THE ILLUSION OF FEAR ~ Archangel Michael ~ Transmitted through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

sam carlo G 31.8.




             Beloved masters, will you pause with me for a moment and take inventory of your recent accomplishments, and what may seem like defeat or failure to you?  I would like for you to take a closer look and come to a better understanding as to what the initiation and ascension processes are all about.  You are getting a clearer picture of the workings of cosmic law and the magnificence and complexity of our Sub-universe as the veil of forgetfulness is lifted and you begin to tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self and Super-conscious mind. However, you still have doubts and are confused when you are confronted with some of your old fears and emotions.

            All humanity, without exception, is progressing by leaps and bounds-yes, even those who seem to be stuck or mired in victimhood, and karmic interaction of cause and effect, the drama of good and evil or duality/polarity consciousness. Deep within every sentient Being there is a discontent, a yearning, a feeling that changes must be made-that they cannot continue in the same old painful patterns of existence. As you are witnessing, some will choose to vacate the physical vessel, returning to spirit form to await an easier, gentler time to return and continue the journey of physical expression.  Others are becoming bold as they reach out into the unknown and find we are waiting there to assist them-and so, they begin to hope and dream as they take control of their destiny.

            Just as you must acknowledge, clear and release all negative memories and energies within your physical/etheric, mental and emotional structure, so it is with your Mother Earth as well.  This is the source of thedestruction process” that you all fear so much, but it need not be as radically cataclysmic as has been predicted and as you have been led to believe. True, all that is not in harmony with the higher frequency vibrations of the new age must be transmuted, transformed or lifted; however, this can be accomplished by becoming aware of the core beliefs which do not resonate with the more rarified higher fourth- and fifth-dimensional awareness of the future. As you are aware, your Mother Earth is also striving to attain a higher level of God-consciousness. In order to do so, she must clear the negative stream of core memories within the astral plane/her auric field-the maelstrom of negative mass consciousness beliefs of humanity from many past ages.  This is where many of you are having difficulties.  You are not yet able to discern which are your own core beliefs rather than those created by the many different races, cultures and religions over the many ages past.

            As you begin to become aware of and dip into unity consciousness, which creates great wonder, joy and a sense of no longer being alone, it also opens the door for you to tap into those ancient memories of fear, failure, betrayal and shame that others carry in their auric field.  You do not get just the positive energies, beloveds; part of your mission is to assist all humanity in becoming aware of its self-limiting beliefs, and the negative, destructive thought forms and actions.  That is why there seems to be so much senseless violence, why so many are lashing out in anger and pain. The world of form seems to be crushing and bruising those who cannot face their own creations and acknowledge that they have, indeed, created their own hell-filled world of fear and suffering.  They blame everyone and everything but themselves. For without allowing the soul or Higher Self to assist in the healing process, it is just too painful to face their creations, and the ego-desire personality becomes even stronger and more in control of the thought processes and behavioral patterns.

            That is why we are “pulling out all the stops,” you might say, in order to assist those of you who are the vanguard, those who are opening the way and creating the path for others to follow.  The process must be clear; it must be simple and not complicated as the ancient wisdom teachings were, for in the past, the ascension process was designed for the select few.  Those of you who are the teachers and the Wayshowers have had or are experiencing all the emotions, fears and setbacks that will confront humanity at large.  Many of you have made a great sacrifice and agreed to pass or experience many tests that were not of your own making (but an accumulation of the memory/energy patterns of other parts of your vaster Being).  In other words, many of you came with energies composed of many different facets or expressions, which you did not directly experience as a soul, but which you agreed to have placed in your energy (auric) fields and your DNA so that you would have to balance and overcome these imperfections.  So, beloved ones, do not judge a beautiful, awakened soul who seems to have had much more than their share of adversity.  Honor them; emulate them, for they are smoothing the way for you.

            And so, we ask you to observe the patterns of fear and doubt that are emerging, that which is keeping you from moving on to the next level of en-LIGHTEN-ment.  Each level has its own tests, trials and pitfalls, and many of you are hindering your progress because you cannot let go of old deep-core energy patterns.  Many are still caught in a struggle for power, on the one hand, while creating and performing great deeds of goodness, but still trying to control or force their truths or ways of thinking on others.  Many of those who still feel they must serve and sacrifice in order to grow spiritually are being taken advantage of by those who have not learned that what you take from others unjustly,  ultimately, you are only taking from yourself.  Many are still imprisoned in relationships which are hindering and hurtful, rather than supportive and allowing growth and expansion.  They are afraid to step out of the status quo or take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and well-being.  So many are afraid to face their nightmares and bad dreams, for they may come to realize they are of their own making, and that they are responsible for their own personal transformation.  Stagnation and a sense of futility are the formula for death, beloveds: death of the emotions, death of mental alertness, hopes and dreams, and eventually, death of the physical vessel.

            What are your greatest fears right now, dear ones?  What obstacles are keeping you from opening that next door to higher awareness and mastery?  Before you can accept and wield the gift of the First Ray of Divine Will, you must face and conquer your fears and demons.  We have endeavored over the past years to give you the tools and wisdom to accomplish this, but ultimately the task is yours alone.  These next years are critical, and we have said this many times before; however, it is important that you become aware of just how quickly the process of evolution, or the ascension of humanity is progressing.  If you are to stay on track and keep up with the frequency acceleration of your planet and with those who are reaching for the stars on their way back home, you must come to terms with yourself, with your fears, and your sense of being disconnected from your Higher Self and the realms of Light.

            Allow me to give you a gift, an exercise which will help you break through the restrictive walls of your fears and doubts and help you release those patterns that no longer serve you.   We wish to impress upon you how harmful the energies of fear are–energies which are keeping you from claiming the gifts of mastery–and how simple it is to move through them.

            Stand before a mirror or hold a mirror in your hand and gaze into this mirror as you bring into your mind that which you most fear.  Just as we have taught you to fill your body with Light, I now ask you to allow this fear to build as you create and imagine the worst scenario possible that has to do with this fear.  Feel it begin to permeate your body, feel it especially in your heart and solar power center, as you move your consciousness throughout your body and feel the restriction, the stress, the crippling energy creep in and permeate your Being.  Now look into your own eyes, see the pain, study your facial expression as it changes and ages.  Feel the pressure build until you know you can tolerate no more.  Now, beloved masters, take several deep breaths as you move deeper and deeper into your Sacred Heart Center and draw forth the Sacred Love of our Father/Mother God from within your Diamond Core God Cell–a precious gift that is always available to assist you through every trial and test.  Call upon your OverSoul-Self to fill you with the healing frequencies of the Violet Flame, and with all your senses become aware as this wondrous gift pours through and around you.  Can you hold on to the fear or does it dissolve into nothingness as this magic elixir of loving energy permeates your Being? 

 Again, look in the mirror and see how soft your eyes have become; how youthful is your countenance.  Feel the expansion in your heart and the release of the stress and strain within your body and muscular structure.  Fear cannot exist where there is Light-where there is love.  Breathe in the gift of life–breathe deeply of the Essence of Creation that is being offered to you.  When you are in fear, you restrict and cut off the flow of the Pranic substance of life.  This may seem like a drastic exercise, but in truth it is a great gift, for many of you cannot progress until you face yourself in the mirror, and allow your fears to be reflected back to you.  You will become aware that the fear does not originate “out there,” but from within.

            More and more of you are becoming aware of your life mission and how important it is.  Do not fear to boldly step out, dear ones.  Because you are assisting in the healing and resolution of the negative frequency patterns of your ancestral lineage. As you move upward on the Path of Light, you will also have available to you the wisdom and wealth of positive experiences from all the many lives of your soul companions.  This is the wonder of unity consciousness.  Have you not noticed how many teachers and messengers are bringing forth almost identical information, for they are experiencing the same emotional ups and downs, as well as receiving the same thought impulses?  Many of you have gone to gatherings where you felt a deep sense of coming home, of being reconnected with long-lost family or friends.  Just as many of you no longer feel in harmony with your physical family, nor seem to have anything in common with friends of long standing.  Do not judge; become the observer-allow your Higher Self to supply you with the wisdom you need to move through or overcome any situation or obstacle. 

            As you move into nonjudgment and are willing to allow the highest outcome to occur in all situations, you will break free of the bonds of fear, and life will become a constant source of wonder, joy and thanksgiving.  Claim the gifts that are being offered to you, precious ones, you have earned them.  Move through the fog of fear into the Light of the dawning age.  Walk boldly with a spring in your step, a smile on your lips and joy in your heart-those behind you are watching, my brave warriors of Light, do not falter now.  Show them, as we have shown you; take their hands and support them, even as we have done for you.  Tell them that you cannot take on their tasks or burdens, but you can give them the benefit of your wisdom and experience.  You will not have to make claims or state what level you have attained.  You will not have to try to impress or dominate, for you know within your heart who you are and that is enough. 



  • You must learn to identify the source and deal with your own negative thought forms. Often your negative feelings are picked up from those around you, especially if you are a very empathetic person.  Learn to surround yourself in a sphere of Golden/white Light in which nothing of a lesser vibration can enter and disturb your tranquility.  Everyone on Earth is in the process of clearing ancient memories and thought forms of the past.  Be a passive observer when these feelings roil up within.  Do not claim them, just observe and state to yourself: “This is anger I am experiencing,” or fear, depression, guilt or any other dis-empowering emotion.  Envision a blazing ball of Light descending from your Higher Self, bursting into a million tiny, crystalline diamonds rippling throughout your body, transforming and balancing all discordant energies within.  Do this as often as necessary.     
  • Shut off your mental auto pilot, and become the director of your journey and your experiences.  Tune into your own mental receiving station as you seek thoughts, vibrational patterns and sounds that are uplifting and empowering. Negative, critical thinking is composed of lower, disruptive frequency patterns.  If you don’t like what is happening in your world, lift your thoughts and change your mind so that you are projecting “balanced, uplifting frequency patterns of thought and intention.”
  • Learn to think with your whole brain–meaning, use both your linear, analytical outward- focused left brain, along with your intuitive, creative, inward-focused right brain.  Tap into your genius potential or the Light Packets of wisdom stored within your Sacred Mind, which are attuned to the higher dimensional or the cosmic storehouse of knowledge.           
  • Do not always express or project your emotions toward others. Allow yourself to feel and express whatever emotions you are experiencing, but first analyze and resolve them within your own sacred space. Speak and share only to clarify or clear up a misunderstanding, and always share your thoughts through a filter of love and compassion. This is the way of a master.            

Beloved Bearers of Light, as you integrate more of the plasma of renewal and become harmonious purveyors of Light, we are now able to more freely interact with you, and to work through you to create wondrous new things. By agreeing to do so, miracles beyond your greatest imagining will abound. We enfold you in the Light of Life from the heart core of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. I am ever near to guide and protect you. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : *

sam carlo G 31.8.

Who are the Elohim? – Part 1/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Vivekananda STEVE


Who are the Elohim? – Part 1/3


There are wondrous beings helping us with Ascension. I had an enjoyable discussion with an attendee at the Vancouver Golden Gaia Meet-up on the Elohim, which rekindled my interest in these elevated beings.

Believe it or not, not only are the Elohim among the wisest and most powerful of spirits, but some among them have joined us in these clunky dry suits that we’re wearing. I’ve met one, and perhaps two, in incarnation. I say “one” because Archangel Michael confirmed that she was an Elohim.

Even they’ve agreed to curtail their memories for a while and walk among us making do until their powers are restored. I don’t know what it would look like to see an incarnated Elohim with his or her powers restored. It must be a majestic sight.

So let’s look in this next series at this honorable group of beings who play such a pivotal role in the work of creation.

I don’t want to simply reel off all the Sanskrit or Pali names they’ve been called, but their names are legion.

However there are some names which are significant. And we may only have room to look at one of those names today.

That name is the “seven sages” or “seven spirits.” This doesn’t mean there are only seven Elohim. Their numbers are large.

What it means, I think, is that they build with the seven rays. Sheldan Nidle’s sources say that there are “Elohim in charge of this quadrant of the galaxy.” (1) Add to that what White Eagle says:

“A highly developed sensitive will register many lovely colours, all born from the seven primary colours and the seven rays used by the Elohim, the Silent Watchers, Great Ones, each at the head of his own particular ray. (2)

I’d imagine that one Elohim stands at the head of each of the seven rays for each quadrant of the universe.

Theosophist Helena Blavatsky calls them the builders and watchers of the seven spheres.

“The seven sublime lords are the Seven Creative Spirits, the Dhyan-Chohans, who correspond to the Hebrew Elohim.” (3)

“The ‘Builders’ … are the real creators of the Universe; and in this doctrine, which deals only with our Planetary System, they, as the architects of the latter, are also called the ‘Watchers’ of the Seven Spheres.” (4)

Annie Besant tells us that the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, which Hindus call Brahman, Atman and Maya, came first and next came the Elohim or seven spirits.

“The threefold Logos [is] the Trinity: the First Logos, the fount of all life, being the Father; the dual-natured Second Logos the Son, God-man; the Third, the creative Mind, the Holy Ghost, whose brooding over the waters of Chaos brought forth the worlds. Then come ‘the seven Spirits of God’ and the hosts of archangels and angels.” (5)

Their account is supported in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, which Levi wrote drawing on the Akashic records.

“From God’s own Record Book we read: The Triune God breathed forth, and seven Spirits stood before his face. (The Hebrews call these seven spirits, Elohim.)” (6)

“There is one God from whose great being there came forth the seven Spirits that created heaven and earth.” (7)

Krishna, speaking as Brahman, tells us about the birth of the Elohim or Seven Sages:

“Forth from my thought
Came the Seven Sages ….

“I gave birth
To the first begetters
Of all earth’s children.” (8)

“Forth from my thought” is how all of us were created.

Levi also tells us that they are the makers of humanity.

“[These] seven Spirits … are the Elohim, creative spirits of the universe.

“And these are they who said, Let us make man; and in their image man was made.” (9)

Have we a description of one of the Seven Sages, Watchers, or Elohim? Yes, apparently Swami Vivekananda was one of them. Here’s a passage from Swami Nikhilananda’s Vivekananda that describes his derivation. I apologize for its length but it’s one of the few descriptions we have.

“Absorbed one day, in samadhi, Ramakrishna had found that his mind was soaring high, going beyond the physical universe of the sun, moon, and stars, and passing into the subtle region of ideas. As it continued to ascend, the forms of gods and goddesses were left behind, and it crossed the luminous barrier separating the phenomenal universe from the Absolute, entering finally the transcendental realm.

“There Ramakrishna saw seven venerable sages absorbed in meditation. These, he thought, must have surpassed even the gods and goddesses in wisdom and holiness, and as he was admiring their unique spirituality he saw a portion of the undifferentiated Absolute become congealed, as it were, and take the form of a Divine Child.

“Clambering upon the lap of one of the sages and gently clasping his neck with His soft arms, the Child whispered something in his ear, and at this magic touch the sage awoke from meditation. He fixed his half-open eyes upon the wondrous Child, who said in great joy: ‘I am going down to Earth. Won’t you come with me?’

“With a benign look the sage expressed assent and returned into deep spiritual ecstasy. Ramakrishna was amazed to observe that a tiny portion of the sage, however, descended to earth, taking the form of light, which struck the house in Calcutta where Narendra’s family lived, and when he saw Narendra [later Swami Vivekananda] for the first time, he at once recognized him as the incarnation of that sage.

“He also admitted that the Divine Child who brought about the descent of the rishi [or sage] was none other than himself.” (10)

I had often wondered when reading this passage how seven sages could leave behind even the gods and goddesses. But now seeing that the “seven sages” are the Elohim, that phrase becomes comprehensible.

So, in terms of establishing a beachhead of understanding (10) from which to fan out into our subject, the first thing we see is that the Elohim are the “seven sages,” “the seven spirits,” who stand at the head of the seven creative rays.


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Vivekananda STEVE

MARY MAGDALENE: The Beings Within the Earth ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart


MARY MAGDALENE: The Beings Within the Earth

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014

Question: My dear mother taught me a light prayer when I was little: to send light and love to all those near and dear to us, to all points on the Earth and the nation, and to all points and planets in the Universe and powers in the Earth. Can you explain more about “powers in the Earth” please? She talked of the people underground.


Mary Magdalene: You are very blessed to have a mother who taught you this prayer. This is a priestess prayer.


Part of coming into the third dimension is that you are reduced to primarily the physical. So most of what you are consciously aware of and experience through your senses is the physical realm. This includes other beings that are physically manifest and all the features of the physical world. Because of this, most people tend to relate to the Earth as a physical entity. Your scientists have analyzed exactly what all the physical components of your Earth are, as far as they know, and taught you that that’s what the Earth is. And many people see the Earth that way.


As you grow and open, part of what you’re opening to is greater awareness that the physical is only one level of reality. You might call it a dimension or a plane of existence. There are other levels of reality that coexist with this level, often in the same space. Such is the case with the Earth.


There are subtler beings that inhabit your Earth—some upon the Earth, the way that you know yourself to be upon the Earth, but some within the Earth. Some of these are the beings that you find in your mythologies or stories, such as fairies, elves, gnomes, or those types of beings. Some of them aren’t part of your mythology or haven’t been brought to awareness in that way, but they are nonetheless present and real. So these are beings that are existing, you could say, in the Earth. They are in other realms that exist simultaneous with the Earth manifesting as a physical realm.


In general, these beings exist at higher or what you might call “subtler” levels of reality or planes of existence. Many of them are more evolved than human beings are tending to be at this time. And many of them are connected to you in various forms—as your sisters and brothers, teachers, helpers. Some are not as supportive as others. There is a whole range of beings.


Is this what you are referring to?


Questioner: Yes, thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


©2014 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved.

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Natalie Glasson ~ Mother Mary : Gentle Practices for Self-Love and Empowerment @ Sacred School of OmNa

sam carlo ART Ford Smith Fine Art

ART : Ford Smith Fine Art via Facebook


Natalie Glasson ~ Mother Mary : Gentle Practices for Self-Love and Empowerment

A very soft and gentle love [exudes] from the Angelic Kingdom, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings.
This love is so seemingly mild and delicate that it could be completely ignored and dismissed as being weak, or as not holding the presence of power expected from the Creator’s vibration of love.
It is this love vibration that holds power in its gentleness and delicate vibrations. It requires your focus and openness [in order] to accept and recognize the love.
Guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings, the Angelic Kingdom is emanating a love vibration, as a healing and further awakening, for those ready to embrace a greater presence of love in their realities.

[It is] as if the Angelic Kingdom is singing a beautiful cherished lullaby, only whispering it into the universe of the Creator to souls who are ready to receive. This is the love vibration being transmitted now.

It is so sacred, holy, cherished and treasured. [It holds] such profound wisdom, energetic codes and enlightening insights. [These] seep so gently, as if not wishing to disturb anything, simply finding their way to where they need to be.
This love is youthful, innocent, pure and subtle. It requires and asks those ready to acknowledge a purer aspect of love within them[selves], to call it forth and to be enveloped.
This love wave is intended for every soul and will reach every soul with divine timing. In this instant, it is being called forth by souls upon the Earth who are awake, aware and mastering their being, loving themselves and others unconditionally.

[These souls may] still be experiencing stagnation or resistance to fully embracing themselves, life and the Creator, [thus hindering their ability] to experience freedom from issues of pain or seemingly immovable energy.

Do not doubt your worthiness to receive this love vibration, for it is flowing to support your needs, bringing a greater sense of freedom and release to your being and reality.
Imagine, acknowledge or sense yourself receiving this wave or mist of love from the Angelic Kingdom, akin to a lullaby whispered so gently. The love embraces you.
You may hardly feel, sense or acknowledge it. But as its presence grows around you and as you open your heart chakra to the energy, you may be touched by its innocence and purity, as if witnessing the most sacred blessing of your being and the Creator.
It is akin to the first breath of love from the Creator, so nurturing and nourishing. Even though it may seem weak and faint, it is deeply precious and valued by you and your soul. You may wish to say:
‘I am worthy of receiving the gentle, subtle lullaby whisper of love, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings from the Angelic Kingdom. I recognize the purity and preciousness of this vibration of love.
‘As I open my heart, this love vibration reminds me of how precious, sacred, holy and treasured I am on all levels of my being, especially at the level of truth of the Creator within my being.
‘In receiving this love vibration I am ready to value, cherish and treasure myself as the truth and pure love of my being, eternally present. Thank you.’
The energy of the Angelic Kingdom, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings who are representatives of the holy feminine vibrations in existence within all, send this message upon a gentle wind that may be ignored or unvalued by some because it doesn’t [seem to] hold a powerful impact.
On the contrary, its impact is immensely powerful, as you are asked by your own being, as you call for this energy to gently and humbly remind you of the immense value of your soul and of your sacred presence upon the Earth.

[We encourage you] to recognize the divine within you, how subtle and powerful you are and how treasured and pure your being is.

The Angelic Kingdom and Cosmic Goddess Beings come forth with a very powerful reminder to trigger and ask you to cherish and humbly appreciate yourself and your divine essence.
They ask that you call upon their energy using the above invocation. Allow their lullaby, like a whispered love wave, to surround you, entering into your heart chakra; activating, achieving and healing all that is needed, thus creating an experience of freedom within your being.
Remember this energy is subtle, so you may not even recognize the shifts and healing taking place, and might be asked to simply hold faith and trust in the process and influence of the energy.
Understanding this love vibration is almost impossible. It can simply be described as purity. So let yourself be free from the experience of ‘understanding’ as you embark on this unification and activation.
It is my wish to share with you the gentle, subtle practices and inspiration, which aid the same subtle activations, shifts and realizations within your being. It is these subtle shifts of energy, consciousness and beliefs, which have the greatest impact upon your spiritual ascension. This is why I, Mother Mary, come forth with such gentleness to support and assist you now.
Often within our beings there is a resistance to noticing and accepting the gentleness, subtlety and quietness of our energies, thoughts, actions, and healing or retuning processes. In many ways an unwillingness to recognize the power of such subtleties symbolizes a resistance to accept one’s true spiritual power and magnificent divinity.
By honoring and cherishing the subtle shifts of awareness, consciousness, healing, love and self-acceptance within you, you awaken the greater power of your truth.
Your heart chakra, in fact all of your chakras and your entire being, are a synthesis of divine energy vibrations and aspects of the Creator. There is a synthesis of diversity and oneness within your being which can be challenging to recognize, especially when faced with the impact of separation, which inhabitancy of a physical body can portray.
I bring into the clarity of your mind and thought patterns the image of a tree trunk. When it has been cut down and you are able to view within the trunk, you notice ring after ring extending from the core of the trunk, creating ever-flowing and expanding circles upon circles – each one valuable, and yet creating a whole.
Now I invite you to imagine your heart chakra in this way. In the center of your heart chakra would be the core which represents the Creator. Then the next ring of light surrounding the core may be your soul group energy. The following ring could be the energy of your soul, and then your personality.
Imagine how many rings there may be, for there may be a ring for your Angelic body and connection to the Angelic Kingdom, your emotional body, the universal energies, cosmic energies, Ascended Master body, Fairy body and so forth.
The list of possibilities is endless because you are recognizing all aspects and parts of your being and energy. You are the Creator, so that includes everything – all energies upon the inner planes, and all vibrations of light.
Through this practice you can simultaneously acknowledge the many aspects of your being. For example, [acknowledge] your vibration of abundance or perfect health, while recognizing yourself as a whole and unified being of light. You do not need to know the exact order of the rings of light. Simply be inspired by whatever comes forth to be acknowledged.
Begin by saying: ‘I acknowledge, activate and accept the Creator.’ Imagine the core within your heart chakra as a source of the Creator. Then a new ring of light appears around the core.
Acknowledge this ring with the same words and the energy it emanates. Please do not think of this as an exercise of discovery where you must give to yourself correct answers. Be inspired by what comes forth and enjoy the freedom of not needing to gain accuracy and understanding.
Continue with this process for as long as you wish. Notice how your entire being becomes filled with such supreme light which is simultaneously you and the Creator.
As souls on the Earth and the inner planes, our greatest gift and ability are those of giving and receiving. We are always in the divine flow of the Creator, and therefore have a natural ability to give and receive the Creator in abundance.
This is a very powerful ability to recognize within your being as a natural talent you possess. With this recognition comes the understanding of needing to practice your ability.
I wish to invite you to practice your ability in a sanctuary of safety, guided and supported by your guides and inner-plane light beings. In this way there is no fear but only the experience.
Allow yourself to think of or feel a guide, your community of guides or an energy you wish to connect with. It can be an individual angel, master or guide, or a collective energy. Simply invite your chosen energy to be present with you.
‘I invite _______ to be present with me; to support, nurture and nourish me; sharing your love, light and wisdom with me. Thank you.’
Imagine, sense or acknowledge the energy embracing you. Reach your hands out in a cupped shape as a gesture of receiving. Let your hands be filled with light. Then place your hands flat on your heart chakra in a gesture of giving the energy to yourself and your heart.
The important key is your breathing, as this will intensify the process. As you receive with your hands cupped, inhale. Place your hands upon your heart chakra. Only when you feel your hands touching and in contact with your chest and heart chakra do you exhale, imagining the light flowing into your heart and entire being. Now inhale as you reach your hands out in front of you as you receive the light, then exhale only when your hands have returned to your heart chakra. Then continue in this motion for as long as you wish.
You may feel your heart expanding. You are practicing the ability of receiving and giving. To give to yourself is a very powerful process. It is also important to remember that receiving and giving can be an instant process. There is no need for you to wait for your cupped hands to be filled with light; it is instantaneous as soon as you set the intention. This is also [true] for [all of] your reality and experiences.
Please know I am here supporting you eternally,
I am Mother Mary,
In divine blessings and love.

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie ~ From the Past into the Now


Past Into NOW – Introducing IlliaEm


From the Past into the NOW

Introducing IlliaEm

As we move into the NOW of our true SELF, we begin to understand messages that we received long ago and often forgot. I know that I had forgotten this first message that I received from IlliaEm on July 1, 1995. I wish to share it today, for it is as important now as it was then.


Beloved Ones,

I am Illuminata Emaculatas, The Immaculate Illumination. I have also been known as IlliaEm, the Elohim of Arcturus. My true name cannot be spoken or written in your language, but close your eyes and ears now as you feel my signature.

I am a Solar Angel or Elohim of the Star System of Arcturus. You have felt my signature of pure, divine and unconditional love. Earth is not the only planet that experiences love. Love is the vibration of creation. However, Earth has been one of the few planets, which have dared to extend the love vibration into the third dimension.

Since the third dimension is one where the polarization of spirit and matter creates a separation of light and dark, love can become polarized to the end of the spectrum, which represents light. Fear, on the other hand becomes polarized to the end of the spectrum, which represents darkness.

This polarization of love/light and fear/dark creates the feeling of separation that is characteristic of the third dimension. However, that separation is actually an illusion, for these polarities are as intermingled as the blood in your third dimensional bodies.

The darkness is like plasma, in that it offers a carrier for the light, and the light is like the blood cells, in that it is the building block and the continuation of life. So you can see that the darkness is as necessary as the light for one to experience the third dimension.

I, IlliaEm vibrate at a dimension where there is no separation. Spirit and matter,
light and dark,
unity and separation
all are ONE!
We on Arcturus await your full reunion with our presence. We are so proud that many of you have remembered us.

Now, allow all that is of the old way to rise to the surface of your consciousness and to the surface of your physical form. Now, just as blood is released from a wound, allow all that is of the old to be released from the deepest and darkest portions of your third/fourth dimensional self.

As bleeding comes to the surface, it forms a shell.
 At first, this shell will be hard and fast.
You may seem injured and feel the limitations and resentments of many, many lives. These experiences are a part of your Earth experiences, and they need to be brought up from the darkness
before they can be healed and released—once and for all.

  • Feel within your body how each tear of sadness,
each scream of sorrow,
and each shudder of loneliness is released into
the light of your consciousness to be healed.
  • Feel in your body how each yell of anger,
each wince of frustration
and each outburst of rage is released into
the light of your consciousness to be healed.
  • Feel now in your body how each gasp of horror,
each cringe of fear
and each cloud of depression is released into the
light of your consciousness to be healed.

The process of releasing is similar to a small bubble rising from the bottom of the stream. Follow this bubble as it travels up from the core of your self.
Love it to the surface of your consciousness.

Allow that which you have released to find freedom from
the shadows of your memory.
Not just the memories of this life,
but the memories of all the lives that you have taken on the third and fourth dimensional worlds.

These memories are now your past. They are yesterday.

Today you are free.
Today you are victorious.

Today you are the sum total of all that you have ever been

since you first left the Godhead.

Feel the shell of yesterday being released from your form.
Soon the clay “body” that has felt like a prison
will crack open to reveal your true body of LIGHT.

Await patiently now, my ones.

Imagine your self as a seed beneath the earth awaiting the moment
when it breaks the surface to feel the Sun.

Experience yourself as the Sun enshrouded by the clouds awaiting the moment
when your light is revealed to all who will see.

Feel now your unity with ALL THAT IS.

Feel your wings, my dear.

You are like a butterfly struggling to be free of its cocoon.

Feel me, I am IlliaEm.

I am the Angel that radiates to the essence of your core.

It is time to be Home now!
It is time to remember and release.

Be courageous. All is as it must be.
And now, my beloved ones, you must wait.
The process of healing is one of patience and faith.

Say with me now:

I AM complete.

I AM the radiance of all that I have ever experienced.

I NOW welcome all memories to the surface of my consciousness.

I AM ready to return to my true, Multidimensional SELF.

My questions began about two months later:

8-30-95 (exactly 19 years ago)

“Dear IlliaEm,

Please help me to understand what is happening inside of me these last few days. I know that the fear of survival is rising from the animal within me. There is also another feeling that is so primal that I cannot put a word to it. It feels as if a long-lost part of my Soul, forgotten since I first took a physical form, is beginning to awake after a long, long sleep.

“I know that the other dimensions of my SELF have always been alive and active, but I (the part of “I” that is known as me) have not been aware of them. Perhaps my animal nature is afraid that I will abandon it if I become aware of those portions of my SELF.

“Perhaps I will. I do not know what is in store for us all as we move into the higher dimensions. Please enlighten me regarding the old feelings that I am having and regarding how our bodies will transmute as the vibration of the planet rises.”

Beloved One, I AM IlliaEm,

The part of you that is afraid of death is your body deva. It is afraid that when there is no longer a third dimension it will become extinct. What it needs to know is that it will be raised in vibration just like the rest of you.

No portion of your third dimensional self will become extinct. There is no death and there is no extinction. There is only transformation and metamorphosis. As your physical form begins to rise in vibration, the particles will slowly move further and further apart.

See yourself now traveling into the heart of an atom.

See this atom as a small speck in front of you and slowly begin to zoom in on it with your mind-screen.

See how this atom is getting larger and larger.

See it as a small galaxy with the nucleus being the Central Sun and protons and electrons being the Solar Systems that are orbiting around it.

GO next into a place in your body that is a correlate to this atom.

NOW, find the small place in your heart that is opening as you learn unconditional love.

Yes, there is the spot right in the very center of your heart. If you cannot enter that small opening in your heart, how can you allow others to enter it as well? First you must open your heart to love your self unconditionally before you can learn to love others in the same way.

“Yes IlliaEm,” I respond. “I am opening the portal to my heart. I see the small Galaxy that is an atom in the core of my heart. I see the nucleus like a glowing Central Sun. It is inviting me to enter. Will I be extinguished by its Light if I fall into it?”

My dear, you will be extinguished if you do not.

See the nucleus grow larger and larger until it is expanded beyond the edges of your inner vision-screen. Do not forget that this is the nucleus of the atom in the core of your heart.

This is the core of your Unconditional Love. Deep within the blazing nucleus, you will see a small doorway. It is entirely surrounded by bright light. You will have to feel it more than see it.

“Yes, I see/feel it now.” I say. The doorway is opening. It is the darkest dark that I could ever imagine. But wait; in the very center of the void of darkness I see a small light.

“I move through the doorway into the complete darkness. The darkness is like a black hole. It seems to absorb all of my essence and all of my light. However, there is no sense of good or bad. It is simply a sense of obliteration of all that has ever been.

“As I pass through the doorway, it seals shut behind me. I suppose that I should be afraid, but I am not. I feel content, as if I am finally performing the mission for which I first took embodiment.

“I am also aware of the portion of my third-dimensional self who is sitting at the computer. How will I return to that reality? Moreover, how can I believe that this reality is as real as that one which I have returned to it?

“I must believe that this reality is not an illusion. It is the core of my Self, the core of my unconditional love. Yes, I am beginning to understand the feeling I have been having, the sadness and the primal fear of extinction.

“I know now that it is the fear that I have been wrong. Fear that what I have always sought, meaning this doorway into the unknown, is not real. Fear that the outside world of the third dimension is the only reality.

“Yes, the feeling that has been plaguing me is doubt, self doubt, doubt in my own sanity. I have even had doubt about whether or not I could be dedicated enough to my own convictions that I could actually release my third dimensional reality.”

My Beloved, you do not need to release the physical world. It is a part of your total SELF. It will not be released, but will instead be integrated into the other portions of you. No part of you will become extinct.

Just as you are a small portion of me, your physical self is a small portion of you. Do not abandon it or judge it. It is serving the function for which it has been created. You have given yourself over to be one of the prototypes for the transformation of the physical body.

You have had sensations of loneliness from the third dimension because you have been unable to share your experience with many on that plane. Therefore, it is vital that you build deep and lasting relationships with the other portions of yourself, as well as the world that can only be entered through the doorway to your SELF. Doubt, my dear, is your only enemy.

“I am feeling very different as you speak to me IlliaEm. My body is becoming less and less dense. It feels as though it is expanding to fill the entire room. I feel how it is touching the walls around me and how it is a part of the computer in front of me. I feel my mind like the computer and I have less and less awareness of how my fingers that are typing on the keyboard or how the words may look upon the screen.

“I am becoming the experience of expansion. As I travel deeper and deeper into the nothingness of this darkness, I see a nebula before me that is of glorious colors of red and violet and pink. I now travel into the core of it and see glimpses of blue and an unusual shade of green that is not possible on earth.

“As I move through the nebula I see again the distant star. The star is coming towards me very quickly, and it bursts upon me as I burst upon it. I am the star. I am the space around it and I am the nebula. And now IlliaEm, I see you. Your giant wings fill my vision and your heart is fully open. The sun within your heart is rising over the mountains and the stream of life is flowing into me.

“I feel a tingle run through my entire body as the “flow” of your essence enters me. The me that sit at the computer is ONE with the me that embraces you. I move into your heart. I follow the life current like a salmon finding its origin.

“I travel up the stream of life current high into the mountains and into the setting sun. With the setting sun, I travel beyond what is known, beyond what is perceivable.

“Suddenly, I am on Arcturus long before I took a human vessel. I see my Divine Complement, preparing his ship for its journey to Earth. He turns, sees me and runs to greet me. As we embrace, we are instantly ONE. It feels wonderful to be complete again.

“Can I take this feeling back to my third dimensional self? How long will I have to return to that land of limitation? But as I think that thought, I remember my loved ones and the Nature there. I remember IlliaEm’s words,

‘You do not have to lose any of you.

It will all become a portion of your self just, as you are a portion of me.’

“My Divine Complement is smiling. I see him before me and within me. The third dimensional portion of me is battling within itself, trying to embrace the foreign concept of multidimensionality.

“I turn to it and it sees me. I am the eye looking into the heart. We are ONE and ONE and ONE. …… I am seeing the many aspects of myself as if I were looking at a house of mirrors. There is NO limitation to the echoes of myself. There is NO boundary to experience.

“Kepier, my alternate reality as an Arcturian in the time frame correlate to the 21st century Earth, comes to greet me. Kepier is androgynous. We merge into ONE in this greeting, and I feel IlliaEm join in the merging. I hear Kepier say,

“My dear, I am glad that you have been able to expand your sense of self to encompass this reality. Do you remember when you first left Arcturus to go to Venus in preparation for your journey to Earth? Yes dear, I can see that you do not. I will tell you that story now.

“It was early dawn upon the planet of Zantrill, and the sun was just rising above the horizon. At sunset, you had said good-bye to your comrades who would stay on Arcturus and afterwards spent the hours of darkness in deep meditation. Of course, the time span of light and dark were at your choice because your resonant vibration was of the seventh density.

“However, the rhythm of inflow and outflow was a routine established in your pod. You had all decided collectively to create a sunrise and sunset in order to have a group experience of inflow-darkness and outflow-light.

“IlliaEm oversaw your pod from dimensions just above your own. All of the members of your pod had volunteered to make the journey to Venus. Some would then move on to Earth once they had learned to survive in a lower density. Some would stay in Venus to act as guides for those who went to Earth.

“There were 40 in your pod and all of you were like the fingers of a hand. You were individual in your consciousness but unified in your awareness and purpose. All of you were androgens. Your pod had chosen to answer the call of Gaia to enter into the great, third-dimensional experiment of separation. Because all in your pod were ONE, all of you would have the sensation of third dimensionality, even if they remained on Venus.

“The adventure was beginning. There was no fear or sadness, as you had never experienced those emotions. These emotions would not be a part of your awareness until you joined the evolution of Earth.”

Note from Sue:

I don’t think that I have ever shared this with anyone. It feels good to have the confidence and courage to finally believe in my multidimensional experiences enough to share them with others. Blessings BE to all of you who find the confidence and courage to share your amazing, multidimensional experiences. As more and more of us share these experiences, we serve as ONE to: