The Eternal Now: An Esoteric View of Time ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light


william mead 13.9

The Eternal Now: An Esoteric View of Time

There are many who believe that to fully live in the moment is a spiritual principle of great importance. Yet what exactly does this mean? Commonly it is suggested that it pertains to the importance of being vigilantly present and engaged in the immediacy of life and circumstance. Yet, when considered through the lens of Esotericism, such a notion is seen as only a partial truth.
Though the Esoteric Philosophy fully agrees with the importance of being engaged in the moment, it also states that we must simultaneously be attentive to the wisdom of the past as well as the unfolding future. This is to say that it is best to be fully engaged in three dimensions at the same timeβ€”the past, present and the future. This is the Eternal Now. It is to experience these three facets of time as singular in essence while also distinctive in their offerings to our awareness. In this regard, it is a paradoxical state of consciousness.In truth, to live in the Eternal Now is the prerogative of a fully enlightened master. Nonetheless, when an individual is consciously on the Path and doing the work of transforming his/her consciousness so as to be more soulfully aware, the outer fringe of the Eternal Now can be subtly sensed. Indeed, the path of evolution is an incremental journey that gradually leads each of us into realm of the Eternal Now where the experience of no-time, sequential time, and all-time are realized as One.William Meader mead 13.9

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