The Great Shift On Planet Earth Occurs Within Our Beings First Before It Is Reflected In Our Outer Environment ~ Sabrina Reber @ Raise Your Vibration


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ART Eng Tay

The Great Shift On Planet Earth Occurs Within Our Beings First Before It Is Reflected In Our Outer Environment

We live in a time of accelerated change and transformation. In 2012, our planet aligned itself in the center, or galactic heart of the milky way. This ushered in a cyclic event that occurs in 26,000 year cycles as the Earth completes a full revolution around the sun. For the next 2000 years, the Earth will be inside the photon band where humanity’s next level of advancement is being offered. The photon band is a band of high vibrational intensified light that comes from the great central sun (son) ~ it is the eminence and radiance of the Christ Light Energy.

The return of Christ is the return of our true self. While we are in the photon belt, encodings activating our memory and dormant strands of DNA are sent through the rays of the sun encouraging us to move out of the dark ages of egoic negative creation and into a more enlightened state of being where we merge into oneness with our higher souls so we can create an era of peace here on Earth. In Aramaic, soul means christ. The return of christ is the return of our very own christ consciousness or higher soul consciousness that lives in a higher vibrating dimension within each persons being. Humanity at this time has a free will choice to remain just as they are, refusing to grow and expand their current level of being, or we can choose to actively participate in our souls transformational process, fully accepting and integrating the christ consciousness within us.

The great shift and planetary ascension occurs WITHIN each person personally before change is reflected back to us in our outer environment. Many people are looking externally of themselves expecting the governments, financial systems, religious groups, and big cooperations to change first in order for our world to reflect β€œthe great shift” everyone has been talking about. Many were disappointed when the world did not change overnight on December 21st, 2012. However, the great shift occurs within the human beings energetic system through the rising of the dormant kundalini energy that lays dormant at the base of every persons spine. Our inner states of being are reflected in our outer environments; so in order to create the changes we desire to see in our environment each person must be willing to first make the changes within their own being through the purification of the blocks stored in our chakra systems so our dormant creator energies can rise through the 7 main physical chakras activating and opening our spiritual chakras – chakras 8-12. The change we are talking about is not an intellectual change, it is an energetic change that happens in perfect divine timing after the 7 physical human chakras have been purified enough for divine energy to flow through each chakra so our lower selves can merge into oneness with our higher self and activate the soul in physical incarnation to radiate a higher level of crystalline (christ line) LIGHT.

This process is happening to the masses now. Many people do not even know what is occurring to them. Their lives are chaotic and everything they thought they knew to be true is collapsing before their very eyes. Things that no longer serve them are being stripped away by the higher soul. The ego’s comfort zones are being tested at such an extreme rate people are running into a tremendous amount of fear. The outer chaos in the world is actually a positive sign of humanity’s inner turmoil that is coming up to been seen, healed and transcended. As the kundalini energies rise up the spine – karma is burned off, old stored emotions come up to be felt and released and distorted subconscious programs begin to dissolve. The kundalini energies will also begin to activate our dormant DNA and spiritual glands that have been dormant since the fall of man. We are all undergoing our own personal apocalypse (which means lifting of the veil in Greek) as the 7 trumpets are played (chakras) and everything that was hidden from our awareness comes forward to be seen so it can be transcended. For we can not heal anything unless we first acknowledge it. This can be a very overwhelming process for people who do not understand what ascension truly is. Ascension is the process of raising your vibrational frequency through the purification of the chakra system so your dormant kundalini energy can rise through the 7 chakras and you can merge into oneness with your higher soul. As more and more people activate the LIGHT within them – which is when the kundalini rises and you have a direct experience of divine bliss, oneness and your true souls nature – you will then be a β€œLight Worker” and a catalyst to activate others in their awakening simply through the interaction of your activated energy fields that interact with others. So, the healing we do on ourselves has the potential to assist and activate those who are using their free will to ascend in consciousness as well. A β€œspiritualized” being who has an activated chakra system – through the rising of their kundalini – has the potential to ground in more light on the Earth because their axiatonal lines and spiritual channels are open enough to bring crystalline energies through their energetic system grounding them onto the Earth activating those who are open to receiving this higher vibrational crystalline light that flows through their being.

The work we all do on ourselves helps everyone – especially those who are desiring to ascend. By raising our own personal vibrational frequency not only do we get rewarded with greater connection to our higher soul and God/ddess but we also are able to radiate the greatest LIGHT service to planet Earth and our brothers and sisters. The greatest service, is the service to self….the healing of the self. For we can not give to another what we have not claimed for our self. And at this time on our planet it is much easier for people to activate the kundalini LIGHT within themselves. The Earth is in the photon belt and we are receiving massive downloads of light from the galactic center, the inner Earth, the multidimensional legions of LIGHT and also from the enormous amount of people who are activating the LIGHT within themselves everyday. We are in a time period of rapid transformation with potential for a huge shift in consciousness, not only for ourselves and the Earth but also for the surrounding planets around us as everything is connected and effects the other. Click Here for a list of transmutational ascension symptoms:

For help with your souls ascension, you may be interested in the β€œRAISE YOUR VIBRATION” book. This book has been written to help you understand what is happening to you and it is also a guide book to help you heal your self and clear your energetic blocks so you can merge into oneness with your very own christ consciousness. Click Here for the book store:Β


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