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Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Dorje Shugden

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Pomaia, Italy (Archive # 1243, Last Updated Sep 15, 2014)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Lama Zopa Rinpoche.
Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave this talk to students of the FPMT’s Masters Program at Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa, Pomaia, Italy, October 22, 2000. Edited by Nicholas Ribush.

Recently I sent a letter (see note below) to the abbots of the large monasteries of Sera, Ganden and Drepung to inspire the older geshes and other lamas who had a strong connection with the previous life of my root guru, His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche, to request his incarnation to show the aspect of following His Holiness Dalai Lama’s holy wishes and return to India to study in his monastery and follow the normal way of life of such high lamas. In this way, the incarnation will benefit the world greatly, in the West and especially the Tibetan people in the East. I’m not going to read the whole thing from top to bottom to you, just a few parts.

His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche has been in Switzerland away from his monastery, under the control of other people, for a long time. Some time ago, I felt that because he was my root guru, I must do something about it. I felt it unbearable to leave things as they were; I felt I had to try to resolve this issue. Therefore I wrote this letter, which expresses my own thoughts, hoping to inspire the abbots and older geshes to add their views and request the incarnation and his entourage to return to India.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has taken unbelievable responsibility for the peace and happiness of this world. He has worked for world peace in general and, in particular, for the preservation of Buddhism, the holy Dharma, in its entirety—the teachings of the Lesser Vehicle and both Mahayana Paramitayana and tantra. On top of that, there’s the issue of Tibet, which is unbelievably hard and such a difficult situation. Despite the many problems, His Holiness has taken responsibility for the welfare of all Tibetan people, especially those in the monasteries—the monks’ means of living and their education. That in itself is an unbelievable task, but in addition, he has taken responsibility for the freedom of Tibet.

If Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche’s incarnation were to follow His Holiness’s holy wishes and go back to study in the monastery like His Holiness Ling Rinpoche and other lamas do, it would reduce the burden in His Holiness’s heart and relieve the discomfort of this situation. So that’s one aspect of this.

There are many contemporary and ancient stories about His Holiness Dalai Lama that, together with valid quotations from the scriptures, prove that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is Chenrezig; the Buddha of Compassion. [See Lama Zopa’s talks In Praise of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and Great Compassion and His Holiness the Dalai Lama] The qualities of his holy body, speech and mind, his great compassion and his holy actions are as limitless as the sky and benefit not only the East but also the West; in fact, every country in the world.

His Holiness has even managed to spread the Dharma to far-flung countries where normally you’d never hear any Buddhadharma at all. Like the rising sun, he has shed the light of Dharma upon the sentient beings who live in those countries, leading them along the pure path to peace and happiness, to liberation and enlightenment. Because of such incredible, extensive work throughout the world, His Holiness’s kindness is beyond measure.

What proves that the founder of the Buddhadharma, Shakyamuni Buddha, is a pure founder, a valid founder? This is proven by his teaching being pure and valid. Similarly, the fact that even ordinary beings like us can see the extensive qualities of His Holiness’s holy body, speech and mind proves that he is the Buddha of Compassion.

Further proof that His Holiness is the Buddha of Compassion comes from Guru Shakyamuni Buddha in India, when he predicted to the bodhisattva Eliminating Defilements (Dribpa Namsäl), “The sentient beings in the Snowland of Tibet will be subdued by the Buddha of Compassion.”

Guru Shakyamuni Buddha also predicted to the bodhisattva Thayä Rigchog, “The Chenrezig who is going to work for the transmigratory beings of the Snowland of Tibet is you.”

Furthermore, the teachings say, “The guide of all the sentient beings in the Snowland of Tibet will hold the position of a king. The savior of Tibet, Phurgyäl Yül, is my heart disciple. His holy mind is completely clear, without obscuration, but he will work for sentient beings in a hidden manner by acting as an ordinary being.”

When we meet this Chenrezig that the Buddha predicted, hear his holy speech and are guided by him with compassion, if His Holiness Dalai Lama is not that Chenrezig, who else can Chenrezig be? If His Holiness is not Chenrezig, then nobody can be Chenrezig; even those great yogis who are said to be incarnations of this buddha or that are suspect. You can’t trust any other incarnation.

So, that proof relates to the ancient stories from the time of the Buddha, when he predicted that Chenrezig would be the Dharma king of Tibet and preserve Dharma and guide sentient beings in Tibet by revealing the Dharma.

However, there are also recent stories that prove the ancient stories true. When His Holiness was giving teachings at Geshe Sopa Rinpoche’s center, Deer Park, in Madison, Wisconsin, recently, he said, “I have no experience, no realization of bodhicitta and no realization of emptiness.” His Holiness often says that, but later, during an interview with the staff of Deer Park, somebody raised the question, “If you don’t have those realizations, as you say, there must be no hope for people like us.”

When His Holiness heard this, he felt incredible compassion and had to say something, so he told the people that he remembered being around Guru Shakyamuni Buddha in India. This means that he was one of the bodhisattvas who were part of the Buddha’s entourage. It slipped out that he remembered being in the presence of the Buddha.

This story is connected to the previous stories about the predictions the Buddha made to those bodhisattvas and that Chenrezig would guide sentient beings in Tibet and that the bodhisattva Thayä Rigchog was in actuality Chenrezig and would be the one who would do that work in Tibet.

There are many Buddhist leaders in the world, not only those from Tibet. But amongst all these Buddhist leaders, His Holiness’s deeds are beyond compare. Because of His Holiness, the Buddhadharma, the precious teaching of the Buddha, the only medicine that can eliminate the suffering of all transmigrator beings, is flourishing. His Holiness’s holy actions have prevented the Buddhadharma from degenerating.

Besides His Holiness having taken complete responsibility for preserving the stainless teaching of the Buddha, he has also taken full responsibility for the freedom of the six million Tibetan people in the world. His Holiness has borne great hardship to ensure that Tibetans everywhere have both Dharma and temporal freedom.

Because of all this, we must not only completely abandon any thought of giving harm to His Holiness’s activities but also put every effort into helping him. The time has come for all of us together to offer His Holiness every possible service. Therefore, each of us should generate the most extensive thought of benefiting others and ourselves. In this way, please follow His Holiness’s advice and wishes as much as you possibly can.

Whereas above I am asking everyone to follow His Holiness’s advice, in a later paragraph I quote the sutra that says, “Bhikshus and the wise should examine my teachings like goldsmiths analyze gold, by cutting, rubbing and scorching it. Examine my teachings in the same way and then put them into practice. Do not practice Dharma on the strength of blind faith alone.”

So, the Buddha himself said that we should first analyze his teachings and once we are convinced of their validity then put them into practice. We should not just blindly follow what he said simply because he said it.

We have many gurus; many virtuous friends with whom we have made a Dharma connection. You often find that, when you ask your various teachers for advice on your practice, you receive different instructions. That’s quite common.

It also says in the teachings that you should not simply rely on the person giving Dharma teachings but on the Dharma itself. In other words, you should base your practice on valid teachings of the Buddha and the previous pundits’ and yogis’ commentaries on those teachings. Moreover, you should practice according to your own capacity. Just because something is called Buddhism or Buddhist meditation doesn’t mean that you should necessarily put it into practice. Of course, your practice should be based on valid teachings of the Buddha and the ancient Indian pundits’ and yogis’ commentaries, but even then you should just practice according to your own capacity.

You have to use your own wisdom; you have to analyze. One guru tells you not to do a certain thing; another tells you to do it. Which one are you going to follow? You have to use your own wisdom. So here, in my letter to the abbots, I’m talking about the practice of this particular protector, Shugden.

Some of you may be familiar with this issue, others may not. However, whereas so far I’ve just been talking about general advice, where one guru tells you not to do something and another says to do it, what I’m doing is leading up to the specific issue of the practice of Shugden. One guru tells you “Don’t practice this protector”; another says, “Practice this protector.” You find yourself getting conflicting instructions from different gurus. How are you supposed to know what to do?

What you have to do is use your wisdom. Analyze the various instructions you have received to determine which course of action is the most beneficial for sentient beings, which creates fewest problems. Once you have reached a conclusion, practice that.

The teachings also explain what to do if your guru tells you to do something that you can’t do, that is beyond your capacity; something that you cannot transform into the path to enlightenment and would create heavy negative karma if you did it. For example, if your guru tells you to do something very heavy, like killing a human being, but from your side you feel that you don’t have the capacity to do it, how do you handle that situation?

It is said in the teachings, “Like an actor, the one Dharmakaya, the great bliss, the ultimate guru, manifests in many different forms.”

Therefore, from your side, you must look at the holy minds of all the gurus with whom you have made a Dharma connection as the great, blissful Dharmakaya. You must see them as being completely free of error and in possession of all good qualities. Your mind must look at all of them as Buddha. By keeping your mind in that view, you don’t lose your guru devotion. If continuously you keep in mind that your gurus are Buddha, non-devotional thoughts, such as disbelief, anger and so forth, do not arise. It is extremely important to avoid generating negative thoughts towards your gurus because such minds create enormous obstacles not only to gaining realizations but even to temporary success. However, the Vinaya teachings say, “If your guru tells you to do something that is not Dharma, do not do it.”

Also, the Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion says in verse 24, “If you cannot do what your guru suggests, you can request permission not to do it by explaining why you can’t.” Humbly, without arrogance, without thinking, “Oh, my guru doesn’t know this, he doesn’t know that,” by looking with devotion at your guru as Buddha, humbly explain how you are incapable of doing what he asks. As skillfully as you can, try to get permission from your guru not to do what he has asked you to do.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said, “Special disciples and special gurus, like Milarepa and Marpa or Naropa and Tilopa, are different. In such cases, every single word that the guru says to the disciple, even if it involves killing, stealing and so forth, has to be followed exactly.”

In this part of my letter, then, I am offering His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche my suggestions for dealing with various questions that arise, such as, “Perhaps His Holiness says this, but what about other lamas, who say something different?” Here I try to answer those various points. Of course, this approach can help with many things, but the particular issue here is that of Shugden.

Then I request His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche to go back to India to study in his monastery. It is extremely important that he return to his monastery to undertake deep, extensive study. The people who are preventing the incarnation from doing this are not considering the extensive benefit that he could offer sentient beings if he were allowed to develop in the normal way. They are not thinking of his future benefit to sentient beings.

At the Gelugpa meeting in Delhi in March 1999, which we, the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, helped organize, all the abbots agreed that if His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche’s incarnation’s holy activities were not developed in one of the great monasteries, if they were developed outside, they wouldn’t count.

Another thing is that the way things are, the Tibetan people see the incarnation as being against His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In that way, Tibetan people and others generate wrong views towards him and thus create the extremely heavy negative karma of criticizing a holy being.

Also, other people’s misuse of the incarnation damages his samaya with His Holiness, which severely hinders the incarnation’s ability to develop his holy actions to benefit sentient beings. Moreover, if a bad connection is made with His Holiness this time, there will be bad connections in all future lives. This hinders his ability to benefit sentient beings in future lives. Therefore, it’s extremely harmful. Many sentient beings collect negative karma. Most people can understand all this. Even someone with just a little lam-rim knowledge can understand these problems.

Some people say that if you don’t practice Shugden, Lama Tsongkhapa’s teaching cannot be developed. The next point answers this view.

Some people think that the practice of Shugden prevents Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings from degenerating and promotes their development. But there have been many Gelug lamas who without practicing Shugden, spread Buddhadharma, spread the stainless teaching of Lama Tsongkhapa like the sky. Lamas like Their Holinesses the Thirteenth and the Fourteenth Dalai Lamas, Ling Rinpoche and Kachen Yeshe Gyaltsen—a great, well-known Tibetan lama who wrote many, many teachings and not only didn’t practice Shugden but also advised against the practice.

Purchog Jampa Rinpoche, a very high lama of Sera Je Monastery and an incarnation of Maitreya Buddha, wrote against the practice of Shugden in the Monastery’s constitution. Jangkya Rölpa’i Dorje and Jangkyang Ngawang Chödrön, who wrote many excellent texts, also advised against this practice, as did Tenpa’i Wangchuk, the Eighth Panchen Lama, and Losang Chökyi Gyaltsen, the Fourth Panchen Lama, who composed the Guru Puja and wrote many other teachings, and Ngulchu Dharmabhadra. All these great lamas, and many other highly accomplished scholars and yogis who preserved and spread the stainless teaching of Lama Tsongkhapa, recommended that Shugden not be practiced.

This point is very important, because people think that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the only one trying to stop the practice of Shugden. Therefore, the people who are practicing it get negative towards His Holiness. But His Holiness is not the only one. There are many other high lamas who, in monastery constitutions, have advised their monasteries not to practice, or, if they are practicing, to stop. There are many, many lamas who have done this.

No other protector has become such a big issue, but this has become important because not only His Holiness the Dalai Lama has advised against it but so have many other great lamas. Therefore it is something that we have to think about.

Even though this specific issue does not concern most of you—only a few old students—everybody has to understand what I mentioned at the beginning and again in the middle: how to remain devoted to lamas who give you conflicting advice and how to get permission not to do something you have been asked to do without generating wrong views, arrogance or anger.

My root guru, His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche; Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo, His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s guru’s root guru; His Holiness Song Rinpoche, from whom many of the older students received the initiation of Shugden; and the previous incarnation of Gomo Rinpoche, who has a strong connection with Istituto Lama Tsongkhapa, here in Italy, all promoted the practice of Shugden. They were all aspects of the Dharmakaya.

I myself took the initiation of Shugden from His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche. There were four of us—Lama Yeshe, Claudio Cipullo, Piero Cerri and myself. However, this initiation can be given to only three people at a time; there cannot be four. Kyabje Rinpoche had set up the altar and made all the preparations perfectly—of course, everything he did was always perfect—and was there, waiting for us. After the four of us sat down, he said, “You cannot be four; only three. Whoever has bodhicitta, who has let go of the I and cherishes others, should leave.” Lama shot up immediately. I just sat there like a donkey, as if I were made of stone. So then the three of us, Claudio, Piero and I, took the initiation.

Of course, Lama and I practiced Shugden for many years. That was always the main thing that Lama did whenever there were problems to overcome. At the beginning of every Kopan course, Lama always did Shugden puja to eliminate hindrances. Of course, this was not Lama’s principal practice. His principal practice was bodhicitta, emptiness, clear light, illusory body and so forth. The protector puja was done simply to overcome obstacles.

However, all these lamas giving different kinds of advice are all manifestations of the Dharmakaya. The point is that many great lamas who had incredible qualities and were of unbelievable benefit in Tibet, preserving and spreading the stainless teaching of Lama Tsongkhapa, advised against the practice of Shugden.

Similarly, His Holiness is of enormous benefit to sentient beings and, furthermore, has taken on the incredible burdens of his position. Therefore, it has become crucial that we support him, especially in his efforts on behalf of Tibet. This is very important and the main reason we changed—why Kopan changed; why I changed [i.e., stopped practicing Shugden]. As I understood how hard His Holiness works and what heavy burdens he has assumed, I changed. How could I be against His Holiness? There was no way. The only thing to do was to support, serve and help him. That’s the main thing.

The next question—and here, I’m just posing hypothetical questions and giving the answers, like the debate texts do—that comes up for some people is that if the incarnation of His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche doesn’t practice, the lineage of Shugden will degenerate and die out. Some people might think this because in his previous life, His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche was the main lama preserving this lineage, which had come down through his root guru, Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo. To that, I say there’s no need to worry because many other people do the practice, so the lineage will not get lost.

Then, some people say that this practice should continue because it promotes wealth and prosperity in the world. In response, I say that the practice of Shugden is not necessary for wealth. There are many rich and powerful countries in the world, like Saudi Arabia and the USA, that don’t practice Shugden. They haven’t taken the initiation; they haven’t made a commitment to practice. As everybody knows, wealth and prosperity comes from merit and virtue; from the creation of good karma.

After Guru Shakyamuni Buddha left his father’s palace but before he began to practice Buddhism, he practiced Hinduism. That’s not because he didn’t know that Hinduism was not the way. It was to show sentient beings that his first choice was wrong and that Buddhism was the right path.

At one point, when things in Tibet became very difficult politically, His Holiness came to Dromo Geshe Rinpoche’s monastery in southern Tibet. At that time the Tibetan government could not decide whether His Holiness should go on to India or back to Lhasa. So His Holiness and his ministers consulted Dromo Geshe Rinpoche’s monastery’s protector, the one in question. Through the oracle, Shugden said that His Holiness should not go to India. This protected Tibet for another year or for so. What I have heard is that after that experience, His Holiness would recite prayers to Shugden regularly. However, after many years of analysis, when His Holiness was about to take the initiation of Shugden, he received signs in a dream that he should not. As a result, he didn’t take the initiation.

This is the same as what Guru Shakyamuni Buddha did. He first became enlightened inconceivably long ago, not, as history tells us, two-and-a-half thousand years ago in India. According to the Theravada tradition, that’s what happened, but the Mahayana does not accept this—we believe he became enlightened inconceivably long ago. Therefore, as an enlightened being, how can the Buddha make a mistake? He simply practiced Hinduism to show sentient beings that it was the wrong path. This is just what His Holiness did; he practiced Shugden to show us it was wrong.

Because of His Holiness’s special capacity to benefit people extensively by revealing the entire Buddhadharma in a very short time, in two or three days or even one or two hours, it is very important that he have a long, healthy life. Since His Holiness can introduce the Dharma to people in such a short time, leading them to the peace and happiness of liberation and enlightenment, the longer and healthier His Holiness’s life, the more he can benefit us sentient beings. Therefore, we need to support him. That’s the main point.

For example, if something were to happen to His Holiness’s life, what would happen to Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism? Imagine how much suffering there would be. We’d have no guide; all those monasteries would also be guideless. Everything depends on His Holiness. Like a father and mother, His Holiness is everything; not only to Dharma students but especially to Tibetans. Who would we listen to if His Holiness were not there? You can see how much suffering there’d be without him.

If Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism is lost, the complete teaching of the Buddha is lost. If there’s no Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism there’s no complete teaching of the Buddha. Even though there might be Chinese Mahayana and other traditions, it’s only Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism that has everything—the Lesser Vehicle teachings, Mahayana sutra and Mahayana tantra; especially the complete teaching on tantra. You see how much suffering and confusion there’d be in the world. This is particularly true for Tibetans.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that you understand this. His Holiness’s advice is to not practice Shugden, therefore, we have to support His Holiness and fulfill his wishes on this point. That’s the essence of what I’m trying to say. I don’t know whether any of you are practicing Shugden, but this is just to inform those who do not know and to clarify the situation for those who do.

Another thing is that some Tibetans and others severely criticize Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo because he practiced Shugden, making him out to be some kind of demon. However, Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo wrote incredible teachings on sutra and tantra; on Heruka, Tara Cittamani and many other topics. All these amazing teachings were written purely from his experience. So it’s impossible that he can really be some kind of evil being, as those extremists accuse him of being. There’s no way he could have done the negative things they say he did.

The great translator Ra Lotsawa, one of the main Yamantaka lineage holders, is supposed to have killed many people through his tantric power, but nobody regards Ra Lotsawa as bad. Tantric powers are attained on the basis of bodhicitta, the realization of emptiness and the generation and completion stages of Highest Yoga Tantra, and when you gain the powers that come with the clear light and the illusory body and do wrathful actions—for example, separating evil beings’ consciousness from their body—the main point is to transfer their consciousness to the pure land. That’s the end result of wrathful tantric actions. Wrathful actions like that are done to benefit other sentient beings. When dealing with evil beings through peaceful actions doesn’t benefit them the only way left to benefit them is through wrathful actions. If you possess the necessary powers and qualities you can benefit others in that way with no danger to yourself. Not only can you but you are supposed to. It’s part of your samaya.

There are many stories about the great yogis and living beings. For example, one great yogi called Lobpön Jampel Shenyen made soup with live worms. And when Naropa first met his guru, Tilopa, he was down by the river cooking live fish and eating them, which made him think, “This can’t be Tilopa.” So when he asked, “Are you Tilopa?” Tilopa said, “No.” Later on, when Naropa had generated faith and again asked, “Are you Tilopa?” Tilopa said, “Yes.” Anyway, great yogis can assume such aspects.

The incarnation of Kyabje Dorje Chang, His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche, is His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s guru and the lama of all the Tibetan people, so it’s terrible if he’s hidden away in some corner as if there’s something wrong with him. That’s absolutely shameful. Therefore, the people around him have to think very extensively. In his previous life he performed incredibly holy actions; therefore, his present incarnation has the potential to spread Dharma in both the East and the West like the rising sun spreads light. Even just within the FPMT there are more than 120 centers in which he could spread the teaching of Lama Tsongkhapa when he finished his geshe degree. But the extent to which he can practice guru devotion and develop his holy actions depends almost entirely on his attendant.

Then in my letter to His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche I also request the incarnation that whatever sutra and tantra teachings he offered His Holiness Dalai Lama in his previous life, to please take those complete lineages from His Holiness Dalai Lama. So I request this from my heart.

However, this does not apply only to His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche. It applies to all of you as well. The main point in telling you all this is that if you read the letter, it might give you an idea of how to practice in general and particularly what to do with respect to the issue of the protector, Shugden. The other point is to let know something about this issue itself.

1. The letter was addressed to the reincarnation of the previous Trijang Rinpoche and Lama Zopa Rinpoche sent it to the abbots to get their input and support for it. Here, Rinpoche is reading parts of this letter to the assembled students and commenting on it. The letter itself is not available at this time. Return to text.

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The pulling together of core groups with certain soul groups for the next phase: 2014 -2024 @ Judith Kusel

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The pulling together of core groups with certain soul groups for the next phase: 2014 -2024

As massive portals have now opened up there is a magnetic pull from soul to soul to unite for specific purposes.

There are core groups of souls from within certain soul groups, who have come in for specific tasks or missions to accomplish.  They were involved with the creation of the planet from the very beginning, and have returned to assist the planet through this phase of transformation.

Some have been working over lifetimes to bring back the ancient keys and codes to mankind and have held them in custody.  They at as the e-missionaries of Love, Wisdom and Power when the earth goes through intense and massive changes, and then lead the rest through such shifts.

It is no accident when such souls are being pulled together – it is by grand design.

There are souls on this planet who have been involved with the establishments of the first Mystery schools in ancient times.  They did this as a special assignment, when the gates of paradise first closed, so that pockets of these mystery schools would hold the ancient knowledge in custody for mankind.   Some of these like the Masters and Mistresses of Shamballah  exist in the higher dimensions, and therefore co-exist with mankind and teach mankind from there.

Others chose the physical realms to have concrete mystery schools, but always hidden.  One had to pass certain tests in order to be allowed to enter these schools as an acolyte, then go through more intense initiations to become a member and then through more intense initiations to reach the higher ranks.

However over time, some of these schools got corrupted too, and power plays started to happen, as one generation succeeded the next.

When Atlantis then fell, it was decided by the Cosmic Hierarchy to gather those core group souls, within certain soul groups together, for a briefing.  They were told that they had to incarnate in successive incarnations, to bring enlightenment to mankind.  All of this would culminate into the greatest mission, when mankind, after sinking truly into the abyss of darkness, would be ready to evolve into the higher states of consciousness once more as the planet wished to ascend.

In this process then, these souls were given certain signs in order to recognize each other when they met lifetime over lifetime.  As they signed soul contract before incarnating the specific time of the meeting had been set.   Each one had a certain sign imprinted on their etheric foreheads, so that only another of the core group would read this and recognize this.

During lifetimes together however it was found that karma did set in, as life on planet earth is the greatest school of life itself, and souls sometimes tended to fall asleep, only to be ignited later.  With it came love and intimate bonds, as with twin flames, and often soul mates, as the work had to be done, and it was for safeties’ sake that they married, but also because the intense love – and more importantly the higher service that they were rendering for mankind.

Since 1994 with the Great Harmonic Conversion, massive changes have happened on planet earth and the gateways to the rising of consciousness opened up.

A lot of these souls incarnated during the 1950’s  just after the last World War, in order to bring revolutionary changes in for mankind.  They were then volunteer souls, but some were also those within these core groups.

Within their soul contracts it was given that they would meet up again, and recognize each other – when the earth would go through its greatest shifts and they would then converge into one single unit, and bring those higher teachings, healing, hidden knowledge, wisdom and keys/codes etc. back to mankind.  In doing so, they would be fully activated, and would have to lead the rest of mankind and take on the mantle of responsibility for their own inner shifts and their own awakening, but then come together for the most important work to be done, once the first massive great cosmic gateway had opened up.

The first stirrings of the opening up of this gateway came about with the millennium change and moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.  Thus from 2006 mass activation  happened for those in core group souls, who had not yet stepped into the leadership roles, and were then pulled into immense initiations in the inner planes, in order to get fully activated.

The next activation came circa 2007 – 2012 with  more souls  from these soul core groups starting to meet recognizing each other, but not necessarily starting to work together as yet.    Some had to go through more activations and more initiations, so that they could join the core group.  Some had to do specific work before this could happen – each one’s specific task would in the end slot in with the core group as a whole.

In 2013 this massive cosmic gateway opened up, and so, those who were within these core groups started to be pulled together more and more.

In the last two days, the immense gateway or portal over the Southern Hemisphere has finally opened up.  It is here that the first mystery schools were brought into being, and it is from here that the massive way of activations for the next 10 years will come.  This force itself has lain dormant for billions of years, and last activated some 500 million years ago.

This will mean that those core groups who need to work together, will now be forged together.  The ancient true teachings now rise from the ashes, and this will lead mankind to the laying down of the true foundations – the core truths, knowledge, wisdom, to built solid foundations for the New Golden Age.

As this fusion happens, those twin flames who have managed to work through their karma will now step to the fore within these core groups, and activated the fire grids of the planet – as the sacred flame is returned to planet earth.  Yet this is on a level that the uninitiated do not understand, for the path of the sacred flame is a path of purity, integrity and truth.

Therefore Lord Maitreya himself is now over-lighting this whole process, as he has promised to work with the Divine Feminine and bring the balance back to the planet – the ultimate balance between the masculine and feminine, shadow and light.  He is also over-lighting those twin flames who have dedicated themselves to higher selfless service within the core groups.

(Judith Kusel)

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You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

Magic Wind by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

ART : 'Magic Wind' ~ by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. – The Council

The Councils

It is a time of new beginnings. The channel has begun a new chapter in his life and we will now begin developing a line of information which it is time for you to understand.

We began months ago heading these messages ‘Michael and the Councils’. It seemed that too few were able to maintain interest unless the name of an Archangel was attached to the message. We believe that now you have progressed in your understanding enough for you to be told that all of the messages originate in a level of consciousness that includes your guides, the masters, as you call them, angels, teachers, light beings, and the most divine ones whom you all revere. We will now call ourselves The Council.

Understand that each of you has a council. Each of you sits on a council. As we have spoken before, your council is always in session, and all decisions are unanimous. Nothing is ever decided upon that will affect you and which you have not agrees to. As much as it may seem that way to you from your human perspective, it is just not so. The YOU that has agreed to, and in fact has probably asked for, the experiences in your life has a far greater understanding and goal in mind than you can fathom with your current level of consciousness. That is about to change however. In fact, as we have also said before, that is changing now. The growth much of humanity is going through is now becoming quite evident even though it is, by your reckoning, gradual and subtle.

The object of these messages is, and always has been, to aid you in your growth and help you to remember knowledge which you all carry, but have forgotten how to access. This challenge is being addressed in many other ways, as well. Many of your healers are learning to lead you past your personal blockages, to heal your wounds and tear down your inner walls. Much of the problem has been your inability stop judging yourselves and those you see around you. And there are other things in your way, also. We shall address these as we come to them.

It is time. You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. The time has come for plain talk and for focus on the most important things. We are sorry, but much of what you ‘get’ is just not a priority in the overall picture. We understand that you are living in places where things seem to be important that will be understood later to be less so. We understand that it is not possible for one to concentrate on lofty matters when one is hungry or in great danger. But most of you are not truly in those types of situations. And in fact, you would be amazed to know how many of those who are in them address us more often than many of you do.

So the point of today’s message is that we, as The Council, will now begin addressing questions centered more on aiding you in your quest for greater access to your own higher consciousness. We will not be instructing you in how to meditate, although we will urge you to do so. We will not be espousing any particular beliefs, although we urge you to closely examine them. But we want you to find out who and what you are. And we know that now is time for you to do that.

Now, if it helps you to think of us in terms of Universal Mind, Buddha Mind, Oversoul, or any other thing you wish to call us, please feel free to do so. We do not care. All of these terms, being coined by your human minds, are necessarily limited by your understandings and are therefore less than accurate. Even ‘The Council’ is limiting, but we understand that some name must be chosen. The important piece of information for you to receive today is that the consciousness that we speak from is within you. It is within each one of you. We can be reached by each of you. And in fact, if you all did that, we would have no need at all for these channelings. But there are many levels of awakening, and each must begin where he or she stands.

Good day for now. We will continue soon and much more often. There is much to speak about.

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Magic Wind by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

Light Filaments Bringing a New Level of the Christ ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

art freydoon rassouli  joyofunion

ART : 'Joy of Union' ~ Freydoon Rassouli

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The last Gate-wave was quite intense. Gratitude to all who assisted in opening up gates and portals to bring in this New Light. It was intense work which held many personal revelations. There was a deep relief as the Gateway energies anchored after the SuperMoon.  It may feel like a deep sense of peace, a sudden release of stress or worry, or a profound state of revelation beyond the veils, depending on your journey.

It was a very physical gate energy because it was preparing us at a cellular level for incoming light filaments delivered by the X flare on the last day of the gate. Note how different the last magnetic storm felt – the Light is shifting, we are attuning to our new level of consciousness. Cellular work affects the energy fields, so the last wave may have been uncomfortable for the body, especially the heart center. Remember it is the release of density and old programming which causes discomfort. Assist it in releasing, and console the body when it has a rough moment.

These energies brought a calm which feels similar to the weeks prior to the last Equinox; a preparation and knowing that something significant was about to unfold for the Ascension Process. We will be receiving another amplification of the Christ energies during the Equinox Gateway, this one aimed at activating the light filaments. You may feel it most significantly in the Heart center as the Equinox (September 22, 7:29pmPT) approaches.

New Light Filaments anchoring into the cells

The light filaments – light information in a denser form to affect the physical – directly affect your DNA and its ability to rebundle into the 12 strand helix. This does not mean they all get turned on and reconnected permanently in an instant. The collective is not in agreement to allow that to occur just yet. But you will get glimpses of the reconnections depending on what your physical vehicle can tolerate.

Many of us are able to perceive and interact with a few dimensional experiences simultaneously, some for several minutes. Imagine holding that awareness for a day, a week, permanently. Imagine holding awareness of 12 dimensions, and the ability to decipher where your attention should be focused, how to co-create with all of your Selves and coordinate intentions.

This is where we are going – the Solar Cosmic Christ state operates like a Sun, not only in the alighted pure heart center, but as the center of your own Solar system; a system of unified divine aspects. The Divine HUman Christed state was created in alignment with templates which govern stars, and you will find the 12-into-the-One template reflected in your DNA patterning as well.

Accelerations become more and more acute. They are driven by the highest consciousness on the planet; HUmans actively participating in the Ascension process and calling forth higher levels of light. Those dedicated the the Shift are reaping the rewards of revelation – the meek (spiritual) are indeed inheriting the New Earth. It may seem like separation to the untrained eye; know that free will honors whether or not you choose to embrace the demands of the Divine. It must be an authentic pursuit; Ascension resonates with nothing less than a genuine heart-based path. Anything else is vanity, and that distortion is revealed as such as we travel through the process.

Equinox Gateway: September 19 – 25

Feel back to the last Equinox of March, when the pure return of the Christ energies were flooding the planet. Feel it again because there are similarities here: The clearing, cleaning energies; the messages to purify and prepare the body consciousness, the light body, and the lifestream for a new phase of the Solar Cosmic Christ. The wave before the March Equinox which brought peace, heart expansion and an intensity of devotion to the process is mimicked this month, at a much higher level than last March. Get clear as manifestation of the Christed state becomes more acute.

Cosmic triggers like an Equinox – representing Divine balance – utilize the grounded, linear experience of time by coordinating openings between timeline possibilities. These portal-type channels open as tube toruses of light, creating links between the denser levels and the higher creation of New Earth. They provide higher light activations for the collective to receive into the body and energy fields, and shed density from the lower reality. Some in the Ascending collective use Gateways and triggers to unify with the higher realms, matching their vibration for a moment, and receiving the energies which accelerate the collective experience of the Shift and Ascension.

As always, it is a co-creation between the higher realms and our lower expressions doing this work. Gatekeepers work in tandem with the Higher realms to align/expand Gateways (more permanent structures in the Shift) and portals (flexible, can be temporary) to the higher crystalline grid systems and timelines of Ascension. These are connected by tube torus channels. Some look like gateways to the Sun, some appear more like stargates connected to galactic levels. Feel it as portals/channels aligning to higher possibilities, and higher light flowing into our neighborhood, modified by our Sun. If you do this work, you feel the flow of incoming light through these areas, and a very potent vortex-type sensation in your body. Working with this New Light has been fascinating.

As always, when the New Light waves arrive, either the collective consciousness can handle certain possibilities or it cannot. The Light does its work regardless – it is the level of intensity (a slight change or a large one) and speed of the Shift which is affected by the awakened collective consciousness. Apparently it does not matter what the sleeping folks choose at the moment, and my Divine Team has been quiet when I ask about this division of experiences. Silence may be telling, however it is not my concern right now. There is a hint given in a message, *three equinoxes until the visual.* It feels the same as the message *the merge happens in the Sun* – which is now unlocked as we understand the rebundling of DNA and the Solar light re-activation of our star Self is in progress.

It is your pure intention which aligns you with the intent of a trigger date or gateway. Conscious Gatekeepers are the grounded beings who open and anchor them for all willing to participate, until the awakened collective is capable of doing this themselves. Eventually the collective will unify their Solar Heart Centers in a dynamic grid of HUman hearts (already in progress). When the ascending collective unifies its intent, great leaps will be made in the Shift. Grand and miraculous activities will rapidly cleanse the shadow of the old planet and reveal the true capabilities of the Golden race.

Completion Codes

The Divinity of this New Light – currently aimed at expansion beyond personal belief systems – is the preparation for a deeper unification with the Christed Self. The nine triggers this month (September 9, 18, 27) as well as the Equinox (September 22) carry completion codes to be activated and integrated over the next year. This is not the final unification for initiates, the collective consciousness is not ready for that yet. However, those on the path will receive an energetic reinforcement to dispel negative influence. It will assist those who want to (permanently) leave the wavering phase of the process (the waiting game, the event/landing/reset scenarios), and will assist with personal choices (habits, beliefs, clearing) to compliment the Christed state. Our higher levels understand how difficult focus can be when the external is getting scrambled. This energy helps – you can feel it already – to dispel frequencies and activities aimed at interference. You do have to welcome the help, it is not automatic because it is aimed at those stepping into their Creator state of consciousness.

Stay focused, Stay Light

In this New Light it is imperative to get clear and stay focused on your desires; the nine energies assist these free-will choices in order to further unify the Higher and Lower Self. To utilize them properly, follow the creator guidelines:  1. Firmly set your intentions with visualization, feeling and light-grounding (physical reflection of the intent), 2. Align all of your activities, feelings and thoughts with your intentions, 3. Directly confront every moment of fear, emotion, entanglement with the old light, 4. Consciously choose to operate from your Higher Self perspective; engage your Mastery consciousness. You build new pathways in parts of the brain which have been inactive, and it does take conscious awareness to bridge the worlds of your old and new operating systems.

It takes very little effort with this new light to manifest a new feeling, a new thought, a new behavior or activity to replace the old patterns. Practice this until it becomes the new habit.

Remember the message from last Equinox; we act on behalf of our whole Soul group. The high-vibe tribe understands the empowerment and responsibility involved in these accelerations. A word of warning: There are many grounded in-carnates making less-than-pure choices in the awakened collective right now. Those choosing to house entities who desire to to disturb those on the path are getting stimulated by the interference programs. Disconnect from these persons and programs quickly, cut the cords, and move on. They aim for the emotions, and are rampant in the spiritual/awakening circles right now. It is a side-effect of revelation frequencies for folks to be confused and attack others. No judgment on their choices – just ignore them rather than getting entangled in their dramas.

There is a connection to the next Blood Moon (October 8), just as we had a link between Equinox and the Blood Moon of last April. They are a powerful trigger combo. Our next Equinox/Blood Moon combination does not occur until September 2015. Take advantage of the strong influx/anchoring duo over the next few weeks. It is a simplify and focus kind of passage.

The Divine return of the Christ is active, available and amplifying through every particle of these realities. Note the difference between information and experience presenting as the Shift intensifies; the difference between appeasing the curious mind and truly activating the Heart. This delineates information received and direction applied to the lifestream. Set your intentions, use your voice to send ripples of magnetics through the field, and align all activities with the highest Divine Will.

In Love, Light and Service,

art freydoon rassouli  joyofunion

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