What You Were Before, Is Now Again ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

ART Melchizedek by Toni Carmine Salerno

ART : ‘Melchizedek’ ~ by Toni Carmine Salerno


What You Were Before, Is Now Again

Posted by on August 16, 2014
LordMelchizeek-WTC-1231The is an excerpt of the 2nd class of the Lord Melchizedek Summer Ascension Primer.  Lord Melchizedek took all students to the Universal Core where his essence is held deeply.  We were greeted by many Light Beings to help each individual to realize their full potential from the 144th dimension through the Planetary Levels.

Creative Source of Oneness of the 144th Dimensional Light

It is my divine pleasure to be in this moment with each of you to allow Our Frequencies to come into the Creation That We Have Always Been.

I ask you to allow your breath to be the multitude of colors of the 330 Rays of God, but Spectrums of Light.  Before the creation of the Rays, there were the Spectrums, the Frequencies.  You may see it coming down into this beautiful space as fluids of Light, streaks of energy and they become you.  They become you and you feel that Purification of Essence.  As you came in as a separate Soul, you then gravitated towards your Monad, and then the Monads all come together to gravitate into the I AM That You Are.  Then all the other I AM’s come together as I represent That Creative Energy around you.  “I AM Your Coat”, “I AM Your Embrace” in this moment of Creation.

Breathe and feel.  Breathe and feel the Purification of your Essence.  You must remember there is no thought of experiences with a body.  You are just energy.  We are energy together.  We are a Vibratory Frequency of Light.  If you want to define it within a concept of a communication through words, you would say there is electrifying.  There is movement.  There is flowing.  There is purification.  There is communion within one another.  There is no separateness between Us because We Are within That Creative Energy Within Ourselves.

I ask you to feel it, deeply.  Feel that connection That You Are.  Allow it to go through your full body.  Allow it to go through your Purest Essence because as you are in this space, you are also in your physical body.  This has never occurred for anyone to be able to create this.  As has been shared, this Lesson is about “What Was, Is Now”.  We want each of you to fully embrace What You Have Been before.  It is you, but that remembrance has not been there.  So let us remember together.

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

Feel the Purification of our Essences, colors within colors, because that is All That We Were in the Purification of the of Light beyond the many Universes, beyond the Solar Systems, and beyond what you can imagine in this moment.  There is only our fluidness, our existence within each other.

Let us all take a deep breath, as I now step aside for a moment.


Lord Melchizedek Shares an Understanding of the I AM Presence

Now feel yourself separating from the Embryo of Light That We All Have Been together.  We are all interconnected.  But we moved into what you would call families, “Pods” of 12 Souls each.  Now think about your own individual Creation because we did not all do this at the same time.  Those of us that are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy of course did it earlier than each of you, or the process that you went under, you stayed in a different place, while some of us were transcending ourselves into planetary form.  I want you to think about your individual sense.  So as we separate from this Embryo, from the Soul Family, it is just like your own families.  When the children grow up, they go their separate ways.  This is truly what each of us has done.  We have gone our separate ways to what we were guided through the Creative Source to be acknowledged.  So if you think about this, I want you to feel your separation.  There is not a lot, because we are all interconnected.  This is the most important element to consider within your own Essence.  Feel that, feel that now within you.

Now it’s time for you to experience a different way of being.  So your Higher Self (your Oversoul) now decides to move into Formlessness.  What this means is that you have taken on the role and responsibility to create Solar Systems, Universes, Planets, the Creative Life Force.  At the same time, Divine Mother and Father God were created.  But their Creation was for the planetary structures.  At this point, each of us moved into those Powers.  This is where you get your Power from.  I want you to think about what happens to you.  Each of you have special gifts even if you don’t realize that in your physical body.  You probably had a special gift when you were young and maybe have forgotten about them.

Sometimes you can perceive Light formations,  see out of the corner of your eye, or to perceive other energies around you.  Many of you are empaths.  Many of you have that sensibility.  So in this moment, I want each of you to share within yourself through your Higher Self and any Master Guides that you feel in this moment to come to you from your I AM Presence – “What was the next step?”  Because the next step, we moved from the 144th Dimension into the 143rd, so whatever abilities that the Creative Source gave to you, or you were able to access, you took that with you.

You have to think about your Power Structure in this moment.  I give Meleriessee as an example, because I can do that very easily.  Her ability is to perceive energy.  She has always been able to do that, even when she first started on her pathway.  She could actually see electricity going through the air at times.  So she had the realization that she was part of the “Thunder Beings” many years ago.  So this is what her role was.  Her role was to create action; to create changes with her Thunder Being Energy.  Of course, that has manifested in her pathway as a teacher.  She helps to make changes in people.

Each of you has something also.  Some of you may have Sun Energy.  Michael has “Sun Energy”.  So he worked with RA, the Sun God.  He brought forth Sun Energies to planets.

There may be others that actually helped to create a planet.  That’s a powerful gift to have within yourself.  There may be some that are Stars that just shine their bright light anywhere – flickering light in the sky.  There are some that are Lightning that can bring forth frequency of Light  They are usually the quiet ones.  These are all part of the elements within the Multi-Universes.  Then, there are other elements; elements of Water, elements of the Wind, or the Air, elements of Planetary form – Earth energies, rocks, trees.  These are all part of the Formlessness.

You come into form.  You create that form but your Frequency is from that Creative Force That You Are.  Each of you has a Creative Force.  So what we want to do now is bring back the Creative Source of Oneness with an Attunement to help you access that.  It may take some time.  Stay out of your Lower Mind at this point.  If you are in that Lower Mind, let’s just take another breath.  Take some deep breaths and bring in those 330 Rays of God.  Call upon Your I AM Presence to be the Overlighting energy within you.  You are part of that Creative Source.  That is your Creation.  You bring that forth onto you now and to just get a sense of where your energy went.

It doesn’t specifically mean a location, but just what was the form that you took at this moment?

This helps you to ignite your power, to bring in that Essence.  So let’s do that now.

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

See yourself.  See yourself walking through a doorway of Light.  Now You Are this Powerful Source of Energy.  Whatever form that it is.  As you separated from your I AM Presence, all your cords are attached.  You see that you are not disconnected.  This is why you meet people that you are connected to.  So there are Vibratory Cords of Light.

These Vibratory Cords of Light that we are all connected as I am connected to each of you.  You walk through the Heavens.  You may want to visualize yourself to this Golden Door.  You walk through the Golden Door and then you are just guided to be where you are supposed to be.  The ones that have done it before you are there to help you.  They are there with their Igniting Energy of Welcoming Compassion, and Love.  Feel that within your Heart Center.  You go to that space where you are supposed to be.

  • Are you part of a Star System?
  • Are you part of the Heavens?
  • Are you dark as the Sky?
  • Are your bright as the Sun?
  • Are you part of Planets?

Allow yourself to just focus within that as now we are going to have Meleriessee count from the 143rd to the 100th Level.  Allow yourself to access the Frequency.  There will be some Attunements in between.

143, 142, 141, 140 –

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

139, 138, 137, 136, 135, 134, 133 –

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

♫ Home is where I’m going.

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

132, 131, 130, 129, 128, 127 –

I feel the Essence of my energies being projected to where I should be.

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

128, 127, 126, 125, 124, 123, 122, 121, 120 –

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

♫ Stars, Creation of Light, everywhere.

♫ Planets, and Suns and Moons, all the beautiful Essences.

122, 121, 120, 119, 118, 117, 116, 115, 114, 113, 112, 111, 110 –

{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

109, 108, 107, 106, 105, 104, 103, 102, 101, 100 –

You fully accessed your Formlessness.  Now you maybe several different forms, because you may have been in a place for many, many, many eons of time and you were guided to go to another place under deep training to create those energies.  Many of you helped to create Earth.  Many of you helped to create other beautiful planets.  Just feel that Power within you.

  • Do you have Sun Essence within you?
  • Do you have Moon Essence within you?
  • Do you have Star Essence?
  • Can you evolve Change?
  • Do you create Structure?

Whatever it is that is your special gift, you have it within you.  We now call upon the full Frequency of Light to be this activated.  Feel in your Solar Plexus the full activation to fully come within your entire Beingness as it becomes you.


{{{ Divine Light Language Codes Voice Attunement }}} 

Let It become you.  It is you.  Embrace It.  Fully Accept It.

So Mote It Be in the Light That We All Are.

I AM The Creative Source embracing you.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

This is transcription is a small portion of the attunements we received in the 2nd class of  the Melchizedek Ascension Primer.  It also includes attements from the Archangels talking about our angelic heritage.  The full course is available for download with handouts which are very powerful and help a student of ascension to learn more about themselves.  Please click the link above to receive information on the course.

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ART Melchizedek by Toni Carmine Salerno


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