Summer Ascension Series with Lord Melchizedek – Lesson 1 : Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

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Summer Ascension Series with Lord Melchizedek – Lesson 1

LordMelchizeek-WTC-1231Summer Ascension Series with Lord Melchizedek – Lesson 1

This is a partial transcription of our first class with Lord Melchizedek.

When you are going through a deep healing process, you are purging.  You are moving things within the internalization of your Physical Body of what you have experienced on an Astral Level, an Etheric Level, a Mental Level (the Astral being the Emotional).  Those energies have a tendency of getting in a wheel of continual movement.  So you never get to see the particles that are necessary for you to stop, to fully stop and understand what it is that you need to look at.

I am giving you this material through Meleriessee today because I want you to acknowledge the particles of yourself; not to have you be overwhelmed by the information, but to take parts that you do understand and bring them into yourself and say “Okay this is helping me to create more of a basis of Who I AM.  It is allowing me to move further in my pathway; to accept myself in a completely different level than I have before.”

Understand this, as you have awakened and if you continue on the Mastery Pathway, and do the diligent work, then you are going to find that you are going to access new ideas.  You are going to access new parts of yourself every moment.  It is always going to be a continual process of learning.  This is what Earth is about.  It is a continual process of accepting new knowledges and information to come into a person’s psyche to help them understand more of themselves.  If an individual is not ready to move through that process, then they stay in that same space.  They are not allowing the treadmill to move forward.  They are not allowing themselves to learn more about themselves.  They are so afraid to look at whom they are, parts of themselves they are not going to like, or parts of themselves that they may like but not being able to access.  Then they stay stuck in that realm.  This is why we have unawakened individuals.

Every person upon this planet has the accessibility to be on this Mastery Pathway.  But the majority of those people are very small that will do so.  What we bring forth to you on this day, is to share with you what Lightworkers represent.  You represent bringing Light to the planet.  But as you are also bringing Light to the planet, it also represents your own internalization of healing that needs to be done.  You cannot bring in that Full Light if don’t have an accessibility to whom you were previously and all these timelines.  Many of you have had many hundreds of lifetimes.  That is why you are here now and awakening into Whom You Are and what you want to be.

The acceleration that is occurring within GAIA, within the planet, and the more Lightworkers that open up to that, then that acceleration is becoming closer.  The Ashtar Command and the Federation of Light are assisting in this process.  It is a surging of high electromagnetic energies that are coming into the planet to assist the planet to arise.  If an individual is not ready to accept that acceleration, they will cease to exist on this planet, or they will go to another place.

Just like Meleriessee was sharing earlier that Earth is a planet of “Free Will”.  Other planets do not have that “Free Will”.  Right now, the planet of Earth is “Free Will”, but that “Free Will” has to be of moving to a higher state of existence.  This means that many souls will choose not to exist on this level.

Due to the work that has been done by so many of you and many others in the process for the last 15 years, this planet is able to hold its’ own within that Acceleration.  Previously, 5 years ago, that would not have been possible.  We were moving to a separation stage as what happened with Sirius (Sirius A and B separated).  This is why Earth is looked at so diligently and so intensely.  This is the planet to be on for Mastery.  This is the planet to be on for Acceleration.  This is the planet to be on for Light.  But what happens within those phases, when those souls awaken into that space, they are so dead set on what they know and what they what to bring forth that the physical body takes over with the lower ego.  It is just part of that process.  The human conditioning that occurs, causes an injunction (a crossroads), where that lower ego has a tendency to take over.  When that does, that’s when the darker forces will step in.  So this is what has to occur.  You have to allow the green light; to look at yourself diligently every day; to allow yourself to know more of yourself deeply; to accept yourself even when you don’t like yourself.  Those are the most important aspects that I can bring forth in this moment for the foundation that we are looking at.

Each of you is probably either within the 2nd or 3rd Initiation at this point.  You haven’t moved further into those higher Initiations or you are striving to move higher into those higher initiations.  You can only tell by yourself.  I can tell you.  But having someone else tell you where you are at is just a Guideline as what I shared through Meleriessee.  This is very, very important for each of you to realize.  That each of you knows what you are going through.  Each of you understand what it is you are experiencing through your Mental level; trying to access the Higher Mind and having a difficult part of it.  Relax into it.  Surrender!  Surrender!  Surrender!  It is the only process.  The more that you fight it, the more difficult the struggle is going to become; because as you do that, the Mental Mind is struggling.  What we need to help you with is to try to balance out the energies so that they are the same and they are not different.

It is like looking at a person that you meet.  You look at that person and you really acknowledge that person.  You look and see some beautiful qualities within that person.  Then you look at yourself and you see some beautiful qualities within yourself.  Is there a competition that occurs?  It shouldn’t.

It is the same thing with your Masculine and Feminine Divine.  They need to work together.  It’s the same as having a Divine Love Complement come into your world as Meleriessee and Mike have done within themselves.  They both had to surrender to each other.  That is the process that has to happen.

You are no longer an individual self as your Physical Body is no longer an individual self.  It has to come forth within the Emotional Body, within the Mental Body, to allow that Spiritual Body to be accessed; to allow the Higher Self.  That is the goal.  That is just the beginning.  Once you allow your Higher Self to come in, then you work to access your Monad.  Your Higher Self moves into the Monad which then allows you to access your Soul’s Essence within the physical vehicle.  Then eventually, through the many Initiations through the process, you start to access your I AM Presence.  These are the processes that happen for you.

It is important for you to checklist yourself every week.

Checklist yourself and ask ~

  • How am I doing this week?
  • How do I need to assist myself?
  • It doesn’t mean you have to work harder.  It’s like having a staff meeting.
  • Let’s have a staff meeting with the Masculine and the Feminine –
  • How are we doing today?
  • Is my Higher Self coming in as much as I would like?
  • If it’s not, what tools work best for you?

Truly use the ones that work best.  Add some little specifics that you learned from other meditations; maybe things that Meleriessee brings through, different things that she does.  Everything time, she does it a little bit differently.

That’s how you build.  You are building a foundation.  You have awakened.  You are past that 1st Initiation.  You have already gone through the Hall of Ignorance.  You have gone through all those Halls that say you are no longer that 3rd dimensional person.  You don’t want to be that 3rd dimensional person.

So you move into the next phase.  If you could see it as a stage, each level comes up higher.  As you go up higher, you could see your ascension.  If I was to describe it, it would be like an octagonal platform which is the 1st Initiation.  Then when you get to the top, that platform is set.  Then you are standing on the next Initiation.

The 2nd Initiation is working within your Emotional Body to allow your Feminine Divine to come fully within you, whether you are male or female.  Gender has nothing to do with this.  It is not a projection outside your body.  It is how you feel about yourself, how you bring forth that actualization of that Emotional Body within you.

Then the next level, the 3rd initiation, would be the Mental Body; to allow the Mental Body to relax so your Higher Mind, the Concrete Mind, not who you thought you were; and all the elements that are associated with all those lifetimes will come up.  But first, you have to work on this lifetime.  You have to work on your Inner-Child.  You have to allow that Child to be Whom You Are now.  You have to remove the debris.  You have to remove the parts of yourself that don’t work.  Then you have to work on your Etheric Body.  This all comes naturally.  It is not like you can say “Now I am going to work on my Etheric Body.”  It just comes up.  It just allows those energies.  Believe me through this process, you will still be working through many elements.

You want your foundation to be strong.  You don’t want it to crash.  If it is not strong enough, you know what happens, there’s a hole.  Then you fall down to the next level.

Remember there are 7 Sub-levels within each Initiation.  So every time you feel that you have walked through a doorway, that’s one of your 7 Sub-levels.  You walked through that level.  This is how you can start to acknowledge within yourself what you are doing.  Just connect with your Higher Presence through the process.   Allow yourself to be that being.  That’s going to assist you more than anything, and of course, the tools that Mel and Mike provide along with the De-Ascension Meditation, utilizing that continually – any of these meditations like we have been doing, these activations.  You can listen to the Wesak Activation again to help you through that process even though the Wesak energies have already been experienced.  It doesn’t matter.  These activations will assist you through that process.  Make a list of what tools really work for you and what tools don’t.  The tools that don’t assist you, discard them.  Allow them to be part of your past just as you would do anything else.  Assist yourself on a much deeper level.   Go into your Core.  Allow yourself to breathe into your Heart.

Lord Melchizedek At Your Service

The Lord Melchizedek Ascension Series Primer is available for you to study on your own.  This is a very powerful course which includes deep meditations with Divine Light Language Code Attunements, and will take you deeper into the pathway of Soul Psychology.

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