The Initiating Will (The First Aspect) ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light

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The Initiating Will (The First Aspect)

The Initiating Will

~ The First Aspect ~

The first aspect is equivalent to the Father Principle, but should not be understood as primary because it is first. All three aspects are equal, though their effects in the world are quite different. The first aspect gives impulse to action, and is therefore related to the experience of will and purpose. It is the driving force behind creation, and is the energy that propels all things into existence. This dimension of divinity is dynamic and forceful, and has application at every level of creation.

When you decide to get a project moving, for example, this is indication that you are wielding the first aspect. Though its expression may be either wise or ill-considered, it is nonetheless the first aspect in action. Every one of us utilizes the first aspect within the day-to-day fabric of our lives. It is what gives rise to the motivational urge within us. In an animal, it is the energy behind the survival instinct, and in the plant kingdom the first aspect can be seen in the persistence of its perennials.

At the level of the human soul, it is the first aspect that initiated the urge to return to physical form to begin an incarnational journey in support of continued evolution toward enlightenment. Conversely, this same energy also facilitates the soul’s withdrawal from the body at the time of death—and is thus expressed as the “will to abstract”.

When walking the spiritual Path, an alert attitude to the three aspects can be quite fruitful. Such a discipline can provide much insight into the nature of consciousness as well as the experience of outer events. Even within one’s thought life we see the first, second and third aspects operative. The first aspect is the thinker, and this engages the second aspect, thinking, and the resultant effect is an intelligent thought—the third aspect.

(Note: A discussion of the second and third aspects will be presented on the next two postings, respectively)

William Meader

Emergent Light


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Aster via Andrea Scully : What is the Hesitation? @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Aster via Andrea Scully: What is the Hesitation?

why the hesitation 2Aster: What is the Hesitation?, channeled by Andrea Scully, October 10, 2014,

Hello again, Aster.  How very odd it feels to come to an open page and not know what will come out of it. I also find that if I go back and reread what’s been given before, it’s often like I’ve not read it before. If this is information coming from what basically is from myself (as we are One), then how can this be? It’s a bit confusing, even though I accept this is how it is for now.

Aster: There’s so much of who we are. To stretch to the limits of this, when there are no limits… And yet, in any moment there is whatever there is there to come into focus. To hold all focal points in precision at all times will require much more opening and stretching of what is considered to be ‘consciousness’.

There’s so many beliefs in the human realm at this time to limit this expansion. It’s happening even so, and yet there’s still much to be done in encouraging all beings in limitation to honor what expansion is happening. The habitual stance is to disregard that which is ‘outside’ the norm, and there’s also the stance to dismiss that which can’t be understood in habitual ways.

We continue to encourage you to simply allow for expanded concepts to exist without doing this limiting and back-stepping into limited mind-sets. Most of the Universe is, and will be, incomprehensible so long as there’s the need to corral it into what is seen as manageable or logical sequence in order to perceive it.

It will be a long time until the expansion will be enough for the mechanisms [of the Universe] to be understood in ways that approach what is being longed for here. And truly, in many ways this will never happen. Perception is curtailed greatly by this approach and it must be balanced with an approach that masters allowing for What Is to be in the field of perception without the need to corral it into any notion of labeling or ‘knowing what it is’.

All the naming and labeling that goes on in human consciousness is simply a factor of limited communication faculties. When telepathy is more prevalent the transfer of concepts will be much smoother and without so many mistranslations.

Since there are many levels of integration going on right now, the manner in which this information is being shared is experienced as just out of your field of awareness. It’s not so far really, but to manage your present state of reality, it is unfolding as ‘out there’.

Since you still view it as out there, so it is. This integration will continue, and out there will become ‘in here’, inside your field of awareness. Simply allow and it will soon be so.

Well, this is good to know. I still have a restless feeling that accompanies these conversations. Though it’s easy when I finally break down and open the page for it, there’s always some resistance to doing so. Why is this?

Aster: You will know better than I! But, yes, we would point out that a lifetime of habitual keeping the outside out and the inside in has taken up residence in your field. How is that serving you now, would be our question to you?

Hmmm, good question. I certainly don’t think on a conscious level that I’m all that closed or vulnerable or any of that business anymore. Certainly not in the uber-defensive way I used to be. But, yes, I can see what you’re talking about here. This feeling of resistance is leading me to the underlying and hidden anxiety I’m feeling. Wow, and here I thought I was over that speed bump.

Aster: The remnants left in your field of beingness are small compared to what you used to carry. But the echoes of them are still powerful enough to create a type of blockage. It’s up to you to release them and go forward in a freer way. This is your birthright and heritage as a being.

The realms of consciousness and beingness are for you, they belong to you like the sea belongs to a fish. Do you see the meaning in this metaphor given?

Yes, I do and it makes me smile. How simple this is and yet there’s still so much that only comes to light when I have these conversations with you. It’s pure magic, so I really don’t get the hesitation…

Aster: We would suggest the hesitation for you is the thought that there may be an opening of the page and nothing would happen. In view of the mighty emotion you’ve experienced about getting reconnected with us, there’s a part of you that is afraid it will disappear. Acknowledging this on a conscious level and having compassion for it will begin to heal this for you and remove the hesitation and discomfort you’ve been feeling.

We attend you always. We always have. There’s no possibility of separation or forgetting us ever again. It was a limited time factor and served its purpose. Soon you’ll expand enough to realize that there was never a time ever in creation that you forgot us. You’ll soon remember this too.

Oh my. I almost got what you just said and remembered. I think this is enough for this session as I want to integrate this information now. There’s a whole lot of memories right on the tip of my tongue all of a sudden…

Thank you, as always, for the magic of this doorway we are communing through.

Aster: And we thank you for being the portal for our action on Earth in conjunction with Gaia and her kingdoms. Come again soon, we love you.


art La_Muse  albena vatcheva