The Bounty of Our Gifts ~ Lord Adama ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

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ART : Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter @ Tutt'Art

The Bounty of Our Gifts ~ Lord Adama

Posted by on September 29, 2014
harvest-webBlessings and Love.  It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.I want to share today on the exchange of energies from each of us unto each of you.  We, in Telos, are very connected to each of you on the Upper Earth and want to extend our sincere thoughts of love and blessings since the Autumn Equinox.The Harvest is now here and it is our time to celebrate all that we have experienced up to this point.  Is this something that you have thought about within you?

Isn’t it true that each of you desires to have your manifestations to come into your reality?

What is it that you have done up to this point that allows those creations to become you?

These are the questions that I want to pose to you since now is the most fruitful season of the year.  Those of you that live across the hemisphere that are experiencing the essence of Spring truly are going through the same level of creation within your lives as you plant your seeds for your future.

So it is important to fully reflect within yourself how to embrace the walk that you have been taking in the past months.  It will help you come to the fruition of your new essence expanding within you.

You see we don’t just create elements to occur without first having to understand the process that we have gone under to make them appear in our lives.  We must first learn the lessons that our Higher Self is giving to us in order to fully receive the gifts of our labor.

So as we just moved through a New Moon and experienced the most powerful equinox on the planet; it is time for each of you to embrace all that you have achieved.  As the more that you realize within yourself these achievements, the deeper will be your Harvest of the Self.

Take time to truly reflect the bounty of your life within you; then more can appear.  Until you say thank you for the beautiful gifts you are receiving, then you cannot receive more.  It is a proven fact.

The beauty of your life is not measured by your hardships, but how you walk through those challenging doorways to find the blissfulness of your essence to enfold within your Being.

I applaud each of you for what you are experiencing and processing in your lives.  Let the old essence be thrown away that does not serve you.  Put it into wholeness so that you never have to experience it again.  Be the bliss that you desire as it is truly ready to be received.  All you have to do is reach your arms out and feel all those gifts of joy, peace, and be the manifestor of your own destiny.  Don’t hesitate to realize how far you have gone; then you gone continue the journey with less baggage and more excitement of who you have become.  This is fully realizing the Bounty of Your Gifts being sent from your Higher Self unto your Physical Creation.

All my love from my Heart to Yours,

I AM Lord Adama, of the Telosian Council of Light

September 29th, 2014

Integrative Channel, Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter - Tutt'Art@ (8) ART


Equinox through Blood Moon Eclipse Passages: Revealing the Shift ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution


sam carlo 27.9. c

Equinox through Blood Moon Eclipse Passages: Revealing the Shift

Everything has changed – again.

The Equinox through the Blood Moon Eclipse passage brings a deepening of the Solar Cosmic Christ that is somewhat unexplainable in linear terms. You have to feel it to know it, however I will do my best to describe it here. For the linear levels: We have four Equinox-Blood Moon passages in 2014 – 2015 which increase in intensity as they anchor the Solar Cosmic Christ. They get more acute in their purpose, shorter in their duration. We are in the middle of one right now.

The Equinox brings the balancing point for New Light entry (the precise Equinox date/time is based on an off-planet point out in space to align perfectly with the Sun); the Blood Moon eclipse brings a finishing, anchoring energy at the end of the New Light influx. The windows for 2014 – 2015 are:

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 15 (25 days)
Equinox September 22 –  Blood Moon Eclipse October 8 (16 days)

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 4 (15 days)
Equinox September 23 – Blood Moon Eclipse September 28 (5 days)

The Division of Realities

Since the end of 2012, we are different people. Layers of illusion dropped, the veils lifted and many of us left – the old Self dissolved. Our collective perception, the collective creation of HUmanity on his planet, re-created what was familiar, repeating the old light creations in a collective agreement. Some diversified from the norm, realizing what Ascension, Resurrection, and the Shift were truly about. We went within and the truth was revealed to us.

Since then we have been blasting through the collective creation, attuning our perception to what occurred. The collective old-school-normal reality runs on old light energies. Understand it is like a car running on empty; it will run out of fuel eventually. HUmans are Creator-in-Carnate, so we get to co-create multiple versions of reality on a planet, as long as the energy supports our creation. For example, if there is not enough light in the collective consciousness to support a pure light-based creation, such as lightship travel or miraculous instant healing of dis-ease, it won’t be available to manifest in the collective reality. This principle was widely honored prior to the Shift of 2012, and in many ways it was kept in check by negative forces many did not understand. Here is the difficult part for the grounded HUman brain: None of that exists as qualified substance any more. By qualified substance I mean acceptable and sustainable in the New Light reality.

The Holographic Old Earth

The Old Earth hologram mirrors the collective choice of same-old, same-old until the gas runs out. What empties the tank on the collective old reality? Photonic Light. Unavoidable. We entered the edges of the photon belt years ago. There are areas of it which we have not traversed that are incredibly powerful, insistent, and autonomous in their force. This is a Shift in Consciousness as well as physical vessels (planet, body, kingdoms) to support the interpretation of that New Light. Old structures die off, that is evolution. Death is not ascension, nor resurrection. You are allowed to quit the old reality hologram in the physical anytime. Personally, the transcendence of it to a New Light reality is fascinating and well worth the journey to me. Patience. Take care. All of this is really amazing to behold through a physical vessel.

The Parallel Solar Light Template

I was shown a powerful vision of this galaxy completing itself; the big golden ring expansion with pure Source Light flooding back in. Apparently enough positive factors have aligned with the new creation of the new Universe, and our Galaxy blossomed with much higher realities. These higher realities were always present as possibilities, which is why so many could visit and see the new Earth, New Sun, etc. However a collective threshold was met earlier this year during the March-April Equinox-Blood Moon passage. This is why many of us have had deep resets, realignments, revelations for most of 2014; we are resetting ourselves in alignment with the higher reality.

Watch the Sun

When I received The Merge happens in the Sun last year I thought it involved merging the Divine aspects through the Solar light of the heart center. Now I see that our New Earth creation has been heavily guarded by a holographic overlay of the highest possibility. When great beings come together to create a great shift in Galactic and Universal reality – commanded by Source – the possible outcomes for the highest interests of all concerned are heavily encoded into various levels of consciousness. Higher Self, Christed Self, Master, Angelic, Creator levels, Manifest levels all carry the creation in our multidimensional consciousness. So in effect, it was not really possible to hijack this plan and steer it into destruction. In a way, I feel that story may have been using the fear/drama tactics to startle lightworkers into action. Whatever worked, all is well.

However, let us consider the parallel, unaltered, untouched reality that the lower-vibe folks missed out on manipulating. This is brilliant, stay with me for a moment. The drama planet – our old collective reality of distorted chaotic suicidal tendencies, was played out because of all the drama which needed to leave this realm. Just like old-school emotional clearing, you had to feel it in order to let it go. Did we have to feel so much war, nonsense and judgment? Yes – and some still desire it, most likely because they are unaware or afraid of other choices.

Belief systems were allowed to crush photonic order in the past, because there was not enough light here. That has changed – completely – since end of 2012. Many of us anchored ourselves on the 12-12-12 to the co-created New Solar system.

You may have heard the ancient rumors of a death seed being planted in the Sun, that the Sun is dying, that sun will kill us, etc. Those are metaphors for the collapse of old manipulations on a holographic projection which could not and would not affect a pure creation of a Spiritual Central Sun and a New Earth. Death to the old holographic playground; the New completely unaffected by the great galactic karmic cleanse. What a grand checkmate move it has been.

I AM told to keep an eye on the Sun. I still have resistance to using dates because it feels so linear, and my Team explained the importance of triggers and cosmic events a few articles back. You are free to check the Solar and energetic charts for the year and see how they coordinate with gateways. The new Solar Light – the birth of the Spiritual Central Sun – is occurring during these Equinox – Blood Moon eclipses. An all-at-once Solar Shift would create massive instability in the electro-magnetic fields, which are connected to the New Earth overlays via the tube torus gateways. It would also blow our body vehicles apart because they are part of the physical matter affected by those magnetics. Remember the body belongs to Gaia, and we are transforming it to accommodate the New Gaia.

Sungazers, you see the new geometries emerging as the parallel version of the Sun emerges. Even denser folks can feels the intensity of Sunlight due to the decrease in the magnetosphere. The intensity of codes, activations, Christed light is just phenomenal as the Sun goes through this transformation to a Central Sun. It also calls forth the New Earth hologram – the holographic possibility that is ready, willing and able to receive your consciousness if you are willing to participate.

A last review for the Newbies: This also means that any belief systems built in old light energies will dissipate as the parallel Sun begins to take over. Note: This is not about the brown dwarf binary star, or another planet passing by, any other old light metaphor. All of those manifestations collapsed. Many objects in the sky are now perceivable due to the dropping of the veils, the diminished magnetosphere. It also means we are not shielded from rocks, dust, plasma, meteors, or things we used to label as shooting stars, lightships, UFOs;  all of that is here, now, part of our experience. Remember it looks dense/intimidating to denser physical perception – the higher expression is always purposeful, divine, assisting the Shift. Eventually there may be up to three stars in our Solar system as we move into more intense areas of the galaxy. That is a long way off, nothing to be concerned with at all. Actually, none of this is a concern – it is merely information to assist the journey of those on the ascension/resurrection path. There is a lot of intel which does not get shared; some of it is applicable or helpful.

Is it helpful to be aware of the new Solar Light overlay?

For me, it explains the complete disconnect I feel in my day-to-day operation here. I experience many holographic realities simultaneously during my meditations/training sessions. It is difficult to label them as sessions; sometimes they pop up unannounced, sometimes I call them in as more focused, intentional sessions with my Higher Levels. The precursor is energetic – I will see or feel my energy fields shifting, speeding up before they occur.

I feel out of body more than in body lately. And yet, I AM remarkably grounded – I truly feel the Christed Self stepping in, like a walk-in sensation, only pure Self rather than a foreign entity. We truly are getting to know our Selves after a long separation in amnesia.  My focus can cling to old light dynamics long enough for a chat, a grounded task, a visit with a friend. It takes little effort to open up to the higher dimensions. That’s me – my own Self – reconnecting through my DNA as I rebundle the helix and reconnect it.  I AM letting the dimensions reconnect at will since these experiences put the body to sleep after a multidimensional encounter, especially when it is more than nine aspects at once. Most of that work is done at night, or when nap time is available in the day, so I may drop off to sleep afterward.

Traveling between Holodecks

Parallel realities feel like vast holodecks. This template surrounding the Sun is heavenly and I use that term directly. It is here, all around us, which is why so many feel it so intently – and feel themselves dissolving into it. We chose the higher light timeline, the higher experience, and now every bit of our multidimensional self is providing link-ups to energize that experience. It feels like old Self is gone, my memories dissipate.

Last week I experienced the death of an old friend from Chicago. Oddly enough, Chicago presented strongly before that occurred – I almost scheduled a trip there because it was so strong. Chicago is a powerful node for the new America, you may remember its connection to the I AM books and channel Guy Ballard; the ley line convergence, the Great Lake grids, etc. It served as my home twice in this journey, and many lifetimes before. In this application, Chicago rose to the surface of my awareness as ancient templates connected with me during the Equinox. I was guided to Medicine Lake, on the remote East side of Shasta, where a profound shift was made within me – again. I crossed paths with some traveling lightworkers from Tijuana, opened a gateway, played my medicine drum and several golden eagles showed up. They flew in circles overhead with a few osprey for several minutes, then disappeared over the lake. I heard Dance of the Nine Eagles. Some of the exchanges with the kingdoms are unexplainable – just feel them when they show up; best not to question how, why, what happened.

It was a great release of the old Self, reflected in the bird tribe and the death of a Chicago friend; the release of ancient identities, and the emergence of more of my true Self. It is more of that through-line I keep speaking of; the higher purpose of the Higher interdimensional Self. Chicago is a power-node, and strongly connected to the templates in Shasta and those around the Great Lakes. If all you can see around Chicago is bad or dark – remember that areas which appeared to be repressed or controlled in the old light were done so on purpose. It usually indicates a place where high light templates were anchored for future use. Also remember that from the perspective of the New Light Solar template, all of that apparent damage was done to a holographic representation; The Maya, the Maia overlay, the illusion. A lot of galactic karma was transmuted in this grand experiment of the fall from grace. And now it’s over. Completely. All hands on the new holodeck, please.

The holographic realities/templates connect via tube torus energy fields, just like gateway portals. All of this work with gateways has opened up my vision and understanding of these layered realities, and how to travel in my consciousness between them. There have been powerful moments – some indescribable – of giant gateways ripping open the ceiling of my consciousness and revealing the new Galactic system. And the how-to knowledge flashes in with these stargate-type experiences. For the moment, I AM letting the unlocking portion of the download unfold as needed. I have been fatigued by the shifts in my consciousness – open to more, yet needing to integrate deeper than before.

What to do with the Old Self

Nothing. Do the linear tasks to protect the body – food and shelter – and spend more time in creating the new than un-creating the old. The New Light, especially during the Equinox-Blood Moon passages, are especially focused on supporting New Light creations. This doesn’t indicate a giant endeavor with a lot of planning – it is the simple rebuilding of Self that is needed right now. This is the year for it, take advantage of the very. simple. lessons. available. We had a drop of energy which assists with (false) belief systems in the Light tribe – the awakened collective – to breakup the patterns of waiting for external forces to supply change. Use those frequencies to disconnect from old light perceptions. Resurrection will not occur in your lifestream if it is dependent on an outside element for rescue. We unify with the Universe through our own Solar Heart Center; at the moment this means aligning your light to the highest Divine Will.

Don’t torture the mind with questions and beliefs – let it go, sit in nature and soak up the photons. Every time there is an elevated electron count, get outside and welcome them into your energy fields, physical and crystalline structures. Your mind will not make sense of it, please stop trying to perceive new light with old eyes. It just won’t work. It might feel scary to have that much faith, however when you feel it, see it, know the new true Self, all else starts to dissolve. Resistance is troublesome, let whatever is within your heart be all that is happening right here, right now. Breathe.

sam carlo 27.9. c

Beginning Our Primary Mission — Message from IlliaEm @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 29.9

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beginning Our Primary Mission — Message from IlliaEm


(I actually received this message in 1997.

Patience, patience, patience is the core of planetary ascension.)

Message from IlliaEm

Beginning Our Primary Mission

I AM IlliaEm, speaking in concert with the Arcturian Group Mind,

We wish to share with you that your Primary Mission is about to begin. Once it begins, it will take on a life of its own.
At that point, it will no longer feel like YOUR Mission, for YOU will no longer be an “individual.” YOU will BE a Multidimensional Being who is part of the very large group of your SELF.

No longer will you have individual, ego-based control of your life. Instead, you will consciously be aware of myriad voices, visions and realities within your consciousness. All this stimuli must then be congealed into one clear, purposeful course of action. Because of this, it is vital that you create a strong foundation for this “journey back to SELF. You will need to completely and thoroughly ground your physical body, your psyche, your thoughts and your emotions in Gaia.

We are here to tell you that, just as it is essential to ground your physical reality in Gaia, it will facilitate your process if you also “ground” yourself in us, the Arcturians, and, me, IlliaEm. We are here to help you every step of the way. We can especially assist you in creating a more balanced life. Inevitably, this comes down to balancing the masculine/feminine and the spiritual/physical polarities.


To fully move into complete balance with the Spiritual/Physical polarity, you need to find the place “in-between” the Masculine/Feminine polarity. The blending of the Masculine/Feminine polarity is vital to Blend into the Oneness. It was the polarizing of your androgynous SELF into male or female which allowed your first entry into the 3D Game. Conversely, it is the reunification of the male/female polarity that will facilitate your return to the Oness of Home.

Once in the Great Oness, Spiritual and Physical is naturally balanced, for you will be BOTH. You will have learned the lesson of the Pentagram: head in the stars, feet planted deep in the earth, and heart wide open. Then you will be easily able pull messages down from your connection with us in the “stars,” ground them through your connection to the Earth, Gaia, and share them with ALL through your Opened Heart.

A portion of everyone’s primary Mission is to assist in some manner in the planetary revival of the Power Within—the Female Power. The negative/female-charged electrons pull the energy in, whereas the positive/male-charged protons chase after and move the energy out. It is the pulling in and the moving out in a balanced flowing fashion that will awaken your Lightbody and expand your perceptions beyond the illusionary boundaries of your 3D earth vessel.

As you balance your masculine and feminine aspects within your earth vessel, you create an equality of inward and outward forces, which will serve to accelerate the integration of the Higher Frequency Light. Every higher frequency that you can effectively bring into your consciousness, ground in the Earth, and integrate into your earth vessel, allows you to pull in even higher frequencies. Your male and female Essence works in a collaborative fashion to accomplish this task.

Your Masculine Essence moves out, beyond the limits of your consciousness to pursue higher and higher vibrational dimensions, while your Feminine Essence acts as a “homing beam” to call back your masculine force and offer a vessel in which the higher vibration can be grounded. As you merge your Masculine/Feminine polarities, you also merge and integrate the Higher Light of your Spiritual Body with the third dimensional light of your Physical Body.

“As above, so below. As within, so without.” The macrocosm is the template for the microcosm. The masculine Father/God force implants the possibility of new life into the feminine Mother/Goddess force to initiate a birth. YOU are the creators of this new life, each and every one of you—alone AND together—are creating the New Earth.

Neither the masculine nor the feminine force is better. They are both equal. In fact, just as your first download into the third dimensions resulted in the separation of the male from the female, your balancing and merging the male and the female will herald your return Home into your true Multidimensional SELF.


For most of Earth’s third dimensional reality, either Masculine OR Feminine was considered the “Ruler.” In the vast majority of civilizations, the patriarchal energy has been the Ruler of your Earth for many thousands of years now. Because of this your planet has become imbalanced, with the Force of Power being much more important than the Force of Love.

Without the balanced of the Forces of Power and Love, it is very difficult to gain the Force of Wisdom. It is the balance of the forces of Power/masculine/out-flowing and Love/feminine/in-flowing that gives birth to the force of androgynous/power-within/Wisdom. This is why wise female leaders project a strong masculine energy and wise male leaders are intimately in touch with their feminine energy.

You may not have considered Wisdom, Power and Love to be “Forces,” but indeed, they are. When you are in close proximity to a very powerful, loving or wise being, you can FEEL their “Force” emanating from their. Since your planet is now becoming more and more fourth dimensional, the illusion of the “superiority” of humanity will be lifted.

Wisdom, Power and Love can reside within many of Gaia’s creatures, especially in the fourth dimension where physical form is not bound by the strict laws of separation and limitation. As your process of ascension continues, you will find that you can have many new friends who are non-human. This concept may be frightening to those who are ruled by fear. However, that fear will limit their ascension and, thereby, limit their knowledge of the New Earth.

Just as you will gradually accept that non-human being are equal to your human power, you will also come to accept that more and more humans are becoming androgynous. These “androgynous” humans are the ones who are learning to balance their male and female energies within their earth vessel.

When the balance of your Masculine/Feminine polarity is complete, the balance of tour Spiritual/Physical polarity will also be complete. You will have returned to the Father/Mother, God/Goddess you have always been. Just as some species on your planet can impregnate themselves, you will be able to gestate, and eventually, give birth to, your true Divine Child, your Lightbody.

We, the Arcturians and I, are extremely proud of those who have volunteered to restrain this process until the “Moment of NOW,” when your planet has reached the critical mass, to allow Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants to flash into Lightbody.


Your Heart Chakra, more than any other chakra, embodies all the concepts of which we have spoken. The Heart Chakra has always been the ruler of relationships, both Male/Female and Personal/Planetary, for this chakra is the Home of your androgynous Soul/Self, which separated into one gender in order to enter the 3D planet, Earth.

Also, it is the relationship with, and love for, Earth/Gaia that allows you to sacrifice your personal desires for the good of the entire planet. Furthermore, within your Heart Chakra is your Atma, your Three-Fold Flame of Life, which represents and balances your inner Forces of Wisdom, Power and Love. Last, and certainly not least, your Heart Chakra holds the Heart of the Crystal Matrix.

The Heart of the Crystal Matrix is ½ octaves in frequency above your physical heart. It is, in fact, the Three Fold Flame upon which your life-force burns. The Seed of the Crystal Matrix is in your Crown Chakra, ½ octaves above the pineal gland in your physical brain. The Seed of the Crystal Matrix is the entry point of the higher dimensions into your physical earth vessel, whereas the Heart of the Crystal Matrix is where you integrate the higher vibrations into your transforming physical body.


The Seed of the Crystal Matrix, within the pineal gland of your Crown Chakra, is the re-entry point for your Masculine Force, which has “scouted ahead” into the higher dimensions to gather Higher Light. Then, the Heart of the Crystal Matrix, in your Heart Chakra, is the point of implantation in which your Feminine Force accepts the gift from the higher frequency; this will allow it to gestate your new Lightbody. In this manner, your Heart Chakra is the womb of your Lightbody.

Your Crystal Matrix is also the main processing center for the “experience” to which you are choosing to calibrate. Dearest Ones, I say “calibrate,” as there are myriad realities occurring all the time and everywhere in the ever-present NOW of the Flow.

When you are resonating to only the third dimension, your experience is limited to the physical world. However, there are also myriad versions of the third dimension. Until you awaken to your SELF, many of your choices of reality are “chosen” by the “Core Beliefs” that were activated in early youth or “past lives.” You have had to “work hard” to release these limitations.

Fortunately, now that you have recalibrated your Lower Chakras you can more easily ground and integrate this Higher Light. Now, your “work” is done and you merely need to “accept” the guidance of your new Captain, your Soul/SELF. So that you can more easily re-calibrated your perceptual channels to receive the fifth dimension, and beyond, without becoming overwhelmed, your new Captain is currently merging your fourth dimensional body with your third dimensional body.


You are infinite beings playing a finite game. Whenever infinity takes form in a linear time, it appears as energy consisting of different vibrations. You have many vibrations within you, as you have the infinite energy of your true Multidimensional SELF. Hence, you have ALL possible vibrations within your Soul Signature from the first dimension through the twelfth dimension. Once you can resonate to a vibration, you can communicate with it.

It is through the mutual reception of vibratory rates that you communicate with dimensions other than the third. The third dimension is the only plane in which language is laid out in a sequential manner with different sounds meaning different things. In fact, humans are the only beings who communicate in this fashion. Your dear friends, the cetaceans, who have language areas in their brains much larger than your own, communicate in an entirely different fashion.

The highest vibrations can only resonate to the Seed of the Crystal Matrix and the Heart of the Crystal Matrix, as they are your primary portals for inter-dimensional travel and communication. The Seed of the Crystal Matrix is able to receive vibrations from the highest dimensions in the manner in which they arrive, which is all at once in the Flow of the NOW.

These communications are based on mutual reception of vibration and have NO similarities to human language. Therefore, information gathered in this manner is something you will just KNOW, but you may not even know WHY you know it.

The resonance of this vibration is then relayed to the Heart of the Crystal Matrix, within the Atma of your High Heart. Since your Atma, your Three Fold Flame of Life, is the center of your highest Wisdom, Power and Love, it is also able to resonate to vibrations up to, and including, the frequency of the twelfth dimension, Source. The Heart of the Crystal Matrix, the source of your Highest Qualities, is able to integrate these high perceptions into your present reality.

Because it is “The Great Integrator,” your Heart Chakra not only integrates the energies of your lower and upper chakras, the polarities of masculine/feminine and spiritual/physical, but also the higher dimensional perceptions and realities into the third dimensional perceptions and realities.

“Perceptions” and “realities” are interchangeable terms here, as a reality is actually what you choose to perceive. There are myriad choices for reality in your world, and it is through choosing to recognize a particular stimulus that you create your own reality. If you choose to recognize the higher vibrational stimuli, you will create a higher vibrational reality. On the other hand, if you choose to recognize the lower vibrational stimuli, you create a lower vibrational reality.


Let us look again at the Pentagram, “Head in the stars—Feet firmly on the ground—Heart wide open,” as the formula for inter-dimensional communications. First, the highest vibrations enter the Seed of the Crystal Matrix in your HEAD to initiate thought patterns. Since your brain, the receptor of your mind, works in a holographic manner, the Seed/pineal gland is able to create a hologram for this high frequency vibration.

The communiqué, packaged in a holographic thought form, is then sent on to your HEART and into the Heart of the Crystal Matrix in your High Heart. Your High Heart is then able to manifest and activate this holographic thought form by integrating it into your present perception/reality. Unconditional Love, which is the strongest force of creation, is the source of this integration.

The High Heart assists you to FEEL Unconditional Love, the carrier frequency for this extremely high frequency message, and accept the message into your awareness. Unconditional Love lives in the Flow just beyond the 3D Matrix. When you expand your consciousness in this manner, you expand your perceptions beyond the limited spectrum of the 3D Matrix and become aware of the myriad choices of experience that lie just beyond the illusions of third dimensional drama.

The important “next step” is that the higher dimensional communication is sent down into your FEET to ground it in the Heart of Gaia. Once the communiqué is grounded in Gaia, it is shared with the Collective Consciousness of humankind and the Planetary Consciousness of all of Gaia’s inhabitants.

This final process is not only essential to the integration of higher dimensional perceptions/realities into the third dimension, but it is also vital assurance that the communicator, YOU, are sufficiently grounded, so that you do not short-circuit your earth vessel with a jolt of extremely high frequency energy. Sharing your message with the Collective and Planetary Consciousness also helps you to realize that you are not alone in your “new reality.”


Particles, from which all manifestations are manifested into a wave, or form, in “space,” are NOT individual and are actually extensions of the same ONESS. There is a deeper reality, of which most humans are not aware, that exists on a sub-atomic level. You cannot see this deeper reality because you cannot yet sense the extremely high vibrational sub-atomic particles that connect All That Is. Only the Seed of the Crystal Matrix in the pineal gland and the Heart of the Crystal Matrix in the High Heart can only perceive these extremely high vibrations.

The Seed of the Crystal Matrix, the source of your highest qualities of thought, can resonate to and recognize these high frequencies, and the Heart of the Crystal Matrix, the source of your highest qualities of emotion, can FEEL the subatomic “life” that ties together All That Is. Separation is merely a third dimensional illusion cast upon your 3D Matrix because your 3D spectrum of perception is extremely limited. Therefore, you cannot recognize the other realities that exist just beyond the limits of your 3D filter.

The Seed of the Crystal Matrix and the Heart of the Crystal Matrix are not IN your third dimensional body. Instead they are located ½ octaves above the physical body. Because of this, they are not limited by your 3D filter and are able to resonate to the highest of frequencies.







The androgynous, Cosmic Consciousness, Crown Chakra, head in the stars, receives the THOUGHT of the new hologram.

This hologram is then sent down to the great integrator, source of Unconditional Emotions, High Heart, heart wide open, to breathe life into the hologram with the EMOTION of Unconditional Love.

The Heart then relays the living hologram down into the Heart of Gaia, feet planted firmly on the ground, to ground the hologram in the polarized masculine/feminine 3D reality, thereby creating the INTENTION of keeping this new reality alive by acting upon it.


It is in this manner that you will “receive” your Mission, the reason for which you took embodiment in this time/space reality. There are so many of you on Earth now who have waited for this important, transformational lifetime. Your Souls even created petitions to show how your birth in this “time” could best serve Gaia.

The Service that you promised to fulfill in your petition is your Mission; the Mission that YOU chose before your embodiment. However, this is not a new Mission, as you have been working towards it, life after life, since you first “logged-on” to the 3D Game.

In the last turn through the Photon Belt, during the fall of Atlantis, Gaia had too much darkness on Her form, and nearly self-destructed. Most of you were there then to assist. During the completion of the Galactic Cycle that you are now undergoing, Gaia has called in Her loyal humans who have served Her for many lifetimes.

Your Mission now is likely similar to the Mission that you had then. Just as you logged-on to the 3D Game as a human, Gaia logged-on to the 3D Game as a Planet. Through your process of playing this Game with Her, you, too, have become a Planet. According to the rules of this Game, once you are born, most of you forget your personal “puzzle piece” of the “Great Puzzle” of Planetary Ascension. However, you are now beginning to remember.

You are also becoming aware that this will be your last assignment in a physical form. Once you feel your final 3D experience is completed, your physical body will totally transformation into Lightbody. Most of you have volunteered to forestall this final transformation until a critical mass Higher Light has been attained in Gaia’s body, Earth, as a catalyst for Planetary Ascension.


Your Lightbodies have been slowly and safely developing within the encasement of your physical shell. The casing of this “shell,” which is ruled by your ego/self and perceived as your physical body, grows thinner and thinner as the seed of your Lightbody germinates and grows within the Heart of the Crystal Matrix.

As this Seed of your Lightbody sprouts within your Crystal Matrix, it sends shoots into every cell and atom of your physical body, where the germination begins again. When each off-shoot sprouts in each cell and atom, your “junk DNA” is activated and your physical earth vessel displays symptoms of transformation.

Your scientists have not found the purpose of this particular DNA, because it is beyond the limitations of their beliefs; hence, the term, “junk DNA.” The scientists cannot perceive what they cannot believe is possible. That is why, dear transforming ones, you must release the “concept of impossible” from your consciousness. “Impossible” is a third dimensional concept, and one that is now obsolete. ALL is possible from the insight of your Soul/SELF.

Your Soul/SELF is multidimensional. It is not only male and female, but also spiritual and physical. Therefore, even while it inhabits your earth vessel, your SELF is also traversing your Home vibration in the fifth dimension and beyond. Your Soul/SELF is aware of, and interlaced with, many different experiences, realities, and lifetimes that are all occurring within the same moment of the ever-present Now.

You may not yet be accustomed to the expansiveness of your Soul’s reality, while Soul Is not yet accustomed to the limitations of your reality. Nonetheless, the TEAM of Physical ego/self and Spiritual Soul/SELF are a partnership, a relationship. This relationship began when you first separated as you entered the 3D Game. When you complete the 3D Game, you will ascend back into your true Multidimensional SELF and your partnership will expand to embrace All That Is.

I now return you to Gaia who will assist you in recalibrating your Heart Chakra so that you may OPEN your High Heart.


suzanne lie 29.9

How to Survive as a Multidimensional Being in a Limited Consciousness ~ Michelle Walling @ Golden Age of Gaia

How to Survive as a Multidimensional Being in a Limited Consciousness

There is no handbook that explains how we are supposed to handle the phenomena that occurs when human beings on a planet begin to vibrate much differently from each other.

On a deeper level we know that we are all connected. Until a major tipping point occurs that will shift us into a more comfortable situation, how can we continue to live together on this planet without going insane or causing harm to one another?

The vibration shift is occurring now

Because of the splitting of vibration, “my way or the highway” seems to be the theme of 2014. It seems as if there has been a great energetic beam that has zapped some people, catapulting them one direction while other people drift the opposite way while Mother Earth sits in the middle, nurturing both groups. I have been observing people playing musical chairs in order to settle back into a vibration that feels most comfortable to them.

It is becoming more and more obvious that not only are we being shown a choice of whether to “ascend” into another dimension or consciousness or whether to continue to stay on the limited consciousness that most find themselves in. It is also becoming apparent that some people are going to take all the time they need to make that choice.

Cognitive dissonance

5d-mdim-1Social forums like In5d, various chat rooms, and Facebook have become wonderful tools in sharing personal experiences with ascension into your eternal creative being. If you have ever participated in one of these platforms or have read the resulting comments, then I’m sure you will recognize some of the things I am going to share with you.

As a writer, chatter, and blogger, I have shared articles about my extraterrestrial persona as one who has traveled the Universe to many other planets and solar systems in preparation for this lifetime. I have also shared deep articles about my spiritual persona who is trying to integrate and heal those lifetimes in order to be the new “version” of the online human being. I also feel there is a part of me that sits in the center of the Cosmos next to that being that created this whole experience which I might call my “angelic self”. There are many other parts of me; thus I am many beings all wrapped up into one.

My observations are astounding as to the opposition and comments of those who “question everything” in a negative way, especially when it comes to other people’s experiences. I am going to use these examples to explain what kind of reaction I have had to them in order to share what I feel like is causing these reactions.

Reaction #1: Dualistic programming that splits thing into either/or decisions. One moment you are talking about being an alien and the next you say you are saying that you are a spiritual teacher. Well, are you an alien or are you a spiritual person? I am a human, i.e. I can touch my arm and know that I am in a human body so you go ahead and act like an alien (ha ha), while I deal with the reality in front of me like an intelligent human being.

Reaction #2: The ego reacts to another who is a wayshower. When someone stands up in front to others to share experiences or things they have learned they are sometimes criticized for wanting to be a guru or and are accused of taking advantage of people financially or may actually be accused of being a poser or fake. I feel like some of these people deep down inside may connect with one of these way showers and they actually agree with some or all of what they are saying, however their conscious self or ego sends out a signal of self defense that says “why didn’t I think of sharing my experience first”, or “if we are one then what makes them so special”.  Another situation that may arise is say someone who doesn’t intend to be a guru or doesn’t even act like a guru ends up having a lot of followers anyway. People then say not to trust anyone who is seen as a guru or wants you to follow them (based only on the fact that they have followers that they did not intend on having).

Reaction #3: Your experience can’t be true because it isn’t in my experience. Even when the information is clearly shared as having come from the inner sight or knowing as a personal experience, the resulting information is misconstrued as “wrong”. Sometimes this negativity can be recognized as a threat to the person’s ego. A defense mechanism kicks in that says “in no way am I going to allow someone else to shatter my reality that I have created”.

Reaction #4: I am an angel and I don’t agree or vibrate with you, therefore you must be a dark being or influenced by a dark being. In my opinion, very few beings originate from the core of this planet. Ultimately, most all of us are “angels” (extraterrestrial messengers), whether we are an angel of the light, whether we chose to fall and serve the experience as part of the dark, or whether we are neutral being here to help Earth with her mission. The term angel simple means messenger of God or Source, which was as aspect of energy sent out to experience a denser vibrational level in physical form. When the message or vibration returns to Source, it helps Source to know itself by reflection. With this example you can see how things can be viewed different ways.

Reaction #5: You are a New Age Religion fanatic or a disinfo agent. Unfortunately, there are people who try to compartmentalize things into New Age or not New Age that cannot be compartmentalized since many terms in our language have different meanings to many people. For Example, some who adhere to the Jesus/Christ Consciousness theory are belittled as New Agers to some who are following astrotheology. On the other hand, some people think of the Jesus story as part of the false light archonic matrix. While there is definitely a disinformation scheme created which is designed to cause confusion, dissention, and disappointment, it is judgmental to place someone else’s experiences or practices in an either/or category of New Age. A better way to describe something might be multidimensional (light, hierarchal, dark (mostly disconnected from organic Source energy), and neutral (connected to Source energy through dark matter). With this being said it makes you realize that even religion itself should not be judged as it may just well be the avenue that someone signed up for as a tool and a great challenge with which to awaken to who they really are.

5d-mdim-3Everyone has their own way of seeing things

Some people also feel like everything should be given away for free in the spiritual and metaphysical world in order to serve in humanity’s best interest. There are people like me who provide experiences for free, and have not yet figured out how to survive in this halfway house. The show may have to come to an end for me and for many people in my situation as a website author and blogger as the last of our savings begins to run dry. This is mostly due to those who think there should be no energy exchange for spiritual information but they are only guarding their own interests in a wrecked economy.

Of course this also leaves the charlatans that have capitalized on the growing light based spiritual movement and a dark agenda New Age One World Religion quite nicely. However, I have to reflect on the fact that they are pretty fortunate to not have to sit in an office for 8 hours per day working for someone else or wasting time driving or sitting in traffic. In my opinion, every moment you can spend in personal reflection and growth will make you that much fulfilled in the long run, and in that way energy will be returned to you in other ways than money.


5d-mdim-4On a bigger scale, I am you and you are me. But at this moment of now we are individual aspects of consciousness that have flown the coup to the densest part of this program and are having a unique human body experience. Such is the irony of the densest physicality in the 3rd-5th dimensions. This Earthly existence presents some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences for spiritual growth anywhere in out Cosmos.

My main conclusion is that everyone should learn to be responsible for his or her own actions. Since thoughts are energy, creating negative thoughts adds negative energy to the collective human consciousness that Pierre Del Chardin named the Noosphere. By decreasing the amount of negative thoughts the consciousness can be tipped to a positive majority. When this occurs, we will no longer have the extreme negativity in our reality. We will have risen above, away, within, or without it, however you choose to see it. The Golden Rule rules here, and as Cameron Day says may be the one Universal Law we could focus on integrating over all others at this time.

I have also learned how to share my experiences and subsequent observations without sounding like a teacher and try to question everything without judging or negating the other’s experience. This includes remembering to preface your opinions with “in my opinion”, “I feel like”, or “in my experience”. Prefacing it this way seems to ease the part of someone else that wants to automatically negate what you are sharing.

I am also trying to support others who are sharing their experiences by “paying it forward”. Most people reading this article will have received some sort of energetic support in their life in order to get to where they are whether it is emotional or financial or in other ways. By paying that energy forward to support others, you are guaranteeing a cycle of energetic to return to you.

Robert Stanley suggests that this experience we are having right now is our ultimate test as to whether we are ready to move forward to the next level. If people can’t get along and show respect on chat rooms and Face book forums, then how will they responsibly use the power to access the Universe? This seems to me like one of the most important things to reflect upon right now. Some say they want no rules but on the other hand without rules you allow irresponsible people to exist in your own version of your world and the vibrations do not match. This creates dissonance as evidenced by the Universal the Law of Vibrational Attainment.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
~ Albert Einstein

I am no Einstein, but I have realized that the key to survival is consciousness. In my view, there are two choices being presented to humanity at this time.

Choice 1- Do your “inner work” and raise your consciousness, and stay grounded and centered. Be responsible for yourself using the tools of compassion, forgiveness, gratefulness, and love. Learn to minimize your ego and balance your emotional body.

Choice 2- Become and energy harvester in order to continue in the same level of consciousness for another 26,000 years or so until another chance to move forward rolls around. However, some of these people will not be able to sustain by harvesting and will end up turning into “space dust”.

How do we exist together when we have the illusion of separation? I have found that it helps to always do your best to take the high road. From a higher perspective, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. However, you can try different things to see what works and does not work for you. Be the observer of the play from the balcony instead of the judge with the gavel, and make changes in your life that will support expansion vs. contraction and love vs. fear.

If anything, my observations have given me great material to write about and have provided wonderful lessons for growth as one who has faced the fear of ridicule in order to share experiences. Even if I help just one person I feel like I am contributing to humanity. Many astrological and psychic reading perfectly line up with and explain my interests in this lifetime which all lead to what I am doing at this point in my life. I encourage everyone to keep on trucking through what is the transition of the winding down of many cycles upon cycles.

There may be one great big wheel that will eventually click and open up a new existence for those who choose it. Until then, realize that we are individualized for a reason yet all connected in order to experience the great duality and polarization of this created experience, and how we deal with it on an individual level reflects our understanding of who we are on a broader level.

About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive.

Creating Balance, Safety and Healing by Being Your Own Loving Guide ~ Shelley Young @ Trinity Esoterics

peter mitchev a

ART : Peter Mitchev

Creating Balance, Safety and Healing by Being Your Own Loving Guide ~ Channeled September 23, 2014

archangel gabriel at trinity esoterics

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be back in your presence again. We honour you for coming and anchoring the energies of the group, and of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We wish you a very happy equinox. Thank you for joining us on this very special day of balance. Balance is what is becoming so very important to you all, moving forward. It is difficult to remember your mastery when you are not in a state of balance.

Balance is an energy that seeks to preserve your safety and well-being. Think of a dancer, or one who is on skates – they swerve, they adjust, they move with the energies and that is what we want for you. We want you to dance joyfully and thrive in the energies from a place of safety and balance, and that is what we would like to discuss with you today.

The most important thing that you can do in terms of creating a space for healing and finding your balance, is to create a safe spot for yourself. It is to create a safe inner circle where you’re completely supported in being who you really are, in shining brightly, in having experiences, and knowing yourself more and more as the divine being that you are, here in the body, having a human experience.

Many of you have been seeking healing for old wounds – old wounds that have occurred to you during previous life expressions, and also wounds that have occurred to you throughout this incarnation. The most fundamental thing you must do – the first step to allow the healing that you seek – is to create a safe place where there will be no more harm done to you. You do that by embracing your own divinity and by becoming your own doting parent, your own unconditionally loving guide. You simply cannot find your way to healing if you are continually being re-wounded.

As you were growing up, if you were in a loving family, you were raised by parents who, above all else, wanted your safety. They cared tremendously about your well-being, about keeping you nourished, sheltered, happy, healthy, and making sure that you had all of the care, love and things that you needed to thrive. They made sure that you napped, ate, bathed, played, and were completely in charge of your care.

As you got older and matured, you started to assume more independence, which is completely appropriate. But what has happened that was really never the intention, is that you became adults and rather than assuming the role of being unconditionally loving and nurturing to yourself, you fell into old belief systems that had been passed down through your family lineage. Suddenly, you believed that joy was frivolous. That it matters not that you like what you do, it matters that you make money. That you sacrifice yourself and your happiness for others. That you become focused on the behaviour and well-being of others and forget about yourself.

This was never the intention! It was meant to be a passing of the baton, celebrating that you were now able to be lovingly nurturing to yourselves and to make good decisions and act as your own guides or loving parents. The ability for you to do so is absolutely vital for you to move forward.

So we ask you to take a moment and think about any ways that you don’t keep yourself safe. If you continue to allow another person’s poor behaviour to hurt you over and again, you are not creating a safe environment for yourself. You will continue to be re-wounded and you will not allow the healing that your soul is seeking to move forward and have the full life expression that you are here to have.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t be loving and caring towards others. Far from it! We are asking that you be loving, caring and nurturing for yourself first, and then from that balanced place, love and nurture others, helping them find their own accountability, their own authentic power, their own responsibility, and ability to love and nurture themselves. So the rule of thumb, Dear Ones, always, is never to become more invested in another’s wellness than they are in their own, and to never become more invested in another’s wellness than you are in your own! It must begin within.

So, if you had loving parents we urge you to start loving yourself from this moment forward as your parents did. If you were not fortunate enough to have loving, supportive, nurturing parents, now is the time to become your own. Now is the time to make wonderful decisions for yourself. You know what was missing for you. Go give whatever you didn’t receive to yourself and make the solemn vow to yourself that you will never allow anyone to hurt you, or neglect you, again.

If anyone treats you with less respect than you would accept for a beloved child, they are not a safe person to have in your inner circle. You get to choose. No one wins by accepting poor behaviour from others. We are not for a second saying that you should not practice love and unity consciousness. But we are saying that it is loving to hold others accountable for their less than desirable behaviour towards you. That is being loving to you, and it is being loving to them, because as people are no longer supported in their poor behaviour they will have no choice but to grow and change and evolve, and that is what you are all on the planet to do.

Within each and every one of you is an amazing internal guidance system that is led by your inner divinity. You always know, deep within yourselves what is the right course of action. You always know whether something is empowering to you or disempowering to you. You always know whether a behaviour is acceptable or not. You all have that within you. The most ultimate balance you will ever find, comes from becoming a loving guide to yourself, which allows you to experience your own divinity, and your humanity, at the very same time.

Can you feel the balance from that? That is where you are going. From that balanced unconditionally loving place, from that nurtured, cared for place, you will always make good and healthy decisions. You will make wonderful choices for yourself regarding what you ingest, how much rest you get, what you do for fun, your love relationships, your fitness, your meditation practices, if you make every single decision based on asking yourself, “If I were a loving guide for myself, what would I advise myself to do?” You will allow your divinity to lead the way, which will allow you to have a far more satisfying experience as an enlightening human being, on an ascending planet.

This is the ultimate in self-responsibility. This is stepping into your authentic power. This is embracing all of the things that you all have within you, and by doing so, not only will you bloom and thrive, your entire planet will, as well.

You still get to have preferences. You still get to be energetically selective even if you are practicing unconditional love and unity consciousness. It is not loving to anyone to allow yourself to be abused or treated poorly. And while you are reevaluating things, this means you must stop abusing yourself through your own negative self talk, as well!

Now this doesn’t mean that you throw people out to the curb if they are having a bad day. Of course not! We are talking about using your wisdom and discernment, and if there is consistent poor behaviour from another, where the person is unpredictable and you can’t safely be open around them, we would suggest to you that that is not a person you should have in your inner circle.

It just makes sense. What would you tell your child if there was a bully at school that sent them home in tears every day? You certainly wouldn’t say be that person’s best friend. You would say, stay with your friends – the ones who love you and treat you well and avoid that other person. You might say the bully must be feeling sad inside or angry inside and that there must be something going on with that person, but you wouldn’t encourage your child to submit themselves to that abuse time and again, would you? Dear Ones, the entire planet would do so well if you would just follow the advice you give your children!

That includes having fun! Experiencing joy and laughter! Being self-nurturing. Doing what feels good. There are plenty of things on your planet that can bring you deep joy, that feel good, that are not harmful to you in the least, and we encourage you to seek and enjoy them.

By embracing your divinity and your humanity at the same time, you will create the balance to support living the lives of your dreams. But you must be your own loving guide, your own loving parent, your own loving nurturer, in order to create the perfect conditions for the healing that you’ve been seeking all along to be completed, so that you can start having the whole experience. This is what we wish for you to know today. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young


peter mitchev a

Archangel Zadkiel ~ “Your Inner Stillness” ~ Transmitted through Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light


Eden ART by Mara Diop

 ART : 'Eden' ~ by Mara Diop

“Your Inner Stillness”

October 2014

Greetings Beloved Ones,


This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst. We bring you greetings from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation and the Violet Flame. Today we would like to discuss your inner stillness and how it can propel you to greater heights.


You are continuing on your path of ascension, and your radiant Light shines brightly.


Many new and higher frequency energies are continuing to arrive on your planet. Sometimes they are spaced far enough apart for you to adjust with little or no effort. Others arrive in rapid succession, and these may be more challenging for your energetic Being to assimilate.


The way in which you view these changes can affect the ease of assimilation of the higher frequencies. When you welcome them as a way to increase your own frequency, you can work with them to move to higher vibrational levels.


Maintaining your personal energy field can also help you to assimilate the higher frequencies. Focusing on your inner stillness is one way to help in this assimilation.


Your inner stillness is that part of you that resides in your heart center. It radiates to your solar plexus and high heart area and eventually spreads throughout your energy field. It is that part of you that is your guiding center and determines how you respond to events around you.


When you have a strong center of inner stillness, you are able to determine which events around you are beneficial to your progress and which are not. You have an inner knowing and assessment of an event with less chance of an emotional reaction occurring. You are able to listen to the promptings of your heart more clearly. Then you are able to make decisions which move you higher on your ascension path.


You are also able to remain calm when others around you are not. This enhances your decision-making ability and your awareness of the bigger picture. Many things appear to be very different when viewed from a higher perspective.


Strengthening your point of inner stillness begins with an awareness of its benefits and your desire for it to assist you on your ascension path. The more you tune in to it, the stronger it will become.


You may wish to focus on it during your meditation or quiet time. This is a natural time that you can be aware of your inner stillness. As you sit quietly and focus on this area, you will feel its gentle energy as you breathe in and out. You will be aware of its location in your own energetic Being.


As you continue to focus on it, you may experience a feeling of peacefulness, calmness, and centeredness. This centeredness, along with the love from your heart center, will be your guiding star of inner knowing.


Many times when you begin to feel stressed, simply pausing and focusing on your breath will bring forth the benefits of your inner stillness. When you practice this repeatedly, it will become your default pattern to tune in to your center of stillness before acting.


As you are in tune with your inner stillness, your energy is in harmony with your natural state of Being, and your vibration begins to rise. The diversions that previously tended to pull you off course do not affect you as they did before. You notice them and become an observer rather than a reactor. Then you are able to decide whether they are harmonious with your ascension path.


You are also able to receive the prompts from your inner guidance and the Beings of Light. When you do this, you are able to make decisions and take actions that move you farther along your path.


You may find that you are more in tune with yourself as a Being rather than someone who is always doing, and you are more in tune with your true nature as a Spark of Divinity. You are aware that you are part of something much greater than your individual Self.


You see yourself as part of the great cosmic fabric of the Universe. When this occurs, you are able to move from your inner stillness to a universal perspective and back to your individual consciousness. It becomes a seamless process that begins when you are in tune with your inner stillness.


Beloveds, we are happy that you are tuning in to your inner stillness. When you are in this state of inner centeredness and awareness, we rejoice with you.


Know that you are greatly loved.


WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, …and We surround you with love


And so it is.


All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:



Eden ART by Mara Diop