Transmission for the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd by Archangel Sandalphon @ Grace Elohim


twinflame unionship

Beloved masters, beloved lightservers this is archangel Sandalphon spiraling forwards on the wave of the eclipse portal bringing in the light codes of the balanced energies of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. It is a time of celebration, a time of honoring all that you are… it is a time of bringing your mind and your heart bringing into alignment, it is the time bringing the two hemispheres of your mind into divine balance, so that the inner marriage, the sacred union can take place in you. And it is time to understand that who ever stands in front of you, is a mirror of self. But it is more than that, actually it is God looking at itself, that which looks is exactly the same as that which it is looking at. It is only expressed in a different form. It is only the atoms that are put together in a different physical appearance. This is indeed a concept that is only understood or should I rather say experienced by few on this planet. This is something that can only be experienced thru deep heart connection, thru deep telepathic connection. The energies of this solar eclipse will be like a magnifying glass, that will enable you to see beyond form, because form is a way thru which mind looks at things, whereas the heart feels thru vibration, light and sound that, which mind cannot see. And thru this magnifying glass, which will also act like a sort of caleidoscope, you will be allowed to see things from different perspectives, which again will trigger you to into seeing everything as an expression of the divine in different form. Light, densified light, in all shades, that has come into form to perform this human incarnation to evolve and see itself beyond the physical form and to experience itself beyond I-dentity in its infinite vasts essence, that in truth can take any form. However beloveds as long as you are restricted by seeing things from the limited lense of your mind´s eye without being in direct alignment with your heart and soul/spirit your sense of self will be limited and you will perceive yourself as separated from that “other you” and will not realise that in fact you are one and the same, that there is only one, the One with infinite faces and infinite names, infinite potential of expressing itself, whether it be in sound, form or light. So you are invited beloved ones to embrace the mystery… embracing the great mystery of One, which lives in all of us, which breathes, moves, cries, laughs and even fears itself, because it may be limited by thinking and seeing things from a rational standpoint, trapped in its linear thinking only seeing the world in a limited light spectrum, namely that of black and white, me and you, duality split up individuation… and indeed, there is much more to existence than just that. You are invited now to open yourself to the full light spectrum, to use all your senses, yes…. it is a new experience, it is an emotional exploration, it is allowing yourself moving into deep waters, into the depth of the unconscious, it is moving into virgin undiscovered lands, the innocent pristine grounds of the divine in you, into your purest essence. This part of you, no matter what happened to you in your childhood, no matter how life circumstances molded you, this most sacred part of you, always was and always will be translucent and pure and undistorted. This is the space in you, the inner sanctum where sacred union takes place, when you are willing and able to accept yourself as you are, not discriminating or disowning any part of you, that you judge as being unworthy of love, as not being holy enough. Dear ones there is nothing, nothing that is part of who you are, that is not holy and until you accept all parts of you as being holy, you will not get that sense of wholeness, of belonging to and being one that you long for.
Call back all the abandoned aspects of you, that you left behind some time in your life. Make peace with those aspects of you, that you sent into exile in a far distant space. Bring all those aspects back to you, they belong to you. Even if they carry the face of anger, of disgust, of despair, of fear or rage… they are all holy, as they all originated from source, but those are parts of you, that you have rejected, because they were too hard to face and too hard to handle. Welcome them back, back to the sacred land, back to the virgin grounds of your heart. Offer them your forgiveness and tell them, that they are loved and assure them that you are now ready to accept them and look them into the eye and see the holy corona and bow to them… and say…. “I Am that I Am and you are part of me. I acknowledge you, I love you, we are One”. And so the soil is prepared for the sacred marriage, the sacred union between the divine feminine and divine masculine, the moon and sun, to take place, and the beloved twin within your heart will vibrate, will dance in oneness with god, in oneness with goddess. This will of course change the magnetic vibration of your heart and attract your twinflame, who which will not be limited to that soul, that you separated from as you left source and split into two, but it will attract those souls that are in vibrational alignment and coherence with your soul´s essence, which in most cases will be any one from your soul´s monad but depending on your individual soul contract. However there is also the possibility that it will be a soul not belonging to your soul monad but soul family vibrating on the same sound/light frequency…. i.e. your soul´s vibrations will be compatible and vibrating on the same bandwidth. Be reassured that you will recognise this soul instantly thru your telepathic connection, as full transparency and a synchronization of your emotional bodies are inevitable. There will be no chance given of playing “hide and seek”. All cards will lay open on the grounds before you, whether each part will decide to embrace such a relationship, is a decision, which needs to be made by each soul, as the soul will know that there is no chance of “playing it half”, no chance of hiding parts of self, there is no chance for ego to use the other as a projection screen, as everything will stand in crystal clarity in the mirror of ONE seeing itself, feeling itself in the other, as the other. Those souls that will open to such sacred unions will experience and ecstatic union and kundalini activation, which will instantly catapult them into perceiving themselves as the ONE in the other and feeling itself as one with all living beings… meaning that the sense of self, the sense of I, will vanish and disappear and together they will create a vortex, a space of omnipresence for pure god awareness, a holy ground.. a sacred cauldron in service of spirit, where all sense of individuation is replaced by the omnipresence of God/Goddess. A celebration and honoring of the divine in the other and in all, will become a major focal point, which will give birth to an immense creative potential enabling those twinflame unionships create huge vortices of love, where miracles will become the “ordinary” the naturel way for things to manifest thru conscious intent. And in your expanded awareness you will start to discover the huge power and potential, that is your divine inheritance and understand, that moving a mountain or walking thru walls is no big deal, just a matter of vibrational attunement and as such you will explore this new world, with whole new eyes, with the eyes of the child, that comes to the earth for the first time… and indeed when you have completed this sacred union, you will be standing on the threshold to a new world, a new space of awareness which is infinite and vast and beyond limitations. And you will explore this space in you with boldness and great curiosity like a newborn. I welcome you to the promised land within, beloved ones, as you look into my eyes you look at yourself, remember…… remember child of God. This is Sandalphon. Be blessed.
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Video Version of Utilizing the October 23-25 Gateway Trigger: Unification ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

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Video version of Utilizing the October 23-25 Gateway Trigger: Unification

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Blessings upon all of us during this amazing passage.

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October 23 Trigger by Sandra Walter

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Floating Orchids Pinterest ART


Sirius and mass Star Gates opening up and TRANSFORMATION FOR PLANET EARTH! @ Judith Kusel

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Sirius and mass Star Gates opening up and TRANSFORMATION FOR PLANET EARTH!


Sirius has always been one of 12 Master Galaxies involved with planet earth, since the very beginning.  In this then it acts as a type of central hub or star-gate from which life on planet earth is constantly monitored.

When the earth was put under quarantine after numerous occasions when the warring faction on planet earth nearly blew up the planet, massive inner earth star-gates were closed down as well as the energies emitted from the pyramid grids and the vortex energy centers of this earth.

This was done purposefully and central keys, codes and also blocking devices were put into place, so that the very high technology locked into these places, would only be accessible to mankind again, once they have finally mastered the art of balance again, and also unity consciousness: – therefore stopping their warring ways, and finally understanding the value of true brother- and sisterhood, which does not harm, but rather works together for the greater good of all.

There are certain sites on earth that have been so purposefully hidden that even our most advanced technology will not as yet pick these up, because those in government still have not shed their controlling programs and their warring ways.

However, in the meantime planet earth has pledged to ascend into a much higher evolutionary state, and as she is one of the Thrones created by Source and a living entity whose physical manifestation is the planet, she has agreed to go through mass changes in order to evolve.

She has also taken it upon herself to ascend into these higher evolutionary states with the rest of this solar system and counter-solar system and Universe/Counter-Universe.  As she is part of much greater and intricate whole, whatever happens within the Universe and cosmos has massive catalyst changes for her too.

We are mere passengers on this planet, and at some stage we as souls all signed contracts with the Intergalactic Counsel and the High Lords of Sirius, that we would agree to partake in an EXPERIMENT of life on planet earth.  Therefore we are never to forget this, but understand that the planet agreed to have us participating in this experiment and thus at any time this experiment can be terminated – especially if mankind does not adhere to cosmic laws and keeps on repeating its old destructive patterns.

However this is neither the time nor the moment to go deeper into this (I have recorded this in detail in my book:  SOUL EMPOWERMENT which you can order directly from my website,

What is important to understand is that at this moment and because of the planet’s agreement to stepping up the evolutionary process, mass star-gates inside the earth are opening up and with these mass star-gates in Sirius.

This is bringing in massive shifts in the inner earth, and has for some time, but now accelerating and immensely fast.

With this that the star-gates on Sirius are now busy being opened up, this is creating  massive vortex-like energy fields, and as the pyramid grids are now being activated as well (most of them have not been re-discovered and are purposefully hidden as well) which, combined with the vortex energy being beamed down from Sirius, is creating a vast tunnel – or wormhole if you like.

This has then a sucking movement.  It is literally SUCKING the whole planet and all life upon her into a different dimensional and evolutionary state.

In the next ten years, this will accelerate, and as the full impact of all of this hits home, very few souls on planet earth will be able to withstand the intense energy releases as this is pushing us into an incredibly high frequency band.

Whatever is too dense a mass will start disintegrating and is already as the old way of life is now dissolving faster than we know what to do with it.

Most Light workers have been aware of this since after World War II and have steadily been warning mankind of the advent of the New Golden Age.  Most of the star children carry within them as programmed in the higher frequency band transmitters, which will enable them to step into this new dimension, if they did not get stuck on the wayside.

Most affected will not only be those affected by the mass earth changes, but also those who do not have the ability to adjust to the higher frequency bands and higher dimensional state, as this sucking movement will accelerate.

A lot of the first wave of Light workers have completed their mission and will return home.  Some have volunteered and been assigned to stay with those on earth and assist them through the massive changes.

The Indigo and Crystal children born since 1950’s will now have to carry the rest of mankind through these changes, as they have the keys and codes to do so, if they are fully awake and activated.

The New Children born since 1994 have all the tools in place and will be able to move through these changes as their higher crystalline bodies can adjust more easily to the higher frequency bands.  Most of them are also very much connected to the Motherships of the Intergalactic fleet and their home galaxies who are constantly monitoring their process.

This is then mass TRANSFORMATION into something NEW.

There is nothing to be afraid of.  When you are in totally tune with your own soul and therefore empowered from deep within, and you are in higher alignment with the Divine, then you will be able to raise your frequency band with the help of the angelic, Archangelic realms, and those of the Cosmic Hierarchy who are assisting us en masse at the moment.

They have been recently reinforced by those Higher Ranking Light-Beings from the 7th Central Sun and the 9th Central Sun and then now coming in are the Beings from the 12th.

Be aware that this is a mass return to Unity Consciousness and the advent of the new reign of peace on planet earth, as has been decreed by the Divine Source and Cosmic Hierarchy and the High Lords of Sirius, under whose direction we fall.

So be it! It is done!

(Judith Kusel)

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