New Metatron Channel – The Mega Eclipses of October = EXPANDED & LARGER TEXT @ Earth-Keeper


art Christian Schloe .
ART :  Christian Schloe
New Metatron Channel   – The Mega Eclipses of October
Expanded & in Larger Text
Dear Family ! The below is excerpted from Archangel Metatron’s new channel on the nature of Eclipses and the importance of the current energy on the planet…the time sensitive portions relating to October 2014 are included. The full channel will be available in  James Tyberonn’s soon to be released new book and will be available online.  Offered in love… Enjoy ! 
Windows of Infinity
The Mega Eclipses of October 2014
Understanding the Nature & Attributes of Lunar & Solar Ecliptical Synergy
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn 

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The above channel is copyrighted © All Rights Reserved

The 3d copyrights of this Metatron message via James Tyberonn are the exclusive copyrights of Earth-Keeper publishing. We offer this message in love. The complete channel will be available very soon in book format, and the audio version is free.  Please do not post, print, publish or release on U Tube without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper.

art Christian Schloe .


angel    Dinah Paes

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