The Truth About “Starseeds” & “Walk-ins” ~ Simon Nightstar @ Lightworkers

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You have our greetings. We shall give you a perspective of what a “starseed” is that exceeds that of your “New Age” and pop-culture understandings. We are pointing to a higher perspective of this subject to give you a broader understanding of it, for with a more open mind you may intuitively discover for yourselves the Divine Truth about “starseeds.” We understand that many who use this term label themselves in order to promote a sense of special importance, to feel that one belongs to a special group. The common error in this thinking, when this error is present, is in the assumption that some are more special than others, when in fact you are all equally “special.”

Avoid Using Your Personal Truth as a Defense Against Impersonal Truth/Oneness

Many of you speak of “my truth,” but when your personal “truth” denies the Impersonal Truth that is Oneness, this creates strain and furthers your sense of separation and alienation from others. It is precisely this sense of strain and separation that is common among many who place labels upon themselves as a way to defend themselves against others. This strain is depression, and much of this defensive attitude the person is not conscious of. Whether it be “lightworker,” “starseed” or “empath,” or any number of titles, it is not the placing of labels in itself that is the error, but rather it is the intention behind it, and it is our understanding that many who use such labels do so with a strong angst against human society, which is counter-productive to the love and light that such persons wish to give freely.

The Universal Truth about starseeds far exceeds those oft-repeated beliefs that many of you have heard and read about, which many of you may even repeat to yourselves and to others as if they are infallible truths. The Universal Truth is not something we are giving you in words, for no being may possibly do that, but we are pointing to a broader understanding for you, if you are open to it. We shall remind you of what you already know in your multifaceted consciousness, but some of which you may not be very consciously aware of in your human state. First, remember that no soul originated on Earth. Earth is not a true home to souls. No planet is. This you already know, but when speaking of “starseeds” many of you think in terms of planetary systems and so-called planetary origins. Even considering galactic origins is too narrow a perspective for us (and for you, too, actually, for you ARE us, although in human embodiment).

We Suggest That You Focus More On Feeling Your True Origin

You see, in regards to this subject of “starseeds,” and indeed with any subject, we suggest that instead of focusing so much on origins with an s, that you expand your focus to the concept of your ORIGIN, your Original, Origin-Al State. “Origin-Al,” translated as the “God of Origin,” meaning your Original State. It is not really a “state,” no, as you may imagine one, but is what some of your non-dualist teachings call the “Stateless State.” The terms do not matter. It is enough for now to simply remember that no soul is actually of Earth origin, nor is there ultimately any such thing as a “home planet.” From your human perspective it may seem to be true to you that you came from Venus, or the Pleiades, whereas this is actually no more open-minded or spiritual than saying, “I am from Brooklyn, New York.” Assigning yourself planetary origin other than Earth is no more special or noteworthy.

We are not here to say that you do not have these other planetary connections, for you most certainly do, however, from our perspective many of you are using such interests as a “scapegoat” from facing more pressing concerns, such as your own “unconscious” and “subconscious” desires and beliefs that are affecting your human experience, often with less-than-ideal results. It is not that any of you are actually blind to these beliefs, but rather that you have “conveniently” tucked away or brushed aside many aspects of your multidimensional awareness. We promise you that you are indeed awakening from the dream of separation and that, whether you choose to believe us or not, you indeed have many brothers and sisters from other-dimensional planetary systems that have been “secretly” aiding you in relieving some of the psychological and planetary pressures you have long been experiencing, although in strict accordance to your collective agreements.

Helping you remember your/our Divine Origin is our focus, our concern, and it is yours too (your Higher Self’s), you are simply gradually awakening to this fact. We encourage you to continue in the directions that most resonate with you, while we simultaneously offer you our “angelic” perspective…

Walk-in, Walkin’ and a-Talkin’

Now, we are being asked here to speak a bit on “walk-ins” as well. What is a walk-in? Do you remember the last time, perhaps for some of you it is right now, that you felt a sense of passion, a sense of bliss, or simply what you may call inner peace and calm? In other words, the specific day and moment doesn’t matter, but do you remember such a time? Ponder this for a few moments, if you will…

Well, we remember your bliss. We are not speaking about any specific moment, we are talkin’ about your walkin’ in your personal truth while being attuned to Universal Truth, and THIS is the true definition of what a “walk-in” is, dears. When you are walkin’ and talkin’ in alignment with your Source Reality, your Origin, you are setting a high example of being your Higher Self, a spiritual walk-in of God. Yes, we said “God,” and we say this to remind you of the power and testimony of one of the clearest examples in your history, who reminded you all that YOU ARE GODS, you are avatars, that as humans you are Divine Walk-ins, fully capable as spiritual beings to wake yourselves up, simply because you are your own Master, your own Higher Self.

(Our “medium” here thought he knew where this message was going, but it is not in the control of the personal mind.) We ask you to relax in the knowing, to bask in the remembrance, of your Origin, not as a philosophy but as a living reality that you walk and talk, you see, free from the limits of constraining beliefs. The choice is yours: You may be an awakening avatar or a sleeping avatar, gravitating towards one polarity or the other, for that is how the law of mental gravitation works (the “law of attraction”). Many of you are still “sleep walk-ins,” not quite feeling ready to accept your blissful nature above all else, holding onto the walking sleep state for as long as you figure you can, because a part of your mind knows that there is something beyond its control, and it doesn’t want to “go there.” You cannot control your Source Reality! It is beyond your grasp, yet you are beheld within Its loving embrace.

We very much enjoyed interacting with you once again, and remember that we are all forever One, here and now. We shall continue with further inquiries into this great awakening to your True Origin. Fare well.

art felix mas