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What is a Guru?

Question: Sadhguru, you say we should not simply believe anything, but rather experiment with life and see for ourselves. However, it seems, to grow spiritually, tremendous trust in the Guru is needed. So what is the difference between belief and trust?

Sadhguru: Belief springs from your expectation. When you say “I believe you,” you are expecting that I will act according to your rights and wrongs. Suppose I do something which is not within the field of your rights and wrongs, then the first thing that will happen is, you are going to come to me and say, “I believed you, and now you did this.” If your Guru can be contained within your limitations, then you better not go anywhere near that man because he will be of no help to you. He will solace you, he will comfort you, but this man is bondage. This man is not liberation. Trust is different. Trust is your quality. It is not subject to anything else, it is simply there. When you say “I trust,” it means, “It doesn’t matter what you do, I trust.” That is not falling into the framework of your limitations.

I never asked you to trust me. The very reasons why I never use the word “trust” with people is because it is badly corrupted. If at all anybody here spoke about trust, it is to raise you beyond your own likes and dislikes, your own limitations. The very feeling of “I trust you” raises you beyond this bundle of likes and dislikes. “No matter what you do, I trust you.” If you really want to make use of a Guru’s Presence, you must be willing to allow that Presence to overwhelm you, to overpower you, to destroy you in one way. At least for those few moments that you are with him, you should no longer be yourself. What you consider yourself to be, should be absent in his Presence.

Pulling the walls down

When people spoke about trust, what they meant was that you allow someone else to enter you. If you have to allow someone else to enter you, you have to become vulnerable. Once he enters you, you are subject to anything. The very reason why you have built walls is, somewhere when you made yourself vulnerable, someone did something which was not within your expectations. So you got terrified and built walls around yourself. Now, when you say, “I trust you,” you are willing to pull that wall down, which means that the other person does not have to live within the framework of your expectations. So one aspect is the Presence of the Guru, the quality of who he is, does things to you. Another aspect is, the moment you create that kind of situation that you are not bothered about what is going to happen to you, that itself is transformation.

The time frame that I have with people is limited. So I am making myself available only as a Presence, not as a person. As a person, I am just keeping a certain face – in many ways within the framework of your expectations. If I have to use my person also as a device, then it needs much more trust, and maybe more time. People who are with me for longer periods of time find me an impossible person, which I am not with you.

A conscious concoction

Right now, this personality that you call “myself” is in some ways an accident, depending upon what kind of situations you have been exposed to. Your personality is constantly evolving, beaten around by life. Whichever way life beats you, you will become that kind of shape and form. Your personality is constantly being constructed by external situations. The one whom you call as Guru is not a person. The whole process of self-realization means someone has transcended his personality and then he carefully crafts a personality as it is necessary for the kind of role that he wants to play.

In a limited way, on the surface, you too are building your personality to suit your activity. A being who is experiencing himself beyond limitations does it in a very deep way. He structures every aspect of his life as it is necessary for the role that he has chosen to play. It is a conscious construction. When it is a conscious construction, it is just a device, it is not bondage anymore. Any moment, he can just pull it down. Even now, the way I operate as a person is very different in different places. It may be shocking for you if you see me in other kinds of situations. Because you have fallen into the comfort of knowing this kind of person, when you see another kind of person, you are unable to handle it.

A Guru creates his personality in such a way that people don’t know whether to love it or to hate it. He carefully crafts a personality where one moment you think, “Yeah, I’m really in love with this man.” Next moment, you may feel completely different about him. And both of these emotions are not allowed to cross certain lines. Within those lines, you are constantly being thrashed around so that after some time you will know, this is not a person. This is not a human being. Either he is a devil or he must be Divine.

Taking the jump

That which is not in your experience cannot be taught to you intellectually. To take a person from one dimension of experience to another dimension of experience, you need a device which is of a higher level of intensity and energy. That device is what we call as Guru. The Guru-shishya relationship is on an energy basis. A Guru is touching you in a dimension where no one else can touch you. There are many ways to move your energies to Ajna. But from Ajna to Sahasrar, there is no particular way to do anything. It is just a jump. It is because of this that the Guru-shishya relationship has been held as the most sacred relationship in this culture. If you have to take this jump, you need deep trust – otherwise, it is not possible. Learn yoga and meditation from Sadhguru from your own home.

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Three Stages of Ascension ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Three Stages of Ascension

Michael 23I need to review Archangel Michael’s recent remarks about Ascension. Because they’re important.

I think it works to have the clearest possible notion of what’s coming down the pike to avoid disappointment and discouragement.

We have enough on our plates. We’re all of us tired. Let’s get on with it already.

If you feel that way, let me review what he said here because it explains a lot about our future and may reassure you.

What I got from my discussions with him and the Divine Mother over the past weeks is that there seem to be three stages of Ascension.

First Stage

The first stage of Ascension is what AAM humorously calls “the snap” or “ignition.” I believe that’s the activation of our lightbodies. Turning on the light, so to speak.

It marks our entry into the Fifth Dimension – mass, physical Ascension as One. That is an historic event for Earth.

Ascension in our lightbodies is equivalent to your guests having entered your house and they’re taking off their coats in the vestibule. They’ve just arrived.

We’ll all have entered the vestibule of the Fifth Dimension together, to be received with great celebration, I’m sure.

Yes, we’ll have entered the Golden Age, but, no, we won’t be creating with thought. Using replicators perhaps. We’re in the vestibule, the first sub-plane of the Fifth.

Second Stage

The achievement of the higher stages comes in around 2017, as Matthew Ward intimated.

My model for this analysis is the subplanes of the Mental Plane on the other side of life. (1) Ascent there too is a gradual process similar to our Ascension.

As Archangel Michael explained it to me, there will be two advanced states of enlightenment we’ll pass through in 2017. They form the second and third stages of Ascension.

The second stage of Ascension occurs when the kundalini reaches the crown chakra. It’s called Brahmajnana or God Realization.

It’s being “halfway up the mountain.”  We arrive at the knowledge that “I am God.”

This marks our entry into the second sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension. But there’s more.

Third Stage

Shortly after comes Sahaja Samadhi, the energy doubling back on the heart to create a permanent heart opening, moksha or liberation. We now know that “God is everything.”

This is the third stage of our gradual Ascension. Let us call it the third sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension and it brings moksha.

It marks the completion of our journey of Ascension on Planet Earth. Job done. Throw our hats in the air.

Think of this as a road map of the three stages of Ascension, as related to me by Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother.

Why Know This?

Why know this? To ward off disappointment and discouragement when people find that we’ve entered the Fifth Dimension and they didn’t experience Sahaja Samadhi.

No, no, no, that comes later. Three more years for that.

We’re going up in a gradual manner so as not to wear out our physical bodies. We’re ascending together. And we’re approaching the first significant date. I have no idea what it’ll be like.

We’ve all done it many times before, but I can’t remember. (joke)

We’re here as the leaven in the loaf, waiters at the banquet of Ascension.

We’re already on the launchpad now, he said to me. We’re more or less underway. Life ahead is a series of events lasting from 2014 to 2017, in between which we build Nova Earth.

Use Your Imagination

To review: First our lightbodies are awakened. And then our Crown Chakra. And shortly after that we have a permanent heart opening and liberation.

All three are causes for celebration. It’s one majestic advance after another as we head home.

Can I say one last thing? All the work I’ve been doing lately on the imagination is tying in with things I’ve learned over the years (the file is being updated, the knowledge integrated).

And I’m feeling more and more drawn to saying to you: Just imagine the future. Just think about it. Craft it in your mind.

Because whatever you craft in your mind is what you’re being given and I’d say what you’re intended to build.

Creative thought is a Fifth-Dimensional use of the imagination. So use your imagination.

Imagine our lightbodies. Imagine moksha. Imagine Ascension.  Picture them in your mind.

By now I’m aboard the train to Sacramento, and then on to Tahoe.


(1) Start here: http://goldengaiadb.com/The_Mental_Plane_%E2%80%93_The_First_Heaven.


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Video : Matt Kahn ~ Emotional Oneness @ True Divine Nature

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Video: Matt Kahn – Emotional Oneness

Matt Kahn: Emotional Oneness, July 30, 2014, http://truedivinenature.com

In this one-hour video, Matt Kahn conveys an energetic transmission of presence, while demystifying the experience of Oneness in his insightful and humorous talk.  [Some mild profanity is used in a humorous context.]

Matt Kahn suggests a new perspective on Oneness, illuminating why this experience is so sought-after, yet so seldom attained or ‘kept’ more permanently.

He proposes that the pursuit of Oneness makes a person hungrier for it; Oneness becomes an object.

The actual key to the experience of Oneness, Matt explains, is the deepening of our relationship with our own innocence, or inner child.

It is not about transcending the ego, which is simply an “inflated character” the inner child has constructed as an attention-seeking device.  While trying to transcend the ego, we actually send messages of abandonment and rejection to the inner child.

Further, Matt explains that often our ‘spiritual journeys’ give us a focus other than upon our hearts, which makes our inner children angry and confused. The inner child, he says, is the “guardian of our soul.”

Until we give it our loving attention, it actually won’t allow that which we want to manifest or create in our lives because it feels like a second sibling in relation to our spiritual quests.

Matt says that the relationship with the inner child is “what triggers the floodgates of abundance.” Innocence, he says, waits until you are on the same page as it before allowing manifestations.

Our relationship to our inner child is often expressed outwardly in our relationships with others.  Matt questions why we spend so much of our lives trying to be validated by others who don”t treat themselves, or us, with respect. Then, rather than being the one who loves ourselves the way others couldn’t, we spend energy chasing outside validation from those who were “not designed to give it to us.”

This talk demonstrates how self-love truly is the key to all the desires of our hearts.



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