Lightworker Collaboration in the Game of Workability – Part 2/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art mara friedman  sowing the seeds of transformation

ART : Mara Friedman - Sowing the Seeds of Transformation

Lightworker Collaboration in the Game of Workability – Part 2/2

UFO mothership 333

(Concluded from Part 1)

All the circles of personnel that make up the lightworker team should be porous – the group as a whole, the baseship, the outreach ships – all the circles within the circles should be porous. That requirement honors the Law of Free Will.

There should be no force employed in building Nova Earth, no compulsion, obligation, restraint.

Everything is done as voluntary service to the Divine Mother. All other considerations are purely secondary.

If the local meet-up were to remain a sharing circle only, without moving into creating structures and project teams, we predict that it would have have a short life.

But if we can make the jump from simply sharing about ourselves to taking responsibility for the unworkability that surrounds us, then the latent value of coming together can be freed and actualized.

Kathleen and I invite light workers in every city or town to honor this basic division of labor among lightworkers – between hub and outreach. We invite us all to organize ourselves, discover our missions (1) and begin to work.

We invite us to research, plan and deliver lightworker services to the larger community.

What services? Any services that take that which is unworkable in the community – homelessness, hunger, poverty, sickness, conflict, inequality – and make it workable.


That which is unworkable we commonly call a “problem.” We’re here to fix problems, global problems, specifically the problems that hold some people back from enjoying the fruits of the global shift in consciousness that’s occurring right now.

We believe that the Company of Heaven wants to partner with us and are waiting for us to take them up on their offer.

Archangel Michael said as much to me in a personal reading on Oct. 29, 2014:

Archangel Michael: Human beings need to come to the understanding that they are co-creators with us, that we are in a sacred partnership. We have said so many times that we do not do necessarily in the way that you may have previously conceived of doing for humanity. We do with you. We co-create with you.

In [the] time-frame … of this unfoldment of the Ascension plan of the Mother, all the rules have changed.

It is not simply what is going on upon Gaia that is different. What we [the archangels] have done and been up to has also been different. Why do you think we keep harping on the fact that we are in sacred partnership with you? This is a very big change in the very nature of how we have worked with humanity.

Steve Beckow: I thought it was because humanity was growing up, not that it was general throughout the universe.

AAM: It is because humanity is growing up. And you’ve grown up enough to be able to work as co-partners with us. (2)

It seems a reasonable deduction from what Archangel Michael just said to suggest that the Company of Heaven is waiting for us to take up our tools.  But only we can find out if that’s so or not. Ahead of time I can’t tell you what might happen. But I suspect that it’ll be good and I want to test it out.

The hypothesis is that once we move, the Company of Heaven will also move.

We’re not tied to our image of a fleet of ships. That’s simply a way of making graphic the distinction between hub and outreach, to illustrate the relationship between the two.  As long as things progress, no one here cares whose model is used.

In the name of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, and her Plan, we declare our partnership with the celestials, galactics and ascended masters in building a world that works for everyone, Nova Earth.


(1) How do you know what your mission is? It’s what you love, what you’re passionate about, what you can’t wait to begin doing.

(2) Personal Reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, Oct. 29, 2014.

art mara friedman  sowing the seeds of transformation

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