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Think Galactically

sierra-robertsNew Zealand is experiencing its usual mid-summer drought. The heat is sapping our energy and we are craving nourishing rain for our gardens and our souls. I promised my neighbour that I will dance in the street in my swim suit when it rains!

Recently my off-planet guides woke me in the early hours of the morning with this message to pass on to humanity: “Your home is not a bricks-and-mortar structure – your home is the entire planet, solar system, galaxy. Your family is your soul group, both on Earth and in the spiritual realms.”

Archangel Michael urges us to dream big. My off-planet guides urge us to think galactically. They say that we have been trapped in this 3D prison for so long, we don’t even realize that the gates are open and we are free to go….

That is a sad image – wide open gates beckoning and millions of people shuffling around inside the enclosure, afraid to take their first steps to freedom.

We lightworkers are dotted amongst that crowd. But there is a big difference between us and the shuffling masses: we could easily walk through the gates to the abundance, joy and freedom we know awaits us on the other side. We’ve chosen to stay and guide people to the gates and lead them through, as shepherds guide their flock to safety.

The main thing that prevents people stepping through the open gate is fear of the unknown. Humanity has been conditioned by the dark forces to be fearful of anything it doesn’t understand. That’s why most people readily accept Hollywood’s frightening version of extraterrestrial beings.

Extraterrestrial just means ‘not from Earth’. None of us are from Earth! The whole of humanity was seeded from the DNA of beings from other planets and brought here to create God’s paradise planet, Eden. It’s a wee bit crazy to be scared of yourself, don’t you think?

Most nights I’m blessed with star ship and orb sightings. So-called UFO’s are now well within my comfort zone. I’ve said to the Galactic Federation, “Please land on the golf course near my house.” I can visualize myself stepping forward to greet them. St Germaine asks us to set a clear intent – mine is vivid and heart-felt.

However imagine how shocking it will be for most people when star ships descend from the heavens and land in our fields and parks. We lightworkers can do our part to help prepare humanity for the arrival of our galactic friends by training ourselves to think galactically.

Each morning before I get out of bed, I use EFT (tapping technique) whilst saying, ‘I am a galactic, multi-dimensional being. I am working undercover on the Earth plane.’ Immediately I’m centred in my light body before my feet even hit the ground.

Throughout the day I say as often as I can remember, “I am a galactic, multi-dimensional being.” When I experience a 3D situation, instead of judging it in my mind, I use it as an opportunity to remember what I truly am.

Recently I needed to get a new passport photo. It was the same issue as last time: Don’t smile. Asking me not to smile is like asking a dog not to wag its tail or the sun not to rise in the east – I only do smiling. Therefore my passport photo is not representative of the real me.

Non-smiling passport photos are one tiny tool in the dark force’s giant control tool box. We used to be able to smile for the photo before terrorism was invented. Soon all international borders will be dismantled and passports will be relegated to where they belong – galactic museums recording the quaint oddities of 3D Earth life.

Meanwhile we lightworkers practice extraordinary patience as we man/woman our outposts around the world, knowing on the deepest possible level that the best is yet to come.

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia – see above Link for Website

freydoon rassouli blog

Gamma Wave Lightbody – Arcturians and the Galactic Federation @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gamma Wave Lightbody – Arcturians and the Galactic Federation


Gamma Wave Lightbody

The Arcturians and the Galactic Federation

We come to you this day to remind you that WE are ONE. “We” encompass all our volunteers who logged in to the third/fourth holographic game of “Third Dimensional Earth.” You may have some movies on your television in which the “Greek Gods” are seeing the “mere” humans below them. They have the power to influence these mortals with their mere thought.

As you know, the above scenario is correct, but it is NOT correct that you are “mere humans.” YOU are actually the “Gods” that are over-lighting your way through the confusing maze of transmutational Earth. Yes, Lady Gaia is transmuting more every day. However, please remember that transformation and transmutation are very different terms.

Transformation means that something is added or taken away to create change. However, the frequency of that which is transformed remains the same. On the other hand, transmutation does NOT involve taking away or adding to, but transmutation does raise the frequency of the person, place, situation or thing.

Many of those who are logged into the 3D Game are trapped because they want to add, take away, or alter something or someone. However, that manner of thinking actually traps them in the Game because their third-dimensional thinking can only create a third dimensional solution.

Your return to lightbody begins with returning to the thoughts and emotions that resonate to the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE. Once you choose to release thoughts that are time based and emotions about what someone “else” did or did not do to or for you, you find that YOU are the creator of your life.

For example, when you are focused on the NOW of YOUR decision to think, do, feel and/or respond, you are within the NOW of that choice. Then when you are tired, overworked and/or just not able to attend to your choices of perception and reactions, you realize that fact and give yourself unconditional love.

Ascension is not about being perfect, but about being loving and forgiving. “Perfect” is a third dimension term, which is the opposing concept to being flawed. Both perfect and flawed are based on judgment as well as on polarized opposites.

How will it be to live in a reality in which there are no extremes such as perfect or flawed? How will it feel to live in a world in which there is no judgment or concept of these concepts?

At first, you may not notice that the NOW of the ONE surrounds you, as even though your consciousness may be greatly expanded, the force of your 3D habit is difficult to break. Even now many of you are actually resonating beyond the 3D matrix, but are only aware of that fact while engaged in meditation or some spiritual and/or creative endeavor. Why does that occur?

How could you be within a higher state of consciousness and not be aware of it? Simple, you are not tuning into your SELF. You are looking “outside” of you and into the matrix. You are doing that because you forgot that the portal “out” of matrix is “inside” of YOU. You, which is your Lightbody, is in the core of your body inside your Kundalini, inside of your spinal cord.

Since your Kundalini is usually latent within your core, you do not realize your own force of transmutation. Hence, you are looking UP into the “heavens” and OUT into another person, place or thing. You have been trained by the 3D Game to believe that YOU are “not good enough.” You have been told that you must improve and/or heal your self.

We say to our dear away team, you do NOT need to improve or heal your self. You need to remember your Multidimensional SELF. Just as a huge tree has leaves that die and fall from the tree, just as a rose bush has some buds that do not bloom, there are parts of your life that do not reach their potential.

It is not bad or embarrassing that you do not “reach your 3D potential,” as that potential was likely given to you by another person or by society. It is for this reason that so many of you totally change your life when you awaken to your higher consciousness.

Once your sense of self expands from the earth vessel you are wearing to the YOU who resides within that vessel, all the 3D indoctrinations of “good enough” begin to diminish. When you are the life force within the body you are wearing, your consciousness expands far beyond your physical limitation and into the NOW of the ONE.

That voice that you have always heard within your heart is YOU. That higher being that you have dreamed about is YOU. That goal that was unachievable in your physical version of self now resonates to the heart and mind of your higher dimensional SELF.

Once you come to that realization, you are no longer concerned about what “they” think. Instead, you are concerned about what YOU think, do, have or believe. You begin to perceive others as lights of consciousness within in the 3D matrix of their human form.

Furthermore, your human form is not better than the form of an animal or plant. Once you realize that YOU are not your body, that YOU are merely wearing your body so that you could login to the 3D Game, other people in the Game are also seen as consciousness wearing a form.

Do you remember when you only knew about your 3D form and had no idea abut the consciousness whom was wearing it? Your old perspective was almost like the old belief that the Earth was the center of the Universe and the Sun rotated around it. Now you look back and think, “How could they ever believe that the Sun rotated around the Earth?”

You will not need to answer that question, as there is no reason to complicate your life by trying to educate or change those who are not ready to know. However, more and more DO want to know. Your SELF will recognize their true SELF because of your joint expanded perceptions. Because of your shared awareness, you will KNOW that they are “wearing” their earth vessel. Then you can share with each other about how you first expanded your perceptions into your fourth dimensional astral body.

You can also share how you began to perceive your self as your fifth dimensional lightbody self. These conscious perceptions of your fifth dimensional lightbody are initially experienced via your gamma wave consciousness. You greatest challenge will be to remember that experience in your daily life. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you immediately document this experience.

Also, if you begin these meditations with a companion who can ask you questions about your experience, it will assist you to speak about what is occurring. Speaking about your experience brings it into your 3D conscious brain to formulate the words.

In this manner, you will begin to learn….remember… to allow the gamma wave consciousness to interface with your physical form in a manner in which you can document. You will remember and share your adventures in the higher frequencies of the ONE. Each time you have a gamma wave experience, you will become more and more comfortable with the concepts that YOU are your lightbody, and your physical form is your outer shell.

Hence, you have progressed from believing that YOU are your physical form:

  •        Into believing that YOU are the fourth dimensional consciousness that enlivens that form
  •        Into knowing that YOU are the multidimensional consciousness that enlivens that form
  •        Into knowing that YOU are the fifth dimensional, and beyond, lightbody that awaits activation within    the core of your spine
  •        Into experiencing the FEEL of being your Lightbody

When you have your experience of “being Lightbody” you will need to make sure that your physical earth vessel is in a safe place. It is also helpful if you have a person to assist you in grounding your Lightbody by asking you questions about your experience and documenting them. You can also record your experience.

Remember, with your first adventures in Lightbody, your challenge will be to stay within that experience. Doubt or fear will pull your consciousness down into the lower brainwaves. On the other hand, unconditional love and compassion for all life will assist you to remain in a gamma state of consciousness.

Again, we highly suggest that you ask someone to be your grounding force. This person can also ask you questions about your experience so that you have a reminder of how it felt and what you experienced while traveling in the higher realities.

Yes, just as theta wave consciousness allows you to travel into the realms of the higher fourth dimension and delta wave consciousness places your perception of self “outside” of your physical form, gamma wave consciousness activates your Lightbody, also known as your Merkaba. Your Merkaba is your “chariot of the Gods.”

Within your NOW, “Gods” are not far away in “Heaven” or some “other” realm. You are ALL that has been titled “Gods” within your own gamma wave consciousness. Now this information has been suppressed by the forces of power over others.

If the “minions” of humanity where to know their true power within, the forces of power of others would be “put out of business.” In fact, this “power over others group”, also known as the Cabal, the Illuminati, and many other names that we will not disclose at this NOW, have lost the final battle to gain complete power over Gaia.

As you are likely aware, they have had a very long run through all of the years of the Kali Yuga, which is the final cycle of the “darkest night before the dawn.” That dawn has NOW awakened. Many still slumber in the illusions of polarity and domination of an outside force.

Therefore, our dear ones who volunteered to enter your current incarnation to assist in awakening humanity and healing Gaia, we ask you to please: “Come out, come out wherever you are!” You no longer need to play “hide and seek” with your own higher SELF. It is the NOW to BE your SELF in your daily life.

There will be days in which you may feel as though you are flying through life and other days in which you will feel as though you are trudging through mud. Obviously, you will be able to maintain higher states of consciousness when you are flying and will likely fall into beta wave consciousness when you are trudging.

The up-down roller coaster of life in the third dimension is slowly coming to the end of its ride. You were joyful when the ride carried you UP and frightened when the ride sent you DOWN. But, the roller coaster ride is being retired, as is the entire 3D amusement park.

This “park” was invaded by darkness way back in the later days of Atlantis, and that darkness has grown by creating myriad wars in which both sides were backed by the same dark ones for the sole purpose of filling their own pockets. As this behavior escalated over the last 2000 years, Gaia began to take the greatest “hit” to Her health and welfare.

When the planet became so deeply wounded by the people who occupied her, in fact by a relatively small group of those people, your Galactic Family was given permission by the higher forces to assist the planet and the humans who would accept our unconditional love and multidimensional light.

Because humanity is choosing to accept your light and love, we did not “break the law of Gaia’s free will plane.” At first, only a few humans could hear that we were calling them. Therefore, many of us decided to implant the essence of our higher expression of SELF into the human form of those who accepted the assignment of assisting Gaia.

It was extremely challenging for our volunteers, who begin this process after the close of WWII. These first volunteers had to remain secret about their true self. Many of those who did not keep the secret were harmed or killed. However, over 3D time, those who survived were able to assist others to awaken and commune with their own higher expressions of SELF.

You are NOW beginning to open and enter your own Arcturian Corridors of ascension. These Corridors are entered and explored via your own gamma wave consciousness. Please remember that it is the force of unconditional love and compassion for all life that allows you to regain and retain your gamma consciousness.

In the next post we offer a recording of our channel’s experience with gamma wave consciousness. Please remember that perception IS creation. Therefore, as you each travel into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will experience what your own consciousness can best recognize and attend to.

Therefore, each of you may have very different experiences because each of you will choose different perceptions. In this manner, you will create myriad different versions of fifth dimensional New Earth. We remind you again that:


When you begin your conscious travel into and through the higher dimensions, each of you will gather your own “puzzle piece” of life in the fifth dimension and beyond. When you return to your physical reality, you will contribute your “puzzle pieces” that you have collected on your inter-dimensional journey to the planetary puzzle of “Ascending Gaia.”

Most important, ALWAYS remember that YOU are already ascended in the higher dimensional expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF. You did not take a body to advance your own spiritual growth. The days of “individual” spiritual leaders and saints ceased with the closing of the Piscean Age.

We thank you for remembering. It is this remembering that is vital so that you can remain clear of the jaws of your 3D ego. Love your ego unconditionally, and place your Multidimensional SELF in the driver’s seat of your Mission to Earth.

We now post Suzille’s fifth dimensional journey. Please remember that each of you will perceive that which is in alignment with your own “reason for incarnation.” Then you can add that “individual puzzle piece” to the ONE puzzle of Planetary Ascension.

We send you ALL unconditional love and unconditional gratitude.

The Arcturians, Pleiadian and other members of the Galactic Federation of Light

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~ Re-membering Your Magic ~ Awakening the Inner Wizard ~ Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (12)

 ART : A. Andrew Gonzales ~ by Catherine La Rose

Beacons of Light—January
Channeled live 2014_12_20

Greetings from Home, dear ones.
A Planet of Imperfections

Oh, that is not quite right, but close. This day is so full of joy for all of you. We have told you over and again how magical you are on this planet. Although it seems your own evidence of your daily lives does not always support the magic that we speak of, that is about to change. There are some very interesting things that are taking place as you approach this cross in the timeline. When you pass into this energy you will start to see new capabilities within yourselves, and that is the magic part that we have been waiting to see. You understand, dear ones, you live on the planet of imperfection so you to have an experience here as a spirit, because spirits are perfect. Ah, you have nothing to learn or gain as a spirit until you come down here and divide your perfection so that you experience imperfection or some vacancies in your own energies. Well, we know it is difficult to completely understand and we will be telling you more of this as we go forward. You live in multidimensionality every single day, but here is the interesting part. To truly have an experience on planet Earth and pretend to be imperfect and pretend to be human, it was also necessary for you to hide many of your own gifts. By your own design many of your gifts have been shut off completely, in order to play the game of pretending to be a human.

You did not want to spoil the game. What would happen if you came here and you had all of these abilities to create magic? It probably sounds like a wonderful idea to you, but what about your spirit? While your spirit is playing an incarnation and planning the opportunity to raise its vibration, finding the different parts of its perfection and setting up the obstacles can actually help you gain what you need from this experience of planet Earth.

Your Own Set of Gifts

Dear ones, you have changed so much now. You passed the point that planet Earth was soon to be the late, great planet Earth. Earth never was going to die; it was all of humanity and roughly 97% of the life forms on planet Earth that were leaving. Dear ones, you woke from the dream at the 11th hour and started taking your power, you started to awaken to who you truly were and you moved past it. As you moved through the 12-12-12 most of you found yourself in great confusion, because things did not work the same as before. Yet you brought all your tools over to use in the same way and they don’t always seem to work. Now you are passing a new alignment, as all of humanity can now step past this next level and start balancing things. That is the reason there seems to be so much turmoil on your planet right now. There are so many wars, there are so many people speaking their truths—sometimes forcefully,  other times standing in the energy. So many things that have been hidden are now being uncovered. When all of these things come forward at the same time, you feel overwhelmed. Well, here is the good news, dear ones: All of you have a set of gifts. We say that intentionally because it is not a singular gift that you carry. You carry gifts in a certain area, which usually spans a wide range, and some can be perceived to be very magical once you harness them.

Instantaneous Magic

These have been quite easily been unplugged from your experience on Earth, but the beautiful part about it is they are starting to be plugged back in and one by one. You will feel levels of energy starting to come to you, and all of a sudden you will be able to do things that previously you tried very hard to do but were not able to complete. There is a new forum of magic , which takes it out of the timeline because it is instantaneous in any moment you wish and you can literally anchor this new light. Now, it is something very familiar with you. Do not think it is a new gift that you have never seen before because it is not. Even though you have unplugged these parts of yourself and your own capabilities, they still seem to work their way into your lives. Chances are good that you will be familiar with at least the general area that your gifts will start to rise. Over the next four months, we encourage you to try again things you may have struggled with before. Try to find a new way to anchor this magic along with the alignments, timeline cross and everything that is taking place. You will feel a little bit of the wind at your back and that is all that you need—a little bit of encouragement. That is the most important piece that we can all give you at this point in your lives.

It Is Time To Revisit Your Specialness

So, know that this magic is continuing in a whole new way and it will start surfacing into your life starting with very small pieces and re-membrances. You may have an idea that you have to move this large piece from here to there, but are thinking, “How can we move that?” Maybe we will bring in a forklift, a tow truck or whatever we need to move it. Then you may suddenly re-member that once you were able to move large things using only your mind. These are the ways that your gifts will surface as a spark of light or memory at first, then into something that you knew that you could do although you have not done it in a very long time. Now does that mean that you will be able to connect all the dots and move this huge thing over here? Yes, you may and only in recent months is that even possible to consider. With all the things that are taking place on Earth, your magic is awakening and is time to revisit your specialness, your uniqueness, all the parts of light that you have held within your being. Now, the question will be, “What will you do with them?” Will you use them in your work and try to make a living with them? Well, here is the beautiful part, dear ones. We have no judgment about what you use them for. That is truly not our business, is it? The reality is that you are on the planet of free choice. You can use them for anything and by using these for anything in any way, you will get good at the mastery process again. We say that because this is a full circle for humanity.

What Will You Use Your Gifts For?

There were times when you excelled at connecting your mastery, but now the magic and your mastery will start to awaken in new ways. It is a beautiful time to be on planet Earth. Yes, there are still difficulties and challenges ahead for you. The generational hatred on your planet is very difficult to deal with and it does not go away very easily. It is very deeply engrained in some people the same way that love is in others. The lack of love that you call hate can also be deeply rooted. What happens is quite simply that something takes place—a war, an invasion, whatever it is—and people are displaced or have their lives disrupted. Then they teach their children to hate those people that disrupted their lives, and it goes on and on and on. It happens on both sides of an argument, dear ones, so do not think that there is only one right side. This happens all the time on planet Earth and these things bounce back and forth in your fields of duality. Now you are able to ground some of the new magic, the magic is awakening within all of you. What will you use it for? That is the question.

Remembering Your Magic

Well, dear ones, this is your singular ray of light that only you could bring from Home. You brought it here to Earth and you agreed to use it in some way. Up to this point it has not been important, because it has been unplugged. You could not access it even if you tried, although you have memories of it. You have memories of your magic, which you thought they were dreams. You thought they were childhood memories of story books and fairy tales. Why is it, dear ones, that suddenly when someone introduces a book about magic that it takes off? Look at some of the things, such as Harry Potter, that have been brought into your life suddenly to bring new energies. Many of the books, movies, and things that you have brought are here to help you re-member your magic. You now have the capabilities of anchoring and using something very dear to you. Look within your areas of passion and at how you think other people may have a gift of magic in some way. Is it going to be that this manifests and suddenly everybody on planet Earth will have magical powers of manifestation to create everything? Whoa, what a mess that would be! It will surface slowly, but nonetheless it is magic.

Start With Your Dreams

You will not uncover it all in one effort or one memory, for it will take some time. It took you a very long time to bury those memories and now you will start uncovering them. Start first with your dream times. Many of these memories have been hidden just outside of your reach, but this was intentional. It is a vibrational division and here is your consciousness, then just outside of it is the housing of everything that connects you to all of your dimensions of time and space. We know it is difficult for you to fully understand at this point, but just take our word for it that this has been just slightly out of your reach. What is happening is that all of humanity is starting to expand energetically, without even knowing it or studying what it is. By doing so, you have brought yourself closer to Home than you have ever done before. Now is the time for these things that were just out of reach before, to start entering your reality in the slightest ways. These are the things that you can exercise, so practice your magic. You are not used to that, are you? What if you could just simply wave your hand or maybe a magic wand—we do not have a magic wand, but we have a magic pen! What if we were able to wave our magic and have something created for you? That was fun, I think I will do that again. What if we could do that? Well, this is coming, dear ones. In the meantime until you have that capability of fully re-membering, take the dreams because that is how we will help you re-member.
Many of you have challenges with dreams; some of you do not re-member them and  others think you do not dream. Dear ones, when you relax your consciousness and your image of who you think you are, suddenly you become whole again and this is happening during the dreamtime. This is your rejuvenation period, so before you go to bed give yourself permission to re-member your magic. That is all you need. Simply give yourself permission to receive what is being given to you to help you stir memories of your magic. From that point, it makes no difference what the actual dream was because you have opened the door to receive the magic and it begins at that point. Some of you will have incredibly wild dreams of mastery of all kinds of forms of magic. These are wonderful but you already had them, dear ones, for many of you had these as children. You thought it was a natural part growing and it is, but only because it is real. It was not imagined; it was not a story told to you by your parents to entertain you or to keep you distracted for a while. This was real and it is the part that is starting to return to all of you. The year 2015 is a time to re-member your magic, to awaken from the dream and start using some of this consciously in your life in different ways. This will give you the opportunity to exercise the muscles necessary to fully integrate it into your life.

The White Noise Will Start To Clear

These are beautiful times on Earth. You will start to see something very interesting, for you have suddenly opened the door to all of this input and everyone with a cell phone can take videos. You are in the time of no more secrets and you are also in the time of almost information overload, which will actually help you to clarify your purpose on Earth. As you start integrating some of your magic into your life and begin using some of these things in practical ways, all the white noise will start to clear.

Now does that mean that you will not have the problems that you are having in the world? Yes, you will. You will still continue but they will not enter your field unless you have a part to play. You will start to be able to get more focused on all of life and be able to see more of what your part in everything is. These are the times that you came to Earth for, to be here at these magical times when we would start working with your own physical bodies. Your physical bodies need adjustments as well, dear ones, for they were only designed to carry a certain percentage of your light. Here you are flooding yourself with so much more light—the bodies will adapt and they will change. The energetics of Earth had to shift first and that is still in motion, but your physical bodies will start to increase their capability of holding more light. We are not talking about the visible light in the spectrum. We are talking about beyond the cosmic rays, the highest forms of light that humanity has yet to discover. Your sciences will eventually take you there, but until you have this evidence right in front of you re-member your magic. Re-member who you are. Take the quantum leap past all of that and just jump into it. It is that simple. Not always easy, but simple.

We Are Watching Over Your Shoulder

It is time for each of you to re-member your truth, your magic, the things you can do and the capabilities that you have. Dear ones, there are times on Earth where we look right over your shoulder. We are watching you as you are frustrated with something trying to figure out, some conglomeration of energy that you are trying to solve. We are laughing hysterically because you have the magic to do so very quickly inside the whole time, and you are looking for all the answers outside of yourselves because that has been the human way. Now that is changing and this next year will start introducing a new form of your inner magic. Greet it with open arms and promise yourself to anchor it by using it in some way. Do not feel that there is lack in your world, dear ones, because that is only the illusion. Many of you do not do something because you feel it may take away from someone else. You are so incredibly sensitive to that, that you do not want to make waves on your planet. Please start making waves, for it is time to re-member who you are and use the magic within to start creating your world. You will find that planet Earth is changing and making more of a possibility than you ever thought possible.

Dear ones, it is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways and walk you through these steps to see the evolution of humanity, as we have predicted unfolding right before you every day. The magic is here, you hold the magic. If nothing more, we hope to help you re-member that. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Re-member it is a brand new game you are playing. Play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (12)

“WILL YOU BE AMONG THE CHOSEN?” ~ Archangel Michael Through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest


ART : June Leeloo


Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-02-2015

Beloved masters, for many of you, it is the beginning of a new year on Earth; however, when you look at the larger picture–from our vantage point–it is the beginning of a new era, and a new Golden Age. Many of you will protest, but it does not seem like a new Golden Age. In the past, any new Creation that was brought forth on the earthly plane took much effort, and often pain, struggle and strife. That is still the mode of Creation in many parts of your world; however, it need not be so. We have told you that the Light is separating from the shadows, and it is almost as if two worlds were superimposed, one over the other. One world is filled with varying degrees of fear, hate, judgment, greed, and a desire to control and conquer the lands of the Earth, as well as a desire to dominate and subjugate the peoples of the Earth by whatever means thought necessary. The billions of beautiful young Souls who are caught in the maelstrom of this ever-accelerating chaos are the ones who suffer the most. That world is swiftly deteriorating, as a blanket of all the negative thought forms descends upon those lands and magnifies the vortexes of hate that have been created. Oh yes, there are vortexes of darkness, just as there are vortexes of Light, and the foretold Armageddon has surely arrived in those places.

The world of Light that is superimposed over the world of shadows is a world of hope, a world that amplifies all that is beautiful and harmonious. This world of Light radiance is filled with brotherly/sisterly love, peace, joy and abundance–a world where Spirit and humanity have joined forces once more; where all are donning their spiritual armor as, symbolically, we march forth to show that, together, we are invincible. In this world, you are becoming proficient in using the universal laws of Creation as you bring forth greater and greater physical manifestations of what you desire in your corner of paradise. Miracles abound, both large and small, as you tap into your Divine Source and become a partner with your God Seed Atom and angelic helpers. Your Light is becoming more radiant, and you are becoming a strong, positive force for good within your sphere of influence.

Of late, we have spoken much about the importance and the power of the Pyramid, for there are many dear Souls who are awakening to the Divine Discontent of the Soul. The Pyramids of Light, which are stationed throughout the multi-Dimensions of this Sub-Universe, are storehouses of Creator Light. They are the Way Stations on the Path that will lead you back into your true homeland among the stars. For those of you who are recent aspirants on the Path, allow us give you a simplified vision of how Pyramid Power is being used. Envision a Pyramid with steps on each of the four sides, which gradually lead to the apex. At the base, on two sides, are all those dear Souls who are caught in the web of deception and lower vibrational energy, those who are struggling to control their world of negativity in whatever way necessary, a reality which is swiftly falling apart. On the other two sides of the base of the Pyramid are all those dear Souls who are struggling to survive and to live the best way they know how. They are dominated by outside forces over which they seem to have no control. Therefore, in varying degrees, they are also caught up in the world of limitation, fear and negativity, but deep within there is a desire, which manifests as a deep discontent with life, to reconnect with their Creator and fulfill their chosen mission on Earth.

At the apex of the Pyramid is a capstone of Light–here all of you will come, at one time or another, the Wayshowers, the Vanguard, the Warriors of Light/Peace– all those who have aligned with the Light and our Creator in the cosmic campaign to reestablish paradise on Earth. As we join together in our great Pyramid of Light which forms the capstone, we send forth unconditional love to the Earth and all humanity. Our combined Love/Light energy radiates down upon all who are on the base of the Pyramid at any level thereof. This gift is available to all who are willing to partake of this transforming infusion, by opening their heart centers in order for the Love/Light of the Creator to flow within. The Light is always seeking the Light within the darkness. No matter how dim a Spark within someone may seem, it can be ignited and will eventually burst into flame. In doing so, this facilitates and speeds up the healing/balancing process so that anyone, regardless of who they are or what they have done, has the potential to rise quickly up the Pyramid of ascension and into the Light. No one is excluded. With open arms, the Creator holds wide the door of redemption so that all may pass through. This is the rare gift that is being offered at this time, a gift that is only offered at the end of an era and the beginning of a new age.

The Pyramidal energies are a vital Life Force, both within the etheric planes of expression and on the physical planes. Therein dwells the manifested consciousness of the Creator–Adamantine Particles of Divine Life/Light, White Fire Seed Atoms–which hold all the pure Life Force substance needed to transform the Earth and all life forms. You also have Pyramidal forms of Light consciousness within your body, which are activated as you balance the frequency patterns within, and begin to build your vessel of Light. As this process accelerates, you will also activate the Power Matrix Crystals throughout your bodies, the crystalline spheres of Galactic consciousness at the crown, the ascension chakra at the base of the skull, and your I AM Seed Crystal within the Third Eye. How do you access these blessed gifts? By moving into harmony within and without, into the STILL POINT of God-consciousness, whereby you function either in a mode of neutrality, or you radiate positive Life Force energy out into the world.

You have often heard the saying, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” You all are among those who were called forth, or you would not be on Earth in a physical vessel at this momentous time. We will change that old phrase to: “For many are now being chosen.” Who is doing the choosing? You are. YOU CHOOSE YOURSELF. You must make the choice as to which world you will live in. You must make the choice as to where you will reside within the Pyramid of Life. No one can choose for you. These are decisions each of you must make for yourself; however, when you choose the way of Light, we will take your hand and ease the path all the way to the shining capstone. Our primary goal, during these accelerating times of transformation, is to assist you in integrating into your memory bank of higher consciousness the major required steps, universal laws and conditions of ascension into a Fifth-Dimensional environment.

The ASCENSION goal for humanity, within this era of earthly experience, is to integrate all of the remaining Soul Fragments of the individual Soul Self, within the Third/Fourth Dimensions, which will initiate an entry into the lowest sub-plane, Sacred Triad, of the Fifth Dimension. This is the major goal for this round of evolution. In order to accomplish this:

Your personality/ego must become attuned with your Soul / Higher Self as you strive to realign your many levels of reality and become harmonious with your God-Self and I AM Presence.

Going into your Pyramid of Light is the swiftest and surest way to tap into the Divine Source of Creation. Envision billions of tiny crystalline Pyramids of Light filled with Divine energy /consciousness of the highest vibrations, descending, surrounding and filling you as you bring forth new thought forms, ideas and inspiration. Tap into and use the dynamic force of the Universal Mind, and release yourself from the confines of the Earth and the limitations of the mass consciousness beliefs.

Learn the basic laws of Universal Creation/manifestation. Learn to distinguish between the desires of Spirit and the ego-desire personality. Ego desires, wants and needs have emotional foundations, whereby you look outside yourself for something, someone or some event to fulfill an inner craving. The ego is never satisfied, and it continually looks for something or someone new to satisfy the cravings, which often become addictions. When you are in harmony with Spirit, all your physical desires/needs are waiting for you to claim them–expect and demand that it be so. However, you must be an active partner and take the physical action necessary to bring your dreams to fruition. You must activate and draw to you the positive vibrations needed to manifest your visions in physical form.

The Earth plane is a world stimulated by action and reaction. In a world of polarity and duality, the forces of opposition have been your best teachers. Negative experiences bring into your consciousness your own truth via valid experiences. It is time to put aside indecision. Feel, sense with your heart and inner-knowing what are correct or incorrect action or thoughts. As you learn and gain wisdom from an occurrence or an interaction with another person, no longer will you have to experience the cause/effect syndrome of your negative actions (otherwise known as Karma).

It is vital that you understand the true meaning of life and death. The guise you have assumed in this lifetime is just a minuscule facet of who you truly are, what you have been, and what you will be in the future. The passage or death of the physical vessel is only a transition into another state of Being. Be bold in your endeavors to change the old belief patterns regarding death. Release the Souls of your loved ones with love, and do not bind them to Earth planes with your grief. Yes, you will miss them, and you will experience a time of grieving, but know that they will always be with you in Spirit. By sending them your loving energy, you will assist those who have transcended to move quickly into the realms of Love/Light. Beloveds, they do not go to an amorphous place, but to a wondrous world more real than the one in which you reside, where they can live in joy, be of service, learn and experience all the things they have desired, but could not attain on the Earth plane. If you so desire, at some future time, you may communicate with them; however, you must clear the path for telepathic communication with those who reside in the unseen realms. Many are choosing to leave your planet during these times of great turmoil. Know that they are, or will be, in a place of great joy, where peace and harmony reign supreme, and they will assist you in many wondrous ways from their heightened state of Being.

You must learn patience and understand that time as you know it is rapidly changing. Build your visions in harmony with Spirit, and then know that all will manifest in the proper time. When you align with Spirit, all will manifest with perfect timing, and under the right conditions. You must have patience with those around you, and strive to see the best in all people and all things, thereby magnifying the positive energy and repelling any negativity that has been created. You will rise above the mundane world and return to balance and harmony within. Your radiance will expand exponentially, and you will consistently radiate Love/Light from your Solar Power Center. It becomes a natural state of Being, and you will begin to view the world and events from a higher vantage point–that of a master. You have experienced many cycles of poverty and wealth, in all areas of expression, which will eventually lead you to the conclusion that true wealth is in regaining the wisdom of your Soul / Higher Self, and in reunion with your God Seed Atom. The treasure chest which holds your Divine Birthright will open wide as you bring all into harmony once more.

Your sensitivities are increasing, and your needs/desires are changing. You are becoming a person of peace, and you will greatly value your solitude. You will feel uncomfortable and no longer desire to be in social situations of lower vibrations. You must experience aloneness in order to discover who you truly are. You are unique and must learn to act from an intuitive level, not an emotional level. This must start within as you begin to withdraw your energy streams from others, and go through the process of cutting the cords or energy streams that others have attached to you via your solar plexus. Remember to bless them as they follow their own path, and you follow yours. You will be at peace in any situation when your beliefs are based on truth. You will know that you have moved into harmony with your Soul Self when you have no reactions of an emotional nature to the seemingly negative events in your life.

You will transcend your astrological influences as you integrate the positive energies of all twelve astrological signs. During your nightly sojourns, you will visit the Seven Spheres of God-Consciousness, to assist you with the integration of the positive energies–all the virtues and attributes of the Seven Rays–thereby balancing and activating all the major and minor chakras within the physical body. The five Higher Rays of Galactic-consciousness are also being integrated within, and they are transmuting, activating and redefining your DNA, and are accelerating the process of building your vessel of Light.

Many of you have begun, or are ready to embark on, your true mission, whatever that may be. Please keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to become a conveyor of Love/Light. You must live your truth, as you learn to traverse the higher Path and fly your vision. You must claim and acknowledge every facet of your Being, as you strive for harmony and unified consciousness.

Beloveds, we know there will be some pain, discomfort and fear, as you move through this accelerated process, as all the radical changes take place within your world. Know that, together, we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any dear Soul who expresses a desire to return to Heart-centered, Soul-focused harmony. Know that each of you can and will make a difference. Dear ones, when you doubt, need inspiration or strength, come into your Pyramid of Light, and we will give you courage, lift you up, and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved, move into your Sacred Heart center, and we will be waiting there to fill you with the radiant love of our Mother/Father God.


I AM Archangel Michael.


Dearest friends: It is becoming dramatically apparent that more and more people are awakening, and are beginning to feel the need to turn inward or to seek the wisdom of the SOUL. Archangel Michael told us over a year ago that he had given us all the pertinent information we need, at this time, to gain the required knowledge necessary to return to the originally designed Spectrum of Light and shadow, within our Third- / Fourth-Dimensional reality. He is now updating, refining and clarifying many of the important messages of the past, for within these wonderful “wisdom teachings” are the SECRETS OF SELF-MASTERY. I have been receiving new information for quite a long time. Information which will be presented in the form of a booklet: THE MAGIC AND MAJESTY OF ASCENDING HUMANITY, and will be presented at our seminar (of the same name) on October 3 and 4, 2015 in Reno, Nevada. As in the past, the advanced information is first given to our more advanced students. Information that will be infused within a Fifth-Dimensional, Group Pyramid of Light, so that these refined wisdom teachings can filter down onto the Earth Plane, and will become more readily understandable to those who are firmly on the Path of Ascension. During these extraordinary times, we are being given a grand opportunity to gain admittance into the entry Sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension, which is humanity’s major goal for this round of evolution. Our numbers and God Power are increasing dramatically, as we join together, on this grand march into a wondrous, new future. Forever love and angel blessings, Ronna

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The updated glossary contains many of the words and new terms that Archangel Michael has given me over the past year or so. The Glossary update will be available separately for $4.00 to cover copying and postage. For those of you who have REFERENCE & REVELATIONS, if you make a purchase on our STAR*QUEST site, the supplement will be included with your order, at no extra charge.




In-Depth Journey of the Crystalline Ray ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

art initiation under the orange tree by flora aube

 ART : Initiation Under the Orange Tree 
 Flora Aube Visionary Artist @ Fine Art America

In-Depth Journey of the Crystalline Ray

forest sun white green-1This is a visit to the Golden City of Shashwam (also known as Klehma) which resides in the 5th dimensional New Earth over Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska in the USA.  Master Serpais Bey is the Ray Chohan for the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance which is represented within this amazing Crystalline City of Light.  He is our guide along with the Elders Lord Esteela & Lady Esteelo, Elohim Masters Purity & Astrea, along with the Archangels Gabriel & Hope.

Feeling the colors upon colors within our Merkabah Vehicle spin in multi-directions of the frequency of Light; we move into the 5th Dimensional Earth centering ourselves within the middle of the United States, North America. We are now magnetized with the Crystalline Flame of the 5th Dimensional Earth of Shashwam as it pulls us closer and closer into this beautiful City of Light.

We feel ourselves being pulled into a magnetic stream of light into a beautiful forest. Everything glistens within the trees as it is of the Crystalline essence although the ground is green, the base of the trees are many different colors with flowers budding on the leaves. It is almost like the trees would be filled with Christmas lights; it is glistening and sparkling everywhere.

It is a very sparse forest, with open trees, not thick, with a wide span of energies that go up high beyond what your eyes can see. We walk through the forest as there is not an exact pathway with green grass; we walk in our bare feet. We feel the growth of the green from our soles of our feet; our Earth Star is glistening with the frequencies of Light. As we walk further, we feel all the beautiful essences that we have brought within ourselves.

We are met by Master Serapis Bey and he is partnering with Master Paul the Venetian as they are working together within this ray to fully ground it into Gaia’s core, the Earth, and for all inhabitants, Master Serapis Bey brings these beautiful essences. He works very diligently with all initiates to help them through this process. While Paul the Venetian brings forth his beautiful gifts of Love from the 3rd Ray of Creative Actualization. But, yet, both of them have been Chohans of this Ray so they bring forth that essence together.

Behind them we see a parade of all the Beings of Light: Lord Esteela and Lady Esteelo, Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea open up their arms towards us along with Archangels Gabriel and Hope. We feel their beautiful essence of Light coming to us. As we gather together, in this beautiful forest, there are many places for us to sit with beautiful benches, some are wooden, some are golden, some are silver. We find ourselves finding a place as each of the beautiful Beings circle within us.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Welcome! It is I, Master Serapis Bey. It is my pleasure to be with each of you. I look forward to our excursions here in the beautiful City of Shashwam. It is so wonderful to have you in our forest.

This meeting tonight is an introductory phase, as we are going to be doing extensive work with each other to assist each of you to bring forth these Essences of the Crystalline Flame, but also the Emerald Green Flame. Feel these Frequencies come up into your Root Chakra, from your lower limbs, from the soles of your feet as the sparkles of Light are all around us. You can put your hands out and basically almost touch what is here.

We have with us many assistants. We have children. We have fairies. We have angels. We have all kinds of Beings of Light that welcome you in this moment. It is our pleasure to be here together to assist you in understanding what you are experiencing on a level beyond your comprehension consciously within your Physical Self. You can go into the depth of whom you are through the Purity of your Breath and this Crystalline Flame.

Paul the Venetian and I have worked very closely with one another for eons and eons of time. When it was time for this Ray to be inducted into the Earth’s atmosphere more fully, we both thought it would be important for us to work with each other. There was going to be a lot of work that needs to be done within the planet. Yet that is not our only work. We still work in other phases of the Mastery Pathway for each of you and others that are opening themselves up.

Tonight, we have brought the Frequencies of the Elders, the Elohim and the Archangels all in Unison, because we wanted to come together. What we are hoping to do in the next few weeks is to have each of you work with each of us individually. We will go into an in-depth journey of this Ray and what it truly means besides understanding Resurrection, Rebirth, Purity and Harmony.

What does that really mean?

In the concept of your Mind, it is what you desire to have. Yet if you go deep into that Root Chakra and the more you bring in your Etheric Body into that existence, it brings in more debris than if you cleared out everything in your Root Chakra. This is why it becomes so very intense.

The understanding this occurs is that you may be repeating the same lessons over and over again. It may seem like it, but that is not always true. Sometimes it does happen that way. What our involvement with each of you is in this moment, represents assisting you on a much deeper level to clear out this chakra. As your Etheric Body becomes more involved within you as you go through the Higher Initiations, you will be able to purge these Elements much easier. You see, it takes practice to do anything. It is important to have these realizations so that when you get to those Higher Initiations, you do not think you are falling back down into the second or third again.

That is not the way we want it to be. Yet we all know how much diligence it takes, and how strong you have to be within yourself to consistently look at your own mirrors, look at your own thoughts, look at your own teelings, and to move those essences in a completely different manner. What we would like for you right now is to have arrived into the New Year with this Frequency of Light to experience this Light.

What does it mean to allow the integration of the Crystalline Flame to be within your Being?

I think many have had a difficult time with this Flame, because they do not want to go there. They do not want to go into that dark place and pull out those Energies, because they seem just fine the way they are. Yet in truth, look at how you feel during your days. Look at how you react to people with whom you are personal, and how you are affected within yourself and hurt when things happen a certain way.

It is not the way it should be, and this is what I am here to assist you with. The power you ignite within yourself can only be as powerful as you are. If you have ailments that are arising, the power ceases to exist, as you feel powerless. You feel as if you are not important. You feel as if you do not care, or you feel as if you are not quite sure of whom you are. That is a moment of confliction.

We ask each of you in this moment to go deep into your Root Area. Allow the Crystalline Flame from your feet to center into your Root Chakra; bring up all kinds of debris that you do not like. You may not even know what it is. If it is coming from your Etheric Body of other timelines, you do not always have to know what it is. Bring in those Essences unto yourself. Allow the Crystalline Flame to come in, with Emerald Green if it makes you feel better, and almost like a washing machine within your Root Chakra let it blend with your Root itself, which is Red.

What does that Root look like? Can you see colors?

If you cannot see any colors, just sense how it feels like.

What does it feel like?

The Crystalline Flame stirs things up, but then creates the harmonization you are looking for. We will do that now.

Feel the Energies underneath of you. Where everyone is sitting, there is a wind whipping up with the Crystalline Flame. As it whips up around us, it goes right into that Root Area. Feel yourself as if you were in a vibrating chair. Yet you are not in a vibrating chair, as it is vibrating within yourself. As it goes into the Root Chakra, it is going to pull out debris. It will be like a funnel. That funnel will come into your Root and stir it up. Feel that stirring up occur now.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Now allow the Crystalline Flame to go all the way up your Chakra System. It goes up and down, and up and down. Feel that Crystalline Energy move through you and then dissipating.

What it does is to take it and crystallize it, so that the darkness within there becomes the Crystalline frequency. Now feel a softer effect, almost like you are sitting in the Sun.

You feel the warmth of the Sun and what that feels like for you. There is a calmness that occurs. It comes in through you and around you, and it goes into all parts of you. Bring this Essence within.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Elohim, the Archangels and myself centering around you, dancing around you, spinning this Frequency of Light within you. Take a moment to feel what it is within your Breath.

What is happening within your Consciousness? What is it that you are now fully accepting within yourself?

The Yin and the Yang are now becoming integrated within You. If you are visual and can see the Crystalline Flame into every part of your being, you have now become the Crystalline Flame. It is now time to arise from where you are sitting. Visualize your arms upwards, just like the trees that are here. Take your fingertips and twinkle them with the Lights. You become the Crystalline Flame now. You become the Purity. You become the Light that you desire and that you are. You become that Harmony and Balance. You had the conflict. Now you feel the purest state of Beingness.

Take a moment and sit down once again, as we share a few words.

In order to stay in this state of conditioning, you must have a realization within yourself of what it is you were purging. It does not have to be a timeline or picture. All it has to be is a word.

Was it Regret?

Was it Uncertainty?

Was it Emotional Imbalance?

Have that reflection within you. Now look at that feeling. Is that feeling still within you? I would say probably not. Yet if it is, then there is still more work left that needs to be done.

I ask you to go deep into the Core of your Heart and Solar Plexus and write about it. Not in this moment, but afterwards when you come out of this journey. If you cannot do it at this journey, come back and re-listen. Bring up that essence.

One difficult aspect is that if you do not understand what you are experiencing, then it will return again. It is how the Mental Mind works. Many of you have issues with your Masculine energies trying to control the situation.

What happens with this Crystalline Essence is that you are tapping into your Feminine Divine and allowing it to dissipate it. You do not have to go any further with it. You do not have to sit and do affirmations. Although if you want to, you may. It is helpful if it is a continual thought that is nagging within you. Yet then you take that Crystalline Flame and put it through the words you have written. Some may say, “How do I do that?”

You imagine yourself in this moment as this Rree of Light. You look at the words, you take the Crystalline Essence and make it the Light. Make it the frequency.

Part of the problem with the Emerald Green is that it will bring up the issue for you, which is why we told you to use specks of it. The Emerald Green is such an Earth Energy at the 3rd dimensional Level, that that energy has to be changed into a Crystalline structure. That is what is presently occurring within the Earth. Yet sometimes you need the Emerald Green to see the acknowledgment within you. It is a softer Color. The Crystalline Frequency changes things immediately if you have not already noticed. Sometimes, the bodily structure needs to experience it from a completely different level. It may be from a 3rd dimensional Level in order to get to the 5th dimensional Level and higher. There is nothing wrong with that. It allows that energy to move at a smaller rate. You take the Green Flame and put it into the aspect that came to you and was not of harmony or balance. You move the Green Flame into that essence.

You can visualize yourself going into the Crystalline Light and changing the lower energy. It is like an initiate who is having a truly hard time in the level they are experiencing. If they try to bring in too much Light frequency within themselves to make the necessary changes, one can burn out. We call it Kundalini Burnout.

The Kundalini takes on too much higher frequency when the physical body is not ready to experience that higher frequency. This happens to individuals that are pushing themselves too hard. It is important to have the realization that you must go at the pace that is necessary for you, as your bodily structure may not be able to handle it. This where a lot of the Ascension Symptoms come in, as there is too much Light coming into the body and no time for stabilization. The body cannot adjust to the higher frequency and then receives another higher frequency.

If you ever have moments in which your body is overloaded, it needs to sleep continuously, it is thirsty, it is inactive – and I am speaking of days upon days, this is when you are in a burnout stage. What happens is if you bring in the Emerald Green Flame into your essence is that it is a softer color. Not every human body and every Spirit is able to accelerate at the same pace and level.

My point is stabilize yourself. Allow these Frequencies of Light to assist you. If you feel more comfortable intuiting the Green Essence within the Crystalline, please do so. You will see your progress moving on much smoother and much swifter than trying to push too much energy at once. That will only cause overload.

I ask you now, what is it that you are feeling? How do you feel about the status of your existence through this process?

These are important realizations. We bring forth the Essences of the Elders through this energy, as they are the ones igniting the frequency in this beautiful city.

Let us take a little walk. As we walk through this forest, we see that there is a pathway opening up. We are now standing on a hillside. We look down upon the city. See the magnificence of this city and all the sparkly Lights. There are several temples in the distance, because we are at a higher elevation from where we can see all these elements. Think about your own journey.

Let this city represent that vision for you. If you think about each moment you go through a period of Resurrection, there is always of Hope in what is ahead of you. This city represents that Hope. Allow the vision we see now of all the beautiful temples, the housing, the community that is down there, to be your Hope.

Whatever your Hope is within your own future, coming into this Forest is an initiation to allow more to occur. That is why we call it the Flame of Resurrection. It resurrects the old for the new to be received.

I ask each of you, what is it you want to bring forth into your world within the next 30 days?

Let us bring forth that Essence with the Flame in this moment. As we walk along the hillside, we see that there is a beautiful entryway into a cave. Yet the cave is not dark. It is filled with Crystalline Flame. Again, the ground is Green. Feel that green essence within you.

As we step into this cave, feel your purest form fully materialize in your highest consciousness. It has not materialized physically for you, but it is a vision. It is a Purity of Light.

The Archangels and Elohim are embracing you in this moment with their waves of Light. Purity and the Pure Essence Astrea, Gabriel and Hope represent changing what you are in what you want to be. Feel this cave of Light. It is opening up to the Heavens above. You see a sky filled with bright Lights. This is your Evolvement. This is your Light.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Embrace what you are receiving. You are receiving your Future. You are receiving the Divinity of your Light to fully be integrated within your Full Body System when you are ready. It is now time to leave the cave, but you can return at any time you would like.

The Cave of Eternal Light is yours.

We walk back through the forest and you see that you are part of it, not separate. You are fully integrated with this forest. Return at any time you have an issue or an element you would like to work with. Sitting here by yourself within this forest, we will all assist. It is now time for us to leave.

We walk with you through the entrance-way you came in. As you exit out from the top of the hill, you feel the Portal of Light.

I, as Serapis Bey with Paul the Venetian and all these beautiful Beings of Light of the Elohim, the Elders, the Archangels and with all of our little guests assisting you in these moments. We look forward to working with each of you individually in our next visits.

Blessings and Love to each of you. Thank you for being here.

We feel the chamber of light that is around us as it pulls up away from the city. Directing your Merkabah Vehicle of Light back to your present location. Allow it to spin and come within you.

Sometimes when we go through these journeys, we tend to open up our eyes too quickly and we are not fully within our body. You can touch the top of your head a little bit, and bring those energies down into your physical essence.

Thank you for participating in our journey to Shashwam.

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light class meets each Wednesday. Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos is the host with a beginning lecture on the current energies. Lord Adama’s lectures may be read on Walking Terra Christa, Lord Adama Discourses.  Walking Terra Christa is glad to provide these classes in our Membership Program or purchasing the MP3 files individually. Details are provided in the “Teachings of the Golden Etheric Cities” and can be accessed by clicking the link.
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art initiation under the orange tree by flora aube

A spiritual perspective on aging ~ Gerrit Gielen @ Aurelia

art Zheng Yawen

ART : Zheng Yawen


A spiritual perspective on aging

by Gerrit Gielen

If you accept what the newspapers say about getting old, it would seem to be the worst thing that can happen to a human being. And for society at large, an aging population is perceived to be a disaster. Crowded nursing homes, unaffordable health care, dementia, and general deterioration are what we have come to associate with growing old.Every one of us is getting older. With every second that elapses, we lose a bit of our youth. It is a natural process to which all living creatures are subject. How can it be that we have come to loathe a process so natural? Is there something wrong with nature? Or is there something wrong with us, with our way of thinking about aging?How do old people themselves actually feel about that “dreaded” old age? Scientific research that measures happiness relative to age shows a U-shaped curve. Young and old people are the happiest. During mid-life it is more likely that you are unhappy than in your youth. Research shows that old people are even somewhat happier than young people!1 How is this possible? How can it be that, although aging is associated with so many problems, people usually start feeling happier anyway? Let’s examine the life cycle of a human being from a spiritual perspective.

Birth: the loss of ourselves

From a spiritual viewpoint, to be born is to take a dive into matter. We leave the realm of the soul, an atmosphere of joy and peace. In the realm of the soul, the restrictions of time and space, and the sense of separation that we experience on earth, do not exist. Freedom is a natural given. Moreover, everything around us radiates beauty, love, and harmony; fear and suffering are absent. Nonetheless, at some point we accept the invitation from mother Earth to be born as a human being. With every birth we begin a long process of descending into, and connecting with, the physical atmosphere. In ancient literature, the birth of the incarnated soul is called “the fettering of the soul”. The soul lands into the restrictive, dense realm of matter, in which each being seems separate from another. The soul has trouble holding on to its natural vibration in this atmosphere; it does not belong here, and it can survive only by withdrawing regularly. This withdrawal is what we call sleep, and it is essential not merely to our body, but to our spirit.

Although birth marks the beginning of a new incarnation, the process of the soul’s descent is then still far from over. A further descent continues until around the age of forty. Around that time, the dive into matter has reached its peak: as an adult you fully inhabit the realm of matter and human society. From the perspective of your soul, you are now the farthest removed from your source, the heavenly realm you come from. At the deepest point of incarnation, the distance to your origin is the greatest. During childhood, the bond with the original sphere of the soul is still strong. Children are often intuitive, spontaneously joyful, and totally absorbed in the moment; these qualities are natural to the soul. To enjoy and explore life in a playful and uninhibited way is natural for the child, as well as for the soul. Unfortunately, our society has become dominated by a twisted, masculine notion of spirituality that does not recognize these qualities as spiritual, but rather regards them as signs of immaturity. This heavy and serious portrayal of spirituality is not actually derived from original Christianity. In the Bible, there are still traces of the soul’s perspective. In Mark 10:14, for example, Jeshua says: “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

Puberty: the descent downward

Before adulthood arrives there is the transitional phase of puberty, followed by young adulthood. Consciousness descends deeper into the material atmosphere; the distance from our Source becomes greater. The natural happiness and self-confidence from childhood is lost. Doubts and fears emerge; nothing is taken for granted anymore. There will be rebellion and uncertainty. The resistance usually focuses on the surroundings: the parents, the school, or society in general – all of these are often under critical scrutiny. Unconsciously, they get the blame for the loss that is felt by the teenager and young adult. But essentially, their rebellion is directed against the inner development: the deeper descent into the earthly realm and a further cutting loose from the Source.

In the realm of the soul, having a unique place within the whole is a natural given. You do not doubt your right to exist and you intuitively sense what your role is in the grander scheme of things. The knowledge that the cosmos is not complete without you, that you are an integral part of the greater whole, makes one feel safe and cared for. At puberty, this realization gets lost and this results in an identity crisis. This crisis may be so overwhelming that young people become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and in some cases even commit suicide. Such acts of despair often originate from a deep desire to restore the connection with the soul.

Fortunately, however, resistance is not the only characteristic of this period. Puberty and adolescence are also a time when many aspects of earthly life are explored with zest and curiosity. We may become interested in nature, music, literature, or explore new and provocative intellectual ideas. Interest in others increases: we fall in love for the first time. Perhaps most importantly, we start to feel our own originality, our individuality. Every soul is unique and takes its own seeds to the earth, seeds that germinate during childhood and emerge above ground during adolescence. Often, during this phase in life, original thoughts and feelings surface that will have a lasting impact on your future and will take definite shape in adulthood.

If all goes well, the loss of childhood coincides with a period of rediscovery of who you are, independent of your parents and upbringing. That rediscovery ensures that, in the long term, the rebellion subsides, and the current of Life will take you to new and exciting places. The most valuable gift you can give to someone as they go through puberty and young adulthood is trust. Be confident that there is a path and place for them in this confusing world no matter how “different” they are, no matter their seeming inability to fit in. It is precisely their originality, their individuality, that the world needs and that holds their unique soul’s contribution.

Adulthood: the low point of our lives

Adulthood, the physical high point of life, is from a spiritual perspective the low point of life. The  distance to the realm of the soul – from our own soul – is now at its greatest. We are now the farthest away from our spiritual origin. We are fully immersed in the material realm and we have become identified with our human personality and our achievements. During this phase, humans are on average the unhappiest. The physical world with its laws and restrictions is now experienced as the only reality. A lot of concern turns to money and property, to social status and hard work. This fixation causes people to forget themselves even more. The identification with the material realm in adulthood is often so strong that one tends to feel that this is all there is, and that life revolves around these issues. There may be spiritual beliefs present, but often these are derived from the traditional religions which are largely based on fear and dogma. The traditional religions have a distorted image of spirituality and they often do more harm than good. The most important thing that an adult can accomplish from a spiritual perspective is to cherish the seeds he or she carried to earth as a soul, and to let them grow into beautiful flowers. This is our real mission, and one that can only be fulfilled by remaining true to oneself, by not letting oneself be dragged along by the pressures and rules of society.

Quite often, this mission fails. In adulthood, the ideals of adolescence and puberty, and the desires and dreams of childhood, are often regarded as unfeasible and naive. After all, they do not fit with in what society seems to expect and considers realistic. Authentic ways of self expression that are still there may be labeled selfish, irresponsible, or even insane. “Act normal, behave like a responsible adult.” We have to fit within the social mold or else we do not belong. Work 40 hours a week and take three weeks of holidays a year. I remember the sadness I felt the day I entered kindergarten. At the age of four, I could already sense what was planned ahead for me: years and years of school and then work. I was wondering when I would be free again. At the end of primary school, I was asked during a test what I wanted to be later in life and my answer was “rentier”. I just wanted to be free again; I did not want to be forced into a system that told me what to do and what not to do.

Fortunately, during my adult life I managed to find a comfortable part-time job which allowed me to work no more than three days a week. Other people thought it was peculiar that I, as a grown man, had no career and little ambition, and preferred to wander through nature, read books, and have philosophical conversations with my friends. Not until I was in my forties did I realize that it was acceptable and even practicable to be this different. I turned my hobbies (thinking about philosophy and spirituality, practicing hypnotherapy) into work. Eventually, I let go of my part time job. I discovered that I could be free, do the things I really liked and make a living doing it. The key was trust: having faith in the original and unique gifts my soul carried within and trusting that Earth would welcome me and reward me for sharing these gifts. With that realization, I started the way “up”, the way back to my spiritual nature.

Aging: the way “up” again

When we grow older, we begin the way “up” again, back to the soul. The low point of being fully incarnated in, and identified with, the material realm is over. We can let go of this one sided focus and we are often spurred on to do so by the life challenges we meet, or by being confronted with the increasing frailty of our bodies. We are going back “up” again to eventually return to the Source. The natural movement of aging is growth toward the light, identifying with the greater reality of your soul rather than the finite and limited reality of your body and personality. Therefore, from a spiritual point of view, you become more rather than less when you age: wisdom, trust, and joy are more likely to increase.

A human being who ages naturally and gracefully is aware that they are much more than their earthly self. They realize that their true self rises above the roles they have played in the material realm of Earth. As the hold of this reality diminishes, they start to realize again who they really are: an eternal being of living light.

Unfortunately, this natural and graceful process is often hampered by deeply ingrained social beliefs. We live in a society which, by and large, believes that physical reality is all there is, that there is no true self beyond the earthly self, and therefore getting old is a bad thing. People have become completely identified with their physical body and personality. Getting old is associated with loss and decay, with a movement toward nothingness. Many people therefore oppose the very process of aging and this resistance interrupts the natural ascension toward the soul and toward more joy and light. Resisting the aging process creates a self fulfilling prophecy: what you fear becomes true because you fear it. The resistance causes one to cling to the physical dimension and to the body. This clinging is a denial and a turning away from your inner light, and it has a number of tragic consequences for the aging human.

– First, the aging body could benefit tremendously from a more deeply felt connection with the soul. As a person connects with the realm of the soul during the aging process, the energy from the spiritual realm flows more strongly through their body. The body is uplifted and revitalized by the light and joy from this realm and it gains extra strength and health from it. The ailments of old age have less of an effect on it. But if consciousness does not focus on what lies beyond the earthly, and desperately clings to the physical, the body will have to do without this additional energy. This increases the risk of health problems.

– Second, in society at large, older people could fulfill an important role: radiating spiritual awareness and wisdom to younger generations who are focused on the physical realm and the demands of society. Older people can, through their life experience and their increasing connection with the dimension of the soul, have a positive influence on younger people by sharing their light, their insight, and their compassion. They can offer a wider perspective on things and listen with patience. By nature, everyone senses in older people more wisdom, peace, and serenity.

The positive influence of older people can be expressed in various ways: from an influential spiritual personality to a sweet wise grandma to whom the whole family turns for advice. Also, there are writers, artists, and therapists who, at a very advanced age, are doing exceptional work and unknowingly inspire many other people. Older people are the bridge between the realm of the timeless and the practical world of everyday life. A society in which the value of old age is not recognized is a society that has lost the connection with the spiritual. We then see a society running amuck: look around you.

When the aging human cannot take up their natural place in society, both society and the elders themselves suffer. The life of an elder tends to become lonely, small, and boring. Is it not tragic that right at the age when a human being is ideally suited for spiritual work, they are relegated to the sidelines. Ever heard of a writer or artist who quit on his sixty-fifth birthday? Just imagine how many great books and works of art we would be without if these people had to hold to the insane rule to stop working at the age of sixty-five? At this moment, I am reading the memoirs of Claude Lanzmann, born in 1925, maker of the film Shoah2. On every page, I am amazed and touched by the scholarship, wisdom, and richness of this book. According to the standards of our society, this man would have had to retire more than twenty years earlier and do nothing! Absurd. Older people are being made small and make themselves small: physical and mental degeneration are the result.

Aging: five suggestions to lighten the way

In order to find a natural, graceful way to grow old in our society, which holds such negative pictures about old age, a radical change in thinking is required. Here are some suggestions.

Forget all that society tells you about aging and being old

Society’s view of aging is not a spiritual one. It does not regard human beings as carriers of a timeless soul, but as physical organisms that gradually break down and become useless. But every human being who experiences life with an open heart and an open mind will conclude that there is more to life than this. Life has a spiritual dimension, and this dimension is actually far more fundamental than the physical one. As an elder, you can connect more easily with that dimension and derive inspiration and strength from it.

Realize that nothing is ever lost

Nothing and no one gets “lost in the night”; everything of value remains. One of the first things we find out after we die and have access to the other side, is that everything is still there. Our family members and dear friends, the world of our childhood, our most cherished experiences – everything is still there. And we can connect with our loved ones or relive some experiences if we so choose – it is all there for us. By going along with the flow of life, and surrendering to the aging process, we reach out to this timeless dimension where everything of real substance is preserved. If we dare to let go, we can receive glimpses of this dimension. We then come to realize on the inner level that nothing is lost – and this inner knowing brings peace and equanimity.

Go out into the world. This is the time to let your light shine. It will serve society and your fellow human beings.

Younger people often don’t understand the elderly. How can they be so accepting, peaceful, and happy while they are confronted daily with loss of health and abilities, and with death approaching? The answer is that the elderly have an inner knowing that young people do not have. Older people are usually marked and ripened by life experiences that have made them milder and more thoughtful than the average young person. An older person has had to let go and surrender more often. From this grows an equanimity that brings peace and happiness. The elderly would do an immense service to society and their (younger) fellow humans if they would be aware of their gifts and share them. Take an honest look at what the world needs today: new phones, faster cars? No: wisdom, calm, and peacefulness. Isn’t that what the elderly have to offer?See the relativity of the roles people play. Do not take these so seriously.

Life is a game. People (read: adults) who are completely engaged in the game take their role very seriously. Don’t let yourself be carried away too much by the game; maintain some distance. See through it; observe the players play their parts. To see human society as a game that people play makes it is easier to let go of the standards and expectations involved. It makes it easier to let go of the roles that you used to play – as a parent, employer, or employee, etcetera – and to open up to a new chapter in your life.

Put your trust in life. Trust that life will bring new experiences to you, new roles even that fit the person you are now, not the person who you were. By letting go of the past and by surrendering, you open up to the new, and you may discover different sides of yourself. If you hold on to something that no longer fits you, a feeling of emptiness and loss will arise. Trust life and let go.

No longer identify with your body and the physical world, but with your consciousness.

Identifying with your role in the physical and social world is fun and interesting as long as you realize it is a game. For a while, you are completely absorbed in it and then you let go again. In that way, you go through a whole range of experiences and your soul is enriched by that. It is natural during a certain period of your life to identify with the roles you play, but it is also natural to feel at some point that it is time to let go and to realize who you are beyond that role. This is supposed to happen as you get older.

Imagine that you are driving a car. If you think you are the car, it will be terrible when something happens to it. If you realize you are the driver, it is not so bad: you know you are not the car and you can just step out of it.

Go stand in front of the mirror and look at your reflection: see how your face is getting older. But behind your face, your eyes, is something that does not age and is timeless: your consciousness. Feel it. By identifying with your consciousness, and not with your aging body, you go along with the natural flow of aging. The connection with who your truly are, with the dimension of your soul deepens. This awareness makes you shine with wisdom and peace.

The blessings of old age

There is nothing wrong with an aging population. To start with, older people are on average happier people, so an aging population means that society as a whole will be more contented.

The proportional rise in the aging population also means an end to the disastrous population explosion which has caused the demise of so many animals and plant species. We are heading for a future with fewer people on Earth and therefore humanity and nature will be more in equilibrium.

As a result of the growing number of older people, it will be impossible to ignore and belittle them. Society will be forced to give elderly people their rightful place. And the elderly themselves will be challenged to enter that place. The absurd logic will be put to an end which makes people who, from a spiritual viewpoint, are at their most fertile age retreat from society. This means that older people will no longer hide, but allow their light to radiate.

Older people will bring wisdom, peace, and tranquility to society. Humankind has gone astray and is in dire need of connection with the timeless reality of the soul. A society, which takes seriously the natural blessings and gifts of old age, will be a society that focuses on harmony between human beings and harmony with mother Earth, instead of the pursuit of success and exploitation of our planet. It will also be a society in which there is less fear of death and of old age. Growing older will be perceived as a graceful process and as a gradual return to the source of Light we all come from.

© Gerrit Gielen

Translation by Maria Baes, Frank Tehan and Pamela Kribbe

1) Helliwell, J.F., Putnam, R.D.(2004) The Social Context of Well-Being. Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences. Vol. 359, No. 1449, pp. 1435-1446

2) Claude Lanzmann – The Patagonian Hare: A Memoir


art Zheng Yawen

Everything Must Go ~ Brian Ramsell @ Golden Age of Gaia

ART tigress by Anna ~Dittmann Illustration


ART : Tigress ~ Anna Dittmann Illustration


Everything Must Go

brian-rIt’s funny to think back to 9-10 years ago and remember how I conceptualized ‘awakening’ and ‘enlightenment’ then.

At that time, I see that I thought of it in terms of an escape from the mundane or even unpleasant reality I was living in.

My thought process was something like, “Once I’m enlightened, I’ll be living in bliss and all of this stuff will just go away or not matter any more.”

Actually, there’s probably some truth to that, though not in the way I perceived it back then.

The key difference is that I was thinking of it as an escape from myself, specifically my shadow, my trauma patterns, where now it’s obvious that, if anything, it’s an embracing, integration, and/or alchemical transmutation (which feels like another form of integration) of all those aspects that have historically been pushed away into the dark recesses of my psyche/body.

Fast-forward to now, 2015. I like to think I’ve come a long way since I started this conscious path toward awakening, but I still notice where I’m constantly realizing that nothing gets glossed over in this process.

The scariest of the scary must come up for examination. Yes, even that one, the one that’s the most painful, the most secret, the most avoided…No!…Oh yes!

Everything must go.

It’s been important for me to re-frame this process as a gift rather than as the endless torture session the ego, in all its victim-story-loving ways, prefers to see it as.

For me, these pieces of misqualified energy, shadow material, vasanas (traumatic reaction patterns), often get activated by something external.

I’m blessed to have some amazing friends in my life who are also my teachers, in the sense that they can be the perfect trigger at the perfect moment for whatever needs to come up for processing. What will today’s lesson(s) be?

I’ve noticed that it’s becoming a bit gentler. Of course it’s up to me as far as how gentle or rough it is. Resistance and/or kicking and screaming through the process makes it harder. Surrender and trust that it’s actually a loving process of purification tends to make it pass through with the most ease and grace possible.

The victim story is an especially stubborn one for me. Wow. That’s one story the ego sure doesn’t want to lose its grip on; it feeds on it.

It’s a very well-learned story and I think it’s one many of us are working through. This one I think I may be processing, at least in part, on behalf of the collective, because it feels so BIG.

The temptation to feel harmed or wronged by someone, to lash out, point the finger, and say “how dare you!” is so strong sometimes that it brings with it a visceral rush of adrenaline that I’m thinking must be addictive on some level.

Yet, as always, the victim game only perpetuates the pain cycle, sending that part of the illusion back out into the matrix, and back to ourselves.

Pointing at someone and calling them ‘wrong’ only makes that person feel now like they’ve been wronged. And so it goes, on and on….

Personally, I’m starting to feel done with the pain cycle. I feel almost beaten down by it. There’s little fight left in me because of how thoroughly I’ve played that game out. It doesn’t work. It never worked. There are no real winners in the victim/perpetrator game.

So what’s the alternative?  No surprise here… It’s love. It’s forgiveness. It’s choosing the ‘higher’ path, even when the temptation is there to go in for that adrenaline rush that comes from playing the blame game.

The habit of the victim story is so well-worn that I’m finding it takes some serious re-training to build new neural pathways so that the love-and-forgiveness approach becomes the new habit.

My sense – and recent channelings have pointed this out too – is that there’s more divine support for this process of victim-story release than ever before. We’re supported in all that is love, and all that is not love is dissolving; there’s no spiritual foundation for it.

When the triggers come up, I’m learning to love myself through them (thank you, Matt Kahn) (1), and to allow myself to receive the love and support that’s provided for me from all my spiritual friends/guides (or as I lovingly call them, my ‘peeps’).

It’s this love that allows the transmutation to occur. Everything that arises, no matter how seemingly unpleasant, is a gift we’ve called forth at a soul level to help heal us.

As we realize this and re-train ourselves past the old habit of feeling victimized by the unpleasantness that confronts us and into unconditionally loving what presents itself, the more ease and grace-filled the process will be.

For me, it feels like a deep surrender. This surrender feels like relief. As I acknowledge that I have no control over external situations, this allows me to soften and let go. I feel old, rigid structures within me beginning to dissolve. It’s so much easier to let go than to keep holding on to what doesn’t work for me!

My current mantra is, “It feels so good to let go.”

So, it seems the future is in the path of least resistance. The lesson is in learning to trust this, as I don’t feel many of us have been conditioned this way. But as I’ve experimented with letting go, it’s immediately shown its rewards to me (and they’ve been delicious beyond what I ever envisioned).

The bliss I imagined all those years ago is starting to appear in my experience; but not as something that just swoops down from the sky and rescues me from my shadow. Instead it is something I am creating, by un-creating, or letting go of, all the barriers I had built that had obscured it.


(1) “Matt Kahn: The Love Revolution,” March 24, 2014, at

ART tigress by Anna ~Dittmann Illustration

Imbuing the One Source of Light ~ Elohim Council of God ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

walking terra christa 28.1.

Imbuing the One Source of Light ~ Elohim Council of God

ascensionsmbr1ro2-1The Elohim Council of God was the guest speaker for the Abundance of Light~Creating Prosperity Together on January 17, 2015.

Greetings, My Dearest Ones,

It is our pleasure to be here with you in our group consciousness of the Elohim Councils of God.

We represent all the aspects Meleriessee has shared representing the Seven Rays of God. Today, let us think of those Essences coming together in the Oneness That We Are.

Allow the full composition of each of these beautiful Rays and of each of us to come forth in a group consistency. Call upon your I AM Presence, which is your group consistency, to be within you and assist you. The God
Source that you are comes fully within you.

The first element we desire is for you to breathe deeply into your Heart Center and to feel the beautiful essence that you are. Allow the higher essence of this 144th Dimension to assist you in the other areas that are feeling insecure, out of alignment and not flowing with the totality that you are. As we think of these beautiful Rays representing those essences within us, feel the colors of Blue, Pink, Golden Yellow, Crystalline, Green Golden White, Ruby Red Gold and then the Violet and Purple. Allow them to blend within you through your breath and through each of your Chakras. Allow them to become you.

In this moment, it is important that we connect with all of them, as if they come from the same element of creation, which they truly do. Yet separately we always try to understand them. Let us pretend today that you are fully and completely within your Oneness and allow these energies to assist each other. Our role today is to help you gain this understanding. Even though each of us separately has our gifts that we give onto each of you and onto the many planetary systems, together we are a force to behold just as you are a force to behold. Think of those elements within yourself in this moment.

We truly like to come in this manner, because when we do, there is no separation between us. There are no personalities of what we have been. There is only this beautiful completion of Light, of God’s Source that we are. Bring that onto yourself now.

Breathe the beautiful colors within you as they blend together. They blend within this beautiful Garden of Light. We stand before you as our group consciousness within all these colors. In this moment, we are not separate entities. We are one Source of Light. Just as you are that 0source of Light. Bring that into yourself and allow all other thoughts to dissipate. Feelings you have had about yourself in the past upon awakening, upon going to sleep, upon the frustrations that are occurring within you, bring them into that Oneness and become the flower of all the Seven Rays in the beautiful essence that you.

Breathe onto these energies. What will assist you is to find the definition of your existence, remembering your highest essence, your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart to fully come within the Physical Body to allow it to become that higher essence.

We stand before you to show you this essence that you. We mirror it unto you in this moment. Breathe deeply and feel the group consciousness that you are. You are all so very beautiful.

You are so powerful. You are full of love. You know how to create. You know how to balance yourself. You step into your own Truth. You feel the existence of your Purity and your Light. To have all of these elements in One place is your Freedom. Think of these words:


















{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Breathe and feel this Light that you are. Breathe and feel all that you have been. It molds you now. Allow the strength. Allow the doorways to open.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Breathe deeply.

Command all these essences that you are to fully be within your concrete mind to change your Subconscious into your Super-Conscious. Allow that to mold your Light every moment of every day.

We are the Elohim Councils of God, embracing you through the transition of seeing yourself as we do.

In love, in joy, in purity, compassion in the existence that we are. We walk with you.

So Mote It Be. The Light Is Ours Together.

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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The Divine Mother: Welcome to “New Time” ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

sam carlo 29.8. f

The Divine Mother: Welcome to “New Time”

archangel michaelThanks to Ellen N. for our transcript today.

An Hour with an Angel ~ January 22nd, 2015

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

I am pleased to announce with the InLight Universal Team that we have now moved to a new platform. The website for this platform is and this is where you will now find our shows – upcoming and archived.

This is an exciting continuation of our journey because, three years ago last December, we started InLight Radio back then with An Hour with an Angel. And so we are kicking off today, Thursday, with our new platform on the Hour with an Angel show, and it’s very exciting. So here we are, three years later, you two!

Steve Beckow: [Laughter]  I should have brought my little whistle!

Linda Dillon: [Laughter] Yoo-hoo!

GD: Yeah! And over the three-year period we’re collectively at about 500 shows, so it’s quite a body of work and a lot of really great effort from the whole team. This of course now includes Heavenly Blessings, An Hour with an Angel, Cosmic Vision News and the different shows and series that we’ve done right along.

So, a big pat on the back for the team here and for all you listeners who have been on this journey with us, and for those of you who are just coming aboard, welcome as we continue this new chapter. So with that, I’ll let you introduce our guest, Steve, and over to you!

SB: Thanks very much Graham, and congratulations to you and your team backstage who’ve been helping you bring this platform on line – a very nice job.

GD: I would be remiss to not thank Isaac, Linda’s sweetie, for all of his technical skills and support. It’s definitely a team effort to get us to where we are, so it’s very exciting.

SB: Very good. And Linda, I think you have a wee bit of a cold right now?

LD: Yes, I still have a bit of a cough. I’m healthy but I still have a bit of a cough and I’m sure lots of our listeners who have gotten this wonderful, delightful, cosmic flu this season can relate to what I’m saying.

But I also wanted to add in terms of the ‘congratulations’ that today we are speaking with the Divine Mother and for me, that is always a huge energy to hold, to channel, and I always begin at least about two hours ahead of time to work on anchoring that energy and doing the meditation, etc.

But today, everybody showed up with congratulations, starting with Gaia, Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, the whole crew is here saying “Well done!” So congratulations guys, you’ve done it!

SB: That’s great. Well, it’s really hard to conceive of the amount of energy it must take to channel the Divine Mother; it must be really extensive.

LD: But so worth it! [Laughter]

SB: You bet. Well, we’ll give you time to make your transition.

LD: Thank you.

SB: The Divine Mother is an aspect of God, Father/Mother/God; the Divine Mother is the active aspect of God; the Father is the passive or the inactive aspect, the transcendental void. And the Mother is everything phenomenal, everything material, everything that moves and has sound. And so with that, let me welcome the Divine Mother.

Divine Mother: And welcome to you. Yes, I am Mother, and I would be remiss if I did not say that I am Father. I am One. But it is my joy, it is my love, it is my essence, that I join with you in the unity of heart, in the unity of Love and the unity of All this day. And I welcome you. I welcome all of you, sweet Gaians, Nova Beings. I welcome you to this union and I welcome you to ‘New Time’.

Now what do I mean and what do I wish to implant, to activate, to share with my sweet beloveds this day? What do I mean by this? You, beloved angels, starseeds, hybrids, earth-keepers, wayshowers, pillars, gatekeepers, even those of you who claim you are the observers have great roles, mission, purpose and you have had this since the day you emanated from my heart.

Now let us be clear. You have emanated, you have been birthed from the heart, the essence of our being. When I suggest that, there is a feeling of departure, because of the human experience, and that most certainly has been a great deal of your understanding, your reference point, your belief system.

So I wish to begin this day by reminding you, beyond the definition, to re-frame your understanding, dear hearts, beloveds. You are still part of me. And you say, “Well, how can that be?” Beloved, I am All. You think of me as Mother, as energy, as universe, as One, but I am also All, and in that there is no conceivable way that you are not still an integral, connected, universal part of my being, as I am of yours. (1)

Now, I have said to thee many many times that I am with you, that you are my children, you are my beloveds, you are my family, but you carry me within thee. You carry my essence which you conceive of as the magnificent blue diamond, and the gold for the Father. That is not merely fantasy or symbolism. I am part of you as you are part of us: indivisible. We cannot and we do not separate.

So you have applied many concepts and ways of understanding this, and like a young adult or rebellious teenager, you have struck out to claim your own independence, your own freedom, your own path, your own way, which is delightful, necessary, desirable. But, sweet ones, that is simply you flexing your spiritual, psychic, mental, emotional and physical muscles. You are still, irreversibly, part of us.

And I would say that you are part of the family, but what happens when I say that is that you then create a separation the way you do. “Well, there is Mother, Father, there are children and siblings and cousins…” and I want you to begin to anchor and integrate this day [the notion] that our bond is closer than that. You are my lifeblood and I am your lifeblood. You are my heart and I am your heart.

So, when I say that my essence is Love, your essence is Love, everything else… the many ways you describe it are beautiful… the Divine Qualities, are Truth. But everything else that in any way hints at distance, at separation, at isolation, is not of Truth. It is a fabrication.

What is ‘New Time’? It is the time of fulfilment. It is the time of creation. It is the time of Love, your Love, each and every one of you upon this beloved Earth-Gaia.

And it is my Love.  It is the Father’s Love. It is the unification with the Angelic Realm, all of them, with their Love, with your Star friends and family, with the Galaxies, billions of miles away.

It is the joining, the acceptance, the anchoring, the integration… not that you can believe you are connected but that you are connected.

There has been much discussion in the past several years – and you have done a very good job with it, Steve – about what is unity, unitive consciousness? What is heart consciousness? It is all of us participating in that connection, beyond time, within time, outside of time and dimension. And it is accessing all energy, all potential, as freewill, as your freewill, as your choices come forth.

Many of you, more than ever, are simply one by one, thousands by thousands, flying through the Ascension portal; you are flying through and acknowledging and recognising that you are a part of everything that you have felt, that you have understanding or definition of.

Now this day, I am inviting you, I am asking you, I am begging you, let us go beyond that. You do not need to necessarily understand with your mental reference or your emotional reference, or any other part of your being. You do not need to necessarily be cognizant and understand, prior to accessing something, prior to accessing the fullness of this connected energy, what it is.

So often you have said, particularly to my beloved Michael, “Explain to us what this is?” and that has been an important part of your learning and your process. I am asking you to venture [out] even as you have begun this day, you have declared yourself ‘InLight Universal’ – I am pleased because what you are demonstrating is the power, the capacity, to translate the desire for creation, the dream, from something that you do not fully know or understand, into reality.

Now, is there a quantum leap that I am suggesting to thee, to go and explore even further, with your heart, with your mind, with your bi-located self, to access what has been unimaginable or not fully understood? Yes, I am. Now why? Why do I extend this invitation, ‘this carrot’ would be your expression? I extend it, my beloved children, because you are ready.

And you say to me, “Mother, how do I do this? How do I explore and conjoin with and in ways that I do not understand or know about?” You sit down, you balance, you anchor in your beloved Gaia, and you allow your heart, in tandem with your entire consciousness, to simply fly free.

You balance first, you pray. Form your ritual, and then with no agenda, simply allow the walls, your Seal of Solomon, (2) not to disintegrate and not be useful for you when you return, but for this interim to simply explore with me, to be in me, with me, as I am with you, (3) and to explore your heart, your dreams, but the pieces of your dreams that you do not even know as yet, that are part, sometimes complementary, sometimes key.

You are ready. The only barrier is you, dear heart, in your mental body rather than your heart, saying, “I don’t know how to do this.” That is the entire point: you don’t know. But the Wisdom, the Truth, the essence of your being does.

Why do I speak of this? Because you are creating, you are fulfilling, not merely my Plan and yours; you are creating Nova Earth, (4) and this does not occur without you being the Love and creating from the Love.

Now I know I have given you a great deal to think about. Dearest Steve, where do you wish to start?

SB: Well, I am very much torn, Divine Mother, and thank you for all that you have said which has been very helpful. I am torn between pursuing this paradox of being One and yet seemingly separate. There’s part of me that would like to pursue that, but then I also know that listeners would probably like me to pursue more about the timing of the full Ascension. And also, how you wish us to do to build Nova Earth, given that abundance has not arrived yet?

I think I’d like to start, if you don’t mind, with the last topic first because that is what we are actually doing day-by-day. We’re gearing up to build Nova Earth. We’re looking to see where we can start, what we can do, how we can get the program on the road and running. So, could you please direct your attention, if you wouldn’t mind, to how we go about starting to build Nova Earth in this time before abundance arrives?

DM: I am going to speak of this in several ways, and I am not going to frustrate you, or the readers and listeners, but let us begin. When I have said – and that is why I have begun in this way – that ‘you are me, us, and I am you’, and this knowing… the reason I am speaking is to activate in each of you who listen this night this deepest knowing that translates in every fiber and cell of your being.

We have spoken of ‘the final push of the Tsunami of Love’ – well, this is it! I am awakening every cell, every tendon, every muscle, every body within thee. I do not have, I do not contain lack. It does not exist.

So, therefore, abundance in your reference, not merely your spiritual abundance, which is glorious, but what you are thinking of as money, as financial assistance, there is no shortage of abundance on Gaia, or, might I suggest to you, in any other part of my creation, the omniverse.

Now your question is, “When do the final hasps (5) or systems that have controlled this equity, when do these false paradigms fall away?” Well, you have already begun to make them [fall away]. You have already begun your creation. Now, is it the starting point? Well, you may look at it that way, although the starting point was really much longer ago.

But, nevertheless, what you are seeing, what you are doing – and I speak to all of you – is that you are seeing, witnessing, experiencing, that you are creating out of nothing. You are creating out of the sheer energy and passion of Love. But what you are doing is you are translating that passion into doing, into what you think of as financial support, which is a mere trickle!

So your real question to me is, “Mother, when do I see the millions?” And I would be remiss, not just to you individually; collectively you are saying it: “Now! Now!” You are not waiting. The key is not waiting. You have the key opening up and waiting for the warehouse of Heaven to shower you with gold. Gabrielle has already been doing that. You are declaring it.

And when you are doing this, you are changing those wisps, those echoes of the old Third.

Not merely a handful [of you]. It is not sufficient for a handful of you to say “Now we create.”  I call upon all on Earth to claim their abundance, their fortunes, whatever amount… whatever resources. So don’t even think of just dollars. Call upon the resources that are within you and outside of you.

Now you are saying to me, “When will banks, nations, various foundations, trust funds catch up?” You are there. And you say, “Well, no, Mother, no, I am not there because I have not seen that money in my bank account.” Sit down. Balance. Anchor. And go and get it.

Often, Michael has said to you “It is on the table.”    You cannot know … and we are speaking about the disturbance, the distraction, the joyous gift of your mental body-mind. You are saying, “Well, I don’t know how to do this.”

The number of variables of what you would think are beyond number so you can’t know! (6)

There is a game being played and it is not a healthy or a joyful game. And I am observing it and you say, “Well, if this minister signs off, if this president signs off, if this bank does X, if the World Bank declares Y, then the money will flow.” No. What you are doing is you are thinking about all the variables of which there are too many for you to know.

Are we assisting you? More than you can imagine. But the key, please… Come with me into, not your unconscious, into the Universe, into my energy… not merely asking, not merely receiving. And will it all be immediate? No, because you are being taught how to do this. (7)

And those who are ascended are obviously having a much easier time. [Abundance?] is a carrot to make you fly through that Ascension portal. But come into the unknown. (8) Think of it as the void, think of it as a black hole, a white hole, however you can envision this. Come to my heart. Claim it! And then bring it back into your heart and your body.

Let us do this, not next week, not next month, but right now! That is what I have asked this day. So the ‘when’ which is the eternal question of the old paradigm – I tell you, you are in ‘New Time’ and the time is right now! Both practically, in your definition, and the eternal Now – they are congruent, dear heart.

SB: Well, Mother, I simply have to tell you that I’m having a lot of difficulty with what you are saying and let me give you an example. The Golden Age of Gaia. Its existence depends on its readers’ contributions, and we have done what has been asked of us: we have reached out to the readership and we’ve asked them to contribute.

We have a thermometer on our site and I’m sure you know what that looks like. It has a bulb and then a part that reaches upwards and we’re not even out of the bulb yet, and our existence depends on whether we can elicit reader subscriptions.

So we are heading into a future that looks as if we won’t be here because we simply cannot afford to go on any longer without support. So what you are saying is a supreme paradox to me. What have we left undone? as Moses said. What is there left to do?

DM: Let us speak of this. And now I speak to every being, current readers, current hosts, current writers, current channels, all the workers, but mostly I speak to the readers.

Why do you not come into your heart, into this unknown with me, and believe, with Love, because that is all there is?

Why do you not choose, firstly to access the Love, and to translate your connectedness, your connection to this community, into not merely interest or inspiration or distant future, but to see its value, to see that you are of value, so that you would support this?

The answer is: you are in the isolation-separation. You are thinking, “Well, I don’t know if I will have enough money to contribute every month.” Or “Somebody else will take care of this.” And, dear hearts, I speak of connectedness to All.

We support this platform with our spiritual currency, with the messages, with the volunteerism, with the hearts and minds of those who populate it. So what are you doing that you do not trust us adequately to believe that you can access? You see, you are not accessing and, therefore, you are stuck in what you think of as lack – limitation – poverty.

Even when you have a very healthy pay check, but especially when you don’t! Why are you not connecting every single moment of every day for the flow? The creation of Nova Earth, which is what I bring in offering this day, does not begin merely by you being given millions of dollars and now saying, “I will build a crystal geodesic dome.”

It begins with your hearts saying, “We are laying the foundation. I am demonstrating, I am showing that I can access and translate into physical form a community that I am part of, that I love, that I support.”

And it is not merely to focus on us, on your Star brothers and sisters and the Archangels. It is to focus on each other. If the love is not present, if the commitment, the demonstration of that commitment is not present in physicality, then how is it Nova Earth? How are you Nova Beings? How does that reflect the anchoring of heart consciousness?

If you create –because it is a creation – a mindset that you are not in abundance, that you are in need and lack and that your needs will not be met, then that is exactly what you are creating. If you come and explore and access and anchor, whether it is one dollar, or one million, or one billion, if you anchor this in ways that you may not understand, then you are anchoring [Abundance] into physical form.

Now, let us be very practical. Why does the Warehouse of Heaven and all the institutions that have controlled you, why do they open up their doors when you do not believe that you will receive? You are storming the Bastille, my friends! You are storming it, not with pitchforks and torches. The torch you carry is the torch of St. Germaine. The torch you carry is your Light.

So when you say, dearest Steve, ‘we will cease to exist’, what you are really saying – and this has need to be clear – there is a subtle belief in here… if this platform, Michael’s platform!.. if it is not sustainable, then the human belief that creeps in thinking, “Well, not only is it not sustainable, we can’t do this. We cannot continue this.” But underneath that there is a belief, “Well, we must be doing something wrong. There must be another direction that the Mother wishes us to explore. So we will collapse this, which has been substantial creation, and we will begin again.”

Please! For you to collapse this – and you would begin again, perhaps more fragmented – has been the pattern of the lightworkers/loveholders for thousands, for millions, of years. The key to this abundance, what we call equality, is Love. If you cannot support your community, whether it is the Golden Age of Gaia or the person down the street, or the person who is homeless… if you cannot share your heart, your coins, then you are not on your path of Ascension.

You have strayed. You have detoured and I beg you, “Come back to your heart, to the Love, to Me, and let us re-direct.” Because there is no room. The old is gone, so you have nowhere to anchor, my beloveds, except in the New. So if you are saying ‘you cannot do this’, then you will disappear. You will come Home. I cannot be more clear than that. And I am not inviting you Home. I am inviting you to the most exciting adventure of your life, of many lives.

The key to Love is sharing, and if you are not sharing, if you are not in that balance of give and receive, then where are you? When you were a child and given a cookie, a candy, you were taught to share. It is the fundamental spiritual lesson and survival technique of being upon Gaia, and that is what went awry.

So we have erased the old 3rd and many of you are free-floating. How do you anchor? Come to the Love and share. Come, explore the unknown – it’s waiting.

SB: Thank you Mother. I am having a moment of gallows humour here when I think of all the things that we have done as a team; I mean, we have done everything but do a rain-dance. But we will look and see what it is that we, personally, may be doing wrong. (9)

But maybe we could turn to plans around building Nova Earth. In the time until the ‘golden rivers’ that St. Germaine talked about some time ago begin to flow, what is your will for us in terms of taking – besides what you’ve just said of course – concrete action to build Nova Earth out there in society? Now, I know you have just said ‘share’ and I acknowledge that. Is there anything else you want to say?

DM: When you are building, whether it is a space station or a home, you draw up your plans. You draft your plans. You begin to look at how you will decorate your house. What colours, what rays are you working with? Who will be your associates?

Start all the plans. And you have done that. Many of you have done that. And yes, dear Steve, we are going to ‘invite you’, shall we say, to go on the road again.

SB: You will have to come up with the wherewithal! [Laughter]

DM: Yes, you will have the funds!

SB: Thank you! [Laughter]

DM: You will have this money. But let us say this. This is important – and I address all lightworkers. We have invited and asked you to dream, and you have many remarkable creations that you… not want to bring forth, that you are bringing forth.

And what you are doing… there are some wisps here of the old 3rd, of control, because you think, “This is my project.” It may be your inspiration, and there are, guaranteed, many, a multitude, of beings upon the planet who, give or take a little, have been given the same inspiration. (10)

So the first thing you [need to] do [is] not relinquish leadership but relinquish control. It is not your project. It is a collective project. Who are you sharing with? Who is contributing?

What you have brought forth today in this new platform would never come to be if it was not for the joining together and the sharing of ideas and dreams and capacities, talents. (11)

So the ‘sharing’ and the letting go of this, what I see as control… because how, how are you in partnership, in complete union with me, if you are in control? This is not possible.

Are you the instrument? Are you in leadership? Are you in co-creation? Yes. Are you ready to get into action tomorrow if your funding is there? Have you dotted the i’s, crossed the t’s, shared your heart and built your community? That is what I want you to do right now!

You are being given these projects, these undertakings, to demonstrate, to learn, to fine-tune how you are creating.

Also, do not forget the Cities of Light are already in existence. Will you add to them? Yes. But really, dear heart, your journey is with us exploring and anchoring. You do not need to re-create what is already there.

Will you add, embellish, glorify? Yes. But the interdimensional reality… that is what you are pulling down. That is why I am saying ‘it is not mental’; it is a spiritual journey that will manifest, and does, in the physical.

Many of you say to me, “Mother, I do not feel grounded.” I say to you, “Why are you not anchored in beloved Gaia?” Many of you say, “I feel as if days come and go and I am in outer space.” And I say, “That is perfect for you are with me. You are anchoring with me and then you are bringing it back into your bodies.”

That is the Ascension. Many of you are having the experience of being completely out of body, looking down at the shell of who you are, then coming back with completely new paradigm.

My question and your answer, dearest Steve, is, “Have you done everything? – and I do not mean you personally – “Have each of you done everything? Is the table set? Is the menu prepared? Are the guests invited?” Most of you have set the table. You have invited your Masters and guides. You have invited Me. Have you invited your fellow Gaians?

SB: That’s a very interesting question Mother, and undoubtedly, we have not done all the preparation, so thank you very much for that.

First of all, I would like to issue you an invitation to come to a special program at some point in which we discuss what you began the show discussing, and that’s this paradox that, as Jesus put it, ‘I am in the Father and the Father is in me, but the Father is greater than I.’ I would like to spend more time discussing that with you. I need to ask you now if you have any final comments that you’d like to make before we wrap up the show?

DM: My Plan in the ‘New Time’ is for you to know the unknowable. This is my invitation and I would be happy to return. Create your community and share. I ask of you… you share your hearts with Me every day; now share it with each other, beloveds. Claim your abundance. It is yours.

Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Farewell.


(1) I am in the Father and the Father is in me.

(2) To the best of my knowledge the “seal of Solomon” is the six-pointed star or hexagon shape, reminiscent of the merkabah or light body.

(3) See footnote 1.

(4) It’s statements like these from the Divine Mother and the celestials which I point to as our invitation to join with the invisible members of the Company of Heaven to build Nova Earth.

(5) A hasp is a slotted hinged metal plate that forms part of a fastening for a door or lid and is fitted over a metal loop and secured by a pin or padlock.

(6) We think that things like the Reval should just happen and wonder why it did not when a date passes. But the number of variables at play, the Divine Mother is saying, are beyond our imagining.

(7) The Mother tells us that we will have a hand in the creation of the flow of abundance.

(8) Abundance is an inducement to have us fly into the void, something the ego would have us demur from doing. After all, it looks to the ego like its own destruction.

(9) Here I repeat exactly the pattern the Mother pointed to a few minutes before. Sigh….

(10) At last, confirmation that the same inspiration for some innovation is given simultaneously to many people. Is that not the explanation for how the bow and arrow, say, appears on many continents?

(11) The Mother’s words here are answering questions in my mind. Not saying they were meant for me, but they are very relevant and helpful.

sam carlo 29.8. f

The Holographic Book of Reality ~ My Theta Experience by Suzanne Spooner @ TAUK

The Holographic Book of Reality ~ My Theta Experience by Suzanne Spooner

TAUK Messages


Hi Everyone,

I had a very unexpected experience as I was waking up this morning and wanted to share it with you to see if you have had similar experiences and to share the way we tap into the magical theta state. 

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“Manifesting With Highest Intent” – Archangel Zadkiel ~ Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

love image art via the mystic rose group

“Manifesting With Highest Intent”

February 2015

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. Today, we would like to discuss manifesting with highest intent.

You are living in a sea of unmanifested light particles of energy. This unmanifested potential spans across many dimensions from the third dimension to the multi-dimensions. One dimension blends into the next, and the energy resides at the level of compatible frequency.

Although you are currently in a manifested form, you are at one with the unmanifested energy. It is as if you are swimming in an energetic ocean of unmanifested potential. When you focus on this aspect, you realize that there is no separation between you and all of creation. Therefore, you know that you have a great influence on the creations that are manifested from this energetic potential.

Because you are now living in a multi-dimensional existence, your creations affect more than one dimension at a time. They may take one form in the third dimension and have a much more subtle, yet powerful, effect in the higher dimensions.

Your thoughts and intentions play a great role in determining and directing the unmanifested energy. When you have a thought, it is as if you are sending out a beacon of direction to the particles around you. Your thoughts and intentions are a blueprint for the particles of energy to form into your intended pattern of creation. They carry an electromagnetic energy that draws the energetic particles into the intended pattern.

Just as a potter has a vision and molds clay into a piece of pottery, your thoughts mold the energy around you into an energetic creation that can take shape in the multi-dimensions. The creation first begins with a vision and an intention for a creation, and then the Universal forces align to assist in manifesting the vision.

If you send out a thought of love and kindness to those around you, you will project a high vibration that will likely feel very comfortable to those with whom you are in contact. It provides a safe and reassuring environment for them. As this energetic thought of love travels to the higher dimensions, it takes on a finer quality of frequency and vibration. Because it is a higher vibration, it is very compatible with the higher dimensions and will pass easily through the dimensions. It then has the potential to add to the positive vibrations of other dimensions.

When you add the intention that your creation be for the highest good of all, the frequency increases. You are inviting the Beings of Light to assist you. Without your request, they are not permitted to intervene.

There are two benefits to asking for highest good. First, there is less likelihood that your creation will be a function of the human ego. Second, the Beings of Light can view a situation from a much higher perspective than that of the third dimension. They can see how a slight modification to your creation will elevate it to a higher frequency and provide a greater benefit for all.

Manifestation occurs very rapidly at the higher dimensions. A prolonged or intense thought or emotion can manifest at a much faster speed at those levels than on the third dimension. Therefore, monitoring your thoughts and emotions can be very helpful in manifesting the outcomes that you desire. This allows you to eliminate any patterns that may hinder the highest outcome.

You may wish to conduct a regular clearing of your energy field through using techniques such as forgiveness, the Violet Flame, or sound. This prepares you for optimal manifestation in much the same way as a gardener prepares the soil before planting a garden. You will then have a clearer energy field for your creation.

This prepares the stage for setting a clear intent. A clear intent is congruent on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. All of the parts of the intention are in harmony. This eliminates thinking on the mental level that this is what you should manifest but feeling on the emotional level that you don’t really want to do this. When all levels are working together, a clear flow of energy emerges.

When the desire for highest good is combined with clear intent, all of the vibrations are harmonious, and the energy flows across the dimensions. This allows you to manifest with highest intent.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are keeping your energy clear and that you are setting clear visions to manifest with highest intent.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, …and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:


love image art via the mystic rose group

If we create our own reality, then why do we get old? ~ Gerrit Gielen @ Aurelia


lady venus art by sheranda ann kumara at

 ART : Lady Venus ~ by Sheranda Ann Kumara

@ Angel Matrix Art – Mount Shasta Studio

(See Artist’s Link below)


If we create our own reality, then why do we get old?

by Gerrit Gielen

  Within spiritual circles, the power of positive thinking appears to be undisputed, almost sacrosanct, and we are even told that we create our own reality. Authors who write about this subject promise us the most miraculous results. We are told that by thinking the right thoughts, and by repeating affirmations often enough, we can create whatever we want in our future and even transform negative, traumatic events in our past into positive ones. Having de-created the trauma means that we can continue our life as if the negative event had never happened.Nonetheless, there are a lot of people who try very hard to use positive thinking as a way to create a better life for themselves, but who experience no improvement: no cure of the lingering illness, no wealth, not the life partner they so long for. Are these people doing something wrong? And if positive thoughts affect our reality, would not negative thoughts have the same effect? We often have fearful thoughts and concerns. Think of the worries and anxiety that most parents have about their children. Will they arrive home safely, will they stay away from drugs? Despite those fears, all usually goes well. How often do we have panicky thoughts about some slight ailment we have, fearing that there is something seriously wrong with our health? As a rule, our negative thoughts fed by fear do not turn into reality – lucky for us!

Have our thoughts then no influence on the reality around us? Are we not the creators of our own reality? Is the universe not concerned with our positive and negative thoughts at all, and does it just go its own indifferent way? No, I do not think so. But the relationship between our thoughts and reality is a lot more subtle than what is proposed in many theories about creating one’s own reality. I am going to argue that a proper understanding of this relationship needs to acknowledge the role of our soul in the creation process, and to address the question of how we can support the creation process by connecting with our soul.

Who is the creator of our lives?

To gain insight in the relationship between thought and reality we first need to understand what creation is. Creation is a force that has its origin on the level of utter unity: the All – the primal Source – the mystery we call God. From that Source emerges not creation, but creators, beings of a very high order who one might call Archangels. They are very grand cosmic beings, each representing one aspect of the original Source. Although an Archangel is a magnificent and vast being, it is not everything; it does not comprise all of creation, as there are many Archangels. Therefore, as with all individual beings, they perceive a difference between their inner world (their way of experiencing life) and the outer world (the rest of creation). That inner world is unique, and therefore with the creation of Archangels, individuality comes into being. The experience of an infinite outer world, opposite a unique inner world, creates a sense of individuality.

The distinction between inner and outer reality also implies the concepts of space and time. As soon as you experience something as being outside yourself, it means there is space outside you. And from the viewpoint of beings outside you, you occupy a place in the same space; you share that space, so in that way, space becomes objective. The very notion of space implies that there are different beings with their own subjective way of experiencing the outer world. If there was only unity, only oneness, the notion of space would lose its meaning; there would be no inside and outside. Next, once you have several individual beings within a shared space, there will be interaction and communication between them. This introduces the notion of time. Communication affects the inner reality of the individual beings; they change because of it, and change involves the notion of time. Thus, when you have interacting, aware beings, you also have time – a sense of shared time.

With the creation of Archangels, the infinite Source created individuality, the distinction between inner and outer reality, space, time, and the possibility of interaction and communication. With this one step, the basics of creation was laid out. Archangels in their turn create many new beings, new creators who carry part of the Archangel’s essence within themselves, but who also add something unique of their own – every act of creation involves something new. And so it goes on endlessly. The newborn creators will also create new creators. There are always new levels of creators, which bring forth new dimensions of time and space. At one of these levels, the human being arises. All that we as human beings create is ultimately part of the greater process of Source creating a wide diversity of creators who all eventually originate from the same place of Oneness.

One of the basic rules of this process is that, as a creator, you can create everything you want as long as it is in harmony with the higher source who created you. For Archangels, their higher Source is God, for us, it is our soul. The soul is the creator of our human personality, and we as a human being reflect one aspect of our soul similar to how an Archangel represents one aspect of God. The two most important factors that determine our human reality are: 1. our soul and its intentions for us, and 2. our willingness or unwillingness to work together in harmony with our soul, the source who created us. Our soul has a life plan for us that may contain goals that differ from our ideas about what is desirable in our lives. The basic creative force in our lives is our soul and not our human thoughts. We can work with the creative force of our souls, or we can work against it. Positive thinking aimed at wishes and desires that do not comply with our soul’s plan is not effective. But positive thoughts that are aligned with our soul’s intentions, support the creation process and add a sense of grace and ease to it.

Our thoughts do make a lot of difference, and we still have a lot of freedom, even though the soul is the basic creative force in our lives. The soul’s plan provides an outline, a playground, and we fill in the details. The soul’s plan allows for a lot of leeway, because we are meant to be creators ourselves, adding something new to the soul’s reality. Still, the soul endows every lifetime with a guiding vision, a general purpose, and by using our creativity to serve that vision and purpose, we acquire the most happiness and fulfillment.

Creating out of synch with the soul

Imagine a gorgeous angel hovering over you, radiating joy and quiet wisdom. This angel loves you unconditionally and never condemns or rejects you, whatever you do. Consider your soul to be that angel. As long as you are close to the angel and feel its presence, everything is well with you and you feel safe and cared for. You feel that there is something higher and love-filled that supports you on our life’s journey – you are able to experience joy and contentment even if things do not go smoothly.

If you do not follow the way of your soul, go against your deeper feelings, and try to control life too much, you lose touch with your soul’s wisdom and you start to feel empty inside. As with most of us, you may become carried away by earthly concerns and focus your attention on matters that you think are very important, but that essentially do not contribute to your inner growth: recognition, possessions, success, money, etcetera. Thus, the angel and you follow a different path and you start to feel unhappy and lonely.

You try to solve this dilemma by working harder, by gathering even more success, money, or power, because the society in which you were raised has taught you that these things are very important. Or you try to solve your loneliness by searching for the ideal partner. You are looking for your inner angel in the outside world. That will fail, because another person can never fulfill the role of your inner angel; the result will always be disappointing. Rather than restoring the connection with your soul, you end up feeling even more alienated from it.

Often, at this point a crisis will occur that challenges you to wake up and realign with your soul: perhaps illness or other adversities such as a divorce or losing your job. It is vital that you now turn inward and actively seek to restore the connection with the angel. If you want to create a new and more fulfilling life, positive thinking alone will not help you. If your positive thoughts aim to only remove the setbacks so you can return to the life you were used to, they will fail, because they go against the soul’s intentions. And if the positive thoughts or mantras are aimed at merely eliminating the disease or misfortune, they will be a way of denying or suppressing the inner darkness that needs to be dealt with up front. Only by facing your deepest feelings and fears, and restoring the conscious connection with your soul, will a true solution arise. Your soul will create that solution for you, if you are willing to face your inner darkness and listen to what your heart truly tells you.

You may wonder why we have desires that go against our soul’s plan, or why the soul has intentions that go against our plans. The reason why this gap exists is that our soul’s primary purpose is inner growth, while we often seek external solutions to our problems. From the soul’s perspective, negative experiences are often there to guide us toward inner growth and liberation, but we generally want to avoid those experiences. We want to rid ourselves of emotional or physical pain, and it is a real challenge to open up to the possibility that this pain has meaning and leads us into deeper self-understanding. Only if we recognize the wisdom of our soul, which often surpasses our human understanding, do our thoughts really gain creative power. Only positive thinking that acknowledges the value and meaning of “negative experiences” is aligned with the divine force that creates the universe.

How to recognize your soul’s intentions

I have argued that if we want to change our reality through positive thinking, it is of great importance that we do this in harmony with our soul. If positive thinking is not focused on improving the connection with the soul, and is at odds with the soul’s primary purpose, then the result, whatever it may be, will not bring us lasting happiness. But you may now ask: how do we work together with our soul? How do we know whether our wishes and desires are in alignment with our soul’s vision and purpose?

1. Keep it fun and playful

Working together with your soul gives you a sense of joy and inspiration – it is not burdensome. The soul speaks to you through feelings of joy, inspiration, and encouragement. So if you are in the process of repeating affirmations, and you experience this as a heavy and difficult task, you are not in harmony with your soul. For example, suppose you desire a new house. You allow yourself to fantasize about it in a playful way. Like a child, you envisage where it is located, how you will furnish and decorate it, and how the garden looks. You imagine what it will be like to receive your friends and family there, and how you will enjoy and appreciate your new house. If this reverie gives you a wonderful feeling, it means you are on the right track: you are creating in alignment with your soul. Allow your imagination to roam freely. Do not limit yourself by negative thoughts such as “This is not realistic, this is not possible for me”; immerse yourself in your fantasy as long it feels light and playful to do this. The joyful feeling is a sign from your soul that your fantasy is consistent with your soul’s plan.

In other words, if you think positively in the right way, then positive thinking is a reward in itself: it is an experience you enjoy and one that makes you feel better. As long as you are in this flow of happy anticipation and inspiration, you are connected with your soul. If you notice that it does not feel good, or that you need to work hard at it, this is a sign that your imagination is not in harmony with your soul. In fact, when you start to crave for things that are not in alignment with your soul’s purpose, there will be a forced and controlling aspect to your positive thinking; the joy and playfulness will be absent.

2. Distinguish between love and fear

To know whether your thoughts are aligned with your soul’s purpose, you can also ask: “Is my positive thinking based on fear or on love?”

Suppose someone has money worries. Hundreds of times a day, he solemnly repeats the affirmation “I will be rich and prosperous”, focusing on images of wealth and abundance. However, if that thought originates from fear of lack, it will not help. Positive thoughts help only if they spring from love, which you recognise by the joy and lightness which accompanies these thoughts. Affirmations that have true creative power go together with a quiet knowing that all will be well, whereas fearful thoughts are accompanied by a sense of despair or anger. Thoughts that are based on fear, even though they sound very positive, usually do not help. They are not in harmony with the soul, which you can know by the strained emotions underneath them.

Only when the person with money worries becomes aware of their fear of lack can they formulate thoughts based on love. They first need to take an honest look at the essence of their fear. Perhaps there is a part of them that does not feel entitled to receive abundance, or perhaps there is a part that does not like life on Earth, unconsciously cutting them off from material means. Their angel does not judge any of this, and as this person connects with their soul, they will feel inclined to send loving and comforting thoughts to the fearful part. They will begin to transform on the inner level, and once the inner darkness is faced and resolved, things will change on the outer level. Even if there may not be more money at once, life becomes lighter and easier, because this person is growing on the inner level and feels more appreciative of themselves. Their appearance becomes brighter and more cheerful. New opportunities are attracted by this positive attitude, and the inner abundance will in time be reflected by outer abundance.

If you have wishes and desires, it is wise to check carefully whether they originate from love or from fear. If it is fear, go inward and face the frightened part in yourself. Face it with kindness and honesty. Ask yourself: “What does this part of me really need at this time?” If you do that, you will often find that the answer refers to something internal, rather than something external: what is needed are qualities such as self-esteem, trust, the ability to set boundaries, compassion, or a sense of humor. You are often able to give yourself what you need by developing these qualities in your everyday life. In this way, you will heal the fearful part of you and your wishes and desires may change because of that. They will be based on love and genuine self understanding rather than fear. Healing inner darkness is a deeply creative feat. Facing fear and surrounding it with the energy of love is more powerful than any affirmation you can think of! The result is that you become closely connected with your soul. Your soul light begins to shine through you and it is this light that is creative. It will create an outer reality (work, relationships) that provides inner growth, joy, and happiness.


The title of this article is: If we create our own reality, then why do we become old? From a human perspective, to be old is undesirable; at least this is how it is often portrayed in the media and in advertisements. A lot of time and money are spent on the ideal of staying and looking young. You can apply positive thinking and affirmations as much as you want here, but you will still grow old. Your thoughts are powerless against the natural aging process. But now look at this issue from the perspective of the soul. Is the soul interested in keeping us young? From the soul’s perspective, we are timeless, only our bodies are aging. To connect with your soul’s viewpoint, look in the mirror: see how your face is getting older, while sensing at the same time that there is something inside you, behind your eyes, that does not change. This is who you really are. While you, the human being, would perhaps want to stay forever in this body, your soul does not. The soul knows that there are infinitely more worlds and dimensions to be experienced and explored. The soul looks beyond what our human eyes can see and knows: the universe is waiting for us.

© Gerrit Gielen

Translation by Maria Baes, Frank Tehan and Pamela Kribbe




lady venus art by sheranda ann kumara at





The Game of Life — Beta Through Delta Brainwaves @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Game of Life — Beta Through Delta Brainwaves


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The Game of Life

Your earth vessel is an energy field that resonates to the frequency of your environment. YOU are the consciousness that resonates to and enlivens the earth vessel that YOU are wearing. Your earth vessel allows you to login to the video game of “3D Earth.”

Your avatar self plays this 3D video game, but YOU are the consciousness that has decided to attach to an earth vessel so that you can play the “3D Earth Game.” However, you have heard that this 3D Earth Game is being upgraded to a new level called “Multidimensional Earth Game.”

In this video game you need to successfully complete one level of the game before you can proceed into a higher level. You have heard that the Multidimensional Earth Game is much more enjoyable.

Hence, you are very excited to finish up the final levels of the 3D Earth Game and move on the next level of the game of life.

You read the add for the next level which says, “The Multidimensional Earth Game is a game of perception and consciousness in which your consciousness directs your perceptions. Then, your perceptions set that state of consciousness to hold you within that level of the game.

“What is occurring in your life greatly affects what happens in the game. For example, if you are among loving friends and family, see loving faces, hear enjoyable conversations, and feel love and unity, your consciousness expands into alpha wave consciousness.

“With alpha wave consciousness you can log into the fun, creative level of the game.

“Progressively, if you are with a group of like-minded, spiritual friends with whom you have a deep, unified meditation or other creative activity, your consciousness can expand into theta wave consciousness.

“Theta consciousness places you in the advanced portion of the game in which you get to experience traveling into higher dimensional worlds and realties. This part of the game is very special.

Warning, if you are at a job, or other place that you do not enjoy, and see angry, stressed people, hear complaints and orders and feel anxious and unsupported, your consciousness drops back to the beta wave consciousness of your old “3D Game.”

After having the fun and creative adventures of the alpha level and the inter-dimensional travels of the theta level, the old-fashioned beta version is NO fun at all. In fact, it feels quite depressing.

Now you are angry about being limited to the beta level. You had a long, hard day and want to have some fun in the alpha level or take an inter-dimensional journey in the theta level. In fact, you get so angry about the whole thing that you through the “Game” across the room.

As it crashes onto the wall, a small piece of paper falls out of the box. You have never seen this piece of paper so you walk over to pick it up to see what it says. What you read is:

“When your attention is focused on something that you love and share it with another, you can move beyond the 3D Earth game and into the level of the Multidimensional Earth Game.”

“Well,” you say in an angry voice, “That is fine for you to write, but maybe you did not have such a bad day as I did!”

However, you really want to play this game, so you call your best friend and talk about your day, the new game you are playing and the weird instructions you found when you threw the game’s plastic box against the wall.

After a fun conversation with lots of laugher and camaraderie, you feel pretty good and decide to log into the game – just for a second. To your surprise you see a message that says,

“Because of your higher state of consciousness you can log into the first level of the Multidimensional Earth Game.”

“Oh what the heck,” you think as you login into the next level, trying to ignore the question of why the game knows more about your consciousness than you do.

You are very happy to play this part of the game as it is much more fun that the previous ones. Moreover, you easily move into the next level.

Once again, a sign comes up on the Game saying,

“To enter the next level you must focus on this meditation for at least 15 minutes.”

You are so enthralled by the fact that somehow this game knows more about you than you do you actually focus on the soft loving words, the lovely pictures of nature and a tone of sound that is completely unfamiliar, but seems to go straight into your heart.

It all feels so good that it is almost as if you leave time. Then, suddenly you awake to find that an hour has passed in what appeared to be a few minutes. You see that the screen now displays the next, and final step of what is obviously the Multidimensional Earth Game.

You happily focus on this portion of the Game, but are surprised to find that you suddenly wake up. It is the next morning and you are late to work. For some reason, the thought of going to that job that you hate is overwhelming.

You still have some “sick days” left, so you decide to call in sick. After making that call, you return to your computer to see the next message,

“Congratulations, you have successfully completed this portion of the Game. Now you can use your day off to get a new job.”

“OK,” you say to your self. “Now this is getting just too weird for me,” as you try to click off the computer. But you try and try again to turn off the computer to no avail.

“This is far too crazy. I must be dreaming,” you say as you pinch your arm to wake up. Suddenly you hear what sounds like a loud yawn behind you. You turn to see yourself stretching your arms wide as you stand up, look at the clock and say,

“Oh NO, I have to hurry. I start my new job today!”


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Nanice Ellis: Spiritual Awakening in the “Real World” @ Golden Age of Gaia

Meditation of the water, sky and land by cathy mcclelland

ART : Meditation of The Water, Sky and Land ~ Cathy McClelland


naniceImgSpontaneous Spiritual Awakening is not the norm. I’m not saying that it never happens, but it is infrequent and unpredictable. If you wait for that magic moment, you may wait forever.

But what if you had the power to quicken your own awakening? There are, of course, many paths to spiritual awakening, and the process is unique for each one of us, but there is one thing that you could easily practice that would exponentially hasten your path to awakening.

I personally spent many decades seeking spiritual awakening. I tried every technique and teacher I could find. There were several times that I believed I had awoken but the “experience” wore off and I was back where I started. Years later on my journey, I would realize that I mistook many mystical experiences for that of true awakening. If I had known then what I know now, I probably could have saved myself many, many years of seeking…

What I now understand is that spiritual awakening is accessible to everyone, and you don’t need to travel to a special part of the world, or do any bizarre yogi tricks in order to awaken. You don’t even need to meditate. Right now, you have the innate ability to wake up.

Many years ago, I visited Zions National Park in Southern Utah; in the middle of a pitch black night, I sat alone on the edge of one of Zions’ famous towering cliffs. It was a difficult time in my life and the challenges desperately made me want to wake up – in order to release the pain. As I sat there, I yelled out into the dark canyon, “I want to wake up!” I heard a voice call back, “Jump,” it said. I slowly crawled away from the edge. Happily, I did not listen to the voice, but the message never left me. “Jump,” it said, but what did it mean?

Don’t Let the “Real” in Reality Fool You

Who you really are is awake so if you were to peel away all the layers, you would suddenly find yourself to be completely present, free and awake. These layers include the roles we play in life and everything in which we attach our identities, but these layers are illusions, and not who we really are.

The world we live in appears so real, but don’t let the real in reality fool you – there is nothing real about reality. Everything, including you and me, is energy – moving, vibrating, living energy. This infinite and conscious energy is malleable and limitless, but anything that is made of energy is still just energy and energy is not tangible. It is all smoke and mirrors because energy can only create illusion.

What gives the illusion power is belief – your belief. When you believe that something is real, for all intents and purposes it appears real, and reacts real.

Every time you give your attention to illusion, it takes on your consciousness and it interacts with you in a very real manner. This is how life operates and it is also what keeps you immersed in the dream – keeping you asleep. Illusion can only control you if you believe that it is real. In order to wake up, you simply must let go of the illusion.

Letting go is the one practice that has the power to exponentially quicken your path to awakening.

On the spiritual journey to awakening, many of us have been taught to let go of attachments, roles and identities, but unless you are a monk or someone who does not live in the “real world” it is virtually impossible to let go in this way. For me, as much as I desired awakening, I wasn’t going to leave my young kids in order to attain it, or move them to a remote area where they couldn’t grow up with the comforts of home.

The thing is, you do not need to change anything in your life in order to awaken. The only thing that you must release is the attachment to your thoughts. You let go of attachment to thoughts, when you no longer believe every thought that you have.

Who says you must believe all your thoughts?

For years, I had a practice of discerning the good thoughts from the negative thoughts and that was very effective in helping me to reclaim power in my life, but in order to awaken, the secret was not to believe any thoughts. At first, I wondered how I could live my life without believing any of my thoughts, but after a little while, an interesting and unexpected thing occurred.

My thoughts were no longer running me or controlling my life. Something Else – something deeper or greater than me, and my thoughts, kicked in. It was as if I had found a magic switch that allowed me access to a world beyond thoughts; a world where all action was inspired and effortless and everything just flowed.

If your goal is to live a happy and satisfying life, it is important to let go of the negative thoughts and turn your focus to thoughts that support the life you desire, but if you want to fully wake up, it is essential to release attachment to all thoughts. Full Spiritual Awakening requires that you let go of the good as well as the bad. The awakened state is a state of constant letting go – of everything.

Without believing your thoughts about your relationships and your experiences, you are present in this moment with the purity of connecting to life in the fullness of every experience. In other words, you are awake.

I realize that letting go of thoughts can be challenging because thoughts can be relentless, but no thought is true. It only becomes true when you believe it to be so. Letting go is not a one-time thing. It is a practice that you partake until you reach a state of wakefulness. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Tuning Up to Awakening

The typical thought system of mankind is limited in perception because it is tuned into a dense frequency of the current state of humanity. Therefore what you perceive and think about is limited to that frequency. This is why so many of us are living in fear and stress. In other words, every time you believe thoughts of limitation, which are most thoughts, you are tuning yourself further into dense reality – where the pressure of that density causes us to stay asleep.

Because this is not your natural state of being, when you let go of the limited human mind by letting go of thoughts, your frequency rises and you organically tap into universal mind that is omniscient and omnipotent.

Because universal mind has the answers to all problems, what once caused fear and stress can now be resolved. Letting go allows you to rise up, much like letting go of a helium balloon – without effort you peacefully arise. You naturally awaken.

What are You Letting Go “To”?

One of the reasons that it is often so challenging to let go, is because we don’t consider what we are letting go “to.” If you do not know what you are letting go “to,” it can be quite scary. This is where your own spiritual beliefs come in. Do you believe in something greater than the human you? That is what you are letting go to – be that Source, Universe, The Divine, Big G…. You are letting go to your all-knowing, all-powerful Higher Self.

Yes, this requires trust, but that is the point. Letting go requires that you trust whatever it is that you truly believe in, but you must find out for yourself. Do not take the word of religion, parents, society or anything else. You must make this discovery and this connection for yourself – on your own terms.

I have come to the conclusion that I, as the human me, have no idea what is best for my life, but my Higher Power does and this is something that I can trust. From this perspective it is quite easy to let go.
When you let go to this all knowing source, you rise up and you become that which you trust; you discover that you are now relating to your life from a higher level of awareness, where you naturally know things rather than just think them.

How Do You Let Go of Thoughts?

We are told that mediation is necessary for awakening but it is not necessarily the mediation that awakens us – it is the letting go that transpires during meditation that is the key for awakening. When you meditate, you stop listening to your thoughts, and when your thoughts turn off, you are present and awake. As soon as you start listening to your thoughts again, you fall into sleep. Understanding and utilizing this Stop and Start Switch gives you immense power to awaken.

In the past, a thought pops into your head, and you naturally believe it. This belief invites other similar thoughts to manifest in your mind. Before you know it, you have a full blown story and the emotions that go along with it.The shift is simple. When that first thought pops into your head, don’t believe it. Just let it be without inviting other thoughts to join it, or maybe ask yourself, “How do I know it is true?”

If you can be the watcher of your thoughts, you will begin to awaken. Just watch the thoughts – without believing or even disbelieving – just watch and see what happens.

By releasing thoughts, you are also releasing emotions and attachments which originate from thought. You let go of mental attachments and emotions, simply by letting go of thoughts. Let everything just pass on by. You will still experience attachments, emotions and thoughts but they will begin to lose their power over you.

From a completely awakened state, you will be able to choose thoughts, emotions and attachments in order to consciously create. Each of these elements are tools for creation, but first you must become the master of your mind instead of the slave.

I now understand that the voice that spoke to me on the cliff was my own voice telling me to let go, but it wasn’t the tangible that I needed to release. It was simply my attachment to all my thoughts.

It may be challenging to let go at first, but you have the power to believe any thought or let it go. The more thoughts you let go, the freer you will become. Here is the best part, releasing thoughts allows you to be present here and now, and then something remarkable happens. It is as if “Life Pops” – everything is clearer, colors are brighter, sounds are heightened and your sense of being alive is intoxicating. This is the Awakened Experience, and it is available to you right now, simply by letting go – Nanice.

“Spiritual Awakening in the “Real World,” by Nanice Ellis, January 26, 2015 at

Original link: Spiritual Awakening in the “Real World”


Meditation of the water, sky and land by cathy mcclelland

MARY MAGDALENE: What Was Taught in Mystery Schools ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

fb sam carlo female face

MARY MAGDALENE: What Was Taught in Mystery Schools


Part 8 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 16, 2014

At Unity of Sedona

[NOTE: This question was asked after someone had received a transmission of Mary Magdalene’s blessing, which was given through Mercedes Kirkel at a group channeling occasion.]


Question: In the last few years, I’ve spent a time of being in a different state. I’m seeing things more and more in this way, and I’m coming to prefer that space. How do I allow that to happen even more? Just now, after I received your transmission, first my crown opened. Then an energy came in and was going around me and I just felt shimmers. How do I increase that?


Mary Magdalene: There are processes that you can learn that will strengthen your ability to do this. Practicing these processes will strengthen the pathways within you that open you to that experience. Such practice will allow you to access this state more frequently and for longer periods of time, depending upon your frequency of practice or engagement. So I would recommend that you learn those practices.


It sounds to me that you are describing a fourth-dimensional space, which is similar to the dreamtime space. The dreamtime space is one way of accessing the fourth-dimensional space. Accessing this space requires the strengthening of four bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric (or energy) bodies.


Most of you are quite fully developed at the mental level and further development of the mind is not an issue for you—other than learning how to quiet the mind, which oftentimes happens quite organically through strengthening the other bodies. The ongoing talk, chatter, or disturbance that many people experience through the mind is more of a symptom of the other bodies not being strong and not being in balance, rather than a problem with the mind itself.


Most people are aware of their physical body and what they need to do to support themselves physically, possibly involving some kind of change or healing of the physical. The one area that many people still need to address is the area of shame relative to the physical body: not liking one’s physical body; not wanting to be in a physical body; or not wanting to have the experiences of being a physical body. This kind of shame creates a certain level of separation, or even divorce from one’s physical body. That is an area of healing for many people.


For most people at this time, the emotional and the etheric bodies are the two bodies that most need strengthening. In the instructions I gave in Mary Magdalene Beckons, there is a great deal of focus on the emotional body and what would help to strengthen that. That instruction may be valuable for you, to consider if there is more to do there.


The kinds of processes that I am suggesting are valuable to learn for strengthening your access to the fourth dimension are etheric energy processes. Through engaging these processes, you can consciously choose to open yourself to the fourth-dimensional state and strengthen your ability to remain in that state for longer and longer periods of time. I suggest that would be something of value to explore.


Some of the processes I recommend are connecting the sacred heart and sacred mind; opening up the pineal chakra; learning to open your third eye; activating your merkaba; and activating the light that creates the halo around the head. These are processes that used to be taught and practiced in the mystery schools, so that beings could move between dimensions—between the third and fourth dimension, and higher dimensions beyond.


This is not so outwardly accessible in your time. But there are those who offer it and teach it. It is available. This is what I would recommend you learn and engage.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


©2014 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety, nothing has been changed or altered in any way, and Mercedes Kirkel’s credit of authorship, this copyright notice, and Mercedes Kirkel’s website ( are included. To receive ongoing messages from Mary Magdalene and others, go to and sign up for the Into The Heart weekly newsletter.


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Mercedes Kirkel is a #1 best-selling and multi-award-winning author, bringing forth messages and instruction from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light. Her first book, Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love is available at Mercedes’s latest book, Sublime Union: A Woman’s Sexual Odyssey Guided by Mary Magdalene, is available at All messages and practices are universal and are not affiliated with any religion.

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Comrades In The Light Forging Towards New Earth ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

female and stars


Comrades In The Light Forging Towards New Earth

earthhandsThis is the transcription of the LIVE call within the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos and the Telosian Council of Light, January 12, 2015.

Greetings, my dearest ones. It is my pleasure to be with you once again. It is I, Yamteleus, your Guide within the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

It seems like such a journey since we have been apart. It is now your year 2015, which seems miraculous to me. You will find that we will be experiencing in the next few weeks is going to be very life changing. All the Beings that will be coming through from the Board of Directors of Walking Terra Christa you all know very well. They will be talking about some other Elements of how we can work through the Energies and assist ourselves in Planetary Transformation whilst accessing the Multidimensional Selves. Tonight we are being honored by Lord Adama, who is the Academy Chancellor. He will also bring forth the Energies of the Telosian Council of Light. For those of you who do not know, Walking Terra Christa is guided by these beautiful Beings, everything that they do and everything they bring forth.

The Energetic Exchange that comes through Meleriessee and Aranathanara to assist each of you, they are experiencing those also in their own Dimensional Frequencies as each of you is doing the same. I believe it will be a very exciting time. This is a beautiful gift to have for our first Ceremony within our Temple for this year, as we have been bringing in many new Souls who have been on the Inner Plane and have just passed away. We are assisting so many individuals on a Soul Level within this beautiful Temple. Please do remember that you can return at any time you choose. If you feel that the teachings are something you would like to continue on your own within your meditations, we assist. I look forward to seeing you here.

Many Blessings My Dearest Ones.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Greetings, My Dearest Beloveds.

It is I, Lord Adama. I have with me the Telosian Council of Light. They are very much part of Walking Terra Christa.

I am not here to talk about Walking Terra Christa. I am here to share about what we are coming into and what we are growing toward together as the Inner Earth Beings, especially the Telosians. The other Inner Earth Beings will converse later in the month. Each of you knows me very well. Not as Lord Adama, but as the Being of Light that I AM and have been and have been in previous incarnations. You and I are one and the same. Only I am in a completely different environment than you are experiencing. I am here to assist you with this process. That is my role with Rev. Ara and Rev. Meleriessee to assist Humanity to understand what we are all experiencing together.

The role of creating the New Earth is not an easy one for anybody. We have been trying to do it for eons of time, as you have been also. Now our timelines are becoming One. That is the Blessing of the meeting this evening.

The Telosian Council of Light is here with us. We have 12 individuals that make up this Telosian Council. I am the spokesperson for the Council. We have had the beautiful pleasure of assisting Christine and Michael for quite some time. It is our pleasure to come together in this way. Not only for the partnership we bring forth for Walking Terra Christa, but each of you and what it means for each of you. It is for you to understand more about yourself than you have previously, to acknowledge the gifts and the beautiful Essence that you have within yourselves, which has been forgotten over many lifetimes.

Those are the challenges you are dealing with at this present time. Finding within yourself that you can trust, finding within yourself that you are secure, finding within yourself that you are important – and each of you are. We are coming together to create the New Earth. I would like to share a little bit about what that means presently and where we are in the Evolution of the Old Earth into the New Earth.

Changes are happening everywhere. People are awakening. People are noticing more about themselves. Individuals are walking into the Mastery Pathway, even though most of them may not know it.

What does this mean for each of you?

What does Mastery represent?

It represents the ability to be the Alchemist, to be all Aspects of each of the first Seven Rays and to command that Energy within your Physical Body.

It also represents the ability to be a Leader and to share the Knowledge, Wisdom and Gifts with others. Through that process, what occurs is Awareness of the Individual Self. This is the most important phase of Mastery. We must understand what the mirrors are and go deeper within our Hearts to become better than we were a moment ago.

I say to you, are you not a better person each time you go deeper within your Meditations, joining us for one of these calls, converse with the Mentors, or share with another about what you have learned?

Change is inevitable. This year is going to be a powerful year of those changes. Those of you that know me dearly and closely know that we are pushing each of you to become better and more than you were before. You see, there is a majority of enlightened Beings such as Light Workers and Starseeds that are so very enmeshed within their Lower Self and Lower Egos that it could cause the Planet to take a disruptive turn.

This year we are on that edge where changes can be made in a beautiful manner because of each of you being here, each of you accepting your role, each of you wanting to be more and holding those Vibrations within yourself to allow it to be expanded into Gaia. We have a lot of work. The Planet, as you know, is taking some down-turns within society, within comrades, within the way others such as politics. for example. Thin what is important at this time is to hold within yourself the Power of your Light. That is how we are here to assist. We are not here just to share with you how beautiful Telos is and how wonderful our life is so that you will want to be with us. The truth of the matter is that we want you to know those things. We share through Channels what those beautiful experiences are about, so that you can manifest them within your World.

It is not for you to just come to us. It is not for you to just remember who you are. It is for you to manifest your Desires in this present time-frame. That is what our role is.

If we manifest those Desires within ourselves, what do we do with them?

If we do not understand about the past, we cannot accept the Future. This is so very true for all of us.

That is why I strive very intensely through Meleriessee to push individuals and to put out information that maybe others are not sharing. The only way I can do that is, because she has done it herself, as each of you is doing. My role is not frivolous. My role is serious, just as yours is. We are Comrades in the Light, achieving a new Planet together to bring the Essences of Telos, of Lemuria as we knew it to be. Believe me, Lemuria was not all which you think it was. Neither was Atlantis. Atlantis was not all bad and Lemuria was not all good.

That is why you are here once again. Each of you as Lemurians and Atlanteans have arrived once again with the Knowledge of the past and the Teachings of all the beautiful Ray Chohans who lived at that time. They created those beautiful Temples in the Etheric Realms to assist the Earth. Now we are coming into that time where it is occurring.

My role tonight is to give you Confidence, to give you Trust and to give you Faith to continue the Pathway you are walking upon, because it will become more diligent. It will become more challenging. The deeper you delve into your Soul’s Essence, the more your Strength is increased, but also the deeper is your Darkness as it has been ignored for such a long time. There are many that get to this point and choose to leave the Planet. They choose to ascend. Meleriessee had this choice. Yet we convinced her that her Essence was needed upon this Earth to assist many others to do the same.

Michael is experiencing the same conditioning. They have arrived in Mount Shasta to assist many. This is the place where they could do it. They could not do it in any other location within the World. Each of you is aspiring to do the same. I see many of you arriving in Mount Shasta in the years to come. Not only for a visit. This is truly what will happen, as Telos becomes more energetically involved with the base of Mount Shasta, the Root Chakra of the Earth. We are allowing that Healing Process to occur. You will find that your Energies will be supported when it is time. It may not be time for a decade or so for many of you or even more. Yet when it is time, you will be able to ground what you are doing presently into your pure existence.

Until that time and continuing further, I hope to be a Mentor for all of you, a Teacher, a Guide, a Friend and a Brother. My role tonight is to substantiate that relationship with each of you. No matter how deep your pain is, your pleasure is deeper.

This is truly what the Crystalline Ray represents within you.

I want to bring Encouragement.

I want to bring Love.

I want to bring Acceptance.

I want to bring Joy.

I want to bring Pleasure.

Yet, I know in order to get to those phases, you will have to go through many doorways which will seem as if you cannot do it. That is what your Old Self will tell you. The Old Aspects will want to reveal to you that you cannot achieve it, because you have tried before and you were not able to sustain it. This is no longer true. This is the year when we are going to work together more closely than we ever have before. This is the year where the Power of these Light Infractions will assist you on a much deeper level within your Physical Body than you can imagine.

I know it must be terribly challenging in the Lower Initiations. You are being combated with having to go through those low sublevels of the Physical, Emotional and Mental just to achieve to connect with your Higher Self more physically, let alone go through the process after that happens. To bring forth those Energies onto yourself but yet being hit with Light Infractions of every month or several days, Energy Exchanges of the Seasons and the changes that are occurring within the Planet.

We have sustained this Frequency from 2012 because you are doing it. You are doing it, and you are fully allowing yourself to accept it.

So do more, my children. Do more. Do as much as you can. Listen to what our dearest Divine Mother and Father God share with us about being gentle with yourself. You do not have to push through those doorways. You do not have to be running a marathon.

That is not the way to do things any longer. It is Gentleness. It is Acceptance. It is allowing yourself to be One with yourself. Do not worry. Your Higher Self is not going anywhere. Do not let the Physical Body collapse.

Even though I know it is challenging. We, in Telos, are also feeling these Energies. That is why I bring the Telosian Council of Light with me tonight. They are part of the Board of Directors within Walking Terra Christa.

What do you think that means?

It means that each of these beautiful Beings in the Council and myself decide what information we are going to bring forth to you. What teachings we are going to present, and how we can assist you deeper. Every one of you who comes to Telos for a Healing, for an issue, walks through that doorway with the Council of Light. It is not only me. It is not only Lady Galactia. It is each of us.
You are constricted in the 3rd Dimensional Realm until we can make sure you can come into the 5th Dimensional Realm. You are working on those issues within the Telosian Energy. We do it with Gentleness. We do it with Love. We do it with pushing. Yes, we push. We know what it is like because we have all been there.

What I want to assist you with tonight is to continue what Divine Mother and Father God have given us and to bring that form of Gentleness. Do not push so hard on yourself. Do not say to yourself “Why? Why can’t I? Why am I so bad? What is wrong with me?” Those Thoughts are the worst Thoughts you can have for yourself and they are your Old Thoughts. They are those Old Aspects that no longer matter.

What matters in this moment is that each of us is coming together in the Creation of the New Earth. We reach out our hands. We reach out our Wisdom. We reach out our Knowledge. We reach out our Gentleness and Love.

I ask you to look within yourself and to see the Beauty that you are. That Beauty is shining through all that you are achieving within your world. I ask of you to be gentle and to be Love and to be in Balance, even if you do not know what that means. Allow the Essence we bring onto you tonight, so that we of the Telosian Energies can come forward on the Upper Earth to create the New Earth. You cannot do it alone. We cannot do it alone. The Hierarchy cannot do it alone.

Be this Essence. Be whom you truly are. Take those moments of Silence and bring forth the Gentleness that you are. Therein lies your true Courage.

It is not the banging on the doors or getting the axe and ripping things away. This is the Power of our moments. This is what is going to assist in creating more to come and more to be. When you have a dream of Telos, bring that forth into your Physical Essence. Feel it into the location where you are. Let it expand into your Physical Body.

Be that Essence. Bring it back onto yourself. I hear people saying so many times “I just didn’t want to come back”.

Well, bring it back with you. You have the Power to do so.

In the Light that we are together, this is truly what we need from each of you to help with what you are experiencing.

Let us breathe deeply.

Each of us here within the Council and myself bring forth this Essence of beautiful flowers, beautiful sunshine, 24 hours a day. Breathe that into your Hearts. Feel the Purification of the Essences that we are from the Telosian Community to come into your Heart for you to remember your humble beginnings in Atlantis or Lemuria. Allow that Beauty to expand within you. Do not worry about who you are, what your gifts are, what you do for a living, or what you do for service.

In this moment, you are that Eternal Being of Light circling within you, being that Essence. We bring forth Galactia with her Energetic Voice.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Beauty that you are and the remembrance of times gone by. Bring that into your Awareness. Bring that into your Heart. Allow it to expand out of you through your Physical Essence. Everything that you experience is Beauty of Energy.

Let us now send this Frequency of Light through the Dimensional Realms onto the Earth Plane and into the Core of Gaia, so that she can remember also. She can remember and it can flourish onto everyone else, circling around the globe.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Beauty within Gaia’s Core, within the Crystalline as it is functioning through all the geographic areas within all the animals, within all the lands, within all the waters, within all the people. This is our future of the New Earth.

Bring that back into your Consciousness now. This is you. This is you because of whom you are, what you are experiencing and allowing yourself to be. Every moment you do not feel this and you are going through a huge doorway, remember what you have experienced this evening of the fluidness, of the feathers, of the snowflakes and feeling yourself flowering in a much deeper state. Remember the true Essence that you are. Know within yourself that it will be once again.

Do not say “I wish”. Say, “I know”. It will be for our future.


It is magical and it is beautiful. I see it coming for all of us. I see it in each of you.

I am deeply honored to not only be a Chancellor for Walking Terra Christa, but to be in this Temple on this night.

Many Blessings and Love.

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Acceptance of the Crystalline Spectrum of Light ~ Channeling ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

angel  blue angel by sue halstenberg

ART : Sue Halstenberg


Acceptance of the Crystalline Spectrum of Light ~ Channeling

 This is the written transmission of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God that was shared Live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on January 12, 2015.
We are the Angels of all Principalities, honoring each of you and hoping that you feel your own wings within your Being. Command it to be outside of yourself to be in the beautiful Essence that you are. Expand and expand your Heart Essence as the beautiful Angels you already are. Access that Frequency of Light within your Physical Existence. We are deeply honored to be able to share our communication and our Vibrational Essence within each of you to help you remember whom you are.
Take a moment with your Breath and your Heart. Allow it to vibrate through your entire Beingness. Allow your wings to fully be open in these moments of Transformation. It is our pleasure to walk with you. It is now time for us to be here with you in the Temple once again. It is our pleasure to introduce the energies of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.I AM that I AM that I AM. I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.
We are here together in Unison of the Light in Oneness that we are.Oh, blessed children, it is a pleasure to be with each of you once again. I hope that your journey through the past month has been amazingly beautiful and magical for your existence. Now you say “Oh well, here we go again. We are in a whole new year, a whole new experience within the beautiful Temple of Oneness, the Clarion Essence of many Souls coming together”. Yes, we are.

We are experiencing these Elements to come into full existence.

How are you feeling about it?

How are you feeling in these moments about allowing your Three Minds to come together into the Creation of the One Mind? The One Mind of your God Consciousness to be accepted into your Physicality. That is truly what we are doing to assist each of you to have that remembrance.

I know there are many challenges, trials, and lessons to be learned. In this moment it is our Reflection that we desire in order to help you understand within yourself what it means to have the remembrance of your Purified Essence to come within you through your Breath.

We are so deeply appreciate of all that you are experiencing and all that you are holding onto. As the beautiful Flame of Harmony and Balance is now being embodied within Gaia, it is important for each of you to reflect on what that means for you.

What does it mean to have the Purification of this Light which is not only within the Planet. It cannot be felt so much until you fully accept it within your Beingness. In essence, what we truly wish is for individuals upon individuals to hold this Frequency, so that the rest of Creation can fully accept it as well as Gaia.

It is difficult for her also. It is a challenge. You must understand that all of you have had many timelines, but think about Gaia and how long she has had these timelines.

We have to be gentle and allow these Frequencies of Light to come into existence at the rate that is possible for each individual Soul. We do not want any disturbances to stop this beautiful Purification of Light to come within the Planet, so that she and all of you can physically allow the Ascension Process to enfold within you. It is an important aspect to ponder upon that it is not always true that the faster you receive something the better the outcome.

What happens when you receive too much of this Frequency of Light, it becomes painful. Have any of you ever had a Healing from someone in a very painful area?

If that Healer does not understand about the different Rays or Color Spectrums, they will bring in the Crystalline Ray as it is automatic to tap into that Frequency of Light. Say you have a toothache and you bring forth that Healing or you use a Crystal, and that Crystal is very strong within that Healing circumference that it becomes so bad that it is overwhelming. The pain becomes so great that you cannot handle it, and you have to pull away from that Essence. The gentler way to incorporate the Crystalline Flame is to allow it to come in very slowly.

Allow it to be part of you. Utilizing the Emerald Green mixed in with it, allows for the Grounding to occur on a deeper level. This Ray represents Grounding on a Planetary Level. On a higher Cosmic Level, the Essence we are bringing in can be an overload. The one area in which you do not want to have overload occurring is in your Root Chakra.

It can create great dysfunction. It can create great change. If an individual is not ready to accept that change, destruction will occur. It is important to realize that the Essence of this Ray becoming more embodied within the Earth needs to be received in a much gentler manner than you may perceive it to be. It is like snowflakes coming down. You reach your hand out to feel those snowflakes. That is gentleness. When it is a blizzard and the wind is whipping around you, it hurts your face, it hurts your Body. You cannot truly receive the pure Essence of the Ray unless it becomes a Lighter Form. It is so very true that about the other Rays which have been grounded within the Earth, the Blue Flame and the Ruby Flame, that we are still processing them. Not every person is incorporating them.

GAIA is not receiving them in every place. It is up to each of you individually, as that is who you are. You came here to assist in this process. The assistance had to be in Physical Form. You could not do it as an Angel. You could not do it as a Light Being. You had to do it this way as that is what GAIA needs. All the rest will come into place. This is what you are experiencing presently. I caution you with what you are experiencing. Allow the gentleness of the Crystalline Ray to come to you in waves of Green and Crystalline together. Allow the Purification of those Essences. You may not be quite ready to receive the Cosmic Frequency. Again, as I say, it will be overload, which is what we do not want.

We want you to experience the beautiful Essence of this Ray that it represents with putting everything into Balance and being in a synchronistic way of existence so that you flow from one space to the other very easily and effortlessly.

We are dealing with the Root Chakra. which holds so much debris from all your Multidimensional Selves that it will take a while. You may even find at some point that you still need to process Elements that arise in that area.

Tonight within this beautiful Temple of Light, we want to settle the Energies more clearly so that the Frequency you are receiving is much more fluid, much more moving. We call upon the Crystalline Ray with specks of Green.

It is almost like you see little feathers, sparks of Light, coming down into the middle of the Temple. You begin to receive in your entire Structure. Breathe into it. Allow yourself to be open. Allow your palms to be open. Allow all aspects of your Being to accept this Essence within you. The smoother it comes in, the easier the transition.

Allow the blending of the Frequency to be at a much deeper level than when you try too hard to bring forth the Frequency of Light of the Highest Level.

Feel this Essence flowing within you. There is a Light Breeze circling around you and you just accept the Crystalline Ray within your entire structure. Do not think about where anything needs to go. Just let it flow where it should flow. Your Higher Self, and your I AM Presence, is guiding you in this moment. So take a step back from the Physical Form.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Receive the Light Forms very gently coming into your Full Beingness. What is it you need Balance with? Allow that Thought Process to go into the Energetic Exchange. Then feel the difference occurring within you.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Now feel your Angelic Wings, just allowing the flapping to bring in the Essence deeper into your Physical Body. Feel it in your Heart and allow it to blend within you to create more of a flow than you have been receiving before. Allow whatever is purging to go out through your feet.

Let it come into the middle of this beautiful Circle of Light. It shall be transformed immediately. That is the Beauty of this Ray. Transformation takes place on its immediate interaction.

Breathe deeply now into your Solar Plexus, into your Heart.

What is it that you feel in this moment?

See the change happening within you and accept it. Accept it as you have allowed yourself to go through the process of Surrender. It is our Divine Pleasure, as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to share this Essence with you for the Vibrational Change to occur within your world.

In the Light of the Christ That We Are, We Are One.

We bless each of you, our children.

Cosmic Oneness is combined with our weekly call, “The Clarion Temple of Oneness,” which is held on Monday evenings. Individuals are encouraged to purchase the MP3 download of any of our calls which includes the attunements of the current energies.

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The Clarion Temple of Oneness channeling can be accessed via which contains the portion from Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, January 12, 2015.

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Planetary Ascension–Transcript to YouTube @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Planetary Ascension–Transcript to YouTube


Dear Readers,

There was so much information in this YouTube that I posted it again with the transcript.

Thank you for all your interest. We are coming into very important times now. Are you ready?

Planetary Ascension

We the Arcturians as well as our many friends within the Galactic Federation of Light are here to speak with you today to remind you that you are in the daily process of personal and planetary ascension.

We say personal and planetary with the emphasis on Planetary. All of you are already having myriad incarnations and experiences on the fifth-dimension and beyond. For, you are all multi-dimensional beings who have volunteered to lower your frequencies and to bi-locate an element of your multi-dimensional consciousness into the physical presence that you now perceive as your Earth vessel.

We are here to remind you that you are not your earth vessel; you are wearing your earth vessel. You are the beautiful and expanded multi-dimensional consciousness that is implanted within that which appears to be “just a third-dimensional form.”

We want you to know that this third-dimensional form is merely the manner in which you can log into the third/fourth-dimensional grid of Gaia’s multidimensional, holographic grid.

Within this holographic program, which you might perceive much like a video game, you have put your consciousness into an Earth vessel. Much as one would log into a video game and would choose an avatar self, YOU are the avatar for your Higher SELF.

The avatar self is the one who plays within that video game. However, you are not in the video game, you are the one who is directing your avatar self how to play and hopefully win this video game.

We wish to remind you today that you are not the avatar self — that is the human that you are wearing. You are your multi-dimensional self who is assisting you.

Many of your problems occurred because Gaia’s frequency was so greatly lowered after the fall of Atlantis. After that, there were some peak experiences, as well as some lower experiences to be completed with the last 2,000 years of the Kali Yuga. This last 2,000 years of the Great Cycle has been very difficult for Gaia’s body and for her humans, plants and animals. For the Kali Yuga is the darkest hour before dawn.

That dawn is NOW. You are dawning to your fifth-dimensional expressions of your self. Thus, you have logged in to the holographic version of third-dimensional earth. Now as you awaken to your true, multi-dimensional self, you are beginning to feel how your third-dimensional vessel is not adequate to safely contain your great energy fields.

Therefore, you are realizing that you need to connect first to your multi-dimensional mind, which can fully understand and compute what is occurring within your NOW. Then, through that portal of your multi-dimensional mind you can return to your higher perspectives of reality.

You ARE the ONE outside of the video game who is assisting your avatar self to win that video game. Now that of course is a metaphor for the human you are not experiencing your third-dimensional life as a video game. However more and more of you are realizing that there is much more than just a third-dimensional life.

Of course there are many more around you who are not at all awake to this experience. So, some of you are feeling very isolated and alone because you are having direct contacts with your Pleiadian self, your Arcturian self, your Andromedan self, your Antarian self, or any other Galactic self.

You are having direct experiences with Ascended Masters and with other Ascended beings. Through these direct experiences you are getting the validation that you need so that you know that you are not crazy, you are not schizophrenic, and no you are not making up your experiences. But yes, you are different than most of the people you will see around you.

You are the great pioneers. You are the great multi-dimensional pioneers who have taken a vessel to awaken to your true Multidimensional SELF while still holding that Earth vessel. Furthermore, you are called on to remember the mission which you volunteered to take before you took this Earth vessel.

No, there are many different versions of mission as there are different versions of people. So do not be concerned about what your mission is. Because as you surrender more and more into the higher dimensional expressions of yourself –more and more of you are allowing yourself to know that your dreams are reality.

That the flash that you saw through the edge of your vision is an alternate reality, a portal, a parallel reality, which your multi-dimensional self is able to perceive. Conversely, your third dimensional self says, “No that’s not real. Am I crazy?“ Then you shut down those perceptions. We are saying to you now, it is your Now. Now it is the NOW to believe that your dreams, your aspirations, your imaginations, your meditations, the quick flashes that move through your mind for they are ALL real.

The third-dimensional reality is a holograph projection, which you have logged into. Can your third-dimensional earth vessel become harmed by this third-dimensional holographic projection? Absolutely.

Therefore, you must be living within at least two realities for we need you to remain logged in to third-dimensional Earth. We need you to work with Gaia, with her core, with her core crystal, with the Lemurians and simultaneously work with the celestial beings and with the Ascended Masters and with the Galactic Federation of Light.

You see, dear ones, YOU are in between. You are in between the core of Gaia where the video game is projected from and the reality to which Gaia is longing to return. Gaia and more and more of her humans are remembering that you are multi-dimensional beings.

You do not need to change. You do not need to get better. You only need to remember that right now you are, so to speak, the tip of the iceberg – the very tiny point of your multi-dimensional self that is logged in to this third-dimensional holographic projection.

You are not this tip; you are the avatar that is holding the inter-connection to this video game of third-dimensional earth. YOU are the beautiful multi-dimensional being that has volunteered to log in to this version of earth. This version of Earth is ready to close down the old game of separation, limitation and power over others.

We, meaning we the higher beings of your reality, have discovered that the degree of darkness that you, our dear ones, have suffered on third-dimensional earth is not a very fair video game. We have decided that this video game needs to come to a conclusion.

Now, we also ask that you do not go into fear as we say these things. For you are the controller, the creator, the core of your life and of your reality.

This transition must be made via Unity Consciousness, and that unity must first begin first with your self. You need to unite with all the versions of your multidimensional self that are accessible while you are still holding your third dimensional vessel.

We realize that from the perspective of your 3D vessel it is difficult to move beyond perhaps even your seventh dimensional self. And for many, many – in fact most of you – it is very difficult to move into your awareness of your fifth-dimensional light body, is so helpful and so vitally important.

Also remember that the extent, the version of your higher dimensional self that you will find yourself being able to recall and step into and to live is what you have volunteered to move into.

Some of you have volunteered to maintain your entire life within your third and fourth-dimensional vessel because you determined before your were born that that is where your greatest service would be. Some of you have volunteered to move into a full awareness of your fifth-dimensional light body. Hence, it is from your fifth-dimensional light body that you will give your greatest service.

Some of you will move into your sixth and seventh-dimensional versions that are not of any form of a physical acknowledgement. It is from that component of your multidimensional self that you will give your service. Each of you will connect with your expressions of self.

You will connect with your fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic selves,

You will connect with your sixth dimensional and beyond Celestial selves,

You will connect with your seventh-dimensional Oversoul.

You will connect not because your ego self thinks – wow – I can connect to this higher self. No, this is not a race. You determined this experience before you took this body. So do not think, “Oh how come I can only go this far with my connection?

The is answer to that question is, “Because this is what you volunteered to do. This frequency, even if it appears to be only the third and fourth dimensional frequency is where you volunteered to project your service in to the body of Gaia. “

Now we are saying into the body of Gaia – yes. Most of you will be working with humanity because humanity is what is in the way of Gaia’s expansion. The elemental kingdom is ready to move. The element kingdom is ready to move, the plant kingdom is ready to move, the animal kingdom is ready to move, the atmosphere, the ocean are all ready to move and expand into the fifth-dimension.

It is humanity, the ones who have been trapped in individual consciousness, the ones who have suffered greatly at the hands of other humans. Those are the ones who need the greatest assistance. However, do not waste your precious “time” within this hologram on your personal ascension.

You are already ascended. Therefore, we remind you again and again, you have taken a form to assist with planetary ascension. And, in doing so you may well find yourself working with the most wounded component of Earth — the human’s of the planet.

Blessings to all of you! We, your Galactic Family, can see more bright lights opening, awakening, connecting every day, every hour, every minute. So we ask in your meditations that you go up beyond the holographic version of Earth. Then you can see the amazing vision of all the lights of humans as they return to their multi-dimensional self.

Blessings and we are here.

In fact, all of your expressions are here with you Now.

The Arcturians

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Perception IS Creation – Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 7 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 22.1.

Perception IS Creation -Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 7


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Perception IS Creation

Part 7 of Consciousness and Brainwaves

By the Arcturians

In order to be the master of your brainwaves, which is to be the master of your consciousness, you need to remember to “clean up your thoughts and emotions.” As you continue your voyage into higher and higher states of consciousness, you will begin to perceive ALL your thoughts and emotions joined into the living entities of thoughtforms.

Via your third dimensional consciousness, you are unable to perceive these thoughtforms that fill your aura, your home, your car and any place that YOU spend “time.” Just as your dog or cat may leave some of their hair wherever they have been, you leave bits of, or incomplete, thoughtforms wherever you spend your “time.”

We put quotes around the word “time” because when your consciousness is attuned to the fifth dimension and beyond you are in the NOW of “no time.” Then, any thoughtforms that you leave lying around are actually living portals into the higher dimensions. These thoughtforms can only be perceived by your multidimensional gamma wave consciousness and can only be entered if you can perceive them.

Some of these thoughtforms are perceptible via your delta wave consciousness, but your physical form is usually in deep sleep, in a coma, or under anesthetic during those brainwaves. On the other hand, gamma wave consciousness can occur while in deep meditations that are accompanied by unconditional love and deep compassion for all life.

While in this state of consciousness you can have the ascension experience of perceiving each thoughtform as a portal through which you can journey into a higher dimensional reality. Many of our away team, who are aware of their Multidimensional SELF, can open these portals to peak into higher dimensions to expand their consciousness. But as soon as their consciousness drops into a lower frequency, they are instantly back on terra firma.

These trial runs allow you to rehearse for the NOW in which you chose to stay within higher dimensional realities. It is vital that you realize that, just as your consciousness is inside your SELF, these multidimensional portals are inside your SELF. Furthermore, the journeys you take through these portals are inside of your SELF.

Remember, you are within a 3D hologram that YOU chose to enter. You entered this hologram by moving inside your Multidimensional SELF to bi-locate a portion of your consciousness into the 3D Matrix of a human on 3D Earth. To leave this matrix, you retrace your steps by going inside your self to re-unite with the Multidimensional SELF, who you have always been.

Remember, you did not “come to 3D Earth.” You bi-located a fragment of your consciousness into a third dimensional earth vessel. The earth vessel that you are wearing can only perceive the component of your SELF to which your consciousness is calibrated. However, even if your earth vessel is unaware that YOU are within it, your Multidimensional SELF is fully aware of the “3D you.”

The tail may not be aware that it is a part of the dog, but the dog is aware that it has a tail. This tail unconsciously responds to the dog’s happy emotions by wagging and unhappy emotion by dropping between the dog’s legs. Just as the dog’s tail does not know the dog is influencing it many of our volunteers in 3D forms are unaware that their Higher SELF is influencing them.

Your higher dimensional aspects of SELF live within frequencies of reality in which they function via their/your multidimensional mind. Your multidimensional mind resonates to gamma wave consciousness and can perceive and integrate many frequencies within the NOW. It is gamma wave consciousness that ties myriad frequencies of perception into a cohesive multidimensional perception/reality.

As you expand your relationship with your Multidimensional SELF, you become consciously aware that your SELF is constantly interacting with you via the gamma consciousness of your multidimensional mind. Through this conscious interaction with your SELF, you can perceive the higher worlds through your “imagination.”

Imagination is your fifth dimensional thoughts reminding you that in the fifth dimension and beyond perception and reality are synonymous terms. It also reminds you that perception and creation are also synonymous in the higher worlds. When you resonate to the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, all sequential and time-bound thinking occurs concurrently.

Thus, the reality that you choose to perceive is the reality that you are NOW creating and re-creating with your every choice of perception. Just as you create the reality that you live by choosing your perceptions, the reality that you choose to live will have the frequency band that is correlated to the dimensional spectrum of your perceptual field.

Thus, when you are choosing to perceive and attend to a certain component of your perceptual field, you are choosing the reality that you wish to enter with your conscious intention. There are examples of this dynamic in your 3D life. For example, if you choose to perceive the “bad news” on your newspaper or television, you have chosen to attune your consciousness to third dimensional fear, anger and sorrow.

Within that state of consciousness, your emotions of fear, anger and sorrow join with your thoughts of helplessness, revenge and heartbreak to create a powerful thoughtform. This thoughtform will float about your aura, linger where you sit, and move into your food and water to assist you to create the reality that you have chosen to create by your choice of perception.

Just as your state of consciousness created the frequency of the thoughtforms, these thoughtforms create the state of your consciousness. For example, when you eat healthy food, you feel good and yearn for more healthy food. In this manner, you assist your earth vessel to become and remain healthy. On the other hand, when you eat junk food you do not feel satisfied, but you still yearn for more junk food, as it is quite addictive.

Your eating choices are similar to your perception choices. For example, if you long to eat something and your body says, “NO, you will feel bad,” and you do not listen to your body and eat it, you will feel bad. On the other hand, if you are thinking of eating something and your body says, “Yes, this is just what I need,” you will feel good if you eat it. Just as your body assists you in making healthy dietary choices, if you listen, your Multidimensional SELF assists you to make healthy perceptual choices, if you listen.

  1. When your attention is focused on unconditional love, unity and your innate transmutational

abilities, you naturally maintain higher states of consciousness.

  1. Because of your higher states of consciousness you can consciously perceive higher frequencies         of reality.
  2. The perceptions of these realities create clear, multidimensional thoughts and loving,    compassionate emotions.
  3. Thus, you create multidimensional thoughtforms that exude love and compassion.
  4. These multidimensional thoughtforms serve as portals to higher dimensional realities.
  5. By continuing this higher frequency cycle of perception and creation, you maintain an open channel to receive guidance from your Multidimensional SELF.
  6.  Your Multidimensional SELF will guide you to perceive, create and re-create a higher dimensional reality.

There are uncountable thoughtforms that serve as possible models for you to choose to perceive via the concentration of your attention and intention. Once you place your attention and intention on a thoughtform, you begin to enter that realty. The frequency of that reality will then greatly influence the state of your consciousness.

That state of consciousness will then influence your thoughts and emotions, which will create thoughtforms that swirl throughout your aura. You can only attend to what you can perceive, and you can only perceive that which resonates to the state/frequency of your consciousness. Hence, your state of consciousness determines your choice of perception, while the choice of perceptions influences your state of consciousness.

Do you understand the cyclical nature of this creative process of your life? When you are functioning on a third dimensional frequency, you can only conceive of third dimensional ideas and can only place your attention on third dimensional solutions and choices. In order to perceive higher dimensional solutions and choices, you need to expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions of reality.

When you desire and think about a chosen creation, and place your intention and/or attention on that creation, you slowly bring your consciousness into entrainment with that creation. If your consciousness is limited to the third dimension, it will be limited to a third dimensional beta wave creation. On the other hand, if you receive an intention via a dream or “day dream,” your consciousness will be in entrainment with the fourth dimensional perceptions of your alpha wave consciousness.

Then, you will be more open to fourth dimensional creations, which can serve as portals from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. If you can remember to write your dreams down as soon as you awaken, you will begin to bridge the gap between 3D beta and 4D alpha wave thinking, emotions and perceptions. You could then choose to go into a deeper state of meditation to activate your fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness.

Many of your theta wave ideas originate in your multidimensional mind and serve as a link between your multidimensional mind and your third dimensional brain. However, these messages cannot come into entrainment with your 3D brain if you are experiencing fear, anger or sorrow. These fearful emotions serve to separate you from your higher awareness because they are based on the separation of fear, the pushing away of anger and the isolation of sorrow.

Separation from your goal, pushing away your goal and isolating yourself from that goal will halt the manifestation of that goal. You have been trained, brainwashed, to believe that only the physical, beta wave perceptions are real. This indoctrination separates your conscious attention from the perceptions of your higher states of consciousness by informing you that they are NOT real.

You have been told that only the spectrum of the third dimension is real. During the times of the Kali Yuga many were punished and/or killed if they admitted that they received information from the higher worlds. These worlds are not higher in that they are better, which is what you were also taught. These realities are higher in that they resonate to a higher frequency.

Since those who sought to have power over others could only maintain a beta wave consciousness, they could only perceive/believe in the physical world. Therefore, they wanted signs of ascension to come into their beta wave, daily consciousness, but these experiences could only be perceived via fourth dimensional consciousness.

This fourth dimensional, alpha wave consciousness can merge with your third dimensional beta wave thinking to assist you in finding ways to ground your higher perceptions in your daily life. Fortunately, more and more of humanity is also coming into a conscious connection with their fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness to create portals, which are frequency trails, from the fifth dimension through the fourth and into the third dimension.

However, only those who are able to connect with their own theta wave consciousness will be able to consciously perceive these inter-dimensional portals and/or messages. Once these inter-dimensional messages can be perceived, and if you can believe that they are real, you can maintain a conscious connection with the fourth and fifth dimensional stimuli and reality.

To maintain that conscious perception, you will need to place your attention on it while you ground that perception, idea and/or reality with your 3D beta consciousness. It is important that you remain in conscious connection with this message long enough to translate it into a format that can be perceived and understood via your beta wave consciousness.

When our multidimensional ones “channel” our messages, they connect with their own theta wave and beyond consciousness and believe that it is real. They then surrender into what they feel, see, hear and/or write. The surrender allows them to translate their experience into one that can be understood on the third dimension.

Once you realize that you are primarily pulling down information form the members of your own multidimensional consciousness, you can greatly expand your “sense of self” to include your own multidimensional nature. Once you realize that you are “channeling” your own Multidimensional SELF, you know that you are not just a human. Instead, you begin to remember that you are a great multidimensional being who took an earth vessel to merge with planet Earth.

Please remember that until you have fully merged with own Multidimensional SELF, you will be vulnerable to the illusions, rules and fears of your physical world. Through your multidimensional unification you gain the experiences of myriad other human incarnations. Your 3D leaders taught you that life is sacred, but they only meant humanity, and the plant, animal and elemental kingdoms were created to be under humanity’s domination.

Fortunately, once you have just one experience of viewing the 3D via your higher perceptions, your life will change. You will see that all plants, animals, elements and elementals are alive, sentient beings. You will also perceive how you create thoughtforms with your thoughts and emotions that constantly impact all the sentient life that surrounds you.

Your perception of reality will shift much as one who was always blind suddenly has their vision restored. This statement applies to all your senses. When you can hear the higher dimensions, you realize how deaf you have been. Yes, your Lightbody self can also touch, taste and smell, but these senses are quite different within each dimension.

Think how different your fourth dimensional dream life can be from your waking life. Now expand that into your fifth dimensional lightbody life. This task may seem impossible to your beta wave thinking, but to your theta wave thinking it is normal. The best part is that you do not have to gain your higher consciousness, as it is already latent within you, waiting to be activated.

Just as a fledging bird must believe it is normal to fly, you must believe it is normal to perceive, create and live in the higher dimensions. Your worst enemy is 3D habit, and your best friend is your own inner connection to your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, it is vital that you calibrate your attention and intension to your fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Then merge your 4D consciousness with your 4D and your 3D consciousness. Once you unite these Multi-Dimensions of your SELF from inside your self, you can consciously unite with the perceptions, creations and intentions of your REAL, Multidimensional SELF.

Be patient dear Ones, and most important, remember that you are never alone.

The Arcturians


We choose to create a united thoughtform of pristine, restored Mother Earth.

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Archangel Michael: What Does It Mean to Truly be the Creator Race? ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Archangel Michael: What Does It Mean to Truly be the Creator Race?

Michael 3Archangel Michael asked to speak to the Sustainability Committee at our regular Wednesday call last week. I mentioned earlier that I would post his discussion.

Although the message is directed to us and is primarily on the campaign, he also discusses creation, the obstacles to it, the Creator Race, etc. Perhaps consider that you’re listening in on the call.

Archangel Michael: Greetings I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, bringer of news, bringer of enthusiasm, bringer of completion, and yes, I have asked to step forward this day to speak to you, my beloved partners, my beloved friends, my beloved family, my family of Blue, regardless of the ray, for I welcome you, pink, and magenta, green, and siroun.

I welcome all of you. And I welcome all upon this planet of sweet Gaia.

Dear hearts, do you think I do not know and understand the challenges, the difficulties, the obstacles, the obstructions, that you have experienced as masters upon this planet, as way showers and path finders? We all know.

Now some of these magnificent destructions that have and are taking place, are the removal of those distractions, those obstacles, spiritual, physical, and in that I include the mental, and emotional, the whispers. The echo of the old Third fades.

We do not speak any longer simply of wisps and fragments, we are speaking of echoes, as this collective moves forward.

The difficulty is, sweet Angels, that many of the Gaians, many of the humans do not fully understand the realm of how: how to move forward in this new reality, of the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th, it matters not, call it the Third because it is all one.

You, all of you, each of you in your magnificent, beautiful, energetic ways contribute to this how.

Too many look to the outcome. Yes there is a saying that you have upon planet, ‘Keep your eye on the Prize’. And that has been useful, and encouraging, inspirational, but it is also future. And I do not need to simply call upon my Beloved Brother Uriel, to say the future is Now.

So the question in the heart and minds of many, not simply yourselves, but you are the microcosm, you are the showers of the way, is how.

It is an embracing, not merely accepting, not merely gently shifting into, but enthusiastic, warm, loving, excited, embrace, of the fullness, of your inter-dimensional, creator-self. As template, as re-anchor, of the Creator Race.

What does this mean? What does this term, and there is much written of it, but what does it mean to truly be the Creator Race? Now note that I do not say creator-self, because the Creator Race is a unified collective working in peace, and harmony, in support, in mutuality of the goal.

Each unique, powerful, each of you holding a piece of that puzzle. And that does not matter because what counts is that you are the collective, and you are bringing forth the collective reality of Nova Earth.

How does this translate? When you began as Creator Race, it meant not merely that you had the capacity, the innate ability, unquestioned, it was simply part of you, and still is, that you would take the sheerest of energies, and twist it, transmute it, into the form of whatever you desired, whether it was you changing form, always in accordance with Universal Law, and love and service for the Mother.

Those are givens. Those are bedrock. Those are the laws, or you would take the energy and spin a new ocean, a new mountain range, and perhaps you would choose to be the mountain range.

Now why do I remind you of this? Because this is what you are re-anchoring. You have already, even in this morning [on the Sustainability call] reclaimed it. Feel this in your heart with me right now. Feel me place this re-ignition in your heart right now. And breathe blue. Feel my infinite love, and my infinite joy at your acceptance and your return, allow the expansion.

What is the purpose of this subscription? Of this emphasis on sustainability? It is not merely to sustain the team, and those all over Gaia who need help – financial, moral, insight, guidance, knowing they are included and cared for. This is but a mechanism for you to fully anchor and incorporate the knowing, the excitement, the enthusiasm.

The old is gone. You are capable, worthy, and demonstrating in form, the how, the how to, of being Creators. We have need – you are my partners, you are all of our partners – and we have need in our Sacred Partnership for human teachers, modelers, writers, teachers, channels, administrators – Gabrielle loves you administrators.

This is not a challenge. This is a not a chore. This is not even a task.

This is you declaring, “I open, I receive, I create, I accept, I allow, I share.”

I am with you. Invoke the law. Wrap this entire undertaking, not project, undertaking, including the anchoring of your expanded self, in the Mother’s cloak of blue, and her field of gold.

Did you ever wonder what that gold is about? It is the Father’s ray embracing the Mother, exactly the same way we embrace you.

Continue with your meditation. Open your hearts, let the floodgates be wide open, and the rivers of gold flow, for all.

Go with my love. And go, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, with my excitement. Finally. We are there. Farewell.


Chapter 20 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book “Sacral Chakra: The Will Of God” By Sabrina Reber


Chapter 20 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book “Sacral Chakra: The Will Of God” By Sabrina Reber

Sacral Chakra:  The Will of God
Second Dimensional Chakra: (Sacral)
It is associated with the color ORANGE

The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen below the naval and is developed during the age of 6-24 months. It is associated with procreation, assimilation of food, creativity, sexuality, vitality, desire, the will of spirit and emotional balance. When our sacral chakra is balanced we are willing to feel our emotions and are able to express ourselves without loosing our center. We enjoy pleasurable activities without having the need to overindulge in things that compromise our health and well-being. Unfortunately, many of us were taught not to express our emotions leading to emotional instability and the desire to numb our emotions with food, drugs and alcohol.

In addition, the sacredness and power of our sexual energy has been greatly distorted and abused. Religions create shame, depression and denial of sexuality while big corporations use sex and sexually explicit messages to increase sells. Sex is either denied or overindulged creating all kinds of perversions, and addictions. We have lost touch with the intimacy and sacredness of sexual union partly because we have also shut down our emotional bodies. Unfortunately, blocking the natural flow of emotions and the powerful forces of our sexual energy creates blocks within our system that inhibits our natural flow of life force energy from cleansing and healing our entire system.

Balanced Sacral Chakra: Able to Express Yourself, Emotional Intelligence, Ability to Experience Pleasure, Healthy Sexuality, Nurtures Self and Others, Healthy Boundaries, Open to Change, Works Harmoniously with Others.

Unbalanced Sacral Chakra: Overindulgent in Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Material Things and Sex. Confusion, Lacking Purpose, Thrives in Crisis, Jealousy, Sexual Difficulties, Impotence, Poor Boundaries, Disconnected from Others.

Traumas to the Sacral Chakra: Sexual or Emotional Abuse, Neglect, Denial of Child’s Feelings, Alcoholic or Drug Addicted Families, Religious Extremes

Bodily Symptoms Expressing Blockage: Sexual DysfunctionImpotence, Aging, Stiff Lower Back, Inflexible, Uterine, Bladder or Kidney Problems

The Sacral Chakra is where we process our emotions. Many people are disconnected from their emotions (sacral chakra) because their root chakra is blocked. They are fearful (root) of lovingly and authentically expressing how they truly feel (sacral). Many of us were taught that crying and sharing our emotions was a sign of weakness. We bought into the idea that emotions were bad and ended up doing great harm to our sacral chakra. Instead of feeling our feelings and allowing our emotions to be expressed, in a healthy way, we tend to block them denying that they ever existed.

When we actively begin healing the sacral chakra old stuffed emotions from our past, specifically our childhood, will begin to surface so they can be felt, expressed and finally released. In addition, memories of times you have hurt others will also be revealed for a final clearing. In order to truly heal and clear out our sacral chakra we need to revisit our disowned emotional aspects of ourselves that we have denied. Once these blocks are removed, we will free up space in our sacral chakra for divine energy to move up into our third chakra, the Solar Plexus.

This material is copyrighted. You can share this information with proper credits given to Sabrina Reber as the author, complete title of the book “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION”, provide an image of the cover of the book, and a link to the HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Facebook page. 
Any attempts to take the information and alter it in any way or try to claim it as your own is karmically binding for you, and puts you at risk for legal action based on copyright infringement. Please be respectful and provide proper credits so this information can remain freely available to all. Stay in alignment with your higher self and integrity. Blessings. 

Master Kuthumi via Natalie Glasson: A New Beginning @ Sacred School of Om Na

art frank howell red mountain morning

ART : Red Mountain Morning ~ by Frank Howell


Master Kuthumi via Natalie Glasson: A New Beginning

January 17, 2015 By

birth-399548_12801Greetings and great volumes of love are extended to each soul upon the Earth at this present time.

In the ascension process we are all moving through on the Earth and the inner planes, you are extremely valuable. Your presence is for a reason and a purpose; this is the same all of humanity.

Many of you have journeyed through lifetime after lifetime. Most of your past lifetimes have been in service to others, for you have supported and observed many move towards and through their ascension processes, becoming Ascended Masters.

While your focus was also on your own spiritual evolution, your service and support given to others allowed you to observe the ascension process multiple times. While those souls you assisted to ascend no longer exist upon the physical Earth, you still remain, continuing upon your journey of spiritual evolution, to obtain your own personal ascension process as well as continuing to act as a source of support for others.

I share this information with you now, as I wish to remind you of the greater meaning and purpose of your reality upon the Earth at this time, while also illuminating the reason why we channel our energy and wisdom to support you now.

While you observed the ascension of many, you were collecting valuable information and light frequencies, which illuminated your truth and enhanced the light frequency of your own being and the Earth. Great value has come from your previous lifetimes on the Earth.

There may be some Ascended Masters who you are deeply fond of and feel a strong connection with. It is most likely the familiar sensations demonstrated. You assisted the ascension of the Master, male or female, while they were on the Earth; and so a part of their ascension exists within your being.

These masters, such as myself, Master Kuthumi, now channel wisdom and consciousness to you, not to demonstrate their evolution or to act as a teacher. They simply wish to trigger remembrance and the further recognition of your truth.

In many ways we are not the important ones, you are, you who remains upon the Earth. We opened the gateways and paved the way, yet we only achieved this because of your support, and to support you, your mission and existence upon the Earth now.

We all, including yourself, knew a time of tremendous growth and spiritual awakening would occur upon the Earth; a golden time. You placed yourself forward to be present on the Earth throughout large stages of humanity’s evolution because you knew your own inner strength and wise, loving power.

We wish for you to know that you see us as beings to aspire to, and yet the roles have been reversed. We are learning and evolving so much from observing your great and sacred existence upon the Earth.

It was divinely planned that you would observe the ascension of some ascended masters so that they could then support you from the inner planes. Our ascension was all for you, so you could be present and an example of the Creator’s light at this pinnacle point of ascension. You are now collecting wisdom and light frequencies, which in turn [infuses] our souls.

We are all united as one, and so you are akin to our higher selves. You may see yourself as lacking, powerless, or not at all sacred; this is only a projection of the ego and a misinterpretation.

Please know the wisdom, insights, and frequencies of light you activate within your being in your daily routine are valuable and essential for the ascension process of all souls.

Your own personal ascension quietly and yet powerfully fuels the ascension of all, as we are all one, interconnected eternally. With my words describing you as special and extremely valuable on the Earth now I am speaking directly to your soul rather than to your ego.

Our ascension was witnessed by few; your ascension is witnessed by all, as all aspects of the Creator awaken to their interconnectedness and oneness with all.

Dedicate yourself to your personal ascension with the knowingness that this is the greatest service you can provide, and the reason you are present now. It is because you are strong that you easily receive the high-frequency light.

You are wise, already holding the wisdom of the New Age within you, and deeply, compassionately loving. You are truly equipped to live upon the Earth at this time of ascension. It is time for you to use your sacred skills; to truly enjoy your reality upon the Earth; a reality infused with the light and love of the Creator. This will create an incredible surge in the ascension process.

With this knowingness developing within your being from your soul, and the sacred frequencies anchoring into your being, two shifts will begin to occur for you and all. The profound development and expression of creativity will arise; not from the personality, from the soul.

This creativity will be infused with the divine vibrations of your soul, soul group, and the Creator, thus supporting, encouraging, and manifesting the essence of the Creator physically upon the Earth.

You may have noticed this in yourself and those around you; the need to be creative, to become involved with diverse forms of art, and most importantly to express yourself creatively.

You may also notice that when you or others embark upon these creative actions of any form, that they are easily and quickly achieved, allowing the talent for the creative project to grow immensely.

Many people may find themselves picking up an instrument and being able to play in a very short time, or finding they can write, draw, sing, or so forth, when maybe in the past it seemed impossible.

The energy of the Creator, which is activating and expanding more fully than ever before, requires embodiment and expression to further aid the manifestation.

The expression of the Creator at this time is through creativity, as the creativity of the Creator will come forth alongside passion, truly creating wonderful surges in embodiment and ascension upon the Earth.

Allow yourself to be open to the development of your own creative energies, as this is the Creator expressing and expanding through you.

The second major shift which is occurring at this time of ascension is due to the crucifixion energies anchoring upon the Earth and within your being. This sacred energy, which has numerous purposes as described in previous communications, has the purpose of completing cycles which are no longer needed in your reality, being, and consciousness.

Each soul upon the Earth has one or more major lessons they have come to the Earth to master in order to accept the energetic templates and codes of the energy to aid further ascension. These cycles are now ending, the lessons now coming to an end; and so freedom is being granted by you to yourself.

For example, when you view your past reality, you may notice patterns such as lack of abundance, ill health, loss, or failure. If there is a continuous pattern which you recognize has been present for most of your lifetime, then this is the pattern your soul has come to overcome; to learn and to grow from.

You may have experienced patterns of lack of abundance to result in yourself receiving the energetic codes and templates of abundance. [Patterns of] ill health would allow you to receive the energetic codes and templates of absolute health. [Patterns of] loss may be to ground energies of unity and inner strength. [Patterns of] failure [may be] to access completion at a sacred level.

The energy of crucifixion begins to encourage you to bring closure to these cycles of lessons and growth present throughout most of your lifetime, because it is time to now experience the value of the lessons, the triumph, and the experience of obtaining the codes of the energies your soul wishes to access; experiencing them fully in your physical reality.

As the crucifixion symbolizes the end of the cycles of valuable lessons and growth guided by your soul, so the forthcoming energies of the resurrection aid and encourage your experience of the energies gained through the lessons overcome.

I encourage you to call me forth, Master Kuthumi, asking my energies to embrace you in quiet time or meditation. Encourage yourself to contemplate these questions in order to understand where your focus is required and how you can truly benefit from the crucifixion period, and easily move through this period with ease. This may take time, space, and dedication; yet it will offer to you a deeper-seated freedom from within your being.

What are your main cycle(s) of growth present throughout your physical reality which you may not have yet fully overcome or mastered?

What is the energy your soul is seeking through the repetition of the patterns?

What is stopping you from anchoring, activating, and embodying this sacred energy now?

This is such an important time for your soul, as you consciously overcome processes of growth which previously would take many lifetimes. You are allowing yourself to see the reason you were born on this Earth, and that which your soul seeks to embody and became at a physical level. Thus you create a new beginning for yourself upon the Earth in this fantastic time of ascension.

Examples of energies your soul might be seeking are: love, faith, compassion, strength, courage, peace, clarity, devotion, unity, trust, happiness, abundance, and so forth.

Such simple energies naturally exist within you, and yet your soul wishes to experience and embody them wholly.

My constant loving support is with you,
Master Kuthumi

“Master Kuthumi: A New Beginning,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, January 16, 2015, at

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia – see above Link

art frank howell red mountain morning

Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension – Books 1 through 4 Introductory Price @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie a new home

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pleiadian Perspective On Ascension Books –IT IS THE NOW video





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Book ONE

Part I – Meeting Your Divine Compliments

Part II – Merging of Divine Complements

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Part IV – Life With the Arcturians

Part V – Arcturian Lessons

Part VI – Journey to the Mothership

Part VII – Consciousness On The Mothership

Part VIII – The Mothership’s Expanded Consciousness


Book 2Life on the Mothership – Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension

Book TWO

Part I – Mytre and the Arcturian Mothership

Part II – Mytre and Kepier

Part III – Galactic Meetings

Part IV – Learning About Time

Part V – Remembering Bi-location

Part VI – Mytre’s Experience of Ascension

Part VII – Preparing for the Landings

Part VIII- Transmissions to Earth

Part IXA New World

Part X – Saying Goodbye

Part XI – Mytria and The Violet Temple

Part XIIRaising the Violet Temple

Book 3The Landing Party – Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension                                              


PART I – Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance

PART II – Galactic/Earth Alliance

PART III – Multiple Realities

PART IV – A Beacon of Love

PART V- Reunions

PART VI – Releasing Time

PART VII – Return to Earth

PART VII – The Twelfth Floor

PART VIII – Letting Go

Book 4It is the Now – Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension


PART I – Return to Earth

PART II – Back to the Mothership

PART III – The Art of Integration

PART IV – Meanwhile on Ascending Earth

PART IV – The Merging

PART VI – The Greater Work

PART VI – Through the Portal

PART VII – Changing Realities

PART VIII – Lemurian Leadership

PART IV – Back From Lemuria

PART V – Transmutation Of Life

(Please read these books in order, as they are sequential.)

It is the NOW


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Welcoming 2015 Into Creation ~ Lord Adama ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terrra Christa

mel and mike 16.1.

Welcoming 2015 Into Creation ~ Lord Adama

It is I, Lord Adama, with the Telosian Council of Light. It is a pleasure to be with each of you again within the beautiful Essences we have experienced of this New Year, with the Crystalline Flame coming fully into the Earth. Each of you is feeling these Energies within yourself.Let us all breathe together and connect from our Hearts. All the Telosians are connecting their Hearts at this time. We merge within our Hearts together. We embrace one another for this journey we are taking with each other.I was sharing with Meleriessee and Michael about my journey today. Michael had some questions about how long I have been in Telos, whether I have been on other levels and above of this Earth. Yes, of course I have. I spent a lot of time with Sanat Kumara. All of you have done so, as well, in order to transform ourselves to come back to Telosian Energy after having been on the Upper Earth.
Like each of you, I wanted to assist this Earth deeply. I was in many of the timelines each of you experienced. Those were very important to the history of this Earth. I was disillusioned, as each of you is going through this process yourself.

Sanat Kumara spent much time with me for many years; a couple of hundred. I am sure I met many of you at that time also. I was told I needed to come back into the Inner Earth, as I had now experienced the Upper Earth and I would be able to understand when it was time for the Upper Earth humans that would call themselves the Light Workers to assist the planet. You see, my journey has taken me into many levels. Some of them were dark. Others of them were Light. I was told by Sanat Kumara that I would be a very important figure from the Inner Earth Cities to reach out to those on the Upper Earth.

I would have Compassion, Consideration, Love and Understanding for what the humans were experiencing. Not within the exact same timelines, but yet having the ability to grasp the Energetic Exchange the Light Workers would be experiencing.

At this moment I am sharing this message because it is time. I believe it is time I share with you that I do have deep Compassion for each of you. I want to see each of you attain the level of creation that I have achieved. I am here as a mentor. I am here as a teacher to bring forth these messages of Love and Understanding. Yet know that sometimes in the Physical Self, we must be pushed into doorways we do not want to walk through. We are at a time upon this Earth with the Crystalline Flame being ignited when such doorways are being opened.

I know each and every one of you has your own story. It is important to have that remembrance within yourself. I ask you at this time of our first meeting in this year to reflect. Reflect within yourself upon the trials you have had to go through to get to this point of understanding yourself. We all understand that each of us still has a long way to go, but yet we know that we have each other. We have Understanding, just as I have received from the Venusian Beings.

I impart that to each of you. I also impart what I have received from Sanat Kumara; a strict way of Understanding. Sometimes it is not easy to have your mentor speak to you and having that mentor show you a different way of thinking and feeling. With everything in your gut you want to push yourself away. Yet there is another part of you that says, “This is the right way”.

Each of you has stepped into a new juncture in time. It occurs every year. Within this year, you will have many moments that are going to change you. It is part of the process of Self-Mastery to bring forth these Elements from a Higher Perspective and allowing them to fully be within yourself to ground them. That is the important element to remember.

You can stay within your Higher Consciousness; you can stay in your Upper Chakras. If you do not bring them down to your Full Body System and walk with them, they cannot stay.

I ask you once again of your reflection. Who are you now? Do you know whom you are?

I am sure that many of you do not have any answer to that. That is the answer I desire to receive. That is true Mastery. When we do not know whom we are and we do not know where we are going, but we just allow the Energies to assist us, we allow the Faith and the Trust of our I AM Presence to fully be within us, that Faith will take you to many avenues of great acceleration.

It is when you stop and mistrust within yourself, you constantly check yourself whether it is right or wrong that mistakes will be made.

Allow these Essences to come forth into each of your Beings to help you acknowledge not just your lessons of this past year, but what are your achievements?

Your achievements are so very important, as they show you how far you have come, where you were before and the new doorways you walk through. These moments of understanding yourself and accepting the achievement is only the first step. It is when we try to push it aside and say “That’s okay, I did it” when you do not acknowledge your true worth.

In this moment in the New Year, if you have not already done so, sit down and make a list of what you have gone through in the past year or past years.

Where are you now?

How do you feel about your Consciousness?

How do you feel about your Emotions, your Thoughts?

What is the Core Belief going on within you about you?

No one else, nothing outside of yourself, just you. Create a mission statement for this year.

Put a personal mission of what you want to achieve based on what you have gone through previously. Believe me, the challenges will become more intense. The acceleration of the achievements will be more exciting. The Power and Love you have within your entire Beingness will be felt. You must feel it on all levels. The Essence of the Crystalline Ray coming into the Planet represents all of this. It represents the energies that you do not like to surface. It represents the ability to change them into the purest form. Some call this Death and Rebirth, Resurrection, and Movement into the Future. If you have been feeling intense changes happening within you, know that you are doing the right thing. It is when you stay stuck within that Energy that it does not serve your purpose. Everything is a lesson, even the moments you do not like. They are the deepest lessons of all.

The more you fall into the depths of your own despair, it will encase you deeper. The ability to access this Ray now on a more physical basis is our blessing. It is our blessing as it will wake up individuals, shake them up, allowing them to feel the vibration and change within them to move to the other side of the doorway if they are willing to do so. Each of us, each of you, take on an important role through this process. The more you allow yourself to be resurrected, to be healed, to find the Balance and Equilibrium within your life and your system, the more others will be able to do so.

It is like a Domino Effect. One does it, another does it. The Energy just keeps going and going. If no one does it, it stagnates. It does not go anywhere. Only because this Ray has been integrated within Gaia’s Core, it does not mean she is truly feeling it the way she needs to feel it.

Individuals around the world must call upon this Energy to assist their Divinity upon this Earth. It truly represents the ability to access the I AM Presence, the Source of Light that we are into the Physical Creation. This is what will assist her. Otherwise, destruction can result in many areas.

This is where Lord Ashtar comes in. We thank each of you who are continuing the work with him and with Walking Terra Christa. It is making a difference. We made changes during the retreat in Mount Shasta last year. Mount Shasta was doomed to have the worst storm in almost a decade. There was lots of wind and rain, but there was no snow. It did not stop the festivities of the retreat.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for working within these Energies. It is creating change. If we do not share it in this manner, others will not know that it can be done. So it is important to realize. Notice what happens in your own environment.

What happens in your own life as you work through these Energies?

It does not mean that every day is going to be perfect. It does not mean that you will not be tired or that you will not have the so called Ascension Symptoms. These levels of Frequency are arising within each and every one of us. What it does mean is that we are making progress.

Without Ascension Symptoms, there would be no progression. The Earth would be stagnant and falling apart, literally landmasses by landmasses. Yet that is not occurring as what was deemed to happen at this time. We would all not be here.
At this first meeting of our gathering, from our Hearts to Hearts of all Inner Earth Beings and all Upper Earth Beings, we connect with one another. We are making progress. I want each of you to realize this. Even though your challenges are great, look at the small achievements.

When you wake up one morning hearing the birds singing and you feel Lightness within your Heart, it is an achievement from where you may have been the day before. My greatest achievement is to see the progress that is being made within each of you individually and collectively. You are making a difference. We will create the New Earth the way it is supposed to be. Until that time, we have to utilize as many tools as possible to share them and expand upon them. Do not let the talks that are out there stop you from your true potential. I look forward to enjoying these Energies with each of you tonight.

My Blessings and Love are with each of you from my Heart to yours, from each of the Telosians and all the Inner Earth Cities. We are very joyful at this moment.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

I Am Lord Adama, Your Brother in Telos

Channeled Excerpt, New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light, Jan 5, 2015

©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

mel and mike 16.1.

Creating Your New Life in 2015 with Light ~ Shanta Gabriel @ The Gabriel Messages


Living in Light Teleconferences with Shanta Gabriel
Creating Your New Life in 2015 with Light

Now is the Time

Dear Ones, Over the centuries in every generation there were only a few souls who could embody their Divinity. In the new year of 2015, the number of people who awaken to their true divine nature will be unprecedented. The level of creation that is possible will seem almost magical, yet it simply represents alignment with your most Divine, Eternal and Illuminated self.In this year, you are able to create a new reality from fields of empowered Light weaving forms made up of qualities of higher consciousness. As you awaken into the Light of Divine Presence, you find freedom to soar above the mundane and yet create in clear practical ways. Working within these multidimensional levels allows you to bring Heaven to Earth. From this place you can receive the impulses of your soul’s gifts to activate in this lifetime. In this year, you will come to know the power of the forces of Divine Light as a Tool for the Creation of your most Empowered Future. The dimensional shifts that have occurred opened the way for you to receive at a new level of frequency. You are here to see your dreams manifest, when they are desires coming forth from your soul to summon the energy that empowers you to bring your gifts into the world.

Empowered by Light

The power that you need to bring your dreams into the physical realm is aligning to greatly inspire your next steps in life in the 5th dimension. You will be amazed at the level of non-physical support that is available to create new form on the physical level. Your human form now has the capacity to hold the evolution of your spiritual presence. As you embody your soul gifts within your physical form and anchor your desires through the base chakra, you give yourself permission to live the fullest essence of your divinity in the world. The more deeply you feel alignment with the Divine Intelligence within your heart, the more gracefully you allow yourself to have your dreams and live in joyous, confident enthusiasm.

Creating with Light

Creating form with Light becomes the daily practice that unites your most Divine Self with your human body. Your breath becomes the link, your awareness opens the door, and your vision becomes a divine tool when sparked by your true Soul essence. All that is required is to anchor the new frequencies that hold your empowered future within your being. When you immerse yourself in Divine Light, new frequencies entrain the field around your body and you have access to the Love and Intelligence that lives within your heart. There is no power on Earth that can match the Divinity inherent in the Light of God. Allow yourself conscious immersion in this loving Presence. It is what your heart is longing for. It is what your illumined mind is drawn to experience. Echoes of the ancient teachings reverberate in your being as your soul remembers how to create form with Light as it did in the ancient temples. The more harmony you experience within your emotional state, the more you are living in your full essence. It is an amazing time to be alive, to dream big and align with your soul’s essence expanding and blending into human form. If you feel your way is blocked, pull back into your heart, and give yourself the time to come into full alignment with your most Divine Essence, that which guides your way. This action will help you feel the capacity to have all you desire, and expand your energy to receive it. This also allows you to be in harmony with Divine Timing. Turning your life over to the Divine Presence working in and through you represents perfect alignment with your Soul’s requirements for the next step in your life.

Drafting the energy

When you notice that others are living in peaceful harmony in their life and manifesting their dreams, this means you also have that possibility. It is the cosmic version of drafting the energy that goes before you. Like migrating geese, you are moving together in agreement with the divine impulse within all beings to discover the new expanded territory in which you can live your soul’s essence. Geese fly in the draft of the air behind their leaders. These geese are following the energetic flow of the wings of those that go before them, and it makes their way easier. That is the situation on Earth now as those who are on the first wave of ascension open the way for others to follow. As they align their energy with the flow of all Creation working in their lives, more people are awakening to their true divine nature and feeling the spark that enables their dreams to manifest. Joyous possibilities exist that profoundly affect all those who resonate with their Soul’s essence. Creating on the physical level becomes an action of Intention fully integrated into the Divine Light you anchor in your world. The dynamic gifts of your soul manifest as frequencies in your field of Light. Anchoring that vibration in your physical body becomes a demonstration that you are aligning your physical, mental and emotional bodies with the dreams inspired by your soul to live in the world with greater power, joy and love. When you have identified that which causes your heart to sing in anticipation on a pure feeling level, you have access to this quality of consciousness. Focusing on these exalted states daily will change your vibration as those frequencies find their ground in you.

Simple, timeless practices

Ancient systems were developed that activate your conscious ability to receive Light. Most of these have been brushed aside in the hope of new, more powerful teachings. However, in many ways the simplicity and the clarity of the tools to expand conscious awareness remain the same. For instance, accessing the elements of subtle energy through your breath remains one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration. Sitting in an exalted state of Love brings the power of that force of Light into every cell of your body. Bathing yourself in pure Joy opens the way for your brain to create new neuropathways. Allowing Peace to prevail in your heart creates the most nourishing Home you ever imagined. We are using these potent words as the energetic tools they have become in new 5th dimensional energy. Each word holds an exalted vibration that you can literally feel in your body. This is your soul speaking through the language of vibration. Your feelings are your spirit’s way to spark the awareness of your choices. There are infinite choices and possibilities expanding in your world now within the waves of Divine Light. There are, in fact, so many choices that overwhelm has become common among you. This overwhelm occurs when you are trying to mentally figure out which choice is best. It is infinitely more simple to use your feeling nature to sort out the choices that would most benefit your life. Your soul speaks through the language of feelings using these magnetic qualities to draw them into your experience. When you create intentional spaces within and without for your spiritual practice, it allows your body to acclimate to higher frequencies and to use them for creation of your new empowered life. In the ancient temples, this practice was the most relevant and purposeful way to create form. New realities were made from frequencies of Light focused and inspired by higher dimensional energies. Your soul knows these abilities; it is a part of your heritage. It is why you came into this life with a highly developed and sensitive nervous system. You have been unlike those you knew and did not feel nurtured by popular culture. Your soul waited for this time to bring the ancient gifts forward. Your preparation has been extensive. You have so much information, so many lessons learned, cleared so much karma and old belief systems that you wonder when it will open to create manifestation of your heart’s desires in your life.

Now is the time

The time is now in 2015 as you begin to put your soul’s gifts into practice and align with its purpose. As you gain access to exalted states, there needs to be a grounded system in place that will take the frequencies of Light and connect them in your body for the new, growing crystalline system. Creation of form can begin within your inner Temple of Light which is dedicated to the awakening of new forms in your life that are in harmony with your Source energy. It is an activity that befits that exalted awareness of your destiny. It uses ancient tools and modern focus to bring Light and Clarity into your being. This practice of alignment with qualities of consciousness becomes the Beacon of Light that you express in the world. This practice draws to you all those who can assist you in translating the dream to reality, opportunities to share your love and wisdom, and people who can love and support you as well as enjoy your presence in their life. Creating form from Light is the focus of this new year, and from that your Illuminated soul is birthed into new life on Earth. Your honoring of your dreams becomes an aspect of Love. Loving and respecting yourself enough to acknowledge the desires of your soul allows your heart to fully expand. You will find a new ability to bring your dreams into fruition when they are in alignment with your Source energy.

Step into the Light Field you created

You would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it. Check into your heart and see if your dream is in harmony with your soul essence. Become familiar with the resonance of a soul-based desire and that which a personality desire creates within you. When you feel in harmony, you can step into the field of Light you have created within the personal sacred sanctuary that holds the frequencies you want to express. Do not allow doubt to interfere with your unfolding process of awakening. As the Light gains more strength, there is a new power also birthing. It is strength and integrity within your being to hold higher frequencies that can be transmitted into the outer world. When your personal spiritual practice helps you to align with Source energy, you have new freedom to express great Creativity and Joy. Know that you can move forward in your life and align yourself with those who are already living peaceful lives in harmony with their greatest dreams and their soul’s gifts. There is no need for competition. This is the time for a great cooperative wave of creation that allows you to ride the crest of its flow and manifest your dreams on Earth. The Divine Light awaits your direction. And so it is. Archangel Gabriel

Through Shanta Gabriel
January 13, 2015
marlene 15.1.

The Breathing Mind by our Higher SELF @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


The Breathing Mind by Our Higher SELF


The Breathing Mind

By Our Higher SELF

Our mind expands and contracts just like our breath. Our mind contracts when we think in a third dimensional manner, but expands when we think multidimensionally. We can actually feel the difference.

Think about a third dimensional duty or obligation…

Feel how your face, and body, constricts…

Now think about a multidimensional experience…

Feel how you relax.

You may even feel inclined to take a long exhale or sigh.

It is the obligation placed on you by the illusion of “others,” as well as the “time” constraints that must be met that creates the constriction of third dimensional thinking. On the other hand, multidimensional thinking allows your consciousness a higher perspective and an inner place to relax.

For example, think about visiting with a Light Being and feel how your mind expands. Follow your multidimensional thoughts as they carry you on a cosmic journey into the unknown.

However, this “unknown” is the “well known” to the higher expressions of your SELF who flow through multidimensional waves of reality that is beyond all illusions of time. Feel how these waves of travel from the back of your head, to your forehead, and back and forth again as they undulate through and synchronize the myriad synapses of your brain.

Can you experience how these waves of thought open your High Heart and lead you into the feeling of unconditional love?

Soon these thought waves will no be bound by the encasement of your small brain to venture out into the Collective Mind of all humanity…

Then they will expand into Planetary Mind of Gaia…

And into the Galactic Mind of the Milky Way…

They then soar into Universal Mind of your Local Universe…

And settle into the Cosmic Mind of the All That Is…

As you follow these Mind Waves you extract information from the molecules of reality through which you travel and incorporate them into the expanded reality that YOU are creating.

As you revisit these great Minds, your mind expands into pure consciousness, which is unencumbered by any form of encasement. Your personal consciousness is related to your current embodiment.

Conversely, your multidimensional consciousness intermingles with the Flow of the realities you experience and the thoughts of the great beings you visit. You also feeling the “breath” of beings that have lived as pure consciousness and who have not held embodiment for millennia, or have never held a form.

Allow your consciousness to intermingle with these formless beings, you feel their energy flow through you like a warm breeze. As you breathe in their conscious memories of life after life, you gather their gifts of knowing.

Do NOT collect these memories. Instead, exhale the myriad pictures, feelings and thoughts into the collective energy field of all that you have experienced in your many third dimensional incarnations.

Allow these vanishing memories to wash upon the shores of the ONE so that Source can enjoy the myriad experiences of incarnation. With that release, your consciousness expands even further, and you find that you are among the ONES who have overseen your many incarnations.

You feel your great consciousness intermingle with the countless expressions of your Multidimensional SELF having the experience of form. Bless these forms, as you perceive them Flowing through an endless ocean of light.


Within this observance, you receive vivid pictures, thoughts and emotions of your myriad incarnations in your higher or lower dimensional realities. Do not try to contain these sensations, but let them Flow through you like the light of dawn flowing through the trees.

Each “tree” represents your many dimensional incarnations. The light is the energy field that Flows through every experience allowing you to share your myriad realities with the ONE.

The ONE breathes in these experiences and shares them with the consciousness of All That Is. In this manner, all life breaths as ONE great Being that inhales the realities of all creation and inhabits each experience with its cosmic exhale.

Do you realize now how reality is ONE breathing Being with infinite personal experiences? In fact, every physical person, place and thing serves as a Portal through which the ONE can experience the worlds of form.

Meanwhile, back in the third dimension on a small planet called Earth in the Solar System of Sol and the Galaxy known as the Milky Way, a light is expanding beyond the planet, beyond the Solar System and beyond the Galaxy.

A small light that was once limited to a clay form has been freed from its confinement and soars beyond all that once constrained it. This small light joins many other, similar lights to become a glow.

As more and more lights are freed from their confinement, the glow becomes a great beacon of light that guides other small light to be freed from their lower-frequency forms.

Gradually, the frequencies of separation intermingle with the frequencies of unity to create a Flow of Ascension that becomes irresistible.

Even those who have been trapped in the illusions of time and separation for millennia are awakening to the constant Flow of unconditional love. An ocean of light is arising as that which was separate is returning to that which is ONE.

The ONE is calling its volunteers Home into its SELF.

You have served the ONE by creating new realities, which you will contribute to the ONE upon your return. As the Ocean of Light Flows back to its Source, that which cannot be incorporated into the new wave of reality is released.

What will you need to release to join this wave? What will you need to release to breathe the Cosmic Breath and become ONE with the shores of your new reality? This question can only be answered from deep within your Inner Knowing.

You are in the process of choosing to release that which you have held you back, that which has made you suffer. The choice may seem clear, but suffering has become one of your best friends. When you suffered, you were a “good person.” You were NOT those who made “others” suffer. In fact, you fought against those who created suffering.

But now, you are at ONE. You are at ONE with the suffering. You are even at ONE with those who created your suffering. Can you release that suffering and replace it with the feel of the Light as it nurtures, informs, protects and expands your consciousness?

Suffering binds you to that which you fear. To be free of suffering, you must loosen that binding by releasing your fear. Yes, fear and suffering have told you that you are a good person and that you are trying hard to be better.

But now you KNOW that you were always better and always good. In fact, you know that the terms of “good” and “better,” and even the term “suffering” are ALL illusions of a reality that is coming into its completion.

Can you choose to release all fear and FEEL the Light as it flows through you with your every breath? That choice sounds like a simple solution, but fear and suffering have been your “red badge of courage” for most of your earthly incarnations. How do you release that which you believed made you “good person?”

You Release it by Surrendering to the Flow of the ONE!

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art baraka robin berger fine arts   Forgiveness and the Goddess of Compassion

ART : Forgiveness and The Goddess of Compassion
 @ Baraka Robin Berger Fine Arts



Mother Mary’s Rosary



This new video reveals a precious invocation from Mother Mary that is a Gift for every man, woman, and child on Earth regardless of his or her beliefs or religious or non-religious affiliations.

The Divine Intent of this Gift is to raise the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every person. As you watch this exquisite video, please open your Heart and KNOW that as you are lifted up ALL Life is being lifted up with you, because We are One and there is no separation.

God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

FAX: 520-751-2981

Phone: 520-885-7909

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

PO Box 41883,

Tucson, Arizona 85717

©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

art baraka robin berger fine arts   Forgiveness and the Goddess of Compassion

Maintaining Higher Consciousness-Part 5 of Consciousness and Brainwaves @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 11.12.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Maintaining Higher Consciousness-Part 5 of Consciousness and Brainwaves


Maintaining Higher Consciousness

By The Arcturians


Our Dearest Ones,

Because of your need, and intension, to maintain a Higher Frequency of Consciousness, you are being called to change your lives in many ways. But, when you are in the midst of the 3D hustle/bustle, it can become very difficult to maintain that higher consciousness.

Please remember that it is the frequency of your consciousness that sets the frequency of your creation. You are moving into the creation of New Earth, so the frequency of your consciousness needs to as high of level as possible.

However, your “habit” of being third dimensional will pull on you to “get back to the real world and stop playing around.” Except, you are NOT “playing,” you are “creating.” You are creating your life NOW.

It in with the NOW that our transmutation occurs as flash after flash of Gamma Waves sweep across your brain. These Gamma brainwaves are connecting your third dimensional brain with your Multidimensional Mind. This process will as slow or as quick as you choose.

However, to maintain some activation of Gamma Waves, you will need to meditate on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are as many ways to meditate, as there are people. To our higher dimensional perspective, your meditation is, “Away Team reporting in and to get our next assignment.”

As you come to this juncture in your pathway there are many things you may need to let go off. However, when you do so, you will not have to deal with many of the things that pull your consciousness down to 3D-based, beta waves.

Instead, you will increasingly look into your 3D life from higher and higher states of consciousness. From this higher perspective, you will be able to see the parts of your higher dimensional life that you can pull down into your earth-bound consciousness.

You are NOW beginning to see your energy fields, which are often called thoughtforms. They are called thoughtforms because they are thoughts that are impregnated with emotion. With the mating of your thoughts/masculine and emotions/feminine you are able to perceive thoughtforms as they flow through your reality.

These thoughtforms “feel” like a certain emotion and elicit certain thoughts. Just as unseen currents in the water or in the air fell differently, so do thoughtforms. We speak to you now of thoughtforms, for as begin your activate your alpha waves in daily life, you will begin to consciously experience them.

One of the most important changes you will need to make in your life if you chose the higher path is to make sure that you fulfill your creative energies every day. Even if you have to “steal” a few hours from “What you HAVE to DO,” you must “find time” to be within the flow of your own creative energy field.

When you do not choose to do so, then you will become “addicted” to your Beta Wave consciousness. We say, “addicted” because denying your self the wonderful emotional feeling of being creative, it is because you have become “addicted” to the 3D model of taking a long time and having to work hard.

In the fifth dimension and beyond there’s NO time and NO hard work.

Fortunately, many of our away team is remembering to Bless Free any lower frequency energy fields by sending them unconditional love. Once you have blessed them free, you can easily let them go. You will also be able to perceive the parts of your life that make you feel wonderful.

Within the same NOW, you are remembering to remember that your perceptions are dependent on the state of your consciousness. From your higher states of consciousness, you will begin to realize that YOU want to remember:

  • What specific components of your 3D life pull you down?
  • How you can release those components to create a more peaceful and calm, life.
  • How you can activate your higher states of consciousness.
  • How you can connect with your Multidimensional Mind.
  • How you can understand your inner Kundalini energy.
  • How you can consciously accept the higher light entering your Pineal Gland.

We highlight you, because YOU are the creator of your reality. Therefore, whether you realize it or not, you have the immense power to:

Chose to allow your higher, more creative, brainwaves into your brain by

Choosing to dedicate your self to:

  • Activating your alpha brainwaves by the awareness of and dedication to your own creative energy field.
  • To activate your theta brainwaves by meditation and active communication with your Higher SELF.
  • To allow your delta brainwaves to integrate your perceptions.
  • And take the responsibility of stimulating your gamma brainwaves by dedicated meditation, compassion and unconditional love.

The first thing your higher perspective self asks is, “How do I create a peaceful, calm and tranquil life?” Deep inside you hear:

  1. I identify the components of my life that lower my state of consciousness.
  2. I identify the specific persons, places and things that lower my consciousness and why.
  3. I activate my higher states of consciousness to free my creative force.
  4. I create an open portal between my 3D brain and my Multidimensional Mind.
  5. Remember to consciously experience the higher light entering your Pineal Gland.

Join us, your Galactic Family in the NOW, as we work as ONE to create the thoughtform of New Earth. We, the Galactics and Celestials, will answer your call. How could we not, as WE are YOU in a higher dimension/frequency of reality.


The Arcturians


MARY MAGDALENE: Finding Your Soul Purpose ~ Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

heart 11.1. MARY MAGDALENE: Finding Your Soul Purpose

Part 6 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 16, 2014

At Unity of Sedona

Question: I have two questions about soul purpose. The first one is: Did you always know your soul purpose? The second one is: How do we know what our soul purpose is? I know there are signs and gifts that we receive, but I feel like I’m still in the waiting room.


Mary Magdalene: Relative to your first question, “always” is a very long time. (long space of silence) As far back as I can reach, I have known my soul purpose.


Relative to your second question, not knowing your soul purpose is a sign of not being in your heart. The foundation of not being in your heart is being divorced from your body, fundamentally, as well as your sexuality and your emotions. This is a very contemporary problem.


What will help you is to know yourself through these vehicles—through your body, through your sexuality and really your energy system, and through your emotions. And the thing that tells you more than anything is your passion. What do you have passion for? This is a sign of your soul path, your soul purpose. It is a sad state that so many people are not in touch with their passion. It’s a sign that something has gotten shut down.


When you find your soul path, a team of wild horses couldn’t keep you from it. So look for the signs; look for the little corners. Look for something that gives you joy. Look for something that gives you energy. Look for something that you do even when you’re tired, even when you’re sick, even when you’re supposed to be doing something else. (She laughs gently.) Find your passion. And that will point you to your soul purpose.


Is that helpful?


Questioner: (emphatically) It is.


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The Start of 2015 ~ Acceleration of shifts ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within


The start of 2015 ~ Acceleration of shifts

January 10, 2015

Our new year 2015 has kicked off with a true “kick in the but” scenario for the collective and ourselves as an individual expression of BEing.  Up we go in an accelerated speed, ready or not as things must change and move in this Now.  Whether things are perceived supportive to you or not, you are being showed what is still present and lingering to be letting go of. This is especially so for the collective consciousness, as the first wavers have stepped into multidimensional experiences and Mastery.  For those of us: stay grounded and centered at all times! we lead by example now and need to hold the light and Love anchored and present.  Second Wavers are taking over that which the first wavers have completed as a task or service through growth and expansion.

For those of the second Wave: you are becoming the Masters now who will transmute for the world and learn to hold the vibration High in Oneself as well as for the Collective.  I feel this year is one of reunion with certain levels as well as communication, contact with certain of our Galactic and Master energies that are overlightening us as an individual experience and expression.  Levels of Self thus.  This brings the opportunity to experience a more expanded reality with new Earth templates and energies, as well as with the consciousness of Galactic vibrations and levels.  You will become more sensitive to all things that happen and shift energetically, as your consciousness and fields are expanding.  Wherever you are in this NOW, whatever is happening in your direct surrounding or this world, hold that space of inner peace, serenity and hold the thought that all is a reflection of the shift which the collective or your surrounding is experiencing in order to awaken to their own Divine consciousness and potential. When knowing all is one and inter connected on the inner planes of Being, you assist the collective and the world by focussing on the Self and your inner planes of Being ~ your heart.  When being in your inner planes ~ Heart ~ focus on Love and open the Gates to the Multiverse and the Galactic planes which you partake in as a Multidimensional consciousness.  This way you center yourself in the eternal being that you are and you allow your Multidimensional and Galactic consciousness to enter the collective consciousness as to where you are the conduit for these energies.

Focussing on the inner planes and Love assists the collective as you are one with it.  See yourselves all with roots underneath your body, as to where these roots are rooted in a grid of Light and consciousness that forms the collective of this Humanity as well as Gaia.  When you focus on the inner planes of Self you feed through your roots, the grid of the collective where you partake in.  You pass then on al the peace and the serenity you are and express.  This has an effect for all and if all are holding that same intention, thought and vibration through the Self, the more empowering this will work for the collective grid.  Do not allow fear to be integrated or to partake in your lives, but stand one with Love and inner peace. This will sooth blasting and heating energies of aggression and hatred.

I AM that I AM

Méline Portia Lafont ❤

In Love, service and unity

Written by Méline Portia Lafont

meline 10.1.