Project Gaia to Terra Christa – Ashtar Command Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

Galaxy-3928Blessings and greetings everyone,

It is I, Lord Ashtar, with the Ashtar Command. Thank you for being with us once again.

Let us all breathe deeply to bring the connection in more fully. As you extend your frequencies of light around you and beyond your Merkabah, feel the spinning of your Chakras with all the Ray colors intertwining within you. You are the double helix of light, as we connect to each of you in these moments.

What we would like to share with each of you today is to allow the intercommunication between each other to be within a closer frequency.

How do we do that?

As we have shared on the call before we began this transmission, some individuals are unsure of it, some do not believe it, some do not want to take responsibility. They think of us as the defining light and source here to assist each of you. While this may be so, it is all based on a partnership.

This is what we have been trying to convey through Meleriessee and Walking Terra Christa for quite some time in order to awaken people to the fact that we cannot assist until they assist themselves. Yet we are here. We are here in your skies. We are here watching over you. We are here working with each of you.

As your multidimensional, galactic selves become more active, you are the Galactic Humans. You have chosen to be here upon the Earth. It is not only the starseeds who may believe themselves to be the only ones that came here from planetary systems. Their elements are more directly aligned with those planetary systems and not so much with the Earth energies. Thus, they too have to learn how to communicate, as each of you is in a human body.

How are you affected by these transmissions?

What do you do with them afterwards?

Do you listen again?

Do you reflect on how to bring forth more energetic exchanges within the Earth?

Do you create some of the tools we offer to allow our essences to help each and every one of you, and therefore, help the planetary systems?

We know that this takes time. It takes moments of stepping out of your physical self, out of your mental mind,to have the realization that you are a direct line of focus to allow the light upon this Earth to come in more fully.

What we bring to you today within this month of November is the ability to know that you are very important to each of us.

We cannot do this without you. You cannot do it without us. If you go deeper into the essence of your soul to feel that galactic part of you, that part of your essence that believes in the other planetary systems, you will bring that focus into your consciousness for you to receive more.

It is truly what occurs in this process. It is the defining light. Each of us was created at the same time. We just came into different states of Beingness, awareness and physicality.

I, as Lord Ashtar with the Ashtar Command on this day, extend our essence onto each of you. It is not only about the weather patterns. Those are our beginning stages.

It is about all that is occurring upon the Earth. Let us think about that for a moment. If you think about the Federation of Light of the Intergalactics, of the Christed Beings of Light, are you not part of this? Yes, of course. Some of you may have other alternated selves that are within this consciousness. At the moment, this may seem incomprehensable to you. The role that you are playing is so much larger than you realize. This is true about every human being upon the Earth. Awakening themselves to a better state of Beingness is what we want to assist with. That is why Lord Sananda is intertwined so much with the Federation now.

The frequency of light that he has been has moved from the Earth energies into Universal Consciousness and into Galactic Consciousness to allow all races to receive this light. We work very hard and diligently to allow this to be. Each of you in this moment sits here and allows that essence to fully come within you. Know that you are a major part of our work, of your work. As you are receiving this transmission presently, you are not only receiving it through words, but through light formations. You are allowing it to come through you with your breath and expand it out of you. Right then it allows us to create portals of light to bring in more light frequency guided by Lord Sananda, myself, and the entire Federation of Light to fully be incorporated within the Earth. The Earth has been under such tyranny for eons of time. Each of you is a major part of that tyranny changing and coming more into awareness, more into a focus on light. It cannot be done by force. That is why we come through in this manner and why we want to assist as deeply as possible.

The more light formations we bring forth, the more it will grow. As it grows, the advantage of us being more physical in your world, will appear. Please know we need your assistance deeply.

If you have ways to share this information, please do so. It is going to assist. All a person has to do is listen to this transmission and the energy will be within them and through them. They do not even have to do anything about it. It is a domino effect. If we allow the frequencies of light from the galactic forces to come through each of you to grow out of you, then others are affected by what you have listened to. It expands out of your field into the many electrons within the Earth, in the environment, in the skies, everywhere you expand yourself. Expansion is our role today. We want to help each of you understand the particle of light that you are, and that you are allowing that to grow within yourself. It is like the effect of a cell that is not healthy in a body; quite the opposite. It grows and it grows and it grows. It expands that light through every element. If you allow yourself to be the beacon of light that I think each of you is, you bring this essence into yourself now as you are that focus.

As these messages become viral, it does not matter whether one does not believe. On a soul level, it is accepted. Thus, it filters down through the fields of the Earth. We expand this light into the Earth to clear out the debris, to clear out all the souls that are stuck on this planet. Those are souls that have passed away and think they are still living here. We do affect that change also.

Today, let us concentrate first on the energies of the weather, what is happening in different parts of the country and the world. As this year comes to a close, there is going to be more coming into your world. It is imperative that each of you understands the source of your own light and allows that to expand within and outside of you. Allow yourselves to be those beacons of light. I extend this Divine Light Language Encoding toward you now for it to become part of you.

You do not have to think about it. All you have to do is breathe, and it will expand out of you into the areas you walk upon, into the areas that you see around you to help all human beings upon the Earth to come together in Oneness. You see, our role is so much more from what you thought it was.

I wanted this to be a focal point today. You are important. Each of you has your own responsibility. It is not a large responsibility. You are in this moment to listen, to hear and to be. You are saying “I AM part of this project. I want to be one of the Galactic Light to help the Earth”.

We say to you in this moment, just allow your breath to take you into another space of light. Feel the frequencies of the galactic forces coming down in sparkles of light. As we all stand on a beautiful hillside, we allow these frequencies of us to come together in Oneness. This hillside is in that higher Earth that you are intending so much of wanting to be in. Within that higher Earth, there is love. There is companionship. There is compassion. There is serenity. There is a growth process within each individual. Everyone is growing at the same time in different ways. Every being has something to give. Feel this essence coming to you now, as we extend our Christed light through Lord Sananda and myself, to fully embody this within you. Feel the sparkles of light coming down the star systems and the frequencies of a higher level, which the Earth needs so desperately. Feel that coming within you now.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel your Galactic Essence. Feel our Galactic Essence, spinning in colors and vibrancies completely around you as if you were within the circle of electrons swirling on the outside of your field and slowly moving inside your field. We now all connect to each other. We connect to all the planetary systems with the beautiful beings of light as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans and all those extraterrestrials that make up the Federation of Light that we are.

Above us, we see our Mothership which represents the frequency of light that you have just received. We fully command the Mothership to be One within each of us. Feel the vibrancy of the Mothership that represents these frequencies of light, these colors of extension to assist the planet.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

The mothership opens up her doors. Many Galactic Beings come out to join us. Christed Extraterrestrials that are within the Federation of Light all circle within one another, hands within hands, circles of circles of spiraling light. I as Lord Ashtar, I as Lord Sananda, stand in the middle of the circle. Each of you intertwines within these beautiful beings of light. We have a job to do with one another. Open up your Hearts and feel the purification of everyone’s essences.

Collectively, we are one Federation of Light.

Yet individually we represent many planetary forms. Each of you represents the Earth. Each of you has a lineage from other planetary systems. That is why you are here. You are accepting so many elements to come into your world. Feel the force field we have around each other. You could call this our contract with each other. Yet truly it is a project.

It is Project Earth, Project Gaia to Terra Christa, to allow the embodiment of Gaia and Terra Christa to blend as one. Each of you individually is doing so within your own processes of your physical self and higher essence.

We all stand here together and conform our energies to spin around the Earth. It moves around the physical Earth, the globe of Gaia, into the core of her being. It moves into all the environments. It goes into the oceans, where we connect to the whales and dolphins so that they can send a message through their environments. They too are part of this project. We bring forth these energies in Oneness. Feel the beautiful essences that we are together. Feel the power that we are. Allow this frequency of light to now go into every human being, as they, too, are part of this project. Allow their minds to awaken to the beauty of all of us being in Oneness.

We now take this energy and lift off any debris that has been collected through our force field. It moves out into the heavens, to the God Source of the 144th dimension to go into Oneness. There is a spiraling of light occurring that trails upward into that 144th level of light. Everything begins to change. Breathe deeply within yourself. What changes are you feeling in this moment? We now call upon the weather patterns to feel the change we are bringing forth.

As the messages are being carried through the animal kingdom, through the whales and the dolphins, they receive the information that we all come into Oneness. Feel that Oneness. Feel your power to create this. Now let it expand outside of your field. Let it go outside of your homes. Let the change occur. Know that you are not alone. We are here with you. We walk with you. You bring forth this light into the Earth in order to assist. Believe me, we could not do it without you and you without us. Let us form a bond within each other. Let us form a bond, within which we take a breath and feel these energies at any time you like to do so.

You as a physical person do not have to do anything.

We say these words “I now call upon the Ashtar Command with Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda to bring forth the frequency of light within me to allow the sparkles of the stars to come upon this Earth of where I am standing. Let it expand around me. It now completes its duty of purifying the land I sit upon.”

As you do so, it changes. It is that simple. Through this command, we will work with you in that moment. It will be a moment of reflection. Allow yourself to be open to any sounds that you hear, any frequency through your ears, a high pitched noise, as that is confirmation that we are with you. We all stand here within each other, and we bring our circle closer and closer together until all of our beings become One together. Breathe and feel the power that we are together. Feel the love, the compassion, the joy, the acceptance. We do the work. We are here as your warriors. You are not the warriors any longer. Let us help and assist you. Let us be with you.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

All the Great Central Suns shine their light upon you for you to feel this reflection within your soul, within your being, within your physical consciousness. Be the essence that you are. Thank you for coming forward. Thank you for addressing this element within your world. We walk together in silence. Our time will come when silence will be broken. The more we gather, the easier it will be.

Let us now command that all the weather patterns and all the energies coming upon the lands of Gaia be harmonious, be healing, be what needs to be. It is now time for us to leave our beautiful space. We separate from one another, yet we are not separate from each other. Feel the beautiful essence that we are as we walk up the hillside.

The Galactic Beings go back into the Mothership. Each of you now spin your Merkabah and come back into your physical vehicle as we move into our physical vehicle. My Heart is open within the essence Ashtar Command, Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda.

We are speaking within Oneness in this moment. Separately, we shall always be by your side. Together, we are One within you. In the Light of the Christ that we are together, may the blessings bestowed upon this Earth become the New Earth, as each of you exhibits the ability to bring that light, to be that torch and to hold that frequency. I am eternally grateful for this moment of connection with each of you.

I AM Lord Ashtar.
I AM Lord Sananda.
I AM the Ashtar Command.

Each 2nd Saturday of the month Walking Terra Christa holds an open tele-call with the energies from Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command.  The next meeting is December 13th, 2014 at 10:00 AM Pacific, LIFE STATION EARTH GROUP LIGHT GATHERINGS; we will be connecting with the Whale Community during the call.


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Tapping Into Compassion And Forgiveness For Our Families by Sabrina Reber @ Raise Your Vibration Book

sabrina 26.11

QUESTION: I wish I could get to a state of compassion for those who have hurt me, especially my family. I truly do. Perhaps I need to work harder for an answer as to how to feel compassion, because I do understand that compassion has to happen before I can forgive. I really struggle with this, can you give me some advice?

HTRYV ANSWER: In order to give compassion and forgiveness to others we must first have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves. We need to love, honor and respect ourselves and the current feelings and emotions we have even if they are painful, negative energies. When we acknowledge our painful energies and we choose to release the masks of denial we will put ourselves in a place of power to access and process through the stored emotional energies in our energy fields that no longer serve our highest good.

Praying to the Creator asking for the energy of grace to surround you and heal you, as well as, setting your intention to release the negative stored energies in your emotional field by writing a letter to those who have hurt you is a powerful tool for healing. You will need to surrender to your negativity within and allow all of your worst thoughts, feelings, words and emotions to come to the surface. This is an intense process so I suggest you pick one person a day to focus on and allow whatever comes out on paper to be revealed to you. You may find yourself cussing, crying, growling, banging on the table etc….as you write the letter. This is a positive sign of the negative energies rising to the surface. After you are done writing, burn the letter or bury it in the ground. Do not send the letter to the other person – if you do, you will remain bound to their energy and you will create more negativity between the two of you. The letter needs to be destroyed to symbolically represent purification and your willingness to set your self free. The letter is meant to be used as an opportunity for YOU to take responsibility for your feelings with the intention to release the other person and the negative feelings and emotions that have been created. This ritual will set you free from the energetic entanglement and pain that is stored in your energy fields that keep you corded and karmically attached to the other person. When you heal the painful energies within you not only will you set yourself free, you will also set them free from your energy as well.

After you are done with the letter, ask your self:

1. What karmic lessons have I learned from this interaction? Has this person shown me how I no longer want to be? Has this person shown me what I am no longer willing to experience in my life?

2. What is the universal mirror that is being shown to me through the FEELINGS that have been activated within me from this event? What negative subconscious beliefs do these feelings reflect to me that I have within my being that continue to draw the same experiences to me?

3. What can I do in my life to make sure this does not happen again in the future?

4. What warning signs were revealed to me as inner guidance in this relationship that I was in denial about and did not listen too?

5. What boundary could I have put in place that would have stopped this kind of negative interaction from occurring?

6. Where did I fall out of authenticity, out of fear of speaking my truth, that allowed the negative energies to build up to such a point that we found ourselves engulfed in this kind of altercation?

This type of healing work is absolutely necessary for us to access and release the negative stored energies we have suppressed in our emotional fields. Oftentimes, we suppress these energies because at the time of the altercation we were in shock and did not know how to process through our emotions at that time. However, if we don’t make the time later to deal with these suppressed feelings and emotions they will be like little magnets in our energy fields that will continue to draw negative people into our lives that will activate these energies within us because our higher souls are trying to get us to release them by bringing them to the surface of our conscious awareness again and again until they are cleared.

In addition, keep in mind that our family relationships are relationships we chose before we incarnated to help us balance our karma or unbalanced energies from other lifetimes. Some of us even chose our families to help our genetic lineage clear their karma. Regardless, it was our choice and the lessons we learn from these interactions not only heal and evolve our souls but our entire genetic lineage. When we transcend the negative generational patterns of behavior that have been passed down from generation to generation we become what is called a pathcutter. Pathcutters incarnate into very dense families who are stuck in the wheel of reincarnation, pain, disharmony, illness and distortion to heal the problems their family lines have continued to have for many lifetimes. When a pathcutter transcends the need to recreate their families negative behavioral patterns an energetic pathway is cleared in their genetic DNA which will open up new pathways to help incoming souls incarnating into the same family genetics to evolve out of the negative recreations that have enslaved the entire genetic line.

In addition, I think it is important as adults to understand that our family members, particularly our mothers and fathers do not need to be put up on a pedestal and allowed to create continued pain in our adult life. Our parents are simply soul mates from the same oversoul who agreed to allow us to incarnate through them. They assisted in the construction of the physical body and our genetics however, if they had not allowed us to incarnate through them we simply would have chosen another soul mate to incarnate through. They did not give us life, God gave us life. We all created a contract to learn from each other but many parents do not have the consciousness to understand that it is the incoming souls or the youth that are their greatest teachers and healers. Our parents are our soul mates, who oftentimes have a lower state of consciousness than we do. If their lack of consciousness continues to create soul fragmentation within our being then it would be in both of our interests to put a stop to it. We must accept responsibility and understand that people will treat us how we ALLOW them to treat us. If we allow them to continue with their egoic/shadow consciousness we will not be breaking the patterns of negative karmic creations within our genetic lineage. If we allow them to continue to emotionally, mentally or physically abuse us then we will be allowing them to create more karma for themselves. Not only is this unloving, it also has the potential to create karma for ourselves as well.

Regardless, whatever negative feelings and emotions have been created through our life experiences together they must be healed and released from our subconscious so we can step into a greater state of compassion and forgiveness for everyone. We are all evolving our souls on different timelines and with different states of consciousness. When we truly understand that every interaction regardless if it is negative or positive holds within it an enormous opportunity for soul growth and wisdom it is much easier to move through our negative emotions because we are taking the golden nuggets of wisdom from our difficult soul lessons to evolve our souls into greater sates of awareness and consciousness.

We gain wisdom through experience so it is advantageous for us to understand that those who have created the most difficulties for us have been our greatest teachers. When we take the time to go within our inner being to fully feel what these interactions have brought up for us, and we choose to learn the lessons they have brought forth we will evolve our souls towards our ascension in consciousness instead of revolving our souls in the same old stuck behavioral patterns that bind us to the earth plane and the wheel of reincarnation. ~Sabrina


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sabrina 26.11