Mother Mary speaks to us of Her Ascension @ Saint Germain and the Great White Brotherhood

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Feliz DΓ­a de la Guadalupana, Our Lady of GuadalupeHere, Mother Mary speaks to us of Her Ascension:

Within about nine years before the close of my embodiment, I said to Peter: β€œIf you will build a small house and chapel for me now, apart from the community, by the edge of the stream, I shall cloister myself and prepare to meet my Maker.” This was done, and there I lived for the rest of My life.

Mary of Bethany and other beloved friends would bring flowers, candles and fresh fruit. I spent those years in contemplation of My Lord; in reminiscence of the early days of My life, My first Christmas and all the years with Joseph; the parting, while Jesus went into India so soon after His father had left the Earth; His triumphant return; the Resurrection and His own Ascension.

It became physically difficult for Me to climb the hill of Bethany and John kept the vigil for me. I began to enter more into the world of the β€˜beyond’ rather than the world of the β€˜here.’ Finally, in May, right after the Pentecost, I said to John: β€œCall the disciples and apostles home, for before August closes her radiation, I shall have joined My Son.”

You know, it took a great deal of time, sometimes months, to reach individuals who were in far away places, like Greece. They all came home, but in the meantime, I had asked that a small chapel be built on top of Bethany’s hill, just a very simple one. On the tenth of August I walked up that hill, having asked that I might be alone on this occasion. I placed my feet in the shining footprints of My Son as I ascended that hill. For three days and three nights, I remained there in that chapel, fasting and praying. By then, all of the disciples and apostles were home, and they came up to the hill for me. I spoke to them, to the original disciples, particularly. I told them that I would leave this world and that on the fifteenth of August My Ascension would be completed. I asked them how they wished to pursue the rest of their course. John said: β€œI shall follow you, mother, as soon as I hear the voice of my Presence.”

I blessed them all, and then the other members of the community came in. I blessed them, too! Then I closed My eyes on this world, to open them in the presence of Joseph first, then Jesus. As you know, they placed My body within a rocky tomb and sealed it for three days. During this time I was free in the higher octaves, preparing for the Ascension of My physical form. Then did I return and raise that flesh form. I called it to Me, absorbed it into My own Holy Christ Self, and consciously entered into the Heart of My Presence, as My Son did before Me. I left within the tomb a white rose for each one of that community. When they rolled back the door of My tomb, they found the body was gone and the fragrance of the roses filled the air.

So this morning, beloved of My Heart, I give the white rose of friendship, in memory of a conscious ascension. Remember, the day when you too lay aside the garments of flesh and stand God-free, I shall greet you, both as a friend and as a Mother.

May the blessings of our Lord Jesus and God in heaven, be upon you, always.

roses saint germain blog


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