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Going Below the Surface of the Self with Lord Adama

Posted by on November 12, 2014
 magical_garden-fbGood Evening Everyone or Good Morning, wherever you may be. Thank you for being with us.I AM Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light, fully incorporating the energies through Rev. Meleriessee. Take some deep breaths. I want to feel your energies.What I am presently doing is to get a feel of where each of you is, so that I can individualize this program to each person. Even though we will hopefully have more people join us in the later sessions, I truly want to get a feel from your consciousness of what is occurring for you. First I will lay some things out on the table. You must remember that we are not in a room all together. The interaction with each other is quite different from how it usually is. The other thing we must also remember within ourselves and what each of you need to do as students is that whatever you get out of this program is up to your own abilities to center yourself within it. Doing the journey and listening to this tape will help, but the true work has to be within you.

One of the main reasons why we wanted to bring this forth again is to go deeper. We were told by some of the students that they wanted to go deeper than previously received. I will say a few words that are not only directed at you. They are directed at all the students of Walking Terra Christa and also all Lightworkers that may decide to be part of this program at a later time.

Time is not on our side. The energies are changing so quickly and time becomes so limited of what we need to be doing in our lives.


It is imperative to truly find a balance with everything you need to achieve. Each of you is a student within the initiations of the pathway of mastery. You have to work harder. The energy is assisting you, but it can also do the opposite if you are not careful.

Do not let anything get by you. If something feels uncomfortable, do not let it sit for a week or two. Let it come to you. Utilize the tools we will be giving you to help you. Most of all, connect fully with your Lower Self and your Higher Self to make the necessary changes. I know each of you worked hard on the programs we did this summer with Lord Melchizedek. They were very intense. They were given specifically to learn more about your psychological path. It is in order to know where your soul is within this body.  Not your Higher Self, not your spirit, but your soul and what it has dealt with on many different timelines. I share this and remind you as some of the other masters will, but it is imperative after this class to not just say “Well, this was a great class, ” but to ponder, “What did that class do for you?”

This class tonight will probably be more of an introduction, although we will also go into some depth, so that I can pass into each of you through Meleriessee and understand what you need to be working on. Ideally what I would like within this session is to talk to you before and talk to you after to assist you in this process. This is why it is a paid program. We are not only sitting here and receiving information from a master or from Telos. It is about me tuning into each of you and learning more about what you are experiencing in order to help you and guide you. I want to assist you. I want you to fully accept the fact that you need to do more work. I know each of you knows this, but sometimes you have to be reminded.

It is like we are in a classroom together. This is why we go to the Lemurian Retreat House. It is serious. It is not just to connect on a different level. It is to help you really understand yourself and what you are going through. The reason why I want to do this through Meleriessee is that she does it naturally. She has always done it naturally. She has the ability to tap into each of us and has for many reason. It was accelerated her and helped her in the processes she was going through. We never interfered, but she was assisted by many. Until each of you is ready to do so on your own; that is what we are here for. That is what I am here for and that is what Walking Terra Christa is here for. As Michael holds these energies, he also receives guidance from Meleriessee.

As you heard from Saint Germain yesterday; about 80 percent of Lightworkers being more mentally active than emotionally active.   This means that a lot of deep work has to be done to remove those pantheons and those elements each person holds within them. I give you these energies, these words, from my Heart to yours. Yet I need to be a little bit strict. At times, we feel that since Meleriessee has been dealing with it for such a long time, it is not just about sitting and receiving the attunement. It is about what it does for you, and what it does not do for you. Where does it go? What needs to come up? What needs to be processed? These elements are very important. I want to make sure each of you gets the best experience you can. That way you will be able to move further along on your pathway. You do not have to feel as if you were stuck.

Today, in this moment, take a deep breath. Bring forth these beautiful Rays of God you received yesterday.

Why did I choose this title?

When we as individuals in the human body think about who we are, that is just a surface energy. It is within our lower mind. If I was to look at each of you presently and look at what your life is, I could say that you would be someone of what you are doing on the physical plane. Maybe you are working somewhere in an outside field.

What defines who you are?
Is it what you see in the mirror?
Is it what you feel about yourself?
Is it who you interact with, who your friends are? It represents a false surface; the face you show to the outside world.

We need to go below this surface. If you meet people on the street, how do they perceive you by what you say to them, by what you do? Usually, the first questions on this plane of existence on the Upper Earth would be “What do you do for a living? Are you married? Do you have children?” Truly, that is not who we are.

It is not our defining energy. We must go below the surface of the self to allow those other parts of ourselves to be ignited out of us, so that when we converse with another person, we converse from our Heart Center and from our Higher Self. This is the journey I want to take everybody on in order to know more about yourself. Inside of yourself, you probably think differently from what you can share with another person. We will be doing a little bit of exercise with that. This is what I would like each of you to understand.

I want to take those particles of yourself and bring them up into your consciousness to allow them to fully be acknowledged.

I ask each of you, what are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

Breathe deeply within yourself. Fully correlate all those Rays.

Where do your strengths lie?
Is it your Will and Power?
Is it your creative actualization, the love of yourself?
Is it the science of your mind, tapping into your higher essence?
Is it your devotion and taking care of yourself?
Is it finding Harmony and Balance?
Is it your Love and Wisdom, illuminating your lower mind with your higher mind, which brings us to the freedom we are looking for.

I know each of you knows about the Rays of God and what they represent in your life. What aspects within yourself do you need to acknowledge and what aspects do you fully have? I am not just referring to a meditative state. On a daily basis, are you able to access those energies? We all know that things will happen and you will not be able to access your higher mind, higher thoughts and higher emotions 24 hours a day. However, what I refer to is the majority that rules within yourself, feelings about yourself. How are you affected?

These are all elements that are important to think about as it will help you gage within yourself how you are doing within this pathway.  Otherwise, it can become confusing and very overwhelming.

We will now take a journey into Telos together:

Let us all take a deep breath. Feel the energies of all those Rays. Your Soul Star and your Earth Star are spinning in a clockwise manner. Feel your Merkabah now being activated.

I would like each of you to join me in the garden within Telos. We walk upon a pathway of green grass and flowers everywhere. As we walk around, there are many children and many others within here to greet you. We center ourselves in the garden today. We are not going to the retreat house. Feel the blessings of this energy. The waterfall is a few hundred feet away. You can hear it in the distance. You may also feel sprays of the water across your face. As we all sit here together, feel the beautiful essences that are here within Telos.

What is your Heart’s desire? Have you thought about that?

Each of you work diligently on being part of these teachings and doing your other work afterwards.

What is it doing to you physically, emotionally, mentally?

How does your body feel?

Are you able to readjust yourself?

The important process of learning more about yourself as we have just gone through, is not an easy process. This I know. It is not easy to have me sit there and tell you exactly what you may not be doing or what you can be doing. It is to help you go into a deeper level, into the core of your Being. Yet, each of you allows this to happen.

That shows your tenacity of wanting to change. It shows your ability to understand yourself more. At first, it may feel very uncomfortable to look at the mirrors that I share with each of you. Yet when you deeply go into those aspects within yourself, everything shifts. It shifts because your consciousness shifts. You learn to accept what you are hearing and then process it within yourself. What I heard from each of you today is that you are willing to learn more about yourself. You are willing to see that there is a better way for you to exist, to flow, to allow yourself to understand more about your power and what that means for you.

We all know power is not aggression. To be fully empowered means that you have love, that you have balance, that you are devoted to that part of yourself while you learn that you can tap into your higher wisdom and access the purity of your Light.

Purity is the pure essence of Crystalline energy. Pure. There is no dysfunction. There is no lower energy. There are no lower aspects. It is just those essences within of the purest energy that can be brought forth, like Divine Mother and Father God, like the Source of Light. Feel that purity within you now. Feel the pure white light from the God Source.

Let us go to the Creative Source of the 144th dimension. It comes down into this beautiful garden right now. It goes deeply into the core of your being. Let it go through all your Chakras. Deeply let it go into your Heart Center. Think about your Lotus Heart. Allow it to open up. Open up fully into the core of your soul’s essence of your Higher Self and your physical self. Bring these two aspects together.

This is what is going to assist you to understand more about who you are. Bring forth those essences within you. Remember the Source of Light we all were in the beginning. I bring that essence onto each of you now. Feel yourself just lying down on the grass. You hear singing of the children in the distance. You feel content. You feel serene and peaceful.

Allow your I AM Presence to fully come within you. That aspect of your Beingness is on the level of the 144th. The other soul aspects that traveled, just as you are traveling, are not pure. We bring them into the Purity of the Light.

Feel the adoration of yourself. Feel your devotion. Feel your strength and courage. Feel the inner truth that you are of your higher essence.
Allow it to flow through your entire body, all the way down to the soles of your feet and into Earth Star.

Let us visualize the Physical Body connecting to the Earth Star and Soul Star. Let us connect to all the Chakras, the soles of the feet, the ankles, the knees, the hips, the Root, the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Thymus, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, shoulders, elbows, wrists, palms of the hands, all vibrating. It is vibrating energy that occurs on the outside of your field as it pulsates with the purity of light that you are.

{Divine Language Light Encodment}

Take a moment to sit up. Feel the blessing that you are to your physical self. Feel the entourage of beautiful energies that are arriving within your existence in these moments. Let it fill up the holes from the lower thoughts we just shared. Let it intertwine within you. Let it be you. Feel the power that you are within yourself.

All the thoughts you have shared with me, that were not positive, bless them now. Bless them in the existence that you are. Bless them in the purity of your light. Allow the reflection you see now to help change you and help you through the parts of yourself you cannot acknowledge. Bring forth acceptance of yourself. You are now aware. You have acknowledged these thoughts. Now feel the acceptance that you are. It does not mean you are a bad person. It means that these thoughts are just showing up for you to fully acknowledge them now. Embrace them. Become them. Feel them. Allow them to be all parts of your field; your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric.  Allow the Spiritual Body to take it away. Allow the spiritual part of you, your Higher Self, to transmute these elements within yourself.

See your Higher Self in front of you. Allow your Higher Self to blend within you through your hands, eyes and your feet. You sit across from each other and you become One with each other. This is who you are, not the other things. Embrace them fully within you. Be them. Your Higher Self now blends fully within your body. You arise. We all arise from the ground.

The children have a basket of flowers. You pick some flowers for yourself. Notice the color of the flowers. You put them to your Heart. You become that flower. You become that essence. This is purity. This is grace. This is mercy. This is compassion of all that you are. Feel the essence of our beautiful sun. It is quite different from your sun. It embraces you deeply and who you are. Breathe and feel it be you, as I see it in you.

It is now time for us to leave. This is a place you can come to any time to allow the purity of your light to fully be within you. We are one. Take a moment. Activate your Merkabah Vehicle. Let the colors spin within you, as now there are more colors. As you activated your I AM Presence more fully within you, you accepted all Rays of God to be you.

Feel yourself walking very slowly. As you do, you lift and feel yourself through the hemispheres, coming back to your present location, settling yourself within your Heart, Solar Plexus and the base Chakras. Feel that activation occurring.

Take some time to reflect on what your experiences are presently. Ground these energies.

I thank you for all you are doing and for being here with us. Great changes will happen will happen within each of you.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna
I AM your brother in Telos, Lord Adama

This is a written transcript of a portion of Lord Adama’s Discourses, Telosian Way Part II, September 2014.  The Telosian Way Part II is a personalized class with Lord Adama so that students can have a personal interaction with the master himself and also participate in a very powerful program.  To see more information and register for this monthly class, please click the link above.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery http://walkingterrachrista.com/ by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

Ina Lukauskaite artist - ART fb sunflower type

Stepping out of the 3D Matrix and Webinar Announcement @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 13.11 a


Message from the Arcturians

Your persistent memory of human, physical incarnations has limited your consciousness to the habit of only perceiving third-dimensional patterns of light. Hence, expressions of your self that are calibrated to the higher dimensional grids of Earth’s holographic matrix are lost to your physical awareness.

Your long habit of placing your attention on the lower vibratory grids of Earth’s holographic matrix amplifies the sensations, perceptions and experiences of your physical self. Therefore, your habitual attachment to the third dimensional grids over-rides your connection to the higher frequency grids. Because your primary attention is on the lower grids, you believe that only the physical world is REAL.

Because of this small, lower frequency perceptual field, your higher-dimensional Sirian, Pleiadian and/or Arcturian expressions of SELF who projected into many of your physical earth vessels is invisible to your 3D perceptions. To experience your entire range of light, you must attach your multidimensional consciousness to the higher frequency grids of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix.

The first challenge you face is to remember that YOU are a multidimensional being. Because you are aware of that truth, you can “save” the experiences of your expanded consciousness onto Gaia’s higher frequency holographic grids. In other words, when you save your inter-dimensional occurrences on Gaia’s holographic matrix, they merge with the experiences of other earthlings who have had similar experiences.

Once this group energy is ‘saved’ others can connect with this energy field to make inter-dimensional travel more ‘normal.’ Also, as more of you remember your inter-dimensional experiences in your daily life, your memory will connect the higher frequency grids to Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional grids.

All life on Earth is connected to Gaia’s holographic matrix. It is through the shared experience of this matrix that Gaia’s inhabitants are moving beyond the limitations of third dimensional consciousness and into the higher frequencies of reality. At first these experiences are labeled as “dreams” or “just imagination.”

However, when these dreams and imaginations are communicated to others via the shared grids, they become more ordinary. As the “new normal” expands, more and more of humanity feels safe enough to openly share their experiences. Fortunately, the animal, plant and elemental kingdoms live in unity consciousness with Gaia and naturally embrace Her return to multidimensionality.

Make sure to ground/save your higher frequency perceptions/experiences on all the frequency grids of the hologram. Then, it will be much easier for you to remember your inter-dimensional experiences in your daily life. In other words, you “save” your inter-dimensional experiences in both the “hard drive” of the planetary matrix and in the “software” of your physical brain.

A great disadvantage of the software of your human brain is that it only spans one lifetime and a few dimensions. In order to access all the dimensions and lives of your full SELF, you will need to access the “hard drive” of Gaia’s Matrix. Gaia’s Matrix is much like a transporter in that it carries the DNA codes of every inhabitant that transports/bi-locates onto Her planet.

Therefore, through the ‘transporter files’ of Gaia, you will be able to find all the lives in which you have entered Gaia’s evolution, your point of origin for that entrance and when you logged in and logged out of that incarnation. Most important for your present timeline, you be able to retrieve the files for all of your incarnations on Earth.

In this manner, you can consolidate all that you learned in your many lives on Earth to collect all the information you have accumulated about what you have learned abut planetary ascension. Once your consciousness is fully connected to Earth’s multidimensional matrix, you will experience the light of Gaia’s information that constantly flows from Her planetary light body to your personal light body.

To remind you of an earth expression in which you lived in total unity and unconditional love, I will activate the component of Gaia’s matrix in which we first met in the earliest periods of Lemuria. To access this light code, I ask that we unite our consciousness and focus on the base of Gaia’s Core Crystal

When you gather in front of Gaia’s huge Core Crystal, focus your attention on the base of the crystal. Slowly you begin to feel a sense of planetary consciousness that you have never experienced before.

At first many pictures of myriad realities come into your awareness then, suddenly, you are experiencing two realities at once. You are still in the core of the planet standing before the Core Crystal, while you are also a huge bird.

suzanne lie 13.11. b

From deep inside your being, you hear,

“I am Kaa-ah from the Bird Flock of Mu.” Instantly, you felt the joy of flying above a land that appears to be shades of ocher and gold. The sensation of flying is marvelous beyond words, and the purity and love of that reality is pristine and alive with pure potential. As you listen to Kaa-ah’s story, you we also live it.

“I am Kaa-ah,” you hear again. “I am from the Bird Flock of Mu. You likely cannot say my name, nor could I say yours, for we speak only in tones and melodies. I telepathically connect with you so that I can share the vision of my most beloved memory of flying into our golden city in the center of Mu. Of course, our entire world resonated to shades of ocher, gold, bronze and crystal.

“We of ancient Mu are the first in this rotation of the Great Galactic Cycle to experiment with form. There were many other realities that existed in former cycles, but they are unknown to us during this incarnation.

“We have come from the ONE to assist in creating a reality of duality and are joyous to communicate with you. As I look into your mind I see that the term ‘we’ means many, but to our minds the term ‘we’ means the ONE. We have no term for individuality. We are the flock.

“Each of us cares as much for the flock as for the heart that beats within our own chest. Perhaps we feel this way because we all beat to the heart of the Sacred Egg. We, the Bird Flock of Mu, are the Keepers of the Sacred Egg. The heart/core of our life within this holographic projection Earth is the gestation of the Sacred Egg.

“Mu, who is the entire planet to us, continually breathes Her sacred force of creation into our Sacred Egg. It is this force of creation that is used by all the citizens of Mu, as not all of our citizens are of the Bird Tribe.

“Before we entered this reality, we experimented with many forms. The concept of form was new to us, for in our true Home in the higher vibrations of Light, we are pure consciousness.

“We, the citizens of Mu, came to Mother Earth to initiate a grand experiment of polarities of life in form. We joined this reality knowing that these polarities would become increasingly extreme.

“We also knew that eventually these polarities would create an appearance of separation. Within our experiment, Light was to be gradually split into good/light and bad/ dark and form would be split into the genders of male and female.

“In the former cycles of the Mother’s sojourn around the Central Sun, there had been many other visitors. Mother Earth has long offered a format for many differing life forms to live and gather experiences. In this manner Earth has prepared her SELF for her Final Initiation, the Initiation of Unconditional Love.

“Unconditional love is the cohesive power of the Multiverse and the power of creation. Within the ONE, only unconditional love and divine creation is known. When we no longer require our manifestation, we simply withdraw our attention and intention so that the creation can gradually, or instantly, cease to exist.

“We have long been aware of the myriad torsion waves of multidimensional light and unconditional love traveling the multiverse. With the power of attention, observation and intention we call for these waves to break into particles of creative potential.

“Then using our power within of unconditional love, we create the manifestation of our desire by using the raw potential of these particles of light which are composed of love and potential.

“This ‘new’ discovery of these torsion waves in your ‘modern day’ is common knowledge in our land of Mu. It is in this manner that we create forms for our consciousness.

“We have great fun experimenting with taking many different forms. Just as you experiment by wearing different clothing on your body, we experiment with wearing different forms on our consciousness.

“The Sacred Egg, which is the power source for our planet, is far away from the interruptions of the psychic energy of Mu’s other inhabitants. In the highest tower of our highest mountain, of which we have few, the Mother’s Sacred Egg lives in constant communication with the Mother’s mate, the Father of Light.

“In this manner, Mother Earth’s Egg of creative potential remains eternally basked in the unconditional love of Her Divine Complement, Father Light. This constant connection between Light/Spirit and Matter/Form gives us the power to consciously create our forms and fulfill our needs.

“We, the protectors of the Sacred Egg, needed a form that could fly, as we were the emissaries between the Mother in the central mountain and Her outer lands and oceans. When we first began our experiment of life in form, every being could easily float up the mountain and into the Great Temple of Completion.

“However, as the Mother became more and more polarized we had to choose to live within a form of one of Her four elements of earth, air, fire or water. Some of us chose to walk the land, others chose to fly the air or swim the sea, and others chose to remain in formless light so that they could serve the element of fire.

“Gradually, the water beings could not leave the water long enough to travel the great distance up the mountain, the fire beings chose to maintain their flickering, ever-changing forms of light, and those who walked the land could no longer take the time to journey to the Temple.

“Hence, it was the creatures of the air that became the ‘Keepers of the Sacred Egg.’ We could easily fly from the mountaintop, over the waters and onto the land. We could also converse with the fire creatures. All the beings of the four elements are totally conscious of their form and can easily communicate with all the other beings through telepathy and empathy.

“As Keepers of the Sacred Egg, we create nests around the top of the mountain, just below the Temple, to lay and hatch our own eggs. We only create an egg when we are ready to complete our experience as a member of Mu’s reality. When we begin to long to return Home to the ONE to visit our family of Spirit, we build a nest and lay our egg.

“Once we lay our egg it is instantly fertilized by the Flow of the great Father Spirit that penetrates every molecule of our mountain. We patiently sit on our egg until a being of light desires the experience of our form. Once this being enters our egg, we totally share our consciousness.

“Through our joint consciousness, our potential replacement travels Mu to learn about the experiences and responsibilities of our Bird Flock. If the light being decides to take a form on Mu, it hatches into its bird form. The mother bird maintains her own form until her replacement is ready to perform her responsibilities on her own.

“At this point, the light of the Mother Bird flashes out of her form, and the form disappears as the light returns to the unity of Home. Please understand that there is no ‘birth’ or ‘death’ in our reality. Birth means surrounding our light with form, and death means releasing that form back to its elements and returning to the light.

“Life and death are the same in your day, which to our perception is occurring in the same cosmic NOW as our reality on Mu. In our reality we only ‘eat’ light. Hence, there is never a need for food or any elimination of waste products. All form is filled with life and all form communicates with each other, as well as with our spirit self of light.

“We Lemurians began the cycle which you are now closing. We have come into your awareness to assist you with seeding the Mother’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals. We have come into you for we are you. We represent the birth of this cycle and you represent the transmutation of this cycle into its higher expression.

“We bless you on your journey, for it is much like ours. We are the Alpha and you are the Omega, the beginning and the ending. We began this experiment of polarity, and you are here to close it. Just as we are assisting others to step in to the 3D Matrix, we will assist you to step out of it.

“Once that circle is closed the beginning and the ending will merge into the Oneness of NOW. Once within the NOW you are free of time and will be returned to the ONE.

I AM Kaa-ah,

Blessings on your transmutation

Dear Readers,

I have been preparing “The Landing Party,” Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension for publication. In doing so I discovered how much I had changed since I finished this book less than a year ago. I remember stating in my multidimensions.com site many times, “What is impossible for your ego is simple for your Soul.”

Before I could understand Mytrian’s Oversoul of SELF, I had to learn more about my self. I don’t know when I learned it, or even if I did, but this time I understood that which confused me before. It is always interesting when life forces you to look at the same thing in a different way. Then, we can really see how we have changed.

When we change our self, we also change our creations. Actually, what I realized is how much wisdom was in that book all along, but my consciousness could net fully perceive it. What I discovered from returning to this book was that everything I wanted was already there.

I have posted a few chapters that it took me till now to “get,” and I will continue to post more of them. Also, we are moving into the “new ending.”

So stay tuned,


Posted by Sue at 6:54 PM