Messages From The Flow ~ What Is It That You Want? @ The Golden Age of Aquarius

one for all..

Messages From The Flow ~ What Is It That You Want?

Beloved, you must ask yourself what it is you really want.

Only by first defining clearly what you want can you make it a reality. Be very clear. Say it out loud. Write it down. Picture it in your mind. Imagine how it feels. Share your vision with others.

When you are clear about what it is you want and how you want your life to be, you will find that everything around you (Energy) will flow to make your vision a reality.

Know, however, that if you are not in alignment with Source Energy, that is ~ Love, you will find that the energies are not supporting your attempts to manifest.

Your intentions must be pure and come from a place of Love.

If what you want is not manifesting, examine your intentions. Does what you want serve the highest good of All? Does it serve Love?

Manifestation is co-creation. Blocks to manifestation and co-creation are blocks within yourself. Clear those blocks. When you are truly a vessel through which Divine Will and Divine Love flow, then there is no stopping the co-creation of what you wish to manifest.

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All One

A Note on “Messages From The Flow” ~ I have been receiving these “messages” for a while now. I would not call them “channelings” and I do not wish to refer to myself as a “channeler.”

There has always been a lot of talk about channeling in the Spiritual community, so much so that I feel it became an old paradigm concept at some point. I wish to move on from that concept. We are co-creating a new world here and I feel that most of us are not here to speak for other Beings, even though that is certainly one way to get people’s attention.

Let’s face it, if I said this was a message from St. Germain, I would probably garner a larger audience than if I told the Truth as I feel it:  while St. Germain was speaking with me when I wrote this down, I know that there is also some Lady Nada in this message and there is a lot of Rain in this message. By the way, my Twin Flame, Eddie, is also in this message. When I showed it to him the other day, he said, “woh hahah. that is so funny cause that is how is what i find myself doing sometimes when meditating. Be very clear. Say it out loud. Write it down. Picture it in your mind. Imagine how it feels.”

There are a lot of Beings speaking in this message. This message comes from the flow of Unity Consciousness so it is many Beings speaking yet it is also One Being speaking. And ultimately, it was filtered through me ~ my personality, my interpretation, my perspective, etc. I feel strongly that to say this is a message from St. Germain would not be true and would also be misleading. I feel that saying something like that would be counterproductive to what I would really like to see ~ The Empowerment of Humanity.

I believe that there are some pure channelers here with us ~ people who have indeed contracted to speak for other Beings. I also know that there are people who receive very clear messages and guidance from their Guides and other Beings; they can see them and they can converse directly with them. However, I feel that most of us are here to speak for Ourselves. And if you compare most “channeled” messages, I think it is clear that that is what is really going on. Many people say they are channeling certain Beings but the messages supposedly from the same Beings differ in content, tone, style and just about every other attribute because the “channeler” is usually actually speaking for him or herself in the way I am referring to in this discussion. What has been happening is not a “bad” or “wrong” thing and there is no judgment; I just want us to be honest about it. I feel people should want to speak for themselves.

Be confident enough to speak for yourself! Otherwise, what is the point of us being here? As I have said before, we were all chosen to be here at this time because we are unique. We all have something unique to offer – unique gifts, traits, and abilities that should be valued and shared. We are unique sparks of The Divine Flame. Does somebody like Archangel Michael need 10,000 people speaking for him or does he want those 10,000 people to speak for themselves, as themselves? If the Great Spirit wanted us all to do and say the same thing, s/he would have sent us here with a set of rules and instructions rather than giving us Free Will so that we can express ourselves. This is co-creation ~ those who are in the Flow of Unity Consciousness sharing and building upon their unique interpretation of Universal messages and visions.

I think we should also remember that every single one of us can speak to any Being we want. Let’s not create a new belief system like religion. We don’t need priests and ministers acting as middlemen between us and God and we don’t need other people to tell us what Archangel Gabriel or Lady Portia are thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I read and share “channeled” messages every day. I find them helpful, informative, and inspirational. However, I usually feel that it is the “channeler” who is sharing and not somebody else. And I’m fine with that. In fact, that makes me happy! If I want to know what Gabriel feels, I will reach out to him myself. But I also want to know what Hueman Jane Doe feels, and I can usually get that from her “channeled” message.

Also, I understand that most people feel they have not reached a high enough level of consciousness or awareness to understand what “higher” Beings are saying to them. That may or may not be true. Some people just don’t give themselves enough credit or understand that they are receiving messages all the time. Or maybe they just feel like they don’t know who is talking to them or the messages are muddled. Well, that will change and soon a lot more people will be in a position to “channel” or to share Messages From The Flow. I hope they do the latter and speak as themselves ~ as proud participants in The Flow of Unity Consciousness.

In closing, I would like to refer you to this most excellent post by Ron Head. I’ve put the link below. Ron’s post includes the following paragraph:

Now, if it helps you to think of us in terms of Universal Mind, Buddha Mind, Oversoul, or any other thing you wish to call us, please feel free to do so. We do not care. All of these terms, being coined by your human minds, are necessarily limited by your understandings and are therefore less than accurate. Even ‘The Council’ is limiting, but we understand that some name must be chosen. The important piece of information for you to receive today is that the consciousness that we speak from is within you. It is within each one of you. We can be reached by each of you. And in fact, if you all did that, we would have no need at all for these channelings. But there are many levels of awakening, and each must begin where he or she stands.

Source: You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. – The Council, Ronald Head


one for all..

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