At Last My Heart’s an Open Door – Part 3/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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At Last My Heart’s an Open Door – Part 3/3

archangel-michael(Continued from Part 2.)

Higher Beings Incarnating

I said earlier that innumerable angels are in incarnation at the present time, numerous archangels, some seraphim and even some elohim.

I asked him if a prominent lightworker was an avatar and he replied: “No, but she is very enlightened.” I asked if there was a name for her type of being – an elohim, a Melchizidek?  And he responded: “You can think of her as an elohim.”  (14)

Evidently that means that there are rungs of evolution equivalent to the elohim that we don’t even know about. We haven’t even been introduced to the main actors in the play. That’s how rudimentary our knowledge is.

He discussed incarnated archangels on another occasion and outlined an instance in which an archangel had assumed a composite form, taking with him parts of an ascended master. On the matter, he added: “An archangel can give energy [and] can hold energy.” (15) 

Moreover, the ascended master, the head of a planetary council, was himself “a collective soul”!  A collective soul was taking birth as part of another collective soul. How confusing can that be?

“There are various aspects to [him], more than what you would think of as a singular soul.” (16)

He went on to explain the manner in which the archangel could “borrow” from the ascended master for the present incarnation.

“Think of it in this way. Say that the [ascended master] is a billion atoms of energy. Well, he has some cash to spare and so he shares it.  So the incarnated archangel is carrying some of that energy.

“Now human beings don’t fully understand. You are beginning to and it is the Mother’s teaching that is helping with this and her gift, of course of clarity. But in that single atom is everything – all the patterning, all the DNA, all the information.

“So when we say that the archangel has that part of him, a part of that billion, [the ascended master] is fully participating.”  (17)

If you wish for examples of other, well-known collective or composite souls, consider St. John the Baptist, Merlin, and Mary Magdalene.

I asked him how it was that an incarnated archangel might not have any sense of being one and he responded: “Because they have agreed to be human.” And what does one give up by agreeing to be human?  He replied: “Huge portions of memory.”

Was there anything else?

“Yes – and of course many of these qualities will be restored – but the ability for instantaneous creation.

“But their qualities will expand.  That is what they have forfeited as it were – sacrificed, put on hold.  The deepest connection and knowing of the unification and the presence of all – that is the greatest sacrifice.” (18)

Angels, archangels, elohim, seraphim, all are here and pulling on the rope to get this new boat launched. And, evidently, when it’s launched, more miracles will follow.

Dear Tatler

I’m going to close by incorporating an article called “Dear Tatler” (19) that I wrote and never posted. When I could not contain my love for Archangel Michael any more, I wrote it all down and would have declared it to the world but the time was not right. I think the time is right.

Dear Tatler,

I’m having a love affair with my boss. Yes, I am.

What am I to do?

I only noticed it the other day when a stray thought crossed my mind. I said to myself that I don’t have to answer to anyone. I just noticed that circumstance in my life.

And then I heard a voice say, well, I thought you pretty much answered to Archangel Michael.

And I replied: Well, that’s just it. He doesn’t ask me to answer to him.

Listen to what he said on An Hour with an Angel recently:

“How can you possibly have freedom, liberation, when someone is telling you, above, below, or in between, what to do or how to do it? How can anyone, outside of your beloved sacred self, demand or determine how you go about your sacred journey?” (20)

That’s what it’s like to work for him.

Some time ago in a reading, when I was hurting from a painful issue, he said to me:

AAM: This day I hold open my arms, my heart, my consciousness. My very essence is always open to you. But I also wish you to know that I embrace you, I comfort you, I hold you, I sustain you, and that I will lift you up and carry you if necessary.

SB: What does that mean, Lord, that you will carry me if necessary.

AAM: When you feel that you are about to fall down, that this life is not fully worth embracing without, as you have put it, the passion, the love, the exchange, the expression of unity. (21)

One day I found myself singing “Secret Love” that Doris Day made famous decades ago. (22) When I arrived at the reading with him, I asked him:

SB: Greetings, Lord. And how is my secret love?

AAM: Well, it is no secret anymore, is it?

SB: No! [laughs]

AAM: Not to you, and it never has been to me. But it is the opening of your heart, sweet one. And it is the recognition of an entirely deeper level, of our love, of our brotherhood, of our connection, of our sacred purpose. (23)

Who has ever worked for such a boss? And yet look how many people work for him.

I have no recollection of any occasion on which I’ve felt somehow importuned or pressured or deprived of my freedom of choice with him. I have only felt loved by him.

Tatler, I’m so much in love with my boss, I can’t hide it any more.

It’s true that he upbraided me once. He said that every time he drew near me to write, I wanted to merge with him. That’s okay, he said, but it wasn’t getting the job done.

Who would not want to work for such a gentle and compassionate being?

Dear Tatler, what am I to do?

* * *

None of this recorded here, I’m certain, was said to me exclusively. What Archangel Michael says to me, I know he says to all. An archangel does not love beings with partiality.

As far as I know, one has only to actualize one’s relationship with the archangel they serve to start events moving towards contact and collaboration. I talk to Archangel Michael exactly three hours a month. During two of those hours (Hour with an Angel), you’re right there along with me.

All of us of this generation are able to speak or listen to the most exalted figures, first among whom is always the Divine Mother, God Itself in Its active phase. Ascended masters, angels, archangels, all are making themselves available to us at these times if we’d only listen. I could retire tomorrow (I mean, really retire) and ruminate on my memories for the rest of my life.


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(22) “Secret Love”

Once I had a secret love
That lived within the heart of me
All too soon my secret love
Became impatient to be free …

Now I shout it from the highest hills
Even told the golden daffodils
At last my heart’s an open door
And my secret love’s no secret anymore( AAM, May 9, 2014.
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