their work; we’re talking about people who are leading the pack.

So I’m hoping today that all of you are listening because I’m sure the Mother has words of advice and comfort for you. This isn’t the time to quit. Because it’s going to come up again and again and again and again. So confront it and deal with it and let it go. Surrender is the key word.

SB: Yeah, what an anomalous time. I don’t think there’s any other era in which it could be said with more truth that this is the best of times and the worst of times. Together.

LD: It is! And we had thought that we had had our feet to the fire, particularly in the last couple of years. But this feels, I’m sure for many, that, not only are my feet at the fire, I’m in the fire.

Now, the other good piece of news is that St Germain came, unexpectedly, through a group channeling, a conference call channeling, on Saturday — and I’m sure the Mother will address this today — but said, everything is in alignment, above, below, inter-dimensionally, etherically…. And I think some of us are really feeling that. But what he added is that this isn’t a momentary alignment. This isn’t a few minute or a few hours or a few days or a few weeks. This is months. Please, re-commit yourself.

SB: Hmm. Sort of locked in, so to speak.

LD: Yes.

SB: But what does it mean to say that everything’s in alignment? I’m sure a lot of our listeners will wonder, well, what specifically are you talking about?

LD: What we’re talking about — and please, Suzy, add something, if you care to — but what he’s talking about is us, the lightworkers who are holding, basically, the center, in the middle of this maelstrom — because look at the chaos that’s going on on Earth. — but humans, the collective human grid, the grid of Gaia, the universal grid, the grid of our star brothers and sisters and the Divine Plan are all in alignment in what we think of as time and space.

I’ve never seen this before, and I’ve never heard any of them say this before.

SM: Well, if I can contribute here that I’ve had a vision which was actually prompted by you, Linda, but I went out to my hammock, and I was asking for a particular kind of vision about the alignment, and what I saw was several disks, okay. And it’s like you go into a paint store and you get like a booklet of paint chips, it’s all attached at one spot and you can fan it out in a circle if you want to. So it was kind of like that. But all of these disks were just about to come into a complete… what I want to say is a supreme overlay. They were all superimposed one upon one another, and the very grid that you’re talking about.

So once they actually do the final click-in, that is… that is going to be a time of extreme acceleration. What they showed me was fast forwarding through a video, but just in the extreme, so that everybody will not exactly skip over their process; there won’t be any skipping-over; it will be a…. screaming through at light speed to also reach the same conclusion.

It felt to me like this is what’s called… going to look…. has been referred to as the event, and it was just a kind of an amazing vision for me. And there was no timing given, but that we were like this close.

SB: Um-hmm. It’s funny. You two are visionaries, right? You see these things. And I feel them. And I’ve been feeling this kind of anticipation and expectation as if, just as you say, Suzy, that we’re about to go into fast forward.

SM: Um-hmm.

LD: Yeah. I think we’re all feeling this sense of… not expectation but anticipation, and knowing that we’re really… we’re not even close, we’re there. You know when you’re starting the race? You’re right there!

SM: Right. Exactly. I know the word ignition applies to ascension proper, but it’s as if this is a mini-ignition or a lesser ignition, but that kind of fast transition.

LD: … and we don’t even know — and I’m not pretending that I do know — that this isn’t the ignition.

SB: Oh, well, I don’t know… [laughing] [Laughter all around]

SM: I’m on board!

SB: I’m all ears!

LD: You know me, I”m the girl that avoids the time factor!

SB: Yeah, that’s right! But I’d welcome it. I’m ready! So, yeah.

LD: I think we’re all ready. And I think that’s why this core issue business is up. It’s something that, as we individually look at it, surrender….

I was doing a channeling yesterday, and the advice stuck with me, not particularly because of the person’s issue, but it was to look at the issue as if it was a person standing in front of you, to embrace it, to accept it, to love it, and then surrender it.

SB: Oh… Can I interject? Because I, twice yesterday, had an experience, a similar one, not quite the same as what you’re saying, but similar. And that was that when I had some issue arise, I can’t remember what it was, but it happened on two occasions, I was able… it was as if I could isolate myself from the issue that I had, as if I could kind of define it and turn it into a ball, and then I kind of just gently pushed it away from me! [laughing] Not resisting it, you know, not hating it or anything of the sort, but lovingly launching it into the air. And it worked!

LD: But like a love balloon.

SM: Yeah, right.

SB: Oh, absolutely. So, yeah, no, not resisting it, not beating yourself up, but getting that we are not our issues.

SM: Yeah. And if I may add something that I just now got in meditation outside, that I’ve been getting recently information about, like, what I’m here to do, and it’s anchor light and energy. And yesterday that came to me as a transformer, as in like, divine energy comes through me and out into humanity, to Gaia, whoever needs it.

But the reason that came into my awareness became clear to me today, because… it just feels to me, okay, like I got the idea, transformer, anchor, generator even, that’s what crystals do. This is us becoming our crystalline form. It’s happening now. It’s happening now. So, my body is still feeling like flesh and blood, but energetically I’m doing what a crystal does. I’m so excited about that!

SB: Wow.

LD: You know, a lot of times people will ask — in fact, I think it’s one of the primary questions in individual readings, about their mission and purpose and whether they’re doing enough. And I think we all feel that. We are so committed to this ascension process and this expansion, that we came for, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s the Mother or Archangel Michael or a personal guide.

And they reassure us — well, I don’t even think it’s reassurance — they tell us, they inform us that if we wake up in the morning and we’re breathing, we’re doing our mission.
And when you look at it that way, it’s like, Oh! Okay! And everything else is add on. So we should really be feeling really proud, not in the sense of false pride, but really proud of how we have not only worked, but hung in there. And we are doing the job.

I Know the Mother tells us that all the time, but we have to pat each other on the back.

SB: It’s amazing how this transition from a lack of self-worth to a feeling of accomplishment and competency just gently arises. And, you know, it’s like, gee, I think a month ago I was feeling a lack of self-worth, and it’s not there anymore! You just see it after the fact, so to speak.

Well, you sound like you’re going out there yourself, Linda!

LD: I’m just in the way now. Goodbye!

SB: Well, we’ll welcome in the Divine Mother after you’ve made your transition

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Creative Energy – The New Paradigm ~ Linda Dillon @ council of Love

creative energy linda dillon

Creative Energy – The New Paradigm

July 24, 2014

The following is a discussion from the July 19, 2014 Saturday Conference Call. Normally these conversations are not shared but the insight from the Council on this difference between creative and non-creative energy is essential. The COL is guiding us to ensure we are remaining in the creative energy of Love. What does that mean?

It’s fascinating, is that what they are saying is that when you are in what we would call the old 3rd dimensional energy, and many of us are there sometimes either to do our work or because we simply slip and slide, is that that energy, the lack, the limitation, the cruelty, control, lust, and greed, are really up for grabs right now. When we are in that energy it is non-creative energy and what they are telling us is that that energy, and it’s encouraging to talk about this, that energy has no creative power. It has only the power to stall, act like fear, freezing, act as an obstacle that needs to be manoeuvred around or overcome, but it has no power to really create and certainly not to create Nova Earth and the inter-dimensionality that we are all ascending to.

Whereas when we are in the love energy, and all of us in various ways are feeling the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, and when you are traveling inter-dimensionally, which I strongly encourage all of you to do, is that you feel nothing but the love, is that that’s the creative energy, the joy energy, the divine quality energies, the grace energies that really have the power to create and create the new. So when you are going about your busy day, or not busy day, it’s just really important that you be paying attention, that you are staying in that higher energy, otherwise you are just getting basically trapped, in, you know, the construction zone where you are sitting in your car for an hour just getting frustrated.

Caller: …But isn’t this where the work is needed? Well, I’ve just asked like, “Why can’t I just go to the 7th?” I read that in your book about the whole thing between the 5th dimension and the 7th dimension, but the 3rd dimension is where we’re needed, it’s where the work is.

LD: No, but if you are thinking, and I’m glad that is a great question, but if you are also listening to the InLight Radio shows particularly Heavenly Blessings where we have been doing this kind of the hands on work, most recently with St Germaine, but on an Hour with an Angel as well, is that you don’t want to anchor yourself in the old 3rd. Where ever you go, whatever you do, think of it as we as human beings have the inter-dimensional realities, 1 through 12, available to us. That is how the realm of human experience on Gaia was created. The old 3rd, what we call the old 3rd, which now when you look at it is just vapours, it’s not even solid, it’s just like mist. You don’t…no they are correcting me…you can’t really anchor there, because there is nothing solid to really anchor on. It’s like in our human reality if you are trying to stand on a cloud it’s not really going to work very well for you if you are in your body.

So we send our energy, we send our creative energy, our love energy, our healing energy, our raising the vibration energy, however you think of it, we send that to the old 3rd and people who are clinging to that cloud, but we don’t live there. The physical experience we are having is at the lowest, and I don’t want to use that term as in ‘hierarchy’ but just in terms of numerology, is the cleaned up 3rd, which is the place to have a physical experience and to have the experience of free will. But we are not trapped in just being in the new 3rd, because simultaneously we are traveling into the 4th, the 5th, the 7th, the 1st. Please don’t forget the 1st and 2nd dimension, they are vitally important. Traveling up to the 10th and 11th to hang out with the masters, but we are not restricted. So we send the energy into the old 3rd, but try your best, don’t live there.

Caller: Linda, it’s so interesting that you say that this morning, customers coming into work this week there have been some horrific, horrific things that people are going through, violent, awful things and in meditation this morning I’ve had a really hard time dealing with that energetically because customers I had known being murdered and all sorts of stuff going on. Sanat Kumara had me have a look at my energy field in my heart and it was in two. The words he used I remember he said that is dead energy. And so that is exactly what you are talking about, I hadn’t thought about it in terms of non-creative energy and have never heard them use that exact terminology before.

LD: Yea. They are giving us new…you know the energy has shifted so significantly, you must have noticed that Mother Mary is talking to us in ways that she’s never talked to us before. So is St. Germaine, so is Ashira, they are being more blunt with us. Yes it is kind, it is loving, it’s uplifting, but there is directness, as if they are speaking to beings that are more spiritually aware and evolved. So they are telling us more really like it is and what we really can do and what is not going to serve. So dead energy, that is pretty clear. And this started for me when the whole thing started to decline again in Iraq, because you know that is very distressing with ISIS, basically for me it brings up all the memories of the holocaust because people are being lined up and machine gunned down after they have dug their own trenches to fall into and then just bulldozed over.

This is horrendous, horrendous stuff and it’s like we are in the middle of it and here we are in Ascension? So the key is not to go and engage in that energy, send it, send it special express. We have our Peace meditation tomorrow night let’s focus on the Middle East; it’s a tinderbox but don’t go and sit in it. And it reminded me, because years ago I went and I lived in Saddam Hussein’s house and confronted the guy and had interactions, it was like meeting the devil if the devil ever had a form, it was terrifying. But they are not telling us to do that kind of thing anymore, it’s like send the energy, but don’t sit in the energy, don’t live there.

Caller: So how do we not, I understand when you say not engaging in the drama, but do we bring ourselves to the 13th Octave?

LD: That is a great idea, bring yourself to the 13th Octave, anchor in that fourth click into Gaia and then go about your day, but it’s even more practical than that. You know sometimes you can go to the supermarket and let me tell you, I am not a shopper, so going to the supermarket is one of the more challenging things. The lights, the really tall isles, I’m really short, its overwhelming, there is too much of everything in the store, including people with all their energy going crazy because they are worried that they have to stretch their dollar as far as it will possibly go. For me it’s really hard energy. But sometimes you can put yourself in the space and you can waltz through the supermarket and you are in the Love and you have such a wonderful time, you know from the moment you walk in, to the moment the guy helps you with your little buggy to the car. And that is the Love energy. And other times you go in and sometimes someone bangs you or looks at you or says something grumpy and you come right back and you match their energy, you get grumpy all of a sudden and you think, ‘oh, I hate being here.’ You can’t go there. So when you find yourself doing that you have to go quickly put your hands together and click yourself up and raise yourself up, don’t go to that stalled energy.

Caller: Linda, I wrote you about my experience with my sister over the weekend, two weekends ago, how I just didn’t buy into any of the negativity that she had and I wasn’t aware of choosing not to do it until a day or two later, but then it lasted two more days and am I correct in saying she was in the 3rd and I was in another? It was a breeze for me not to enter into her energy field and prolong any of that.

LD: You didn’t buy into it, that’s a really good example because the other thing that happens is that it puts you back in the sludge; but if you stay in the higher dimensions then you just…it does become a breeze and it becomes pleasant, it’s like an enjoyable experience.

Caller: So this is something I come up against, do I say something to the person like ‘I’d really rather not…or can we talk about something a little more uplifting’ or do you just let them vent and just not ask questions?

LD: It’s different in every situation. This is where our discernment comes in, because, you know, sometimes if you say something it’s just going to escalate the situation and sometimes saying something can instantly shift the situation, so it just depends. I wanted to share with you, years ago, when I was living in San Diego, we had a class for people who were training to be teachers for the Council of Love and at the end of the weekend we went out for dinner together and we were all in a very high, celebratory space. We went to this wonderful restaurant down by the harbour, Harbour House. When we walked in we were seated next to a family who were literally abusing their kids’ right in front of us, yelling and nasty. It was awful. So for those of you who know LaHoChi we began to use that position and just flaming or violet torching that table. And the energy changed. No one said a word, but we all started sending the energy and that table changed immediately. By the end of dinner it was like they were our new best friends and the kids were running all around laughing. But we didn’t say a word. So it just depends. Use your discernment.

creative energy linda dillon