Who are the Elohim? – Part 3/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


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Who are the Elohim? – Part 3/3

Elohim 22Let’s now look at the Elohim’s work for Ascension.

The master Kuthumi tells us that “the entire Elohim will be focusing on this grand time of change.” (1)  What role do the Elohim play? They’re here to awaken us to the memory of the creation process.

“We are here to awaken your memory of the creation of your soul. Your Consciousness witnessed this act of creation, after It had agreed to connect with Soul. It was Pure Unity Consciousness, until it divided through the connection with the soul creations.” (2)

Consciousness, I believe, is the formless, transcendental awareness that the Father is (and we are at essence). The soul is the third member of the Trinity – individuated consciousness – which was birthed from the Father. The soul is a step-down version of the Father, which we’re to realize as one milestone on the journey back to God.

The Elohim created the various dimensional worlds, including the Third Dimension, according to Tazjima’s sources.

“The underlying structure of the third dimension has been removed by its Creators, the Elohim. It was set up for the purpose of preventing further decay in the consciousness level being experienced by the inhabitants of the planet. It has served its purpose, but that purpose is now complete.”  (3)

They’re also responsible for the construction of the world we’ll be going to in this first mass, physical Ascension. While the Fifth Dimension exists on the spirit side of life and is called the “Mental Plane.” I’m not at all sure whether the Fifth Dimension on the physical side of life existed before this Ascension. SaLuSa says:

“We wish everyone knew of the Golden Age that is almost upon you, one that brings Love and Light and your release from the pull of the lower vibrations, an Age that is a tribute to the love and glory of [the Elohim, the Creators].” (4)

They stand behind the star brothers and sisters, he adds.

“The Galactic Federation is just one group of dedicated souls, that are fully committed to ensuring Ascension is successful. Behind us are even more powerful ones such as the Elohim, and many Masters and High Beings of pure Light.” (5)

Sheldan Nidle’s sources agree:

“Our fleet is working with your Elohim to prepare for the great changes that are to come.” (6)

“[Working closely] with the Elohim in charge of this quadrant of the galaxy …. is always a great privilege and a great honor! (7)

It’s their plan we’re following in driving back the dark, said St. Germaine in 2008.

“[Your galvanization against the dark] is in accordance with the plan of the High Councils and Elohim for the destiny of Earth and its people. What appears simply a physical confrontation is in fact occurring on a number of different levels and you are lifting yourselves up, and driving the dark forces back until they will eventually leave your vibration.” (8)

Have we an instance of their handiwork? Patricia Diane Cota Robles says we do. It was  in 2012 that “the Comet ISON was summoned by the Mighty Elohim, the Builders of Form, to fulfill its unique facet of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth and our Solar System.” (9)

Since detailed mention of their work is rare, let’s look at her description of its unique mission at some length. First she describes the work that comets do.

“Since the initial impulse of our fall from Grace, the Company of Heaven has been assisting Humanity with our journey back to Christ Consciousness.

“The Comet ISON has been a factor in this Divine Intervention from the very beginning. I know that astronomers consider comets to be nothing more than dirty snowballs, but that is inaccurate.

“Even the most minuscule subatomic particle or wave of life pulsates with energy, vibration, and consciousness. In other words, everything that exists in the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God has intelligence and a purpose and reason for being.

“Comets are actually forcefields of consolidated Light that pass through the atmosphere shaking the ethers and breaking down crystallized patterns and thoughtforms that no longer serve the highest good of the particular Solar System they enter. In their wake, they leave a fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential upon which new patterns and sacred knowledge can be encoded from On High.”

“Since its inception, the Comet ISON was destined for this moment in the evolution and Ascension of our Solar System.” (10)

Comet ISON contained creation codes vital to our Ascension.

“The Divine Mission of the Comet ISON was very complex, but this is what the Company of Heaven shared with us. 4,500,000,000 years ago, the Comet ISON was breathed forth from the Core of Creation simultaneously with our Solar System.

“At the moment of our inception, every particle and wave of Life associated with our Solar System was encoded with the full Divine Potential of our Father-Mother God and the Divine Plan for this system of worlds.

“Comet ISON likewise was encoded with the Divine Potential destined for our Solar System. When the Earth and Humanity fell into the chaos of separation and duality, the Comet ISON maintained the activation codes for the Divine Potential of our Solar System and Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness as Sons and Daughters of God.” (11)

She then describes how Comet ISON accomplished its mission.

“On November 28, 2013, the day when the United States of America was celebrating Thanksgiving and focusing on everything we were grateful for, the mission of the Comet ISON was brought to fruition. As ISON completed the final phase of its 4,500,000,000 billion year journey, it was pulled into our Sun.

“In an awesome explosion of Light, Comet ISON exponentially expanded the activation codes for the Divine Potential pulsating within the core of purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life associated with our entire Solar System.

“On Earth, the activation of the codes for our Divine Potential meant a monumental acceleration in Humanity’s awakening process and our shift into Christ Consciousness. This incredible expansion of Light is now entering our newly activated pineal glands and assisting our I AM Presence to heal the short circuits that occurred within our original 12 Solar Strands of DNA during our fall from Grace.

“The double-helix DNA containing the genetic codes that our scientists acknowledge is but a minuscule fraction of our Divine Potential. Scientists actually call 98 percent of our DNA ‘junk DNA,’ which of course is absurd. The Divine Potential codes that were activated within each and every one of us by the Comet ISON, are now daily and hourly enhancing our ability to empower and control what we are thinking, feeling, saying, doing, believing, and remembering.” (12)

So the coordinated journey of Comet ISON to be here during our Ascension and awaken our DNA was planned by the celestial builders known as the Elohim.

It is they, according to Zoroaster, thousands of years ago, who “shall restore the world … when the dead shall rise and … the Lie be driven whence she came.” (13) Are not we the dead who are coming alive whose rising drives back the Lie, the illusion? Even ancient Persian sages knew about our Ascension.

Archangel Michael reminds us that they are helping many realms to ascend.

“What you do not know, very often, about the elohim is, yes, of course they are in service to the Mother, but what they are also doing is helping a great deal with the various transitions not only of the human realm but of many realms into the higher realms, if you wish to think of it that way.” (14)

After this Ascension, we’ll fan out into the universe to tell others of it and the Elohim will set about transforming other worlds, say Sheldan’s sources:

“Together, we, the Beings who live upon this most gorgeous orb, are to take our beautiful goddess (Gaia) and transform her back into the living form she most enjoys. We need the people of this world to spread out into the other water worlds, so they can be transformed by the Elohim into the wondrous creations that they once were. Take in what you see and as fully conscious Beings do right by each one of them.” (15)

The Elohim themselves, speaking through Ute, describe the work we’ll then do.

“You are the teachers of less developed Star Systems, because you know the total bandwidth of Light, from highest power of radiance to a light that is almost extinct. You know all associated faculties of creation in all variants of the lower and higher mind, the associated Emotions and feelings and physical states. You have studied the separation from your own divine Source, while you surrendered fully to the experience of it.

“All these themes, as they are known to you and as you understand them, enable you, to inspire and to fertilize other galactic civilizations with the power of Evolution, that happens by Divine Will.

“A great work and a dedicated service is before you. The evolution of all Galaxies is an unceasing process in the Center of the Consciousness of the Highest, the Source of all Existence.

“It is up to you, to accept this service, or to exchange it for a different task. But who have been feeling dedicated to this Service from the very beginning, will hear this call now and open their soul to be drawn to the appropriate pathway. Whether you are being already fully aware of it or not. It does not matter, but a prevision will dawn in those who are called, and something in them will respond.” (16)

To summarize, then, the Elohim are known as the Watchers, and Builders in Form.  They’re the ones who’ve birthed humanity and built everything else manifest at the will of the Lord.  They were birthed after the Divine Mother and the individual Self were created – the second and third members of the Trinity.

They do not travel the cosmos as we do. They are completely liberated from all of perceived limitations of time and space.  They created the dimensional universe and are now assisting us with our migration from the limited world of third dimensionality to the fuller world of the higher realms.


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sam carlo 2.9.

Advanced Soul Alignment and Oneness By Universal Logos Lord Melchizedek ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

Butterfly-Soul_full by ORESTES BOUZON

ART : ‘Butterfly Soul Full’ ~  Orestes Bouzon


Advanced Soul Alignment and Oneness By Universal Logos Lord Melchizedek
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 2nd September 2014- http://www.omna.org
It is in the consciousness and truth of oneness I come forth to greet you today, sending forth the
vibration of consciousness to greet you like a warm breeze of light embracing you lovingly.
Oneness is a word and a concept that describes a natural part of my being, your being and every
soul upon the Earth and the inner planes. When we try to contemplate the word oneness and how
it would materialise into our realities it can be challenging to grasp especially when upon the
Earth. On the inner planes we are accustomed to energy or seemingly matter merging and
integrating as if dancing together in unison. Upon the Earth such unison and integration of
energies can be experienced but the perceptive of separation remains evident, this is because
the belief of separation is ingrained within your consciousness and programming. While it may
seem appropriate to dissolve beliefs of separation it also acts as a support in grasping the
physical and material reality upon the Earth. The key is to cultivate the already present belief in
oneness and unity or integration and merging thus letting go of attachment to and focus upon
separation of all forms.
Oneness upon the Earth is the exchange and communication of all forms of energy, it is the
exchange of energy that creates and cultivates the existence of oneness. Your being and every
soul upon the Earth and the inner planes has a natural ability of cultivating, creating, existing in and
experiencing oneness because of your natural ability to exchange and communicate in energetic
form thus creating bountiful of energy within and around your being. Energy of all forms is the
Creator whatever label you choose to place upon this ever present source of life, light and love.
Every person upon the Earth is constantly expressing, communicating and exchanging energy
without even realising, while positive sacred divine energy is always exchanged whether you are
spiritual aware or not, the manifestation of the exchange depends upon the focus of your mind,
your beliefs and the consciousness held within your emotional body. While sacred energies are
always exchanged as this is the natural nature and ability of your being, the way in which they
appear within your reality upon the Earth depends on the focus of your personality. One of your
soul’s greatest purposes is to continue to create and evolve the vibration of unity within its own
reality and between all sources and expressions of the Creator. If the personality is existing
holding onto vibrations of fear, sadness or anger then the soul and the personality are not
necessary aligned harmoniously. One of the roles of the soul is to divinely influence, support and
magnify the personality, meaning the thoughts, beliefs, actions, choices at a physical level. If there
is a miss alignment the soul can actually begin to magnify the focus of the personality because the
soul is an expression of the Creator and differentiating between good and bad, positive and
negativity is not the role of the soul. While the soul acts as a magnifier it is also holding within its
consciousness the divine plan for your existence upon the Earth. The divine plan held by your soul
is an assortment of endless beautiful opportunities which will serve you in fulfilment upon the Earth
and at a greater soul journey level. The vibration of your soul’s divine plan is akin to a very
powerful magnet drawing every aspect of your being into alignment with it. With this in mind you
can be sure you will always achieve and experience all that is needed because of the strong
magnet like pull of your soul. We can share great appreciation with all souls inhabiting physical
bodies as their learning and exploration is immense, serving the entire universe.
Your soul is incarnate upon the Earth as your physical self but much of your physical self can run
on automatic, even though it is being fuelled by and is your soul. The key is to align the soul with
your physical body and expression more fully thus automated actions, thoughts and beliefs are
dissolved to be replaced with divine expressions of your soul. When everything is aligned with the
soul we can experience oneness, the communication and exchange of energy within our full form,
meaning your entire being on all physical and energetic levels.
Dissolving fear, negative thought habits and beliefs is a way of aligning with your soul creating
harmonious oneness. All your spiritual practices are working towards this existence. Oneness is
naturally who you are on all levels of your being but at a physical level awareness is often needed
to access that which is within you, bringing it into manifestation. Awareness is simply recognition
and acceptance of all that you are. One of the experiences of the Earth is acceptance, because
acceptance can bring all that you are into manifestation and experience upon the Earth.
Imagine what it would be like to be aligned with the Creator so completely that every moment of
your reality would be influenced by the Creator.  What would you experience? What thoughts
would you have? How would you act and go about your daily life? What would you say to others?
What would your life be like?
These are powerful questions to ask yourself, the answers may to some extent be influenced by
limitations of the mind but you would allow yourself to experience a true exchange and
communication of energy between yourself and the Creator and yourself as the Creator. Just the
feeling of the exchange, of freedom may be all you need to inspire you. While you may become
involved in the experience of the alignment recognising it as a fantasy or an experiment, it is
actually your truth. You are already aligned with the Creator being influenced and guided in every
moment, this is your reality. Maybe you imagined it as a heavenly experience but it is now, it is
your truth it is your natural ability of oneness, to be connected with all things and everyone.
You may wish to take time to contemplate the difference between your experience of alignment
with the Creator in your current reality and that which you imagined when you contemplated being
aligned with the Creator in this moment. Then asking yourself what needs to alter or shift for me to
accept this ultimate experience of oneness and alignment with all you are.
Often the soul needs to be given the opportunities to program your physical being, actions and
thoughts, this can only take place when you are ready to accept your soul’s oneness and shift your
actions etc, into a greater vibration of alignment.
Archangel Metatron often spoke of the vibration of oneness and unity especially around the period
of 2012. Archangel Metatron is now bringing forth a support system for souls on the Earth to
encourage the expressions of souls at a physical body level with greater intensity. Archangel
Metatron is encouraging many guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Light Beings and
even the Rays of Light to step forth into roles of promoting, magnifying and mentoring oneness.
This means that these beings are stepping into roles to aid the enhanced communication and
exchange of energy between your soul and your physical manifestation. These beings have put
themselves forth to be of service. Your soul is aware of everything that occurs on the inner planes
and so is actually calling forth three mentors or beings to be of service. These three supporters act
as examples and magnifiers of your own souls qualities. Your soul understands the qualities it
needs to magnify within its energy source and transmit into your physical manifestation on the
Earth. Your soul has called forth three supporters who represent and hold the same energies your
soul wishes to magnify and transmit. It is as if the supporters are being called forth to act as
mirrors so your soul can acknowledge its chosen qualities more fully transmitting them into your
entire being. This is the only role of the supporters to act as an example of the energies your soul
wishes to experience at a physical level and to support your soul in doing so. Your soul is aligning
to these three supporters on the inner planes so there is a communication and exchange of
energy occurring which is fuelling your soul.
For example, you may discover your soul has called forth three supporters such as Quan Yin,
Saint Germain and Mary Magdalene. It could be that Quan Yin holds the identical vibration of
peace as your soul which your soul wishes to magnify. Saint Germain holds the identical self-
belief which your soul wishes to magnify within its physical reality and Mary Magdalene holds the
identical vibration of healing harmony your soul wishes to enthuse throughout its physical being.
Your soul will then focus upon these three supporters and the three energies it wishes to enhance,
a constant alignment and oneness will be formed until it is no longer needed. These three
energies will build within your soul and you will notice their manifestation and creation more fully
within your being and physical reality, thus your soul is in greater expression, alignment and
You can support this period of growth of your soul with your awareness. You may wish to sit in
meditation asking your soul to call forth its three chosen supporters, bringing their presence and
the quality that attracts your soul into your awareness. Your soul may answer you instantly or over a
period of time but allow yourself to exude patience and contentment with anything your soul wishes
to share with you.  Know that the qualities may seem mundane or insignificant to you but they are
like medicine and support for your soul. With your information you may wish to then practice this
affirmation filling in the gaps accordingly.
‘To support my soul’s expression within my entire being I align in oneness with, (1st Supporter)
and their quality of …………………….., I align in oneness with, (2nd Supporter) and their quality of
…………………….. and I align in oneness with, (3rd Supporter) and their quality of
…………………….. Thank you.’
This is all that is needed; practicing this simple invocation will allow you to be aware of the same
energies integrating into your physical reality thus offering you evidence and confidence in the
presence and expression of your soul.
With loving guidance eternally,
Lord Melchizedek

Butterfly-Soul_full by ORESTES BOUZON

Being a Multidimensional Leader ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art Ajit Choudhary b

ART :  Ajit Choudhary 

Being a Multidimensional Leader

MDleadersHow many people are training multidimensional leaders? Sue Lie is and she does a wonderful job at it. We don’t often promote other people’s events (too many to do so), but we break from tradition and support Sue in hers in this re-post of the Arcturians’ most recent message and the next article.

Arcturian Message – Being a Multidimensional Leader. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. August 21, 2014. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

We are in the process of shifting our reality. We say “we” for all dimensions, realities and worlds are shifting into a higher frequency of expression. As it is for the least, it is for the greatest.

Hence, as the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of the third dimensional reality of illusion and shifts into the fifth dimension of the light of cosmic truth, all the dimensions above the fifth also shift into their next higher dimensional expression.

As we make this transition, there is a release, a letting go, of what has been our predominant expression of self. For example, we Arcturians are expanding our baseline frequency from the eighth through tenth dimensions into the eleventh and twelfth dimensions.

In the same manner, your human baseline frequency will shift form the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, which was once your higher expression of SELF. In the case of Earth, the third/fourth dimensions will gradually become less and less inhabitable.

You will find that just as it once took effort to consciously experience the fifth dimension, it will become increasingly difficult to consciously experience the third/fourth dimension. Even now, your consciousness may appear to be wandering off into what appears to be a trancelike state. This trancelike state feels so natural that you do not want to leave it.

Also, as this shift continually accelerates your consciousness, you will gain a new perspective on your physical world. This higher viewpoint will enable you to perceive your 3D reality from “up above it” rather than “stuck within it.” In other words, you will be able observe your ego from your Higher SELF.

Once your Multidimensional SELF is in charge, you will be able to make some important decisions that make YOU the creator of your life. You will also become aware of many of your higher dimensional, alternate or parallel realities.

While you are swimming in the illusion of the third dimension, you see only what surrounds you. However, as you regain a higher perspective of your life, many of your priorities will change. Your ego will no longer tell you to let go of your meditations and creative expression so that you can “get back to the business of your real life.”

With your Higher SELF at the helm, you will realize that what you have perceived as “just your imagination” is actually your real life. Then slowly, or quickly, you will want to “let go” of many of our your lower frequency chores, responsibilities and jobs.

In this manner, you can more easily remain in the unconditional light and love of the fifth dimension. Of course you will still “take care of 3D business,” but your priorities will greatly alter as your consciousness expands into the higher dimensions.

You may be thinking, “Do I dare believe that what appears to be my imagination is actually my real world? If I make that choice and switch my primary attachment to the feelings of my fifth dimensional imagination, does that mean that I die to the physical world?”

When you meditate or dream about being in a higher frequency reality, are you able to wake up or end your meditation? Of course, your physical reality does not disappear while you sleep or meditate, nor will it go away when your switch your primary identity from being your 3D physical self to being your 5D Lightbody SELF.

Even those who actually “die” to the third dimension often experience both their higher worlds and the third dimension until they are ready to release their lower expression of self. In the same manner, our light workers are being faced with the decision of “which reality is the real world?”

While in your fifth dimensional state of consciousness, this question eventually evolves into, “Which of the many dimensions of reality do I choose as my primary expression of SELF?”

When you volunteered to enter your earth vessel, the physical world became your primary expression of SELF. While you are still draped within your earth vessel, you are inclined to believe that you only have the choice of one primary expression.

As you increasingly experience your multidimensional consciousness while you also perceive the third dimensional world, you may believe that you must choose a “primary reality.” This belief occurs because even though you are having a multidimensional experience, you are thinking in a third dimensional way.

Once you take more and more excursions into your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will begin to also think multidimensionally. Thus, the either/or choices that filled your 3D world are replaced by the realization that you can choose both and/or all.” It is then that you are beginning to understand the concept of multidimensional reality from a higher perspective.

Due to your evolved understanding of your Multidimensional SELF, you are remembering that you no longer need to choose. From the perspective of your fifth dimensional self, you know that you have myriad expressions of your SELF that are simultaneously being experienced on myriad dimensions and realities.

The difficult adaptation is for your fifth dimensional SELF to convince your third dimensional self to “Let GO” of the illusions of time and space. Your third dimensional expression is afraid to release that illusion because you unconsciously remember that that form of “letting go” meant death in many of your third dimensional incarnations.

It is very difficult to break the 3D indoctrinations of “one life per person,” and “one life at a time.” These rules further state that if you live a good life you go to Heaven, but if you live a bad life you go to Hell. The problem with good vs. bad is that the definition for good and bad are different according to your third dimensional indoctrination.

Because of the vast programming that many humans have received, as well as the fact that many of Gaia’s humans live on the edge of survival, the bulk of the process of shifting into higher frequencies of consciousness falls on the shoulders of the awakened light workers.

We wish to thank you, dear Lightworkers, for your great courage and endurance. We are coming into your awareness to tell you that, “It is the NOW for those of you who have united with your Multidimensional SELF to unite with each other.“

The members of the Galactic and Celestial realms are working with you, our earth-bound expressions of SELF, to remind you that, “It is the NOW!” to unite with Gaia and all of Her human and non-human inhabitants, who are willing to release the myriad illusions and limitations of their third dimensional vessel.”

Any BELIEF that you are limited to your 3D expression traps you in illusion. Fortunately, once you can conceive that you are multidimensional, you will begin to realize that you do not need to leave one reality in order to experience another reality.

In fact, you all have the ability to experience your third, fourth and fifth dimensional realities within the NOW of your multidimensional consciousness. By tuning into the “NOW of the ONE” you can make an honest assessment of your state of consciousness by observing your thoughts, emotions and actions from your newly discovered higher perspective.

In order for you to choose to return to full awareness of your Multidimensional SELF, you will need to be CONSCIOUS observers of your life. First you must know yourself before you can change yourself.

Once you clearly observe yourself, you will realize any alterations you need to make in your life and in your self. This observation begins by your saying to your self,

“Right NOW I am entering my Higher SELF to observe my state of consciousness. From this higher perspective I can make an honest observation of my thoughts, emotions and actions.”

“Right NOW I am observing how my thoughts and emotions are affecting my state of consciousness. I am also recognizing the activities and/or duties that lower my consciousness.”

“Right NOW I am ready to flow into the fifth dimension, I am consciously choosing to transmute any thoughts, emotions, activities or habits that lower my consciousness.”

In order for you, the volunteers who bi-located into an earth vessel to assist Gaia, to be fully aware of your Multidimensional SELF, you will need to be CONSCIOUS observers of your life.

As you regain an ongoing interaction with your higher expressions of SELF, you remember that this “higher guidance” is a higher expression of your own Multidimensional SELF.

Through a constant communication with your SELF you will remember the “mission” that you decided to accept before entering your earth vessel. Most important, as you allow your higher expressions of Multidimensional SELF to merge with and lead you, you are being prepared to be a Multidimensional Leader of others.

You may begin as one person, but as you merge with the many within you, you will be able to merge with the many who are beginning to remember their mission as well. Then 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 4, which becomes 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on into infinity.

You are awaking to your Multidimensional SELF and the reason why you chose to enter a third dimensional earth vessel. We know the great loneliness you have suffered and the deep yearning for… for what, for some thing or some one that is missing.

That some thing that you miss is the mission that you chose to complete, and that some one you are missing is YOU – as your true Multidimensional SELF. Every ONE of you is an important component of Gaia’s planetary ascension. Every ONE of you has volunteered to assist Gaia with Her ascension.

As the reward for your efforts, you will become a Multidimensional Leader who joins with Gaia as she transmutes her physical reality into multidimensional world of multidimensional light and unconditional love.


art Ajit Choudhary b