Interview with Judith Coates ~ How does it feel to channel Jesus? @ Oakbridge University


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ART : Embrace ~ by Freydoon Rassouli

Interview with Judith Coates

How does it feel to channel Jesus?

Unbelievably loving. Sometimes I still cannot believe the process that happens where He, Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus, borrows “my” body and speaks in a very dynamic flow of energy, while “I” am very much present and yet am the beholder. Because I am present, I know that at any moment I could just stop talking, and yet, the feeling is so loving and the messages so practical and meaningful, that it becomes a “choiceless choice.”

Were you always religious?

No. I went to church as a child with my parents, and I prayed to Jesus as a “good” little girl would, hoping that He might hear me, but my early adult life was focused more on marriage, raising children, getting a Master’s degree in Information Science (!) and being the wife of a university professor. Later, when I married my present husband, who is a minister, church and religion became more of my life.

How did you become aware of channeling?

I had heard of and had read material by some of the more well-known channelers in the 1980’s, but my personal involvement with channeling began with the arrival of a manuscript. It was the typewritten copy of Jesus and Mastership, the story of Jesus’ life as told by Him through automatic writing, scribed by James Morgan. The discourses had come through in the 1970’s, and Jim and his wife, Audre’, had tried, unsuccessfully, to find a publisher. After Jim passed on in 1978, Audre’ continued to treasure the writings, and in 1989, learning that my husband, Tom, and I were interested in channeled material, she sent the manuscript to us. Tom was at that time minister of a metaphysical church and publishing a monthly newspaper containing channeled information. When we read the manuscript, we knew it had to be made available to people, so we decided we would publish it – even though we knew nothing about publishing!

In preparing Jesus and Mastership for publication, I proofread the pages as they were put in form for the printer. I spent many hours reading and re-reading the words of Jesus, and, as I did so, I felt an increasingly close personal relationship with Him. Now I could hear Him speaking to me through the pages of the book. He was becoming personally alive for me.

Did you think that you might channel, either through automatic writing or by some other way?

No, not at all. However, looking back, I can see how various events worked together to bring about this process. About the same time as we were preparing to publish the Jesus and Mastership book, Tom and I, along with six other colleagues, were led to incorporate Oakbridge University, a metaphysical vision of higher learning, and as part of the University, we established Oakbridge Chapel, which met on Sunday mornings. As the Sunday services evolved, I was asked to give the announcements of upcoming classes and workshops being offered in the University during the week, and after a while I felt led to add a bit of inspiration – an affirmation or an uplifting poem, etc. – at the end of the seemingly dry class information. This format continued for some time; then the words came to “Be amongst the people and share from your heart.” I didn’t know where those words came from, or what they meant exactly, but, okay. I would do the announcements, then leave the lectern and walk down to the first row of seats and share whatever was in my heart – whatever I had read that week that was inspiring, whatever bits of wisdom that had come to me – praying all the while, “God, give me something to say!”

I remember noticing during this time that there was a flow of energy that was palpable, dynamic, while I/we were sharing. And then, at a certain point, it would be like a window shade was descending in front of me (within me?) and the energy changed, and I knew it was time to wrap it up and sit down. What was happening? I didn’t know.

We continued this way for a year and a half. Then, in the spring of 1993, on a Sunday morning, in front of the whole congregation, Jeshua announced that He was speaking, that He desired to tell the Easter story in His own words – and that He had been speaking through me for some time.

Were you surprised at this?

Very. I had known for some time that something different was happening, but when He spoke through me as if I were not there, speaking about me in the third person “she,” and I was consciously there as a beholder, and knowing that at any time I could just stop, I very much questioned what was going on.

What has convinced you that he is who he says he is?

The many healings I have witnessed over the years, both physical and emotional. His energy is so loving and supportive that He allows everyone to accept the healing they need or want. Jeshua, through me, is a very dynamic expression, One Who loves to be “amongst the people.” He is exactly what you would want a Best Friend to be.


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