The 2 Breath Pantheon Meditation ~ By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

The 2 Breath Pantheon Meditation ~ By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

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Hello Everyone!

Recently I was in Italy on a lovely holiday. While in Rome we stayed next to the Pantheon, a place that I feel very at “home” in. This trip I spent some time meditating inside the Pantheon. As I was doing so I soon felt my sweet father, Ron on one side of me and my recently passed teacher, Dolores Cannon on the other! I soon “heard” these simple instructions, literally a 2 breath meditation.

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A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2014 @ Caroline Oceana Ryan

Art Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou - China

Art :  Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou

A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2014

A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2014

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:


Greetings, dear ones! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

There is a full moon raging now, brilliant behind the clouds that hang heavily in the part of the world from where our writer transcribes this message.

It is carrying higher energies, unbeknownst to even the finest of astronomers, and messages to the subconscious of humankind. Those messages are contained in the Light that is coming directly from your sun, which is in turn reflecting the Light of the great Central Sun of Alcyone.

These energies and their higher vibrations cannot be mistaken for anything other than what they are: They are being sent to humankind at this time as part of an essential upgrade to your DNA and higher consciousness-awakening.

They are there for a specific reason, for though it may appear that governments, military operations and economies are imploding—and elections are being bought and sold, swayed by what you term Big Money—nevertheless, the great moment of Awakening is occurring. And every sacred symbol in air, word and construct of any kind is holding that higher Light, and sending its innate energies out en force to multiply the effects of it.

This is being done so that humanity will awaken more quickly and more fully in these days of recall–of remembering who you are, why you have been born onto the Earth at this time, and your soul’s very signature, including the secret language that only you can decipher, in which it speaks to you of your greatest abilities, your greatest desires, your highest calling and your greatest mission.Full Moon3

For all of you are here now not merely to evolve as individuals, though that is a high enough order.

You are here to aid in the Ascension of your entire human race, taking with you all the animals, plants and every ounce of your natural world with you.

Indeed She is already in the fifth dimension, your beautiful Earth. But for you it is a new and strange idea, to be made of crystalline composition that is Light in matter, instead of the carbon molecules and greatly reduced DNA structure that your scientists have considered to be normal for so long.

It is not normal, nor is it preferable. You were caught and forced into that situation millennia ago, but it is now being righted. And so we would beg you, whatever country you live in, not to look at your news channels and decide that all is lost.

We would ask you to look up to the skies and see, or if you cannot see him, feel the Light of the moon as it shines upon the Earth and understand that the completion of your work and your higher intentions is to be had, for the asking.

Understand that you have not been abandoned to any lower order of things, but are instead being guided to join a great stream of higher thought and intention, a higher order of peace, prosperity and soul guidance.

Full Moon4 The Soul we refer to is that of your planet and your race—for these things have souls, as well as your individual selves.

Indeed all created persons and things have a higher aspect which is their ideal, nonmaterial self, which calls to them and encourages their highest inclinations.

You have not been left to the inhumanities of the dark ones, however it may occasionally seem that they are “winning” their terrible competition for control of your minds, hearts and souls.

That was only ever a false construct, and one that has gone on for too long, and is ending.

We ask you to look up and to concentrate more now, than you ever have, on reaching the “finish line” as you would say.

Concentrate on the Truth finally being spoken in your halls of government, education and commerce.

Concentrate and visualize as often as possible the end to what has been termed the Truth Embargo.

Image the doors swinging wide open to the Truth of our presence, of Earth’s true history, of the truth regarding where science, space exploration, governments, religions, banking and finance truly are, and what they have long belonged.Cliff at Sunrise

For the lies and cover-ups can no longer continue in the astrological season which you have entered, nor will humanity be inclined any longer to tolerate them, or to feel that they are bound to tolerate them, whether all individuals are aware of the truth or not.

Be known, Truth! Come to our Earthly home, and shine as brightly as ever you have shone!

For the people of Earth and all Her angels are singing, and ready to receive you, and we know the time has come, at last has come.

Namaste! We celebrate with you, and send our Light, and great encouragement to you all.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Art Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou - China

Portal of the High Heart – Jason speaks @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 7,11

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Million Thanks from my High Heart

My dear friends and leaders who have followed me through these years of immense change where the only thing we knew for sure, was what we didn’t know.

I have been going through and revising the fourth book of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension and wanted to share this chapter with all of my dear, loyal readers.

The Angels and I wish you ALL Unconditional Love!

Also, to each and every one of you I say, Thanks a million!

Suzanne, Suzille, Sue and, of course, the Arcturians

Portal of the High Heart


Sandy and I went to different corners of our small house to write our experience of the meeting on the Mothership. Much to my surprise, when I relaxed into allowing my fingers to speak through the computer, I wrote about a different meeting that I did not remember attending.

In this meeting we were in the same room and Sandy was sitting beside me. Mytre and Mytria were standing by the Arcturian as It spoke to us. I was so touched by what I wrote about that meeting that when Sandy returned from her corner of the house, computer in hand, I said, “Sandy, can I please read mine first?

“Of course,” she said. “I don’t think I could read mine now any way.”

“My channeling began with the words of the Arcturian, so I will begin there.”

Sandy nodded her approval. With a feeling of reticence, I began to read,

“Dear members of our away team we, your galactic family, are pleased to see you on the ship again. We have observed that negative emotions on 3D Earth have invaded the consciousness of many of our away team. These negative emotions are similar to a virus on one of the earthly computers. Therefore, in this meeting we wish to assist you to release these negative emotions at an energetic level.

“The important thing is that we are going directly to the emotion rather than the situation which apparently caused that emotion. Hence, you do not need to go into the storyline of that emotional trauma. We will clear one emotion at a time and leave sorrow for last. We will prepare for this release by realizing that all your emotions are teachers.

“We would like you to acknowledge any fear you may feel from floating anxiety to deep, ancient fear. Then, instead of being afraid of fear, or avoiding it, you can look it in the face and say, “Thank you fear for speaking with me because you are my teacher.”

“Now we would like you to pull up any anger and again say the same, “Thank you anger for being my teacher.”

“We would like you to feel your sorrow and again say, “Thank you sorrow for being my teacher.”

“Know that unconditional love is within you aura, hovering over your High Heart. We see that it is there, just as we see the Angels that over-light you. Feel the Angels and their unconditional love energy in front of your High Heart. As you do so, you realize your High Heart is a two-way portal. Loving energy moves in and out through this portal.

“We will first release fear, as fear is an energy pattern that holds you back. But, first we ask you to see your High Heart Portal. Can you see how that portal is spinning just before you heart area? Observe the spectrum of beautiful light colors, with violet being the primary color.

“Do you see the Angels that are surrounding that portal? There are many Angels there with you. They have volunteered to assist our away team. FEEL these Angels around you and know that they resonate beyond time. Hence, they are always with you.

“Feeling the Angels with you, look directly into the energy field of fear. What is the pattern of that energy field? Is it dark or light? Is it moving or static? Can you see through it or is it dense?

“Be grateful for the fear that you have brought to the surface, as that fear is your teacher. Realize that this fear is a feeling that was created to recognize the darkness that has become attached to your consciousness, your body, as well as the body of Gaia.

“You see, dear ones, YOU have volunteered to enter into the painful emotions of physical world so that, as you clear your own pain, you will also clear it from Gaia’s Earth. Do you see what a brave warrior for Gaia you are? We understand how your perception of negative emotions is much stronger when you are wearing an earth vessel.

“However, now that you realize that YOU chose that fear to clear old karmic patterns from your human and planetary self. With this realization it is much easier to perceive fear as just an energy field that YOU chose to enter.

“We understand that while you are wearing your earth vessel that it does NOT appear that you chose that fear, but when you are here on the Ship in your higher dimensional form, you are able to understand how brave you are to allow fear into your Earth life.

“We are asking you that you now release this fear and send it through the portal of your High Heart. How would you do that? How could you find the power within to send that fear out through that portal and into the realm where the Angels of the Violet Fire can instantly transmute it? The answer is that you join into the ONE of the higher expression of your SELF who volunteered to enter an earth vessel to assist Gaia.

“Remember that as you release your fear, you are not sending it out into the atmosphere. No, you are sending that fearful energy field out through the portal into the higher realms where it will be instantly transmuted. How are you going to do that? How are you going to make your fear go through that portal?

“Because this is your fear that you chose to experience as your teacher, YOU have the ability to release it through the portal of your High Heart. Moreover, the fear that you experienced is deeply intermingled with the fear that Gaia has experienced. Yes, Gaia is a being who experiences all the emotions of all of Her in habitants.

“Therefore, our dear emissaries of light, in conjunction with your personal Angels, you will release your fear, as well as a great deal of Gaia’s fear. It is vital that you, the ascending ones on our away mission, trust your higher perceptions, as it is through your higher senses that you will perceive New Earth.

“Therefore, identify your fear from the higher perspective of “being your teacher” and bless it free as you release it through your High Heart portal. Observe as the energy field of fear moves toward the portal and into the keeping of the Angels of the Violet Fire. Send that fear your unconditional love as it moves faster and faster through the portal to be greeted by the Angels.

“And NOW your fear is free. All the mental and emotional energy packages that were trapped in fear are now released into the violet light. Can you see these dark energy packages burst into streaks of violet light?

“Now, we move to your energy field of anger. As you look at anger’s energy field, what does it look like? Is it dark or light? Is it moving or static? Can you see through it or is it dense? How will you release that anger? Much of the anger that is in your aura is anger that has been given to you. However, you do not deserve that anger.

“Therefore, say to this anger that was given to you, ‘Dear anger, I never deserved that you were given to me. I’m sorry that you became trapped in my aura, but you were never mine. I choose now to invite you into my High Hearth Portal, as I am NOT one who choses to linger on anger. If I experience you in my life, I will quickly release you through my portal.’

“Our dear away team, we realize that human anger can be very sticky. Thus, make sure that you release all of the anger that has become stuck to your thoughts, emotions and memories. What old memories from the past made that anger stick to you? Is the anger for people who treated your badly? You can release those memories, as well as their anger, by saying, ‘I do not deserve your anger, and I do not want to feel it.’

“In this manner, you can release that memory so that it does NOT collect other examples in which anger is projected onto you. You will release your memories and feelings of anger by allowing them to flow through your High Heart portal and into the care of the Angels who instantly transmute that anger with the Violet Fire.

“Remember that when you release your own anger, your serve to release the masses of anger that have been stored in the body of poor Gaia. You see, every emotion that has been experienced on Gaia is stored on Gaia. As Keepers of the Land, it is humanity’s job to clear that land. The Cetaceans, the Keepers of the Water, have the mission of clearing Gaia’s waters. Both Keepers are VERY busy now with that clearing.

“You know that you don’t deserve that anger. You are sorry that they are feeling angry, but they will have to place it somewhere else because you know you do not deserve it and will not accept it any more. That is their anger, and they are going to have to figure out what to do with it, but they cannot put it on you. Not anymore!

“Now, we will assist you to release sorrow. What is the energy field of sorrow? Is it dark or light? Is it moving or static? Can you see through it or is it dense? Sorrow is often your reaction to fear and anger. Therefore, observe how sorrow contains fragments of the energy fields of both fear and anger.

“Say to sorrow, ‘Thank you sorrow for you have given me a way to process my fear and anger. I do not need you anymore because I can release my fear, and I will not accept the anger, which is often a reaction to one’s own fear. I refuse to participate in fear and anger. Therefore sorrow, I will not need you to ease my fear and anger.’

“However, you can still feel Gaia’s sorrow, and you understand that your away mission is to assist Gaia’s Earth to release Her great sorrow. Because you are a galactic being who is wearing an earth vessel, you can also feel the sorrow of humans.

“You can feel the sorrow of plants and animals as well. You can even feel the sorrow of the planet. Gaia is communicating that sorrow to you, but do not allow it to live inside of you. Do you see the difference between feeling Gaia’s sorrow and allowing it inside of you? Do not take in the sorrow. Do not wear either your own or Gaia’s sorrow.

“When you feel the weight of sorrow heavy on your heart, remember to call the Angels to assist you to open the portal of your High Heart. We have observed how sorrow weakens you more than any other emotion. Sorrow makes you forget your Multidimensional SELF and traps you in the illusions of the very realty that you have entered to assist.

“Therefore, remember to identify the energy field of sorrow. What does the energy field of sorrow look like? Is it dark or light? Is it moving or static? Can you see through it or is it dense? NOW, perceive the energy field of the Angels who are assisting you on your away mission to ascending Earth.

“The Angels have been focusing on healing Gaia’s sorrow. Can you feel the Angels around you now? Gently guide the sorrow away from you and through the portal of the High Heart and into the light.

“Do you see how the Angels surrounds the sorrow and gently hold it, love it, appreciate it and guide it into the violet light to be transmuted into love? Observe as the sorrow is transmuted. See how the beam of violet light penetrates the sorrow so that that which was once teardrops is transmuted into glowing hearts of love.

“The transmutation of energy fields is a very large part of your (the members of our away team) mission on ascending Earth. When you return back into your earth vessels, we ask that you share you multidimensional love with all life. With your High Heart you can notice a sad animal and give that animal love.

“You can recognize a sad person. You can touch that person and say, ‘Good morning,’ as you send them love. You can touch a tree, a plant, a flower and say, ‘Thank you, you are beautiful, and your roots send love into the body of Gaia.’

“Send out your multidimensional love to all the places that still hold sorrow. You can go to these places and touch them with your love and assist them to release their sorrow. Everything is a cycle, and sorrow just says that a cycle has ended. As, indeed, a long cycle of darkness is ending. Therefore, go out and with your clear, positive energy field share the message that the cycle of sorrow is ending.

“Tell every one, tell every tree, every plant, every lake and stream. Tell the sky, the birds the fish and the animals that the dark cycle has ended. Go out into your physical life and share with all that the ending the cycle of illusion is something to celebrate.

“That does not mean that the sorrow does not need to be felt. Very often when you go into a higher state of consciousness and remember your SELF, what do you do? You cry. You cry because once you have found what you have lost, and can finally release the sorrow of losing it.

“Now that you have released fear, anger and sorrow, feel your strength and power. With that release of negative emotions, you can feel what a heavy burden they have been to carry. Observe as all the memories of fear, anger and sorrow continually move through the portal of your High Heart and burst into a million balls of light.

“NOW allow yourself to experience LOVE as it flows IN through the two-way portal of your High Heart and OUT into your daily life! Feel the love as it moves into your earth vessel and up into your third-dimensional brain and your multidimensional mind. As the love moves into your multidimensional mind and consciousness, know that this love connects you with the higher frequencies of reality.

“Look again to see the Angels. Notice that NOW they too can hold more and more light. Because they served to transmute so much darkness, they have also moved into their higher states of expression as Archangels. Welcome these Archangels through your High Heart portal and into your life. Greet the Angels, the Fairies, the Elementals, the Devas and the Elohim as they flow through your open portal and into Gaia’s transmuting biosphere.

“Bring them all into and through you. Your great, galactic aura can easily encompass them all. You have the ability to hold that much love. Are you aware of how much love you have the ability to hold? Can you feel it now? Can you feel that potential amount of love that you can sustain and share?

“Feel how that love does not have to remain restricted to your physical body. See how this love fills your human aura and expands your spectrum of perception back up into your fifth dimensional SELF who is serving on our Mothership and on New Earth. Follow the FEEL of that love into your higher expressions of SELF and all the way into Source.

“Now, our beloved away team, maintain these energy patterns as you slowly return to the earth vessel you are wearing on ascending Earth.”


I shuffled my feet a bit in embarrassment that I had received such a profound message. Finally, I looked up at a shocked look on Sandy’s face and meekly said, “What did you get?”

With tears in her eyes and a look of joy on her face, she said, “I got the exact same message!”

Let us all celebrate that our hearts are NOW clear  and filled with Unconditional Love

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