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MARY MAGDALENE: The Tremendous Advantage You Can Give Children

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 3, 2014

MARY MAGDALENE: Hello beloved. Yes, I am ready to share more with you. I wish to expand on the topic of helping children, as I’m aware that a number of people have asked about this. There is more I wish to say about this.

People want to know how they can help the children of today to become strong spiritually. What can the adults do to support them the most?

It’s important to understand that at this time humanity is involved in the ascension process, which means that you’re in the midst of ascending from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. This is an enormous shift for humans and is taking place very quickly relative to how these types of changes usually occur. Ascension is the spiritual focus for humans at this time. Those who are spiritually progressive and sensitive are aware of this, yet it tends to be the minority of your global population who are conscious of this event. That doesn’t make it any less real, however.

Spiritually speaking, the greatest thing you can give to children is to help them in this very process. As I’ve said before, this will necessarily involve you being involved in the process yourself, for children learn primarily at the nonverbal level through copying and adapting to what is being modeled to them.

One of the primary characteristics of the third dimension is that it is a place where power is used to get what you sense you need or want. This might be called “force” or “coercion” or “overpowering others,” because most often it is power used at the expense of others. This is the old model of authority, where those at the top have power and those below have relinquished their power. It is assumed that those with power will be supported, taken care of, and even survive, while those without power may or may not be supported, taken care of, or even survive.

This creates great stress in yourself and in your society. It is a structure that inherently assumes some will not be taken care of while some will. So there is struggle and competition to be one of the ones who will be taken care or even survive.

All of this is learned at an extremely young age by children, because most parents or adult caregivers use power and authority to get children to do what they want. Even when adults are acting in ways that they perceive are best for the children, they very often still use power modalities to get the children to comply.

This is primarily what adults can do to make the biggest difference in terms of helping children to evolve spiritually. It will also do the most to change your world altogether. Stop teaching children, through your example, that the world functions on the basis of power. Stop using power to get children to do what you want.

This means that adults must stop giving commands or orders to children. They must stop using volume as a tool of force. They must stop using rewards and punishments to enforce their authority.

However, I do not recommend that parents simply let children do whatever they want. That would be depriving children of your wisdom, support, help, and intelligence, which they absolutely need. They need your guidance and support. But is not necessary to use force and power and authority to bring your guidance and support to children.

“How do I do this?” you might be asking. What you must do is a very different process of being transparent with children about yourself. You must show children your feelings and the inner divine qualities that are the source of those feelings. Then you can make requests of the child based on your feelings and inner divine qualities. This is the path of heart-connection with your children. You may not believe this will work, if you are deeply entrenched in the belief that force and power are necessary. But I tell you that it does work. Children love you. They also know that they depend on you. You can turn to their love and care rather than force. It is up to you.

Children will trust this process if you also show care for their feelings and the inner divine qualities that are at the source of those feelings. When a child is upset, do not immediately go into force mode of trying to fix and overpower the upset. Instead, stay calm yourself. Breathe. Notice what you’re feeling and the inner divine qualities you’re having. Connect with your heart first, before you respond to the child.

Then, after you’re heart-connected, make a guess of what you think is going on with the child and then ask if your guess is right. For example, you might ask, “Are you frustrated because you want to play right now?” The feeling is frustrated and the inner divine quality it’s sourcing out of is “play.” Keep guessing until you’ve connected with the child’s heart. You will sense when that connection has happened.

Then share with the child what your feelings and inner divine qualities are. For example you might say, “I’m feeling frustrated, too, because I’m wanting to be productive right now in getting dinner ready.” At this point there should be a sense of connection between the two of you. If there isn’t you probably haven’t fully connected with the child’s feelings and the inner divine qualities that are at the source of those feelings. The child won’t have space to receive you and hear what’s going on with you until you’ve first connected with them and what’s going on with them.

This is an example of connecting at the heart, instead of using force. Once that heart-connection is made, then you can move into thinking of possible solutions that you both could agree to and feel at peace with. Then you’re working together rather than against each other. This is co-creation. This is how it can happen.

I hope this has been helpful to you. It is very real and very practical. Parents have the greatest opportunity for making this change with children. If parents raise children in this way, then the children won’t have to unlearn their previous training to learn how to relate from their hearts as adults. This is a tremendous advantage that you can give to children.

I love you and I support you most fully in creating a world that is heart-founded rather than founded on force.

I AM Mary Magdalene


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