September alignment energies ~ what is important to know as we move through this? ~Meline Lafont

September alignment energies ~ what is important to know as we move through this?

September 10, 2014

Wowza, another big amplifier just stirred our core and the core of Gaia.  Have you noticed how much has been stirring up and happening around you?  The collective drama is being amplified here and it is about being cautious to not be dragged into it.  Pay attention to not be caught up in those dramatical and chaotic unfoldment’s of others, while playing our roles of Ascension gate keepers and light worker ground crew.  Everyone is now responsible for his/her own process of integrating these new cosmic codes and light particles in the best way you can cope with.

Everyone holds his/her own natural consciousness and magnetic vibration that opens new gates when the right frequency is matching each other.  When the current level of your consciousness and that of the collective matches, gateways are opened for the collective. This is whereas you function as a gatekeeper and activator of portals for those that are now vibrating along with that surge of energy functioning as a portal and consciousness.  That is why you as a gatekeeper and light worker ground crew are constantly adapting to the higher energies and light codes that are infiltrating your own being and the planetary consciousness.

When you, as an individual consciousness on its own, reach a new awareness and you hold a higher vibration of Light consciousness, you also open a gate for your individual experience. This experience is one where the energy resonance and the magnetic field of that energy resonance shall move you through a wormhole of Dimensions where you experience a whole new multifaceted state of the core of your being.  Multidimensional awareness comes into your state of perception and you start to act upon these multidimensional concepts where you renew and re-vow your connections with your own multifaceted layers of being.

What I mean is that you may start to experience exceptional concepts of your own individual perception of the Self.  The Self is the all including energy particles and sparks of your Divine expression, the Core of your being.

This gateway of September 3 to September 9 has been amplified with a huge climax of energies with the super full moon.  It has been an intense process of adaptations, release and even healing for some and it is not close to the ending of this all energy wise.  Be ready for more of these intense integrations and gateways as we are literally climbing up the spiral towards an everlasting flow of fluctuations, creations and energy ~ which does not differ from our pure essence: energy and consciousness.

Look at how much movement has been brought up lately in your own personal reality, let alone the collective reality.  Before, you might have been finding yourself to be present in the “higher” 5th, 6th and even 7th dimension, as to where once and a while you had to move back into this collective and 4th Dimensional reality and play your daily liveS while integrating the new Earth Codes and the re-blending with some of your higher levels.  Whereas now you might start to experience a changeover and playing the role of the executer of everything you already have been integrating up until now, this on the 4th dimensional collective reality.

You might be amongst those that is finding yourself being sucked into the stream of this collective Earthly reality and being more present here on the 4th dimensional plane.  Much attention is being required of you coming from the collective planes as you are playing a major and important role to anchor that which you have found yourself been integrating on those higher planes.  If you find yourself being in that position: it is because all that you have been integrating and preparing on the higher levels and on your own individual reality, is now ready to be brought to the collective.. and it is necessary too if we want this collective shift to go smoothly.

You are thus being asked to be more present in “here” the 4th dimensional collective reality instead of running away from your tasks.  This is where Self Mastery comes along as you are ready to experience this on a profound level while bringing your higher consciousness into this body.  You are now the pioneers and these important pieces of the puzzle that are asked and shown to play your roles during these intense shifts because you are ready.  A collective changeover comes forth from this all as well as a Planetary release.  The intense influxes of gateways, portals and solar flares are assisting us in this Divine intention where the purpose is to bring everyone up in a higher consciousness.

So you may take that into account when you feel your attention is being asked here on the collective plane: you bring that which you have been integrating and preparing for during your time of being in the higher planes, this while the collective has been going through their level of intense releasing and healing.  You now bring that back down through anchoring and being more present “here”.

You might find yourself being positioned at other places around the world, being asked to take a leadership position or to make some drastic changes in your life.  Many soul contracts are now being “opened” and activated so that you can now step forth in full alignment with your higher levels.  Be aware when this happens, it has a deeper meaning to it.

In the meanwhile new discoveries are made and shared publicly, we have had 2 meteorites that “near missed” our beloved and current home planet.  We are now aware of this huge super-cluster where we as a tiny Milky Way Galaxy are a part of, called Laniakea which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian.  New awareness means higher rate of consciousness, and this collectively.

The cracks of this illusion are going through a tremendous amount of pressure that is building up every time a huge leap of consciousness is being taken.  Stop running to try and hold on to things you better let go of.  There is no control and that will become clear by itself for all in everyone’s own time.  Better to make it as easy as possible for you and to allow the flow to Be.  The more you tend to control the bigger the Big bang will be and the more powerful, and this not in a pleasant way.

Ok, so another tiny space or breather might be important right now before the next wave hits our shores.  Allow yourself to absorb by grounding and anchoring and just be gentle and patient with yourself.  There is no use in wanting to go too fast at this already fast and intense pace.

More later and BE love at all times.

Much love and Blessings

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Super Moon of September 8th, 2014 ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa


full moon3
Super Moon of September 8th, 2014
Posted by on September 9, 2014
Today being September 9th we are experiencing the 3rd Super Moon of this summer which is reflected within the essence of Pisces, the Water Sign, with the Sun Sign of Virgo representing the Earth. It probably represents the most powerful balancing act that we have experienced within the past three months which will assist us to move through the Fall Equinox, is on September 23rd, 2014, UTC 2:29 (US Pacific September 22nd, 2014, 7:29 PM).Pisces represents our emotions, the flowing movement in each direction, which takes us into deeper levels of our internal self. This Super Moon is reflective of the healing that has occurred for each of us individually through the last two cycles. It is important for each of us to take time to see how far we have come through the emotional and mental balance within our physical body.Every part of ourselves has to go deeper to accept new essences of our Being to be fully accepted.
Acceptance is important in each of our moments of our creation. It helps us to understand who we have been before and who we are becoming.

It is difficult to talk about this moon cycle without knowing what has occurred before us. We always change in each moment, each week and each month. We learn from our experiences so that we can delve deeper into our Soul’s Essence, known as our Over Soul or Higher Self. It is truly who we are supposed to be but yet so many of us have a difficult time in accepting the higher part of ourselves to be grounded into our present reality.

The process of changing the way that we think and feel is all part of these cycles. As Grandmother Moon brings to us the ability to delve deeper into our Soul Body of Light, we learn to reject what does not work for us and accept the parts that have been waiting to be acknowledged. It is at these important moments that we have the deepest reflections of our challenges and achievements to create a better, more evolved self within the physical existence.

This moon of Pisces helps us to achieve all these elements within our lives. The flow of the emotions are like the tide moving in and out towards the shore and then out to sea. This essence helps us to dive deeper in the abyss of unknowingness to find parts of ourselves that are looking to be part of our reality. In essence we are learning to heal the dark elements deep within our subconscious that do not fit into the higher essence we are becoming. It is a time to true to understand why we create situations in our life that may seem painful but yet the true reality is that the trauma takes us deeper into the self-healer that we are. It’s just we forgot that we know how to do so and blame outer elements around us. In truth they are just a mirror to our own essence.

The flow of the energies presently is helping to achieve more within us than we ever thought possible. As we take the newer elements that have been waiting to be acknowledged, we then can ground it into our physical essence. This is where the Sun Sign of Virgo assists us ~ it helps us to embrace the parts that have been missing as the darkness stood in its way. The light is always within us; it’s just that the dark pockets from our past seem to block the doorway to our true success.

It is within those moments that we can have true success within our lives. These moments cannot be measured as it may be just a thought or an emotion that we realize is not our true worth, and then we are able to see to total picture of the missing part that is now fully acknowledged within our Heart and Mind.

Needless to say this is a very powerful moon. It takes us so deeply into the parts that we are afraid to acknowledge and allows us to be more magnificent than we ever thought we could be. The power of these cycles is only as powerful as the essence that we bring to it. The more that we work within the elements and cycles of life, the deeper our transition will be. The present energies are here to assist us and allow us to be achieve more than our physical mind can imagine.

But as always, the work needs to be done. True Reflection of the Self is most important. We cannot expect these elements to occur without the purification of our soul’s essence within the physical body.

We must remember that ‘we are not our body, we are our soul’.

As we move closer within the New Earth energies, these cycles are going to be increasingly more important to our grounding our physical bodies within GAIA’s essence. It is part of the process of healing that we are going through, just as she is experiencing. Please know that none of us is alone. There is so much help within the Core of Oneness of the God Force to assist us to be all that we ever hoped we could be. Ask, and you shall receive.

Take time to purge what you don’t like. When something occurs that is hurtful or uncomfortable, take time to go within yourself and see the true darkness that needs to be removed. Then you can ask for the purification of your Higher Essence to be fully within you.
You will truly thank yourself for doing the inner work so the outer self can be fully acknowledged.

Blessings and Love for another amazing cycle of light upon this planet.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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jesus and mary magdalene website

September 6, 2014 | Author Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014Question: It seems to me that, as a culture, we spend a lot of time talking about Yeshua as an individual and less about his teachings. We tend, as human beings, to worship idols, so to speak. What I’m perceiving that you’re bringing forth are the principles of the Feminine Divine. The Church wanted to make you not available, but maybe more important were the principles you brought forth.


Mary Magdalene: Very much so. This is why Yeshua was turned into a God, so that he could be distant and removed. Part of the removal was the removal of his teaching, along with the idea that others could be what he was and is. The idea of him being different from all other humans was the opposite of what he taught. So there was much that was changed and much that was lost.


What was not lost was his Presence. People’s connection with that is very real. And there is great power in his Presence. Your eastern religions have recognized this to a very strong degree. They understand that spiritual transformation can happen in a number of ways. Teaching is one way. Another way is through the transmission of spiritual Presence. Many people experience this with Yeshua and with myself. It is why people have remained in connection with both of us, but you might say in particular with me when it would have been so easy for my story, my work, my Presence, my everything to have been buried. But it did not happen because, while the Church was able to change the mental aspects of what occurred—the story and the teaching, they could not change the reality of spiritual Presence. That has remained alive and carried the ember of our work all this time.


But spiritual instruction is a tremendous boon. The most powerful is the combination—for people to have spiritual instruction along with spiritual Presence. This is a tremendous help.


It is also true that in the third dimension, part of being so bonded to the physical form is that beings are more easily connected to the human form of anything than its more subtle form. Teaching is more subtle. Spiritual Presence is more subtle. So the human form is the most accessible. It also gives people inspiration and hope that if this happened for one human, it can happen for them. There is tremendous power in that hope. Hope is an enormous spiritual asset. It can turn the ember of spiritual connection into a raging fire, a passion that transforms and creates miracles. So the human connection is also quite important, especially in this realm. This is part of why it was important for us to manifest in the human form.


Different people will find different aspects of our work that they resonate with most. And that is fine. Whatever form speaks to your heart, that is the form that will feed and support you for this part of your path.


©2014 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved.

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Do We Need Our Ego’s? Don’t They Protect Us? ~ Sabrina Reber @ Raise Your Vibration

Our beliefs, feelings, emotions and thoughts create our current and future realities so if you believe you need the ego to remain within your being to protect you, then that is a very valid belief that will continue to serve your soul’s learning process. However, just because we believe something to be true for us does not mean it is the highest truth for our evolution. At this time on the Earth we are in a very intense period of transformation where we are releasing old distorted beliefs and energies that once served our highest good and we are replacing them with new more evolved beliefs that will help us expand our consciousness so we can move forward into our soul’s ascension. Ascension is a free will choice, but it is not a free ride. ALL souls are chosen to ascend, but not all souls will choose to ascend, which is the process of integrating more spiritual light from their higher self/higher soul into their being. Ascension is the process of spiritualizing our ego’s so we can merge into oneness with our true selves, which reside in higher vibrating dimensions within our energy fields. In order to access this part of ourselves we will need to surrender ego will to divine will so we can raise the vibrational frequencies of our physical, emotional and mental bodies up to the very high vibrational frequencies of our spiritual bodies – and we can not do this if we remain attached to the lower vibrational energies of our egoic consciousness.

If you feel you need your ego, you have the free will choice to keep it. However, the “Raise Your Vibration” teachings are motivated to help you acknowledge your egoic patterns, that keep you stuck in negative recreation over and over again, so you can raise the vibrational frequencies of your energy attracting the higher aspects of your self to be more involved in your life so they can work through you and guide you to create a more balanced, joy – filled, harmonious life for your self and all beings you come in contact with.

We have to decide which level of consciousness we want to expand within our beings – ego consciousness or soul consciousness. The choice is ours. For many lifetimes ego consciousness was a necessary learning tool as we chose to learn and evolve through the extremes of dualistic opposites. However, as the light from the galactic center and inner Earth continue to intensify on this planet those who choose to remain attached to their egoic/shadow consciousness will find it increasingly difficult to remain here on Earth. This is why there is so much chaos on Earth because many souls are resisting the integration of this light into their beings and this light is bringing up all their stored darkness and energies within their being they need to transcend. Aggressive behaviors, instability, control mechanisms and an epidemic of drug/alcohol addiction is reflective of humanity’s inner darkness rising forth very rapidly and people do not know how or they simply don’t want to transmute it into a higher vibration within themselves. Many are choosing to remain in their inhumanity (in human/ego consciousness) and this is why we are experiencing a lot of pain and suffering on the Earth. Eventually, the negative energy that is coming up to be released and transmuted into a higher vibration will either be the catalyst for their transformation or it will turn on them and they will self destruct as it is not divine plan for us to continue to live in our old ways. We are being called forth to CHANGE, to heal, to evolve and to remove the chains of our egoic illusions that bind us to the wheel of reincarnation and the duality of the 3rd dimension.

So, you need to ask yourself- Do you want to ascend or not? If you don’t want to ascend then your choice to remain attached to the ego is perfect for you. However, if you want to ascend then you will need to be diligent in removing the veils of amnesia the ego has placed over your mind that distorts the way you see everything, and this will require you to step into a new “ascension lifestyle” where you are proactive at releasing those energies within your being that no longer serve your highest good. Every single human on Earth has an ego that they will have to contend with. The ego is a fear-filled extension of the soul that has fragmented itself from the light of God consciousness that lives within our higher soul. The ego creates fear, and when there is fear there is defense, and because the ego is defensive it will react in very negative ways and then it will tell you that you need it to protect you from all the bad things “out there.”  In essence, the ego keeps you projecting all of your negativity onto others and it keeps you from going within yourself to heal the negative energies within that ATTRACT all negativity to yourself. The ego protects you from your higher self wisdom… protects you from having to deal with the very things within you that need to be raised into a higher vibrational frequency so you can return yourself to oneness with your higher soul. The ego builds up energetic blocks within your energy being that blocks you from receiving an unobstructed flow of higher self intuitive guidance. It blocks you from your own inner soul wisdom that attracts and creates all goodness into your life. That is what the ego protects you from… protects you from your true self.

We don’t need to demonize our egos, but we do need to be aware of them. Our ego’s are like negative, fear- filled children that that need to be loved and disciplined. We need to self correct our negative, immature, childish, fearful, reactive energies – and the only way we can do that is to first become aware of them working within us. When we step out of denial and allow ourselves to SEE where we have fallen out of alignment, we can then take dominion over our egos by integrating the light of our awareness into our fragments – bringing them all back into a state of oneness and unification.~Sabrina

If you would like to transcend your ego/shadow consciousness and you would like to ascend your soul – the “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION” book is a soul ascension manual that will help you understand exactly what the ego is and how it is working within you so you can SEE it – bringing the light of your higher consciousness into it so it can be fully integrated and spiritualized within your being.

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