Healing With Colour ~ Nora Yolles-Young @ Golden Age of Gaia

family of birds - Octavio Ocampo ART

ART : 'Family of Birds' ~ Octavio Ocampoย 

Healing With Color

Nora 22With all this talk out there about cleansing, purifying and purging ourselves of the last vestiges of the 3rd dimensional reality โ€“ or as they refer to it in the Law of One material, third Density โ€“ itโ€™s tough to get any relief from the continual energetic onslaught that many of us are experiencing.

As a hypnotherapist and holistic life coach, I get the chance to work with people who are experiencing this profound paradigm shift on all levels and in infinite permutations. The number one complaint I get from clients is their frustration around the struggle to shift stuck, negative thinking in a way that is quick, easy and foolproof.

People are so busy with their daily lives that taking time away from work, family obligations, errands, etc., to hold the light and maintain a vibration high enough to manifest the Golden Age into physicality is often too overwhelming to contemplate, let alone manage and maintain.

This brings me to my technique.

My favorite thing to do is to to help people arrive at enjoyable and creative ways to shift consciousness and generate upliftment from within.

In hypnotherapy, the general goal is to create change without having to actually โ€œthinkโ€ about it. To heal effortlessly. To connect with the subconscious aspects of self so that new more aligned and appropriate internal agreements can be made. To literally overwrite the outdated programming.

This may seem daunting at first blush, but I assure you, itโ€™s as easy as daydreaming!

Perhaps youโ€™re the type of person that gets thrown off by bad traffic, or maybe there is a person in your life that causes you to doubt your spiritual progress every time you run into them or hear their name!

Rest assured, we all have those people in our lives and although the Divine Mother, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Matthew Ward, SaLuSa, the Federation of Light, Sheldan Nidle, Saul and the gang perpetually repeat our need to BE the peace and abundance, to raise our frequency. But I like you feel like there are days when that is SOOOO much easier said than done.

So what is a well-intentioned spark of the divine to do?

This is one of my all-time favorite techniques because it can be used anytime and it just takes a few moments and, whatโ€™s more, it utilizes the parts of us that are most fun to play with! Imagination and color!

Here is what you do:

First, pause from your activity. Make sure you are seated or in a position that facilitates having your eyes closed for a minute or two. Breathe easily and deeply. Close your eyes (unless your are driving or otherwise needing your vision). Next, notice that feeling, thought or sensation thatโ€™s got you so tense and stuck in negativity.

Here is the cool part. While focusing and acknowledging that this thing has a hold on you, mentally scan your physical body to notice where in your body you have corresponding tightness. It often has a distinct location and can very commonly be associated with one more more chakras.

As you tune into the location(s) of the tightness, see it with your inner vision or with your ability to pretend by using imagination to visualize the shape and color of this tightness. Be sure to keep breathing easily.

Next and without judgement, imagine a rainbow spectrum of color before you. This rainbow is intelligent energy and can work easily with your own mind, body, spirit to create powerful shifts. See the energy interacting with the tightness. Notice what color(s)interact and interface with the blocked tight energy.

See the color(s) work in cooperation with the block to shift and transform it; whatever that means to you. Do your best to allow the process to unfold without โ€œthinkingโ€ if possible. Detached awareness is the key. There will be no correct or incorrect way to do this. This process will be unique to you.

Usually, this is all that is needed to release the blocked energy. Sometimes more deeply-entrenched energy takes more time. If more remains, that is okay. All that is needed at this time is a noticing of what is taking place.

I believe that these blocks are being noticed so that they can be transmuted and moved out of your energy bodies. Often, more time is needed to integrate the new more streamlined higher vibrational frequencies into your being. Replacing old with new. Itโ€™s like a download of a new computer operating system. It can require some time and focus to complete the process, but well worth the attention.

Now, take a deep breath. Make sure you are grounded to the core of our Mother Gaia, and then congratulate yourself for taking the time to lovingly give yourself the attention you need and deserve.

Youโ€™ve just done yourself and all souls a blessed service.

Nora Yolles-Young, C.Ht.


family of birds - Octavio Ocampo ART

2 thoughts on “Healing With Colour ~ Nora Yolles-Young @ Golden Age of Gaia

  1. Pauline, I have worked with colour all my life with some difficulty. You see, I work as a graphic artist. Like 10% of males on the planet I am colour blind and found your website in an effort to find if anyone else is having difficulty with guided meditations that constantly refer to colours. Has anyone else brought this to your attention? Visualising the violet flame or rainbow is similar to asking the deaf to imagine a Tibetan bowl on a specific frequency. Anyway, I expect there is an answer to be found and you were the first stop. Namaste. Thanks for listening. Mark.

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  2. Thank you for your comments, Mark. Actually you raise a very interesting question for me. Although I do know of a male who has difficulty differentiating between blue and red, I never thought about this problem in terms of meditating on colours. I hope someone can give you advice on this. Many blessings, Pauline โ™ฅ

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