Who are the Elohim? – Part 2/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

 ART Elohim creating adam by william blake website

ART : ‘Elohim Creating Adam’ ~ by William Blake

Who are the Elohim? – Part 2/3

The word “Elohim” in the Old Testament is often interpreted as God. But the Council of Nine tells us: “We wish you to know we are not God.” (1)

They came forth from the One immediately after the Trinity emerged, according to Levi:

“The One [Father, Parabrahman] became the Two [Father Brahman and Mother Shakti]; the Two became the three [with the Son or Atman], the Three evolved the Seven [Elohim], which filled the universe with manifests.” (2)

They don’t generally wander the cosmos, as we do. “It was not our destiny, to journey through the Cosmos, like you do, as the Cosmos is forever in Us,” they said through Ute Possega-Rudel.

“We are the Radiant Light, that you perceive. We are Keepers of Light and we are Creator Gods, also called the Elohim of the Great Central Sun.” (3)

Archangel Michael calls them “the Elohim, the mental radiance of the Creator, the great builders of form.” (4) They speak a language of Light, Ute’s sources tell us, and invite us to remember.

“There is only one true language, it is the language of Light. And it is tantamount to and the other face of Love. It is Ecstasy. We are Ecstasy. Remember!” (5)

IlliaEm tells us that “as an Elohim, my abilities are completely liberated from all of your perceived limitations of time and space.” (6) They can enter form and return to formlessness, as they wish.

“We are able to be both: light-form and formlessness. We have confined our absolute freedom only to this degree. We are capable to release the connection with form any time and Be Pure Light of the Central Sun. For you, existing in great density, this is difficult to imagine.” (7)

In terms of their evolution, Archangel Michael told us on An Hour with an Angel that “they are amongst the highest of the high, as you well know.” (8) He went on to reveal that “the elohim … are in a favored position in that they can pretty much go home any time they choose.”

“Going home” means to return again to the One. Beings who go home emerge again to serve the will of the One when needed.

Can they incarnate? I asked him. “Yes, they can,” he replied. (9) And yet, as incredible as it may sound, they face the same problems we do when they incarnate in this dense body. He tells us:

Steve Beckow: I know incarnated elohim. And yet they are in this human body, and it places limitations on them. I so often have such trouble with that, that the human body can be so non-conductive a material that it can hold, say, even a seraphim or an elohim back from remembering. … Am I correct in saying that?

Archangel Michael: You are correct in saying that until they break through. And when they break through, there is no stopping them.

SB: And they can break through while in the human body?

AAM: That is correct. (10)

An incarnated Elohim can even make mistakes. I know that from experience.

Steve Beckow: I know one elohim who is incarnated. And they can make mistakes. So, again, this human body is such a powerful contrarium.

Archangel Michael: But it is a situation we will not interfere with. You see… yes. This issue of mistakes, of missteps… But this is also part of free will. That is what will never be tampered with, because it is part of the design of the kingdom of your species. So, can an archangel or an elohim make a mistake, and experience what it is to be human? Most certainly. (11)

Sue Lie’s sources tell us that Arcturians are Elohim, something I didn’t know before.

“Arcturians are actually Elohim, as Elohim are builders and holders of form. The Arcturians participated in the initial model of the Adam Kadmon, the original human form of Lightbody. … The Arcturians specialize in Ascension.” (12)

We heard Ute’s sources say that “the Cosmos is forever in Us.” The Heavenly Hosts tell us that the Elohim precipitated this reality out of their beingness.

“Everything that you will be witnessing now is part of the completion that was seeded at the inception of the ‘idea’ that resulted in this portion of reality. When the Elohim came together to precipitate this reality out of their beingness, they did so according to the template brought forth from the Mind of God.

“They were co-creators, not THE Creator, and they did the work OF the Creator, in service TO the Creator.” (13)

IlliaEm describes how the Elohim work in the process of creation.

“We Elohim receive the Immaculate Concept from the Source of All That Is and begin the long process of merging spirit into matter to create a form for every Divine Ideal. Our process begins in the eleventh/twelfth dimensions and continues into worlds of matter.” (14)

Archangel Michael explains that “the Creator Light pours forth from the cosmic treasury of Light to be used by the Elohim and Builders of Form.” (15)

This race of beings has built everything we see and don’t see, on this dimension and all others. Tomorrow we’ll look at their work on Ascension.


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ART Elohim creating adam by william blake website

A Perfect Object of Refuge ~ Lama Thubten Yeshe @ Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive

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A Perfect Object of Refuge

By Lama Thubten Yeshe at Cumbria, England (Archive # 153, Last Updated Aug 31, 2014)
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Lama Yeshe at Kopan Monastery, 1974.
Lama Yeshe gave this teaching at Manjushri Institute, Cumbria, England, in September 1976. Edited by Nicholas Ribush.Published in Mandala magazine, April 2014.

How many different religions are there in the world today? I’m not criticizing, but just look at how many followers they have and how these people are practicing their religion. What kind of refuge do they take? Check up.

Forget about materialists, who haven’t discovered any religion; they only take refuge in material things. But even religious people, who have a little better understanding, still mostly take refuge in ridiculous ways. For example, statues of Lord Buddha are material objects; if we take refuge in them, we too are taking refuge in material things.

Many people are like this. They have no understanding that it’s only the light of wisdom that can elevate you into liberation, nirvana, salvation or whatever you want to call it, so they take refuge in mere atoms instead. They also engage in mistaken practices. Like in Nepal, many people believe that their religion says they have to sacrifice animals to the gods, so at certain times they can kill as many as 100,000 sentient beings in a day. The streets run with blood; if you were to go there you might slip and fall in it. This is just so wrong. I’ve seen the same thing about Africa on TV. They sacrifice animals and rub their blood on the god to appease him. Such wrong conceptions and wrong paths lead you to ruin your life.

I’m not criticizing other religions, merely trying to point out reality—if you engage in such practices you’re leading the wrong kind of life. We’re allowed to explain the way things are. Saying that one thing is right and another is wrong is not criticism. If, with a biased, deluded mind, you say, “My religion is better than yours; yours is just wrong,” that might be considered to be criticism, but if, with discriminating wisdom, you point out the difference between right actions and wrong, that’s a completely different thing.

It’s similar in Buddhist countries, too. Simple, uneducated people take refuge by going to temples and folding their hands at their heart. That’s how they take refuge. They light candles, make prostrations and pray hard for something but don’t understand how their everyday actions could be leading them to liberation or the unified state of buddhahood and so forth.

The advantage of growing up in the West is that you receive a good education and intellectual training. In general, people from common Eastern families aren’t trained to think, nor do they have much religious training, so all they can do is take refuge in the simplest way. Western people are very intelligent and good communicators and can examine all of the world’s religions. That’s good; you can see the whole picture rather than a narrow section of it.

And when you do survey the entire range of possibilities, you can see how worthwhile it is to take refuge in the preeminent qualities of the Buddha, the wisdom of the Dharma and the support of the Sangha, your Dharma friends who give you a good visualization and help you in your practice.
It’s so worthwhile to take refuge in that which can truly liberate you. You have to understand that. Otherwise you’ll see people taking refuge in the sun, the moon or something else up in the sky. People look up at the sky and, thinking God is up there, fold their hands and cry, “Please help me.” They look up pleading for God’s help, yet down here on earth engage in ridiculous actions, somehow expecting him to reach down and say, “My child, come to me.” God can’t guide you that way. It’s impossible.

However, taking refuge in Lord Buddha’s good qualities and Dharma wisdom is not some kind of partisan political act—“Now I’m a member of the Buddhist party.” Be careful. It’s easy to develop that kind of attitude through attachment to your own ideas. You think, “I like the Buddha’s philosophy.; now I belong to his party,” and then look down on others. You look down on others but you don’t look within yourself.

Lord Buddha’s philosophy is actually a way for us to relate to our own everyday life. It’s a boat to cross the river of delusion, an elevator to the heights of everlasting peace. Its purpose is to take us beyond delusion, to make our mind happy and healthy. That’s why we take refuge, why we practice Dharma. Be careful that that’s your purpose too.

Lord Buddha’s teachings are incredible, absolutely too much! You can see how they can elevate you, but when you listen to or try to practice teachings, your conceptions flavor them. It’s like when you bake a cake you can add this flavor or that. Similarly, Dharma means one thing but you flavor it to mean something else; Buddha means this, but you make it that. It’s actually extremely difficult to act purely with the right understanding of reality.

However, it’s so worthwhile, really worthwhile, just to discover that, instead of superstitiously looking outside of yourself, seeking happiness out there, there’s something much better than the material world to be found within. Discovering that and deciding to seek happiness within you rather than out there, you take refuge in the wisdom of Dharma and the knowledge of the Buddha, knowing that if you act in accordance with his knowledge, you too can attain his level of understanding and become a buddha yourself.

That’s why we practice the Guru Shakyamuni yoga method. Normally we have the dualistic mind that tells us, “Buddha’s up there; I’m down here, nothing.” Guru yoga closes that gap: Shakyamuni Buddha dissolves into us and we unify with him. By training in this way we destroy the dualistic mind.

We should be open and honest with ourselves and admit that for countless lives, and even in all of this one, we have been taking refuge in the external world. What has been the result? Confusion and more attachment. Who has the power to release us from all this? It’s only the Buddha and his knowledge-wisdom. Through his profound wisdom, he’s the only one who can show us the reality of who and what we are.

Of course, it’s not only about us; we’re not the ones with the greatest suffering. All mother sentient beings are in the same situation—seeking satisfaction in the external world with the wrong attitude and experiencing misery as a result. Although all they want is happiness, because of using the wrong method, they end up more miserable than ever. So we also need to generate compassion for them.

Lord Buddha, the ultimate physician, is a perfect object of refuge because he has perfect knowledge. Ordinary, worldly doctors don’t even come close to this. They cannot see our inner nature, the evolution of our delusions or how to attain liberation, so of course they can’t show us all this. Lord Buddha can, and does so clean clear.

He also has universal compassion and doesn’t discriminate between beings. For example, let’s say my dear wife loves me and I love her…we clearly discriminate in such relationships. Lord Buddha’s compassion, however, is nondual; we can completely rely upon his universal compassion. We can never rely on somebody who is selfish, unequal or partial—such a person is obviously not a perfect object of refuge; not completely reliable.

Lord Buddha, with his knowledge and universal compassion, shows us the light of Dharma clean clear. This is actually medicine, and through it we can realize the light of wisdom within ourselves. It’s possible.

So think, “From now on until I gain perfect and complete enlightenment, I forever take refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.”

The most profound way of doing this is with great compassion for all universal living beings without partiality for family and friends. This way is an incredibly powerful way of destroying the fanatical, schizophrenic view of the deluded mind.

– See more at: http://www.lamayeshe.com/index.php?sect=article&id=1024#sthash.ajdsXTnj.dpuf

sam carlo 1.9. b

Each Awakening Soul Is Experiencing Their Own Personal Inner War That Is Being Reflected In The Outer World ~ by Sabrina Reber

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Each Awakening Soul Is Experiencing Their Own Personal Inner War That Is Being Reflected In The Outer World

Your entire soul signature, your vibrational essence, your personal world is unique only to you based on your own personal vibrational frequency. You are a multidimensional being with a variety of vibrational frequencies floating around and within your energy fields at all times. These frequencies are an accumulation of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs you have created from your souls journey of many, many lifetimes. Although every soul is unique in its own vibrational essence….every soul is exposed to the exact same frequencies of love, fear, anger, joy, gratitude, empowerment, hate, victim consciousness, guilt, regret, happiness, bliss etc. Each souls level of vibrational frequency will be determined based on the quality of that souls focus of energy or state of consciousness.

When a soul awakens to the truth that they are fully responsible for their vibration and quality of life and they fully understand through the “law of attraction” or “the law of cause and affect” that they can clean up the lower vibrations within their soul to attract the life of their dreams – they have the potential to become a very powerful, empowered, high vibrational being. At this time on our planet large groups of people are in the transitional phase of soul alchemy where we have awakened to the fact that we must first descend into the muck of our repressed lower vibrational energies before we are able to ascend into greater states of being. Our planet is in flux right now as we turn our darkness into the golden light of our very own christ consciousness. Because of this, many of us are in a very vulnerable state of being where we are flip flopping from one vibration to another as we try to sustain a high vibrational balance in a very unbalanced world.

Each awakening soul is experiencing their own personal inner war at this time on our planet. Not only are we having to clean up the energy of our own souls, we are also having to witness the devastating, heart wrenching, “bring you to your knees” kind of soul purging our brothers and sisters are going through as well. Many people are still unaware of what is happening to them and they are stuck  in denial, blame and resistance. They do not understand, nor do they want to believe, that they are the ones responsible for their own heaven or hell here on Earth. They continue to remain in their victim consciousness, fight or flight mentality, and they are in the struggle of their egos duality. In order to ascend in consciousness and free themselves of the negative vibrations held within their ego consciousness – that will continue to draw more chaos into their lives – they will need to surrender their egos will to their divine will. They will need to rise above their physicality and begin the process of integrating their spiritual being into their physical being through the process of meditation.

Meditation is the key to accessing and integrating our higher consciousness vibrations. We can only go so far by reading spiritual information, going to church, eating a healthy diet, praying (speaking to God/dess), reciting bible verses or mantras etc. Eventually, we must choose to activate and receive the energy of God/dess by accessing the deeper levels of our subconscious minds. According to the Bible, Jesus tells us “Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” WE are Gods and Goddesses….WE are the ones we have been waiting for to create the change we desire. But because we have become so focused on the physical world, and we have placed layer upon layer of fearful vibrations within our consciousness, we have totally forgotten who we are – divine spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. When we use our own free will to stop looking externally of ourselves for God/dess and we go within our inner being, through the process of meditation, we will reopen the energetic pathways in our energy fields that have blocked us from knowing  that we are the God beings, we are the creators of our entire life experience. And it is the reconnection with our true self, our higher soul self or our God/dess self that will bring forth the changes we so desire to see in our world, and it is the personal responsibility of every single person on Earth to not only awaken to this truth, but to have a direct experience of this truth by attaining a state of energetic oneness within their beings.

This is our divine potential at this time on Earth. To become ONE with our higher souls so we can remove the veils of our limited, fear-filled, egoic minds and become so infused with our higher souls consciousness, that we FEEL our connection with The Creator Of All That Is. Part of this process requires us to awaken to the shadowy forces and agendas within our own consciousness, as well as, within the systems of this world. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner consciousness – “For once we were blind but now we see.” We must awaken to the inner forces within and without and not become attached to them. Our inner and outer worlds are in crisis right now because it is the time of transparency. What once was hidden from our conscious awareness is rising to the surface so it can be acknowledged and changed. We have the free will power to continue to energize and strengthen those vibrations within and without, that no longer serve us, or we can choose to transmute and transcend those vibrations into a higher vibration so we can birth the great transformation on Earth. Each person is responsible for birthing transformation from within their own beings before we will see it manifested in our outer realities. Heaven will be brought down to Earth – Heaven is a state of consciousness, and it must be activated and integrated into each one of us so it can be brought down from the spiritual dimensions within our beings into our physical bodies. In the Bible – Matthew 6:10, it says: “May your kingdom, come, may your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” That is how powerful we are!

Because we are submersed in a group consciousness, those of us who have made great strides in our ascension process will need to be very careful of not getting pulled into the drama and chaos of our brothers and sisters as they slowly begin to awaken and ascend their consciousness into greater states of being. All of us who have been doing intense spiritual work for many years know of the great labor pains people will have to undergo as they slough off and release lifetimes of discordant energies so they can re-birth themselves. At this time on Earth, the LIGHT is magnified to such a high level we have massive groups of people awakening at an accelerated rate which is throwing everyone into fear. Those who are awakening, and those who have been awake for some time, are scattering their energy due to the rapidity of change that is occurring on our planet and in our lives. Because of this, it is important more than ever to take at least 10-15 minutes everyday to realign ourselves with our center through the process of meditation so we can infuse our physical beings with the spiritual energies we need to sustain the courage, strength and appropriate directions of our energies so we can remain steadfast on focusing on what we truly want to create for the New Earth.


1. Meditation/Communion with your higher soul: 10-15 minutes everyday will strengthen and align us with the higher vibrating energies within our energy fields. Our higher selves live in the spiritual dimensions inside our energy fields – in  order to access this part of ourselves, we need to spend quite time, slowing down our sympathetic nervous systems, so we can access the deeper parts of our subconscious minds where our true selves reside.

2. Gain knowledge about what is truly happening on Earth. Knowledge is power when it is used appropriately. However, when people begin to awaken to what is truly transpiring on Earth people tend to run into fear and the ego’s fear will distort the way we see, feel, behave and respond to our outer environments. Knowledge combined with a fearful, emotional vibration is DANGEROUS! Once light packets of information are released in our energy fields – to help us ascend in consciousness – meditation is imperative to help us infuse this knowledge with the LOVE from our higher selves. Without daily meditation and access to the higher dimensions within ourselves, knowledge can easily be tainted and distorted by our fear where we will tend to manipulate and take away other people’s free will by trying to exert our egos control over them.

3. Do not allow anything that interferes with your vision for the New Earth to enter into your consciousness. Everyone is on different levels of processing through their fears so if you see something on the news, on a Facebook feed etc. that disrupts your ability to remain focused on what you truly desire to create in the New Earth then remove your attention from it and re-focus on what you truly desire to see. Some people have processed through their fear and they are able to read and see things that are occurring without having an emotional reaction to it. However, most people have not accomplished the ability to do this. Many are completely unable to remain compassionately detached. When we can be in this world, but not of it then we will have attained a very high level of alignment and we will be able to SEE this world through the eyes of God/dess and be totally neutral about everything going on. However, most of us are still affected by the negativity on Earth – so it would be in our best interests to solely focus on the things that sustain and continue to evolve our vibrations into greater states of love. The more sensitive you are, the more you will need to withdraw yourself from all things that do not increase your light. A great guidance system for this is to pay attention to your emotions. Wherever your emotions are…..there is your vibration. Are you really focused on what you truly want?

4. Understand that everything that is happening serves the purpose for people to awaken and to know themselves better. We are vibrationally attracting beings….we create it all. If it is in your personal world, it is there for YOU to learn something so YOU can evolve and heal your soul into greater states of being. If it is not in your personal world, then YOU have not attracted it to you to experience. Outer events you see on the news, stories on Facebook etc. are not yours to experience and process through unless you use your free will to become attached to the stories  ”out there,”  which of course will now begin to affect your personal world as well. During these times of “screaming and the gnashing of the teeth,” it is best for us to pull our energy in – literally see your self pulling your consciousness/your energy away from anything outside of your self and pulling it in to create an auric egg around your self. During these heightened times of chaos, you may want to pull your energy in every morning and every evening before you go to bed.

5. State a prayer for the Earth and humanity everyday. It could be a prayer for healing such as “The Violet Flame,” or  “The Great Invocation” or you could create one you have a personal connection with as well. The important thing is to pray from your heart. Don’t just repeat a bunch of words but really mean what you say…..feel it. Here is one I say at the end of my meditations:

“Creator of All That Is, I ask for the Earth and all beings to rise in vibration of unconditional love, joy, peace, health, healing, unity consciousness and abundance for all. I ask for you to please send down beings of the highest christ light to all areas on Earth, in all time frames and all dimensions, that are in chaos and fear. I ask for these beings of light to please transmute all negative energies of fear into their highest expression of love, and I ask for the divine plan to be fulfilled on Earth with ease and grace. Thank you, it is done.”

6. Remain focused on your own inner work. What does all the fear and chaos bring up for you. What are your triggers? What is being revealed to you? Where are you aligned – stuck in the egos victim consciousness or the higher souls empowered consciousness to create change? What is being reflected to you in the outer environment that you are in denial about in your own life? Are you more focused on the outer projections and what is happening out there or are you tuned into your inner being and FEELING what is happening within you? Ask yourself throughout the day- “Am I aligned with my ego’s will or my divine will? Does this thought, relationship, conversation, activity, emotion increase my light or diminish it? Right now…. am I helping increase the Earth’s vibration or am I lowering it?

7. Remain Grounded! When we are grounded our soul remains in our body fully present, in the NOW moment, to what is occurring in our lives. When we are present, we are able to fully feel our feelings so they can be released freely. If we become ungrounded and we allow our soul to fly out of our body – because we don’t want to experience a negative interaction, we end up storing our negative emotions in a deal with later folder in our energy fields. These unprocessed energies will block the flow of spiritual life force energies from being able to flow unobstructed in our being which will also distort clear intuitive communications with our higher soul. In addition, when we are ungrounded we become reactive and we also leave space in our physical bodies for lower life form energies to invade our consciousness.  Click here for an article explaining what grounding is and how to accomplish it.

8. The Raise Your Vibration book is also a wonderful tool to have on hand when you fall out of alignment. There are sections that will help you realize when you have aligned your self with your ego and your shadow consciousness. There are also meditation tips and meditation exercises to help you move through these transformative times. It is also a light coded book to activate “light packets of information” within you that will help you awaken, step into your power and activate your souls mission to assist in the creation of The New Earth.  Click Here For More Information.

Thank you for reading this article. You are free to share as long as you give proper credit to Sabrina Reber and the http://www.rasieyourvibration.com website. Thank you.



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