Welcoming 2015 Into Creation ~ Lord Adama ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terrra Christa

mel and mike 16.1.

Welcoming 2015 Into Creation ~ Lord Adama

It is I, Lord Adama, with the Telosian Council of Light. It is a pleasure to be with each of you again within the beautiful Essences we have experienced of this New Year, with the Crystalline Flame coming fully into the Earth. Each of you is feeling these Energies within yourself.Let us all breathe together and connect from our Hearts. All the Telosians are connecting their Hearts at this time. We merge within our Hearts together. We embrace one another for this journey we are taking with each other.I was sharing with Meleriessee and Michael about my journey today. Michael had some questions about how long I have been in Telos, whether I have been on other levels and above of this Earth. Yes, of course I have. I spent a lot of time with Sanat Kumara. All of you have done so, as well, in order to transform ourselves to come back to Telosian Energy after having been on the Upper Earth.
Like each of you, I wanted to assist this Earth deeply. I was in many of the timelines each of you experienced. Those were very important to the history of this Earth. I was disillusioned, as each of you is going through this process yourself.

Sanat Kumara spent much time with me for many years; a couple of hundred. I am sure I met many of you at that time also. I was told I needed to come back into the Inner Earth, as I had now experienced the Upper Earth and I would be able to understand when it was time for the Upper Earth humans that would call themselves the Light Workers to assist the planet. You see, my journey has taken me into many levels. Some of them were dark. Others of them were Light. I was told by Sanat Kumara that I would be a very important figure from the Inner Earth Cities to reach out to those on the Upper Earth.

I would have Compassion, Consideration, Love and Understanding for what the humans were experiencing. Not within the exact same timelines, but yet having the ability to grasp the Energetic Exchange the Light Workers would be experiencing.

At this moment I am sharing this message because it is time. I believe it is time I share with you that I do have deep Compassion for each of you. I want to see each of you attain the level of creation that I have achieved. I am here as a mentor. I am here as a teacher to bring forth these messages of Love and Understanding. Yet know that sometimes in the Physical Self, we must be pushed into doorways we do not want to walk through. We are at a time upon this Earth with the Crystalline Flame being ignited when such doorways are being opened.

I know each and every one of you has your own story. It is important to have that remembrance within yourself. I ask you at this time of our first meeting in this year to reflect. Reflect within yourself upon the trials you have had to go through to get to this point of understanding yourself. We all understand that each of us still has a long way to go, but yet we know that we have each other. We have Understanding, just as I have received from the Venusian Beings.

I impart that to each of you. I also impart what I have received from Sanat Kumara; a strict way of Understanding. Sometimes it is not easy to have your mentor speak to you and having that mentor show you a different way of thinking and feeling. With everything in your gut you want to push yourself away. Yet there is another part of you that says, β€œThis is the right way”.

Each of you has stepped into a new juncture in time. It occurs every year. Within this year, you will have many moments that are going to change you. It is part of the process of Self-Mastery to bring forth these Elements from a Higher Perspective and allowing them to fully be within yourself to ground them. That is the important element to remember.

You can stay within your Higher Consciousness; you can stay in your Upper Chakras. If you do not bring them down to your Full Body System and walk with them, they cannot stay.

I ask you once again of your reflection. Who are you now? Do you know whom you are?

I am sure that many of you do not have any answer to that. That is the answer I desire to receive. That is true Mastery. When we do not know whom we are and we do not know where we are going, but we just allow the Energies to assist us, we allow the Faith and the Trust of our I AM Presence to fully be within us, that Faith will take you to many avenues of great acceleration.

It is when you stop and mistrust within yourself, you constantly check yourself whether it is right or wrong that mistakes will be made.

Allow these Essences to come forth into each of your Beings to help you acknowledge not just your lessons of this past year, but what are your achievements?

Your achievements are so very important, as they show you how far you have come, where you were before and the new doorways you walk through. These moments of understanding yourself and accepting the achievement is only the first step. It is when we try to push it aside and say β€œThat’s okay, I did it” when you do not acknowledge your true worth.

In this moment in the New Year, if you have not already done so, sit down and make a list of what you have gone through in the past year or past years.

Where are you now?

How do you feel about your Consciousness?

How do you feel about your Emotions, your Thoughts?

What is the Core Belief going on within you about you?

No one else, nothing outside of yourself, just you. Create a mission statement for this year.

Put a personal mission of what you want to achieve based on what you have gone through previously. Believe me, the challenges will become more intense. The acceleration of the achievements will be more exciting. The Power and Love you have within your entire Beingness will be felt. You must feel it on all levels. The Essence of the Crystalline Ray coming into the Planet represents all of this. It represents the energies that you do not like to surface. It represents the ability to change them into the purest form. Some call this Death and Rebirth, Resurrection, and Movement into the Future. If you have been feeling intense changes happening within you, know that you are doing the right thing. It is when you stay stuck within that Energy that it does not serve your purpose. Everything is a lesson, even the moments you do not like. They are the deepest lessons of all.

The more you fall into the depths of your own despair, it will encase you deeper. The ability to access this Ray now on a more physical basis is our blessing. It is our blessing as it will wake up individuals, shake them up, allowing them to feel the vibration and change within them to move to the other side of the doorway if they are willing to do so. Each of us, each of you, take on an important role through this process. The more you allow yourself to be resurrected, to be healed, to find the Balance and Equilibrium within your life and your system, the more others will be able to do so.

It is like a Domino Effect. One does it, another does it. The Energy just keeps going and going. If no one does it, it stagnates. It does not go anywhere. Only because this Ray has been integrated within Gaia’s Core, it does not mean she is truly feeling it the way she needs to feel it.

Individuals around the world must call upon this Energy to assist their Divinity upon this Earth. It truly represents the ability to access the I AM Presence, the Source of Light that we are into the Physical Creation. This is what will assist her. Otherwise, destruction can result in many areas.

This is where Lord Ashtar comes in. We thank each of you who are continuing the work with him and with Walking Terra Christa. It is making a difference. We made changes during the retreat in Mount Shasta last year. Mount Shasta was doomed to have the worst storm in almost a decade. There was lots of wind and rain, but there was no snow. It did not stop the festivities of the retreat.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for working within these Energies. It is creating change. If we do not share it in this manner, others will not know that it can be done. So it is important to realize. Notice what happens in your own environment.

What happens in your own life as you work through these Energies?

It does not mean that every day is going to be perfect. It does not mean that you will not be tired or that you will not have the so called Ascension Symptoms. These levels of Frequency are arising within each and every one of us. What it does mean is that we are making progress.

Without Ascension Symptoms, there would be no progression. The Earth would be stagnant and falling apart, literally landmasses by landmasses. Yet that is not occurring as what was deemed to happen at this time. We would all not be here.
At this first meeting of our gathering, from our Hearts to Hearts of all Inner Earth Beings and all Upper Earth Beings, we connect with one another. We are making progress. I want each of you to realize this. Even though your challenges are great, look at the small achievements.

When you wake up one morning hearing the birds singing and you feel Lightness within your Heart, it is an achievement from where you may have been the day before. My greatest achievement is to see the progress that is being made within each of you individually and collectively. You are making a difference. We will create the New Earth the way it is supposed to be. Until that time, we have to utilize as many tools as possible to share them and expand upon them. Do not let the talks that are out there stop you from your true potential. I look forward to enjoying these Energies with each of you tonight.

My Blessings and Love are with each of you from my Heart to yours, from each of the Telosians and all the Inner Earth Cities. We are very joyful at this moment.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

I Am Lord Adama, Your Brother in Telos

Channeled Excerpt, New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light, Jan 5, 2015

Β©2012-2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery http://walkingterrachrista.com/ by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

mel and mike 16.1.

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