Looking Back to Leap Forward — Year 2012 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking Back to Leap Forward — Year 2012



I recently had a wonderful retreat in Nature. I wish I could say that I spent a great deal of time in Nature, but I actually spent a great deal of time sleeping. Being away from the house and all the things that I should do gave me time to do exactly what I wanted and/or needed to do. And, what I spent a lot of time doing was sleeping. One night I woke up several times, but I still slept a good three hours longer than usual. As I often do, I woke up with a sentence, which when written down becomes pages and pages. One of these sentences was,

I, Suzanne Lie from California USA,

Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

The pivotal word in this statement is “conscious” creator, as we are all in the process of creating New Earth with our every thought and emotion.

We had hoped that our years and lives of dedication, meditation and service would be sufficient to give us a free ride to New Earth and/or the higher dimensions. However, this was not the case. We, the members of incarnated humanity, are the creators of New Earth.

Yes, finally, time is on our side. The higher light from the Galactic Center is flowing into our world, and we have more assistance from the Galactics and Celestials than we have since the Golden Age of Atlantis.

However, the higher light that is awakening those who have dedicated themselves to the manifestation of their earthly mission and integration of their Multidimensional SELF, is making the lost ones fall deeper and deeper into their personal torment. Unfortunately, this inner torment is acted out as torment against others.

Fortunately, inner peace and unconditional love is also acted out on others. However, we have been calibrated from myriad lifetimes on Earth to put fear first and wait until later for love. Our animal brains tells us that fear is the most important emotion as it protects us from attack and eventual death. But death is always eventual and far less important to our Soul than the love.

Fortunately, as we download, integrate and become the Higher Expressions of our SELF, we have powers of creativity that are far beyond our former powers of destruction. Hence, what took TIME, effort and greed to destroy can quickly be transmuted with the unconditional love that is the core of the higher light that is awakening our creative powers.

However, in order to be master of our creations, we must master our thoughts and emotions. I imagine that is why I woke up with the above sentence. It is one thing to write stories, meditate, lead groups and help others, but another thing completely to BE the Master of ALL our thoughts and emotions.

We can easily think of all the “hard work” it would take to create a New Earth based on unconditional love for all life. However, living that unconditional love with our every thought and emotion is an entirely different challenge. We are used to “hard work,” but we have NOT had much practice at being the Master of our Energy (thoughts and emotions).

In fact, even those of us who are able to have pretty good control of our thoughts and emotions, still fall into the trap of complaining about the difficulties of daily life. We even complain about how difficult ascension is! In fact, most of us “Lightworkers” are afraid to say the word ascension because it did not occur according to our specifications.

You can see that I include myself in that list. I too, have complained about the difficulties of remembering our True SELF while in the turmoil of our 3D life. It is indeed a challenge to maintain a higher state of consciousness while we are observe the atrocities of life around us and while we travel in traffic and confront a pile of bills.

Therefore, when I woke up with the statement that “I AM Creating New Earth” it means that every thought and emotion IS creating my reality. My thoughts direct my intention and my emotions dictate the state of consciousness that fills that intention. Hence, if I am to BE a creator of New Earth, and I create my reality with my thoughts and emotions, I must be a Master of my thoughts and emotions.

Is it becoming clear now why we did NOT ascend? How many of us are actually a master of our every thought and emotion? Not me! I am striving to become a Master of my thoughts and emotions. However, I am fully aware that this form of mastery is impossible for our third dimensional animal brain. Hence, our animal brain is incapable of creating New Earth.

On the other hand, the Animal Kingdom that does not include humanity IS ready for ascension. They are ready for ascension because they live in Unity with Gaia and with respect for their planet. The human animal does not live in unity or respect for our planet. The “animal’s” brain has a code of ethics and behavior that has been lost by the human animal.

However, the human animal has something that the animal kingdom does not. Humanity has the ability to be conscious of, to recognize, integrate and BE their higher dimensional expression while wearing a human body. However, in order to do this, we will need to release our third dimensional thinking, just as we had to release wooden wheels in order to have a faster vehicle.

I know that I have restated what I have been saying for quite a while. However, I know that a reminder is important, as I must constantly remind myself. Then, I still act from my human self. My advancement is that I catch myself more often now. However, if I am too tired, if I have allowed myself to become “stressed out” by daily life, the reminder does not work. My wounded ego ignores my higher expression and steers my earth vessel into the trenches of the third dimension.

Therefore, when I awoke this morning with that message from my SELF, I have chosen to share it with all of you who I know are endeavoring, just like me, to remember that”

I, ________ from _________

Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

If you would like to add your name to our list, please do. You can use a pseudonym or only your first name, as YOU know who you are. Also, if you just write that sentence down on a piece of paper or type it into your computer, you could use it as a mantra to assist you in remembering that YOU ARE the Creator of your REALITY.

The higher light has been entering our brains now for several months and giving us many uncomfortable symptoms of transmutation. However, slowly we are beginning to adapt to this higher frequency of light. On the other hand, we can look around our world and see many who have lost all control of them selves because of this energy. To them, we must send our unconditional love.

However, it is important that we do not become reactive to the fear that surrounds us because WE ARE THE CREATORS OF NEW EARTH. In other words, we can serve as the antidote to fear by showering with our unconditional love. Sending love into fear becomes increasingly easier as our 97% DNA is turned on, and our multidimensional thinking/feeling comes online.

It is important that we remember to release our survival-based, human thinking and function more and more through the higher-dimensional Operating System of our multidimensional thinking. From this higher perspective we can send unconditional love into that which creates fear and focus our personal attention on that which creates love.

Therefore, we have to make some choices in our lives to release that which lowers our consciousness. If we hate our job, change it. If our living situation makes us unhappy, move. If our relationships are not going well, look at where you are feeding the negative and ignoring the positive. In some extreme cases, relationships will need to end.

Most important, remember to BE your SELF as often as you possibly can. I realize what I am asking because I ask the same of myself. I cannot say that I am wonderful at remembering to be my SELF.

But there are certain times that I AM my SELF.

When I am in the midst of a creative endeavor, I AM my SELF.

When I am with someone that I love and/or a dear friend, I AM my SELF.

When I am doing what I love to do, I AM my SELF.

When I am in nature or gardening, I AM my SELF.

There are also many places where I am not my SELF.

If I get too tired, I am NOT my SELF.

If I get too stressed out (which is usually when I am too tired) I am NOT my SELF.

If I am doing a mundane task that I must do now, I am NOT my SELF.

If I am working too hard (which is the collection of the above) I am NOT my SELF.

Take a moment to write down when you ARE being your SELF and when you are NOT being your SELF. I think you will discover, as I did, that if we are not taking good care of our earth vessel, the symptoms of transmutation are stronger and we fall out of our SELF.

On the other hand, when we realize that we are all working together as ONE Being to be the Creators of New Earth, we know that we are our Multidimensional SELF inside of the earth vessel that we are currently wearing. This earth vessel is of a frequency that is much lower than our resonance and is having great difficulty integrating our SELF into its small clay form.

We must give a great deal of unconditional love to our small clay vessel, as well as to the elements and Elementals that have created that vessel for us to wear. While we were not conscious of the fact that we were our SELF, the earth vessel fit fine, for most of us. Conversely, as we begin to remember that we are our SELF, we begin to allow the higher frequencies of light into our clay form.

This form is not accustomed to the frequency of our true resonance and is not comfortable with the frequency of light that is now entering its Pineal Gland. Hence, we must be loving to our vessel and give it thanksgiving for creating a portal through which we can contribute to the planetary venture of Creating New Earth. Furthermore, we must remember that we did not come here for our personal gain.

We, the Creators of New Earth, took an earth vessel at this time to assist our dear friend Gaia, consciousness of all life on planet Earth, to expand Her planetary essence into the higher frequencies of reality. The greater percentage of humans are currently unable to realize this fact, but the plant and animal kingdom, as well of those who have awakened to our SELF, are working as ONE to Create New Earth!!

I, ________ from _________

Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.

Posted by Sue at 7:59 AM


Karmic Board Dispensation – Saint Germain and the Great White Brotherhood -12-28-14 @ Higher Density Blog

Karmic Board Dispensation – 12-28-14

Karmic Board Dispensation – Saint Germain and the Great White Brotherhood

Blessed Hearts, I wish to let everyone who may receive this message know of the timely cycle which comes up at the end of each year, where the Karmic Board of Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings receives letters and petitions from the mankind embodied on Earth.

The Lords of Karma meet at the Royal Teton Retreat twice yearly, approximately at the time of the winter and summer solstice, to review letters and petitions from unascended lifestreams embodied upon our planet, and to consider the granting of Dispensations for assistance and for the progress of humanity towards the Perfection of the coming Golden Age.

To help explain, these Dispensations are grants of Light, intended for the alleviation and mitigation of karmic circumstances that you, your loved ones, or the planet find themselves in. Generally they are not for personal aspirations or needs, except if that grant would advance the race of a larger group. For example, if there are circumstances that keep you from being able to tend to your altar daily, and in so removing that obstacle, you can go before your altar to accomplish a certain release of Light that otherwise would not spread through the atmosphere of a city, a nation, or the planet, then it may be considered. I hope this clarifies a bit for the student.

How can we advance the cause of something in humanity, whether that be the purifying of the filthy creations in the astral realm, so we have less pressure on our growing children to accept the the trappings of overt sexuality, dark music which tears their Chakras, and violence in all their movies and video games? How can we get the many individuals and politicians to see the harm coming to us through abortion, to the understanding that it is God’s own Life that is living in and forming that sacred child, yet waiting for the embodiment granted by the Karmic Lords Themselves? Can you assist in some similar endeavor in your local city, state, province, or even Nation? These are the sorts of things that would allow the Karmic Board to move aside personal limitations and difficulties.

This is not to say you can not be granted mercy from something personal, if it happens to be a debilitating sickness, or an addiction. The Will of God (much to the contrary of orthodox churches) is always Perfect Health and Freedom for everyone. Ending an addiction cuts a tremendous tie with the sinister force, and every individual freed, means less energy maintaining that addictive entity in the atmosphere. Don’t let personal human feelings of inadequacy or minimization of feelings make you a martyr who believes suffering is the way to Heaven. Don’t let anything keep you from asking for what you want, whatever it may be.

Just know that as with all Dispensations, you are requesting something and offering something as compensation. Mercy and Grace are not the same thing. Grace is God’s Mercy given to you that is UNEARNED. Whereas Mercy is an aspect of the Law that can be invoked by your conscious action, where you offer something in return as you request Mercy for that aspect or situation. I hope that helps students to understand the difference.

These are not directions, but suggestions and ideas. Let your own Heart be the guide here. The Karmic Board Dispensations are granted on the basis of what you have done in the past, what commitments you have kept, how you have held to the Light and Purity, and whether the desired result or request is co-measured by what you are willing to offer. Their adjudication is ALWAYS accurate, detailed, Perfect, and 100% Merciful.

Being off-misunderstood, the Lords of Karma are not here to return your karma to you, or to dispense “judgment” in the sense of wrath, condemnation, or penance and discipline. This idea was put forth in previous Ascended Master activities, and is positively untrue. The role of the Karmic Board is to save you from your karma, to dispense whatever Mercy and Compassion the Law will allow. All your karma will return to you unerringly as a result of the impersonal aspect of Cosmic Law. The Lords of Karma are seeking that which MAY be done for you, considering your past records.

So I hope this little note gives everyone the opportunity to consider what adjustments they would like to make in their lives, in their cities and countries or over the planet. Petitions must be submitted by December 31 at 3:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time.

You may write your letters, and burn them in a ritual at home if you wish. Also when the upcoming New Years Eve Conclave is underway, there will be a link up on the website to submit the petitions to be consecrated by The Temple of The Presence at the Altar at The Temple Headquarters.

Wishing Mercy and Victory to you all!

Corações Abençoados, Eu gostaria que todos que recebessem esta mensagem saibam do ciclo oportuno que vem no final de cada ano, quando o Conselho Cármico de Mestres Ascensionados e Seres Cósmicos recebe cartas e petições da humanidade encarnada na Terra.

Os Senhores do Carma se encontram no Retiro do Royal Teton duas vezes por ano, aproximadamente na época do solstício de inverno e verão, para avaliar cartas e petições de vidas não ascensinadas encarnadas sobre o nosso planeta, e para considerar a concessão de Dispensações para a assistência e para o progresso da humanidade em direção à Perfeição da Idade de Ouro que vem.

Para ajudar a explicar, essas Dispensações são subsídios de Luz, destinados ao alívio e mitigação das circunstâncias cármicas que você, seus entes queridos ou o planeta se encontram. Geralmente eles não são para aspirações ou necessidades pessoais, exceto se a concessão iria avançar a corrida de um grupo maior. Por exemplo, se há circunstâncias que o impedem de ser capaz de ir ao seu Altar diariamente, e removendo esse obstáculo, você pode ir diante de seu altar para realizar uma certa liberação de Luz, que de outra forma não iria se espalhar através da atmosfera de um cidade, uma nação, ou do planeta, então ele pode ser considerado. Espero que isso esclareça um pouco para o estudante.

Como podemos avançar a causa de algo na humanidade, mesmo que seja a purificação das criações sujas no reino astral, então temos menos pressão sobre os nossos filhos em crescimento para aceitar as armadilhas da sexualidade explícita, música sombria que rasga seus Chakras, e da violência em todos os seus filmes e video games? Como podemos fazer com que muitos indivíduos e políticos vejam o dano que vem a nós por meio do aborto, ao entendimento de que é a própria Vida de Deus, que está vivendo e formando aquela criança sagrada, ainda à espera da encarnação concedido pelos próprios Senhores do Carma? Você pode ajudar em algum esforço similar sua cidade local, estado, província ou mesmo Nação? Esses são os tipos de coisas que permitiriam que o Conselho Kármico afastasse as limitações pessoais e dificuldades.

Isso não quer dizer que não pode ser concedida a você misericórdia de algo pessoal, se acontecer de ser uma doença debilitante ou um vício. A Vontade de Deus (muito pelo contrário de igrejas ortodoxas) é sempre Perfeita Saúde e Liberdade para todos. Acabar com um vício corta um laço tremendo com a força sinistra, e cada indivíduo livre, significa menos energia mantendo aquela entidade viciante na atmosfera. Não deixe que os sentimentos humanos pessoais de inadequação ou minimização de sentimentos torne-lhe um mártir que acredita que o sofrimento é o caminho para o céu. Não deixe nada mantê-lo longe de pedir o que quiser, seja o que for.

Apenas saiba que, com todas as Dispensações, você está pedindo algo e oferecendo algo como compensação. Misericórdia e Graça não são a mesma coisa. A graça é a Misericórdia de Deus dada a você que é IMERECIDA. Considerando que Misericórdia é um aspecto da Lei que pode ser invocada por sua ação consciente, onde você oferece algo em troca enquanto você pede Misericórdia para aquele aspecto ou situação. Espero que isso ajude os estudantes a compreender a diferença.

Essas não são direções, mas sugestões e ideias. Deixe seu próprio Coração ser o guia aqui. As Dispensações do Conselho são concedidas com base no que você fez no passado, quais compromissos você tem mantido, como você tem se mantido na Luz e Pureza, e o resultado desejado ou pedido é medido pelo que você está disposto a oferecer. Seu julgamento é SEMPRE preciso, detalhado, Perfeito e 100% Misericordioso.

Sendo muitas vezes incompreendido, os Senhores do Carma não estão aqui para voltar o seu carma para você, ou para dispensar “julgamento” no sentido de ira, condenação, ou penitência e disciplina. Essa ideia foi apresentada em atividades Mestre Ascensionado anteriores, e é positivamente falsa. O papel do Conselho Cármico é salvá-lo de seu carma, para dispensar Misericórdia e Compaixão que a Lei permita. Todo o seu carma vai voltar para você infalivelmente, como resultado do aspecto impessoal da Lei Cósmica. Os Senhores do Carma estão buscando o que PODE ser feito para você, considerando seus registros anteriores.

Então, eu espero que essa pequena nota dê a todos a oportunidade de considerar quais ajustes gostariam de fazer em suas vidas, em suas cidades e países ou em todo o planeta. As petições devem ser apresentadas até 31 de dezembro às 15:00, horário padrão de Mountain. É necessário checar seus horários em diferentes locais do mundo. O Brasil está 5 horas na frente.

Desejando Misericórdia e Vitória a todos vocês!

Saint Germain and the Great White Brotherhood

Looking Back to Leap Forward — Year 2011 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 30.12. a

Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back to Leap Forward — Year 2011



Meditation for New Earth

The first place to do this meditation is in your home, as this is the place where your physical form  seeks shelter and protection.  Find your favorite place of meditation and go so deep within that you hear  your SELF say:

I AM deep in the caves of the Mother once again.

I feel the Love of the Mother about me.

I give thanksgiving to Her for allowing me to live on Her form and assist Her with Her return.

I feel myself within the Mother, and I feel the Mother within me.

I listen within my heart for Her personal message:

Beloved Ones,

I AM Gaia—I AM your Mother Earth.

I speak to you from the North

In the North I AM high, snow-capped mountains and forests of tall, green trees.

I touch the sky and carry the mountains. Feel me about you and within you.

My love is a transpersonal energy field that raises you above the wows of daily life

and provides you with a strong foundation.

Feel how my love reminds you to love and support all life.

I speak to you from the East

In the East I AM the rising sun and vast horizons.

I welcome each new day with love so that I may, once again, celebrate all life.

Feel me around and within you.

My love is a service to be given away without need for return or compensation.

Feel how my love urges you to greet each new day with joy and unconditional love.

I speak to your from the South

In the South I AM rain forests and dense jungles.

Observe how my great abundance is around and within your daily life.

My love is continuous through all dimensions of life.

Feel how my love allows you to expand your consciousness into your higher expressions of SELF.

I speak to you from the West

In the West I AM the setting sun and deep oceans.

Feel how my love assists you to release that which has come to completion.

My love creates the union of the Sun and Sea so that ALL your emotions can be transmuted into joy,

unity and unconditional love.


Beloved ONES,

My third dimensional planet is being transmuted into the fifth dimension.

Now as we, people and planet, welcome and embrace our Higher SELF, I ask that my humans

remember how to live in unconditional love and unity with all of my life forms.

In this manner, we will create the WAY Home to New Earth,

which resonates beyond time and space in the ONE of the eternal NOW!

Feel your frequency rising and Know that WE ARE ONE.

Dear People of my Planet,

I also ask that you assist me to restore the true beauty and vibrant life of my true form.

Hence, whenever you experience any ripples of dissonance or disharmony in your human

or planetary body,

I ask that you call the higher frequencies of Spirit into the physical frequency of Matter. 

Through transmuting your personal and planetary body, you assist me in creating OUR New Earth.

In this manner we can work a ONE Being to:

Welcome the dawning of a new reality,

Create this higher reality with the force of our unconditional love,

Unite with our higher expressions on New Earth and

Transmute our physical bodies into our light bodies of New Earth.

Furthermore, to assist me to return me, Gaia, to my fullest power,

I ask that you assist me in regain ALL my Wisdom, Power and Love by decreeing:

“I AM a Portal through which the Spirit enters the Matter of Earth.”

I AM ONE with the Portal and ONE with the Earth”

suzanne lie 30.12. b

As I open the Portal to my Multidimensional SELF, I Decree:

Spirit into Matter NORTH

Spirit into Matter EAST

Spirit into Matter SOUTH

Spirit into Matter WEST

Thank you Beloved People of my Planet.

suzanne lie c

I AM Ascending Gaia

For the last few of these posts, instead of the 5 W’s

I would love you all to reflect on the topic of each blog posting.

For this post, it would be wonderful if you could share with your “self”

and hopefully with the blog how you areassisting Gaia’s Earth.

In this way, you make a statement about your dedication to Planetary Ascension

As well as give some good ideas to others.


I will begin by sharing that I will continue communicate and commune with Gaia,

hear Her voice and share that information with others.

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.

Posted by Sue at 8:59 AM

“YOUR LIGHT CLOAK OF MANY COLORS AWAITS YOU” – Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest


Mars and Venus Sandro Botticelli

 ART : Mars and Venus ~ Sandro Botticelli

Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-01-2015

Beloved masters, as the Age of Pisces fully fades into the past, there is a new system of rules and Universal laws which will now apply to all emerging Spiritual/Human Beings.  A new, expanded cycle of Creation is in progress, and all of you who are striving to attain a unified state of consciousness will be designated as advanced cocreators of the future. As an empowered Bearer of God Light on the physical plane of existence, your new Divine Mission is to assist in the expansion of God-consciousness. Your goal is to become a master of manifestation, drawing forth the Essence of Creation, and activating it within your Sacred Heart. Then, through a heightened intuitive awareness, you will begin to receive specific thoughts / concepts, which will be sent forth into your Sacred Mind. You will gradually gain the ability to radiate new Seed Thoughts into your personal Flower of Life/Creator Wheel, which will begin the advanced process of creating those things that you require for an abundant, joyful, refined existence. Your Light resonance will increase as it gradually flows forth in a sweeping Infinity pattern, making a greater, more beneficial impact on your environment and those around you.
Those of you who are actively seeking Self-mastery are being prepared to tap into the new Divine Blueprint of the Aquarian Age, which is now radiating forth through the great Archangelic and Devic Kingdoms. As you clear your personal environment of the negative, imbalanced frequencies of the Third/Fourth Dimensions, you are gradually moving through the remaining sub-planes of the Fourth Dimension.  This is the basis of the ascension process humanity is now experiencing.  You can deny and ignore this fact; however, sooner or later, every Soul on the Earth-plane will have to traverse the path of ascension into a higher awareness.  Why not take advantage of the grand opportunity that is being offered to you now? The longer you wait, the more difficult the journey will be.
Over the next twenty years or so, a substantial portion of humanity will experience transference from an outer focus on the material world to an inner focus on Spirit and Self-awareness. This will initiate the process of integrating the remaining aspects of the Higher Self, which consists of clearing all the lower-frequency aspects, as well as accommodating the higher-frequency aspects of a Spiritual/Human Being.  This has been called the renunciation in the esoteric teachings of the past, for it often entails letting go of those things which do not fit into the evolving vibrational patterns within the next higher level of consciousness. Therefore, there will be a level of discomfort within, as well as a certain amount of chaos in a person’s outer world as he/she readjusts to fit the “emerging, refined Self.”

Spiritual fire is the basis of all manifestation and forms the background for human evolution. Meditation is a most efficient means of connecting with the more refined facets of your Higher Selves.  Making Soul contact is the beginning of the Self-awakening process. The second step is gradually merging with higher and higher frequency facets of your OverSoul / Higher Self, until finally, all remaining fragments have been reintegrated within the physical vessel.  The Soul-infused Personality will then begin to display its Soul-power and Soul-purpose, with a primary focus of service, and gradually over time, the development of a Group consciousness.
Know this, my steadfast Ones: you are in the final stages of a specific unit of time, whereby you all have been subject to a unique system of rules. Total free will was deemed to be a great gift; however, it became a great burden as humanity sank into the broad spectrum of duality, which has resulted in great pain and suffering. There was also a non-interference clause written in the rules, and the specified time for this particular phase of Creation had to be played out before our Father/Mother God could declare: “It is enough.  It is time to intercede.  There will be a Divine Dispensation for those who are striving to  attain Self-mastery, and the many spiritual Cosmic Councils and the Angelic Kingdom are authorized to give assistance in whatever way is appropriate within the framework of Cosmic Law.” The Law of Grace exists within the higher frequencies of Karmic Law, and it will, henceforth, apply to the emerging group of World Servers, as well as the aspirants and disciples on the path of ascension.

You, the wayshowers, are the hope of the future. You are laying the foundation for a new social order. It is vitally important that you endeavor to walk the middle path.  A Self-master does not take sides, neither for nor against the conflicts that are presently raging around the world. Your personal power is most effective when you stay centered within your Sacred Heart, and you are guided by the wisdom of your Sacred Mind. Your stance should always be that of good will, and your platform should be for the greatest good of all.

One of the most important changes within the physical structure of the precious Souls who have incarnated on Earth over the last thirty or so years is that all three God Rays have been activated within the Diamond Core God Cell, and the Soul/personality will have an equal opportunity to develop all of the Divine qualities, virtues and talents of our Father/Mother God. No longer will only one major God Ray, deep within the Diamond Core God Cell of each person, function as the primary Light Overlay of Creator qualities for all of the Soul’s incarnations–with the other two God Rays relegated to a secondary role within the complicated physical anatomy. This is an evolutionary enhancement needed for the next round of the ascension of humanity, and it is a requirement within the Fifth-Dimensional environment. It will be up to the ego/personality, and later, to the Soul-infused personality, as to which of the virtues, qualities and talents of Creation will be enhanced and developed. The goal for the coming era is to embody, activate and learn to efficiently make use of all the Twelve Rays of galactic consciousness.

To refresh your memory, we will give you a brief description of each God Ray, along with its attributes, qualities and virtues:

FIRST GOD RAY OF DIVINE WILL, POWER AND THE DESIRE TO CREATE: This is the mental Ray of the Divine Father. It is an out-focused, dynamic Ray, from which the Divine Father sends forth the White Fire Seed Atoms of new Creation.  It activates vitality, initiative and the desire to create anew in the realms of physicality.  It brings forth the power to create balance and harmony by aligning with your Divine Mission and the Will of our Father/Mother God. The special virtues of the First Ray are strength, courage, steadfastness and truthfulness. By learning to properly use the powerful qualities and attributes of the First Ray, you gain the potential to become true cocreators of beauty, abundance, joy and peaceful coexistence on Earth.  Lady Archangel Faith and I, Archangel Michael, are the bearers of the qualities and virtues of this dynamic God Ray.

SECOND GOD RAY OF ILLUMINATION, WISDOM, AND THE LAWS OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, ALSO KNOWN AS KARMA: Archangel Jophiel and Lady Constance are the bearers of the virtues, attributes and qualities of this God Ray. This is the Ray that resonates with the LOVE/WISDOM OF THE DIVINE MOTHER, who nurtures within her cosmic womb the Seed Atoms sent forth from the mind of the Divine Father.  She supplies the loving energy to ignite the Seed Atoms of new creation, in order to manifest the Divine Blueprint on the material planes of existence.  The main focus of this Ray is to turn knowledge into wisdom, and to temper that wisdom with love and compassion.

THIRD GOD RAY OF INTELLIGENCE IN ACTION: It radiates the power that assists humanity in perfecting and refining their emotional bodies, and instills a desire to perfect their cocreative skills on the physical plane of existence. It also carries the qualities of tolerance, forbearance, unity and culture.  The beloved Archangel Kamiel (or Camael as he is sometimes called) carries the vibrational patterns, qualities and virtues of the Third God Ray.  Archangel Lady Charity bears the feminine attributes of the Third Ray.  It is the Ray of the Suns (the sons and daughters of our Father/Mother God), the Ray of active intelligence, whereby the dynamic energy of our Father God is melded with the Second Ray vibrations of our Divine Mother, and within the cosmic womb of creation, the grand designs of new creation are incubated, and then sent forward wrapped in her love and wisdom to be manifested within the material realms of this Sub-Universe.


When you achieve a certain level of harmony within, you open the physical body gateways or portals to the higher dimensions: the Ascension Chakra or Medulla Oblongata at the base of the skull; the back portal of your Sacred Heart; your Sacred Mind, which is located in the upper, back portion of the brain; and the expansion of the opening of the Crown Chakra. These are major physical steps in the ascension process, for they reinstate your connection with the River of Life, which contains the Living Light Particles of Creation called Adamantine Particles. At that point, you begin to build a force field of full-spectrum Light, as you strive to become a master of Self, and a conscious cocreator who only creates those things which are for the greatest benefit of all. From that time forward, your breathing exercises and affirmations take on a whole new meaning.

When you are practicing the Infinity Breath exercise, you are breathing through the Sacred Heart, which creates a continuous flow of cosmic energy throughout the physical body.  This process floods the system with Adamantine Particles of Divine, Sacred Fire Light.

In order to become a living tributary for the River of Life, you must prepare yourselves to allow the Essence of Life to flow into and through you. You must use what you need, and then allow the remainder to flow forth, ready and available to be molded into wondrous new creations. In this way, you will become bearers and servers of the Light. This is the ultimate message of all the teachings we have given you over these past years.  This is the goal of Self-mastery.  This is the way of ascension.

As you become more proficient as cocreators on the earthly plane, you must constantly monitor your energy patterns and seek to upgrade them. You must liberate the power of the Sacred Fire within, which has lain dormant for many thousands of years. You must learn to direct and focus your energy into the areas of your life you wish to change.  By establishing and constantly upgrading your Twelve Ray, Creator Wheel of Life, you are planting the seeds of focused change, and you are supplying the Sacred Fire of Creation needed to manifest what you have envisioned. When you can do this proficiently, your personal world will become a wonderland, and you will become a beacon of Light for all to see.

When the awesome power of Creation connects with physical matter as an opposing force, there is always chaos. However, when this wondrous power is drawn into a compatible sensory receptacle, miracles abound. You must change the expectations you have of the people around you. You must release the fear of taking a stand, setting boundaries, and speaking your truth with an overlay of loving energy. It is imperative that you learn to remain centered when experiencing criticism.  Do not respond with anger or low frequency energy.  You must learn to rise above the everyday stressful situations so that you may transform moments of discord into hours of serenity.

The Universe–and especially the Sub-Universe in which we exist–are in the midst of a monumental transformational process. Planets are shifting places and moving closer to the sun of the solar system of which they are a part; galaxies and Sub-Universes are expanding and moving upward, outward or downward depending on the viewpoint of the observer. New galaxies are in the formation stages as the impetus for expansion is ignited by a great infusion of Creator Particles of Light/Life, and the seed thoughts for new Creation are permeating the consciousness of all sentient Beings.

Never before have you had such an opportunity to serve humanity and the Creator. You are at a crossroads in your evolutionary process, for the world as you have known it is slowly fading away. As Divine Sparks of the Creator, you were given a great gift, a treasure chest of Creator Essence to use in any way you desired.  You began this lifetime with a portion of Adamantine Particles of Light stored within your Sacred Heart and a reserve tucked away within your Root Chakra, the Sacred Fire Seed Atoms sometimes called Kundalini and portrayed as a coiled serpent. You have always had access to the Sacred Fire stored within your Sacred Heart; however, you have to remember how to use your Keys to the Kingdom in order to ignite and effectively use this power source of Divine Light.  The Kundalini or Serpent Fire is a different matter, for you must clear 51% of the distorted energy you have created in the past in order to tap into this reservoir of Creator Light.

You are in the midst of a cosmic reunion process, my brave friends, and you will evolve in due time, in one way or another. You must be aware that this transformation process is a long and complex cycle; however, it can be a grand journey if you will take advantage of the wisdom teachings and the tools we are offering to you. The Law of the Circle states that every new creative endeavor must begin from within the Still Point of Will-Power, the Core Essence of the Creator/cocreator.

Your Soul Song is composed of mid-Fourth and higher-Dimensional vibrational patterns of unconditional love, wisdom, balance and harmony. As a Self-master, your Energetic Signature and your Soul Song will merge into a Celestial Mandala of Light, sound and color by which you will be identified in the higher Realms. You are recognized by the brilliance of your inner Light.  The more Light Essence you incorporate into your physical vessel, the more brilliantly your aura will glow.

If you can view all that is presently in your life as transitory except the Love/Light and Spiritual Fire within your Sacred Heart and Soul, then you will know what we are trying to convey to you. Release your fear of the past and future, eliminate the emotional and mental controls others have over you, and become the free Spirit you were meant to be.

The vibrational patterns of the Violet Flame are the only ones which are accessible both from above, via the Crown Chakra and the Sacred breathing techniques, as well as  from within the Earth. Envision this beautiful Flame blazing up from beneath your feet, surrounding your body, as it  transmutes any discordant vibrational frequencies you may have around you, before radiating this Sacred Flame forth out into the world  in greater and greater concentric circles.  Remember, one person who is centered within his/her Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind can convey cosmic truths and inspired thoughts to millions of people, while the loving vibrations of his/her auric field blesses everyone with whom he/she comes in contact.

The World Pyramid is a Mid-way Station for your multiple Soul Selves. Your good deeds are stored within the Treasury of Light Storehouse within the World Pyramid.  There is a harvesting of good deeds every year, and your loving thoughts and deeds are magnified and stored there.  The greater portion is melded with Creator Light to be used to create the greatest good for all humanity. You will receive your special gifts and Divine dispensations in accordance to that which you have contributed to the Storehouse of Light.

We ask you to put us to the test. With an open mind, study the basic concepts we have given, and slowly, but faithfully, implement some of them within your daily life. Give us permission to guide and inspire you, and by doing so, you will have the forces of Heaven behind you. You can only fail if you do not make an effort or if you give up, beloveds.

Remember: the brilliance of your Diamond Core God Cell, plus the Light of your Soul and the glow of your Sacred Heart create the radiance of your auric field of Light.  The angelic kingdom amplifies Light; the human kingdom diffuses it.  May you bask in the blessed Love/Light of our Mother/Father God now and forevermore.  We are ever near to guide, direct, inspire and protect you.


I AM Archangel Michael.


Transmitted through Ronna http://www.ronnastar.com/ * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. WE OFFER ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MESSAGES ON OUR WEBSITE AS A GIFT; HOWEVER, WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP DEFRAY OPERATING EXPENSES AND POSTAGE FEES FOR THE FREE LOVE PACKETS WE SEND AROUND THE WORLD.


Mars and Venus Sandro Botticelli

Archangel Zadkiel – “Being Gentle in Multi-dimensional Energy” ~ Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

the hierarchy of heaven spiral of life 4

“Being Gentle in Multi-dimensional Energy”

January 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. Today, we would like to discuss being gentle in multi-dimensional energy.

The vibration of the energy is increasing at a very rapid rate. As this occurs, the veils between the dimensions are thinning. You may feel as though you can stretch from the third dimension to the fourth, fifth, and beyond at the same time. You may feel as if you are existing in more than one dimension simultaneously. You are becoming a multi-dimensional Being where you can move between and across dimensions very easily.

One moment you are working on a 3D project such as gardening in your yard, and in an instant, you are soaring in the dimensions and walking with the Masters. The next moment you are back in your yard watching a butterfly move gracefully from one point to the next. Then you feel a gentle breeze calling your attention back to the higher dimensions. This ease of movement between the dimensions feels as natural as walking from one room to another.

This ease of movement can occur because you have different aspects of your Being that allow you to exist across the concepts of time and space. Each time you traverse a dimension, you leave your vibrational signature there, and you incorporate some of the essence of that particular dimension into your Being. This allows your consciousness to expand beyond the bounds of your imagination.

The more often you travel between the dimensions, the more your consciousness expands. You may feel yourself becoming lighter as you realize that your perspective is widening and increasing. You are aware that the higher dimensions have a much lighter vibration. You realize the importance of keeping your own energy field as light and clear as possible to feel at home in the higher vibrational energy.

As you float in this higher vibrational energy, you begin to reflect on qualities that allow you to move easily between the dimensions.

Gentleness is one higher vibrational quality. The higher the energy, the finer the vibration. Harsh energy is very dense and does not blend well with higher vibrational energy. The higher energy repels it because it cannot pass through the finer energy. It is similar to a large object trying to pass through a fine mesh screen. In contrast, gentle energy has a very fine and light quality that easily passes into and through the higher dimensions.

Gentle energy is not weak. Its strength lies in its higher and finer vibration. It can bend and flow in many situations where denser energy would shatter and break because of its inflexibility.

Gentleness is a quality that begins within self. For many aeons, the tradition in some cultures has been to be gentle with others while being harsh with yourself. This is a concept that no longer applies in the new energy. It is very important to be gentle with yourself first before you can apply this energy with other situations.

It is similar to the Golden Rule in reverse. In the Golden Rule, you are taught to treat others as you would like to be treated. In reverse, you first treat yourself well and then this expands out to others. It is a gentle flowing of energy from within yourself to everyone and everything around you. There is no abrupt shift in being unkind in thinking about yourself and then being kind in thoughts about others. It is a gentle flow of kindness to yourself and from yourself to others.

Being gentle with yourself starts from a point of love. The vibration of love is gentle. It wraps around you like a soft cloud or blanket. It allows your own Divine Spark in your heart center to shine and expand.

As you feel this love envelope you, you can view yourself, your actions, and other situations from a higher perspective. You release the habit of judging yourself or your actions harshly. You see yourself as the wonderful Being of Light that you are. You have a desire to be gentle with yourself. You realize that you have done your best at each point on your path, and that as you have incorporated the lessons of each step, you have acted at a higher vibrational level at the next step.

Being gentle with yourself becomes your new way of acting. It is your default program of being. You regularly feel the love surround you, and this reinforces your desire to be gentle with yourself.

As you are gentle with yourself, this gentleness flows out from you to others. You are able to view others from a higher vibrational perspective, and you extend to them the same gentleness that began within yourself.
When being gentle with yourself and others becomes a normal way of being for you, you rise to higher vibrational levels, and you are able to pass through the higher dimensions more easily. You are able to view a situation from a 3D level and also see it from higher dimensions. The gentleness within yourself has expanded your consciousness as a multi-dimensional Being.

Beloveds, we are glad you are being gentle with yourself. Allow this gentleness to grow and expand and carry you to many levels of multi-dimensional consciousness and understanding.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, …and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

Website: www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

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A New Series on Universal Law: The Framework – Sanat Kumara ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


sanat kumara GAgeGaia

A New Series on Universal Law: The Framework

Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Universal Law and our planetary logos has been explaining Universal Law over the last several years through various sources. 

From channelings through Linda Dillon that can be found on the Council of Love website, to An Hour With An Angel (1), to a series that began last August on Heavenly Blessings radio show, Sanat, or Raj as he likes to be called, has been teaching us how things work: how things happen or don’t happen, and guiding us through our Ascension process to a place of balance and heart consciousness.

Universal Law, or the Higher Laws of Love, which is another name for it, is a construct of creation directly from Mother/Father One and the blueprint upon which everything else is formulated.

Why does Universal Law exist? Because it is the rules of how things work, and the Laws do not change.

We can think of the Laws as the framework, which if adhered to and followed, allow the divine qualities to thrive. The divine qualities, or the blessings and virtues, are completely interconnected with the Laws; if you have one, you have the other. 

Sanat tells us here, in an excerpt from Linda’s new book, Chakras As Portals (2), how Universal Law removes the illusion upon which human experience has been based:

“Greetings I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Universal Law, planetary logos. Dear friends, you may also call me Raj.

“Universal Law is the framework that explains how things work. It is part of the universal grid. It is part of the understandings of how things happen or don’t happen, and the alignment that one can gain in terms of your own process of Ascension and your eventual return to Source. Universal Law is a reflection of Divine thought and existence. It is a construct of creation. These Laws are laid down, given, and shared directly from the One.

“Universal Law is the framework upon which creation and the thirteen Blessings & Virtues or Divine Qualities hang. It is the grid upon which you come to understand how things work.

“It is peculiar, is it not, that you have, as a human collective, such an obsession with this word law? You have judicial law, laws of mathematics, laws of quantum physics, natural law, but you do not have, and you have not aligned fully or completely with Universal Law, even though it is the starting and finishing point. When you are in alignment with Universal Law, you understand how to position yourself, particularly within time and space; how your actions, or inactions, or sense of being, can be measured and reflected.

“Think of Universal Law as the framework which, if adhered to and followed, allows the Divine Qualities to thrive. They are completely interconnected. If you think of it in terms of structure, the Law is the steel girders, the two-by-fours, the foundation, and the qualities are the covering and the innards of the building. When you are in the purity of adherence to the Law, then you are practicing, you are living the Law and the Divine Qualities. You cannot separate these out; if you have one, you have the other.

“Universal Law is the guidelines laid down by the Mother/Father One for adherence to the Divine Qualities. When you are seeking how to eliminate or clear issues or blockages, reflect upon the Universal Law and determine what is not in alignment. So often when you are in a clearing process you say to me,

‘Raj, I have been working on this false grid or issue but it does not seem to click for me.

It does not produce the results.’

“How I guide thee is to go back to this codification, this grid, this framework upon which everything hangs.

“All of the Universal Laws are interconnected. It is not a matter of simply working or understanding one individual law. That is not sufficient. Each of you, in tandem with the kingdoms and with Gaia, have reached the point in your transition, your Ascension, your evolution, that you are ready to more fully embrace, understand, and build societies and a planet that is in adherence and alignment with the Law.

“Why does Universal Law exist? Why do we speak of the Law? Because it is the rules of how things work, and they do not change. You are at a juncture in your spiritual journey where you have need and desire to understand the immutable nature and function of the Law. You are at a point where you are yearning to be in alignment.

“One of the issues of being human is that you are in an environment of constant change, whether you acknowledge or realize it or not. That is not only challenging but difficult. When you can understand and refer to the Law, you have a framework within which to work with that phenomenon of constant change, and reach the place of balance.

“The purpose of the law, the foundation of the law, is balance. It is to assist you, to guide you, and all beings, to the place of balance. In the very beginning we said to the Mother

‘How will the beings, not only on Earth,

not only upon this beloved jewel, Gaia,

understand how to construct, how to proceed?’

“And so the codex of the Law was shared. Now, you do not go about every day thinking, or feeling, ‘Am I in alignment with the Law?’ whether it is human law or natural law. It is the way of being, and of being in balance.

“When you are breathing, acting, feeling, processing, praying and creating, you are operating within that framework, on that tapestry, on that grid of Universal Law. You cannot absent yourself from this framework. It is not possible. The Universal Laws that I speak to you of is not simply Universal Law that is applicable to the humans. It is the Universal Law that we all adhere to. It is the guideline for where each of you is headed. That is the crux of inter-dimensional shift; it is that heart-knowing, Love-alignment with the Law.

“Many human laws that have evolved are not in alignment with Universal Law. That is where things have gone awry and where false grids and paradigms have grown up and assumed the illusion of solidity. But such laws do not have a reference point in the heart of One and are contrary to the Law of Above and Below. When misalignment occurs people become disenchanted, disillusioned, disappointed, because they believe they are adhering to law, but it is not having the results of creation they desire. The reason is because they have not taken the time to understand and align with Universal Law, which is actually very simple.

“If you think in terms of human laws and behaviors, you are not necessarily thinking, in each of your actions, ‘Am I behaving within the confines or the prescriptive definitions of behavior that are acceptable in this country that has laid down these laws?’ You don’t really think about it, unless you are breaking the laws. Now, the difference is, is that human law is based on punishment and control. So they have no genuine divine essence, do they? And one can argue, and many do, that the underpinning of human law is order and love and not taking advantage of some people. But that is not the nature of Universal Law. It goes far beyond expediency.

ULaw Pic“How do you come to know Universal Law? You do so by going into your heart consciousness. This is the compass all have been given, and it has recently been reset within you. You know Universal Law by asking yourself one very simple question:

Does this situation, does this action, does this feeling, does this behavior, and does this situation, feel that it is in alignment with Love and with One? 

“You may ask yourself further:

Does it feel within me, within my heart-knowingness, that it is in the balance?

Is this an action, behaviour or situation that moves me along my chosen path? 

Does this jettison me forward in this time of rapid change?

Does this align with the Love that I know within me, that is my divine essence?

Does it align with the Love of the Mother?

Does it feel like Love?

And make no mistake my beloved friends, there is not one human being who does not know, when they are completely honest with themselves, what Love feels like.

Laws of Love“Often you make excuses to and for yourself for not aligning with the Love, which is to say you have not aligned with the Law. Now, excuses are fine because in many ways they coerce you to be very honest with yourself. So when you are making an excuse, understand that you are really doing is addressing an issue that is not in alignment with the truth of your universal self.

“Let us review again how you work with Universal Law:

The practice is simple and straightforward.

Go to your still-point, and simply call me.

Practice your Divine Qualities.

Notice that when you are practicing certain qualities, they more naturally align with different Laws, with different thoughts, with different expressions, shall we say, of God, of One.

But also note and acknowledge the wisdom which is already within you. 

“Working with the Law is being in your heart consciousness and being discerning, considering. You live in a world, and I distinguish this from the Gaia, that has become very busy. Now, it is not that you need to judge busy as good or bad; it is indifferent. However, understand that busy is a very good place for ego to live. Part of that busyness is an emotion of self-imposed struggle. The state of busyness does not engender a sense of smoothness; it is a self-imposed condition where you do not take time to discern,

‘Is what I’m doing directing me to my core essence and to myself,

to my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence?’ 

“When you stop and ask that question, the guidance is already there because your beauty, your heart, your soul or however you conceive of that knowingness, is divinely intelligent. It knows, and you know. In the knowing, you can shift from busy to being, and being does not mean that you are not taking action and building Nova Earth. You are, and it is well under way, I am happy to say.

“We look forward to the human collective decision to adhere to the higher Laws of Love, which is another name for Universal Law. We guide you to adhere to the meaningful existence and the truth of who you are. Know my sweet friends that this is already being expressed by many of you. And trust me; that gives me incredible joy. Never underestimate how well you are doing.”

Channeled by Linda Dillon © 2014 Council of Love


(1) Transcript from An Hour With An Angel with Sanat Kumara

An Hour With An Angel radio show with Sanat Kumara, April 23, 2013

(2) Linda Dillon, Chakras As Portals. 2014, page 4.




Book cover - Chakras as Portals

Looking Back to Leap Forward – Year 2010 – Dear Children of my Land @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 29.12. b

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Looking Back to Leap Forward – Year 2010



Dear Children of my Land,

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother. I wish to speak with you this evening on the last day of my year 2010 to tell you that I AM so Proud to be YOU. Yes, I AM YOU, for dear humans, we are ONE.

You have come onto my body for myriad lives, during myriad civilizations, and NOW you have come to me to live your final physical incarnation. Dear Children, you have done so much to assist me in this, your closing incarnation, so that we may travel Home to our fifth dimensional expression as ONE Being.

We, you and I, have suffered many assaults at the hands of those who could not see the Light, but these assaults are coming to an end, for we have remembered. You, dear ones have remembered, as have I; we have remembered that the “time” has come to “end the game.”

We have come to the completion of the lessons of this frequency and desire to return to our true, fifth dimensional resonance. We long to be within the Oness from which we were born and to live within the unconditional love and multidimensional light of that reality.

Those who have feared the concept of that return have forgotten that they too are magnificent beings of light. Therefore, in these final times of illusionary life, I ask of each of you, my brave warriors, to ease your fist and open your heart.

Fear and fight will feed the dark, whereas love and light will awaken a spark within the ATMA of their hearts.

There is NO ONE who does not have an inner ATMA, a Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love, as it is that which allows a human to maintain a body. Therefore, my brave children, I, your mother, ask that—instead of fear and anger—send to these lost ones the Wisdom, Power and Love that resides within your OWN Three Fold Flame.

As you have learned, that which you send out into my world, will return to you, and me, three fold. Because of this Law, which I know you remember, the best way to assist me now is to Forgive those who have harmed US.

Use your mighty Wisdom, Power and Love to send unconditional love and forgiveness to the ones who have forgotten and cannot remember. As you bless them see my true beauty. Envision my mighty oceans, rivers and streams, my beautiful mountains, vast prairies, lush forest and courageous deserts. See my many life forms of plants and animals as they bask within your unconditional love.

As your forgive these lost ones, please tell them that I, Gaia, hold no remorse for my choices, nor should they. Each of my beings has chosen to play a role in the drama of “Life in the Third Dimension.” Those who cannot awaken are merely those who cannot remember their true SELF. As these lost ones awaken, they shall contribute so much to our planetary ascension, that, at last, they will understand why they have chosen to play the role of the villain.

As we come to the final act of this great drama, we remember the last words of a beloved, yet widely misquoted hero. With his dying breath, he sent forth forgiveness as he said,


Soon “they” will know what they are doing and these ones who have chosen to incarnate, as the villain will need your unconditional love to heal. The higher the climb—the steeper the fall, also reads as, the steeper the fall—the higher the climb.

My dear, dedicated children, I ask in this final turn of illusion that you choose love, for it is only through the power of unconditional love that forgiveness can be sincere.

Let we, Person and Planet, hold these words within our heart and mind,

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

With these words we use the power of our unconditional love and forgiveness for ALL LIFE to merge the polarities of our third dimensional expression and ascend into the fifth dimensional Unity of the ONE.

The ONE awaits us NOW. Our Return is imminent!

I had a meditation in which I was instructed to add the below section to this process.

I hope that you wonderful readers will join me in this activity by posting your answers.

Then, as we “Look Back to Move Forward,” we can do so together.

I begin by posting my answers.

The 5 W’s

WHO did you see yourself as in 2010? (how we perceive our self is WHO we are)

WHAT were you doing? (and how did “doing” that impact your perception of self)

WHERE  did you live? (where we live greatly influences us)

WHEN were you most SELF-aware in that year?

WHY were you SELF-aware in that NOW?

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.

Posted by Sue at 8:30 AM

suzanne lie 29.12. b

Looking Back to Leap Forward – Year 2009 – A BLESSING FROM LilliaEm @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 29.12. a

Looking Back to Leap Forward – Year 2009




My dearest One,

I IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus, speak to YOU personally, as well as to all of you. As an Elohim, my abilities are completely liberated from all of your perceived limitations of time and space. You, too, will begin to know this freedom.

I have come to your heart to remind you that I have been with ALL of you since the very beginning of your exploration into polarized reality. I was with you each time you entered as an infant, and each time you crossed over at the end of each life. You see, Beloveds, I am YOU, and we are ONE.

I am so very proud of who you are, and who you are becoming. I see that you are exhausted. Your body is in the midst of a major transition, and you wish to be within your cocoon. You shall be able to do so after your Holidays. For now, just relax and be calm. All will be wonderful. Your fifth dimensional life is here now! Just open your heart to it. In fact, allow me to help you. Allow me to reach into your Soul, then into your physical encasement and touch the core of your heart.

Feel my Essence as I enter you. See my light within your heart. Do you see me now, my One? Deep, deep inside the center of your physical heart I have opened a small vortex. Yes, there it is right there, straight ahead and a bit to the left. At first you see it only as a small light in the midst of your throbbing physical heart, but as you approach it with you inner vision, you realize that, indeed, it is a vortex.

At first, the spin is slow, but gradually, it spins faster and faster, pulling you closer and closer to it. Wait! Stop a moment and wait as the vortex opens its core to you. Do you see how a light is beginning to dawn through it’s center, like the morning light through the damp trees? It appears that this light is searching, searching for you, my One, oscillating around and around like a flashlight in a dark night.

Remain still, for it is seeking you, just as you are seeking it. You are beginning to realize that this light is intelligent. This Light is a Being, without form, yet filled with wisdom, power and love beyond all measure. You remain so still that you almost forget to breathe, as the light gradually hones in on your location.

At first the light only touches your toes, then it slowly works it way up your body, to your ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, waist, solar plexus, and into your heart. The light then moves up into your throat, your brow and your crown.

Now the light that is within you covers every surface of your form, it emanates down into the Earth and up into Gaia’s atmosphere. As the light that entered through your heart expands into the core of the planet and the expanses of deep space, your feeling becomes a vibration, then a glow, then a flash, a fire, a sun, and a STAR.

You are pure light, pure energy, pure Essence.

YOU/I/WE are ONE Being of Light and Love.

YOU can connect with this energy anytime you connect with ME/US/WE,



I had a meditation in which I was instructed to add the below section to this process.

I hope that you wonderful readers will join me in this activity by posting your answers.

Then, as we “Look Back to Move Forward,” we can do so together.

I begin by posting my answers.

The 5 W’s

WHO did you see yourself as in 2009? (how we perceive our self is WHO we are)

WHAT were you doing? (and how did “doing” that impact your perception of self)

WHERE  did you live? (where we live greatly influences us)

WHEN were you most SELF-aware in that year?

WHY were you SELF-aware in that NOW?

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.

The year of 2009 was a big year for me, so I will post my 5w’s

WHO 2009 was my year of “coming out” from the cover of Suzan Caroll

WHAT I did was start my http://www.suzanneliephd.com site in which I used my real name

WHERE was all over the Internet

WHEN I felt secure enough within my SELF to release my “cover name”

WHY because I had developed enough SELF esteem to my real SELF

Posted by Sue at 8:59 AM

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Looking Back to Leap Forward – Year 2008 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Looking Back to Leap Forward – Year 2008




Consciousness, like a stream of pure water comes into you, fills you and flows out from you. As long as what comes in is pure, your thoughts, emotions and intentions are pure; and that which flows from you remains pure.

However, if tainted water enters your stream or hides inside of you, it taints the water that flows out from you and precedes your every experience.

Your stream of consciousness is your only eternal treasure. Therefore, it needs to be owned, protected and cleaned. Your consciousness is the one possession that will assuredly go with you as you navigate through the myriad changes and expressions of your reality.

In fact, your consciousness is actually that which creates the changes and experiences in your life.

Only you can protect your consciousness. Only you can guard it against the invasion of the unwanted as you travel through reality and interact with the millions of other streams. You, as well as many other streams, have chosen to follow the Flow back to the great Ocean of Unity from whence you came.

Upon your return, what do you wish to contribute to this Ocean?

How will the Ocean of Unity change when your stream flows into it?

Is your stream clean, or has it been muddied by your outer and inner environment? If your stream creates your reality, how can something outside of you muddy your inner life?

YOU are the one who chooses what enters your consciousness. YOU are the one who must walk the tightrope between denial and choosing to perceive only unconditional love.

Once you know that you will carry that which you allow into your perceptions, you will become more vigilant as to where you allow your attention to rest.

Also, once you realize that the stream flowing from you goes ahead to create the reality you have allowed into your consciousness, your vigilance of perceptions will become more and more defined.

The reality you choose to perceive is the reality you choose to live.

The choice is yours.

As long as your inner stream is as clear as a finely cut diamond, you can perceive other diamonds within the other streams heading toward their destinations.

Once you are clear enough to see the Flow that unites you with the “other” diamonds, these outer diamonds become inner diamonds.

Within the Flow, inner and outer realities become ONE.

All the many streams of consciousness become ONE.

And, the past and future is NOW.

All extremes, measures and polarities blur into the ONE of the NOW that is infinity HERE. HERE and NOW you are the stream of consciousness that unites you with the Ocean of Spiritual Unity.

You have arrived at the Ocean to which you have been flowing. Long ago, when there was time, you were a small individual spring. Now, YOU are the ocean.

However, because you have chosen to take the long journey from infinity to individuality and back again, you return asan individual Drop of Infinity in the Cosmic Ocean of Unity.

2008 was an interesting year for me, so I wish to share my 5 W’s WHO – I was still Suzan Caroll, as it still not feel safe enough to me my real name. WHAT- I had finished my Seven Steps to Soul poem book  WHERE – I compiled most of it at my parent’s house  during my Mother’s dying process WHAT- I wrote a workbook for my Seven Steps to Soul book, and for my website WHY – I was trying the find the ME that was how I perceived as MY SELF As a Happy Holiday gift to you all I have placed that 36 page booklet in my dropbox. You can download it form the below link:


Happy Holidays to all of you and thanks for your wonderful sharing.

I had a meditation in which I was instructed to add the below section to this process.

I hope that you wonderful readers will join me in this activity by posting your answers.

Then, as we “Look Back to Move Forward,” we can do so together.

I begin by posting my answers.

The 5 W’s

WHO did you see yourself as in 2008? (how we perceive our self is WHO we are)

WHAT were you doing? (and how did “doing” that impact your perception of self)

WHERE  did you live? (where we live greatly influences us)

WHEN were you most SELF-aware in that year?

WHY were you SELF-aware in that NOW?

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.

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Looking Back to Leap Forward– 2007 Merry Christmas @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Thursday, December 25, 2014




Today, the Harvest is in and the crops are stored or taken off to market.   However, our “harvest” is of light, which we will store in our earth vessel,  and when we take it “off to market,” we are bringing this light into our everyday life.

It is a good harvest this year, and we are ready for the long winter’s rest after a busy spring, summer and fall. New seeds of light have been planted that will take the winter to germinate, so that they may be “born” in the spring.

This “birth” that we are awaiting is a “stillness” inside us, which denotes that some ONE is ALMOST ready to emerge. We don’t know when THIS “harvest” will be, as we have surrendered it our Soul. On the other hand, we do know that this some ONE does NOT struggle and does NOT work. This new SELF that grows inside of us lives, moves and acts from within the Flow.

We feel the dissonance of the outer world trying to invade us, but we slowly breathe it out, as a calm mind and peaceful emotions is the design of our emerging SELF. Our new SELF seeks deeply within, and knows that through this inner search ALL shall become manifest in our outer reality at the proper “time.”

We know that there is no “Getting ready,” for we are prepared NOW! It is the others around us that may not be ready—YET. In the meantime, we shall plant the seed of our new SELF in planet Earth so that as ONE, people and planet, we can await spring.

I had a meditation in which I was instructed to add the below section to this process.

I hope that you wonderful readers will join me in this activity by posting your answers.

Then, as we “Look Back to Move Forward,” we can do so together.

I begin by posting my answers.

The 5 W’s

WHO did you see yourself as in 2007? (how we perceive our self is WHO we are)

WHAT were you doing? (and how did “doing” that impact your perception of self)

WHERE  did you live? (where we live greatly influences us)

WHEN were you most SELF-aware in that year?

WHY were you SELF-aware in that NOW?

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.

Posted by Sue at 12:21 AM

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Preparation for The Christ/Kryst DNA encodement drop ~ Gateway December 25 -29 ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution


mount shasta christmas double rainbow

I AM shown a trigger point tomorrow, December 27, for this Gateway. We had a double rainbow in Mount Shasta on Christmas, which lasted for over three hours! Double Rainbows showed up all over the World on Christmas, and I always hold them as a reflection of our Divine work. This Christmas gateway is especially powerful as the Wayshowers prepare to embody purer, higher levels of the Christ/Kryst throughout 2015.

Goodness, it feels immense to me, right NOW. Every day, each moment feels like the first and the last moment of my journeys here. I AM sure some of you will resonate with that complete-transformation-Now sensation. Sensations of the-moment-of, where it used to feel like the-moment-before.

From the last article:
Our Gateway of December 25 – 29, brings a more intense experience of Divine Love and a Golden Race DNA *drop* from the merging with the Crystalline Grid of new Earth. These drops continue through 2015. This delivers the codes which were anchored into the Crystalline grid on the 12-12-12. This is why we had a merging of the grid systems, to make those Golden Race codes available to all of HUmanity. If you were one of the code-catchers on the 12-12-12, you understand how powerful those light sequences are.

If you are available during the holiday and choose to assist with this gateway, understand that we are holding a harmonious, balanced support as these pure source light frequencies penetrate the planet. Balance, peace, integrity, harmony. Gentle balancing as the magnetic grid gets hit with New Light.

These light frequencies will enable prepared vessels to awaken high quality DNA within them, and bi-locate new strands of DNA into the cellular structure. (See my video from 2013 on Source DNA.) DNA serves as a multidimensional hologram for the experience in form. We use it up to the eighth dimensional level. Ninth dimensional structures tend to abandon the use of form, where consciousness becomes very unified.

Unified or Collective DNA is a magnificent multidimensional geometry which holds unity consciousness up to 12D. As a Divine HUman in-carnate, we will eventually be capable of holding a 12 strand helix DNA structure within a 5D/6D form. Each strand will reconnect to a Divine aspect within a dimensional level. At that point, it is not *your DNA* and *My DNA*, it is *our Unified DNA*. It is not something that a 3D microscope will ever be able to examine. Only the effect on the physical body can be measured right now, in the multitude of Ascension side-effects.

Full article HERE

Happy Holidays, Beloved Light Tribe! It is an honor to walk this path with you.

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Twin Flame Reunion: The Sacred Fire 2015 to 2025 @ Judith Kusel



Twin Flame Reunion: The Sacred Fire 2015 to 2025

I greet you on this the 24 December 2014, with all my heart, soul and Being and may your heart and soul be open to receive this message with great love.

For we are standing on the threshold of an immense change in the way life is going to lived as the New Age truly is not only dawning, but has been birthed.  It is not something in the far distant anymore – it is here and now and with us every single breathing moment of the day and night.  We are already LIVING it, whether we are conscious of this of not.

I have been called upon in the last few years to do Twin Flame Soul Readings, and I do believe that this has something to do with my own soul and what I have retrieve from the Ancient Memory banks, and from the what has been lost to mankind, with my Twin Flame in a lot of ways, the import of which will only truly reveal itself in the next years.

For I have been shown again last night, of how important the next ten years will be, in our whole human development, and nowhere will this be more felt than in the relationship areas.  For the old way of relating will dissolve, as these old patterns, the way we behaved and lived since the fall of Atlantis, is leaving us now.

It is no accident that so many of us, have created patterns with our Twin Flames and those whom we had relationships with,  that come back to haunt us in this lifetime.

Not all relationships were ever forged in love – some were forged in times where dowry agreements were considered more important than anything else, and women became bargaining tools for political and other alliances.  It goes without saying that a lot of women were literally sold into slavery, into harems, as mere chattels, vessels to be used and discarded at will.

So, all of these relationships,  then coming to haunt us, as has happened and will happen more and more in the next few years, as we have to heal deep inside of ourselves:  – it is not only the women who have to find the deep love and forgiveness inside of themselves for the men who took away their dignity, their right to be the Goddess of their own bodies and their own lives, but also the men – for in that the old control mechanisms fall away, some kind of balance has to be reached, where we can relate at deep and profound soul level again and understand, that when we love at soul level, then the physical love has to manifest into form in the same way.  For the soul is Divine in itself, and is innocent and pure.  It can be no other in the sight of the Divine, who created the soul in perfection.

Mostly it is the deep shame and guilt that we all felt at some stage, when we incarnated onto planet earth.  Most often we tended to be ashamed at what happened to us, whether we were responsible for what happened, or not.  We tended to beat ourselves up for the rest of our lives, because we felt that should have had a better deal in life.  Shame and guilt can be carried over, over many lifetimes, as the old negative patterns, the negative cords, attachments, and hooks that are there in our sexual area, and still keep us tied to those who entered there, even from lifetimes ago.

I believe that higher healing is now going to become the norm, as balance and sanity returns to mankind.  For one moment, in Atlantis, insanity reigned – now sanity is returning and with it these deep soul wounds and scars will have to be cleaved open to the very core in order for us all to heal: – men and women.

We are all one and the same, whether we were the ones who abused their power, or who were abused …..

The true and deep lesson for the whole of humanity lies in the correct use of power – for all power at its core is neutral, it has no negative nor positive charges.  It is what we do with the energy of power  that has brought the destruction of mankind time and again.

We now will be forced to delve ever deeper into our relationships, not only with our Twin Flames, or other souls, but with ourselves and the Divine, we will be cleaved open to the very core.  It means shedding skin after skin after skin – until there is just the naked soul in all its glory and innocence and in its true Son- and Daughtership of God and in the role of co-creator.

What is it that we wish to create with our relationships?

What is that we wish to create with our love for each other?

How is our love relationship going to serve the rest of humanity and the cosmos at large?

How are we both going to serve our highest soul purpose and calling, and still find that deep love for each other, and serve by loving each other in new and sacred ways?

How are we going to use the sexual fire for the greater good of all and in higher service?

In the Ancient Mystery Schools the soul had to go through stringent initiations into the rites of Love and the Sexual Energy.  It was no joke.  Both were considered the most powerful gifts that the Creator God bestowed upon his/her creation!!!!  Read this again:  the most powerful gifts bestowed!

It is what we do with these most powerful gifts that make or break us!

The Ancients knew this!

That is why one had to go through initiations, so that the inner strength, the inner fortitude, that inner soul self, could be trained to find that deep love inside themselves, in such a way, that that love would sustain them through life, no matter what life brought in both challenges and support.  For once the soul was deeply anchored in the LOVE DIVINE, it would be able to deeply love itself, and when it deeply loved itself, it could then love the other, in the same measure as the love for self was there and the love for the Divine.  The sacred Trinity!

For in any relationship there are not just two souls involved – there is the third force, and that third force is the governing force, the POWER itself.

For in true and deep union, there is a deep and profound honoring of the other.  There is a deep and profound understanding that the Divine lives within that soul as it lives in the body, the mind, and spirit.  With it a deep respect for the power of the sexual energy, for when it is used in the correct way, then egos have to get out of the way, and a sacred flame/fire is ignited, which will singe and burn and harm if not understood fully.

It was no accident that those men who truly had powerful life’s missions to fulfill always had a twin flame with whom to perform these ancient Sexual rites, because of the fire of the sacred flame – for the woman is the transmitter of this energy more than the man, and he can only step into his fullness of his own power and higher maturity of his mission, with her being empowered totally within.  Read that again:  SHE HAS TO BE TOTALLY EMPOWERED FROM DEEP WITHIN AND AT SOUL LEVEL.

With this is also no accident that true maturity, the true wisdom, and the true initiations were only considered to be fully activated at the age of 60!

Yes, 60, for then one was considered to have finally come of age, to understand the deeper Mystery and to use its power with responsibility.  So all the other years were spent in initiations, so that one could then step into full power at the age of 60!  If was also accident that when these sexual rites were performed within that maturity that the next fire was ignited – the fire of longevity!    One literally could expand the life span, by finally understanding the deeper mystery of Twin Flame union – and all the energies involved.

If there is not balance within the male, and balance within the female, then there is imbalance, and imbalance creates immense pain and suffering in any form!

It means that he stands in his full power – but this is not brute force, but it is tempered by love, deep and abiding love and a deep understanding of the Mystery of Love and Life to which even he most bow and bend to, and be flexible within.

It means that she stand in her full power – which is there in her womb, her sacred soul self, her emotional center.  She has to fully empowered by the mystery of the Spirit and Soul, and all that is Love at its deepest mystery.  She can only transmit the sacred fire via her womb, if she is firmly anchored into the Mystery of the Goddess herself, for she BECOMES the Goddess in the sexual act!  If she is not thus empowered, she will go off kilter and then will withdraw from the male because she is not within the supreme balance of life itself!

See, then how much of this mankind has lost.

See, then how much we have to re-member and re-learn.

Only when we truly seek with all our hearts and soul to love another, as we love ourselves, and then the Divine above all, can we experience the very depth of the Mystery of the Sacred Fire itself.

Such is cosmic law.

If one does not honor cosmic law, one will reap what one has sown, and that is pain and suffering, and destruction.

Inherently the greater return to the higher state of Balance, lies in the understanding of soul relationships and in the higher understanding of the sexual energy, as in the Sacred Fire.

Without that we cannot truly find a new and higher ways of loving each other, and finding that beautiful sacred union, that is the ultimate gift from God.

May 2015 bring this understanding to all who read this now.

This is an adventure and a deep unfolding in itself and only those who seek, truly seek with an honest and open heart, will find the keys and codes given to them to unlock the sacred fire.

Such is the importance of this time!

Let those who have ears listen and those who hear, hear!

(Judith Kusel)


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Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community

1557660_10203806176660058_4065702794799060189_nThe Way, the Truth, and the Life

Yeshua (Jesus) and Thomas were speaking:

Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, how do we know the way?”

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him.”…


Everyone has the Christed-self and through our own Higher Self and I AM Presence – our Crystaline Diamond Self that is Pure Love – is how we get to our the Creator – The Father/Mother God….not through a outside person. Many of Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) words were misinterpreted by the early Christian Church, who did not understand exactly what he meant back then – even some of the Apostles did not get it 100…

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Transcript: Heavenly Blessings – Cochise on Achieving Peace, aired December 16, 2014 @ Golden Age of Gaia

buddha new side face brilliant redTranscript: Heavenly Blessings – Cochise on Achieving Peace, aired December 16, 2014

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunsetSuzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’ll be starting a series of shows featuring Native American Indian Chiefs, starting with Sitting Bull and perhaps Cochise. They wish to speak to us of union, community, Nova Earth, and more; and I’m looking to hearing what indigenous wisdom they’ll be sharing.

It feels to me as though we’re at the end of the world’s longest transition, or at least the end of a major phase of our evolution in consciousness. I’m just focusing on going with the flow at this point, and being okay with whatever shows up personally and collectively. Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi. Technical difficulties…Hey, you know what? There’s a lot going on technologically ~ says she who had a technological disaster for the broadcast that I had last Saturday. Fortunately we got it all sorted out and at least had the audio portion available…so I can relate to technical difficulties.

But today I wanted to share with our listeners a little bit about the background of my work with the Chiefs. For me to be starting on this series is so exciting because it’s like having these old friends come back. So, the brief history: this was back in 2006 when the theme of the Annual Gathering was ‘Honoring Mother Earth-Gaia.’

All of a sudden these Native American Chiefs started showing up: Chief Joseph, Geronimo, Black Elk, Seattle, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Pontiac, Tecumseh, Cochise; the room was full. And then, and they would apparate, like Isaac could see them. We were lying in bed and the entire bed was surrounded by the Chiefs, and they just kept coming and coming and coming.

So, our living room was full, our dining room was full, and then one day he says, “You know, where are the women?” Then all the women started coming. I mean it was part of the most delightful journey, and it continued for about 3 years.

Yeah, it was wild and it was delightful. They call themselves the Council of Elders and the Council of Peace, and what they were teaching us was really about anchoring many of the Native American tools within us, within our hearts, and within our everyday practices, to go forward. It was a real foundational piece for going forward, becoming the New You, and working with Nova Earth, et cetera. This was very much the beginning.

So, I guess about the last couple of weeks I started feeling my old friends again. I’m really jazzed, you know? In the meanwhile we’re doing a series, as you know, with Sanat Kumara and Universal Mother Mary’s Tsunami of Love, and Ascension. It’s like, “Wow!” These guys are showing up again and then they started talking.

Sitting Bull and I have a very close relationship, and he started talking about it being time for them to begin their communication with us again. The conversation fit perfectly with understanding Nova Earth and building community, and the different ways in which family and kinship take place, et cetera.

And so I suggested to him, you know how you do to spirit, “well that would be really lovely and it would probably be the perfect thing to start our new year series with, right?” Well no, he says, “No, we want to start talking right away.”

So, that’s it. That’s the very quick back story. Sitting Bull often is very silent, and so as I’m sitting here in meditation preparing for today, Cochise has stepped forward and he has said that he’s going to be the one that is the first to speak. So, who are we to try and organize the Chiefs, right?

SM: Ah, we are merely servants of the Light…

LD: Yes, we are…(Laughter)…are you ready?

SM: Wonderful. I am, I’m in…

LD: I think it’s part of a new beginning and I think it’s part of the old and bringing things to the closure of the circle as well.

SM: Yes, I’m feeling ready. I know many of us are feeling very ready. I just keep getting that everything is about to change. As I was saying before the show, we’ve been talking about that imminent change for what seems like forever.

I have a situation in my home that’s revealing a number of metaphors for me…there’s leaking pipes in the slab under my house and a more complete fix would be to re-route the pipes above ground. The insurance company will only pay for a repair involving a jackhammer and restoration, but it feels like the short-term fix is perfectly okay because we’re on the verge of a major shift in life as we know it…so long-term fix, not required.

LD: Yeah, I agree. And we did do this wonderful webinar on the weekend…12-13-14…on “Two years later, what’s next?” And one of the things that came through, as I shared with you Suzi prior to going on air, it was either Sanat Kumara or the Divine Mother who basically said the time of inertia is over.

We’re moving now into this time of action and we are all being asked to step forward, each in our own particular way. The one thing that stuck with me after the broadcast was that Gaia said she wants us to stop thinking of  ourselves as American, Canadian, Dutch or Indian. She wants us to think of ourselves as Gaians.

SM: Yeah, exactly…I would have said Earthling, but you know…

LD: I know! This is her term, and she wants us to call ourselves Gaians. I love it! And I’m sure that’s going to be part of the theme from the Native Americans as well. So, with that are we ready for a meditation?

SM: Yes we are!

LD: So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of the clearest, purest air you can ever imagine. It’s that morning air just before sunrise, and it’s crisp and it’s clear and there’s a slight dampness in the air. And remember, right now, the Universal Mother has infused our air, every molecule of air, with the pink/gold of Grace. So, sink into your chair, the floor, your bed, your car seat, wherever you are, and just breathe this beautiful clean, clear air.

Now, breathe the rich red clay of Sedona, the beautiful red mud of the Mississippi, and the deep black earth of the Dakotas, deeper into your heart. And how about the fragrant night jasmine of the south, or the orange blossoms? Breathe it in and go deeper into your heart and into your tri-flame, and let’s breathe in the pine forests and the pristine lakes of the north.

And feel that variety, that diversity of nature all around you, and take another breath of that crisp morning air. And feel yourself anchored into the mother planet, into Terra Gaia; feel yourself connected deep into Mother Earth and anchored by her heart and by the Council fire. Feel that connection to this mighty Archangel who has chosen this format of being a planet to hold and to guide us through our Ascension; not at some distant time, but right now. And trust and go deeper.

Cochise: I am Cochise.

SM: Welcome.

C: And welcome to you, to all of you who gather in this sacred circle and in this medicine wheel, for that is where we call you back, that we may have this sacred ceremony and this sacred conversation. I am a warrior of the rising sun and in your understanding, I am a warrior of peace. And we return again because it is a time for all the peoples of this Mother to come together. Yes, there have been many prophecies of the different tribes and it is so because we all knew and had greater understanding of the Mother above’s plan, of the Great Spirit’s plan. Why have you lost your way? There are a million reasons and not one of them is true. Oh, they all feel true to you, that you do not lie or deceive either us or yourself, your family or your friends.

But when one loses their way it is primarily because there has not been enough attention paid to where you truly wish to go. Or on a more subtle level, you wish to exert your independence from the tribe or from the family and to go exploring on your own to see what is out there without always having it be directed. It matters not. It does not matter whether you have wandered into a place of misunderstanding or even of violence, delusion, or purity. If you have settled somewhere where you have found great peace, that is wonderful.

We do not come, and yes there are many of us, but we do not come to judge or in any way to make comment on the journey that you have chosen for this life. And so many of you in past times have been part of our various tribes, so you are known to us and your patterns of behavior. Some old habits die hard.

But the reason that we come as Council of Elders and Council of Peace is because we wish to show you, to share with you, to take your hand or your travois, or your pony in the throat and to show you the way to peace. And yes, I do not simply mean the peace in your heart, which of course is a necessary component, but to show you the way of peace amongst the people; the yellow and the red, the black and the brown, the pale whites. For what is that except an experiment of genes or the face of a different tribe?

When many of us have lived, we lived in peace in our community, in our tribe, in our families, in our circles. Now that does not mean that there were not wars and skirmishes at various times between rival tribes. There were. So I do not come as some voice proclaiming that the Native Americans have only known peace.

In fact as you know, like many of your black people in the United States and elsewhere, there is a history of war and oppression and a deep absence of what you can think of as peace. This is how we know what we speak of now, it is what you have learned and it is what we have learned: You do not ever arrive at a place of peace through an exercise of oppression. It is not possible.

And I know because I fought vigorously against such oppression for my freedom. And the reason I speak of this is these battles continue to rage upon this sweet Gaia. Even to this day the battle has not ceased, it has grown. And so I come as a speaker of peace because it is important for all to realize the folly, the mistake of such belief systems.

And that is what they are. They are erroneous, mistaken, misled, misguided belief systems. And we say this, not simply from our place in history, we say this as spirit, as leaders, who have learned and who wish to show the way.

Now, many have said that these battles, these wars, this taking of our land, was about that, was about greed and control and a avarice for land and for resources. It is the same in your time into which I speak. There is a belief and there is a practice of control and greed and yes, bloodlust.

So whether it is gold in the mountains or black gold in the waters or in the Earth, it does not change. But what was the true nature of these battles? It was the the complete intolerance for another culture, for another path, for another way of civilization.

Our people are ancient, and we have walked this land, not in ownership but in cooperation, knowing that Gaia would feed us and clothe us and shelter us and give us the gifts of the seasons, and the air, the bear and the elk, the deer and the fish. Why would that be so offensive to any being?

Why would the desire to be in harmony with the Mother and with the elements, to live in peace by our campfires, why would that be so disdained? It is the same today; it is this belief that somehow one has the monopoly on truth and that there is an arrogance, a superiority, that believes that one way is superior to another.

This is true in your political systems which do not work, in your religious systems which do not work, in your cultural systems which do not work, I can go on and on but I believe I have made my point.

So, I do not come to point out what is wrong. I come to share our knowing that these disputes, what you actually call a ‘small war’ or a ‘big war’, that it can never result in peace. All it results in is the children being hungry and being slain, the young girls being raped, the babies growing up without their mothers, the young men dying on the field, and the crops turning to dust and the animals disappearing. It is an abomination upon the land.

You do not understand that where there is bloodshed, a single drop of blood that is shed upon Gaia, not in a sacred manner to feed yourselves, to quench your thirst, or to do sacred ceremony, when there is violence and bloodshed it is an abomination.

Is Gaia capable of cleansing this? Of course she is. But she ascends. She does not choose to leave all the people behind, but you must make your decision. That is why we are coming back…to say, “Let us live as one people, let us live in community and harmony and love, and let us share the resources because there is an abundance.” Whether you are hiding in the mountains or dreaming in the desert or sailing on the big oceans, there is abundance.

It is only your greed that you think that you want to have more than you need. It is a time when the sacred values that you have learned from Gaia, that you have learned from your star brothers and sisters, that you have learned from the animal kingdom, that you have need to let go of this belief that you have need to warehouse or storehouse or act out of greed.

When you share there is always more because what you are sharing is good will. So if the time of a failed crop or a harsh winter comes, your neighbor will share with you. No, it is not that you are in for harsh winters or failed crops. Gaia herself is regenerating at a very rapid rate.

And so we come as her emissaries. We come on her behalf, to teach tolerance. We despised those who tried to take our freedom and who killed us when we refused to succumb to be restricted on our lands, the lands that belong to all. We hated and we despised and we disparaged your ways, yes, even in the knowing of the prophecies that one time, one day, that all people would come together.

And what did that hatred do for us? What did it benefit us? It did nothing for us. All we sought was peace, to be left alone. Now these have been hard lessons and as the most vigorous warrior, perhaps the hardest lesson for me to learn. But that hatred in the long run ate away my entire stomach, so virulent was it.

So why do I come? Do I come to say again that we hate you? No! I come to say that hatred and distrust and this believing in a superiority of any system, it does not serve. The path to peace is the path that the Wa’ka’na’taka has taught us. It is the path of tolerance and allowance and it is the path of nurturing each other and the families and the protecting of what is dear to you and the children and allowing the community to flourish, not through restriction but through freedom and liberation and equality.

Yes, those of you in the United States of America…is that not a big name…but you have written down these words of freedom. For us, it was an oral tradition and a given. But you wished to ensure that all the generations to come would know, and so you wrote and committed your hearts and your beings to this concept, to this practice of freedom and equality; and even a right to happiness, which is far more than we proclaimed. We believed that you made your own happiness, and particularly if you were lucky enough to have a good wife and a good fire.

But you do not practice or you do not remember why you forced us off our lands, why you shunned us so that you could have this liberty and freedom, and you continue to torture and maim. My friends, we know there are many kinds of torture and we have seen all of them. Yes, it does not matter if you do not think that as a Council of Elders we do not have communication with the Elders of other civilizations; you would be incorrect.

And so I speak to you on behalf of all of the indigenous people: Find the peace in your heart, the tolerance, the love, because that is the only thing, it is the only element, the only quality that is ever going to bring you joy. We have learned and we have much richness to share with you, not simply the terror of war, of loss, but the richness of the people.

So, we invite you, we ask you once again, “Can we reach this place of peace together?” This is why I step forward this day; it is a simple request made on behalf of all, in service to all.

My apologies, dear Suzanne, for taking so much of your time. Do you have questions for me?

SM: Well, thank you for joining us, and my question is that I would venture a guess that our listeners are all peaceful folk, actively working toward internal peace and doing the energy work to raise frequency for all of us, what else can we do to further step into unity, community, and world peace?

C: Yes, it is why I have chosen this venue to speak, because those of you who listen to these programs are, in fact, the peaceful warriors. So, I do not address them as the torturers or those who are intolerant. What I use this for is the platform to speak to all the people of Earth, and to invite them to join you and I as this tribe of peacemakers.

You have begun doing the work of internal peace, but there is still, within the collective mind and heart, there is still an element of that ‘there are those who are on the right path’ and that ‘there are those who are on the wrong path’, and that is why I have begun by saying. “Let us acknowledge that sometimes you simply wish to go on a journey and look around and explore your independence.”

Now, it is not that those who take the journey and veer off killing, whether it is one person or a million, are to be ignored or simply thought of as experimenting; it is not correct behavior. But when there is a harsh judgment rather than a turning around and bringing that being back into the circle to be healed and corrected, whether it is an entire nation or simply one person, it matters not.

So, what we are asking each of you, how you can do this is to etherically turn around and begin gathering those to your heart into this wonderful medicine wheel that we bring you this day.

So, it may be in the north or the south, the east or the west, it matters not; turn out, gather, bring in. And nurture those beings who have lost their way. Bring them to the center and let them warm themselves in the warmth of the fire of Gaia, of the One. Let them feel that they are not excluded and that there is room for them, not so that they can continue on their path of chaos and mayhem but because they are worthy of finding a better way that hatred is never going to get them.

It is like reeducating a small child who has been bad or been bruised; has it been a difficult challenge? Yes. Because what they have learned is that love means being hurt…and that is not the truth.

SM: Okay, thank you for that. I’m just feeling that, as you said, many of us have been indigenous all over the planet. My feeling is that those lifetimes for me were some of the happiest that I’ve had; and to be honest, I have never had community in my life and I’m really looking forward to it, and to creating it. At this point my community is kind of global, and it would be really nice to be in-person. I mean, we’re all connected by the internet, which is a wonderful thing, but to stand around a fire together would be such a wonderful thing. Can you see that happening?

C: This is what we restore and you are correct. Yes I know you have had many discussions about intimacy and love… But what about sitting around the fire, in person with your friends, with your beloved, with your family? There is much talk and much work that is being done for the Cities of Light, and these will be magnificent gathering places. But to you, Suzi, and to you, Linda, I invite you to the wild places where you still hear the whisper of the pine or the howl of the coyote, and where you can sit around the fire and bask in the warmth of the love, in person, or your community.

Yes, you are global, you are only here as one Earth, as one community. You are truly understanding that more and more; and that is what we wish to join you as, not as this tribe or that tribe; but around that Council fire let there be the yellow and brown and black and every shade of red and white. But let it be small or let it be hundreds, but let it be close and intimate, and let your star brothers and sisters join you at that fire.

SM: All are welcome…

C: And we will drink the teas, and we will share the meat or the grain, or your wonderful invention of marshmallows. This is the way that community was meant to be. I do not say that in reference to our experience of hundreds of years, I say this: “When Great Spirit speaks to us, unless it is for a vision quest, we do not live in isolation, we live in small groups that love and support and nurture and work together.”

Yes, your creation powers have imploded and multiplied magnificently so there will be much more play and less work, and that is a gift directly from Gaia.

SM: Ah…well thank you for that, I’m really looking forward to the playing part.

C: We have many games that have been forgotten and many of our games involved playing with the animals or creating with the elements, or working with the flowers or the medicines. We loved to play. In fact, early we shared many of these games with the white people. They never quite understood, even then, our love of taking ease, of not always working.

There has been an obsession, and this has been part of the intolerance, of ‘work, work, work’. It is completely out of balance. Gaia herself teaches by the seasons that there is time for planting and sowing and time for resting and time to lay in the sun; this has been forgotten.

And when you come together in community, because it is harder when, yes, you are connected by internet or various communication systems, but that is not the same as sitting on the hammock with a friend, and that is what is missing. Too many people are isolated and they need a warm smile and a gentle touch. That is the way of community.

SM: Yes, and you know, many would say that in order to be with many people that I love, I need money to travel. Part of the issue is that many people are in survival mode at this point, and we’re all really looking forward to that major shift…that everybody is living in abundance.

C: But think of it in our way, this is part of the intolerance that I asked you to turn around and embrace, as well, because it is not that there is any such thing as scarcity, it is that a few have decided to hoard and the hoarding is destructive. Everything has need to be done for the collective, for the good of the tribe, whether the tribe is 10 billion or 5; it is for the good of the tribe. So, yes, of course, I am not suggesting you get on your horse and head out west. You have need of the resources for your time and place. And that hoarding which has become a very bad habit has need to stop.

So, the redistribution, think of it the way we would express it…everybody will have a blanket and a bowl.

SM: Beautiful, hopefully soon.

C: Oh, it will be very soon, it is much sooner than you think. Do you think that we are returning merely to have a sweet conversation? Yes, the conversation is delightful but I have told you, I am a warrior of the rising sun.

SM:  Nice! Well, we have a few minutes left, have you got anything to say in closing?

C: Yes. Now I have pleaded with you to practice tolerance, and to turn around and embrace your brothers and sisters who have gone astray. Now, I do not mean that you need to go out and collect your neighbors; what I mean is in the sacred circle and in the center of the medicine wheel, whether you position yourself on one of the portals or in the center, turn around and spiritually, etherically, call to their spirits and invite them to come and rejoin the circle.

But I also have something, as we are talking of play and community…why do you not, well let me phrase it because I tend to be harsh sometimes and I do not mean to be…play with your animals and play with your spirit totems?

I invite you to choose your favorite Chief, and I hope that some of you will choose me. Choose your Chief and invite them to come and to join you in the circle, to play with the panther or the bear or the lizard or the snake, the hawk or the owl, ask them to come and join you and to help make peace with all the peoples of sweet Gaia. That is what I ask of you. Play, my friends, and remember your totems; they are all around you.

Yes, I know you have guardians. So do we. Even in this form we still have our guardians, you know. So call upon Gaia, call upon the elements, call upon your totems, and play. Let us help you. That is why we step forward. We are here not to chastise, not to rewrite history, not to drag up old wounds. We are here to create peace with you.

SM: Thank you! Thank you, Cochise, for joining us, and thank you to the Council of Elders. We look forward to the next conversation.

C: Oh, so do we. Ho!

SM: Thank you.

C: Go in peace dear friends and come and sit with me by the fire. I will be waiting.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you.

C: Farewell.


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Looking Back To Move Forward – Year 2004

chakra suzanne lie

Monday, December 22, 2014

Looking Back To Move Forward ~ Year 2004


As we come into the final days of the year 2014, I realize that I have written a Newsletter almost every month since 11-24-03. Feeling nostalgic I decided to find a representative writing for each year, preferable on a month close to the end of the year. 

Today, I begin the walk down memory lane toward January 1, 2015. 

I send many thanks and unconditional love to my many wonderful friends who walk this lane with me. 



Our Fifth Chakra, located at our throat, rules speech, hearing, communication, self-expression, grace and listening to our Higher Self.  This chakra urges us to find our multidimensional “SELF,” and communicate it through our creativity.

The endocrine gland for this chakra is the thyroid gland.  The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland, which wraps around the front part of the windpipe just below the Adam’s apple.

The Fifth Chakra produces hormones which influence essentially every organ, tissue and cell in the body to regulate the body’s metabolism, organ function, heart rate, cholesterol level, body weight, energy level, muscle strength, skin condition, menstrual regularity, memory and many other conditions.

In other words, our thyroid communicates with our entire body and assists in regulating our overall health and well-being.

Since the Fifth Chakra rules our sense of hearing, it is also rules our ability to hear our inner conversations.  If we cannot hear the dialogue that is in our minds, we will not be conscious of how our emotional thoughts interact with, interrupt, and distort our external communications.

One of the powers of this chakra is our ability to listen to our self so that we can connect with our inner guidance before we try to resolve a dispute with another.  It is this ability that creates true intimacy with others  – AND with our selves.

The Fifth Chakra is the first chakra that is ruled by our higher senses, which directs our attention to access the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. If we can shift from individual consciousness to planetary consciousness, we will be able to more effectively confront the challenges that lay ahead.

Communicating with our SELF through our Throat Chakra is the first step towards acknowledging that we are Gods and Goddesses in training. Like a small seed dropping from a flower we come to the third dimension to learn to blossom into our own flower.  There we find many hardships, as often the soil is dry and unfertile.  However, it is through facing our inner and outer conflicts that we grow into our highest creative SELF. To fully open and understand the immense power of your Throat Chakra, please follow the links below in the order they are presented.

Throat Chakra Meditation



Becoming ONE Fifth Chakra


A Message From Gaia – Fifth Chakra


Ceremony for Crown of the Elohim



Your Throat Chakra also reminds you to consciously breathe. When you breathe primarily through your nostril, while you are PRESENT with your breath, you begin to notice how your breath changes.  Your breath changes not because you are consciously changing it, but because your PRESENCE allows you to consciously gather prana from the outer world and integrate it into your inner world.

As you are PRESENT, your breath slows down, becoming longer and more refined.  The increased prana, integrated into your system, increases your electro-magnetic field and raises the vibration of both your inner and outer worlds.  As your inner vibration rises, so does the environment around you.

Align your Crown Charka with the Great Central Sun and your Root Chakra, with the Heart of Gaia in the core of Mother Earth. Eventually, you are breathing not only for your self, but for your room, your building, your city, your state, your nation, your continent, your hemisphere, your planet.

With each in-breath, you bring in new life from the photons of Spirit, and with each out-breathe you release the old through Her South Pole.  Every release through the South Pole supports new flow from the Central Sun into from the North Pole.  This breathing purifies not only your own Essence, but the Essence of Gaia as well.  Essence innately has a positive charge, which animates all that it touches and brings in positive magnetism.

Thus, as you stay PRESENT with your breath, you experience the magnetism from the inner words mixed with the magnetism of the outer worlds. As you release darkness and bring in Light, you give your Essence a positive charge.  This positive charge allows your brainwaves to change.

As you focus on your breath, your physical body relaxes and you move from Beta Waves—to—Alpha Waves. The Alpha Wave consciousness allows your cells to resonate to the increased charge of your breath. Your Emotional Body then becomes clear, fluid, and harmonious, which allows your imagination to expand with your intensified inner focus.  Then your consciousness gradually shifts from Alpha Waves—to—Theta Wave Consciousness.

The Theta Wave Consciousness allows your Mental Body to become collected, peaceful, lucid and focused.  Your thoughts become an aspect of your breath as your inner world expands and your outer world diminishes in importance and becomes the reflection of your inner life.  With the illusions of the outer world relegated to the “drama of the third dimension,” your consciousness gradually shifts from Theta Waves—to—Delta Waves.

Delta Wave Consciousness allows you to consciously receive the flow of information from the Essence of the Central Sun and the bliss of Union with All That Is.  Your Spiritual I AM Presence can open the gateway to the Rainbow Bridge and allow passage for your Soul/SELF to enter into your physical form to consciously ground Spirit into Matter.

I had a meditation in which I was instructed to add the below section to this process.

I hope that you wonderful readers will join me in this activity by posting your answers.

Then, as we “Look Back to Move Forward,” we can do so together.

I begin by posting my answers.

The 5 W’s

WHO did you see yourself as in 2004? (how we perceive our self is WHO we are)

WHAT were you doing? (and how did “doing” that impact your perception of self)

WHERE  did you live? (where we live greatly influences us)

WHEN were you most SELF-aware in that year?

WHY were you SELF-aware in that NOW?

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR WONDERFUL SHARING Below is my 2004 memory WHO With my parents both gone, I moved into a new form of adulthood. WHAT I felt like I could begin to “come out” as my “real self” WHERE I moved into my dream home, which greatly boosted my creativity WHEN For the first time in my life, I could see myself as an artist WHY I felt a sense of great freedom to BE my true SELF 2004 was a VERY good year.

Posted by Sue at 9:01 AM

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Looking Back to Move Forward @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Looking Back to Move Forward — A 10 Year Journey



A 10 Year Journey

As we come into the final days of the year 2014, I realize that I have written a Newsletter almost every month since 11-24-03. Feeling nostalgic I decided to find a representative writing for each year, preferable on a month close to the end of the year.  Today, I begin the walk down memory lane toward January 1, 2015.  I send many thanks and unconditional love to my many wonderful friends who walk this lane with me. 



Arcturian Message

In moments in which you are bound by time and space, you are a point of focus that is the perspective of one of the many aspects that is your SELF. Lets begin with the perspective of your Grounding Point sitting at the top of the stadium as you look down on the infamous 3D Game.

You can feel the illumination of the immense stadium lights just over your head. These lights are your compassionate, beyond-human Self. From the perspective of your Grounding Point, these lights still seem “above” you.

If you were to remember being One, or perhaps being all of the lights, you, too, would become beyond human. You would be Light; in fact, you would become Lightbody. Just as you are now Soul inside and human outside, when you become the “lights” you will be Soul outside and human inside. The “I” that once was “ME” will become the “WE,” as your Lightbody no longer lives with the illusion of separation. Hence, your “I” would be “WE.”

You now feel the yearning to become the lights and an inner tug to be aware of your humanness as a part of your SELF rather than our SELF as a part of your humanness. But, if you did become the lights, would you return to the stadium? Could you enjoy the game that you are all so busily cheering for? There are two teams down there, the BAD team in the dark uniforms and the GOOD team in the light uniforms.

You understand that the teams wear uniforms so that the audience can tell the difference between the teams. They also wear uniforms so that each team member can tell who is on “their” team and who is on the “other” team.

Otherwise, a “good” guy might assist a “bad” guy or a “bad’ guy might assist a “good” guy. What if they all had the same uniform—the human uniform? Then it would be very difficult to keep track of the game. How could the audience know who was winning and who was losing?

The game would be just a bunch of humans running around and interacting with each other. There would be no drama, no winner and no loser. But from the top of the “stadium,” it is difficult to differentiate the uniforms.

The light uniforms have become so soiled from rolling in the dirt that they are now as dark as the dark uniforms. Some of the audience, those sitting at the base of the stadium, can still distinguish between the light and dark, but most of “them,” who are actually fragments of your complete SELF, can no longer tell the difference; nor do “they” care.

You are bored with watching the game of good and bad. You do not care who wins, because you know that you are ALL on the same team. The constant conflict has become tedious to you, and you are now far more curious about the lights above you.

As you look around the stadium, you see that more and more of you are tiring of the game and have turned your attention up, towards the lights. How would it feel to BE the lights?

More and more of you look up into the lights, whereas only a few are still watching the game. Why, even some of the team members have stopped their eternal competition to look into the lights!

As more of you look up into the lights, rather than down onto what the lights are illuminating, the members of the audience blur into one audience. Even the members of the two opposing teams blur into “the players.”

Many of them are also fed up with the game and climb up into the audience, so that they can better see the lights. The lights are living magnets. They embrace all of you with their Essence, which is the feeling of FREEDOM.

The lights whisper into your Essence, “Wait until everyone is ready to see us. Then we have a surprise for you beyond your imagination!”

You don’t want to wait, but yet you know that you will. You will wait until every fragment of your SELF is ready to release the game. You will use the force of your “waiting” to build an energy field that even your most “lost self” cannot ignore.

You will then allow the impetus of this field to build until, not only the entire audience becomes the light, but also the stadium, the parking lot, the earth under the parking lot, in fact—all of it—all the EARTH, all the planet, shall BECOME THE LIGHT.

Then, and only then, will the 3D game be over!

I had a meditation in which I was instructed to add the below section to this process.

I hope that you, my wonderful readers,  will join me in this activity by posting your answers.

Then, as we “Look Back to Move Forward”we can do so together. I begin by posting my answers.

The 5 W’s

WHO did you see yourself as in 2003? (how we perceive our self is WHO we are)

WHAT were you doing? (and how did “doing” that impact your perception of self)

WHERE  did you live? (where we live greatly influences us)

WHEN were you most SELF-aware in that year?

WHY were you SELF-aware in that NOW?

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.

I will begin that process by posting my answers.

WHO In 2003 I had just lost my second parents and saw myself a full adult.

WHAT In 2003 I began to “come out,” but only under the cover of Suzan Caroll.

WHERE I was a homeowner for the first time in my life.

WHEN I would say I was most SELF aware at my Father’s funeral.

WHY With no parents to define me, I was fully able to define myself.


The 7th Central Sun of the 7th Galaxy – Returns….. @ Judith Kusel

The 7th Central Sun of the 7th Galaxy – Returns….. @ Judith Kusel

Judith Kusel


The Gateways Open Up…..2015

For so long humanity has stood in front of closed cosmic gateways, doors….  Gateways and doors that had closed in their faces by their own making – mostly by not adhering to the Law of One, and then truly separating themselves from the Greater Cosmic Order and Whole.

For many millions of years this planet was thus put under quarantine law, and this was put into place mainly so that the earthly war, as constant as they were at the time, would not spill over into the rest of solar system, and blow it out of orbit, as what happened when the planet between Mars and Jupiter blew itself up billions of years ago.

All those incarnating upon this planet had at one stage signed a contract with the Galactic Federation, that they would partake in an experiment – essentially an experiment about how other life…

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The Golden Presence of Perfection by Archangel Amethyst ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

sam carlo 24.9. m

The Golden Presence of Perfection by Archangel Amethyst

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 19th December 2014 

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Archangel Amethyst, the feminine twin flame aspect of Archangel Zadkiel. I am the Archangel of deep cleansing and purification on all levels. I can access the planetary levels and into the physical levels as well as the cosmic levels of the Creator, creating purification within each level as well as drawing cleansing rays from each sacred level and aspect of the Creator. I am also an Archangel of deep soothing and peaceful energies, bringing sacred comfort to any process of ascension you may be moving through. Due to the presence of these qualities within my being I am a deeply nurturing aspect of the New Age, also known as the Era of Love and the phases of Ascension. Please Dear Ones do call upon my energies to assist and support you, with grace and love I will encircle you weaving into your energies, understanding all aspects of your being and bringing fort h alignment and balance on new levels. My presence is with you eternally, you can imagine me akin to an Amethyst crystal, my light is clear and pure, shiny and shimmering. The violet ray of light with its qualities of magic and transformation move through my heart and core energies, inspiring my purpose and service to all.

As shared by Archangel Zadkiel, those upon the Earth and to some extent the inner planes are moving through a twelve day period of accepting and realising the perfection consciousness of the Creator within. This is such a sacred energy, shift and awakening to exist within as it is a wonderful time of inner growth and evolution. A time of teaching oneself and learning from oneself, a beautiful process of giving and receiving to aid deeper attunement with the consciousness of the Creator within your reality. These sacred energies flowing forth through Archangel Zadkiel and my own energies, Archangel Amethyst, encourage you to contemplate the concept, quality and energy of perfection in order to access awakening thoughts of Creator consciousness thus expanding your perspective. I encourage you to take time to meditate and to call forth my energies, Archangel Amethyst, to be with you and surround you. I will channel the energy wave of perfection consciousness from the Creator in order to activate the same within your being. With each breath you inhale and exhale you are attuning yourself to the perfection consciousness of the Creator, which means allowing yourself to remember this sacred consciousness, synthesising it with your thoughts and perspective at your physical body level. Take time to contemplate perfection. You may wish to ask yourself some questions to activate inspiration from within your being such as;

What do I perceive the perfection consciousness of the Creator as?

Do I believe myself to be the perfection of the Creator?

Is there a difference between my personal perfection and the perfection of the Creator?

These are powerful and inspiring questions which promote contemplation, with the energies of the perfection consciousness of the Creator flowing you may find your contemplation and meditation more abundantly filled with creativeness. There are no wrong or right answers to these questions, the greatest gift is when you hold an understanding within your being and mind with which your entire soul and sacred presence resonates with. With this experience you will know you are accessing the truth of your being and the Creator. Such experiences first require your trust, patience and faith in yourself and the constant presence of your soul.

The greatest purpose we hold for these twelve days of transformation and truth unfolding is that you are able to comprehend yourself more fully as the Creator and recognise the Creator all around and within all. Such an experience would activate a continuous experience of your unfolding truth, enhancing your faith, trust and belief in yourself and the Creator. While we honour any new insights within your mind connected to the perfection of the Creator we encourage knowingness and experience from within as this activates and allows the experience of embodiment and synthesis.

While our first goal is to assist and support a deeper contemplation of the Creator’s perfection as well as recognition of the Creator’s perfection within self and all, our second goal is to assist and support the activation of the flow of the perfection consciousness from your soul into your entire being. This process signifies and allows a continued experience and access to your own perfection consciousness of the Creator. The flow of perfection would signify a transformation within your entire being especially at a cell level therefore allowing deep healing and transformation to take place at a cellular level, projecting into all levels of your being. Imagine if your cells held the Creator’s perfection consciousness, even if they only held one percent of the Creator’s perfection consciousness. The truth is that your cells already do hold the Creator’s perfection consciousness and yet this energy doesn’t manifest fully within your being, for example to dissolve illness, discomfort or even aging in the physical level because you may  not completely believe in yourself as a perfect aspect of the Creator and an expression of the perfection of the Creator.

What percentage do you believe yourself to be the perfection of the Creator?

Your reality and perspective may influence your belief in your perfection. Perfection is often seen and determined as doing everything right, always looking beautiful, always being wise and intelligent, always knowing the right thing to say and do and never making mistakes. For many the perfection is connected to right and wrong, good and bad and even light and darkness. Perfection can be recognised within others due to the individual’s admiration for that person, the other’s popularity as well as wanting and desiring what the other has and the individual does not. When one falls in love, one sees only perfection and so this indicates that love is perfection, all forms of love are the perfection of the Creator. There is in many ways great truth in this statement and whether one choses to see love as present or not, the perfection of the Creator is constant. We begin to und erstand that the love of the Creator opens all aspects of your being to sense, acknowledge and see the perfection of the Creator. One can make a mistake and it can be the perfection of the Creator. One can suffer and it can be the perfection of the Creator. One can receive gifts of abundance and it is the perfection of the Creator.

When you let go of your perception of what is right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, then you begin to see, sense and acknowledge the perfection of the Creator and to hold the consciousness of perfection of the Creator within your thoughts and perspectives.

Perfection is not always good experiences, and yet if one lets go of good and bad there are only experiences, therefore every experience is perfect and so you begin to think in alignment with the expanded consciousness of the Creator, which transfers to your entire being and embodiment.

I, Archangel Amethyst, invite you to call me forth as you recite the words, ‘I am the perfection consciousness of the Creator.’  With every breath you inhale you are accepting the energy and light of the Creator’s perfection consciousness. With every breath you exhale you are expressing and expanding your own Creator consciousness of perfection. Through this simply process you are achieving the two goals we wish for you as we share the Creator’s perfection consciousness with you.

  • A deeper contemplation of the Creator’s perfection as well as a recognition of the Creator’s perfection within self and all,
  • The activation of the flow of the perfection consciousness from your soul into your entire being.

You can call upon my energies, Archangel Amethyst, and Archangel Zadkiel to support and assist you in creating these supreme transformations within your being at this stage of ascension. I wish to share with you that my energies are coming forth to share this communication with you because from this moment I am accepting and channelling the flow of Creator’s perfection consciousness to you in order to anchor and impact the vibrations of the divine feminine, creating a deeply nurturing vibration and experience as this enhanced energy climaxes and dissipates after the twelve days.

Please know I am with you, supporting and loving you completely, recognising the perfection of your being.

The perfection of your being is the divinity of your being. You are a golden being of perfection and it is time to recognise yourself in this way. You may wish to call your soul forth as a golden being of perfection asking as you lie down that this golden aspect of your soul merges, synthesises and unites with your physical and entire being. Let yourself enjoy this blissful unification.

In Angelic Love Eternally,

Archangel Amethyst


sam carlo 24.9. m

It Has Begun — Galactic Transmission from Home @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


suzanne lie 20.12.

It Has Begun — Galactic Transmission from Home


It Has Begun

Galactic Transmission from Home

Hello Dear Readers,

I have been posting some the great messages included in the Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Book 4—It Is The NOW. These books will be going up on Amazon very soon in their new, revised format. At the end of Book 4, which I have revised quite a bit, I wrote:


I close this book with the very first message I received on April 11, 2012, the morning that I began the series.

After a long dream of being in someone else’s house and realizing it was time for me to leave and go to my own house, I woke up at 5:55 with the words: “Transmissions from Home.”

When I heard the words, “transmissions from Home,” I saw a man sitting at a desk, like a newscaster. He was blond and had on a uniform, which looked like the uniform of a Galactic Being.

His uniform was white and gold with an insignia over his heart. There were also golden adornments on his shoulders and his collar was like straight up, like a military uniform. In fact, it was like a Dress Military Uniform, but not from our military.

I got up and went into my office to get this transmission. I turned on the computer and wrote, “I am ready for your transmission now. Would you please send me your message?” My answer was:

“Dearest Members of Earth,

We are members of the Galactic Federation speaking to you today to tell you that our landings have begun. We come first to our awakened ones within their dreams and meditations. We are here to speak to all who can receive our messages so that we can prepare you. Then, you can prepare others.

“From that first message, the Pleiadians story rushed through my fingers. Most of the time I felt as thought I was reading for the first time as I wrote it. I share the story as I received it and hope that it touches your heart and changes your life as much as it did mine.

See you in the higher dimensions.

Suzanne Lie”

I did NOT write the rest of the message that I receiving that morning of 4-11-12. Since the books will soon be released, I wanted to share with you, the readers of my blog, the rest of the message.

I feel as though I “know” you all. Also, you are accustomed to some of the far out info I have posted. As we prepare for 2015, It Is The NOW to expand our conscious awareness of the myriad possibilities of our multidimensional reality.  

Below, I post the rest of that morning message that I did NOT post in the book. In fact, this message is a composite of another message that I found from the same day that I did not even remember writing.

I have combined those two messages:

Transmissions from Home Continued:

You have been hearing many messages from your Internet about the great changes that are about to commence regarding the removal of those who have created harm and chaos due to their selfish ways.

These words are true. In fact, this is why we have come to you today. We have come into the dreams and meditations of the grounded/ascending ones to validate the messages you have been receiving.

We are coming into your consciousness in such a vivid fashion that you cannot deny our message or call it “just a dream” or “your imagination.” WE know that the formal commencement of your Return Home has been a long awaited dream.

However, you dared not imagine that the time was here. You did not want to discover again that it was “just your imagination.” We tell you NOW that your imagination is your fifth dimensional consciousness and your dreams are correct.

On this day/night of April 11, 2012 we are broadcasting this message to our ascending ones to tell you to prepare for your return. We hear you say, “But we have heard these words before and prepared so many times. How can we build our expectation only be disappointed again?”

We have read your minds and it is because of these thoughts that we have come into your consciousness to speak to each of you in an individual manner. We wish to tell each dear members of our Earth Team that the process of ascension has begun in earnest.

Today, 4-11-12 the secret arrests have begun across the world, and those who have sought power over humanity for eons have lost! Yes, they have lost their power, they have lost their money and, most important, they have lost their ability to strike fear into your hearts and minds.

(Note from Sue, I hope that is true. I do know that a wounded animal is more dangerous. Perhaps that is why our news tells of disaster after disaster.)

Of course, there are still many earthlings who choose to linger in fear rather than accept that what they have always desired is NOW theirs to behold.  This is why we have come to you today to tell you to prepare to accept these changes with LOVE.

Do NOT allow ANY fear to enter your being, for that is the tool of the dark ones. Hence, we are speaking personally to all of you, as doubt is the foundation for fear. We realize that many of you will not realize that you have received this message, yet, but be patient, and you will remember that you have personally received our guarantee that


We know that there are many levels of that simple statement, so we will give you more details. What has begun is the removal of those who have stood in the way of your joy of ascension since the time leading up to the fall of Atlantis.

Atlantis was to serve as an opener of Portals so that the next 13,000 years would lead up to Planetary Ascension. It was the Divine Plan that there would be myriad personal ascensions when Gaia was “at the back door” of the Galactic Center.

Unfortunately, that was not the case because Atlantis fell into great darkness. Many of you died in service during that time and carried that wounding through out the next 13,000 years of your incarnations.

Worse yet, the dark ones, the Brothers of Biel, appeared to have won the battle between light and dark and great planetary destruction reigned for many millennia. The dark ones had successfully culled the herd, by killing millions of humans. This “culling of the herd” was the dark ones intention.

However, during your current era YOU, the Forces of Light, have won!

You, our grounded warriors, have been joining us night after night in your finer bodies to assist us with our plans and arrangements. Then, you have awakened in the morning to your earth vessel and began yet another day in the third dimension.

Do you see now why you have been so very tired? Your sleep has not been restful because you have chosen to assist us in your finer bodies, while your third dimensional form regenerated.

We want you to know that you all will begin to feel better soon! There is just the “mopping up” to be done, which you are all happily joining in on while your earth vessel sleeps. Very soon, your “sleep” will NOT be spent battling the forces of darkness, but preparing New Earth for immediate occupancy.

Yes, we do mean immediate. YOU, our Earth Warriors who have tenaciously served our ranks to complete this cycle of destruction, will be spending your “sleep” time preparing New Earth.

Many of you have chosen NOT to remember your dreams, as they were about your great service to Earth in which you were working to remove all that which was trying to halt Gaia’s transmutation.

Therefore, you needed to forget your “night shift” because you had to awaken to the third dimension and go back to WORK again. Many of our grounded warriors have been experiencing illness because of their constant service.

On the other hand, your illness has also been a symptom of transformation. Your service to the ONE has initiated your return to Lightbody. Hence, your physical forms are feeling like a skin that has grown too small for you and is very restrictive.

You may even feel like a snake that wants to rest so that you can “shed your old skin.” In fact, we encourage you to rest as much as possible because you will be called upon to calm the fears of those who are un-awakened and un-aware.

We need you, the Earth-based members of our Galactic Federation and Angelic Realms, to hold the ever-accelerating Light. We need you, who represent the Earth Based members of our Galactic and Angelic Realms, to carry the ever-accelerating light so that you can better channel your unconditional love to other incarnated ones.

Those who are uninformed may suffer fear, and the best antidote for fear is multidimensional truth and unconditional love. Thus, we send each and every one of you the truth of planetary ascension and the unconditional love that flows from the heart of our Galactic Center.

We send you this light and love to you, our dear grounded expressions of SELF, and ask that you share our gift throughout your daily life. The uninformed may fear your gift, but the best antidote for fear is TRUTH and LOVE.

Therefore, we send to each and every one of you the TRUTH of planetary ascension and the unconditional love that streams from our hearts and from the Galactic Center.

Your Milky Way Galaxy is being cleared of polarity and Earth, the schoolroom for myriad inter-galactic civilizations, is a pivotal planet in this “righting of the ship.” With the release of polarity, the wobbling spin of Gaia can be corrected and Earth can “spin” into the higher frequencies of New Earth.

Our message today is to tell you that the tide has turned. Release the fear and restrictions of the old and Embrace the joy of creating New Earth. Your personal and planetary ascension is well underway!

In closing, we remind you that ‘time’ is an illusion of the third dimension. Hence, the NOW of which we speak can only be experienced through your fifth dimensional consciousness.

Remember dear “Away Team” we are always with you, for we are ONE.

Arcturian/Pleaidian message delivered via Mytre the Pleiadian

Posted by Sue at 4:20 PM

suzanne lie 20.12.

Brilliant Multidimensional Intensity ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

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Brilliant Multidimensional Intensity

Sandra Walter Ascension GuideBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

I continue to be amazed by what is happening right now to our consciousness. Personally, it has been absolutely fascinating to experience the multidimensional merge so strongly. My days are a balance of delving into these experiences, along with a great amount of technical and creative work (and the litany of tech glitches as the magnetics of old realities shift to accommodate Zero Point reality. Really keeps us in the moment, does it not?) I AM sure many Wayshowers are performing the balancing act, and getting accustomed to the New Light flow.

As the intensity of our experiences, both physical and non-physical, compliments the approaching wave of New Light, we pull back and gain perspective on how this is occurring. First, a brief summary of the sequence of major events which unfolded in 2014. After, a look at the DNA drop, a message from the Divine Team, and sharing of some interesting personal experiences.

The Brilliance of 2014

We had many interesting events unfold in 2014, which support this Now moment and the possibilities therein.

The Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways March – April 2014: The first Gateway brought in the most powerful Return of the Christ energetics and activations the planet had seen to date. It also brought certain timelines, events, and galactic history to a close. Completion. You may remember the article on the dissolvement of the Maya structures; the framework for the illusion imposed from the Pleiades, designed to resolve millions of years of Galactic karma. As the Maya (named after Maia, a star in the Pleiades) ran its course, it closed the book on many an akashic tale. This left us open to engage with higher Christed timelines of Ascension.

May 2014: Many Wayshowers received a deep recalibration to prepare for the accelerated Ascension timelines. While it may have felt very physical, the aim was expansion of consciousness. You may have felt all of the old timelines, galactic karma, connections to star family lineage, or any of the stories of the past disappear from your personal emotional, mental, and egoic structures. This recalibration prepared us for a series of personal revelation gateways.

June through September 2014: A series of powerful personal revelation gateways unfolded as Gaia and HUmans merged into a higher reality. HUmans who had been working on the merge of Higher and Lower Self suddenly began to experience the unity of their Divine aspects, and a more acute perception of that union. We experienced a seamless merge of dimensions – the beginning of our true mulitdimensional perception in the body (as opposed to astral tripping). This allowed for a realignment with the True Self, and getting to know the true Higher Self. We also began to get familiar with the disorientation of having anything to set our compass on.

Because we moved into an accelerated future path, the past was rewritten behind us with a clarity and ease (and downright forgetfulness) of what had occurred. The memory of it may still be recalled, but you will notice that the emotional attachment is gone. This is a side-effect of not only being in the now, and allowing the personal akasha to catch up to the truth, but it also opens us up to a much grander future possibility.

September through October 2014: The second of the Equinox through Blood Moon Gateways brought an intensifying of the return of the Christ energies which are aimed specifically at expansion, expansion, expansion. Expansion of the consciousness has a direct effect on the body vehicle as it attempts to keep up with the demands of a higher vibration. This is the balancing act of the Shift itself; the body continually adjusting to the demands of the subconscious, the conscious, and the energies flowing into and out of Gaia.

October 2014: The entire collective shifts to an accelerated Ascension timeline during a weekend of powerful flare activation from the SUN. Our solar light is directly connected to our experience of time. Working in conjunction with Gatekeepers and benevolent Galactic forces, we were able to answer the requests of the high-vibe collective and shift into an accelerated Ascension experience. A faster process, in the highest interests of all concerned.

November 2014: The  Higher vibration sends the ascending collective into meridian readjustments, nervous system recalibrations, and heart center expansion in order to keep up with the accelerated timeline. It is ironic how awakening requires so much sleep.

December 2014: The merge of grounded Earth grid systems, crystalline grid and 5D/6D grid systems of New Earth begins. This sets the stage for DNA drops, a stronger multidimensional experience, pineal activation, and an expansion of simultaneous dimensions. It accelerates the activation of a greater brain capacity.

Flying into the Now

Our next to Gateway, December 25 – 29, brings a more intense experience of Divine Love and a Golden Race DNA drop, which continues through 2015.  This delivers the codes which were anchored into the Crystalline grid on the 12-12-12.  This is why we had a merging of the grid systems, to make those Golden Race codes available to all of HUmanity.  If you were one of the code-catchers on the 12-12-12, you understand how powerful those light sequences are.

If you are available during the holiday and choose to assist with this gateway, understand that we are holding a harmonious, balanced support as these pure source light frequencies penetrate the planet.  Balance, peace, integrity, harmony. Gentle balancing as the magnetic grid gets hit with New Light.

These light frequencies will enable prepared vessels to awaken high quality DNA within them, and bi-locate new strands of DNA into the cellular structure. (See my video from 2013 on Source DNA.) DNA serves as a multidimensional hologram for the experience in form. We use it up to the eighth dimensional level. Ninth dimensional structures tend to abandon the use of form, where consciousness becomes very unified.

Unified or Collective DNA is a magnificent multidimensional geometry which holds unity consciousness up to 12D. As a Divine HUman in-carnate, we will eventually be capable of holding a 12 strand helix DNA structure within a 5D/6D form. Each strand will reconnect to a dimensional level. At that point, it is not your DNA and My DNA, it is our Unified DNA. It is not something that a 3D microscope will ever be able to examine. Only the effect on the physical body can be measured right now in the multitude of Ascension side-effects.

2015: Transformation of the Wayshowers

We have two powerful transformation gateways occurring in the last two Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways of 2015; the first in March, the second in September. These gateways get shorter, smaller, more focused. They act like a sieve for energies and target those who will be embodying higher dimensional consciousness, the Higher Self, the Christed Self right in front of the collective.

If it is your desire to make this embodiment physical, to be a true Wayshower and demonstrate the New ahead of the crowd, then your focus will grow more precise in 2015. You may already feel it.

The Councils which I AM involved with, which include Masters, Brotherhoods of Light and Galactics (they tend to swap out positions at the holographic table), understand that not all body vehicles will be able to endure this process.

Feel this message beloveds:

Stay focused on the Ascension as you move through these intense photonic waves of light. Know that your participation will become more acute as you move through these energies. It may become difficult to do anything else, and we honor your dedication. Understand that the little things which distract or prevent you from engaging in linear activities are merely adjustments to the Now possibilities. They may test your resolve as they manifest your highest predesigned possibilities in the Now. Events, glitches and distractions are forcing you into conscious participation in the moment with the New Light, the True Self in the new moment.

Even if the body vehicle cannot withstand the New Light, know that if you have performed your service with a pure open heart, and transmuted all constructs of fear, that your service is honored in your mission is complete. Some of you will choose to return further into the Shift with a more resilient crystalline form. For those who do not resonate with becoming part of a Golden Race upon Gaia, your journeys here will be complete. 

Many of you will be merging with the consciousness of other races, higher-dimensional beings, and higher levels of your True Self, in brief passages of telepathic communion during this phase. It may feel extremely peaceful, because it holds the pure energy of your True Self to communicate in this way and learn in this way. The more comfortable you can be with merging consciousness in order to exchange information and pure light consciousness, the faster you will transcend the old dynamics of separation.

Recent Experiences

Awareness of many dimensions in the Now moment. As our brain capacity increases and this beautiful golden-crystalline-diamond DNA comes online, we are capable of experiencing many dimensions simultaneously. If you practice this, you will notice your ability to hold simultaneous multidimensional awareness grows longer and clearer. The more DNA strands you have flickering on and the more your pineal activates, the more access you have to the simultaneous experience of Zero Point or Unity consciousness. It also causes an increase in light flashes and bright pinpoints of light in your energy fields as the piezoelectric activity of the pineal increases, and portions of the brain reactivate.

New races. I have noted interaction with many different races; races I do not recognize at first. My colleagues have introduced me to beings I used to know, asking me, Do you recognize who this is? Gosh I stare wide-eyed at many higher-dimensional beings lately. Apologies, beloveds! While it is difficult to be the one awakening from this long amnesia, I do feel a great amount of support and patience on the other side of the veil. I love you, I bless you, I thank you.

Ocean Lightship Visits. I experienced the lightships under the Ocean last week. I found myself walking along a corridor next to the exterior, and I nearly broke focus when I realized I was breathing water, underwater. Since my experiences are quite lucid, I paused just before my grounded body panicked and calmly took a few deep inhales of clear, water-like substance. The walls of the ship were a transparent crystalline-light material, which had a luminescent glow. This was in the Pacific Ocean; we were working with the Pacific rim plates.

As many of you have heard, the Pacific rim plate system has been a concern for some time. Understanding that Gaia will expand to accommodate the new energy, you can see why so many of us are working on stabilizing magnetics to make this as easy of a transition as possible. That does not mean that we are preventing earthquakes or plate shifts, because those are a very natural side-effect of the collapse of the magnetosphere. They open up caverns where water may flow downward, preventing too much land mass loss from rising sea levels. Expansion occurs during every Shift/Jump time, and our dimensional shift provides additional factors to consider.

Regardless of the work designated to these underwater ships, the experience of peace, focus, and unity of service made me feel absolutely at home.

The Christmas Gateway

During our beloved Christmas gateway December 25 -29, we will receive a significant and sizeable wave of Light. Merry Christmas Presence! You may feel it approaching. (My parents and I were visiting via facetime this week, and they witnessed me pre-cog a Solar Flare, just moments before it unleashed. How beautiful to share that experience with them!)

We have shifted to a new area of space, again, which includes the entire Galaxy as a unit. Our alignment with this higher Ascension timeline brings forth higher possibilities. Our mastery challenge includes precise choices, moment to moment. Embodying the crystalline consciousness is an intense process. It is not something which happens all at once, nor will it unfold for everyone holding form at this time. Gosh I wish it did, because it is such a powerful experience – perhaps the most powerful you can have in a body. This year taught me patience at a Master level, and compassion at a Source level. It is what it is, all is well.

As we go through the sieve of Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways next year, our untouchable aspects present. Untouchable at the level of your consciousness, not your body vehicle. While it would be nice to experience all of this grand expansion in an isolated environment (like the old Mystery schools), it is not the point. 2015 brings forth palpable, recognizable transformation of the grounded Self. Utilize cave-time when you need it; usually a day or an hour are just enough to rejuvenate and stabilize the body vehicle as your consciousness expands your energy fields.

Reach out to support and receive support from the HUman heart grid. The sensation of isolation is physical, connect through the heart to feel true unity consciousness.

DNA preparation

For many of you, your choice to engage in the Ascension process included a great deal of cleansing and clearing metals, toxins, parasites, karma, negative thoughts, subconscious emotion, ego, mental and emotional constructs so that the cells would be ready for these intense energies. The cleansing and clearing of the cells – a structure which is supposed to last for hundreds of years – becomes vital to supporting DNA activation.

Out of the trillions of cells in your body, not every cell will have to be clear and ready to take on new strands of DNA. This is a good thing as our current environment does not support a 100% clear cellular structure. When the new strands are taken in, or the dormant Golden Race DNA within your cells activate, they will replicate into neighboring cells as the energies increase and the collective consciousness expands upon this planet. 50% preparation, 50% Divine timing.

Pace yourself and know it is not a competition. There is no judgment upon whether you can handle it or whether it destroys the body vehicle. I know all of this may sound technical, and that is part of my role, however the point is participation. The point was to transcend density by experiencing Divine Love in all of its many expressions. Approach all of this activity with a pure heart and the pure intention to serve pure Source Light Intelligence and the objectives of your True Presence.

A Blessing of Grace

Let us all send the highest quality light waves of harmony, peace, balance, Divine Love, Divine Light, and Divine Ascension through every particle of this planet, the kingdoms, the elementals and Beloved HUmanity during this beautiful passage. Blessings upon all of us in service to the Ascension of consciousness!

In Love, Light and Service,

Other Activities (Re-bloggers, it would be kind if you included this section this month):

Online SoulShine Event: Enjoy a full 24 hours of activations and meditations from myself and 11 fellow Wayshowers, hosted by Lauren Galey. Details HERE

Guided Meditations and Q&A Call Replays are now available to everyone in the new Creative Evolution Shop. A nice way to support your journey and this work.

The Ascension Course is receiving a makeover next year, beginning in January. Join now for half price (through end of December). Get the discount via the online shop.


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Activation of the Crystalline Cities of Light and Actualization of the Sedona Crystalline City of Light ~ Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

anrita 18.12.

Activation of the Crystalline Cities of Light and Actualization of the Sedona Crystalline City of Light

By Anrita Melchizedek

You Tube http://youtu.be/rbFRzyhkdPU

Mp3 download http://www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads

Transcribe  http://www.pleiadianlight.net/33-stargate-portals-light-december-2014/

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you at this time of the December Solstice, as you come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart, as you activate the New Earth templates through the Crystalline Cities of Light and in particular, experience the actualization of the Sedona Crystalline City of Light. Sweet ones, you have been embraced within the Diamond Flame of Purity and Melchizedek Consciousness since May 2014, when this beautiful Diamond Ray spiraling forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father entered into the Sedona vortex and the Sedona Crystalline City of Light. You, sweet ones, formed part of a beautiful planetary activity of Light that created a vortex of Divine Love linking into the Sedona vortex of Light and from here into the Sedona Crystalline City of Light as this graceful dance further created a harmonic rebalancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes. Additionally, the twelve Crystalline Cities of Light associated with the primary chakras of Mother Earth anchored more deeply into the Unity Grid of Divine Love. The Crystalline Cities of Light embody the energy of pure, Divine Love, peace and purity, and act as a dimensional gateway for many of the Beings of Light from On High to connect with the awakened Souls on this Earth plane. In Golden Ages of Light, many initiates of Light would find themselves walking up a spiral of crystal stairs, into a beautiful Crystalline City of Light. Greeted by Christed extra-terrestrials and higher dimensional Light Beings they would experience various Healing Chambers of Light, celestial musical transmissions, interdimensional creations of geometry and art, and a deepening of their connection to all Life in Love.


In this transmission, you will be taken in Soul consciousness into each Crystalline City of Light associated with the primary chakras of Mother Earth and offered the opportunity to experience the energy of twelve spiritual archetypes that amplify your heart’s dreaming, followed by the actualization of the Sedona Crystalline City of Light. These spiritual archetypes are activated and integrated within your energy fields and hologram as you experience various Chambers of Light. These archetypal Chambers of Light are multicolored laser light grids containing a unique vibratory signature brought through by your star brothers and sisters, and in particular the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians and the Brotherhood of the Light. As these Crystalline Cities of Light activate within and through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, this collective matrix of Crystalline Consciousness assists in the actualization of the Sedona Crystalline City of Light between the Solstice and the New Year. In essence, the Sedona Crystalline City of Light, wrapped in this beautiful Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, actualizes through the Unity Grid of Divine Love in such a way that you are able to physically/energetically enter into the Sedona Crystalline City of Light. As you ignite the Crystalline Consciousness matrix through your body and energy field as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, all Life may experience these fifth dimensional frequencies and the knowing of their heart’s dreaming in Unity Consciousness, as you co-create heaven on earth.


So wherever you are now in your sacred space just find yourselves coming deep into the heart now, experiencing this Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence. As this Diamond Ray of Melchizedek Consciousness permeates into the subatomic particle of your beingness, you expand your energy field. As these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, you connect into the Unity Grid of One Unity Consciousness, this matrix of Light within you and around you, connecting now to your soul and star family and friends of the Light, to the lightworkers, starseeded ones and now to the many Legions of Light from On High. As you ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and as you experience this crystalline frequency of Divine Love spiraling up your ground chord into your body and energy field, you bring a focus now to your breath. Breathing deeply and easily and effortlessly centering yourselves now through the Cosmic Heart of all Creation, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Merging now with your Beloved I Am Presence, the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Calling in now your Master Guides and Guardian Angel and all Beings of Light that you personally acknowledge and that wish to join you in this sacred space, as you call in the Beings of Light from On High through the Overlighting of Mother Father God. You call upon Lord Melchizedek and the Brotherhood of the Light, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and the many Archangelic Legions of the Light, the Mighty Elohim, Lord Melchior, Helios and Vesta, Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, the Ascended Masters and the Ray Masters, El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, St Germaine and Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Allah Gobi, Kwan Yin and Pallas Athena. And you call upon the Christed Extraterrestrials, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, and the Arcturians, all of the Light.


Wonderful, sweet ones. It is with great joy that we assist you to experience the actualization of the Sedona Crystalline City of Light, and the ability to experience many of the vibratory crystalline frequencies through the Crystalline Cities of Light as they connect to the primary chakras and vortices of Mother Earth.   For the New Earth templates sweet ones, are indeed lifting you into a higher octave of Crystalline Consciousness that you are more easily able to integrate and experience within your loving hearts. This year in particular, has seen many planetary activities of Light to integrate both the shadow and the Light. Some of these oscillating frequencies have been difficult on the physical and energy bodies, sweet ones, but each experience has taken you in a greater level of blossoming, of your magnificence and Light. And now in this month of December, through this beautiful Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence as well as the actualization of the 33 Stargate Portals of Light within and around the Unity Grid, there is a deeper sense of coming into the knowing and experience of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and Masters Beings of Light. The Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence further takes you through all dimensions of Light into Source Light, into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. You are creating your multidimensional Light Bodies and have the opportunity to not only experience dimensional frequencies beyond the New Earth templates of Light, but also to be able to experience the Diamond matrix of Light within and around this earth plane and the ability to activate your own Light Body/Merkaba fields into this Diamond Light matrix of Crystalline Consciousness. And so, sweet ones, let us start simply by bringing a focus to the heart, to the Love of yourselves, as you place your hands upon your heart and repeat to yourselves: “I Love you” (giving your full name now). “I Love you, I Love you”. Good.


As you come together now, sweet ones, at this Higher Light level, you are invited to travel in Soul consciousness into the Sedona vortex of Light. You now find yourselves entering into an external Merkaba vehicle of Light, traveling through the grids of Divine Love, and entering now into this beautiful Sedona vortex of Light, amplified now in this Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence. As is this Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness activates within your heart, it creates a diamond octahedron and it starts to spin now in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction, depending on what is needed at this Now moment. It moves initially into the aspects of yourselves that are needing to experience the Love of Self, sweet ones. As you have a sense of merging into Source Light, merging with your Beloved I Am Presence and all 144 soul rays of which you are One. You use this Divine Light matrix to look through your Master eyes in the knowing that there is only Love and to embrace the aspects of yourselves in particular, that experience a sense of being unloved, unwanted, unappreciated, or unseen. These timelines along the karmic path have been most useful to bring you to this Now moment sweet ones, but there is no need now to play out the victim and persecutor consciousness as you embrace your full range of emotions and the knowing that it is your Beloved I am Presence that guides you in this Golden Age of Light, as you trust, surrender, and believe sweet ones. You feel the support, you feel this Love, you just hug yourselves now, hugging and loving all aspects of yourselves as you chant the words MEM, M-E-M, putting your arms around yourselves, just loving and appreciate yourselves. You embrace the anger, the resentment, the blame, the unforgiveness and pain within your hearts sweet ones. You invite all these emotions and aspects of yourselves within your hearts so they can feel your Love, so they can know your uniqueness, incomparable and immeasurable to others.


MMMMM. Mem, mem, mem, meeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, meeemmmmmmmmmmm, mummmmmmmmmmmmm, muuuuuummmmmmm. Wonderful sweet ones.


It is within your hearts sweet ones, within the center of Divine Love, that you are embraced by your soul and star family and friends. That you are seen and appreciated and loved, and it starts with Love of Self, sweet ones. And this Love of Self further rebalances the energy of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits of Light. And as the Sedona vortex expands now, it brings about this rebalancing for you, sweet ones. It is a Divine Masculine energy that emanates predominantly from the Sedona vortex of Light and as it links into the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence, it recalibrates into the flow of the Divine Mother.  You now see your Divine Masculine Spirit move to the front of you and your Divine Feminine Spirit to the back of you. Your Divine Masculine Spirit is protecting you, supporting you, showing you how to be the spiritual warrior when you need to be, yielding power rather than to submit to it, and knowing when to step forward in dynamic right action, and when to step back in loving wisdom. And now, you sense your Divine Feminine Spirit activate the Soul matrix between the shoulder blades into the heart chakra, taking you ever deeper into the heart’s temple, in to your heart’s dreaming. The Sedona Stargate sweet ones, creates a vortex stream of infinite probabilities and timelines, and it is the Christed timelines that activate in their fullest right now, sweet ones, showing you your heart’s dreaming, your heart’s gifts, your heart’s passion, and your heart’s joy. And you see yourselves fulfilling your heart’s passion in purity, in innocence, in Love, in abundance, in support, peace, and harmony, as your Divine Masculine Spirit now stands to the right of you and your Divine Feminine Spirit to the left you. You merge these two aspects of yourselves in to a greater level of wholeness and balance, sweet ones, into your hearts temple. And as this occurs, the kundalini energy gently activates into each one of the chakras, clearing out false beliefs between men and women and linking you too, into the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta through the Sun and the Solar Core. For you as this beautiful Soul, sweet ones, come through the energy of Sun onto this earth plane, and you take on both the planetary contracts between men and women as well as the ability to clear these planetary contracts, these false beliefs and judgments. And now, at the time of the Solstice, you assist in clearing these old planetary contracts that created this imbalance in the sexes, embracing all men and all women with compassion within your hearts. Wonderful sweet ones.


You are loved, sweet ones, and you feel this Love within each subatomic particle of your beingness in the knowing that there is only Love as you embrace every shadow aspect of yourselves, of the negative ego and your own hearts wounding in Love. You are now lifted into the Sedona Crystalline City of Light. And as you enter into this beautiful Crystalline City of Light, sweet ones, you have deep sense of peace, of joy, of harmony as you are welcomed and greeted by your star brothers and sisters, the Christed Extraterrestrials, and you have a sense of many of these Beings of Light that come now in this joyful reunion with you; the Pleiadians and the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, and the Brotherhood of the Light. These beautiful Beings embrace you, they see you and they Love you and this activates a greater level of knowing of your magnificence and Light as you start to truly look around you through your Master eyes at all of Life, sweet ones. You now find yourselves experiencing these beautiful nature reserves, and these magical fountains and streams with your soul and star family and friends.

Wonderful sweet ones. You now find yourselves being placed in this god/goddess archetypal Chamber of Light. This is both a healing and spiritual archetypal Chamber of Light that will assist you as you walk this pathway of Divine Love, of Christ Consciousness. As this multicolored laser light grid now comes in around the body and energy field, you bring a focus to the archetypal energies of the god and goddess. The god/goddess archetypes brings this transient experience of transcendence, of reconnection with Source and nurturing of the Divine essence within yourselves. The god/goddess, sweet ones, are the archetypal aspects of yourselves that flow intuitively, in wisdom, and in creativity; allowing you to inspire others, and to Love all Life without prejudice, without judgment. These archetypal energies take you into the deepest levels of manifesting God’s creation of Light in this Golden Age, sweet ones. And you have a sense of the beautiful god/goddess archetypes activate now, allowing you into the deepest loving creative aspects of yourselves, your magnificence, and your Light and your ability to lead others as the starseeded ones, the wayshowers, and teachers in this Golden Age of Light. You just take on what you are needing sweet ones through this archetypal Chamber of Light as we assist now in this activation through the language of light.


Wonderful, sweet ones. You now link with all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High as you have a sense of the Sedona Crystalline City of Light started to actualize though the Unity Grid of Divine Love. And now you have sense of connecting to the Crystalline Cities of Light that link you through the primary vortices and chakras of Mother Earth. You now find yourselves traveling in Soul Consciousness in your external Merkaba vehicle of Light into the Crystalline City of Light above Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Within the Crystalline City of Light, you are welcomed and greeted by the soul and star family and friends of the Light. You will experience the Crystalline Consciousness of Light through the embrace of the spiritual archetype of the artist. Surrounded by your Soul and Star family and friends of the Light, you are now placed in an artist archetypal Chamber of Light brought in by the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians and the Brotherhood of the Light. And as you experience this multicolored, laser grid of light coming in, you activate the artist archetype, embodying the passion to express the dimension of Light that connects you into your heart’s dreaming and your ability to manifest and ground this Divine creative expression of yourselves as artists, poets, musicians, writers, sculptors, healer, landscapers and the like; whatever these creative gifts are, sweet ones, that are your heart’s dreaming, your heart’s purpose, and your heart’s joy. They unfolds now to a greater level of remembrance through the dormant DNA. As you anchor and activate the remembrance and integration of this beautiful spiritual archetype of the artist, we bring in the language of light.


Good. And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves lifted in Soul Consciousness traveling in your external Merkaba vehicle of Light into the Crystalline City of Light above Uluru in Australia. As you enter into this Crystalline City of Light, you are welcomed and greeted by the Beings of Light from On High and your soul and star family and friends of the Light. You are now placed in a warrior/warrioress archetypal Chamber of Light. The warrior/warrioress is selfless, compassionate and decisive sweet ones. This archetypal energy brings a clarity of thought in service in Love, strength and courage to do what is right even when there is a personal challenge, to do so, sweet ones. The warrior/warrioress is neutral, detached, observing and primarily compassionate, loving and appreciative. The warrior/warrioress knows when to step forward in dynamic right action and when to step back in Love and wisdom. And you have a sense of this beautiful archetypal energy embracing you, sweet ones, giving you the courage and strength and compassion you might need as the spiritual warrior of Light as you are taken into greater levels of empowerment, of Love, and of wisdom. As you now experience this multidimensional, multicolored warrior/warrioress archetypal Chamber of Light we amplify this in the language of light.


Wonderful, sweet ones. And now you find yourselves connecting into the Crystalline City of Light above Mount Kilauea in Hawaii. As you enter into this Crystalline City of Light, you connect into the energy of the archetype of the visionary and seer. Surrounded by the Illumined Beings of Light from On High and your soul and star family and friends of the Light, you now experience a visionary/seer archetypal Chamber of Light brought in by these Christed Extraterrestrials and the Brotherhood of the Light. You come into a deeper sense of the knowing of your extra sensory perception gifts, sweet ones, unique and different and yet all experienced within the collective Crystalline Consciousness of Light. Of your ability of seeing and knowing, and you draw upon this energy, sweet ones, to amplify your Pathway of Divine Love and to assist others with this intuitive knowing and seeing, and synchronicity, as you walk this Pathway of Divine Love. And as these recalibrations take place, sweet ones, they link you into the collective Crystalline Consciousness and energy matrix of each one of these countries. Through the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, the creative energy of each one of these vortices and archetypal energies are the primary energy that is now being experienced within these countries and from here, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love through Mother Earth’s chakras, nadis and leylines. This gift of vision and insight, of knowing and seeing, is a gift each one of you has, sweet ones. And it is to trust in this as you let go of the imaginings of the lower mind, and connect into the higher mind, to the mind of God. And you have a sense of how this gift activates within you now and in particular through the third eye as we amplify this archetypal energy in the language of light.


Wonderful sweet ones. You see these Christed timelines, the merging of parallel realities of your Highest Potential and self-mastery sweet ones, re-experienced now through these archetypal Chambers of Light. For each one of these archetypes have been integrated by you in various timelines, through past lives and parallel realities and will be again in this Now and future realities too. And as these streams of Crystalline Consciousness activate within the body, energy field and hologram in this Now, it will often bring images, insights and understandings of these many multidimensional realities sweet ones. Just honor these memories, these triggers as they activate through the dormant DNA, as the dormant DNA activates to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow in this Now. You are coming into a deeper sense of the knowing that your heart’s dreaming. It is already unfolding and you are merging into a deeper level with your Soul family and friends and experiencing a reunion of hearts with Soul mates, with Twin Flames, and with the starseeded ones and lightworkers and all the Beings of Light from On High. Wonderful sweet ones.


And now, you find yourselves connecting into the Crystalline City of Light above Mount Fuji in Japan. As you enter into this Crystalline City of Light, welcomed and greetings by the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High Overlighting this Crystalline City of Light, you are now placed in an alchemist/inventor archetypal Chamber of Light. You have a sense of your ability to manifest in alchemy, in magic, working with nature intelligence, working with the higher mind teachings and blueprints of creation to ground these manifestations of Light. You have a sense of magical ceremonial circles and your ability to ground these creations of Light. The archetypal energy of the alchemist turns metal into gold, metaphorically speaking. It is the ability sweet ones, to turn every one of your creations into the energy of Light through Crystalline Consciousness. For it is the belief and the knowing in these realities, in these timelines, and in these dimensional frequencies, sweet ones, that impact you and bring you into this Now as a Master Being of Light. You experience now a deeper sense of the alchemist/ inventor Chamber of Light as we bring in the language of light.


Wonderful, sweet ones. You now find yourselves linking into the Crystalline City of Light above the Tor in Glastonbury England. Welcomed and greeted by the Illumined Beings of Light from On High Overlighting the Tor and this Crystalline City of Light, you are now placed in the lover archetypal Chamber of Light. Sweet ones, the lover is not only a lover of Life in passion, and in joy of your creative unfolding, but the lover in the deepest aspects of your heart connects you energetically to Soul mates and to your Twin Flame and to those that you may choose as karmic mates too, to know yourselves as Love. And you are now invited to embrace the lover within yourselves, in passion, in joy, in openness, and in trust, sweet ones. For the lover archetype is a primal energy of passion, an ecstatic energy of beingness, of aliveness. The lover, sweet ones, invites you to a greater level of reunion as these open hearts in this Golden Age of Light. It is the lover archetype within yourselves, sweet ones, that allows others to touch your heart, your body, your mind, and your Soul. As you appreciate the beauty and magnificence of yourselves, sweet ones, you appreciate the beauty and magnificence of others. And when you are ready in your fullness to embrace the lover archetype, to let go of the wounded heart and the karmic mates, you will find it is the lover in this Golden Age of Light that will guide you into a greater level of reunion of hearts And you have a sense of what this lover archetypal energy means for you in your sweet ones. As you embrace and integrate the lover now at the deepest level of your beingness, your tantric and kundalini channels activate now this safe and sacred space within this Crystalline City of Light. And to assist in this activation and integration, we speak in the language of light.


Wonderful sweet ones. It is through Glastonbury Tor, the heart chakra of Mother Earth, that this beautiful Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence activated more deeply in the sacred month of August, particularly over the 08:08 Gateway of Light. At that Now moment, a deepening of the connection to Mother God and Father God was experienced by all Life, and this energy of Divine Love through the Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness and the Divine Mother further activated through the Great Pyramid in Giza and from here, spiraled in specific Fibonacci ratios within and around the Middle East. It was also at that time that the activation of the Diamond Light Body/Merkaba field of Melchizedek Consciousness was again experienced for Mother Earth and all her Life. The diamond matrix, this Crystalline Consciousness matrix of Light activating at this Now moment deepens your connection to Source Light, to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and your Beloved I Am Presence sweet ones, as you rebalance the Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes, and you have a sense of this knowing as you integrate the lover archetype.


Wonderful. And now sweet ones, you find yourselves traveling in Soul Consciousness in your external Merkaba vehicle of Light into the Crystalline City of Light above Palenque in Mexico. Welcomed and greeted by the Beings of Light from On High Overlighting this Crystalline City of Light, you are now invited into the wise woman/sage Chamber of Light. This multicolored, multidimensional wise woman/sage Chamber of Light now activates within a rectangular shape around your body and energy field brought in by the Christed Extraterrestrials and the Brotherhood of the Light. You now have a sense of the energy of the wise woman/sage archetypes sweet ones. The wisdom that you hold which intuitively takes you into new possibilities, into infinite possibilities along the pathway of Christ Consciousness; supporting others through your wisdom sweet ones, without expectations, without the need or desire of any level of recognition or return energetically of any kind from another. And as you share your wisdom with others sweet ones, you further experience this grounded connection with Mother Earth, a great source of wisdom, a great source of Light. As you integrate the energy of the wise woman and sage, sweet ones, deepen your connection to the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. You experience her full magnificence and Light as you now feel the support and nurturing, and also wisdom of Mother Earth in this Now. Wonderful sweet ones, we will now speak in the language of light to deepen this connection to the knowing of the wisdom you hold and your connection to Mother Earth.


Wonderful sweet ones. You now find yourselves connecting into the energy of the Crystalline City of Light above the Great Pyramid of Giza. Welcomed and greeted by the Guardians to this vortex and Crystalline City of Light, you are now invited into a High Priest and Priestess Chamber of Light. As you experience this multicolored lasered grid of light coming in around the body and energy field, the streams of Crystalline Consciousness in the timelines of yourselves as High Priest and Priestess activate, taking you into the remembrance of ancient Egypt, Atlantis, the Lemurian, Mayan, Aztec and other timelines, sweet ones. As you energetically experience these Christed timelines, you are taken into a deeper level of spiritual awareness and insight to reveal the hidden knowledge of self-enlightenment. To Golden Ages, to the timelines of ascending, sweet ones and of choosing to come back as volunteer Souls, to be of service to Mother Earth and all her Life. You awaken to a deeper knowing of yourselves as these initiates of Light to the Order of Melchizedek, and to many other Orders of Light. You just have a sense of knowing, believing and trusting as you connect into the deep inner truth within yourselves sweet ones. We now assist in the integration and remembrance of the High Priest/Priestess archetypes of Light as we speak in the language of light.


Wonderful sweet ones. You now find yourselves traveling in Soul consciousness in your external Merkaba Vehicle of Light into the Crystalline City of Light above Mount Denali in Alaska. Welcomed and greeted by the Beings of Light from On High Overlighting this sacred Crystalline City of Light and wrapped in the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence, you now experience a magical, innocent child Chamber of Light. You find yourselves now connecting into this magical innocent child initially through the embrace of the negative ego and wounded child. As you embrace the negative ego and wounded child within your heart, loving this child and giving it a voice, you understand that the negative ego and wounded child is your gateway to heaven, the purity and innocence that connects you to the magical, innocent child. You now fully experience the magical, innocent child. This part of you that is both enchanted and enchanting to others; that sees all things around you in purity and in innocence as you look through not only your Master eyes but through the eyes of your magical, innocent child. You continue to embrace the negative ego and wounded child sweet ones, for it is the wounded child, the negative ego that many of you are needing to embrace to experience your full magnificence and Light. As the magical, innocent child, you embrace the wounded child within your heart, within your Love, letting the negative ego and wounded child know that you will never put another before it ever again. That you will always Love it, accept it, and give it a voice as you walk together along the Pathway of Divine Love. And now, sweet ones, you come back to the playfulness, the joy, and the enchantment and you do this through embracing the negative ego and wounded child and amplifying the magical, innocent child as you experience this multidimensional archetypal Chamber of Light. And to assist in this recalibration, we speak in the language of light.


Wonderful, sweet ones. And now from here, you have a sense of linking into the Crystalline City of Light above Mount Shasta in Northern California. This vortex is also a Stargate of Light, sweet ones, bringing in many multidimensional frequencies of Light and also linking directly into Shamballa, and in particular, the Seventh Ray Ashram, and the Violet Transmuting Flame Overlighted by St Germaine. As you enter into this Crystalline City of Light, welcomed and greeted by the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High, you are now placed in an intuitive healer archetypal Chamber of Light. You have a sense of connecting into the energy of the intuitive healer through this vortex and Stargate of Light. Of the ability to heal yourselves, of your ability to assist in the healing of others; to be able to listen to your body, to listen to your inner voice and your intuition and guidance in the full radiance of the physical body in perfect health as your Temple of Light. For the health lessons that you may have experienced, sweet ones, are showing that a new balance is to come or is being experienced and it is very important to eat the foods that support your body, to take the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins, to exercise and to find balance. You understand too that you may choose to develop these gift of the intuitive healer through your own misalignment, aches, pains and healing lessons to channel the energy needed to generate physical and emotional change for yourselves and others. And you allow this gift to unfold, this wisdom and guidance of the intuitive healer, sweet ones. You activate the intuitive healer, you bring into your body now a greater sense of your own healing, a greater sense of the intuition needed to support the physical body and to support the emotional and mental bodies as you walk this pathway of Divine Love. And you use this gift too sweet ones, in helping others find the pathway of Christ Consciousness in radiant health in this Golden Age of Light. Good. We now amplify this healing energy through the language of Light.


Wonderful sweet ones. Allow the Stargates and the infinite timelines of your Highest Potential to merge into this Now and to bring into this timeline the merging of those parallel realities of yourselves as the healers, sweet ones; working with the energy of Mother Earth, of plants and crystals, of essences and herbs and the intuitive guidance of your own body, what it is needing to find the balance of perfect health for you in this Now.


Wonderful, sweet ones. It is time to purify and to let go of the old and to bring in the new and you are feeling this more and more within yourselves, this transformational process. This deep desire to change or this change that is unfolding already and accelerating in this Now, allowing you a greater level of the knowing of the synchronicities that are occurring in your everyday Life, sweet ones.


And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves linking into the Crystalline City of Light above Machu Picchu, Peru. As you enter into this Crystalline City of Light, welcomed and greeted by the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, you are now placed in a mother/queen or father/king archetypal Chamber of Light. The father/king archetype uses his wisdom in benevolence, in kindness, caring and thoughtfulness, sweet ones, and allows others to feel protected and safe and supported in everything that he does. And it is the father/king archetype too that brings to this Now creative ideas, birthing them into creation, bringing in the support that is needed, lovingly, firmly, manifesting all that is required. The mother/queen archetype, sweet ones, is both the stewardess of her domain as well as the primary caregiver of progeny. She is the Life giving nurturer, and selfless in her role as the queen and mother, honoring all within her household and her domain, in benevolence, in gentleness and support, and in selfless Love. As now, sweet ones, as you experience these archetypal energies of Light, you integrate and bring into this timeline these archetypal energies of Light to further support your service work in service in Love as the wayshowers and teachers, as mothers and queens, as fathers and kings, knowing there is only Love. You are the stewards and stewardesses to this sacred earth, sweet ones, leading the way in this Golden Age of Light. Wonderful sweet ones, and to assist in this integration, we speak in the language of Light.


And now sweet ones, you are invited into the Crystalline City of Light above Lake Titicaca in both Peru and Bolivia. Lake Titicaca is a Stargate of Light and serves as a Stargate for many of the higher dimensional Beings of Light to enter onto this earth plane. It is a feminine portal of Divine Love and as you now enter into this Crystalline City of Light, welcomed and greeted by the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, you are invited to activate the spiritual archetype of the servant through the servant archetypal Chamber of Light. As you experience this Chamber of Light now sweet ones, you understand that service in Love in its highest aspects takes you in to the deepest level of humility, of selflessness, and of egolessness that you are able to experience, sweet ones. As you step into the role of world service as the servants, the teachers and healers, the wayshowers and starseeded ones, you do so in complete humility, trusting and surrendering to the Divine, without the expectation of what you may get back, simply giving and loving and knowing that you are and always have been a servant of Mother/Father God. Good sweet ones. To assist in a deeper activation of the servant archetype and your service role, we speak in the language of Light.


Wonderful sweet ones. You now take the time though this Crystalline City and Stargate of Light, to experience the remembrance of many of these star nations. For this truly is a Portal of Light into the higher dimensions, and many of these Star Beings come in energetically in their own activated Light Bodies/Merkabas and others in their spaceships and many are familiar to you. You take the time to simply greet and acknowledge all that is within you and around you in deep humility, reverence, appreciation and Love. Wonderful.


You feel this Love, sweet ones. You are embraced within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High at a Planetary level, Galactic level, Universal level and Multiuniversal level. Embraced within the Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness as One Unified Cosmic Heart, you now find yourselves traveling back into the Sedona Crystalline City of Light. Linking in now with the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, and the Overlighting of all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, you assist in bringing through the Crystalline Consciousness of Light through the actualization of the Sedona Crystalline City of Light. You are connected into the Cosmic Heart of all Creation as one unified field of Light which is experienced now through the Crystalline matrix as these Light frequencies and energies of the Crystalline Cities now enter and activate through and within the Sedona Crystalline City of Light, and from here, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love. As you wrap Mother Earth and all her Life in this beautiful Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence, the Sedona Crystalline City of Light now creates a Pathway of Divine Love for all awakened Souls on this earth plane, potentially lifting all Life into this Crystalline Consciousness of Light and the ability to either physically or energetically experience this beautiful Crystalline City of Light. Wonderful sweet ones. The Sedona Crystalline City of Light will start to actualize from the time of the Solstice and up to the New Year within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and with this, all Souls who are walking the Pathway of Divine Love will have the opportunity to experience this sacred Crystalline City of Light.


You have a deep sense and knowing of your magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love; of your ability to magnetize, to manifest, to create and to bring into your reality every level of abundance that you are needing in the creations of Light that take you ever deeper into self-mastery as you walk this pathway of Divine Love, supported by soul and star family and friends of the Light. The New Earth templates have been created, sweet ones, and you are the physical vessels of Light that are grounding it now in this reality as One Unified Cosmic Heart.

Wonderful, sweet ones, you now come back into your sacred space knowing how you have co-created and assisted in this powerful Planetary activity of Light and how the shift in consciousness is occurring for each one of you Now and your ability to truly stand as the leaders and wayshowers in this Golden Age of Light. Ground once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth while keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, and feeling this connection too, to all Life in One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love.

We thank you for your service work, we bless you and with this, we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Zulma

anrita 18.12.

Your Perceptions of Reality — An Arcturian Lesson @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 18.12.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Your Perceptions of Reality — An Arcturian Lesson


Dear grounded expressions of your SELF, the physical structure of form in this quadrant of space is preparing to burst into the higher frequencies of spirit. By ‘spirit’ we mean that which is infused with the light of creation.

This light of creation serves as a higher dimensional palette upon which thought can be projected and enlivened by the ‘colors’ of emotion. The Arcturian’s galactic service is to be of assistance whenever a transmutational moment comes into the NOW of any quadrant of space.

We have many ways in which we facilitate your process of “return to SELF.” The greatest challenge is that un-informed humans may perceive the transmutation into lightbody as a form of ‘death.’ They do not understand that death is merely a release from the 3D matrix of illusion.

In fact, this release from the matrix is actually a bi-location. We remind you that nothing can die within the multiverse, but it can transmute into a higher or lower frequency of expression. As we have said, the consciousness of humanity is about to transmute into higher frequencies of expression that resonate beyond the illusion of time.

With the completion of this transmutation, you will experience myriad realities within the ONE of the NOW. You will then realize that you can maintain a conscious awareness of more than one of your higher dimensional realities while you still maintain and/or wear an earth vessel.

Unfortunately, many humans are still so attached to the physical reality they have known as real for myriad incarnations that they resist the process of transmutation.

The power of this resistance creates a waver in the energy field of transmutation. This waver stalls the transmutational event in a manner that frozen moments of lower frequency reality are created.


Those who are afraid to allow a smooth transmutation of their higher expressions of reality will become trapped in those frozen moments of 3D time. Thus their perceptions will remain limited to the third dimension, and they we not be able to experience the impending transmutation into the higher frequency realities.

Because they have chosen the path of fear rather than the path of unconditional love, they will cling onto the “known” and fear that their reality is being deconstructed. Conversely, those who have chosen the path of unconditional love have released the shackles of time and eagerly accept change.

Hence, the path that was perceived as destruction through the eyes of fear is perceived through the eyes of love as constructing a pathway into higher dimensions of reality.

Thus, while the inhabitants of these frozen moments cling to their physical version of life and believe that all around them is being lost, the transmuting ones are creating a perceptual pathway to fifth-dimensional New Earth.

The inhabitants of the frozen moments may even believe that they are the final ones to survive what they perceive as destruction. Those who are resistant to change will no longer be on the third dimensional matrix, as that matrix will no longer exist.

However, they will not be able to believe, conceive or perceive the fifth dimensional reality. Thus, they will bravely settle in to their lower fourth dimensional version of reality.

Due to the belief patterns of the inhabitants, this lower dimensional reality will be filled with fear. However, it will allow those who have lived a life of selfishness, power over others, anger and/or cruelty the need to work with others in order to survive.

In this manner, the frightened victims and victimizers of the frozen moments both have a reason to care for others, find their power within, and allow the sadness and fear, which was the basis of their lives, to be released.

We perceive these ‘islands of resistance to transmutation’ as hospitals in which those who cannot accept change can experience more of the illusion of time to prepare for the transmutation of darkness and fear into light and love.

Most of these lost ones fear change because of their own unresolved trauma. As they resolve their inner trauma by assisting others, their fear can be healed and released.

Fortunately, there are many who are more than ready to release their fear and return to their innate unconditional love. This release of fear, resolved or not, will lighten their consciousness more than they can imagine.

Those who are still bound to the third-dimensional paradigm believe that it takes a long “time” to heal trauma. However, since time no longer exists in the fifth-dimensional matrix, the release of trauma is instant.

On the other hand, while the lost ones’ consciousness is attached to the time-bound, 3D matrix, even transmutation takes time. Time was put into lower matrix realities so that the inhabitants could slow down their process of creation to understand exactly how thoughts and emotions combine into ONE thought-form to create portals.

These portals are two-way in that they allow their creators to enter and/or leave any given reality. Many of our volunteers for ascension are taking time to heal their lower frequency experiences within ‘past, present or future’ lives.

In this manner they can learn to assist those who are so lost in darkness that they cannot perceive the light. When they move through time to heal what they perceive as other lives, they will begin to understand that time is a third-dimensional illusion.

The breaking down of the NOW into time is similar to one of your motion pictures. There are many individual pictures strung together on a long film to which the light of the pictures can adhere.

When this film travels very fast, the pictures blur into one motion picture. Of course, in your present reality, film is no longer needed and many motion pictures stream through a ‘cloud’ to invisibly move from one computerized device to another.

Those trapped in time are similar to the motion pictures in that something is in-between every picture. This something in-between causes time. When a ‘movie’ is streaming through a ‘cloud,’ which is of a frequency that is not perceptible to third dimensional perception, the physical devices can easily capture that frequency of light and display the moving picture on the view screen of that device.

In the same manner, your consciousness can capture the ‘motion pictures’ of fifth dimensional reality, but it can only do so if your perception is calibrated to the frequency that can capture those light images. Of course, if you believe that perceiving the fifth dimension is not possible, then it will become impossible.

Fortunately, once you believe that you can expand your consciousness into the higher frequency of perceptions, you can calibrate your mind to the fifth-dimensional ‘cloud.’ Once your consciousness is calibrated to the frequency of the cloud that is transferring the moving pictures of fifth dimensional earth, you will begin to project this ‘movie’ onto your inner mind screen.

If you believe that you can calibrate your consciousness to receive images from the fifth dimension, you will move towards that possible reality. In the same manner, if you believe that a fearful event will occur, your consciousness will seek out that possible reality.

What you must remember now in preparation for fifth-dimensional New Earth is that your every thought and emotion creates the picture/reality that you paint on your reality screen. In this manner, you create that which you perceive and perceive what you have created. In fact, in the higher dimensional realities, creation and perception are the same concept.

You create your reality by the perceptions to which you choose to attend, and you perceive the reality that you created with your thoughts and emotions. Even while holding an earth vessel, unconditional love expands your consciousness enough to allow you to capture higher dimensional ‘motion pictures’.

Unconditional love also has the innate power to realign what is out of alignment with your highest intention. Once aligned with your highest intentions you are a clear corridor through which higher frequency information can flow.

Unconditional love, which is the healing force of the multiverse, reveals that most dis-ease is due to misalignment with the higher dimensions of reality. Fortunately, even that which is calibrated to a lower dimension can be pulled into alignment with the ONE via the power of unconditional love.

When you are in alignment with the ONE, there is no “time,” as you live in the NOW. Within the NOW, you are infinitely connected with all the expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Hence, your Multidimensional SELF can chose to visit the lower frequencies, much as one would visit a university of learning. What YOU wanted to learn in this “University of Earth” was how to ascend a planet without destruction.

Unfortunately, many of you fell out of alignment with the NOW of your SELF and became lost within the third dimensional paradigm of time and separation. That is when you began to forget that you are a being of light that cannot be harmed in any manner by the illusions of a lower frequency reality.

The third dimension is similar to an old-fashioned movie theater where light from the back of the theater carried the moving pictures to be displayed on the screen. If you were to stand between that screen and the projected light, the moving picture would project onto you.

These projections of light could not hurt you unless you had the fearful thought that the moving pictures could harm you. Since what you think and feel is projected onto the matrix of the 3D hologram, your concerned thoughts and fearful emotions could actually create a version of reality in which you do suffer harm.

In fact, it was in this manner that the lightbodies of our away team became so absorbed with the lower dimensional pictures that they believed they were the frequency of the screen rather than the frequency of the projected light that was projected onto the screen.

Then, they began to believe that they WERE the character in the movie rather than the light that created the character. Since your belief greatly influences your perceptions, it is vital that you consciously chose and adhere to positive, loving beliefs.

  • Your belief greatly influences your thoughts and emotions.
  • Your thoughts and emotions create the thought-forms that are the “envelopes” for your daily       experiences.
  • Your daily experiences set you state of consciousness.
  • Your state of consciousness affects your thoughts and emotions,
  • Which become the thought-forms that continue to create your reality.
  • Higher states of consciousness create higher dimensional thought-forms.
  • And lower states of consciousness create lower dimensional thought-forms.

In other words, what you think about, you bring about. And, the emotions that you allow to live within you greatly influence your state of consciousness. Then, your state of consciousness sets your perceptions, AND the reality you perceive is the reality you live.

Which reality do YOU choose to perceive?

(Dear Readers,

I mean that question literally. I would love if YOU would write in the comments the reality that you wish to perceive. The more people that collectively choose to perceive a given reality–the greater chance there is that WE can create that reality. In other words, we create the reality we wish to perceive by stating that it IS the reality that we wish to perceive.

PS, I did not mean to chose this YouTube, but I can’t delete it, so I will leave it for the NOW.  I just watched this YouTube. It is an example of how are “mistakes” can just be our higher consciousness giving us a message.)

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Personal Account of My Meditation on 15 December 2014 ~ Grace @ The Earth Plan


art meditating blue figure

Personal Account of My Meditation on 15 December 2014


I had barely settled into my “zone” when I received a strong impression that the portal was already open. It took me by pleasant surprise as it wasn’t even the designated time yet. Encouraged by this, I again settled down to start my meditation. Again, what happened next was truly unexpected.

I “saw” an image of a huge body of energies, presenting itself as an enormous spiral, turning clockwise (I think). It looked like the Milky Way Galaxy, but I knew it was the intense energies coming in. These energies were unlike anything I’ve ever seen, composed of swirling colours that I have no way of identifying. The blues were not really blue, the greens not really green, etc. Of course, in my image they look blue, green etc but in my knowingness, I was made to understand that they were colours I’ve never seen before. In other words, they represented New Energies. The colours were just gorgeous and I was literally spell-bound by their magic.
This gigantic swirl of energies enveloped not just Planet Earth, but the entire Solar System. Somehow I was also getting that it actually engulfed more than the Solar System ~ in fact, it felt to me that it was permeating the entire Galaxy. And as I write this, I’m getting that it’s as if this swirl of energies is in some way superimposing itself on the Milky Way. Hmmm….I certainly wasn’t expecting that!
As I continued to watch the swirling energies with utter fascination, it gradually morphed into a massive toroid, covering an immensely vast amount of space.
I must mention that at this point, I was already very overwhelmed with the intensity of Divine Love that I was feeling, which started the moment I saw the vision. In all my years of meditation, this one was definitely one of the most powerful and most profound.
Then, as suddenly as it started, the vision disappeared and I opened my eyes reluctantly. I was about to experience yet another unexpected surprise…I saw, with my eyes open, the most amazing sight playing out on my wall. Before I continue, let me explain that I’m not normally an eyes-open “see-er”. All I usually see with my eyes open is the white energy field around living beings and inanimate objects. Sometimes I can see shimmering energies if they are intense enough, and that’s the extent of it.
This time, I could see this indescribably beautiful field of energies dancing on my wall. Again, they were colours I’ve never really seen before ~ the most gorgeous gold with a sort of green tinge, and an iridescent lavender that had me awe-struck in its splendour. It was as if the colours had their own life-force and were themselves sentient. I was so mesmerised with this vision ~ I just didn’t want to take my eyes off the wall! The colours seem to be building a sort of grid or matrix, and I understood then that they represented the creation of our new reality.
Shortly after this meditation, I found that my phone stopped functioning properly. No matter what I did, it wouldn’t work. I had to go out to attend to some matters so I left it and moved on; after about 30 minutes, it was working just fine! Then a heavy downpour started which lasted a whole hour. It was all very surreal.
I was on a high after the meditation ~ I felt so good about it and I was convinced that the energies had come in successfully. However, that night, I had an “incident” with a family member that truly tried my patience. I have come to realise over the past few years that she’s a sort of barometer for negative energies playing out. Well, the meditation was three days ago, and I’ve had three different incidents (one each day) since then. I’ll see how it goes over the next few days. What I do know is that I now have zero tolerance for irrational negativity, and I don’t hesitate to make this known. Compassion, yes. Forgiveness, yes. Tolerance, no. I’m finding that it’s less stressful for me to deal with the negativity if I take this stance.
I note with interest that Cobra’s latest update indicated a “partial success”. I don’t know what that means ~ judging from my own experience, I would say that the meditation itself was really so profound but the “incidents” following that were certainly not fun.
Whatever it is, we are certainly progressing and we are definitely already on an accelerated timeline for Ascension. If there are still negative events that need to play out, then so be it. What’s required of us is to do whatever we can to be Higher Beings-in-action, walking our talk. One way to help ourselves return to our fully conscious multidimensional state is to act as if we already are 🙂
Blessings and Namaste!
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art meditating blue figure

The 26,000 Year Cycle – The Next Planet of Existence ~ Beacons of Light @ Lightworker

tamara adams      3 females and bird

ART : Tamara Adams

Beacons of Light—December
Channeled live 2014_11_22

The 26,000 Year Cycle

The Next Planet of Existence

Greetings dear ones. Welcome and greetings from Home.

We watch you on Earth from afar all the time, and we reach into your world when you allow it. When you open the space for that to happen, we’re here not to tell you which way to turn, nor to direct you to the shortest path to the next stopping point. We simply encourage you to re-member because that is one of the keys. What we wish to speak of today is something we have spoken of before, but now we will take it a step further and share what is taking place on planet Earth right now. As we mentioned before, the end of March is going to be a very important time for humans everywhere. Some of you will feel the energy shifts strongly, and you may even feel released as if you have finally let go of a burden. However, most will not experience that sensation. It is the higher levels that may feel this shift the most. Yet most people will simply feel like it is a normal day yet everything is changing. In truth it is not so much about a single day that is changing, for there is a great deal of energy aligning for this particular movement. So, let us explain.
March 2015

You know a little bit about axial procession and the larger cycles of what take place, for you have so many rhythms on planet Earth. Elrah is here working with you in rhythms in different ways, because these rhythms are starting to change. You have rhythms within the body: circadian, ultradian, and many different rhythms that affect your physical body and alignment with the world around you. You have a changing Lunarian rhythm, basically the cycles of the moon and how they affect all humans. If you are ever wondering if that is true, simply check in with any police station on a full moon and you will understand some of the connections that are taking place. These rhythms are all aligning to help you experience time; rhythms cannot occur without a linear timeframe in which to play them. What is happening at the end of March is only the beginning. Even if you do not feel it consciously you will experience it on some level, because it is opening up to the new energies for everyone.
The Beginning of a New 26,000-Year Cycle

When you went through 12-12-12, you entered a portal that changed and shifted everything. You landed on the other side, picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, then went back to work. You literally started working with the same energies that you did on the other side of the portal. The challenge, of course, has been that they do not seem to work or at  least not in the same way. Well, dear ones, that is for a reason. You entered a new rhythm when you went through that portal and now these rhythms have started to change. There is a larger rhythm that has to do with the axial procession and that is what we wish to speak about. You are in the beginning of a cycle that is starting another 26,000 years. Does it happen on a single day? No, but it is beginning at the end of March of 2015 and that is truly what is taking place. It will take nearly a year, roughly 300 days, to fully enter into this energy. It will take that long to grasp the new energy and really understand it. In the meantime, there are many connections you can make that can help you ground and use this new energy in new ways.

The Earth is Making Space for Empowered Humans and Empowered Societies

We have shared with you many times that the Earth is preparing a change in herself, and this is actually what is happening. Why is the Earth changing? It is very simple: the Earth is changing to make space for empowered humans. You are awakening from the dream, starting to re-member your power in new ways. Earth is now making a space for empowered humans and empowered societies to re-turn to this planet and that curve is beginning at the end of March. We say the “curve’ because in reality, it is not possible to mark and demarcate the 26,000 year cycle on a specific day. Nor is it appropriate to do so, because what happens when the date passes for those have not felt it? That is not what we want on planet Earth any more. It is very important that to some degree all of you can feel the wind at your back.  Know that you are handling this better than you can imagine. We know most of you feel like you are in survival mode. Many of you feel like the rules have changed and you have not figured out how to play the new game yet. Well, this is all changing, dear ones, in a new rhythm and that is what is taking place.
The Crossing of a Male Dominated with Female Dominated Timeline

It is very magical on so many levels and the interesting part is that the timeline you are in is male dominated, as it has been for a very, very long time. Have you ever wondered about that? Why do your representations of heaven not include female Archangels? Yes, your whole world, your entire timeline has been male dominated. Now we do not tell you that is wrong, dear ones. It is simply the way you have chosen to play the game. What we are telling you is that it is changing and that is the beautiful part. There is actually another timeline right next to yours, which has been female dominated. The two lines are crossing and leaving permanent imprints to create a balance of masculine/feminine energy on planet Earth. This is necessary to take your steps into empowerment, and for the empowered human to be comfortable on planet Earth. Now you can now use all of your energy, instead of only polarized energy of masculine or feminine. You do not make these changes overnight; you have been in the beginning of the curve and it has already shifted. For instance, you have more words on your planet right now to describe sexual expression than ever before; this is as it should be because you are losing your old restrictions around sexual energy. You were raised as a man; you were taught that this is what a man was like. You were raised as a woman; you were told these are the rules of womanhood. All of it is changing and it is the reason you are seeing your rules change even in the way of laws on planet Earth.
You Awakened at the 11th Hour, and Stayed

You are starting to see an openness that has never been there before. It is preparing for a major shift of balancing the masculine and feminine and it begins at the end of March—just a few months away. Actually the preparation has already started because humans can feel the shift coming. You can feel some of the process, and as usual you rush ahead. You are amazing, dear ones, as you start the process even before it is here. When you see who you really are and what you have accomplished by being here on this planet at this time, you will be so grateful that you were a part of this. The magic is truly taking place on planet Earth and all eyes throughout the universe are watching. This has happened before throughout the universe, but never before with people that have actually made the shift while this has been occurring. You have reemerged to start the game in a new cycle, and this time you stayed. You decided to awaken from the dream at the 11th hour and started to take your power, then everything started shifting including many of your collective choices.
Harmony with Others Is the Key to Success

The collective vibration, or what we call the collective heart of humanity, is what we watch now because it truly determines where everything is going. We have mentioned this several times because it is very helpful to understand. Previously, you had people that could control planet Earth. When you had very low levels of technology low levels of awareness, it was quite easy to control the channel of information and to make it flow your way. Although this was the way of humans before, it is no longer possible; to us that is a major advancement in the spirit of every human. It is now important to understand that the connections you made are strengthening together, which is why you have entered the third wave of consciousness, the wave of harmony. How you harmonize with humans, as well as with other beings, will determine your success on planet Earth from this point forward. It is very simple. Does that mean that you must be a popular person or must be someone who is loved by many? No, it is not about the numbers, dear ones, it is about the depth of your connection to other people.

Set Something into Motion

You have grown up with your rules, such as social rules. Some things have been acceptable for men and other things for women. All of those distinctions are fading away in this new cycle, which we tell you, dear ones, is a much larger cycle. That is the other piece that we wish to share with you today, for these imprints are crossing each other. This has happened many times on planet Earth to plant important seeds that all humans are going to need in the future in order to survive as a race of beings and to carry that light from Home. Never before have you been aware ahead of time of the timelines crossing. Here you are months ahead of time, starting to prepare yourself and to figure out what you can do to set something into motion. Each and every one of you can start a new life, you can begin a new expression; you can start something big or small, or just think about starting anything. Setting something into motion does not mean that it must be perfect or that you must follow that exact path. Paths can change and shift, but the key is simply to set them in motion between now and the end of March.

It is a magical time dear ones. You have created so much magic on your planet, and you have no idea how deep this reaches. Now you are starting to learn more about your environment and rightfully so, only this time you are learning through your own process. There have been times when this knowledge or wisdom has been dropped on your planet very clearly, but now is the time when you can feel use and anchor it to create a whole new energy for yourselves. those of you who stepped through the portal, wandering around, bumping into the walls and feeling your way through the darkness trying to figure out where your path is, you have made it! We know you do not feel like it and it may not feel like a success yet, it was a huge success and you are here. You are in the right place at the right time, dear ones. As this junction of time and space comes to leave these imprints, you are part of this energy which is something you wanted. Whether you are in agreement or not is entirely up to you. You were one of the chosen ones, dear ones, for there was a long line of spirits waiting to come in at this time. There is no one here on planet Earth that is just taking up space. Every single being has brought a unique flavor of light from Home and now that you start to use it, you can integrate this light. You can create a new lifestyle which can carry this light and be a part of your energy in every step forward.
Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

There are many changes that are occurring at this time. We ask you to keep in mind that taking three steps forward and one step back is typically the way humanity advances. Do not become discouraged with the one step back, for that is simply part of your forward movement. When you watch the news on television or become completely overwhelmed by the negativity and inhumane actions that you see in the world, do not be discouraged. This is the worst of some of these situations, and it was intended to be that way. You must understand that many of these things you are seeing are being played out simply so that you could see them. Please do not overreact to any of this; know that you are in a safe place and trust that the planet is moving.

Now, we also wish to mention a word that many of you are feeling: anxiety. Many of you have felt an incredibly strong, increasing anxiety over the last three to four months. For some of you it has turned into a full-blown depression. To others it is simply anxiety, a lack of being able to sleep through the night without worrying about something. This is happening because of the thinning veil. Although you have looked forward to this and we have told you for a very long time that the veil is truly your friend, the veil has kept you from feeling too many things. As a consequence many of you are feeling somewhat disheartened. You are feeling a lack of that very unique life spark that you brought from Home. Be patient dear ones. Do not judge yourselves by the single night’s lack of sleep, or by your feelings, or even how you feel about yourselves in these times of change.
A Step Up for Humanity

All of humanity is experiencing a radical re-arrangement on many different levels. On Earth you have a timeline that you have been living in that is based in masculine energy, and over there is a feminine energy timeline which you are about to cross. How will that affect you? Well, that is exactly the question we are asking you. How much of this can you take, how much of the balance of energy can you land? That will determine how much of this imprint stays with humanity after those timelines cross, so prepare yourselves, dear ones. Prepare yourselves to rethink your life. Prepare yourselves to dare to look under every rock for opportunities and things that have been brought to you. Even your own guides will now communicate with you in a slightly different way. It is not them that have changed, it is you. All of humanity is taking a step up and you must learn to communicate on these new levels as well. These are exciting times for us, and we know that you have gone through so much over the last several years. You have accomplished it all and have stepped forward in the new light, moving past your greatest fears to create a reality of carrying light in a new world. These are the times that all of you had hoped would arrive if you dared to stay long enough. Well, you have and the energy is shifting right now.

Dear ones, it is becoming magical for each of you. Now is the time that you can reach out your hands to share this with other humans. You do not need to use the same words, or even use the word “channeling.” You are beings of the heart so share your heart with someone else and watch how this anchors the energy. We also tell you that you will have help. Many of these challenges will be great journeys for some of you. You have known this was possible, even though it was not predicted for you originally to leave planet Earth. It would have turned into something similar to what you see on Mars had you left, but you stayed and today you have green, lush life. You have beautiful places where you can see the vibrancy of your planet and that is magical. That is only one level of physicality that did not shift, so now the rest are starting to align as new circadian rhythms are arriving. You will find your attention span, your ultradian rhythms; have been at the 90-minute mark. Now that will increase, as humans are about to evolve even further than you already have. Humans have changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 1,000 years. Yes, you can look back and see the technological changes and other differences, but most importantly your hearts have evolved.
Taking Charge of Your Life

Now, we will work with you to release some of the limiting belief systems that can keep you stuck where you are. Dear ones, we could not be prouder. You have chosen well; you went to the front of the line to be here right now. Some of you are wondering why you are here, “Do I still have contracts? Do I still have things I need to do?” The answer is always yes, dear ones. Yes, yes and yes! These are the times you can now shift in taking charge of your life. Grasp the very base of it, a solid building of your own light and passions, for that is where you hid your light for this journey. Find those things that you love to do and step into them. Prepare for them to be an even a larger part of your life in this next cycle. This is more exciting for us than you could possibly imagine because no humans were to be here at this time, yet here you are and that is beautiful. Well done, dear ones.

All of you.
You have all been on a personal, as well as collective journey. It has reached heights and levels that were never expected of humanity on planet Earth. Well done! Now, we cannot wait to turn you loose into the new rhythms and to help you anchor them so that you can regain your confidence back and understand that you have control over your environment. This allows you to be in charge of your life, and bring those things into your life that excite you so that you can live on purpose and in your passion. These are wonderful times, dear ones. We cannot wait to see how you and the collective vibration of all of humanity work with this. Yes, the collective heart starts to open as a result of this so these are great times on our planet. We love you more than you can know and we are incredibly proud of each of you. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Enjoy the new rhythms and play well together.

Espavo.  I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2014/2014_12-26,000_Year_Cycle.php#sthash.8ppDebOv.dpuf

tamara adams      3 females and bird

Archangel Uriel: I Assist Individuals in Their Journey into Enlightenment ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

the rays part ii 3 Angel_Uriel james powell

ART : Archangel Uriel @ James Powell

Archangel Uriel: I Assist Individuals in Their Journey into Enlightenment

An Hour with an Angel, December 11, 2014, with Archangel Uriel

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Uriel. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

SB: Thank you very much, Graham. And ordinarily I’d ask Linda how she’s doing, but, Linda, you’re way, way out there, it seems. And so I’m leaving it to you, whether you want to mention anything before we go in, or just go right in to talking with Archangel Uriel?

Linda Dillon: I think we should just go right ahead.

SB: [laughs] Okay! Well, we’ll let you take a few minutes to make your transition even deeper than you already are and we’ll wait for Archangel Uriel to come in.

Archangel Uriel: Greetings! I am Uriel, bringer of the future, anchor of the now. And greetings to you, my blessed friend, and all of you who tune in to listen, to participate, to give, to receive, to be part of this sacred circle, of above and below, and of One. I am of the silver and the ruby ray. I am of the fire and the thunder, and as you have recently learned, the storm, and I am brother. I am sister. I am Archangel.

And I mention this because there has been much confusion throughout the millennia, throughout the eons about where I sit. So I introduce myself in this way. And I am pleased to join you.

Now, let me explain what I mean. Archangel, bringer of the future, anchor of the now. And prior to this, very often I would say, “bringer of the future, and the future is now,” but my role, my position in working in sacred union and partnership with all of you has shifted. And let me say that I am more actively involved with humanity, with each of you, in the bringing forth of Nova Earth, in the bringing forth of Nova You, in the bringing forth of the Nova Collective.

Before we begin, I wish to say two things: Long ago, and this night, I give you my silver flame. Yes, you have worked with many of the flames, and all of them are beyond magnificent. But I humbly offer you, gift you, my silver flame. The silver flame is a flame of illumination. (1) It is a flame of expansion, and it is to light your way that you may see through the darkness, that you may see and understand and perceive through the shadows and illusions that surround you so often.

I place this in the center of the palm of your hand that you may bring it with you wherever you go. I place it within the center of your pink diamond flame, that your heart will lead you with clarity and with my love wherever you go, wherever you choose to go. And, dear friends, our hope is that what you choose to do is to go straight forward and not take any more, shall we say, scenic detours.

One of the greatest difficulties that we experience — yes, we experience; I experience! — with the beautiful collection that we call the human race — oh, and sometimes far beyond — is this illusion that you are still in the past, that you are still in yesterday, yesteryear, yester-eon. You have a saying on Earth, on this beautiful planet called Gaia, that every day is a new day, every day is a new beginning, in your reference, in your construct called time.

I am a master and an archangel of time, so I know whereof I speak. But what occurs, my beloved friends, is that you wake up and you think, or you feel, you believe, that today, this moment in which we conjoin and join our hearts, our minds, our energies, is yesterday, that it is defined by your experience primarily of this life, and your experience, your opinion, your interpretation of this life.

And you say to me, “Uriel, what else can we possibly do?” Well, our family has been suggesting and sharing with you that you have been moving out of what you think of as sequential time.

Now, I am not going to make this a lesson in quantum physics. I want to keep things exceedingly simple. If you are going to play with time, which is exactly what you are doing when you believe today is the same as yesterday, then perhaps what I might do is invite you to the future.

But what I would really like to do, and why I am here this day, is to ask you, to plead with you, to invite you, my brothers and sisters, to be in the now. And the now, yes, is the eternal and infinite expansiveness of co-creation, but it is also in so many ways brand new.

Yes, you have your reference points of how you, the collective, the planet, the elements and everything you are aware of, how it has existed before. But that does not determine what it is and what it can be right now.

When I say that I am bringing the future into your now, I am holding out to each of you the promise, the fulfillment, the completion of the cycle, of the dream, of the wishes, of the desires, and yes, even sometimes the expectations of what you are truly wishing to bring forth. And if I might be so arrogant as to say what the Mother desires to bring forth. (2)

No, I would never presume. Like you, we are in service to the Divine Mother. And it is the time of the fulfillment of her plan. But we need you. We are in this sacred partnership together.

So, if you begin your day, your night, the middle of your day by simply declaring that you are rewriting your script, your experience, to anchor into your very moment what you have been working on, praying for, playing for, then I am with you.  Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Thank you, Archangel Uriel.  I’d like to begin with “the Now.”  I’m not trying to be derogatory in any way, but I think that a lot of listeners may not know what you mean by the Now. It’s not just this current second or moment. If I were in the Now right now I’d be in a transformational space. I would open up. I would blossom.

Can you tell us, in more detail perhaps, what the Now is that you’re talking about, please.

AAU: I will speak of the Now in two ways. And yes, you are correct. There is the eternal Now, and when you enter into that state, permanently or even momentarily — and you have all experienced this and are experiencing this increasingly as you fly in and out of the Ascension portal, as you anchor more deeply in the heart of your love — it is being in the conscious awareness of Source, of your and the infinite unity of One — of one heart, one mind, one will, one essence.

But for many of you, and I have been known to be practical, you think that that explanation is too esoteric. You feel that that explanation is beyond where you are in your moment of Now. So let me also suggest to you — no, let me just tell you — that what I am speaking of this night, in this time — and we are jumping time — is your now, the moment in which you are with me, breathing in and out and wondering what the heck I am talking about.

I am not only speaking of the eternal Now. I am speaking about taking your interpretation, your belief system of what you think of as right now and saying to you, “My beloved ones, in this moment, in the moment in between your in-breath and your out-breath, how would it be if we took the silver flame and we simply transmuted, transformed, exploded, imploded, your existence that isn’t completely defined by your past, what you think is real and is mostly illusion, and that is what we are really going to talk about, and bring it into the reality of what it is you are actually fully, physically, mentally, spiritually capable of. And when you do that, of course what happens is you jump into the eternal Now. (3)

But we are talking about anchoring what you feel is the eternal Now into your physical construct of time, that you interpret as right now.
Is that clear?

SB: Well, it is clear, but you and I both know, I’m sure, that we have to use metaphors to get our points across. So, for instance, you just used the metaphor of “anchoring” it into our temporal now, so to speak. I don’t know how to anchor something into my temporal now. Do you know what I’m saying? When you say that, when you say “anchor it in”, I look around for some kind of hook, or look for the anchor.

What are we talking about? Are we talking about a spiritual faculty? Are we talking about an emotional faculty, a mental faculty? How are we anchoring this down?

By the way, I don’t know if you hear it in the background, but it’s pouring rain in Vancouver, and it’s beating on my window. And for all our listeners in California, we will get to the drought before the end of the show. Sorry, Archangel Uriel.

AAU: That is what we are here to discuss, the human drought. And the human drought, which is not merely the lack of rain, of moisture, in California, but in many places on Gaia is the drought of the spirit. And that is why I am inviting you to shift. (4)

So let us be practical. You wake up in the morning, and even though you know it is a new day, what do you do? Your reference point is — and I do not say this, my beloved friends, in any sort of critical way; and yes, is this an advanced course? Yes it is. And you are ready for it.

You wake up and you say, “Yesterday I was broke. Yesterday I was not loved. Yesterday, there was war upon the planet and drought in many places. Yesterday, there was gender inequality.” And you take that as your reference point and your definition of where you and the collective are as you begin your day.

Instead, I am inviting you to say, “That has been the process of the human experience of living in the old third that was based on lack, limitation, illusion, delusion, death, destruction, despair, disappointment, disillusionment — you name it. In that very moment — and we are not saying that this is conscious; but we are inviting you to bring this to your consciousness and to your heart consciousness.

What you do is you reset. So you reset in your heart, in your mind, in what you perceive as your physical reality. And it is slightly different for each and every one of you. And it is not pretending that yesterday did not exist. But what it is is resetting the paradigm to a higher realm.

So it is, today, “I am abundant. I am loved. I am cherished. I am valued. Today, my work with Archangel Michael, Jophiel, Uriel is successful and complete, and there is a cessation of violence and greed and war.” And you hold that vision.

Now you say to me, “Uriel, how do I hold that vision? How do I move?” You go into your heart. Feel it. Feel as if that Tsunami of Love that the Mother has already increased, feel as if my silver flame is coming down over you, anchored in the center of your precious triplane, and pushing the reset button.

So it is bringing into your conscious awareness that you are choosing, and therefore creating, through not only your intention but through your actions throughout the day that are reflective of what you are choosing to experience and create, that which is productive and desirable, not only for you but for all.

So let us be practical. You have come together in magnificent success and demonstration of what it means to be shift the energy as one heart, one mind, one focus. And you have done this through the meditation with me and with many, for the falling of rain in California. And that has been a physical demonstration of what you are capable of when you join your hearts and minds as one in sacred purpose.

Now, you know that, with the gentle rain that has been falling, there has also been attendant landslides, mudslides, flooding.   And you say, “Yes. What is that? We did not intend that when we were speaking of a gentle rain to quench sweet Gaia.” But what you have done, the Earth was so dry it crumbled. It had lost its ability to absorb.

So there was a destruction factor involved. Think of this as the destruction, the cleansing away of lack and limitation. So it may feel literally as if the earth is crumbling beneath your feet, that it is chalky and dry, but in fact it is still restoration, redefinition, replenishment.

So what I am speaking of is the human race, each of you, and, yes, you are working with far, far greater numbers than ever before, because you are ready to, but coming together in sacred purpose to redefine into the physical realm of being in form what it means to experience life upon Gaia.

Now, I know I have given you a mouthful and a headful, and I know you have questions.

SB: Well, always. That’s my job. Thank you, Archangel Uriel.

AAU: And it is a magnificent job that you do.

SB: Well, thank you very much. I think a lot of our listeners would actually like to hear what happened when we meditated. So we sat down, and we meditated, and then certain events began and took place. And those events it seems included many kingdoms.  And most of it was unseen.

Can you tell us what happened, from the moment we meditated on 15/15, on the 15th of November, from the moment we meditated until rain started saturating some parts of California, please?

AAU: Yes, and many of you have continued this meditation and thereby continued the buildup of energy. But I would be happy to share this because it is an example of how Nova being, as part of a global citizenry and far beyond, works.

You came to your hearts. You received and opened not merely to the energy that I transmit and transmitted to you. You opened your heart to your own power, your own divinity, with the belief not merely in yourself, but in the power of love in the collective to come together to create something different.

Now, a demonstration with which you are familiar — rain — so that it was not the sky turning green, so that it was something that was desirable and needed and actually served a purpose, not only for Gaia, but for each of you. Whether you live in Wisconsin or California it matters not, because you are part of a unified whole. As soon as you anchored in your hearts we joined with you.

Now, as you well know, your star family, your galactics and intergalactics were already on the job. But as soon as you joined, they joined with you. Every deva, every fairy, every elemental, the elements themselves joined with you, because you extended and you opened your hearts in not only invitation, but in the intention and action of meditation, in the stillness and the quiet, in the intention.

So you threw open the doorway, not just to your hearts, but to your beings, so that your energy fields, quite literally your expanded, true energy fields, became united with everything.

And, might I say, there was participation far beyond the planet of Earth that participated in this. Because, do not forget, there are many waiting — praying, hoping, holding energy — for this completion of humanity into the form of Nova Being.

So what took place was a surge of energy, transforming, literally, sheer energy, what you think of as molecules or subatomic particles, and transforming this into silver rain, that it could come back and return to you and return to Gaia as the substance that you had intended.

It is an incredibly significant manifestation of what you are capable of, and a practical manifestation of what you are capable of. And let me suggest to you that in that moment of now, you did not exist in the past, you did not exist in the drought, you existed bringing out of the ethers, as it were, the energy and the future of rain into your practical now.

And you did that by being in the heart level consciousness of the eternal Now, as One when you join together. And that is why we speak so consistently, and perhaps even boringly, about this sacred union and partnership. Because when you don’t feel alone, when you feel that you are truly connected to all, your energy is expanding, expanding, expanding, and you feel more powerful, more capable, more united. And you are able to literally bring up in your being, in your field, in conjunction with each other, what you are desiring to have happen.

Now, it was a small — from our perspective, small — manifestation so that you could see what it is in tangible reality, because you are always asking us for the tangible, and we understand that. It is the tangible reality of what you are truly capable of bringing forth.

So was it a starting point? Yes. A starting point. And that is why I am suggesting to you this day and why I have asked this channel to [allow me to] step forward. It is an invitation from me on behalf of the Mother and of the entire Council [of Love] and the entire Company of Heaven to continue on.

SB: There’s so much of what you say that I sit here jumping out of my seat saying, oh, heavens! I’d like to ask a question about that, and, oh, my gosh, we’ve got to find out more about that! And it’s very hard to be patient.

And I know that you have a lot that you want to say, and we want to hear it. But there is one thing I don’t think I can let pass by, and that’s that you have described yourself as the bringer of the future, and often the bringer of the future into the now.

It seems to me that what you’re actually saying is that you are the one who actually ushers a person into enlightenment, are you not? Enlightenment is the eternal Now. Is that not the subtext, the other layer of what you’re saying? Or am I out in left field?

AAU: It is not merely the subtext. It is the entire story. (5)

SB: Yes. I totally agree.

AAU: Now am I the only being throughout the multiverse and the magnificent arena that the Mother has created? Well, of course not. But is that my job? Is that my mission and purpose? The answer is yes. Now, why what you think of as now? Because you are ready.

The thing is that I am the guardian into the future, which is the Now. But I have also — and I do also — part of what my mission, my role, is, is to also lead you in the physical reality into the higher reality.

I assisted Abraham in leading his people to a new reality. I assist individuals in their journey to enlightenment. I assist planets and solar systems, universes, in this process.

And right now in your reference, and in mine, I work with the Mother, the Council [of Love], Sanat Kumara and all of you to anchor this energy of what you think of as enlightenment, as Ascension, as interdimensionality, as the shift. That is why I am stepping forward in such eagerness and anticipation.

You know, so often in your lifetimes, which I have observed, you will often say, “now, when is it my turn?” Well, dear heart, friends, now it is “my turn.” Now, do I, in any way, step in front of Gabrielle or Michael or Raphael? Of course not. We are a team. But my role on this team in terms of guardianship is to step forth in this moment of your now and the eternal Now.

Now, I am not as conversant at speaking in human language as some of them, so if what I say is not clear, I beg you, I invite you, I do not take any umbrage if you want me to clarify. So please, go ahead.

SB: Thank you for that invitation. You say that you step forward in that Now, but I’m sure that sentence is pregnant with meaning. What do you mean, you step forward in that Now? Do you mean that if I want to meet you I will have to meet you in that Now? Is that what you’re saying?

AAU: All you have to do to meet me in that Now is to go, each of you, individually and collectively, into that silver flame. All you have need to do is to beckon to me, and I will be there directly in front of you. Oh, some will see me, some will perceive me, some will smell the scents of an electrical storm, or moisture, or fire. All you need to do, all you ever needed to do was to anchor, yes, there’s that work again, and ask.

Now, what do I mean by anchor? I mean the invitation is not to flee your body, as so many of you would love to do. It is to be as if you are fully embodied in your physical form, but not restricted by it. That is why I am telling you, do not be restricted by this timeframe — past, present, future. Be in this moment of fullness that you are entirely capable of.

And in that presence of your divinity, of your being, invite me. Will I help you through the portal, the transom, the doorway? Yes. Will I come through the transom, the portal, the doorway to take your hand and guide you? Yes.

SB: My partner Kathleen is a gatekeeper. I’m a pillar, not a gatekeeper.  I should mention, by the way, that it was Kathleen’s idea to have the California rain meditation. I should give her that acknowledgment. But are you telling me that you, like Kathleen, who is a gatekeeper for Ascension, are a gatekeeper for enlightenment itself?

AAU: I am not a gatekeeper. There are many who have different roles. Can you think of it in this way, that I would be the overseer, or the overlighting energy of those gatekeepers?

SB: And who are those gatekeepers? Do you remember the description of Lord Tennyson — and I’ll attach this to the transcript (6) — being enlightened by a seraph? Is that an example of those other gatekeepers that you’re talking about?

AAU: Yes. There are legions. The seraphs are gatekeepers, that is a very traditional role for them. Sometimes the cherubim are also gatekeepers. But there are legions of angels that are also assigned as gatekeepers for various things. So one of the wisdom practices is that when you are seeking entry into a different realm is to always ask for the assistance of the gatekeepers, and you will know — or you already know — that if you practice or refer to the various traditions, they all have a form of understanding of who those gatekeepers are.

But from our perspective, which is the universal perspective, many of the gatekeepers are of the angelic realms, plural.

SB: All right. You and Michael and Raphael and Gabrielle decided, among yourselves, I’m sure, and with the Divine Mother, to divide up your responsibilities in this case with this ascension. How did that conversation come about? How did it transpire? What was the basis of the choices that you made?

AAU: Oh, we drew lots.

SB: Oh, you’re kidding, right?


AAU: Yes.

SB: Big lots!

AAU:  I thought we could use some humor here!

SB: Lots as big as a galaxy!

AAU: Yes. Well, you know, you are always asking for archangelic jokes, so this is one of them.  It was based …

SB: Thank you.

AAU: You are welcome! Though sometimes I am thought to be too serious. But as you well know, Sirius is a planet of play.

SB: Absolutely.

AAU: And so I proved true, to being serious. So  it was a phenomenal, in the sense of phenomena, [7] conversation.

Each of us, if we go back to the very beginning, if I might take a moment, when we emerged from the heart of One, we brought with us capacities that are of a magnitude that we may be in eternal and infinite service to the One, to the Mother. In that, we have chosen and been blessed by rays and by particular talents.

And then throughout what you and even we would think of as the infinity of time, when various missions — and this brings us to the current Ascension of humanity and of Gaia — there is an update, shall we say, of who will do what.

Gabrielle, who is the messenger and the communicator and the administrator/organizer of the multiverse, likes to organize us as well. But this decision came directly from the Mother. But she is the thread… Think of it this way. She is the thread of what, in very practical terms, is the ebb and flow of communication, of joy, of the administration of the plan.

Michael shares this role of communication in every f0rm because his choice — and we all agreed — his desire, therefore it is made manifest instantaneously, and that is what you are learning, was to anchor truth back into the experience of all beings upon Gaia.

Now, he does it far and wide, but we are talking about this situation. And inside the truth is peace. And he is the warrior, because he does not hesitate to destroy. And that is what you all have been working with him on, destroying what is not of true peace, not merely the absence of violence in all of its forms, but the anchoring of peace that is of the truth, of love, of the Mother.

That job , for this planet and far beyond, will never end. And you say, “Well, how can you say that, Uriel?” Even after you have long since gone through the Ascension, and you are in jubilation with Michael, he will still maintain vigilance to ensure that truth and peace are never lost.

Congruent with that, how can there possibly be peace if there is not healing? This is Raphael’s passion, not just a choice or an assignment. He loves to see rebirth, for that is what healing is.

It is the restoration to original form. Now, the idea, belief, around healing has been so minimized upon Gaia as to almost be forgotten. The devastation that has taken place in all the kingdoms, humans included, has been terrible, in the truest sense of the word, terrible. So, as we gazed at what would need to be done, Raphael said, “I will work with the restoration of love, with the rebirth of love.”

You know, there are beings upon your planet that say that the death of Gaia is inevitable. They haven’t the foggiest notion of what Raphael and his legions, and Gaia herself, are capable of.

And then there was me. And my joy, and the privilege, isn’t merely shedding light. So I often work with Michael, where there is complete darkness, where hope has been forgotten, or where there is a darkness of the heart. I specifically work right now with the reluctant and the recalcitrant, and that is what I am going to invite you to join me in as well.

But I will not get off this topic because we want you to understand who you are in partnership with. So I desire not only to light the way through the darkness, but to bring you over into that light of enlightenment, through that transom, that portal, that doorway.

Because my greatest joy is each of you, individually, precious individuals, and collectively, precious, knowing your divinity. That expands my being as it expands yours. And I do not think you fully know this, that when we are in that harmony of our creation, and in this situation with you, you expand, we expand. We expand, you expand. It is a co-creative effort.

Then there is Jophiel, Metatron, who will be the anchor of Nova Earth, who has held that place of safety for all beings, all creatures. He is a builder in the etheric, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, every way that you can think of, building, holding, embodying the divinity, the love. That is Jophiel’s, and that is why you do not hear from him so frequently quite yet.  (8)

Jophiel and I work hand in hand. We all do. There is not a strict delineation of who does what. We are One, and we work as one, but this separation, division of labor was a heart conversation that you, as humans, are also entering into. No one was intended to do everything. For some, your joy is healing. For some your joy — like you, my beloved friend — is communication.

Let us begin this journey to enlightenment.

SB: We are ready.

AAU: Go with my love.

SB: Thank you, Uriel.

AAU: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.



(1) Later in the broadcast, Archangel Uriel acknowledges that his special work is in the field of bringing enlightenment to beings.

(2) This seems to me a pretty direct way of saying “in fulfilment of the purpose of life” – i.e., that we be enlightened and know our true nature.

(3) He is describing an experience of enlightenment.

(4) So his invitation to experience the eternal Now is his way of overcoming the “human drought” we’re in.

(5) The entire story = The purpose of life.

(6) Here is Lord Tennyson being enlightened by a seraph:

I stood upon the Mountain which o’erlooks
The narrow seas….

A curve of whitening, flashing, ebbing light!
A rustling of white wings! the bright descent
Of a young Seraph! and he stood beside me
There on the [mountain] ridge, and look’d into my face
With his unutterable, shining orbs.
So that with hasty motion I did veil
My vision with both hands, and saw before me
Such colour’d spots as dance athwart the eyes
Of those, that gaze upon the noonday Sun….
I felt my soul grow mighty, and my spirit
With supernatural excitation bound
Within me, and my mental eye (1) grew large
With such a vast circumference of thought,
That in my vanity I seem’d to stand
Upon the outward verge and bound alone
Of full beatitude. Each failing sense,
As with a momentary flash of light
Grew thrillingly distinct and keen. I saw
The smallest grain that dappled the dark Earth,
The indistinctest atom in deep air,
The Moon’s white cities, and the opal width
Of her small glowing lakes…   …

… my human brain
Stagger’d beneath the vision, and thick night
Came down upon my eyelids, and I fell.

With ministering hand he rais’d me up:
Then with a mournful and ineffable smile,
Which but to look on for a moment fill’d
My eyes with irresistible sweet tears…

“There is no mightier Spirit than I to sway
The heart of man: and teach him to attain
By shadowing forth the Unattainable….”
(Alfred Lord Tennyson in Marghanita Laski, Ecstacy in Secular and Religious Experiences. Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1961, 401-2.)

(1) Third Eye

(7) I.e., it happened in the phenomenal realm, the realm of matter, mater, Mother.

(8) If he’s the builder, I’m sure we’ll be working closely with him on building Nova Earth.



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A Year On “Topside” Earth – Message from Sanat Kumara @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 15.12.

A Year On “Topside” Earth — Message from Sanat Kumara

12-13-14 (good date to hear from Sanat Kumara)

More Messages from Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension Book 4

It Is the NOW

A Year On “Topside” Earth

In this vignette of the soon to be published It Is the NOW, Bk4 of Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension Sanat Kumara is preparing the galactic volunteers who entered the consciousness of their third dimensional, expressions of SELF to join with the Lemurians to assist Gaia with Her ascension process. This meeting takes place in the Core of Gaia.


Beloved Ones, we speak through you as well as to you. We come into your NOW to assist you to remember what you learned on Venus before you took your first incarnations on Earth.

(Explanation: After the fall of Atlantis, which was preceded by the fall of Lemuria, Earth almost fell off its axis. Besides the fact that the planet had experienced two major cataclysms, there was also much more darkness on Gaia’s planet than light. Therefore, Gaia sent out a call to the ONE to please send beings of light to enter Her planet to assist Her in retaining her balance on Her axis.

Many of us came from our higher dimensional homeworld to take an incarnation on Earth to assist the planet. We first went to Venus to lower our resonance so that we could even enter such a low frequency planet and to prepare for our mission.

For more information about this please see Visions from Venus, available as a download for 99cents (for a few more days) as well as in print version at:


Reconstructing Reality, Book 2 is also available now at:


All of you who are in this HERE and NOW were among those who answered Gaia’s call at the fall of Atlantis. You were such beings of light that you needed to go to Venus to lower your frequency so that you could step into a form on Gaia’s gravely wounded planet.

It is not important whether or not you remember that journey. What we, Sanat Kumara, call into your remembrance NOW is the service you vowed to give. This service was to remember your SELF throughout myriad incarnations during the long dark night of the Kali Yuga, which you all tried to do. Life after life you tried to remember.

Sometimes you could only remember as a child, and when you ‘played’ on the Earth, you assisted Gaia. You see now that Gaia is a living being and capable of creating any form She pleases.

However, you may not realize how much you helped Gaia by remembering your love for her planetary expression. It was your love of Her planet that assisted Her to heal Her planetary body. As humanity fell deeper and deeper into their separation consciousness they perceived Gaia as a mass of rock that is just a thing.

They were proud that they were no longer so “superstitious” that they thought of the planet as a living being. Besides, if Gaia was a being, she was a female, and females were also treated very badly during the Kali Yuga. In fact, every person, place and thing was treated very poorly and much damage was done to the frequency of Gaia. However, your great light healed that darkness in ways that you were never aware.

Because you loved Gaia, Her land, Her Sea, Her plants, animals, humans and atmosphere, you assisted Gaia to keep her planetary body alive. Now both people and planet have gone through many initiations, and you are both prepared to expand your awareness into your personal and planetary Lightbodies.

I Sanat Kumara, as well as the original 144,000 who long ago came with me to Earth, have returned. We are here NOW to work with the current Planetary Logos, Ascended Master Kuthumi, to assist our dear Gaia’s reunification with Her Multidimensional Planetary SELF.

You are all aware of Gaia’s fourth dimensional plane, as you have often visited it in your dreams. Due to your sporadic flashes into Lightbody, many of you have also become aware of Gaia’s fifth-dimensional New Earth. This Earth is not actually “new.” Fifth-dimensional Earth has always existed, but the members of Gaia’s planet have been pulled into their lower frequency expressions.

However, New Earth is by no means uninhabited. Many of the plants and animals that have become “extinct” have actually returned to their innate higher frequency of resonance. You will also be pleased to see that many cetaceans and “ascended humans” also reside on New Earth.

Nevertheless, I ask you not to leave your physical form, but to expand your consciousness back into the fifth dimension to connect with many of your ascended expressions of SELF. Yes, dear humans, most of you here in this NOW have had at least several experiences of ascension. It is because of your previous ascension experiences that you have been chosen among the myriad volunteers to assist Gaia.

You will need to recover the memory of the sensation of transmuting beyond your 3D physical form, through your 4D astral form and into your 5D Lightbody. In order to recover this memory you must release your attachment to third dimensional “modesty.”

According to your third dimensional indoctrination, it is immodest to remember your true, Multidimensional SELF. Hence, many of you will have difficulty releasing all the old limiting emotions and thoughts that bind you to your old manner of storing information. In order to return to who you have always been, you must release old concept of modesty, which are actually versions of “not good enough.”

You have long stored all information in a sequential, separate fashion. In order to merge with Multidimensional SELF, you must remember how to consciously access the fifth dimensional information that is stored in a flowing, intermingling fashion of movements, emotions, thoughts and sensations. This information is stored in your multidimensional mind.

Once you connect your physical brain with your multidimensional mind, your third dimensional brain will begin to connect with your true, Multidimensional SELF. Then you will perceive all reality from your multidimensional perception. In other words, we are asking you to change your perceptions of what you have been taught to expect as ascension.

In order to do so, you will need to release your 3D habits of seeing, hearing, reading and/or sharing information through your third dimensional thoughts and emotions. Instead, you must intimately bond with all life in an experiential manner and allow each inhabitant of Gaia to communicate with you in its own manner.

Many of you have learned how to communicate with animals and plants, as they are a component of your daily life. Now you must remember how to communicate with insects, fish, birds and all life on Gaia. This type of communication will remind you how to communicate with the elements and fifth dimensional elementals of earth, air, fire, water and ether.

You will begin this communication not by humanity’s habit of telling, but instead with your Lightbody’s habit of listening. As you deeply listen to the world around you, you will gradually remember how to communicate with all life.

Manly of the “primitive” peoples remembered this communication from their Lemurian ancestors and have enjoyed it for ages. As you learn to communicate with all the members of Gaia’s ecosystem, you will regain your awareness of communicating with the Crystal Kingdom.

Once you can communicate with Gaia’s Crystal Ones, you will be ready to entrain your consciousness with the Core and Cornerstone Crystals so that you can work together to recalibrate Gaia’s baseline frequency of expression.

Gaia has been trapped in the illusion of the third/fourth dimension since the fall of Atlantis and is enthusiastic to return to the multidimensional light and unconditional love of Her true Multidimensional Planet.

Beloved Ones of Earth, I am joyous that you have all so deeply enjoyed our meeting. When this celebration concludes I am sending all of you, Lemurians, Atlantians and “modern day humans,” up to the surface of Gaia’s great body for the period of one Earth year.

If needed, I will create a holographic form for those of you who need a humanoid body that will allow you to fit in with the topside area to which I am sending you. I will make sure that all of you have everything that is necessary to live in comfort for your year on Gaia’s surface.

Within that year that you are topside, you will learn how to talk to all life. As I have said before, your learning to talk to life must begin by learning to listen.

Begin with one element at a time, such as earth, or air, or fire, or water or ether. Please choose whatever order is best for you. Once you have learned to communicate with each element, add one more element at a time.

Finally, you will remember how to listen, talk and communicate with all life. At this point, gather some personal crystals and establish a relationship with them, one-at-a-time.

By the end of the year, which means nothing in the NOW of the ONE, you will return here, and together, we will calibrate the Core and Cornerstone crystals of Gaia.

Are there any questions?

Posted by Sue at 11:02 AM

suzanne lie 15.12.

Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension, Book 4 ~ Sue & The Arcturians


Suzanne Lie

I just finished going over the fourth book of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension. It is titled, “It Is the NOW.” There are some very informative messages throughout the book that I want to share you. I edited this book quite a bit, and some of these messages were not in the first book. The book won’t be published for a bit, and I decided that I needed to read these messages a few times to really understand them anyway. If you did read the messages long ago, they are more timely now than ever. Enjoy the excerpts from the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension, Book 4, below and stay tuned for forthcoming messages!

Blessings be,

Sue & the Arcturians

Ancient Earth History

Earth’s Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians

When we say we are WITH you, we mean we are IN you, just as you are IN unity with us. When we finished our message the room was totally quite. We knew that the task of going topside to try to communicate with the third-dimensional humans was daunting to them. Therefore, we continued.

Yes, our dear friends. Humanity has been lost in the illusions of the third dimension since the fall of Atlantis. We know that you are impatient for their awakening, but remember that you have been living in the fifth-dimensional pocket of Gaia’s heart.
Do you remember when the Atlantians destroyed your world? Do you remember the great fear that you felt and the anger that filled your hearts regarding the Atlantians? The topsider humans have been experiencing this degree of fear and anger since the fall of Atlantis.
We send a wave of unconditional love into this audience again to open their hearts and minds to more information. When we felt their confusion and worry transmute to love and dedication to purpose, we continued.
Lemuria and Atlantis were meant to bring Gaia into a dualistic reality so that Gaia could serve as a school in which beings could incarnate to learn the Law of Cause and Effect. This law was to be taught to the students (inhabitants of Earth) by giving them “time” between the energy field going out into reality (cause) and when it returned back to the sender (the effect).
In a unified, fifth dimensional reality, cause and effect occur instantly. Hence Gaia chose to resonate to the frequency of the third dimension. To do so, she had to lower her resonance from the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond into the time-bound resonance of the third dimension of duality.
Since time is created by polarities such as male/female, good/bad, day/night, Gaia would need to have males and female inhabitants. Lemuria was to be the female ‘Mother Civilization’ to represent the Flow of the electron, receptive/inflow, feminine polarity of energy, experienced as love and emotions.
Lemuria began when life planet Earth was in its infant stages, and the ‘mothers’ loved the infant planet by merging with the elements of the earth, air, fire and water. You Lemurians had no desire to become an individual or to ‘think’ about having personal power. You saw yourselves as one with all life on Earth.
Atlantis, on the other hand, was to be the ‘Father Civilization’ and was meant to represent the Flow of the proton, expressive/outflow, masculine polarity of energy, experienced as power and thoughts. The Atlantians enjoyed thinking and discovering how they could change and improve their world.
Whereas your Lemurian spirituality was based on love of all life, and Mother Earth was your divine leader, the Atlantians looked upwards into the sky. They could understand and conquer the land and sea, but they could not, yet, understand and conquer the sky. Therefore, their spiritual guidance came from far above them.
“Are you beginning to see how polarity began to take hold on Gaia’s planet?” we asked and observed as they shook their heads yes. Through the marriage of feminine, Love/Emotion and the masculine, Power/Thoughts, the two landed expressions of Gaia could gain the great Wisdom to combine their thoughts and emotions to create a beautiful reality in which everyone could learn by putting together what had been separated.
When the humanoids, the Keepers of the Land, could unite their thoughts and emotions (masculine and feminine) they would create their new world. Unfortunately, instead of a beautiful bonding and resulting ascension, their “marriage,” like many Earthly marriages, ended in a long “divorce” in which both of them lost everything.
Part of the reason for this divorce of power and love was that the ‘Power-over’ galactic ancestors of these great civilizations could never approve of this marriage. All they wanted was to ‘have it ALL.’ In other words, greed was the cause of destruction then, just as it is in your NOW.
Since Gaia is NOW in the energy field of galactic light and planetary unity, the marriage of ALL polarities into the ONE is the hope and means of ascension. As we tell the age-old story of love and power, peak and fall, unity and separation, we ask you to listen with your Multidimensional SELF, so that you will remember YOUR Truth.
Through remembering your own Truth, your own perception of this story, you can take that which was in your distant past and bring it into your present to create a future of ascension within the NOW of the ONE.
In this manner you can travel in consciousness via the oscillation of the sine waves of your consciousness. The higher your consciousness, the faster the oscillation of sine waves, and the more quickly you will travel inter-dimensionally via your consciousness.
The frequency of your consciousness is influenced by the rate of the spin of molecules within your form. If your form resonates to a much lower frequency than your multidimensional consciousness, your consciousness and form will not be in entrainment. Therefore, you will not be able to perceive what is occurring within your higher frequency consciousness and inter-dimensional travels.
It is the discrepancy between the frequency of your form and the frequency of your consciousness that creates the illusion of separation in which you feel separate from your Multidimensional SELF. In the world in which humanity has lived since before the fall of Atlantis, this type of “separation from SELF” was unknown.
Before the fall of Lemuria, and even until the later times of Atlantis, the humanoid form resonated to the fifth dimension and beyond. Because of these high frequencies, the bodies did not have a static form. In fact, many did not need a form at all and existed as pure consciousness.
Through the early and positive actions of the early Atlantians, Spirit can now inhabit the fourth dimension. It is the challenge of the grounded ones, who are the descendants of Atlantis, to bring Spirit into the matter of the third dimension.
The Atlantians created this splitting of their spiritual and denser forms when they began genetic engineering. Before the genetic engineering, all forms on Atlantis were ‘visited’ by androgynous Spirits of the higher dimensions. These spiritual beings visited Atlantis in the same manner that you would log in to a video game.
We shall return to speak more of early Lemuria.
Blessings, We are the Arcturians
Ancient Earth History
 Arcturian Message to the Lemurians
(Message Continued)
Life for most of the Lemurian era and a lesser portion of the Atlantian era was exactly like logging into a 3D video game. The higher dimensional Spirits entered into a form that was clearly a ‘game’ on the holographic matrix of fourth dimensional Earth. At first, they entered the plants and animals. Humans were so un-evolved at that time that there was little differentiation between a human and any other form of animal.
Humans were male and female just like the other third dimensional animals. Visitors from other Star Systems who were in need of biped workers had genetically engineered these ‘humanoid animals’ millennia before. However, the early Atlantians, as well as the Lemurians, were androgynous and visited earthly forms to temporarily experience the concept of gender.
Due to the actions of the later day Atlantians, the Spirit’s state of consciousness lowered, and they suffered an increasing sense of separation from the higher dimensional expressions of their Multidimensional SELF.
Eventually, their consciousness lowered so drastically that the oscillation of the sine waves of their consciousness slowed to such a low frequency that they could no longer travel inter-dimensionally. Then they became trapped in the forms that they were once just “visiting.”
Travel via consciousness is based on the oscillation of the sine waves of the traveler’s consciousness. The higher the consciousness and the faster the spin and oscillation, the more easily the Spirit (true non-physical form) can travel inter-dimensionally via consciousness.
Because the frequency of consciousness is influenced by the rate of spin of molecules within the form that Spirit is visiting, it became increasingly difficult for the visiting Spirits to remember their true consciousness while they were inhabiting a denser form.
For many millennia, Spirits visited the third/fourth dimensional reality in which the masculine and feminine polarities were separated into two different genders. These visits became longer and longer as the Spirits became addicted to the experience of lower dimensional form. These longer visits into the increasing sensation of “time” on Earth further lowered the Sprits consciousness.
When the frequency of their consciousness dropped to the frequency of the form they were visiting, they were no longer Spirit visiting form, but Spirits trapped in form. The trapped Spirits then knew the experience of death, which was never experienced when they were Spirit because they lived infinitely while within the unity of the ONE.
Worse yet, the Spirits trapped in Atlantian form did not take responsibility for the creation of their own problem. Instead, they blamed the ONE for punishing them and making them stay within their decaying, dying earthen vessels. Therefore, they separated themselves from the ONE, as well as from their own Spirit within their physical forms.
Eventually, they even polarized the ONE into gender deities of God or Goddess. This final separation from the ONE cemented their fate into the long decline into beings of form rather than beings of Spirit. Spirit was always within them, but they had evicted it from their minds.
Hence, they could no longer experience their own spirit through their physical perceptions. For this reason, their inner Spirit became a distant hierarchical ruler who was either a male “God,” or a female “Goddess.” Once Spirit became polarized in their consciousness, the battle between God and Goddess was focused on the battle between female Lemuria and male Atlantis.
Lemuria and Atlantis had peacefully co-existed for millions of years, but the Atlantians were conflicted and needed to vent that anger onto others. Therefore, that which was meant to be the blissful marriage of masculine and feminine that would return Earth into Her Spirit form and usher in personal and planetary ascension became a long and violent divorce.”
We could see that the audience needed a break to absorb our message, so we called in the musicians to play and invited the group converse with each other over some food and sparkling drinks. In this manner, they could more easily integrate our information into their consciousness.
After our audience had a chance to relax, converse, and have some delicious food, we can forward again to complete our message. Our dear friends and family, we are pleased to see how you have all blended into ONE group of conscious volunteers to assist Gaia.
We wish to finish our message and then to invite a very important being to speak. Once the group had settled down and were prepared to listen to our message, we began our message, “In summary, we reiterate that Lemuria was to be the matrix for the feminine, receptive, emotive and creative aspect of the future humanity.
On the other hand, Atlantis was meant to be the masculine, logical and scientific aspect of future humanity. Both of these realties fell from resonating to the fifth dimension to a frequency that we would now call the fourth dimension.
It was not within the Divine Plan to create a reality at the third dimension, for the separation from Spirit would make future evolution too difficult. Unfortunately, after the fall of these two great worlds, especially the fall of Atlantis, Earth was so shaken on her axis that Earth was in danger of total destruction.
Therefore, Gaia called out to Spirit to send light beings to assist Her, as she was on the edge of falling off her axis. Millions of loving light beings took forms made of the same elements as Gaia. They hoped that if they could transmute the lower dimensional forms into a higher frequency, they would be able to assist Gaia to do the same. However, Earth was too wounded to resonate any higher than the third dimension.
Even though Gaia’s consciousness resonated to the fourth dimension, Her planetary body needed eons of healing before it could also resonate to the fourth dimension. It was then that the fourth dimension became the reality that vibrated in the aura of Gaia, and She became separate from Her planetary body that resonated to the third dimension.
The creators of the Earth experiment were very concerned about the absence of Spirit’s integration into third-dimensional matter. They knew that matter separated from Spirit would create a very harsh world that would become increasingly polarized. It is the presence and frequency of Spirit that allows all life forms on, in and above Earth to find and live within the unity of Planetary Consciousness.
In a reality devoid of Unity and Planetary Consciousness, the grounded humans experience extremes of separation from each other and from their planet. In an attempt to make sense of their difficult lives, the ones who fell into darkness grew to believe that what ever they did was good for others.
With such separation form Spirit, the light ones tainted their unconditional love of the ONE with the conditional love of their polarized reality in which others had to follow their commands to deserve love. This manner of separation of unconditional love and conditional love began in Atlantis while Lemuria was still in existence.
The Atlantians increasing separation from spirit created a ‘conditional love,’ in which only those who followed their choices deserved to be loved. This conditional love set them on a mental/masculine path to gain power over others. Worse yet, the “others” included the planet itself.
On the other hand, Lemuria’s ‘unconditional love’ became so polarized to the emotional/feminine that they began to perceive what they wanted to see rather than which was actually occurring. Hence, they did not see that the Atlantian power systems were being used as weapons.  In the end, both civilizations perished, but much was learned.
From this experiment of polarized reality on Earth, it was learned the mental, masculine quality and the emotional, feminine qualities had to blend in order to gain sufficient wisdom, power and love. Hence, the Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power, and Love was placed in the High He arts of all incarnating ones.
Unfortunately, in most cases, this correction was useless. After the fall of Atlantis the frequency of Gaia’s body was so low that most humans were unable to connect with their High Heart. Hence, much of their lives were spent in the business of survival.
The Priests and Priestesses of the ONE carried their Light with them into the new locations to which they fled. Unfortunately, many of those who thrived on separation took the darkness of power-over others into the same locations. Thus, the battle between light and dark was carried into the surviving realities. This battle cannot be won. But it can be ended. Like any fire, it must have fuel to burn.
As humanity begins to release their habit of third-dimensional time, they will begin to live In the NOW. Within that NOW, they will remember that they are NOT the body that has a spirit high above them. Gradually or quickly they will remember that THEY are the spirit that has chosen to visit the body.
It is then that they can learn the law of cause and effect so that they can become the creators of their lives. The cause of creation is sent out into reality as a thought, it instantly merges with an emotion, to create a thought form. By placing their attention on that thought form, they consciously enter that reality.
When they are complete with that experience, they release the thoughts and emotions that bonded them to that reality and return back to the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.
As more and more humans remember that they are the creators of their life, they can experience any dimension they choose by calibrating their consciousness to frequency of that dimension. When this occurs, they will likely log out of the third/fourth dimensional portions of Earth’s planetary matrix. Eventually, this lowest frequency of Gaia’s matrix will become obsolete.
Gradually, this frequency of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix will dissolve because there are not enough thoughts and emotions to keep it in form. Therefore, there will no longer be a third/fourth dimensional matrix onto which life forms can attach.
Thus, the third/fourth dimensional timelines, along with those inhabitants, will expand into a higher frequency OR move into the matrix of another third/fourth dimensional planet. In this manner, those who are not yet complete with the experience of resonating to third/fourth dimensional realities will simply switch into another reality as easily as one can switch into a different dream.
With the recalibration of Gaia’s planetary resonance, the portals into the fifth dimensional matrix of New Earth will gradually open. There is no need for disaster or confusion.
As the portals into multidimensional Earth steadily open, those who choose to remain on a third/fourth dimensional planet will unconsciously be re-routed to other physical planets that are experimenting with the concept of polarity and separation. There is no judgment of ‘success or failure’ in these choices.
Much can be learned from living in the separation, limitation and the extremes of polarity. Each being will make their decisions based on their own Divine Path. In fact, there are some higher dimensional beings that have chosen to remain in the lower dimensions to assist those who still believe they are only physical.
We have come here within the NOW to celebrate that the ascension of Gaia is about to begin. As you Lemurians know, the shift of frequency of an entire planet is not a quick fix. Instead, planetary ascension is a process that will continue for as long as the planetary inhabitants are still attached to time.
It is for this reason that many members of our galactic family have taken a human form and you, dear Lemurians, will slowly go topside to assist humanity with their decisions. Please be aware that your civilization was reticent to change.
Hence, your ancestors did not see the brewing storm on Atlantis. Therefore, you are perfect teacher for the humans who do not want to even imagine that their world could completely change.
Many members of our Galactic Federation have begun our ‘landings’ on Earth by bi-locating into the bodies of our expressions of SELF wearing an earth vessel. You, the Lemurians, will journey topside to teach, comfort and guide the humans through your ability to transmute your form to look like you are ‘just human.’
We are the Arcturians, and we send our blessings to you all.


Standing Nervously at the Starting Line ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

fb puma or lioness powerful

Standing Nervously at the Starting Line

Writing 22I had a reading Dec. 10, 2014 with the Boss and he said some things that are so uplifting for me that I feel the need to share them.

He confirmed something I was beginning to suspect: (1) that I’m writing a book on creating Nova Earth and (2) that he’s collaborating with me on it. For me, it’s a demonstration of spiritual partnership between the two halves of the Company of Heaven on the two sides of the veil. Here is that conversation:

Steve Beckow: Are you writing a book through me on building Nova Earth?

Archangel Michael: Are we writing a book together? Yes we are.

SB: Yes we are, because I’ve been sensing that there’s a book coming out.

AAM: Yes, and it is more important than answering emails.

I had been grousing about workload. His recommendation: Enroll a personal assistant. More on that later.

SB: Oh gosh, I really do know that. This is important.

AAM: This is important, and this is the laying of the foundation, the groundwork, and the practicality – the how to, the understanding of how to proceed, and what the guidance is. So yes, dear heart, we are writing a book. (1)

I told him I felt myself out on the skinny branches here and asked for a sign that would reassure me he was there.  It isn’t my practice to hide the “warts and all.”  So here is me cringing in the corner at the thought of this assignment.

Steve Beckow: I worry that my inspiration will fail me.  I mean I’m really out there on the skinny branches here, so is there some signal you could give me that tells me that you’re there and that my inspiration will not fail me?

Archangel Michael: The sense of knowing I am with you is two-fold: first it is the sense of being inspired, and being inspired in word-patterning, sentence structure, word usage, and paragraph usage that is not your normal style.  And the introduction of ideas that have you say, “Where did that come from?”

How you know when we are truly working together, is the sense – and it is a combination – of deep peace and excitement and such a level of gratitude that you want to cry.

When you feel that your fingers are itching and there is nothing that can stop you, that is me.

SB: That’s very good. Well, you know, here I am writing a book on building Nova Earth and I’ve never built anything in my life.

The topic is about as wide as it could be. It involves seeing things transformationally, such as seeing with what Werner Erhard used to call “above-the-line,” transformational or conscious awareness, which I’m not operating out of at the present time. So what’s your advice to me as I approach a topic which is way out there in front of me?

AAM: Stop assuming that you aren’t there and allow the expansion to be completed. I am not asking you to do something that you are not equipped to do.

SB: Okay, thank you for that.

I sat down a few minutes ago because the joy was mounting to such an extent that I felt I had to type.

I don’t say a collaboration as in “Oh, what a good boy am I.” If anything I find it embarrassing to be talking in these terms and my natural instinct would be to avoid them.

But we need demonstrations of how the Company of Heaven on both sides of the veil can work in spiritual partnership.  Someone has to illustrate what it looks like and this book is one such demonstration.


(1) Personal Reading between Steve Beckow and Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, Dec. 10, 2014.


fb puma or lioness powerful

Visiting the Etheric Temples of Light ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

mel and mike 13.12.

Visiting the Etheric Temples of Light

Posted by on December 12, 2014
temple_lightwtcWalking Terra Christa is facilitating their Winter Solstice Retreat in Mount Shasta starting December 18th through the 21st, 2014 which will be hosted by Mahachohan Saint Germain and Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos. It is a journey into the heart to learn how to initiate, activate, and then actualize the seven Rays of God. It is also initiating the energies to be grounded within GAIA from this point forward. Each person that is participating allows these frequencies to be within the planetary structure to prepare for 2015.Each year we hold three retreats annually, Spring (Wesak) ~ Summer/Fall ~ Winter which are guided by the Ascended Beings representing our Team of Light. In 2014 we have taken an intensive journey through the Seven Rays of God. Retreat participants have found that the information and teachings that have been provided by the hosts of higher beings has been very profound within their life when they stepped away from the Shasta energies back into their own environment.For our December excursion into the world of Ascended Mastery we are being gifted with the work of Saint Germain who is now the Mahachohan (Leader) of all the seven rays. He and Lord Adama will work with us daily to assist each participant in their personal journey along with the other ascended Beings of Light that work with each of the Rays, i.e., Chohans, Archangels, and Elohim Masters.

Each day of the retreat we will have a special journey into an Etheric Temple of Light hosted by the specific leader for the day. We are providing the availability to receive an MP3 download on each of these meditative journeys from the retreat for those that cannot attend physically in Mount Shasta. We believe that these journeys will help to release old karmic debts and impart new knowledge’s through our I AM Presence.

December 18th ~

We will be working within the energies of the first six rays which represents an overview of the teachings that we have done in the previous retreats in 2014. Saint Germain will guide us to the Royal Teton Retreat located in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming. [Note: This retreat is open twice a year (June 15th and December 15th for 30 days) to all initiates that would like to come before Master Confucius and Lanto along with the Karmic Board to converse about their mastery pathway; this can be done in a meditative or dream state.]

During the journey we will meet with the Spiritual Hierarchy within the retreat which is housed underneath the mountain. We will work with the Karmic Board on any timelines or karma that needs to be rectified for our present pathway along with receiving special attunements from the Great Divine Director on the initiation of this journey.

December 19th ~

We will continue working with the Six Rays of God to transmute any elements from the previous day’s journey. Saint Germain will guide us to Table Mountain, Wyoming to the “Cave of Symbols” which is a cave in the mountain lined with pink and white crystals that gives way to a gigantic chamber covered with rainbow colored stalactites that form symbols representing sacred geometry.

Each participant will work through the revelations they received from the Royal Teton Retreat. This retreat houses the “Cosmic Mirror” in which an individual will see the cause and effect of their karma along with the “Atomic Accelerator” which brings forth electrons in the Light Body to make the necessary changes, and lastly, the “Sphere of Light” which is a room that will help an initiate in their ascension process.

December 20th ~

We now start the work within the 7th Ray of the Violet/Purple Flame with the Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst along with the Elohim Masters Arcturus and Virginia.

Our first visitation on this day will be “The Cathedral of the Violet Flame” in the Rocky Mountains which includes all Violet Flame Angels and Priests and Priestesses of the Violet Planet representing elemental life. This retreat represents to ability to be cleared of human burdens and densities.

Our second visitation will be the “Temple of Purification”with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst which is located over the islands of Cuba (previously known to be the location of Atlantis). Part of the initiation for this journey will represent the work with the Order of Melchizedek as training as a Priest/Priestess along with learning the true meaning of “spiritual freedom.

The third visitation will be the “Temple of Freedom” with Elohim Masters Arcturus and Virginia which is located over Luanda, Angola; they release the violet, purple and pink flames of mercy, forgiveness, transmutation and freedom for the entire planet, as a giant fiery pillar. We will be utilizing the Violet Flame to overcome difficult situations on a personal and planetary scale, to transmute darkness into light.

December 21st ~

We will close the energies of the 7th Ray with Saint Germain and Lady Portia by visiting the Golden Etheric City of Wahanee/Fronlamm which is located in the 5th dimensional earth over Atlanta, Georgia and North Carolina. This city represents the 7th flame of Ceremonial Magic and Freedom. We will work with Lady Portia, Lord Teesian and Lady Teesio (representing the Elders of this flame). Lord Sanat Kumara will make his presence known opening up the energies for the Venusian Rays of God for 2015.

Solstice Celebration ~ Available via Open Tele-Conference at no cost to Everyone Worldwide

Our last excursion will be with Lord Sanat Kumara in the Golden City of Havalanchee (in the 5th dimensional earth over Mount Shasta). Included will be a holiday blessing from Lord Sananda (Jeshua) with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. (We do appreciate donations for these kinds of events from those who are able to do so. Your donations are a generous gift in service of these teachings and are noticed by our Spiritual Board of Directors.)

If you feel aligned with this work and our teachings, Walking Terra Christa is happy to provide the Retreat Audio MP3 downloads of these amazing journeys to all those who are unable to attend our retreat in person. Please see our Journey Retreat website page to receive these recordings for a nominal exchange.

We also have a free Holiday Gift for all those who want to assist in creating the New Earth through Ascension Mastery using one of our most recommended meditations.


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