Violet Flame by Sanctus Germanus – 12-9-14 @ Higher Density Blog

Violet Flame by Sanctus Germanus – 12-9-14 @ Higher Density Blog

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saint germain - in suitBeloved Saint Germain:

If there has been something — shall we say for the sake of expression — “destructive” in your Life Stream in some previous embodiment and that now tries to surge forth, if you are not using that Invincible Protection and the Violet Consuming Flame, do you not see how the Law of your being would allow it to come forth and find expression today in your activity? This is the natural thing. It is absolutely bound to do it unless you call sufficient Protection from the “Presence” and use the Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve all that comes forth, because, remember, in your activity of your attention to the “Presence,” you are either consciously or involuntarily calling all of this accumulation forth to be dissolved and consumed — because you are its creator. You have to get rid of it; and whether you want to do it…

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The Coming of the Cities of Light – Part 2/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

new website Opening to Light by Marija Schwarz at Fine Art America

ART : Opening to Light ~ by Marija Schwarz @ Fine Art America


The Coming of the Cities of Light – Part 2/2

Reposted from Nov. 2012.

In the second part of this series, I’d like to give more extended descriptions of the cities of light that are gradually forming around the planet and will play a large role in the Golden Age of Nova Earth

In her book City of Light – Sedona, Genii Townsend painted a picture of the impact of entering a City of Light.

Just Imagine

… entering a place of such beauty that it makes you an instant believer that anything is possible, like entering a 5-story-high gate that is encoded with your personal beliefs that make you feel like you just came home.

… experiencing healing techniques in Light modules where no drugs, knives, or needles can sever the body’s electrical lines.

… entering a “Memory Manor: building where you can release past memory hurts with no emotion attached.

… standing by a Fountain of Light that makes you feel great and sitting on benches that massage your body.

… taking a dip in a healing pool that can clear skin conditions.

… being able to balance your emotions in an Empowerment Emporium.

… seeing babies born in a Birth-atrium, laughing with the mother who had no anesthesia, no pain and the only crying would be for the pure joy of the experience.

… entering a stadium-size building called the Embassy of Peace Headquarters where Light Being from the Universe gather to help bring forth Peace on this Earth. (1)

In An Hour with an Angel on Sept. 8, 2012, Archangel Michael described what we can expect to find in a city of light.

“But you are also approaching, they are approaching, you are approaching, coming together to build places that are of Nova Earth, places where business, what you would think of as commerce, are places of beauty, of light, of community, of creation.

“Temples of learning where wisdom is shared, not hoarded, information is the tender that is to be equally shared, where star beings from many galaxies that you have never even thought or heard of walk the streets freely and gaily, where families live and thrive, where there is no pollution, where all the needs are attended to.” (2)

According to Archangel Uriel, through Linda Dillon, the cities of Light fall under his purview. He called them:

“… a project that has begun long ago but that is coming to fruition and it is the project, very much, of the Silver Flame under my purview, and it is the Cities of Light. The Cities of Light are cities that are already in form. Now I want you to understand what I am saying; they are already in form. You do not see them in the 3rd dimension, that does not mean they are not there. And with your new 4th eye you will begin to perceive them more and more clearly.” (3)

He said they would emerge all around our planet and that we are already anchoring them.

“The Cities of Light have been and are at this point cities of the future and they emerge all over your planet. They are magnificent, you can have a vision of a crystal city, spires similar to Atlantis in some ways, but more glorious.

“And these Cities of Light are already occupied by future beings, by wing-makers, by your star brothers and sisters, by many visitors and hybrids, by humans as well. And even by your future self. But what you have been doing in the work that you have all undertaken with me, even when you did not know it, is you have been pulling down and anchoring these Cities of Light.” (4)

Uriel went over the different purposes the cities of light will serve.

“As you emerge into the 5th dimension, many of you have thought ‘How are we going to deal with our cities?’ Well many of your cities will be transformed and we would like to say ‘Of course there is a rebuilding and a co-creation’ but these other Cities of Light will also be anchored in the fullness of their beauty and the fullness of what they are for.

“There are Cities of Light that are for healing, there are Cities of Light that are for art, for creativity, there are Cities of Light that are portals for your star brothers and sisters. They are all over, they are delightful places to be, they are places where peace reigns already.” (5)

He said that the development of the cities was coming at the speed of love, which is the speed of light squared.

“The decisions that you have made as a human collective and as individuals in the last 10 years have begun to bring these cities into form and into fruition as we make this transition and Shift. Your decisions have determined whether these Cities of Light will ever be anchored in physical reality, and they are. And they are coming forward, not at the speed of light but at the speed of love, and the speed of love, dear friends, is the speed of light squared. Yes, it is happening that fast.” (6)

Finally, Archangel Michael tells us that “there are many of you out there who are very conscientiously building and working daily with the Cities of Light.” These are not pipe dreams, but tangible dreams coming true, he tells us:

“Do not think this is simply a pipe dream, it is not and you are seeing the fruits of this. … This is not simply something that is esoteric or etheric. Yes, it is electronic. It is ‘in space’ as you would think of it but it is tangible, it is real. …

“These are tangible dreams coming true. You are building situations where your community is coming together. No, I will not be giving away the news but these are tangible ways in which you are saying ‘We are united in heart, we are united in purpose, we are not united by those who believe they can control, we are not united by anything but love and by hope and by vision for a very different future.’” (7)

These descriptions of the cities of light remind me very much of descriptions of the temples of learning and healing on the Mental Planes of the spirit world.  (8) They exist in the Fifth Dimension and higher and are destined to play a large role in the transfer of learning and technology for us in the Golden Age fast approaching.

At the Sedona conference, we were hoping that the degree of love generated would bring to us the opening of the New Jerusalem, the city of light that stretches from Sedona to Phoenix. But evidently we’re a mite soon in our expectations, but I’m told the time is very close.


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An Inter-dimensional Journey — YouTube & Poem @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

An Inter-dimensional Journey — YouTube and Poem


An Inter-dimensional Journey


Our vessel of Light floats the great Cosmic Sea

With the gift of our love, abundant and free

The planet’s our SELF, the Sun our dear friend

Its message of life we accept and then send

The stars in our system are ONE with our knowing

As we all work as ONE for the way we are showing

Our message expands to the heart of the galaxy

As we accept and embrace our unending odyssey

The Home we once sought, we’ve found deep within

The reality we make has no knowledge of sin

We are ONE with our SELF and the SELF of each other

Our mind is our Father. Our heart is our Mother

We have found and returned to the Flow of all life

To be free of the fear and above all the strive

To know of our SELF as a family of light

Gives rise to vast wisdom, pure love and great might

As ONE we remember, each moment and day

There is ALWAYS a reason and FOREVER a way

To find our great light we look deep inside

Where only love lives and fear cannot hide

Our bright inner light finds life all around

Where peace, love and beauty exist and abound

We can lose our great blessing to the jaws of illusion

And fall into the depths of fear and confusion

But our family is with us to open our eyes

It is then we remember to collect our great prize

It is free for the taking, just ask and we have it

But fear’s an old friend, and worse yet, it’s a habit

So we call to our family to remember our being

To enter our feeling, our hearing and seeing

With our family of light around us once more

We can never feel empty, lonely or poor

The wealth of pure spirit lives at ONE with our Soul

As we travel the cosmos, once again, we are whole!  

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art serenade by shijun munns

 ART : Serenade ~ by Shijun Munns

At the Gates of Spiritual Science

Schmidt Number: S-1376

On-line since: 15th June, 2008



Yesterday we described the various stages by which pupils of the Eastern and the Christian occult schools came to higher knowledge. Today I will try to describe, in a similar way, the stages of Rosicrucian training.

You must not imagine that the Rosicrucian training contradicts the other two. It has existed since the fourteenth century, and it had to be introduced because mankind then needed a different form of training. Among the Initiates it was foreseen that a time would come when because of the gradual increase of knowledge men would be confused in matters of religious faith. Therefore a form of instruction had to be created for those who felt within themselves the discord between faith and knowledge. In the Middle Ages the most learned men were also those of the greatest faith and piety; and for a long time afterwards those who had made headway in scientific knowledge could not conceive of any contradictions between knowledge and faith. We are usually told that faith was shaken by the ideas of Copernicus, but that is quite wrong: after all, Copernicus dedicated his book to the Pope! It is only in quite recent times that this conflict has gradually developed. The Masters of Wisdom saw that this was bound to happen and that a new path would have to be found for those whose faith had been destroyed. For persons much occupied with science, the necessary path towards Initiation is the Rosicrucian, for the Rosicrucian method shows that the highest knowledge of mundane things is thoroughly compatible with the highest knowledge of spiritual truths. It is precisely through the Rosicrucian path that those who have been led away from Christian belief by what they take to be science can learn to understand Christianity truly for the first time. By this method anyone can come to a deeper grasp of the truth of Christianity. Truth is one, but it can be reached along different paths, just as at the foot of a mountain there are various paths, but they all meet at the summit.

The essence of Rosicrucian training may be described in two words: true self-knowledge. The Rosicrucian pupil has to distinguish two things, not merely theoretically but practically, so that they become part of his everyday life. There are two forms of self-knowledge — the lower form, called by the Rosicrucian pupil “self-mirroring”, which should serve to overcome the lower self, and the higher form of self-knowledge which is born out of self-renunciation.

What is the lower form of self-knowledge? It consists in the recognition of our everyday self, of what we are and of what we bear within us: in other words, an examination of our own soul-life. But we must make it quite clear to ourselves that by this means we cannot reach the higher self. When we look into ourselves we see only what we are, and that is just what we have to grow out of in order to surmount the ordinary self. But how is this to be done? Most people are convinced that their characteristics are the best, and anyone who lacks these characteristics is uncongenial to them. Once a person has outgrown this idea, not only in theory but in feeling, he will be on the way to true self-knowledge.

You can get out of the habit of self-admiration by a particular method which can be practised whenever you have five minutes for it. You must start from the principle that all characteristics are one-sided; you must learn to recognise in what respects yours are one-sided and then try to balance them. This principle may not amount to much in theory, but in practice it is highly effective. If you are industrious, you must ask yourself whether your activity may not be wrongly applied. Quickness, too, is one-sided; it needs to be supplemented by careful deliberation. Every quality has its polar opposite; you should cultivate its opposite and then try to harmonise the two extremes. For example, make haste slowly; be quick and yet deliberate; deliberate and yet not slow. Then the pupil will begin to grow beyond himself. All this is not part of meditation, but must be acquired alongside it.

It is by attention to small details that this harmony can be achieved. If your tendency is not to let anyone finish what he is saying, you must keep a watch on yourself and make up your mind that for six weeks you will keep silent, as far as possible, when someone else is talking. Then you must accustom yourself to speak neither too loudly nor too softly. Things such as this, which are generally not thought of, contribute essentially to inner self-development, and the more attention you pay to quite insignificant characteristics, the better it will be. If you try not only to acquire certain moral, intellectual or emotional qualities, but to get rid of some external habit, this will be particularly effective. It is a question not so much of investigating your inner self as of endeavouring to perfect the qualities which you have not yet fully developed, and to complement those you already have by cultivating their polar counterparts. Self-knowledge is one of the hardest things to acquire, and it is precisely those who think they know themselves best who are most likely to be deceived: they think too much about themselves. You should get out of the habit of fixing your attention on yourself and constantly using the word “I” — “I think, I believe, I consider this right”. Above all you must get rid of the notion that your opinion is worth more than that of other people. Suppose, for instance, that someone is very clever. If he displays his cleverness in the company of people who are not so clever, his behaviour will be very ill-timed; he will be doing it only to please his own egoism. He ought to adapt his response to the needs and capacities of others. Agitators are particularly apt to offend against this rule.

In addition to all this you must cultivate patience, in the occult sense of the word. Most people who want to achieve something cannot wait; they imagine they are already fit to receive anything. This patience derives from strict self-training, and it, too, is related to the lower form of self-knowledge.

Higher self-knowledge begins only when we can say that our higher self is not in our ordinary “I”. It is in the whole great world outside, in the sun and the moon, in a stone or an animal: everywhere can be found the same essential being that is in us. If a man says: “I wish to cultivate my higher self and to withdraw from the world; I want to know nothing about anything material,” he entirely fails to understand that the higher self is everywhere outside, and that his own higher self is only a small part of the Great Self outside. Certain methods of so-called “spiritual” healers make this mistake, which can be very serious. They instil into patients the idea that matter has no real existence and so there can be no illnesses. This notion is based on a false self-knowledge, and, as I have said, it can be very dangerous. This healing method calls itself Christian, but in fact it is anti-Christian.

Christianity is an outlook which sees in everything a revelation of the Divine. Everything material becomes an illusion unless we look on it as an expression of the Divine. If we disown the external world, we are disowning the Divine; if we reject the material realm, in which God has revealed himself, we are rejecting the Divine. The important thing is not to gaze into ourselves, but to seek to know the Great Self which shines down into us. The lower self says: “Standing here I am cold.” The higher Self says: “I am also the cold, for as part of the one Self I live in the cold and make myself cold.” Again the lower self says: “I am here in the eye which beholds the sun.” The higher Self says: “I am in the sun and in the sun’s rays I look into your eyes.”

Really to go out of yourself is to renounce yourself. Hence the Rosicrucian training aims at drawing the lower self out of man. In the early days of Theosophy the gravest mistake was made when people were told to look away from the external world and to gaze into themselves. That is a great illusion, for then we find only the lower self, the fourth principle, which imagines itself to be divine but is not so at all. We must come out of ourselves if we are to know the Divine. “Know thyself” means also “Overcome thyself”.

The Rosicrucian training leads its pupils through the following stages, and these go hand in hand with the six exercises already mentioned: control of thought; initiative in action; tranquillity; lack of prejudice, or positiveness; faith; and inner balance. The training itself consists of the following:

1. Study. Without study, a modern European cannot get to know himself. He must try, first of all, to reproduce in himself the thoughts of the whole of humanity. He must learn to think in harmony with the world-order. He must say to himself: “If others have thought this, it must be a possible human thought; I will test whether one can live with it.” He need not swear to it as a dogma, but by studying it he must get to know what it is. The pupil must learn about the evolution of sun and planets, of the earth and humanity. Thoughts of this kind, given to us for study, purify the spirit. By following the strict lines of these thoughts, we come to form strictly logical thoughts ourselves. This kind of study, again, purifies our thoughts, and so we learn to think with strict logic. If, for instance, we are reading a difficult book, the most important thing is not to comprehend its whole content, but to enter into the author’s line of thought and learn to think with him. Hence the pupil should find no book too difficult; if he does, it means only that he is too easy-going to think.

The best books are those we have to take up again and again, books we cannot understand immediately but have to study sentence by sentence. It does not matter so much what we study as how we study. If we study the great truths, for instance the planetary laws, we develop an important line of thought, and this is what really matters. If we say that we want more moral teaching and nothing about planetary systems, we show great egoism. True wisdom engenders a moral life.

2. Imagination or Imaginative Knowledge is the second thing we have to attain. What is it and how do we achieve it? As we go through the world we must observe it in the light of Goethe’s saying: “Everything transitory is but a symbol.” Goethe was a Rosicrucian and he can lead us into the life of the soul. Everything must become for us a symbol in manifold respects. Suppose, for instance, we are walking past a meadow saffron: in form and colour it is a symbol of mourning. Another flower, the convolvulus, is a symbol of helplessness; another flower, with its splash of red, is a sign of gaiety, and so on. A bird with bright colours may be a symbol of coquetry. The symbols may actually be expressed in the names: weeping willow, forget-me-not, and so on. The more we reflect in this way, so that external things become symbolic pictures of moral qualities, the more easily shall we attain to Imaginative Knowledge. We can see similar likenesses in human beings. For instance, we can study people’s temperament from their gait — look at the slow, heavy step of the melancholic, the light, springy step of the sanguine type.

After some time spent on these exercises we can pass to exercises of real Imagination. Take, for example, a living plant, look at it carefully, sink yourself into it, then draw forth the inner feeling of your soul and lay it as it were in the plant, as is described in the book, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. All this stimulates the Imagination, and by this means the pupil acquires astral vision. After a time he will notice a little flame proceeding from the plant: that is the astral counterpart of its growth. Again, the pupil takes a seed and visualises the whole plant, as it will later on be in reality. These are exercises of the Imagination; by their means one comes to see things surrounded by their astral element.

3. The third stage is called learning the occult script. There is in fact such a script, through which one can penetrate more deeply into things. An example will show you more exactly what I mean. With the close of the old Indian civilisation a new civilisation began. The symbol for such an evolutionary stage is the vortex. These vortices exist everywhere in the world. They occur in the nebulae — the Orion nebula, for instance. There, too, an old world is dying and a new one being born. When the Indian civilisation was coming into being, the Sun was in the sign of Cancer; during the Persian civilisation in Gemini; during the Egyptian civilisation in Taurus; during the Graeco-Roman civilisation in Aries. Since the astronomical sign for Cancer is , this was the sign for the rise of the Indian civilisation.

Another example is the letter M. Every letter of the alphabet can be traced back to an occult origin. Thus M is the symbol of wisdom; it derives from the shape of the upper lip. It is also the sign for the waves of the seas ; hence wisdom may be symbolised by water. These signs indicate sounds which correspond with real things, and in the Rosicrucian training such studies are cultivated.

4. A rhythmical element is brought into breathing. It plays a less important part than it does in Eastern training, but it belongs to the Rosicrucian training and a Rosicrucian knows that through meditation the air he breathes out is purified.

5. The correspondence between Microcosm and Macrocosm is emphasised. This means the connection between the great world and the small, or between man and the world outside him.

Man has emerged by gradual stages and his various members have been formed in the course of evolution. Now it is impossible for certain organs to arise in a being which has, for example, no astral body, and therefore they could not come into existence on the Sun, even in a preliminary form. The liver is an instance of this: it cannot exist without the etheric body, but it is actually created by the astral body. Similarly, no being can have warm blood unless it first appeared at a time when the Ego was at least in course of preparation. True, the higher animals are warm-blooded, but they split off from man when the development of his Ego was already on the way. Hence we can say that the liver is closely related to the astral body, and warm blood to the Ego. In fact every one of man’s organs, even the smallest, has its specific relationship to one member of his being. If the pupil concentrates his attention on himself objectively, as though on something outside himself — if for instance he concentrates on the point at the root of the nose and connects with it a particular saying given by his occult teacher, he will be guided to that which corresponds to this point and he will come to know it. If he concentrates on this point under definite guidance, he will come to know the nature of the Ego. Another, much later exercise is directed towards the inner part of the eye; through this one learns to know the inner nature of light and of the sun. The nature of the astral can be learnt by concentrating on the liver, with the aid of certain specific words.

This is true self-development, when the pupil is taken out of himself by means of each organ on which he concentrates his attention. This method has become specially important in recent times because humanity has become deeply involved in matter. In this way one penetrates through the material to its creative cause.

6. Dwelling in, or sinking oneself into, the Macrocosm. This is the same form of spiritual contemplation that we described as Dhyanam. The pupil sinks himself into the organ he is contemplating — for example, the inner part of the eye. After concentrating on it for a while, he drops the mental picture of the external organ and thinks only of that to which the eye leads him — the light. In this way he comes to the creator of the organ and so out into the Macrocosm. He then feels his body increasingly growing larger and larger until it is as large as the Earth; indeed even bigger than the Earth, until all things are in it. And then he lives in all things.

7. The seventh stage corresponds to the Eastern Samadhi. It is called divine blessedness, because now the pupil ceases to think of this last concept, but he retains the power to think. The content of his thought falls away, but the activity of thought remains. And thus he comes to rest in the divine-spiritual world.

These stages of Rosicrucian training are more inward, and call for a subtle cultivation of the higher life of the soul. The widespread superficiality of our material epoch is a powerful obstacle to the necessary deepening of the whole inner life; it must be overcome. This form of training is particularly well suited to Europeans. Anyone who is in earnest can carry it out. But Goethe’s saying, “It is indeed easy, but even the easy is hard”, applies here.

We have gone into the various methods of training, and I will end these lectures by showing you something of the relationship between man and the whole Earth, so that you will see how man is related to everything that happens on Earth.

I have described the evolution of man and shown you how he can acquire a true inner being of his own. In the course of evolution the whole of humanity will attain to everything that the individual can achieve through occult training. But what will be happening to the Earth while mankind is developing in this way? There is a great difference between the Earth seen by the occultist and the Earth known to the ordinary geologist or scientist. He looks on it as merely a sort of great lifeless ball, with an interior not very unlike its exterior, except that at most the interior substances are fluid. But it is not easy to understand how such a lifeless ball could have produced all the different kinds of beings on it.

We know that on this Earth of ours various phenomena occur which deeply affect the fate of many people; but present-day science looks on this as a purely external relationship. Thus the fate of hundreds and thousands may be affected by an earthquake or a volcano. Does the human will have any influence on this, or is it all a matter of chance? Are there dead laws which act with blind fury, or is there some connection between these events and the will of man? What is really happening when a man is killed by an earthquake? What does the occultist say about the interior of the Earth?

The occult science of all epochs says the following about the interior of the Earth. We must think of the Earth as consisting of a series of layers, not completely separated from one another like the skins of an onion, but merging into one another gradually.

1. The topmost layer, the mineral mass, is related to the interior as an eggshell is to the egg. This topmost layer is called the Mineral Earth.

2. Under it is a second layer, called the Fluid Earth; it consists of a substance to which there is nothing comparable on Earth. It is not really like any of the fluids we know, for these all have a mineral quality. This layer has specific characteristics: its substance begins to display certain spiritual qualities, which consist in the fact that as soon as it is brought into contact with something living, it strives to expel and destroy this life. The occultist is able to investigate this layer by pure concentration.

3. The “Air-Earth”. This is a substance which annuls feelings: for instance, if it is brought into contact with any pain, the pain is converted into pleasure, and vice versa. The original form of a feeling is, so to speak extinguished, rather as the second layer extinguishes life.

4. The “Water-Earth”, or the “Form-Earth”. It produces in the material realm the effects that occur spiritually in Devachan. There, we have the negative pictures of physical things. In the “Form-Earth” a cube of salt, for example, would be destroyed, but its negative would arise. The form is as it were changed into its opposite; all its qualities pass out into its surroundings. The actual space occupied by the object is left empty.

5. The “Fruit-Earth”. This substance is full of exuberant energy. Every little part of it grows out at once like sponge; it gets larger and larger and is held in place only by the upper layers. It is the underlying life which serves the forms of the layers above it.

6. The “Fire-Earth”. Its substance is essentially feeling and will. It is sensitive to pain and would cry out if it were trodden on. It consists, as it were, entirely of passions.

7. The “Earth-mirror” or “Earth-reflector”. This layer gets its name from the fact that its substance, if one concentrates on it, changes all the characteristics of the Earth into their opposites. If the seer disregards everything lying above it and gazes down directly into this layer, and if then, for example, he places something green before him, the green appears as red; every colour appears as its complementary opposite. A polaric reflection arises, a reversal of the original. Sorrow would be changed by this substance into joy.

8. The “Divisive” layer. If with developed power one concentrates on it, something very remarkable appears. For example, a plant held in the midst of this layer appears to be multiplied, and so with everything else. But the essential thing is that this layer disrupts the moral qualities also. Through the power it radiates to the Earth’s surface, it is responsible for the fact that strife and disharmony exist there. In order to overcome this disruptive force, men must work together in harmony.

That is precisely why this layer was laid down in the Earth — so that men should be enabled to develop harmony for themselves. The substance of everything evil is prepared and organised there. Quarrelsome people are so constituted that this layer has a particular influence on them. This has been known to everyone who has written out of a true knowledge of occultism. Dante in his Divine Comedy calls this layer the Cain-layer. It was here that the strife between the brothers Cain and Abel had its source. The substance of this layer is responsible for evil having come into the world.

9. The “Earth-core”. This is the substance through whose influence black magic arises in the world. The power of spiritual evil comes from this source.

You will see that man is related to all the layers, for they are continually radiating out their forces. Humanity lives under the influence of these layers and has to overcome their powers. When human beings have learnt to radiate life on Earth and have trained their breathing so that it promotes life, they will overcome the “Fire-Earth”. When spiritually they overcome pain through serenity, they overcome the “Air-Earth”. When concord reigns, the “Divisive” layer is conquered. When white magic triumphs, no evil remains on Earth. Human evolution thus implies a transformation of the Earth’s interior. In the beginning the nature of the Earth’s body was such as to hold subsequent developments in check. In the end, when human powers have transformed the Earth, it will be a spiritualised Earth. In this way man imparts his own being to the Earth.

Now there are occasions when the very substance of the passions of the Fire-Earth begins to rebel. Aroused by men’s passions, it penetrates through the Fruit-Earth, forces its way through the channels in the upper layers and even flows up into and violently shakes the solid Earth: the result is an earthquake. If this passion from the Fire-Earth thrusts up some of the Earth’s substance, a volcano erupts. All this is closely connected with man. In Lemurian times, the upper layer was still very soft and the Fire-layer was near the surface. Human passions and the “passion-substance” of this layer are related; when men give rein to evil passions they strengthen its passions, and that is what happened at the end of Lemurian times. Through their passions the Lemurians made the Fire-Earth rebellious, and in this way they brought the whole Lemurian continent to destruction. No other cause for this destruction could be found except in what they had themselves drawn forth from the Earth. Today the layers are thicker and firmer, but there is still this connection between human passions and the passion-layer in the interior of the Earth; and it is still an accumulation of evil passions and forces that gives rise to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

How man’s destiny and will are related to happenings in the Earth can be seen from two examples which have been occultly investigated. It has been found that persons who have been killed in an earthquake appear in their next incarnation as men of high spiritual quality and faith. They had progressed far enough to be convinced by that final stroke of the transitoriness of earthly things. The effect of this in Devachan was that they learnt a lesson for their next lives: that matter is perishable but spirit prevails. They did not all come to realise that, but many of them are now living as people who belong to some spiritual-theosophical movement.

In the other example, the births which occurred during a time of frequent earthquakes were investigated. It was found that all those born at about the time of an earthquake, though not exactly in its area, were, surprisingly enough, men of a very materialistic cast of mind. The earthquakes were not the cause of this; rather it was these strongly materialistic souls, ripe for birth, who worked their way down into the physical world by means of their astral will and let loose the forces of the Fire-Earth layer, which proceeded to shake the Earth at the time of their birth.

Man transforms his dwelling-place and himself at the same time, and when he spiritualises himself, he spiritualises the Earth also. One day, at a later planetary stage, he will have ennobled the Earth by his own creative power. Every moment when we think and feel, we are working on the great structure of the Earth. The Leaders of mankind have insight into such relationships and seek to impart to men the forces which will work in the true direction of evolution. One of the latest of these impulses is the Theosophical Movement. Its purpose is to develop harmony and balance in the very depths of the human soul. Anyone who puts the assertion of his own opinion higher than love and peace has not thoroughly understood the idea of Theosophy. The spirit of love must penetrate even into the opinions a man holds. In the course of occult development he must unavoidably learn this, or he will get no further. He must renounce entirely his own opinions and must wish to be solely an instrument of the objective truth which comes from the spiritual world and flows through the world as the one great Truth. The more a man renounces himself and sets his own opinions aside, becoming instead a channel for the great Truth, the more does he manifest the true spirit of Theosophy.

All this is extraordinarily difficult today. But theosophical teaching is itself a promoter of peace. When we come together so that we may live within this teaching, it gives rise to peace. But if we introduce something from outside, we bring dissension in, and that should really be an impossibility. So the theosophical conception of the world must pass over into feeling — into something I would call a spiritual atmosphere — in which Theosophy lives. You must have a will to understand; then Theosophy will hover like a unifying spirit over our gatherings, and from there will spread its influence out through the world.


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Arcturian Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Arcturian Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians

The Arcturians Talk with the Lemurians

Dear Readers,

I am again posting some of the Arcturian messages that I added to my fourth Pleiadian Perceptions on Ascension boos. In this section, the Arcturians are in Inner Earth speaking with the Lemurians.

Dearest August Members of Gaia’s Planet Earth,

As many of you know, when the Galactics land on Gaia’s surface, you, the members of Inner Earth, will send your emissaries topside to assist and educate the many humans who will be dazed and confused.

With that said, we will continue speaking to you, our dear Lemurian friends, as if you were the very humans that you will be going topside to support. In this way we will guide you in the same manner that you will guide the topsider humans.

We come to you within this NOW to tell about Earth’s earliest history. The seeding of a planet is much like the seeding of the ground. Seeds are planted in the hope that they will grow and prosper.

In the same fashion, beings from different planets, galaxies and dimensions planted their “seeds” in the hope that they could live, grow and prosper on a young (in planetary terms) world. However, rather than physical seeds, we Galactics planted seeds of consciousness.

We, the Arcturians, were among the first Galactics to send our seeds of consciousness into the life forms of planet Earth. Hence, it is we who have come to you to deliver this message. We encourage all of you to remember your Galactic Family.

Those of you who have taken incarnations on surface Earth will need to dust off the cobwebs of forgetfulness from your incarnations during the Piscean Age. During that age of the Kali Yuga, which is referred to as the Dark Age, humanity was as far away from the ONE as possible.

In fact, humans believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth, and that the Earth was the most evolved planet in all of the Galaxy, or even the Universe. It takes a strong person to recognize they were mistaken in their perception of reality. It takes an even stronger person to recognize the many lies that have limited their expansion into SELF.

It is your NOW to release your fear of other civilizations. We come to remind you that you have many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF who are currently holding forms on Starships, different planets and in other galaxies.

Most of your galactic expressions live in fifth dimensional light bodies that exist within the NOW of unconditional love. However, there are still some members of the Power Over Others galactic worlds that exist on the third/fourth dimension of our Galaxy, as well as on Earth.

Most of these beings have changed their ways once they finally lost The Galactic War. However, many Draconians came to Earth after they lost the war. The Draconians are the descendants of the great dinosaurs of Earth’s ancient history. Therefore, they believe that Earth is their planet.

These beings are primarily responsible for the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as many of the wars your planet has suffered. However, their reign has come to an end. Because of their resistance to unconditional love, their resonance is unable to expand into the fifth-dimensional lightbodies that will inhabit Gaia’s new fifth dimensional Earth.

Fortunately, just as some members of these civilizations remained lost to the darkness of ‘power-over-others,’ there were others who ascended into the fifth dimension. Some of them took refuge in the earth, such as your selves, to await their opportunity to ascend themselves and planet Earth.

Therefore, do not judge another by their species or the habits of their greater family. All life has an opportunity to join Gaia on New Earth, and all life will be welcomed. Many, such as this gathering of Lemurians, live just one half octave above the physical world on Earth’s surface.

You, our dear Lemurian friend, entered Earth before She plummeted into Her lowest frequency. Because of the completion of the great cycle of the Procession of the Equinox, Earth is now in alignment with the Galactic Center. Thus, the planet’s frequency of resonance is slowly and surely rising.

In fact, Earth entered Her Golden Age in late 2012 and She will remain in this era for 2,000 years. During these 2,000 years, multidimensional light and unconditional love will flow directly form the Galactic Center and into the heart of Gaia. Hence, it is the NOW for transmutation of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

Gaia is ready NOW, as is her plant and animal kingdom. It is humanity that is still attached to the 3D Matrix and cannot look beyond it. Fortunately, there are also many humans who are fully prepared to transmute into the higher frequencies of reality. Dear members of Inner Earth, when you go topside, your first assignment is to find these fully awakened ones.

Then, just as we talk to them when we bring them on our Ships, you can talk to them as they walk the body of beloved Gaia. You may wonder when all this will occur, so allow us to answer this question. All that we have spoken of will occur not at a given time, but in a given frequency.

The number of humans who can perceive this frequency, which is of course the resonance of the fifth dimension, is expanding exponentially. Therefore, we ask once again, be patient within your NOW. Cherish every moment of the life you NOW live. In this moment you live in unconditional love, which is the key to your transmutation into your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

When we say we are WITH you, we mean we are IN you, just as you are IN unity with us. When we finished our message the room was totally quite. We knew that the task of going topside to try to communicate with the third-dimensional humans was daunting to them. Therefore, we continued.

Yes, our dear friends. Humanity has been lost in the illusions of the third dimension since the fall of Atlantis. We know that you are impatient for their awakening, but remember that you have been living in the fifth-dimensional pocket of Gaia’s heart.

Do you remember when the Atlantians destroyed your world? Do you remember the great fear that you felt and the anger that filled your hearts regarding the Atlantians? The topsider humans have been experiencing this degree of fear and anger since the fall of Atlantis.

We send a wave of unconditional love into this audience again to open their hearts and minds to more information. When we felt their confusion and worry transmute to love and dedication to purpose, we continued.

Lemuria and Atlantis were meant to bring Gaia into a dualistic reality so that Gaia could serve as a school in which beings could incarnate to learn the Law of Cause and Effect. This law was to be taught to the students (inhabitants of Earth) by giving them “time” between the energy field going out into reality (cause) and when it returned back to the sender (the effect).

In a unified, fifth dimensional reality, cause and effect occur instantly. Hence Gaia chose to resonate to the frequency of the third dimension. To do so, she had to lower her resonance from the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond into the time-bound resonance of the third dimension of duality.

Since time is created by polarities such as male/female, good/bad, day/night, Gaia would need to have males and female inhabitants. Lemuria was to be the female ‘Mother Civilization’ to represent the Flow of the electron, receptive/inflow, feminine polarity of energy, experienced as love and emotions.

Lemuria began when life planet Earth was in its infant stages, and the ‘mothers’ loved the infant planet by merging with the elements of the earth, air, fire and water. You Lemurians had no desire to become an individual or to ‘think’ about having personal power. You saw yourselves as one with all life on Earth.

Atlantis, on the other hand, was to be the ‘Father Civilization and was meant to represent the Flow of the proton, expressive/outflow, masculine polarity of energy, experienced as power and thoughts. The Atlantians enjoyed thinking and discovering how they could change and improve their world.

Whereas your Lemurian spirituality was based on love of all life and Mother Earth was your divine leader, the Atlantians looked upwards into the sky. They could understand and conquer the land and sea, but they could not, yet, understand and conquer the sky. Therefore, their spiritual guidance came from far above them.

Are you beginning to see how polarity began to take hold on Gaia’s planet?” we asked and observed as they shook their heads yes. Through the marriage of feminine, Love/Emotion and the masculine, Power/Thoughts, the two landed expressions of Gaia could gain the great Wisdom to combine their thoughts and emotions to create a beautiful reality in which everyone could learn by putting together what had been separated.

When the humanoids, the Keepers of the Land, could unite their thoughts and emotions (masculine and feminine) they would create their new world. Unfortunately, instead of a beautiful bonding and resulting ascension, their “marriage,” like many Earthly marriages, ended in a long “divorce” in which both of them lost everything.

Part of the reason for this divorce of power and love was that the ‘Power-over’ galactic ancestors of these great civilizations could never approve of this marriage. All they wanted was to ‘have it ALL.’ In other words, greed was the cause of destruction then, just as it is in your NOW.

Since Gaia is NOW in the energy field of galactic light and planetary unity, the marriage of ALL polarities into the ONE is the hope and means of ascension. As we tell the age-old story of love and power, peak and fall, unity and separation, we ask you to listen with your Multidimensional SELF, so that you will remember YOUR Truth.

Through remembering your own Truth, your own perception of this story, you can take that which was in your distant past and bring it into your present to create a future of ascension within the NOW of the ONE.

In this manner you can travel in consciousness via the oscillation of the sine waves of your consciousness. The higher your consciousness, the faster the oscillation of sine waves, and the more quickly you will travel inter-dimensionally via your consciousness.

The frequency of your consciousness is influenced by the rate of the spin of molecules within your form. If your form resonates to a much lower frequency than your multidimensional consciousness, your consciousness and form will not be in entrainment. Therefore, you will not be able to perceive what is occurring within your higher frequency consciousness and inter-dimensional travels.

It is the discrepancy between the frequency of your form and the frequency of your consciousness that creates the illusion of separation in which you feel separate from your Multidimensional SELF. In the world in which humanity has lived since before the fall of Atlantis, this type of “separation from SELF” was unknown.

Before the fall of Lemuria, and even until the later times of Atlantis, the humanoid form resonated to the fifth dimension and beyond. Because of these high frequencies, the bodies did not have a static form. In fact, many did not need a form at all and existed as pure consciousness.

Through the early and positive actions of the early Atlantians, Spirit can now inhabit the fourth dimension. It is the challenge of the grounded ones, who are the descendants of Atlantis, to bring Spirit into the matter of the third dimension.

The Atlantians created this splitting of their spiritual and denser forms when they began genetic engineering. Before the genetic engineering, all forms on Atlantis were ‘visited’ by androgynous Spirits of the higher dimensions. These spiritual beings visited Atlantis in the same manner that you would log in to a video game.

We share return to speak more of on early Lemuria.

Blessings, We are the Arcturians

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The Coming of the Cities of Light – Part 1/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Coming of the Cities of Light – Part 1/2

Reposted from Nov. 2012. Steve is on a rest break Monday and Tuesday.

No development on Earth is more fascinating than the advent of the cities of light. I can trace the discussion of them to the middle of the last century. (1) However, it’s probable that they were being discussed long before that.

Genii Townsend has written two books on them and spoke about them at the Sedona conference. (2) SaLuSa said on Nov. 16, 2012 that there are twelve of them. (3)  He tells us that they’ll be used to heal millions who need help, even after Ascension. On July 22, 2011, he said of Mike Quinsey:

“Michael has now added Cities of Light to his understanding, as another facet of what is to manifest for souls on the Ascension path. As the weeks go by information of these magnificent cities will become widely known, and you will find that they are technologically advanced healing centres that will totally change you. They will not be the only ones, as there will be many ways available to you that will concentrate on raising your vibrations.” (4)

In 2010, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman revealed that one of the functions of the cities was to raise our vibrations: “You have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you can gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light.” (5)

In January of 2012 SaLuSa told us that the cities were “preparing to make their appearance on Earth.” On this occasion he focused on how “they were examples of what can be done by using our technologies for the good of all.” (6) He described those technologies as they applied to healing.

“Many civilisations of the Galactic Federation will contribute to the task of attending to your needs, and each often has their own specialised expertise. Be assured that before you reach Ascension, you will have healing that is based on Light, Sound and Colour.

“Your earthly ways are often quite crude, but we do not belittle your attempts to cater for all types of illness and disease. A lot of the new methods are understood by you, but usually lack the funding to be developed. Furthermore, there are Corporations in the drug industries that stem any advances that may replace their products and reduce their profits.” (7)

On another occasion, he said that another function of the cities was to introduce us to what life was like in the higher dimensions.

“The Cities of Light of which you are now becoming aware, will give you a sample of what it is like in the higher dimensions. Yet they are more in the nature of Healing Centres specifically prepared to help you raise your consciousness levels. You will take the fast track to remove all the vestiges of your present dimension that have kept you within it.” (8)

A few months ago, SaLuSa described them as integral parts of the process that will convert us into galactic beings.

“Everything you expected to take place will do so, and as progress is made you will find that it will take you further than you thought possible. It will be a wonderful time that will see you relieved of all of the old problems that have held you back. It is time to go speeding forward and move into a new world that reflects your upliftment into the higher dimensions.

“There will be ample facilities, including the Cities of Light, where you can be healed as you are to be fully restored to a prime condition. Eventually you will also be able to reverse the aging process and return to a youthful appearance, and so it will go on until you become a Galactic Being. All of these changes await you and they are not too far in the future. Think positively about them and you will be helping to manifest them much sooner than we have allowed for.” (9)

In Heavenly Blessings on Aug. 30, 2012, Archangel Michael revealed that the cities of light were originally scheduled to be brought here 80,000 years into our future but were introduced earlier when our future wingmaker selves pleaded that they be brought to Earth now.

“In the year that you know as 2000 we began working with you, we began, your star brothers and sisters began, and your future wing-maker selves began working with the Cities of Light.

“And these Cities of Light are not simply etheric forms but let us suggest to you and tell you, share with you that in the beginning these Cities of Light were 80,000 years in your future. The work has been done and it began with a plea, not only from us but from your future selves guiding the actions, the decisions, the choices, the dreams, the inspirations, the desires that you, in human form right now have to create Nova Earth.

“And they begged you to make wise decisions because the decisions that you have made starting at that conjunction and continuing on, almost on a daily basis would affect whether they would come to be in what you think of as a physical reality and existence.” (10)

Recently Archangel Michael named some of them.

“Now the Cities of Light emerge, many are seeing them and they have been forming all over the planet gloriously, yes the first one was ‘The New Jerusalem’, Phoenix to Sedona. But there has been one ‘The Atlantean City of Light’, ‘Terra Tralana’, ‘Idaho’, many, many … ‘Michigan’.

“We have spoken of this when we have spoken to the people of China about the City of Light that is forming there.”

Which city was Archangel Michael referring to as emerging or existing over China? In a mid-summer 2012 edition of An Hour with an Angel, he explained:

“One of the most magnificent cities of light is already emerging slightly north of Shanghai, south of Beijing. And this will be a city of light much like long ago in Atlantis, a port where the star brothers and sisters would come for exchange of cultural ideas, technology, art. It will be magnificent. So think of this, look for this, work on this.

“There is also another, a smaller city of light — and it is more of a retreat and a place of healing — near the Mongolian border in the north.” (12)

Could the latter city of light be Shamballa? We don’t know.

AAM says the cities of light can be glimpsed with our physical eyes but are more apparent to our Third and Fourth Eyes.

“This is not simply something a dream. Many of you, yes with your 3rd and 4th eye, but with also what you think of as your human eyes, are seeing and observing, coming into form in your reality, something that you have pulled into your time and space albeit fully anchored in the 7th.” (13)

As far back as 2009, Archangel Michael said through Ronna Herman that “some advanced Souls are [already] integrating small amounts of Sixth-Dimensional frequency patterns (and even higher) via the Cities of Light.” (14)

Thus the cities of light function to heal us and raise our vibrations, enabling us to ascend more easily than otherwise at the end of this year and preparing us for galactic citizenship. They are becoming visible to some now but will be more apparent later and will continue to serve their mission well into the Golden Age.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue our study with some extended word-pictures of how the cities of light appear and function.


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An Interdimensional Journey – The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 8.12.

An Interdimensional Journey — The Arcturians


An Inter-dimensional Journey

Arcturian Morning Message

We always have a message for you as we live within the NOW. Therefore, our essence, which flows through all of our grounded ones, is a constant open channel for the multidimensional light and unconditional loves that infinitely flows through the NOW of the ONE.

As you touch in with us each morning, you can align you consciousness with this flow to receive whatever information your Soul needs within this NOW. Therefore, please close your eyes and open your heart to align your consciousness with the Flow.

As you do so, feel the instant connection in your heart as you release all third dimensional thoughts while you also maintain a connection with your physical vessel. Feel how this flow lifts your spirit up above and beyond your body and into the higher dimensional worlds.

Feel your connection to your earth vessel and use it as an anchor for your consciousness as well as a portal through which you can share your experience with Gaia. Gaia is so very happy to feel the emanations that you are pulling through your personal portal and sending into her heart.

Remember that your every thought and every emotion goes into the heart of Gaia. Fortunately, the higher frequency thoughts and emotions serve as a “virus protector” against the myriad fearful and angry thoughts that linger in Gaia’s aura/atmosphere.

With your self fully grounded and in service to your planet, you can now let go of any restraints that hold you back from your higher experience of inter-dimensional travel. Just relax into the wonderful sensations that you are having in your body. Feel how you are light as a feather and as diffuse as a cloud.

Now feel the solid core of your consciousness that is the core of your essence. You will take this core with you to any and every dimension and reality that you choose to visit. Where would you like to go today?

We instantly hear your that your response is Venus. Yes, you have had many incarnations on Gaia’s sister Venus, which is why you so love Gaia. When Gaia is fifth dimensional, she will be called by her true name, Gaia, rather than by her designation, which is Earth.

That designation will no longer be appropriate because she will not be of that density. Would you like to go through the portal of Venus to visit fifth dimensional Gaia? Yes, we hear your joy at that offer and are happy to share it with you. Begin your journey by realigning with your earth form sitting in the chair.

Feel how its frequency is rising as you surrender to our essence and the information that we are sending into your heart. As you may remember, inter-dimensional travel is within the NOW. Hence, no time elapses between the now of your intention and the NOW of the fulfillment of that intention.

You see the familiar shores of Venus, which have always been within your consciousness. You walk/float over to the pink waters to feel their effervescent nature on the thought form of your body. You lean over to run your hand through the water to see the myriad sparkles that arise as you do so.

You can also hear the slight sound, which is similar to laugher, as you wade through the sparkling waters. As you leave the waters, you find that you are flying, flowing above the land to an area that you have not yet consciously visited.

Since you are in the fifth dimension you do not need to travel across space, but you choose to do so to better see the beautiful landscape of fifth dimensional Venus. Below and around you, as your perceptions are multidimensional, are many fifth dimensional thought forms in various stages of manifestation.

On Venus these are called “floating thought forms.” Since your have left your intention open, you are on the frequency of floating thoughts, which there are many ideas that have not yet been fulfilled. You could enter any of these thought forms with your consciousness, which would allow to visit that possible reality.

Oh here is a thought form that resonates to your heart, and we see you wish to enter it. All you need do to enter the thought form is to open your heart and call it with your mind. Yes, there you are again in the place that often lingers on the edge of your perceptions.

You are among the welcome party who is welcoming new members to Gaia’s fifth dimensional reality. Since your consciousness if beyond time, you can travel to a reality, which has not yet occurred in your third dimensional life.

You have come to this threshold of “New Earth” quite often. Hence, you have learned that Gaia’s sister Venus protects this portal. In this manner, only those who can calibrate their heart and mind to the frequency of Venus can enter this frequency of Earth.

Gaia has learned her lesson that in order to hold Her true resonance, she will need to be more discriminating about the frequency of Her inhabitants. As you cross the threshold of New Earth, you perceive a ledge of light that floats above the darkness.

This darkness is the frequencies that Gaia is leaving and the ledge of light is the frequency to which she is returning. We say, “returning” because all life steams from light and only experiencing darkness in a third dimensional, polarized reality.

Free the separation of polarity, Gaia can float above that which has harmed her body and harmed your eco system. As you look up in frequency, you can vaguely perceive another Gaia that has always been.

All life flows from Source and remains in all of its higher expressions as it “dips its toes” in the lower frequencies of reality. The “New Earth” that you have experienced is “Threshold New Earth.”

You can clearly see now how many members of 3D Earth have bi-located to this frequency of Earth to welcome newcomers to this higher frequency. Can you feel the celebration now as old friends meet on this frequency, while those where were strangers in the lower frequencies instantly recognize each other?

Feel your self-hugging your many friends that you have made during myriad incarnations on physical Earth. Relax into this moment of joy and store it in your heart. Feel how this joy heals all loneliness and longing. Remember how you often come to this threshold to assist others who are new to this glorious experience.

Your day on 3D Earth is calling you and it is the NOW to focus your attention there. But, before you leave, remember that there is no time here. Thus, you will only “leave” in your third dimensional consciousness, while YOU remain here within the NOW of the ONE.

Please keep your imagination open, so that you can experience this reality as you go about your 3D day. Then you can remember that ALL third dimensional issues are “just an illusion.”

Blessings we are ALWAYS with you,

The Arcturians

Dear Readers, I got this message yesterday morning, 11-6-14, and wanted to share it with you today. 

Posted by Sue at 9:23 AM

suzanne lie 8.12.

Archangel Michael: Ascension will See the Entire Planet Fall in Love ~ Linda Dillon @ The Council of Love

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Archangel Michael: Ascension will See the Entire Planet Fall in Love

An Hour with an Angel, November 28, 2014, with Archangel Michael

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel on this Thanksgiving Day in the United States. We’re here with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And Linda, you were saying before the show that the love energy was going to increase.

Linda Dillon: I have been feeling this tsunami of love, which a lot of people have said, “Oh, is it over now?” And I think the last time we spoke I said, oh, no, it’s not over. And I can see this huge wave when I sort of look at the Earth like offshore.

And what I’m being told and what I’m feeling myself is that there is this massive infusion of the tsunami of love energy, particularly between now and Christmas or Hanukkah, however you think of that. You know, we as humans love dates. So it’s just this feeling… And one of the things that has come up several times, in various channelings, is that the Mother is sending energy that is part of the tsunami of love, but she is sending this beam of light directly through the great central sun, through our sun, that is penetrating all of us.

So don’t be surprised if you’ve been feeling a little electric, and some people to the point of really feeling short-circuited. And the way that the Mother’s describing it is, think of this as hydroelectric power. Think of this as Niagara Falls, just the final pushes just rushing right through you.

Again, the energy moves from your head down through your body and out your feet. And as it goes out your feet, of course, every blade of grass, every mountain, every kingdom, every animal, and Gaia herself, are also receiving this energy. So, hang on to your hats!

SB: Boy, that’s exciting.

LD: It is exciting. And, you know, we’ve all been saying, okay, now, how long do we have to wait? And we all know it’s a waiting game. And let me tell you, the one thing that has really stuck with me from our gathering in Lake Tahoe is when the Mother said that she’d been waiting for this for 6.3 million years. That has stuck in my brain.

And every time I feel aggravated or frustrated, and want to say, hurry up, everybody! I go back and I say, well, she’s been waiting 6.3 million years, and probably eons longer, so we can wait a little while longer.

SB: Amazing. Well, it’s a big piece of work they’re doing.

LD: It’s so much bigger than we realize. Both our star brothers and sisters…. The ascended masters have a whole area that they are working on really diligently with the human race as well at this time. They’ve got their own little project going on. And then there’s this huge infusion from Mother/Father One, so there’s a lot happening!  And there’s a lot to be grateful for.

SB: Well, why don’t I let you make yourself comfortable, make your transition, and we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

LD: All right.

SB: And while we’re waiting for Archangel Michael to come in, I might just say that Linda has just been through a case of the flu. So if she needs to clear her throat from time to time, that’s what’s happening.

And, welcome, Archangel Michael!

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you! Yes, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news, and participant, for I would love for this to be a participatory process on this wondrous subject of gratitude. How can you be in the joy of existence, in the middle, the beginning, the end, of your ascension process? How can you even live on this magnificent planet called Gaia and not be in joy and gratitude every day?

Oh, and you say, “Yes, Michael, of course I am in gratitude, but what about peace on Earth? What about financial reorganization, re-valuation of the financial systems of the planet? What about the elimination of discrimination, gender inequality? What about all those who suffer from dis-ease and dis-heart-ening?”

There is still so much to be grateful for. And the Mother reminds of us this time and time and time again. So if there is nothing else that you can find, gratitude within your very core, can you not be grateful for your divine connection with the Mother, with the One, with the Whole?

I am so honored to speak, to conjoin, to touch your hearts this day. And yes, we are using the occasion of American Thanksgiving because it is a day that’s marked and set aside for this very subject of gratitude.

So you have a saying, I’ll take it where I can get it? Well, sweet ones, we are taking it.

I wish to bring messages, greetings of gratitude on behalf of all. So let us start by us saying what we are grateful for. And I speak to all the people of Earth, and I speak to each and every one of your hearts this night.

I am grateful for your love. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to love you forever. We are grateful for your patience, for your [audacity], for your valor, for your courage, for your consistency. For how you continue on even when you feel disillusioned. We are grateful that you are finally walking through your core issues. You are not stalling. You are not turning away. You are walking through and you are embracing the truth, the trust, the beauty of who you are.

We are grateful for every head, for every hair, for your smile, for your laughter, for your beauty, within and without. We are grateful that you have stepped forward and declared yourself as Nova beings, creating and co-creating in our sacred partnership, Nova Earth, Nova Gaia.

We are grateful that even in your frustration and your incomplete understanding of this unfoldment that you have trusted and continued on. We are grateful for your love, for your attention, for your vigilance.

We are grateful that you tend to Gaia and to each other. We are grateful that you acknowledge and come to know not only us more dearly, but your star brothers and sisters. We are grateful, most grateful, that you have finally — and may we say pretty much completely — relinquished the old Third Dimension. You have relinquished the false grids, the vasanas, the illusions, and you are embracing your higher, interdimensional, multidimensional self. You are embracing your alignment with the heart and mind and will of One.

We are extraordinarily grateful not only for your love, but your friendship. We are grateful that you do the work of lightwork, of lovework, that you are implementing and adhering to universal law, that you are allowing the gifts that are being sent, the frequency adjustments, the attunements, that you are allowing them. Oh, there are still some that are recalcitrant, that are reluctant, and we are grateful to them! For what it does is it highlights how few are left and how much progress has been made!

We are grateful that you never say, “No, I won’t do it!” when we give you yet another assignment. Dear heart, I could go on and on and take all your time, but as I have said, I wish this to be a conversation. So, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, thank you, Lord. I’d like to begin with something you said to me a while back. You said that the galactics were infusing California vegetation with enough water and a chlorophyll-like substance to allow it to stay alive. You hinted that they were doing much more that we would have cause to be grateful for. By way of enumerating our blessings, could you tell us more about what the galactics are doing behind the scenes that we might be grateful for?

AAM: Oh, my goodness. Well, I will tell you a few things…

SB: Okay.

AAM: I cannot say that I can give away all their secrets or blessings, but yes…

The galactics, if we are even to back up half a step, have been the keepers of Gaia, even, oh, 50 or 200 years cocooning her in a beautiful cloud, what you would think of as a protective cushion of strength so that she did not wobble off her axis, as was part of the original thought and plan.

They have assisted in keeping Gaia verdant. Now, you say, “Well, what about the deserts? What about the droughts that are felt all over the globe?” They have kept Gaia alive in many ways that human beings do not fully understand.

They are playing a very active role, yes, in conjunction with me, with our legions, but they have quite literally stopped bombs, taken them out of the air, eliminated them — no, certainly not taken them on board, for that would be far too primitive. They have worked, particularly with we who are the archangels in addressing, again, particularly the violence, the war, first in the Ukraine and throughout the Middle East. They are one of our strongest allies, and they are shielding much of the violence.

And you say to me, “Well, Lord, how can that be when we still witness terrible beheadings?” And what I say to you is that it would be much worse if we and your galactic brothers and sisters were not greatly involved.

The galactics have what you can translate as a water project. Now, you think that this sounds very human. They are working with all the waters — oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs; I do not think they involve themselves with puddles, but I would not be surprised with anything they do.

They are working on the restoration and they are working with many of the elementals and the kingdoms on the restoration of absolute purity in the water of Gaia.

Now, so many of you — yes, even lightworkers who do not fully have the comprehension of Gaia’s power, of your star family power, of the restorative power of Gaia, say, “Well, it would take hundreds of years for all of the waters to be cleaned up.” Well, you know when you have a belief system we often allow you to work through it. That is part of your process which we appreciate, which we are grateful for your brilliant minds. But let us tell you, dear heart, that belief is ridiculous.

Your star brothers and sisters are cleaning up your water supply. Go ahead and test it. What do you think this project of bringing water to end a drought through the gentle rains is about? Do you really think that is just Uriel? Of course not, although he takes the lead.

Your star brothers and sisters are infusing each droplet of water not only with Uriel’s silver ray, but with the purity that is required for the restoration of Gaia, not only of the oceans, but as the water hits the land. For what good is it when rain is polluted? Well, very little, really.

So they are working in this; they are working in the depths of the ocean. They are working where there has been nuclear seepage. They are working where there has been oil spills. They are assisting the water sprites, the mer people, the many civilizations that have sunk… These are rising to the surface. Who do you think is running the elevator? Your star family.

So they are doing magnificent, magnificent work. And then people say, “Well, there hasn’t been disclosure, and we don’t get to see them en masse sitting on the White House lawn.” Well, that will come.

But it would be a massive misunderstanding to think that your star brothers and sisters have withdrawn. Quite the contrary, they are building Nova Earth and Terra Gaia, not just for you, but with you — and of course with Gaia, bright archangel herself.

Now, of course they’re also working with those who have — your term — boots on the ground, and that is a period of adjustment, particularly in frequency and communication, fluency — and we do not simply mean language.

They are re-awakening many, many starseeds. Now, there was a voluntary movement of many starseeds born into what you think of as human lives, human form — oh yes, what you think of as ordinary life. There is not one life on the planet, particularly at this time, that is not extraordinary. They are awakening many of the starseeds to the fullness of their galactic star selves.

So, are your brothers and sisters of the stars simply sitting there and observing? No. They are working diligently, consciously and unconsciously, with all of you, as are we.

And let us say there are many of you, my brothers and sisters, who walk out particularly at night and you look up at the night sky and you say hello to the rainbow ships or to the mother ships or to your particular friend. The level of gratitude that is felt when you take that simple action of acknowledgment is so deeply appreciated, your star family is as grateful as we are for those of you who have volunteered to be on planet at this time.

SB: Well, thank you, Lord. Maybe we could talk about two people whose work has expanded our understanding of gratitude, or thanksgiving. And the first one is Dr. Maseru Emoto, who showed that emotions carry different vibrations and have impacts on the body. He said we observe beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing or offering pure prayer to water.

On the other hand, we observe disfigured crystals in the opposite situation.

Taking off from his experiments, what is the vibration that gratitude carries, and what is its impact on our body, minds and hearts and on those of the people we come in contact with?

AAM: This is brilliant work. Now, if you were to speak to St. Germaine — which you will not do this day! — he would suggest to you that this is the work of Atlantis, that this is the work, yes, of science, but of love.


We strongly urge you to pay attention to this bright angel who has joined us now and to give thanksgiving for what he has so aptly and clearly, scientifically — which is the god of your Earth — has demonstrated. There is a card, and we would ask you, oh, do it with your friends, go on line, take that gratitude card and see the beauty of that shape of that crystal, of that molecule. That photograph alone can transform the entire planet.

Can you imagine, when you infuse your food, your water, your body, your clothes, the air you breathe, with these, what we would call divine qualities, you are literally bringing that divine quality, expanding it and anchoring it within not only your heart but your cellular structure.

So, it has a phenomenal — and it is a phenomenon — impact on building, holding, sustaining your light body. It anchors these qualities within your field and within your physical form.

So, also think of it. When you go down to the water’s edge, or when you simply step outside, or inside, and send gratitude — and that is why the visual picture is so helpful for you — when you send this not merely to yourself, but to the planet, to Gaia, to the Earth, to the soil, to the plants, to the air, to the water, this is you, and this is what Emoto was teaching you, and continues to. You are co-creators. You are in sacred partnership, and you are the anchors in form of these qualities, if you choose.

Now, it is beyond imagination that you would not choose. And we are grateful when you do choose, because it is such a simple act, and yet we are amazed. Oh, yes, we can be in awe of many of your actions! We are amazed when you don’t do it.

So, the power of this is phenomenal. If you are in a position, beloved ones, obtain this book, obtain these cards and use them. Use them daily.

SB: Thank you for that. I just looked on line at the crystal for gratitude. Very, very beautiful.

A second group that has been working with love and gratitude are the developers of Ho’oponopono. Morrnah Simeona and her student Hew Len developed it, which most people know through the mantra, “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Wikipedia says it’s based on Len’s idea, taken off from what Morrnah taught, of 100 percent responsibility, taking responsibility for everyone’s actions, not only for one’s own. If one would take complete responsibility for one’s life, then the problem would not be with our external reality. It would be with ourselves. To change our reality, we would have to change ourselves.

Can you comment a bit, please, on the efficacy of this advice to take responsibility for all actions, and tell us if it has a practical result, if it’s a good way of going about things to practice Ho’oponopono?

AAM: There are many pathways. But I would suggest to you that you have — and I do not mean you in particular — but that you have not been listening to a single word we have said if you have not arrived at the understanding of responsibility.

Your divinity includes that assumption of your mission, your purpose, your totality, your integrated self, and it is that assumption that leads to the deeper expansion and understanding of who you are, but also what you are capable of.

The realm of the old third was a realm constructed on control, constructed on false illusions, fault, blame, guilt, shame. There are so many of these we could go on and on, but we wish to speak of gratitude.

So when you shift from that and assume not only what you think of in practical terms as responsibility for your life, but true responsibility to be, to live, to embody your divinity. That, by definition, means alignment with divine heart, mind and will.

Now, when everyone — and we do mean everyone — assumes responsibility, then you are home. You are all through the portal. Whatever you think of as ascension, a key component is this sense of responsibility.

But let us also say that there is a belief, and it is slightly skewed, that you may assume responsibility, particularly for another. Now, do you assume a mantle of responsibility for the collective? Of course, because you are all one, and you are integrated, and you cannot be fractured and fissioned. And it is in that acceptance of the broader responsibility that this is very valuable practice.

When you assume, or attempt to assume — because you cannot really do it — the responsibility of another individual, even when you do it out of the deepest concern and love, you are misstepping.

Now, can you assist them? Can you allow them to be filled with your love and practical support, etheric support, emotional support, mental support? Yes. But you cannot assume their pathway. It is theirs. And it is part of their unique expression of their divinity and of their responsibility.

If you do not assume what you are responsible for, it is very — well, it is impossible to truly be in what we call joy, in what we call love. Because in that is not only the acceptance and the allowance, but the joyful embrace of who you are. And that includes your responsibilities, it includes what you agreed to do during this lifetime, in this timeframe within which you are operating.
Do you understand what I say?
SB: Lord,  I do and I don’t. Where’s the dividing line between the two types of responsibility? If as God in the flesh I take responsibility for my world, but then we go down into the particular and at some point I have to draw back and say, well, no, I don’t take responsibility for your life path or what you need to do in regards to it. Where’s the dividing line, Lord?

AAM: The dividing line is in the assumption that somebody is not capable… you are underestimating their divinity. And it is a knowing, by the way. Let me back up.

Two years ago, when the collective of humanity had backed up, backed off and said, I am not going to do this individually. I am not going to ascend all by myself. I do not want to leave my dog, my cat, my children, my grandchildren, my wife, my grandmother, behind. There was a collective wisdom which was very spiritually evolved that we will do this as one because we are one. And that is the collective, certainly with huge input from a very small minority saying “We are capable of doing this.”

Then you would have millions, perhaps billions at that time, saying, “I didn’t vote for this. I didn’t choose this. I am quite happy the way I am. I love being rich, controlling, greedy and lustful. Leave me alone.”

Of course as part of the collective, you work on that energy, on that illusion, belief system, false grid, and you send love, billions of beams of light, just like the Mother does, to everybody upon the planet.

What do you think the animals do? They do not differentiate and say, “Oh, I will only send it to those who wish to receive.” You send it to everyone because you know that every single being is divine and has the capacity to assume that truth, that responsibility of who they are. Do you do it at different rates? That is why there is going to be this transition period. Yes.

But you cannot walk up to the man down the street, tap him on the shoulder and say, “I am responsible for you. Let me enlighten you so you don’t have to do it because I don’t think you’re capable of it.” That is not of love.

Now, let me also say, this is not a simple matter. Do not forget universal law. And Sanat Kumara, Raj, has certainly been pushing this home to all of you, but let me use this example.

We have been working individually, particularly with the leadership of ISIS, and never — well, it is similar to when there was the Nazi movement, and many of these are reincarnations — but we are working with them individually because frankly, my friends, we know how to do this. This is in our purview of responsibilities, not yours. But we would never say to you, “Do not send light and love to this entire movement,” because it is desperately needed.

But it is not you getting on a plane and traveling to Iraq or Iran or Syria or Afghanistan and saying, “Let me assume your place.” That is incorrect. So, energetically do you give them a shoulder to lean on, a hand in the darkness? Absolutely. But you do not assume their responsibility. Otherwise, what you are doing is you are continuing the old Third where some pass, some fail, and we cannot have that.

SB: Can I ask a question?

AAM: Yes, by all means.

SB: Thank you. We have a friend in San Francisco who’s looking at the physics of relationship. And I’m thinking here to myself about the physics, so to speak, of love and gratitude. Everything is love. Everything dissolves back into love. Love creates all the shapes and inhabits them. And so I would think that love becomes gratitude….

And I’m wondering if you could just talk a little bit about what the relationship is between love and gratitude. What is the difference between love and gratitude? How does love become gratitude? Do you know what I’m driving at? These are very basic questions, I know. But what is the difference between love and gratitude?

AAM: They are very basic questions, and yet they are the most basic particularly for your scientists. That is one of the reasons why Einstein has continued his work on this side. It is the basis of much understanding. So, let us talk this way.

Your northern people, the Inu, for example, what many think of as Eskimos, but that is not who they are, they have many, many words for snow. So, do we have many words? Has the Mother invented in every language an entire thesaurus for love? Yes. But these are elements of love. So think of it as one piece, one pie called love. Yes, and this day shall we call it a pumpkin pie?

But the pie, as you dig into it, as you savor it, you will say that this taste, this is gratitude. I am grateful for this love. I did not even know how much I was yearning, how it transforms my very core. I did not know. And so it spills, it is like a volcano of gratitude.

But the floor of the volcano is the love. The trigger is the love. The gratitude is one of the faces and the expressions, and the circular outcome and input to the love.

And as it comes out it grows the love, and as it comes back in, it grows the love.

Similarly, you cannot have love, true love, without joy. So many beings, they truly discover that genuine, authentic love — first of oneself, sometimes of the sacred partner and through that of oneself, or through a sacred partner the love of humanity. It is a powerful, powerful trigger.

And then they say, “I am happy. For goodness sake, I think I am actually in joy. I didn’t know that this is what joy felt like, because the love gave that piece of pie that is joy.” And it makes the senses tingle. Everything looks brighter, even on the worst snowstorm day. And then the joy is shared with others. It transforms the entire face of the planet — joy and gratitude. And then it feeds back into the love, and then it expands again.

So these are expressions and elements of love. They cannot be dissected. They cannot be separated. You can’t say, not in truth — and you know how I feel about truth — you cannot say, “I am in sublime gratitude, and I wish I knew love.”

If you do not know love, if you do not feel and anchor the love in the very core of your heart consciousness and in every cell of your body, if you do not drink it like the magical elixir it is, then you cannot truly be in the place of a grateful heart. And when you are in the place, anchored in a grateful heart, body, smile, actions, behavior, you are in the responsibility, living who you are. And by that you are literally changing the planet.

You, all of you — yes, all of you — underestimate how this works, how this ripple effect, how the within is reflected in the without, how it spreads. Love is viral. When the Mother had said to you, oh, months ago, she wanted you, all of you, to fall in love, she wanted the entire planet to fall in love, it is that wisdom that when this occurs everything is done. Ascension is complete. It does not matter whether it was a snooze or a snap or a gradual awakening, it is done.

So, express the gratitude. There was not enough expression of gratitude. That is why I have taken so much time this day enunciating but a fraction of what we are grateful for.

Because when we express gratitude, the person — whether it is the collective, but particularly the individual — when you say to somebody, “I am so grateful for you, for what you have done for me, for what you have shared with me, for the love that you give me, for the signposts you have put there for me, even for the times when you have called me on my drama, on my misstep, on my stuff,” when you say that what you are really saying is, “I love you and I give you permission, I encourage you to love yourself, to be grateful to yourself for who you are,” because then, when you feel grateful for who you are and for the blessings you have, not even for what you don’t have, by the way, because there is anticipation, there is excitement, there is gratitude in what is to come.

Many of you do not look at it this way. But you give yourself that opening. And it is contagious. Joy is contagious. Laughter, sweetness, kindness is contagious. It is far more viral than any dis-ease that you have ever witnessed upon the planet, or any planet, for that matter.

SB: I think I’m coming down with love. [laughs]

AAM: Yes!  It is a very serious condition.

SB: Very serious! Will I live? [laughs] Forever?

Can we be alchemists together here Lord, for a sec? I’m looking at the table of elements, and we have hydrogen and helium and copper and sodium and all the rest. Is it so that there is love and joy and bliss and gratitude, and these are all elements, or is there some thread, is there some replication, is there some amplification whereby love is the only element, but it assumes different forms? How does it work? In two minutes! [laughs]

AAM: Think of how the Mother creates. Yes, that is a big thought. But let your imagination go. Love can morph, transform, from nothing to all instantly. It can be the smallest creation, and it can be the multiverse. Love can assume any form.

[Music sounds.]

Go with my love and gratitude! Go with the Mother’s love and gratitude! Go, my beloved friends, in praise, joy and gratitude for who you are!

SB: Thank you, Lord. We’ll pick up this discussion another time. Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

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Being a Pilgrim of Light ~ Lord Adama Discourses ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa


Being a Pilgrim of Light ~ Lord Adama Discourses

Posted by on December 6, 2014

It is I, Lord Adama, with the Telosian Council of Light. It is very wonderful to be with each of you once again.

Let us open our Hearts onto each other. Allow me to feel your Essences in this present moment. There are many transitions occurring presently with many Light Formations, many Portals, many Energy Exchanges that are going within the Planet, which you will be affected by tremendously through this process. It is imperative for each of us to have this connection within our Hearts and within our Higher Selves so that we can assist each other through this process we are going through.

Each of you stands together as a Pilgrim of Light for the New Earth.

This why you are being challenged so greatly to become better, to go deeper, to understand yourself. Not in your Concrete Mind, but through your Emotions and feelings, understand what it is you are expressing within yourself, which is assisting or de-assisting you. These are very important times.

Moving toward the Full Moon and Solstice, there will be more Light Infractions coming into the Planet to assist. Those of you who are already awakened, those of you who are already walking a pathway of Light of understanding the Purification of your Essences coming into your Physical Body, will be asked to go deeper. It does not matter where you are on your pathway or how long you have been on the pathway. Each of you is being challenged greatly by these Light Infractions. They can always affect you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Etherically.

Your Etheric Body is the one that is becoming highly attuned and allowing the changes to occur within your Physical Structure. At this time, I extend my assistance on a deeper level to help each of you to understand within yourself what you are going through without going to the depths of your Mental Faculties. It is a key point that occurs at this time.

When we are challenged, we have a fine line that we walk.


The fine line is, do we utilize our Intuitive Selves or do we actualize our Physical Selves?


(Note:  Utilize means that we use the energies for our benefit; Actualize means that we fully become the energy within our physical self.)

I think each of you knows the answer to that. Yet when you go through that process, it can be a very difficult experience. Sometimes, you will falter. You will fall back into the Old Self. I am here with the Telosians and the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist each of you to not fall back into the Old Self. You may have moments in which you do. Yet when you also have realizations within yourself about what it is that is occurring for you, then you will be able to move yourself out of that space and not go there any longer.

It takes great effort. It takes a support system. It takes the ability to be vulnerable within yourself, even to yourself. Vulnerability is not only to others. It is the ability to allow yourself to feel and to accept the trauma of your Emotions to enfold within you so that you can heal and get through that doorway of Darkness. I share all this at this time, as with the Light Infractions coming into the Planet through the moment, you will have these moments. They are meant to bring more Frequencies of Light to be grounded within Gaia. Each of you are representatives of the Spiritual Hierarchy in human form. You must hold these Essences within yourself so that you can be stronger. Some would say “Well, we have already been going through this”, and you have. This whole year has been about that.

We titled this year “Grounding Unity”. What does that mean?


It means that you are bringing forth within your Physical Essence all aspects of your spiritual development to come into your Physical Body. Each of you is going through this process differently. That is the way it should be. The way you do it must be defined by you and your Higher Self, but we are here to assist. Walking Terra Christa is here to assist.

We provide these teachings to help you dive into a deeper part of yourself. Through the developmental stages, it will help you understand what you experiencing. Changes will be occurring. Your Energies will move into a different direction if you allow them to if you stay strict within yourself; if you stay stubborn and do not allow those Energies to move, you will be compounded with more Light Infractions making it more difficult for you. That is part of Universal Law.

Presently, this month is being aligned by the Hierarchy as what you desired in 2012. More individuals are now ready. More Grounding has occurred. Through Walking Terra Christa, we have provided so many teachings this year to assist you in this process. Go back to those teachings. Help yourself get through these doorways. You do not have to struggle. It is not necessary anymore. It is not all bad elements that are happening.

What is occurring presently is preparing you to be so much more grounded, so much more evolved than you have been previously. The reason being is that 2015 will be a year of extending your Sensitivity to others ~ maybe not in the physical sense, but in a general sense. There are so many others that are going to be awakened on deeper levels and needing the work you have been doing. The Strength comes in numbers. The Power of what is occurring presently is to allow you to hold the Frequency that you can, and not to go beyond that.

There will be more upcoming for each you.

Right now, what is the depth you can go to?

It is only measured by the fractals of Darkness that have been within you. When you begin to remove those, more Light Frequencies can come within your Physical Structure and you can hold them more deeply. As we know, that process is very transitionary and very challenging. I want it to be the best experience. So if you choose to, and not already doing so, call upon my Essence. Call upon the Telosian Energies and come to Telos in your sleep state to receive more assistance. If there is any other Masters you want to work with, ask them to be there. The City of Telos holds so many Masters of Light.

We are here to assist you to become the New Earth. We desire it as deeply as you do. We desire the ability to come up on the Upper Earth. I speak for all of the Inner Earth Cities around the world. Our time is coming. Each of you is being prepared in depth.

At this time, reflect upon what it is you need to do so that you can prepare yourself on a deeper level. Understand that you can only receive what you are able to contain within your Physical Essence. The Frequencies of Light that are occurring within this month, especially toward the end of the month, will be integrated with Multidimensional Frequencies of Light. You will be thankful for the work you have already been doing. It will prepare you to be more and to accept more.

I say to you, if you are already being challenged, this is why. This is what I am feeling from any of you. It is our Blessing to give to you the Peace, the exquisite Joy, the embodiment of Love that you are. You have chosen to be on the Upper Earth, but each of us walks with you. We are so excited for what you are creating. It has been longer than any of us had hoped. Yet we hope that this month will bring forth the Energetics within the Planet to assist so many more individuals; to assist governments, to assist cities, to assist corporations, to assist those Energies that have kept this Planet at bay. You are the ones that are truly doing it. I thank you from the bottom of my Heart.

Reflect upon this year and what it has meant for you. Go deeper within yourself. Hold it in a way you have never held it before. You are ready.

It is my Divine Pleasure to walk with you.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

This transmission is excerpted from the New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light Teaching, December 3rd, 2014.  To access these calls and MP3 downloads please see our website for details, Becoming a Student.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.


Fine Tuning Your Heart Chakra by Lord Melchizedek ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na


       Orestes-Bouzon-Paintings-05 art

ART : Orestes Bouzon Paintings


Fine Tuning Your Heart Chakra

by Lord Melchizedek

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 5th December 2014

Flowing from the Universal Levels of the Creator’s Universe through each Master and Beings of Light as well as my own energies, Lord Melchizedek, are powerful activation energies suggesting and promoting the fine tuning of the Heart Chakras of all. The Creator is encouraging all to examine with care and tenderness the vibrations of their heart chakras with the purpose of creating greater strength and clarity within the heart chakra. The Creator wishes for all heart chakras to sing and vibrate with greater clearness to aid a new and enhanced expression and acceptance of love. The vibrations of love anchoring into the Earth and arising from within your being are becoming so rich, pure, nutritious and sacred, it is essential to fine tune your heart chakra in preparation and commitment to honouring the divine love vibrations flowing. As love flows with greater strength so your heart chakra is required to hold greater strength and clarity in order to truthfully express and receive the new sacred vibrations of love.

Strength and clarity are natural and powerful characteristics of your heart chakra, love after all is strong and clear. Your heart chakra is formed from the love of your soul as is all aspects of your being. When you allow yourself to see, sense and acknowledge the natural powerful characteristics of your heart chakra then you expand your perspective connecting on a deeper level with the truth of your being.

How do you view your heart chakra, weak or strong? Filled with pain or healed? Holding shadows or tremendous light? It is important at this time to contemplate the beliefs and perspective you hold concerning your heart chakra. Your beliefs and perspectives are often akin to a superficial level of understanding, now it is appropriate to gain pure and truthful understanding.

Now is the time to turn your focus to your heart chakra and ask your heart chakra what is truly occurring within this sacred chamber? Now is the time to acknowledge your heart chakra from a space of expansiveness and a divine soul perspective.

What are the skills of your heart chakra? Have you experienced the strength of your heart chakra? Do you recognise the wisdom collected within your heart chakra? What energies is your heart chakra anchoring into your being now from your soul and the inner planes? It is my wish, Lord Melchizedek, to support you in being able to answer my questions more fully by sharing techniques to fine tune your heart chakra and align your entire being to the sacred vibrations of your heart chakra.

Fine Tuning of the Heart Chakra One

First, call upon my energies, Lord Melchizedek, to be present fully with you as you allow your being and body to relax into a meditative state. I, Lord Melchizedek, will focus my energy into your mind, channelling my light and love consciousness into your mind, mental body, thoughts, perspective and brain. My purpose is to illuminate your mind, mental body, thoughts, perspective and brain with light which creates a consciousness of expansion and an ability to see, sense, acknowledge and process in an expansive and limitless way. The vibrations of all aspects of your mind will quicken allowing many boundaries, programing, habits and beliefs to fall away thus bringing a greater sense of freedom, even if it is only for a few moments.

I then encourage you to bring your attention and focus to your heart chakra. Let yourself be free from imagining your heart chakra in a certain way, simply place your focus into your chest area.

I invite you to say out loud three times, ‘I now choose to see, sense and acknowledge the strength, clarity and truth of my heart chakra.’

Continue to retain your focus upon your heart chakra observing all inspiration, guidance, sensation or visions which arise. It is important to hold the vibration of trust and patience as in truth you are asking your heart chakra to unfold your truth to you.

Fine Tuning of the Heart Chakra Two

Please begin by breathing deeply and stating within your mind with a focused intention, ‘I exist in a sanctuary of love formed and energised by Lord Melchizedek.’ Feel, sense and acknowledge my energy manifesting all around you, creating a true space of divine love and light for you to exist within.

‘Lord Melchizedek, as I connect into my heart chakra support me in lovingly identifying the energies of pain, suffering, resistance or fear held within my heart chakra at this time which are creating any form or experiences of lack of love in my life. As you surround me in a sanctuary of love, I also realise my heart chakra is a sanctuary of love. If there are any energies to healed let them come into the centre of my heart space and awareness now to be lovingly healed and dissolved. Lord Melchizedek please support me in this process of deep core wound healing within my heart chakra. Thank you.’

Please let yourself simply breathe deeply, being aware of any energies, emotions, memories or thoughts which enter into your awareness. Continue to breathe love through and into any realisations which dawn and invite me to heal your heart chakra.

Fine Tuning of the Heart Chakra Three

I wish to make available to you the Universal Heart Chakra Love Flush. This is a light tool for purification, healing, expansive and enhanced harmony within your heart chakra.

Simply say out loud, ‘Lord Melchizedek and the Masters of the Universal Level, I call upon your energies to be present with me now. It is my wish to experience the Universal Heart Chakra Love Flush in order to purify, heal and expand my heart chakra. Please send the golden love vibrations of light from the universal level into and through my chakra column. I realise my entire chakra column will experience a purification and healing and yet I know  that all aspects of my being will work with the universal light I am receiving to create a deep, appropriate guided healing and purifying shift within my heart chakra. The Universal energies will flush all impurities, stagnant beliefs and unneeded energy or consciousness from my heart chakra resulting in my heart chakra aligning with the universal golden light and shining brightly representing its cleansing. Let the Universal Heart Chakra Love Flush begin and I thank you in advance.’

Simply sit and receive knowing I, Lord Melchizedek, and the Masters are working with your heart chakra and entire being guided by your soul.

Fine Tuning of the Heart Chakra Four

It is important to realise and remind yourself your heart chakra is a pure channel and expression of your soul, truth, essence and core love. With this in mind permit your heart chakra to be a pure channel and expression of your soul, truth, essence and core love. Ask your heart chakra to increase its energetic vibration to align with your soul more fully thus opening and expanding your heart chakra further. Ask your heart chakra to constantly express pure love from your soul into your entire being, supporting every aspect of your being and into your reality impacting your experiences with your pure love. You are giving your heart chakra permission to be its greater strength and clarity because you are creating the space and perspective to gain a new understanding of your heart chakra. You may also wish to invite your heart chakra to align with all aspects of your being expressing lov e and maintain a beautiful balanced vibration of love at all times, whatever is occurring within your reality. This means you always know that love is balanced and harmonised within all areas of your being thus you can always return your focus to love.

These simple practices of fine tuning your heart chakra encourage your deeper connection with and realisation of your heart chakra. It is a gateway of power and clarity, transporting you to the truth of your being at your command. That which is held within your heart chakra projects into your entire being and reality. When you focus upon fine tuning your heart chakra you are fine tuning your entire being and the reality you live and experience every day. Fine tuning your heart chakra in the ways I have described or through following your own inner guidance and intuition as to what is required also allows you to become more available to receive and experience the sacred vibrations of the Era of Love. Your heart chakra is akin to the gateway to your truth, when the gateway is strong and clear one easily returns to their truth and can constantly dive into the sacred space within with eas e and perfection.

I, Lord Melchizedek, am present with you to fine tune, purify, heal and expand your heart chakra, polishing the gateway to your soul so your truth may unfold with vigour and generosity.

In Universal Love and Truth,

Lord Melchizedek

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The December Leap of Light ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

art freydoon rassouli

ART : Freydoon Rassouli

The December Leap of Light

Posted by on December 5, 2014

New Earth Frequency UpdateBlessings and love to each of you within humanity of Gaia.

We are the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional frequency of Light with Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein at your service in this present moment.



Now that the month has moved into the last part of the year it represents so many octaves of light that have occurred within the planet during 2014.  The changes within each of you are key to the next phase of Gaia’s evolution into 2015.

This month of December will prove to bring forth frequencies of light into each of your hearts and minds to prepare you for the upcoming year.  It will represent your ability to take what you have learned and apply it within your role upon this Earth.   The act of understanding and sensitivity towards others will be essential as humanity will be experiencing great shifts of awakening within their journey upon Gaia.

We ask you to reflect upon your own changes that have occurred within your life in 2014.  We hope that you can see how deep you have had to travel to find moments of clarity and joy within your world.  This is because each soul upon this Earth is being asked to travel into their psyche to understand who they are becoming.  The accelerations within the Earth are just that essence – a vibrational change that comes into the planetary existence.  It is what you do with those moments of higher dimensional frequencies coming within you that matters as they can come into you, through you, and not affect you in a grounding manner.  But yet, if you are completely aware of each time an acceleration comes into your consciousness by allowing it to integrate within you, then accessing the emotional and mental responses it may have upon you, and change what is not working, then you are allowing the essence of Unity of Love and Light to be your guide.

If you are an individual that has traveled through these moments of creation and are still unsure of what has happened to you, then it is time to go into deeper reflection of the old self, the current self, and allow the New Self to be borne.  Humanity is going to be experiencing many changes within the next month and it is due to what needs to be accepted by every individual soul within the planetary structure.  It is a pre-requisite journey of what is to be in 2015.

The world needs to change and this change must come from each of you.  If you have taken on the journey of being an awakened human, then you have a responsibility to be part of that contract within your physical existence.  It is not just about “thinking of love and sending it to others”.  It represents the ability to embody your Truest Essence and allow it to enfold within you.

In order for the New Earth energies to be fully embodied by Gaia, major changes have to occur first in each individual soul.  Now there are many that do not have a contract to awaken, or they just have not come to the right moment in their creation to allow it to be.  Those are not the ones we are speaking to in this moment.  We want to address this transmission of light to each of you that are an awakened human, a star seed, a galactic being, an angel, or a initiate of mastery upon the pathway of enlightenment.  Each of you has a role within the New Earth which is not even known at this time.  It cannot be; until you fully accept the fact that you have a responsibility to be part of the most magnificent pilgrimage of light any planet has ever seen.

This December you have a Divine Opportunity to allow your purest essence to merge within you so that you can see for yourself whom you truly are.  The portals of light that will be arriving in this month will allow each awakened individual to go into a deeper part of themselves.  They will be occurring all month but specific dates to watch for are the Full Moon of the 6th; the conjunction of the planets of Uranus/Pluto on the 15th; the Solstice on the 21st; the New Moon on the 22nd; and the culmination of energies on the 31st.  Each of these dates are important but the irony of these activations is the fact that one is not higher in frequency than the other.  They bring forth a journey of light within the planet as each transition occurs; it represents an increased movement of energy building at the beginning into the end for the climax of allowing the energies to be fully grounded within the planet and each of you.  It is important to realize that this is part of the Divine Plan of allowing awakened souls to see them-selves in a completely different way than they have before.  It is also an imperative element that needs to occur for the New Earth.


Whatever you experience this December depends upon your own creative process that is occurring within you.  This means that your four-body system is going to access these frequencies to help you go deeper into your subconscious mind, pull out the debris that is necessary, and become more aware of the Light that you are.  You see, many of you are not doing this.  You are allowing the energetic exchanges that are occurring to come within you as you idly sit by and allow it to happen.

These moments of high acceleration are being given to assist the planet but every individual soul must do their part.  It is imperative that each of you go within yourself, see the energies that are coming up within you, make the necessary changes by the tools you have learned, and start to become a multi-dimensional being in human form.  Just thinking that it is going to happen does not make it so.  The internal work needs to be done by each of you for your own individualized self.


First of all, it is Universal Law that these moments of creation come into a planet and must be acknowledged by those that are embodied within the planet.  Or else, the creative process cannot stay.  It creates a movement of light to come in and go through the planet, but it is not held.  Each of you are the ones that hold this essence within your humanly form.  It is part of your contract.

Then, what occurs that each soul that receives these light infractions within their physicality have to process within their four-body system of the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental faculties in order to receive the Spiritual Body or Higher Self essence.  You see, you all hold the memories of all the other timelines in which you could not do this work.  So feelings of not being good enough, fear of the unknown, and uncertainty can plague your consciousness and life path.  It is important that individuals not allow those energies to be the ruling factor as they are very strong within the planetary structure.

This is why you have been so deeply challenged this year with the high accelerations coming into your Beingness.  We hope that you have taken the time to remove the elements that do not fit the higher essence that you are receiving as it is an imperative process to be doing.  In fact, you cannot continue the way you have been going if you do not allow your higher essence (Higher Self and I Am Presence) to be your guide.  But the lower ego, the lower self can get in the way of this progress.  Change is inevitable at this time so these elements are very important.

December will be another huge surge of light coming into the planet.  So it is within this moment that we share this information to help you through the process.  Each of these accelerations will allow the illuminating light that you are to be your guide into the month.  The work up to the Solstice will prepare each of you to bring forth great light infractions into your Being and within GAIA. The more ceremonial work that you perform, the easier will be the transition.  As December 31st approaches, these light infractions will be more grounded within Gaia which means each of you are being given an opportunity to understand more about yourself.

2015 will be more of the same energies; it will affect all humans upon the Earth in one way or another.  Change needs to occur but we need each of you to understand your own process at this time.  The New Earth cannot occur without the grounding force each of you beautiful angels provide.  You are the ones standing in the forefront holding these frequencies; sometimes they are overwhelming to your physical bodies and can cause you to over react to circumstances and changes you are experiencing.  The more individuals that hold these frequencies within them, fully grounded, the easier it will be in 2015.

It is a divine opportunity to be more within yourself, to understand your thoughts and emotions, to take time to connect with your Higher Self, and purge what does not work for you.  Do not question any thoughts that arise out of your consciousness that says you are not experiencing these elements, that it is just a sign of depression or sadness.  Remove those old habits as they do not serve you any longer.

Stand in the face of adversity, start to understand what it takes to be a Master of Light in Truth and Honesty.  Be that initiate and walk through your doorways that have been closed before.  Bring in the Rays of God representing the Will and Power, the Love and Wisdom, the Creative Actualizations, the Harmony and Balance, the Truth of your Wisdom in the Science of God, accessing your Inner Devotion to the Self, and feeling the Freedom of the Magic to enfold within your life.

The power of these energies is unmatched by anything you have received previously.  We had hopes that it would occur within 2012, but the time is right for this Earth to inhabit more Love and Light than ever before.  You are the Torch Bearers, you are standing in front holding these frequencies of Love more deeply than ever before.

Hold deeply and you will be able to ground the frequency for the New Earth as many others will be needing your assistance.  If the grounding does not occur as we think it should, then we will be experiencing a different 2015 than we previously envisioned.

It is up to each of you, the aspirants of this Earth, to hold true to your divine contract with each of us in the Force of Light of the 144th Dimension.

We look forward to standing with you, helping you physically through this process, as you become the Initiates for the New Earth.

With love and deep devotion,

We are the Unified Whole of the 144th dimension of all Masters and Ascended Beings within the Christ Consciousness.

So Mote It Be~ We Are One

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Second Transmission to Earth — Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 6.12.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Second Transmission to Earth — Arcturians


The Arcturians

Our Dear Ones,

We the Arcturians welcome you back for the remainder of our transmission. We left off our transmission by explaining that the consciousness contained within the 3D Matrix of your physical form is intimately intertwined with the consciousness within the 3D Matrix of Earth.

Thus, your personal 3D Matrix is grounded into and melded with the planetary 3D Matrix. Thus, as you allow the inflow of higher frequencies of light into your 3D Matrix, it is instantly shared with the 3D Matrix of Gaia’s planetary body. Gaia then amplified that light and sends it back to you.

This form of mutual reception occurs as the back and forth flow of the timeless higher frequencies of light escalating to transmute both planetary and personal matrixes. In this manner, the time-bound holograms of personal and planetary form allow the outflow of their time-bound expressions into the timeless world of antimatter.

Simultaneously, antimatter projects its inflow of formless light into the matrixes of the physical Earth. In this fashion, your consciousness, and eventually your form, will phase in and out of differing dimensions. You can ‘lock’ your consciousness into the dimension of your choice by sending the bonding force of unconditional love into that dimension of reality.

While you are bonded to that dimension via your unconditional love, that particular expression of your Multidimensional SELF will be highlighted as ‘your experience.’ You unlock your consciousness by taking the ‘key’ of unconditional love out of the ‘lock.’ Your higher expressions of SELF resonate beyond time. Thus, when you re-enter your 3D life, you can do so a second before you left.

Furthermore, you do not actually leave. You are expanding your physical consciousness into the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Thus, you are NOT leaving; you are bi-locating. This bi-location is normal to your higher dimensional expressions of SELF because resonating beyond time allows you to maintain the conscious awareness of more than one reality at the ‘same time.’

Once you completely link your multidimensional mind with your third dimensional brain, you will be able to expand your conscious awareness into multiple expressions of your SELF within the ONE of the NOW. When you first awaken to your multidimensionality you may only be able to contain one other expression of your SELF while you are also wearing your physical form.

Your physical form can ‘burn out’ like a dry leaf in a fire from the higher frequencies of your SELF. Hence, until you activate at least your inner lightbody, your kundalini, it will be difficult to hold the true ‘fire’ of your SELF in your physical form.

Conversely, your multidimensional mind is not limited to your form and has a filter so that only the frequencies that your physical form can tolerate will actually be downloaded into your 3D matrix. This one-way flow of the quantum expression of your SELF is continuously interfaced between your multidimensional mind and our third dimensional brain.

Your physical consciousness and body can only access this multidimensional information via your multidimensional consciousness. Many of you are experiencing immense changes in your body as it adapts to its higher dimensional expression of Lightbody.

Your Lightbody is continuously housed within the kundalini force within your core, and within your multidimensional mind. From these locations, your multidimensional lightbody is slowly seeping into your earth vessel to gradually and safely transmute your 3D matrix into higher frequencies of resonance.

Remember that transmutation does not add or subtract any elements of your form. That process is known as transformation in which new elements are added to create the shift. Within the process of transmutation nothing is added or subtracted. Instead, every cell and atom is transmuted into a higher frequency of expression.

Therefore, you are much like the caterpillar who transmutes into the butterfly. The DNA for the butterfly and the caterpillar are exactly the same. However, the form of the caterpillar is limited to the branch on which it is crawls to find new leaves to eat.

Conversely, the butterfly takes off into the air to perceive a much greater vista and a higher perspective of life. These small, delicate creatures travel thousands of miles on delicate wings to complete their cycle of life. You are butterflies that are NOW traveling in your consciousness, but your caterpillar still remains on the ‘branch.’

Consequently, you are both the grounded element of the caterpillar, as well as the transmuted element of the butterfly. As your consciousness continues to expand, your third dimensional earth vessel is completing its life cycle to transmute into your Multidimensional SELF.

Many of you are living this experience right now. Therefore, your consciousness is phasing from caterpillar to butterfly, then back again into caterpillar. Part of this phasing is because many of you have volunteered to maintain BOTH ‘butterfly’ and ‘caterpillar’ forms for as long as Gaia needs your assistance.

However, eventually, you will increasingly identify with the freedom of your butterfly SELF and be ready to release the limitations of crawling to your next leaf for food. You will then begin to phase out of your earth vessel and into your multidimensional lightbody.

Once you fully accept the gift of the higher dimensions of light into your transmuting form, you serve as a living portal that shares that light with the body of Gaia. The higher frequencies of light that you bring into your pineal gland circulates down through all your chakras to share the light with Gaia.

In this manner, you are facilitating the transmutation of the great mass of Gaia’s planetary body. Gaia then combines the gift of light that she is receiving from all her awakened ones into one quantum soup which is, in turn, shared with all Her humans, animals, plants and physical locations.

You are in the timeline in which you have chosen to have a simultaneous planetary and personal transmutation into the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, if your environment shifts along with the form you are wearing, you will NOT separate from your earthly life.

Instead, you will transmute WITH your earthly life. Hence, do not be concerned that things are NOT different. From our perspective things are vastly different. However, since you reflect the same ‘difference’ as your reality, your life appears to be the same.

Thus, we ask that you take a moment of your remaining ‘time’ to reflect on your personal and planetary life ten years ago. In other words, go into your past to experience how your present has shifted into a future of constant change. As you continue to reflect on your past, present and future in this way, time will begin to blur into the NOW.

We wish to remind you that in life after life this seed of knowing that we have shared with you has been implanted in your earth vessel. Sometimes that seed landed on rocks in which the seed could not take root and the knowing was baked away from the hot sun. Sometimes the seed landed in pools of water in which the seed could not survive and it drowned at the bottom of the murky silt.

Fortunately, sometimes the seed landed on fertile soil and the seed took root. It was within those lives that you remembered your SELF. It was in those realities that you realized that you were a great being of light that came into a small earthen vessel to remember the truth and pass it on the others.

However, in many of your sojourns to Gaia’s body, remembering was difficult and lonely because the times were too harsh for you to dare speak the truth. In fact, many of those who did share their inner knowing were chastised and even tortured or killed.

When this occurred, a scar was left on your Soul that warned you to be careful before you spoke the truth again. This scar caused you to forget the truth even if it was a lifetime in which it was safe to share it. Sometimes it took many incarnations on Gaia’s Wheel of Life and Death before you could remember and/or dare to share what you the truth that you remembered.

We tell you now, our beloved members of transmuting Earth, that this is the Clarion Call. This message in your NOW is the call to remember and to share. Share that which you remember in whatever manner your present body finds most creative.

If you share in a manner that feels creative, your consciousness will expand further, which will give you greater endurance. Also, then you can just ‘tell a story in a book,’ ‘write a great song,’ ‘create a lovely dance,’ or ‘paint a wonderful picture.’ If your message is cloaked in your creativity, you create a safety net for yourself.

Plus, you will greatly enjoy your sharing because expressing your creativity pulls you back into your Multidimensional SELF where all your TRUTH is stored. Therefore, dearest ones, we end this transmission by thanking you in advance for the wonderful contributions that we know you will share with your ascending planet.

Your present form may not last until the glory of New Earth is a normal, everyday experience. However, you will end your present life by stepping into your mastery. As an Ascended Master you will be able to create a form wherever and whenever you please.

Remember, since New Earth is timeless, there is no hurry to get there. You cannot be late if there is NO time. As we complete this transmission, we remind whatever version of your SELF that is attending this message to go into meditation to join with your highest expression of SELF.

From that frequency of your being, send forth a call to ALL of your parallel, alternate, higher and lower dimensional expressions of SELF that the time is NOW! With these final words, we send you a burst of Violet Light, in which you could bask for as long as you need.


The Arcturians

Posted by Sue at 5:21 PM

suzanne lie 6.12.

Kryon, J. O. P. B. – Channeler Lee Caroll – 12-4-14 @ Higher Density Blog

Kryon, J. O. P. B. – Channeler Lee Caroll – 12-4-14 @ Higher Density Blog

Higher Density Blog


Saturday, 6 December, 2014  at Basel, Switzerland  (posted 3 December, 2014)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The channelling process is far more common than you know. I know who’s here, and there are those in this room, right now, who know how channelling works. When the healer steps up to the patient, there’s a communication. It’s channelling, and the healer knows all about it. Sometimes the healer steps aside and in comes the information the healer needs, which is often verified by the innate of the patient in front of them. Then the two of them begin the balance, the dance of energies, and the channelling begins.

Now a healer and a channeller have something in common. They both are channelling, but in different ways. Healers don’t heal. They balance. No Human Being can force healing on another. However, most patients are…

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Arcturian Transmission to Earth – Part I @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 5.12.

Part 1

The Arcturians

Dear Readers,

I just finished going over the fourth book of the Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension. It is titled, “It Is The NOW.” There are some very informative messages through out the book that I want to share you. I edited this book quite a bit and some of these messages were not in the first book. Also, the book won’t be published for a bit. Therefore, I decided that since I needed to read these messages a few times to really understand them, then even if you did read them long ago, they are more timely now than ever.

Dear Illustrious Guests and Beings of Earth,

Welcome to our spontaneous transmission to Earth. For this transmission we have the honor of having attendants from different dimensions and timelines joining us. We say “beings,” as this transmission is coming to you via light codes that persons, animals and plants can absorb into their consciousness to accept a “knowing” of information.

Each of you will receive this information according to your species, form and consciousness. Yes, your earthly plant kingdom is very much alive and eagerly accepts all of our transmission. We will begin our message by telling you a bit about light so that you can more easily translate our light language into the language of your current grounded expression.

Light exists in units called photons. Photons have no density and no charge and travel beyond the confines of “time.” Hence, the primary component of light is, in fact, timeless. Since we speak to you via Light Language. Since your physical form has myriad photons, as well as protons, which also travel beyond the speed of light, you are innately beings of light hidden within an earthen shell.


Therefore, the higher frequencies of your multidimensional consciousness and much of your earthen vessel exist beyond time. Your higher frequencies of “SELF” resonate beyond the hologram of third dimensional Earth. In other words, major components of your physical form are not limited to third dimensional Earth.


Your earthen vessel contains the lower frequencies of your consciousness, as well as the vast quantities of fear-based emotions. These emotions lower your consciousness to the frequency of survival. While in survival mode, your vessel is filled with adrenalin, which further lowers your consciousness into the base reality of fight or flight.


Therefore, we remind our away team that wanting to flee Earth is not consistent with your innate unconditional love, but an anomaly of your fear. Hence, we suggest that you focus your attention, not on fighting the darkness or running away to a better place. Instead, focus on the bliss that flows within the feeling of unconditional love.


Your thoughts come from your brain, but your emotions arise from within your body. Many humans have said that emotions cannot be controlled, which is true while you are experiencing fear-based consciousness. However, once you remember to send unconditional love into every challenge and/or stressful situation, you will become the master of your emotions. As a Master, you can control your emotions because you can control your state of consciousness.


It is your state of consciousness that determines your choices of perception. When you are in a lower state of consciousness, fear easily permeates your thoughts to create even greater fear. Then you seek the cause of your fear rather than your innate solution of unconditional love.


On the other hand, when you live from your core you become the light of your own Central Sun and your myriad photons make your body a Galaxy of light. Every atom in your body serves as a Sun with myriad planets rotating around it. When you think of yourself in this way, it is not a large leap of faith to realize that you are a being of light.


You do not need to create a lightbody or even flash into a lightbody. Instead, simply embrace the fact that your innate SELF is light, which has become embedded in matter (spirit/light into matter/form) so that you can experience the third dimensional frequency of reality.

You might say, “If I am a Master why would I need to take on such a low frequency vessel?” There are two answers to this question. First and foremost, you the members of our Away Team, took on a physical body to intimately connect with our dear friend Gaia who is ready to transmute into Her Lightbody.

Second, you took on a form as a rehearsal. Our entire Universe is moving into a higher octave of reality. If you can rehearse for this event by raising the frequency of your personal form, you will better understand and deeply appreciate how difficult it is for an entire planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Local Universe to transmute into a higher octave of light.

Some of our ascending ones still believe that if they try very hard, are immensely good, are vastly patient and extremely patient they will “get” to ascend. Within this belief, ascension becomes a reward for being a “good person.” You do not need a reward because you are already ascended.

You did not come to Earth at this time to evolve. Instead, you greatly devolved your SELF so that you could maintain a low enough state of consciousness to inhabit a third dimensional form and go through an extremely long time to grow up. Because of the efforts of those who are NOW adults, many children are able to reveal the expanded talents of their true SELF at a very young age.

These “children” have abilities that adults had to study for decades to master. This is because YOU, the ones who were born in the times of deep darkness and harsh realities, have expanded your consciousness enough to be a living portal of light. As this living portal, your higher consciousness has been able to accept light from the Sun, and even the Central Sun, into your form.

You have then grounded that light into the planet, to share it with Gaia. A photon of light leaves the surface of a sun or star and travels through space to reach your form the instant that the photon left the star and the moment that it connected to your body. NO time has elapsed because the photons travel beyond the limitation of time.

We know that this concept is difficult for your 3D brain to conceive, but that brain is only an illusion in the matrix of the third dimensional reality that you are currently wearing. Your 3D brain cannot conceive of instant travel. Therefore, it creates a scenario in which there is time. In the physical world, it takes “time” to travel across space. Therefore, were you are going is separate from where you started.

It is in this manner that third-dimensional polarities are form. A major polarity in your physical world is the polarity of good and bad. These “opposites” appear to be polarities because the infinite and timeless “in between” of this spectrum is not perceivable to your third dimensional consciousness.

The core, which is center of the “in-between,” resonates to a frequency that is often invisible to your third dimensional perceptions and the lower frequency edges of the spectrum appear to your third dimensional perceptions to be the only reality. Thus, the lower frequency edges of a spectrum of thoughts, emotions, objects and concepts seem to be separate polarities.

As your earthly consciousness continues to expand back into your innate multidimensional consciousness, you will begin to experience more and more of the “in between.” In fact, the billions of photons within your earth vessel perceive ALL the in-between. This in-between is perceived as the HERE and NOW.

Via your in-breath and out-breath you are constantly exchanging your photons with every other seemingly separate being on your seemingly third dimensional planet. But, if you are filled with timeless photons, and your body is made of the same elements as your planet, than Earth is also filled with timeless photons.

Therefore, your seemingly third dimensional Earth has a huge element in which its photons are instantly dashing to other frequencies of the light that are constantly permeating the “time” of the time-less NOW. In this manner, your third dimensional reality is deeply influenced by the higher frequency realities that resonate to the “in between” of your perception.

As your consciousness accelerates beyond the third dimensional matrix, you will begin to also release your experience of time. It is then that you will start to remember that time and space is actually aspects of the same third dimensional mechanism. In the higher dimensions of reality the “time” is always NOW and the “space” is always HERE.

Time only expresses itself sequentially within the lower worlds, and space is only experienced when it takes time to travel across it. Once you are free of the illusion of time, your consciousness is free of the 3D matrix and can expand your conscious perception to include the higher dimensional realities.

This expansion of consciousness assists you to remember that both time and space occur via your consciousness through the mechanisms of inward and outward pulses of matter to antimatter (as in a black hole) and antimatter into matter (as in a white hole). Do you understand how YOU are a portal?

This inward and outward flow overlaps at the point in which space and time meet in the flow of the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. Once you have this experience via your fifth dimensional consciousness, even though you are wearing an earth vessel, the limitations of the 3D Matrix will have no meaning to you.

When you consciously experience the constant in-flow and out-flow of time and space moving through your current earth vessel, your consciousness expands to embrace your true Multidimensional SELF.

Life and death then take on the meaning of birth/into body and death/out of body, but the “body” is only one of your many parallel, alternate or higher dimensional bodies. In fact, many of you who are receiving this message are having outflow feelings that you are dying, or that huge elements of your life are completed. At the same time you are having inflow experiences of being reborn in some way.

What is occurring is that the components of your life that are unacceptable or intolerable to the frequency of your higher states of consciousness are on outflow so that they will no longer limit your higher dimensional perceptions. With the outflow/death of these limitations your consciousness expands to accept the inflow/birth of new concepts, perceptions and experiences into your daily life.

When your consciousness is focused inward, you can perceive the inflow that you have been allowing into your reality. Then, during your outward focused states of consciousness you can perceive that which you are sending out into your world. In other words, you are not just the recipient of the inflow and outflow. You are also the source.

As the source and core of your galaxy, you can best understand how space and time float in a great cosmic sea. Past, present and future float within this sea as expressions of the NOW that you can accept or reject as your perceptions of reality. Every possibility for every expression of your SELF floats within the HERE and NOW of this Cosmic Sea.

The matter of your form and antimatter of your consciousness interact and intermingle as spirit into matter and matter’s return to pure spirit. Within your galaxy are many stars. Some of these stars are ready to blink out of your life, whereas other stars are in the process of birth.

Your consciousness has been attached to a 3D matrix of form for myriad lives. NOW it wishes to expand back into its true housing of a multidimensional lightbody. We conclude our transmission for today so that you can integrate this information into your personal and planetary form.

We will return in what is considered your ‘tomorrow’ to continue this transmission. We suggest that you allow our words to flow within the cosmic sea of your great Multidimensional SELF.

Until then, we send you unconditional love.

The Arcturians

suzanne lie 5.12.

December Solstice – The Answer Is Love ~ Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace

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ART : Susan Seddon Boulet

The December Solstice

by Patricia Cota-Robles

December 3, 2014

In January 2014, the Company of Heaven told us that this would be a year like no other. From the miraculous events that have taken place so far in 2014, I think that information has proven to be a monumental understatement.

The details of these events have been carefully documented and shared on a monthly basis through our FREE Era of Peace monthly email newsletter. If you missed any of these articles and would like to read them, or you would like to sign up to receive our free monthly newsletter, you may do so on our website The previous newsletters for 2014 are all posted in the article/archive section of our website.

The December Solstice this year will be a Cosmic Moment when the Company of Heaven and Awakening Humanity will be given the opportunity to exponentially expand the Activities of Light that were God Victoriously Accomplished in 2014. Together we will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into higher frequencies of energy, vibration, and consciousness than we have ever experienced. This will establish a Global foundation of Divine Love that will birth 2015 into the Divine Potential of moving forward in the Light by leaps and bounds.


Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, the influx of Light that will bathe the Planet during the Solstice on December 20-21, 2014, is destined to greatly accelerate our Ascension process and assist in raising the consciousness of even the most recalcitrant souls on Earth into newly activated levels of Christ Consciousness.


Each person’s I AM Presence is guiding him or her perfectly during this wondrous season. If we listen to our Heart and respond accordingly, we will each be in our right and perfect place, participating in the right and perfect way, for this Cosmic Opportunity. KNOW that YOUR Light and Love are needed NOW!


I have been invited to participate in THE SEDONA WINTER SOLSTICE FESTIVAL which will take place on Saturday, December 20, 2014, at Unity of Sedona, from 9:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. If you have the Heart Call, I would Love for you to join with me and the other wonderful speakers, musicians, and Lightworkers who will be attending this event. Together we will usher in the monumental influx of Divine Love and God’s Infinite Light that we will receive on that sacred and holy weekend.


Sedona is nestled in the midst of a powerful conjunction of Earth’s meridians. These meridians radiate throughout to the entire body of Mother Earth. This is the Portal of Light within which I greeted the Shift of the Ages and the Birth of the New Earth on December 21-22, 2012, and I AM delighted to be within this Forcefield of Light again to participate in the wondrous events that will transpire during the 2014 December Solstice.


This is a one-day event that will take place at the Unity of Sedona facility on Saturday December 20, 2014, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For details and instructions on how you can register to physically attend this Festival please click on the link below.

(If this link does not work please copy and paste it in your browser.)





The following is a link to a short video that the Company of Heaven helped to orchestrate in order to prepare us for Cosmic Moments like the one we will experience during the December Solstice on December 20-21, 2014.


By watching this video throughout the month of December and invoking this powerful Gift of Divine Love as often as we can, we will greatly assist in forming the Global foundation of Divine Love that will birth the life-transforming year of 2015. (Preview)

The Answer is LOVE

The Answer Is LOVE! by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles Artwork by Daniel B Holeman Aeoliah Gaelyn Larrick Josephine Wall and many more…please contact Adele if your credential is not included. We would love to give acknowledgement to your wondrous artwork!


(If this link does not work please copy and paste it in your browser.)


For those of you who will not be able to join us in person in Sedona, please weave your magnificent Light into the December Solstice throughout the entire 48 hours of December 20-21, 2014.


These are the most important Divine Qualities to focus our collective attention on during the 2014 December Solstice:




God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles


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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.


©2014 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

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What Does Oneness Mean to Me? ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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What Does Oneness Mean to Me?

OnenessWhat does “Oneness” mean to me? Here’s my opinion.

I don’t mean the expression of it to be a show stopper. I mean it to be a show starter. If it doesn’t prove to be, then I’ve failed in my intention.

Oneness for me implies a number of things.

It implies a lack of barriers against the well-meaning individuals of this world. Obviously, as long as there are those who wish us harm still operating in our world, a modicum of discernment is sill required.

But leaving that aside, oneness implies the elimination of all barriers to connection, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It implies openness and transparency.

Oneness in this world would also see a generosity arise that’s natural and normal, a free sharing of all resources, and a balance of give and receive, rather than simply all giving or all receiving.

This sharing would go on until equilibrium is reached and that equilibrium would be maintained as a natural and accepted condition and practice.

Oneness for me also means a response to the awakened heart and the heart awakening to everyone, to the plight of all. It means being unable to turn aside from the suffering in the world but to help out in any way we can. It means that attitude being generally shared, understood, and accepted.

Oneness means a recognition of our common parentage – at all levels – whether our common extraterrestrial parentage in such civilizations as the Pleiades and Sirius. Or our common physical parentage in the highest angelic realms. Or our common existential parentage in Father/Mother God, Creator Source.

As an hypothesis and a test, I’m willing to assert and predict that: When the barriers fall and all is freely shared, when compassion flows and we deeply recognize our common nature as children of the One, we’ll reach the state of Oneness, unitive consciousness, as individuals and as a world, gently and naturally.

I have to leave it to others to prove me accurate or inaccurate. As a journalist, I have a role to play and it has its requirements, discipline, and limits.

Archangel Michael told me some time ago that I’m to follow the social wave of Ascension, chronicle it, and interpret it. That means I don’t sink down deeply and ultimately into any one subject. To do that is the work of a lightholder and I’m a lightworker.

I’m also a pillar and so I have a contract to remain till the last. These are all active rather than meditative roles. They define my agreed-upon part in this divine play, the World Game, and mean I play some roles but not others. It’s the same for all of us.

In common, what we as lightworkers have agreed to do is to work for Ascension and and to participate in the building of the New World, before and after Ascension.

Ascension is being handled by the higher realms. We play a part in it but not as much of a part as in the second area.

The second area involves building Nova Earth. It involves cleansing Gaia, eradicating disease, eliminating poverty, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, and addressing all other conditions of global unworkability.

Because this is our planet, because we burdened Gaia in the first place and owe it to her to clean things up, because it will assist other worlds if we’ve learned from this experience and can speak about it, and because we agreed to do this work before we were born, the task falls to us, in concert with the invisibles.

We also support the lightholders who are anchoring the love and light on Gaia and bring enlightenment to those who are open to it. The rest of us will have our meal later. None will go without.

Such is the perfection of the Divine Plan that I predict that we’ll arrive at a global condition of Oneness imperceptibly and naturally in the course of events, varying in individual experience and timing. Ascension will ensure it. But our efforts at building Nova Earth will promote it.

Hindus would call this spiritual path “karma yoga,” “seva” or “selfless service.” It’s a recognized path to God, just as meditation is. And it’s the path that all those who resonate with service have chosen.

Steve will be taking Nov. 30-Dec. 3 off to move his apartment.


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The E-Family Steps Up ~ Steve Rother & The Group ~ Beacons of Light @ Lightworker

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Beacons of Light—November
Channeled live 2014_10_25

The E-Family Steps Up

Greetings from Home.
I am so overjoyed to be with you these days, to share with you what is coming for humanity. Dear ones, it is amazing where you have taken this beautiful game of pretending to be a human, and what you have each worked with individually as well as on a collective level. We have just returned from a large gathering where the E-Family came together for their next set of instructions, ideas of what is coming and the roles they can play. Of course, not all of you were in attendance; it would have been a very busy place if you had been. Let us recap and share some of the more important notions of why you are here as a collective of humanity.
The Seven Clans of the E-Family Vibration

First of all, you are part of a rather large family. Many of you know that and feel it deep within your heart. You may have different words that you use depending on who you have awakened to, which books you are reading and what you are following. It makes no difference, dear ones, for it is the feeling of family that we want you to grasp. Now we also understand that many of you have negative images of what family is. You may have had a difficult experience around what we call “family,” but the reality is that you are all part of each other. When you vibrate in similar ranges, you gather in those ranges. Well, this vibrational range of the Family of E…the Family of E vibration or what we have called the E-Family. The beautiful part about that is we recently brought in all seven clans including the final one: Harmony. It is all about harmony on planet Earth and we were able to share with everyone in the room what those seven clans are and why you brought one of those rays of light to planet Earth. And while all of you deal with all seven rays, the beautiful part about it is that you have your resonance with which you vibrate, resonate, have a harmonic imprint, and can form harmonies.

These are the times, dear ones, many of you have chosen to be here specifically. It was very important for many of you to be here at this exact junction of time and space in order to carry the message, to be here sometimes simply as a critical mass. Some of you will stand and speak your truth very loudly, others will write books, make movies or teach in various ways. Even those of you who are not outspoken or do not seem to outwardly carry the energy, you hold the heart of the collective vibration of humanity in this family and that is beautiful.

A Grounding of the Collective Vibration of All of Humanity

The Family of E Vibration is gathered on Earth in massive numbers much more so than ever before. The last time that you were here in such large numbers was around the signing of the Magna Carta some 800 years ago, and here you are gathered again exponentially.   We have recently been asked, “How many are here from the E-Family? How many are on planet Earth?” We tell you there are slightly over two million of you on this planet. Not all of you call yourselves Lightworkers, not all of you believe in exactly the same way. However, all of you have a deep inner knowing and are part of a collective vibration of humanity that is now resonating with everything that takes place on planet Earth. You have had numerous lifetimes on your planet, many opportunities to make a difference and you have felt the resistance of those around you. Some of you have brought in a very bright message in very dark times, making it incredibly difficult to stay true to your message and the ray of light that you brought from Home. Some of you brought things that do not even seem to fit on Earth, and you feel too far ahead of the game in order to do it.  Trust now, dear ones, that you are making these energetic connections with the rest of the E-Family. You are forming a grounding of the collective vibration of all of humanity which is very powerful.

Whose Voice Will Be Heard Louder?

Many of your societies are built on societal rules, and sometimes just in gatherings of groups you have rules as well…oh yes, you do. You may not state them aloud, they may not be written, but you all have these rules about how things work. It used to be that a certain echelon at the top could control everything that was going on. Now whether you call these powerful people, the doers, be-ers, movers or shakers, it makes no difference. Many times these have been your political leaders, your world leaders that somehow knew that their voice counted much more than every other voice on planet Earth. That is changing now, which is the beautiful part of the E-Family that we want all of you to know. Whether you resonate with this or not, whether you have called yourself a member of the E-Family, there are many here that are awakening from the dream. They are looking for exactly why they came and re-membering their first incarnations in this density on planet Earth.

Now is a very magical time. You are making more of a difference than you could ever know. Is it important for you to be on the right side of everything? Since you are a part of the collective that is grounding this energy, does that mean that your voice is heard louder than others in the collective? Well, dear ones, all that has to do with is your ability to ground the light.  It is quite different than the way it has been in the past. Before it has always been the person at the top: whether they were elected, hired, bought their way in, or simply were noticed for their leadership abilities. Whatever took place, it’s rapidly changing on planet Earth.

These Are the Times to Speak

There will be repercussions of this change that you will feel over the next three years, as many things rearrange themselves. If you look at all of your collective structures—whether you call it a business, a corporation, a religion, a group of people or a collective in some way, they have been built on structures of communication. Those structures are now changing. It is not possible to hold secrets in the ways you once have. You are now living very clearly in the times of no more secrets. Now, what difference does it make whether a gentleman in China is taking to the street to speak his mind and he pulls out his cell phone and videos everything that is going on around him? Well, that person just grounded a lot of energy—especially if he posted the video someplace where everybody can see it. Because of his actions and intent to share openly with the world, he has become a louder voice than everyone else in the collective for that moment. These are the opportunities that we ask you all to be a part of. It is not necessarily that you need to be out there with your cell phones looking for things to videotape, but when you see something or when you understand that there is an injustice taking place on a large scale and your voice can make a difference, these are the times to speak.

The Rights of the Spirit

Now, you may say, “Well, I am only one small person. I only have a small Facebook page. I only work with Twitter and am limited to 140 characters.” The reality is, you are connected to very important people all the way around. Even if you are a hermit, do not have many of what you call social friends or connections, or do not consider yourself a teacher but simply an energy holder, now is the time to awaken from the dream. Now is the time to start speaking, honing and sharpening your own truth because this is what the E-Family is all about, dear ones—the inner knowing of the Rights of the Spirit as they have an incarnation on planet Earth. These are the things that will now take you all to the next level of your existence in the dance in density in your physical bubbles of biology.

Trust Your Inner Voice

There are many changes taking place—even to the area that you call physics. There are many things that are starting to shift and yes, some of them will show up and be considered to be new discoveries. Well, some of them aren’t new. Some of them are new energies, not new discoveries, but the truth of the matter is that you are connected to other beings of this family in a very large way. Simply hold your joy, passion, and inner truth of what you know to be important as a spirit pretending to be a human playing this beautiful game on this beautiful planet. Now is the time to bring that forward. Some of you have books in you that have been hiding for lack of confidence, lack of wisdom, lack of knowledge…or so you think. You forget that you are all channels. You all have capabilities of tapping into the wisdom of the ages if only you trust your inner voice, if only you learn to exercise these muscles in a way that you can call upon them when needed.

‘E’ of Empowerment, Evolution

We tell you dear ones, there are many things shifting on your planet and the E-Family is being called into action in a very big way. What does the E stand for? We have been asked that many times. There are too many meanings for us to list them all but if you simply use the word as Empowerment or Evolution, you will understand what the E Family is all about. These are the times that you all agreed to meet here if ever you got this planet to a point where you could reach these high vibrational levels and have an actual opportunity to step into the next dimensional level without leaving the physical bodies. You all wanted to be here for that, so many of you planned how to make that happen. Though some of you did not plan  at all, you just knew that if you jumped in and chose this set of parents, you would end up at the right place at the right time even if mom and dad never understood you. Well, you made it. You have done well.

We thank you for all the courage that you have shown to bring this energy and to be misunderstood many times. Not being able to completely describe yourself or completely be spontaneous in every moment for fear of what the reactions would be. Well, you made it. Now you have a deeper connection that all of you will start to understand.

Seeing more of your perfection

We have mentioned many times, dear ones, you live in a multidimensional experience. What you see in front of you when you look in the mirror every morning and comb your hair and you think that is the person you see. Well obviously you know it is a reverse image because you are looking in a mirror, although most of you do not actually see yourselves that way. Most of you perceive yourselves in the reverse image because it is the way that you constantly see yourselves. So what we tell you is, we are going to start showing you the real you. Sometimes even when you look in the mirror we will start removing many of the layers that you have placed here to distract, to dis-use in some way and to diffuse the energy that sometimes is very difficult for some of you to handle. Now is an opportunity to step through the dimensional realities. You have basically hidden much of your perfection in these different dimensions of time and space, and we tell you there is not just one of you walking around. There are many and each one of those holds a little bit of the perfection of your spirit. Since you are on the planet of imperfection, none of you can hold all of it but all of you can hold a small piece of it. In the days ahead and particularly over the next five to six months, we will share with you the thinning of this veil that has separated these dimensions for you. You will start to see things in a new way, but you may not understand why. Some of you will start to feel energy in a new way not quite knowing what it is; you may actually be thrown off center somewhat not knowing how to handle this or exactly what it is. You are on target, dear ones. You are on target for an entirely new experience on this planet and it is magical for us to share this with you. There will be times when you will start running into the other yous. Very confusing at first, but you will pick up on things. You will pick up knowledge and wisdom that as the collective you have gained in many of your incarnations throughout the universe. All of you. Step forward very clearly with the opportunity to step into this new experience. Watch for it but most importantly, connect with your heart.

These are the times dear ones, where you are learning to think with your heart and feel with your head. You have always tried to match your experience to what you thought and now we are going to ask you to match your experience to what you feel. It will save you a lot of time. The evolution of humanity is moving at an astounding rate due to the fact that so many of the E-Family is awakening from the dream and taking their place.


There is a collective of humanity dear ones, and if you have something new that is coming on this planet it will not ground until it reaches into that collective or is accepted in that collective. That is what we ask you to do. Make those connections whether you do so energetically, over Facebook or Twitter,  consciously by connecting to people and speaking, step into your teaching, write your own book, toward making your own movie—whatever it is. These are the times to flex those muscles, to start building those connections because in the future, dear ones, you will need those connections more than you could possibly know. And, they will be very helpful for you to ground and move in these ways.

Communicating as a Collective

One of the messages that we gave recently at the Lightworker Reunion was to talk about the bacteria in your own physical body—the microbes and the bacteria that are in your body actually rule your life in many ways. You are in harmony with it most of the time, but we wish to share an analogy to help you to understand a little bit of your relationship to those levels and your relationship to the higher levels as well. You consider microbes and bacteria to be small parts of your experience because they are so tiny and small but they offer one gift, dear ones, which is really unique. They are in constant communication with each other every moment. There is no moment where the microbes in your body are not talking together. Does that mean that they all agree? No, not by a long shot. They all have different intents, they have all brought something unique, they all have different roles but they are in communication with each other at every moment and they all  have a vote on what is going to happen in your body. Even if one says this is going to happen and all the rest of them say no, that is not going to happen, they hold their vote; they hold their truth. Then when the collective reaches a critical mass and enough of them hold that same truth, it appears in your physical body that fast. That is how the beauty of this happens.

You also have other illustrations that we can clearly use…the ants. The ants are in a collective communication. They send out runners to search for new paths to food, new paths to the things that they need. And, if that runner is intercepted or dies along the way, everyone knows it instantly. That is the communication that all humans can start moving toward. You already have it inside your body with the bacteria and the microbes that work together even though they sometimes disagree. Even though they may have different viewpoints, they have learned to communicate; when the collective reaches a critical mass, change happens that quickly. Humans are the same. That is the beauty of what you now have in front of you.

The Clan of the Keepers of Harmony

That is why we brought in the seventh clan…the Clan of Harmony, those of you who can naturally make harmony around you. Some of you might have considered yourselves to be peacemakers, placing yourself in a family where finding that harmony and holding that balance was critical to the family’s evolution as well. Some of you have put yourselves in difficult situations so that you could use your gifts of harmony. Even if you are not from that clan, now is the time for every one of you to look at how well you are harmonizing with the other yous around you. Look at the connections. We have said this many times that your success on planet Earth will now have to do with how well you can acknowledge the ways you are alike, instead of the ways that you are separate. This is a huge change and adjustment of the ego, and many of the other parts of your typical ways of doing business as humans.

Holding Your Uniqueness

Now are the times, dear ones, to steadfastly hold your truth. Hold it in such a way that another truth can stand right next to you and even though they disagree, both can shine and share their votes. These are the ways of the future, how the microbes and ants work together in their highest forms. All of you are gaining these inner communications. Many of you have called them psychic abilities, but they will not be called psychic any longer because they are integrated so far within all of you. You will lose these strange words that put odd flavors on something that every human has. These are the greatest times on planet Earth, for you originally were not going to be here. Much of the energy of planet Earth would be changing very rapidly right now but you stayed. Now is the time to re-member why you are here and connect in those areas. Connecting and sharing your energy does not mean losing your uniqueness and that is critical, for you have a vote in every aspect of humanity. When your vote does not count it is because you are not speaking your truth, for these are the times to start working with exactly that. During the transitionary months of moving into this whole new energy and this entire new world that lies in front of you, you can create magic right now. It may not show up in your field in this very instant, but you can place it in the timeline and walk right into it.
We could not be prouder of you dear ones. We know most of you by your spirit name, by what you are called when you come Home. To some of you, it will be important to re-member those names. For others? Simply the knowledge that you are a greater being than you ever knew. You are revered here at Home and you are in the perfect place to make a difference on planet Earth in this evolution that is taking place. The Family of E is grounded. They are in place to hold the energy, to carry in the new world and to bring in an entirely new hologram of light into effect on planet Earth and we, dear ones, are applauding every move that you make.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Harmonize every chance you get. Know that it is a beautiful new game that you are playing. And play well together.


Espavo.  I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

We appreciate your comments.

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at:


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Transcript: Heavenly Blessings, St. Germaine on Intimacy, aired November 18, 2014 ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art Misty Frederick

ART : Misty Frederick

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings, St. Germaine on Intimacy, aired November 18, 2014

Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging Into The Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’ll be continuing this most fascinating of discussions with another member of the Council of Love, our Beloved St. Germaine! Having had many lives in human form on Earth, St. Germaine can offer direct experience and perspective on the power and potential inherent in our physical bodies, not to mention the joy.

Many of us have been living under the misconception that our bodies and anything that makes us feel good are somehow shameful and wrong. We’re growing to understand that if we intend to raise our frequency high enough to anchor in higher dimensions we need to clear any and all false grids and beliefs about who we are.

I am so looking forward to hearing what St. Germaine has to say on this topic and I can’t think of a more appropriate guide for this phase of our journey.

And may I, from the whole InLight Radio Team, wish you, Linda, a happy 40th birthday and a delightful good morning!

LD: (Laughing) Yeah, good morning and thank you, thank you, thank you! You know I think of birthdays as sort of a day where I get to express gratitude. I’m like, ‘I am so happy to be alive’ and you know, this in many ways is the most challenging..the best of times, the worst of times.

I’m so glad that the people who surround me, my InLight family, my Golden Age of Gaia family, my Council of Love soul family, my soul circle, my biological family, my beloved husband, and all our listeners, I just feel such gratitude that you’re with me, that we’re doing this together. So, from my heart to yours, thank you!

SM: Beautiful. Well, we have a nice sunny, cold day up here in New Jersey. It froze overnight… winter’s here.

LD: Well, I want to tell you it’s cold and rainy in good ‘ole sunny Florida as well. But, as you all know, or maybe you don’t know, we have been doing, we did on Saturday afternoon, a meditation for healing of the drought in California and the healing and elimination of lack and limitation, of those old belief systems because Archangel Gabrielle and St. Germaine has told us that these are just false grids and that the people of California and the people of Earth have taken the opportunity to heal drought because that’s a lack of water, that’s a lack of Gaia’s lifeblood. So the whole intent of this meditation that was spearheaded by our soul sister Kathleen Willis, is to bring an end to the drought.

So, I’ve been watching very closely the weather forecasts in California. This morning, that was one of the first things Isaac and I did, and it was raining in San Diego!

SM: Oh wow!

LD: Yes, and it’s forecast to rain most of the week. Los Angeles has a forecast for rain starting tomorrow and going for the whole week. It’s been raining and snowing in LakeTahoe and San Francisco, so I think our efforts and our coming together is really having a huge impact.

So, I would strongly ask and urge all our listeners to keep doing the meditation with Archangel Uriel. It is posted both on the Council of Love site and on the Golden Age of Gaia site and on YouTube, so keep doing the meditation for rain.

We want to bring rain not only to California, but to India, to Asia, to the Middle East, to Australia because drought has been a world wide issue. So, it’s encouraging and it’s us stepping forward as Nova Beings, as the New You. So, let’s go for it!

SM: Yeah, let’s go for it. With the power of prayer and group energy we can do anything, really.

LD: We can do anything and I think that’s what the Council is showing us. We’ve been drumming home week after week that in using the Universal Laws and our own creative power, we can affect change!

Now, I want to say one thing. I had a listener write in and say, “Why aren’t you doing a meditation for world peace?” So, I wanted to remind our listeners that every Sunday night at nine o’clock wherever you are, if you just tune in, we do a meditation for world peace. If you want more information on that it’s also on the Council of Love website. It’s not that we’re looking at drought and ignoring other really substantial issues, we’re not.

SM: Right. Okay, well for myself, I have a cold for one thing, and I may have to excuse myself to sneeze or whatever. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with my life lately, but last night I got that how much we get done isn’t really what matters. It’s about how we feel about what we’re doing that’s important right now and we really need to focus on that. If we’re doing something that makes us feel miserable then by all means quit doing it and go onto something else.

LD: You know, Archangel Gabrielle has said to us many times, and so has Universal Mother Mary, if it doesn’t feel like love, if it doesn’t feel like joy, then stop doing it. It’s just that simple. Change, redirect, re-invent.

SM: Let go of the fear.

LD: Let go of the fear and find something that does bring you joy because, let’s face it, life really is too short. You know, this life, this incarnation is just like a tiny blip on the radar screen! Sometimes we talk about how long things are taking and how elongated events are, but in fact, in terms of the universe, our life, our span of life is just a little blip.

So, it’s way too short to do anything other than what brings us joy! Now I know that sometimes we’re not getting our joy, like right in the minute. You know, if I’m cleaning the toilet that may or may not be a joyful task, but having a clean bathroom really does give me great pleasure… (Laughing)

SM: Absolutely true.

LD: I have this feeling that if your bathroom isn’t clean then your house isn’t clean. Of course you know that’s neurotic isn’t it? (laughing)! But it gives us joy, so it’s not just joy in the bigger sense. it’s joy in the little things as well.

SM: Exactly. That’s what I’m saying ‘it’s not how much we get done’ because certainly, I walk around my house or get on the computer and there’s a million things that I could be doing. I need to break it up into little bits so that I can handle things one at a time. If I’m looking at the big picture it’s too much and I don’t want to do any of it.

LD: (Laughing) It’s overwhelming and we don’t want to forget that we’ve been told that we’re in this period and it hasn’t ended yet, of inertia and that was a redefinition even of the word inertia. So many of us are feeling that sense of overwhelm and I don’t really feel like tackling anything. So, step back, be the observer, take the appropriate action as you absolutely need to. But know that you’re in this phase of gathering your strength for the next big push, and I firmly believe that that next big push is all of us, together, going through the Ascension Portal.

SM: Yeah and not only is it okay to do something nice for yourself, it’s kind of vital actually.

LD: It’s required and I think St. Germaine is going to talk about that.

SM: Awesome.

LD: Alright, enough of this chit chat girls. (Laughing))

So, sink in to your chair, to the floor, to your bed, to your office chair, wherever you are. Just thank yourself for being alive and thank yourself for being that important person in so many other people’s lives and not just because you cook or clean or earn money or serve people day in and day out.

Take a minute and just feel how many people, seen and unseen, above and below, love you and value you and do know and see you for who you really are ~ not just as the saint or the sinner or the provider, but for who you really are.

Now relax your shoulders, relax your legs, I see a lot of tense legs out there, your jaw and feel as if you are floating like mist on a silver lake, down into your heart, down into your core and let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of that beautiful fiery violet ray, that ray of brilliant purple tinged with shades of magenta and red and blue. And feel that violet flame coming down from your crown like a laser light, like a beam of light directly into your heart and feel it igniting the violet flame within your heart, overlighting your sweet tri-flame. And breathe violet, woodland violets, chrysanthemums, a good red wine…and breathe.

Feel that laser beam continue down from your heart, through your solar plexus and halion, your umbilical, your tummy, right down into your root, shooting out and down into the heart of Gaia, up into the heart of Gaia and feel it shoot from the heart of Gaia right up to the heart of One, creating a perfect circle of what you are an integral and infinite part.

So, feel that beam, that beautiful bright beam of violet light, iridescent, coming down again from the heart of One, through your crown, through your head, your throat, into your heart, down through your lower chakras, down through Gaia, up through Gaia, back to One and feel that circle and let it flow. And be that light, be that love.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

SM: Welcome.

St.G: And, welcome to all of you! Welcome to all of you my beloved friends, and yes, I am quite aware that red wine is not quite of the violet ray, but because I enjoy it so much I wish to include it, that all of you could taste the sweetness of the bounty that Gaia has to offer, whether it is grape juice or the richest claret. It is about awakening your senses. It is about tasting the richness and the fruits and the bounty of Gaia. It is about allowing yourself to enjoy being human.

Now this comes from me and I have walked the Earth many, many, many times, and yes, there is a part of me that says I will never return to Gaia until all the pettiness, the cruelty, the venom is healed. I got so sick and tired of hearing people say, “Well that’s part of life!” It is such an incorrect notion, belief system, paradigm. It is the destroyer of joy. It is the limitless ability to be in joy that is the birthright of being human.

Do you really think that the Mother and Gaia herself, who volunteered to become a planet and then said, “Well, what this planet is going to be like is it is going to be a place of such duality that humans will learn misery?” Well, I for one would never have come!

Now have I experienced lack and limitation, misery and happiness, delusion, illusion, disappointment? Yes. And did I get past it, did I learn as man? We are not talking, and I do not come simply as Ascended Master of the I AM Presence this day, I come as your brother, as a fellow traveler and as a being who has been a man and who has learned the truth; that the journey of being in form, in these magnificent forms called bodies, is intended and can be a phenomenal walk of liberation, of freedom and of joy.

Now, does it take a little work sometimes? Let me emphasize, sometimes. But, that is the point of claiming all of your joy, all of your freedom. And let me be very clear, when I talk about freedom I am not talking about taking liberties…although I wish you’d take a few more…but I am not talking about inappropriate behavior and not being considerate and kind to others. Quite the contrary! Nothing gives greater joy than sharing love. It is the entire purpose of being in form. You can talk all you want and expand your understanding of the function of your mental body, your emotional body, your seal of Solomon, your causal body, your astral body, but if you aren’t claiming and being in the fullness of your physical body, my friends you are missing the point.

I know, because I, like you, spent many, many decades, and in some situations, hundreds of years trying to prove myself to myself and to others, that I was saintly. St. Germaine is a name, not a blessing. I thought if I could purify and purify and purify and negate my physical whims and wishes, desires, that somehow I would earn the purity and that sense of detachment. Until I broke through and I came to understand, yes with a great deal of help from my friends, I came to the depth of knowing in my heart, in my solar plexus, in my stomach, to the soles of my feet, that it was not about denying the body, it was about embracing the body and allowing my physical form, and your physical form, to be the reflection , the embodiment of all the grace, the wonder, the healing, the blessings, the expansiveness of the Mother’s Love and the entire universe. That the universe was within me and without, outside, and that both were equally valuable and to be employed, demonstrated, enjoyed, enjoyed, enjoyed in physical form.

Now, often in speaking to you, my blessed family, yes, the channel speaks of her gratitude for this family, but so do I and so do I on behalf of many. You are our partners, you are our circle, you are our family. You are our allies, you are our cohorts and you are my friends.

So many times I have begun and I have said, “Come and sit and drink wine and break bread with me” as we have done so many times before. When we sat in the Temple of the Violet Flame in Atlantis and you became the healer priest, and priest was a secular term, and we broke bread and you rose like the phoenix out of the ashes of the old into the new, reborn, physical body, what do you think we did? Did I say to you, “Now, what you must do is stay in the temple and pray morning, noon and night; do not touch yourself (dog barking in background) or anything else…(This dog is vigorous!)…do not touch your body, do not touch the goblet of wine, do not touch the bread, do not touch anything, for it would be impure, and the last thing I would want you to do is enjoy a good meal with me”?

Of course not! I invited you to sit and share and to savor, not merely the foods, or the Mead, but the kinship, the friendship, each other and then to return, to go out into the world, whether it was on the islands of Atlantis, or the migrations to Egypt and then to the Middle East. I asked you to go and to spread the word, not merely of healing, but of living.

The purpose of any form of healing is that you may then re-engage in the joy of life. How does this begin? There has been a great deal of discussion about sacred union, about sacred partnership, but how do you even begin that if you do not have a love and a passion for your physical self, for the physical form, the personality, the ego, and yes, I know all about ego, if you’re not passionately involved in a love affair with your self? How, how do you ever engage, not only in sacred work, but in the human work, person to person to person, lover to lover, friend to friend, daughter to mother, mother to son, father to grandfather, how do you ever engage in a truly meaningful way if you are not first and foremost engaged with yourself? If you are not being honest and truthful and having explored the territory of your own being, how do you begin? Well you can’t! Or you can’t fully, not in the measure of love and joy that I am talking of this day.

So, let me be frank! Do you know your body? Yes, Yeshua has talked about knowing the truth of your heart and your soul, but I add to this this day, and I say, know the truth of your body! I am not merely talking about intimacy and orgasm and sexual encounter, although that is critical; if you do not know what pleases you physically, how can you share and even be interested in knowing what pleases your beloved, physically?

The human body is the form, the gift that you, your guides, and some of us, have talked about and negotiated. But you had the final say about what this body looks, feels, tastes, smells and how it performs. So then why would you come and then proceed to think that your body is something disdainful, something to be ignored or whipped into shape or subdued so that you could go forward? That is right back to those who, out of a sense of entitlement, try to control you and that, my sweet angels, is not permissible. Your body is the angelic form, in form.

If you do not think that on this side, that we do not live in an almost continuous state of ecstasy, then you have misunderstood what it means to be ascended, what it means to be angelic. We do not go into the morass of pain and suffering. Do we witness it and are there times when even the beloved Mother is sad? Yes, but that is not the state of being. It is an observation about the mess that has been created by these false illusions.

So, can we start today, in this new day, talking about loving your body, your fingernails, your hands, your chin, your nose, your eyes, your belly button, your sexual parts, your toes, your knees? Can we talk about how grateful you are to be able to walk, because there are many on the planet, for reasons of teaching compassion, who can’t walk! Do you open your eyes and say, “I am so lucky to be able to see”? No, what I hear from you is, “How come my third and fourth eye isn’t open? How come I cannot see you?”

Well, let me tell you my friends, one of the reasons is that we want you first to see and to embrace the beauty of you, of who you are, of those around you, the beauty of Gaia, to taste the air and the sweetness of the water. In doing that, you open your third and fourth eye, you open your neural pathways to hearing by listening for the sound of the bees, the birds, the footsteps of the rabbits and the deer, even the human footsteps in the thick of New York City or Bombay.

Use your senses, explore your body. This is something else, too often you do not touch, and again I do not merely mean sexual touching, but you do not touch yourself. You do not touch your arm and feel the texture of your skin. You do not touch your belly, the place where you hold so much birthing energy. It does not matter whether you are male of female, you’ve been all, you’ve been both. There is not one being upon the planet that has not been homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, or heterosexual. Those are simply choices and each is glorious because each presents a different opportunity to explore unity and sacred partnership. But, you don’t touch yourself enough!

I see you touch your belly and you say, “Oh good, it’s flat, oh good it’s hard, oh good I don’t have jelly belly”. Or you say the critical, “Oh no, I have a muffin top, oh no, there’s a layer of fat.” You don’t simply put your hands on your belly and say “Thank you, thank you for accepting the food that I feed you, thank you for letting me know, not only when I am spiritually hungry, but when I am physically hungry so that I can engage in union with Gaia”, for it is Gaia who feeds you, it is Gaia who quenches your thirst. So I am eager to talk about intimacy in every form. So yes, I am inviting myself back Suzanne, but let us begin with your sacred self. Now, having said that, dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin?

SM: Ah, you are always so welcome to come back any time you want. It’s wonderful to have your perspective on this topic of enjoying our physical reality and thank you for joining us.

There’s been so much discussion around the return of the Divine Feminine, that it feels of equal importance to understand the expanding role of the masculine in our unfolding consciousness. I have a lot of compassion for men these days because the messages of ‘how to be a good man’ vary wildly. We value sensitivity and open communication, but being too sensitive can be seen as weakness, and there’s also a danger of sharing too much and having the meaning of what you’re sharing be misconstrued. Gender is, in itself, a dualistic fact of our lives. As we expand in the unity consciousness, how will the roles of gender shift?

St.G: There is no such thing as being too sensitive, there is no such thing as being too tender or too kind. Now when I have lived in Europe, I have been outrageous! And I chose in a social setting often to be outrageous in order to break through what peoples conceptions were of these very roles of male and female.

Yes, it is the return of the Divine Feminine, but it is the return of the Divine Feminine to every person and being on the planet, including every man, who too often, because of the old… and we see this in every culture… because of the old acculturation, that the male has been slotted into certain roles. Now that has broken down enormously so that the protector, hunter, warrior, stoic male is becoming more balanced.

But let us also say, that in that return of the Divine Feminine, inside of that or alongside of it, but really within, but you can conceive of it how you want, is the true nature of the Divine Masculine. Too often the male face of the divine has been seen as thundering, punishing, stoic, warrior like. And I know, I have done it! But why would there be a need for such delineation? You have called it duality and yes, there are two genders…well there really aren’t, but that is the concept so you are seeing it. Now the feminine, from my perspective is the lucky one because you get to carry the child. You get to bring the energy right into you and carry it and nurture it. So let’s face it, you get a head start.

But, it doesn’t happen without the male. And now we aren’t talking about a sperm donor, we are talking about truly this sacred coming together, which is actually very much a group process, to come together to create life. So, it has never been one or the other. But because of many of the old roles that men were forced or socialized into, and certainly by many mainstream religions, is that they were absent from that real joy of creation.

Now you are seeing a shift and a dramatic shift, more than ever before upon planet of men allowing their sensitive nature and the importance, not just in terms of lineage or bragging rights, but the care and nurturing they are giving their children, the fullness of that partnership called family. Men are having a hard time.

Often, when I would attend a function, in your terms think of it as a large dinner party, and I would manifest various beautiful stones for the fun of it…given the crowd, it was what they wanted ~ diamonds, sapphires, rubies. Nevertheless, I would manifest them for the sheer pleasure of it and to show how manifestation takes place. Now I have to admit that also made me a great hit with the ladies!

But often when I would manifest such a stone, I would cry. In the middle of an auspicious gathering, one minute I would be laughing and joking and being outrageous and the next minute I would cry. And so many would look at me and say, “Have you had too much wine? What is the problem, has your mistress left you yet again, huh?”

I would say, “No, I am crying because of the beauty of this stone.” This is what I did with the stones really, and I would hold it and they would look at it, at the depth of the blue in the sapphire, or the purity or the fire of the diamond, and people would see and they would be brought to tears because they had forgotten the meaning of beauty. And then I would give it away and I would say, “But now, look at the beauty of this one” and it was not always a woman, often it was a fellow man. And from the beauty of the gem we would look at the person, and there was always great excitement to see who would be chosen, because it allowed them to truly be seen, not for their position or their wealth or their wit, but for who they really were and who they really are because so many of you that I am speaking to this day have been with me in Atlantis or France or the New World. So, it was to use the examples of physicality and it was also to use the example that it was all right for a man to give a man a beautiful gift and to be sensitive about it.

There is no such thing as caring too much. Now, because of the false grids and paradigms that have existed in your old 3rd, did that mean opening up your heart as an incredible risk taker to be hurt? Yes, but what is the alternative? There is none. Why would you wish to close yourself off? Can you imagine the loneliness? So, you take my advice and you spend the time to discover the beauty, the richness, the territory of your body, of your likes and dislikes, of your lust and I do not mean that in a sinful way, I mean what fires your passion. So you take the trouble to find all of this out and then you are not free to engage? Well that would be absurd!

So take the chance, it is worth it!

SM: Well, thank you for that. If I may ask maybe one more question. Could you please speak to the sexual energy as an avenue of alchemical transformation? Do you know what I mean by that?

St.G: Well I think I do! (Laughing).

SM: (Laughing) I think you do. Okay!

St.G: My dearest Suzanne I do believe you are talking about sex? Can you imagine such an outrageous topic for a spiritual undertaking program? I am happy to talk about it!

SM: Awesome! I know we’re a little crazy here!

St.G: Yes, finally there is nothing crazy about sexual sacred union. And I know because I have not been celibate. And I might say that one of the things, one of the elements or aspects that often kept me going and kept me on Earth was, in fact, the ability to engage in sexual sacred intimacy with others. And yes, I have had a selection of partners, as have all of you. Even if you believe that you have only been with one person in this lifetime, you have had a parade my friends, of partners over the many, many lifetimes.

So, forget this purity, monogamy, faithfulness issue. Faithfulness is a matter of the heart, but that is another discussion.

When you join with another in the true bliss of sacred union and when you come to a place of mutuality and orgasm, that is very important, let me repeat this, it is mutuality, it is not simply one partner being satisfied, it is both.

Yes we know that sometimes there are mechanical difficulties, or that people have orgasm at a different moment, but the union in that alchemical moment is you returning, absolutely leaving your body and being fully in your body. It is the best example of bi-location that anyone can ever think of.

You are completely present and you are not present at all. You are the spark of light, the sheerest of energies, and you are so fully physical at the same moment. And in that alchemical moment, you are connecting, you are becoming the sheer energy and re-connecting, not merely with your divinity, but with THE Divinity. When I say that I have the honor to claim that I am master, not only of the Violet Flame, but of the I AM Presence, do you get there by deep meditation, by ritual, by prayer? Yes you can. But you also get there in that physical moment of orgasm, of truly letting go. Because, what you are doing is declaring your freedom. You are saying, “I am fully a physical being and I am nothing other than this spark and point of light!”

And it is in that moment…if you are co-creating, for example, with one you cherish, because I am not an advocate of casual sex because it is not rewarding. So to me, intimacy is a very intimate act. Now can it be achieved with a stranger? Yes, but that doesn’t matter, it is still an intimate act. But in that moment if you and your beloved are saying, “What we are creating”, you have created the intent: “We are creating a child, we are creating abundance, we are creating rain in California, we are creating an opening for people to see and hear and feel.” You would be amazed, and I use this all the time; in fact I never had sexual intercourse with a partner, male or female, that we did not discuss beforehand, the nature of what we were bringing forth.

SM: Wow.

St.G: So when you talk about it, it becomes woven into the physical intimacy and the sheer energy when you are completely out of your body. So you are anchoring it into the physical realm and you are creating it in the etheric realm as well.

It is a powerful, powerful tool that, because of this growth of control and lack, that you were taught to forget. Now the miracle of creating children was never forgotten. But the rest of it was placed not even on the stove…not even on the fire! So bring it back because this is a way in which you create directly with your I Am Presence, with their I Am Presence and with The I Am Presence.

So to say, “I am not having sex but I am a spiritual person so it doesn’t matter.” Well my friends, it does. And the moment of ecstasy starts with experiencing it yourself. Do not deny your physicality, all of it.

SM: Thank you! I’m weeping tears of joy right now and I am so happy about this. It is exactly, exactly what I was hoping for, thank you, thank you! So you’ll come back again?

St.G: I would love to come back again, because we have just scratched the surface.

SM: Perfect. Wonderful.

St.G: About the love of self, the claiming of your birthright of joy for your sacred self. But now I want to talk about, in the coming weeks, about the joy of joining with others. But in the meanwhile, if I can leave you with a thought… Take time to nourish, to touch, to taste, to smell, to listen to your body, to your beloved physical, magnificent, rich body. You are made out of the essence of One. You are the essence of intergalactics. You are the essence of angels. You are the essence of Gaia. How could you possibly not love yourself?

SM: (Sigh) Ah, wonderful. Thank you so much.

St.G: Go with my love, go with my beautiful amethyst gem, look at the beauty and then look at yourself my beloveds. Farewell.

SM: Farewell, thank you!


art Misty Frederick

Actualization of the 33 Stargate Portals of Light ~ Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek & Pleiadian Light Network


Mara Diop ARTIST

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

Monday, 1 December 2014

Actualization of the 33 Stargate Portals of Light

The Elders ~ December 2014 Transmission

Actualization of the 33 Stargate Portals of Light

Thru Anrita Melchizededk


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Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in the magical month of December. Sweet ones, as you know through our monthly transmissions, in this sacred year of 2014, from a ray perspective, you have been experiencing the second cosmic ray, or fourteenth ray of Interstellar Service. This beautiful silver ray illuminates your journey along the pathway of Divine Love in insight and understanding, as you experience this Now, beyond time and space, through the inner stargate of self-knowledge and illumination. Additionally, to fully integrate this beautiful silver ray of Interstellar Christ Consciousness throughout this year of 2014, you have been working with the 33 Stargate Portals of Light and Spiritual Laws, initially anchored on December 21st, 2012. These stargates further connect you to the twelve major vortices and Crystalline Cities of Mother Earth. These Crystalline Cities, with the exception of Mount Shasta and Lake Titicaca, in which these Crystalline Cities of Light already existed, were anchored in 2012 and 2013, and now with the Overlighting of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and this beautiful silver ray and the completion of the activation of 33 Stargate Portals of the Light, the Crystalline Cities of Light will further activate and actualize on this earth plane, starting with the beautiful Crystalline City of Light in Sedona between the Solstice and New Year. The Diamond Ray of Melchizedek Consciousness further activated through the Sedona vortex and Sedona Crystalline City of Light in May 2014, and from here, entered into all the Crystalline Cities of Light within and around Mother Earth. Bathing Mother Earth and all her Life in this beautiful Diamond Flame of Transcendence, a pathway of Innocence into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and a deeper integration of your Beloved I Am Presence was experienced through this initial activation. Additionally the 33 Stargate Portals of Light are connected to the 33 Cosmic Christ Holographic discs. The Cosmic Christ Holographic discs are activated through the spinal column, through the 33 vertebrae within the spinal column. They are essentially high vibrational templates which carry the mapping, remembrance, and restoration of the cosmic codes for your multi-dimensional bodies of Light. These silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs further take you into the Christed Timelines, and these fifth dimensional frequencies of zero point energy, the energy of Divine Unconditional Love and the ever-present Now.

And so sweet ones, in this transmission, we would like to take into the experience of all 33 fifth dimensional Stargate Portals of Light, taking you deeper into the New Earth Templates and the knowing of yourselves in your full magnificence and Light as you walk this Pathway of Divine Love.

So, let us start by setting a sacred space. You call now upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, and the Arcturians, all of the Light, the Order of Melchizedek, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, the Mighty Elohim and their Divine Feminine Counterparts, the Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts. Helios and Vesta the Solar Logii, Sanat Kumara the Bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Djwhal Khul, and now the Chohans or Ray Masters, El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, St Germain and Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Allah Gobi, Quan Yin, and Pallas Athena. And you call now too upon all the Master Guides you personally acknowledge, and your own Guardian Angel, and all other Beings of Light that wish to join you in this sacred space, as you merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Wonderful sweet ones. And now you ground now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, as she sends you her Love back up your body and into your energy field. Good.

So, we start sweet ones, with the first Spiritual Law connecting you to the first Stargate Portal of Light, the Law of Forgiveness. The Law of Forgiveness is understood by all of you, sweet ones, and yet somehow you get stuck with this too. The old cellular memories that may come up, and the understanding of the oscillating emotions that have been experienced through the soul contracts and karmic contracts of the victim and persecutor consciousness, are no longer part of the energies of this Golden Age of Light, nor have they ever been, sweet ones, but the contrasting experiences of creation have indeed been good lessons for many of you as you embrace you full range of emotions, and also, how humanity as a whole has learned best. Some of these challenges have brought you into a greater level of humility, into your hearts, and into the knowing that you can only move forward in forgiveness and Love.

And so now, as the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light come forward and surround you in this beautiful silver flame of Illumination, of wisdom and insight, you find yourselves traveling in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light.  Traveling through the grids of Divine Love, traveling through the timelines, and Portals of Light, into this Stargate Portal of Light that amplifies through this Law of Forgiveness. To forgive, sweet ones, and to release old anger, allows the Law of Grace to intercede and dispense with the amount of karma an individual has stored within his or her akasha. Forgiveness is Holiness, sweet ones. Forgiveness brings peace and harmony into your life. Surrounded now by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and all the beautiful Beings of Light that you acknowledge, as well as your soul and star family and friends of the Light that journey with you too into this Stargate Portal of Light, you see if there is any level of unforgiveness that you still harbor, sweet ones, any level of blame or resentment. No matter how difficult it is, you need to allow yourself to let go, and to let God. Allow yourselves to trust in life and to step out of the victim and persecutor consciousness into a deeper level of appreciation of this Now, sweet ones. If there are any souls that you are still experiencing this lack of forgiveness with, carrying out this interplay of negative energies, this dance of the karmic timeline, allow yourselves to forgive ~ call upon this soul, or these souls at a Higher Light level, and let them know that “I Love you, and I forgive you, as I Love and forgive myself.” Understand what you have experienced and learned, sweet ones. Come into forgiveness. Come into Love. As you experience an illumination of this beautiful Law of Forgiveness through your heart chakra, this first Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activates within the spinal column. You feel this activation within the spinal column, activating too the cerebral spinal fluid, the meridians and the chakras; creating this mapping, this templating, of the New Earth frequencies and the Adam Kadmon Body of Light. Wonderful sweet ones. You are loved, sweet ones, and you are so deeply loved and supported that there is no challenge that you are not able to deal with, to understand, and to experience, through the Grace of God.

And now, sweet ones, you bring a focus to the second Spiritual law ~ the Law of Grace. As you hold a focus on the Law of Grace, sweet ones, you find yourselves in this second Stargate Portal of Light, Overlighted by these beautiful Beings of the Light, these beautiful Beings of Light from On High and the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and your soul and star family and friends of the Light. The Law of Grace can waive the Law of Karma, sweet ones. It also allows you to send healing to another, to talk to others at a soul level, to use Divine decrees, and not to suffer the consequences of karmic interference or interference with the receiver’s soul plan. The Law of Grace is a supporting energy, sweet ones. The Law of Grace says to you that you are always divinely supported by the Universe, by the Beings of Light from On High. They are always with you, they are always working with you for the highest good, allowing you to consistently live in Grace.

Along this Pathway of Divine Love, this Law of Grace activates so you can experience greater levels of the blessings of this Universe as you open your heart to receiving, sweet ones, and you open your hearts now, knowing that the Law of Grace applies, as you magnetize and manifest and bring into your reality all that you need in any given Now moment. You are divinely protected and supported and operating under this Law of Grace, sweet ones. There is a flow in this, a trust and a surrender to the Divine, and you find this flow for you that takes you in harmony, in peace, in understanding, and insight, along this Pathway of Divine Love. And now, sweet ones, this second Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activates within the spinal column. And you have a sense of this activation, you have a sense of your energy amplifying, spinning the nadis, the chakras, and the meridians ~ you simply trust and surrender, sweet ones, simply trust and surrender to life, and to the Universe.

And now you experience this third Stargate Portal, under the Law of Freewill, or the Law of Choice. As you understand, sweet ones, you can work on any level that you wish through your freewill and choice. The forward evolution continues and you can choose to experience this from the perception of either the negative aspects ~ karmic aspects, or the positive aspects, ~ creative expressions that bring a greater vibration of Divine Love into your life, and into your reality. No matter the circumstances, sweet ones, you have the power to choose your direction, you have the will to align your will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God. And you choose to voluntarily and willingly surrender your ego and the lower mind to the Mind and Will of Mother/Father God. You choose to integrate the energy of your Higher Self and Beloved I AM Presence, and you experience now an alignment of your will to the Will of Mother/Father God, coming into the original divine eight-cell blueprint, and a deeper understanding of the lessons, the experiences, and the service work, sweet ones. You are in humility and devotion and trust, and you are given images here, through these timelines, through this ray of illumination and wisdom, and insight and understanding, as to some of these lessons that you have chosen in freewill ~ what they have taught you, what you have experienced, and what you no longer need to experience. The Divine Dispensation by the Law of Grace comes into play here to cancel any old karmic patterns you no longer need to re-experience, or re-do, while knowing, acknowledging and honoring that sometimes the old play still needs to come to its end before the creation of new cycles and new beginnings, individually and collectively ~ and that as you come into your heart, as you align your will to Mother/Father God there will always be a win-win for the Highest Good of All. And now, sweet ones, we take this beautiful silver ray and amplify it around your body and energy field as you actualize this third Cosmic Christ Holographic disc through the spinal column and the vertebrae. You feel these adjustments, these re-calibrations taking place, creating your multi-dimensional Bodies of Light and the I AM Avatar Body of Light.

Wonderful sweet ones. You now find yourselves in the fourth Stargate Portal of Light, taking you into the understanding of The Law of Goodwill. The Law of Goodwill, sweet ones, is an energy that is amplified through the higher mind initially, for the energy through will begins on the mental plane. It is a positive creative energy that brings about the manifestation of Goodwill, as you further align your will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God. For each one of you has the ability to mentally construct a happening and to see it through to completion. It is to hold this focus and to know that you are guided by your Beloved I AM Presence in this Golden Age of Light. And there is a sense too of humility in this Will-to-Good, sweet ones, for it takes you out of the negative ego and the lower mind, into the higher mind and creative expression of your own magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. When you view life in terms of energy, you understand that is the thoughts that create the action, and it is your actions that bring this thought into matter. And so you have a sense, sweet ones, of what it is that you wish to do through the energy of Will-to-Good in your service work, of creating the foundations that will bring about a great sense towards righteousness. It is easy, sweet ones, to extend goodwill to your family or friends, and yet it is not so easy to extend goodwill to those that you perceive as strangers or those that you do not know. Or indeed you may come back into the old energy of ‘what are you going to receive’ when you give unconditionally. Of course, this is a contradiction in terms for there is no unconditional energy then, in this giving. When you are in service, sweet ones, you do not concern yourselves with what you are getting back, you understand that you will always have enough ~ which leads to the Law of Abundance which we will talk about shortly. In aligning into your original Divine eight-cell blueprint, surrendering into the Will of God, and choosing to bring about goodwill for all humanity, you are indeed in service to all life, sweet ones, and this is an important part of your service work. And so you have a sense of how this goodwill can be experienced in your life, of how you can come deeper into service to Mother Earth and all her life, giving unconditionally without expectation of what you are getting back in return. And now the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light come forward and activate this beautiful silver Cosmic Christ Holographic disc within the spinal column, taking you into a deeper sense of the knowing of your Goodwill and your Service Work on this earth-plane. As you experience the activation and actualization of this Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc the cerebral spinal fluid activates at a deeper level through the spine and through the brain, through the pituitary, the pineal and hypothalamus glands, through the chakras, the nadis and meridians. Wonderful sweet ones.

And now, you are guided into the fifth Stargate Portal of Light. Within this Stargate Portal of Light you are given a deeper understanding of the Law of Abundance. As you know, sweet ones, abundance does not necessarily apply to money. There is a level of success in the knowing of abundance that operates on the understanding that you are all successful within your lives, and finding balance in all areas of your life, bringing in the energy that you need for a greater level of joy or love or money, or being able to communicate successfully, as the way showers and lightworkers through the utterance of your spiritual reality and having good relationships ~ this is really what the Law of Abundance is about. And so you have a look if there are any areas in your life that you are still working on in terms of abundance, and you start with relationships, sweet ones; for often when you see perceived conflict within your lives it creates a sense of ‘lack-of’. You may move into your own issues of lesser-than and better-than consciousness or victim and persecutor consciousness. Or you may blame others, not taking responsibility for what you need to shift within yourselves. Of course, much of this relates to the Law of Forgiveness, but it is the knowing, sweet ones, that you have the ability to shift your frequency and your vibration, to experience this sense of success ~ for each one of you is immeasurable in your magnificence and your Light and you cannot compare yourself to another. When you step out of this comparative measure then you have a deeper understanding of your own success, a deeper understanding of your own magnificence, and what you bring to the collective.

Wonderful sweet ones. You now experience the sixth Stargate Portal of Light. This sixth Stargate Portal of Light brings about the Law of Attraction. There are two aspects to this; it is a basic Law of Manifestation, and it is the energy of Love that governs the Soul aspects, and this law, when experienced from a perspective of an earthly level, sweet ones, expresses itself through the energy of every thought and feeling and action that is within you, for this is what appears on the outside to others and is also how you see yourselves. Some of these thoughts are very deep and unconscious and so you bring into your reality shadow mates or karmic mates, or those that push your buttons so to speak, to have a deeper understanding of what it is that you are working with and experiencing, and what it is that is reflected back to you. The Law of Attraction is a very important one for when you allow the energy of others to affect you, not only do you move into the sense of imbalance within yourselves but you are still playing out the role of the victim and persecutor consciousness. They are showing to you what you are needing to integrate within yourselves. When there is no charge you have mastered this lesson, sweet ones, and this is very important to understand. When you lift yourselves into the consciousness of Light, in the knowing that you are Love, when you are in your hearts, and when you are in forgiveness, when you are centred and aligned to the Divine, you can move into the deepest levels of shadows within yourselves or around you, and you will always be Light. The shadows will wash over you and never affect you, and this is an important aspect to a deeper alignment into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, in finding a deeper sense of stillness and peace within your own hearts and the embrace of the full range of your emotions. It is to know yourselves as Love.

The Law of Attraction is further a cohesive energy that creates the electro-magnetic impulsing of the planets and stars, bringing them together as cohesive units. Greater programs of Light are experienced too as you come together collectively as the I AM Avatar race. And indeed, sweet ones, in its simplest form, it is your ability to attract in to your reality those of an equal or greater Light that can see you, appreciate and Love you, as you see, appreciate and Love yourselves, that you can work with in co-creation in this Golden Age of Light. You now experience this sixth holographic Christ Consciousness disc of Light activate within the spinal column. This Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc takes you deeper into the Christed Timelines and the fifth dimensional frequency of zero point energy, to a deeper level of Divine Love within yourselves and your connection in Love to all Life. Wonderful sweet ones.

You find yourselves traveling in Soul consciousness in this external merkaba vehicle of Light into the seventh Stargate Portal which follows the Law of Vibration. Everything in the Universe is in motion, in vibrating frequency, and right now you are vibrating at this beautiful frequency of Divine Love and alignment to Mother/Father God. And you see all around you too within this Stargate those vibrating in this same frequency, or perhaps even a higher frequency with the same or similar thought-forms and consciousness. This is a like vibration, sweet ones; this is where you gather your strength in coming together energetically and physically, in your groups and in your service work. And it is to understand when there are non-resonating vibrational frequencies around you, that there is a way to work with this too, to bring in your Shields of Light, to allow the Spiritual Warrior to walk in front of you in compassion, your Divine Masculine Spirit, to allow these aspects of yourselves to remain in Love.

You have a deeper understanding that a new balance is coming and that you are finding your voices in union as the I AM Avatar race, sweet ones, and you have a sense of this collective consciousness of Light. You have a sense of all the magnificent activities of Light that are taking place energetically on this beautiful sacred planet on which you exist, and walking the Pathway of Divine Love, in bringing in this like vibration and the support. Knowing that whatever your vibrational frequency is, whatever you are vibrating in thought-form, in consciousness, in energy, this is what you are attracting back to you, and right now your energy field is being amplified a thousand fold through the incoming stellar energies, Solar Flares, Photonic Rays, and Gateways of Light, sweet ones. And now you activate the Cosmic Christ Holographic disc within the spine related to this Stargate Portal of Light. This recalibration takes places through the cerebral spinal fluid, through the chakras, the nadis, the meridians, and from here now, through the pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus glands. And it is the pituitary gland that activates most at this time, sweet ones, as it brings a greater level of insight and understanding and wisdom as to the knowing of this Pathway that you are walking intuitively and collectively now. Wonderful sweet ones.

You find yourselves entering now into this next Stargate Portal; this eighth Stargate Portal of Light follows the Law of Action. It is to know, sweet ones, that no matter how gifted you are, within the Stillness action can still take place.  It is more the energy of the Divine Masculine aspect of yourselves, but it is important in having a focus as to what you truly wish to do in your life, what brings you joy, what activates your Heart’s Dreaming, and to take the appropriate action doing so with integrity, without projection or expectation, and without judgment. Taking this Golden Key and opening the door, flowing intuitively into the next level of your service work, for this is what is happening to you, you are being directed and guided to where you can best serve on this earth-plane, sweet ones; and it is an open door, as you are the open hearts, and this resonating frequency requests this dynamic right action. And these gifts are not just in forward motion, they are also connected to the aspects of yourselves that allow you to feel this courage, this commitment to allow you to move forward beyond the perceived separation or disillusionment, this too is action, sweet ones, it is spiritual action. It is embracing and loving yourselves, it is working on yourselves, and so this movement is both inward and outwards, and in a flow and harmony and dance that brings the intuitive and creative aspects of yourselves through the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits into a greater level of wholeness and balance.

And you see here in this beautiful Stargate those that can support you ~ those that are your teachers, and friends and soul and star family, and others that you can connect with to deepen your service work; that you can be assisted by, and you find, too, ways that you can assist others, as this Service in Love, sweet ones, and you take this time to experience a deeper sense of this inter-connectivity, this support, through your beautiful friends and family of the Light. And now, sweet ones, you activate the eighth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc. As this disc activates within the spinal column and the vertebrae of the body, you bring a greater sense into the body of this Law of Action, experiencing this recalibration physically and energetically, with a deeper sense of knowing of your service work.

Good. And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves in the ninth Stargate Portal of Light following the Spiritual Law of Divine Flow. Living in the moment, living in the Now, in acceptance, you are able to accept this flow that creates Love and willingness, and allowing yourselves to open your heart deeply to yourselves and others, so you can follow the intuitive guidance given to you, not only by your Beloved I AM Presence, but in the streams of consciousness that activate through these Portals of Light, taking you ever deeper into your Heart’s Dreaming in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. You see where there is resistance within your lives, sweet ones, you see where there is a lack of flow and you use the energy of this Stargate to deepen this flow within your life, through this trust, this surrender. Within this ninth Stargate Portal of Light, you now activate the ninth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc within the spinal column and along the vertebrae. You have a deep sense of simply trusting and surrendering to the Divine, of accepting what is going on in your life, of completely letting go, and letting God ~ of aligning your will to the Will of God; knowing, sweet ones, that whatever you are experiencing has been chosen by you and your Beloved I AM Presence for the highest good of all. These lessons, both the shadow and the Light, take you deep along this Pathway of Divine Love into a greater level of blossoming of your magnificence and Light. You move beyond the veils of illusion and you remain steadfast in the Light, sweet ones. For longer periods of time now, you feel your strength, you feel your wisdom, you feel your Light, as you are surrounded once more by this beautiful silver Flame of Light: and now the beautiful violet Flame of Transcendence activates around the Unity Grid. This violet Flame of Transmutation assists you in letting go of all that you no longer need to work with now, through the karmic timelines and to do this too for other souls if they so choose this at a Higher Light level. To feel nurtured and loved ~ and you bring your hearts and minds, sweet ones, into the collective Consciousness of Light, joining now with the hearts and minds of the Beloved I AM Presence of all humanity, and you allow them to experience these Stargate Portals of Light that have been activated, you allow them to know this feeling of Love, this ability to create and co-create with the Company of Heaven, with the knowing of power, of empowerment, of wisdom, of Love, sweet ones.

Wonderful sweet ones. You now enter into the tenth Stargate Portal of Light connected to the Law of Ascension.  As this Spiritual Portal of Light amplifies, you experience the Law of Ascension in its full magnificence, knowing this ascension process is being experienced by all awakened Souls on this planet. Wonderful sweet ones. You now activate the tenth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc associated with this Spiritual Portal of Light through the related vertebrae within my spinal column, recalibrating my lower bodies, chakras and nadis, and activating the pituitary gland. Good sweet ones.

You now enter into the eleventh Spiritual Portal of Light related to the Law of Cohesion, as you again merge and blend your consciousness with your Beloved I Am Presence, connecting now to your soul and star family and friends of the Light, and all the Light workers and awakened Souls assisting in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. You now bring in the support that you may need at this time, knowing that you walk the Pathway of Divine Love with all awakened Souls, affecting and creating change on the lower worlds and on this earth plane. Wonderful sweet ones. You now activate the Cosmic Christ Holographic disc associated with this eleventh Stargate Portal of Light, through the related vertebrae within the spinal column, recalibrating your lower bodies, chakras and nadis, and activating the pineal gland. Good.

You now enter into the twelfth Stargate Portal of Light related to the Law of Compensation, understanding that your gifts are rewarded tenfold, when you give freely from your own heart, knowing that you are an open heart in this Golden Age of Light. You now activate the Cosmic Christ Holographic disc associated with this StargatePortal of Light through the related vertebrae within your spinal column, recalibrating your lower bodies, chakras and nadis, and activating the hypothalamus gland.

Good sweet ones. You now enter into the thirteenth Stargate Portal of Light supporting the Law of Divine Flow. The Law of Divine Flow reminds you to live in this Now, centering yourselves in Love, being of service in Love. In this Now, sweet ones, there is no concern for what is to unfold, or what has been. There is no stress of the past and no anxiety of the future. There is simply a knowing of harmony, and grace in your co-creations of Light; of your ability to dance in Divine Love ~ reflecting Love, allowing Love, being Love. It is these actions, sweet ones that call for not only the dynamic outward flow, but also this inward flow into yourselves, taking the time to support your own biorhythmic ebb and flows. To feel and sense what you are needing to support yourselves fully in this moment, and allowing this beautiful silver ray of Illumination to guide you with the Flame of Purity, and the Flame of Divine Love, to the Heart’s Temple, into the natural flow of peace and harmony and co-creation, sweet ones. And you have a sense of how this Law of Divine Flow operates within your own lives; of the synchronicities that abound, that bring you together in Unity Consciousness, that bring you together in your co-creations of Light and that connect you at this soul level with one another.  The Law of Divine Flow allows you to feel the creative inspirations that activate as you further experience a greater level of the rebalancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of yourselves. You hold to this knowing of this divine flow and a deep level of trust and surrender, sweet ones, aligning your will to the Will of God and knowing that even as you walk this pathway and its perceived challenges, you have chosen these lessons to create these Pathways of Light for others. And as these flames of Divine Love you anchor these energies of these Stargate Portals and Spiritual Laws so that others too may experience this flow of Divine Love within their lives in a deeper level of self-love and self-nurturing and self-appreciation. You now activate the Cosmic Christ holographic disc related to the thirteenth Stargate portal of Light. As this beautiful silver Cosmic Christ holographic disc activates within the vertebrae of the spine and from here in to the appropriate chakras and nadis, you have a sense of being able to find this flow and balance within your lives sweet ones. And if there is anything that you are needing guidance with, allow this beautiful silver ray of Light to illuminate your pathway, to show you this flow, and harmony that you are needing in this Now.  Wonderful sweet ones.

And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves in the fourteenth Stargate Portal of Light related to the Law of Divine Love and Oneness. Although you are familiar with this law, sweet ones, it is to know that such a law exists only for you to know the truth of the One Reality of All That Is. There is only Divine Love and you are all One, and this Divine Love embraces this, all aspects of yourselves, moving into the shadows and the Light, and within the flame of Divine Love the shadow aspects are embraced in Love, for there is only Love, sweet ones. There is no separation, and you have this sense of unity, too, amplifying now not only with your soul family and friends and the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, but at this earthly dimensional level, sweet ones, you have a sense of being able to see others. To know that it is just the levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness that differs from individual to individual, and to be able to see the Light of all Souls as these open hearts in this Golden Age of Light.

You have a sense within this Spiritual Portal of Light of these sub-atomic particles vibrating in increased Light frequencies, further activating this beautiful diamond Flame of Purity, this diamond octahedron within the heart chakra, holding to this expanded sense of your multi-dimensional selves. Wonderful sweet ones. And now, you bring into this Now, the understanding, the remembrance, the wisdom, and the knowing of your deep connection to  the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God through this beautiful Diamond Flame of Purity. And now you activate the silver Cosmic Christ holographic disc of Light related to this fourteenth Stargate Portal of Light, through the body and through the energy field, through the vertebrae and the corresponding energy centers of the body, creating this etheric templating with a greater level of flow within the embrace of the Cosmic Heart of All Creation and the Patterns of Perfection, sweet ones; and the knowing too that you are able to experience all dimensions of Light, all realities of Oneness, if you so choose.

Wonderful sweet ones. You now find yourselves entering into the fifteenth Spiritual Portal of Light related to the Law of Continuity of Consciousness. The Universe itself, sweet ones, is a continuous and endless process of creation. Everything within the One Reality, everything in creation, is connected to everything else; and this interconnectivity, this relationship is one of consciousness connecting individual consciousness to the universal consciousness, to the vibrating frequencies of Light ~ and you experience now a greater sense of these geometries, and New Earth templates, these key codes, fractal geometries, numerologies, and crystalline frequencies of Light. You are experiencing a greater level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, sweet ones, merging into a greater sense of your magnificence and Light through the Overlighting of your Beloved I AM Presence and the many Illumined Beings of Light.  And now, as you hold the focus of this Law of the Continuity of Consciousness you activate the fifteenth silver Cosmic Christ holographic disc through the vertebrae and spinal column allowing the cerebral spinal fluid to activate in this new Consciousness of Light recalibrating the pituitary, the pineal, and the hypothalamus glands, the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, and integrating the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of yourselves, sweet ones. Wonderful. These recalibrations quicken and will lead for many of you to a great reunion of hearts, to the merging of twin flames individually and through your soul groups into a greater level of collectively ascending to these multi-dimensional realities and all dimensions of Light.

And now, you enter into the sixteenth Stargate Portal of Light, as you experience the Law of Discipline. The Law of Discipline is indeed the greatest way to achieve wisdom, independence, freedom, and Knowing, as it involves commitment to your goals and to your spiritual aspirations. Commitment requires a daily focus to be in each Now moment and you know, sweet ones, that you are ready to experience greater levels of discipleship, as you trust and surrender to the Divine. And now you activate the sixteenth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc, this silver disc of Light, along the spinal column into the appropriate vertebra that links you into the Pathways of Discipleship. You are humbled in the knowing that you are indeed this Christ Conscious Being of Light walking this Pathway of Divine Love, and the knowing too that all Life has this opportunity, for all Life is presented with the choice to align their will to the will of the Divine.

You now find yourselves entering into this seventeenth Stargate Portal of Light as you experience the Law of Disintegration, the final casting off of the lower sheaths to experience the I AM Avatar Body of Light. This transmutation process of the letting go of the old to make way for new amplifies in this Now moment, and you know that you are finally in this place of experiencing your full transformation as a world teacher, healer, leader, and Flame of Divine Love in this Golden Age of Light. Wonderful sweet ones.  As you now anchor and activate the seventeenth Cosmic Christ Conscious Holographic disc, this beautiful silver Disc of Light, through the vertebrae and spinal column, you find yourselves moving the body gently, backwards and forwards, and from side to side to integrate these Light frequencies, knowing that all is Divinely Perfect and that Love will always prevail. Simply trust and surrender to this, sweet ones. Trust and surrender to the Divine.

And now you find yourselves entering into the eighteenth Spiritual Stargate of Light, as you experience the Law of Cycles. Everything in Life has a natural rhythm sweet ones, an ebb and flow. We mention this so that you can know that every Now moment has its own perfect rhythm, much as there is day and night, light and dark. There is a rebalancing that occurs too, in this Spiritual Portal of Light. As you experience the Law of Cycles, you find a greater level of equilibrium and balance within the dance of the shadow and the Light, embracing your full range of emotions, embracing yourselves in the Light and magnificence of who you are as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. You now activate the eighteenth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc into the appropriate vertebra along the spinal column.

Good sweet ones. You now find yourselves in the nineteenth Spiritual Portal of Light, which corresponds to the Law of Faith. The Law of Faith is the knowing, sweet ones that you are experiencing a greater level of remembrance and wisdom and trust beyond what you have read or seen or studied or heard. It takes you deeper into the intuitive aspects of yourselves, into the Knowing that you are the co-creators to the Company of Heaven, into the Knowing of trusting in yourselves and in your decisions in your Life. It is also important in times of perceived challenges to have this faith, sweet ones, so you can truly experience your full magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. And now you activate the nineteenth Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc through the spinal column, as this recalibration starts to occur now between the vertebrae, between the cerebral spinal fluid in the brain, between the thalamus, hypothalamus, the pituitary and pineal glands, between the chakras, nadis and axiatonal lines, you draw upon this faith, sweet ones, letting go and releasing the vestiges of disillusionment, perceived separation, hopelessness or lack of trust, trusting and surrendering into the Divine, in the Knowing of the wisdom that you hold.

And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves in the twentieth fifth dimensional Stargate Portal of Light as it vibrates to the Law of Flexibility, surrounded in this beautiful Silver Flame of Light. You come into a deeper level of acceptance of where you are in this Now, letting go of the fear of change or any perceived stress or resistance within the body, moving the body from side to side and backwards and forwards and feeling into those areas within the body of perceived stress and tension. And taking this beautiful Silver Flame into these areas within the body that need to experience your Love, your acceptance and your Light. As you now activate the twentieth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc within the spinal column along the related vertebrae, you experience a deeper sense of flow in the body, a deeper sense of knowing, of trusting, of surrender, and of acceptance, sweet ones, of where you are. You accept the things you cannot change with the courage to change the things that you can through the wisdom and knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves traveling into the twenty-first sacred portal of Light which follows the Law of Healing. It is the knowing that each one of you has this ability to channel energy, Chi or Prana, connecting into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And you just place your hands on the body now as you breathe deep into the body, as you experience this beautiful Silver Flame of Light coming down through the crown chakra down the spine to the perineum center and up the front of the body and out the hands, taking the energy from the Unity Grid as it amplifies now too through the feet chakra, up the legs to the perineum center, up the front of the body, down the arms and out the hands. As this healing energy activates in the palms and in the feet chakra, you place your hands upon your body to those areas that need your healing, that need your Love, knowing that you have this gift of healing for yourselves and for others, sweet ones. You are loving yourselves, you no longer choose to abuse yourselves or others; you release the addictions and the lower mind thought forms that amplify these addictions in this beautiful portal of Light. And now you activate the twenty-first Cosmic Christ Holographic disc through the spinal column, finding this movement of gentleness and Love, of healing, and the embracing of every single aspect of yourselves, sweet ones, through both the shadow and the Light. And as you experience this shift in consciousness, you connect into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Life, to the Higher Light of all awakened lightworkers and star-seeded ones through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. You are joined by the many Legions of Light from On High as you bring these energies of faith, of healing, flexibility, acceptance, trust and surrender to all Life on this earth plane. Wonderful sweet ones.

You now enter into the twenty-second Stargate Portal of Light. This Stargate Portal of Light, sweet ones, is connected to the Law of Group Endeavour. This law defines the multiplying of energy you create when connecting in a group effort with like-minded planetary Light workers, star seeded ones and way showers. Holding a pure thought, in focus and in Love, allows this process of manifestation to unfold in the knowing of your ability to magnetize and manifest on a collective level the New Earth Templatings for all life on this earth-plane within the Cosmic Law of Freewill, sweet ones. Know that this energy amplifies exponentially, and even if you are working on your own, sweet ones, without physically being around others, when you connect through the Unity Grid to one another at a soul level and with the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, there is nothing that you cannot do, for the highest good of all, to ensure the outcome of justice, of compassion, of Love, and forgiveness, through insight and understanding. If there is anything, sweet ones, that you need to create, to magnetize, to manifest within your own reality, you just see yourself now connecting with those like-minded individuals that hold a similar focus to bring about a win-win situation, the highest outcome for the good of all. Personally, and on a collective level, you are able to create this change as you connect into the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, sweet ones. And now, you experience the activation of the twenty-second Cosmic Christ Holographic disc through the spinal column and the appropriate vertebrae as you start to move the body gently now, forwards and backwards, from side to side, experiencing a deeper level of this recalibration through the cerebral spinal fluid, through the pituitary, the hypothalamus, the pineal and the thalamus glands. You are bringing in increased Source Light as you awaken to a greater level of the Spiritual Laws, and how you can work with them, sweet ones. Good.

And now you find yourselves in the twenty-third Stargate Portal of Light, which holds the Law of Justice. The Law of Justice is knowing that justice will always prevail, sweet ones. The pendulum swing between the karmic timelines and the Christed Timelines, comes to a point of neutrality as the Universe conspires for justice, for goodwill, in the knowing that you are Love. And it allows you now, sweet ones, a deeper sense of this spiritual energy of the warrior, this Spiritual Warrior of Light wielding the Sword of Holy Truth. When this positive anger activates, it is not done in blame, in shame or unforgiveness. It is being able to hold the focus of perceived injustice, and right the injustices through empowerment and compassion, through expression, through dynamic right action, and through your voice, sweet ones, and this is what is happening for all of you now ~ you are finding that you are growing stronger, in the expression of yourselves, and to trust in this and to know that this can be done lovingly, in such a way that you are always in integrity, and always aligned through the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And now sweet ones, you activate the twenty-third Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc, this beautiful silver disc within the spinal column, and along the appropriate vertebrae to allow yourselves to fully reclaim your own power, the utterance and expression of your spiritual realities. Good.

And now, sweet ones, you find yourselves in the twenty-fourth Stargate Portal of Light. This Portal holds the energy of the Law of Miracles. The Law of Manifestation of the sub-atomic light particles and atoms determined through your projection of consciousness of Light, through your power of will and visualization. These are natural events, sweet ones, which operate within the inner cosmos of consciousness. And you have a sense of your ability, in these streaming thought forms, spiraling vortices of Light, and connection to the realms of Illumined Truth and your Beloved I AM Presence, of your ability to experience miracles in your everyday life ~ trusting and surrendering to this, sweet ones. Good. You now anchor and activate the twenty-fourth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc within the appropriate vertebrae and along the spinal column, moving the body energetically to receive these frequencies, these knowings, these activations, these illuminations, and your ability too, to dissolve, to transmute, and to accept all that is.

Good. You find yourselves now entering into the twenty-fifth Stargate Portal of Light.  This Law, sweet ones, is the Law of Surrender, and as you are wrapped now in this beautiful silver flame of Illumination and the Overlighting of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light you take yourselves into the surrender, into the trust and faith in God. Know, sweet ones, that you have never been abandoned ~ know sweet ones that in the surrender of Self you are experiencing your true nature, your full magnificence and Light. When you truly believe, when you truly know that you are Love, you will experience the Love of All Creation, and know and believe that you are Overlighted and guided by your Beloved I AM Presence in this Golden Age of Light, and the Overlighting of Mother/Father God and the many Illumined Beings of Light who shine a Pathway of Light for you always, and it is taking this pathway through the merging of your Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. For when you are able to see the Mother and Father within yourselves, as the loving parents, you gently guide the negative ego as the child, loving it with discipline, with faith, with belief, with trust, and this is what you are called upon to do for yourselves, sweet ones ~ trust, and surrender to life ~ trust and surrender to Mother/Father God. Have faith and know that all is Divinely Perfect in each and every Now moment, taking you always deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. You now activate the twenty-fifth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc, this silver disc, along the spinal column, into the appropriate vertebra along the spinal column. This recalibration brings a greater sense of knowing that you are on the right path as you experience your own personal sense of this Law of Surrender, sweet ones. Good.

And now sweet ones, you are taken into the twenty-sixth Stargate Portal of Light. As this Portal of Light activates within the New Earth Templates you experience yourselves within this Portal and within your sacred hearts, connecting with the Light workers and star seeded ones, Overlighting you and walking this pathway with you, sweet ones. This is the Law of No Judgment ~ the Universal Mind does not judge, and as you know, under the Law of Equality your judgment attracts judgment of equal measure. There is no judgment, sweet ones, as we say to you ~ you move through the karmic timelines and the victim and persecutor consciousness aspects of yourselves to know yourselves as Love, on this plane of polarity. But the Christed Timelines and the Pathways of Divine Love have been created by many of you too, as you have come into Love and forgiveness, as you have come into that place of purity, and innocence, of coming home, within your hearts, and it will bring for you a greater level of joy ~ and you allow yourselves to simply let go of self-judgment, and judgment of others. There is no day of reckoning, but there is indeed always balancing of the planes of polarity. And this dance takes you into a greater equilibrium of the highest aspects of the consciousness and Light that you are as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, and the courage that you have through your pre-birth agreements. And we say to you too, sweet ones, that these karmic timelines are indeed coming to an end, for you have been clearing not only for yourselves, but for all humanity and you have been creating these Pathways of Divine Love, and they have not been easy ~ they have been very challenging for many of you, but know now that you are soothed in spirit and in heart, and these lessons are being understood, and as you are come to appreciate yourselves and Love yourselves more, this is what you extend to others. One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourselves is letting go of self-judgment and lesser-than and better-than consciousness, sweet ones. As you now experience this twenty-sixth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activate within the spinal column along the appropriate vertebrae, you allow this recalibration, this fluidic flow of energy and movement to release old cellular memories and patternings that create this sense of judgment and lesser-than and better-than consciousness. Wonderful, sweet ones.

And now, you experience the twenty-seventh Stargate Portal of Light. This Portal holds the Law of Karma, the natural principle of cause and effect. And sweet ones, you understand the cycle of all things, that determines causations and effects of any event when used in consciousness and understanding. You are able to find harmony and balance through knowledge, wisdom and the understanding of this universal law. The knowing of how you live produces the desired effects in your life. You come into a deeper sense of grace, of appreciation, of understanding, of illumination, of insight and wisdom and Divine Love, sweet ones, when you understand the principle of the Law of Karma, of cause and effect, of the pre-birth agreements that we have spoken of, of the energy within yourselves that is released in these encounters with others.

It is to know, for the most part, the karmic mates are blameless, for they act according to the current level of awareness they have. There are too, though, alterings made to the timelines, deviances that are sometimes made by souls through their own freewill. These deviances, sweet ones, are not part of pre-birth agreements or soul contracts, and those with whom you may experience these events will generally not come from your own soul group, or monadic group. These karmic events will accrue additional karma for only that soul involved, and the soul that has experienced such karma not required for its soul growth will find itself escalated to a greater level of Divine Light. There is always balance in the Universe, sweet ones. We have spoken to you simply of the understanding that many of the karmic mates are indeed soul mates, Beings of great Love, like yourselves, at this soul level, and when you are ready to experience forgiveness and this Love, you will indeed heal yourselves of all the wounds that you may have as you experience the re-balancing of your Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits.

You now find yourselves within the twenty-eighth Spiritual Portal of Light following the Law of Intuition. The Law of Intuition, sweet ones, is the following of the guidance of your Higher Self, and your Beloved I AM Presence, as you walk the pathway of Divine Love to trust in your own wisdom and intuition, no longer dependent upon the opinions of others for any sense of your identity or self-worth. This is part of the embrace of the ego, of the inner child, this is part of the embrace of the full range of your emotions, and the embrace and the integration of your Beloved I AM Presence and Soul consciousness aspects. When you come into power, into wisdom, illumination, and Divine Love, you become the co-creators to the Company of Heaven ~ the teachers, the leaders and the way showers, for this is what you are sweet ones, you are guiding others through your own experiences, your own teachings, and your own life, into higher expressions of divinity through your actions, through your vibration and through your Love. Let go of the need to experience a sense of self through others, relying simply on the knowing and the feeling aspects within your own heart, guiding you ever deeper along this pathway of Divine Love, ever deeper into your heart, and your ability to be of service to others as you effect and create change simply through your energy and Love. You now experience the twenty-eighth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activate along the spinal column, activating into the appropriate vertebrae along the spinal column, recreating new realities through the chakras, the Fibonacci spins, the alignments, and the portals of Light. You feel your energy expand in this beautiful silver Flame of Illumination, coming into a deeper sense of your own energy, and of your magnificence and your Light. Good.

And now, sweet ones, you find yourself in the twenty-ninth Spiritual Portal of Light following the Law of Patience. The Law of Patience is important, sweet ones, for you are entering into a greater sense of no-time, the ever present eternal Now moment, but with this too there is a knowing that these higher dimensional frequencies shift in such a way that is perceived through a sense of time from a 3D perspective, and this can create impatience or a sense of this “never changing” moment rather than the ever-changing moment. You have countless moments in time, sweet ones, and each one an expression of the Creator in consciousness, sometimes in Light, and sometimes in the perception of dark, but all is embraced in the Heart of the Creator’s various facets of Creation ~ this rainbow Creation of Love. And in your own present circumstances, if you are needing something to truly shift within your life in this Now, embrace it, accept it, Love it, give it a voice, and have patience. Patience allows all virtues to manifest more profoundly ~ to have understanding, not just knowledge. To have experience and wisdom and the knowing that you are coming into enlightenment in your own perfect Now moment. You now experience yourselves activating this twenty-ninth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc through the Overlighting of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. As it activates along the appropriate vertebrae along the spinal column you may like to move your body gently backwards and forwards and from side to side, embracing and loving, in acceptance that you are shifting into the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, blossoming into a greater level of magnificence and Light through every experience that you have or you choose or that comes within your energy.

And now, sweet ones, you are lifted into the thirtieth fifth dimensional Spiritual Portal of Light, following the Law of Perfection. The Law of Perfection, sweet ones, tells you that everyone and everything is unconditionally divinely perfect. In this seemingly imperfection, there is only perfection. From a 3D perspective you do not see these Blueprints of Creation, but when you can move into a greater level of service looking through your Master Eyes you recognize the perfection within the seemingly imperfection. You take yourselves into a greater level of service work, living your life more gently, lovingly, in complete surrender to the Divine, expanding into the perfection of your Higher selves and future selves as One, One with Mother/Father God, One with all Life. Good. And now as you experience the thirtieth Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activate along the spinal column into the appropriate vertebrae you have a sense of this expansion taking you deeper and deeper into Christ Consciousness. You have a sense of yourselves blossoming into a greater level of your magnificence and Light, in the knowing that everything you choose is a gift from the Creator, for you to come into self-enlightenment and the many, many, many paths beyond this, sweet ones. And this is happening for you all ~ you are connecting into the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness, accelerating your journey, accelerating the ride, and it can be uncomfortable through the clearing of old energies and karmic patterns, but hold on, sweet ones, keep the vision, keep the faith, for this collective consciousness descends upon the Earth and all her life.

And now sweet ones, we invite you to experience the activation and integration of the last three portals to the 33 Portals of Light that have been activated through the New Earth Templates and the Overlighting of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light in this sacred year of 2014, creating a map, a new templating, into the New Earth energies of Divine Love. You now find yourselves in the thirty-first Portal of Light as you experience the Law of Manifestation. As you know sweet ones, when you are centered and focused, and through the energy of your Higher Mind and the energy of your beautiful heart, when you hold a pure thought form and believe with intention and focus on the reality that you are co-creating, this will come to pass. And within this Portal of Manifestation you bring a focus to what it is you are manifesting and co-creating with the Company of Heaven, and know too that you can work with particular symbols, sounds, techniques, and actions that will enable you to a greater level of manifestation, of more Love, or joy, or peace, into your energy field. And with practice you will come into a deeper sense of the Love within your hearts, and your ability as manifesting Master Beings to co-create with the Company of Heaven. As you experience a deeper sense of this Manifesting Law of Light, sweet ones, the thirty-first Cosmic Christ Holographic disc is activated along the appropriate vertebrae and the spinal column, and you may need to move the body slightly forwards and backwards, or from side to side for a deeper level of integration of this sacred Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc that aligns you into a greater sense of this Law of Manifestation through the cerebral spinal fluid, the chakras, the nadis, and the energy field. Wonderful, sweet ones.

And now as you experience the thirty-second fifth dimensional Portal of Light you are taken into the Law of the Present Moment. As you know, sweet ones, time does not exist ~ what you refer to as past and future have no reality except within your own mental constructs, a convention of thought and language that creates a perception of time. In truth, you have only and always this Now moment. When you practice remembering that there is only the here and now, you can let go of the anxiety perhaps of what is to come, or what has been. Simply centering yourself in this Now moment, slowing down, finding a greater sense of stillness, moving slowly, gently, and lovingly, being present fully in the Now, sweet ones. And now you experience this thirty-second Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activating along the vertebrae and the spinal column, deepening this sense and knowing of the Law of the Present Moment. Wonderful sweet ones.

Lastly now, you experience the thirty-third Spiritual Portal of Light. As you enter into this Spiritual Portal of Light you experience the Law of One, having a deeper sense of being One with Mother/Father God, and One with all life while still experiencing the individuation and individualization of your unique energy, of your unique puzzle piece, and of your magnificence and Light. And what you bring to the collective understanding of the reflection of the Law of One is reflected within your reality, in the embrace of others as aspects of yourself; letting go of judgment, coming into the heart in Love, in honor, in respect and appreciation of yourselves and all those around you regardless of their levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness. You embrace all life as One, as aspects of The One, of which, you are One. And as you now experience the thirty-third Cosmic Christ Holographic disc activate along the spinal column and the appropriate vertebrae, a deeper activation of all 33 Cosmic Christ Holographic discs occurs, creating a map into the New Earth Templates for each one of you, sweet ones. And as you now take this energy out into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, wrapping Mother Earth and all her life in this beautiful silver Flame of Illumination you activate these Spiritual qualities of these 33 Stargate Portals of Light within the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and now into Mother Earth’s primary chakras, and now, into the Crystalline Cities of Light,   allowing this information to be available for all life, sweet ones. Wonderful.

And now, you experience the Diamond Flame of Transcendence, of Melchizedek Consciousness, activate within your hearts and the hearts of all humanity. And now, the Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness activates within the Crystalline Cities of Light, initially now, into the Sedona Crystalline City of Light, and from here into each of the Crystalline Cities of Light. Wonderful sweet ones.

We let you know that the Crystalline Cities of Light are activating and actualizing more deeply now on this sacred earth, and the possibility of experiencing the Sedona Crystalline City of Light in physicalness sweet ones, is upon you in this sacred month of December 2014.

And now as you find yourselves back in your sacred space, grounding once more into the energy of Mother Earth, you keep this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High and your Beloved I Am Presence. We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, and we bless you ~ and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Background music by Michael Hammer

Artwork by Daniel Holeman


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Mara Diop ARTIST

December Gateway ~ Accelerated energies pouring in ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

December Gateway ~ Accelerated energies pouring in

November 29, 2014

I am starting to feel a sort of tension, not necessarily a negative one, of something big that’s coming our way, don’t you? I know you will probably say: “here we go again like so many times before”, but this feeling comes up strongly once more and we all know that these energy surges come in waves when we are ready for another shift. As this is what these feelings of tension or excitement of something big going to happen, represents : another opportunity to shift and change things profoundly in this state of the collective. But this time it feels very palpable to me and I can see things happening around me that are of an intense vibration.

All of a sudden people or situations around you flare up quickly and there is no time to think about how to react. It is as if you are being tested to see how grounded and balanced you are in being able to remain neutral and detached from that which is unfolding. It is as if you are being teased and invited to join and participate in the collective drama that is unfolding as we speak, for people are awakening and revolting against their own old culture and layers of reality. Well for some this is plain reality and we invite you therefore to stay away from that which is unfolding, to keep yourself grounded and remain based in your heart space reality. It is to no avail participating in that which must fall and shift, it is better to allow those shifts to unfold and pray for the best and highest outcome for all involved.

We, as human beings, need to learn how to detach ourselves from what is going on in this world as it is keeping our minds occupied with thoughts, opinions, anger, frustrations and emotions. It is trying to feed us precisely these and keep us as a part of the collective engaged in this all. It is way better to step out of this illusionary creation of your old self and transcend your own layers of illusion in order to assist the collective to transcend the old layers of drama and chaos that is about to become a probable reality for them. You create your own reality and so does the collective. Being a part of the collective allows you to also decide for the collective reality, thus keep yourself centered in your heart and you shall assist the collective to make more heart based decisions.

Remember it all starts initially from you so it is necessary to keep your eyes and focus on your own process of Ascension and to just let be that which is not your path: meaning other ones’ choices. This is not being self-centered, it means that you are realizing that you are a Master Being who is a God Creator in embodiment, as ALL of you are pieces of the puzzle you call God or Mother/Father God in consciousness. So you start to live within and work from that place of Being and knowing, create from this center and infuse this collective plane with your awareness of Self being God=Love.

The times of Money and power over Love are over, it has already shifted in the Ethereal Realms. This means that we have passed a threshold and that all has already been achieved in the Higher Ethereal planes of non time. It is now all about how WE will ignite ourselves with the awareness of this being so and working towards bringing it down onto this Earth. The way that we do this is through ourselves and that requires a high dose of Self Love, acceptance and allowance. The allowance through Trust in the Divine and in your True nature as a Being and Beam of Light.

We are now playing the role of Ascension gatekeepers to assure the roles of Ascension are being executed as they are supposed to be. This means that a lot is about to unfold, a lot of truth is going to come out and a profound shift on your inner plane is going to occur. Acceptance of this as fact is a part of fulfilling your role as a Gatekeeper and an Ascension Stellar wayshower. Many still struggle with the acceptance of their true nature being a Source of wisdom, and these are being tested profoundly in these times, these are encouraged to come out of their shell and accept their true nature as a Divine Being and for them to start working with their Higher knowing and abilities.

We are called to active duty here so allow the creativity and the inspirations that you feel burning within to come out and play. It wants you to do something with it and to BE who you are. Be conscious of yourself and bring yourself over here in Earth to assist consciously as the Being of Light that you are. I speak here of grounding, grounding, grounding. Release yourself from the strings of attachments for you all have way too much attachments going on, certainly during these festivities you call holidays as you remain attached to the old ways of living. Every day should be a thanksgiving day and a moment of being thankful for all and for everyone that is one with you. Every day should be a moment of LOVE and understanding of unity.

Let us embody this new way of being and build this new world through a process we call Ascension and to BE on this Earth. Beam your Light to where it is required of you to assist but only send it because you love all. Not to help or to take over or to decide what has to be done for another, but out of pure unconditional love and appreciation for all who ARE. Do not worry if you feel the pull to exist more into this life as a natural Being of Light while you do not know how to bring forth your creations, as time will surely tell. You will have to learn and trust yourself more so that you can show yourself what it is you are good at or what it is that you are required to bring into this world. This is you learning to detach from what others around you tell you, and to start listening to your own heart without depending on others.

I have found the last couple of months to be quite extreme to say the least. The things I have seen, felt and experienced are becoming more and more out of this world, yet it becomes natural to me at the same time. For example the lightbody activation which is something we all are intending to do and to become this lightbody once again. Yet although it seems easy to shift and change into this higher consciousness body, it is not. Remember that your physical body and your DNA carry all the particles of your past consciousness and energy as well, so that too should be cleared and should undergo the process of enlightenment.

It is awakening to your Christed Light and realizing that you are Christ in consciousness so every part of your physical body, including every cell, needs to reach the same conclusion and truly realize this. There is only one way to make things easier for your body to absorb this all and that is that you become one with your Christed Self and your body will get infused with this Christed Light. It is not wanting to run away and to go out of this body asap that will activate your lightbody Merkaba in this now as your physical experience, but it is being one with your physical body and allowing every cell to remember who you are as a lightbody.

I had the experience of a deep merging with my higher mental body this summer. This ethereal body had to merge with my lower mental body I was told, as it was the last one to still have to merge as one. This to prepare the I AM Presence to be able and descend fully into this physical experience. So as the Elohim have asked me to go and sit down in my crystal circle and to hold my gigantic rose quartz on my lap, I started to meditate and rather immediately I started to feel something happening within me. It was something I never experienced before and it was such a gentle but powerful dance and stream of energy inside of me. My soul started to move inside of me and was dancing back and forth forming a spiral movement.

It was as if my body was doing this but when opening my eyes I could see that I was not moving at all but my soul did. This warm and gentle embrace came from behind me, and I realized that my Twin Flame Saint Germain was holding me and suddenly the energies and power of this experience were ramping up. My body could not move, it was held in an upright position to straighten my spine. This feeling of Love and enlightenment is beyond words and it lasted on and on for about 25 minutes. I never felt so expanded and in unity with my body before.  So electrified at the same time like a light ball.

After that the message was clear that my Higher Mental body and the lower Mental body were now merged as one and that the embodiment of the I AM Presence could now continue. I felt tired for 3 days in a row after that as it demanded a lot of energy from my heart and from my physical vessel. The funny thing is that usually our heart starts to race during every shift or activation, but this time my heart kept beating so calm and gentle. A truly balanced state and most harmonious process.

On a similar note I had another Lightbody Merkaba activation experience not so long ago (October 2014) and this one turned out differently. I was told to work on this and that I could handle a higher notch. Since I was feeling so good at that time and fully energized I took it on me to even go 2 notches higher as I wanted to experience my Twin Flame more profoundly in me. As requested, I received it IMMEDIATELY. The energies came in so strongly that I ended up 14 days in a row with huge migraines and a physical body that could not move an inch. I was forced to stay put on my couch all these days as I literally had no energy whatsoever to even go to the bathroom or walk around.

I learned my lesson the hard way, as you can see, that we always want to move faster and faster as humans tend to have no patience. But we forget about our physical body and its atomic composition, which demands more time to process. The Spirit can handle this but it is the physical body that needs to be taken into account and the lesson I was mirrored here is that you always get what you ask for, so always ask to receive what your body can handle. I now think twice before stating decrees as I know how powerful and immediate these come to manifest.

Although this was a 2 week period of resting, my Lightbody Merkaba has expanded tremendously afterwards. The physical body is slowly absorbing all it can to later on emanate more of this Light.

The reason for my short personal sharing is to show you all how powerful your own thoughts are. So what you think you create and what you send out to another will eventually come back and be mirrored to you. Be wise when wanting to bring out thoughts in creation and think of the Highest best for all including yourself. This is a time of acceleration and the speeding up of the creations of mankind. The power is always within you and shall never cease to be so.

My love to all, let your own powers be one with you and let them be strong in Love.

Méline Portia Lafont ❤

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Miracle of Christmas – Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) In Expression through Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

art -DivineEmanation freydoon rassouli ART : Divine Emanation ~ Freydoon Rassouli

Beloved one, in a few weeks’ time you will be celebrating Christmas. It has been called my birthday, but in truth it is the birth of the Christ, and every day is Christmas. Every day as you awaken and you remember truly Who you are and you give thanks unto the divinity of yourself, it is Christmas. No matter if it be in this season of year or if it be in another season of year, every day is Christmas. So you can wake up in what you see to be your springtime and you can see the birth, the awakening of Christ as the livingness of you.


Truly you create everything that you experience. Truly you create Christmas. There is a most wonderful miracle that you do in every day, truly, as you celebrate Christmas. I would say unto you that oftentimes the day you have set aside for the holy day, Christmas, can be more fraught with stress and challenge than some of the other days in your year, and yet you bring forth those challenges in order to have a new perspective on what is happening and Who everyone is as they intersect with your life.


Allow yourself on the morrow to awaken and to say, “This is my birthday. This is the birthday of the Christ. This day I will awaken and I will arise up and rejoice in it.” Remember that on the morrow, and give yourself a gift. If you want to, go out unto your trading places and buy yourself a gift if that feels right. Give yourself a gift of the smile as you look in your looking glass.


On the morrow when you awaken, know that it is Christmas already and celebrate it for yourself. And then the day after that, celebrate again. You can make a whole year of 365 and sometimes 366 days of celebration. Every day celebrate your life. Celebrate that you have had the courage to come one more time into a reality that yet believes in duality, that yet believes that there could be other than perfection and holiness.


This is truly what Christmas is all about: the Christ mass of celebrating the Christ as you awaken and know that you are the Christ born once again into an incarnation that has a bit of physicality about it and a bit of challenge from time to time. But you have said, out of great courage, “I will come and play once again with the brothers and sisters, and some of that play may be a little harsh, but that is okay. I will come through all of it and I will let my Light shine.” And you do.


I say to you, do not deny appearances, because you live in them. But do not take them in as part of your Being. Allow yourself to know, “Yes, I have created this,” because you create everything, “but it is not the heavy experience that the world would say and judge it to be. It is just an experience, and I am being more and more wealthy in my experiences. Look at how wealthy I am.” Allow yourself the gold stars, because you have earned every one of them. (Continued on page 2)


(Miracle of Christmas, Continued) Some of them have been more hard- won than others, according to how you judge the different levels. But truly you are coming to the place now where you recognize the divinity of yourself, and you recognize the divinity of each one of the friends and the ones that you interact with. It may not come at first. They may present a certain image to you and you have to look beyond that image. A lot of times what they do is they present the most disheveled image of who they think they are and they may want to fight, and they may think that everything is wrong. But what they are really asking you to do is to look past that and to see the Christ of them. The more they scream and act out, the more they are calling for your love, wanting you to see past what perhaps they cannot see past, but you can. You smile at them, and it is Christmas because you see the Christ of them.


So you make every day a miracle of Christmas. You look past everything they say to you that could be abusive, that could be termed negative. You look past all of that. Some of you have chosen areas where you see more of challenge than others, and you get more opportunities to celebrate Christmas.


There are some of you who are in the employment that allows you to look a little deeper into the Christ of the ones you work with, and sometimes they will put up quite a mask and they think they can hide behind it. But you know Who they are and you love them anyway. You may not love their choices. You may not love what they do, and you may not love what they say, but you love the Being of them and you celebrate Christmas in the moment when you recognize their Christ Being.


Other times you have been into a great drama with it and you have said, “The only way to solve this is get right down into it, into the great drama. If that’s where he’s going to be, that’s where I’m going to be, and I’m going to meet him head-on with this.” You have done that, and then you have come away with a sore head. And so you have said, “Okay, I’ll try another approach next time.” You may live in peace every day, as you choose.


There is no outside force that is forcing you to suffer. Now, the world will suggest to you that you have challenges. The world will suggest to you that you have to be perfect according to the world’s judgment. The world may say to you that you have to get everything done in a certain timeline so that you can meet the deadline.


Or maybe you miss the deadline. Actually, that’s quite good if you miss the dead-line. Verily, it would not matter—hear this well—if you celebrated December 25th on December 22nd. After all, you are the one who has fashioned the calendar. In truth, I was not born on December 25th, but that date is a good date to celebrate the Light, and so you have a celebration. But as I have said, celebrate your own Christ birthday, not mine. Celebrate two birthdays, the one when you made your appearance in this world in this lifetime—what you call your own birthday—and then celebrate your own birthday December 25th if you want to, or December 24th, December 26th, any day, every day.


You see, one of the most beautiful parts of being divine—which you are —is that you can live life as a celebration every day. Your divinity —which is Who you are and What you are—allows you to play with every experience and to make it what you will. Allow yourself to live as the innocent Child, the one who celebrates every day, who laughs every day, who finds joy in every day. Live as the little dog who realizes that someone has left the gate open and it is running in great joy because, “The gate is open and I can go out; I can celebrate my Being.”


That is where you are now. You have gone through what you would see as all of the training of all of the lifetimes. You can claim that you are complete with all of those lifetimes. And if some little snaggly bit comes up, you can look at it and you can say, “Oh, I recognize that, and the reason I recognize it is because I’ve been there before. I’m complete. I don’t need it anymore.”


Truly, you are going back to simplicity itself, going back to the recognition that, “I Am Christ. I Am divine. Everything that I behold is divine. Every day is Christmas.” And when you come to the place where you can truly celebrate every day as Christmas because you are the Christ awakening in each day, you will know the miracle—as the world yet judges miracles—you will know the miracle of Christmas. You will know the miracle of your Being. You will feel the expansiveness of your Being.


You are coming at a most wonderful time now in the evolution of collective consciousness, coming to the place of expansion. You have been asking all of this lifetime, “Who am I? What am I? Why am I?” You have been reading, studying, asking of brothers and sisters, talking with ones and asking, “What do you know? I’ve been thinking about this topic, and I want to know what you think about it, because I want to expand my thinking on this topic.”


And a book will come to you. It will magically, seemingly, appear maybe in a day’s time, a week’s time, a month’s time. Whenever you call it forth, it will be right there for you and it will open up what you have asked to know. It will open up a new world as you understand it, and you will say, “This is what I’ve been looking for. This resonates with me. This allows my heart to open and allows my feet to feel lighter, to go with a light step.”


And then a miracle beyond that happens. You begin to meet other ones who also are on the same path and wanting to know more, wanting to feel more, wanting to acknowledge more of their Being. When you come to that place, it feels like Home and you give the hugs, you give the smiles and you say, “This feels good. This is what I’ve been searching for. This is what I have known and yet couldn’t quite bring it forth in front. It was back there somewhere, but now I see. Before I knew, but now I see; and not only see, but I feel. I feel it as my Being.”

When you come together with ones of like mind, there is an expansion of energy that happens. Perhaps you have not looked upon the face of a particular one. You will say, “Well, they are a stranger to me.” But they are no stranger. You know their heart as they know your heart. You know them as brother and sister, because you are all on the same path, remembering Home.


“I want to be Home again. I miss Home. I want to go back to being a small child; well, not really, because when I was a small child it wasn’t too easy. But I want to go Home again.” The Home you search for is the Home within, the Home of being with others who say, “Yes, I understand. I know. I truly know what you are speaking of. I know the feeling, not just the intellect.”


Books and intellect are good, but what you are really searching for is the heart connection where you can look at another one eye to eye and feel heart to heart and know that no matter what you ask, it is not going to be judged to be a stupid question; it is going to be part of the evolution of the collective consciousness so that you are free to ask the question that maybe with some of the other friends you would hold back because, “Well, what are they going to think?”


But when you meet other ones of like mind and you want to speak of, “You know, I’ve been really wrestling with this idea, and it feels like it has to be true, but I don’t really see the connection of how it can be true. Do you know what I’m talking about?” And they say, “Yes, I do know what you’re talking about, and this is how I see it.”


And you say, “Wow, I’ve met someone heart to heart. I am Home with them.” And that is the greatest miracle, because the Christ Child at that moment then feels free; does not feel vulnerable like someone might step on the precious ideas that you have, but you feel Home where it is safe; not home as you have known physical home, but Home of the inner.


You are the One expressing as the many, and that is a miracle in itself. You are the Christ expressing as a human. “Wow! How could I do that?” The mind cannot tell you. You can play with the mind and ask, “How did all of this come to be?” and the mind finally gets tired and says, “I give up.” That’s Christmas. That’s when the heart tells you the truth of your being. You cannot be other than what you are—the Christ—and the heart knows it.


So speak often with your heart. Go to the heart and say, “The mind is throwing all these questions at me. What is your truth?” And the heart very quietly and very powerfully will allow you to feel your divinity, your innate innocence, until finally you feel the peace of the heart.


The miracle of Christmas can be experienced every day. On the morrow when you awaken, allow yourself to know, “This is a special day. I think it’s my birthday.” Be in the innocence of the Christ Child Itself. Celebrate the miracle of Christmas every day. You are the miracle. Merry Christmas! So be it. –Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) In Expression through Judith


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