What is it to Experience? by Lady Nada : Channelled through Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

ART : Yelena Bryksenkova
What is it to Experience? by Lady Nada
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 13th August 2014

It is with the deepest of love and truth that I enter into your presence, sending streams of sea foam green cleansing and purification vibrations from the 8th ray of light at a Planetary level.

Please know that at this tremendous, intense and transformational time of ascension you can always call upon my support, healing and loving presence.

I am here as one of the beings leading and supporting deep purification processes, especially at a soul level, for those upon the Earth. You may call upon my assistance constantly if need be, for I am open to being present with you, supporting you in receiving the Creator within your being, which also means recognizing the Creator within your being.

I come forth to you, supported by the Angelic Kingdom and the Lord and Lady Masters of the Celestial levels, sharing this energy abundantly with you so we may exist in a state of deep understanding, knowingness and realization together. Let yourself feel this cocoon of light and support building and forming around us.

It is my purpose to pose a question to you which will require your contemplation and discovery, with the purpose of creating a deep purification, cleansing and healing process within your being and reality. My question to you is: What is it to experience?

What is it to experience? What is it to experience on the Earth? What is the value of experience? Why is experience essential? How do you know when you are experiencing?

What is it to experience? To experience is to be involved in energy — the manifestation of energy, the creation of energy and the happening of energy. [To] experience is to be involved in a manifestation of energy. You are the giver and the receiver. You are the witness and validator.

In your presence, energy becomes truth, real, alive and tangible. You have the opportunity to experience energy in every moment of your reality. Your entire day and even your dream state are composed of experiences, one after another, some overlapping and merging.

With every moment of your reality you are experiencing, which means you are truly living with and as energy. You are existing in a real space of manifesting energy.

The energy I speak of is so much more than energy. It is the divine, the Creator, the universe, all that is the truth, and sacred consciousness. So your reality is composed of experiences of the divine, one after another, some overlapping and merging.

What is it to experience on the Earth? Experiences on the Earth are creative moments of union with the divine within and around you, bringing the divine into your focus, and [allowing you to experience] the Creator as real.

Creativity is the key, as the Creator is expansive and limitless. So your experiences can be mundane or exotic. They are constantly changing and shifting, never really staying in the same form.

The creativity of the Creator is expressed through you. If you believe in your creativity your experiences may be exotic and inspirational. If you lack in belief or do not allow yourself to focus truthfully, your experiences may seem mundane.

The truth is that every experience is a creative union of the energy of the Creator manifesting and being validated as real by you. An experience on the Earth is a divine moment with the Creator where the Creator becomes real, where divinity becomes real.

You are involved with the energy of the Creator with every experience on the Earth because your involvement with the Creator creates the experience.

It is important to realize that your involvement with the energy of the Creator manifesting as experiences is influenced by you, your beliefs and [your] intentions. Thus you shape your union with the Creator on the Earth and you shape every experience in your life.

What is the value of experience? With the understanding of the meaning of experience, the value of experience becomes clearer. Every day you have multiple experiences. Most seem beyond your control, and yet you were the creator [who] shaped these experiences.

When you begin to value your experiences as your witnessing of the Creator — being involved with the energy of the Creator and uniting with the Creator at a physical, real and conscious level — you realize you have multiple opportunities to deepen your understanding of the Creator, to realize that you are one with the Creator, to see the magnificence of the Creator, and to validate the presence of the Creator within your being, weaving through your experiences.

You begin to value life as sacred, seeing beyond illusion into truth, clarity and love. You open yourself up to live consciously with the Creator in creative unison with every moment (every experience) of your reality. Contemplate this, as it is powerful and something you may have been searching for.

Why is experience essential? Experience on the Earth allows you to live, breathe, feel, sense, think, act and exist in humble truth and love as the Creator. With realization and contemplation of the purpose of experience in your everyday life, you begin to recognize their value.

Many believe that their experiences are just a trail and pattern of mundane nothingness, which continues [to create] sometimes happiness and sometimes hardship.

Experiences are essential unions and creations with the Creator felt in real time, which share with you knowledge, wisdom, understanding, clarity and truth about yourself as the Creator.

While every experience cannot command your contemplation and observation, you can be a witness to many experiences that bring deeper clarity and understanding to your being, thus awakening truth within your being — a truth that is eternal and ever-changing.

If you understand that every experience is a union with the Creator, then you begin to access the practice of observing the message and truth waiting to be revealed.

How do you know when you are experiencing? In truth you cannot exist upon the Earth without having experiences. It is impossible, as even before your birth you knew that when you entered into the Earth you would fully experience the Creator so many times beyond your imagination.

This is a powerful gift you gave to yourself. The only thing you need to do in your reality now is [to] bring forth realization and appreciate the gift you shared with yourself by consenting to be upon the Earth.

Experience is natural and automatic, but your observation and awareness are needed in order to bring forth the fruits of your union with the Creator.

You can trust that you are experiencing yourself, your thoughts, [your] emotions, the Creator and your creativity in every experience upon the Earth. This requires little trust because it is evident when you are willing to observe.

When you are willing to observe, to witness your reality, to recognize the Creator within your reality and to create a space of loving intentions within your being, you will recognize the beauty of your experiences.

With recognition of beauty within your experiences, you will know when you are more authentically allowing yourself to experience the divine, which is already present within every experience upon the Earth and is your divine gift to yourself.

Take some time to change your perspective so that you realize that every experience is a union of you and the Creator. Try not to judge experiences as good or bad, but as messages of truth and love for you to explore the Creator within yourself more fully.

‘I am willing to recognize every experience of my life as a creative involvement and union of my energies with the Creator.’

This new perspective developing and growing within you allows you to use the messages shared with you as guidance to lead you into a deeper recognition of unity with the Creator.

Also allow yourself to contemplate the beauty of all experiences, noticing how each experience supports you, often in ways you would not conceive as possible.

Take time to contemplate; and I, Lady Nada, will be present with you to support you.

In loving purification,

Lady Nada


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