THE ILLUSION OF FEAR ~ Archangel Michael ~ Transmitted through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

sam carlo G 31.8.




             Beloved masters, will you pause with me for a moment and take inventory of your recent accomplishments, and what may seem like defeat or failure to you?  I would like for you to take a closer look and come to a better understanding as to what the initiation and ascension processes are all about.  You are getting a clearer picture of the workings of cosmic law and the magnificence and complexity of our Sub-universe as the veil of forgetfulness is lifted and you begin to tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self and Super-conscious mind. However, you still have doubts and are confused when you are confronted with some of your old fears and emotions.

            All humanity, without exception, is progressing by leaps and bounds-yes, even those who seem to be stuck or mired in victimhood, and karmic interaction of cause and effect, the drama of good and evil or duality/polarity consciousness. Deep within every sentient Being there is a discontent, a yearning, a feeling that changes must be made-that they cannot continue in the same old painful patterns of existence. As you are witnessing, some will choose to vacate the physical vessel, returning to spirit form to await an easier, gentler time to return and continue the journey of physical expression.  Others are becoming bold as they reach out into the unknown and find we are waiting there to assist them-and so, they begin to hope and dream as they take control of their destiny.

            Just as you must acknowledge, clear and release all negative memories and energies within your physical/etheric, mental and emotional structure, so it is with your Mother Earth as well.  This is the source of thedestruction process” that you all fear so much, but it need not be as radically cataclysmic as has been predicted and as you have been led to believe. True, all that is not in harmony with the higher frequency vibrations of the new age must be transmuted, transformed or lifted; however, this can be accomplished by becoming aware of the core beliefs which do not resonate with the more rarified higher fourth- and fifth-dimensional awareness of the future. As you are aware, your Mother Earth is also striving to attain a higher level of God-consciousness. In order to do so, she must clear the negative stream of core memories within the astral plane/her auric field-the maelstrom of negative mass consciousness beliefs of humanity from many past ages.  This is where many of you are having difficulties.  You are not yet able to discern which are your own core beliefs rather than those created by the many different races, cultures and religions over the many ages past.

            As you begin to become aware of and dip into unity consciousness, which creates great wonder, joy and a sense of no longer being alone, it also opens the door for you to tap into those ancient memories of fear, failure, betrayal and shame that others carry in their auric field.  You do not get just the positive energies, beloveds; part of your mission is to assist all humanity in becoming aware of its self-limiting beliefs, and the negative, destructive thought forms and actions.  That is why there seems to be so much senseless violence, why so many are lashing out in anger and pain. The world of form seems to be crushing and bruising those who cannot face their own creations and acknowledge that they have, indeed, created their own hell-filled world of fear and suffering.  They blame everyone and everything but themselves. For without allowing the soul or Higher Self to assist in the healing process, it is just too painful to face their creations, and the ego-desire personality becomes even stronger and more in control of the thought processes and behavioral patterns.

            That is why we are “pulling out all the stops,” you might say, in order to assist those of you who are the vanguard, those who are opening the way and creating the path for others to follow.  The process must be clear; it must be simple and not complicated as the ancient wisdom teachings were, for in the past, the ascension process was designed for the select few.  Those of you who are the teachers and the Wayshowers have had or are experiencing all the emotions, fears and setbacks that will confront humanity at large.  Many of you have made a great sacrifice and agreed to pass or experience many tests that were not of your own making (but an accumulation of the memory/energy patterns of other parts of your vaster Being).  In other words, many of you came with energies composed of many different facets or expressions, which you did not directly experience as a soul, but which you agreed to have placed in your energy (auric) fields and your DNA so that you would have to balance and overcome these imperfections.  So, beloved ones, do not judge a beautiful, awakened soul who seems to have had much more than their share of adversity.  Honor them; emulate them, for they are smoothing the way for you.

            And so, we ask you to observe the patterns of fear and doubt that are emerging, that which is keeping you from moving on to the next level of en-LIGHTEN-ment.  Each level has its own tests, trials and pitfalls, and many of you are hindering your progress because you cannot let go of old deep-core energy patterns.  Many are still caught in a struggle for power, on the one hand, while creating and performing great deeds of goodness, but still trying to control or force their truths or ways of thinking on others.  Many of those who still feel they must serve and sacrifice in order to grow spiritually are being taken advantage of by those who have not learned that what you take from others unjustly,  ultimately, you are only taking from yourself.  Many are still imprisoned in relationships which are hindering and hurtful, rather than supportive and allowing growth and expansion.  They are afraid to step out of the status quo or take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and well-being.  So many are afraid to face their nightmares and bad dreams, for they may come to realize they are of their own making, and that they are responsible for their own personal transformation.  Stagnation and a sense of futility are the formula for death, beloveds: death of the emotions, death of mental alertness, hopes and dreams, and eventually, death of the physical vessel.

            What are your greatest fears right now, dear ones?  What obstacles are keeping you from opening that next door to higher awareness and mastery?  Before you can accept and wield the gift of the First Ray of Divine Will, you must face and conquer your fears and demons.  We have endeavored over the past years to give you the tools and wisdom to accomplish this, but ultimately the task is yours alone.  These next years are critical, and we have said this many times before; however, it is important that you become aware of just how quickly the process of evolution, or the ascension of humanity is progressing.  If you are to stay on track and keep up with the frequency acceleration of your planet and with those who are reaching for the stars on their way back home, you must come to terms with yourself, with your fears, and your sense of being disconnected from your Higher Self and the realms of Light.

            Allow me to give you a gift, an exercise which will help you break through the restrictive walls of your fears and doubts and help you release those patterns that no longer serve you.   We wish to impress upon you how harmful the energies of fear are–energies which are keeping you from claiming the gifts of mastery–and how simple it is to move through them.

            Stand before a mirror or hold a mirror in your hand and gaze into this mirror as you bring into your mind that which you most fear.  Just as we have taught you to fill your body with Light, I now ask you to allow this fear to build as you create and imagine the worst scenario possible that has to do with this fear.  Feel it begin to permeate your body, feel it especially in your heart and solar power center, as you move your consciousness throughout your body and feel the restriction, the stress, the crippling energy creep in and permeate your Being.  Now look into your own eyes, see the pain, study your facial expression as it changes and ages.  Feel the pressure build until you know you can tolerate no more.  Now, beloved masters, take several deep breaths as you move deeper and deeper into your Sacred Heart Center and draw forth the Sacred Love of our Father/Mother God from within your Diamond Core God Cell–a precious gift that is always available to assist you through every trial and test.  Call upon your OverSoul-Self to fill you with the healing frequencies of the Violet Flame, and with all your senses become aware as this wondrous gift pours through and around you.  Can you hold on to the fear or does it dissolve into nothingness as this magic elixir of loving energy permeates your Being? 

 Again, look in the mirror and see how soft your eyes have become; how youthful is your countenance.  Feel the expansion in your heart and the release of the stress and strain within your body and muscular structure.  Fear cannot exist where there is Light-where there is love.  Breathe in the gift of life–breathe deeply of the Essence of Creation that is being offered to you.  When you are in fear, you restrict and cut off the flow of the Pranic substance of life.  This may seem like a drastic exercise, but in truth it is a great gift, for many of you cannot progress until you face yourself in the mirror, and allow your fears to be reflected back to you.  You will become aware that the fear does not originate “out there,” but from within.

            More and more of you are becoming aware of your life mission and how important it is.  Do not fear to boldly step out, dear ones.  Because you are assisting in the healing and resolution of the negative frequency patterns of your ancestral lineage. As you move upward on the Path of Light, you will also have available to you the wisdom and wealth of positive experiences from all the many lives of your soul companions.  This is the wonder of unity consciousness.  Have you not noticed how many teachers and messengers are bringing forth almost identical information, for they are experiencing the same emotional ups and downs, as well as receiving the same thought impulses?  Many of you have gone to gatherings where you felt a deep sense of coming home, of being reconnected with long-lost family or friends.  Just as many of you no longer feel in harmony with your physical family, nor seem to have anything in common with friends of long standing.  Do not judge; become the observer-allow your Higher Self to supply you with the wisdom you need to move through or overcome any situation or obstacle. 

            As you move into nonjudgment and are willing to allow the highest outcome to occur in all situations, you will break free of the bonds of fear, and life will become a constant source of wonder, joy and thanksgiving.  Claim the gifts that are being offered to you, precious ones, you have earned them.  Move through the fog of fear into the Light of the dawning age.  Walk boldly with a spring in your step, a smile on your lips and joy in your heart-those behind you are watching, my brave warriors of Light, do not falter now.  Show them, as we have shown you; take their hands and support them, even as we have done for you.  Tell them that you cannot take on their tasks or burdens, but you can give them the benefit of your wisdom and experience.  You will not have to make claims or state what level you have attained.  You will not have to try to impress or dominate, for you know within your heart who you are and that is enough. 



  • You must learn to identify the source and deal with your own negative thought forms. Often your negative feelings are picked up from those around you, especially if you are a very empathetic person.  Learn to surround yourself in a sphere of Golden/white Light in which nothing of a lesser vibration can enter and disturb your tranquility.  Everyone on Earth is in the process of clearing ancient memories and thought forms of the past.  Be a passive observer when these feelings roil up within.  Do not claim them, just observe and state to yourself: “This is anger I am experiencing,” or fear, depression, guilt or any other dis-empowering emotion.  Envision a blazing ball of Light descending from your Higher Self, bursting into a million tiny, crystalline diamonds rippling throughout your body, transforming and balancing all discordant energies within.  Do this as often as necessary.     
  • Shut off your mental auto pilot, and become the director of your journey and your experiences.  Tune into your own mental receiving station as you seek thoughts, vibrational patterns and sounds that are uplifting and empowering. Negative, critical thinking is composed of lower, disruptive frequency patterns.  If you don’t like what is happening in your world, lift your thoughts and change your mind so that you are projecting “balanced, uplifting frequency patterns of thought and intention.”
  • Learn to think with your whole brain–meaning, use both your linear, analytical outward- focused left brain, along with your intuitive, creative, inward-focused right brain.  Tap into your genius potential or the Light Packets of wisdom stored within your Sacred Mind, which are attuned to the higher dimensional or the cosmic storehouse of knowledge.           
  • Do not always express or project your emotions toward others. Allow yourself to feel and express whatever emotions you are experiencing, but first analyze and resolve them within your own sacred space. Speak and share only to clarify or clear up a misunderstanding, and always share your thoughts through a filter of love and compassion. This is the way of a master.            

Beloved Bearers of Light, as you integrate more of the plasma of renewal and become harmonious purveyors of Light, we are now able to more freely interact with you, and to work through you to create wondrous new things. By agreeing to do so, miracles beyond your greatest imagining will abound. We enfold you in the Light of Life from the heart core of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. I am ever near to guide and protect you. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : *

sam carlo G 31.8.

Who are the Elohim? – Part 1/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Vivekananda STEVE


Who are the Elohim? – Part 1/3


There are wondrous beings helping us with Ascension. I had an enjoyable discussion with an attendee at the Vancouver Golden Gaia Meet-up on the Elohim, which rekindled my interest in these elevated beings.

Believe it or not, not only are the Elohim among the wisest and most powerful of spirits, but some among them have joined us in these clunky dry suits that we’re wearing. I’ve met one, and perhaps two, in incarnation. I say “one” because Archangel Michael confirmed that she was an Elohim.

Even they’ve agreed to curtail their memories for a while and walk among us making do until their powers are restored. I don’t know what it would look like to see an incarnated Elohim with his or her powers restored. It must be a majestic sight.

So let’s look in this next series at this honorable group of beings who play such a pivotal role in the work of creation.

I don’t want to simply reel off all the Sanskrit or Pali names they’ve been called, but their names are legion.

However there are some names which are significant. And we may only have room to look at one of those names today.

That name is the “seven sages” or “seven spirits.” This doesn’t mean there are only seven Elohim. Their numbers are large.

What it means, I think, is that they build with the seven rays. Sheldan Nidle’s sources say that there are “Elohim in charge of this quadrant of the galaxy.” (1) Add to that what White Eagle says:

“A highly developed sensitive will register many lovely colours, all born from the seven primary colours and the seven rays used by the Elohim, the Silent Watchers, Great Ones, each at the head of his own particular ray. (2)

I’d imagine that one Elohim stands at the head of each of the seven rays for each quadrant of the universe.

Theosophist Helena Blavatsky calls them the builders and watchers of the seven spheres.

“The seven sublime lords are the Seven Creative Spirits, the Dhyan-Chohans, who correspond to the Hebrew Elohim.” (3)

“The ‘Builders’ … are the real creators of the Universe; and in this doctrine, which deals only with our Planetary System, they, as the architects of the latter, are also called the ‘Watchers’ of the Seven Spheres.” (4)

Annie Besant tells us that the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, which Hindus call Brahman, Atman and Maya, came first and next came the Elohim or seven spirits.

“The threefold Logos [is] the Trinity: the First Logos, the fount of all life, being the Father; the dual-natured Second Logos the Son, God-man; the Third, the creative Mind, the Holy Ghost, whose brooding over the waters of Chaos brought forth the worlds. Then come ‘the seven Spirits of God’ and the hosts of archangels and angels.” (5)

Their account is supported in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, which Levi wrote drawing on the Akashic records.

“From God’s own Record Book we read: The Triune God breathed forth, and seven Spirits stood before his face. (The Hebrews call these seven spirits, Elohim.)” (6)

“There is one God from whose great being there came forth the seven Spirits that created heaven and earth.” (7)

Krishna, speaking as Brahman, tells us about the birth of the Elohim or Seven Sages:

“Forth from my thought
Came the Seven Sages ….

“I gave birth
To the first begetters
Of all earth’s children.” (8)

“Forth from my thought” is how all of us were created.

Levi also tells us that they are the makers of humanity.

“[These] seven Spirits … are the Elohim, creative spirits of the universe.

“And these are they who said, Let us make man; and in their image man was made.” (9)

Have we a description of one of the Seven Sages, Watchers, or Elohim? Yes, apparently Swami Vivekananda was one of them. Here’s a passage from Swami Nikhilananda’s Vivekananda that describes his derivation. I apologize for its length but it’s one of the few descriptions we have.

“Absorbed one day, in samadhi, Ramakrishna had found that his mind was soaring high, going beyond the physical universe of the sun, moon, and stars, and passing into the subtle region of ideas. As it continued to ascend, the forms of gods and goddesses were left behind, and it crossed the luminous barrier separating the phenomenal universe from the Absolute, entering finally the transcendental realm.

“There Ramakrishna saw seven venerable sages absorbed in meditation. These, he thought, must have surpassed even the gods and goddesses in wisdom and holiness, and as he was admiring their unique spirituality he saw a portion of the undifferentiated Absolute become congealed, as it were, and take the form of a Divine Child.

“Clambering upon the lap of one of the sages and gently clasping his neck with His soft arms, the Child whispered something in his ear, and at this magic touch the sage awoke from meditation. He fixed his half-open eyes upon the wondrous Child, who said in great joy: ‘I am going down to Earth. Won’t you come with me?’

“With a benign look the sage expressed assent and returned into deep spiritual ecstasy. Ramakrishna was amazed to observe that a tiny portion of the sage, however, descended to earth, taking the form of light, which struck the house in Calcutta where Narendra’s family lived, and when he saw Narendra [later Swami Vivekananda] for the first time, he at once recognized him as the incarnation of that sage.

“He also admitted that the Divine Child who brought about the descent of the rishi [or sage] was none other than himself.” (10)

I had often wondered when reading this passage how seven sages could leave behind even the gods and goddesses. But now seeing that the “seven sages” are the Elohim, that phrase becomes comprehensible.

So, in terms of establishing a beachhead of understanding (10) from which to fan out into our subject, the first thing we see is that the Elohim are the “seven sages,” “the seven spirits,” who stand at the head of the seven creative rays.


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Vivekananda STEVE

MARY MAGDALENE: The Beings Within the Earth ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart


MARY MAGDALENE: The Beings Within the Earth

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014

Question: My dear mother taught me a light prayer when I was little: to send light and love to all those near and dear to us, to all points on the Earth and the nation, and to all points and planets in the Universe and powers in the Earth. Can you explain more about “powers in the Earth” please? She talked of the people underground.


Mary Magdalene: You are very blessed to have a mother who taught you this prayer. This is a priestess prayer.


Part of coming into the third dimension is that you are reduced to primarily the physical. So most of what you are consciously aware of and experience through your senses is the physical realm. This includes other beings that are physically manifest and all the features of the physical world. Because of this, most people tend to relate to the Earth as a physical entity. Your scientists have analyzed exactly what all the physical components of your Earth are, as far as they know, and taught you that that’s what the Earth is. And many people see the Earth that way.


As you grow and open, part of what you’re opening to is greater awareness that the physical is only one level of reality. You might call it a dimension or a plane of existence. There are other levels of reality that coexist with this level, often in the same space. Such is the case with the Earth.


There are subtler beings that inhabit your Earth—some upon the Earth, the way that you know yourself to be upon the Earth, but some within the Earth. Some of these are the beings that you find in your mythologies or stories, such as fairies, elves, gnomes, or those types of beings. Some of them aren’t part of your mythology or haven’t been brought to awareness in that way, but they are nonetheless present and real. So these are beings that are existing, you could say, in the Earth. They are in other realms that exist simultaneous with the Earth manifesting as a physical realm.


In general, these beings exist at higher or what you might call “subtler” levels of reality or planes of existence. Many of them are more evolved than human beings are tending to be at this time. And many of them are connected to you in various forms—as your sisters and brothers, teachers, helpers. Some are not as supportive as others. There is a whole range of beings.


Is this what you are referring to?


Questioner: Yes, thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


©2014 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved.

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Natalie Glasson ~ Mother Mary : Gentle Practices for Self-Love and Empowerment @ Sacred School of OmNa

sam carlo ART Ford Smith Fine Art

ART : Ford Smith Fine Art via Facebook


Natalie Glasson ~ Mother Mary : Gentle Practices for Self-Love and Empowerment

A very soft and gentle love [exudes] from the Angelic Kingdom, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings.
This love is so seemingly mild and delicate that it could be completely ignored and dismissed as being weak, or as not holding the presence of power expected from the Creator’s vibration of love.
It is this love vibration that holds power in its gentleness and delicate vibrations. It requires your focus and openness [in order] to accept and recognize the love.
Guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings, the Angelic Kingdom is emanating a love vibration, as a healing and further awakening, for those ready to embrace a greater presence of love in their realities.

[It is] as if the Angelic Kingdom is singing a beautiful cherished lullaby, only whispering it into the universe of the Creator to souls who are ready to receive. This is the love vibration being transmitted now.

It is so sacred, holy, cherished and treasured. [It holds] such profound wisdom, energetic codes and enlightening insights. [These] seep so gently, as if not wishing to disturb anything, simply finding their way to where they need to be.
This love is youthful, innocent, pure and subtle. It requires and asks those ready to acknowledge a purer aspect of love within them[selves], to call it forth and to be enveloped.
This love wave is intended for every soul and will reach every soul with divine timing. In this instant, it is being called forth by souls upon the Earth who are awake, aware and mastering their being, loving themselves and others unconditionally.

[These souls may] still be experiencing stagnation or resistance to fully embracing themselves, life and the Creator, [thus hindering their ability] to experience freedom from issues of pain or seemingly immovable energy.

Do not doubt your worthiness to receive this love vibration, for it is flowing to support your needs, bringing a greater sense of freedom and release to your being and reality.
Imagine, acknowledge or sense yourself receiving this wave or mist of love from the Angelic Kingdom, akin to a lullaby whispered so gently. The love embraces you.
You may hardly feel, sense or acknowledge it. But as its presence grows around you and as you open your heart chakra to the energy, you may be touched by its innocence and purity, as if witnessing the most sacred blessing of your being and the Creator.
It is akin to the first breath of love from the Creator, so nurturing and nourishing. Even though it may seem weak and faint, it is deeply precious and valued by you and your soul. You may wish to say:
‘I am worthy of receiving the gentle, subtle lullaby whisper of love, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings from the Angelic Kingdom. I recognize the purity and preciousness of this vibration of love.
‘As I open my heart, this love vibration reminds me of how precious, sacred, holy and treasured I am on all levels of my being, especially at the level of truth of the Creator within my being.
‘In receiving this love vibration I am ready to value, cherish and treasure myself as the truth and pure love of my being, eternally present. Thank you.’
The energy of the Angelic Kingdom, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings who are representatives of the holy feminine vibrations in existence within all, send this message upon a gentle wind that may be ignored or unvalued by some because it doesn’t [seem to] hold a powerful impact.
On the contrary, its impact is immensely powerful, as you are asked by your own being, as you call for this energy to gently and humbly remind you of the immense value of your soul and of your sacred presence upon the Earth.

[We encourage you] to recognize the divine within you, how subtle and powerful you are and how treasured and pure your being is.

The Angelic Kingdom and Cosmic Goddess Beings come forth with a very powerful reminder to trigger and ask you to cherish and humbly appreciate yourself and your divine essence.
They ask that you call upon their energy using the above invocation. Allow their lullaby, like a whispered love wave, to surround you, entering into your heart chakra; activating, achieving and healing all that is needed, thus creating an experience of freedom within your being.
Remember this energy is subtle, so you may not even recognize the shifts and healing taking place, and might be asked to simply hold faith and trust in the process and influence of the energy.
Understanding this love vibration is almost impossible. It can simply be described as purity. So let yourself be free from the experience of ‘understanding’ as you embark on this unification and activation.
It is my wish to share with you the gentle, subtle practices and inspiration, which aid the same subtle activations, shifts and realizations within your being. It is these subtle shifts of energy, consciousness and beliefs, which have the greatest impact upon your spiritual ascension. This is why I, Mother Mary, come forth with such gentleness to support and assist you now.
Often within our beings there is a resistance to noticing and accepting the gentleness, subtlety and quietness of our energies, thoughts, actions, and healing or retuning processes. In many ways an unwillingness to recognize the power of such subtleties symbolizes a resistance to accept one’s true spiritual power and magnificent divinity.
By honoring and cherishing the subtle shifts of awareness, consciousness, healing, love and self-acceptance within you, you awaken the greater power of your truth.
Your heart chakra, in fact all of your chakras and your entire being, are a synthesis of divine energy vibrations and aspects of the Creator. There is a synthesis of diversity and oneness within your being which can be challenging to recognize, especially when faced with the impact of separation, which inhabitancy of a physical body can portray.
I bring into the clarity of your mind and thought patterns the image of a tree trunk. When it has been cut down and you are able to view within the trunk, you notice ring after ring extending from the core of the trunk, creating ever-flowing and expanding circles upon circles – each one valuable, and yet creating a whole.
Now I invite you to imagine your heart chakra in this way. In the center of your heart chakra would be the core which represents the Creator. Then the next ring of light surrounding the core may be your soul group energy. The following ring could be the energy of your soul, and then your personality.
Imagine how many rings there may be, for there may be a ring for your Angelic body and connection to the Angelic Kingdom, your emotional body, the universal energies, cosmic energies, Ascended Master body, Fairy body and so forth.
The list of possibilities is endless because you are recognizing all aspects and parts of your being and energy. You are the Creator, so that includes everything – all energies upon the inner planes, and all vibrations of light.
Through this practice you can simultaneously acknowledge the many aspects of your being. For example, [acknowledge] your vibration of abundance or perfect health, while recognizing yourself as a whole and unified being of light. You do not need to know the exact order of the rings of light. Simply be inspired by whatever comes forth to be acknowledged.
Begin by saying: ‘I acknowledge, activate and accept the Creator.’ Imagine the core within your heart chakra as a source of the Creator. Then a new ring of light appears around the core.
Acknowledge this ring with the same words and the energy it emanates. Please do not think of this as an exercise of discovery where you must give to yourself correct answers. Be inspired by what comes forth and enjoy the freedom of not needing to gain accuracy and understanding.
Continue with this process for as long as you wish. Notice how your entire being becomes filled with such supreme light which is simultaneously you and the Creator.
As souls on the Earth and the inner planes, our greatest gift and ability are those of giving and receiving. We are always in the divine flow of the Creator, and therefore have a natural ability to give and receive the Creator in abundance.
This is a very powerful ability to recognize within your being as a natural talent you possess. With this recognition comes the understanding of needing to practice your ability.
I wish to invite you to practice your ability in a sanctuary of safety, guided and supported by your guides and inner-plane light beings. In this way there is no fear but only the experience.
Allow yourself to think of or feel a guide, your community of guides or an energy you wish to connect with. It can be an individual angel, master or guide, or a collective energy. Simply invite your chosen energy to be present with you.
‘I invite _______ to be present with me; to support, nurture and nourish me; sharing your love, light and wisdom with me. Thank you.’
Imagine, sense or acknowledge the energy embracing you. Reach your hands out in a cupped shape as a gesture of receiving. Let your hands be filled with light. Then place your hands flat on your heart chakra in a gesture of giving the energy to yourself and your heart.
The important key is your breathing, as this will intensify the process. As you receive with your hands cupped, inhale. Place your hands upon your heart chakra. Only when you feel your hands touching and in contact with your chest and heart chakra do you exhale, imagining the light flowing into your heart and entire being. Now inhale as you reach your hands out in front of you as you receive the light, then exhale only when your hands have returned to your heart chakra. Then continue in this motion for as long as you wish.
You may feel your heart expanding. You are practicing the ability of receiving and giving. To give to yourself is a very powerful process. It is also important to remember that receiving and giving can be an instant process. There is no need for you to wait for your cupped hands to be filled with light; it is instantaneous as soon as you set the intention. This is also [true] for [all of] your reality and experiences.
Please know I am here supporting you eternally,
I am Mother Mary,
In divine blessings and love.

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie ~ From the Past into the Now


Past Into NOW – Introducing IlliaEm


From the Past into the NOW

Introducing IlliaEm

As we move into the NOW of our true SELF, we begin to understand messages that we received long ago and often forgot. I know that I had forgotten this first message that I received from IlliaEm on July 1, 1995. I wish to share it today, for it is as important now as it was then.


Beloved Ones,

I am Illuminata Emaculatas, The Immaculate Illumination. I have also been known as IlliaEm, the Elohim of Arcturus. My true name cannot be spoken or written in your language, but close your eyes and ears now as you feel my signature.

I am a Solar Angel or Elohim of the Star System of Arcturus. You have felt my signature of pure, divine and unconditional love. Earth is not the only planet that experiences love. Love is the vibration of creation. However, Earth has been one of the few planets, which have dared to extend the love vibration into the third dimension.

Since the third dimension is one where the polarization of spirit and matter creates a separation of light and dark, love can become polarized to the end of the spectrum, which represents light. Fear, on the other hand becomes polarized to the end of the spectrum, which represents darkness.

This polarization of love/light and fear/dark creates the feeling of separation that is characteristic of the third dimension. However, that separation is actually an illusion, for these polarities are as intermingled as the blood in your third dimensional bodies.

The darkness is like plasma, in that it offers a carrier for the light, and the light is like the blood cells, in that it is the building block and the continuation of life. So you can see that the darkness is as necessary as the light for one to experience the third dimension.

I, IlliaEm vibrate at a dimension where there is no separation. Spirit and matter,
light and dark,
unity and separation
all are ONE!
We on Arcturus await your full reunion with our presence. We are so proud that many of you have remembered us.

Now, allow all that is of the old way to rise to the surface of your consciousness and to the surface of your physical form. Now, just as blood is released from a wound, allow all that is of the old to be released from the deepest and darkest portions of your third/fourth dimensional self.

As bleeding comes to the surface, it forms a shell.
 At first, this shell will be hard and fast.
You may seem injured and feel the limitations and resentments of many, many lives. These experiences are a part of your Earth experiences, and they need to be brought up from the darkness
before they can be healed and released—once and for all.

  • Feel within your body how each tear of sadness,
each scream of sorrow,
and each shudder of loneliness is released into
the light of your consciousness to be healed.
  • Feel in your body how each yell of anger,
each wince of frustration
and each outburst of rage is released into
the light of your consciousness to be healed.
  • Feel now in your body how each gasp of horror,
each cringe of fear
and each cloud of depression is released into the
light of your consciousness to be healed.

The process of releasing is similar to a small bubble rising from the bottom of the stream. Follow this bubble as it travels up from the core of your self.
Love it to the surface of your consciousness.

Allow that which you have released to find freedom from
the shadows of your memory.
Not just the memories of this life,
but the memories of all the lives that you have taken on the third and fourth dimensional worlds.

These memories are now your past. They are yesterday.

Today you are free.
Today you are victorious.

Today you are the sum total of all that you have ever been

since you first left the Godhead.

Feel the shell of yesterday being released from your form.
Soon the clay “body” that has felt like a prison
will crack open to reveal your true body of LIGHT.

Await patiently now, my ones.

Imagine your self as a seed beneath the earth awaiting the moment
when it breaks the surface to feel the Sun.

Experience yourself as the Sun enshrouded by the clouds awaiting the moment
when your light is revealed to all who will see.

Feel now your unity with ALL THAT IS.

Feel your wings, my dear.

You are like a butterfly struggling to be free of its cocoon.

Feel me, I am IlliaEm.

I am the Angel that radiates to the essence of your core.

It is time to be Home now!
It is time to remember and release.

Be courageous. All is as it must be.
And now, my beloved ones, you must wait.
The process of healing is one of patience and faith.

Say with me now:

I AM complete.

I AM the radiance of all that I have ever experienced.

I NOW welcome all memories to the surface of my consciousness.

I AM ready to return to my true, Multidimensional SELF.

My questions began about two months later:

8-30-95 (exactly 19 years ago)

“Dear IlliaEm,

Please help me to understand what is happening inside of me these last few days. I know that the fear of survival is rising from the animal within me. There is also another feeling that is so primal that I cannot put a word to it. It feels as if a long-lost part of my Soul, forgotten since I first took a physical form, is beginning to awake after a long, long sleep.

“I know that the other dimensions of my SELF have always been alive and active, but I (the part of “I” that is known as me) have not been aware of them. Perhaps my animal nature is afraid that I will abandon it if I become aware of those portions of my SELF.

“Perhaps I will. I do not know what is in store for us all as we move into the higher dimensions. Please enlighten me regarding the old feelings that I am having and regarding how our bodies will transmute as the vibration of the planet rises.”

Beloved One, I AM IlliaEm,

The part of you that is afraid of death is your body deva. It is afraid that when there is no longer a third dimension it will become extinct. What it needs to know is that it will be raised in vibration just like the rest of you.

No portion of your third dimensional self will become extinct. There is no death and there is no extinction. There is only transformation and metamorphosis. As your physical form begins to rise in vibration, the particles will slowly move further and further apart.

See yourself now traveling into the heart of an atom.

See this atom as a small speck in front of you and slowly begin to zoom in on it with your mind-screen.

See how this atom is getting larger and larger.

See it as a small galaxy with the nucleus being the Central Sun and protons and electrons being the Solar Systems that are orbiting around it.

GO next into a place in your body that is a correlate to this atom.

NOW, find the small place in your heart that is opening as you learn unconditional love.

Yes, there is the spot right in the very center of your heart. If you cannot enter that small opening in your heart, how can you allow others to enter it as well? First you must open your heart to love your self unconditionally before you can learn to love others in the same way.

“Yes IlliaEm,” I respond. “I am opening the portal to my heart. I see the small Galaxy that is an atom in the core of my heart. I see the nucleus like a glowing Central Sun. It is inviting me to enter. Will I be extinguished by its Light if I fall into it?”

My dear, you will be extinguished if you do not.

See the nucleus grow larger and larger until it is expanded beyond the edges of your inner vision-screen. Do not forget that this is the nucleus of the atom in the core of your heart.

This is the core of your Unconditional Love. Deep within the blazing nucleus, you will see a small doorway. It is entirely surrounded by bright light. You will have to feel it more than see it.

“Yes, I see/feel it now.” I say. The doorway is opening. It is the darkest dark that I could ever imagine. But wait; in the very center of the void of darkness I see a small light.

“I move through the doorway into the complete darkness. The darkness is like a black hole. It seems to absorb all of my essence and all of my light. However, there is no sense of good or bad. It is simply a sense of obliteration of all that has ever been.

“As I pass through the doorway, it seals shut behind me. I suppose that I should be afraid, but I am not. I feel content, as if I am finally performing the mission for which I first took embodiment.

“I am also aware of the portion of my third-dimensional self who is sitting at the computer. How will I return to that reality? Moreover, how can I believe that this reality is as real as that one which I have returned to it?

“I must believe that this reality is not an illusion. It is the core of my Self, the core of my unconditional love. Yes, I am beginning to understand the feeling I have been having, the sadness and the primal fear of extinction.

“I know now that it is the fear that I have been wrong. Fear that what I have always sought, meaning this doorway into the unknown, is not real. Fear that the outside world of the third dimension is the only reality.

“Yes, the feeling that has been plaguing me is doubt, self doubt, doubt in my own sanity. I have even had doubt about whether or not I could be dedicated enough to my own convictions that I could actually release my third dimensional reality.”

My Beloved, you do not need to release the physical world. It is a part of your total SELF. It will not be released, but will instead be integrated into the other portions of you. No part of you will become extinct.

Just as you are a small portion of me, your physical self is a small portion of you. Do not abandon it or judge it. It is serving the function for which it has been created. You have given yourself over to be one of the prototypes for the transformation of the physical body.

You have had sensations of loneliness from the third dimension because you have been unable to share your experience with many on that plane. Therefore, it is vital that you build deep and lasting relationships with the other portions of yourself, as well as the world that can only be entered through the doorway to your SELF. Doubt, my dear, is your only enemy.

“I am feeling very different as you speak to me IlliaEm. My body is becoming less and less dense. It feels as though it is expanding to fill the entire room. I feel how it is touching the walls around me and how it is a part of the computer in front of me. I feel my mind like the computer and I have less and less awareness of how my fingers that are typing on the keyboard or how the words may look upon the screen.

“I am becoming the experience of expansion. As I travel deeper and deeper into the nothingness of this darkness, I see a nebula before me that is of glorious colors of red and violet and pink. I now travel into the core of it and see glimpses of blue and an unusual shade of green that is not possible on earth.

“As I move through the nebula I see again the distant star. The star is coming towards me very quickly, and it bursts upon me as I burst upon it. I am the star. I am the space around it and I am the nebula. And now IlliaEm, I see you. Your giant wings fill my vision and your heart is fully open. The sun within your heart is rising over the mountains and the stream of life is flowing into me.

“I feel a tingle run through my entire body as the “flow” of your essence enters me. The me that sit at the computer is ONE with the me that embraces you. I move into your heart. I follow the life current like a salmon finding its origin.

“I travel up the stream of life current high into the mountains and into the setting sun. With the setting sun, I travel beyond what is known, beyond what is perceivable.

“Suddenly, I am on Arcturus long before I took a human vessel. I see my Divine Complement, preparing his ship for its journey to Earth. He turns, sees me and runs to greet me. As we embrace, we are instantly ONE. It feels wonderful to be complete again.

“Can I take this feeling back to my third dimensional self? How long will I have to return to that land of limitation? But as I think that thought, I remember my loved ones and the Nature there. I remember IlliaEm’s words,

‘You do not have to lose any of you.

It will all become a portion of your self just, as you are a portion of me.’

“My Divine Complement is smiling. I see him before me and within me. The third dimensional portion of me is battling within itself, trying to embrace the foreign concept of multidimensionality.

“I turn to it and it sees me. I am the eye looking into the heart. We are ONE and ONE and ONE. …… I am seeing the many aspects of myself as if I were looking at a house of mirrors. There is NO limitation to the echoes of myself. There is NO boundary to experience.

“Kepier, my alternate reality as an Arcturian in the time frame correlate to the 21st century Earth, comes to greet me. Kepier is androgynous. We merge into ONE in this greeting, and I feel IlliaEm join in the merging. I hear Kepier say,

“My dear, I am glad that you have been able to expand your sense of self to encompass this reality. Do you remember when you first left Arcturus to go to Venus in preparation for your journey to Earth? Yes dear, I can see that you do not. I will tell you that story now.

“It was early dawn upon the planet of Zantrill, and the sun was just rising above the horizon. At sunset, you had said good-bye to your comrades who would stay on Arcturus and afterwards spent the hours of darkness in deep meditation. Of course, the time span of light and dark were at your choice because your resonant vibration was of the seventh density.

“However, the rhythm of inflow and outflow was a routine established in your pod. You had all decided collectively to create a sunrise and sunset in order to have a group experience of inflow-darkness and outflow-light.

“IlliaEm oversaw your pod from dimensions just above your own. All of the members of your pod had volunteered to make the journey to Venus. Some would then move on to Earth once they had learned to survive in a lower density. Some would stay in Venus to act as guides for those who went to Earth.

“There were 40 in your pod and all of you were like the fingers of a hand. You were individual in your consciousness but unified in your awareness and purpose. All of you were androgens. Your pod had chosen to answer the call of Gaia to enter into the great, third-dimensional experiment of separation. Because all in your pod were ONE, all of you would have the sensation of third dimensionality, even if they remained on Venus.

“The adventure was beginning. There was no fear or sadness, as you had never experienced those emotions. These emotions would not be a part of your awareness until you joined the evolution of Earth.”

Note from Sue:

I don’t think that I have ever shared this with anyone. It feels good to have the confidence and courage to finally believe in my multidimensional experiences enough to share them with others. Blessings BE to all of you who find the confidence and courage to share your amazing, multidimensional experiences. As more and more of us share these experiences, we serve as ONE to:



Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Sanat Kumara on Abundance, Aired July 29, 2014 ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

sanat kumara header

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Sanat Kumara on Abundance, Aired July 29, 2014

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’re going with the flow… we were ready to welcome Sanat Kumara back to the show for the first time since our Universal Laws series last year.

The discussion was to include how Universal Law applies to Abundance and I am looking forward to whoever shows up because we might have a surprise today.

The Abundance feels as though this is the one issue that is catching a great deal of our attention these days and it hasn’t been so easy to keep up the faith when we allow worries to take up so much space in our thoughts and it seems like the world is exploding.

Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, it’s good to be here and as you say you know today I think we could do a subtitle here “going with the flow.”  And I can feel Sanat Kumara.

Let me tell you what happened to me last night again at 3:33 this morning after I’d been awake for hours listening to the things they want to include in the Union and Reunion Gathering coming up in October.  Mother Mary appeared again by my bed.

SK 2And it’s not just like an apparition with your eyes closed and feeling the presence, but full-on, front and center.  That’s how I wanted to start the show today.  I think I’m going to cry…what do you do when the Mother shows up?

To me, the embodiment of the Mother in the way I can handle, even though I know she has a million faces as Mother Mary.  What do you do when she shows up?

And what I do is, I just am in this sense of overwhelm, of awe, of wonder, of joy.   But I just start crying because it’s so big and it just takes away, even in the middle of the night, it just takes away everything else or can I say that sense of importance – no false importance really, or exaggerated importance – of everything else.

It’s like you’re just there and you’re in the Love, and those 22 million things on your “to do list”, it’s not that they disappear but it’s that sense of this is all that really counts, this is all that really matters is to feel that Love.

How I often say this in our InLight team meetings is that the Council of Love can be really boring.  All they ever talk about is love, love, love.  But when you have these experiences, it’s like nothing else matters.

And the feeling of overwhelm with the “to do list” changes in terms of overwhelm, of just feeling this abundance of Love. So my reasons for bringing it up is that I know the Tsunami of Love is going to increase.  This is The Mother’s heads-up and how she tells me here comes another wave.  I wish everybody could just feel this abundance of Love.

sk 3Sanat Kumara, in preparing for today – he is so funny, he actually made me, made me – listen to me, suggested strongly, that I go and look up in the dictionary the meaning of abundance.

And I did of course and there are various explanations, but abundance – the primary consistent, dictionary after dictionary, explanation for abundance – refers to measurement and particularly in chemistry, I guess.

But it struck me as I was sitting there reading this, is that of course he is talking to me.  When we talk about the 13th Octave and about being in the place of Divine Union, about going to the Heart of One, they have always explained the 13th Octave as a measurement.

Going beyond what we think and have thought as the old 3rd dimension, going beyond to the 13th Octave or beyond into the 12 dimensions that we have while we maintain our body.  There is no such thing as lack.  The abundance of the various qualities, the laws, everything that is available to us, yes in a whole bunch of different forms, but that that abundance is there.

You know that overflowing, plentiful fullness was another example.  You know affluence was way at the bottom of the list, and we tend to think of abundance too many times because many of us are concerned about money.  If we’re not concerned about money for ourselves, we’re certainly concerned about money and food and shelter and clothing for the world.

But what I hear Sanat saying to us – and the Mother too – is that it’s really time for us to start at least thinking and perhaps even feeling abundance in a different way.

SM: Well, It involves trust.

LD: It involves that darn trust again. St Germaine where are you when we really need you?

SM: Right here


sk 4LD: Yeah right here, and the room is full, Suzi. And I can hear our listeners saying, “Well yeah, I can see abundance! I can see abundance of war; I can see abundance of friction, of mayhem, of chaos, of hatred, of greed, of rape, of pillage, of starvation, of abuse of animals.”

I think one of the things I’d like to ask Sanat Kumara, the Mother, whomever is present because Gabrielle just walked in too, is to give us another word so that we’re not sort of defiling that word of abundance.

The we can start thinking of and creating in a different way, because this has to shift.  I know many of you who are sitting there are feeling that – this has to shift.

SM: This has to shift, exactly.  It feels like all the lack and the poverty and all the things that you mentioned and war as well as disease are all created things. It would be interesting to track where the creation of these things has started so that we can dis-create them.

LD: Or torch them, or use the Law of Elimination, you are absolutely correct. Because all those things that we are talking about are human creations, they are human, man-made – and I don’t mean gender prejudice – but they are man-made creations.

SM: It brings me to wonder, and I’m sure that many listeners are wondering how long we need to keep the faith, hold the Light and do what we are doing while the rest of the world doesn’t.  And when our perceptions will open enough to know in our hearts and in our bones that everything really is OK, and that we can just relax and keep doing our thing.  I mean, how long does that go on for?

LD:  You and I have certainly had that conversation and the answer, when I am in a flip mood, is “As long as it takes.”  You know, we put our heads down and keep going, but of course the real question is how long?

sk 5And I do sense that if we just didn’t even look outside this room, if we just looked at ourselves then we’re not the same.  I say this to everyone who is listening – we are not holding that energy of war and lack and limitation. We may be having an old 3rd dimensional experience of lack and limitation, but we are not holding that energy.

So how do we shift into that fullness of abundance? Because it’s abundance of joy, it’s abundance of knowing, it’s abundance of all those things that are the higher qualities, the Blessings and Virtues that were included in the Mother’s gift of Grace.

SM: Well one of the challenges is if we see these things for ourselves then we trust and have faith, and most days we’re strong in knowing that everything is going to be Okay.  Yet we’re continually surrounded with people who don’t feel that way, and it’s really hard to hold the Light in those circumstances.

Some days are better than others.  I mean, most of my days are great and I can be in that place, but yesterday I had kind of a cranky day.

LD:  And part of that is allowing yourself to have a cranky day too. You call it cranky I call it goosie… Laugh…But yeah, there are days.  And yes you can fool yourself and say, “Oh I’m just processing for the Collective.”  Yeah right!

And of course the reason that we can say that is that it’s true, we are processing for the Collective, like we’ve never done before.  But if we didn’t have a speck of that energy of whenever we’re cranky or ticked off about within us or within our field, if we didn’t have that mirror to match up with, then that’s not the issue that we’ve been processing.

So I think my question to the Mother and to Sanat Kumara is, “How do we move from being the mirror of that lower vibration to consistently, in every waking hour, being the mirror for that real sense of abundance?” Wow, I wonder if they can deal with this.

SM: Well, we’ll see. Time for meditation?

LD: Time for meditation and it’s also time for us to realize that this is a process for us.  This is part of our Ascension process as well.

sk 6SM: Yes, indeed. And I agree that what we pay attention to is important.  On those days when we’re just feeling bombarded with all the negative energy and the bad news in the world and how people feel about it – that’s when we need to really, really step in and hold the Light.

LD: That’s when you need to lie down in your bed and ask Mother Mary to come and comfort you.  You and I have talked about this and I think it s important to share: even when we’re in this feeling of bombardment, we’re also still in a really highly creative phase.

So we’re building.  I mean look at you and your Whale Tails.  You are in production city, girlfriend!

SM: Oh I am. I haven’t done it for 8 months and I finally opened a new kiln.  I’m still taking pictures and updating the website.  But yeah, I’m doing that and I feel really good about it.

20140728_183516-1They turned out really beautifully and the energy in them is awesome. But at the same time that’s one of my reasons for being cranky yesterday: I took a bunch of pictures and they didn’t turn out to be as color-accurate as I wanted them to be.   I wasted all that time and I’m just like a little, you know – whiny.

LD: Yes but you know what? We’re taking pictures right now of the planet and of what’s going on on the planet, and that’s not color accurate either.


SM: All right!

LD: So with that …

SM: So with that, here we go… (meditation begins at 17:12)

sk 7LD:  So let’s begin to take a nice deep breath of gold, the gold of Sanat Kumara, brilliant, shiny gold and the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, that rich molten gold, the Florentine gold and the gold of Yahweh, which is like a canary diamond, sparkling and brilliant. And breathe and simply give yourself permission to just be here, to be bathed in this golden energy, in this golden Light.

And go down into your heart and as you’ll remember, see that tiny pinprick of Light, the center of your heart and unfurl your golden wings and stretch and relax and feel the truth, the might, the abundance of who you really are.

And fly through that pinprick of Light, right through that portal, to the interior of your Being, to the interior of your heart and see those golden walls. And see the beautiful writing and symbols and messages that you have written on your walls to remind yourself of the truth of who you are, of your magnificence in and out of form, of your divinity, your wonder, your gifts.

Go to that place, whether it’s a cushion or a stool or a beautiful chair or a throne and go and sit down. Come with me and come deeper into your heart. And as you sit and you gaze around this wonderful chamber, look and notice, What is the very particular abundant quality that you brought to Earth, that is as much as part of your Being as you lungs, your hair, your skin?

What is that abundant quality that is an essential part of your soul design? Compassion? Or joy? Humility? Prudence? Maybe you carry an abundance of hope so you can be the well spring that others drop on, or Love, or peace.

Take a minute and let yourself really feel what your special abundance gift is. And as you do this, feel the gratitude welling up in your heart, in your Being, in you core, as you are sitting there. It’s just you. Feel the gratefulness for who you are and for what your carry, for you carry it not just for yourself but for the Mother/Father One anchoring it on Nova Earth, you carry it for your family, for your soul family, for humanity and there is enough to go around for everybody.

You are an embodiment of the Mother’s infinite design. Acknowledge this and accept this and be grateful to yourself and allow others to be grateful to, for and with you.

sk 8Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SM: Welcome.

SK: Yes, I bow to the Mother and I stand with Gabrielle and I thank you, my beloved friends, for inviting all of us this day as you always do, you know. Yes you may give me or St Germaine or Archangel Michael the opportunity to speak, but know, particularly, there are instances when we speak as One.

Do we have slightly different perspectives, different ways of expressing? Yes. But the kernel is Truth, the kernel is Love, the seed is Love.

And yes, I have come this day and asked, requested, not merely to review the Universal Laws, which I am so happy to share with you, but also to take you by the hand, to put my arm around your shoulder, not merely as Planetary Logos but as brother and friend and guide. Yes, and guide you and lead you to a different place, a different place of existence, a different octave, a different way of Being, a different way of perceiving.

When I have shared with you, my beloved family, the Universal Laws, straightforward and simple, my purpose is to share with you how things work, the mechanics, not merely for Earth, but that is our concern at the moment is it not? It is how do you operate, how does Love behave and create in this planetary sector?

sk 9So, I share with you the Laws of Sacred Purpose, of Change, of Unification, of Dispensation, of Elimination, of Give/ Receive/ Intend, all of this, not because I wish to be the instructor but because – yes as Logos – but as friend, as brother, I want you and I need you, in our sacred union and in our partnership, I need you to understand, to implement, to use these Laws and to begin the creations of your life, of your journey, of your Being and yes, of Abundance.

You have asked dear Suzanne, how to discreate? And previously we would not have had such a creation discussion, but that is the purpose of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of Give and Receive, of Transmutation, of Transmission, of Dispensation, of Elimination.

You are tending and I mean you, the human race, because I, like all who are coming to you at this time, I speak to all the people of Gaia. You are thinking of abundance in terms of drawing in, but that is only one portion of it because to be in balance, when you bring in there is also a release, otherwise you are going to tip over…not really because you are infinitely able to hold far more energy than you are even dreaming or conceiving of.

But there is too much, yes even for me, there is too much discussion about the clearing, about the letting go, about the dispelling, the elimination. And on the creation side, which is why we started to have this discussion about the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws in the first place, there is not enough discussion, there is not enough action about the ‘bringing in’.

Now you say to me, “SK, Raj, brother, I am asking every day to bring things in.” That is all very well and good and there are our Legions – quite literally – ready to assist you, in addition to your guides and circle, to bring things in. But we are also in a time, your time and our time, of Sacred Union, of the Mother’s Tsunami, of the imbuing of Grace, of all the Divine qualities and attributes.

So, it also means that you are pulling in; so, not merely are you asking to receive, you are actively, you are forgetting the action piece, not totally, but this is what I wish to speak to you of, you are forgetting the action piece of Creation.

sk 10You – yes in partnership but that is what partnership means, we do not do it all – you are the servants of the Mother, the strongest of the strong, masters, how many times do we need to say this? You came to Earth in your mastery and you say to me, “Well, SK I sure don’t feel it.” Well, nevertheless this is the truth, the stand alone truth; you are the masters.

Look at what you are creating. Now I am asking you, each of you, pleading with you, are you collecting daily, the codes of what you wish to bring forth, what you wish to create, in accordance with the Divine Laws, in accordance with the Divine qualities, in accordance with dimensional reality, not the old 3rd because the old 3rd will get you nowhere. It is an illusion, so the more attention you pay to the illusion you are living there.

So you say, “Dear Heart, it is hard for us to ignore when people are being shot down, starving, raped, pillaged, when institutions are taking away our freedom.” But that is not the truth. You cannot – it will kill you if you continue to live in that old reality; it will kill you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically – you cannot do it, you cannot live, thrive, build, create in a non-existent reality that the Mother is banishing from the Universe.

You have spoken of discreation. Well one the fundamental discreation that is taking place is the discreation of the old 3rd. We keep saying it is but vapours; there is nowhere for you to anchor. You may send the energy but do not live there and you most certainly do not create there. So you say to me, “Well then Raj where do I create?” Start – and not tomorrow, not an hour from now – start right now with me creating in your heart, in your room, in your car, in your office, wherever you are in this instance. Let us start and never stop.

sk 11I am not saying that you do not have time out for play, for laughter, for sleep, yes for what we call staring at the wall; these are important pieces of creation. But start! It was not an intellectual exercise for me to explain and to share and to give you and ignite within you the Universal Laws, the understanding of how things truly work.

So you say to me, “Well then, if this is how things truly work, if Universal Law is simply an expression and explanation of how Divine Love behaves and manifest, how do I begin?”

And that is what I wish to review with you. In our reality time has always had a different meaning. Our time lines at this juncture are in alignment, our energy are in alignment, our grids, our intentions, the Divine Plan, it is all in alignment so that is why I am here this day, that is why the Mother is flooding you even as I am speaking to you.

How you begin is being in your grateful heart. You say, “I don’t have anything to be grateful for; I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m broke.” Then be grateful that you are breathing, be grateful that you know that you are in a situation that must change. Look outside your window and be grateful for the sky, the air, the grass, the trees, the cement.

Start with me by anchoring in your grateful heart. In your heart, not the heart, not the heart of One, but your Sacred Heart that is an infinite, eternal vessel of Love.

Now while you have become magnificent at bilocation, I am asking you, for this exercise, not to be in two or twenty places at once. Be fully present with me in your infinite, loving, grateful heart so that you cannot be in that place of lack and limitation, hatred and greed.

sk 12So anchor my Beloved with me. Your intentions for Ascension, which is throwing the door, the portal, wide open, not only interdimensionally but to the opening of all your talents and abilities. So let the intention be, for this moment, your Ascension, forget humanity, let us focus on you because you are the mirror, you are the mirror of each other and you are the mirror of the Mother.

Now, what do you wish to create? What I am asking is to take your focus away, just this day, just this week, just this month, during this transition phase, take it away from what you are thinking as repair work.

It is not that it does not need to be done, but rather than looking back at the old 3rd and saying, “What I am creating is peace on Earth,” bring in the abundance of the new, not just repairing the old but what is true peace, Nova Earth, where all are fed, all are clothed, all are welcome, where there is community like there is at home, on Venus. Where there is only the expression of Love.

Decide with me right now that that is what you are going to bring into you. Now as you do that, it pushes out the old. So bring in the abundance of whatever you choose: humility, compassion, peace, Love, do it. Put your hands, your arms out. Feel the coolness; the air is filled with what you think of as creation codes. It does not matter if you are sitting in a closet, a car, an auditorium.

The air is filled and your wonderful magnetic hands, your Violet Flame hands have the capacity to simply gather the abundance of these codes.

sk 13So throw open your arms my beloved friends and bring in the abundance of what you desire of these codes and bring them in directly through that portal of your heart, bring it in right now.

And understand as you do this, as you bring forth and in an abundance of awe, of joy, of compassion or charity – as you do that, what does it experience interdimensionally?

What does it experience, what does it manifest as in terms of the tangible, of a physical expression that you can maintain form with? It is everything you want.

So I am not saying do not collect the codes for a new car, or a new sofa, or a new house, or financial abundance, what I am saying is bring forth the Laws and the qualities that allow those things to manifest. So you have said today, “How long do we have to wait?” What I am saying to you, each of you, you Wayshowers, Gatekeepers, Pillars, beloved Angels, Masters, how long do we have to wait? I say not one more minute.

This alignment is not a figment of imagination; it is as tangible and real as your physical form. So let us proceed.

Now Suzanne I know you have a million questions.

SM: I don’t really have a million questions; you’ve answered a lot of them. I would love to see our work from your perceptive because down here on the surface, the faith and the trust, and everything…. you know, my entire life is built around things that can’t be proven and can’t be seen at this time.

sk 14What you’ve been telling us and what we’ve been getting from the Council of Love in general is how to use the things that are already available. So what I’m hearing you say is that it’s all available right now – we just need to do these exercises, trust and believe and know that it’s there.

I thought for the longest time that if we had our super powers we could do so much more for humanity and helping the shift, and what I hear you saying is that we already have them, we just need to open our perceptions that they’re actually here and available now.

SK: That is correct. You are activating them and we are helping you activate them. So often you will have a perception, an insight, an inspiration, you will actually see something and this is part of the difficulty with the patterning of the old 3rd, you actually see things and then you, almost before you consciously acknowledge them, you dismiss them.

SM: Well what that makes me think of was a vision I had a couple of weeks ago.  The work that I’m doing as a conduit for Divine energy to come down, go into the Earth and out to humanity; it’s a matter of stepping down, transforming it into a palatable form for others, and that I really have no idea what that energy is used for.

But then I wonder if this is actually the transforming of human carbon-based form into the new crystalline form.  We just have these expectations about what things will look like, but I’m just feeling as though I’m doing what a crystal does. Is that the transformation into crystalline? Even though I still have this flesh and blood body?

sk 14SK: Yes, of course you have a flesh and blood body, because you are maintaining a physical form. Will it transmute, appear younger, healthier, stronger? Yes. Because when you look at yourself in the mirror do you say, “Oh look! There I am, a carbon base being?” Of course not!

You look at yourself and you see the magnificence of your beauty, then something even more important; you have had the realisation – and I speak to you, but I speak to many – of who you are and what you are really doing. You are a beacon, an anchor, a transmitter.

Now you can say that, “Oh isn’t everybody?” Like you can say to the channel, “Well, is it not everybody is a teacher, a healer or a channel?” There are variations. There are millions, billions of variations on the theme and not one of you is doing exactly the same thing. But you have glimpsed who you truly are.

Now that transmitter isn’t the same Being, that thinks about going shopping but what I am saying to you is that they are the same. So, it is also what St Germaine has been suggesting to you, it is this period right now of the unification, not only a unification above and below but unification of you. And how do you do that? You do that by pulling in and realizing more and more. When you are pulling in that what you wish to create you are also anchoring and activating more and more and more, in physical reality, who you are.

So you are doing magnificent work. I know your frustration. I don’t want you to know ours. So we know your frustrations and that is why I have returned with this very simple lesson.

The thing that has happened with humanity, with your societies, besides from a few isolated tribes, is that you have made your understanding of this planet and the Universe very complex. That it is beyond understanding, let alone what we would call manifestation or manipulation of codes.

sk 15And in fact it is not complex. Is it magnificent? Is it startlingly beautiful? Sparkling radiant? Yes! Look to the animals, kingdoms. They know the wonder of the plan, their place within the plan, they live the plan and they do not make it overly complicated.

That is why we have given you the simplest formula. Not because we underestimate you but because we know you are brilliant enough to comprehend the simplicity, the Divine simplicity and intricacy of the Mother’s plan.

And let me be very clear: war, bankruptcy, poverty, hunger, none of this is of the Mother’s plan. Yes, continue, by all means, to use your torch of our beloved St Germaine, but can I ask you, please, to start bringing in the abundance of what you want to be, rather than simply thinking of what you don’t want. It is that simple.

SM: So I can think of a restructuring of government and a disbanding of things like the IRS and a.. you know…..

SK: No!

SM: No?

SK: No. Think of it this way …thank you for bringing that up because many would misunderstand what I have just said… it does include all of what you have said but what you are truly bringing in is the beauty, the Love, the truth of community of Nova Earth. Where we have a planet that is of a frequency of harmony that does not permit, it does not literally energetically support all of those things that you wish to eliminate.

SM: So the rest will just fall into place when we do our work?

SK: It is already falling into place, just as it is falling into place for you to see who you truly are.

SM: Right. So I guess the question is, “Is enough of humanity, because it seems there is a very small fraction of humanity that listens to the shows or understands Light and energy work and all that sort of thing, are there enough of us to really do this?”

SK: Yes. Don’t forget you are in sacred partnership with us.

SM: Yes indeed.

SK: And you are mighty Masters but let us also say this. There are enough of you – you have to know that, not just hope and pray but hold the knowing. Yes, it does include trust and faith and hope.

sk 16So if you are feeling that there is in any way a lack, then bring that in. And if you say, “Well, I don’t know about creation codes, I don’t know how to do that,” well then throw open your arms as if you are a thanksgiving cornucopia and let us fill you. And when you feel that you have collected the biggest bouquet of flowers in existence then bring it in to your heart. You do know how to do this.

SM: Yes. Well thank you for coming to guide us and remind us of what we can do.

SK: I have only begun to remind you what you can do, what you are capable of as co-creators of Nova Earth, as our partners, as our family.  So you do not do this alone.

SM: Indeed.

SK: Go with my Love, Dear Heart.  Go with my blessings and go with my Abundance.

SM: Thank you so much.

SK: Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon July 29, 2014

© 2014 Council of Love


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Lightbody Integration & You’ve Arrived! Shelly Dressel @ Goddess Light

new website close up of Gabrielle, painting by Mara Diop

ART : ‘Gabrielle’  ~ Painting by Mara Diop


Lightbody Integration & You’ve Arrived! Shelly Dressel @ Goddess Light

Sunday, August 17, 2014

This channel is truly a powerful integration of energy.  The Goddess spoke as we first began the channel about the crystals that are deep within the earth and their means of balancing the earth.  She stated some are just now becoming activated; other crystals that have been in use throughout history are now vibrating at a higher level.

During the journey, the Goddess worked with us at length in the All That Is so that we could discern the vibration of the crystalline or lightbody energies.  We as our consciousness had the opportunity to know how we looked, felt, sounded as our human self.  We then took in our perspective of our divinity.  Using the crystalline energy, the Goddess blended all of this together.  She then shifted all into the earth plane and wove the energies together from a cellular structure outward.

So many people feel as if they have to constantly change or they are not good enough until they reach a particular goal.  So too, people may feel driven until they accomplish a particular task.  During this journey, the Goddess encouraged people to accept who they are, where they are right now!  She specifically said ‘you’ve arrived’!  It was a relief to know we didn’t have to do anything.  We could move forward from a place of acceptance and allowing.


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Question & Answer Video

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Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. As I flow my energies into and around you, I like to take this opportunity to just look around at everybody who is here. There is a great deal of transformation taking place as we speak of each time that we get together. But I would also like to take this opportunity and invite you to a little bit take stock of what may be happening within your life.

We’ve been speaking over the last several weeks of ways in which you can work with your personality or your ego in order to have that expand so as to assist you with integrating your higher light vibrations.

The more that you are walking upon the earth the more that you are going to seek to find or have that intrinsic balance within you.

I can hear some of you laughing saying, “well I’ve always wanted balance”, so perhaps how I should rephrase that is, allowing yourself to be in a state of balance will create greater ease within your life.

With the energies that are coming into the earth in greater and greater amounts the crystalline vibration becomes more and more and more integrated within the collective consciousness. The earth itself and Gaia have the potential to be completely balanced and integrated in every now moment and indeed she is.

That which you may see upon the surface of the earth, gives humanity the opportunity to be very aware of their environment and how the environment can affect them and how they can affect their environment.

As I speak of Gaia and as I speak of the crystalline energies that are coming into the earth, what’s taking place is that those crystals that were a part of the earth when it was first formed are now, some of them coming to life, those that have been dormant for eons and others that have always been there and have been emanating a vibration and emanating a balancing energy are now shifting as if they move into a higher level of consciousness.

This is in part why you are feeling so different upon the earth. Now, when I speak of the crystals within the earth it’s not those such as the small ones that people may use in their daily life, I’m speaking about the massive crystals that may be miles long and miles deep.

As I said that I could feel each one of you tapping into and feeling a bit of that eminence or the radiance of the vibration that is sent out.

I wanted to speak of this at this time before we went onto the journey so that you would be able to allow your consciousness to be open and aware of that which is in your daily vibration or your daily surrounding energies.

Alright, take another deep breath in, breathing down into the earth. Allow yourself to feel Gaia but perhaps even further have the intention of linking with some of those crystals.

As that energy comes back up within you, feel it as if it anchors you within your heart center and within those low energy bodies and then allow your consciousness to stream upward as you allow your energies to shift moving into the space of your higher self.

As you arrive within this space look around to see what’s been taking place for you. So many of you come into this space on a very continuous basis as you are living your life; it allows you to have that greater perspective that you may then take into you and utilize. Your higher self gives you the opportunity to try out different options that you may be considering for your life. So look around. Is this what you expected or are there some things here that you had not considered before?

I invite you to then shift your consciousness moving even further so that you may align within the soul plane.

Every time that we arrive within this space there is such a sense of homecoming. There is such a sense of just appreciation for how good this energy feels. This is you as your divinity. This is you where your intrinsic vibration is able to feel or experience who they are.

As you allow yourself to align with your divinity take a moment and feel the love, feel the depth of that connection as it moves through every bit of your consciousness. As it’s doing so, you may have a sense of your own consciousness expanding further so that you may take in what is here for you.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, allow yourself to open up and feel my embrace as I merge my energies with you, I enhance all of who you are. I assist you in shifting into the space of the All That Is.

As you do so, look around. Feel these energies as they move through you. Allow yourself to feel the joy, the familiarity, the sense of homecoming.

Within the All That Is, as you are very well aware, it is a place of creation. It is a place where you come often times in your dream state, in these meditations or even when you seek to reach out and align as you are seeking information in your daily life.

Within the All That Is there are a multitude of different dimensions and vibrations.

These levels of consciousness continue to expand as humanity expands. So you may ask; why does it seem different when I come to the same place? You may also perceive that as you continue to flow your energy into and around here you may be aligning within a different perspective.

And as many of you have already been noticing, there is a greater amount of the vibration from the All That Is that is able to stream into the earth plane.

As you consider this space and as you consider all that is around you, allow yourself time or a moment to know who are you in this lifetime. It is a little bit of a trick question.

What I would like for you to consider is you as your consciousness are standing here or sitting here, wherever it is that you may be within the All That Is. Your divinity has merged with you but you can have a sense of your divinity in all of its entirety as if it’s sitting beside you. You may now have a sense of you as that human that you are in this lifetime sitting beside you in another space as if you have one step separation so that you may be able to receive more information.

Consider yourself and your life. For most people it’s a mix; those things that they like, everything is going well, everything is happy, everything is divine. Those things that are a struggle or that you move from one struggle to the next, to the next, to the next.

Allow yourself to recognize that if there is a pattern in your life that no longer works for you it can be illuminated by your divinity and represented by that which is you as your humanity.

When you take in your divinity, it is a place of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. You need only be and it’s enough.

As you consider those parts of your life that you feel you would like to change we can approach that in a couple of ways. The first thing that I would invite you to do is allow yourself to take in a deep breath aligning with whatever that is, that no longer suits you and you breathe in ~ whew ~ and let it go. I could feel some release without that but I feel like some of you are holding on still.

If you continue to hold on, even though your intention is to release, how is that serving you? There must be something inside of that that is still working for you. So again, we invite that unconditional love of your divinity to flow light and energy into whatever that situation may be.

Open up once more, taking a deep breath, connecting to whatever that may be and then bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ there we go, much better.

So again, as you consider your physical reality or this life that represents who you are in this lifetime allow yourself to be open, gentle and loving  and then we invite your divinity and that human aspect to weave together. And as it does so, feel that merging within you and again it is just encompassing all of who you are as your consciousness. It is also assisting to expand your energies even further.

As you breathe into this now moment with that blended energy, open up. Open up and allow what it is to be just who you are. And as you allow yourself to gently breathe in and out you may find that it’s integrated even more fully within you.

How many times have you either thought or made a statement, “Once I accomplish, you can fill in the blank, then I’ll be okay, or I’ll be done or I will have arrived or things will be good enough”.

I once more invite you in this now moment to take in a deep breath of that integrated energy, letting it move through your consciousness in every level and just accept, “I have arrived, I am there, I don’t need to constantly seek, I accept all that I am and who I am in this now moment”!

As I speak of this I can see each one of you integrating further, shifting into a space of acceptance and allowing. Allowing yourself to be who you are and then accepting that you are enough. Certainly you may still want to create changes in your life, let go this, add-in this, try it this way, move that way and that’s completely fine.

You will find that the more that you allow yourself to simply be who you are in this now moment, accepting that all is exactly as it should be and as it needs to be, transformation may take place with a much greater ease.

I’m calling in the lightbody energy. As you look around the All That Is, the lightbody or the crystalline energy is already fully integrated within this space. But when I say I’m calling in the light-body energy, I’m calling in that which is in alignment with each one of you so that you may reach out and create that deeper alignment within you.

As you allow yourself to just relax, being who you are, being the integrated person that you are; you then can look around honoring and recognizing that that light-body energy is flowing within and around you on a continuous basis.

As these crystalline vibrations move through you allow your consciousness to expand, adjust, integrate, whatsoever the word is that you need for it to be so that you may find that greater balance with your light-body energies.

Feel who you are, accept what that is. There we go. I felt the integration become complete.

As you allow for these energies to flow through you, as you look with your inner eyes or with your inner senses into that crystalline energy, have a sense of taking in what it is out here within this space.

Look at the rhythm. Look at the pattern. Look at the way in which it moves through or around objects.

As you look at your own lightbody energy put forth an intention. Send it out through the light-body and perceive what takes place.

You can see the difference in how the energy works within this space. Indeed, I hear some of you saying, “well the All That Is, is always that way, it’s not that it’s the light body”; that is indeed correct but the lightbody is also a vibration and an energy that is integrated into the earth, into the physical earth, into the collective consciousness, into each individual and into each experience. Therefore as you look at how it works and reacts out within this space it gives you the opportunity to experience how it will work and react within your own physical body and within your own life.

Again, consider something that you seek to manifest, and as you consider whatever that may be, allow it to move through your consciousness and send it out as if in waves and energy through this crystalline light, there you go, and let it go out throughout the universe, so that all the Angels, the guides, the vibrations, this energy will work with you from this perspective, assisting in manifesting what you seek to have.

Allow yourself to recognize how much this is already fully entrained within your consciousness.

Now as you allow yourself to shift your focus, we can do this a couple of ways. OK.

As you allow yourself to shift your focus have a sense of looking or perceiving that direct alignment that’s between you here in the All That Is and you as your physical person upon the earth.

Stream this consciousness of the lightbody energies down from where you are right here through that column of light that you have created and into the physical person that you are. You may find your consciousness shifting with you but I invite you to take this moment and just relax, allowing the crystalline vibration to integrate within you. It always moves into your heart center and then it moves up to the upper energy bodies and down to the lower energy bodies.

We will take a moment and just start at the top. Feel that lightbody energy as it aligns with your head center. From there it moves into your third eye, feel as if the lightbody energy is merging, blending with your third eye, so that it activates it, it allows it to be open and in balance with your physical eyes. Have a sense of a triangle where it goes from the third eye to the right, from the third eye to the left and then there is a triangle that allows it to go connecting your physical eyes with your inner eye strengthening and infusing the crystalline energies.

From there, that beam of light moves through you, moving through the pineal gland and in the back of your head this is where the light body energy is anchoring within you. So if it has not been activated on you before I activated it with you at this time opening up that center and this too will allow that crystalline flow to move more fully through you. It moves into your throat integrating with your throat center and then from there your heart.

We already merged with the energies of your heart, but we set forth that intention that once more it merges with your heart. From there it integrates with your solar plexus. Be open, allowing the crystalline energy to merge with your solar plexus so that it can integrate clearing out anything that doesn’t belong there, infusing that light vibration as it assists you in transforming. It moves through you sacral center. Again, you feel that crystalline light moving through and then your root center.

As each chakra within you has been activated. Of course these are just the major ones that we’ve worked with but we have that conscious intention that each one of them is in balance with the light body energy and from there it moves through every cell within your physical body creating balance, creating integration and allowing you to be comfortable. It moves through your emotional, your mental, your spiritual bodies so that every part of who you are becomes completely integrated with the lightbody energy.

Then you allow your consciousness to move upward once more. As you are here within the All That Is once again, some of you may feel that pull as if you are more consciously in two places but it is essential for us to remember to work with the hologram especially with something that is such a deep integration of the crystalline energies.

So that hologram comes up within all of you. You continue to infuse the energies of the lightbody into it and all that you yourself have done to create a transformation. And as you do so the hologram takes on a different light or a different energy and it begins to rotate. As you allow it to go from you, returning back into the earth you see it as it moves through the crystalline grid. There is that pathway of energy that moves out into the universe, into the new earth and it moves downward into your physical earth upon which you are living.

As it moves into your earth it consciously goes into the core of the earth linking with those crystals that are present connecting with Gaia, amplifying her own energies, clearing out anything that is ready to be cleared out and allowing that deep pulsation of vibration of the heart of the earth, to become integrated with this light fine vibration.

And that energy comes up through all the layers of the earth, then comes up through the grass, the trees, the water, it comes up within you and it’s anchoring you within this space in which you are located right now. All that you just integrated within your physical body becomes anchored, aligning you to the earth and yet you are of course still aligned with the universe. Feel that as it flows through you.

You may allow your focus to once more be up within the All That Is. As you bring back all of that consciousness; you move through the soul plane, you allow yourself to move through your higher self, you invite all of your consciousness to once more anchor back within you in your physical surroundings. Send out an impulse of light and energy clearing out whatever may be around you.

If there was one or perhaps two items or intentions that you would like to manifest send those out with this energy but ultimately allow yourself to just feel that sense that you can just be who you are; that you have arrived in the place that you have been seeking, that your life reflects that full integration of your lightbody energies.

Indeed, it brings up great joy within me because I know that you have been seeking this for quite some time and the vibration of the earth was as yet not to such a level that we could integrate to this degree.

Allow yourself to feel the balance, allow yourself to understand that you are changing from a cellular structure through every aspect of who you are.

As you live your life, reiterate; “I am within the balance. I am within the space. I am that I am”.

So beloved family as you are moving through these next days and weeks upon the earth; I invite you to really take the time to become very conscious of how you are living your life.

Become conscious of just being in a state of arrival, so to speak, as if to say, “I have arrived. I don’t have to do anything else. I am now going to just live my life day by day, knowing that all is in place”.

I also invite you to allow the energies of the crystalline to move through all that, so that it can be more anchored within and around you.

Let yourself feel the lightness of what that is. Let yourself feel the transparency as you begin to create changes and allow yourself to truly be who you are because you as this human as that beautiful representation of you as your divinity.

Beloved family, I am always with you and within you.


Waiting…Tara @ Divine Design

Waiting… Tara @ Divine Design

by divine-design


We live countless lives
On a journey that seems unending…
Yet our destination is no further
Than our hearts!

TODAY: Oh what a glorious bright morning it was today….yet as the day progressed, it become dense and cloudy…with light splashes of rain. A sure sign that cooler days – for snuggling, hibernating and introspection are almost upon us…

IN ONE WORD: Destiny


HOW I FEEL: I have had a few deeply introspective days…I feel slightly fragile in my heart, yet very alert…I have had this constant feeling that I am waiting….Lucid dreams show that I am at a remote countryside Train Station, staring out at gently undulating  green countryside, peacefully waiting…


“Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere.

We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them.

I know you want to question everything,

but sometimes it pays…

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Message from Archangel Zadkiel : “The Importance of Balance” ~ Transmitted Through Linda Robinson

sam carlo 26.8. c


“The Importance of Balance”

September 2014


Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. Today we would like to speak to you on the importance of maintaining balance in your life.

As the influx of higher vibrational Light continues to increase, you are being offered many opportunities to rise to higher levels of awareness. This may include an increased awareness of current topics, or it may open up entirely new avenues of understanding.

Your ability to receive this new information and to incorporate it into your Being can be done much more easily when you have established a balanced and stable foundation upon which this new knowledge can build.

You can visualize this when you see yourself sitting inside a crystal clear pyramid of Light. Another inverted crystal clear pyramid of Light descends to merge with the pyramid in which you are sitting, and the resulting merkaba begins to spin. As this spin occurs, you begin to rise higher and higher. The ease and stability of this rise will depend, in great degree, on the stability of the original crystal pyramid in which you were sitting. A pyramid with a balanced and stable foundation will be able to rise smoothly and easily. One that is not balanced may tend to have a wobbly rise and tip from side to side. It could even veer off course.

Such is the case when you begin to ascend without proper attention to your own current foundation. An imbalance in one area of your life can cause an overcompensation in another area. As you begin to ascend to higher vibrational levels, each area becomes magnified. Those that are balanced become stronger and increase, while those that are unbalanced may become weaker. A structure can only be as strong as its weakest point. Therefore, the more balanced each area of your life is, the more easily you will be able to rise to higher levels.

You may wish to periodically review each area of your life to determine whether it is balanced for you at the present moment. Because you are growing and ascending, what may have been in balance previously may not be the case for you now. You are an evolving Being of Light. This is an exciting concept because it allows you the opportunity to grow and change as your awareness increases.

The balance of each area of life is an individual matter. It begins with knowing yourself and what is important to you.

One example is the balance between spending time with others and having time alone with self. Some persons like to spend much time with groups, while other persons enjoy more individual time alone. Another area may involve a balance with time allocated to family, friends, work, relaxation, and spiritual pursuits. There is no right or wrong in this balance. It is knowing what works best for you. When you know what is important for you and act accordingly, you are in balance.

Because your needs change over time, what you need in order to keep your life in balance may change.

For example, a new family member such as the birth of a child or a marriage will shift the balance in the area of family. A new job or a change in career will alter the balance in the work/career area. When a child leaves home, another change will occur in the family balance, just as changing from full-time employment to part-time employment will alter the balance in that area.

Each time one area requires an increase or decrease in your time and attention, a compensation usually occurs in another area. When you remain aware of this balance, you can handle it more successfully.

As you continue to grow spiritually, things that were previously very important to you may not have the same appeal. The types of entertainment you watch or the ways you spend relaxation time may change. This type of change may be very gradual, or it may occur more rapidly. Again, being aware of who you are at the present moment will allow you to maintain a balance among all the areas of life.

When you are aware of what is important to you at the moment, you are able to allocate your time, attention, and resources in a way that reflects your current state of Being. When do you this, you are in a state of balance, and you can progress to the higher dimensions of awareness more smoothly.

Beloveds, we honor you for your work in keeping the areas of your life in balance. We are with you as you soar to the Higher Dimensions.

Know that you are greatly loved.



WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst,

…and We surround you with love
And so it is.


All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:



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Awakening with Suzanne Lie ~ Arcturians on Multidimensional Thinking

Corinne REIGNIER 502

ART : Corinne Reignier


Arcturians on Multidimensional Thinking


Arcturians Continue with Multidimensional Leadership

Multidimensional Thinking

Our Dear Ascending Ones,

We the Arcturians realize that many of you are having difficulty with your third-dimensional memory. We realize that the constant stress of an ever-changing world can interfere with your memory, but you have all had more stress in the past without your present loss of short-term memory. Likely you have realized that you usually forget 3D details about times or dates.

What is Multidimensional Thinking?

It may appear to many of you, the ascending ones, that there is an ever-increasing amount of information about your mundane life that seems unavailable to your daily thinking. You are experiencing this challenge because you are in the process of uploading all your third and fourth dimensional thinking into your multidimensional thinking. “What is multidimensional thinking?” you ask.

Multidimensional thinking is the ability to be aware of more than one version of your Multidimensional SELF while you are in the process of your daily, physical life. You are already accustomed to multi-tasking in your 3D life. For example, you can be sitting at your desk while you pay your bills, think about what you want to buy at the grocery store, remember that your child needs to complete a certain assignment at a certain time, your lawn needs to be watered and, oh yes, you forgot to call your friend.

All of these different thoughts flow in and out of your mind so quickly that they seem almost to be one thought. With multidimensional thinking, your thoughts are not limited to just your physical life. You may be taking a walk, thinking about the dream you had last night and observing the clouds in the sky wondering if one of them is disguising a starship.

Your mind then remembers the “dream” in which you are in a huge room with many unfamiliar people listening to even more unusual being talking. Then a nearby car screeches on its breaks, and you jump back into your physical reality. Because you are accustomed to screeching breaks as a warning, you return to your physical perceptions and totally forget the brief moment of your multidimensional memories.

Physical warning sounds are very common. Even when children are too quiet you know you must check on them. Hence, whenever you get a warning sound, or warning quiet, your attention leaves your multidimensional thinking so that you can focus on your physical world. That moment of multidimensional thinking is often forgotten because some level of fear has entered your consciousness. Once your consciousness drops back into “only the physical world,” your brief encounter with multidimensional thinking is lost.

Fortunately, once you include a possible message from your Higher Self, something that occurred in your morning meditation, or your longing to remember something that you can’t quite put your finger on, you gradually accelerate your brain into the higher brainwaves of your multidimensional thinking. In this manner, you are moving into and out of multidimensional thinking.

When you are calm and peaceful, your consciousness expands into higher brainwaves. Then you multidimensional thinking becomes engaged, and you begin to ponder your higher worlds. Suddenly, a third dimensional warning enters your thinking, such as looking at the clock to realize that you need to attend some physical activity, and your consciousness drops back to the lower brainwaves of your 3D life.

Making Multidimensional Thinking Normal

A major component of returning to your full multidimensional awareness is to make your multidimensional thinking as “normal” as your 3D thinking. For example, if you routinely survey the skies for a spaceship, write down your dreams when you wake up and/or listen for the inner guidance of your higher dimensional SELF, multidimensional thinking becomes as common as your third dimensional thinking.

Just as you ear is tuned to hear your children calling, your boss’s request, or the sound of birds, you ear attunes to what you have determined as “important messages” from the higher dimensions. Unfortunately, your third dimensional brain and consciousness has a limitation as to how much information can be consciously recognized.

While you are attending to your third dimensional responsibilities, you are calibrated to first receive physical information and store your higher dimensional thinking for a later time. Interestingly, it is only when your leave time that your consciousness expands into your fifth dimensional consciousness. Once your consciousness expands to that frequency, you can “read the files” that you have stored in your invisible “multidimensional mind.”

Just as you can only read your Internet when you are “online” with your computer, you can only “read” your multidimensional mind when you are “online” with your multidimensional thinking. Once you are logged into your Multidimensional SELF you can you recall what your inner voice has told you. You may also remember the waves of almost invisible light that quickly passed by the corner of your eye, or the important dream that was actually an alternate reality.

If you read the newspaper every morning, you calibrate your perceptions and thinking to the 3D. On the other hand if you meditate every morning, write down your dreams or imagine that your Higher SELF is near you, you calibrate your thinking and perceptions to the fourth dimension and beyond.

Of course, you do not need to read the paper every day to keep up on the news, nor do you need to meditate every day to keep up with your SELF. But, the habits that you establish in your life determine what is “normal” and what is “unique.”

Thus, if you think only of what is occurring in your physical life, it is abnormal to think about your inner self. On the other hand, once you begin to attend to your inner feelings, the fleeting perceptions and inner message from your multidimensional world, the higher dimensions become normal.

In other words, normal is what ever you carry in your mind on a regular basis. And, what you think about your bring about. Thus, if you only think about what your read in the newspaper, the chores you have for the day, what bills must be paid and what your family or work needs you to do, you have limited your self to only third dimensional thinking.

Because you are wearing an earth vessel and live in a third dimensional reality, third dimensional thinking is necessary. On the other hand, when you also ponder your fourth dimensional dreams and creative ventures, listen for your inner guidance and remember to connect with your higher expressions SELF while you go about your mundane life, you are thinking multidimensionally.

States of Consciousness

Multidimensional thinking in not limited hearing or reading words, as it is a form of “light language.” Light language is relayed and understood via emotions, imagination, tactile sensations, sounds and colors that suddenly enter your consciousness. By attending to these “light messages,” you expand your third dimensional thinking into multidimensional thinking.

It is important that you realize that:

  • Your conscious thinking dictates your state of consciousness.
  • Your state of consciousness dictates your conscious perception.
  • The perceptions to which you consciously attend dictate your vision of life.

In the same manner, your emotions affect your state of consciousness.

  • If you feel in a “bad mood” you see what is wrong with your life and your consciousness lowers to third dimensional thinking.
  •      When you feel in a “good mood”, you see what is right with your life and your consciousness expands into multidimensional thinking.

A bad mood is usually because fear has invaded your thinking. Because of this lower frequency of thinking, you primarily attend to the “I should” and “I have to” areas of your third dimensional life.

A good mood is usually because your consciousness has been able to focus on love, especially unconditional love. Than your thinking becomes calibrated to a higher state of consciousness in which you can remember to attend to your innate connection with your Multidimensional SELF.


Your brainwaves determine your state of consciousness.

Your state of consciousness determines your thinking.

Your thinking determines the frequency of your perceptions.

Your Multidimensional SELF is in constant connection with all of your brainwaves, states of consciousness, within the NOW of the ONE. However, you physical self can become limited to only one state of consciousness at a “time.”

  • Your beta brainwaves are aligned with the perceptions of your third dimensional state of consciousness, thinking and perceptions.
  • Your alpha brainwaves are aligned your fourth dimensional state of consciousness, your creative thinking and perceptions of your upper-third and fourth dimensional life.
  • Your theta brainwaves are aligned with your higher fourth and lower fifth dimensional states of consciousness, spiritual and shamanistic thinking, and the beginnings of conscious perceptions and recognition of your multidimensional expressions of SELF.
  • Your delta brainwaves are aligned with the consciousness of your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, as well as multidimensional thoughts and perceptions that resonate to the NOW of the ONE.

Your brainwaves are much like your “mental muscles.” The more you activate them, the stronger they become. If you do not use them, they become weaker. In other words, when you consciously attune to a higher brainwave, and the resulting state of consciousness, a portal between your physical brain and your Multidimensional Mind is opened.

Every “time” you travel this portal between your multidimensional mind and your physical brain, the portal/neural pathway becomes increasingly activated. This activation is much like the activation of new neural pathways that are created when you learn a new task. Whenever you engage in that task, or state of consciousness, the neural pathway, portal, expands from a “small dirt road” into a “bigger street,” until it becomes a “freeway.”

Thus, the more you consciously activate a higher state of consciousness, the more you can integrate those brainwaves into your daily life. Conversely, when you chose not to attune to your higher brainwaves, it is more difficult to integrate those higher states of consciousness into your daily life. Then, you will think of, perceive, and live within the physical world with little awareness of your innate, Multidimensional SELF.

Different brainwaves and states of consciousness also determine what you emotionally feel about your life, as well as how you emotionally interact, react and/or respond to your daily life.

  • Beta brainwaves and states of consciousness are a call to duty, and often result in stress, anxiety or depression.
  •        Alpha brainwaves and states of consciousness feel creative, fun, and more joyful.
  •        Theta brainwaves and states of consciousness feel deeply reflective and spiritual.
  • Delta brainwaves and states of consciousness are very “other worldly.” Thus, they are difficult to access while you are awake to your physical world.

Just as your brainwaves and resulting states of consciousness affect your emotions, your emotions affect your brainwaves/states of consciousness.

  •      Fear instantly lowers your consciousness into Beta brainwaves of your immediate third dimensionally tasks, duties, dangers and responsibilities.
  •       Happiness raises your consciousness into the fourth dimension in which your creativity is activated.
  • Joy expands your consciousness into your fifth-dimensional desire to merge with your Multidimensional SELF.
  •       Unconditional love is the ticket to your inter-dimensional travels.
  •      Surrender, which is the release of all reactive emotions, connects you with the myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

It is through the sensations of joy, unconditional love and surrender that you begin to experience your Multidimensional SELF in your daily life. Gradually, you will hear the constant assistance that your SELF offers in every moment of the NOW. Eventually, you will know that you are being guided.

As you allow this guidance into your daily life it becomes increasingly consciousness and you realize that you are never alone. You then KNOW that you are ALWAYS guided, instructed, comforted and protected. You become aware that you can put in a call for assistance for any area of your life.

However, just as you need to turn on your phone or computer to get information, you must “turn on” your higher consciousness to receive higher dimensional messages. It is important to document these messages in some manner, as it may be difficult to remember them when your return to your 3D consciousness. With practice, you will learn/remember how to channel your higher messages through writing or via your own voice.

Through the act of channeling your Higher SELF, your perspective moves from “being lost in third-dimensional lies and illusions” to “floating above the cares of mundane life while you visit with your higher expression of SELF.” Then the “YOU” that resonates to a higher frequency can comfort and guide the “you” who is wearing an earth vessel during these challenging times of personal and planetary ascension.

Your Higher Self will assist you to remember that:

First you ascend your consciousness

Then you ascend your thoughts and emotions

This allows you to ascend your ideas and actions

Which will lead to more multidimensional perceptions and experiences

That will reveal your personal and planetary Lightbody

We know that many of you became greatly disappointed that Earth did not suddenly become fifth dimensional during the many predicted moments of time. However, ascension is not associated with time. Ascension is the act of leaving time.

Also, if the planet were to suddenly ascend into the fifth dimension in any of the humanly assigned “times,” the physical planet would have become instantly uninhabitable to all third dimensional form and the greater majority of Gaia’s inhabitants would be destroyed.

Gaia is a loving Mother Earth. Rather than to “pulling the rug out from under” so many of the wonderful life forms that have lived on, in and over her planetary body, she has decided to continue with the suffering that She endures every day at the hands of the dark members of humanity.

Therefore, when you become impatient and ask, “When will we finally ascend?” We, the higher expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF, answer, “What have you done today for planetary ascension?”

We have seen that those who remember that they volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist dear Gaia with Her ascension do NOT ask, “When will it happen?” Instead, they ask, “What can I do to help?”

It is this question that makes them a Multidimensional Leader.

We are the ONES we are waiting for!



Offered by Suzanne Lie PhD, as guided by the Arcturians


What is Multidimensional Leadership?

Each module will have four classes to be offered one module at a time.

The classes in the first course are:

  • CLASS 1 – Understanding your Multidimensional SELF

September 26, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

  • CLASS 2 – Regaining your Multidimensional Consciousness

September 27, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

During 2 weeks after Classes 1 and 2:

Personal email or 15 minute conversations for each person

Followed by a group workshop for Classes I and 2

  • CLASS 3 – Remembering Multidimensional Communications

October 10, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

  • CLASS 4 – Learning to Channel your own Higher SELF

October 11, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

During the 2 week after Classes 3 and 4:

Personal email or 15 minute conversation

Followed by a group workshop for Classes 3 and 4

For more information please click:

Corinne REIGNIER 502

Attitude Adjustment & Teamwork With the Body ~ Andrea Scully @ Golden Age of Gaia

sam carlo 24.8.
Attitude Adjustment and Teamwork With the Body

love the bodyBy Andrea Scully, Notes From the Center of the Spiral, August 23, 2014,

Those of us who consider ourselves Lightworkers and path-cutters are perhaps experiencing the brunt of the pressure in this current phase of integrating the energetic changes. If one imagines us as the ‘tip of the spear’ in terms of pioneering this effort to embody the increasing light streaming at us these days, it’s easy to understand why this is so.

Though some of this pressure is expressed in emotional and spiritual challenges, a great deal of it is being expressed as deeply physical for a lot of us.

The automatic writing I’ve been engaged in since last February has repeatedly been about my neglect, inattention and dishonoring in thought and attitude my body elemental/avatar.  These messages coming from my body have been swept aside over and over until I’ve finally realized that this is the source of quite a few of my ‘ascension symptoms’.

With this realization, I’ve been rearranging my priorities in some basic and very down-to-earth ways. I’m finding I absolutely have to pay more attention to my body and my physical well-being. It’s no longer possible to put this aside, or I risk not be able to function at minimal capacity, much less the enhanced capacity I would wish for.

I’m not a lazy person, but physically I have a tendency to be so. My body has been put on the back burner in favor of spending an inordinate amount of time with the more ‘important’ stuff. By this I mean spending hour after hour on the computer scanning for news, communing and networking with others, and writing articles.

The disregarding of, and the ignoring of, the messages from my body as not important and not a priority has gone on for so long now, it’s to the point where I’ve forgotten how to feel what my own body is asking me for.

So, now it’s a process of relearning how to hear again my own body’s wisdom. But more than this, it’s been the growing realization that I’ve become separated from it in my conscious awareness. This separation in the form of neglect (let’s just call it what it is) has had its consequences.

With the huge influx of energies, the demands on my body have increased by leaps and bounds. It’s no wonder that I wish I had every nap I didn’t want when I was little! And yet, when I need a nap it’s so easy to be annoyed and irritated with how tired I am and how my body isn’t serving me instantly and without complaint.

I’m finding that in order to find my vitality again, it’s become a necessity to take a look at how I ignore these basic bodily needs, and this isn’t even considering the increasing pressure on my physical self to integrate upgrades, or especially the needs of my body to be loved and appreciated.

I’m not just talking about good food and water, I’m talking about honoring the need for lots of rest, for special treats and treatments, and for straight-up honoring the service the body has provided me for 56 years now.listen to the body

It’s occurred to me through this recent process of uncovering the root of much of my ascension-related complaints that I wouldn’t blink if a dear and faithful friend asked that I take time each day to give them some love and devoted attention. All of a sudden it becomes plain as day why my body is feeling irritated and tired.

This is a rather new development for me, this moving my attention to the physical and devoting some prime time every day to self-care. I can report I’m feeling much better, more grounded, and the irritation which plagued me for months and months this past year has nearly completely vanished. I have more energy and the ability to be more productive, even with the naps!

The core of my approach has been to change my attitude. My wonderful body has been the loving shelter for me, the connecting element, enabling me to be here and be able to interface with this dreamscape with all of you. Without her, I wouldn’t be here. This in itself is enough, and more than enough, to merit all the love I can muster up, and the devotion on a day-to-day basis which I’ve been neglecting to give.

Along with this are all the little decisions along the way, in the moment to moment. No more pushing my body and its messages and feelings to the back of the line. No more begrudging her wants and needs. In order to move into the new age with all my faculties and all my vitality, it’s going to take teamwork with my body, and I’m going to give her all the support I can.

sam carlo 24.8.

Natalie Glasson’s New Crystal Singing Bowl Family- Sacred School of OmNa

natalie glasson 23.8


Natalie Glasson’s New Crystal Singing Bowl Family- Sacred School of OmNa

I wanted to share with you all what I call my new ‘Crystal Singing Bowl Family,’ which comprises of three beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls each with a specific purpose, vibration and sound. They work beautifully and harmoniously together and sound magnificent. Two of my Crystal Singing Bowls I have had for a year, if you have attended one of my workshops you may have already met these two Bowls but lately I have a new Crystal Singing Bowl so I think that makes a family! If you are attending any of my future workshops you will be able to experience my Crystal Singing Bowl Family for yourself. I wanted to share some pictures of my Crystal Singing Bowls with you; I actually took my Bowls on holiday with me when visiting the sea side this summer and was presented with a wonderful quiet beach to play my Bowls. I enjoy playing my Crystal Singing Bowls wherever I can; we are becoming very much acquainted.Natalie Glasson Crystal Singing BowlsOmNa School

Natalie  Glasson's Crystal Singing Bowl Family, Emerald Heart and Grail, Divine Celestial Feminine, Celestial Heart

The Crystalline vibration is so powerful now, our entire body is altering to exist and vibrate as the Crystalline vibrations. We are already composed of Crystal and this is intensifying especially energetically in order to magnify the beauty of the Creator we are experiencing within and around us in this period of Ascension. The sound of the Crystal Singing Bowls alters the vibration that your cells oscillate at; this coupled with a focused intention is a powerful healing and tool for manifestation. The Crystalline energies and beings are so important in our realities now and can bring forth such great healing and inspiration.

I was attracted to the Crystal Singing Bowls because I have powerful and strong memories from Atlantis of existing in my own temple as a High Priestess on the Northern side of Atlantis with many Crystal Singing Bowls which I played often to heal myself and others and to maintain the high vibration of the temple and the Celestial White Beings who anchored into the temple. I feel the Crystal spirits are returning to me now and soon as I accept my power I will expand my Crystal Singing Bowl Family, sharing their vibrations with many once more.

Natalie Glasson Crystal Singing BowlsOmNa School www.omna.orgMy first Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled a Divine Feminine Crystal Singing Bowl. It is a Platinum Bowl stimulating the Divine Feminine, relieving stress and depression and aligning the intuitive emotional body. It is a super harmoniser and balancer. It has a calming, steadying, grounding effect for perfect attunement resonance. I feel the Bowl holds the Celestial Goddess Vibrations and is connected to the Celestial White Beings, my soul group. The sound of the Bowl resonates with the crown chakra which supports in opening the crown chakra to the divine. I affectionately call this Bowl ‘Little Bowl’ because it is so small compared to the others but very powerful.


My second Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled Ultra-light Frosted Quartz Crystal Bowl. It is a

Natalie  Glasson's Crystal Singing Bowl Family, Emerald Heart and Grail, Divine Celestial Feminine, Celestial Heart

quartz Crystal Bowl of Crystalline Sound, resonating with pure white light. It plays a subtle tone that gently massages blocks up to the surface. The sound is connected to the Celestial and Angelic levels, with the feeling of being embraced by Angelic wings. The Bowl is connected to the heart chakra and shares deep celestial love. After only having this Bowl for two months it broke through an accident that was obviously meant to be. The Bowl broke into many pieces but lucky it was able to be mended which is called being reborn. The Bowl still has scars from when it was broken but is now more magnificent and powerful than ever, its vibration seems to have heightened. Due to the Bowl breaking and being a heart chakra vibration I affectionately call this Bowl ‘Broken Heart.’ It seems a sad name I know but I suppose I identify with the Bowl, I have had my heart broken several times and the Bowl inspires me to know that a broken heart does heal and is stronger and more magnificent than before. The Bowl has been through a rebirth journey which is the same as all of our hearts, I feel the Bowl connects with the parts of our hearts that fears or hold scars from love and gently heals them.

My third Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled an Emerald Bowl. The Emerald Bowl blends heart

Natalie  Glasson's Crystal Singing Bowl Family, Emerald Heart and Grail, Divine Celestial Feminine, Celestial Heart

and grail energies through the heart chakra from Divine realms of loving intention and wholeness. The Emerald Bowl is a tonal waterfall of flowing heart healing, helping alignment with heart wisdom, encouraging Higher Self purpose – centeredness, emotional balance, courageous, compassionate living from one’s Life Core. It is power-packed with love, helping the physical heart and emotional body release imbalances, challenges and feelings of unworthiness. When I connected with the Emerald Bowl I was playing Broken Heart and I felt the Bowls pull together so I knew that the Emerald Bowl was to work with me. The Emerald Bowl actually taught me to play the other two Bowls and encouraged me to understand their importance in my reality. The Emerald Bowl has an Emerald being which is present when playing the Bowl. You can give an intention to the Emerald being and it will not only support your manifestation of the intention but offer guidance on how you can manifest your intention. The Emerald Bowl is still new to me so I am still learning to work with it but I am very much looking forward to working with the Emerald Bowl in Glastonbury on my Workshop ‘The Rising of the Heart Chakra with Mary Magdalene,’ in October 11th and 12th 2014 at the Chalice Well because the Bowl holds Grail Energies and is so connected to the Heart chakra.

I hope you will join me at one of my workshops to experience these magnificent Bowls.

Many Blessings, Natalie x

Sacred School Of OmNa

natalie glasson 23.8

An Expanded Perspective from Archangel Metatron ~ Shanta Gabriel @ Messages from Archangel Gabriel


An Expanded Perspective from Archangel Metatron

Awakening Higher Consciousness on Earth

A note from Shanta Gabriel:

Since the June 21 Solstice, there has been an opening in your energy field to allow a new connection to the gifts and talents your soul is bringing to earth. On that day, I was blessed to lead the most powerful ceremony of my life on the sacred site recognized as the base chakra of the world, Mt. Shasta. This event deepened my 25-year connection to the Archangels and opened new channels for receiving from these enlightened beings. I have been graced with a deep alignment with Archangel Gabriel since 1990, and those who are familiar with my work recognize the loving communication that Gabriel offers to the world.

What has opened since the Solstice is channeled guidance and information from Archangel Metatron, Uriel, Sandalphon and others. I was told they wanted to present new work using these teachings because the Archangels are very invested in our awakening spiritual consciousness on Earth at this time. They want to help us build our new Light bodies and work more closely with the Universal Presence of Nature.

This new message from Archangel Metatron is the first in a series of channelings they will present.

I was also shown that to create these new Light bodies and access the wisdom of the heart, we need to create energetic pathways that allow the activation of the core alignment between our most divine self and our very human self. To do this, the Archangels are teaming up to work in your chakra system to help us access the wisdom of the heart. We will have to wait until the class work begins to see how the progression continues. I have been shown only the entry points into this new work, so I need to trust that the process of channeling the information the Archangels want to share with you will be ongoing through the class series and beyond. This has been true in every class I have taught since 1995, and we’ve consistently received powerful guidance.

This is my special invitation for you to join me in this amazing process of new life discoveries with the Archangels. In the meantime, enjoy the channeling from Archangel Metatron and bask in the expansive energies these messages contain.

Dear Ones,

An overview of the spiritual evolution your are currently experiencing may help give you perspective for these special times you live in. Since the Archangels have been very active in the recent awakening of consciousness, the expanded perspective that we are providing now can help you to see how important are the Starseeds to this evolution. The old forms of reality are crumbling like the Tower in the traditional tarot oracle. At the same time the Earth’s energy is gathering an accumulation of power that will motivate the collective impulse so multitudes of people will reach new plateaus of spiritual experience and create simultaneous global awakenings.

The creators who formed earth planted chronometers that measure evolution of consciousness. The human species was also coded to lead people into their Divine Blueprint. When enough people have awakened, a gate is opened that allows the Earth’s wisdom to be transmitted. That is in process at this time.

You are coded to move with the masses. This may cause frustration because you want to be farther along in your evolution, especially with your visionary sense of what is possible. This requires great patience. Know that as you share what you know and allow yourself to be in the frequencies of higher-dimensional reality, this vibration is broadcast around the world. As the codings for awakening are fired on the Earth, the masses of humanity evolve. All is time-coded and interlinked to respond to the patterns for the awakening of all souls to their greater identity.

This is where Archangel Metatron has dominion. You are here to bring Heaven to Earth. In the human chakra system, Archangel Metatron is the 7th chakra connection to Heaven representing Unity Consciousness, and Archangel Sandalphon is the 1st chakra connection to Earth, representing the power of Well-Being. These two Archangels become key players in your ability to transcend your 3D realities and bring higher-frequency awareness to the earth to assist the development of a deeper awakening energy on the planet.

You volunteered to be here for this time. Your soul was encoded with the Blueprint of Awakening Consciousness. Throughout the lifetime of those of the Baby Boom generation, these codes were being fired. The 1960’s were time-coded to create the momentum for awakening. Different events and specially gifted people were making their voices heard during that time, some were even killed in a very public way, but all were a part of the awakening of consciousness. Much of the music and books of that time had codes embedded in them that acted as firing signatures to spark the shift of spiritual awareness on the planet.

During the 1960’s high-level ideals sprang into being that related to more clarity around the requirements for a sustainable earth, healthful lifestyles, women’s rights, and expanded areas of consciousness. Over the next 20 years, thousands explored India and discovered Eastern teachings that previously were only available to a select few. Yoga, Tai Chi and other forms of healthful energy movement became mainstream.

Then came the next coding for mass awakening, which occurred during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and marked the beginning of 25 years of massive change. Old structures became obsolete and began to crumble, such as the Berlin Wall. Mass spiritual awakening had begun. Recognized in prophecy by nearly every indigenous people on the planet, December 21, 2012 was a completion of a 26,000 cycle of life as we have known it. It is said to be also the beginnings of what some have called the Age of Aquarius, a new 26,000-year cycle of Peace on the planet.

Since the end of 2012, you have been in a paradigm shift that straddled the 3rd and 5th dimensions. Nothing is really the same, and since that time you have all been finding your way through a process of discovering what is possible now that was not available before. This world has been seeded for you to embrace in a new way. It is a world that contains all the Beauty and ideals that you most desire in your heart and brought with you to this lifetime. Divine Light is now permeating your ability to create in ways that may seem almost magical because that which you most desire is more tangible.

Teachings of Archangel Metatron

Because the time is here now for you to receive a gift from the Heavenly realms for your awakening process, the veils have parted to reveal Unity Consciousness, a spiritual attribute that is available to you now from the Archangels and through which the Metatronic energy frequencies work.

Through my all-seeing eyes and the impulses of the creative Source of All that Is, it is my format for evolution of consciousness that makes up the Soul’s Blueprint for new life awakening with each being on earth. It is our governance as the Archangels to flood the Earth with Light and impulse the heart and soul of those who await their mission.

You have always known that you are here for a greater purpose. This drive within you left you hungry for something you did not know. It was the Soul’s way of steering you toward your spiritual path. All you have done, all that you knew and explored through life, has led you here to this awakening of spiritual consciousness on earth. Your presence and focus of attention on the Light of Divine Presence is impulsing hundreds of thousands of people to also awaken.

A majority of people on the planet are feeling the stirrings in the hearts, the desire for something greater and more meaningful. Although their individual interpretation may not coincide with your idea of peace on the planet, nevertheless the impulse for awakening is there now and is spreading through the multitudes of souls on the planet like wildfire. The veils that kept the deepest truth from being revealed are gone. All who seek will truly find their way.

Part of the impulse comes from the fear engendered by the crumbling of familiar structures and a rising awareness of the environmental fragility of the planet. For many, change or die seems to be at the forefront of awareness. Know that the Archangels will use whatever is necessary to bring forth the awakening, and to fire the codes within humanity. Not that these challenges were caused by the Realms of Light, but now that it is here, we will take advantage of the opportunity to make the point.

The Power of Sacred Sites

The many spiritual seekers have also encouraged the Earth to open and reveal her teachings. As with the majority of people, the earth chakras are firing and the living library of Earth wisdom is opening. Sacred sites, as they are known, are now drawing millions of people every day. The power of love and respect that is being shown to these extraordinary places is greater than ever before. This has allowed the time-coded information within the earth to be revealed.

The Universal Presence of Nature is speaking, and the realms of the elementals and fairies and the consciousness of the Earth in all things is available for you to receive. This work is in conjunction with Archangel Sandalphon, acting as the Soul of the planet. Wherever you are, you have access to these teachings. You only have to be in Nature. The sacred sites are radiating their frequencies and many are receiving. All of life, that which is Sacred and Holy, is available to assist the awakening of your spirit. All that you are is a part of this awakening.

The massive opening of the Earth’s teachings is here to ease the process of evolution of consciousness. The wild weather patterns only demonstrate the volatility of the emotional output from millions of people. Their emotions have created a fear-based vibration that causes even more chaos and confusion.

You are the Awakening Presence on the Earth

What you, as the awakening presence on the Earth bring, is a new frequency of hope and love. When you are meditating, you bring into your life a sense of calm awareness and peaceful intent. You have no idea how much this benefits the Earth and all of humanity.

Your radiation of the deep knowing you carry in your spirit, the beauty of the love in your heart, and the power of your clear intention blesses the world and affects hundreds of thousands of people. Each person radiating the Light of pure spirit has the capacity to reach 800,000 people and spark their spiritual awakening.

Imagine your calm spirit radiating a rainbow of Divine Light. Rainbow colors carry all the frequencies of Light and thus can affect many layers of consciousness. Your imagination is a tool for higher consciousness. Allowing your being to radiate rainbows of Light changes the Earth’s vibration. People feel this change in their hearts and have an immediate sense of calm and lightness.

You can radiate this rainbow light to any area that seems in need. You can send this light to the collective consciousness of humanity, with the intention that their hearts receive and awaken to their Soul’s imperative. You can surround the entire Earth in rainbow light, and the depth of this powerful light presence will bring untold blessings to all beings. It is important to remember that Divine Light carries the spiritual qualities of Intelligence and Love. These qualities empower the Light to go where it needs to go and do what it needs to do.

You are the Light Bearers of this time. Your Soul has led you into new ways to perceive and receive the wisdom of the ages. Your presence makes a huge difference. All that you are longing to experience as an awakened soul on the planet is within your grasp. Together you are changing consciousness on the earth by lifting the spirit of all humanity into global awareness.

New life is occurring within the Earth as you are growing and awakening as a community of Light. The remembrance of your soul’s collective consciousness through the coding within you has been fired. You have a deep knowing of what is possible because you experienced it in other times and in other dimensions. These are the sacred teachings encoded in the Light, and it is this that you are bringing to the planet now.

Through you all of humanity is awakening. Through you the Earth is evolving and transcending time and space, allowing spontaneous evolution to come ever closer. It is all possible through the Light and power of the Divine Presence working through you.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel, 2014
for Archangel Metatron

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Lord Maitreya: Come Walk with Me ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Lord Maitreya: Come Walk with Me

Thanks to Ellen for our transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, August 20, 2014, with Lord Maitreya.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Lord Maitreya. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thanks very much, Graham. And, Linda, I’m so excited, I bought my train ticket to go to the Lake Tahoe Conference yesterday and I can’t sit still!

Linda Dillon: Oh, how exciting, Steve! I tell you, the energy is really building. I can’t believe that you’re going to sit on a train — for how many hours?

SB: Thirty hours, I think, as far as I know. It’s actually a beautiful train trip. I’ve done it before. It’s really nice.

LD: So you’re going all through the mountains, huh?

SB: Yes, and … well, Washington state is so lovely, and Oregon is lovely, and then I’m in California, the promised land! So… [laughs]

LD: There you go! You’ll be grinning the whole way!

SB: Yes, indeed! And lighting up the train! Yes! How is the planning going?

LD: The planning is going fabulously. In fact, the agenda book, which is a beautiful souvenir agenda book filled with meditations and channelings and of course the agenda itself, went to press this morning.

SB: Oh, wow!

LD: So everything is moving along. And we have people coming from every corner of the Earth, from New Zealand and Australia and Europe, and of course Canada and the United States. So, it’s really shaping up as a wonderful event, and we’re glad you’re coming!

SB: Well, I want to see lots of partners there. This is a high point of my year for me. The dates are October 3rd to October 5th, is that correct?

LD: Yes, that’s exactly correct. In Lake Tahoe, California.

SB: Do you want people to arrive the day before? Is that how it works?

LD: Arrive on Thursday the 2nd, because we begin full tilt with Mother Mary, or the Universal Divine Mother, however you think of that energy, at 9 o’clock on Friday.  And dinner is provided on Thursday evening. So, you don’t want to miss a free meal!

SB: No!

LD: So, yes, arrive on Thursday.

SB: Will there be travel arranged for the people who land in Reno and then have to get to Tahoe? Or is there a bus?

LD: There is a shuttle for people who arrive in Reno either at the airport or the train station.  All you have to do is let the folks at Granlibakken Conference Center and Lodge know your time and which venue you’re arriving at, and there will be a shuttle bus there waiting for you.

We have a wonderful team of volunteers that are organizing everybody, including me!

SB: Good! Especially you. [laughs]

LD: Yeah, especially me. Because I tend to be kind of out there.  The closer we get, the further out there I am.

SB: Uh-hunh. What a challenge!

LD: It is a challenge.

SB: Yeah. We’ll give you all the help you need.

LD: Thanks. Just make sure my feet are on the floor. But the rest of me is in the clouds.

I’m just really excited. This theme of union and reunion is something that all the masters have been talking to us about all year. And it’s growing. And I know it’s going to continue to grow. But it’s this sense of union with ourselves, and with our divine partners and with each other. And it’s that foundation for Nova Earth. So, I can’t wait. Bring it on! Because I know all of us are ready.

SB:  I can’t wait either. Let me give you an opportunity to transition before we welcome Lord Maitreya. And let me just say to listeners that Lord Maitreya is known to all spiritual traditions. Some regard him as the coming world teacher, others as the Imam. And I could go through each of the traditions; each of them knows that he will be returning. And I think we’ve jokingly referred to him as the Big Buddha. Ranjit then becomes the Little Buddha, the Buddha who is about nine years old now.

And so it’s with the greatest pleasure that I welcome you to the show, Lord Maitreya.

Lord Maitreya: And I welcome you. So greetings. I am Maitreya. However you pronounce my name I will answer.

And yes, there are many traditions and many pronunciations, so it does not matter. And I am the Buddha of Love. And I am the Buddha of the future, and I am the Buddha of the now. Welcome, my beloved friends.

Welcome to each and every one of you. Let me throw open my arms, for I am not a distant or unapproachable godhead. No, I am not fat and jolly!

But I am close, and I am dear, as are each of you. And perhaps, if there is anything that I come to speak of this night, it is of that. It is of the quality of the essence of the true nature of your being. And it is about this true nature of your being that is in emergence at this time of your shift, of your ascension, of your emergence. And how this essence is truly being anchored by your decisions, by your choices, and by your surrender.

There are many things that I would wish to speak of this day, because many months ago I have indicated to all of you, my dear family, that I would return to Earth about this time. And so many of you, I am sure, have been on the lookout for me, and saying, “Where are you? Is this, yet again, simply another broken promise from the Company of Heaven?”

There is so much we need to talk about. And so please forgive me if I tend to speak rather quickly this night.

First of all, think of us as a group. Yes, think of us as a group of the Ascended Masters. As a group, the ascended masters have been very busy.

Think of us as a cadre. We of the Ascended Masters have been very busy anchoring the energies and working with you as a human collective. Because you have a great deal to anchor and to learn and choices to make and, shall we say, tasks to undertake, to perform, choices to adhere to, to surrender to, decisions to undertake, in a very brief period of time.

Yes, I know, it is seldom that you really hear us talk about time being of the essence, but I do. Because, as the Mother has told you, and as Archangel Michael has referred to, time really is of the essence during this period.

And we, as intermediaries, very often between what you think of as Heaven and Earth, are very close to you. Many of us in one incarnation or another know what it is to be human, or, can we say, straddle the realms in between being human and being divine.

We can relate to what many of you think of as human challenges. And we know what it is to attempt to anchor many of the divine qualities — yes, what Linda refers to as the blessings and the virtues, and adherence to the universal laws, what you think of as operational behavior, into your daily lives.

Now, you’ve been working on this, each in your own way. And you are, for the large part — and I speak to you as the lightworker cadre — doing a pretty good job. But there is really a great deal further to go. I do not say this in the way of discouragement. We, as the Ascended Masters, have been working most diligently with you.

Now, a quick aside: How does that address where am I? I have been floating in and out; I have been operating, making my appearance known, anchoring in form, not simply as mere shadows and wisps of energy, very often in the lonely places, appearing as a sage, as a teacher, as a prophet, speaking in the loneliness of nights, sometimes in the war-torn places, sometimes in the middle of cities.

And it does not matter whether it is in Bangalore or Bangladesh, or London, or even in the streets of Los Angeles. Often I appear even as a homeless person or someone who is in rags. Pay attention to those who appear to have nothing, because very often they have the greatest insights and wisdom to share. Too often you dismiss those who seem to have little.

So we have all been busy in various ways. And we are integrating ourselves into your societies, in and out, in and out. The only exception to this rule, what I would suggest to you is really Saint Germaine who works more on the etheric plain and is working a great deal on the financial end of things.

Now, what is it that I, Maitreya, am concerned with? What is the core lesson, the core issue, that humanity — and there are many issues — but what is the most important thing that you are learning? No, not necessarily that we are teaching, that we are assisting. What are you learning?

It is a very emotional subject that I speak of this night. And do not think, my brothers and sisters, that we do not feel things from our hearts, because we love you. And I will use several terms inter-changeably. You are learning the lessons of self-determination. You are learning the lessons of choice and decision.

You are learning that freedom, true freedom, true self-determination, cannot come at the cost of in any way attempting to control or harm or destroy or hurt or maim or bear arms against another.

Self-determination does not know fear. Self-determination is inclusive. It cannot exclude your brothers and sisters, whether it is your brother and sister that live next door to you or across the planet. That is why we so insistently speak of global citizenry, inter-galactic citizenry.

Too many speak of the roads. Each in their own way, the roads to salvation, with a sword or a gun in their hands, or a knife, or a rope. It is not a road to salvation, and it most certainly is not a road to enlightenment. It is a road of power struggle and hatred, of abuse, of lack of self-worth and lack of self-love, and most certainly lack of love of others. The message, the law, not of any religion, the law of love, the essence of love, the message that I bring, the teaching that I bring, is love.

And if there were ever a time for all of us who are of mastery to be assisting all of you who are also in your mastery to complete this Ascension in form, on Gaia, it is now. So that is why I have asked to speak to you. It is not a time to give up. The word surrender has often come to mean, in your English language, the connotation of failure — I surrender as in I give up. In our meaning, surrender is to surrender into the will of One, into the plan and the will, the creation of the Mother/Father/One, back to the essence of not only who you are, but of the plan, of the design.

And in doing that, all the illusion falls away.

And that is what I am asking of you. You may do it by falling forward, thinking that you will fall flat on your face. You may do it by simply collapsing as if you were fainting, down on your knees. You may do it by falling backward, thinking that you will fall on your head or your back, but you will fall on a feather cloud. We will catch you every time.

Because what you are surrendering to is your birthright of freedom. You are saying, “These iron chains of illusion cannot bind me. All these stupidities that have been constructed can not bind me. I refuse.”

It is a very strong statement, and it is matched with action: I simply refuse to play this game anymore. I choose to proceed in love. And if it is not of love, then I will not participate.

This is what I ask the people of Earth to do, to lay down their arms, to lay down their hatred, their greed, their control.

Too many think this is just about money. But first and foremost it is about the willingness to be controlled. It is about the willingness to hate, to be puppeteered. You are not born with hatred in your heart! You are born free. You were born as the essence of love. It is the truth and the might and the power, the true power, of who you are. And I come to re-ignite that, to restore that and to reclaim that with and for you.

No, not that you may join my army! But that you may sit and walk with me, and I may love you. That is my only desire. I do not wish anything from you.

Only the honor of loving you, of befriending you, of being in the sacred union of our friendship, of our soul family, of the family of humanity, of divinity, and of so far beyond.

You are denying yourself what you most desire. You peek at it now and then, and then you give 22 excuses — but, but, but. There are no buts. Do not believe those who surround you in lies and falsehoods. They do not come from truth. They do not come from a place of integrity. If they did, they would set you free. My only agenda is to assist you in what you want.

Now, my beloved brother, Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Thank you, Lord Maitreya. I wonder if I could ask you to discuss with us how it can be that we are all one. You’re over there, I’m over here. After this, you’ll go back to one place or another; I’ll go back to one place or another. How are we one?

LM: When you knit a scarf, there are many stitches, and each stitch is individual, and each fiber within the wool or the silk is individual, but it is but one scarf. When you have a tapestry, when you look at night at the Milky Way, there are millions and millions and millions of stars, it is but one galaxy. It is all but one collection.

Do you not think that those stars do not know each other?

SB: I hadn’t thought of it myself. Do they know each other?

LM: Yes, they do. You see, this is a human… it is a an ego issue! I do not say that as a critique. It is simply the way that you are currently constructed. You do not think of the blades of grass knowing each other. You do not think of the molecules of water in the Pacific Ocean knowing each other, but they do.

SB: Hmm.

LM: You do not think of consciousnesses as knowing each other. So, in the consciousness there is a vastness that is far greater than what humans tend to conceive of. Now, many of your scientists tend to glimpse this now and then. Your physicists marvel at this. It is where they live. And some of your philosophers as well.

So what we say is that, from our perspective, we know that we are all connected, and also something that you may not think of is there is a cause and effect. Do not think that what you do does not have an effect on us! And vice-versa. We are one.

So you tend to think of yourself as a closed system, and you are not. We are one.

SB: Are we one in composition? You talked about starness and waterness and grassness. It’s been said that everything is love. Are we all one because we are all love?

LM: Yes. And so when there is disharmony it creates discordance throughout. And that is why it is so compelling, not compelling insofar as the feeling that you are broken and we need to fix you, but compelling insofar as you are hurting, whether you know it or not.

You are hurting, you are injured. We don’t mean you particularly; we mean you, the collective. And you have reached a point in terms of your journey where you have asked to be healed. But you have asked not only in terms of your spiritual evolution, but your alignment within your plan, within the Mother’s plan. You have asked to take the next step. So within that there is the great joy and the mission to bring that discordance into alignment.

LM: So it is our job  from the star-beings to the divine Company of Heaven to the Ascended Masters to the archangels, all of us, to assist you to bring that discordance back into alignment… now.

Not 20 years from now, not 50 years from now, not 100 years from now, as many suggest, but now.

SB: What is it about the lower dimensions that have us not realize that we are one, that has us not realize that love is everything? And I ask you this very specifically. I’m not talking about a general statement, but specifically what is it about the denser vibrations that prevents the knowing of these realities?

LM: Part of what occurred with the illusions, the blinders that were formulated with the old Third Dimension, it was as if you were put into very myopic vision. And it was myopic vision that was determined primarily by ego and by the desire … now, you use the term, Illuminati, cabals, etc., but what really occurred is that there were very few upon the planet who did not have the desire, with this perspective, shall we say, to control.

Even those who were not in control, who were being controlled, who were being manipulated, still wanted to control, still wanted to be acquisitive, still felt that lack of self-worth, that lack of self-love, that feeling of separation, that illusion of being alone.

So it was not simply what evolved over time that there were groups of powerful beings that held preferred positions; but what happened was even those who were being controlled still held those desires to control. So everybody was on the same page, until such time as that paradigm began to shift.

Now, did that take thousands of years? Yes. And has it taken thousands of years to begin to shift? Yes. But shift it has.

And is it dissolving? Yes. It is but wisps. And that is why we are saying, shake your hands and surrender. Declare yourselves. Because it cannot simply be done for you. It truly is a revolution.

SB: Now, you said just wisps, Lord Maitreya, but some of these groups still have pretty dangerous weapons, and they’re killing each other. How am I to interpret that as a wisp?

LM: I do not suggest that these people are not dangerous.  I am not foolish.

SB: Okay.

LM: I am not a foolish Buddha.

SB: [laughs] Not a laughing Buddha?

LM: Not a laughing Buddha, not a jolly Buddha. I am a serious Buddha!

But think of it: the people who are, yes, in control of such violence are probably, oh, a couple of million versus about seven billion. It is a numbers game. Am I suggesting that everybody go and attack? No. I am not.

What I am suggesting is that you begin, not next week, not next year, but right now, to simply see that this is not real power. You say, “Well, if they have the power to shoot me down, if they have the power to cut off my head, if they have the power to take planes out of the sky, that is real power.”

I do not deny this, and I say to you, yes, of course, keep yourselves as much as possible out of harm’s way, my beloved friends. I am not suggesting that you put yourself in harm’s way. But what I am saying is see it for what it is. It is not the truth. The truth is, it is not real. Your freedom, your love, your life, your freedom, does not depend on them declaring you free. Your freedom depends on you declaring yourself free.

You say “You’re speaking esoterically.” And what I say to you is compare it. Declare it in your heart this night with me. Declare your freedom, not just as a political act, but as a human, spiritual, physical act.

See how it feels and turn to me, turn to your Ascended Master cadre, invoke the law, invoke Archangel Michael’s protection, because there are ways we can help that are unseen. No, do not put yourself in the line of fire. We are not suggesting that.

SB: Perhaps I could interject at this moment, Lord. Because a lot of lightworkers who have agreed to receive the flow of abundance that’s going to be happening in order to distribute it to other lightworkers seem to have agreed to put themselves in the line of fire, so to speak. There’s a certain degree of risk involved in managing large flows of money, so we are, in fact, agreeing to put ourselves in the line of fire, in some ways. What words do you have to say to those who have agreed to?

LM: You’re not agreeing to put yourselves in the line of bullets.

SB: No. I suppose not.

LM: It is a very big difference.

SB: Okay. But what would you say to those people – many, many lightworkers – who have agreed to participate in the Reval, and have increased their visibility, have increased their chances of being bothered by others, and perhaps other things as well? What would you say to them?

LM: Well, that is your job.

SB: Uh-hunh.

LM: That is part of creating Nova Earth. That is part of stepping forward and taking action. That is part of building community and taking care and tending to the community.

Each of you has different ways. Some of you live in the lonely places, and some of you are asked to step forth in order to build community. So, each of you has different ways in which you express, and some of you will be in public platforms, and some of you will be in very private platforms, but it is your choice and your abilities will guide your way. But these are choices, and these are choices not governed or decided by anything but your heart.

So do not make yourselves martyrs and say, “I must do this” and “This is my sacrifice.” You do this because you choose to out of the freedom of your love!

SB: Okay.

LM: This is what you chose to do based on your mission and purpose. Are there some in transition that may be bothersome? Well, erect your sword and shield, dear heart. That is what they are there for. Create your sacred space. Part of being clear — and I say this as the Buddha — is knowing how to keep your sacred space clear of knowing where your boundaries are. If you do not keep your sacred space clear, if you do not delineate your boundaries, if you do not honor your sacred space, then you are not honoring yourself.

SB: We, with all the chaos going on at this time, and probably there could be more chaos as the Tsunami of Love increases in intensity, what remains to be learned?

LM: Well, you have just touched upon one of them, which is the honoring of the sacred self. Because as the chaos comes to the surface — and that is why I have talked about the importance of not putting yourselves in the line of fire, either figuratively or in actuality, because putting yourself in the line of fire, dear heart, can also be in the line of fire of your neighbor, of your family, of your place of work, of nations.

You know what I mean. So it is important in the honoring of love first and foremost to honor your sacred self, to love yourself. Because what is going to be dredged up may be thousands and thousands and thousands of years old. It may not even have to do with this planet.

So allow it to come to the surface. The chaos of the collective is what you are clearing, and what the Mother is bringing to the surface at this time.

You may not even understand it. It does not matter. Allow it to come to the surface to be cleansed away, and allow what needs to be integrated to be integrated. Allow your heart to expand to the size of the Milky Way or the Atlantic Ocean.

Do not try to define. This is something that the human beings tend to do. They try to define so often what it is that is going on. And that brings your mental and emotional bodies into greater confusion very often. Simply allow the currents to wash it away and leave what needs to be integrated. So, do not spend too much mental, emotional energy on it.

It is a tsunami, my friends.


So, let it take the currents, and let it wash away. Do not spend too much time trying to define. Let the Mother take what needs to be cleansed, because it is ancient, it is primordial. And let the sun shine through you, and allow the new to begin.

And then flow through the Ascension chambers, the portals. Allow your wings to unfurl. And if you feel like simply walking, take my hand. I would be pleased to walk with you.

SB: that’s beautiful. Is it possible to talk about what the Tsunami of love is? How it’s happening? Is there some great magician up there sending love down to us? Or are the galactics running machinery that disseminates it across the planet? What is happening when the Tsunami of Love is happening?

LM: The magician is the Divine Mother.  The machinery, the one who is running the machinery, very quietly, is the Father.

SB: Uh-hunh. For once! [laughs]

LM: Yes! For once and for all!

SB: The power behind the throne? [laughs.]

LM: That is correct. It is truly the energy of One. So it is the creation, love energy. So does it move through the realms of the archangels, the inter-galactics? Think of it literally as a tsunami steamrolling through all the realms, and picking up speed. So, do they receive it? Yes. But it picks up speed as it flows through them, and they add their energy through them. And then it comes to Earth, and it flows through. There is not one human being, conscious, unconscious, subconscious, that does not receive it.

Now, those who are aware tend to feel it more. But she is not stopping until every human being is cleared.

Now, she has been, from her perspective, very gentle in this cleansing. We know, there are many of you who would say, “If this has been gentle, then look out,” because she is intensifying this energy incredibly.

SB: What does that mean? We think in terms of numbers, percentages, things like that. How are we to think about the increase in the Tsunami of Love?

LM: Think of it this way. You have been riding on a very calm lake, and now you are about to be in the perfect storm.

SB: I can’t wait!

LM: I think you will enjoy it, dear heart.

SB: Um-hmm.

LM: I think you will all enjoy it, even if you get a little seasick. You are ready for this change. And you have welcomed it for a long time. So, put on your life jacket and get ready.

SB: How long will this current storm last?

LM: It will last about a month.

SB: And then there will be another trough?

LM: We do not know that another trough will be necessary.

SB: Anything you can say about Ascension?

LM: You are underway, already.

SB: So, gradually?

LM: No, not gradually. We would say, your process is a snap.

SB: How far along are we if it’s possible to talk in those terms?

LM: You are almost home, dear heart. You are almost home.

SB: Okay. I hear the music! The music of the spheres!

LM: So, come and walk with me, dear heart!

SB: I would love to!

LM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell. Thank you for coming.

LM: My pleasure.

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Saint Germain ~ Relationships : Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit From Within

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Saint Germain ~ Relationships

August 22, 2014

 August 22, 2014 Channeled through Méline Portia Lafont

Greetings, I AM Saint Germain

Let us speak about relationships. Ah yes, the eternal fairy-tale and a mystery for many to understand. Allow me to share about relationships from my knowledge on this, as I have experienced many upon your Earthly shores in the past present.

There are various ways and levels of relationships and different types of relationships you all go through in order to, at the end of the day, reach the understanding and the knowing that all you have been doing is actually having a relationship with yourself. You see, relationships are here to share beautiful moments and less beautiful moments as well with each other, and to reflect upon one another who you are and what you are made of: pure Love!

So another you, in the form of another physical expression or person, comes into your life and you decide to enter into a relationship that is based on various ways of expressing this and of sharing this with one another. So you have relationships based on friendship as to where there is no romance in life but a deep and profound connection based on respect, acknowledgment and recognition of the expression and personality one is. Friends do mirror energy signatures of your being of what is going on in your inner planes and support one another in that same resonance. So you find that you attract friends into your life that will go through the same deal, that share the same thoughts and interests, to some degree if not all and so friends may support that which is actually been going on inside of you and they enhance everything. Hence that those energies on your inner plane that needs to be transcended and letting go of is being enhanced as well than, as you support one another’s resonance and thus share and enhance that what actually is being asked from you to let go of.

Than you have the relationships in romance and deep Love, the one in a million kind of relationship you never believed could come to pass. These are the actual mirror relationships that show you where you stand in life and in your evolution as you attract what you are in an awakened state. Ah yes, now we get to the point of the real deal. Let us speak more of this holographic reality of mirrors.

Often romantic involvements that are of the deep kind and nature, as to the one in a million feeling, are deeply soul connected.  You can be sure that when such a feeling is shared, accompanied with a deep recognition in one another, that you have shared past lives together. Now, that may be in various ways and forms, not always is this in a romantic involvement, but the knowing of each other is very palpable. You can be soul mates, twin souls or even Twin Flames. Each level of connection has its own depth, energy signature and function.

In such relationship involvements, the souls have decided to reconnect in this lifetime and to play a role in each other’s evolution and Ascension process. It can go from supporting the growth in strength and love, to the assistance of releasing karma. This goes through mirroring and seducing that what lingers inside of you at that particular time, to come out and play or to be experienced by you in order to transcend this and to see it is a part of you in the first place.

So whatever role is taken upon you and by the other half of your relationship, it is all a part of this holographic reality you both agreed to create in order for you both to experience what Love is on the various levels that are possible. It is in Divine order to get you to that knowing that you are Love, and to embrace yourself with that Love. So that is why relationships are here in the first place, to teach you who you are and to bring you back to that natural sense of what Love truly is.

It is so that when one yearns for a relationship, one yearns for oneself in truth for there is a feeling of missing something in oneself.. Although that is what one erroneously believes to be true, for on the other hand it is actually already within you and always has been. So you send out the request to be reminded of that particular knowing, this through experience and that is where relationships are best for. The perfect mirror with the perfect person on that moment and in resonance with each other.

Relationships can be beautiful to share and to experience, especially when the bond is soul connected and deeply related to one another as to where you can start to experience yourself in another form. When both are awakened, in resonance and start to understand, grasp and see that the other one is simply another form and expression of the Self there is so much to be seen in yourself through the other. You can start to consciously play and experience the varieties of yourself and the different levels of Love and mergings as well as powerful co-creations. It is as it were a profound change and a reawakening to your own higher level of being that is embraced by you.

At one point you might come to that crucial moment where you realise and feel that you actually do not need any relationship anymore when it comes to pointing out what you still need to see, as you start to live more in yourself ~ the expanded state of yourself. The feeling of being complete within yourself is the result of the merging with your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which is the Twin Flame reunion. You have a relationship with yourself through being Love. You go within and face what you need to see and to shift which is possible as you embrace and acknowledge that fact.

Nevertheless a need for companionship is what might still linger within you, so you send out to the Universe what kind of relationship you need or seek and it will be presented to you on a plate by the Universe as a result of your own creation. Mankind has been feeling alone and separated for far too long to just simply jump into that sudden point of being and feeling complete within itself. Although it is where you all are getting to in due time when you are ready and willing for this.

When being in a state of knowing that in fact all is already within you and that your companion is another expression of you on various levels, you can share, create and have wondrous moments in resonance where much creation, inspiration and Love will flow from that relationship as to where respect and freedom is pivotal. It is lingering in a sense and an awareness of the power of co-creation when you unite as one Source and bundle your energies. When all is vibrating in Love from the heart, anything is truly possible and this type of relationship is what marks the new world of being and living. In the new world, relationships, if any, are based on resonance and co-creation instead of being based on mirroring of karma and the sense of lacking something.

My friends, have a good one if you choose to participate in this hologram of relationships but always keep in mind that it is yourself that you are dating in a way. How does that knowing feel to you all? Marvelous isn’t it? If you had come to that understanding sooner, would you have journeyed in relationships anyway?! I most certainly would, as relationships are a world on their own that is truly a Mastery and school on itself. They are the best teachers but this too will eventually be transcended at a certain time and on a certain level. All in due time as Mastery is a whole creation and process on its own, that also needs to be done step by step in order to get you to that point of enlightenment.

Blessings upon all of you from my heart in eternity

I AM Saint Germain

Copyright © Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered

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Arcturian Message – Being a Multidimensional Leader ~ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Arcturian Message – Being a Multidimensional Leader


Message from the Arcturians

Being A Multidimensional Leader

We are in the process of shifting our reality. We say “we” for all dimensions, realities and worlds are shifting into a higher frequency of expression. As it is for the least, it is for the greatest.

Hence, as the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of the third dimensional reality of illusion and shifts into the fifth dimension of the light of cosmic truth, all the dimensions above the fifth also shift into their next higher dimensional expression.

As we make this transition, there is a release, a letting go, of what has been our predominant expression of self. For example, we Arcturians are expanding our baseline frequency from the eighth through tenth dimensions into the eleventh and twelfth dimensions.

In the same manner, your human baseline frequency will shift form the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, which was once your higher expression of SELF. In the case of Earth, the third/fourth dimensions will gradually become less and less inhabitable.

You will find that just as it once took effort to consciously experience the fifth dimension, it will become increasingly difficult to consciously experience the third/fourth dimension. Even now, your consciousness may appear to be wandering off into what appears to be a trancelike state. This trancelike state feels so natural that you do not want to leave it.

Also, as this shift continually accelerates your consciousness, you will gain a new perspective on your physical world. This higher viewpoint will enable you to perceive your 3D reality from “up above it” rather than “stuck within it.” In other words, you will be able observe your ego from your Higher SELF.

Once your Multidimensional SELF is in charge, you will be able to make some important decisions that make YOU the creator of your life. You will also become aware of many of your higher dimensional, alternate or parallel realities.

While you are swimming in the illusion of the third dimension, you see only what surrounds you. However, as you regain a higher perspective of your life, many of your priorities will change. Your ego will no longer tell you to let go of your meditations and creative expression so that you can “get back to the business of your real life.”

With your Higher SELF at the helm, you will realize that what you have perceived as “just your imagination” is actually your real life. Then slowly, or quickly, you will want to “let go” of many of our your lower frequency chores, responsibilities and jobs.

In this manner, you can more easily remain in the unconditional light and love of the fifth dimension. Of course you will still “take care of 3D business,” but your priorities will greatly alter as your consciousness expands into the higher dimensions.

You may be thinking, “Do I dare believe that what appears to be my imagination is actually my real world? If I make that choice and switch my primary attachment to the feelings of my fifth dimensional imagination, does that mean that I die to the physical world?”

When you meditate or dream about being in a higher frequency reality, are you able to wake up or end your meditation? Of course, your physical reality does not disappear while you sleep or meditate, nor will it go away when your switch your primary identity from being your 3D physical self to being your 5D Lightbody SELF.

Even those who actually “die” to the third dimension often experience both their higher worlds and the third dimension until they are ready to release their lower expression of self. In the same manner, our light workers are being faced with the decision of “which reality is the real world?”

While in your fifth dimensional state of consciousness, this question eventually evolves into, “Which of the many dimensions of reality do I choose as my primary expression of SELF?”

When you volunteered to enter your earth vessel, the physical world became your primary expression of SELF. While you are still draped within your earth vessel, you are inclined to believe that you only have the choice of one primary expression.

As you increasingly experience your multidimensional consciousness while you also perceive the third dimensional world, you may believe that you must choose a “primary reality.” This belief occurs because even though you are having a multidimensional experience, you are thinking in a third dimensional way.

Once you take more and more excursions into your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will begin to also think multidimensionally. Thus, the either/or choices that filled your 3D world are replaced by the realization that you can choose both and/or all.” It is then that you are beginning to understand the concept of multidimensional reality from a higher perspective.

Due to your evolved understanding of your Multidimensional SELF, you are remembering that you no longer need to choose. From the perspective of your fifth dimensional self, you know that you have myriad expressions of your SELF that are simultaneously being experienced on myriad dimensions and realities.

The difficult adaptation is for your fifth dimensional SELF to convince your third dimensional self to “Let GO” of the illusions of time and space. Your third dimensional expression is afraid to release that illusion because you unconsciously remember that that form of “letting go” meant death in many of your third dimensional incarnations.

It is very difficult to break the 3D indoctrinations of “one life per person,” and “one life at a time.” These rules further state that if you live a good life you go to Heaven, but if you live a bad life you go to Hell. The problem with good vs. bad is that the definition for good and bad are different according to your third dimensional indoctrination.

Because of the vast programming that many humans have received, as well as the fact that many of Gaia’s humans live on the edge of survival, the bulk of the process of shifting into higher frequencies of consciousness falls on the shoulders of the awakened light workers.

We wish to thank you, dear Lightworkers, for your great courage and endurance. We are coming into your awareness to tell you that, “It is the NOW for those of you who have united with your Multidimensional SELF to unite with each other.“

The members of the Galactic and Celestial realms are working with you, our earth-bound expressions of SELF, to remind you that, “It is the NOW!” to unite with Gaia and all of Her human and non-human inhabitants, who are willing to release the myriad illusions and limitations of their third dimensional vessel.” 

Any BELIEF that you are limited to your 3D expression traps you in illusion. Fortunately, once you can conceive that you are multidimensional, you will begin to realize that you do not need to leave one reality in order to experience another reality.

In fact, you all have the ability to experience your third, fourth and fifth dimensional realities within the NOW of your multidimensional consciousness. By tuning into the “NOW of the ONE” you can make an honest assessment of your state of consciousness by observing your thoughts, emotions and actions from your newly discovered higher perspective.

In order for you to choose to return to full awareness of your Multidimensional SELF, you will need to be CONSCIOUS observers of your life. First you must know yourself before you can change yourself.

Once you clearly observe yourself, you will realize any alterations you need to make in your life and in your self. This observation begins by your saying to your self,

“Right NOW I am entering my Higher SELF to observe my state of consciousness. From this higher perspective I can make an honest observation of my thoughts, emotions and actions.”

“Right NOW I am observing how my thoughts and emotions are affecting my state of consciousness. I am also recognizing the activities and/or duties that lower my consciousness.”

“Right NOW I am ready to flow into the fifth dimension, I am consciously choosing to transmute any thoughts, emotions, activities or habits that lower my consciousness.”

In order for you, the volunteers who bi-located into an earth vessel to assist Gaia, to be fully aware of your Multidimensional SELF, you will need to be CONSCIOUS observers of your life.

As you regain an ongoing interaction with your higher expressions of SELF, you remember that this “higher guidance” is a higher expression of your own Multidimensional SELF.

Through a constant communication with your SELF you will remember the “mission” that you decided to accept before entering your earth vessel. Most important, as you allow your higher expressions of Multidimensional SELF to merge with and lead you, you are being prepared to be a Multidimensional Leader of others.

You may begin as one person, but as you merge with the many within you, you will be able to merge with the many who are beginning to remember their mission as well. Then 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 4, which becomes 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on into infinity.

You are awaking to your Multidimensional SELF and the reason why you chose to enter a third dimensional earth vessel. We know the great loneliness you have suffered and the deep yearning for… for what, for some thing or some one that is missing.

That some thing that you miss is the mission that you chose to complete, and that some one you are missing is YOU – as your true Multidimensional SELF. Every ONE of you is an important component of Gaia’s planetary ascension. Every ONE of you has volunteered to assist Gaia with Her ascension.

As the reward for your efforts, you will become a Multidimensional Leader who joins with Gaia as she transmutes her physical reality into multidimensional world of multidimensional light and unconditional love.


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Grasping at Old Straws ~ Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

art by tiaraby k amikakushi

ART :  Tiaraby K Amikakushi


Greetings, dear ones.  I am the Keeper of Time.

Grasping at Old Straws

You are at a critical junction of time and space on planet Earth. You have moved very clearly from one dimension to the next going through interdimensional realities as you do, and now you are grasping at the old straws. That is actually very normal for the advancement of humanity—at least in the ways that you have done this previously. We wish to speak of this today and share with you what is going on in your world. Yes, we have already shared with you that much energy is being picked up from the planet; the tectonic plates are moving in such a way that there is considerable stress and strain on the planet herself. Previously, in lower existences of lower vibration, this was not a problem. Quite simply, before you did not feel it the way you are all feeling it now.  You are all starting to feel this connection on a very, very deep level and many are overreacting out of desperation. It feels as if you do not grasp this right now, you are going to lose the opportunity. Dear ones, we say you—we mean the large you—there are those who call yourselves Lightworkers, for you are the masters of the light. Yes, you are the ones that have chosen to be here right now to make a huge difference on this planet. So we will share some of the very simple ideas and tools that you can use to help all of humanity make this step to this next level, where you can anchor your whole energy very firmly and plainly.

Action and Reaction

All you need to do, dear ones, is look at us and see what it looks like from our side of the veil.  Unless we are talking about humanity we do not use the words right or wrong, good or bad, nor love or fear. The reality is that those do not exist and as you have moved into this higher vibration. You have desperately grasped at the energy of these old ideas to try and feel comfortable, especially feeling the energy from Mother Earth herself. Many who have felt downtrodden, or as if they have not had a voice, grasp and step back into the evolution to try to find some form of familiarity and comfort there. Then, dear ones, there are you who have looked at both sides. We challenge you all to now do that. When you can look at something through our eyes, you see non-judgment. Judgment does not work because there is no right nor wrong. There is only an action and a reaction, which is what is playing out on Earth over and over again. However, it has come to such a heightened state that you all can find an answer for this. What does it take? Does it take a cease fire, a renegotiation, or your governments getting involved? All of those things are possible, dear ones, but each of you can make a difference in your own heart with the energy you carry right now. This is why many of you came and it is the next evolutionary step of humanity. Actually, it is an opportunity for the light to be shining in areas that have been dark for eons, for much longer than you think. Yes, much of this is playing out from times past. Many of your grand wars on planet Earth are simply repeats of other things that you have experienced in your own history and this is no exception. However, it is actually leading you into a problem area and now is the time for all of you to reach out and act.

Practice Compassion

How do you do it? Well, dear ones, you have a nerve that comes down out of the sides of your neck and weaves through five of your seven chakras. It is called the Vagus nerve and it can be exercised. Why would you do that? Well, this is actually the nerve that leads to longevity on planet Earth, so if you exercise this one it will benefit every single person. How do you exercise the vagus nerve? It’s very simple…you practice compassion. The vagus nerve is part of you; it’s part of your own physical makeup that allows you to see compassion on your planet. When you see something going on that looks like a horrible situation, the first thing you all do is point fingers. You try to figure out which side you are on, what took place and who is to blame. What if all of you took a little piece of that blame, the responsibility to see things differently, and to perhaps even see the energies that led up to it? None of you are wrong; none of you are right. You are all experiencing the blend of humanity.

See another Being as Part of You

You are at a critical mass. There are simply no two ways about it, dear ones. Humanity has evolved so rapidly during the last four and a half years and it has been incredible. As you went through the portal of the 12-12-12 and reinstated all of your energies on planet Earth, you decided to step into the new age of humanity. During this Age of Empowerment you have reached these levels. All of a sudden you cannot go any further until you resolve some of the very simple problems at the heart of the differences that have played out on your planet, over and over and over again. Are these the times of Atlantis and Lemuria? Yes, dear ones, but it goes back even further than that and even further than most of you could understand. You had to pretend to be separate in order to play this game of being a human, which gave you duality or opposites. When you look at another being you see them as separate from you instead of part of you, and that needs to change. It is the part that all of you can shift. You know, many of you have even grown up with religions preaching that good people are going to heaven while bad people are going to hell. We hate to disappoint you, dear ones, but there is no hell and there never was. It was a human invention around the 17th century to use guilt against many of you to help control you in some way.

Dismissing the Bias

That also illustrates the separation which is no longer here. The reality is that there is no separation, for all of you will leave together or none of you go. That is your choice and it is now in front of all of you. Well, dear ones, how do you do that? Do you simply turn off your televisions so you do not see the news or have to deal with it? Well, denial is part of it. However, the reality is that all of you need to know what is going on, on the planet. The challenge is if you believe everything that you see on your televisions. What would it take to watch many different channels and have many different opportunities to see what people are feeling? Can you dismiss their taintedness? Can you dismiss the generational hate which has been passed down over and over again as a father yells to his son, “Look what they did to us! Look what they did!” The son sets his goals and when he grows up he will get revenge. This plays out over and over, and over again. Many of the masters have spoken, “Love thine enemies.” This is the time to do so and now it comes down to the reality of each of you. Because there is no right or wrong, no black or white, no up or down, and there is no love or fear. It is all part of the same energy.

Can you see yourself in the eyes of others?

Very clearly, dear ones, you have entered into the Third Wave of Empowerment. The First Wave was quite simply, learning to stand, be there, and follow the leader. Your Second Wave of Empowerment was learning to follow yourself. You have all learned how to find your own paths, yet many times fighting over the differences on planet Earth. The Third Wave of Empowerment is much more difficult than either of the first two, because it is harmony. How does one find harmony? Seeing yourselves in the eyes of others  is the key. Now what does that mean for each of you? You may be saying, “I am just one person. I am not a is the one making these deals and trying to create peace on the planet.” But you are. The reality is that each of you adds to the collective vibration of humanity in a way that has never before been seen on planet Earth. It is actually this collective vibration which determines the outcome and the direction of the new humanity on the new planet Earth in the Age of Empowerment. Each of you have a responsibility to open your hearts and try and see as many sides of an issue as you can. Yes, you are going to see suffering and wrongful doings. You are going to become angry about them,  which will continue as long as humanity plays this out. We tell you, dear ones, this takes place repeatedly to actually create that feeling in people. Many times an anger toward a group or race of people  or a geographical location will continue generation after generation.

The Call of the E-Family

Dear ones, there is just you. Can you create the heart of one or see yourself in everyone’s eyes, even those who would take out a weapon and use it against you? Can you experience their fear as your problem, by holding it in your heart and expressing it openly with friends of yours? These are the things that will change planet Earth and you are at a critical mass right now. You cannot move any further until these things are resolved, but what does that mean? Are you all going to step off and move to the next level together? No, dear ones. It is a typical wave pattern that we have spoken of several times before. Often it is three steps forward, but two steps back. Sometimes you become very discouraged because it is three steps forward and three steps back. However, all of you have the responsibility to move forward in this one direction. You have chosen to be on Earth at this moment for this very reason; it is why you came. Now it is time to awaken from the dream,  take the power of your heart, and learn to love everyone as yourself. This is the beauty of a walking master on planet Earth and the E-Family is all around, for many of you have been here at very critical times before. Elrah knows you well, as does the Keeper of Time, eM and all of what you call the group. The reality is that we cheer you on, dear ones, because you stepped forward at these critical moments of resistance on your planet to make a difference. You made your voice be heard, carrying a vibration that doesn’t make sense but holds the key to love on planet Earth. These are the times of the new energies of the new planet Earth; each and every one of you holds a piece of this. You have brought a separate ray of light, so dare to lose your fears and your attachment to darkness. Dare to let go of your ideas of separation and  believing that only the good ones will evolve. All of you go together, so you are working with the lowest vibration of each to make the largest difference on your planet.

There is no right or wrong. There is only you.

How do you dissolve generational hatred and act as one? The first thing you do is understand it. It is not simply saying a few words  or apologizing to have them release it. Instead it sill be about getting to know one another. Not your best side or what you want to show them, but who you are in this together.. The Age of Empowerment is right in front of all of you, but it is going to take each and every one of you to reach this critical mass. These are the times of the new planet Earth. These are the times of the new human awakening from the dream. Dear ones, there is no right, there is no wrong. There is only you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we help you re-member yourselves at these critical mass times on your planet. You are awakening from a beautiful dream of playing a game. Do so with love in your heart and reach out to all the rest playing the game.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, no matter who you are. Nurture one another at every opportunity. This is the greatest advancement of humanity and step into this beautiful new game that all of you are playing and play well together.

Espavo.  I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”
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art by tiaraby k amikakushi


There Has Always Only Ever Been One ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

om new buddha monk and female

There Has Always Only Ever Been One


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(I will return to the series on law tomorrow.)

“The Tsunami of Love once again increases in frequency, vibration, and strength. … I request you to follow my example and cherish your sweet self. And then climb back up on the wave and lead the way.”  (The Divine Mother.)

There is only one. One is everything.

There has always only ever been one.

I was hit yesterday with so many realizations that I haven’t been able to get them all down. And it was happening in the bath, away from my computer.

I was obliged to be with it and risk forgetting it and I did … both.

At one point, in an elevated state, I gave my heart to the Divine Mother and asked her to keep it.

But I made one request of her and that was to allow me, to empower me to love everybody.

And she replied: “There is only one. There has always only ever been one.”

And I got it.

One is everything and everything is one.

The One is everything and everything is the One.

Oneness lies in everybody and everybody lies in oneness.

It’s all true.

Then a thought arose. Up to this point in time I had thought of myself as a damaged person, a person in need of healing.

On the day when I first heard my Mom and Dad arguing, I died of a broken heart.

Aside from that one incident, I saw that every other broken heart, every other wound, every other imagined injury I had ever endured, I had inflicted on myself. My wounds are almost entirely self-inflicted.

Seeing that no one, but two, had ever hurt me, that I had always only wounded myself amazed me.

I immediately forgave everyone in my life and asked for forgiveness from all I have wounded.

And I got it. I felt release. There is work to do but I still felt release, relief.

I surrender.

We are all one. Yes, there are ways that we’re all different. But the higher we go in evolution, the more the oneness is revealed and the differences melt away.  Until at last we are revealed as One.

What else did I get? The realizations poured out of me.

I got that I was consciousness/awareness itself. If everything is one, then everything is consciousness/awareness. I proved to myself I was that by trying to see a moment of unconsciousness and found that consciousness or awareness was continuous and never-ending.

I am aware now. I will be aware tomorrow. I will be aware after I die (if I die!).  I am awareness.

And everything is love, everything is peace, everything is God.

… I’m being permitted to remember another realization.

It was shown to me that no one could heal me but myself. That’s the way things are designed. So I needed to heal myself.

And I asked for help and the Divine Mother said, “Speak from your heart from now on. Not always. But more than you have. That will heal you.”

Me? A writer?

I got it. I immediately asked the Mother to move me into a new house – the house of the heart. And I asked for every connotation, every learning, everything I ever knew about the heart and love to be restored to me. And I asked for all the help I could get. Violet flame. Sword of blue.

I almost shake when I say the word “love,” I have so deeply wounded myself over and over again in that area.

I got it. I really did get it.

I am so shaken … and being shaken is a good thing. I thank whoever shook me … and always my Brother of Blue.

Namaste. I bow before the Divine Mother, the Holy Father in you.


om new buddha monk and female

Saint Germain’s message & an update on the Lion’s Gate unfolding energies ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit From Within

meline 19.8


Saint Germain’s message and an update on the Lion’s Gate unfolding energies

August 19, 2014

Message transmitted and received on August 17, 2014

Hi sweet friends

So we just passed through this recent huge energetic wave that was intensified by the super Full Moon on the 10th of August, after being facilitated by the 08-08 gateway in the first place. We all knew that more of these intense energies would come our way and we do not see the end of this yet. It is like we are running through a program full of surprises characterized by integrations, activations and adaptations to what is coming our way.. or better said what we are growing towards.

It is all in Divine order and we better be thankful for all of this, as major shifts are preparing us to be those gatekeepers we truly are, to hold that space for humankind and for this Ascension process that is presently going on. We are the wayshowers here in full action and we need to take our “job” seriously. No gender, age nor race should be standing in our way now to reunite as one big family and company of lightbeings. We are on our way and more is to come.

So before I will continue with a transmission from Saint Germain, let us talk a little bit about this past portal of the Lion’s gate that has been amplified through the super Full Moon and the intensified energies of the great Central Sun of Sirius that have been arriving on our shores simultaneously for about 18 days. It is so that lots of things have been going on worldwide since these gateways and even during them while for me personally I was in my own bubble of light, co-creating an event with Anrita Melchizedek and connecting with amazing soul family in the physical plane at Glastonbury Tor, UK.

We had a beautiful event and have shared beautiful energies during our transmission and everyone was in resonance with each other, filling the days with laughter and love. It truly was a beautiful reconnecting from the virtual and etheric planes to the physical plane. We started with a transmission of Light that was facilitated by Anrita and myself at the Tor on the 08-08 gateway. We gathered with close to 40 beautiful friends at the Tor and did a meditation and transmission to anchor the Diamond Flame of transcendence. A white pillar of Light was seen in the distance during this transmission by fellow lightworkers. This focus and creation was closed by a beautiful music creation by Aviva Ohm. You can find the live transmission here and download it here.

During the workshop weekend we have been going through a great amount of initiations, shifts and adapting to the higher frequencies, activating the diamond lightbody Merkaba up till the 9th dimension. We also have been working around embracing our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Archetypes within ourselves and with the Goddess energies (Lady Portia, Hera and Isis) during my transmission. Talking about intense along with the already intense waves of energies coming from the activated portals at that time. We could see the energies shifting and we were surrounded by beautiful lightbeings that I could catch on camera. See the pictures:

There were a lot of groups in Glastonbury and all around the world that were putting a focus on peace at the same time, as well as groups working with their own energy focus and anchoring this on the Earth. We all could feel the energies enhancing and shifting globally. The more people that come together and focus on the same energies, the stronger shifts will take place allowing the change to enter and the New to be born. Collective focus in unity is a very powerful tool! Surely beautiful things will come out of all these events that were performed during these portals. We have anchored a lot, and not only through our group but also worldwide through many fellow lightworkers.

So major shocker for me when returning back to this collective reality where I find my favorite actor having exited the plane and the upheavals that had started in Iraq. The departure of Robin Williams did touch me deeply as I could sense his deep grief, of not being able to stand the harshness of this world any longer. His smile always did it for me and his genuineness. Iraq was shocking as well, so needed to work on balancing again and doing my best to “land” gently back into this collective reality after such a weekend of high vibes and resonance of Love with so many beautiful like minded hearts. Those that know me, are aware that I am not following the news and so every time I do hear things, I am completely unaware. I choose to not follow this as it is only distraction for me and attempts to bring me in fear. So, apparently it seems that these portal energies were very hard for many, I AM glad I was far away from this all and spending my time in this blissful buble.

Nevertheless, these energies caught up with me, once I got home as I could sense all of the energies and issues ~ I rather call them ‘charges’ ~ being bombarded at me. I could sense the frustrations of many as well as my own. Feeling frustrated to be back in these lower vibes while I was just recently experiencing myself on such higher levels that were so amazing and beautiful to me. I had a HARD time to come back into the body every time after meditation and it took me longer and longer to be able to ground myself fully into this body. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I had experienced the sense of being One with myself, within myself. I literally experienced my Spirit moving in spiral fluctuations within the body vehicle to integrate my higher levels along with adapting my body to the higher light frequencies of my being. I could not move, once awakening out of my deep meditation and was in a constant state of being one with my higher levels.. why would I leave that state of being? It is simply too overwhelmingly blissful and beautiful.

You see, my sweet friends, all is truly within and not “UP there”. You seek in the wrong direction if you seek it up there, it is all within you and it is YOU that you experience as Ascension.

(image made by Bob Fickes

Alongside this co-creation I also have been working with Bob Fickes while being at the Tor to anchor energies and to link up the Tor with Mount Fuji in Japan. Bob has been channeling Merlin for 40 years ( I always loved his work, listening to his channeled tapes of Merlin when I was 18, as I have never heard anyone channeling Merlin so clear as he does) and I found him again after almost 15 years. Bob lives in Thailand now and he got the message from Merlin that Japan and the land of Avalon (England, Tor) are connected in the sense that Glastonbury Tor in England would be the old Avalon and Mount Fuji in Japan would be the new Avalon.

So Bob asked me to anchor and create a rainbow bridge from the Tor in Glastonbury and to link it up with Mount Fuji in Japan and to send the energies of the Tor to Japan. We (myself and Bob, along with fellow lightworkers) did this on the super full moon. I anchored the Violet Flame at the Tor and created a rainbow bridge anchored at the Tor, running towards Japan and anchoring at Mount Fuji. This way the link up happened and I could see the energies of Avalon at the Tor going towards Mount Fuji under the guidance of the fairies to be anchored in Japan, and simultaneously I could see the new Avalon energies coming from Mount Fuji under the guidance of the fairies coming to the Tor. Mission accomplished!

Here you can find the links of Bob’s articles concerning this Here and Here

and Here

More will be shared about this soon when more focus and anchoring is required. I am thinking about maybe making a meditation around this, like the ones I made for the Tor and for Japan ~ I know, it is no coincidence that I already have been linking them unconsciously, I now clearly see why.

That being said, what an adventure and I am sure you all went through yours as well as these energies do not leave anything untouched! Let us now invite Saint Germain to come through and see what he wants to share about all of this all and about the current energies.

Saint Germain:

Welcome my dearly beloved fellow travelers of Light. Your mission is getting into a higher gear at this moment and so you find yourselves to be in a stronger fluctuation of energies and shifts to create that new planetary system you all have been waiting for. It is the understanding of all of you that is changing the planetary systems so they can fall and fade away slowly and gently so as to emit the new incoming energy into this plane.

It is thanks to those brave ones amongst you who are taking the lead and stepping forward to bring the creations into manifestation and to break through the limited barriers that once were created on your Earthly plane. Groups are coming together to co-create in this Global process of changeover as they put a focus on common goals and energies of resonance. There is no mistake or coincidence in these gatherings as these are fractals of certain soul groups that have been accepting in pre-birth agreement to come together when the time is right and to anchor the new incoming energies as well as their own energy signature.

Everyone has his/her own precious contribution for this world and this Ascension process and so you are all called to do your own precious and appreciated contribution, this at your own pace and through your own being. Everyone of you is therefore beyond unique and special, being a part of the oneness of All That Is. Putting out your Divine heart intent is already a major amplifier to what will come on the energy level upon your planes. Hold on to that focus once you have put out your Divine heart intention and call.

You are learning to be those teachers again you once were during the times of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. It is simply a term that is being used here as you have, of course, always been these Great Master beings of Light that carry the Spark and the energy signature of the 144,000 that have descended from the Kumara energy and the Lady of Love ~ Lady Venus. It is in that initiation and activation that you as lightworkers are starting to participate and co-create in. Have a firm knowing of your Divine essence and acknowledge the Divinity within you my friends, there is no such thing of being lesser than another for all are equal.

You are Master teachers so it is time for you to take the responsibility for your thoughts, actions and creations. You will find yourselves more and more in alignment with your Higher levels, being able to experience with the Divine powers of creation through unification. Combined focus and powers are now in place for major changes upon your planes, so be responsible for your own creations and make it worthwhile for the highest good of all Humanity, not only for yourself. This is a collective stage of co-creation, as before you were only responsible for your own creations of reality and thoughts, but now you receive the responsibility for the creations for humankind as you all are starting to unite as a true collective.

This all is a part of the Self Mastery and the Mastership you all have achieved many times before. Likely not all through the process of full Ascension with the physical body in these ancient days, but nevertheless it is something you all are capable of achieving again but this time as a collective and with the body temple if this is your wish and if you have reached that state of consciousness that makes it possible for you to experience this.

The planet is being swept up with energies that are intensifying on a daily basis. Specifics are coming to the fore along with frustrations, emotions and planetary changes. The once so “thin” lines are becoming very thick and clear, the magnifying glass is placed as it were upon that which once was so thin and unnoticeable. That brings up the differences as to how human beings have perceived their lives and their rules as boundaries and limitations, as right and wrong. Diversities, separation and judgment come along with aggressive energies of frustration because those old perceptions that have been held as truth for so long are simply not able to be maintained anymore as it drives against the own personal resonance and energy.

The unawakened too are awakening to their own Divine potential, although much slower than you all as lightworkers, but nevertheless it is that kind of process that is unfolding for these with regards to cope with and work through it. A lot of frustrations are coming up because of not being able to hold on to those belief systems, so one becomes the aggressor and plays his/her frustration out that way. It is commonly believed that one is wrong or right, and that there is only left or right and it is there that the collective has stranded itself in this Now to release that belief system at present and to see right through it with compassion and love.

Let the lower planes and layers of frustrations come out in order to transcend that what once were but when they do, act immediately in compassion and in Love at all times instead of anger and destruction. Be aware of the anger not taking you over. You are transcending all of this as a collective and your role as a lightworker in this is to assist through the anchoring of Love, Light and peace so that balance can come rushing in through those planes where chaos and distortion are still prevalent. Old energies are leaving the planes so you are now in the midst of a huge transcending process within the collective planes. Trust your own guidance if anything comes up for you stirring you to be somewhere, likely it is to bring in your light and peace there through your uniqueness and Divinity.

Well, my friends, let us end with a breath of fresh air and just allow me to simply say thank you and I love you for who you are individually and collectively. I AM always standing by your side during these times so you are never alone in this.

I AM that I AM and so ARE you. Blessings upon all of you.

Saint Germain

Copyright © Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline:

meline 19.8

“My beloved angels, why do you not choose to nurture yourself?” asks Mother Mary ~ Linda dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 18.8.
“My beloved angels, why do you not choose to nurture yourself?” asks Mother Mary

A poignant question on our Saturday conference call. The Mother’s suggestion is “…you must tend to yourself so you can tend to each other. That is the paradigm, that is the essence of Love. I beg you to do this…”

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of nurturing, Mother of change and Mother of constancy, Mother of all, Mother of One. Welcome my beloved daughters and sons and yes, my beloved sons, do not think that this issue of nurturing does not apply to thee, if anything it applies to even more for you carry the Divine Masculine. And so often in the world that you inhabit, in the society that you inhabit, you are made to think and you have bought into the paradigm that you are supposed to be strong and self-sufficient and independent. And all of that is of the truth, but that does not negate the need for nurturing. The universal theme for each and every one of you, male, female, ancient, adult, child, and everyone in-between is sacred union and partnership and that means nurturing.

And how do you nurture? How do you enter into the nurturing of partnership…male to female, female to female, sister to sister, brother to brother, mother to child, child to adult if you cannot nurture yourself? How do you heal the wounded warrior, the innocent child, the wounded woman if you cannot nurture your sacred self?

I wish to nurture you; I always have and I always will. And I do so daily and I do so as the Tsunami of Love once again increases in frequency, vibration, and strength. And dear heart, what does this mean? What it means, my beloved ones, is that the energy gains strength. And what does this mean? Issues of the ancient variety, yes, wash away and the grace anchors more deeply within. But it also means the care and nurturing of your divine self, your human self, your emotional self, your mental self, your sweetest personality, is absolutely critical.

Your core issue is front and center and many of you are depressed, frightened, a little shaky, uneasy, and you are also uneasy because you are dealing and helping to clear global issues because you have already declared yourself as global citizens. You are not citizens of Africa, of Somalia, of Egypt, of Israel, of Canada, of the United States, of the Netherlands or France; you are global citizens, you are in fact intergalactic citizens.

But you must tend to yourself so you can tend to each other. That is the paradigm, that is the essence of Love. I beg you to do this and I guide you to do this, not merely in the spiritual realm, which is absolutely necessary as well, but in the physical and mental and emotional realms, the inter-dimensional realms. Where are you most comfortable? Please come and sit with me in the 7th, the 8th, the 9th, the 10th, come and sit with me in my arms. But do, not only what you can, but what will give you joy, giggles, pleasure, and what you can share.

So yes, it is what the channel Linda, my beloved daughter, has said. It is from the most simple so I do not wish to hear from you that you can’t afford it. It is from placing a slice of cucumber upon your eyes to soothe your weary eyes so that you put circles of cucumbers and you feel the freshness of the green, the Love on your eyes, that you put a mask on your face, that you put a beautiful cream on your hands, that you put a bright pink or a bright blue on your fingernails, that you rub a delicious cream on your feet, that you rub each other’s hands, that you coddle yourself, that you buy a 99 cent packet of bubble baths, that you luxuriate, that you buy a single flower and you stare at it and you play your favorite piece of music, that you find an old channeling that lights up your heart, that you read an old Love letter, that you look at a picture and remember how happy you were, that you talk on the phone or Skype with an old friend, that you make a list of ten things that make you happy, that you make another list of three things that will make you happy and then you do them. The list of how to nurture yourself is endless and the choice is truly the issue.

This is the crux of what I wish to speak to you of this day. My beloved angels, why, why do you not choose to nurture yourself? Because you do not think and feel that you are worthy, that you do not think and feel that you are worthy of half an hour, of 20 minutes. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Give this gift to your sweet self, give this gift to yourself in my name.

So long ago, often I was surrounded and yes, at moments completely bogged down by responsibility, responsibility that I welcomed and enjoyed, seven children, an extended family, a community that I cherished. But dear hearts, there were moments when I was exhausted. I would make myself a cup of tea. There was a spot at the edge of the village at the end of the day where the light was golden and the silence of the day was perfect, where I would retreat to and simply sit and sip my fragrant tea and do nothing and simply receive the blessing of the light; not counting my blessings, not praying, not asking, simply being and nurturing myself knowing that I was Love and that I was loved.

This is what I ask of thee. This is what is required as you transmute the entire planet and prepare for Nova Earth, as you transmute your key motivator and accept the wonder of who you are.

I Love you dear hearts. My nurturing is a given. I request you to follow my example and cherish your sweet self. And then climb back up on the wave and lead the way. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-16-14

© 2014 Council of Love

linda dillon 18.8.

MARY MAGDALENE: Being Strong in the Feminine Without Challenging the Masculine ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart


Shakti Flag Mercedes Kirkel

MARY MAGDALENE: Being Strong in the Feminine Without Challenging the Masculine

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014


[NOTE FROM MERCEDES: This dialog occurred during a gathering in Sedona, AZ, during which I was channeling Mary Magdalene. The questioner was a woman who attended the gathering.]


Question: I have been studying your teachings and have felt drawn to your fire and your softness. I want to better understand the Feminine power in its ecstatic, sexual fire form. What is the way to not challenge the Masculine with this fire energy of the Feminine and a Feminine body? How can I safely contain it and flow it, without inviting danger, rape, and Masculine domination from the out-of-balance Masculine?


Mary Magdalene: There is much to this. I am glad that you have asked. It is important for many to know and understand this.


It has a great deal to do with being strong in your emotions and your physical body. The natural progression for a child is first to develop their relationship to their physical body and then their emotional body, their energy body, and lastly their sexuality. The energy body is an early form of sexuality, but it doesn’t become sexual as most people think of sexuality until a later point. If this progression is well developed and people are strong in this, you have great strength and protection.


At this time, especially in the West, many are not strong in this. Women often were schooled to be dissociated from their physical body and their emotions in many ways. Men have been schooled to dissociate in different ways, especially with certain of the emotions. But for women, it is often that they were trained to be subservient and submissive, and to subdue their strength relative to their body and their emotions—particularly if it was in a form that seemed at all challenging to authority or the Masculine, or both.


For many, changing this will require strengthening of the emotions, and possibly the physical body as well. I do not mean strengthening as far as building up muscles, although you could liken it to building up muscles. But it’s not literally what I am speaking about. I am talking about not having blocks, being fully developed and complete in your maturity in these areas.


This is why in the first book that Mercedes brought through from me, Mary Magdalene Beckons, I focused so much on the emotions. At this time, many—including many light workers, many who are very sincerely on the spiritual path and very dedicated to that path—are still lagging behind in their emotional development, suppressed in certain areas. This has affected your power tremendously, because you don’t know yourself if you are not clear in your emotions. You are not connected to yourself. You don’t know what’s going on. You’re not getting the signals that are telling you what’s happening with yourself and in your world. You have learned to shut those down.


Until you do that emotional work in its fullness and you become strong in that, you will have this problem of being divorced from your power. This is a massive problem at this time in your world. This is why you live in a world that is so dominated by so very few people. It is because all of you have been trained to give your power away.


This is not limited to women. This is also the case with men, although their training happens in a somewhat different way. But you have been trained to submit and to be submissive. Some use stronger words. They say you’ve been trained to be slaves. There is a certain amount of truth in this. And it is why so much of your world is controlled by those who actually have very little power. They have convinced you to be divorced from your own power. So it seems that they have a great deal of power. They don’t, in fact. If you were to call back your power, you could easily overcome them because you are much more powerful. It is simply numbers.


The root of this problem is in the emotions, in not being connected to your emotional body and getting the information that the emotional body would give you. If you were connected to your emotions and you were in a situation where the emotions were telling you—and you were receiving the communication—to be afraid, that this is not a safe situation, that would empower you to act and to bring about the safety that you require. But if you have divorced yourself from your feelings, you do not recognize that your communication of fear is coming up, so you don’t receive the information that this is not a safe situation.


Sexuality is something that requires discernment. This is why children are not sexual at birth. They don’t have that discernment. Sexuality is given to them when their minds are more developed, and hopefully the other parts of their being—their physical, emotional, and energy bodies—are also more developed. Then they have the capability of using their sexuality with discernment.


It is not that you are to open your sexual power to the world as a continual, ongoing state or to anyone you encounter. In general, this would not be wise and would not support you. It does not mean that you shut down your power. You keep your power open to yourself and then you choose in what circumstances and with whom it is the correct situation to open sexually.


In your time, you are given so many messages that are very confusing. You are constantly being shown sexual messages through your media that are indoctrinating you that you should be sexual all the time if you want to have any value. This has created great confusion.


Your Feminine power is not identical to your sexuality. They are two different things. Sexuality is one form that your Feminine power takes, but it is not the only form. You choose when you wish to manifest your Feminine power through the form of sexuality.


You must become wise. You must become discerning. But more than anything, you must heal your emotional blocks. You must learn to, once again, come into complete integration and functional mastery and utilization of your emotions. The ones I am talking about are your painful emotions, the ones many refer to as your “negative emotions,” which in and of itself is a communication saying, “This is something you should not be involved in.” That is misinformation. That is part of the propaganda being put out all the time. It is propaganda against the Feminine. Your emotions—including all of your painful emotions—are part of your Feminine nature, whether you are a man or a woman. The suppression and misinformation that has been put out about emotions has been part of the programming of suppressing your power.


Ultimately your power is in the Feminine. The Masculine is not as powerful as the Feminine. This is not to say that men are not as powerful as women, because men have their Feminine, just as women do. The Masculine is a genius at implementation. But the Feminine is the fuel. The Feminine is the spark. The Feminine is the energy. The Feminine is the power.


With this comes responsibility. Some have awakened to their Feminine power and have not awakened to the same understanding of how to use it responsibly. It is not to dominate. It is not to hurt. It is not to overpower. It is to be used in love. It is to be used in love of the Masculine. It is a beautiful system that works perfectly when it is full, when you are in your wholeness.


Part of your process of coming to the Earth has been to realize this wholeness. It is a very great process, this wholeness in the third dimension. It is a process that, for most of you, will require lifetimes. You are learning about all the different aspects of this wholeness. Power is an enormous one that is being learned about in the third dimension. More than anything else, you might say that the third dimension is a school for learning about power. Many of you have suffered the incompleteness of this lesson. It is a lesson in process and many misuses are still occurring. That is the way beings learn and grow in the third dimension.


I highly recommend that you devote yourself to this growth. It is the most important thing you can do. It is what will ultimately free you from the pain, the suffering, the limitation you have experienced when this growth is not yet complete.


Does that answer your question, or is there more that you wish to know about this?


Questioner: There is more. Part of my teachings has been to use sexual power as part of my medicine, energy, and vitality. When there is an abundance of that in the Feminine form, that seems to taunt authority and the Masculine. How do we keep the raw Feminine fire safe?


Mary Magdalene: You must develop your heart. Power must always be used in service to the heart. The heart does not taunt.


Questioner: I’m not saying the intention is to taunt. When a female is flowing her energy, why does that seem to taunt authority? Is that part of what rape is? What is it about the Feminine that challenges the Masculine in that way? Why has the Masculine for centuries now had to shut down the Feminine?


Mary Magdalene: What I have to say may be hard to hear.


Questioner: OK.


Mary Magdalene: (speaking gently) There is a learning for you in this. In some way, you are still seeing the Masculine as your opponent. In some way there is probably pain inside of you relative to the Masculine. And there is healing to be done.


Questioner: Is it not collective, though?


Mary Magdalene: (still speaking gently) It is never collective. It is always in our hearts. In our hearts we create this world. Whatever you’re experiencing in this world is what you have created in your heart. If you are having this experience, there is some way that it is calling to you to do some transformational work within yourself. It may be difficult to see.


Questioner: No, I see it. Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: Are you complete with this?


Questioner: For now, yes. Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: Many blessings to you.


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What You Were Before, Is Now Again ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

ART Melchizedek by Toni Carmine Salerno

ART : ‘Melchizedek’ ~ by Toni Carmine Salerno


What You Were Before, Is Now Again

Posted by on August 16, 2014
LordMelchizeek-WTC-1231The is an excerpt of the 2nd class of the Lord Melchizedek Summer Ascension Primer.  Lord Melchizedek took all students to the Universal Core where his essence is held deeply.  We were greeted by many Light Beings to help each individual to realize their full potential from the 144th dimension through the Planetary Levels.

Creative Source of Oneness of the 144th Dimensional Light

It is my divine pleasure to be in this moment with each of you to allow Our Frequencies to come into the Creation That We Have Always Been.

I ask you to allow your breath to be the multitude of colors of the 330 Rays of God, but Spectrums of Light.  Before the creation of the Rays, there were the Spectrums, the Frequencies.  You may see it coming down into this beautiful space as fluids of Light, streaks of energy and they become you.  They become you and you feel that Purification of Essence.  As you came in as a separate Soul, you then gravitated towards your Monad, and then the Monads all come together to gravitate into the I AM That You Are.  Then all the other I AM’s come together as I represent That Creative Energy around you.  “I AM Your Coat”, “I AM Your Embrace” in this moment of Creation.

Breathe and feel.  Breathe and feel the Purification of your Essence.  You must remember there is no thought of experiences with a body.  You are just energy.  We are energy together.  We are a Vibratory Frequency of Light.  If you want to define it within a concept of a communication through words, you would say there is electrifying.  There is movement.  There is flowing.  There is purification.  There is communion within one another.  There is no separateness between Us because We Are within That Creative Energy Within Ourselves.

I ask you to feel it, deeply.  Feel that connection That You Are.  Allow it to go through your full body.  Allow it to go through your Purest Essence because as you are in this space, you are also in your physical body.  This has never occurred for anyone to be able to create this.  As has been shared, this Lesson is about “What Was, Is Now”.  We want each of you to fully embrace What You Have Been before.  It is you, but that remembrance has not been there.  So let us remember together.

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

Feel the Purification of our Essences, colors within colors, because that is All That We Were in the Purification of the of Light beyond the many Universes, beyond the Solar Systems, and beyond what you can imagine in this moment.  There is only our fluidness, our existence within each other.

Let us all take a deep breath, as I now step aside for a moment.


Lord Melchizedek Shares an Understanding of the I AM Presence

Now feel yourself separating from the Embryo of Light That We All Have Been together.  We are all interconnected.  But we moved into what you would call families, “Pods” of 12 Souls each.  Now think about your own individual Creation because we did not all do this at the same time.  Those of us that are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy of course did it earlier than each of you, or the process that you went under, you stayed in a different place, while some of us were transcending ourselves into planetary form.  I want you to think about your individual sense.  So as we separate from this Embryo, from the Soul Family, it is just like your own families.  When the children grow up, they go their separate ways.  This is truly what each of us has done.  We have gone our separate ways to what we were guided through the Creative Source to be acknowledged.  So if you think about this, I want you to feel your separation.  There is not a lot, because we are all interconnected.  This is the most important element to consider within your own Essence.  Feel that, feel that now within you.

Now it’s time for you to experience a different way of being.  So your Higher Self (your Oversoul) now decides to move into Formlessness.  What this means is that you have taken on the role and responsibility to create Solar Systems, Universes, Planets, the Creative Life Force.  At the same time, Divine Mother and Father God were created.  But their Creation was for the planetary structures.  At this point, each of us moved into those Powers.  This is where you get your Power from.  I want you to think about what happens to you.  Each of you have special gifts even if you don’t realize that in your physical body.  You probably had a special gift when you were young and maybe have forgotten about them.

Sometimes you can perceive Light formations,  see out of the corner of your eye, or to perceive other energies around you.  Many of you are empaths.  Many of you have that sensibility.  So in this moment, I want each of you to share within yourself through your Higher Self and any Master Guides that you feel in this moment to come to you from your I AM Presence – “What was the next step?”  Because the next step, we moved from the 144th Dimension into the 143rd, so whatever abilities that the Creative Source gave to you, or you were able to access, you took that with you.

You have to think about your Power Structure in this moment.  I give Meleriessee as an example, because I can do that very easily.  Her ability is to perceive energy.  She has always been able to do that, even when she first started on her pathway.  She could actually see electricity going through the air at times.  So she had the realization that she was part of the “Thunder Beings” many years ago.  So this is what her role was.  Her role was to create action; to create changes with her Thunder Being Energy.  Of course, that has manifested in her pathway as a teacher.  She helps to make changes in people.

Each of you has something also.  Some of you may have Sun Energy.  Michael has “Sun Energy”.  So he worked with RA, the Sun God.  He brought forth Sun Energies to planets.

There may be others that actually helped to create a planet.  That’s a powerful gift to have within yourself.  There may be some that are Stars that just shine their bright light anywhere – flickering light in the sky.  There are some that are Lightning that can bring forth frequency of Light  They are usually the quiet ones.  These are all part of the elements within the Multi-Universes.  Then, there are other elements; elements of Water, elements of the Wind, or the Air, elements of Planetary form – Earth energies, rocks, trees.  These are all part of the Formlessness.

You come into form.  You create that form but your Frequency is from that Creative Force That You Are.  Each of you has a Creative Force.  So what we want to do now is bring back the Creative Source of Oneness with an Attunement to help you access that.  It may take some time.  Stay out of your Lower Mind at this point.  If you are in that Lower Mind, let’s just take another breath.  Take some deep breaths and bring in those 330 Rays of God.  Call upon Your I AM Presence to be the Overlighting energy within you.  You are part of that Creative Source.  That is your Creation.  You bring that forth onto you now and to just get a sense of where your energy went.

It doesn’t specifically mean a location, but just what was the form that you took at this moment?

This helps you to ignite your power, to bring in that Essence.  So let’s do that now.

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

See yourself.  See yourself walking through a doorway of Light.  Now You Are this Powerful Source of Energy.  Whatever form that it is.  As you separated from your I AM Presence, all your cords are attached.  You see that you are not disconnected.  This is why you meet people that you are connected to.  So there are Vibratory Cords of Light.

These Vibratory Cords of Light that we are all connected as I am connected to each of you.  You walk through the Heavens.  You may want to visualize yourself to this Golden Door.  You walk through the Golden Door and then you are just guided to be where you are supposed to be.  The ones that have done it before you are there to help you.  They are there with their Igniting Energy of Welcoming Compassion, and Love.  Feel that within your Heart Center.  You go to that space where you are supposed to be.

  • Are you part of a Star System?
  • Are you part of the Heavens?
  • Are you dark as the Sky?
  • Are your bright as the Sun?
  • Are you part of Planets?

Allow yourself to just focus within that as now we are going to have Meleriessee count from the 143rd to the 100th Level.  Allow yourself to access the Frequency.  There will be some Attunements in between.

143, 142, 141, 140 –

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

139, 138, 137, 136, 135, 134, 133 –

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

♫ Home is where I’m going.

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

132, 131, 130, 129, 128, 127 –

I feel the Essence of my energies being projected to where I should be.

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

128, 127, 126, 125, 124, 123, 122, 121, 120 –

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

♫ Stars, Creation of Light, everywhere.

♫ Planets, and Suns and Moons, all the beautiful Essences.

122, 121, 120, 119, 118, 117, 116, 115, 114, 113, 112, 111, 110 –

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

109, 108, 107, 106, 105, 104, 103, 102, 101, 100 –

You fully accessed your Formlessness.  Now you maybe several different forms, because you may have been in a place for many, many, many eons of time and you were guided to go to another place under deep training to create those energies.  Many of you helped to create Earth.  Many of you helped to create other beautiful planets.  Just feel that Power within you.

  • Do you have Sun Essence within you?
  • Do you have Moon Essence within you?
  • Do you have Star Essence?
  • Can you evolve Change?
  • Do you create Structure?

Whatever it is that is your special gift, you have it within you.  We now call upon the full Frequency of Light to be this activated.  Feel in your Solar Plexus the full activation to fully come within your entire Beingness as it becomes you.


{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

Let It become you.  It is you.  Embrace It.  Fully Accept It.

So Mote It Be in the Light That We All Are.

I AM The Creative Source embracing you.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

This is transcription is a small portion of the attunements we received in the 2nd class of  the Melchizedek Ascension Primer.  It also includes attements from the Archangels talking about our angelic heritage.  The full course is available for download with handouts which are very powerful and help a student of ascension to learn more about themselves.  Please click the link above to receive information on the course.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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The Jeshua Channelings – Jeshua: Male & Female Energy, channeled by Pamela Kribbe @ Aurelia

Kinuko Y. Craft
ART : Kinuko Y. Craft


Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: Male and Female Energy

Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua: Male and Female Energy, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, 2014 at:

Dear friends, it gives me great pleasure to be with you again. I am so glad to be in your company. You have a tendency to look up to me, or to beings like me, as masters but we do not see it that way. We see you following your path on earth at a challenging time, a time when much is changing, and we see you growing towards your own mastery.

We see you becoming the masters that you still look up to at times. And this is what it is all about – finding your own mastery! Do not follow any master that is brought before you by tradition or by books or by anything someone else is telling you. Find your own mastery – that’s what it’s all about.

Today I would like to speak about a theme that reaches back far into your history: the energies of the male and the female. These are old energies and a lot is going on with them right now.

First I would like to say something about the nature of the male and the female. These energies are two aspects of the One. They therefore are not really opposed or dualistic, they are one; they are two faces of one energy.

The male energy is the aspect that is outwardly focused. It is that part of God or Spirit that drives outward manifestation, that makes Spirit materialize and take form. The male energy therefore knows a strong creative force. It is natural to the male energy to be highly focused and goal-oriented. In this manner the male energy creates individuality. The male energy allows you to separate yourself from the One, from the Whole and to stand alone and be a specific individual.

The female energy is the energy of Home. It is the energy of the Primal Source, the flowing Light, pure Being. It is the energy that has not yet manifested, the inner aspect of things. The female energy is all encompassing and oceanic; it does not differentiate or individualize.

Now, imagine the energy of the female becoming aware of a certain movement inside of her, a slight restlessness, a desire for… reaching out, outside of her boundaries, moving outside of herself to attain experience. There is a longing for something new, for adventure! And then an energy comes to her that answers that longing. It is the male energy that wants to be of service and help her manifest in matter, in form. The male energy defines and shapes the female energy and by their cooperation the total sum of energies can take a completely new direction. A new reality can be created in which everything can be explored and experienced, in ever changing forms of manifestation.

The dance of the male and the female brings forth the fluctuating spectacle of created reality, of your creation. This is a spectacle of great beauty wherein the male and female energy worship each other and celebrate their cooperation and playful joining. And this is as it should be. The male and female energy belong together, they are two aspects of the One and together they celebrate the joyful manifestation that Creation is supposed to be.

It has been said that in the final realization of who you are, the only truth that matters is: I AM. And in this mystical mantra, precisely those two aspects merge. In the I is the male energy, in the AM is the female energy. The I is constricting, differentiating. It gives focus, it gives direction, it individuates: I, not the other, I. And then AM. AM is oceanic, all encompassing. It reflects the ocean of Home, the female energy, the inexhaustible source that knows no bounds, no differentiation. The flowing and joining aspect is the core of the female energy. In the I AM, the male and female come together and blissfully join their energies.

Now in the history of humanity and even before humanity existed, a conflict arose between the masculine and the feminine. I shall not go into the origin of this conflict now. But in your history there is a drifting apart of male and female energy so that they appear as opposite forces. The yin-yang symbol demonstrates the true situation very well. In the masculine there is always a core of the feminine, and in the feminine there is a core of the masculine, just as there is a white dot in the black and a black dot in the white. But in the course of history, this mystical unity of the masculine and feminine has been forgotten and these energies have become opposed to each other as black and white. The underlying unity was no longer recognized.

Right now, you are in the last phase of this history of conflict, in which the male energy has played the part of perpetrator for many centuries. The male energy has long been playing a part in which it oppresses, mutilates and destroys the female energy. It was not always like that. There have been times in which the female energy had the upper hand and wrongly manipulated and ruled the male energy. But that time is over. The conflict took a different turn at a certain point and the roles of perpetrator and victim were reversed.

The male energy has been in power for a long time now and has misused this power in such a fashion that the female energy has been weakened and does not realize the integrity of her Being anymore. Whenever the masculine and feminine are in conflict, the disintegration of both is inevitable. Where the feminine gets victimized more and more and gets lost in self-denial, the masculine energy loses itself in ruthless violence and the kind of aggression you know from the many wars in your past.

The masculine and the feminine depend on one another. When they battle each other, the consequences are disastrous. But times are changing. Since the 19th and 20th centuries, the female energy is regaining its strength and rising above the role of victim. This resurrection comes from deep within the feminine energy. She has finally reached the outer limit of her self-denial. At this point she has looked herself in the face and has stated: this is as far as it goes.

By the way, this is how it always goes in the dynamic between victim and perpetrator. Change starts when the victim refuses to accept any more. The perpetrator could well hang onto his role for a longer while, for he has less of a reason to stop. Revolution starts where the victim refuses to accept any more and finally takes back her power. In all situations of repression, for example of women in their family or in society, the real moment of change is when the woman – or the feminine energy within a person – decides for herself: I will not take this any longer. This is when change truly starts to happen. External measures are useless until this moment presents itself.

The female energy has arisen and its star is rising. Actually the most urgent matter in this time and age is the transformation of the male energy!! It is now time for a new definition of male energy. I could have easily called this channeling “the rebirth of the male energy.” For I want to stress that it is only in reunion with a matured and balanced male energy that the female energy can flourish again.

The female energy has in the past century and even before that regained power and strength. It has begun to flourish in a new and more balanced way. Despite the inequality of the sexes that is still present in your society, the rise of the female energy is unstoppable. However the female energy cannot gain full strength and vitality without cooperation with the male energy. This goes for the collective level as well as the individual.

The female energy cannot make its final breakthrough without the support of and connection with the male energy. This is not because of an inherent weakness in the female energy. It is because of the essential nature of male and female energies: the fact that they are intertwined and can only fulfill their brightest potentials in cooperation. This is why it is imperative now that the male energy reshape itself and venture into the new!

When you look at the interplay between male and female on a collective level, the female energy is now in a position of waiting. She is waiting. At present there is a struggle going on within the collective male energy between the old and the new. A new wave of energy is dawning within the collective male energy that honors and respects the female energy. This new wave of male energy wants to join with the female and together enter the New Age. But at the same time an older wave of male energy is still active and trying to persist. This energy is clearly working in the series of terrorist attacks that has taken place all over your world.

The male energy in its old role of heartless aggressor is thereby showing its nasty side. In the ones who commit these horrendous attacks there are very dark emotions: aggression, anger and at the same time utter powerlessness and helplessness. It is from this utter helplessness that they appeal to the most brute and destructive types of power display. This male energy we are speaking of is in its death agonies. It senses that there are important changes going on collectively and that humanity is on the threshold of a new era.

One of the problems you are now facing, while growing towards a more balanced cooperation between male and female, is how to deal with this kind of ruthless energy. What are we going to do about this old male energy that is trying to create as much havoc and destruction as possible in its downfall? Let me tell you this: its downfall is a fact. The struggle has been lost by the old male energy, but it will not surrender easily and it will resist to the very last with aggression and merciless attempts at domination.

Much will depend on how the inner collective attitude will be to these aggressors. Will you allow anger and powerlessness into your own energy field as a reaction to acts of violence? Then you open up to the energy field of the aggressors. At the very moment you feel overpowered by anger and resentment toward them they have reached their target. You are then sucked into their energetic vibration and you would be willing to kill as well: kill the murderers of the innocent.

This is all very understandable, but is it vital to realize what’s happening here. As soon as there are intense emotions rising up, it is wise to make a pause, in silence. Go back to the quiet, knowing part of you and ask: what is really going on here? It is all about your wisdom and discernment now, your ability to see through things and to feel what really is at stake. The world will not be taken over by terrorist powers; the old male energy has served its time and its dying hour is at hand.

The most important message I have about terrorism, this manifestation of old male aggression, is: stay conscious! Do not let yourself be taken off-center by emotions of powerlessness, i.e. by getting victimized. Know that no one will be touched by this aggressive energy if they do not allow it into their energy field. If you do not react with anger or hatred, you will not draw it to you. You will be safe and protected by your own light.

I now would like to pay attention to the more mundane individual level, the level at which you deal with the male and female energies within yourself. For on the individual level as well there has been a struggle between the male and the female energies. Everything that happens collectively mirrors processes at the individual level.

To illustrate the importance of balance between the feminine and the masculine on the individual level, I will speak of the energy centers in every human, which are also called the chakras. There are seven of them that you know of now and these are located along the spine, from the tail bone to the crown. I will go into all of these chakras briefly, to show you that they are all characterized by either a predominantly male or female type of energy.

The tail bone (root) chakra is the energy center that connects you to the earth. The energy in this chakra reaches out to the earth and allows you to manifest your soul energy in physical form on the dense, material level of reality. In view of the reaching out and manifesting type of energy in the tail bone chakra, you may call it a predominantly male chakra. A chakra is never completely male or female, but one may say that the male energy has the upper hand here.

The second chakra is called the navel (belly button) chakra and it is the center of emotions. This center allows you to experience emotions, mood swings, in short all the highs and lows of emotional life. It is a receptive center. That is why I call it a female center, a chakra in which the female flow of energy dominates.

The third chakra, also called the solar plexus, is a center of action and creation. This is a center which reaches out and allows energy to manifest in physical reality. You may compare it to the sun, the outpouring of rays and the power of the yellow sunlight (the natural color of the third chakra is yellow). In the solar plexus your thoughts, ideas and desires are transformed into outer manifestation. It is the chakra of action and outward expression. It is also the seat of the ego, meaning the earthly personality, without negative implications. The predominant energy is male.

The heart chakra is a receptive center like the navel chakra and it has the special ability to connect different flows of energy. It is the center in which the energies of the lower three chakras (earth reality) and the upper three chakras (cosmic reality) connect. The heart is the bridge between mind (head) and emotion (belly). From the heart you are also able to connect with others and transcend yourself. The heart transcends the boundaries of the ego and enables you to feel oneness with anything outside of you, even with All That Is. The heart chakra is the gateway to the energy of Home. It is clearly a center of connection and it is therefore predominantly feminine.

The throat chakra is male. From this center inner promptings, ideas and emotions are given physical shape through speaking, crying, laughing, singing, yelling etc. Here the inner life is expressed outwardly by communication through the voice and through language. This center enables you to make your inner life known to others by means of physical signals: words, sounds, concepts. It is a center of manifestation that enables you to focus your energy outwardly into the physical plane. It is also a center of creativity.

The sixth chakra, also called “the third eye” which is located in the middle of your head, is feminine again. It receives extra-sensory, intuitive impressions and transcends the boundaries of the physical (the five physical senses). It is the seat of clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. Through this center you can feel the energy of someone else – the emotions, the pains, the joys – as your own. With this ability of empathy, you transcend the boundaries of the ego and you connect with “that which is not-you.”

Finally there is the crown chakra, on top of the head. This chakra is neither male nor female. Or you might say: it is both. In this chakra, you rise above the duality of male and female. The crown chakra is an interesting combination of both energies. When this chakra is balanced, the consciousness therein is in a state of receiving as much as reaching out. There is a reaching “upwards” to other dimensions, where it seeks spiritual meaning or support, or to deeper layers of the Self. And at the same time there is a quiet and tranquil receptiveness, a knowingness that the answers will come in good time. It is a type of consciousness that is both highly focused and highly receptive. In this “state of mind” you come very close to the unity that underlies male and female energies, the energy of Spirit or God.

I have now sketched very roughly the movement of the male and female energy flows throughout the energetic body of the human being. Now I wish to speak of the lowest three chakras in particular. These are the chakras that are most connected to the earth, that are most involved with being in the earthly realm. This area of the lowest three chakras is of utmost importance in your inner road to healing, for in this area lie the deepest traumas and emotional scars.

You often feel you are earthly beings opening up to the spiritual. But we see it the other way around. You are spiritual beings opening up to the earth. The earth is a brilliant destination, a hidden diamond that has yet to reveal its true beauty. The earth is the Promised Land!

Heaven is your birth place. But you will not return to the state of consciousness that you remember as “Home” or “Heaven,” to a state of purely spiritual being. The adventure of Creation brings you to new destinations; you are always expanding and progressing towards a wholly new type of consciousness. (We have spoken of this before in the last chapter of the Lightworker Series). Earth is an essential part of this journey.

However in your manifestations on earth and your attempts to express yourself there, you have suffered much pain. Almost all of you have severe emotional wounds in the lowest three chakras caused by experiences of rejection, violence and abandonment. This may have happened in past lives as well as in this lifetime. Almost all energy blocks in the upper chakras are related to emotional hurts in the lowest three chakras.

I will say a little about the tail bone chakra first. Your connection to the earth has become emotionally burdened, especially for lightworkers. Because you have met with grave resistance over many lifetimes, there is much fear and reserve in you when it comes to truly grounding yourself. Grounding yourself means being fully present in your earthly bodies and expressing your innermost inspiration in material reality. The resistance to grounding yourself fully has been discussed before (in the Lightworker series). It has mainly to do with you “being different” and having been rejected for it.

In the second chakra, the emotional center, you have also been affected deeply by experiences of being threatened or deserted (literally or emotionally) and by being severely restricted in your self-expression.

With these traumatic burdens in the lowest two chakras, the solar plexus (third chakra) is also heavily affected. The solar plexus has to do with life force, creative energy and power. You know few examples of what true power means. With this I mean power that is not aggressive and destructive. In the solar plexus chakra you often see that a person manifests himself or herself either in an aggressive, controlling way, or in a subdued, overly modest way. Both ways are the result of underlying feelings of helplessness, stemming from a wounded first and second chakra. In the third chakra it is all about finding a balanced way of dealing with power and control, it is about a balanced ego.

Ego is okay! The ego has a proper function; it lends focus to your consciousness which enables you to create and manifest as the separate individual that you are. Yes, you are part of a greater Whole but you are also “I,” separate and different from anyone else. The ego is a necessary complement to the spiritual part of you that transcends the “I.” The energy of the ego is fully honorable and justified in the energetic reality that you live. True power is in the joyful alignment of ego and Spirit.

The area of the lowest three chakras is the most important area in self-healing and inner growth. The greatest spiritual challenge to you now is to take care of this wounded area in yourself. Meditating to transcend physical reality or connect to elusive cosmic levels is not your main goal now. Your goal is to give your gentlest understanding and loving support to that hurt inner child within you and to restore its beauty and playfulness. This is your spiritual journey; herein lies the greatest treasure. Cherishing and respecting the human side of you, the child part of you, is your road to divine compassion and enlightenment.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that within this energetic area, two out of the three chakras concerned are male. This shows that especially with regard to the male energies within each of you, much healing work is to be done. Therefore my message to you now is: heal the male energy within! The feminine energy is in many ways recovering and acquiring the strength needed to express itself fully and beautifully. The female qualities of intuition, sensitivity and connectedness are being appreciated more and more, individually as well as collectively.

But it is not so clear what a balanced male energy truly looks like. The male energy somehow got lost in false images of what it means “to be a man,” stereotypes that always boil down to power through aggression. It is vital to recognise and express the true nature of male energy. The female side now needs the balanced male energy to be able to truly fulfill her role. The female energy is waiting, not just at the collective level but also on the individual level. The female energy is getting out of its victim role, regaining its self-esteem and it is now wanting to manifest itself powerfully and joyfully through reunion with the male.

So, what then is the power of balanced male energy? This goes for the male energy in both men and women.

In the first chakra, a healed and balanced male energy leads to self-consciousness. The male energy does not have to fight and struggle anymore, it is present through self-consciousness. Presence, i.e. being fully present with all of your soul, is an essential quality of the first chakra. Being present self-consciously means to stay aware of yourself, remaining centered, not getting lost in someone else’s opinions, expectations or needs. It is about finding the balance between connecting with others and being true to yourself. A balanced male energy in the tail bone chakra allows you to remain centered and aware of yourself while you interact with others and the outside world.

It is essential to develop this quality of self-consciousness, for it will protect and guide your female energy. The female energy is naturally inclined to connect with others (other living beings) and to be present with the other in a caring, nurturing way. The male energy makes for boundaries and helps find a balance between giving and receiving. With regard to the flowing, connecting female energies, the male energy in the lowest chakra fulfills the role of anchor and backbone. It is the point of coming home to yourself, the point of releasing ties to other energies you have connected with.

The solar plexus or third chakra fulfills the same role in a different way. This chakra is, as I said before, the energy center of the ego. You still have trouble with this concept of the ego. Especially among lightworker souls, there is a tendency to look upon the giving, self-transcending energies in the human being as “higher.” But it is not so. You live in a world in which two energies play together and form the building blocks of Creation. One tends to connect and seek for unity, the other creates separation and individuality. And the latter energy is just as viable and valuable as the former one.

It is important to make peace with the male energy, to embrace your individuality, your uniqueness, your “I-ness.” There is an essential “aloneness” in life which has nothing to do with loneliness, but which has everything to do with you being an “I,” a unique individual. To embrace this aloneness does not stand in the way of experiencing deep connections to others. If you truly embrace your individuality, you become an empowered, independent and creative individual able to share your energy deeply with anyone or anything, because you are not afraid to lose yourself in it or give up your individuality.

The male energy of the solar plexus helps you become truly creative and empowered. That is what the female energy in you is waiting for. Your heartfelt inspiration wants to make itself known on the material level, it wants to come out in a very earthly manner and bring tidings of love and harmony to the earth. The female energy is the carrier of the New Age but it needs a balanced male energy to truly manifest itself and grow roots into material reality. That is why it is of such great importance that the energies of the first and third chakra are healed.

The energy of a healthy ego, the healed solar plexus, is self-confidence. In the first chakra it is self-consciousness, in the third chakra it is self-confidence. This is not the kind of arrogance you see in an inflated ego. It is about simply trusting yourself: “I feel that I can do it!” It is being aware of your own deepest inspiration, your own creative abilities and then acting accordingly. Let your energies flow out of you, trust your natural talents and gifts, trust who you are and show yourself to the world! Especially for you lightworkers who carry so much inner knowledge and wisdom, it is now time to show yourself and not hide anymore. It is time. This is your destination and in this you will find your greatest fulfillment.

Make peace with the male energy within. Do not hesitate to stand up for yourself, to receive abundance and to take good care of yourself. Be egotistical, in the pure and neutral sense of the word. You are an ego, you are an individual. You cannot and need not be forgiving and understanding all the time. It is not spiritual to tolerate everything and anything. Clearly there are moments at which you have to say “no” or even “farewell” and not compromise who you are. Do this without guilt or fear and feel how the male energies of self-consciousness and self-confidence empower you to let the delicate flower of your female energy flourish and shine.

It is all about the cooperation between the energies. Male and female energies have gone down together in a long and painful struggle. They will also rise together, for one cannot be balanced without the other. Now that the female energy is ready to rise from the ashes of humiliation and repression, there is an urgent need for a rebirth of the male energy. This rebirth of the male will become visible on a collective scale eventually, but it will first manifest in each of you separately, man and woman. You all are the keepers of these ancient energies within you, and it is your birthright to make their partnership equal and joyful.

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia

Kinuko Y. Craft

What is it to Experience? by Lady Nada : Channelled through Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

ART : Yelena Bryksenkova
What is it to Experience? by Lady Nada
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 13th August 2014

It is with the deepest of love and truth that I enter into your presence, sending streams of sea foam green cleansing and purification vibrations from the 8th ray of light at a Planetary level.

Please know that at this tremendous, intense and transformational time of ascension you can always call upon my support, healing and loving presence.

I am here as one of the beings leading and supporting deep purification processes, especially at a soul level, for those upon the Earth. You may call upon my assistance constantly if need be, for I am open to being present with you, supporting you in receiving the Creator within your being, which also means recognizing the Creator within your being.

I come forth to you, supported by the Angelic Kingdom and the Lord and Lady Masters of the Celestial levels, sharing this energy abundantly with you so we may exist in a state of deep understanding, knowingness and realization together. Let yourself feel this cocoon of light and support building and forming around us.

It is my purpose to pose a question to you which will require your contemplation and discovery, with the purpose of creating a deep purification, cleansing and healing process within your being and reality. My question to you is: What is it to experience?

What is it to experience? What is it to experience on the Earth? What is the value of experience? Why is experience essential? How do you know when you are experiencing?

What is it to experience? To experience is to be involved in energy — the manifestation of energy, the creation of energy and the happening of energy. [To] experience is to be involved in a manifestation of energy. You are the giver and the receiver. You are the witness and validator.

In your presence, energy becomes truth, real, alive and tangible. You have the opportunity to experience energy in every moment of your reality. Your entire day and even your dream state are composed of experiences, one after another, some overlapping and merging.

With every moment of your reality you are experiencing, which means you are truly living with and as energy. You are existing in a real space of manifesting energy.

The energy I speak of is so much more than energy. It is the divine, the Creator, the universe, all that is the truth, and sacred consciousness. So your reality is composed of experiences of the divine, one after another, some overlapping and merging.

What is it to experience on the Earth? Experiences on the Earth are creative moments of union with the divine within and around you, bringing the divine into your focus, and [allowing you to experience] the Creator as real.

Creativity is the key, as the Creator is expansive and limitless. So your experiences can be mundane or exotic. They are constantly changing and shifting, never really staying in the same form.

The creativity of the Creator is expressed through you. If you believe in your creativity your experiences may be exotic and inspirational. If you lack in belief or do not allow yourself to focus truthfully, your experiences may seem mundane.

The truth is that every experience is a creative union of the energy of the Creator manifesting and being validated as real by you. An experience on the Earth is a divine moment with the Creator where the Creator becomes real, where divinity becomes real.

You are involved with the energy of the Creator with every experience on the Earth because your involvement with the Creator creates the experience.

It is important to realize that your involvement with the energy of the Creator manifesting as experiences is influenced by you, your beliefs and [your] intentions. Thus you shape your union with the Creator on the Earth and you shape every experience in your life.

What is the value of experience? With the understanding of the meaning of experience, the value of experience becomes clearer. Every day you have multiple experiences. Most seem beyond your control, and yet you were the creator [who] shaped these experiences.

When you begin to value your experiences as your witnessing of the Creator — being involved with the energy of the Creator and uniting with the Creator at a physical, real and conscious level — you realize you have multiple opportunities to deepen your understanding of the Creator, to realize that you are one with the Creator, to see the magnificence of the Creator, and to validate the presence of the Creator within your being, weaving through your experiences.

You begin to value life as sacred, seeing beyond illusion into truth, clarity and love. You open yourself up to live consciously with the Creator in creative unison with every moment (every experience) of your reality. Contemplate this, as it is powerful and something you may have been searching for.

Why is experience essential? Experience on the Earth allows you to live, breathe, feel, sense, think, act and exist in humble truth and love as the Creator. With realization and contemplation of the purpose of experience in your everyday life, you begin to recognize their value.

Many believe that their experiences are just a trail and pattern of mundane nothingness, which continues [to create] sometimes happiness and sometimes hardship.

Experiences are essential unions and creations with the Creator felt in real time, which share with you knowledge, wisdom, understanding, clarity and truth about yourself as the Creator.

While every experience cannot command your contemplation and observation, you can be a witness to many experiences that bring deeper clarity and understanding to your being, thus awakening truth within your being — a truth that is eternal and ever-changing.

If you understand that every experience is a union with the Creator, then you begin to access the practice of observing the message and truth waiting to be revealed.

How do you know when you are experiencing? In truth you cannot exist upon the Earth without having experiences. It is impossible, as even before your birth you knew that when you entered into the Earth you would fully experience the Creator so many times beyond your imagination.

This is a powerful gift you gave to yourself. The only thing you need to do in your reality now is [to] bring forth realization and appreciate the gift you shared with yourself by consenting to be upon the Earth.

Experience is natural and automatic, but your observation and awareness are needed in order to bring forth the fruits of your union with the Creator.

You can trust that you are experiencing yourself, your thoughts, [your] emotions, the Creator and your creativity in every experience upon the Earth. This requires little trust because it is evident when you are willing to observe.

When you are willing to observe, to witness your reality, to recognize the Creator within your reality and to create a space of loving intentions within your being, you will recognize the beauty of your experiences.

With recognition of beauty within your experiences, you will know when you are more authentically allowing yourself to experience the divine, which is already present within every experience upon the Earth and is your divine gift to yourself.

Take some time to change your perspective so that you realize that every experience is a union of you and the Creator. Try not to judge experiences as good or bad, but as messages of truth and love for you to explore the Creator within yourself more fully.

‘I am willing to recognize every experience of my life as a creative involvement and union of my energies with the Creator.’

This new perspective developing and growing within you allows you to use the messages shared with you as guidance to lead you into a deeper recognition of unity with the Creator.

Also allow yourself to contemplate the beauty of all experiences, noticing how each experience supports you, often in ways you would not conceive as possible.

Take time to contemplate; and I, Lady Nada, will be present with you to support you.

In loving purification,

Lady Nada

The Mighty I AM Presence @ Children Of The Sun

I AM children of the sun


The Mighty I AM Presence

The I AM Presence is another term for the Great God Self,
your higher aspect that perfectly governs all activities of your life.

The “I AM Presence” is an electronic body of blazing light substance that is individualized within each of us as the flame of life from the Source of all creation, our beloved Mother-Father God.

This Presence is our true nature… that imperishable, eternal and individual identity within each and every human being. It is that which we have been seeking to return for millennia of lifetimes, the Great God Self.

As the highest divine aspect of our vast multidimensional constitution, the I AM Presence is the original seed of love and the immortal nucleus of our entire being.

It is the Source of every constructive impulse, thought, feeling and action. Its unifying, cohesive nature is the source of all the love, wisdom and power required to overcome absolutely anything and everything that is of discordance and limitation.

As we develop intimate relationship with and give constant adoration to our Divine Presence, miracles begin to happen including instant manifestation, spontaneous transformation and absolute knowing. This occurs simply through the constancy of our unwavering focus placed upon the Greater. In doing so, spiritual energy around us intensifies and expands as the points of light within every cell of our flesh body respond in tremendous gratitude.

As our attention continuously pours out love to this love of our being, an impenetrable radiance of light forms around our body encasing us in a protective tube of light of great magnetization and transformative influence to the outer world. God, expressing as the mighty I AM Presence within each of us, is the authority of the entire Universe.

The I AM Presence hears, sees, thinks, feels and responds to only perfection on its level of cosmic service. As we consistently give adoration, feel gratitude and qualify our every activity with and through this energy stream, our daily positive impact upon life is immeasurable.

This is especially amplified when our focus is consciously combined with all of the beings of light from ‘On High’ supporting our dimensional transition. Together we coherently serve as Universal I AM, operating within all cosmic dimensions and radiating the patterns of perfection.

We are SO blessed.


I AM children of the sun

God & the Godlings ~ John Van Auken @ Living in the Light

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God & the Godlings

John Van Auken

If evolution is the only view of life, then there is little reason to look back to an ancient culture for wisdom and insight. According to evolutionary theory, everything old is primitive. If, on the other hand, we come to know that before this great evolution of ours, there was a great involution into matter, then there is much to be learned from looking back. This is why ancient Egypt is worth studying. Its picture stories contain remnants from an important time in the lives of our souls.

As souls, not physical humans, we descended from higher realms and higher states of consciousness during an involution into matter. As we separated from the higher realms, we gradually lost consciousness of them, focusing increasingly on this physical dimension.

Some among the soul group realized that we were heading into a more limiting condition, so they recorded important stories and information that would help us rise again to the glory that was ours before the physical world was. A plan was developed.

The way in and out of this realm was recorded, but cryptically, so that only those who sought it for the right reasons could find it. The manuscript that we now call The Egyptian Book of the Dead actually carries the hieroglyphic title, The Book of the Master of the Hidden Places. It is not a death ritual book as so many believe today, but an inner map used to guide the soul back through the inner darkness to the light of the higher dimensions, which few seek to find. It was written because our descent was progressing rapidly; soon we’d have no memory of the former places from whence we came.

The story of our creation, fall, banishment, and long, slow journey home is recorded in many sacred books in many cultures. There’s a pattern to all souls’ journeys. For example, the pattern in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theology, as described in our scriptures, goes like this:

*             Creation of God’s children in God’s image

*             Creation of man in flesh

*             Fall of man (through disobedience)

*             Loss of the Garden (contact with God)

*             Suffering and Seeking Inspiration

*             Promise from God

*             Victory over the oppressor (physical focus)

*             Freedom from bondage (physical desire)

*             Covenant with God

*             Rejuvenation & reconnection in the mount

*             Building the new temple

*             Reconnect with God

In most of the legends as in this Jewish-Christian-Islamic one, this initial pattern was followed by a falling away again, which required a second or new pattern, but with much of the key elements of the first.

*             Falling away again

*             Loss of the Temple

*             Into Bondage again

*             Suffering and seeking again

*             Re-inspiration

*             A promise from God

*             Victory over the oppressor

*             Freedom from bondage again

*             A new covenant with God

*             Rejuvenation & reconnection in the mount

*             Rebuilding of the temple

*             Reconnect with God

Again and again this pattern repeats itself. We see it in the early stories in Genesis about the Garden, Cain and Abel, and the journey from Seth to Enoch. Again we see it in the journey from Noah to Joseph. And again we see it in greater detail in the story of Moses and Joshua coming out of Egypt (bondage), crossing the desert (suffering and seeking), living at the foot of Mt. Sinai (rejuvenation and reconnection with things spiritual), and finally entering into the promise land. Then again in Saul, David and Solomon. Again in the journey from Daniel to Jeshua, and the rebuilding of the Temple. The pattern repeats and repeats and repeats until a major change occurs: the coming of the Messiah. Then, as seen in the Christian story, the Temple moves from its external place to an internal place within each of us. It moves from the outer physical world to the inner mental-spiritual world. After much testing and suffering, victory is fully realized and the temple is resurrected to life eternal. It is also seen in the Revelation where, after much struggle and rebirthing, Satan is bound, the Garden is regained, a new heaven and a new earth come, the Holy City and Temple are come like a new bride, and the Tree of Life is once again ours, forever — coming full circle from the loss of these things in the Garden of Genesis.

This same pattern is found in ancient Egyptian teachings, thousands of years before the tribes of Israel. In The Egyptian Book of the Dead, we find references to the creation of gods and man: “One is the maker of the substance of the gods and of mankind.” There are references to the “sound of those that rejoice in the mighty temple.” There are references to a rebellion which will never be tolerated again: “the sons of the impotent revolt never again shall they rise up!” Just as our theology uses the serpent as a symbol of the evil one, so are there ancient Egyptian references to a struggle with the evil enemy in the form of a serpent: “May I crush the evil one, may I destroy the great serpent at his moment.” There are shouts of victory over the evil one, even using the imagery of binding him as the Revelation does, “Thine great enemy is given to the fire, the evil one hath fallen, he is bound.” Even references to the coming of the Messiah, using the Christian symbolism of the fish, “may I see the abtu fish at his season of coming into existence.” And these amazing descriptions of this great one: “the boy mighty, the heir of eternity, he begot and he gave birth to himself, the king of earth this prince of the netherland, president of the mountains, coming forth from the water, drawing himself from the primal mother, nursing himself, increasing his limbs. O god of life, lord of love, all the peoples live when thou shinest, O crowned as king of the gods.” There are also many references to one’s own resurrection, such as, “may I see the coming forth of my soul.” This clearly indicates a belief that the physical self has within it the soul self. When we realize where we, as souls, have been and what we, as souls, have done, we’ll know better where we are headed and what we are in need of doing. We will also get a view into the truer nature of our being. “Know thyself,” the old adage goes. Well, we are, were, and will be again, much more than physical Earthlings.

Our souls have traveled throughout the cosmos from the beginning of creation. Many of us, our souls, went through the initiations of these ancient mystery schools and temples during the thousands of years of descent into matter. Our souls have been impregnated with the messages and meanings of the strange images on the walls of these temples and tombs. As we reawaken the soul-self within us, we will remember and understand. Hopefully, as we look at the images and ideas in this book, we will awaken memories that have been locked in our hearts for a very long time. This is one of the great aspects of this new era we are entering, an awakening — an awakening like none other, where whole groups of souls rise to a more universal, eternal view of life, past and future.

Before we proceed, it’s important to realize that ancient Egypt lasted an incredibly long time, much longer than we are used to. If we use the datings that have recently been indicated by star alignments and metaphysical sources, it lasted somewhere between ten and eleven thousand years. Portions of The Egyptian Book of the Dead date from as early as the very first dynasty to as late as 200 A.D. However, the purer, truer teachings were more clearly held in the earliest times. As the involution went on, many of the godly, deeper truths were contaminated with ideas of the evolving man who, because of limited awareness or self-interest, distorted them or simply was not aware of the real teachings. Therefore, in the lore of ancient Egypt we will often find the same teaching or story told in different ways with different implications. It is best to consider the older one as the truer one. That is the way I have approached all of this material.


In these earliest times, the many gods of the Egyptians were unique children of One Great God, the Source of All Life. Among the many gods, none of them was considered to be the ultimate god. Each was a free-willed portion of the Great Oneness which composed the Most High God. Even in Genesis the plural form is used as the name of God, indicating that the One was composed of the many, and the many contained the Universal, Omnipresent One. Ra, as great a god as he was to the ancient Egyptians, was not the ultimate deity, but a projection from out of the Ultimate Unseen One. The un-individuated Most High God would be considered the pure disk, symbolizing God’s un-individualized nature. God was seen through Its creation, not directly, for It was not seeable as an individual. (I am using the neutral pronoun It to avoid a male or female connotation to God. This God is whole, containing both sexual aspects within Itself. Furthermore, It is not personified, as “Him” or “Her” would imply.) Very similar to St. John’s view expressed in his epistle, “No man has at any time seen God, but the Begotten of God has revealed Him” (1 John 4).

Before the creation, the ancient Egyptian god Nun (or Nu) was all there was. Nun is Infinity, Nothing, Nowhere, and Darkness. In Genesis, Nun would correspond to the verse, “darkness was upon the deep,” which is followed by “let there be light.” Within the Darkness, the god Atum (or Tem, or Tum) was self-created and began the creation from within itself. Atum literally means not to be, meaning unmanifested, not personified, not born. As written in the papyrus Pepi I, this was “spirit, still and formless, who bore within itself the sum of all existence.”

This is similar to the Hindu descriptions of Brahman and Atman. According to the Hindus, God has two aspects: one is the unmanifested, unmoved, unchanged, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Brahman); the other is present, active and with us (Atman). Interesting how similar Atum is to Hinduism’s Atman, and to the Hebrew Adam.Atman is similar to the concept of the Logos, or “The Word,” or “First Begotten of God,” which begins St. John’s gospel and by which “all things were made.”

Nun and Atum could be considered the feminine and masculine aspects of God. Nun is the womb of Mother God, dark, silence, yet latent with the potential for creation. Atum is the projected aspect of Father God, actively involved in and with the creation.

There are several texts in which the ancient Egyptian writers are clearly speaking of a singular God. Their apparent polytheism is due to their proximity to the original creation where the created and the Creator were still one. The God had given birth to many godlings. The original, wiser, ancient Egyptians were not polytheistic, as the following examples indicate. But later, as the enlightenment was lost, there are indications that this changed. Here are examples of the One God concepts. This first example recalls Genesis’ teaching that we were created in the image of God and Jesus’ teaching (John 10:34) that we are gods.

“Thou has received the form of God, because of this Thou hast become great before the gods. This Pepi is, therefore, a god, the son of the God.”

In the Prisse Papyrus we have this example of the one God ideal:

“If having been of no account, thou hast become great, and if, having been poor, thou hast become rich, when thou art governor of the city be not hardhearted on account of thy advancement, because thou hast only become the guardian of the provisions of God.”

Modern-day stewardship concepts could not have been better described. However, the important point is that there is expressed a belief in One God to whom all things belong.

In the “Maxims of Ani” we find elements of the “Sermon on the Mount,” and the one God theme repeated:

“Let one give self to God. Keep thyself today for God, tomorrow will be like today. In the sanctuary of God much speaking is an abomination. Make thy prayers with a heart of love, all thy petitions offered in secret. He will perform thy affairs, he will hear what thou sayest, he will accept thine offerings. In making offerings to thy God, guard thyself against the abomination. Watch that thy eye is on His plans. Devote thyself to the adoration of his name. It is he who giveth souls to millions of forms, and he magnifieth whosoever magnifieth him.”

It is amazing how many similarities this passage has with the “Sermon on the Mount.” For example, the Egyptian teacher says, “Keep thyself today for the God, tomorrow will be like today.” In the Sermon, Jesus instructs his listeners to “not be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Today has enough dangers of ungodliness” (Matt. 6:34). The Egyptian teacher says, “In the sanctuary of God much speaking is an abomination. Make thy prayers with a heart of love, all they petitions offered in secret.” In the Sermon Jesus says, “When you pray, pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will respond to you. Do not use meaningless repetition, supposing that many words will cause you to be heard” (Matt. 6:6-7). The Egyptian teacher says, “Watch that thy eye is on His plans.” Jesus says, “Watch that thy eye be single” (Luke 11:34). And in the Sermon he says, “The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.” He also warns, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  (Matt. 6:21, 22 & 24). I suppose Truth is Truth, no matter in which millennium we live and study.

In The Egyptian Book of the Dead, we find this description of the One Great God:

“The holy Soul which came into being before time, the great God who liveth by unfailing order, the Whole primeval, which gave birth to the two companies of gods, through him came into being every god. One alone, he made what exists when the earth began in primeval time. Hidden of births, manifold of forms, nothing is known of his growth.” (In Hebrew mysticism, the two companies of gods are the Seraphim and Cherubim.)

Also in the Book of the Dead the “self-created” God is asked “who then is this?” She (In this section, Nun is the “mother” of all, self-created; therefore I’m using the pronoun she.) answers: “It is Ra who created names for his members and these came into being in the form of the gods who are in the following of Ra.” This is a reference to the beginning of soul-groups, each following in or reflecting the first cause or impulse that brought them into being. Those conceived in the following of Ra are of the same soul-group and would have similar goals and perspectives on life. Those conceived in the following of Isis or Hermes or whichever godling, would be of that soul-group and have similar goals and perspectives on life.

From out of the Unmanifested God came God the Creator (self-created). God the Creator conceived co-creators, or the godlings. From out of them came “the millions.” The Original Great Creator then gave souls to “the millions.” The plan is then very simple: Whosoever magnifies the Creator’s qualities, the Creator magnifies them. It’s an inter-related network of Oneness and Manyness, of Wholeness in which separateness may co-exist. The ultimate goal is to subdue one’s sense of separateness by magnifying the Creator’s wholeness, thereby becoming one with the Whole while knowing oneself to be oneself.

As we shall see, the gods were active forces within the God.

Ra is the personification of the sun — symbolic of life, warmth, light and day. It dispels the darkness and cold. It calls the unseen seed-life from out of the dark soil. It brings forth the light from the darkness of the night, as well as life from out of the underworld. It symbolizes the Creator’s power to enliven, nourish and enlighten. Yet, in the mystical teachings, Ra is not omnipotent, for the sun also sets. He has weaknesses, which he struggles to control. He has a personal enemy, the serpent Apep, which he struggles to subdue. He is caught in a cycle of light and darkness, day and night, consciousness and unconsciousness, life and death.

The explanation of how a god can be this great and yet have so much to struggle with goes something like this: All are gods in the higher dimensions, but they have free will and must learn to use it in harmony with the Whole. Therefore, even though the Sons and Daughters of God have powers, they are vulnerable to temptation and misdirection by choice and will. Many are also entangled in karmic laws and cycles of Nature, and must free themselves from these entanglements.

The godlings crystallized their thoughts, causing them to become physically apparent or manifest. Prior to this they were pure minds living in direct connection with the Universal Mind. Now they projected into thought-forms at first, then immersing themselves in matter with their consciousness to the point that they became incarnate. Since they were now acting and experiencing independently of the Creator, less conscious of the Creator and less connected to the Life Force, they began to feel alone and separated. This caused fear and fear led to great mistakes. During these early periods on earth, some of them completely lost touch with their true celestial nature and the Creative Forces. Others retained much or some of their connectedness. These latter ones were considered gods, yet they were also subject to the many problems and challenges that affected all who touched this realm. We will notice that throughout the ancient Egyptian teachings and records, the gods were both divine and human, powerful and vulnerable.

The word neter was used as we use the words god, godly, divine or divinity. Neter literally means renew, self-exist, self-produce. In other words, it means one who has the power to generate or renew life from within themselves. This is a god. In the chapters of the ancient Egyptian text titled, Coming Forth by Day, we find this teaching of godly renewal and self-regeneration:

*             Boy god, heir of eternity, begetting and giving birth to himself.

*             I am devoted in my heart more than the gods, without feigning, O thou godling.

*             I have become divine.

*             I have risen up in the form of a divine hawk.

*             I have become pure, I have become godly, I have become conscious,I have become co-creator, I                 have become a soul.

*             He shall be god with the gods in the Godplace.

*             He shall sanctify his body completely.

*             He makes godly thy soul, like the gods.

*             God divine, self-produced, primeval matter.

Notice how similar “Boy god” is to the Judeo-Christian “Son of God,” who is also the heir to eternity, and begotten of God (i.e., son of God), not man (i.e, son of man). Notice also how this writer expresses becoming divine, sanctifying, rising up, purifying — all spiritual goals. Then notice in the second to last line how he appears to refer to a divine helper, one who helps him achieve these goals, the messiah ideal. Actually, the ancient initiate did not see this messiah outside of him or herself. It was, in fact, the divine child growing within him who would ultimately be born out of his outer physical death, or better still, his yielding, much as a woman surrenders herself to give birth to another. This is similar to Jesus’ teaching to Nicodemus, “You must be born anew” (John 3:3).

We are physical, earthly beings, but within us is a godling, a bound angel, a sleeping beauty, seeking to be reborn, reawakened. The Edgar Cayce records speak of the part of us that is the angel, and that this angel-self is ever before the throne of God (1646-1). This godly part of us was lost during the descent but will be reborn on “the rising” or ascent.

“Then, as the guardian influence or angel is ever before the face of the Father, through same may that influence ever speak…. Yes, through thy angel, through thy SELF that IS the angel, does the self speak with thy Ideal!” (Cayce reading 1646-1)

In the Phoenix principle, the death of one gives birth to the other. In Egyptian mysticism, the Phoenix is a beautiful, lone bird which consumed its physical self in fire (i.e., spirit), rising renewed from the ashes to start another long life more beautiful than before. The Benu bird is the physical Egyptian emblem of the great Phoenix. In modern minds the Benu bird would not be considered a very grand, noble bird, such as we would consider the eagle. But in ancient Egypt it was the very symbol of immortality, for “at the end of the inundation, recalling the primordial waters, dryness appears in the form of the first small hill, and the ash-colored heron, the Benu bird, glides majestically down (seemingly from out of nowhere) and rests upon the little hill,” life returns, life continues (Pyramid texts, 1652).

The ancient Egyptian picture language requires us to engage our right brains in order to comprehend the meaning. We can’t take these images and attempt to translate them as literal, physical pictures. If we do, we’ll come up with the same concepts that many of our 19th-century researchers did: that is, the Ancient Egyptians, for all their magnificent art, building skills (which we can only partially imitate today) and spirituality, were primitive animal-worshipers with many gods. This simply is not true. The ancient images were created to convey ideals associated with the creature or character of the image. Even though some of them appear bizarre, they are in fact meaningful, and can be understood if one looks with the inner mind and a metaphoric mindset.

Copyrights Reserved – Written By John Van Auken

Thank you to Earth-Keeper / August 2014
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The Magdalena speaks of Sacred Union & Partnership ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 15.8.

The Magdalena speaks of Sacred Union and Partnership

You are the ones that are anchoring the new paradigm, the new grid, the new way of community of Nova Earth. And that way is through union and re-union…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Our special guest today is Mary Magdalene to offer further guidance on human relationships, unions and partnerships, all of a sacred nature. Our interactions with others contribute to and in fact are inseparable from what we came here to do during these days of transition. Mary has been addressing Linda’s New You’ers on this topic and she has more information to offer to our listeners today.

Which brings me to something that I want to say and that’s to offer a big, juicy ‘thank you’ to our listeners. We really love you all and so appreciate your support and hearing how much you’ve been enjoying the show. Good morning Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody! And yes, we do love and appreciate you and love hearing your feedback.

SM: Yes, very much.

LD: Yes, it feels very much like we are building community and you know, a lot of what we are going to be talking about today is really about building community, and building community in our new way.

SM: Beautiful, where we all realise our connection to one another and to All That Is, and it’s all about Love.

LD: It’s all about Love. How boring is that! Love, Love, Love.

SM: No, it’s awesome. It’s what we’re made of, why we are here.

LD: It’s absolutely awesome.

SM: Yeah. So it’s very interesting the way that we started the show this morning. At the very last minute we got into the studio with some technical difficulties so anybody who is calling in who was having trouble, hopefully you are in the queue now and listening and everything is good.

LD: Yeah, it was very interesting because I think we had less than 30 seconds to go.

SM: Yeah, pretty much… [Laughter]

LD: So it was right down to the wire. But there’s no way they weren’t going to let Mary Magdalene come forward and speak today, and particularly on such an important subject. But also – I don’t know about everybody out there but I know you and I, Suzi, have this very soft, tender spot for The Magdalena and for that connection to that human, Divine Feminine energy that is so rich, and that we can relate to.

SM: Oh absolutely. And I’ve been thinking also that the reason that she was put out by the Catholic Church as, you know, a prostitute and shameful and all that sort of thing is because she represents, you know, human, Divine Feminine energy, and what better way to make that bad.

LD: Exactly, just to try anyway, to disempower her, to try, because I mean, it’s been… I mean, think of it, here we are, and that’s what she was saying to us, to me, to all of us this morning as I was getting ready is that, you know, here we are 2,000 years later and the truth wins out…

SM: Hmm, absolutely…

LD: …despite everything that various religions have tried to do in terms of discrediting or dishonoring that Divine Feminine in all of us. You know, this really fits with the Hour with an Angel issue of gender hatred or inequality because it doesn’t matter; at the end, as we’re making this transition, the truth is standing there right in front of us.

SM: Yes, yes indeed, and it feels as though…

LD: Hallelujah!

SM: Hallelujah, that’s right. So, you know, Jesus is a wayshower for the rest of humanity as in this is what we can, you know, expect and hope for and work for ourselves as we are all children of God, and I believe that Mary Magdalene also serves the same purpose in the feminine way as in this is what we can have.

LD: Absolutely. And you know, I was doing my newsletter actually over the weekend and I put that in because it seems to me, particularly on this issue of union and sacred union and partnership and building community, is that when we hear one day from Yeshua, the next day we hear from Mary Magdalene, because it’s that balance you know, we hear from her and then we are going to hear from him. And it’s part of that perspective but it’s also part of our coming to understand “How does sacred partnership really work?” I loved the last channelling that she gave us because she talks about not just looking to events, you know like major events, which we tend to do as human beings, but to “How do you live a sacred partnership in the day to day?” you know because that’s really what it’s about.

SM: Yes, yes, and I think it has a lot to do with sharing a foundation with someone, when you have that foundational core, things in common, then you know, socks on the bathroom floor, wet towel in the corner, it doesn’t become quite as irritating, it may be almost an endearing thing ‘oh my sweetie left a sock on the floor’ instead of… I won’t say it; it would just be terrible… griping and grumbling. [Laughter]

LD: It’s true, and that approach to sacred union then spills over to your family, to your children, to your friends and that’s how it just ripples on out. And of course, the starting point – and I think she is going to talk to us about that this morning – is starting with ourselves.

SM: Indeed, absolutely true. We can’t offer to anyone else what we can’t give to ourselves.

LD: Exactly.

SM: Lovely. So have you got a fabulous Magdalena meditation for us?

LD: I do. Our deep pink rose is here.

SM: Woohoo, alright.

LD: So, let us begin.

SM: Thank you.

LD: Oh, thank you Suzi.

So relax and take a nice, deep breath of pink. Start with the softest pink, the colour of the Mother’s gift of grace, and see that gentle pink as you breathe in through your nose, and on the out breath pushing down into your heart, and letting go of the day, the week, the season, the year. Give yourself this gift of simply being here, of relaxing into your chair or the floor, your car seat or the bed, wherever you are. Bring down those shoulders, relax your jaw, your hips, your knees, your feet and simply be.

Now let’s bring down that colour of pink a few shades to that bright, lipstick pink and breathe that in, and bring that pink to the center of your tri-flame, the center of your heart. So the pink is brightening up your pink diamond of your essential, divine self and feel it in balance with the blue diamond of the Divine Mother, the canary diamond, the Divine Father. Feel the sparkles and the warmth in your chest.

Now let’s bring it down a little further, the pink, bring it down into that deeper pink, almost fuchsia but not quite, the deepest, deepest pink rose, the rose of our beloved Magdalena, and breathe it in. I can smell her fragrance, the rose tinged with jasmine. Oh, it’s so beautiful. Breathe it in, put out your hands and arms as how we gather energy and bring it in to your heart, bring it in to that center of your tri-flame, the energy of Mary Magdalena. And feel that rose gently blossoming and entwining with your tri-flame, sustaining it, nurturing it, expanding it. Let us together welcome in this sweet sister.

Mary Magdalene: Greetings, I am The Magdalena.

SM: Welcome.

MM: And welcome to you, beloved sister. And welcome to all of you, my beloved sisters and brothers, family of my heart, soul family of my journey. I throw open my arms, my heart, and I welcome you in as I have welcomed you in so many times; yes, 2,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, 50,000 years ago. My beloved friends, we have been at this for a long time.

We do not know the meaning of ‘quit’ and we absolutely know, and embrace, the meaning of ‘surrender’. And we will talk a little bit this day about ‘surrender’ as I hopefully edge you along from acceptance of your magnificent self, to the place of surrender of your magnificent self, to the totality, the divinity, the magnificence ‘in form’ of who you are.

And yes, the topic that I have asked of speak of this day is Union – sacred union, divine union, sacred partnership, family. What is more dear to us? I would suggest very little.

When I have walked sweet Gaia as The Magdalena, I was what some felt – or thought or considered, certainly my family – as gifted. Now, I would like to say that I loved and honored my family, and I am glad that they viewed me in this way because it led to a path of preparation. But my beloved friends, there is not a single one of you who listens or who walks the planet that is not enormously gifted. It is just that the awakening to that acceptance of the fullness of your soul design, the bringing forth of all your talents, abilities, capacities is more acceptable and prevalent in this time, thank goodness.

But as a young child, and then as a young woman, I was prepared in the sacred ways through ritual, through teaching, particularly through the teaching of the Essenes – yes, what you would call Essenes – but also through many, for I did not simply walk a singular path, the same way that none of you walk a singular path. None of you, my beloved ones, are uni-dimensional. Yes, of course, that is a whole other conversation. You are multidimensional beings. But I simply mean that you do not have all but one interest.

My forte, my speciality, was that I was a very conscious channel and that served me well in terms of understanding in later years, as my journey progressed, my connection with Yeshua and yes, even the ability to telepathically, and physically of course, communicate. But I was also trained in the ways of sacred ceremony, of sacred ritual, for these were essential to many of our practices.

I labored, worked, embraced, loved, at moments hated, the rigorous nature of my training. But let us also say that part of that training, part of that journey in my early years, was the acceptance of physicality, the acceptance of beauty in all forms: the beauty of my body, of my hair, of my eyes, of my being, not as separate or distinct from the beauty of my soul or my love, my connection to the Mother, to the Father, to the One. And what we were taught very early on was the embrace of the gifts, including beauty, physicality, that you had brought forth for this lifetime, this incarnation, because these were direct gifts from the Mother, and they were part and parcel of your mission, your purpose and your unfoldment.

Now that became key – no, not with my Yeshua; I think he would have loved me no matter what – but it became key and what I could call ‘the friction’ that became the story, the myth, of Mary Magdalene. What so angered the male figures in power – yes, the Rabbis, the Pharisees, later the Catholics, but even many of the Jews – was that I would not deny my beauty or my power. And many saw this as a challenge and as arrogance, as conceit. They felt that I was – and judged me, harshly – as lacking in humility which, particularly in that situation, was considered a very feminine virtue. But false humility is not humility. To stand and accept the might, the power, the truth, the beauty, the grace of who you are and to live in that grace and beauty as an expression of the Divine Mother, and to be humbled by that gift in the truest sense of the word – now that is the way to live. False modesty has no place. It is the core issue of denial and judgement of self.

So part, and why I speak of this is because it pertains to thee, my beloved ones, part of my very early training and part of my instinctual, intuitive knowing and my conversations with what you think of as the Company of Heaven, was the knowing of my role in this grand unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, and my plan within that plan, and my plan in union with Yeshua. But before any of that could happen, before what you would think of as my public life truly began, there was the learning, the acceptance and the surrender to who I was, and might I even say ‘who I AM’ – in, out or in between form to this very day. And sweet angels, I am no different than you.

When I first began to work and encounter the energies of Yeshua, many things occurred. But like each of you, particularly when you are not in denial, I yearned for one who would meet me, join with me, conjoin with me, on equal ground, who would be madly in love with me, who would see me for the totality of who I was, both in spirit but also in form as woman. Yes, with shortcomings – I had a fiery temper! I yearned for someone to share the path with but I also knew that I would never, your term ‘settle’, for less than what I yearned for, for someone who would truly be my partner. And I knew this being to be Yeshua, that our contract had been formed long before we even met in physical reality. But let me be very clear – as soon as I saw him, he took my very breath away. The yearning in my heart disappeared and I could say to myself “There he is.” And I could see it in his eyes, in his smile, in his laughter, in his glance, that he knew the same.

We knew the unfoldment that lay in front of us. We did not rush it – although perhaps by those standards we did – but it was that not only recognition and acknowledgement but acceptance and surrender to each other, and to ourselves, to the yearnings of our own hearts, not merely spiritually – let me be very clear, for our love was physical and passionate, and normal. So yes, it did entail picking up stray pieces of clothing and washing dishes and gathering water. And it did include late nights sitting and talking and sharing wine and bread. And lonely nights when he was fulfilling what he needed to do.

But our union – and the reason I speak of this, our union, the union between Yeshua and I – is an example. Not the perfect example but the imperfect example, the human example, of what Love can be. And, it would not have been possible if each of us had not done the groundwork in terms of knowing, accepting, embracing our sacred selves and then the sacred union with the Mother/Father/One/Source/All, so that we both came – yes different interpretations, different opinions at times, different ways to express it which made for lively conversation – but it was to come together, not for one to override but to be equal partners and to form family and to be part of the extended family, and the extended community.

There is much emphasis that is often given on difficult transitions or sorrow or moments but truly our life, our time together was filled with joy, laughter, yes, some tears, but a deep knowing not only of the rightness of our union but the support.

When I retreated, shall I say, from the world – which if I was to incarnate I would not do again – but when I retreated, many ways it was because I felt that I was no longer supported in such a way and I became in some ways disillusioned with the human collective, which was very sad, and might I say in some ways incorrect.

Now why do I bring this up? I bring it up because each of you, my dear hearts, have these moments, particularly during this time of transition, of chaos. We thought that we lived in a time of great chaos. It was nothing compared to what you are experiencing and in that chaos there are moments when each of you think, “Am I disillusioned? Am I in despair? Am I in disappointment? Shall I simply withdraw?” And I suggest to you – actually, I urge you, I beg you, I plead with you – do not withdraw, because your beauty, your acceptance of your sacred self in community, in union, in family, is what creates Nova Earth. It is what brings forth the new paradigm. It is not merely your Ascension. Does that change? Yes it does change you and it already has and is changing you.
But what about after, what about during, what about right now? You are the ones, through your work, through your energies, through your consistency, your constancy that the Mother speaks of all the time; you are the ones that are anchoring the new paradigm, the new grid, the new way of community of Nova Earth. And that way is through union and re-union, not merely with us but with yourselves and each other, with the kingdoms. Cherish yourselves; you are so worth cherishing and do not deny yourself.

Now, I have put many things on the table this day, dear Suzanne. Where do you wish to begin?

LD: I fear we have lost the connection. I will call back…

SM: Okay. Thank you very much Mary for coming to talk with us on this subject. And as you are speaking several things come to me, for one you mentioned the Essenes and I have been very fascinated with that and I was hoping that you would come back for another show to talk about that in detail, would that be possible?

MM: I would be honored to come and to share the information about the Essenes.

SM: I am so happy about that, thank you. Alright, what can we look for in any relationship that signals to us that it is one worth working at, even if we feel some negative reaction? Is that reaction or response grounded in our wounding or in self-love?

MM: Probably a little bit of both, dear heart, but let us talk about this. There has been a wonderful, and not, training ground that the human race has had to deny themselves what they most desire; so it is so sad. So part of what you would call ‘wounding’ is this almost self-defeating mechanism that so many have of looking for what’s wrong. And sweet angel, I can guarantee you when you begin to look at what’s wrong, even when it’s right, it will always be wrong and it will always send up the flares or warning flags.

So for example, knowing some of the challenges, because both Yeshua and I were fully aware of many of the challenges, not all, but many of the challenges that we would face, so I, very easily, as powerful woman, just like you, just like all of you who are listening, could have said, “No thanks, this will never work.” But I also understood as woman, as spiritual being, that those concerns, those flags, those potential woundings that reflected earlier woundings, were the opportunity to heal, not only what lay within me and lay within Yeshua…as I say, we are your imperfect perfect example…it would not only heal our wounds, it would heal the collective wounds.

So, there is always going to be this ‘what if’ or ‘but’ that can interfere with you embracing and surrendering…that is why surrender is so frightening to all you…surrendering to a situation that could be imperfect or wrong.

SM: Right.

MM: Now, there is a difference, and you are brilliant beings, both mentally, emotionally, spiritually, when you look at someone and there are holes, can I put it that way?, when there are holes in that person’s aura or journey, when they have not reached the place of acceptance of their sweet divinity, of their union with One, then that is an indicator to you that perhaps they are not quite ready for, truly, what sacred union, partnership demands. Now, does that mean that they will never be? No. But does it mean pause, wait, support, observe? I would suggest yes.

But what is occurring right now on your plane, in the new, new 3rd and interdimensional reality, is that the changes that previously, so when I say ‘pause’ I mean ‘pause’, changes that previously took sometimes lifetimes, sometimes eons, sometime decades to heal are healing at the speed of Love. This is the biggest gift of St. Germaine’s healing; it heals at the speed of Love. We say this many times and I steal Einstein’s explanation, because it is healing at the speed of light squared, so literally in one moment your beloved can say, “This is really a hole, this really bugs me, this work has not been done” and in the next moment it is. Now why? Because there is the desire on both your parts, that yearning, it is almost instinctual, that yearning is so powerful that the intention behind it to heal the wounds is almost like what you would think of as a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Now, what is required is the ‘yes’ factor, is the willingness, is the agreement. But there are very, very few and it is fewer every day of what we would call the reluctant or the recalcitrant upon the planet. That is why I have said to you, “Do not give up, do not go to that place of disillusionment, disenchantment” because my beloved friends, you are right there. You can have it all!

SM: Well, that makes me wonder now, I’ve been thinking a lot about my body and whatever changes will be taking place. Will our bodies become lower maintenance?

MM: Yes and no. No, let me clarify…I am teasing you…and that was the other thing that you do not know about me; not only did I have somewhat of a fiery temper, I am an incredible tease and I love to tease and laugh and joke. And so does Yeshi. So, will it require what you have thought of as less maintenance? The answer is yes, because your overall well-being, your health, your physicality is shifting so dramatically with your increase in frequency vibration, crystalline content, etc. Your DNA is already rewired and that is true of all of you who are listening, all of you, it is already done. So now you are activating it, marker by marker. Now, does it take less time? Yes. But let us also suggest that the connection to the body as your temple, you will choose to give it more time, more nurturing, more Love, more attention.

Now, when I have said to thee that one of the things that I learned very early on was the acceptance of beauty and form as gifts from the Mother. This is also what Nova Being, the New You, the Interdimensional you is also remembering. So, will they require more attention, what you think of as maintenance? They will require less. But will you choose to nurture, to luxuriate in appreciation of your body in a whole new meaning of wellness, of fullness, of light? The answer is yes.

SM: Okay, good, I feel that and at the same time, I guess it’s just a slow transition because I’m feeling like I would really love to be fit without really having to focus on exercising. I have so many other things going on right now that I really…that feels like a distraction, almost like eating is a distraction, I don’t even want to eat anymore….anyway…okay…

MM: But what you have need to do, and this is for all of you, speak to your muscles, speak to your skeletal self and say to them, because your body is completely receptive at this point of intersection, simply say, “I want you to be toning, adjusting, firmer, stronger, curvier, thinner”, whatever it is on your list, but strength and tone is very important, “I want you to do that with me regardless of what it is I am doing during the course of the day.” Now I’m not suggesting that you’re asking your muscles to be working and toning and gaining strength during your night sleep; we want you to rest especially because very often you are off doing other work, shall we say, doing work.

SM: Yeah…

MM: And so you often come back tired, so if your muscles are also overexerted during that time, that is not a healthy thing. So, during the waking hours ask your body to be doing what you are wishing to achieve; it is bringing you into closer partnership with your body…the same with food…

SM: Oh?

MM: Think of the food…many of you do not have any desire to eat…or you have cravings that are unusual, it does not matter which category or which group you are falling into; take a little bit of food, not because it is a rude interruption in your day, but because this is a time, even if it is 15 minutes, to tell your body how much you Love it, how much you treasure it, how much you want to nurture it as your temple. So switch the opinion of food, of food preparation, of gathering food, into ‘this is how I beautify my temple, this is how I nurture my sacred self.’ And what it will also do is influence the choices that you make in terms of what you choose for these celebrations of your temple. So you will not be putting garbage into your body.

SM: Okay.

MM: But…

SM: but…

MM:…there were times, particularly with children, where they wish to put what is viewed as non-healthy, yes, even in our time, and we would simply transmute it so that it would be, again, the sparkling light being put into our body.

SM: Okay, alright, umm, I actually have one more question and maybe we could do closing comments. Umm, you mentioned ritual, okay, and I’ve been trained in the ways of ritual and I understand what it’s for, I’m just feeling I haven’t used those things so much, it seems to be a more direct thing merely with intention and what I want to do so is ritual now as necessary as it was before?

MM: You are going to want to hit me…(Laughter)…because I am going to answer again yes and no.

SM: Okay.

MM: Ritual is a gift. Now, ritual has, in some ways, become to be misunderstood in terms of ‘it is the only acceptable way in which to prepare or conduct sacred ceremony’ and that if you don’t do it you don’t get the passing grade, as it were. But ritual is, in fact, a gift; it is the calling forth and the centering of all your energies but all the energies that you wish to join with you. So, for example, going back to the food, if you prepare a beautiful meal, a salad made with everything from the garden and it is fresh and it is delicious and it has every color and then you simply stand at the sink and eat it with your hands. No, you have taken the trouble to gather this precious food so would you not want to put it in one of your beautiful pottery bowls and use clean utensils and sit down with a beautiful napkin and truly enjoy the meal that you have prepared?

That is what ritual is, it is part of the gift and ritual includes the closing rituals of gratitude and thanksgiving for yourself, for what you have brought to the table and what everybody in the seen and unseen kingdom, the plants that you are eating, the Gaia energy that has contributed, the air, the water, the fairies that have danced on the lettuce leaves. So it is the joy. So ritual came to be understood as something has to be done in a ritualized manner, a formed manner, and then it became boring and stultified. But in fact, it is simply part of the joy gift.

SM: Okay, well thank you for that reframe, I really appreciate the new perception and I so appreciate having this conversation and I look forward to having a conversation on the Essenes and have you got any closing comments for today?

MM: Dear hearts, first of all thank you for coming and listening and sharing my space, for allowing me into your hearts, and for you coming into mine. I embrace you, I honor you, I Love you, This is a time of union, of sacred union and partnership. Do not deny, out of fear or old patterns, what your heart desires. Step forth in clear intention and claim what you so rightfully deserve and have always deserved; the mirror, the compliment, the support of Love.

I am with you. Let me be your matchmaker. Go with my Love, sweet angel.

SM: Thank you so much.

MM: Farewell.

SM: Farewell. Lots of Love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-12-14
© 2014 Council of Love

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Summer Ascension Series with Lord Melchizedek – Lesson 1 : Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

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Summer Ascension Series with Lord Melchizedek – Lesson 1

LordMelchizeek-WTC-1231Summer Ascension Series with Lord Melchizedek – Lesson 1

This is a partial transcription of our first class with Lord Melchizedek.

When you are going through a deep healing process, you are purging.  You are moving things within the internalization of your Physical Body of what you have experienced on an Astral Level, an Etheric Level, a Mental Level (the Astral being the Emotional).  Those energies have a tendency of getting in a wheel of continual movement.  So you never get to see the particles that are necessary for you to stop, to fully stop and understand what it is that you need to look at.

I am giving you this material through Meleriessee today because I want you to acknowledge the particles of yourself; not to have you be overwhelmed by the information, but to take parts that you do understand and bring them into yourself and say “Okay this is helping me to create more of a basis of Who I AM.  It is allowing me to move further in my pathway; to accept myself in a completely different level than I have before.”

Understand this, as you have awakened and if you continue on the Mastery Pathway, and do the diligent work, then you are going to find that you are going to access new ideas.  You are going to access new parts of yourself every moment.  It is always going to be a continual process of learning.  This is what Earth is about.  It is a continual process of accepting new knowledges and information to come into a person’s psyche to help them understand more of themselves.  If an individual is not ready to move through that process, then they stay in that same space.  They are not allowing the treadmill to move forward.  They are not allowing themselves to learn more about themselves.  They are so afraid to look at whom they are, parts of themselves they are not going to like, or parts of themselves that they may like but not being able to access.  Then they stay stuck in that realm.  This is why we have unawakened individuals.

Every person upon this planet has the accessibility to be on this Mastery Pathway.  But the majority of those people are very small that will do so.  What we bring forth to you on this day, is to share with you what Lightworkers represent.  You represent bringing Light to the planet.  But as you are also bringing Light to the planet, it also represents your own internalization of healing that needs to be done.  You cannot bring in that Full Light if don’t have an accessibility to whom you were previously and all these timelines.  Many of you have had many hundreds of lifetimes.  That is why you are here now and awakening into Whom You Are and what you want to be.

The acceleration that is occurring within GAIA, within the planet, and the more Lightworkers that open up to that, then that acceleration is becoming closer.  The Ashtar Command and the Federation of Light are assisting in this process.  It is a surging of high electromagnetic energies that are coming into the planet to assist the planet to arise.  If an individual is not ready to accept that acceleration, they will cease to exist on this planet, or they will go to another place.

Just like Meleriessee was sharing earlier that Earth is a planet of “Free Will”.  Other planets do not have that “Free Will”.  Right now, the planet of Earth is “Free Will”, but that “Free Will” has to be of moving to a higher state of existence.  This means that many souls will choose not to exist on this level.

Due to the work that has been done by so many of you and many others in the process for the last 15 years, this planet is able to hold its’ own within that Acceleration.  Previously, 5 years ago, that would not have been possible.  We were moving to a separation stage as what happened with Sirius (Sirius A and B separated).  This is why Earth is looked at so diligently and so intensely.  This is the planet to be on for Mastery.  This is the planet to be on for Acceleration.  This is the planet to be on for Light.  But what happens within those phases, when those souls awaken into that space, they are so dead set on what they know and what they what to bring forth that the physical body takes over with the lower ego.  It is just part of that process.  The human conditioning that occurs, causes an injunction (a crossroads), where that lower ego has a tendency to take over.  When that does, that’s when the darker forces will step in.  So this is what has to occur.  You have to allow the green light; to look at yourself diligently every day; to allow yourself to know more of yourself deeply; to accept yourself even when you don’t like yourself.  Those are the most important aspects that I can bring forth in this moment for the foundation that we are looking at.

Each of you is probably either within the 2nd or 3rd Initiation at this point.  You haven’t moved further into those higher Initiations or you are striving to move higher into those higher initiations.  You can only tell by yourself.  I can tell you.  But having someone else tell you where you are at is just a Guideline as what I shared through Meleriessee.  This is very, very important for each of you to realize.  That each of you knows what you are going through.  Each of you understand what it is you are experiencing through your Mental level; trying to access the Higher Mind and having a difficult part of it.  Relax into it.  Surrender!  Surrender!  Surrender!  It is the only process.  The more that you fight it, the more difficult the struggle is going to become; because as you do that, the Mental Mind is struggling.  What we need to help you with is to try to balance out the energies so that they are the same and they are not different.

It is like looking at a person that you meet.  You look at that person and you really acknowledge that person.  You look and see some beautiful qualities within that person.  Then you look at yourself and you see some beautiful qualities within yourself.  Is there a competition that occurs?  It shouldn’t.

It is the same thing with your Masculine and Feminine Divine.  They need to work together.  It’s the same as having a Divine Love Complement come into your world as Meleriessee and Mike have done within themselves.  They both had to surrender to each other.  That is the process that has to happen.

You are no longer an individual self as your Physical Body is no longer an individual self.  It has to come forth within the Emotional Body, within the Mental Body, to allow that Spiritual Body to be accessed; to allow the Higher Self.  That is the goal.  That is just the beginning.  Once you allow your Higher Self to come in, then you work to access your Monad.  Your Higher Self moves into the Monad which then allows you to access your Soul’s Essence within the physical vehicle.  Then eventually, through the many Initiations through the process, you start to access your I AM Presence.  These are the processes that happen for you.

It is important for you to checklist yourself every week.

Checklist yourself and ask ~

  • How am I doing this week?
  • How do I need to assist myself?
  • It doesn’t mean you have to work harder.  It’s like having a staff meeting.
  • Let’s have a staff meeting with the Masculine and the Feminine –
  • How are we doing today?
  • Is my Higher Self coming in as much as I would like?
  • If it’s not, what tools work best for you?

Truly use the ones that work best.  Add some little specifics that you learned from other meditations; maybe things that Meleriessee brings through, different things that she does.  Everything time, she does it a little bit differently.

That’s how you build.  You are building a foundation.  You have awakened.  You are past that 1st Initiation.  You have already gone through the Hall of Ignorance.  You have gone through all those Halls that say you are no longer that 3rd dimensional person.  You don’t want to be that 3rd dimensional person.

So you move into the next phase.  If you could see it as a stage, each level comes up higher.  As you go up higher, you could see your ascension.  If I was to describe it, it would be like an octagonal platform which is the 1st Initiation.  Then when you get to the top, that platform is set.  Then you are standing on the next Initiation.

The 2nd Initiation is working within your Emotional Body to allow your Feminine Divine to come fully within you, whether you are male or female.  Gender has nothing to do with this.  It is not a projection outside your body.  It is how you feel about yourself, how you bring forth that actualization of that Emotional Body within you.

Then the next level, the 3rd initiation, would be the Mental Body; to allow the Mental Body to relax so your Higher Mind, the Concrete Mind, not who you thought you were; and all the elements that are associated with all those lifetimes will come up.  But first, you have to work on this lifetime.  You have to work on your Inner-Child.  You have to allow that Child to be Whom You Are now.  You have to remove the debris.  You have to remove the parts of yourself that don’t work.  Then you have to work on your Etheric Body.  This all comes naturally.  It is not like you can say “Now I am going to work on my Etheric Body.”  It just comes up.  It just allows those energies.  Believe me through this process, you will still be working through many elements.

You want your foundation to be strong.  You don’t want it to crash.  If it is not strong enough, you know what happens, there’s a hole.  Then you fall down to the next level.

Remember there are 7 Sub-levels within each Initiation.  So every time you feel that you have walked through a doorway, that’s one of your 7 Sub-levels.  You walked through that level.  This is how you can start to acknowledge within yourself what you are doing.  Just connect with your Higher Presence through the process.   Allow yourself to be that being.  That’s going to assist you more than anything, and of course, the tools that Mel and Mike provide along with the De-Ascension Meditation, utilizing that continually – any of these meditations like we have been doing, these activations.  You can listen to the Wesak Activation again to help you through that process even though the Wesak energies have already been experienced.  It doesn’t matter.  These activations will assist you through that process.  Make a list of what tools really work for you and what tools don’t.  The tools that don’t assist you, discard them.  Allow them to be part of your past just as you would do anything else.  Assist yourself on a much deeper level.   Go into your Core.  Allow yourself to breathe into your Heart.

Lord Melchizedek At Your Service

The Lord Melchizedek Ascension Series Primer is available for you to study on your own.  This is a very powerful course which includes deep meditations with Divine Light Language Code Attunements, and will take you deeper into the pathway of Soul Psychology.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Am I a Lightworker? The Jeshua Channellings ~ Pamela Kribbe @ Aurelia

Roerich Nicholas In Thought 1946 Russian

ART : Roerich Nicholas ~ ‘In Thought’ ~ 1946 Russian

Am I a lightworker?

From the start, Jeshua told me his messages are meant for a specific group of people. He calls them “lightworkers” and he says they are at the forefront of a wave of heart-based consciousness that engulfs the Earth right now. He says they are pioneers of consciousness and their soul’s mission is to help bring a new awareness to Earth. I did not like this idea very much at first. I thought it was kind of elitist to address the messages to a specific group of people. Isn’t the Christ energy alive in every one of us? Jeshua, however, pointed out that to be a lightworker is not to have a special status or be superior in any way. Also, every soul becomes a lightworker at some point, so it is not about a fixed group of souls. The reason Jeshua insists on addressing this particular group of pioneers is that he dearly wants to help them remember who they are. These souls are on the verge of a deep inner awakening, which will make them become teachers for Earth in the most humble sense of the word. However, because of the dense energies they encounter in human society, many of them feel lost, doubting themselves, not fitting in with society, lonely, and desperate. Jeshua’s messages, through me, are meant to make lightworker souls become aware of who they are, and to give them tools to heal their inner wounds.

To clarify what Jeshua means by lightworkers, I am going to quote an introductory note and a list of characteristics that he gave to me in the very beginning of our work together.


Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread light – knowledge, freedom, and self-love – on Earth. They sense this as their mission. They are often attracted to spirituality and to therapeutic work of some kind.Because of their deeply felt mission, lightworkers often feel different from other people. By experiencing different kinds of obstacles on their way, life provokes them to find their own unique path. Lightworkers are nearly always solitary individuals, not fitting into fixed societal structures.

The word “lightworker” may evoke misunderstanding, since it lifts out a particular group of souls from the rest. It may be taken to suggest that this particular group is somehow superior to the others, i.e. those “not working for the light.” This whole line of thought is at odds with the very nature and intent of lightwork. Let us state briefly what is wrong with it.

First, claims of superiority are generally unenlightened. They block your growth toward a free and loving consciousness. Second, lightworkers are not “better” or “higher” than anyone else. They simply have a different history than the ones not belonging to this group. Because of this particular history, which we will discuss below, they have certain psychological characteristics which distinguish them as a group. Third, every soul becomes a lightworker at some stage of its unfolding, so the label “lightworker” is not reserved to a limited number of souls.

The reason we use the word “lightworker” despite possible misunderstandings is because it carries associations and stirs memories within you that help you remember. There is a practical convenience to it as well, since the term is frequently used in your current spiritual literature.

(From: The Jeshua Channelings, p.35/36)  

Psychological characteristics of lightworkers

From early on in their life, they feel they are different. More often than not they feel isolated from others, lonely and misunderstood. They will often become individualists who will have to find their own unique ways in life.

They have trouble feeling at home within traditional jobs and/or organization structures. Lightworkers are naturally anti-authoritarian, which means that they naturally resist decisions or values based solely on power or hierarchy. This anti-authoritarian trait is present even if they seem timid and shy. It is connected to the very essence of their mission here on Earth.

Lightworkers feel drawn to helping people as a therapist or as a teacher. They may be psychologists, healers, teachers, nurses, etc. Even if their profession is not about helping people in a direct manner, the intent to contribute to the higher good of humanity is clearly present.

Their vision of life is colored by a spiritual sense of how all things are related together. They consciously or subconsciously carry memories within them of non-earthly spheres of light. They may occasionally feel homesick for these spheres and feel like a stranger on Earth.

They deeply honor and respect life, which often manifests as a fondness for animals and a concern for the environment. The destruction of parts of the animal and vegetable kingdoms on Earth by human doing invokes deep feelings of loss and grief in them.

They are kind-hearted, sensitive, and empathic. They may have trouble dealing with aggressive behavior and they generally experience difficulties in standing up for themselves. They can be dreamy, naive or highly idealistic, as well as insufficiently grounded, i.e. down-to-earth. Because they easily pick up negative feelings and moods of people around them, it is important for them to spend time alone on a regular basis. This enables them to distinguish between their own feelings and those of others. They need solitary time to touch base with themselves and with mother Earth.

They have lived many lives on Earth in which they were deeply involved with spirituality and/or religion. They were present in overwhelming numbers in the old religious orders of your past as monks, nuns, hermits, psychics, witches, shamans, priests, and priestesses. They were the ones providing a bridge between the visible and the invisible, between the daily context of Earth life and the mysterious realms of the afterlife, realms of God, and the spirits of good and evil. For fulfilling this role, they were often rejected and persecuted. Many of you were sentenced to the stake for the gifts you possessed. The traumas of persecution left deep traces within your soul’s memory. This may presently manifest as a fear of being fully grounded, i.e. a fear to be really present, because you remember being brutally attacked for who you were.

(From: The Jeshua Channelings, p.37/38)

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