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A Remarkable Statement on Extraterrestrial Life

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I was just reading an article that Genele sent me, which talked about the “remarkable statements” that people like Paul Hellyer, Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta have been making. (1)

They’ve been saying that extraterrestrials – or galactics, as we call them – are here and that they have been visiting us for some time.

We lightworkers have been making “remarkable statements” like that for some time now. But I realized that if we want to have our remarkable statements heard, it isn’t enough to make them at one time and be done with it. They have to be made over and over again.

So here’s a certifiably remarkable statement.

Yes, extraterrestrial life exists. Yes, it’s here and has been for some time.

We don’t call them “extraterrestrials” here. We call them our star brothers and sisters.

They’re here around the Earth in millions of cloaked ships. They exist, not only on other planets in other star systems such as the the Pleiades, Sirius, and Andromeda, but on different and higher dimensions than us (which is how they become invisible).

They follow the universal laws like the Law of Freewill so they don’t interfere with us much. One of the reasons they came here was to ask us not to interfere with them. When we set off nuclear weapons in space, we cause death and destruction in their worlds on other dimensions.

They put a stop to the explosion of all nuclear weapons in space and any nuclear weapons exploded on Earth with hostile intentions. Have you noticed there haven’t been any lately, despite all the threats (and some attempts to launch them)?

At least not since suitcase-sized nuclear bombs (as well as thermite) were used to bring down the World Trade Center. I wonder who had access to that Earthly technology?

They’ve mitigated manmade pandemics, manmade tsunamis, manmade hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and wildfires (think HAARP). Just go on Youtube and look at the spaceships passing through the Icelandic eruption cloud. Or ask yourself how a meteorite about to hit Russia could have fragmented at the last moment and notice the spaceship passing through it.

But they can only go so far in interfering with our freewill. If we want to kill ourselves, to rape and pillage ourselves, they’re obliged by the law of the universe to stand back, more or less, and allow us to do it.

Much of our technology came from them. How do you think the computer sprang up in such a short time? The silicon chip at the heart of it was back-engineered from the downed Roswell spacecraft – by Hughes Aircraft, a company I worked for. All kinds of things have extraterrestrial origins: teflon, kevlar, velcro, fibreoptics, anti-gravity technology, you name it.

They worship the same God as we – how could it be otherwise since there is only One? But they actually worship, and serve, and know that God, whereas most of us simply mouth the words.

They’re human like us. The human template, it turns out, is actually common throughout the universe. This universe, that is. There are other universes.

If you really want to know the whole story, they peopled the Earth. We’re their great, great, great, great grandchildren. They’re our ancestors.

They’ve sent us world religious leaders like Krishna. Where do you think a blue-hued person comes from if not from Sirius? And, yes, I’m serious.

It isn’t them we should be afraid of. It’s us. They’ve come, in a manner of speaking, to save us from ourselves.

If they hadn’t, a fact which most people don’t know about, we’d have been dead from a nuclear World War III. Forces on this planet were planning it and it’s only through galactic intervention that you and I are eating our Wheaties today and watching football on TV.

Have you not heard of the destruction of the deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) in 2011?

That’s where the planners of World War III were to go to to last out the nuclear winter they would have caused. Now they have to stay on the planet’s surface, like the rest of us “useless eaters” (their words), and enjoy their handiwork.

Yes, there have been abductions. The U.S. Government since Eisenhower has been working with one galactic race that we know of, a lower-dimensional set who did not honor the Law of Freewill.

They were allowed to abduct people and extract genetic material for their dying and sterile race and return them. In return, they supplied the U.S. Government with technology to be distributed to the people.

It was never distriubuted and those species are gone. The benevolent species, our benefactors, sent them packing. Have you heard of an abduction recently?

The white hats who remain are our protectors and they’re bringing about a shift in our consciousness which anyone can feel if they take stock of their spiritual and emotional state right now.

We have a glorious future ahead of us, in concert with our star family. And I think that’s about the most remarkable statement I can make in the course of this remarkable statement.

For more on this subject, see this area of the Golden Age of Gaia website: “Disclosure” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/disclosure/.


(1) Arjun Walla, “NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact,” Collective Evolution, Sept. 25, 2014, at http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/09/25/nasa-bring-scientists-theologians-together-to-prepare-world-for-extraterrestrial-contact/.


Universal Mother Mary says we are moving into a new reality of Union and Reunion… Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

 art Blessing-L  meganne forbes
ART : ‘Blessings’ ~ Meganne Forbes Visionary Artist

Universal Mother Mary says we are moving into a new reality of Union and Reunion…

319857_313520622052190_179181975486056_764924_2038073846_nThe sooner and the closer you are getting to the Shift, the more that is coming to the surface. Now you are stronger, you are ready and so more is coming up. It is intense because you can see and feel and smell the finish line. You are at the river, you are about to cross over into uncharted territory. You are creating the new. You are bringing back the original plan for this planet, for sweet Gaia and for all of you.

Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging Into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Our guest today is Mother Mary and I am Graham Dewyea, sitting in this week for Suzanne Maresca.

Graham Dewyea: Well hello Linda!

Linda Dillon: Hello Graham and welcome back!

GD: It’s wonderful to be back. I was just realizing as the music was playing that it’s been over a year since we’ve done this show together, what a treat!

LD: It is a treat and you know this little reminder that in the beginning it was you and I who started Heavenly Blessings, so it’s a treat for me to be talking with you today and to talk with everyone and of course Suzie, who’s on a trip, a very important trip to Florida. We wish her well as well!

GD: Yeah and she’ll be back for the next show.

So, today we’re talking about union and re-union and it’s a big, timely topic. First let’s talk about the conference coming up. It’s the Council of Love, The Annual Gathering in Lake Tahoe, California and it’s next week on October 3rd through the 5th and people can still sign up, it’s not too late! Tell us about how to do that.

LD: Yeah, it’s not too late at all. There’s two parts to this. It’s actually our 18th Annual Conference for the Council of Love and there’s a part of me that sort of goes, “Oh my gosh, how did we ever do that!” I know, I know because I still feel 40!

So, how you do it, is you go onto the Council of Love website and there on the right hand side, there is a picture that says Lake Tahoe, Annual Gathering and you click on there and that’s http://www.counciloflove.com and you click on that picture and it will give you a choice to either come in person for three days of amazing soul family reunion and activations, meditations, I mean, it’s going to be just beautiful!

But, if you can’t come in person, we have also been very strongly guided, let us put it that way, by Mother Mary to do a live stream. So, it gives you a choice when you click on that picture to either come in person or to sign up for the live stream. I have to tell you that’s a screaming deal because it’s a $100.00 for the whole conference. It’s 3 days and you get all the meditations, all the channelings, it will feel in many ways that you are there. You get the full agenda book, the preparation, you can watch it either live as it happens, or you can watch it intermittently, the choice is yours. You are given a click through that arrives on your computer to your email and you just click on it and you can watch it for 10 hours or 10 minutes. The choice is yours.
GD: You can watch it at your convenience.

LD: Absolutely, and this is really important for all our light worker family who is in Australia or Singapore or in Europe. That’s where a lot of our folks are coming from. You know a trans-Atlantic flight from those countries is a big deal for any of us. So this will allow us to be together in another way.

GD: If you can come and be there in physicality, obviously that’s ideal, you’ll be there, I’ll be there, Suzie will be there and many other people will be there. I know for me and I know I speak for you too, this, the big incentive for me is to be with my love family, my soul family, like you said, and to be in that energy with this wonderful gathering of beautiful light holders and light workers, I mean it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Of course, the live stream is such a wonderful way for people who can’t attend, because the energy is still transmitted, you’re still there.

LD: Yes, you’re still there. But like you say, there’s nothing like being there live and in living color. Steve will be there. John Smallman will be there and our circle will be there. You know this is really about family reunion. This place is, you know, Mother Mary is beckoning us, the trees are beckoning us, the devas, the kingdoms, the bears. So, it’s going to be really interesting.

GD: There is a flex plan to pay for attending in physicality, so check out the website http://www.counciloflove.com for that.

The place, I’m definitely putting in a pitch for this today because this is the topic that will be discussed largely at the conference and the location is amazing. I mean, Lake Tahoe, California, although I’ve never been there but as I have gotten more familiar with it, it’s gorgeous! You’re right there with this ancient body of water, nestled in the Tahoe National Forest and this beautiful conference center.

LD: Yeah, and the Sierra Mountains. You know, the conference center, I think they have 80 acres and we’re going to try and do as much work as possible outside in terms of when we have our little breakout groups so that people do have a chance to just enjoy the land.

We’re going to do a sunrise ceremony on Sunday right by the shores of the water. This is ancient! Lake Tahoe is the 2nd largest inland sea in the world. And, it’s supposed to be this beautiful blue. I’ve never been there. I knew about Lake Tahoe, but I guess about six months ago, I mean, it just started calling us and I did a little survey of the people involved in helping me and even though so many wanted to go to Sedona, Lake Tahoe itself, the lake, which is think of Mother Mary’s veil, just said “You have to come here!”

So, we’re anchoring a City of Light; that is part of our agenda. That’s no small potatoes!

GD: Right, oh sure! The City of Light discussion focus will be reserved for 1 day talking about the Cities of Light. Also connecting with star family and of course there will be a lot of healing and connecting and networking and being with soul family.

A large portion of the conference is about creating and forming sacred union with self, with the Divine, with others creating sacred union partnership with a beloved. So, the agenda is quite robust!

LD: It is and that’s the theme and we talk about the Cities of Light last. What we are doing, we’re building, just as we build here on Heavenly Blessings, on An Hour With An Angel, and all the work that all of us are doing. What we are doing is we’re taking the information and the energies that we’ve received in the last few years and I remember when I was writing The New You, channeling The New You, and having, I think it was Mother Mary, saying to us, well the most important union, and I’m thinking it’s going to be the divine, and they say no, it’s with your self. That has to be your starting point, because if that’s not present, how can you possibly be in full sacred union with anybody else, above or below, so we start with the self, then we move to the divine, we move to our beloveds, to our circle, to our soul family and we end up our time together, in terms of talking about Nova Earth, which is the Cities of Light and how we’re going to build on that. But the starting point is ourselves and how much do we love and nurture and take care of our self? So, it is robust!

GD: Well, it’s funny you mentioned that word because after I said it, words are funny right, I said robust and I said, geez, yes it’s robust but it’s so much more than that! I mean this is a beautiful experience so thank you Linda and all the volunteers and the full team, the coordinators. I know a lot of effort goes into pulling this off. I want to thank you in advance for such a beautiful, beautiful is the word I want to emphasize, a beautiful experience yet to get to be experienced!

So, you touched upon it, but why is union and re-union so important? Maybe we can touch upon that before we bring Mother Mary on.

LD: You know what Graham, it’s our next step. And many of us, as we break that illusion of separation, of isolation, of abandonment, of the old 3rd dimension. As we’re in the middle of our ascension process we realize that we didn’t incarnate on a planet to be alone. If that was our plan, then we would have gone to a planet where we were the only person! I mean it’s that simple! But in this process, and in the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, in the angelic realms, none of us are alone. And so this next step in our Ascension process in becoming Nova Beings is really stepping forward into this, not just a process, but the actuality of being in union, yes union with our self, but union with each other. If we can’t be in love, literally, with each other in the truth of who we are, then what are we doing here? What is the purpose of Ascension and anchoring all the divine qualities and the energies of the divine in physical form? Well, we’re sure as heck not doing it to be all alone! We’re doing it so that we can really connect and to create. You know this is about creation.

I know you and I going back several years have had these conversations on Heavenly Blessings about how to create. And this is a step that brings us fully into our creation potential because we don’t do it alone.

So it’s our next step in Ascension and it’s… we have these conference calls on Saturdays and it was really interesting that when I’m talking I’m usually channeling at the same time and what Mother Mary is telling us is that this is us, not just us stepping forward into union and re-union, it’s us permitting our self to be seen, to really step forward and to be seen in the fullness of who we are. And that is creating a whole new paradigm because, for many reasons and some historic, some past life and some of what’s happened to us in this life, often we don’t take that risk of fully exposing our self, of really declaring.

Look, this is who I am; this is why I’m here. This is what I want to do. And you want to do it with me. That’s what union is really about. And I have to say, you know …. Go ahead…

GD: What you’re speaking to is unity consciousness, Oneness. If we, when we step into a place of fully embracing our divinity, the love within us, we are able to do that and experience that with others, the connection is formed and there’s no separateness. And so, if we have that foundation established, imagine what we can do as a world, as a people. It’s amazing and hence, the creator race, the creation that we’re doing right now because if we build this foundation, let me rephrase that, as we’re building this foundation, we’re creating something really beautiful!

LD: And you know we’ve all been experiencing bits and pieces of that. It’s not like this is, in some ways it is a quantum leap, but in other ways it’s a tiny step, because all of us have been working on this, but it’s the realization into our conscious every day lives. That’s what we’re choosing to do. I mean look, that’s what we’ve done with InLight Radio. We came together as a group of people and said let’s just come together and create this and step forward and expose ourselves. I mean some of the things, our feelings and the topics that we touch on in these programs are really intense.

GD: Yeah, yeah. So, what do you say, shall we bring Mother Mary on?

LD: I say, let’s go for it!

GD: Alright!

LD: Wait a sec.

Mother Mary: Greetings, I Am Mary.

GD: Hello, welcome.

MM: And welcome to you. I am Universal Mother, Mother of ancients, Mother of eternity, Mother of new, Mother of change. And welcome beloveds, to each and every one of you, yes, as you step forward in the fullness of your wholeness, of your divinity, as the bright angels, starseeds, hybrids, that you are! Because regardless of what face you have adopted for this time of fulfillment, of this time of Ascension, dear hearts you are the children of my being. You cannot hide from me! Yes, some of you have tried. And then what occurs, you simply yearn for home. You yearn for love, you yearn for connection, yes for this unity consciousness that you speak of. If you do not step forward in wholeness, for the creation, the embodiment of peace, of joy, who does? Yes the angelic realm, and the archangelic realm, for we do not differentiate as much as you do sweet ones.

Your star brothers and sisters, the ascended masters, all have stepped forward and you can translate that to mean that they have stepped closer to be with you in union, in re-union. Because most of you have known these ones in one incarnation or another and most certainly when you are home! You all play together. You laugh together, you create together! But in the physical reality, my beautiful masters, it is you who anchor the fulfillment of the divine plan! Of my plan! Of Gaia’s plan! Of your plan in form, right now. We do not talk about some distant millennia. If you would like to do that, we will do so. But it would be a very different conversation. And we would be speaking about the effect, the ripple effect that your Ascension and your choice to be in union will have throughout the multiverse.

There is some times a tendency for you to get caught and believe still that you are in the density of the old 3rd and that everybody else, whether it is off planet or off galaxy, or in the heavens, is far ahead of you. That is not so. Yes, there are those who have ascended and who have reached the place of anchoring in Oneness. But there are also other forms, other universes, other galaxies, other planets where they have not learned how to anchor the Love into their form, so that my plan of having a place for my angels to experience physicality in Love and laughter and sweetness comes to fruition.

Now, why does this happen upon Gaia at this time, and why with you, particularly if you are so dense, if you are so far beyond and behind your star family. Well obviously the truth is that you are not! You my sweet ones are the strongest of the strong. Not merely the most diligent of my beloved servants, but the most courageous. You are the adventurers.

So often I speak to you, or one of my family speaks to you and we say be the observer, for that is important during this time of chaos when everything comes to the surface. But, being the observer, beloveds, does not mean not taking action, of not stepping forward from a place of non judgment, from a place of discernment. Take action, step back. Take action, step back. Insert yourself, do what you have to do. Do not judge it; do not become enmeshed in the drama. And in that way you are fulfilling, during this interim pause, you are filling in the blanks. You are putting the puzzle pieces that have been missing from this tapestry. You are tying off and snipping off the errant threads of the tapestry. So there it rests in totality. But of course, as the tapestry of this creation, of this cycle, comes to fruition, do not think sweet angels that there is not a new adventure and new cycles. But they can only be entered from a place of union; union with your divine selves and with all, above and below.

Now, why is that so important? Because it is a restoration, it is a resurrection, it is an Ascension into who you are, into the truth of your original design; everything else, the limitation, the lack, the separation, all of that has been an illusion for you to destroy, to eliminate, to clear. Yes, with our help and we hope we have and we are doing that. When I say it is up to you, never interpret this as meaning that you do it alone.

This is the biggest awakening in all of this. It is the deep realization from your heart, to your toes, to your head, to your bodies. You are not alone. You do not create or go forward alone. You never have. Now you bring this to consciousness and you anchor it in your beloved form, your magnificent bodies that you have chosen, that you have designed and sweet angels that you nurture and that we nurture.

Now dearest Graham, what questions have you brought for me this day?

GD: This is such a joy and I am so grateful for your coming to visit with us today. You’ve talked about, I’ve heard you put forth the invitation to re-awaken to the masters that we are, to really step into the brilliance and grandeur of who we really are. Of course a key step in doing that is to come to a place of loving ourselves and so, how would you suggest, and I know we’ve discussed it before, but if we were to distill it down to some really simple recommendations, how do you suggest we best anchor self love into our beings and of course by doing that, we can step into the re-union of our selves and others?

MM: First, anchor in your heart for everything that we speak of with thee is about the movement, not the elimination, but the movement, away from your primary guidance being your head, your brain, your ego to your heart. Now we know that that sounds very simplistic. It is the first part of this guidance. And we know it is not, but the feeling, and sometimes it best done sitting down, because there is the up and down flow. You feel as if there is a funnel, the wide open in your head, crown open and all your energy goes down that funnel into your heart. So at the same time the funnel is open and you are receiving our energy, but you are also receiving your energy. You are reassuring yourself, with us, but sometimes you cannot feel us so you reassure yourself, your ego, that it is safe to do this, that you are not trying to destroy it. You love it, you cherish it, you know its value, you know you’ll get back to it, but for the moment, you are anchoring fully and completely.

Now, as that energy comes into your heart you are going to feel a sense of fullness, of expansion; it is a physical sensation, as if your chest is full. And if you truly wish, feel my blue flame. Feel the blue flame of Michael, the violet flame of St. Germaine, the magenta flame of Jesus Sananda, it matters not. Your own tri-flame of my blue the Father’s yellow, of your beloved pink. But feel the energy as if it is 2000 lbs. in your heart. Step number one. So now you are anchored where you wish to live!

Then, the most simple thing to do, and you can do this sitting down. Get a hand held mirror and simply look in it. Now it is more effective if you have a huge mirror, a bathroom mirror, because as you can sometimes see our reflections in that mirror with you as well. But if you are seated, to begin with, look in the mirror. Look deep into your eyes from that heart place, until your face, your surroundings begin to disappear. You may wish to cry and if that is the case, then do so. But gaze into that mirror until you can see the light of your soul! Until you see or perceive, or intuit or hear, who you are.

Your earthly expression that ‘the eyes are the mirror of the soul’ is truth. So gaze into yourself and allow what you see, what you feel, what you discover to simply flow into you. Not a mental process, simply a feeling of love. And if you look in the mirror and you feel silly, if you look in the mirror and feel any rage or self disgust, simply know that that is your ego. Go deeper into your heart and do not stop looking at yourself. You are going into the portal of your own soul. It is as simple as step one and two. Period.

GD: Such powerful and beautiful guidance, thank you. And the experience with the mirror is really, really powerful and I would invite people to try that out. Just to add to that, as I was hearing you guide us through that process, I was thinking of the importance of approaching that exercise with a lot of gentleness and with a lot of compassion, releasing judgment and getting out of the ego and perhaps approaching it as we might approach it being a parent. And if we don’t have kids then being a parent to ourselves and just looking at us, our soul, our being with such compassion and such love as we would a newborn child. To get to that place of just real, sweet, gentle connection so that we can really experience what may come up for us. That can be a tough exercise for a lot of people because we tend to do a lot of self judgment and self criticism and look at what we feel we’re not, look at what’s lacking as opposed to really recognizing how brilliant and amazing and spectacular and bright that we really are.

MM: You have captured it exactly dear heart! You are also in a time, yes with my Tsunami of Love, where you are clearing, yes for many, very ancient archetypes, belief systems. And so sometimes, when you are gazing, these very old monster energies will come forth…continue looking. All of you have been saint and sinner, king and peasant. You have not arrived at this point of the divine plan being our partners upon Gaia if you have not gone through many, many incarnations, both on and off planet.

There are a few of you who are archangels, who have not had too many lives on planet, but that is the exception, not the rule. So if you are gazing, you are absolutely correct… no judgment. Because also what you are gazing at is the collective experience, not only of your journeys, but of the journey of humanity. So do not flinch, simply go deeper until you see what we see, which is absolutely glorious!

GD: I really love your invitation to suspend the ego, to tell the ego, to invite the ego, say, “I’m going to give you a break here, you’re not going away, you’re important to me and I value you. You’re important in this journey and this process and I’m just going to give you a break.” And so the invitation to step into our heart and I’d like to extend the invitation to our listeners to try that out. Try it out for an hour to experience what it’s like to fully be in our heart, to be the witness, to be in our heart, to be present and mindful. Then extend that into an afternoon or to a morning, or to a day and get the experience of what that can look like as a theme.

What is your recommendation, and we’ve touched upon this before in previous shows, but it is so important because a lot of people are struggling with this; so, we’re experiencing the old 3rd fall away and we do know that we create our realities so we create the life experience around us. How do you suggest we approach life when it does feel chaotic and there is trouble and challenge and discordant energy and conflict, when we’re trying to stay in our hearts because we’re still experiencing that.

MM: Yes you are because you are clearing the collective chaos as well. And that is why those who are the strongest of the strong are on planet at this time. Now let us also say before we get into this, that those who are the holders or perpetrators of much of the recalcitrant or discordant energy are also the strongest of the strong! So here what you are experiencing both within and without, internally and externally, is that last struggle with duality, polarity. Well, of course it will be eliminated. So your question is very, very important. You create your own life, your own reality, but it is not as straight forward as some of you sometimes mentally or even emotionally think.

Now when you are in your heart consciousness the judge goes away. So again, it is important to be anchored there. But when you are faced, in your life, in this time that you are occupying, and in this reality that you are occupying, and you say, well that is all very well and good Mother but there is chaos all around me. My son is doing drugs, I have rheumatoid arthritis, I do not have money to pay the mortgage or rent. So there are a variety of situations up close and personal and they are also reflected in the general population. So it is not that there is a singular situation that is occurring to you that is not also occurring to the collective consciousness as well. Understand what I say in this.

Now, yes you are creating your own reality, but just as you are addressing your key motivators, your core issues, and it may be security, it may be fear of being seen or not seen. It may be fear of not completing your mission, of failure of the collective mission yet again. Do not forget, because as my beloved light workers, it is not that you are fearful of assuming responsibility. There are times sweet angels might I say that you assume too much responsibility. Let me elaborate.

Not only are you clearing your issues, whether you call them vasanas, motivators, core issues, paradigms, false grids, you know what I am speaking of, and it weighs heavily on your shoulders, on your head, on your heart. But do not forget that in this time, and particularly this time of divine conjunction, everybody, whether they are aware of it or conscious of it or not, are clearing their issues. That is the way of Ascension, that is the way of the collective decision to ascend together. So do not always think that everything that is maybe going awry is your fault because part of the new is eliminating fault, blame, shame and guilt.

Now, everything, everything you need, require, desire is already present otherwise sweet angels, you would not be thinking of it, you would not be yearning for it, you would not be having it front and center in your consciousness or in your heart. This may sound very simple, but it is not. Shift.

There are two keys to this as well. Feel yourself, literally, shift slightly to the left, to the right and into, even if it is only a quarter of a step into a higher realm, what you think of as a higher realm. Let us say a different realm of consciousness and of energy. Now you have all had the experience, “I feel so crummy, but I have a feeling that if I take a walk I might feel better.” That is excellent advice to yourself. Think of yourself sitting there in your heart with your mirror, and you feel this sense of challenge as the old 3rd fades away, and it has become more intense not less intense. I will address that in a moment.

Shift your body, lift your lap, your behind and move an inch or two, literally changing the space that you are in. So say to yourself, well this old 3rd isn’t working, I’m going to move three inches and go to the 5th. Declare it and then do it. Feel yourself bring in the creation codes from the other dimensional realities. They are in the air around you. You are gathering them and you are allowing them to come in through your heart portal to assist you. We are all around you! When you cry out for help do you think that any of us does not hear you? Of course we do. So also allow our help known and unknown.

Sometimes you will feel a nudge ‘well go and do this.’ Then you say, “Well I don’t feel well enough to, I am too depressed.” Get up and do it because it is us, it is your guides, it is the legions surrounding you! Sometimes it is your star brothers and sisters saying let us help. But it is also important for you to know, you are in sacred partnership with every being and everybody upon your planet. So it is interwoven and this consciousness of everybody being dependent, not co-dependent, but interdependent by choice, means that what others are doing does affect you.

So for example, if you are looking for a new home and you think it is a worthiness issue because you cannot find it, your credit rating is not good enough. Well know that you are in this co-creation with those who have places to rent. So it is not all about you child, you are in a co-creation whether you are aware of it or not.

Now sometimes there are things in the physical realm you can do such as talking to the landlord or talking to the bank. But there are also things that we can do that are beyond your current reach. And notice I say current reach. Or send an aspect of yourself off to do the work. It is as simple as saying…ask your stranger, help me. Employ everybody’s help.

Is this Ascension dependent upon you? Yes. And is this ascension dependent upon everybody else? Yes. But do not hesitate to move yourself out of the space. And I am speaking physically because when you are in that place of disenchantment or despair, and that is a full range, then you need to move. Let me move you. Sometimes it is just a matter of turning your head three degrees and you have a completely different panorama of understanding. So in your meditation, do not hesitate to physically adjust your body. And then say, “Mother fill me” and I will. That is my promise, I will.

GD: Being really present and mindful as we go through our day, being the witness or the observer as you were speaking to earlier today is so important so that we can be mindful enough to make that shift, or if we’re experiencing a challenging situation we can say to ourselves, “Okay, how am I choosing to respond to this situation? Do I respond to it with love, do I respond to it from an open hearted space or do I respond to it from a fearful place, from an ego place?” and so being diligent with that I feel is so important.

You mentioned that things are really intense now, more intense now and I know that a lot of people feel like there’s the muck, the junk, the stuff coming up and you’ve been talking about that it’s coming up for a purpose so we can clear and release it and it does feel really intense now. I know you wanted to speak to that intensity.

MM: The sooner and the closer you are getting to the shift, the more that is coming to the surface. Previously sweet ones, if you were not able to fully engage in what was necessary for the completion of this Ascension, you were not permitted to see. It was a way in which we protected and defended you because it would overwhelm you to such a degree that you could not proceed. Now you are stronger, you are ready and so more is coming up. It is intense because you can see and feel and smell the finish line.

What you are doing and you have spoken of this, but we cannot emphasize it enough is that you are moving into an entirely new environment. You are moving into an entirely new reality and in that you are venturing into the unknown. So it is not as if you have said as you might have two years ago, “We are going to take an adventure into the unknown, but it is a ways away.” Now you can see, you are at the river, you are about to cross over into uncharted territory. You are creating the new. You are bringing back the original plan for this planet, for sweet Gaia and for all of you.

So now there is a nervousness within all of you, an excitement, an anticipation, but a certain level of nervousness. “Do I really want to cross that river?” And then there are those with you who are saying, “This is hogwash, we’re fine the way we are, we can stay here. It’s not so bad here, look what good things we have.” And you do. You have created beautiful things upon the planet with your families, with your beloved, with your self. But sweet angels, there is more. But this nervousness, this intensity as you look at the river, you are feeling it. Now what we are offering you, what I am offering you, what I am promising you is a rainbow bridge to cross that river. Do you have to be the incarnation of purity, does every speck have to be gone, NO. But the purity of longing, of readiness, of willingness to create needs to be present. But all you need to do is to turn to me and say, “Mother, we are ready” and the bridge is there. And you can leave your travails behind.

GD: I’m raising my hand really, really high here (laughing)!

MM: Then you can lead the way dear heart!

GD: I really like your analogy of the finish line. Obviously it’s not a finish, but I’m thinking of, as I’m looking out over this beautiful mountain range here, how the analogy of climbing a mountain right, and so as we get nearer to the peak and to our destination, it feels really, really hard and really, really challenging, perhaps the most challenging part of the whole journey. And that’s what I’m hearing you say. We’re getting close to the finish line, the stuff is coming up to clear, it’s really intense, it’s really hard but we’re getting close to that finish line or to that place where we can cross that rainbow bridge which is most welcome indeed.

We only have just a few moments left and I feel like it’s so important to have a vision, to have a road map, to feel what it is that we’re shooting for. And of course we’re talking about union and re-union today and more later at the conference. Of course this will be a continued discussion and experience. Please give us a taste of what it feels like to be in full union with the Divine, with Source, with Oneness and of course we can expand that out to have that be with ourselves and with a beloved partner and with our star brothers and sisters, with community, multiverses, in general. But what does that feel and look like to be in full union with the Divine?

MM: It feels like ecstasy, it feels like home. Those of you who have been fortunate enough, blessed enough to have a newborn and to hold that baby in your arms and your heart is overflowing and you simply say to yourself, ‘this is what it’s about.’ And there is no sense of yourself. There is this complete understanding of the circle of life. And you aren’t in that moment worried about bottles or feeding or nappies or college tuition, you are just in the exquisite joy of being.

Feel it this way dear heart, we are holding you in that complete love. In that complete wonder and we are loving you and you are feeling that love and that unlimited potential of who you are, of what you can do and that you will always be connected to that parent and to that love, to that support. And then shift it to your beloved eyes and know that you are fully and completely in love. And know that you are with me. Go in peace. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-23-14
© 2014 Council of Love


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The Exposure of the Earth Sacred Treasure by Goddess Oscea ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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The Exposure of the Earth Sacred Treasure by Goddess Oscea

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 26th September 2014


It is with universal love I approach you guided and supported by the Goddess, Nature, Elemental and Element Realms, all

encouraging me to speak their truth on their behalf. I am a Keeper of the Treasure of the Earth, it is my purpose to protect and

maintain the harmony of the treasure of the Earth provided and created by the Creator so all may benefit and align with ease.


Within the consciousness of the Planet Earth, this means within the light creating the energetic and physical structure of the

Earth there is a great volume of wisdom born from the universe of the Creator. The wisdom is held within encoded waves of

love which ensure all those with pure intentions can access the knowledge as it also holds the divine plan of the Creator for

the Earth, all nature and elemental kingdoms and humanity. Love acts as a powerful protector as one can only penetrate the

energy waves of love to access their treasures if one exists and vibrates from the true love within their being. When you

approach the love waves within the light structure and consciousness of the Earth the key to unlock and accept its wisdom is

your own truthful emanation of love. This precaution has been put in place in order to ensure the wisdom isn’t used for

misaligned purposes encouraging the Earth to stray from its destiny. When one aligns with the Treasure of the Earth then they

receive its continuous waves of love similar to the rhythmic patterns of the ocean washing over and through them creating an

effect and experience of liberation. If one is unable to remain focused as their energy expands and liberation is experience

then the energy will carry their focus away from the divine and sacred wisdom held within the Earth’s light structure, thus they

will feel spiritually awakened but unable to receive the treasured wisdom and codes safe guarded by my own energy. If one

holds the radiating vibration of love within their being with a clear focused mind that is able to remain centred within the

energy, likened to the rhythmic patterns of the ocean, they will find themselves seeping into the love wave as their spiritual

body, emotional body, physical body and then finally mental body is inspired and encoded with the treasured wisdom of the



Such an experience has the possibility of magnifying your entire energy structure, expanding your being, accessing sacred

states of liberation while enhancing the radiance of your light and love vibration. In truth your entire being will be strengthened

by the Earth’s light structure. This will signify your alignment with the Earth at a spiritual and emotional level, manifesting a

union within your being of the heavens or inner planes of the Creator’s universe and the Earth. The purpose and divine plan of

the Earth will be anchored into your entire being, especially your heart chakra and heart space thus even though you may not

be able to understand the wisdom and codes shared or imparted to you (more truthfully reawakened within you) you will

anchor an inner drive and fire to be of service in this sacred ascension process both to the Earth and the inner planes. As you

follow your own intuition within your everyday life the divine plan of the Earth and the inner planes will merge within you and

be enacted from within your being through each day of your existence. Most of your actions may be unconscious, as you may not

truly understand the reasoning for their creation but you will be moving in harmony with the Earth and the inner planes

creating harmony upon the Earth, often silently that impacts powerfully in moving all forward to an existence of harmony.


As the wisdom, divine consciousness, sacred plan and codes of the Earth are concealed in waves of love within the Earth’s

light structure activated only by pure love radiance and clarity of mind as each person on the Earth learns to love themselves

unconditionally the process I have previously described has already begun to occur. This is why we are guiding humanity and

all to love themselves and each other unconditionally, much of the ascension shifts have been programmed to activate in

response to pure love. As you work upon your own spiritual awakening you are often unconsciously awakening many shifts

that enhance and magnify the Creator further upon the Earth. If you feel guided to achieve this process it may be that due to

your focus on self-love and the radiance of love the process has already began and so your conscious awareness will aid

deeper experiences and embodiment. It could be the Treasure of the Earth already embedded and activated within your

being simply requires your greater acceptance and acknowledgement.


I share with you this invocation and meditation to aid your experience of this most magnificent harmonisation between the

heavens and the Earth as sacred wisdom and codes are shared from the Earth’s light structure.


‘Goddess Oscea, I call you forth as the Keeper of the Earth’s Treasure. Please be present with me as I wish to express my

deep love to you and the Earth surrendering myself to be of service at this magnificent time of ascension. I emanate my

unconditional radiant love to you and the Earth, especially to the Earth’s light structure.’


( Take a moment to emanate love from your heart space, feel love emanating into my being, Goddess Oscea, it may feel that

you move through my being and into the light structure of the Earth, as if I am the gateway to this structure, which I am.)


‘As I connect with the light structure of the Earth, I ask Goddess Oscea to guide me, I embrace the ocean like waves of love to

surround me and penetrate my being. My only focus is upon love, my focus and love stimulate experiences of liberation and I

resolve to remain focused on love as transformation and expansion occurs within and around me.


(Affirm with each breath you inhale, ‘I Am Love, achieving the same on the exhale. This will maintain your clarity of mind. Be

observant and aware of the energies merging with you and activating within you. Take time then to just breathe peacefully. If

you experienced yourself being carried away by experiences of liberation then know that it is not the appropriate time for you

to align more fully with this sacred treasure of the Earth. If your being aligns with the wisdom and codes of the Earth you may

feel a deep focus, inspiration or a shift within you being. Remember this cannot be forced or persuaded into manifestation,

nor does it indicate your worthiness.)


‘I am grateful for this experience of connection and to be of service in harmonising the Earth and the inner planes through my

being and actions. Thank you.’


(Simply sit in meditation for as long as you wish or feel guided to.)


With the sacred wisdom and codes embedded in the Earth’s light structure seeping into the Earth and humanity’s reality this

will encourage a focus upon inner divinity and outer harmony. When you recognise harmony within your reality or people upon

the Earth, remind yourself this is because you and others are acting as vessels to bring forth the harmony of the Earth and

inner planes. Much wisdom and codes is being anchored into the water and ocean of the Earth as water is a magnifier

especially of light and light consciousness. I, Goddess Oscea, have a strong connection and resonance with the water of the

Earth, it symbolises the energised flow of the Creator, allowing one to access the divine flow of the Creator, moving and

resonating in harmony with it.


I encourage you in your meditation to imagine, sense or acknowledge a vast ocean before you which symbolises the water of

the Earth and the divine flow of the Creator. Imagine with your hands cupped you hold some water in your hands placing it into

a cup of light of a similar colour within your heart chakra. Fill the water within your heart chakra with your deep and profound

love; you may even notice the water altering in colour. You may wish to say,


‘I integrate the supreme love of my being with the water of the Earth, in doing so I magnify the sacred wisdom and codes of the

water and the Earth returning to the knowledge of humanity. I acknowledge the divine flow of the Creator within my reality as

well as the experiences and existence of all. I now resonate in harmony with the divine flow of the Creator. Thank you.’


Then imagine, sense or acknowledge you take the cup of water in your heart chakra and return it to the ocean before you,

observing how it seeps and integrates with the entire ocean and water as well as your entire being as you are composed also

of water and the divine flow of the Creator.


So much is awakening from the Earth now as love manifests with greater strength, as you align with love so you align with the

transition, understanding their impact upon your being and the Earth.


With love following to you in the rhythmic waves of the ocean,

Goddess Oscea


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Dark Night of the Soul – A Misnomer and Friend – William Meader @ Emergent Light


Dark Night of the Soul

– A Misnomer and Friend –

The Dark Night of the Soul (DNS) is an experience that spiritually minded people know well.  We all have had periods when we feel spiritually bereft of God’s countenance and grace.   As a notion first put forward in the 16th century by St. John of the Cross, the DNS causes us to feel abandoned by the Greater Life that has previously given us inspiration and guidance.  Essentially, the cause of the DNS stems from the inherent battle waged between the demands of the personality and the higher prompting of the soul.  Given this understanding, there are only two conditions where freedom from the DNS can occur—either when one is a young soul and not yet on the Path, or someone who has reached true enlightenment.  Indeed, it is part and parcel of life consciously evolving through the human domain.

It is interesting to realize that the common view of the DNS is a bit of a misnomer.  With one exception (the fourth initiation), it is actually not something experienced by the soul.  The soul isn’t feeling spiritually forsaken, but instead it is the lower self, the personality that suffers in this way.   Indeed, most often it is the soul that imposes the blindness upon the personality, not as punishment, but as a test. It is a burning ground of uncertainty and adjustment.  The DNS frequently comes forth in order to arrest the hastening personality.  Every step upon the Path must be earned through the crucible of personality crisis and consequential change.  The DNS forces the personality to face an aspect of itself in need of transformation.  Given this, it is more appropriate to called it a dark night of the personality experience.

When walking the Path, it is wise to view the DNS as a developmental friend, rather than foe.  It facilitates an unfolding of consciousness through an undoing, and is built into the fabric of the journey itself.  Whether considering the crisis period experienced by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Prometheus chained to a rock, or the isolative and brooding experience of the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree, all of us will experience the DNS, many times over.  As such, when those moments of spiritual darkness and doubt seem to invade the mind, remember that you are in good company, and that “this too shall pass.”

William Meader





Windows of Infinity ~ The Mega Eclipses of October 2014 ~ Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn @ Earth-Keeper

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  Windows of Infinity

The Mega Eclipses of October 2014
Understanding the Nature & Attributes od Lunar & Solar Ecliptical Synergy
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn 



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The 3d copyrights of this Metatron message via James Tyberonn are the exclusive copyrights of Earth-Keeper publishing. We offer this message in love. The complete channel will be available very soon in book format, and the audio version is free.  Please do not post, print, publish or release on U Tube without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper.

ART : Dinah Paes

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