Video : Matt Kahn ~ Emotional Oneness @ True Divine Nature

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Video: Matt Kahn – Emotional Oneness

Matt Kahn: Emotional Oneness, July 30, 2014,

In this one-hour video, Matt Kahn conveys an energetic transmission of presence, while demystifying the experience of Oneness in his insightful and humorous talk.  [Some mild profanity is used in a humorous context.]

Matt Kahn suggests a new perspective on Oneness, illuminating why this experience is so sought-after, yet so seldom attained or ‘kept’ more permanently.

He proposes that the pursuit of Oneness makes a person hungrier for it; Oneness becomes an object.

The actual key to the experience of Oneness, Matt explains, is the deepening of our relationship with our own innocence, or inner child.

It is not about transcending the ego, which is simply an “inflated character” the inner child has constructed as an attention-seeking device.  While trying to transcend the ego, we actually send messages of abandonment and rejection to the inner child.

Further, Matt explains that often our ‘spiritual journeys’ give us a focus other than upon our hearts, which makes our inner children angry and confused. The inner child, he says, is the “guardian of our soul.”

Until we give it our loving attention, it actually won’t allow that which we want to manifest or create in our lives because it feels like a second sibling in relation to our spiritual quests.

Matt says that the relationship with the inner child is “what triggers the floodgates of abundance.” Innocence, he says, waits until you are on the same page as it before allowing manifestations.

Our relationship to our inner child is often expressed outwardly in our relationships with others.  Matt questions why we spend so much of our lives trying to be validated by others who don”t treat themselves, or us, with respect. Then, rather than being the one who loves ourselves the way others couldn’t, we spend energy chasing outside validation from those who were “not designed to give it to us.”

This talk demonstrates how self-love truly is the key to all the desires of our hearts.



art cosmic couple

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