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Creating Balance with the 12 Flames of Light

The 24 Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace gifted our weekly Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Circle on October 25th 2014.  The Elders represent the first 12 Rays of God as they are the defining energy from the God Source unto the Office of the Christ and then unto each of the Ray Chohans of each of these rays.  Their message was powerful to help each individual to bring full abundance into their lives.

Blessings my Dearest Children,

We are so happy to be here together at this time in this consciousness, and we are so grateful to extend our services unto each of you.

As we represent all the beautiful rays of God to come into your existence to into the planetary level, allow them to center with you, of the Blue, the Pink, the Golden Yellow, the Crystalline, the White-Green-Gold, the Ruby Red/Gold, the Violet/Purple, the Seafoam Green, the Blue Green, the Pearlescent, the Pink Orange, and the Gold.

Our ultimate goal is for you to have complete balance within all these flames of light and these frequencies we represent in this moment

Allow our energies to flow within you as we encircle around you within this beautiful garden to assist you within the Purity and the Acceptance of all that You Are within your totality.  We want to remind you of your Divine Essence, your Source of Light that you are before you came into this body.  As now you are going through changes within yourself, it is time to reflect what is the most important element that comes up for you as we spin these colors within you from your Crown all the way to your Feet, from your Soul Star to your Earth Star becoming those purification of essences within.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

The blessing that we want to bestow upon you today is to assist you in the deeper part of your existence upon the planet.  You must remember that before you arrived you already knew what you would achieve.  In hopes of that energy, you arrived and accepted your Free Will, then the changes occurred within yourself.  So what is it within your consciousness, within your mind or your heart that tells you that you cannot achieve your desired outcome ~ that you cannot have the abundant lifestyle that you desire.  Each of you has that ability to tap into that higher Source of Light that you are.  As you are walking this pathway, and learning more about yourself within the frequencies of light, then there cannot be any hesitation.

Feel our frequencies of Light that represent the Divine Mind.  When we exhibit that essence from that Source of Light, from the Source of Divine Mother and Father God unto each of you, there cannot be any separation.  That is the problem – a separation occurs between the higher source and the lower source.

We now allow these energies to spin within you with the rainbows of colors that we are to go deep into the core of your being to help you accept your Divine Mind, your Divine Heart, which creates the divinity and the pathway that you are.  It is that simple.  The problem is your thoughts of the physical self, of the physical earth get in the way.

As we allow all our energies to be One in this Moment, let us wash away all the obstacles, all the thoughts that do not accept our Prosperity and Abundance in all areas of your life, within your breath, within your health, within your life, within the particles that you are to create that structure upon you to allow it to grow.

We send you today all these beautiful aspects from the 12 Rays of God through the Office of the Christ, through each of the Ray Chohans, and unto your own purification of your Divinity of Light that You Are.  You are no less than any of us; we are no more than any of you.  We are just of that frequency that you desire to have into your world.

So breathe deeply; allow these essences to fully come within you so you can fully accept your Divine Mind, your Divine Thoughts, your Divine Consciousness and let it grow – let it grow like a beautiful extension of beautiful rainbow of colors within you.  It will push away the lower thoughts that you cannot achieve what you desire.  Because it is truly wrong; that is not who you are.  Feel these colors melding within you now, circling in waves of light within this beautiful garden.

We say unto you:

I Am the Power; 

I Am the Will;

I Am the Love; 

I tap into my Wisdom;

I Accept It To Be. 

I feel Compassion and Love and within that essence I am able to Create;

I Am in Pure Harmonization of my Divine Mind in Creation, 

I tap into my Inner Truth, I see, I see the Power that I AM;

As I fully Devote all that I Am within Me, I acquire the freedom within my world; 

As all that does not fit this highest essence is fully Transmuted.

I, then, allow the guidance of my Higher Self to purify anything else that does not fit this frequency of light that I Am Receiving. 

I feel the Light coming into my body and I Accept It.

I Feel the Balance of the Masculine and Feminine coming together in a most beautiful marriage. 

I walk into the New Essence that I desire to Achieve as I Am the Christ, I Am Buddha in my own way, and allow the purification of these essences to assist me in my strength, my power, my light, my compassion, my love, my will, and I structure this within my entire system.

I allow it to go into my Earth Star and anything that does not fit this is dissipated and is being removed out of my full consciousness. 

I now command within myself of what I desire to create within these moments.

I see in front of me my desires as tangible, I feel it, I accept it; because all of these flames of Light from the Elders that surround the Throne of Grace are within me. 

I accept my Divinity of Light, of the God Source to be my Source.  I am one with this essence with the beautiful Omnipresence of Light.  I know it is me.  I allow it to expand through my body.  It goes into all aspects of my Beingness.  I am now able to create the aspects of life that supports my pathway. 

I feel it – I extend it.  I see it and it expands out of me as the Universe sees it so now it comes within me.  It is a flow of in and out.  In and out – allowing that purification of light that I Am to be my creation as I co-create with the Source of Light, the Source of the God Heads that I Am, the Source of all that I Am in one breath. 

Breathe and allow the purification of these essences to be within you.  Feel It.  Accept It.  Embrace It as it yours.  It is your Divine Right to fully feel these essences within yourself.  Be One.

We of the 24 Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace come as this consciousness to assist you.  Let us be with you and we shall assist you deeply in defining the world in the way your Higher Essence desires.

Let it come within, Let it be You, As it is your Divine Right To Be.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ, In the Light of the God Source,

We Are One with You.

The Abundance of Light~Creating Prosperity Together is a free service that Walking Terra Christa provides.  We meet Saturday’s at 10 AM Pacific.  Please see details provided in the link above.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

walking terra christa 6.11

Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse: Part 1: Lecture Three @ Rudolf Steiner Archive


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Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse: Part 1: Lecture Three


MUNICH — May 8, 1907

A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE SUCH as we have today [See Note 1] means much to those who belong to the theosophical movement, who feel that they belong to a spiritual movement. It means something entirely different from a day of remembrance for others, for those departed human beings who were firmly anchored in our materialistic culture. Such a day for us is also a day of gathering together; for what would the teachings of Theosophy be if they did not enter into every fiber of our hearts and there enrich our innermost life of feeling? If a soul has been separated from its physical body, that means only that a person’s inner being has entered into a different relationship to us. It is just such a relationship to the founder of the theosophical movement that we would like to especially enliven on this day. We want to be filled with a feeling for our connectedness with the founder of our movement. We want to become fully conscious that thoughts and feelings are invisible powers in our soul, that they are facts. Feelings are living forces. If we today unite all our thoughts with what is included in the name “Helena Petrovna Blavatsky,” if we are united with the spirit who left her earthly sheaths behind on May 8, 1891, then our feelings and thoughts are real forces and create a real, spiritual bridge to another form of existence. Another world finds access to our souls across this bridge. For human beings who see, such thoughts and feelings are really living rays, rays of spiritual light that shoot forth from a human being, and are then united in a point that meets with the spiritual being. Such a festive moment is a reality. When our soul, dwelling in our body, wants to work on the physical plane, then it must form a body for itself: it must build and form matter and forces in such a way that it can express itself through them. If the matter and forces did not fit together then this soul could no longer live its life on the physical plane. Just as it is here on the physical plane, so it is also on the higher planes for spiritual beings. If we want to understand correctly Helena Petrovna Blavatsky then we must realize that all of her efforts are bound up with the proper progress of the theosophical movement. And so it has been since her soul freed itself from her physical body. Even now she is working as a living being within the Theosophical Society. If she is to be able to work then matter and forces must be at her disposal. From where could they be better taken than from the souls of those who understand her being within the theosophical movement. As our souls take hold of matter and forces on the physical plane, so also does such a being take hold of the matter and forces in human souls in order to work through them. If those people who are members of the theosophical movement were not willing to place themselves at the disposal of this being, then she could not find expression on the physical plane. We ourselves must create a place in our souls for reverence, love, and devotion, thus creating the forces through which Helena Petrovna Blavatsky can work, just as our soul works trough our bodies of flesh. We must become aware that we are truly creating something when, in this moment, we are loving and receptive. It is true that all the love and devotion that today streams up to the soul of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky are powerful forces that are called upon to connect with her.

We must correctly understand what this personality signifies within our cultural life. The nineteenth century will one day be described as the materialistic century in the history of humankind. The people of the twentieth century cannot really imagine how deeply the nineteenth century was entangled in materialism. Only later when people have again become spiritual will that be possible. Everything, even the religious life, was permeated by materialism. Anyone who can look upon human evolution from higher planes knows that in the forties of the nineteenth century there was an extreme low point in the spiritual life. Science, philosophy, and religion were in the grip of materialism. It was incumbent upon the leaders of humankind gradually to allow a stream of spiritual life to flow into humanity. It is most telling that, within the widest circumference of spiritual life in Occidental culture, no one was found as suitable as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky to guide the stream of spiritual life into the world, the stream that should refresh humankind and begin to pull it out of materialism. In the light of this one fact, the impact of all the attacks against her swirling around in the world today fade away. For, among many other things, the Theosophical Society must teach us the feeling of positivity. We must acquire an attitude that seeks, above all, to see what speaks of greatness in a human being. Then, in comparison to this greatness, all the little faults that incite criticism must fade away. Just as with other great personalities many things that were seen by their contemporaries with critical eyes have disappeared, so too will all these things fall away from her. But the great things she has accomplished will remain.

Let us learn to regard the mistakes of human beings as their own affair and the accomplishments of human beings as something that concerns all of humankind. People’s errors belong to their karma; their deeds concern humanity. Let us learn not to be troubled by people’s mistakes; they themselves must atone for them. Let us rather be thankful for their accomplishments, for the entire evolution of humanity lives from them.

This year’s White Lotus Day, a day of remembrance for souls who have struggled free from the body and lift their experiences in another form up into the heights like a lotus flower, is the first day of this kind that we are not celebrating in community with Henry Steel Olcott, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s associate. He, too, has left the physical plane, he who stood there as the great organizer, as the form-giving power. [Here follows an indecipherable sentence.] To him we direct our grateful, revering, and love-filled thoughts; these thoughts will flow into the spiritual world and we ourselves will thereby be strengthened. We should continue the celebration on the other days of the year as we send out our thoughts as rays of light, as we apply the strength we have received to the work that we call the theosophical movement. We will only work as they would if we are devoted to the spiritual life in an entirely undogmatic, nonsectarian way. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky did not ask for blind faith. What can be asked of her followers is that they let themselves be stimulated by her spirituality. There is a spring of spiritual power in what Helena Petrovna Blavatsky left to the physical plane, a spring that will be a blessing to us if we let it influence us in a living way. The letters on the page can stimulate us, but the spirit must become alive within. One thing that can be said of the writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is this: Only someone who does not understand them can underestimate them. But someone who finds the key to what is great in these works will come to admire her more and more. That is what is significant about these works — the more one penetrates them the more one admires them. It is not the case that there are no mistakes to be found in them. But those who really take hold of life know, if they strive to evermore penetrate these works, that what is therein expressed could only have come from the great spiritual beings who are now guiding world evolution. This is how we must read Isis Unveiled, [See Note 2] a book containing truths which, although sometimes caricatured like a beautiful face seen in a distorting mirror, are truly great.

A person who would merely like to speak out of a critical spirit might perhaps say: It would have been better not to give any such distortion. But anyone seeing matters in the proper light will say: If someone places their weak spiritual forces at the disposal of spiritual powers who wish to reveal themselves, and knows that these forces will produce only a distorted picture but that there is no one else who could do it any better, then that person, through their devotion, is making a great sacrifice for the world. All renderings of the great truths are distortions. If someone wanted to wait until the whole truth could be manifested, then they would have a long wait. Selfless are those who devote themselves to the spiritual world saying: It doesn’t matter if people tear me apart, I must present the truth as I can. This sacrifice is much greater than a moral sacrifice, this noble sacrifice of the intellect — an expression so often misused by a wrong-headed conception of religion — it signifies the yielding up of the intellect for instreaming, spiritual truth. If we are unwilling to offer up our intellect then we cannot serve the truth. When we look toward Helena Petrovna Blavatsky with gratitude, we do so above all because she is a martyr in the sense just described, a martyr among the great martyrs for the truth. This is how we consider her when we gladly and willingly regard her as a model in the Theosophical Society. Therefore, when I speak about regions of the spirit inaccessible to her it will not profane this day.

I will speak about spiritual streams in the world that Helena Petrovna Blavatsky least understood on the physical plane. We serve her best by placing ourselves in the service of that to which she could find no access. She would much prefer to have followers rather than worshipers. Although much of what I say may sound opposed to her, nevertheless we know that we are acting according to her wishes; by taking this liberty we esteem her the most.

Our transition now to the Apocalypse is not sought after, not forced. For if we wish to understand more deeply the world mission of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, then we must imagine evolution as consisting of two streams. Eighteen forty-one was the low point of humanity’s spiritual life. The opponents of spiritual life had, in 1841, the strongest point of attack in the evolution of humankind. [See Note 3] They did the groundwork necessary to prepare for many of the things described in the Apocalypse as prophetic visions of the future. What is represented by the beast with the horns of the ram and the number 666, the beast with the seven heads and so forth — that is prepared by the powers who, in 1841, found their moment for attacking the evolution of humankind. Those elemental beings who, at that time, found suitable soil, those powers have taken possession of a large part of humanity and, from that position, are exerting their influence. Otherwise, the adversarial powers that find expression in the two beasts would not reside in humanity pulling it down. Against this downward pull there is another movement drawing us upward. What is accomplished today for this upward movement is a preparation for all those who are to be sealed, who enter the stream of spiritual evolution. This stream found an instrument precisely in Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. We do not understand our present age if we do not recognize the deep necessity for this spiritual stream. We stand now in the fifth subrace of the fifth root race and are living toward the sixth and seventh subrace, then the sixth ground-race. What does it mean to say that we are living toward these races? [See Note 4] It means that an understanding of Christ is contained in the sixth epoch — be it in the sixth epoch of the sixth subrace prophetically announced, or the sixth root race — for the human being who wants it.

At that time there will be human beings who are Christ filled, who have been sealed; in the ages of future spirituality the opening up, the breaking of the seals of human souls will take place. That the five wise virgins have oil burning in their lamps, that the bridegroom finds illuminated souls, signifies that a portion of humanity will have revealed to it the mystery that is still today closed to humankind. The book with the seven seals will be deciphered for a portion of humankind. The writer of the Apocalypse, John, wants through signs to point to this time, wants to proclaim prophetically this age. In one sentence we read: “And a great sign appeared in heaven …” (Rev. 12:1) That means we are dealing in the Apocalypse with signs representing the great phases of the evolution of humanity. We must then decipher these signs. We remember that our present fifth root race was preceded by the Atlantean race, which was destroyed by a flood. What will destroy the fifth race? The fifth race has a special task: the development of egotism. This egotism will, at the same time, create what causes the downfall of the fifth root race. A small part of humankind will live toward the sixth main race; a larger part will not yet have found the light within. Because egotism is the fundamental power in the soul, the war of all against all will rage within this larger part of humanity. As the Lemurian race found its end through the power of fire, the Atlantean through water, so will the fifth race find its destruction in conflict between selfish, egoistic powers in the war of all against all. This line of evolution will descend deeper and deeper; when it arrives at the bottom everyone will rage against everyone else. A small part of humankind will escape this, just as a small part escaped during the destruction of the Atlantean race. It is up to every individual to find a connection to the spiritual life in order to be one of those to go over into the sixth root race. Mighty revolutions stand before humankind; they are described in the Apocalypse.

First, seven letters to seven communities are placed before us. If human beings are to find the path to that great point in time, they must have something to hang on to, something that enables them to ennoble the seven sheaths of their human constitution, so that they are prepared when the time comes. There are places on the earth where, through religious exercises, the main emphasis is on the development of the physical body. In other places the emphasis is on the development of the etheric body. In other locations the emphasis is on the development of the astral body, or the I. There will also be more and more places where special attention will be given to the development of manas, or budhi, or atma. [See Note 5] We would not believe in reincarnation in the proper sense unless we would say: If a person has once been born in a location where the primary emphasis is on the physical body, then, another time, he or she would be born in a place where more attention was paid to the other bodies, and so forth.

Seven letters are directed to seven separate geographical regions where particular emphasis is placed on one of the seven parts of the human being. The first letter is directed to the Ephesians. They put great stock in the development of the physical body. The Phrygians in Smyrna emphasized the etheric body; in Pergamon people worked especially on the astral body.

We want to consider why seven geographical regions signify special kinds of development for humankind in relation to the seven members of the human being. Let us assume that someone lives in a region where the physical body is especially developed; if that person then neglects the physical body, it then becomes a caricature of what it might have become. If what is supposed to be brought to a certain perfection is not developed, then something arises inwardly that makes such a person receptive to the evil manifestations in the evolution of humankind.

The first letter is directed to the community in Ephesus, the place consecrated to Diana. [See Note 6] It emphasizes the beautiful formation of the human body. Where does the development of the physical body lead? We can become increasingly clear about this if we realize that the physical body must be evermore purified, and must become more and more an expression of the etheric body. The etheric body must itself become an expression of the astral body, which in turn should become an expression of the I.

Numbers played a large role in the ancient Pythagorean schools. Let us remember that in the world of devachan, everything is ordered according to measure and number. Of course, this is the case with everything. What would it mean to seek the laws of nature, if they did not already exist? We weigh and measure the bodies of the world as we do substances on a smaller scale. We must put this fact together with another. We can think of this space as filled with the “sound forms” of a sublime musical composition, for example, the sounds of the “Good Friday Spell” from Wagner’s opera Parzifal. That is the higher, soul form for what a physicist would express in numbers for the frequency of the sound vibrations. The spirit of these vibrations of the music flows through our souls. If we think of the numbers being heard by the ear of the spirit, then we have the music of the spheres. If a physicist would record in numbers the vibrations in the air he or she would record the magic of “Good Friday” just as little as a mathematician describes Pythagorian ideas in measure and number. The numbers express only the harmonies. When Pythagoreans wanted to express the four members of the human being, they expressed the harmony in the ratio: 1:3:7:12. That signifies the sound wherein the four numbers harmonize in the same way as do the four parts of the human being. The three sounds: I, the sound of the sun; II, — the sound of the moon; III, the sound of the earth — resound into the astral body.

Physical body : 12 Ephesus
Etheric body : 7 Smyrna
Astral body : 3 Pergamon
I : 1
Spirit self
Life spirit
Spiritualized human being

What comes forth from the earth, sun, and moon sound together in our astral body. But what comes forth from the planets sounds in our etheric body. There is a sevenfold influence from the planets on the etheric body, as there is from the seven musical intervals: the unison interval, major second, major third, perfect fourth, perfect fifth, major sixth, major seventh — Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. These seven planets resound into our etheric body. There are twelve influences from the signs of the zodiac that resound into our physical body. The seer experiences twelve fundamental tones on the devachanic plane. They influence our physical body. Everything in the I, astral body, etheric body, and in the physical body resounds in tones. One tone resounds in the I, three tones in the astral body, seven tones in the etheric body and twelve tones in the physical body. Altogether this results in harmony or disharmony.

There is an expression in occultism: the twelve goes into the seven, which means that the physical body is constantly becoming more like the etheric body. If the physical body sounds right then we can hear the seven tones of the stars through the twelve tones. “Become such that the twelve becomes the seven, that the seven stars appear” is said to the Ephesians, because with them the physical body is especially developed. They should turn to look at the seven stars. We know that the development of Christianity means a transition from the old forms of community based on blood ties to spiritual love, that the spiritual will take over from the flesh. Those who tell us that we should endeavor, above all, to insure that the sensual, the elemental gets its due — those people were called the Nicolaitans: They wanted to remain rooted in the material forces of the blood; hence, the warning concerning the Nicolaitans. [See Note 7] They are the ones who will bring about the downfall.

Opposing them are those who want to overcome material evolution, who want spiritual life. The letter closes with the symbol of the tree of life: “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna …” (Rev. 2:17)

The second letter is directed to the community that is supposed to be most concerned with the cultivation of the etheric body. The etheric body must gradually be developed into life spirit. The human being now goes through birth and death, but later this etheric body will become life spirit. Then it will have overcome death. In the Sermon on the Mount we read: “Blessed are those who pray for spirit, for they find through themselves the Kingdom of Heaven” (compare: Matt. 5:3) Those who pray for spirit are blessed; that means that soul permeates their life. Just as the physical body is developed by the Ephesians, so, too, in the second community, is the etheric body developed into a body of soul. When they strive for this blessing they are called “beggars for spirit”; they pray for a blessing through the enlivening of the etheric body. This is indicated by the words: “Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life.” With these words the development of the etheric body is clearly expressed.

The Apocalypse is one of the greatest spiritual documents. There are hardly any great spiritual truths whose significance is not to be found there. The study of the Apocalypse is not without its connections to theosophical evolution.

By understanding such a work we allow ourselves to be stimulated by the spirit who spoke through Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. What the Theosophical Society seeks to achieve must strike us like a trumpet proclamation sent to humankind. The more we understand the Apocalypse the more we understand the task of our movement.



Note 1. Day of remembrance of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (born 1831) who died on May 8, 1891. In 1875 with Henry Steel Olcott (1832 – 1907) she founded the Theosophical Society.

Note 2. Isis Unveiled: A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology, 2 vols. (New York: J.W. Bouton, 1877).

Note 3. Compare Rudolf Steiner’s lecture of October 14, 1917 in The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness (GA 177) (Forthcoming from Rudolf Steiner Press).

Note 4. Steiner uses the old theosophical term “root race” to designate the seven epochs of earth evolution: the Polarian, the Hyperborean, the Lemurian, the Atlantean, Post-Atlantean and the last two, the sixth and seventh epochs. Each of these epochs consists of seven “subraces” It should be noted that Steiner used the word “race” only in the early, the theosophical, period of his work. Furthermore, his use of the word has little in common with the word’s use today. On June 20, 1908 he said, “… we speak of ages of civilization, in contradistinction to races. All that is connected with this idea of race is still the remains of the epoch preceding our own, namely, the Atlantean. We are now living in the age of cultural epochs. Atlantis was the age in which seven great races developed one after another. Of course, the fruits of this race development extend into our epoch, and for this reason races are still spoken of today, but they are really mixtures and are quite unlike those distinct races of the Atlantean epoch. Today the idea of civilization has already superseded the idea of race” (The Apocalypse of St. John, London: The Anthroposophical Publishing Co., 1958, 61).

Note 5. Characterized by Rudolf Steiner in his book Theosophy. as Spirit-self, Life-spirit, and Spirit-Man.

Note 6. Ancient Roman goddess of the forest, protector of wilderness and women. She was identified with the Greek goddess Artemis.

Note 7. The Nicolaitans mentioned in chapter 2 of the Book of Revelation are pagan Christians from Pergamon. They disregarded the Old Testament proscriptions concerning the consumption of food sacrificed to idols and certain marital unions characterized as sexually immoral.


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11:11 Gateway to Your Crystalline Light Body ~ Shanta Gabriel @ The Gabriel Messages

Eleanor by Alice Mason ART

ART : Eleanor ~ by Alice Mason

11:11 Gateway to Your Crystalline Light Body

Dear Ones,

From the beginning of time there have been clear moments when the Portals of Awakening open for individuals to advance. The 11:11 Gateway is a collective, high-vibrational portal opening to assist the evolution of consciousness on the Earth at this time. The 2014 Light frequencies are enabling this 11:11 Gateway to open for you to step into your new Crystalline Light Body.

Stepping through this cosmic gateway allows you to move into your original blueprint, that of the Crystalline Light Body, in oneness with All That Is. We will offer suggestions and visualizations so your imagination can help you to create a beautiful scenario to empower this Light-filled ritual. You have been coded within for this awakening moment. It is another step in the evolution of consciousness, one with great power and support. The Archangels stand at the gateway to hold you in strength and courage. Those who are attracted to this time of Grace, can avail themselves of the opportunity to soar, greatly empowered by the Angelic Realms. This conscious dedicated action that is in harmony with Divine Light will accelerate the evolution of consciousness within your own life and on the planet now.

Since digital clocks have come into widespread usage, the image of 11:11 has become more familiar. The representation behind the symbol is less widely known. 11 has long been the number of the Angelic Realms offering assistance to those on the Earth. When the 11s are seen together, the 11:11 becomes a gateway symbolizing an opening between Heaven and Earth.

The most important significance of the 11:11 is its availability as a portal to higher consciousness, a moment in time where the Angels of Light can take your offered prayers and good intentions to assist their manifestation on the Earth. Whenever the 11:11 presents itself, it acts as a daily reminder to take that one minute to hold your dreams in your heart, acknowledge the support available from the Angelic Realms, and have the courage to affirm your willingness to move into new dimensions of Love. When you empower this intention you can even imagine that there are Archangels standing tall and majestic on either side of a gateway inviting you into the fulfillment of your prayers and Soul’s gifts. With your intentional prayer, you can step through this portal into your most Divine Self and into the life you are intending. Every 11:11 offers a wondrous moment of ascending liberation from old patterns.

Percolation and Perturbation

It is a time of percolation and perturbation. New perceptions of reality are percolating through the energy centers within your body. Perturbation occurs as these new perceptions hit the coding in the imaginal system of your DNA in ways that stir you to change, like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

The Universe will stop at nothing to get your attention and encourage you to fulfill your Soul’s destiny. Perturbation is uncomfortable in its various demonstrations, making you feel very agitated. But know that all such catalysts are designed by your Soul to bring you into a new level of evolution. Because the support of the Angelic Realms is so available, this portal in time offers you a more graceful transition so you can see more clearly the world you are choosing to create on Earth and assist its evolution.

The 11:11 Gateway offers a 5th Dimensional shifting that allows a harmonious flow of Divine Love into your being. This can impact the amygdala in the temporal lobe of your brain in ways that calm this flight or fight center and cause it to resume the dimensions of your original blueprint. Over the years this fear center has been over-stimulated by the pressures, beliefs and electronics of this age.

The Intention of the 11:11 Empowerment

As each person steps through the 11:11 Gateway it can create an expansion in perception, as though the veils have parted so that new clarity dawns for you. This increase in clarity incites a sense of liberation and the freedom of spiritual expression within your being. Your Soul’s gifts are coming into the forefront of your awareness and will be available for you to use in your new life. When you remember to include prayers for the Earth they will also receive the Angelic empowerment from this moment in time and will be of great benefit.

The rewards from this time involve access to the exalted states that exist beyond the Gateway. The Archangels stand present holding the forces of Light as Pillars at the gate. There is an activation of Divine Love which they offer that you can claim and it will empower your heart with Wisdom.

 The greater intention for this 11:11 empowerment has always been to bring Heaven to Earth. This means grounding Divine Energy into the depths of the earth grid so that planetary evolution will prevail. As millions of awakened people access the Divine Light as they step through the Gateways, Unity consciousness is the resulting force pervading the hearts of all humanity. Never doubt the miracle of Spontaneous Evolution as a creative possibility for the fifth dimensional shift on this planet. Asking for miracles at this time is very appropriate.

Union with the Self

The 11:11 Gateway opens the way to Divine Union within your self. The Archangels stand ready to welcome you into the new creative power of exalted awareness. Retraining and guiding the fearful thoughts that may plague your days are only a prayer away. Each prayer raises your vibrational frequencies and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution within your life and on the planet. Imagine that your prayer is the turning point – the key that fits the doorway to your Crystalline Light Body.

Divine Presence and the Archangels of Light:

As I prepare to be guided through this 11:11 portal of time, I ask that the Light of Divine Love clear any disharmony within my energy field. I willingly let go of the burdens of old beliefs so I may stand tall and move freely through the gateways to Unity Consciousness and into my new Crystalline Light Body.

Within the spaciousness of my cleared energy field I ask that it be filled with the power of Divine Love, Harmony and Peace. I ask to receive and radiate the strength and courage to embody this Divine Light and ground the presence of Love and Healing Light into the Earth to assist its evolution.

I join with the Angelic forces and the millions of those who work in the Light of God, as we are led through the 11:11 Gateway. I know that as one is lifted up, all are uplifted. I allow new patterns of exalted Light frequencies to engage my human structure in the completion of my crystalline light body ~ Union within my being with the Divine.

I dance through the Light-filled gateways feeling your guidance and knowing that loving awareness for new possibilities in my life is being provided in every moment, with every heartbeat. I awaken in your Light and embrace my Soul’s gifts being offered to me now with supreme gratitude. You are giving me the Divine Connection to greater life and I gratefully receive this. I am honored to anchor this Light into the Earth as the presence of Nature awaits my awareness.

Hold me with Love and guide me as I step through this gateway into the higher dimensions where my crystalline light body structure awaits me. May I use your Divine Love to bring greater Life, Peace and Joy through my being and be a blessing for the Earth.

For this and all your blessings, I say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So be it, Be it so. Amen

The new levels of consciousness that are available beyond this gateway can impact all aspects of your being. You are being offered a supported and liberating path through these exalted portals into new territory for your Soul’s growth on Earth. The 11:11 Gateway is a supreme moment of time, yet the Divine Light will continue to grow causing evolution within you as a gift from a Timeless Reality that is in harmony with All of Life.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: November 3, 2014


Eleanor by Alice Mason ART

Archangel Raphael implores us to assist him in reestablishing perfect balance upon Gaia…Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 6.11.

Archangel Raphael implores us to assist him in reestablishing perfect balance upon Gaia…

I call to you this day to assist in the joyous anchoring of balance upon your beloved planet, between the kingdoms and within your sacred self. Stay in the alignment and in the center of your being, which is your heart. Be in the exquisite balance of stillpoint…

Well, the room just turned green and magenta. So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of magenta, that color of wine, of port, of grapes, of chrysanthemums, and breathe in the magenta. Breathe it in, in through your nose, filling your sinuses with magenta and breathe out and go down into your heart and feel your heart anchoring and expanding. And feel that color, that Ray of Compassion, of the Christ Consciousness, of Jesus Sananda, of Lord Maitreya, and our beautiful Buddha. Feel that energy and breathe magenta.

And let go of the week and all the things you hope to accomplish on the weekend and just be in your heart. And now, let’s take another breath of pristine, radiant, emerald green; it’s the green of Archangel Raphael, healer of the planet and of humanity. It is the color of Gaia along with the Mother’s blue. It’s the color of your heart, of St. Francis, and it’s the ray that many, many of the animal kingdoms, the plant kingdom, the fairies, the elementals, the devas, travel upon. So, breathe in the green and as you do feel these lines of your grid going out and connecting with all the kingdoms, from the pussy cats to the tigers and lions…well, the elephants are magenta, connect with them…with the mountains, the lakes, the streams, the elementals in your garden. Feel those lines of connection to all the wonder and the beauty of Gaia. And go deeper.

And in that center of your heart feel your own blessed tri-flame and let’s work today with the flowers, with the blue diamond flower, the rose of the Mother and the Divine Feminine, and the golden rose of the Father, and our beautiful pink rose of our divinity, of our grace, of our wholeness, and really feel it. And feel those stems braiding and coming down your spine, out your root chakra, and anchoring firmly into the heart of Gaia. And feel those stems also braiding upward, through your head and through your crown, into the heart of Mother/Father/One.

Greetings, I am Archangel Raphael. Welcome, welcome my beloved friends. Yes, there are many legions that claim you, from Yeshua to Michael to Gabrielle, and so often I am quiet, I am silent, but my beloved ones that does not mean in any way, shape, or form that I am not present. I am the Archangel of Healing of this universe, of the multiverse, and of each and every being upon this planet. And yes, we are busy and yes, most of you are working with me and working with the Legions of Emerald, the Legions of Love.

I call to you this day to assist in the establishment, the anchoring, the joyous anchoring of balance, of balance upon your beloved planet, between the kingdoms and within your sacred self. In your sweet, sacred fervor you often, in the sweetest and most meritorious of ways, lose your sense of balance. I say this joyously…you are so excited and eager to push ahead that you do so. But often sweet angels what you are doing is you are not allowing the currents of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love to carry you, to wash through you and to be exactly where you have need to be. Do not fight the tsunami; it is like a rip-tide. Yes, you can conquer it but you will be exhausted and at times you will feel like you are drowning. Now, why on earth would you do that when the Mother is gifting you this way?

On behalf of all, I ask of you, I pled with you, stay in the alignment and in the center of your being, which is your heart. Your heart is expanded, many of you are several states big, but whether you are a microcosm of dust or the size of Africa, it matters not, all the energy is there. But the energy, the Love, the radiance of the emerald is only as effective as you allow it to be in balance. Too much of anything is not wisdom; too much listening, too much talking, too much activity, too much inactivity, too much staring at the wall, too much praying, all of this has need to be in the exquisite balance of stillpoint.

That is what the inertia is; it is the stillpoint of balance. It is the stillpoint from which you move forward in perfect balance, perfect action, perfect heart, perfect knowing, perfect love so that you are not spinning your wheels, that you are not trying to make something happen, when if you would only stay still it would be there.

Think of it in this way; you are cooking your favorite recipe and you think, and you don’t even bother looking in the fridge, you think you are out of eggs. So, you rush to the door, you grab your wallet, you jump in the car, you rush to the store…now that part is good because you will share your light…but your light will be frenzied and erratic. You pick up your eggs, you drop them, you have to go and get another dozen, finally you get back in your car, you rush home, you take out your two eggs, you open your fridge to put in the eggs and you realize they were there the whole time. That is frenzied action.

Now my beloved friends, I do not say this in a critical way, I know you’re eagerness and more importantly, I know my eagerness for this Ascension and the renewal of Gaia, in the fullness of her being, to be completed…well this phase to be completed because it will never be over…never. But do not fall into what we would call ‘frenzied or needless’ activity because at some level you think you are supposed to be ‘doing and busy’.

If you are doing a peace meditation dear heart, you are busy. If you are conducting healing, you are busy. If you are going amongst the people and working in a job holding the light, you are busy. If you are working and transmuting the energy of the collective, you are busy. But let it be focused, concerted action that comes from the place of stillness and stillpoint and the knowing, not the thinking, not the feeling, but the knowing that the action you take is appropriate to what you are creating. You do not rush and buy eggs if you are making whole grains. Make it in alignment.

And you say to me, “Well Raphael, how do I do that?” You have just done it. Go to your tri-flame, the brilliance of who you are and connect above and below. And the feeling is that this is a straight beam of light, that there are no curly-cues, there are no angles, there are no right or left turns, you are in direct alignment. And from that place anchored in your heart you simply ask, “What should I do? What is the best thing that I can do in terms of feeding myself, my family, my dog, my cat, my neighbor? What is the best thing I can do to support financial reorganization upon the planet? What is the best thing I can do to ease suffering on the planet or in my block?”

And then with that clarity, the Mother’s gift that she has already given you, fully invoking it, you step forward into the action. “Now, how do I know, Raphael, whether I have heard correctly and whether I am maintaining this balance? How do I know? I want to do the right thing.” And I know you do because I know each and every one of your hearts. How do you know? You feel joy. Emerald is Love but it radiates joy. That is the knowing of the truth of your actions, whether it is staying perfectly still or moving to Florida; it brings you perfect joy.

That does not mean that there aren’t annoyances; yes, that is what I call them. Yes, I know, the channel or Michael or Gabrielle will call them obstacles or debris, I call them annoyances. And what are these annoyances? These are but minor issues that attempt to distract you.

You are mighty, all of you, and I speak to the entire planet now; all of you have been flying in of the Ascension portal for years. You have gained more energy than has ever been felt before on Gaia. Listen to what I say: You are holding more energy in your field of a sacred nature, of the Love nature, that has ever been held in human form, on Gaia, or elsewhere for that matter, while still in form…ever! Do not underestimate how much you have already accomplished.

So, when there are minor annoyances, look at them as such, do not allow it to move you off your balance. Look at it, smile, laugh, and say, “Oh no, oh no, you do not have the power to annoy me in that way.” Blast it; blast it with my Emerald Ray. Transform it back to balance. Embrace it or shoo it away, it matters not. Your wisdom, your grace, your clarity, your knowing knows what to do.

I am imploring you, each of you, all people of Earth, I am imploring you to assist me in sacred union and partnership, to reestablish perfect balance upon Gaia and I implore you to do this with me, right now. I give you my thanks. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 11-01-14

© 2014 Council of Love

linda dillon 6.11.