Lightworker Collaboration in the Game of Workability โ€“ Part 1/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Lightworker Collaboration in the Game of Workability โ€“ Part 1/2

Hub 4Itโ€™s sometimes easier to visualize a relationship if a diagram is used. Iโ€™d like to offer a very rough diagram that Kathleen and I developed to illustrate the collaborative relationship among lightworkers who come together to build Nova Earth.

We think of the structure illustrated in the diagram as a Mandelbrot set. (1) A Mandelbrot set is a basic design that replicates itself, no matter how small its subunits become.

We offer a basic design and we hope that it replicates itself throughout the lightworker community, at every level.

It illustrates one way that lightworkers can collaborate to build Nova Earth.

Our diagram reflects the fact that people seem to take one of two positions in a project: either they provide services to the outreach teams or else they carry a definite good or service out to the larger community.

Mandelbrot set 3

Because it helps memory to draw on a metaphor, letโ€™s call those who provide services to the outreach team the โ€œbaseship.โ€ In the diagram above, the baseship is the same as the โ€œhub.โ€

Letโ€™s call the ships going out into the community and back again again the โ€œoutreach ships.โ€ They represent lightworkers who enter fields like social work, medicine, environmental protection, journalism, spreading their light outwards, into the community.

They come back to the baseship for needed services and rest โ€“ planning, coordination, financing, resupply.ย  When replenished, they return to the field.

What hub and outreach come together to resolve is an end to all the unworkability on Earth that stands between us and the Ascension of the greatest number of people.

So there is actually a game to play, as Werner Erhard would call it, a noble activity occurring, to which we give the title of โ€œbuilding Nova Earthโ€ and โ€œbuilding a world that works for everyone.โ€

The people on the baseship or at head office donโ€™t offer services to the general public and the people on the outreach ships or in the field donโ€™t take care of project accounting, coordination, planning, etc. Both teams on a project are necessary and both do different work.

Many teams collapse because the hub and the outreach think they work at cross-purposes; they donโ€™t collaborate and they donโ€™t see why they should.

One cannot do without the other and have a hope of success in the game of workability.

Perhaps imagine your local meet-up organizing itself along lines such as these. Instead of people saying they donโ€™t know what to do next or they canโ€™t get along with the other person because their aims are so different, we might now have lightworkers who recognize that they all perform different roles and that all roles are needed.

Some may see the way the total fleet (baseship and outreach ships) operates.ย  Some may see what the way forward is for them. Some will get that, without the total fleet operating as one, not much can be accomplished.

If we saw the need to organize ourselves in hubs and outreach, lightworkers could form a unit of basic design capable of delivering promising project work.

I believe that one could examine most organizations and see that they organize and orchestrate action to cause the hub and the outreach to work well together. They know that the success of the organization depends on it.

The successful teams are the ones who dance well together. The unsuccessful teams argue with each other and go their separate ways.ย  Iโ€™m in part speaking from my own invaluable experience of teams.

The meet-ups are the nascent hubs. In time outreach lightworkers will partner with the spiritual hub to form a symbiotic relationship.ย  This is โ€œspiritual partnershipโ€ at the level of the group. I consider that the Nova Earth team has achieved this.

When the meet-up becomes a fully-functioning team of lightworkers building a world that works for everyone, its promise will have been been fulfilled.

(Concluded tomorrow.)


(1) See โ€œThe Mandelbrot Setโ€ at

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