ART LUCY CAMPBELL  Imaginarium title
ART : Imaginarium ~ Lucy Campbell
Non-physical implants are generally described as “etheric” or “energetic.” They can be implanted in various places in your Being or field and they affect the frequency of the energy where they are located.
Many implants have dissolved as we hold higher and higher levels of Light here on Earth. Some implants are part of your blueprint and can only be changed when downloading a new blueprint.  Others remain in your Being/field and some of these are the ones we want to remove.
Examples of implants that we want to remove are residual implants from past lives ~ generally, these are the ones that need to be removed because they create energetic blocks. We also want to remove any other implants that do not serve our highest and best interests.
The good news is that you can remove these implants yourself. You do not need to ask other people to remove your implants and you certainly do not need to pay to have implants removed. You can do that if you like, but it is not necessary.
Jenny Schiltz, one of our crew members (a member of the Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, just like the rest of us), has received the following guidance from Sananda regarding implant removal. Sananda suggests to simply state (and intend) the following once a day:
 I ask that all contracts, cords, agreements, threads, attachments, implants, thought patterns, thought forms and thought creations that no longer serve my highest good be cut and healed going past, present, future across all timelines, dimensions, realities, aspects of self, and through past lives. It is so, it is done.
Sananda confirms that anyone can remove their own implants. He adds, “They need to be careful and not paint a broad brush and remove them all.” It’s important to remember to ask that only things that no longer serve our highest good be removed. 
Sananda also says that it is okay to ask for help from others ~ that many are gifted and can help you a lot. And paying for services is okay, too. However, the minute someone tells you that only they can do something, there is a power issue. It is no different than a Catholic priest saying he must talk to god for you.
Taking responsibility for your own Being and journey and energy is a great way to empower yourself. That is part of mastery ~ owning your power. If somebody tells you that you need their spiritual services or assistance and that there is something that you cannot do for yourself, with the help of your own guides and team, you might want to take a step back and ask yourself why that person is trying to disempower you. And then you can decide if you want to give your power away to that person or not. It is all up to you. Remember that a true Lightworker will always seek to empower others, not make them dependent on himself. And a true teacher will aspire to teach you how to help yourself, not keep you under her thumb.

I’d like to point out one more thing here. Please keep in mind that the spiritual journey toward higher levels of consciousness is one that is available to everybody on this planet. The Light coming in and the Tsunami of Love is for everybody, not just wealthy people or people with computers or access to spiritual “gurus.” In other words, somebody who lives what you might think of as a primitive existence who has never read a book or seen a computer or watched Oprah has the exact same opportunity to ascend as all of us who are reading this online right now. A “primitive” or isolated person doesn’t need access to spiritual gurus or life coaches or channelers or special crystals or magic water because, just like us, everything s/he needs is within.
Yes, it is beneficial to use spiritual tools and to ask other people for assistance and information. In fact, some people and some tools can be very helpful. And we are here to help each other. All I am saying is that these things are never a necessity. The Light is inclusive. Love is inclusive. It doesn’t matter whether you have money for ascension classes or organic foods or healing sessions. Love and Light will always be yours even if you’re short on cash or you don’t have access to the internet to get the latest portal update. The Kingdom of Heaven is within and truly understanding that (integrating that Truth) is key to empowering yourself and making the quantum leaps that will propel you to higher levels of consciousness. Everything you need is within you and with the assistance of your team of guides, you can always get where you want to go.
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ART LUCY CAMPBELL  Imaginarium title

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