A Message to Lightworkers – October 31, 2014 @ Caroline Oceana Ryan

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A Message to Lightworkers – October 31, 2014

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective.

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the chance to speak with you this way today, on this Hallow’s Eve, which dawned damp but bright in many places in the world this morning.

We know you are many of you still caught in the throes of dealing with residual human states of consciousness, as part of the cleansing and as some call it, the “purging” of the old so that there may be room for the new.

The new and higher energies require this release, and the sometimes trying time of letting go of the familiar if painful and tiresome lower energies that have kept many millions caught in cycles of loss, regret, bitterness, low intent and ongoing negativity for millennia.

You are no doubt cheered by the news that much is occurring in your governments and other human-made structures that will re-structure and reorganize your daily living in unprecedented ways, to unprecedented levels.

It is not only that the outer forms are changing, now that the old corrupt structures in banking, healthcare, government, religions, education and commerce no longer suit the new Lightwork and higher energy grids of the New Earth.

It is that your inner consciousness is beginning to grasp that inner change is the only change to be sought after, and the only change there is.

Yes, you have outer conditions that trouble you. Perhaps there are debts you wish to clear, and extra body weight you wish to release and transmute. Perhaps there are aches and pains, some minor and some very troubling and worrisome.

Perhaps there are children or grandchildren who seem out of control, whose days run with a purpose and an energy that feel to be counter to your own, and which you would desire for them.

And certainly there is the unending question of what shall become of you as you age, as you weaken and can no longer carry on with the often exhausting and depleting responsibilities you fulfill now, merely to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, and the wolves from the door.

Dear ones, we see these struggles, and we are aware of your worries and your pains, while you take on the added responsibilities of dealing with the lower energies passing through and out of your energy bodies, never to return.

And we would say that your courage has been great, and that we applaud your bravery for having willingly come to the Earth at this time merely to aid in anchoring the new energies and higher Light of the new era, and to aid in the construction of the New Earth, both outwardly and energetically.

Your climb has been steep. In some cases, it has been unrelentingly so.

And yet you have persevered, and continued on. And that is what you must do now also, though you struggle to adapt physically and emotionally to the higher energies, and to leave behind the residuals of many hundreds of past Earth lives, and the effects of the roughness of the past in this particular Earth life.

You must look up—literally, into the night sky (or day), and understand that you are not alone.

Envision the angels that surround Earth now and intone their great song, to aid in the increase in vibration of the very ground, air and water itself.

Understand that though our presence is cloaked, it is nonetheless here, in the form of ships gathered round your planet in the trillions, leaning forward now as we all are, in excited anticipation for what is about to transpire.

For as we have said to you often, you aid now not only the Ascension of the Earth, but of your entire Universe, and this is a great moment.

A great moment as well for your own souls, and for the Mother/Father God whom your Universe returns to.

We would encourage you, in these final moments before the corner is turned, as you head fully into the Golden Age, to not work quite so hard.

We would encourage more song, more dance and more laughter—and the ability to forgive yourselves for what you perceive as lack of any kind, including lack of forgiveness for your own and others’ words and actions.

Many are caught in the conundrum of being harsh with themselves as anger and bitternesses rise to the surface, so they may be released.

Many are feeling that these feelings are of a lower energy vibration, and ought not to be experienced.

And yet we assure you with great Love and the Light of our own souls, that they are coming forward so they may be released.

Far from taking up permanent residence or determining your vibration, they are the mud rinsed from the vessel before clear, pure water can be poured into it.

And so allow these moments, spurred on by eclipses, Mercury retrograde, moon phases and Earth changes. Allow the cleansing its place, for it serves a great purpose.

And look up from where you are, to a great Peace and a great Wisdom, which will in turn move you to the fuller realization of the great Love that is yours. Namaste! We are with you, and are ready to join in your celebration!

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Meeting of Masters by the Ascended Masters ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na


Orestes Bouzon ART ...

ART : Orestes Bouzon


Meeting of Masters by the Ascended Masters

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 31st October 2014-

This is an extract from the Meeting of the Masters Gathering on the inner planes.

Djwhal Khul: It is with great joy we gather together as Ascended Masters in the ashram and office of the Mahachohan Saint Germain. As usual we are brought together to share that which we have received from the Creator with each other creating a focus of seeding our gathered consciousness into the Earth and consciousness of humanity. This process allows us to share energies collected and received from the Creator simultaneously with all souls experiencing the Earthly journey we have all partaken in. We are here to support spiritual and love evolution, ascension and expansion for all. Each of you are welcome here today, I honour and greet with humble and expansive love, Mahachohan Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Master Kuthumi, Lord Melchizedek, Master El Morya, Master Serapis Bey, Lady Nada, Lady Quan Yin, Master Jesus, Master Hilarion, Master Paul, Master Joshua, Lady Pallas Ath ena, Lady Andromeda, Master Lanto and Lord Buddha. We call upon the Creator to flood our souls and sacred space bringing enhanced inspiration and magnification as our purpose is to heal and more fully awaken the consciousness of humanity. Blessings be to all.

I wish to begin our gathering by bringing forth an illuminated energy and idea transferred to me and channelled through my being from the Creator. Energy has come to me dawning with great power; I recognise its parallel within my own being and my own mastery upon the Earth. As we have experienced our ascension often in isolated positions upon the Earth now humanity is consenting to ascend as the energy of unity. While each soul will experience their ascension and mastery as personal and unique, each are reflecting, energising and witnessing the magnificent united ascension of all. In my own spiritual ascension on the Earth there came a time of recognising the energy which can only be described with the word simultaneous. It is a word and energy which breaks down the barriers of belief in separation and awakens further the belief in unity. On the Earth I realised the Creator manifests simultaneously into life, the Creator is everywhere and everything. This energy and feeling of unity of the Creator recognised by me as the simultaneous nature of the Creator I feel needs to be magnified and channelled into the Earth and humanity to bring greater awareness and experience to all. Let all recognise the Creator to be everywhere, manifestation to occur instantaneously and appropriately merged as one. Let all experience the Creator in all aspects of their being, creating simultaneous activations and awakening of light, love, consciousness and remembrance within. I am being guided by the Creator that this energy is now prevalent and essential to create a powerful surge of awakening within all, especially enhancing and accelerating the process of growth and remembrance of those already embracing the light as they can share and inspire with greater depth and gentleness the same awakening within others.

I feel guided to share the simultaneous nature with humanity and those ready to receive in order to build a greater recognition of the Creator within all areas of existence and manifestation.

Saint Germain: We are agreed in this powerful seeding of truth and so it is granted, from every aspect of our being we activate the simultaneous nature of the Creator, pouring this energy deep into the Earth and humanity, for their deeper activation. May all realise the Creator more fully through the energy of unity manifesting and experiencing the simultaneous nature of the Creator. May this manifest with divine timing dissolving beliefs of separation and lack. The Creator is simultaneous and so many aspects of the Creator can be experienced when you allow yourself to open up to unity and your connection to all aspects of the Creator. We invite humanity, the Earth and Mother Earth to receive as we send our energy forth now.

Lord Melchizedek: Through communion with the Creator the vibration and idea which has dawned within my being speaks of a fire activation within the soul of Mother Earth. I feel guided to place an aqua marine blue flame of light from the Universal and Multi- Universal  levels of the Creator into the soul of Mother Earth, this sacred flame will move like a cleansing fire from Mother Earth’s soul into her chakras especially at an emotional body level and a physical body level purifying all impurities and unneeded energies especially focusing upon the ties of manipulation and control placed within Mother Earth’s emotional and physical bodies to hinder her continued ascension. These etheric ties are designed to concentrate her energies into lower dimensions and act as beacons from past programming to express the vibration of control and manipulation to humanity. Humanity is moving beyond the belief of the past and even beliefs of darkness so all that has been created by a belief in darkness can be healed and transformed into light. As Mother Earth is purified so will humanity experience a purification which will also coincide with their full moon cycle and experience, thus magnetising the experience of purification.

Master Kuthumi: We are all in agreement with your guidance. We invite you, Melchizedek, to draw the needed energies from the Universal and Multi- Universal levels as we support and lend our energy and consciousness to aid the anchoring and seeding of the aqua marine blue flame of light from the Universal and Multi- Universal  levels of the Creator into the soul of Mother Earth. May this sacred energy bring forth a deep cleansing and purification to support Mother Earth’s soul, emotional body, mental body and chakra system. May all upon the Earth consciously or unconsciously support our purpose and healing at this time. And so it is done.

Pallas Athena: It is with the Christ Consciousness I merge my energies with gaining inspirational guidance of service to humanity and the Earth and our gathering here today. I wish speak directly to the souls of humanity who are listening to our gathering, if I may?

Lady Nada: Please continue beloved one.

Pallas Athena:  I invite you to call upon the Christ Consciousness of the Creator as a golden source to manifest before you. Feel yourself breathing in the Christ Consciousness light of a golden colour until you feel one, united, and as Master Djwhal Khul expressed, you feel your energies vibrating simultaneously. Then simply ask the Christ Consciousness light as you are integrating, ‘What gift can I give to aid the ascension of all?’ what you are asking is what energy, light, inspiration or service does the Christ Consciousness wish to express to all upon the Earth through your being in this present moment. This is a gift of working in unison with the Christ consciousness bringing fulfilment to all. Thank you.

Master Serapis Bey: Your words have been heard by all consciously and unconsciously, that which you speak of has already manifested, as is the way of the Creator.

Master Lanto: Through divine communion with the Creator I bring a reminder to all especially those upon the Earth. I bring remembrance of the Celestial White Lions, they have the ability to dissolve boundaries, limitations and allow all seemingly stuck energy to begin its cycle and flow once more. I encourage us all to call upon the Celestial White Lions to all our ascension pathways at this time.

Master Jesus: Your words as always Lanto are humble and deeply profound; we will call upon the Celestial White Lions to be available to all, ready to work with those who call. I, myself, call upon the Celestial White Lions to dissolve boundaries, limitations to and of love within all of us, whether on the Earth or the inner planes so we may recognise the truth of love with greater clarity and fullness.

Master El Morya: I have a message for humanity, movement is deeply important in this time of ascension, galactic energies are anchoring from now until the beginning of the time process of 2015. In order to allow the physical body to process new energies being anchored, my message is to find creative ways to gently move your body with the intention of allowing and supporting the physical body in its process of integrating new vibrations of light.

Lady Andromeda: Such simple wisdom always flows from the will of the Creator and yet such a powerful impact simplicity gifts.

This is an extract from our gathering on the inner planes known to us as the Meeting of the Masters, we wished for you to experience an extract of our communication together so you may know and understand how much we are supporting your ascension and journey on the Earth. We are here to continuously inspire, awakening, support and love you unconditionally. We are always present to offer assistance. We also wished for you to see that in the same way you receive guidance from the Creator through your intuition which impacts your reality when put into action; we receive guidance from the Creator which impacts the entire Earth and all of humanity. We are all the same, all one, working in the same ways simply on different scales. Know that which you practice now will support your continued existence on the inner planes.

The Ascended Masters

Master Djwhal Khul, Mahachohan Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Master Kuthumi, Lord Melchizedek, Master El Morya, Master Serapis Bey, Lady Nada, Lady Quan Yin, Master Jesus, Master Hilarion, Master Paul, Master Joshua, Lady Pallas Athena, Lady Andromeda, Master Lanto and Lord Buddha.


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Responsibility of Self Mastery ~ Lord Adama ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

Buddha by Mara Diop ART

ART : Buddha ~ by Mara Diop

Oct 31, 2014 11:12 am

Responsibility of Self Mastery ~ Lord Adama


garden-webBlessings Dearest Ones,

I speak to you from the Telosian Command Center with the Telosian Council of Light. I am Lord Adama with a special message of love to each of you.

At this time within the upper Earth, there are great changes happening with each individual person. Individuals are being challenged by the simplest tasks within their world and truly do not know how to change them. Their concrete minds (of the physical self) are trying to control the process of their lives.

I share this information which I know is not new to you because each of you as awakened beings of Light have a role within yourself to help humanity. It is truly within your own process of understanding. The more that you are able to envision within yourself of what you desire, the more that others will also do the same.

You see, you have a very important role upon this planet. It is one that is teaching you that you have a commitment not only to yourself but to others to be strong, loving, compassionate, and desiring to hold that essence within you. it is about Responsibility of the Self.

As you move through your day, you intend to allow elements to be put into place that will assist you to experience the beautiful moments you desire to be expressed in your life. So is everyone else.

But I tell you this, the month of October has taken every individual person on a journey of the self; some are very concerned with what they are experiencing as it is not of the old way of being. You and I know that this is so very true. Nothing stays the same especially within these times of acceleration.

The difference between you and them is that you know this. You have lived it and work through it every day in your thoughts and emotions. You are learning how to process elements differently in your world.

If you are not doing so, then there is no time like the NOW for self reflection. This then turns into Self Responsibility.

Think about it ~ if we don’t take care of ourselves, then what is going to happen within this Earth? We won’t achieve the New Earth even in consciousness. It will be a dream that is not fully realized.

The potential that you have within you each moment is beyond the capacity of your physical self. Each of you all know that you are more than the physical body; you work hard within your meditations to change the thoughts and emotions that plague you every day. As you make the necessary changes within yourself, you are helping GAIA to receive them. This then in turn is gifted to all human beings upon the planet.

The work that you are doing is not going un-noticed. Others are being affected each moment with a positive and loving thought. It filters through the air waves and allows someone else to receive your Divine Moment of Beauty, Joy, Expansion within your heart, and the full existence that you are embracing. It is such a beautiful element when each person upon the planet allows their Divine Essence to enfold within them. It helps to change the thoughts, the emotions, and all the unsettling moments that occur within the Earth.

Many love to connect with the Angels. What happens when you feel their essence coming down into your heart? It helps to expand your heart and heal the wounds within.

This is so very true of each of you. You are the Human Angels and it is your responsibility to take what love you are embodying within you and share it outwards into the essence of the world. You don’t have to talk about it, all you have to do is let it expand out of you with your breath. Send it into the core of GAIA or to a particular place or person so that they can receive the purity of light that you are allowing to be within you.

Don’t hold your expressive essence within you. It is part of your pathway within Mastery to share it with others. Some individuals are not there yet; they can not express this joy or love within them due to their timelines, or their pain as that is all they can focus upon.

It is time within yourself to take the breath of light that you are and then just allow it to spin outside of your field into the world around you. Believe me, it will be received. Maybe not within the physical consciousness, but truly in the Higher Consciousness which will help that person to eventually receive it.

We, in Telos, work with each of you for the same reasons. We cannot let you ponder what you should be doing as mistakes can be made. We want to show you how we have done it. We truly are not any different than any of you.

It is our Responsibility as Divine Beings to show others how we have achieved our enrichment of life. Take a moment and share your essence of love and light unto the world you live in. It is part of your mastery pathway to do so.

This is one way in which we are going to bring the New Earth into full consciousness and planetary reality. Small steps to create our Divine Wisdom to be fully manifest.

In Light and Love, I expand my essence unto each of you in this moment.
I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos
Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee
October 31, 2014

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Buddha by Mara Diop ART

Arcturian Transmission Part 4 and Next Webinar Notification @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 1.11.

Arcturian Transmission Part 4 and Next Webinar Notification


Arcturian Transmissions to our Inter-Galactic Emissaries

Part 4

Flashing Into Lightbody

There is a lower frequency of Earth that Gaia will “let go” as She releases her planetary body from the vast restrictions of the 3D Matrix. This Matrix was created during the demise and fall of Atlantis when Earth was in danger of total destruction. The 3D Matrix served like a “net” to catch Earth as it plummeted into lower and lower frequencies.

Unfortunately, the net that rescued Earth also entrapped Her. Then, slowly, the lower frequency “net” absorbed into Gaia’s planetary body and penetrated deep into Her planetary body. Only Gaia’s core, which was protected by the Lemurians of Inner Earth, was safe from the third/fourth dimensional frequency of the very 3D net that had served to rescue Her.

Just as humans who have had a grave injury to their body, for example their leg, the leg that sustained that injury may forever be weaker than the leg that was not injured. That is, “forever” until they flash into Lightbody. Once the person flashes into Lightbody their Lightbody leg, which resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, replaces their physical leg.

In the same manner, when Gaia flashes into “Light-planet,” which She will, the net of the 3D matrix, will be released. The release of that which was once protection is very common in nature. In fact, it is a vita component of Earth’s ecosystem. The flower protects the fruit, then it falls away and the skin of the fruit protects the sweet core.

The Lemurians and other members of Inner Earth have been protecting the sweet core of Gaia with their constant administrations of unconditional love and harmony with all life. You, our beloved Emissaries, can also protect the sweetness of our dearest friend Gaia with your unconditional love and harmony with all life.

As we said in our last transmission, unconditional love is your best defense against the onslaught of the dark ones. They know that their reign is coming to an end. Hence, they are desperate and feel there is nothing to lose. This desperation creates a great fear within them that they wish to project out onto others.

This fear makes them careless and erratic, which makes them more dangerous. Fortunately, their fear also makes them more open to change. While they silently ruled behind the scenes, creating wars and backing both sides so they won either way, they were confident and powerful.

However, power based on power-over others is totally restricted to the physical plane and the lowest astral worlds of the fourth dimension. Once the ascending inhabitants of Earth expand their frequency beyond the lower astral plane, they are beyond the “reach” of the dark tentacles of the lost ones.

You state of consciousness is the “shell” that protects your emerging Lightbody. When “spring” comes, which is soon, you will be able to drop your physical shell and return to your true state of multidimensional Lightbody. Do you understand now why you must constantly surround your self with unconditional loved during this times of great transmutation?

There is NO darkness that cannot be healed with unconditional love. Therefore, as you send your love to Gaia to heal Her planetary body, you also send it to the perpetrators of Her planetary injuries. We know that we are asking a lot of you. However, the key to ascension is to unconditionally loving, unconditionally forgiving and unconditionally accepting ALL life.

We know that unconditionally loving those who are harming you and your world is a challenge. However, only unconditional love resonates to a frequency of consciousness that is high enough to ignite your Lightbody. Also, you can only send out what you have inside. Therefore, you can only send out unconditional love when you love your self unconditionally.

All the negative programing of the dark ones is based on NOT loving your self. When you love your self, even better, when you unconditionally love your self, you are creating the “flower” that protects the “sweet fruit” within you.

You NEED this protection because you are all being called into active duty. You are all receiving the Clarion Call into action NOW. We ask that first and foremost you maintain a high state of consciousness. While in a expanded state of consciousness you can clearly receive messages from us, the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

We lovingly invite you to enter into group situations of like-minded people so that you can create a support system to assist you during your vulnerable experience of releasing your own 3D Matrix and flashing into your true, Lightbody.

Dear inter-dimensional emissaries of light, please remember that we, your higher expressions of SELF, are infinitely with IN the core of your physical encasement. We ask that you consciously feel the emanations of your Multidimensional SELF as they flow through the core of your spine and into your physical brain.

While your physical brain is resonating to the fifth-dimensional flow of your inner Lightbody, you have access to your Multidimensional Mind. While you are connected to your Multidimensional Mind, you are connected to your Multidimensional SELF.

We realize that the many hurdles of third-dimensional life can temporarily lower your consciousness. However, we also KNOW that you are US and WE are YOU. Hence, we are in constant connection with you and ALWAYS with you to assist you when you need us.

Please use your “inter-dimensional phone” to call us, and we will send you our multidimensional light and unconditional love.

Your Family, The Arcturians and Members of the Galactic Federation

We are proud to announce that the MODULE II has been scheduled

The different Modules are organized in a manner in which you do not need to attend them sequentially. 

Therefore, first time students are warmly welcomed!

DATES: Nov-Dec 2014 OFFERED BY: Suzanne Lie PhD, as guided by the Arcturians PRICE: $333

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MODULE DESCRIPTION THEME: Developing a personal, “working” relationship with your Multidimensional SELF.


(1) WEBINAR 1: Nov 13, 11am-12:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Maintaining a Higher State of Consciousness in Daily Life How to meditate  Releasing that which lowers your consciousness  Balancing and Merging the 3D with your Higher Life  Viewing daily life through your Higher SELF

(2) WEBINAR 2: Nov 14, 11am-12:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Expanding your Multidimensional Perceptions  Instincts ~ Listening to your physical body Clairvoyance ~ Seeing the higher dimensional worlds  Clairaudience ~ Hearing the higher dimensional worlds  Clairsentience ~ Feeling the higher dimensional worlds

(3) BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Nov 14 – Dec 4 (time/days TBD)

Small group meetings for discussion with the Arcturians Group workshops for Webinars 1 & 2

Those who completed Module One will assist by leading groups & supporting

those new to our expanding Multidimensional Leadership Group.


(1) WEBINAR 3: Dec 4,11am-12:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Discovering your personal means of daily communication with your SELF Merging Multidimensional Mind with Third-dimensional Brain  Remembering Light Language  Journaling/Channeling Documenting your multidimensional communications

(2) WEBINAR 4: Dec 5, 11am-12:30pm (Pacific Time)

Living Your Inner Directives Living in the NOW Trusting your Higher SELF and unconditionally loving your ego self  Replace fear with faith in the Divine Guidance of your Multidimensional SELF  Putting your Inner Directives into ACTION

(3) BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Dec 4 on (time/days TBD)

Small group meetings for discussion with the Arcturians  Group workshops for Webinars 3 & 4

…Those who completed Module One will assist leading groups & supporting those new to our expanding Multidimensional Leadership Group.


After completion of Module II: Extensive “kits” containing all the readings, recordings & information will be provided.

Book Module II here:


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suzanne lie 1.11.