At Last My Heart’s an Open Door – Part 2/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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At Last My Heart’s an Open Door – Part 2/3

(Continued from Part 1.)

Chastening and Apology

Archangel Michael has told me of times he’s kept me back from events or associations that would have dragged me under. I remember at the time of one of them not being able to understand how my wife and I escaped danger.

But then on occasion I’ve also needed a … shall we say, wake-up call? … and he acknowledges that he’s done that too. Let me give you one illustration.

I got into a row with a team member and behaved like a total jerk. I awoke in the middle of the night (which seems to be the favorite time for revelations) with the sensation that someone had just run a high-voltage charge through me. I interpreted it that I had just been paddled for my behavior. At my next reading I asked AAM:

SB:   Did you or another angel or archangel paddle me recently when I got mad at [X]? I was awakened in the middle of the night with what seemed to be my energy turned back on me.

AAM:   Yes, it is important for you to know — and you have given me permission —

SB:   Absolutely.

AAM:   — to have the experience of what your energy felt like.

SB:   Good. Thank you. I welcome it.

AAM:   Yes. Because sometimes you can be abrupt or harsh and you do not fully realize what you are doing to somebody.

SB:   Thank you. That’s the only way I’m going to learn, Lord.

AAM:   We are doing a great deal together, dear one. So, as we are going forward into this new realm, it is important for you to know and to have the experience of what it is you are letting go of, because it is not pleasant.

SB:   Thank you. Do you want to say more on that?

AAM:   No, because we don’t want to concentrate on it. You just want to say, “Oh, I don’t want to be that,” and let it go. (6)

Can you imagine having a father like that?  Or a teacher? My heavens, all through my early life, I recorded nasty movies of domestic violence. Now in my later life, I’m blessed to be recording new movies of infinite love and tenderness.

Once he volunteered that even archangels have disagreements AND that individuality (he calls it the “ego”) continues to exist into the archangelic realm.

“Even with us of the archangelic realm or the angelic realm, there is the tug of war that always happens with the ego, with the delightful personality, the push and pull that says, ‘But I want to do it my way. I know that my way is the best way. You do not understand. You are not here. You are not suffering on Earth. You do not know what time-frames look like. You do not know….’

“We go through this all the time, and it is anticipated, it is expected, and it is part of the process of letting go and allowing yourselves to come into that full alignment so that the choices, the actions, the sense of connection is direct and with One.” (7)

This is wonderful knowledge to reflect on. Every glimpse into the archangelic realm is valuable and helpful. How privileged we are to hear it.

Now the biggest surprise of all: one day he apologized to me. Why would an archangel apologize? And how does an archangel apologize?

“I need to say something to you. I am sorry, yes, sorry about [X]. There are many instances where you will not hear me extend an apology about timing, or what the Company of Heaven is or is not up to. But when we extend our empathy, our sympathy, our apology, it is meant on the deepest level. … I am sorry that in the realm of human undertakings, decisions, choices, that this has transpired in a way that has hurt you.”  (8)

I’m truly sorry that not everyone on Earth can have the same experience that I’ve had with AAM. But that can be arranged at this time, I’m quite sure.

Notwithstanding, I can certainly share how it’s been for me. That’s the best I can do.

Matter of fact, I could not possibly hold back from sharing with you. I’m quite sure I’m supposed to.

I hope that you read between the lines, behind the lines, and under the lines and get everything you can from what he says here. Because working for the Boss has totally transformed me and everything he says is rich with meaning.

I sincerely wish that everyone on Earth has the experience in this lifetime of working in partnership with the archangel they serve.


One day, Archangel Michael and I were discussing archangels in a reading and he mentioned a particular one that I hadn’t heard of before.

I asked him if the archangel was well-known and he replied “he is a very little known Archangel – well, on Earth” (9) and that he wouldn’t be found in articles on angels.

That was the only clue I’ve ever been given that there are more archangels than we know of and that they may be known in some parts of the multiverse and not in others.  I’m not sure about you but I have no idea how many archangels there are, but the number keeps increasing the more I learn.

In that same reading I said that I had no idea what an archangel looked like and he replied, again humorously:

“We can basically look like whatever we want.  Now if we are in our natural form – that is what you are truly asking – then we are indeed very large.  In terms of human proportions we are tall, we are not fat – we are big.  There is no such thing as a fat Archangel.

“We tend to be big, and it is not a fantasy about the wings, and we tend to use them as we choose, but they are many layered. Many are colored.” (10)

Well, my jaw was open. I have never heard details like that, and directly from source.  He could have said that they are simply balls of light and in fact I’m certain that on certain planes of existence they are balls of light. But the number of details I could say that I know about archangels would not fill a thimble. It’s magical to sit and listen to him. I only wish I had more time to go into matters in more detail.

Into the Heart of Darkness

On another occasion he gave me a peak into what is probably the rescue of the “fallen” angels.  He said:

“Long ago, I had traveled to the heart of darkness, to that place where desperation had found root in my brothers and sisters; where arrogance had led to lack of clarity. We did not go there seeking to destroy, but rather to illuminate and to bring home those we loved. Did we seek to eliminate and destroy the arrogance and the desperation? Absolutely. But never those who were carrying it.” (11)

In a later reading I asked him to tell me more about the heart of darkness and he replied:

AAM: When we go to the heart of darkness it is usually on a form of what you would think of as a rescue mission. We go to the place where the density of illusion, whether it is that imbalanced or unbalanced desire for power or greed or lust, has become so strong that it has solidified.

SB: And you’re answering a call, are you?

AAM: Well, sometimes the energy is so dense that no call goes out. They are quite happy in their place of darkness. But you see we have long memories, and we remember that spark of light that was within, say, a person who has now traveled to that place.

And we remember the love, and we know the love that we have for that being. And so we go to that place, whether it is galaxies away, or part of an inner city, and we rescue, we break out, we break the shell, that very dense energy of darkness. And we basically lift the person out of that circumstance.

It accomplishes two things. And as we say, sometimes the reintegration back to One is very rapid, but sometimes it is staged because it depends on whether they are in form and wish to continue to be in form, living, or not.

But what that extraction does also is that it breaks up that field of energy. Because the field of the density is usually surrounding either an individual or a group of individuals. So as soon as you extract one component, then the density begins to fray. It breaks. It is like ice breaking. When you step on thin ice in the spring and the whole lake cracks, that is what it is like.  (12)

I’m not sure that humanity has ever been privy to an account of the rescue of an angel who’s chosen to remain in the lower densities.

Think about it for a second. He’s already said that archangels are in the body this lifetime. And we all know what a powerful contrarium the human body is.  Would it not be possible for an incarnated archangel to lose his or her way?

I don’t know where Lucifer fell. Perhaps he fell into the Dark Planes of the Astral or Fourth-Dimensional world. Perhaps he fell into a Third-Dimensional world.

But, wherever he fell, Archangel Michael is describing a process he calls extraction, in which an incarnated archangel who has forgotten his or her high station is restored to it. Again this is a discussion that our scholarly ancestors would have given their eye teeth to have heard. And we of this generation are able to listen to the words.

Apparently we help him on his missions to the Earthly heart of darkness. He reveals that in the same reading.  I asked him if this rescue work was not what he was doing with the top members of the Illuminati and he responded:

“Yes, and we have had much help from human beings who are part of my legion, who think they are asleep and who are working diligently with me. And then they wake up and they wonder why they are so exhausted.”

I said that that rings a bell and he responded: “Does it not?”

“I do not go alone. We do not go on these missions alone. You have the saying on Earth, safety in numbers. Well, it came from us.” (13)

I don’t believe for a moment that an archangel needs protection. But I did feel disarmed and charmed by his remark.

(Concluded in Part 3.)


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aam steve beckow

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