Personal Account of My Meditation on 15 December 2014 ~ Grace @ The Earth Plan


art meditating blue figure

Personal Account of My Meditation on 15 December 2014


I had barely settled into my β€œzone” when I received a strong impression that the portal was already open. It took me by pleasant surprise as it wasn’t even the designated time yet. Encouraged by this, I again settled down to start my meditation. Again, what happened next was truly unexpected.

I β€œsaw” an image of a huge body of energies, presenting itself as an enormous spiral, turning clockwise (I think). It looked like the Milky Way Galaxy, but I knew it was the intense energies coming in. These energies were unlike anything I’ve ever seen, composed of swirling colours that I have no way of identifying. The blues were not really blue, the greens not really green, etc. Of course, in my image they look blue, green etc but in my knowingness, I was made to understand that they were colours I’ve never seen before. In other words, they represented New Energies. The colours were just gorgeous and I was literally spell-bound by their magic.
This gigantic swirl of energies enveloped not just Planet Earth, but the entire Solar System. Somehow I was also getting that it actually engulfed more than the Solar System ~ in fact, it felt to me that it was permeating the entire Galaxy. And as I write this, I’m getting that it’s as if this swirl of energies is in some way superimposing itself on the Milky Way. Hmmm….I certainly wasn’t expecting that!
As I continued to watch the swirling energies with utter fascination, it gradually morphed into a massive toroid, covering an immensely vast amount of space.
I must mention that at this point, I was already very overwhelmed with the intensity of Divine Love that I was feeling, which started the moment I saw the vision. In all my years of meditation, this one was definitely one of the most powerful and most profound.
Then, as suddenly as it started, the vision disappeared and I opened my eyes reluctantly. I was about to experience yet another unexpected surprise…I saw, with my eyes open, the most amazing sight playing out on my wall. Before I continue, let me explain that I’m not normally an eyes-open β€œsee-er”. All I usually see with my eyes open is the white energy field around living beings and inanimate objects. Sometimes I can see shimmering energies if they are intense enough, and that’s the extent of it.
This time, I could see this indescribably beautiful field of energies dancing on my wall. Again, they were colours I’ve never really seen before ~ the most gorgeous gold with a sort of green tinge, and an iridescent lavender that had me awe-struck in its splendour. It was as if the colours had their own life-force and were themselves sentient. I was so mesmerised with this vision ~ I just didn’t want to take my eyes off the wall! The colours seem to be building a sort of grid or matrix, and I understood then that they represented the creation of our new reality.
Shortly after this meditation, I found that my phone stopped functioning properly. No matter what I did, it wouldn’t work. I had to go out to attend to some matters so I left it and moved on; after about 30 minutes, it was working just fine! Then a heavy downpour started which lasted a whole hour. It was all very surreal.
I was on a high after the meditation ~ I felt so good about it and I was convinced that the energies had come in successfully. However, that night, I had an β€œincident” with a family member that truly tried my patience. I have come to realise over the past few years that she’s a sort of barometer for negative energies playing out. Well, the meditation was three days ago, and I’ve had three different incidents (one each day) since then. I’ll see how it goes over the next few days. What I do know is that I now have zero tolerance for irrational negativity, and I don’t hesitate to make this known. Compassion, yes. Forgiveness, yes. Tolerance, no. I’m finding that it’s less stressful for me to deal with the negativity if I take this stance.
I note with interest that Cobra’s latest update indicated a β€œpartial success”. I don’t know what that means ~ judging from my own experience, I would say that the meditation itself was really so profound but the β€œincidents” following that were certainly not fun.
Whatever it is, we are certainly progressing and we are definitely already on an accelerated timeline for Ascension. If there are still negative events that need to play out, then so be it. What’s required of us is to do whatever we can to be Higher Beings-in-action, walking our talk. One way to help ourselves return to our fully conscious multidimensional state is to act as if we already are πŸ™‚
Blessings and Namaste!
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art meditating blue figure

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