Tapping Into Compassion And Forgiveness For Our Families by Sabrina Reber @ Raise Your Vibration Book

sabrina 26.11

QUESTION: I wish I could get to a state of compassion for those who have hurt me, especially my family. I truly do. Perhaps I need to work harder for an answer as to how to feel compassion, because I do understand that compassion has to happen before I can forgive. I really struggle with this, can you give me some advice?

HTRYV ANSWER: In order to give compassion and forgiveness to others we must first have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves. We need to love, honor and respect ourselves and the current feelings and emotions we have even if they are painful, negative energies. When we acknowledge our painful energies and we choose to release the masks of denial we will put ourselves in a place of power to access and process through the stored emotional energies in our energy fields that no longer serve our highest good.

Praying to the Creator asking for the energy of grace to surround you and heal you, as well as, setting your intention to release the negative stored energies in your emotional field by writing a letter to those who have hurt you is a powerful tool for healing. You will need to surrender to your negativity within and allow all of your worst thoughts, feelings, words and emotions to come to the surface. This is an intense process so I suggest you pick one person a day to focus on and allow whatever comes out on paper to be revealed to you. You may find yourself cussing, crying, growling, banging on the table etc….as you write the letter. This is a positive sign of the negative energies rising to the surface. After you are done writing, burn the letter or bury it in the ground. Do not send the letter to the other person – if you do, you will remain bound to their energy and you will create more negativity between the two of you. The letter needs to be destroyed to symbolically represent purification and your willingness to set your self free. The letter is meant to be used as an opportunity for YOU to take responsibility for your feelings with the intention to release the other person and the negative feelings and emotions that have been created. This ritual will set you free from the energetic entanglement and pain that is stored in your energy fields that keep you corded and karmically attached to the other person. When you heal the painful energies within you not only will you set yourself free, you will also set them free from your energy as well.

After you are done with the letter, ask your self:

1. What karmic lessons have I learned from this interaction? Has this person shown me how I no longer want to be? Has this person shown me what I am no longer willing to experience in my life?

2. What is the universal mirror that is being shown to me through the FEELINGS that have been activated within me from this event? What negative subconscious beliefs do these feelings reflect to me that I have within my being that continue to draw the same experiences to me?

3. What can I do in my life to make sure this does not happen again in the future?

4. What warning signs were revealed to me as inner guidance in this relationship that I was in denial about and did not listen too?

5. What boundary could I have put in place that would have stopped this kind of negative interaction from occurring?

6. Where did I fall out of authenticity, out of fear of speaking my truth, that allowed the negative energies to build up to such a point that we found ourselves engulfed in this kind of altercation?

This type of healing work is absolutely necessary for us to access and release the negative stored energies we have suppressed in our emotional fields. Oftentimes, we suppress these energies because at the time of the altercation we were in shock and did not know how to process through our emotions at that time. However, if we don’t make the time later to deal with these suppressed feelings and emotions they will be like little magnets in our energy fields that will continue to draw negative people into our lives that will activate these energies within us because our higher souls are trying to get us to release them by bringing them to the surface of our conscious awareness again and again until they are cleared.

In addition, keep in mind that our family relationships are relationships we chose before we incarnated to help us balance our karma or unbalanced energies from other lifetimes. Some of us even chose our families to help our genetic lineage clear their karma. Regardless, it was our choice and the lessons we learn from these interactions not only heal and evolve our souls but our entire genetic lineage. When we transcend the negative generational patterns of behavior that have been passed down from generation to generation we become what is called a pathcutter. Pathcutters incarnate into very dense families who are stuck in the wheel of reincarnation, pain, disharmony, illness and distortion to heal the problems their family lines have continued to have for many lifetimes. When a pathcutter transcends the need to recreate their families negative behavioral patterns an energetic pathway is cleared in their genetic DNA which will open up new pathways to help incoming souls incarnating into the same family genetics to evolve out of the negative recreations that have enslaved the entire genetic line.

In addition, I think it is important as adults to understand that our family members, particularly our mothers and fathers do not need to be put up on a pedestal and allowed to create continued pain in our adult life. Our parents are simply soul mates from the same oversoul who agreed to allow us to incarnate through them. They assisted in the construction of the physical body and our genetics however, if they had not allowed us to incarnate through them we simply would have chosen another soul mate to incarnate through. They did not give us life, God gave us life. We all created a contract to learn from each other but many parents do not have the consciousness to understand that it is the incoming souls or the youth that are their greatest teachers and healers. Our parents are our soul mates, who oftentimes have a lower state of consciousness than we do. If their lack of consciousness continues to create soul fragmentation within our being then it would be in both of our interests to put a stop to it. We must accept responsibility and understand that people will treat us how we ALLOW them to treat us. If we allow them to continue with their egoic/shadow consciousness we will not be breaking the patterns of negative karmic creations within our genetic lineage. If we allow them to continue to emotionally, mentally or physically abuse us then we will be allowing them to create more karma for themselves. Not only is this unloving, it also has the potential to create karma for ourselves as well.

Regardless, whatever negative feelings and emotions have been created through our life experiences together they must be healed and released from our subconscious so we can step into a greater state of compassion and forgiveness for everyone. We are all evolving our souls on different timelines and with different states of consciousness. When we truly understand that every interaction regardless if it is negative or positive holds within it an enormous opportunity for soul growth and wisdom it is much easier to move through our negative emotions because we are taking the golden nuggets of wisdom from our difficult soul lessons to evolve our souls into greater sates of awareness and consciousness.

We gain wisdom through experience so it is advantageous for us to understand that those who have created the most difficulties for us have been our greatest teachers. When we take the time to go within our inner being to fully feel what these interactions have brought up for us, and we choose to learn the lessons they have brought forth we will evolve our souls towards our ascension in consciousness instead of revolving our souls in the same old stuck behavioral patterns that bind us to the earth plane and the wheel of reincarnation. ~Sabrina

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sabrina 26.11

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