Standing Nervously at the Starting Line ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Standing Nervously at the Starting Line

Writing 22I had a reading Dec. 10, 2014 with the Boss and he said some things that are so uplifting for me that I feel the need to share them.

He confirmed something I was beginning to suspect: (1) that Iโ€™m writing a book on creating Nova Earth and (2) that heโ€™s collaborating with me on it. For me, itโ€™s a demonstration of spiritual partnership between the two halves of the Company of Heaven on the two sides of the veil. Here is that conversation:

Steve Beckow: Are you writing a book through me on building Nova Earth?

Archangel Michael: Are we writing a book together? Yes we are.

SB: Yes we are, because Iโ€™ve been sensing that thereโ€™s a book coming out.

AAM: Yes, and it is more important than answering emails.

I had been grousing about workload. His recommendation: Enroll a personal assistant. More on that later.

SB: Oh gosh, I really do know that. This is important.

AAM: This is important, and this is the laying of the foundation, the groundwork, and the practicality โ€“ the how to, the understanding of how to proceed, and what the guidance is. So yes, dear heart, we are writing a book. (1)

I told him I felt myself out on the skinny branches here and asked for a sign that would reassure me he was there.ย  It isnโ€™t my practice to hide the โ€œwarts and all.โ€ย  So here is me cringing in the corner at the thought of this assignment.

Steve Beckow: I worry that my inspiration will fail me.ย  I mean Iโ€™m really out there on the skinny branches here, so is there some signal you could give me that tells me that youโ€™re there and that my inspiration will not fail me?

Archangel Michael: The sense of knowing I am with you is two-fold: first it is the sense of being inspired, and being inspired in word-patterning, sentence structure, word usage, and paragraph usage that is not your normal style.ย  And the introduction of ideas that have you say, โ€œWhere did that come from?โ€

How you know when we are truly working together, is the sense โ€“ and it is a combination โ€“ of deep peace and excitement and such a level of gratitude that you want to cry.

When you feel that your fingers are itching and there is nothing that can stop you, that is me.

SB: Thatโ€™s very good. Well, you know, here I am writing a book on building Nova Earth and Iโ€™ve never built anything in my life.

The topic is about as wide as it could be. It involves seeing things transformationally, such as seeing with what Werner Erhard used to call โ€œabove-the-line,โ€ transformational or conscious awareness, which Iโ€™m not operating out of at the present time. So whatโ€™s your advice to me as I approach a topic which is way out there in front of me?

AAM: Stop assuming that you arenโ€™t there and allow the expansion to be completed. I am not asking you to do something that you are not equipped to do.

SB: Okay, thank you for that.

I sat down a few minutes ago because the joy was mounting to such an extent that I felt I had to type.

I donโ€™t say a collaboration as in โ€œOh, what a good boy am I.โ€ If anything I find it embarrassing to be talking in these terms and my natural instinct would be to avoid them.

But we need demonstrations of how the Company of Heaven on both sides of the veil can work in spiritual partnership.ย  Someone has to illustrate what it looks like and this book is one such demonstration.


(1) Personal Reading between Steve Beckow and Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, Dec. 10, 2014.

fb puma or lioness powerful

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